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Dread, it snaked around her being and caused each breath to feel like a struggle, a deep weight upon her chest that she couldn't shake though no one would have guessed it from her calm outward appearance. Inside, she felt a swirl of emotions battling to take hold as it felt like the past was repeating itself right before her eyes with yet another one of her caregivers being sick, life draining slowly from them. She wasn't useless this time around but there was always this possibility that Gertie might not make it or that they would fail to save her in time. Was there even a tea set? Were they chasing something that had been long destroyed? She didn't know, the answer covered by many mysteries and different stories told. She was not able to truly help her mother and this adventure was a hope that she might be able to change fate this time around. It seemed most of the group was apprehensive about leaving the safety of the glittering barrier that surrounded the great city that was now behind them and she couldn't blame the others if they felt that way. Astraea had been in the forest before and moved through various places, each day out in the wilderness just wondering if it would be her last but her mother's teachings had been the key to making it through. She was not the only one that had been through the forests or traveled great distances and had a knowledge of what they would be dealing with but this time they would be looking for trouble instead of avoiding it. She hoped that with some of the knowledge they had, that would be enough. Astraea took a moment and tried to push those thoughts away, taking a deep breath and centering herself as she focused on the soft lush green grass under her feet, the warmth from the sun on her skin, and the light breeze rustling through the trees creating its own unique music that she could listen to for hours. Astraea's sky eyes gazed over the group, changing her focus onto them so she wouldn't worry herself into madness over Gertie.

Sith seemed to be looking forward to the possibilities this trip might have in store for him. She had no doubts he cared for the woman that took him in with no doubts or hesitation but you could see the true excitement in his eyes as he looked to the key he held. It most likely was a hope at finding something familiar along the path to pull his lost memories to the surface. It had to be hard, being who you are without knowing where you had been. Would you be the same person you were now if you remembered the past? Would you hate who you were or would you be more disappointed in what you had become? It had to leave an emptiness inside and a struggle to know more that was just at the tip of the surface before disappearing from your reach. What he lacked for in memories, Sith made up for with his confidence and attitude which was like a flip of a coin. At times, he could be charming and in others, he could be relentless in his teasing or darker humor. She had grown used to it and knew that he meant nothing by it and honestly, Archy made it easy by getting riled instead of learning to roll with the joke or ignore it. The boy was still young though and would learn with time, for now, she was there to protect him if it got out of hand. We were all still fond of him even with his quirks if choosing him as their leader was anything to go by but to be fair, Francis was just as worthy of the title and good at keeping Sith on track and probably not letting them all be killed.

Valeo, on the other hand, was a little different than Sith as he was constantly sarcastic with some sort of quick remark or when teasing went about it a bit darker which she had noticed didn't sit well with most of the others. She didn't think it bothered him a bit what the others thought of him and if anyone was to abandon them or wander off to be alone, it would probably be him. Astraea didn't view this in a negative way but rather if you saw a beautiful tiger, roaming free and content in their solitary then why would anyone think that they wanted to be in a circus of other animals even if possibly compatible or trapped in a cage. It would be more likely that they would shy from that in whatever way they chose to express it. It was one of the reasons she was suspicious of his so-called brother to suddenly be gone. It was Valeo's choice if he parted ways from the group but he could just outright tell them so but at least she should be grateful that he offered a choice on where to go that would be dangerous, yes, but would benefit the group in the end. Astraea doubted she would be able to say thank you on behave of them as she avoided being near Valeo. He seemed to dislike her and maybe it was because of what she was or possibly her personality annoyed him but it seemed like she would never be the one to find out. She was used to judgment and if it really was her personality then she would treat him with kindness when interaction was a must and leave him be otherwise. She did not wish to cause him trouble or push friendship if it was unwanted. If anyone in the group had a chance of learning anything about the half demon, Valeo, it would probably be Sith as they seemed to be on at least understanding terms and could hold each other's jokes but even that was low chances in the sharing department.

Speaking of sharing, Francis was another that was not unlike herself. He held his feelings in, though those molten gold eyes would betray him at times and there were other things that gave hints. She often called them nervous ticks though she wasn't always sure that was exactly what it was. The best example was at the current moment, he was picking at his glove so there was something stirring in his mind but that is something he wouldn't share with her. He didn't give her the feeling that she was disliked but there was this distance that was noticeable there. It was like someone being careful where they stepped. She was starting to notice that wasn't the same with all nobles like she had thought for so long. Rhaya had opened her eyes to that which had only made her look more into what Francis did and what it meant. Astraea hoped that one day that feeling wouldn't be there and he could just talk to her if he needed someone to lean on but at the same time that would mean her having to open up also as communication is a two-way street and that was something she wasn't ready for with anyone. It felt like a burden to give someone else and she had been able to just fine so far.

At least not everyone was distant from her in one way or another, her eyes looking towards the younger ones in her group. She always hung back or matched paces with them to make sure nothing could happen easily without her being able to protect them both. It was often times she would keep them busy or even carry them if they needed it and sometimes if they asked nicely. Astraea knew this would be difficult for Archy as Gertie's home and the city were all he had ever known from growing up there with not many opportunities to travel. She knew he was scared but she was glad that he had decided to come. She would not let him be harmed if she could help it and that was the same for Maybell. She was so small, even by opossum standards which could be helpful but it could also be a major downfall at times. She was an adorable and bright energy in the group while Archy made her smile and though it might be cruel to say, his clumsiness made her laugh since she found it so him. It was a part of his charm in her book though she did wish he would be careful. The two could make her day feel so much better when she was down. It was nice watching Maybell try to figure out a puzzle or Archy showing her something new he had learned. It was this thought that made her want to reach out and ruffle the boy's auburn hair or offer to carry the little opossum on her shoulder. Astraea held back, letting her eyes drift to one of their other newer members.

Rhaya was different then she had imaged she would be when she first arrived at Gertie's home. She had never really seen female knights and it made her think of the tight-laced, loyal, hard men that she had come to know and had wondered if she would be the same. It was stories of her father that made her think that maybe all were not like that and she had yet to meet them. She had heard he was a soft and loving person. He had been strong and loyal but with a heart not meant for fighting. Rhaya seemed to have a little bit of that in her as well. They had talked a lot, whenever Rhaya seemed to need someone to lend an ear and let go of her insecurities or to be there for her which she was more than happy to do. It was nice to see her when she looked at cute things. She tried to hide it, probably to seem stronger but it was nice to know someone strong could also be soft. She looked out for the two younger ones in our groups, especially Archy when she was not nearby which she appreciated.

The thoughts on their last member were cut short as Sith spoke up about the key and the familiarity of it. "It is possible, there is really no way to know for sure until the new memory is triggered." It wasn't too long after that Valeo confessed that he had forgotten to mention a Bearon had made residence at Crystal Grove, the very place they were headed too. She didn't even have much of a chance to think on that before Francis was trying to set up a plan of action with any information Valeo might have and Rhaya stated it would have been nice to know sooner and was also softly fishing for a reason it wasn't mentioned sooner. It seemed like she was stating it might not have been a slip up in memory. She decided that it was supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. "At least he spoke up now when he remembered it instead of waiting for us to get there. Hopefully, we will not run into the Bearon but the more information we have would help with a better plan. I would not like to have to hope for the best and have us all plan while in battle." Astraea replied to the others statements.

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I can set that up in my next post if you would like to have your character overlook the pod as for the other option, we can easily role with that. It is a matter of what you would like to have done. Let me know as I am always happy to help. :)
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Half Celestial - One of many different types of non-human beings who share the godlike/holy characteristics of being more powerful, longer-lived, and, in general, much happier than humans. They tend to live peaceful lives, never staying in one spot long as they love to wander and fight of dark souls that come along their paths to protect others. They grant wishes and miracles to those that are in need though they are rarely seen. Those that have seen Celestials describe them as soft and calming, giving a sense of peace even in the darkest of times to those that are near. Their smell changing to suit each person's senses and always seeming to draw the light to them. They can have up to six wings in total, three pairs each, but each extra set it earned with time and the wings are almost always the palest of colors with accented tips. The most common being white with golden tips.

The sounds of a rippling stream echoed through a silent forest. The night air bringing a slight chill from the gentle summer breeze which carried with it the pleasant smell of pine. The shadows danced in the light of the moon as the trees shifted in the wind, fireflies twinkling their own luminescence to chase away any fear of the darkness along the narrow path. The dried needles on the forest floor crunched under each step forward with no destination in hand but the hope for a clearing to appear along the way. As if your prayers had been heard, the illumination of pure moonlight showed ahead which were the telltale signs of an opening in the vast amount of trees that made up this forest. A rush of excitement flooded your being and your pace quickens from the relaxed one that you had been content with earlier. You need only to rush through the bushes to reach the steam but you are stopped, stunned by the beautiful glittering waters in the moon's glow though it seemed more focused unusually in one spot. Yielding to your curiosity, you followed the natural brush along the river's edge until you spotted a young woman standing in water. A sudden feeling that you should not be here is what crawls into your gut but you can't seem to pull yourself away. It is then that you make your choice, ducking down into the bushes, being sure not to be caught. You hide and watch, as she performs a moonlit ritual under the stars.

Platinum blonde hair, like threads of gold spun from a spinning wheel, dipped into the water and creating strands of swirling gold against the clear crystal water. A splash of color stood out against the pale of her hair in the form of turquoise feathers flaring out on each side of her head just like a stylish head dressing. As she held her crystal to the moonlight you continued your gaze upon the delicate softness to her face which gave a feeling of friendliness and serenity. The porcelain ivory of her skin against the platinum blonde hair made it seem like she had a divine glow about her that was comparable to the moonlight itself. It was only now when her eyes began to flutter open that you had even noticed they had been closed in the first place and your breath caught in your throat at the sight. The eyes were a dazzling sky blue that would remind anyone of the sunniest days and they sparkled with such joy, it was mesmerizing. You find yourself standing, walking past the bushes and toward this young woman. You want to be closer, hear her voice, and let her light heal what ails you. You find yourself nearing the water's edge when you stop, shaking your head and debate moving back to your spot. Was it really right to startle her? You find yourself standing by the shoreline, debating on just leaving now while you still have your dignity but instead you stay where you are just a few moments longer as this petite young woman no taller then 5'7 waded through the water, the flowing black wings tipped with turquoise at her hips gliding over the water.

Suddenly, your eyes meet and shock reflected in her eyes for only a moment before they softened and looked you over for a single moment. You feel frozen and curse yourself for continuing such a shameful act all due to curiosity and that feeling of desperately wishing to meet this person in front of you. Her gaze moved along the shoreline, not even a defensive pose showing in her form but certainly, she must be wondering what you were doing and if you are even alone. Those soft doe eyes moved back to you, locked on your form as she made her way to shore and you think for a split moment that you could run into the darkness of the forest and forget this night. Why did you feel the need to stay? It didn't matter, it was too late as she was stepping out of the water and not even bothering to wring anything out as she stepped in front of you. The smell of lavender and vanilla invading your senses which caused you to think it was slightly unfitting for her in your opinion. You thought she would have the scent of rain in the air or fresh cut roses but it was not that disappointing to realize it was something else. It was still pleasant after all. It was in that moment that the smell of lavender and vanilla faded, the comforting smell of rain and roses taking its place which calmed the nerves that were on edge about meeting this young woman and the fact that you had even been caught.

"Are you lost?" a soft and warm voice like melting honey spoke. It was so sweet and smooth that you could easily listen for hours if given a choice. Those sky blue eyes looked to you, concern etched on her features as she waited patiently for an answer. Your words would not come and you find yourself shaking your head 'no'. She looked confused now as if asking with no words, 'why are you here'? It was hard to even start to explain but instead, she graced you with a smile and held out her hand. "If you are alone, please join us for the evening. It will be safer than camping here." You want to reach out, take the offer that was being given but there was no way to tell if the others in her group were as agreeable as she was. You give another shake of your head before giving a small bow to show respect for the young woman that would remain unnamed and continued on your way and this time drawing your blade, taking heed of her warning.

She is calm in the face of adversity. When presented keeps calm and focuses on the issue. If she feels threatened or upset, she does not let it show even in her body language and tries to get a solution to the problem though she can be stubborn if she thinks her way will be better. Usually, she will hold in her problems or issues to herself and has trouble leaning on others or showing her upset as she does not want them to worry.

Astraea has deep emotions for those close to her and wants to make sure they are cared for. She takes the time to listen and will always help if possible. She cares about those around her even if she doesn’t know them and will give advice or offer assistance if the situations calls for it. She worries and fusses, which can sometimes be seen as negative but it means she cares and loves you.

She is extremely protective. Many see her as quiet and soft but if you ever harm those she is loyal to and care for then you will see a much harder side. She will defend others even at the cost of it meaning pain for her. She has a mothering nature to her which makes her defensive when she feels those she loves are being threatened or in danger.

She is kind to all she meets and is of a positive personality. She is the kind of person that makes you feel welcome and warm in her presence. She is sympathetic with the pain of others and shows the kindness they need in times of hardship. She will not fault those that lash out at her and fights are quickly compromised. She make sure that communication is key. A peacekeeper when times are hard.

She has an abundance of patience and will help guide you to the answers but lets you figure things out in your own time. She can stand many things that might be annoying or unpleasant for far longer than most so if she speaks up, it means many would have given up long before this point and you should listen.

Astraea cannot stand when other people only think of themselves or act like bullies. It makes her feel frustrated that the one person's selfish actions affect everyone but they don’t care. It is all about them and she just can’t see why anyone would do this. She also does not appreciate unnecessary physical cruelty when diplomacy could stop the violence. You do not have to be hateful. There are better ways of doing things.

Though she is kind and caring, Astraea is actually a very guarded when it comes to herself. She is not open to pasting out information about what she is feeling and hides her pain as to not worry others or inconvenience them. She puts up walls, which makes it hard to be completely close.

She can be far too trusting of others. She believes very much that you are innocent till proven guilty. She is not ignorant of the evils that the world holds but she hopes for the goodness in others. They may seem dark but maybe some good is till in there that can grow if just given the chance. This cannot always be possible and causes trouble.

She is a sensitive soul and does not actually care for much violence. She feels pain when others when they are sad or upset. This makes it sometimes hard to hunt or fight. She does not like seeing cruelty.

She can be extremely stubborn and metaphorically dig her heels into the ground when she feels she is doing the right thing. It is hard to convince her of certain things at times which can be frustrating. It isn’t to say she won’t listen to reason, it is just a difficult process.

She is always busy taking care of everyone else that she forgets to take care of herself. She will always end up serving herself last or if there is not enough then she will try to go without. If she is sick, then she will try to pretend she is fine so she doesn’t slow the group down. If she is hurt then she tries to deal with it herself. She would give up her life if it meant saving someone else which could be scary thought for others.

Astraea loves walking in the rain. The feel of it in her skin and the way it slicks off her wings. The fresh smell of the earth and the distinct scent that is the rain. The sound of thunder gives her chills as it is unpleasant but it is worth it to see the lightning dance through the sky. She can often be found standing or dancing in the rain with no care of sickness. It is also nice to be in the rain sometimes because no one can see you cry.

She has a love of nature and all the sounds that come with her give her peace. She enjoys sitting around a crackling fire and roughing it. The hike to the perfect spot and setting up camp. The elements against you and surviving through it all. It is as thrilling as it can be peaceful

She loves the day but there is something to be said about the night and watching the sky. The glittering of stars against an inky black night. The way the moon glows and watching the cycle as it fades away only to return again. It reminds her of hope, that light can pierce through the dark.

Astraea has a joy for knowledge and the feeling that books give you. They let you draw away from the world to somewhere totally new. The feelings the story can bring out in you that you weren’t sure you could feel. The ability to enjoy and learn. Words can be a powerful thing.

She loves singing and luckily has the voice for it. She often can be found singing lullabies or humming while she cooks dinner. It makes her happy to have others enjoy her songs.

The feel of rushing water, relaxing and floating in a stream or lake. She jokes many times that maybe she was a mermaid in another life. It is something about water that just makes her feel refreshed and ready to take on the world. She did most of her thinking while swimming.

Her ears are very sensitive to sound and she finds it disorienting when a loud noise suddenly breaks out. It makes her cringe and sometimes just cover her ears altogether. If the noise is continuous, it can even give her headaches.

She loves tastes that are sweet or spicy but when they are bitter she just wants to make a face. She has tried to get past this and try new things but it just is the worse in her opinion.

She doesn’t like her wings touched unless she trusts someone completely. They are delicate and not everyone understands this. It also would be extremely hard to deal with a broken wing in the position they are at. She does enjoy her hair being brush and played with though and does not mind the feather there being touched.

She enjoys cooking new recipes and making favorites that others like. It is calming for her and she has a passion for trying new ideas when possible. New combinations make it always a learning experience and new joys to be found.

Sewing made the most sense to learn this skill so that quick fixes on the road could be made and with any luck, sell some outfits for a bit of extra money. You never know when it could come in handy. It could even come into use when deep wounds were to happen

Big game is not always around to hunt so to make up for this, Astraea has learned how to set traps. She is actually quite good at making them and could actually keep the camp safe from bandits with a few of them. The best part is that she will not have to chase after her target and let it come to her.

Her Mama taught her how to fish at a young age so she would always be able to have food to eat even if she did not have a weapon for big game or if she couldn't trap anything. She is very good with actually spearing fish, knowing how to be patient enough to wait still in the water. The best way to get a lot of fish though is always through the fishing pole route which was also taught to her.

Astraea’s singing can be mesmerizing to some as it is mellifluous and pure. She has amazing range which broadens her horizons in the way of song. This skill is mostly put to work if someone’s music strikes a spark in her or if lullabies are needed to lull little ones to sleep.

Focal Crystal
A pale shimmering blue focal crystal was encased in a silver intricate design with a white gold crescent moon looking up to the sky and resting just about the blue crystal. White moonstone gems and clear sparkling crystals dangled from the bottom of the intricate design though the largest clear crystal in the middle suspended a blue star. The same stones trailing the bottom of the necklace weaved into the chain.

Special Equipment
Bag of Holding - This bag has an interior space considerably larger than its outside dimensions. The bag can hold up to 500 pounds, not exceeding a volume of 64 cubic feet. The bag weighs 15 pounds max, regardless of its contents. When looking into the bag, items appear smaller than they actually are until pulled from the bag to return to normal size. Living items are not to ever go in this bag or they shall die.

Kindred Bracelets - When two people are wearing one of these bracelets, they are always aware of when the other is in life-threatening danger. This bracelet adjusts in size to fit the wearer.

As Astraea has a bag that can hold more than most, she has items to hold that are not her own along with her own items. The items that are hers include cooking kit, bowls, plates, utensils, clothes, snare/trap equipment, fishing pole, books for her and some that she knows the little ones enjoy, journal, quill, inkwell, sewing kit, blankets, flint, hairbrush, bandages,breads, dried fruit, nuts, dried meats, dried spices and herbs.

Chain Whip

Special Attack
Miracles - It is what the word Miracle encompass. She can turn a single coin in a purse into a full sack of gold, make an empty water sack full again, and help you be guided on the right path. It's a prayer or a wish. It's wish magic in an essence. It only works for those that are in desperate need of her miracles. Everything has its limits and not all prayers can be answered. No matter if she wanted to bless them.

Magic Lv

A dark blue book, the spine and edges decorated in complex gold designs looped around pearls. A string of white crystals danced across the front of the book, just under the large round midnight blue gem that made up the main focal point of the cover. When active, the midnight blue gem glows with runic symbols, the white crystals alight and the dark blue of the books cover suddenly glitters with spots of light like stars in the night sky. This is usually stored in her bag.

School of Focus

Lesser Spell
Sanctuary - Bless oneself or another ally for 1 "turn". That person will not take damage next time they are targeted for an attack.

Miracle's Light - Those in the range of this spell feel stronger and get a boon in strength. Undead and Deamon whenever in Miracle's Light strength are cursed and cause a weakening effect. Miracle's Light shines a radius around the user that reaches up to 10ft circumference. Those in the area need to be in the range of Miracle's Light in order to receive its blessing.

Semblance View - This illusionary magic needs a base object roughly the same size as what you are trying to make appear in others eyes. If you wish to have a coin appear, you would need to find something like a rock that is the same size. This effect only lasts only so long and needs magic to be held in place.

Medium Spell
Luminous Smite- This spell does a blast of light that harms those that are undead and deamon by performing a burning effect, but has a "healing" aura to non-undead/deamon. Certain Halflings would be an exception to this rule as it would cancel out both effects.

Misc Battle Info
- When in a fight, Astraea is more of a defensive fighter. She will try to keep everyone else healed and protected, this being her main focus but will put up a pretty skilled fight if she needs too. She is not one to be underestimated.

She knelt down beside the edge of her bed, tears dripping from sapphire eyes as she hung her head in defeat, the wavy blond hair cascading down like a curtain that blocked her view from the world. Would she forever continue to lose those she loved? Monaxía lightly touched the bracelet at her wrist, her heartbreaking more as she knew its counterpart would be placed back in her hands soon with the news of her beloved's death. The twisted gold band of the Kindred Bracelet sparkled in the moonlight, the gift feeling more like a curse in this moment. She had felt when he was in danger and could do nothing while he was away at war. This time she felt no connect and no hum of magic waiting to warn her which meant the danger had not passed this time. She was alone in this world, with not even a child to remember him by. How many times had she lost them? How many flowers marked their graves? Why was life so unfair to her? First, she lost her parents, then she lost her children and now the love of her life. She had finally found happiness with a man that cared not that she had no dowry to her name, that she was of ill health, that she lived on the outer rim of town, and that she would never be able to bare him a child. He loves her for her. The way she was clumsy, the way she loved laying in the grass, the way she played with her hair when she was nervous and the smile that only he got to see. Monaxía had felt blessed to have him in her life and now she had no idea what she would do. She tilted her head up to the night sky, a shooting star passing by. She closed her eyes and prayed for a miracle. Monaxía didn’t want to be alone in this world and she would accept their gift in whichever form they blessed her with should they see fit to grant it. Not all prayers would be answered but she hoped this time, hers had been heard.

Pain gripped her, clutching the sheet and trying to breathe as she was asked by the midwives. She was afraid that she wouldn’t make it, that the child she had been blessed with would have her fate to be alone. She felt so weak and she just wanted to rest. No, she wouldn’t let that happen! She had to keep going and think positive. She prayed to her beloved, Kleos, for strength through this trail. It had been hours and all she wanted to hear was her baby’s cry now. She pushed when she was told and after many more hours, she finally was able to relax, her child crying. The midwives were chattering, panic in the air and she was scared for a single moment that something was wrong or perhaps the child was stillborn when they quickly placed the child in her arms. Monaxía has never seen a more beautiful child. Sure, her daughter seemed to have a little deformity at her hips but she could care less because she was holding her daughter. This was a moment she had always waited for and though her beloved would not be rushing in to join her in her joy, she still felt happiness. They would live and she would do everything to always be there for her child.

The two sat under the cherry tree, enjoying the bright sunny day after filling the buckets with a good amount of the tasty red treat. Astraea could not wait for her Mama to make her famous cherry pie. Well, it was famous to the little girl at least though she didn’t have others to compare it too. At first people thought she was a freak and laughed, but as her feathers came in they start to treat her bad in other ways so Mama told her they had to keep to their own. Mama told her the story, how the Celestials had blessed her with a child so she could share her life with another and told her of Papa so she knew why he was not here with them. Mama told her it was alright to be different even if everyone else fear what they did not understand. She hoped one day she could show the others she was a good girl and that they would stop hurting Mama’s feelings. Mama always says one day people would understand her but that day seemed so far away.

Monaxía hummed a gentle tone, petting Astraea’s hair and making sure to avoid the feathers that had grown there. She grew more beautiful every day and she was so proud of the sweet girl her daughter was. It had been why she took her away from town, not wanting her to fear the world around her because people were showing how cruel they could be. When Astraea had wandered off at market, she had been more terrified at losing her and cursing herself for not watching more carefully. It was when she found her baby, curled up in a ball while crying and bruises littering her small form that she made sure that Astraea would never be hurt again by these cruel beings. She had hugged her baby, crying for her and anger was bitter towards the town even more now than ever before.

She had started a personal garden that day and started selling her merchandise to the next town over. It would mean more work and trading for awhile but it was worth it in her eyes. The last few months had been so peaceful and things had started to really look up for the two of them. Monaxía sneezed, the motion killing the calm mood she was creating with her humming.

Astraea looked up, a little startled and worry showing clearly on her face. Her Mama just smiled and blamed the spring air but she was worried as it was happening more often lately. She knew how to make a fire and some simple things like tea but she couldn’t feed her Mama if she got sick, at least not the things her Mama made when she needed to feel better. The nice man, already came by a few days ago so he wouldn’t be back till a very long time cause they wouldn’t be able to trade. Her Mama didn’t seem to be pale and wasn’t even coughing though so maybe it was nothing just like Mama said.

She sat on the floor, folding each item of clothing as her Mama lay in bed, weakly telling her how to fold and what should go in the pack. She asked Mama if they were going somewhere but all she would get was a sad smile and a ‘I hope not’. She kept getting sicker and the doctors here would not help her. It was all her fault. If she was a normal girl then Mama would be helped but instead, she had been getting worse since that night when some of the townspeople came.

She had been told to stay inside but Astraea had opened the window to hear what was going on. They demanded she be handed over, taken to the Council Seven for judgment and that her Mama had brought shame to this town and would be tried as well if she did not do as she was told. She knew her Mama was not healthy, that even now, just standing before them that she was putting on a show of strength. She told them to be gone and that if the Council had anything to say that they could say it in person. They threatened her to which she gave them a bow to the face with an arrow to make her point known. Blood would be spilled if they did not leave so they left, saying they would be back.

That was days ago and now, her Mama would not be able to stand up to them again. She couldn’t even get out of bed and Astraea had been following her instructions what to do and how. It was very strange that Mama wanted none of her own things packed yet and was focused on getting everything for her packed first. She didn’t mind packing for her Mama if only she told her what she wanted but maybe there was too much and her things were easier to pack.

Darkness fell on their little home, no moon to shine its light. A heavy feeling hung in the air, like something bad was about to happen. Neither of the house's occupants could sleep as they lay in bed, the little girl not willing to be far from her Mama’s side as she could need something in the night. It was so silent that not even the crickets dare chirp and it made this nagging feeling even worse. It was in this quiet silence that Monaxía spoke up softly, “Are you still awake my shining star?”

“Yes Mama, do you need something?”

“I need you to promise me something.”

“Anything, just name it.”

“If something should happen to me. I want you to take the bag you packed today and leave this place. Do you understand? Can you promise me this?”

“What are you saying? Why do you want me to leave you?!”

Her Mama weakly and painfully rolled to her side, tears streaming down her cheeks as she looked to her.

“I would never want to leave you but it is not safe here and I do not know if I will be strong enough to go with you. I fear that the townspeople will try something horrible and I could not stand it if you were hurt because of me. Promise me, that when I tell you to run, you will take the bag and leave this place.”

“I will, Mama.”

“I need to hear you promise.”

“I promise.”

“That is my good girl.” Her Mama smiled for a moment before pulling the twisted bracelet from her wrist and sliding it onto Astraea’s free wrist, one bracelet on each. “Now Papa and I will always be with you and we will be able to watch over you and anyone you need to protect.”

Astraea hugged her Mama tightly, feeling like this was a goodbye. It was a memory she etched in her mind just in case she had to do as she promised and leave but she wanted to remember everything she could about her in this moment. She felt a dry kiss on her forehead and barely even felt the hug around her for how light it was.

It wasn’t long before this moment was broken, shadows of light dancing through the windows as a crowd of people came, torches being held by the Council Seven and others speckled through the crowd. The two looked in terror as without warning, they tossed the fires to the roof of their home and onto the grass. They did not come to speak or give them a chance. They had made the decision to kill them both, cowardly in the night.

“Run! Go now!”

“But Mama!”


Astraea froze for but a moment before jumping out of bed, coughing as the smoke began to build and pieces of roof fell. She looked back to her Mama, before having to head towards the back door, her heart breaking and tears never stopping. She couldn’t leave without her knowing. She didn’t think her Mama would make it and she felt worse for feeling like she was abandoning her.

“I love you, Mama.”

“I love you too, Astraea. Run.”

She ran straight for the back door, tears burning her eyes among other things as she grabbed the pack of clothes and food by the door. Astraea knocked the door open, not stopping as she ran as fast as her feet could take her. She only took a brief moment to look back once she was at the edge of the Thorned Forest and watched her home engulfed in flames and heard the cheers of joy from the crowd at the horrible crime they had done. Everything she had ever known and loved, gone. She steeled herself, heading into the dark forest. There were tales of the Thorned Forest, all mana of creatures lurking to kill a man at first sight but that would be her fate either way and at least in the forest, she could hide.

How long had she been here? She did not know. She hid in caves and dens, fighting off creatures and covering her ears to avoid being lured by others. It didn’t matter how long she wandered, she couldn’t get out. Now she knew why the Council banished people here. You thought you might be saved but it was a lie. The choice was death or death if you did not know how to avoid the creatures as most didn’t. The nice man that visited had told her some tales, they had saved her more than once.

The rain fell, panic and cold filling her being as she had not found a place to stay for the night. The full moons glow not even lighting most of the area as the clouds kept passing by. She scrambled, trying to not run into any danger that was sure to be lurking. She could hear the clomping of footfalls and was now wide open in a clearing. Astraea shivered, the rain pouring down harder than before and making it even harder to see but she didn’t stop moving as the noise got closer. She missed her Mama. She missed home. She wanted out of here.

She cried out, tripping over a loose root and landing into the mud. Astraea tried to push herself up, the sticky goo clinging to her and making her slip about while she tried to stand. A hand grabbed her and she screamed, struggling to get away when a familiar voice spoke out, asking why she was here. She looked up, the nice man that Mama always traded with was looking back down at her. Worry etched on his face, his hand firm on her shoulder while the other one held onto the horse. He picked her up, placing her in his covered cart. He wrapped her up in a blanket, letting her get warm and get some rest as he headed forward.

Nicolas had thought the girl was dead when he found the whole place burnt. The locals had said that lightning had struck, killing the family that had lived there. The little girl in his cart made him think different now. It wouldn’t be safe to take her back but he couldn’t care for her either. The only place he knew that would take in an orphan like this girl would be Gertie’s. It would be her best chance. It was then that he changed course to give this girl a new home and a new chance.

Theme Song

- Astraea’s hometown is named Fort Halloway.
- The Thorned Forest surrounds most of the town and they have build spiked walls to protect themselves though some live outside the walls and hunt nearby.
- Monaxía sold some of the game she hunted, trapped and fished for. She also crafted, sewed and knitted items for sale to make a good living. She taught some of these skills to Astraea though she did not learn them all.
Valeo Review


Okay, I am going to say it. I really really didn't want to let go of Idris but I love Valeo. His profile actually inspired me to want to kick some butt but also inspired me in terms of Celestials. I loved the stories and the subtle growth here and there for Valeo as a person. I love that his tale felt like it was full of signs and almost as if fate brought him where he needed to go. His skills are perfect for his personality and the coffee and bad poetry made me laugh. I feel like this was a great balance to the group and I really don't have anything negative that pops out at me. It was a very moving profile and I am impressed with everything you were able to do in such a short time frame. The length and personally drawing an amazing picture for your profile just a few of the things that come to mind.
I am so ready for these Rats to die! They killed Andersen!
Rhaya Review

@Landaus Five-One

I don’t really see anything that pops out as being wrong. I really love that we have a more solider type to the mix. I mean, yes, she is a noble but it feels different in a way from say Francis which is good. I love the relationship and affection that comes through in the writing for her mother. It is nice to have someone so focused on one thing that they kind of are oblivious about others such as love or the outside world. I think it is adorable the she love she cute things but won’t mention it without blushing. All and all I love that she chose to go to Gertie’s instead of being found and such. I really like the character and can’t wait to see her in action!
Maybell Review


If I could pick a word for this character, it would be adorable. That being said, this was the one thing that stood out to me.

- You actually can/should have one more lesser spell or medium spell.


I love how cute she is and that she is into mysteries and codes. I love that you chose to draw your own pic for her. I love that her special ability is something that is natural for her species in a way that she can be embarrassed by it sometimes which makes it feel more natural. I think it was a neat idea to provide pics for the equipment instead of only describing it.

I love the way the Tale was told, poor Maybell, but the underline on the first of every first word maybe me wish it had been a word or code. Like it would spell out ‘Opossum’ or something lol. This character is just great and I love that she is different from some of the others in the group by being an animal species.
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