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The Luncheon
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Ares arriving at their little gathering was literally enough by itself for a glass in her personal game but it deserved another one in its entirety the moment her half brother took the time to acknowledge her presence. She quickly turned away from him, looking at the table cloth like it was the most interesting thing in existence as she sat completely frozen in full blown panic, terror sinking into her veins like fridged ice. She silently hoped that someone had given her enough luck today to make him leave her be while her knuckles went white from the tight grip on the stem of her glass. It took a few minutes to calm herself, let her muscles relax once she realized by some miracle he wasn’t approaching her since harassing her seemed to be an amusement for him or at least in her view that is what he was doing. That or he was incredibly dense and didn’t realize just how much being near him just set her off kilter. Pasi threw back the current glass in her hand as if it were a shot, noting that she racked up the need for one more before letting her eyes scan over the room, starting to count some more as she did. It hadn’t even been that long and so much drama was unfolding before her very eyes or had already popped up in one way or another.

’Mother giving gifts is usually enough to get some riled but that one I can probably slide since it isn't definite. Oh no, Hebe and Herc just entered together which means…yup, right on schedule, Mother is already headed over and that combo never goes well. Guess that means we are up to two needed glasses. Let’s see…oh? Well, doesn’t Tlaz look delightfully out of sorts which can only mean one thing. Should I take off glasses if I can guess who her wrath is aimed at? Naw, too easy. Hope she rips him a new one but I’ll have to remember to check on her later, poor gal looks like she needs some pampering…wait, Hati? What on earth are you up to? You know what, I saw nothing.’ With that thought in mind, Pasi slowly made her way over to the closest waiter that was coming in with the restock of fresh flutes but she happily plucked the tray up from their hands, causing them to look a little startled. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of these and you should have a break. The staff has been working so hard, I think a little time for yourself won’t cause too much harm. I promise you won’t get in trouble and I’ll even put in a good word with my Mother about your excellent service.”, she said with a dazzling grin and waiting to see if she would need to use her aura but the waiter seemed to gratefully agree, not wanting to put up a fight with the guests and actually seeming to not want to be here anymore than she did. She carefully sat back down, feeling rather proud of herself for making it there without tripping over her own feet before taking one of the flutes. Her eyes scoped the room again, deep down hoping she hadn’t missed anything with the little excursion from her table but if she had then it certainly wasn’t her fault. As the time passed, four empty flutes were next to the silver tray she had swiped with three more sitting in the wings in case something new occurred.

Honestly, she couldn’t wait for more to kick off even if it was some miserable event/party plan her Mother cooked up or just getting to the eating of finger sandwiches since this was boring her to death. She thought the game would make it more fun but being alone just wasn’t as enticing as she had anticipated. Speaking of enticing, Hati must have heard her thoughts on being bored because it seems Madness was about to meet up with Fear, all for some clever Wolf's amusement.
Guess that means one more glass for me since those two can’t help but toss insults with their playful banter. I’m pretty sure they actually like each other still but insults are insults so here we go! Pasi thought, snagging one of the remaining three glasses and starting in on it. The role of solo observer was a bit lackluster so she started to debate on who she could rope into her game. Her father was a good choice as always when it came to anything with competition mixed with liquor, maybe Herc since he could care less if her mother’s party didn’t stay perfect but with Hebe nearby that could possibly not work, Hath was usually a good choice if her father was competing but it seemed she was preoccupied currently, actually a few key choices were a bit busy but Hati might be a good one to convince as he was better at snagging people into doing activities than she was.

Hm, so many choices though some are far more tempting than others.. She finished off her flute, adding it to the growing pile before walking with determination towards the bar but slowing the closer she got as her timid nature bubbled up. She wondered what she was going to say and she also didn’t want to be rude and interrupt them if they were having a decent conversation. It eventually led to her shyly standing behind the trio, shuffling her feet a bit as she tried to think of something not completely awkward to say. She couldn’t just blurt out, do you wanna play a game? Right? Yeah, that would be too creepy.
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Hana felt her cheeks heat up at the unexpected comment or maybe it was a compliment from Mila but either way she was left a bit speechless and stumbling to even find words. She took a few tries, opening and closing her mouth before she ended up clearing her throat while slightly turning her face away to cover up her embarrassment. ”I-I’m not so sure about the b-badass part but I think I’m okay. Just kinda banged up.”, she answered, lightly holding her shoulder even though she knew it wouldn’t be much help against the pain. She forced herself to smile back, happy that the other woman seemed okay for the most part and was staying strong in the face of danger. She wasn’t the only one of course which had her turning her attention back to the other three that were still sticking around with them.

She planned to speak to the others but the second it looked like Mila was going to stand, she quickly reached out to help her even though the action instantly made her regret doing so as her shoulder protested. Hana stuck close to her as they made their way over, making sure to be ready to catch Mila if needed, a new feeling of concern blooming as she noticed blood on her arm while helping the girl on the ground to stand. The sudden flash of colors was startling, causing her to flinch and close her eyes for just a moment but when she nervously opened them, all she was met with was a floating pink crystal. She felt drawn to it in a way, like it was meant for her. She reached out her hands, cupping them just underneath the floating crystal without touching it and just staring wide eyed in fascination. This whole situation was getting more and more bizarre.

"There's no turning back from this point if you choose to accept it."

Was she sure she wanted to? Hana watched the others, for a moment before she became determined, closing her hands around the crystal. Instantly, she felt relief as a rush of power flowed through her and dulled the pain she was experiencing before. A new watch-like device now encompassed her wrist and by the looks of things she wasn’t the only one that had the new accessory. Normally, she would have taken time to fully check out the device but Hana turned her attention to more pressing matters. ”Agreed, I don’t want any more people to get hurt. I think payback is definitely in order to teach these brutes a lesson.”

@Exodia Relent

Like you don’t know the answer 😜

Just get us a sheet to look at :3
@The Man Emperor

@Mintz and I have gone over the profile and have a few things we would like to see change and get clarification on before being able to accept your profile. We would be glad to work with you to figure out a direction you want to go in while keeping it within the world that has been created.

1: We would really appreciate a written description in the Appearance section. I know this might seem redundant but this allows us to get a feel on what your character likes to wear, how they view certain things, if there is anything particularly valuable to the character, and so on. Please look in the character tab for examples if you are unsure.

2: We are confused about the memory-altering of the father in the background. It feels a bit out of place and doesn’t seem necessary. We would like a bit more clarification on it and to see if there is any possible hidden importance on why that section is needed. We aren’t saying no yet but we just would like to know some of the reasoning as it feels abruptly placed in.

3: The Trigger event of this character is kept too vague for our liking. It is vague enough that we literally can't say in good faith that his Power fits the Trigger. If you could provide more detail or let us know if there is some hidden element we are missing that would really be helpful. We are also confused by the fact that it sounds like they ended up in a forest but Redline is a coastal city. We ask this because something that big (dragon form) leaving the city would have been a huge red flag so we need a bit more detail.

4: The Power has a lot going on and with such a vague Trigger it’s hard to know where to really start. We understand that subclasses exist but those are a direct correlation to a power and not so much additions to a power. Also, these powers all together contain almost half the classifications. It doesn’t seem to hold a deep reason other than playing to the dragon aesthetic which is where there is a problem if that is all that you are going for with the subclasses. That being said, some of the powers listed could be powers in their own right which is concerning as we are leaning towards overpowered. We can obviously work together to keep the aesthetic you are going for but fitting more for a Changer.

5: One of the aspects of the powers that we are flat out denying at this time is the ability to change into any animal. This is just not how Changers work as they are mostly bound to a single alternate form.

I hope you understand our points and are open to the corrections we have requested. We look forward to seeing the updates and again, are more than happy to work with you to get this so we can fully accept.
@The Man Emperor

@Mintz is asleep at the moment but I’m sure he will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.



Location: Redline PRT Headquarters
Date/Time: November 11th, 2022. 6-ish PM
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Aaliyah caught the apologetic smile from Morie before the slow shrug and instantly felt her hackles raised, her fingernails threatening to break her skin as she held back her complaints as well as trying to keep certain thoughts away. She kept the frown and anger off her face, appearing as if nothing was wrong but she wasn’t happy about the puzzle pieces that were clicking together. She would have to be careful. She knew that Morie probably knew her limits but it would make her feel like she was inflicting wounds personally upon the girl should a ‘heal’ be needed and she wasn’t sure she could handle that. She lightly shook her head, trying to push it aside, not sure if anything was even going to happen so she would worry about it in that moment should the need ever arise. Her inner struggle and thoughts were suddenly halted with someone and by someone, she meant Will had decided to lean into her space which caused her to raise a brow at the ridiculous look of him cupping his mouth which was instantly a waste with the loud mock whisper that followed.

She was still a little weary about him, the incident earlier shaking her much more than she had let on but Aaliyah truly did want to give him the benefit of the doubt and just put it behind so they could still work as an effective team.
”Your guess is as good as mine though it sounds a little more serious than a meeting.”, she answered with a light shrug. It didn’t seem like they were going to have to wait or wonder for very long though as the panel near the couch suddenly disappeared, the Vice Director herself appeared. Fashionista or Rachel if one went by her true name, honestly made her feel nervous for a variety of reasons but also was one of the friendliest people she had met so far at PRT headquarters which means she couldn’t help but enjoy her company. It had been fun to sit down and see what could work and what wouldn’t when in the design process. She had been open and inviting but it made her wonder when the other shoe might drop. Aaliyah could only hope over that time the feeling would fade and it did help that she seemed to be on a good level with Morie from the gestures before the quick reminder of who she was and letting them know that she would be briefing them on what was happening since the Directer hadn’t really felt the need to fill them in, not frustrating at all.

She swiftly stood, following after the woman as she guided them along eventually ending up in what was a glorified locker/changing room combo of sorts. It was obvious there were multiple precautions in place and it didn’t take a genius to guess why. At least it seemed like Fashionista wasn’t really gung-ho about the labeling of ‘safety concerns’ which made it feel like she was more on their side, trusting them a bit instead of just labeling some in the group or calling them out. Aaliyah would like to hope that the group wouldn’t do something horrible but everything had to be looked at as a possibility when being neutral so it made sense whether she liked it or not. She took a hold of her personal card with a soft thank you, turning it in her hands and fiddling to keep herself busy. This was exciting if not a bit terrifying but she just wanted to be useful and helpful, using what she had to do good. At the gesture over to the lockers, she didn’t need to be told twice, heading over at a fast pace and wanted to see what Fashionista had managed with this collaboration. She knew she asked for a lot. She was difficult and stubborn but the other woman had been patient and kind, offering up solid suggestions on what was plausible. It made a difference when feeling the fabric in her hands, seeing something be created that felt more like a dream but now was more solid and real.

Aaliyah stepped out of the changing room after a bit, her fingers running along the material and amazed at how soft, even light it felt as if nothing was even there which allowed for more movement speed. It seems like she wasn’t the only one that was impressed if the tail end of Caiden’s conversation was anything to go by. She was about to speak up herself but her words died on her lips, instead gaping in awe at the display of power, the pull of energy before it formed and created a blade shape before completely manifesting. Her mind raced with all the applications this could entail, curious on his limitations or how exactly his powers worked and found herself a lot more interested in the person behind the power since she wasn’t sure if he was a team player or not with the personality displayed earlier. It was almost a disappointment when the blade disappeared out of existence before she could question more or even test out what the possibilities were. It wasn’t like they had a lot of time to see how they would all work together but this had potential. ”He isn’t wrong, Rachel. These are beautifully crafted and I can’t even begin to have words to describe how impressed I am with the outcome. Truly, thank you.”, she piped in with her own mask, sitting upon her head instead of being pulled down and nicely set in place. ”So, Caiden was it? That is some power you have there.”

Location: Downtown
Interactions: Mila@Fabricant451

A woman’s scream sharply pierced over the joyous noise created by the festivities, the music from the band instantly dwindling away mid song as multiple people in the crowd paused, glancing around in curiosity to see what was happening over near the food trucks. She felt herself flinch, the distinct sound of an explosion happening in the distance causing her to turn her attention in that direction for a split second and watching a plume of smoke filter into the night sky like a bad omen. It was for this very reason that she missed the beige clad beings first emerging, interrupting what should have been a wonderful occasion. In turn, it caused people to panic, desperately trying to flee the scene and unfortunately for some, meant they were getting shoved together into a pile and trapping a few in this dangerous situation. Hana felt the grip on her wrist, gasping a bit in surprise as she was moved behind Mila and protected a lot of the chaos around them at the moment. "Hana, RUN!"

”W-Wait, what about you?!”, she insisted worriedly, not planning on being a coward or a damsel in distress though she wasn’t sure how much she could do. She could do a bit to defend but she had never really applied much to fighting, much more a lover than a fighter. That much evident when one brave soul from the crowd went to rush forward to charge, only to everyone’s horror as they were swept off their feet and tossed as if nothing. Hana rushed to the person’s side, not caring if she was going to be noticed or in the crossfire doing so to check on them. Luckily, they didn’t seem too harmed but they would definitely feel it in the morning. ”Are you alright? Can you get up?!”, she asked, waiting for them to reply that they thought they were okay before helping them get up. ”Please be careful.”, she softly, watching them go for a moment before working to try and get other people to safety or at least moving them in the right direction while other people joined the fight.

She noticed one of them was Mila and quickly tried to rush to her to help since two is always better than one, only to run straight into one of their aggressors, lance pointed at her as she was forced backwards. Hana looked around for options, panic rising rapidly as she didn’t have time to think of a plan, the weapon jutting out viciously at her and causing her to have to react by swiftly jumping back, barely being missed as she stumbled. She quickly darted to the side as it went to slam the butt end of the lance to her head, wincing as it hit her part of her shoulder instead but she bit back the pain, climbing onto one of the picnic tables and went to tackle the being but it didn’t go down. Hana didn’t let that stop her, locking her arm around its neck and holding on tight, praying that since it was a humanoid form then maybe it would need to breathe too. It struggled in her grasp, trying to reach behind at her to get her off as she leaned away which applied more pressure. Unfortunately, she was so focused on the one enemy that she had not been prepared for a second one who roughly snagged her and tossed her harshly away. She rolled along the ground, curling as much as she could to protect herself but feeling pretty scraped up.

She weakly pushed herself up with her good side, glancing between the two as one started advancing in her direction. Hana scooted back as best as she could to create some distance, not able to get up as she got a sudden kick to the stomach which caused her to curl and lay on her side. She coughed, gripping her stomach tightly and just glad the beings attention had turned elsewhere by different fights breaking out close by. She groaned, wanting to get up to assist more people who were also on the ground but she couldn’t find it in her to get up just yet. She took a few deep wheezing breaths, closing her eyes tight and gritting her teeth as she pushed herself up weakly but more hunched over. Her shoulder ached and she held her middle as she shakily headed to see how her friend was. Hana only stopped for a moment, pulling out a colorful bandaid from her pocket and holding it out for a guy who had a bleeding cut from his cheek. ”H-Here.”, she said softly, not waiting for him to take it before taking hold of his hand and placing it in his palm before slowly making her way to Mila. Once reaching the other woman, Hana carefully crouched down and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. ”Mila, a-are you okay? D-Do you need help getting up?”
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