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Location: ”Innocuous” Warehouse

Nilin found herself nodding her head gently, halfway paying attention to the babbling introduction of the other hero as she carefully tried to be inconspicuous about pulling out her earbuds, having realized her mistake about asking a question with them in. Normally, she would have just lip read to understand what someone else was saying but in this case that was far more difficult for obvious reasons. By the time she had rectified the music situation, she was already frowning behind her mask and displeased with the current turn of events. If the suggestion or more like warning about sampling anything in the lab wasn’t enough to irritate her for assuming she would, then the mere fact that she had been ditched by her supposed teammates was enough to do the trick. She had to put her faith and trust into her teammates more than anyone else but right now, she was feeling let down before it even began. What if they didn’t show up? Sure, this time would be fine since she had enough confidence in her fighting ability to keep up with SSV but what if this had been for a meta human capture? She wouldn’t have been able to really put up a fight against that depending on the powers they possessed.

She opened her mouth to respond to Piranha Boy but the words died on her lips as she felt two more power signatures enter the area, both practically screaming at her since she had nothing to tune them out after such a sudden appearance. Nilin felt frozen in place, feeling that all too familiar link being formed and instantly going a bit pale as she had to wonder what in god's name she had just copied while their vigilante had been spotted. It didn’t seem like she would have time to disconnect either so it appeared she would be rolling with the punches and pray she got lucky enough that the random roulette worked in her favor. She took a deep breath, ready to focus when she was thrown off kilter by a soothing masucline voice ringing out in a friendly greeting with no apology she might add which caused her to turn around to glance at the first teammate approaching and apparently the one she had ended up linking with.

He was definitely attractive, though in all honesty, that wasn’t the most surprising fact with the track record for HERO but she could go as far to say that this man was particularly striking. It would be easy to get lost in those unique amethyst eyes that were currently sparkling with mirth from a laugh not moments ago. The long wild blue tresses were dazzling against the ivory of his skin as well as complimented the color of his eyes but she did wonder if it was natural or not as it might give her some kind of indication on which power he had. Either way, she linked her fingers together behind her back, trying to keep a professional appearance and not say something she might regret. Besides, she was not one to swoon over a pretty face since what really mattered was the person underneath so Nilin decided to write him off, grateful that at least one teammate had arrived and ready to put her full attention back into the mission when she was thrown through a loop again. She thought he was trying to give an explanation to why he was late, leading into an apology of some sort but nope, instead she was looking at him with a raised eyebrow as he held out her favorite soda while giving her a charming smile.

’Is he for real?’, she thought, not able to do anything but stare while being extremely thankful for the mask blocking most of her expression. She should have probably felt flattered to be thought of, let alone offered the beverage but she felt awkward and flustered. ’Is he some kind of stalker or something? Or am I being pranked? No one just out right guesses someone’s favorite flavored soda right away, do they? Is he just trying to be nice or make me forgive him?’, she questioned herself, her brows furrowing at what she viewed as an odd turn of events. Nilin was pulled from the mini internal questioning as her teammate looked up, making her gaze naturally follow suit as she was back on mission mode. She could sense the drink being held out to her still, having trouble ignoring it since she was not one to be rude or refuse a peaceful gesture so she took the can while her eyes never left the vent above. ”Thank you.”, she said in a soft voice before her free hand went to the mask, removing it and cracking open the can and taking a sip with a soft hum of approval. She planned on waiting a bit longer before moving to a better position.

He almost made her roll her eyes at him or facepalm at the way he commented on the vigilante’s arrival when a new voice cut in to save her. It seemed that maybe it wouldn’t be just the two of them on a mission after all. The enthusiasm of the girl before her already had a gentle smile on her lips. The woman instantly was what she would call the cute category, personality wise and physically. Her cheeks dapples with freckles that refused to be hidden, showing even more prominently because of her smile. The poof of her hair reminded her of cotton candy or clouds, the tipped bleach blond standing out brightly against the deep chocolate that was her natural hair color. It was definitely much more styled than her own hair which was almost always down, maybe a messy bun or ponytail now and then. For some reason, this girl seemed familiar to her though but in all honesty, she had no idea why since she was sure they had never met. This is gonna bug me later, I just know it. Maybe I’ve heard about her somewhere?’ , she thought. Nilin decided with both of them that ‘better late than never’ was the way to go and move past it to get to what was really important at this moment, the mission. ”I’m glad you are both here but I think we should get into position. Nothing like the element of surprise after all!”, she smiled, taking another sip of her drink before sliding into the crowd of interns and trying to find a good placement for herself before SSV grand entrance.

“Ren. Quick, I have to talk to you.”

”Sol? What’s going on? Is something wrong?”, she asked curiously, a hint of worry etched into the tone of her voice. Nilin hadn’t expected him to be here and while she felt silly for having tuned out his presence so easily, it was a relief to have a familiar face out of a group of heroes she didn’t know.

Solomon’s eyes kept moving under the mask to ensure the distance between them and the others. He seemed to be in anticipation of the ‘target’s’ arrival. ”There’s more to this than what meets the eye…but, I want to ask two things of you: One, and I know it’s counter-intuitive, don’t lock up the target. I’ll handle her, which leads into the second thing; which is to keep my presence on this mission under wraps. HERO doesn’t know I’m here, and I’d prefer to keep it that way.”

His silver eyes finally settled on the purple haired girl, settling a gloved hand on her shoulder. ”I’ll explain better when I have more time…”

The gloved hand on her shoulder did little to settle her nerves on the subject, teeth biting the inside of her lip as she mulled over what he had said. Let her go? Yeah, very counterintuitive indeed. The whole point was to capture her so that HERO could handle the situation. It would be the best option for everyone involved, right? The debate she had with herself earlier and now this on top of it made her doubt if that was true though. He was taking a huge risk with this and ultimately asking her to lie or at the very least omit the truth in his favor. Nilin sighed, her shoulders drooping slightly in defeat and praying she was about to make the right choice. ”Alright, but you owe me one and I expect that explanation later.” she answered, pausing only a moment before continuing. ”Don’t make me regret this, okay?”

Solomon’s tense form seemed to ease with her agreement, even so far as an exhale being audible. He didn’t want to have to face her on top of whatever HERO had in store. If he was honest, he didn’t want to do any of this, but he had to. They needed SSV. The young man let go of her shoulder and was soon to say something else but that was when something caught his eye. As smoke started to filter into the room subtly, he nudged her.

”I appreciate this, regardless of what happens.” Was all he added before heading off to pace past the interns, pretending to supervise.

”Yeah, yeah. What are friends for?”, Nilin shrugged and waved it off as nothing though she was still nervous and on edge. She only had a moment to watch him head off before darkness fell over the area with only little flames from the burners to be shown. She could hear people frantically working to grab flashlights or find out what was going on but she was working to slip on the mask she had acquired earlier, suddenly feeling lucky that she had grabbed it. Who was to say SSV would use something to further shroud herself from view in anticipation of them trying to use light. She reached behind her, shoving the over shirt aside as she pulled out her weapon and let it hang at her side in a strong grip as she moved slowly, keeping a defensive stance. Nilin would keep her promise and try not to capture SSV. She knew how to act the part and possibly under the veil of darkness, she could help with the situation a bit without being caught or blamed for doing so. ’Let the party begin…, she thought.

Location: ”Innocuous” Warehouse
Interactions: Piranha Boy @Hitman

Time seemed to have been a lost concept as a pair of chestnut irises gazed out over the vast expanse of glittering lights that made up the city she called home. She had been like this since the last rays of sunshine dipped away, fading the swirl of warm colors that once painted the sky and instead turning it into a dazzling show of stars or at least that’s what it would've been if the lights she now gazed at didn’t pollute and dim the view, stealing the show for themselves. The distant sound of honking traffic pulled her back from the rabbit hole that was her thoughts causing her gaze to finally shift downward as her hand dug into the pocket of jean shorts. A frown etched its way onto her features as she finally glanced at the time lighting up on her cell before shoving it away once more in frustration. She always prided herself with being punctual, setting an example and presenting herself in the best light if possible which is why she had arrived long before she had been expected let alone needed but now look at her, late. Nilin hadn’t meant to find herself completely lost in thought, spending hours leaning against the metal fire escape railing of some random run down building near the location that would be her first mission. In truth, it was that very same mission she was currently thinking over because while she knew what she must do and that ultimately it was to protect the vigilante as well as others that might follow suit and avoid future damage but...if anyone could understand a bit of this Shadow Scythe Vengeance woman, it would be her.

When someone else blessed with powers wasn’t around her to make her able to feel the power that lingered in her own veins, she was just the same as SSV. That one thought sparked many others on how she felt about the situation because she could see herself trying the same route had HERO not been an option for her. Nilin couldn’t state that the vigilante wasn’t skilled or prepared either. A bit eager, sure, but their plans of action were solid and warnings were stated against trying such actions and even going as far as to provide other ways for citizens to help. The vigilante was simply trying to help her city or that is the sense she got from pouring herself into the vigilante’s videos which were not her normal fashion of things to watch. It had started out as a kind of know thy enemy kind of deal which is how she ended up spending the morning and most of the afternoon for that matter with a bowl of extra buttery popcorn, sweeping through the collective majority of videos and skipping over the things like video game play and what not to get to the fighting. Slowly, as she continued onward, Nilin actually enjoyed herself in her study and even possibly looked over a couple of non-work related videos (which she would absolutely deny doing) and got a bit of a laugh or a genuine smile at this woman’s character. The problem is, she actually liked SSV and she didn’t know how much trouble she would be in with HERO when she was caught.

She shook her head, focusing back to the present with a deep sigh while dragging her fingers through her ebony locks. ’Better to just get this over with...I can’t let my teammates wait on me forever.’, she thought, pulling her hair up into a messy bun as she made her way across the catwalk to the waiting ladder. Nilin slid herself down said ladder, plopping onto the street below with a louder thunk than usual since the boots she wore currently were much different from the ones she had designed costume wise. The name of the game was to blend in and not stick out so she did just that, donning on street attire instead of going full costume. She mostly appeared as she would have on a normal day, jean shorts accompanied a loose grey t-shirt that had a random graphic design, part of which was hidden under the red flannel shirt she had tossed over it with the sleeves at least rolled up near her elbows. Comfy and easy to move around in though that didn’t mean she was without some of her usual equipment, always one to keep prepared. A short stroll later, she finally made her way into the warehouse, using the designated entrance for them and having the first glimpse of the stage they had set.

She could smell the chemicals in the air before she could even hear the bubbling of liquids which in part was being drowned out by casual conversations as they all waited for their guest to arrive. Her nose crinkled in distaste, her arm going up to her nose to block it before snagging a mask for herself and scanning the room. If she hadn’t been in the know about the ruse, Nilin doubted she would have believed this wasn’t a true up and running meth lab. Apparently, there was absolutely no problem in making the scene as authentic as possible within a matter of days and more than enough willing bodies to play as meth makers or henchmen. Suddenly, it felt like something was grating against her nerves, a headache trying to form as her power was slowly trying to reach out to the few meta humans within the bunch, the range close enough now that she had hit a current point. She could pick them easily out of the bunch, some more obvious than others but she wasn’t in the mood to play with the unknown just yet. The extra metahumans for the scene were all well and good for any backup but she only knew her teammates powers so with that she quickly pressed in her headphones, keeping her attention on the music to help tune out the unwanted connections trying to form. She hoped for the best as she moved into the crowd, the confident and relaxed steps she had previously now slower and more hesitant as Nilin worked her way over to Mr. Fish Face to see if he know where the others were. She only took a moment every now and then to appear as though she was working on one thing or another to seem less suspicious or out of place if being watched, subtly glancing up at least once to see if anything was amiss yet, figuring that would be the point of entry though nothing could be confirmed until she spoke with the ones that set everything up. Finally reaching her destination, she asked straight out,”Have the others arrived yet?”, crossing her arms as she waited for answer and probably appearing like she was irritated but in all honestly she was just hugging herself and trying desperately to tune out the powers of the piranha in front of her, hoping the sooner she got answers, the quicker she could put some distance between them.

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