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Hey everyone! Just wanted to say sorry for being so quiet and not checking in. I was packing and moving which kept me pretty busy! I am finally moved and have only a little more unpacking to do. I should be able to help though at this point if anyone needs it for posts and such since we are at a bit of a stand still
This looks really interesting! Also, love the animations and things above. :)

No worries! Let me know if you need any help and I would be happy to do so.

Luirae felt a slight sense of accomplished at being able to convince Aamra to agree with joining the poker game. It had come at the cost of her sandwich but that was a small price to pay for the larger picture of bringing them all, hopefully, a little closer together. She could always make something for herself at a later point. The Tazygos woman placed herself in the chair next to her that she had urged her to sit in earlier and she set the sandwich back on the table in front of Aamra. Rae looked at Raymond, a small smirk playing on her lips at the thought of Earth casinos banning her since it was only if you got caught and she had more than just counting cards in her stockpile of tricks, after all, it was hard to hide your heartbeat and control that spike of adrenaline when excited or nervous.

”Why leave anything to chance when you can have absolute certainty? It seems a tad counterproductive in my opinion.”she answered, leaving her hand of cards on the table in front of her for now. The rest of the crew were still getting settled in and there was really no need to look at them anyway though she would pick them up later. Her sharp gazed turned to Josk as she asked Aamra and her about the thoughts on the Rendyl. It only made sense that they would look to the Committee Volunteers for objection to the obvious breaking to the rules as they were tied down and heavy scrutinized to uphold all laws for the Monroe’s crew. Their words held higher weight with the Conmittee and the decisions they made when it came to certain matters after all.

In her opinion, there was something suspicious about this situation and while there was no pun intended in her thought pattern, it was best to hold ones cards closer to your chest in this case. She went to answer but held off from speaking when Aamra shot Josk down for answers at this time. The Captain and her had talked to the Committee and if she thought it best to hold off on those answers then Rae would respect her wishes. ”It seems you have your answer for now. Rendyl is here and while she may not look it, according to her, she is older than myself so I would hardly call it babysitting. Plus, we cannot traffic what was ordered of us to obtain so in this case....we are doing just as we were told. Obtain and protect the Committee’s cargo. I recall quite clearly we were not ordered to return it and it seems they didn’t order the Captain or Aamra to do so yet.” Rae stated, knowing very well she was using the Committee’s own words against them.

She did this often with the Committee when it suited her and it was not like they could deny what was clearly said. They implied and she used it to her advantage when she wanted. If push came to shove, she would blame it on a verbal miscommunication of language. When Astrid spoke up about the Ulnar and a connection with rats on Earth with the Black Plague, she thought it over. ”I have not heard of them being infected with the Black Plague or any similar diseases and spreading them. They usually just spread disaster and poison. Valanx would have the most knowledge of that question since plants are my speciality. Biologically, they could be infected with something same as any.” answering the best she could to the question.

It was a pleasant feeling to see more join in to the proposed game of poker or at least some showing interest. That was only what she could assume from Rendyl’s signs at Tony or the questioning look directed at Raymond. She glanced over the others in the room, seeing if anyone else was planning to be dealt in when her eyes fell on Aamra. It seemed she was contemplating, focused on her own thoughts and completely distant even though she was in the room with them. She had seen many an officer on this ship and understood why some chose to distance themselves but they were all one crew. They might be cut from different cloths and walked a different path in their lives but they were all here now. Each of them were a Marauder whether they wished to be or not. They had to watch out for each other.

”Commander, will you not be joining us? Conversations with the Committee are never quite pleasant in my experience and can be stressful. It is best to do something enjoyable afterwards, is it not? In any case, a distraction should be a nice change of ones pace and it is to honor your follow Marauder after all.” Rae stated, slightly pulling out an empty chair near her as if to hint she should take it. She wanted them to all be in this together and she could convince herself that it was for medical reasons such as relieving stress but it was that. She waited a moment, not sure if she was handling the task of insisting her to join correctly. What did humans call it? Pressing? That sounded kind of right. It might not work though so maybe she should try something else just in case.

”Did those facts properly convince you or should I tempt you by offering my sandwich as collateral?”Luirae asked completely serious though most find it a joke and sat there with a tilt of her head, holding up the plate slightly in front of her with the Golden sandwich in the middle. At least if the other woman rejected her than the crew couldn’t say she hadn’t tried and they might make a better attempt at convincing the Tazygos.
Hey guys, I am still alive and I will get a post up soon >.<

Oh, that is too tempting not to peer pressure her XD

Yeah, I agree with you there. It would be kind of strange not to know what your siblings avatar looks like.
Lets not have any characters scarred for life

Hey, I say go for it! Why not?! Don’t let me stop you :)
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