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I still have power section and relationships to do but just gonna put this here for now. I might adjust here and there but probably not anything big.

Already starting on my character. Hoping to have it done by today but we shall see!

I think that just made my day XD

I’m working on a post...I swear >.<
I might throw my hat into the ring :)

Let me know if you need a summary! :)

Sorry you had to deal with all the IRL bull! Good to see you back though!
Sorry, I am on a mini vacation since my birthday is on Monday. I’ll try to get something up if I can but we will see.
@Jones Sparrow@Liv

Well, I am on board so welcome!

This will be a good chance to add her in :)

Luirae groaned in displeasure, instantly regretting waking from the land of dreams. The ball she had curled herself in last night tightened as she was hit with a splitting headache wreaked havoc on her senses and her stomach churned unpleasantly even though she hadn’t moved all that much. She took a deep shaky breath, her throat feeling constricted and dry as she worked on slowly uncurling herself from her fetal position only the have her legs awkwardly dangle off the edge of the bed. Rae bravely cracked an eye open, its wavering vision noticing that her drunk self had been too lazy to properly position herself in bed and had instead flopped sideways onto it. She didn’t even want to think about the poor plants that had been knocked over in her path instead of taking the indicated walkways she had carefully provided. Why did humans ever do this to themselves?! It wasn’t even all that pleasant of a flavor and if this was the result then never again.

She weakly pushed herself in a sitting position before she froze. A hand instantly flying to hold her mouth as she darted to the bathroom rather ungracefully before emptying the contents of her stomach into the porcelain bowl which unfortunately was more like pure acid since she did not have anything to eat the night before. Now her poor throat really felt sore and she was hugging a toilet for dear life. Why had she let this be done to herself? Rae shakily stood, hitting the handle as she did and moving back to the bedroom. She knew she needed to take care of the knocked over items but she couldn’t bring herself to do so now. Her head was screaming at her and she couldn’t focus at all. She grabbed an outfit for the day, figuring a relaxing shower could be the first part of her day, taking something to counter the hangover would be next, probably some tea after since she wasn’t in a hurry to put much in her stomach, and the com to the other crew members would be ignored till then because if she had to hear any loud noises, it would be destroyed and damn whatever or whoever was making it.

She grabbed what she thought would be the bottom of her nightgown to yank it off, only to stop in her tracks. The material wasn’t right and now that she thought about it, she didn’t have long sleeved night gowns. Rae let go of what she was wearing, looking down for the first time and blinking in confusion. A jacket, not just any jacket but the Captain’s jacket. One she had honestly barely seen him without. Rae felt puzzled for a moment, trying to figure out how in the name of the stars above she had gotten it when parts of last night came crashing back. Her face heated up, a blush appearing as she covered her face with her hands in humiliation. The way she had acted and the way she had spoken. How was she gonna be able to look anyone in the eyes!? At least she hadn’t flirted or done anything too outlandish but it still....that was such horrid behavior for her kind.

Luirae ran her hands down her face and looked up to the ceiling, trying her best to just push it aside. She would just take it one step at a time. She turned her attention back to the outfit she wore and touched the jacket softly, a gentle smile on her face. She felt a bit of triumph over winning this and was actually tempted to keep it but she wasn’t that selfish. She would have to return it. If she hadn’t thought it would hurt her head more, she might have shook her head to clear her thoughts but instead she zipped off the item, folding it carefully before hopping into the shower that awaited her.

Once she was dressed for the day, jacket in tow, she set out for the med bay to do something about the dreadful hangover that would not cease on making her morning a miserable one. She was about half way there when he path was blocked by a certain android she happened to be quite fond of. ”Hello Tango.” she greeted weakly, her voice scratchy. “Hello Doctor Driani.” the robotic voice replied. “I was on my way to your quarters. I am to give this to all of the crew members, per Captain’s orders.” Luirae’s eyes lit up at the shot in the bots hand and stepped closer so it could be administered. She was pretty sure what it was and was more than willing to take it. ”Tango, you are an angel.” was her statement at the instant relief of the serum. It didn’t fix everything but it definitely was a hell of a lot better than before.

That said and done, she pulled the com out of her pocket, tucking it into her ear and turning it on to be instantly met with Astrid’s voice. ”Worst comes to worst we can skirt the atmosphere of any gas giant to resupply a small amount. Helium isn’t as good a propellant as Xenon, but it would do, it's just less power efficient. Rest of the crew still standing?”She tapped the com replying with,”I cannot speak for the others but I appear to still be standing. I’ll be making tea if anyone wishes to join.”

Would a sharpshooter/interrogator position work? I'm thinking my character's someone who used to work alone, and will have a hard time adjusting to working with others.

Hey @Jones Sparrow, I think this might be a better question for you on positions.

As for the other part about being a loner and learning to adjust and work on a team sounds great! I really love the concept! :)
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