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~Interacting With~
@ineffable@Howilng Zinogre

She clasped her hands lightly behind her back, watching the two handsome men at each of her sides interact and introduction themselves without her aid. It seemed like it was going along fairly well, no clashing personalities which was a positive since she felt slightly awkward for roping them into one whole conversation. That twinge of awkwardness would have turned to a pit sinking feeling into her stomach had this gone horribly wrong. Rowan suddenly proved that once again that he was very perspective when it came to other people’s emotions as she had previously assumed as he mentioned that they both looked like it had a rough work day, telling Alfie and her to hold tight while he grabbed a round of cold brew. Char dropped her hands to her sides at that, about to politely say that he didn’t need to fetch her a drink but damn was Row able to move. He was practically at the table already so she let the protest die on her lips before it even able to start.

She stood in comfortable silence until a cup was placed in her hand which was responded with a quick ‘thank you’. While she had no doubts that the liquid in it would start to relax her, beer was not usually her first choice but she was also not one to turn down a drink if offered. It felt rude to do so, especially after Row had taken the time to bring it to them and he had done so for a very good reason. The simple gesture itself made her smile and warmed her heart because Row had done so just to make them both feel better. She took a sip as he started to excuse himself to do some karaoke since it was finished being set up by his own roommate. It was a pleasant surprise for her when she was invited to sing a duet, not even right then and there but just an open invitation at her leisure. ”I might need a bit more liquid courage before I sing but I’ll let you hold me to at least do one song together before the night is through.”she answered honestly, a dazzling smile on her features before she watched him go up on stage, taking a few more decent size gulps from her cup and scrunching her nose a bit at the taste but feeling her muscles start to relax a tiny bit. Alcohol was alcohol after all, any kind would work to relieve the stress of the day.

Char swayed her hips to the beat of the song, enjoying the melodious sound of Rowan’s voice as he sung the lyrics and kicked off the music for the evening. The gentle breeze was a bit chilling but in her mind it was completely perfect. They had a good amount of tenants which means with everyone up here, dancing, and alcohol, it could get pretty warm which the night air would combat plus she was a bit bias and actually enjoyed the cold. She took the time to look at the twinkling glow of the lights, scanning the area as she tried to spot people she knew or anyone that she could meet and start to enjoy the party. Who cares how today went because tonight she was gonna have fun! She was going to let go and see where the night took her!

A swift movement next to Charlotte caught her attention, Alfie hopping up on stage to join Rowan and making quick work on removing his jacket as he did so, letting it fall where it may which happened to be on the floor nearby. It caused a bubble of amusement in her, glad that these two were letting go and ready to have a nice time. Now if only she could do the same. It was as if Alfie had read her thoughts, his hand reached out to her and offering for her to dance. Char looked to his hand before gazing up so she could see his face, a bright smile tugging at her lips before she quickly placed her cup down. ”I would love too, Monsieur.” she happily replied, her hand softly sliding into his and gracefully jumped up on stage to join the two. She did a small twirl, keeping her hand in his before gliding her free hand over his shoulder and letting him take the lead.

~Interacting With~
@ineffable@Howilng Zinogre

She hadn’t realized how lost in thought she had been while admiring the beauty the setting sun had created until a unfamiliar voice captured her attention. Normally, she tried to be aware of her surroundings but Charlotte had obviously been too caught in her own world and for once it might have actually been written on her face what kind of thoughts she could have been thinking. It was either that or this man was very perceptive which was not out of the question. She had seen people that were excellent at reading others but it always made her a bit nervous on what they might see in her.

However, Row seemed genuinely sweet and caring to even notice she might need a distraction at all. The friendly smile calmed her nerves and made reining in her negative thoughts of the day easier, if only so he didn’t have to worry about her. She didn’t mind being the support for others but it was hard for her to completely convey her own thoughts if they happened to be in a downward path. ”Oh no, you weren’t being intrusive at all! It was probably for the best that I was pulled from my thoughts since this is a party after all so thank you.”Char answered, smiling softly before holding out her hand and continuing to speak.”It is a pleasure to meet you, Row. I’m...”she paused in her introduction, flinching slightly at the tap on her shoulder as she didn’t hear anyone come up behind her. It was the voice that followed with,"Charlie? How are ya?", that her relaxing since she knew who had been her surprise visitor. She carefully pushed off the side of the building so she could see both men, making it so she was not completely caught between them and that they could see each other without having to look around her.

”Alfie! I’m glad you could make it. I wasn’t sure if Peps or you would come. I don’t know about you but I am much better now that the day is over and I’m here. Oh but where are my manners? Row, this is Alfie. He is one of my roommates from 2A. Alfie, this is Row from 3D. I’m Charlotte by the way but you can call me by Char, Charlie, or anything else that you like.” she stated, trying to make sure neither of them were ignored and that would be better accomplished if they all knew each other or were speaking as a group. Row had been so nice and polite that she wanted to get to know him but it definitely looked as though Alfie had a rough day, maybe tougher than her own. She wouldn’t turn him away when it appeared like he needed to talk or at least seemed like a distraction might be wanted. He always seemed more relaxed after talking and she offered to be there to listen since she enjoyed helping others through their problems. Alfie was also a joy to converse on a normal day but they hadn’t had the chance recently. Charlotte either leaving early or him being extremely busy and unavailable which was bound to happen at times.

@Jones Sparrow

Hey Jones, I completely understand. I know what it is like to lose a loved one and school can be stressful as well as keep you prettt busy. Please, take all the time you need. You know I will still be here when you get back as I love this plot and you are an amazing friend. If you need to talk or just need a distraction then I am here for you. Let me know how I can help.

From what I am seeing, I am not worried :)

Just make sure to send the write ups to the GM via PM as requested on CS.

We still have room so you are in luck :)

Hey! You should join the discord we have going for this RP. We usually see messages pretty fast there :)

It looks like we have two slots left :)

The slight chill of the morning air nipped at the bare skin of her arms and legs as she stood on the balcony in a simple pair of boxers and tank, over looking the town as it slowly woke for the day ahead. A mug of sugary coffee in her hands was the only source of warmth for the brunette though she wouldn’t of minded being outside without it. The moisture from the fog made everything smell fresher and reminded her of mornings near the coast though lacking the gentle sound of waves from the ocean or the cry of gulls. It was relatively peaceful for now but soon people would be out in full swing to work on festival arrangements or headed to their last day of work which pulled a soft smile from her. She like the sense of community here and how everyone worked so hard together to make a full week of amazing activities that all ages could enjoy. Bert was even kicking of the festival a day early by posting a rooftop party on the bulletin board that was open for all tenant to attend. In truth, she felt a bit selfish living here which is why she had mostly withdrawn from most of the others since her arrival.

Charolette choose this place because it was different from her normal life style, a nice change of pace compared to the ritzy apartments or lofts she could have chosen. She wanted something new and with an out of the box place for her, it would mean that deranged woman had less of a chance at finding her....well, if Matt could hold off on letting it spill that is. She shook her head, placing her cup on the railing of the balcony, closing her eyes and pushing those thoughts out of her head. She should focus on the party, meeting new people and starting to get out of the bubble she had placed herself in. The closest people she had been connected to was her female roommate Pepper though she ended up being almost as quiet as she was, her male roommate Alfie who made her a bit nervous with his flirtation (mostly because she had no clue how to respond since she had no game what so ever) but still seemed like a nice guy for the most part and the other was Felix who she practically met day one when she arrived in Silvervale, the two of them becoming easy friends. Peps was so kind that she couldn’t imagine not having the other woman around even with the jump scares they gave each other. Alfie was easy going though she couldn’t completely figure him but she hoped that they could get along if she could let her guard down a little more around him. Normally, she would have made breakfast for Pepper, Alfie and herself but lack of sleep meant she had eaten earlier which in turn cause her roommates to be out of luck and on their own today. Char didn’t feel all too bad about it though seeing as how she wouldn’t probably be in the apartment much longer today due to an early appointment with a client. Well, early in the fact she had to leave sooner since it would take a two hour drive to meet at the agreed upon location.

The distant sound of music sweetly rang out and subconsciously, her fingers drummed along against the railing as if playing invisible piano keys. She knew that she should be getting ready for the day instead of listening but it was simply too perfect to resist. Char waited for the symphony to come to a close before opening her eyes once more, downing what was left of her coffee and heading inside, dropping the mug softly into the sink. She quietly slipped back into her room, moving to her closet and taking out the outfit she had planned out yesterday for tonights occasion, knowing that she would have limited time to change after leaving for the day so she decided why not kill two birds with one stone. Charlotte laid a short bright red dress out on the bed, admiring the simple tooling that seemed to lightly flow to her and the way the thin belt was decorated with a gold plate helped make the outfit pop a bit instead of the simplicity it normally had. She had wanted to add a little flair of her own and placed a black leather jacket next to the dress which would save her bare arms from the cold as well. A pair of black tights were tossed on the other side of the dress and a pair of black pumps with a thin ankle strap set on the floor. She dressed quickly, applying some eyeshadow and giving a quick curl to her hair before snagging her designs off the desk while throwing her bag over her shoulder, ready to start the day.

Charlotte tapped her fingers against the wood of the table, frustration building with each passing second. She clicked the side button on her phone, the light flashing to show the time which only served to piss her off more as the client she had gone out of the way to meet with was an hour and a half late with no calls or texts. She searched her contacts, pressing the call button on ‘Hannah’ and jamming the phone up to her ear, preparing herself for the conversation ahead. She hated dealing with this woman but the pay out was “hopefully” going to be worth the agony of wanting to rip her hair out.
“Hello, this is Hannah.”
”Hi Hannah, this is Charlotte Thorne. I am calling about our appointment? I was starting to worry that something happened to you when I had not received a call.”
“Oh, I won’t be coming. Today isn’t really a good day for me.”
Charlotte pulled the phone away from her face, looking at it like it with complete shock written on her features before she gripped it tighter. And you couldn’t have told me this before wasting my time? Or god forbid, before a two hour drive?, she thought before placing the phone back to her ear.”I see, I hope nothing serious happened.” she answered, trying to keep on the positive side and show some concern even with her negative thoughts as she shouldn’t fully assume.
“Oh no, nothing like that. I just didn’t want to make the drive and you can always send me the sketches digitally, right?”
Charlotte wanted nothing more then to chuck her phone cross the room and never hear from this woman again. She was so hot and cold that it boggled her mind. The woman had commissioned a wedding dress but every time she settled on a design, the next time she would want it completely different or would rant and rave like the bridezilla from hell about how she never said she wanted this or that. The last time, she commanded where and when they would meet and if it still wasn’t to her approval then Char would do it “right” while in her presence and now just email was fine? She was seriously pitying the groom and had to wonder what on earth he saw in this woman.
”Of course, anything you need. I will send you a scan as soon as possible.” she stated, trying to hold it together.
“Great. Later.” was the irritated response she received as the other line went dead.

Charlotte tossed her phone onto the table, running her fingers through hair hair and staring up at the ceiling in complete frustration. A waste of her morning and her afternoon but at least it didn’t have to be a total loss. She flagged down a waiter and decided to finally order, not needing to be polite and wait on another to join her. She was going to have something devilishly good and then she could stop by the store to pick up some supplies for the party doing the long trek back to the apartment. It should be about time for the party at that point or at least she could help in setting up a bit.

She grabbed the bottles of different colored wine and a few flavored rums before making her way back to 2A to drop off the other items in her possession. Charlotte made her way to the rooftop in no time, a few people already gathered as as placed the liquor she had with the others on the table, taking notice that they wouldn’t be running out any time soon. It was sure to be an interesting night and she couldn’t wait to see how it would play out. It looked like the food was already being handled and people were greeting each other. She might help set up the karaoke machine but for now, she was going to enjoy the view. She could be social later when the party was more in a full swing.

She leaned against the side of the building, watching the sky light with an array of color as the sun sank further down. It was a dazzling view and if she wasn’t at a party, she would be tempted to draw it or take pictures to capture the moment but the last thing she needed was breaking or losing her phone if she did get drunk. It also might sounds stupid but she would rather be caught being silly on someone else phone and not know about it then find it know her own by searching her phone. Either way, however this night turned out, she was looking forward to letting go a bit and having a nice time.

Yay! New roomie :)
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