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You are too sweet! Happy to make them! It’s a fun little hobby after all. :3

Good to see you, Sly!!! :3
You know I’m always here for one of your RPs :3

Location: Angel Grove Community Event
Interacting w/: Charlie @LG
Mentions: Aiden @BenG85

Jordan flinched, watching horrified as the energy blast sliced the motorcycle before sending the rider flying. There was no way she could move to help them or even check if they were alright with the enemies still surrounding Charlie and herself. She made sure to at least attempt to make her way over when she could. That being said, if these creatures' leader could do something like that then maybe there were more tricks up their sleeves which made her grip the stolen weapon harder.

"Foolish humans! You dare to defy the wishes of the Dark Empire!?" Maskaraid proclaimed.

”Damn right we do! Fuck you guys!”

"Hey, you big ugly jerk! I don't know what your problem is, but you and your pals need to get your heads straight and beat it!"

Her attention drew to the new voice, feeling a flood of relief to see that the rider was at least alright enough to stand even if it was with the help from the broken bike piece, not staying on the ground for too long. She didn’t care what the retaliation or the result was from their snapbacks and comments, just preparing herself to dodge. Heck, if he hit his own men in the process she would call it a win. The answer though was more surprising, her head turning in the direction of the cloaked figure escaping the grounds, who was also drawing the attention of all the enemies. [i]All this destruction of one person? Seriously? They had put families and everyone else in danger just to hide here? What the hell?![i], she thought to herself, frustrated but she wouldn’t let someone die for being stupid. Obviously more was happening here and she was going to get to the bottom of it. The enemies didn’t take long to completely ignore the existence of those left, instead pursuing chase with the hooded figure.

She relaxed a bit, rubbing the scrapped up shoulder from the weapon attack earlier, hissing in pain as she did. Jordan already planned to head after the swarm of creatures but when she noticed Charlie wasn’t by her side, she panicked for a moment before noticing that she had already jogged ahead. She had wanted to come up with at least a better plan than just straight chasing after them but it seemed that went down the toilet fast. ”Hold up! Where is the fire!?”, she called, starting to jog forward after Charlie when, "They stole GENESIS's suitcase! Please! Help me get it back!".

She freaking knew that creepy ass case was gonna be trouble! Jordan always listened to her gut and she should have known it wasn’t about the person but what they carried. With that information, she cursed under her breath before kicking into a full blown sprint, ready to catch up to her friend and hopefully get this case back before these monsters got their hands on it.”Any idea what’s in it? Like how bad are we talking if we can’t get this back?”, she asked as they ran.

Location: Angel Grove Community Event
Interacting w/: Charlie @LG
Mentions: Ryan @Crimson Flame Nick @rocketrobie2 Aiden @BenG85

She turned her head in the direction Charlie was looking, noticing the fairy woman performer or at least what she assumed was someone in entertainment taking a picture with one of her fans. Perhaps it was a boyfriend though with how comfortable they seemed with each other. It was a pretty cute scene either way from this distance. Jordan took note of a few people walking by as they headed in or out of the game sections but for the most part she changed her attention back to her companion. ”That sucks, sorry you ended up getting ditched. Let me know if you want a bite.”, she replied with a gesture to her plate, offering up her funnel cake. Charlie was literally like a little sister to her and was about the only one she would be willing to have snag from her plate or to share such a perfect treat.

The comment about the briefcase and lack of chair however had her rolling her eyes a bit before lightly lifting her arms in false surrender at the poke. These moments were also why she felt like Charlie was a sister, always trying to keep her out of trouble or looking out for her in some way. ”Fine, you win this round but I have to say that if this case was so important to him, then why did he go and forget it. Just sayin’, plus who cares what he would appreciate when he hasn’t bothered to be here.” Jordan stated while dramatically hopping off the table to instead lean against it so she could slide over an application before scrunching up her nose at the hinting offer to join. ”Appreciated but…”

A sudden ka-boom silenced the rest of Jordan’s words, knocked over due to the sudden unstable balance since most of her weight had been against the table which flung backwards with the force of such a nearby blast. [i]’Did one of the food trucks explode or something?’[i], she thought as she slowly sat up, feeling a little scuffed and bruised from the concrete but that was less of a concern at the moment. She glanced around as the entire event was in a panicked frenzy, one of the trucks was on its side, fire and smoke erupting while everyone continued to scream and ran in the opposite direction. That was understandable; all things considered but the monstrous humanoid creature on top of the overturned truck yelling nonsense with a swarm of minions was baffling. There was no way this was a performance and with everyone’s confused expression, she doubted anyone had a clue on these power crystals they were jabbering about.

The second people started getting hurt, Jordan pushed up into her feet in an instant and only hesitated to rush forward so she could check on Charlie first.”I’m fine but we have bigger issues. Are you-Charlie! Look out!, she called out in horror as a massive claw swiped near her face. If the weapon wasn’t being pointed at her friend, she might have chuckled that it looked like an oversized rake but as it stood, she felt terror which morphed into pure rage. ”Get away from her!”, she hissed, ready to attack when movement from her peripheral vision caused her to flip back into an arch to dodge a weapon swiped in her direction. With no other move to make, she finished the cartwheel motion to get back on her feet, kicking the weapon up to give her some room once landed to not be instantly attacked. She quickly grabbed the other end of a weapon from a second enemy as it went for her to defend the first dodged minion, biting her lip as parts of its claw points dug a bit into her shoulder as she blocked the best she could from the sudden attack. She wrapped her hands around the staff, yanking it closer to throw the Muddie off balance so she could land a solid right hook to the minions face.

She wasted no time stealing the weapon from the creature, holding it like a bat as she got into a defensive stance even with the sting in her shoulder. Jordan felt a back to her own, relaxing a bit as she knew Charlie was alright but also that she wouldn’t have to watch her own back and would be able to help her friend with the same problem. "Who brought the circus?"
”To hell if I know but I don’t mind messing up a few clowns.”, Jordan teased, while knocking one of the Muddie back who got too close for her liking. Now, normally that wouldn’t lead to any hilarious outcomes but the poor creature backed up too far from the shove, as it just got practically plowed over by a motorcycle flying at high speeds towards the main monstrous humanoid creature that seemed to be the leader of this band of monsters. She had to give it to the driver, they had guts and appreciated them helping people where they could along the way since most seemed to be running off. She wasn’t sure if she would go after the main instigator of this attack but at least someone had tried something. Charlie and herself not really able to do much to get there from their current position.

Location: Angel Grove Community Event
Interacting w/: Charlie @LG

”Should have known he had an ulterior motive, cheeky bastard.”, Jordan muttered under her breath as she stabbed the flimsy plastic fork into a sliced strawberry sitting on top of the best known dessert at any carnival, funnel cake. Try to convince her differently but this was the one and only needed dessert while there were plenty of other savory items needed at carnivals. Sadly, even its glorious flavor couldn’t stop the pout on her lips as she quickly realized why her uncle had suggested she visit the community center event even though the excuse had been to get her out of the house to meet new people or reunite with others that hadn’t seen her since junior year of highschool. No, the true reason for this little suggestion was stumbled upon on the outer edge somewhat near the funnel cake stand and that was an open job fair event which was indeed nice, but it wasn’t like she hadn’t been searching…it just happened that none of them felt like the right fit. Okay, so…maybe the real truth was she had tried a few and gotten fired but she wasn’t about to tell Benny that. He had enough to worry about with her.


Her head snapped to the side as she paused in her steps, scanning the crowd of people around her before her eyes landed on a familiar face. Charlie waved her over to a cloth-covered table with GENESIS's logo plastered on it which wasn’t all that surprising considering her passions but she had to raise an eyebrow on why she would give up such a personally nice day to do, well, this. ”Fancy seeing you here! So, um, GENESIS booth huh? Sign up a few suckers to the cause and what not?”, Jordan asked teasingly, scooting the odd titanium briefcase along with Charlie’s bag over before plopping down directly on the table for a convenient seat.

There was nothing technically wrong with the company when looking it over and she was happy for her friend but it just always seemed too good to be true. Something about it rubbed her the wrong way and she didn’t trust it. Maybe she was slightly more pessimistic than she believed herself to be but if anything, she always went with her gut on these things. ”But seriously, how has your day been going? Get to check out any of the other attractions and what not or have you been stuck here all alone with… a pile of flyers and this creepy ass tin can of a case?”, she questioned with a nod of her head at the items before taking another bite of her delicious treat.
Awwww cute!
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Lol oh yeah, that was my first thought when reading through the profiles. I’m excited to see how it turns out. Also, thanks so much! She is definitely adorable and I love writing this character :3
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