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I wish the pace could be a little quicker but all and all I’m happy. No one is leaving and we are in it for the long haul so yay! :)
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Hey guys, I am sorry to say this but I think I am gonna close this one down. We have lost far too many people repeatedly and I keep setting things up to make posting easier but it seems to be one failed attempt after another. It has tired and worn me out a bit. At this point I am not sure what to do to un-jumble this mess. I might try this again another time but for now, I think this is the end of this one. I don’t want you guys to waste time making posts. Thank you so much for your interest and for the people that actually stuck with this as well as communicated with me. That is what makes this decision so hard.

Thank you everyone and have a great day! Good luck on your other RPs and I wish you all the best. PM me any time!

Um, what?

Mystery Shack is open to the public
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A soft smile played on her lips as she watched the group form. It had been awhile since the diner had seen so much commotion and honestly, it was a needed welcome from the lazy ins and outs everyday. Sadly, they were starting to take up the aisle which could eventually cause a problem. The brunette waitress had noticed Amelia’s desperate attempt for a server when she first arrived but with Jeremy’s arrival, she had made sure to wait for this reason. Suzanne remembered the infamous trio from back in the day and would have been more surprised if a reunion hadn’t happened at some point.

She moved her way around the counter, hazel eyes sparkling with amusement at their banter as she stepped behind them before clearing her throat. “As amusing as this little pow wow is, I am gonna have to ask that you all take a seat or move this to another location. We have to be somewhat respectful to those walking in plus, I know a few of you haven’t had breakfast ordered just yet.” She said with a gentle smile, waiting until they cleared out or took seats. “Now, what can I get started for you all?”

Once all the ordered were taken, she gave a nod and worked her way over to the other individuals in the diner. Already setting to work on the fact that she was gonna have to deal with the wild life that had wondered in. She wasn’t gonna let it be acceptable like the woodpecker had been allowed in the distant past of this place or at least that horror story she had been told. Who would honestly marry a woodpecker? She didn’t want to believe it but if you look up the town laws, it was absolutely okay. No way did she want other birds added to the list. People can have whatever kinks they want just as long as it didn’t have her restaurant coming into the mix. Why did she even stay in this town? The world may never know because she was still asking herself that's for damn sure.

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Breakfast had gone off without too much of a hitch but she was kind of glad it was all over so they could get back to the Mystery Shack. It probably wasn’t the most exciting location, not when you have things like the mall or arcade but it was still one of her favorite places in the world. Okay, so maybe she was a little bias since she grew up there but that didn’t change the fact that it was awesome. Gar was completely amazing with his tales and they always tried to throw in some flare of their own to make it more fun. They even hosted parties and carnivals at different times of the year! It was a main focus in the town since it added to the weirdness.

Sure, there used to be other things in the past that had just as much attention but the Mystery Shack had won out in this area. The legends being too much to resist for many a person. Some were obvious fakes for laughs or enjoyment but there were some that just tempted. She had even tried a few times, only to be caught by Gar and instantly shooed way to handle or do other things. It was fine really, it gave her more time to explore anyway and now she could probably do more since she wouldn’t be the only one at the register. Heck, today she would hardly be alone at all. She looked to the group around her and smiled brightly.

She went to the doorway to the shop, expecting it to be locked even though Jack or Gar had probably stocked or set up for the day but she found it open. Amelia gazed in confusion, poking her head in and glanced around before a soft shrug and stepping inside. It could have been a simple mistake or maybe their new employee was here. Either way, she waved them all in and plopped down behind the counter as she watched them filter inside. She couldn’t wait to see some of their reactions to the place. It was forever changing yet some things always seemed the same. She didn’t know why but she kind of felt a comfort in that kind of thing, that no matter how much something changed that you could always find something that didn’t.

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Yay!! Glad to have our officer back :)

Sounds good! I’ll continue my work then

It wouldn’t ruin anything at all! Go for it :)
Thanks guys! I am extremely tired more than anything. I have the coding or most of it completed and it is just a matter of actually getting some writing in. I have ideas on what to do so hopefully I will be able to have it up tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks Amp! I might check in with you on a few things and may have you look over my post before it goes up. I am thinking I might need another pair of eyes since I’m really tired more than anything. It will most likely make double checking and editing a bit hard. Plus I don’t want anything to be missed :)
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