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location: Pasithea’s home
interactions: Isabel, Aphrodite, Pasithea
mentions: Psyche, Eros, Anubis@metanoia


“I-I need to go too!”

“Don’t.. Eros! Wait!”

Isabel stood with her back against the wall, out of sight of everyone, as she eavesdropped on the love birds. At first, it was to satiate her guilty pleasure. Instead, her veins froze over. What was it that she said that made Eros suddenly flee? What happened? And why did she feel sad that whatever moment they had just a second ago had now crumbled away. Obviously, it was her fault. And there was nothing she could do to help Psyche. Again she felt useless. Worse than useless. She didn’t mind hurting people if it was with a purpose. That’s what her father had taught her. Yet now she had hurt – indirectly perhaps – Psyche at the very least.

She swallowed that guilt down as much as she could. It wasn’t the first time this sort of stuff happened. Maybe she was cursed by her brother? That thought felt cathartically comfortable. She let out a long drawn sigh and then stepped forward looking at least for Pasithea, whom she faintly remembered having taken her gun.

Aphrodite watched the drama unfold as the two past paramours rushed out the front door, a tinge of a smirk playing on her lips as she took a sip of tea. She didn’t want her son to suffer but it made her a bit proud to see his choices taking him in the right direction. She didn’t really have time to bother with their messy relationship though before the thought that her son abandoned her caused a bit of a frown. Now what was she supposed to do? She could call one of her other children but she was still hoping to give them a bit of a surprise. She hadn’t planned to stick around here either and Pasithea had been more than accommodating. This day was not going at all as planned and she was still worried about Ares safety as things kept being delayed. He was strong and could take care of himself but it didn’t stop her worry, not when it was the second of her family to be missing.

”Ah, there you are! How are you feeling, dear? Any better? I hope your sweet brother introduced himself before rushing away. Come, sit, tell me what your next steps are in finding your father.”

“I nearly broke a pot over his head.” Isabel said as she looked around, but she did so with a warm smile of a memory she’d cherish for a very long time. Still, another of her few precious belongings was gone. Her gun was out of sight. What did Pasithea do to it? She opened a cupboard. Nothing. Then the gears in her head turned over. She popped her head out of the cupboard. “Hold up. You speak English!? I wrack my blood deprived brain speaking Greek to you and you speak English!?” Isabel was only mad for a second before she realized some sort of God Divine… thing must’ve happened.

She chuckled at the first comment, shaking her head a bit and feeling fond of the reaction as it reminded her of her darling Deimos. It seemed violence was always a first with their type, not that she minded. Strength and confidence had always been her thing and she was proud that her child embraced it. That soft smile instantly became a childish pout and a bit of cringe in disgust at the unsavory subject of her new language skill. ”I didn’t speak English at that time. Now I do and I would rather not go into the how or why. Just be grateful and thankful that you no longer have to use your non native language., Aphro replied in a bit of a snippy tone as she loudly placed her tea on the provided saucer. ”Just what on earth are you searching for that seems far more important than my direct questions?”

“My gun!” Isabel exclaimed as she dove back into the cupboard. She didn’t feel particularly inclined to push the subject of Aphrodite’s new language skills. Again she rummaged through the cupboard, finding nothing but a suspiciously extensive tea collection. Really who needed this much tea in their lives!? “Where are you?” She said out loud to no one in particular before she realized Aphrodite did not have the faintest idea what a gun was. She popped out of the cupboard again. “It’s a weapon that… fires small arrows very fast.” It was a good enough explanation.

”To know another language, you have to have comprehension of the subject. I know what a gun is even if I don’t know how to use it. We are going to have to have a serious talk about you threatening people with it since I didn’t appreciate the new information that I was being threatened earlier this morning. That being said,”, she paused looking in the direction of the kitchen and calling out to their fine host. ”Pasi!”, waiting for the small woman to peek around the entryway, her gaze set on the dark haired woman still roaming through the cupboards. ”Isabel is looking for her weapon. Could you please return said item?”

”D-Do I have to? As much as I admire and care for you Aphrodite…some of your children are not able to resist the urge of weapons….I would rather not be shot today.”

”Don’t be silly my lilywhite! Isabel isn’t one of mine and my children are simply misunderstood angels. They know better than to hurt you. Far too delicate for such greetings and rivalries.”


Aphrodite’s amusement paused, a serious look locked on the goddess of relaxation. ”Pasi…I am no longer asking. Return the firearm.”

Pasithea wearily looked between her two guests before biting her bottom lip before heading to the freezer, fishing it out of the back before returning to the living room and placing it on the coffee table. ”There…happy?”, she asked while nervously rubbing her arm and sitting as far away from the other two as possible. This has been a drama fueled morning and she was ready for it to stop. Her heart already went out to Psyche who she knew chasing after would be impossible while watching over these two. Eros really was a moron but she understood the fears when love was involved. It’s why most had been afraid of Eros in the past. Why he didn't see that most would kill to have such a dedicated partner was beyond her. She thought if anyone would still be together it was those two. It made her wonder what luck the rest of them had.

“You put it in the freezer!?” Isabel exclaimed as she rushed over (as much as she could without exerting her wounded leg) to the coffee table. She grabbed the piece and looked at Pasithea. In that moment she wanted to aim it at the goddess and pull the trigger. How dare she put her father’s gift in such a horrible place! “Are you insane? You might have broken it!” She exclaimed again. It had to be checked immediately.

She could’ve taken a breath, put the gun down on a piece of cloth and disassembled it. Surely Pasithea would have a tooth brush she didn’t need anymore (and frankly Isabel would’ve just taken hers if she refused). It would take about fifteen minutes to check if the gun was alright. Or…

With a press of a button and a flick of her wrist the magazine flew through the living for a second before Isabel caught it with practiced precision. She pulled back the slide, sending the chambered bullet flying before she caught that one between her two fingers. With her thumb she flipped off the safety as she aimed at a nearby window and pulled the trigger.


Isabel let out a sigh of relief. The firing mechanism wasn’t frozen over yet. Then her ire could truly shine through at Pasithea. “Don’t ever put my gun in there again!” She yelled. There was real anger in her voice now. “Ever!” She snapped again.

The bullet she put back in the magazine, she turned the safety on again, put the magazine back and chambered a round before she put it away in her pocket. The outburst had somewhat cooled her a bit. She sat down in front of Aphrodite then. “I don’t really know where to go next.” She admitted. “I went to his hotel room cause I got a message saying that he was either taken or dead.” She left out most of the other stuff the pre-recorded message had said. About how he was proud of her. She couldn’t believe that. Not right now when she was so wounded and useless.

Ares wondered why she stayed away from him and his spawn, this over the top reaction was exactly why. She already flinched at being called insane since olympus forbid she could care less about a weapon but the extra threats in her own home made her extremely uncomfortable. She felt nervous and fearful, trying not to have a full blown panic attack and also wanting this woman out of her home. She wanted her far far away from her. She wanted to run away or tell her to leave right now. If she was brave enough for the conflict, she still wouldn’t have for Aphrodite’s sake. It didn’t mean she liked it. Pasithea swiftly got up from the couch, quickly making her way out of the room as any plans to have any relationship with this ungrateful woman were quickly washed away. She had shown her that she was one of the untrustworthy ones, proving again that the loving and more Aphrodite type of children were the easiest to get along with when she had to.

Aphrodite herself frowned, not appreciating the coldness towards Pasithea who clearly had not known better. It showed the sides of Ares that had been a problem here and there with their relationship. It made for loneliness if not careful. She decided to let it go, planning to make it up to the sweet girl later but it was important to think of a way to help Ares. ”Well, when one is looking for something, it is best to retrace your steps. When was the last time you saw your father? Obviously the hotel is the last place I saw him and that didn’t turn up leads. There might be someone that knew where he was going or at least a location of where to start.”

Isabel leaned forward. Her father found her in the hospital. Those two were dangerous. The one that tortured her was particularly vicious. Hathor, she was called? But her father walked out there without problems. Then they went to the shrink. He seemed to at least have a better rapport with her father. “Anubis.” She said while deep in thought. After that things were more blurry. She ran and apparently her father bumped into an old flame. But after that? He was in a hurry as well. Clearly, he had his own troubles as well. What was going on? Did someone get killed? Or had someone disappeared before? He was tracing something for sure.

All of it was too much thinking and too little doing. “We’re going to visit the shrink.” She decided. He would at least be amicable to helping them. Or so she hoped. The doctor’s friend wouldn’t. That was for sure. Isabel rummaged in her pocket, pulled out her keys and tossed them to Aphrodite. “You should go try out the car.” She said. “I still have some things to say to Pasithea.”

That name, it felt like it rang a bell, like a distant memory but she didn’t have time to think on it before she talked about visiting the shrink. That was definitely an…interesting place to start. She wasn’t one to question Ares methods but that seemed a strange place to start on the trail. Why had they seen a shrink? It just caused a bit of a concern. She caught the keys before she even registered that they had been thrown, looking down at her hands and her mind scanning over the thought of the car. She now in theory at least knew what it was and how it operated but doing something and knowing something were two completely different things.

”Alright, Hun. Don’t have to tell me twice.”, she nodded, standing up and heading over to the front door, pausing for a moment as she opened it. ”Word to the wise, Pasithea is a fragile and soft soul but while she is related to Ares…he is not her favorite. She is not one for violence which tends to be a side of those with his blood in their veins. Don’t get me wrong, my children are perfect but not everyone can handle that. Don’t break her. Be careful with your words, Isabel. This one is under my protection.”, Aphrodite’s words were deadly serious as she glanced back at her with a stern look, one that even Deimos might be proud of before that dazzling smile reappeared. ”Don’t be too long!”, she added before making her way out the door and to the elevators.

The mortal didn’t respond but the message was crystal clear. When Aphrodite left she pulled out her gun. It looked unharmed. Only the safety was preventing it from firing now. She put it away again and began to look for Pasithea. The goddess wasn’t too easy to find. She wasn’t in the kitchen or the hallway. Eventually she opened the bedroom door without knocking: “You here Pasithea?”

”W-What do you want?!”, Pasithea asked with a clear fear stricken voice, scrambling off her bed on the side as far away from Isabel as possible. She had heard the front door close, she had thought they had finally left but now she was in a panic having to be alone with his child. Why would Aphrodite leave her? Sure, she tried to be pleasant with the children they had but she hated being alone with them. This one wasn’t even Aphrodite’s child so she had no idea what she was dealing with and instantly thought the worst after a moment ago.

Isabel let out a small smile when she saw the goddess. She took a deep breath, took out her gun, and put it on a table, hiding it behind a vase from Pasithea. The smile turned sheepish, then a little worried. “I just wanted-” She said, then stopped. ”Nobody ever-” She stopped again. ”You’re the first to-” Again she stopped. Frustration was growing. None of the things she wanted to say came out right. It all sounded too selfish, too pathetic, or too fragile. She tried again. “I didn’t-” Stop again. Frustration grew. “You’re very-” Stop again. This was getting too hard. Shooting, putting up the act in court, that all came naturally. Speaking like this in a perfect way was impossible.

So she snapped. “You’re the first of my family to help me!” She blurted out extremely fast, fearful she might swallow up the words again. Then she pressed her lips together. This was unfamiliar territory. It made her fearful. What if the goddess snapped back, throwing her words back with venom? After all, Isabel had snapped at her first and hadn’t been very kind herself. “And… I just wanted to say… thank you.” Every word was dripping with uncertainty and it was horrible. So she quickly added: “Even if you did it only for Aphrodite.” That made sense to Isabel in the moment. Of course, she did it for another goddess, not for her. The stitches, the rest, it was a favor to the goddess of love. Not to her.

Pasi felt fear, panic, and confusion which only grew with each failed attempt at speech from the other woman across from her. She gripped the bottom of her shirt nervously, just waiting for Isabel to say what she needed to say which would make her leave sooner. When she snapped, she flinched but slowly took in the words that were said with complete shock. Well, somewhat shocked since she didn’t know all of who Isabel had met yet but it felt weird to be thanked. Actually, it might be one of the first times someone of the Ares bloodline had thanked her for anything. It kinda felt wrong. No, scratch that, it felt really wrong. So much so she really didn’t know how to react and what to say at first. She probably looked like a fish out of water, opening and closing her mouth. ”Y-You’re welcome…”, Pasi started, biting her lip and shuffling her feet a bit as she nervously went back to twisting her shirt. ”F-For the r-record…it w-wasn’t just Aphro. I-I mean, it’s a big part b-but what kind of relaxation goddess would I be i-if I didn’t help someone through a s-stressful time.”

This felt… nice to Isabel. It was very unfamiliar but not necessarily bad. “Maybe… I could come back someday?” She sheepishly said. Then she caught the sight of the gun in the corner of her eye. It was hidden from Pasithea but Isabel could feel its stare. This was nice but unearned. She wished dearly she could stop and get to know Pasithea better but her father was still out there. So she took a deep breath, pushing down all these feelings of happiness and kindness. This was not the time for this.

“After I’m done.” She added as she reached and grabbed the gun. Its steel was cold and uncaring to her touch. Her entire demeanor had shifted again as she raised it up and looked at it. She could not stop now. “First, I have a few things to do.” She put the gun back into her pocket and turned towards Pasithea again. Somehow she stood a bit taller now and looked a lot more confident again. “Thanks for stitching me up. I can keep going now. I hope I get to see you again.” With that said she left the goddess of relaxation.



Location: Lacrosse Field Festivities → Southern Momma's Funnel Cakes
Interactions: N/A



She wandered through the festivities only pausing here and there to check out some of the booths along the main strip, taking in the sights with a dazzling smile painted on her lips, finally cheering up after the morning from hell. To say she was surprised was an understatement. Sure, she had listened to what to expect but when you hear school carnival, this was hardly what she had in mind. She thought they had just been exaggerating to make it sound more inviting. This all really was a whimsical rush of fun, adding to the enjoyment of her return to public education and helped relieve the building doubt that perhaps she had made the wrong choice. It was honestly just the pick-me-up she needed today between her mothers continuous threatening or insulting texts and the fact she had completely missed her homeroom class between convincing one asshat guard she was a new student, getting the needed lists, schedules, ID, locker assignment and map from the front office. Charlotte had barely made it to the assembly in time, sneaking in with the last of the crowd to the fairly boring event. If she had known assemblies were such a snore-fest she might have just skipped out and pretended to be lost if caught but at least a set of headphones plus her music had been the saving grace.

The moment she hit the field though, the music had instantly been abandoned to her pocket, a bubble of excitement growing the more she explored with vigor and hoped to see anyone she recognized. While she hadn’t been able to personally see her friends in years, she had done her best to use technology and message when she could to keep in touch. They kept up their daily lives here and there or the important moments as much as possible with the wall and distance her mother had forced her to create in the unapproval of her chosen friends. Charlotte had actually worked extremely hard to surprise them that she would be here for the year. The media had been so focused on other aspects of her family lately, she had been able to avoid this little venture relatively easily. She hadn’t had any luck so far in reuniting but she kept on the positive, figuring it would only be a matter of time. Her phone chimed once again, a wave of exhaustion hitting her as she gently rolled her eyes as she thought sarcastically, ‘Oh, I wonder who on earth could that be?’, before digging her phone out of her pocket.

A sense of dread still hit her and it felt like rocks were sinking into her stomach as she looked at the title name of who had texted. It wasn’t much of a surprise but it still made her shake a bit in fear as well as anger as she gathered up the courage to at least look at the new text that had followed a string of others sent that morning. Charlotte glared, quickly hitting delete on the message chain before turning it on do not disturb and jamming her phone back into her pocket. She did not need to get in trouble with the constant texts on her first day so better to take care of the issue now while she could still use her phone. She also wasn’t going to dignify an answer to such a stupid question presented in said text. Her mother was clearly still in her own world and thought she had done nothing wrong to her daughter growing up, that she was just being hard on her to encourage her to be her best self. Yeah fucking right! That was definitely not how it was in everyone else’s eyes. Crazy bitch was just lucky that all she wanted to do was wash her hands of it all instead of going to the police or the media.

Charlotte wanted to text back a snippy reply, to tell her that her decision wasn’t a fucking act and that she was simply done being the woman’s whipping post but that would just make it worse. She would never see reason and a reply would just give her more ammo or worse, think she had won in some way by dragging out a reply. She didn’t need the headache which a conversation would absolutely bring. She took a deep breath, instead of letting the woman get to her, she decided to think of what fun and distracting thing to do next. Her stomach suddenly gave a harsh growl, reminding her of the lack of breakfast in her nervousness and dash to school. She felt a blush light on her face as not only the noise but feeling silly that she hadn’t thought of food first since that was literally the best part of a carnival. It took a bit of shuffling through the crowd but finally she saw the most beautiful sign around ’Southern Momma's Funnel Cakes’ and she made sure to pop in line pronto, giddy to have found one of her favorite sinful treats. ”Finally! Glad they had one…”, she muttered to herself, the smell making her mouth water. Charlotte glanced at the menu while she waited and raised a brow in curiosity at deep-fried Oreos. ’Huh, maybe I’ll get one to try. I do like sweets after all and how bad can it be?’, she thought to herself, her mind already made up on the other items. Honestly, who didn’t love a funnel cake piled with fresh strawberries and lemonade was always the best combo with anything strawberry.

U n i n v i t e d
U n i n v i t e d

location: Hathor’s Home
interactions: Hathor | Ra
mentions: Tlaz@KZOMBI3

Hathor slowly shifted under the covers, something pulling her away from the tempting calls to fall back into sleep's peaceful embrace. She sat up slowly, the silken sheet and blankets pooling into her lap as she rubbed down her face with her hands, trying to remove the edge of slumber still present. She glanced out the window, practically wanting to groan in distaste as the first few rays of sunlight spilled in through her opened window. She cursed herself for not drawing the curtains closed, depriving herself of some much needed sleep after the rollercoaster that was the day before. It seemed she still rose with the sun now and then which was frustrating considering the occupation she had chosen but old habits die hard. Flinging the blankets aside, she stood up with a small stretch and made her way over to the window, fully prepared to shut the curtains before crawling into bed and hoping she was able to fall asleep quickly. That was until she heard something from downstairs. She paused for a moment, listening carefully to see if she heard another noise or if it was her imagination from the early hours mixed with lack of sleep.

At the confirmation that she heard footsteps and other noises drifting from downstairs, she moved more quietly, as if a panther on the prowl. Her footsteps were silent, careful and precise as she made her way carefully down the stairs. Whoever had dared to enter her home uninvited or was trying to steal from her had made a fatal mistake. She was not one to be trifled with and didn’t take kindly to those that disrespected her or her home. Hathor stealthily made her way to the kitchen, ready to grab a knife from the block to at least put fear into the mortal that had invaded her space but paused as she saw cleaned dishes on the drying rack, ones she knew for a fact hadn’t been used. It was then that she took a moment to realize that her kitchen smelled like breakfast, like someone had just been cooking not long ago. She swiftly grabbed the largest knife from the block, making her way slowly to the dining room when she found herself simply staring in shock. The mess and destruction of the dining room had been made spotless as if it had never occurred in the first place. The smashed dining room table, now was pristine and covered with different delicacies on serving trays but the thing that had her the most shocked, the reason why the knife in her hand clattered loudly to the floor due to her shaking, was the god sitting at the end of the table. Waiting for her as if he had been there all along.

”What are you doing here? How did you get in?”, Hathor asked seriously, trying to hold back a flood of rage at seeing him here. How dare he come into her home as if he was welcome?! She hated that buried with all the pain and hatred, she still felt that moment of her heart racing at seeing his face. That feeling that mortals called never forgetting your first love no matter the ending or how you parted ways. It made her sick. It made her angry. It made her feel weak. He had created her to be his wife and now, she desperately wished he hadn’t. She wanted no connection. She didn’t want any of the good times they had. She didn’t need a memory lane. Hathor officially wanted nothing from him and yet, here he was for some reason. She had had a peaceful existence without him and now he was back. Things never went well when it came to him in her life.

“I wanted to see you.” Ra said, in response to both of her questions, with a welcoming smile as he stood up. He was seated at the head of the new table. His suit jacket was neatly folded over the chair on the left of him. There was love in his eyes. A possessive love. “Please, sit.” He motioned with one hand to the chair on a 90° angle to the right of his. The only other spot on the table that was prepared with a plate. He remained standing as he held her gaze. It might have sounded like a request but it wasn’t.

An unpleasant shiver ran down her spine at his answer even with the welcoming smile attached to it, the lack of answer to the second question not going unnoticed. It really made her wonder how much she let him get away with things like this or if she had even noticed when she had been desperately in love. Her knees used to get weak with just that simple smile and she would have done anything to see it. Now, something told her to run but her feet wouldn’t move. She felt frozen under the weight of his gaze. Once the words were spoken, she knew very clearly that he wasn’t requesting…it was a demand. Hathor stood debating, wondering how much hassle it would be to ignore his order and simply walked away. Instead, she chose halfway in between, testing the waters and seeing what mood of his she was dealing with. ”And if I refuse?”, Hath questioned with a raise of her brow, holding his gaze from where she stood just as he was holding hers. She wasn’t going to appear weak. He had made her to be a queen so she would act like it, worry about how much this might crumble her later.

Ra’s smile faded. It was replaced by nothing. A neutrality. Underneath all of that something was simmering though. His authority was questioned to his face. He walked around the table. Without looking he pulled the chair designated for Hathor from under the table sideways. “Please don’t be difficult.” He said as he locked eyes with Hathor and brushed her hair behind her ear with one hand. He turned, and with one hand on the small of her back he ushered her forward towards the chair. “Let’s just enjoy each other’s company on this fine dawn.” His smile was there again. Still, with that simmering heat underneath.

Her hands balled into fists, the urge to slap the god before her increasing the more he casually touched her as if she would be alright with it. She doubted he cared what she thought or felt though as long as he had his way. It had taken her a long time to figure those points about his personality out. She didn’t speak a word after her question, nor did she grace him with a smile in return as she moved with his usher, simply to keep the peace for now. Hath took a seat, staring at the plate before her, irked that he still knew her favorites and was hoping to have at least one thing to pick at instead it was perfect in a frustrating way. At least eating would mean she wouldn’t have to talk so that was at least a positive. She had no idea why he had decided her company was worth wild and hoped that he lost interest quickly or maybe that Isis would appear and turn his head once again, keeping his attention off of her.

A cheeriness returned to Ra as he took his own seat up again. Hathor had listened to him. All was once more good in his world. And because it was good in his world, it was good in the world. “You look radiant this morning, my dear.” He said as he took a champagne flute. “I’m sorry it took me so long to visit you again. Mortality – even this deceptive form – can be quite the coil.” With his right arm he reached out and gripped Hathor’s hand. “So tell me, how have you been?”

Hathor calmly yanked her hand away, picking up her fork with the same hand to make it seem as though that had been the reason when it clearly was because she was done being played with and trying to be coiled around his finger. It was a game she did not want to be a part of. She took a few bites of her food, trying not to be hurt over the pet names or compliments that she believed were not meant or if they were, it was to inflate his ego in view of his creation. ”No apologies needed. I have been quite content without your visits. In fact, next time a longer extended period of absence might do us a world of good.”, she stated honestly, jamming her fork a few times into the food for her next bite. ”I do think it is an interesting coincidence though that you have not visited in all this time and chose to do so after two dead immortals appear.”

“It did made me realize I missed you.” Ra said as he swirled the flute of champagne with a melancholic and introspective look. “And it makes me sad to see you seem to claim you didn’t.” He followed up and then look at Hathor with a look hinting at sadness piercing through the mask. Then it faded again.

“Oh my. It would seem that I made a mistake then by not engaging Hera’s invitation. Who died? I hope not one of ours.” He said with a tone of surprise and almost shock as he leaned back in his chair. The acquisition was left ignored.

She felt a pang of regret for a split second at the melancholy expression before she had to dive deep to brush it off, not let herself be sucked in and remind herself that nothing and no one really hurt Ra or his feelings. The last thing she needed was him trying to play husband once more since she was already having a taste of it this morning and needed none extra or even a chance she might cave in. She was already debating on if she should move or get new locks on the doors. It helped her mind and nerves when he switched subjects, the god not knowing something was doubtful. He always seemed to have a way of knowing everything. Another avoided question or hint which made her all the more on edge. ”Fortunately, no, the Egyptians are safe for now.”, she answered, taking a sip of her own flute and ignoring the question over which the victims had been. The less ammo he had in case he really didn’t know the better.

“Hathor. Look at me.” Ra said with a sudden sternness in his voice. There was an intensity in his eyes again. “Who died?” He then asked, with the same steely, cold, stern voice that he used to draw her attention. He had been indulging her little rebellions. It kept him engaged and her interesting. After all, that is how he made her. Apparently though, she had difficulty understanding when to cease playing games. “Who died? Tell me their names.”

She flinched slightly at the sudden stern tone, accidently jerking to look at him before even realizing she had done so but inwardly cursed when she had complied to his request out of shock in the sudden change. Hathor frowned, shrugging as she looked away and staring at her plate like it was the most interesting thing in the world. ”Just two of the Greeks. How am I supposed to know who? I don’t really run in their circles.”, she snapped irritatedly. It wasn’t technically a lie, there were little Greeks that she was close to and one of the dead she hadn’t exactly known in any way and she technically hadn’t known one was a god and thus hadn’t known his name until after the parting. He couldn’t expect her to know or care but it didn’t mean that he might not push harder. She was regretting bringing up the subject at all. She decided to change tactics and looked straight at him before glancing to the glass windows the dining room overlooked, ”Are you going to ruin our breakfast and this fine morning with such unpleasant topics?”

“No. No, of course I would not.” Ra said. The comfortable, cheery demeanor returned as he leaned back again. “But you insist on it, it would seem.” He continued a she swirled the champagne again. “You’re not a bad liar, my dear. That would make you boring. However, I did make you. I know you better than you know yourself. And I know you’re lying.” Then he took a sip of the sparkling wine. For a second he was quiet. Ra was pondering over something deeply.

“So why did you lie, my dearest? It’s okay. You can tell me. I’m not angry, but I am disappointed.”

Hathor had to use every ounce of her composer not to look at the god next to her with disgust at basically saying he knew her better because he created her. A mother created a child and that didn’t mean she knew them better but no, there was no point in making an argument. She had to remind herself that she was different than before and he continued to refuse to see that. Hurtful or not, she couldn’t let him get to her. For the first time since his arrival she gave him a dazzling smile and sweetly replied, ”Wouldn’t be the first time you were disappointed in me. I thought you would be used to it by now.”

“Ah quite the contrary my love.” He returned with a more contained smile. “I keep you in high regard. In the second highest regards of all, actually. I’ll never cease holding you to my highest expectations. Even when you fall short.”

“It is a tragic affair though. For a divine to leave my realm so absolutely. Zagreus and Macaria will be sorely missed.” Again he took a sip from the flute and pondered it. Then his phone buzzed in his pocket. He took it out, took a short look at it and put the glass flute down on the table. “My apologies. Duties call me away. This was enjoyable though. I look forward to our next breakfast.”

Hathor turned away from him as he spoke, finishing off her flute of champagne and trying not to pout or show her pure irritation. She wished he would hold her in less regard, actually just completely erase her from his radar and dub her a lost cause. He had no trouble disregarding and discarding her for Isis, why not return to that thought mentality. It took every fiber of her being not to crush the glass in her hand, as he proved her thoughts correct that he already knew the names and was toying with her. It was to show that she would bend to him and be the proper supportive wife that did as asked. She could have thanked the other person on the end of his phone for stopping her from opening her mouth with a snide comment and if she had known who they were, she might have kissed them for pulling the god away from her. The flood of happiness and relief was short lived however with the declaration of looking forward to their next breakfast. Hath felt shaky, trying to hold back a panic attack at the prospect of his random arrival again and having to endure conversation in what was supposed to be her safe space. She chose to stay silent, praying he would just get up and leave. She was at her limit of being civil and not resulting to violence which would probably ultimately not end well for her since it was still hard to rise against the one she had been partly designed to protect.

Ra got up and threw his suit jacket over his shoulders. Again he let the silence reign in the room, though he seemed utterly oblivious – or uncaring – to the tension in the room. At least, that was until he was about to walk around the table towards Hathor’s door.

He stopped behind her chair and put both his hands on her shoulders. “One last thing, my love. I know I’ve been absent for a very long time and that your heart will always yearn for someone. You don’t have to wait for me all this time. You can find someone to warm your bed with during these cold and otherwise lonely nights.” Then he leaned forward to whisper in her ear: “But always remember whose you are.” He leaned further forward, and gave her soft kiss on her cheek before whispering one last thing: “I love you, Hathor.” After that he took his leave.

She sat perfectly tense under his hands, stiff and still as the panic began to swell and her skin felt like it was crawling. She wasn’t sure how she had ever relished and wished for his presence or touch in the past because right now she felt like a trapped animal, to be viewed and admired but still broken in a cage. His ego made him delusional and she wasn’t even sure anyone could set him straight when it came to her. He viewed her as waiting for him but in truth, she had trouble letting people close for fear they were just like him. A falsity under a mask of pleasantness. Of course she wanted to be loved and cared for but this wasn’t love. At least not what others had described to her. This was possession or obsession, maybe both. She didn’t know how long she sat at the table after his departure, the feel of his hands on her shoulders and a kiss on her cheek burning her skin.

Hathor finally let everything from that morning sink in, her breaths shaky and choked as she came back to reality, hugging herself close. She needed to get up, to move, to do something but she couldn’t move just yet other than curling into a ball on the dining chair. Tears spilled down her cheeks, fear and anger swam through her veins as she hated how helpless she felt in this moment. In a blind panic, she rushed to the front door, locking it even though she knew that would do nothing, it was a small bit of comfort. Hath rushed upstairs, snagging her phone and rushing to curl in the corner of her closet as she tried to calm her shaking hands to make a call. She couldn’t think straight, she needed someone she trusted. She couldn’t be alone. She would self-destruct as she always did and let Ra’s words eat at her. She needed someone who would be on her side. It was early but she prayed the other would answer all the same.

”T-Tlaz, I need you to come over! Please! I can’t be alone here. He was here…I..please..please hurry.” she cried in a panic, words flying and jumbling, not sure if half she said was understandable or even if she had given the other goddess a chance to talk or just talked over her.


location: Pasithea’s Apartment
interactions: Aphrodite | Pasithea | Psyche | Eros

Her blue eyes turned frigid as glaciers, glaring daggers as she stiffly sat with rage boiling just under the surface while trying to show some semblance of maintaining a regal composure. She scanned her gaze to the betraying goddess, the sweet girl unable to face her because of the crime she had committed against her person. How dare she bring this lowsome woman before her?! The one that had turned her followers' heads and made them abandon her shrines, resending their offerings to bestow them on a falsity. The one that had been painted as the Goddess of Beauty and Love in human form or by some miracle believed she had been the one to bless such a conniving harlot. This vile trickster who stole her beloved son’s heart and then instantly betrayed his trust. The one who burned him. The one who couldn’t even manage to complete her challenges to earn forgiveness without weakly gathering the sympathy of others to cheat and gain immortality. Psyche had never been good enough to be with her son and she couldn’t stand to be in her presence even if they were not speaking. Aphrodite couldn’t stand it any longer, a strict and harsh tone laced with a tinge of hurt was the voice greeting Pasithea as she made her displeasure known.

”Πώς τολμάς να φέρεις αυτό το παράσιτο μπροστά μου! Ποτέ δεν πίστευα ότι ήσουν ικανός για τέτοια προδοσία. Σε έχει αλλάξει τόσο πολύ ο χρόνος?”
(How dare you bring this parasite in front of me! I never thought you were capable of such betrayal. Has time changed you that much?)
”Με όλο μου το σεβασμό—“
(With all respect—), Psyche started, trying to come to Pasithea’s defense and spare her some wrath, only to be cut off abruptly as Aphrodite’s head and attention snapped to her suddenly.
”Δεν σου μιλούσα! Κράτα τη γλώσσα σου εκτός αν σου ζητηθεί.”
(I wasn't speaking to you! Hold your tongue unless asked.), came her words, vicious and dripping with venom. If looks could kill, Psyche was sure she would be dead and buried. It caused a chill down her spine, remembering all the attempts at her death during the challenges put forth by Aphrodite. Eros had kept her going then, made her fight on because he was worth dying for. Now, there was no one around to fight for and she felt far less brave than she once had when facing this woman.

Pasithea sighs as she hugged herself, looking pitifully sad and awkward by the encounter happening in her home. She knew this wouldn’t be easy for either of the goddesses but this was getting out of hand. She let some of her powers flow once more, Psyche seeming to take hold of that to smooth her frayed nerves while Aphro seemed more irritated, resisting against it. She figured it might be showing her a more negative side of things which was a problem.
”Πασιθέα, απαντά τώρα και μην προσπαθήσεις ξανά να μου αποσπάσεις την προσοχή.”
(Pasithea, answers now and do not try to distract me again.)
” Όσο κι αν μισείς να το ακούς, χρειάζεσαι τη βοήθειά της. Η Ψυχή ήταν απρόθυμη να βοηθήσει και παρόλα αυτά άφησε τις διαφορές της στην άκρη για να είναι εδώ.”
(As much as you will hate to hear this, you need her help. Psyche was reluctant to assist and still put her differences aside to be here.)
”Δεν θέλω ούτε χρειάζομαι τίποτα από αυτήν.”
(I want nor need anything from her)
Θέλετε να προκαλέσετε ταλαιπωρία στα παιδιά σας? Οι άνθρωποι εδώ δεν μιλάνε τη γλώσσα μας. Θα τους αναγκάσεις να σου ερμηνεύσουν? Αφιερώνουν εγωιστικά το χρόνο τους και φαίνονται αδύναμοι μπροστά τους? Η ψυχή θα σου δώσει γνώση χωρίς αγώνα.”
(Do you want to cause a hassle for your children? The people here do not speak our language. Are you going to force them to interpret for you? Selfishly take up their time and appear weak before them? Psyche will give you the knowledge without struggle.)

Aphro hated this. Pasi was right but she hated to admit it. She would do anything for her children. They were the joys of her life. They should be happy and surprised to see her but if she could speak this new language for them, that would make things easier. Her lips turned to a thin line as she shook her head slowly to answer the questions set before her, relenting to the words spoken.
”Ωραία, θα δεχτώ για χάρη των παιδιών μου.Τι πρέπει να κάνω?”
(Fine, I will accept for my children's sake. What do I need to do?)
”Κλείσε τα μάτια σου και θα αναλάβω τα υπόλοιπα. Κάτω από το άγρυπνο βλέμμα της Πασιθέας φυσικά...για να είσαι ήσυχος.”
(Close your eyes and I will handle the rest. Under Pasithea's watchful gaze, of you can be at ease.), she said softly, knowing full well that the goddess before her was going to flip her lid in a moment. Psyche could only hope that whichever child Pasi called earlier would arrive before their mother sent her to a hospital.

Aphro shot another distrustful gaze before closing her eyes, fingers curling into tight fists to control herself. She was just glad that Isa was asleep for now, not wanting to show the fragile child this side of her and also because the other needed the rest. It was probably the only reason she hadn’t fully screamed or shouted at this point. All she could hear was her own heartbeat in her ears, ringing as she worked to keep her frayed nerves and rage in check while waiting for the unknown at how to fix her current issue involving speech. The shuffling of feet distracted her for a moment, making her eyes almost open when a brush of lips pressed lightly against her own causing her to freeze for a split second, her mind clicking two and two together. The next moment, she yanked away as her eyes flew open, bringing up her hand and slapping the goddess in front of her across the face with her full strength before standing to tower over the woman now gripping her cheek in pain. She hadn’t even noticed the lack of Pasi behind the couch anymore or the fact that the front door was open as she focused in on Psyche. ”How dare you!”

There was silence from the doorway, until footsteps made their way across the wooden floor, stopping next to Aphrodite. A hand gripped her forearm and pulled it away, lest she try to harm the goddess again. The smile that Eros had worked so hard to plaster on his face had been wiped away, instead replaced by something difficult to define.

"...Mother?" Words finally managed to spill from his lips as he tried his best to avoid glancing in Psyche's direction. He daren't look and risk seeing that which he had always feared. It ended with him staring at his dear mother; irritation, confusion, and most of all sadness maring his usually good-humored features. "I…" He paused. He didn't know what to say. The temptation to just run was there but the dark haze that had clouded his mind since his encounter with Phobos lingered, making his clothes feel as heavy as lead and his legs as if in chains. "Why are you--what are you--what the hell are you doing?!" He finally blurted out, failing to acknowledge that she may prefer him to be speaking in greek. "Pasithea said you've only been back a day and you're already slapping people?" The god of love shook his head, trying hard to ignore the slight shakiness in his hand and the feeling of his heart beating uncomfortably fast.

Aphrodite was stunned to say the least when the hand wrapped around her forearm was that of Eros. She should have known wherever Psyche was that he would not be far behind which made the situation look negatively in her favor and once again made the other goddess look like a saint. Here she was being scolded when his wife had just kissed her! Sure, most of the Greeks were not very honorable when it came to spouses but she always thought these two had been (much to her annoyance since she couldn’t use that option in the past to cause jealousy or break them apart). She wanted to throw accusations, cause a fuss and scream but she knew it would most likely fall on deaf ears though that isn't why she didn’t speak. She looked at her son’s face, seeing the mixed emotions but honing in on the sadness there. Ignoring his questions, she cupped his face gently and asked softly, ”Who brought you such sadness? Was that my fault?”

Psyche couldn’t say she wasn’t prepared for retaliation but damn did it smart. She was probably going to have a nice mark for awhile with how bad it stung. She thought the footsteps were Pasi getting between them but when she glanced up and saw the shocked woman by the front door who instantly looked over apologetically at being distracted, she realized it was whoever Pasi called. The voice that spoke had her heart racing with only one word, butterflies dancing in her stomach, and hope gripping hold of her as she laid on Eros, the closest she had been to him since the fall. She almost thought he was an illusion, a hallucination from Pasithea’s power that had just kicked in late but then Aphrodite had reacted to his presence. He was real. He was right there and yet he still felt so far away, as if there was a wall between them. She wanted to get up, force him to look at her, demand the answers to the questions she had been longing to ask. She couldn’t bring herself to do it though, already feeling like she had ruined what was supposed to be a happy reunion with his dear mother. Psyche sat there, holding her cheek while her eyes never left the back of his form while praying just for a glance at what Aphro was seeing. She wanted to be the one to chase away his sorrows, to ask those important questions on who she should confront but it wasn’t her place. It hurt to think it but what else was there to think when your…well, was he still her husband if he ran at the sight of her. She bit her lip, trying desperately not to let tears build up or fall even if she could blame them on the pain. She had not let Aphrodite see her cry and she wasn’t about to start now, even if the ache in her heart was worse than anything else in this moment.

Eros blinked as he felt his mother cup his face, his eyes darting to the floor. "Nothing…nothing is wrong." He lied, though by the time he looked up again he had managed to smile. It was a smile that always eased her concerns and could charm even the most stone-hearted of men. "You worry too much as always. I was just surprised to see you here, though I'm so glad you are!" Eros chimed as happily as he could, taking her hands between his own and squeezing them tightly. It was his duty as a son to appear joyful, even if all he really wanted to do was sleep for a long long time. Since he was born that had been his role. To please his mother, though he had not always been able to manage even that. The thought made him acutely aware once more of how close to Psyche he was and his eyebrows furrowed as he realized that she was probably in pain. Without turning to face her, he addressed her, his voice monotone for worry that it might tremble.

"Are you okay Psyche? Perhaps Pasithea may have something to ease the pain…"

”If you are sure, my sweet! I have missed you so much and I’m so glad I was still able to give you a wonderful surprise! I did not realize that I would be seeing you so soon.”, Aphro smiled brightly, happy that her son was by her side. She wished all of her children could have been here but she was delighted one of them had appeared. She squeezed his hands back, trying to reassure him of her presence. She loved all her children but it was not surprising to most that the son before her had always been the closest to her. They were just similar and he had always been more on her side than some of her other children. She tried not to frown at the sudden concern for Psyche but it was fair she guessed. She had slightly broken the promise to not harm or interfere when it came to the other goddess after all.

Psyche was startled at being addressed, feeling tongue tied at the first conversation they were going to have and yet, she felt crushed. Tears built up in her eyes that she desperately tried to hold back at the monotone voice, how he was still unable to look at her, and finally asking Pasithea to help about the pain. Her cheek didn’t hurt anymore or at least she couldn’t feel it compared to the emotional pain in that moment. ”I’ll be fine.”, she replied weakly, trying to convince herself but also realizing that or more accepting that this was over. Whatever they had was gone at least for him. She had waited for so long and had gotten an answer without having to ask. She should have listened to Fen. She should have given up sooner and just found someone else to love but…she hadn’t wanted to, she still didn’t but…it wasn’t her choice to make.

Pasi knew the moment she saw Psyche’s expression that she had messed up. She had been so worried about keeping Aphrodite happy and honestly, she didn’t know much about the lives of Ares children. She had assumed
they were still a thing even with Eros' bizarre business. ”I-I’m sure that there is s-something I can do. Don’t worry!”, she answered also, trying to soothe over the awkward situation. She had a feeling she was going to be supporting someone falling apart soon while also looking after a patient that didn’t want to be one. This was not shaping up to be a pretty day. Pasi quickly scrambled to the kitchen, taking out an ice pack from the freezer and carefully wrapping it in one of her clean dish towels before returning to Psyche, offering up the item to help soothe the ache. ”Thank you.”, she said in a dazed tone, trying to keep it from shaking with the emotional strain of holding back tears before offering up a light smile as she pressed the cold compressed to her cheek.

Eros couldn’t help it. It had been centuries since he’d even been in the same room as Psyche and despite that, he still could not resist the urge to make sure that she was okay. He glanced in her direction, noting the tears that were welling up in her eyes and how beauti-- he looked away before he could dwell on that thought anymore than he already had. It would be too painful. He couldn’t…wouldn’t risk encouraging even a modicum of hope inside of him. Making sure to still keep his smile light, he gently steered his mother away from the other two goddesses, hoping that they would be out of earshot.

“I sort of assumed you would go to father if you ever woke up.” He replied honestly, “Though, I…I don’t understand why Psyche is here.” Even saying her name tugged at his heart and the images that had flashed through his mind at Phobos’ hands flared back into life. “Or why you were kissing her.” He whispered, a pout almost forming on his lips. It’s not that he was jealous that his mother had gotten to kiss his wife…ex wife? But well, yeah he was jealous. “Not that I have anything against kissing people. Kissing people is great. Who doesn’t like kissing?” He was rambling. Stop thinking about kissing Eros. “But, well…it was pretty weird.”

Aphrodite raised a brow at his words, pouting with a hint of disgust as she crossed her arms. ”You act as if I was the one to kiss her. If you want answers ask your wife because I had nothing to do with that display. As for going to your father, I did but then he did what he does best and had better things to do. I was suddenly greeted by his newest child in the morning and she stated that not only is your father now missing but it wasn’t safe at his place. This was the safest place I could think of without spoiling the surprise for all my children. She had a prior injury and is currently down for the count in Pasi’s room now.”

A look of bewilderment crossed across Eros’ face. “Newest child? What are you talking about?” His mind ticked over trying to figure out what the hell his mother was on about. The part about his father going missing seemed to concern him less. Newest child…newest child…wait, did Psyche have a child?! Was she married? Was it to a god or a mortal? All these thoughts ran through his head, pushing past the heavy leaden feeling and spurring him into action. He took hold of his mothers shoulders and shook her dramatically. “Tell me!” He pleaded desperately, apparently having completely missed the part about the child being his fathers. “And I can’t speak to her! You have to do it. Please please please!”

Her eyes widened at the sudden desperation in her son’s voice, not understanding why he was so stirred up about a new half sister. Also, when had he ever not been able to speak to his wife…well, except after the betrayal of trust. ”What in the underworld has gotten into you? I didn’t think a new half sister would cause so much concern. Also, why do I have to speak with her?! The less we talk the better.”

Oh. A half-sister. Yep, that made more sense. His father had no qualms about keeping secrets from them all, so it wasn’t exactly a surprise. “She’s here?” He said curiously, peeking around her shoulder. “Is she hot? Wait, no, I mean…is she nice?” As much as the Greeks had blurred such boundaries, he was well aware that it was no longer socially acceptable. He’d probably need to make a note to tell his mother of this. Biting down on his lip, he once again steered Aphrodite even further away from the others. Spotting a closet door, he opened it and squeezed them both inside, letting out a small ‘ow’ when a mop handle fell on his head. He didn’t want to admit this to his mother, knowing how much she would likely bask in the news. But he knew he had to. Steeling himself, he took a deep breath. “I haven’t spoken to Psyche for two millenia. Well, I guess except for a moment ago…” He admitted sullenly, “So I was thinking maybe…you could…do it for me?” Eros shot her a hesitant smile.

”She is…very much your father’s child.”, Aphro answered in regard to Isa, feeling more confused by her son as the seconds passed. She felt like she was missing a key piece to the puzzle. It wasn’t long before she (unimpressed mind you) found herself in a cramped cabinet, led there by Eros and completely confused to the point of it all. She waited patiently, clearly wanting an explanation and boy was it worth the wait. She didn’t even bother to hide the pure delight and happiness about his statement. ”That is simply wonderful! I’m so glad to hear you came to your senses even if it was when I wasn’t aro…wait, why do you want me to speak to her? What is it that you intend to make me discuss with her?”, she questioned as a frown slowly etched its way onto her features.

“Oh I don’t know. How she is, what she’s been up to, has she met anyone, is she married…” He trailed off, there were too many questions to be asked and so little time. The change in his demeanor was dramatic but the love god had always been subject to such whims. “And I didn’t have any sense to come to! No, I mean, I just figured the arrow's magic wouldn’t be working anymore, so she wouldn’t love me after the fall. And I couldn’t risk her telling me that. It would be a disaster!” The words, which he had never spoken to anyone, spilled out of his mouth like water over a cliff. It showed how much he trusted his mother, even when she delighted in his pain. Unbidden, his eyes began to well up with tears, emotions that he had tried so hard to repress coming to the forefront of his mind & heart. “I know you never liked her but I need to know if she…” Eros swallowed, his mouth and throat feeling uncomfortably dry. “If she hates me…”

Her heart clenched much to her frustration as she watched her baby boy almost shed tears. She had never been able to handle his sadness let alone any of her other children and she wouldn’t be a love goddess without noticing the feeling that still was there. It annoyed her to pieces. Aphro couldn’t stand the partner he chose but she wasn’t going to make him suffer more. She sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose and nodded in defeat. ”Fine….you know I can’t stand to see you like this…you owe me.”, she replied, slamming open the door in irritation before heading back into the room, taking a seat and crossing her legs as she stared straight at the other goddess.

”My son has brought it to my attention that I acted…out of place. I believe we have once again gotten off on the wrong foot…”, she said almost through gritted teeth and curled fists. Why did he have to ask such things of her? ”Perhaps, we can…start over. I know, why don’t you tell me how you have been? What have you been up to? Any grandchildren I should know about?”

To say she felt like she was walking on thin ice would be an understatement. First the two just randomly disappear, leaving Pasi and herself confused, both conversing between themselves and then Aphro just returns alone. Did Eros run again? Wait, did he go out a window? That was the least of her worries though. She felt like there was something deceptive and manipulative in the goddess before her. Had Eros not explained their situation? She would have thought Aphrodite would be tickled pink to not have to deal with her anymore. She awkwardly stared back for a moment and debated on if it was her place to inform her. Maybe she already knew and was just ready to rub it in her face while her son was out of the room. Yeah, that sounded about right. ”You don’t have to worry about grandchildren, at least not from me…Eros and I haven’t been together for quite awhile. I’ve been dealing with it and keeping myself busy with my bakery.”

”I’m so sorry to hear that.”, the false concern and the little smirk saying otherwise and ignoring the other comments to her questions. Hearing the news from her son had been nice but it was even sweeter to hear it confirmed by the one she despised. She took her earlier discarded cup of tea and took a sip. ”Anyone else filled his place yet? Human hearts are so fickle after all and easy to sway. Oh right, you are no longer mortal. I still forget at times.”

Aphro always did know how to grate her nerves and she wasn’t going to sit around and be insulted. ”Why don’t you say what you really want to say? If you are questioning my loyalty yet again then you should know better by now. No, there isn’t another and there has been no other.”

”Oh? So you don’t hate my son?”

”Are you seriously asking me that? Are you losing your touch?!”

”Perhaps I want to hear it from your own lips.”

”I could never. No matter how he feels about me.”, practically choking on her words. The spell was broken, Eros was free to do as he wanted and be with who he wanted. He could actually love another instead of a false love they shared. It had been real for her so the heartbreak she had alone was worse. At least he didn’t have to suffer like she did.

Aphrodite rolled her eyes, noting how these two were complete morons. It wasn’t her place to work it out for them and she sure as hell didn’t want them to. She could lie, just say that the goddess hated him and move on but she couldn’t crush her son in such a way. It was irritating that this leech refused to let up. It was even more so that the spell was gone and yet still the two were fawning. ”Excuse me, I think I’ll go check on Isa.”, with that exiting the room, planning on using that lie to inform her son if he hadn’t been listening in.

”Are you alright?”

”I’m fine, maybe I should go. I did what I came here to do and I think I am just making things worse.”

The words were barely audible from Eros’ place in the broom closet. And if anyone had peered down the corridor, they would’ve seen the god grappling with a set of precariously stacked boxes that were threatening to topple him to the ground. With a foot and an arm keeping them in place however, he managed to hear most of the conversation. His heart felt like a train thrumming through his body and for a moment, all he could too was stand there in the ridiculous position he had adopted, frozen in place. She didn’t hate him…she didn’t hate him but that did not mean she loved him. Would it be worse for her to feel nothing at all? To not care one way or the other? He was suddenly hit by a new, even worse fear. Ambivalence. It would make sense…for he had once been the monster that had stolen her away from her home and family. She had simply put up with his presence at first, and had only truly begun to love him after the mishap with the arrow.

It all made sense. Eros felt himself trembling and with that the boxes came crashing down on top of him. He let out a yelp as he fell to the ground, a moment of silence following before he groaned in pain. “Fuck…” He muttered to himself as he lay there, willing himself to move but not daring to go in the same room as Psyche. It was pointless though. He was so dumb to even expect her to hate him. He had been afterall, destined to never fall in love or be loved. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Psyche hadn’t even made it a step towards the exit as she heard the sound of something loudly crashing which caused her curiosity but at the yelp followed by a groan of pain had her completely forgetting what she had been about to do. Fear shot through her, her legs moving automatically as she roughly shoved past Aphrodite with little to no care as she rushed in the direction of the sound. Pasi quickly caught Aphro, making sure she didn’t tumble into the wall or slip more than she had in the startling action.

”Eros!”, Psyche gasped, seeing him laying there unmoving and quickly kneeling down next to him before removing some of the boxes in a panic. ”Are you alright!?! Are you hurt?! What happened!? Can you move?”, she asked, not really giving him time to respond as she checked him over with gentle touches before leaning over him so she could look at his face for injury but froze. Finally registering that not only had she invaded his personal space but touched him with all the familiarity she had been granted in the past and now was very close in a tempting way or at least tempting for her. She blushed brightly, nervously leaning back so her face wasn’t as close to his own. She tried to take her eyes off him but was unable to do so just like when she had first betrayed his wishes and gazed upon his beauty as he slept. It had been so long since she saw his face, she had almost forgotten how enchanting he was. Her heart went into double time, her hands shaking where they still sat on his form and unable to move, and bit her lip gently to keep from embarrassing herself more. He didn’t have feelings for her anymore and here she was fawning on him. Psyche was trying every second not to draw him into an embrace, kiss him passionately, and beg to give her another chance.

Eros never blushed. He rarely, if ever, had reason to feel embarrassed. But in that moment he did and his cheeks heated up in a way that was entirely foreign to him, and which matched the goddesses' own. He found himself staring up at Psyche, his gaze scanning over a face that had once been so familiar and which still had a hold on his heart. His skin felt as if on fire from her simple touches. Touches that had been no more than a kind person making sure he was not hurt.

Pushing a final box aside, he sat up, closing the gap between them once more. Close enough that he could see the complete lack of imperfections gracing her features. "I'm okay." He mumbled bashfully, a hand reaching up to rub the back of his head where it had collided with the floor. "I was just...making sure Pasi has enough cleaning supplies." Eros frowned at the ridiculous line and was glad that none of the acropolis boys were here to witness his abysmal state. His chest moved heavily in and out as he looked at her. Now they were face-to-face, he was having great difficulty in looking away and would've refused to in any other circumstances. Finally he leaned in closer, wrapping his arms around her and giving her a quick, if somewhat awkward hug.

"Thanks for the help." Eros mumbled before standing up and brushing himself down. Why the hell did he feel so awkward? This was not what he was meant to be like. The god of love was meant to be well...charming, good looking, full of grace. "I- I have to go." He added before turning to leave, not daring to look at her again.

Psyche actually giggled a bit at the comment, not believing for a second he had been worried about cleaning supplies but it didn’t matter. She could have been more grateful for the happy accident because she was here, in front of him, able to see his face instead of his form running from her or just seeing the back of him as he refused to even look at her. As he leaned closer, the blush of embarrassment quickly shifted to something real, heat rushing through her veins and relishing in the embrace as she leaned her head softly on his shoulder, her hands gliding to hold him closer but he pulled away too quickly. She wanted to curse herself for giving into a simple hug and almost getting carried away. She watched him stand, about to tell him it was no trouble when the words caught in her throat at his next words.

She desperately scrambled to her feet, reaching out to grab his arm with shaky hands. ”W-Wait! Do you really have to go? Can’t you stay even just for a little longer?”, Psyche asked, knowing that she was most likely setting herself up for failure but this was the first and maybe only time she would be in his presence again, to be able to touch him and see him if only for a moment. She had waited so long. She already cherished all she had gotten today but…for once, she wanted to be selfish. She wanted to be near him. She knew everyone pitied her. She knew things like this were the reason. That she couldn’t take no for an answer. That they all thought she should move on. They told her he had. Psyche wasn’t an idiot, she knew he could have anyone and probably did. Why would he have ever chosen her if it wasn’t for that arrow? She had been a maiden everyone sought out to see but never to wed. Never to love. Just a person to be admired. Eros had seen her for her. He had been a change for her, pushing away her loneliness. He had made her a better person.

Location: Infirmary/Command Center

The camera that led to her claimed domain would have been greeted with a display of green, foliage and plant life of all different variants swarming the living space, taking up any available surface not in use which conveniently covered the unknown device with multitude of hanging planters. Those visiting the room in person might believe they stumbled into a conservatory instead of an individual's sleeping quarters but Luirae preferred to be around the lush life and found them to be more pleasant company or companions than humanoid or sentient creatures. They would not be offended by her mannerisms or lack of understanding in the fragility of emotions. They would not speak nonsense or use phrasing she didn’t comprehend. Still, she wasn’t selfish enough to keep the plant life for her own enjoyment or reminders of home as each plant had a purpose in the safety and well being of others, carefully selected to protect against certain illness.

However, it was lucky for their spying captain that the ship's doctor was in fact not in her quarters this fine morning. The camera would easily be able to catch the colorful alien woman as she glided around the infirmary with ease, ponytail swaying with each movement and a loud clunk of heavy boots against the metal floor. Her focus was solely directed to the book in hand, her free hand working on scribbling notes or taking a pause to pour tea into the porcelain cup upon her desk, all the while her orange irises never leaving the pages she was reading. Music filtered through the speaker, giving a peaceful ambience to the sterile medical environment around her, that is until it abruptly cut out and was replaced by a loud voice. "Rise and shine, crew. Get your asses to the Mission Deck in ten, gotta brief everyone before we touch down."

The book promptly snapped shut, a bit of irritation clear in Rae’s expression as she set it down. Why did they have such bizarre phrases? She had risen long ago from her slumber but how does one shine? Was that supposed to be normal? Also, what did their asses have to do with a meeting? Truly, the cosmos was an interesting and incomprehensible place. She carefully shrugged off her lab coat, draping it over the back of her chair and revealing the outfit underneath of a simple crop tank and loose cargo pants which only were held up with her gun holder/utility belt. She made her way out of the infirmary and took her sweet time getting to the mission deck by taking the long way, enjoying the walk through the ship. She wasn’t completely blind to the comings and goings on this ship, not really caring much either way as long as it didn’t cause her too much hassle and it was still possible to keep the others safe. Rae had been on the proper side of the law before, it was different being on the opposite side or more ignoring the fact she was roped in on the opposite side to do the work she wanted to do. She wasn’t sure why she had to be included in the whole meeting part but she wasn’t going to argue. Pressing the button to the meeting deck door, she was greeted by the faces of multiple crew mates, surprised how prompt everyone else had been but unwilling to apologize unless directly asked to do so. Luirae quickly grabbed the closest unoccupied seat, waiting for the meeting to start.

location: Pasi’s Apartment
interactions: Isabel, Aphrodite, Pasithea
mentions: Ares, Psyche, Hati @KZOMBI3

‘You have reached your destination.’

The GPS announced Isabel’s arrival at the apartment. To say she was entirely lucid at this point was a lie. Darkness was already creeping in from the edges of her vision. If a cop had seen her driving he would’ve tried to pull her over for sure. “We’re here.” Isabel muttered as she opened her car door, forgetting entirely that her passenger didn’t speak English. Still, she managed to stand up and limp up towards the apartment building. This time she didn’t need to think about it, the concierge at the front desk was eyeing her with absolute suspicion. With tired eyes she scanned the intercom, searching for the right number. Eventually, she found the button behind which temporary respite laid. She pushed – and left a bloody mark - on the button calling Miss Chalaróste.

Aphrodite stared at the mark left behind, not saying anything for the sake of the woman’s pride but she was concerned for the mortal. Blood was never a good sign and she was pushing herself too hard, something was going to snap….well, more so than attacking other mortals. Either way, she wasn’t sure what they were waiting for by a random wall until that same wonderfully sweet but nervous voice appeared from the box instead of through the phone, though the strange language was getting annoying.
”I-I’ll buzz you in, j-just take the elevator up.”
She waited for Isabel to guide her, sticking close behind and getting ready to catch the young woman if she keeled over because she was positive it was inevitable at this point. Stubbornness seemed to be a strong trait of Ares because Aphro was now convinced it no longer was from her side in the equation of their offspring while observing one that was not her own. The ride up was a silent one, the silence comfortable as they headed to see the one she viewed as her adoptive daughter even if she was related to her past paramour.

Many floors above, Pasithea was a nervous wreck at the sight through the camera of who had delivered Aphrodite to her. She didn’t like to deal with those of Ares’s blood and there was no missing it in the other woman’s face. She had spent enough time as a pretend mortal and immortal to know one a mile away. The woman looked weak though and she had gone through the trouble to reunite her with someone she viewed as precious. She couldn’t turn her away no matter how much she wished to. ’I’m too nice for my own good. This is gonna be a freaking mess…, she groaned in her thoughts as she physically rubbed her hands over her face before hugging herself for comfort. She paced back and forth on repeat until she heard a knock, taking a deep breath to try and steel her nerves for what she was going to have to face.

Isabel rode the elevator clinging to staying conscious for dear life. Her breathing got shallow. In the elevator. She zipped up her coat, it was getting cold. Still, just a strong coffee would be enough to get her going. All she needed was some fluids and she’d go back out to find her father. The elevator announced her and the goddess’ arrival on the right floor. Despite her state, she could still find the right door and knocked on it hard.

The door opened slowly, a soft smiling Pasithea on the other end as she moved to the side to allow them entrance. She understood that Aphrodite wouldn’t understand English at this point and simply gestured them inside, gasping as she was engulfed momentarily in a warm hug. One that caused a soft blush on her cheeks as she returned it gently before pulling back. ”Χαίρομαι που σε βλέπω και πάλι.” (I’m glad to see you again.)
”Κι εγώ εσύ, κρίνο μου λευκό.”
(And I you, my lily white.)
”Λοιπόν, ποια είναι η νέα σου... γνωριμία?”
(So, who’s your new...acquaintance?)
”Πού είναι οι τρόποι μου! Πασιθέα, αυτή είναι η Ισαβέλ, κόρη του Άρη. Πραγματικά, αγαπητέ, πρέπει να ξέρεις την ανιψιά σου…”
(Where are my manners! Pasithea, this is Isabel, daughter of Ares. Really, dear, you must know your niece…)

Pasithea lightly frowned, holding the bridge of her nose for a moment to get herself under control instead of stating the fact that she might know if Ares didn’t enjoy secrets so much, plus it wasn’t like she wanted to be a part of Ares’s life or his children or at least the more violent ones. It was at least good that it was confirmed on who she was dealing with and not just having a strong guess. She also didn’t want to debate with Aphrodite again about her half-brother. Instead, she moved around the pair, eyeing Isabel cautiously as she closed the door behind them before facing the other woman head on.”P-Pleasure to meet you, Isabel. N-Now, why don’t we all have a seat and t-then I will take a look at that leg of yours. W-We can have a cup of tea while I work.”, she said softly, trying to keep her powers in check as she tried to lead them to the living room. The sooner she took care of Isabel and got Aphrodite settled in, the sooner she could work out what to do next and see which of Aphro’s children might be right to get into contact with. They were going to want to know about their mothers sudden appearance. There was also someone else she needed to contact and the goddess before her wasn’t going to like it.

“No need.” Isabel said as she held up her hand, in response for both the tea and the aid. If she sat down now she was fairly sure she wasn’t going to get up again in a few hours. That was unacceptable. Normally she would’ve looked Pasithea up and down and judged her before the woman even spoke. Right now she couldn’t even think what Pasithea was the goddess of. She was getting far too tired. Carrying along the weight of the gun didn’t help, so she pulled it out and tossed it on one of the raised surfaces around. “I just need… a coffee.”

By now Isabel was gritting her teeth. Why was she feeling so tired right now!? It was weakness. She hated weakness. She was hating herself for getting weak. Her father never got weak. When he was home he would work out in the gym through the entire night. She heard him yelling through the pain of exertion. Why couldn’t she do that? She was his daughter! Instead, she felt the growing, aching pain in her leg breaking her down. Her own body was betraying her and she hated it for that.

Isabel might not have been able to look her up and down in judgment but that didn’t stop Pasithea from doing so to her. She was just as confusing as half of Ares' children but there was a trick she used when dealing with stubbornness. It wouldn’t take much from the look of it to lull the woman into sleep or at least to be a bit more compliant though she hated to use her powers without Isabel’s permission, but it was the only way that she would be able to help. Her half-brother never seemed to seek help when he needed it most and while it had advantages, it was also his downfall in many ways. Pasithea smiled, clasping her hands together with a small nod. ”Coffee, of course. How do you like it?”, she asked as she let her powers flow freely, trying to let the poor woman relax as well as take control of the situation while letting Isabel feel like she was the one in control and not Pasi.

”Τι συζητάτε εσείς οι δύο?”
(What are you two prattling about?)
”Απλά ρωτάω για τις προτιμήσεις ποτών. Θα πάω στην κουζίνα για να τα μαστιγώσω όλα μαζί, όσο εσείς οι δύο θα είστε στο σπίτι.”
(Just asking about drink preferences. I'll go into the kitchen to whip everything together while you two make yourself at home.), Pasi answered smoothly, not taking her eyes off Isa as she did. She could hear Aphrodite moving to lounge on the couch, drifting into a relaxed and inviting position much like in the old days when she served the woman along with some of the other charities. She wished that it had just been the two of them, able to reminisce on the past and catch up without prying eyes or ears but things never seemed to be simple.

“Black.” Isabel said in a meek voice. Something was happening. The tension that kept Isabel together began to ebb away. In its place came fragility. It felt as if she was getting sick. Was it one of the goddesses? Isabel was no stranger to being influenced by them. Even if it wasn’t them, the weird, siren call of the couch didn’t sing to her until she stepped into the apartment. “This was a mistake.” She mumbled. Her eyelids felt heavy and her head was spinning.

“I need to go.” She managed to get out as she reached for her gun. This place wasn’t right. It wasn’t right. At this rate she wouldn’t be able to search for her father anymore. She needed to get out. With small steps she made her way toward the door.

Pasithea bit her lip, debating on if she should be the bigger person and stop her or if she should selfishly take the out she had been given. ’I must have something wrong with me…’, she thought to herself before getting ready to sign herself up for some punishment, possible gun shot and all. ”I really don’t think you should be w-wandering around aimlessly in your c-current state. Frankly, I-I’m surprised you made it here at all. Why not have some coffee and get into a better place physically?”, Pasi said, trying to convince the other to stay.

Aphrodite frowned, noticing the talking and being ignored yet again but most of all it was Isabel trying to leave. This girl was going to be the death of her or at least her patience. She could only imagine what Ares might say if she let his mortal daughter gallivant after him the way she looked now. He had always been protective of what was his after all. She stood up from her quite comfy position, marching beyond both women to stand in front of the door with her arms crossed. Her eyes narrowed at the two, her irritation coming to a full head and her patience thin. ”Πού νομίζεις ότι πας; Δεν θα σε κατηγορήσω για το πείσμα σου δεσποινίς. Μπορεί να μην μπορείτε να δείτε την κατάσταση στην οποία βρίσκεστε, αλλά δεν είμαι καθόλου τυφλός. Ξέρω ότι θέλεις να βρεις τον πατέρα σου, αλλά δεν είναι αυτός ο τρόπος. Τώρα καθίστε, αποδεχτείτε ευγενικά ό,τι προσφέρεται και μετά θα διαμορφώσουμε ένα σχέδιο δράσης.” (Where do you think you are going? I will not be blamed for your stubbornness young lady. You might not be able to see the state you are in but I am far from blind. I know you wish to find your father but this is not the way. Now, have a seat, graciously take what is being offered, and then we will formulate a plan of action.), she stated, pausing for a moment before angerly adding, ”Επίσης, απαιτώ να αποφύγετε οι δυο σας να με αφήσετε έξω από την κουβέντα!” (I also demand that you two refrain from leaving me out of the conversation!)

“I’m fine!” Isabel screamed. Something snapped in her. Someone else had called her out. She was weak and people could see it now. “I’m fine! I don’t need help! I never needed help!” What did this goddess know of her plight anyway!? She wouldn’t roam aimlessly. She’d find the clues. She’d find her father! How could she ever rest without finding her father!? She turned around only to see Aphrodite standing in front of the door with her arms crossed.

Isabel could only understand snippets of the Greek the goddess of beauty gave. She heard something about stubbornness, something about this not being how it’s done, taking a seat and finally, in an angry tone, something about not wanting to be left out of the conversation.

None of it mattered to Isabel right now. Stopping, waiting, it was all useless. None of it would do her father any good. “Out of my way!” She returned. Her tone was a mixture of anger and frustration. She took one step towards Aphrodite, ready to pull her out of the way if need be.

It broke the camel’s back.

Her leg buckled. Like a graceless sack of potatoes, Isabel collapsed. She let out a scream. Pain shocked her system. It was coming from everywhere now. She immediately began to cry. Then she screamed against the floor. It was a scream of pure frustration. But after that she bit through the pain. She grabbed the back of the couch and pulled herself up from the floor. Something as trivial as this pain would not defeat her. She couldn’t let it. How could she ever face her father if she knew she failed here? How could he ever be proud of her? How could he ever love her again? She was not going to give up, so she took another step.

But her legs refused to carry her. She fell again.

Aphrodite hadn’t flinched in the face of anger and frustration, standing her ground even before the failed step. She had fights with Ares, with her children, with other immortals and she was still here. She might not be the best physically but she knew how to get her point across and would willingly put herself in harms way for what she wanted. She watched the screaming in disapproval, chalking it up to the snap she had been waiting for and now let the tantrum ensue as she would a toddler. If she had just listened to her in the first place, she wouldn’t be in this position now. Aphro wished to have a seat and relax once more while being spoiled by Pasithea but she wasn’t about to trust Isabel to think straight and not attempt to leave again if she got enough energy to do so which had Aphro planted firmly at the door, leaning against it while waiting to see the next outcome.

Pasithea on the other hand was more empathetic and felt herself ache at watching the scene unfold before her. She hated seeing Aphrodite upset, her features so much more dazzling when she smiled and also one less person being smited was always a plus because that was the look she normally gave before trouble started. She also hated seeing someone push themselves to the brink and for Ares no less but it just showed that the wilted woman before her thought that highly of her father and loved him dearly. She couldn’t fault that. She loved her father just as dearly and would face any danger or trail to help him but she also knew when to get help. It was a surprise that something had happened to Ares but Aphrodite had promised to fill her in on the details of her return which should include the extra information. For now though, she knelt down beside the woman slightly crumpled on the floor, gently taking her arm with strong guiding hands as she looped it over her shoulder to help Isabel stand before focusing them to move toward the couch. She inwardly cringed at the blood stain she might have to deal with but that was a future her problem. Pasi wasn’t sure if she was going to have a fight either but she was stronger than she looked, at least when going up against a wounded mortal or part mortal.

The mortal didn’t resist. Couldn’t resist. At least not physically. The pain had finally reduced her to a sobbing mess. She felt useless. Weak. Slow. Everything she hated in life. Everything she knew her father hated too. “I-I have to.. I have to..” she kept saying, breathless. “I can’t be… useless. Weak. Dad.. is still.. Missing.” But then she was laid out on the couch and the darkness took her.

Aphrodite was relieved when Isabel was finally out for the count, lazily pushing off the closed door to resume her previous lounge position as she watched Pasithea flitter about. The rustling in the other room had the goddess figuring that the sweet flower was preparing refreshments and working out each step to keep the two safe and relaxed. When she entered once more, she knelt before Isabel, working on the wound if she had any thoughts on the matter but she felt her eyes heavy. The room around her was already wavering between reality and illusion, the other goddesses power pulling at her to the past. It was much more pleasant to let herself relax into sleep than re-live a possible nightmare.

Pasithea washed the blood off her hands, drying them with a hand towel in her kitchen as she turned off the screaming kettle with a frown. She had stitched up Isabel once more, the fresh stitching having come undone which had been the mortal's ultimate issue and now both her guests were sleeping. She had hidden the gun that Isabel brought, not wanting it used upon her if Isa woke up in good shape and bad mood. Ares could be in trouble and one of her visitors was concerned enough that Pasi couldn’t just ignore it. There were few she knew to be on the case of the murders and some not the biggest fan of the war god or those she didn’t know. If the disappearance was part of all this, then someone needed to know and be on the lookout. She had to be careful that they wouldn’t come here either as she wanted to keep Aphrodite safe.

She pulled out her phone, biting her lip as she looked at the unanswered message from yesterday and debated if it was worth texting again. Would he answer? Would he ignore her? Pasi shook her head, not letting fear get in the way or convince her not to help Ares. She was scared of him but he was still her blood.

To: Hati
I wasn’t sure who to contact or what to do…Ares is missing. I usually would go to Athena for this but I can’t risk her showing up here. Do you think you could check in on this? See what you can dig up? A woman named Isabel showed up here and is worried for him. I might have used my powers and I’m not sure what she will do when she wakes up.

That out of the way, she set to dial a number this time and knowing the goddess in her living room was going to be extremely upset if she found out what she was planning. Pasi waited on the line, waiting for the kind and gentle feminine voice on the other end. ”P-Psyche, I need a huge favor a-and I’m apologizing in advance for having to ask but this is important.”
@Ever Faithful

Maybe read my second message. I just apologized for the confusion.

Again, ask Mintz if he is willing to add another slot but being sassy with me isn’t really helping you here.

I know it sucks to miss out because of assumptions but that is the chance that gets taken if you don’t ask. We don’t give out the discord link until approved because we don’t want to have messages or important questions missed about profiles and having to do group DMs.
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Apologies, I guess someone else asked for Destiny help.

Either way, again, you also had 20 days to ask and work on this. You can ask Mintz if they are willing to open up another slot but I know they have been nervous about the amount we already have.
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The honest truth of the matter is that you never asked if this was dead or not, you assumed and slots got filled. I know more than one gave advice. We offered to help and you didn’t seem open to any of the GM suggestions. I believe Destiny was working with you the most but as I recall, she said you ghosted her or never replied back. It was why we thought you had decided not to give interest. It can’t all be on us because as you just said, you had 20 days to ask or complete/submit a new profile. I’m not trying to be rude but we aren’t mind readers and with a huge cast, we were bound to cut off applications at some point.
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Unfortunately, the RP is full at this time. It is why we encouraged everyone early on to get their profiles in so we had time to look over everything and approve or work with the creators to balance out powers and any other problems within the profiles before the start. If I remember correctly, we provided suggestions and even multiple people who were already approved tried to help with your profile. When we did not hear back from you, we all assumed that you had given up interest and provided others with the reserved slot.
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