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The strong hand on her shoulder had her pausing, feeling confused as to why he had done so. She gave a quick glance at Clint, following his gaze so her attention was on Charlie which instantly had explained his actions in stopping her from continuing forward. The purple slash of energy caused a devastating final blow to the last rank of soldiers and made a gentle smile tug at her lips, marveling at the strength her little sis had demonstrated. She nodded at Clint’s statement that Charlie hadn’t needed them after all but at the last comment, she slowly turned her head to him with narrowed eyes full of suspicion. ”Are you saying that because you mean it or did you not count and want to keep us on the same level by declaring Charlie the winner?”, she asked which ultimately went ignored. She decided to let it go, shaking her head gently as she met up with her team, watching the fist bump between the two. It was different and familiar to see her teammates fight again, bringing back so many memories after battles long passed. Jordan didn’t have long to relish in the nostalgia she was feeling though as a menacing laugh rang out.

Jordan instantly tensed, ready for another fight and scanning the area before looking up. What she was met with made her enraged and mortified. Hostages...the fucking coward and taken people hostage which wouldn’t have been so bad if it were not for the distance. The basilisk wasn’t going to let them move from their current positions to attempt a rescue and even if they managed to break away from its sight, making it up the building before it disappeared or worse, did something like toss the hostages over the edge was close to impossible. This was definitely not the most ideal situation. She let her fellow teammates throw the insults or threats for once, shaking silently in rage that she was struck useless with nowhere for the pent up energy to go. If a single one of those hostages were harmed, she would never forgive herself. It was obvious how important the group of hostages were to the other citizens that hadn’t fled from the fight just by the looks on their faces. The conversation between the Amazon woman and her taken companion made things even clearer if it wasn’t before. She didn’t want more lives to be lost and could only hope that their enemy was going to use them for a trap or to lure them in. She tried to ignore the mockery of her friends' deaths because she wasn’t going to give the creature the satisfaction of seeing her be affected by its words. She vowed to herself that the creature would feel her wrath for ever uttering a single word against them and for starting up what it viewed as a little game to toy with them. She was going to make them pay. That was her only thought as she watched the group on top of the building disappear.

Jordan holstered her weapon, cursing under her breath in complete frustration. This had been a disaster with very little feeling of success. Clint had been beaten up like a piñata, citizens had been placed in danger, and now some had been taken as hostages while they were too busy dealing with minions. They needed a full team or at least more members but the others were done with fighting, having made that extremely clear. ”More surprises, Charlie? Seriously? I do want an explanation but I don’t know if I can handle one more negative thing or news. Can’t you just spit it out now?!”, she snapped a bit. She was trying to keep a calmer tone but this was all a lot to take in and deal with so for Charlie to think they would be might just be another bombshell waiting. It seemed answers were not something she was going to receive any time soon though as three bright lights glowed, the bag their Purple Ranger had with her flying open, the power crystals selecting their new respective holders. It was a bit shocking to say the least but at the same time, she had just been thinking they needed a full team. Thinking and seeing it happen were two very different things...she wasn’t sure she was ready for Rookies that they would have to prepare or get along with strangers to their mission.

Jordan literally wanted to face palm at the reaction of their new Amazon Pink Ranger to being chosen. It was extremely cute, don’t get her wrong and on a normal day she might have laughed at the antics but right now she couldn’t so she ended doing what she did best, talking instead of knowing when to hold her tongue. ”Let me give you a hint....not like that.”, she sassed, dropping her transformation and dragging her hands through her hair to settle on the back of her neck. She was in a foul mood and was about ready to just smack the next person to hit her nerves so with that being said, she decided to let Clint could make friendly with the Pink Ranger while Charlie took on answering their new Black Ranger on if this was real. It was a common reaction and she didn’t blame him for the surprise of suddenly being chosen but then she heard, “I get why I have one, but why does Ryan over here get the honor. Or are they participation crystals?”. Jordan literally felt her eye twitch as the last of her patience snapped, her head slowly turning to the one that would be her next victim and was now the holder of the red power crystal. She didn’t care that he was a stranger, this fucking twits ass was grass and with that in mind, she raised her hand up and literally smacked the newcomer up side the head with a pretty fair amount of force. ”Don’t fucking talk to your new teammates like that. I don’t care who you are or how special you think it is to be you. As far as I am concerned, you just signed yourself up to be the bottom of the totem pole and let me tell you something….that isn’t a place you wanna be with me. Consider yourself lucky or perhaps unlucky to be roped into this in the first place cause I have half a mind to take that crystal and stick it where your sun don’t shine, see if you can transform after that.”, she spat, ripping into him more because he had poor timing than anything else but honestly, he really shouldn’t be speaking to another teammate like they didn’t hold value.

”And speaking of assholes….Clint, don’t think I’m fucking done ripping you a new one either.”, she started, whirling her attention on the next poor sucker that would be on the receiving end of her pent up aggression but this one much more deserving of it than the last. ”I might not be able to beat your ass right now but I fucking told that you hadn’t begun to see me screech at you. New Rangers or not, you aren’t getting to weasel out of this one. What was that fucking crap you just pulled huh?!? Why the fuck did you ditch us at the Diner!? What were you trying to prove with that fucking little stunt of yours?! Did you want us to feel guilty, huh!?! You made me fucking believe we had left you behind and even ditched to resume hero work without you but no, instead you were here, going in without a plan and getting fucked up to hell and back. Why can’t you use your head!?! Why do you just jump in to protect people without thinking about yourself!?! What if we hadn’t gotten here in time and something happened to you!?! We fight as a team for a reason or is that concept lost on you after ten years of not having to deal with us!?! Do that again, I’ll break your fucking legs so you can’t run off like a goddamn coward or get into trouble without us.” Jordan ranted, not letting him get a word in edgewise. She pushed past him, stopping a bit of ways from the group before looking at Charlie, letting the anger drop from her tone but it was still serious and almost stern. ”I suggest we get out of here before we are stuck answering stupid questions or giving statements for the police and who knows what else that we don’t have time for. The new Rangers can get caught up and have questions answered when we are back at base. Which is where exactly? Clint is kindly gonna offer a ride there to anyone that needs it which I do.”, she said, her eyes turning to the Green Ranger at the last sentence with a glare as if daring him to deny her statement. It was the least he could do in her opinion to make up for the obvious transgression.
In Rangers 14 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Honestly, would not be surprised if that was true xD
In Rangers 14 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Oh poor spoke too soon. 😈

But yes, she will be commanding a least for herself. XD
In Rangers 14 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Oh...well in that case...@Potemking, Clint almost got away with privately being ripped a new one... but not anymore 😈

Blue Ranger wrath all around! Who else wants a piece? >.>
In Rangers 14 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
I am working on a post though...cause someone coughcoughSloanecoughcough needs to be responded to before we have command center fun. It is destiny. >.>
In Rangers 14 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
<Snipped quote>

You know what, Sloane? 😂

Talk about...

In Rangers 17 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Waiting for training? Why not right now? >.>

Make it equal. Assert dominance.
In Rangers 18 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Ross seems to be the only one out of the boys not pressing the “hit me” button. XD
In Rangers 19 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
I feel need for one of these coming on.....

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