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Memorial Service Day

September 9th, 20XX | Tent & FIGHT| @AmpharosBoy @Akayaofthemoon

The inside of the tent was absolutely chaotic. People were panicking, children were crying, it was generally just a huge mess. Von was standing tall and at alert as he scanned the area for a person matching the girl's description. Damn, he really hoped she made it in here. Every second she was stuck out there, she might be in danger. He bit the inside of his lip, deciding to hold back on the bleak thoughts. Surely she'd run in here, right? What child of a cop wasn't a goodie-two shoes that'd follow instructions?

"Linda!" A panicked voice rang out, catching Von's attention. Before he knew it, the woman of authority he was with ran up to an approaching man; The two lightly embracing but it didn't look good. Von could put what was about to happen together, and his eyes were already peering back towards the exit to the tent, but he remained still and quiet as he listened to the man speak.

"I've searched, and searched. She isn't here!" The man insisted, practically falling apart before everyone's eyes. He wasn't built for these types of situations; He was a pretty soft and simple man. It was enough his daughter got caught up in what had happened prior; But now in this situation she was missing? He was essentially frozen by an anxiety attack but still needed to ensure the safety of his daughter.

"David-- David! Honey, get ahold of yourself. We're going to find her." She assured, attempting to calm her husband, while scanning the tent with a distressed but hopeful expression. She hoped Lindy had just been missed; But she didn't see her, either. Damn it. Where would she go, at a time like this? Surely she was safe; Hiding somewhere. But not following everyone else... She'd have words for her daughter later; After she found her.

Von narrowed his eyes at the lack of progression made; Figuring he had heard enough to get the information he needed. The girl wasn't here, And despite the danger out there, he had ensured Reyna and this 'Linda' woman had gotten to safety. He wasn't exactly thrilled with going back out to see whatever the hell was causing that carnage, but if there was a little girl in danger? For better or worse he didn't have the heart to risk her life on someone not being there, so he fully turned and began to take his first steps towards leaving.

Reyna instantly regretted going anywhere near the tent upon entry. There was a crowd or more like a sea of panicked people, all huddled in one place with the crying and yelling to find other friends or family was overwhelming and a complete mess. It looked like a shoving match would break loose at any second and who knows what else could happen? How on earth did you even go about finding one girl in this chaos? And what if she was not even there? What then? She let go of her two companions, her eyes scanning what she could of the crowd. She wasn’t the tallest by far but she at least wasn’t particularly short either which made trying to spot someone a bit easier. It still made her feel a bit nervous, a nagging feeling telling her that the girl wasn’t there and that she shouldn’t have wasted her time.

A panicked voice rang out louder than the rest, the woman that Reyna had pulled in with them instantly going to the owner of the call. It made it clear now that this was indeed Linda and if anything from the previous conversation was to go by, this must be her husband or at least Lindy’s dad. The words exchanged between the two made her blood freeze and goosebumps appear along her skin as it felt like rocks were placed in her stomach. That could mean only one thing, the girl was still out there and even if she was didn’t mean she was safe. Why on earth didn’t the girl follow the crowd? Was she already hurt? Couldn’t move? There were so many possibilities rushing through her mind.

Reyna turned her attention to Von, about to speak up about her worries when she noticed he was turned and moving forward as if he was about to leave. She flung her hand out, grasping his arm with a pointed look that bordered on a glare. ”And where are you going? You didn’t think I was just gonna let you leave me behind, did you? I said I would help find Lindy and that is exactly what I plan to do. We stick together or neither of us goes, deal?”, she whispered seriously, just loud for him to hear as she did not want to draw the cop’s attention too much. She wanted to find Lindy too but she also had to make sure that if things went south that maybe she could do something to get Von out of there. God knows that he seemed determined enough to go out there so it was unlikely she could stop him but if they stuck together then it was better than nothing.

Looking back at her with squinted eyes, Von wasn't entirely surprised by what he was hearing: But that didn't mean he liked it. Though her resolve was respectable, so it wasn't like he entirely disliked it. There was just literal monsters outside and he didn't want to see her caught up in anything. Between the grip she had on him and the look in her eyes however, it was clear that she was either going to come along, or make it hellish for him to get out of here. Shit. Do you really have to put on such a brave face right now? He thought to himself, eyes slowly opening to a more observant expression as he continued to stare at her.

"Alright, fine," He caved in to her, trying to keep things short. The less people noticed, the better. Using his free hand he grabbed her arm. The victorious smile that had been displayed on her lips at his acceptance instead of instigating a verbal joust quickly faded the moment his hand met her arm, Reyna’s eyebrow quirking up at him in question. "Just stay close, alright? I don't need two damsels in distress out there." He let out a bit of snark, but perhaps it was just his way of weaseling out of saying "I'd rather you don't get hurt". She couldn’t help the eye roll at his comment and would have probably stated something just as sassy but then he tugged her forward; Quickly making an exit with her in tow.

Outside was still absolute bullshit'sville. Loud with carnage and smoke was filling the air a short ways' down the street. A quick view around the grounds where the speech took place yielded the sight of no bodies; She wasn't still there, petrified, or something. She couldn't have gone down the street, right? That wasn't smart at all. But that being said, it wasn't smart to be outside the damn tent, now was it? So maybe this kid was full of surprises.

She scanned the area that they had all been standing in not that long ago, a frown clear as day on her face at the fact that she didn’t see any girl that looked remotely like the cop and her husband. It was clear that she wasn’t here but the question was, why? Had she gone further down the street? Had she been confused by the direction in the chaos? Or had she thought that she saw her mom head that way and wanted to make sure that she was safe? It was confusing to say the least. Reyna has honestly hoped Lindy would would have been a goodie for shoes and follow the damn rules, now she was starting get suspicious on the other possibility....the most annoying thing about a cop, a sense of justice. It was that little need that made them where they were alway in some business that they didn’t belong in.

She sighed in frustration at that fact but that didn’t change that this Lindy girl could be in some serious trouble. They didn’t have time to wait around. She tugged on Von’s arm, gently pulling him forward while stating,”She isn’t here, we should keep moving. The closer to the fight, the more danger she could be in but if there is a chance we can get her out of there then I want to try.” Reyna didn’t want anyone hurt and she certainly didn’t want to be the one to say that something had happened to Linda’s daughter. Cop or not, no one deserved to have something like that happen to them. She hadn’t been able to help anyone the last time the world had turned crazy and this time she was gonna at least do one right thing.

Von nodded in response, somewhat nervous as they progressed further towards the ongoing carnage. Things unfortunately didn't only get louder, they were clearer: Just what the hell was that thing? It was green, and had fucking scales? Just the sight of it was enough to put fear into Von, but he wasn't going to stop now. He stepped ahead of Reyna out of natural instinct, leading and keeping them behind the ensuing chaos, though they were getting kind of close now. "Christ. What the hell is that thing?" He pondered aloud, eyes quickly scanning the area and its inhabitants: Black goo man. Green scale guy! A dude that looked like the spider-version of a gimp, some folks his age, and...

Right there, in the road. She was just standing there. She matched the description; Even looked like a kid to Von. What was that idiot doing?! Did she not comprehend that this situation was dangerous as hell? What kind of child ran into danger like that? Irritation aside, he quickly clicked his tongue to get Reyna's attention. "That can't seriously be her, can it? What the actual fuck is she doing there?!"

She went from leader to being lead which was not going to complain about. He was the tall ass...well, not so blonde anymore but the point was the same, he would spot something before she did most likely. Von was also doing a good job navigating them in the safer areas of whatever the hell was going on over here. She didn’t even have a chance to look around before the, "Christ. What the hell is that thing?", left the lips of her companion which had her curiously peeking out from behind him. It would be an understatement to say her eyes widened in complete shock and might have even rivaled dinner plates.

If one monstrous being wasn’t enough, they all had the pleasure of two of them. One an inky goo mass in the shape of a man, with a demonic smile that made a leeches mouth seem much more pleasant to deal with and the other some green scaled dragonoid form with the flare of pyrotechnics if that it was displaying. Where the hell had these things come from? She felt a shiver run up her spine, looking down slightly at her hands as she remembered this morning. Was....was this like what happened to her? But worse? Was that even possible? It would make sense since none of the crazy started until that day. It made her heart want to stop at what else could flood from the woodworks.

The clicking noise from Von drew her attention away from herself and her thoughts, putting her back into the situation happening around them. She followed his gaze and found herself frozen, her throat clogging in fear at how close the girl was to the danger and felt herself pushing his arm off her before she even registered doing it. Reyna fully intended to rush over and pick her up or do anything to get her out of that situation. What in the dear name of all that is good was this kid thinking!?! If her mother didn’t give her one hell of a lecture then Reyna sure as hell wanted to.

Von's eyes widened at the sight of Reyna rushing forward; He was all about saving the girl, but she was being reckless about it! He gave chase, figuring if she was going, he had to. They were in this together, right? As much as he would have liked it for her to stay in the tent instead of being here, running into what was potential death all things considered.


Reyna was focused on the girl, but Von's mind screamed at him to pay attention: There was a car in the air. It was flying towards a guy, and in front of Von's own eyes, the guy's shadow jumped up and cut it in half. What the hell was that about?! Von couldn't even comprehend the logic of that, and he didn't have time to: Half of that car split off and came barreling towards him and Reyna. He pushed himself to move faster; To overtake Reyna just enough to snatch her up and pull her back, pressing her to his chest as he dove back towards the way they came as far as he could muster; Barely dodging the destroyed vehicle as he crashed his back onto the pavement, managing to keep his head from bouncing against the ground thankfully.

The only sight they got as a reward for dodging that car, however, was seeing that little girl get not only hit with the other half; But also several feet back with the car before crashing onto the ground, buried underneath. The young man couldn't bring himself to say anything; His eyes widen and his breathing heavy, horrified at what he had just witnessed. Finally, he managed to shout something: As his arms fell to his sides while he tried to mentally process how close they were to grabbing her, only to fail.

"God damn it!"

She couldn’t focus on anything other than the half car the was crushed into the street where the girl had just been standing. Her gaze just locked to that single spot, eyes wide like a deer in headlights and felt her body shake at the horrifying sight and the sickened feeling in her gut. She had been so close, she was right there and still hadn’t been able to a damn thing. Reyna wanted to scream, to cry, to do something but words wouldn’t form and just clogged up in her throat. As it was, she was using most of her energy just to try to breath which continued to come out in rasped pants as she had been pushing to run as fast as could could manage. Clearly, her best was not enough and Von had barely saved her from the same fate. It was went the protective arms that lightly held her disappeared that her attention drifted to the owner of the chest she happened to still be laying on.

He said exactly what she was thinking, that bubble of frustration and failure she felt that underlined the other emotions that swirled in her. Reyna shakily and carefully pushed herself up so she was not flush against him, trying to make sure not to hurt him further if anything was wrong. After all, he had taken the brunt of their fall into the asphalt and that left her with little to complain about but it still didn’t stop her from wincing a bit in pain.”Are you hurt? Do you think you can stand?, she asked softly. Nothing more could be done for Lindy, she hated that but she didn’t see any way the young girl could have survived and the best thing she could do was make sure that the person who had protected her was alright.

Question ringing in his ears, Von eyed her for a moment. To his surprise, that impact hadn't hurt as much as one would expect; There wasn't much aftermath pain for him to endure, or push through. "I'll be fine." He replied, somewhat blunt in his response, bitter towards the situation at hand. Realizing he shouldn't take things out on her, he prepared to voice an apology; But that was when he noticed it. It was a red stain on her left side; blood. It was trickling down, obviously bleeding at a rate that was alarming for Von; Who instantly jumped on the concern wagon considering he had just lost one life.


He tried to speak, but was distracted by a sign of movement. Not from her, not from the ongoing battle, but from that wrecked half of a car that crushed the little girl. There was a thud. Another thud. And as he looked on, he witnessed the car flip over from it's position, crashing back onto the street. His jaw dropped, the girl that had been hit... Stood back up. With nothing more than some tattered clothing and some bleeding from the forehead. Her expression chilled and confused him; She wasn't scared, she was... Angry looking, in a sense. Observant. Like she just got hit with a dodgeball or something, not half of a car.

And then she started to lift said half of a car... Above her head. With ease.


And then she threw it. What the hell was that little girl? This was something unreal; She could not have just done that. Out of desperation, Von looked to Reyna, hoping to be looked at like he was hallucinating, or something. This wasn't real. It couldn't be.

She nodded in reply, not really blaming him for being a bit bristly. It wasn’t like she was in the best mood herself after what they had just witnessed and the dread of telling Lindy’s parents her fate was enough to make her want to be sick. Reyna moved further back, biting a wince that threatened to spill from her lips. Her side was killing her; she must have landed on it wrong but she could check on it later, there were more important things at hand. They didn’t want another person being hurt and the less people in this mess the better. The concerned sound of her name had her pausing, looking to Von with a tilt of her head as if to question why but noticed his eyes were focused elsewhere.

Reyna’s head snapped into the direction he was looking, her heart picking up speed and she shoved herself off the ground to stand. The car, had flipped from its current position to reveal a very alive and confused girl that looked a little tattered, a possible superficial wound near or on her forehead of the bleeding was any indication but still living. It was impossible but yet, she was seeing it with her own eyes. Her mouth dropped open and she wanted to go to her, see if she was real that she wasn’t hallucinating out of hope but didn’t dare move. Lindy’s face seemed to chill, the expression shifting to one of anger.

If you had told her that today she would see a small girl lift a car to chuck it at a monster, Reyna would have asked what you were smoking or needed some medication but here she was witnessing just that. It was impossible, unbelievable, and honestly, a bit terrifying. She dragged her gaze from the fighting to look to Von, seeing his face reflect her own disbelief. She wanted to tell him that she wasn’t seeing this, that the world hadn’t become as confusing and chaotic as it looked but that was just something she couldn’t do. She had no words and so she awkwardly stood feeling suddenly out of place.

Calming his nerves with some deep inhales and exhales, Von steeled himself as he managed to pull himself to his feet. Considering what he just witnessed, that little girl was something they and her mother could not understand. If getting hit like that barely made her bleed, then maybe this situation wasn't as bad as it looked. Relevant, Von observed Reyna's wound again; Noting she wasn't in any sort of condition to stay here.

"You're bleeding." He commented, judging his value in this situation. He certainly didn't have a goo-suit. Or a shadow that could slice cars. And he doubted he could throw a car. Yeah, maybe they had this big green thing under wraps. If they had these helpful abilities, then Von would do what he could for the moment: He'd get Reyna out of here, considering her injury. Which she would hopefully explain after she was safe.

"We need to get you out of here. Considering that tent was just for dining, I somehow doubt there's any medical supplies over there. And who knows if any responders are going to get close enough to get you aid? That girl is... Something more than us. I think she can handle herself."

”Huh?”, she muttered in confusion before looking down at herself to check where the damage had occurred though didn’t take long to find. Her side which has been cut during the mugging incident had obviously decided to cause issues and bled through the small patch job from that morning. No wonder it was bothering her earlier and not what she had noticed it bleed, the fucker had decided to sting on top of being painful...lovely. ”And this was one of my favorite shirts. Blood is the worst to try and get out.”, trying to play it off a bit since the last thing she wanted was to make someone worried about her, especially after all that.

Reyna sighed, forcing a small smile on her face which was a bit easier since Von was showing such concern for her well being. ”Look, I agree we should get out of here and the others clearly have Thing 1 and Thing 2 handled but we really don’t need to get medical professionals involved. It’s just a scratch. Let’s go back to the tent and just wait it out.”, she said waving it off and trying to keep him calm. She had handled the problem before and she could again. The last thing she needed was to be dealing with more hospitals.

What a stubborn woman. If hospitals were out of the question, and she wanted to go back to the tent bleeding, then he'd have to find a third option. His brain worked fast, figuring he'd have to persuade her in some manner or she'd end up in worse condition within long. No matter what she insisted, that was more than enough blood to convince him she needed it patched backup, and fast. He'd been through enough to not want to take risks; She didn't exactly seem invincible like that little tank over there.

Where could he get medical supplies? Well, the obvious choice in his head was to head home. He knew he had a stocked first-aid kit, but that was a decent trek. She shouldn't be walking, though he figured there were ways around that. She was being careless with her own well-being, and given that Von knew that even he had a few tricks up his sleeve that might've not been as crazy as these folks in the street, he saw Reyna as a completely normal person: He didn't want her in this mess. And all things considered, maybe the others could actually handle it. With their crazy-ass abilities.

"Luckily for you then, I'm not a professional." He spoke, lacking hesitation as he scooped her off her feet and into his arms. Once again noting that she shouldn't probably walk the distance with that injury; Getting there faster was better. "It'll be a short hike, but we can make it to my place pretty quick. I'm fairly certain I have everything we need." The young man wasn't exactly waiting for consent; He was already on the move. Starting his travel by cutting through a nearby alleyway, Von quickly planned a course straight back home. There wasn't much else he could do, if she was going to act so troublesome. She could complain on the way, if she wished.

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