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Okay, here it is. Let me know if anything needs to be edited.

@Midnight Howl

Working on bio as we speak. Just need to do the paragraph for personality since I have the traits listed.

Will have the profile probably up tonight.

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Location: Lacrosse Field
Interactions: Daniel Murphy@Moro, Costello Twins@LostDestinyLydia Harrington@viktorseier



Charlie couldn’t help but smile at the two, feeling nostalgic about their interactions with each other. She didn’t blame either of them for not catching her name during homeroom since she hadn’t caught any of their names either. Heck, the two of them had an even better excuse than she did, seeing as how she had just been jamming to music and tuning out the world. It appeared Danny had been the winner on actually paying attention and she was over the moon that he had. They all had so much to catch up on that probably couldn’t be covered in the small span of the mini festival but at least they had reconnected. ”Happy to be back! I missed you guys so much! I feel like this is the real way of finishing off high school. You guys better show me the ropes around here and not leave me hanging. Oh, and I want to meet all your new friends!”, she said excitedly. "Already replacing me with your old pals, Charlie?"

Her attention pulled away from the twins, turning to a familiar feminine voice that she would know anywhere. ”Lyds! You know I would never! There is room in my heart for all of my friends.”, Charlie replied as she rushed forward to pull Lydia into a hug, keeping an arm around her bestie’s shoulder as she addressed everyone. ”Do you all know each other or are introductions in order?”, she asked before her current smile started to slowly dim a bit while looking at the other three. It suddenly felt a little awkward, even more so because she wasn’t sure if she caused it by doing something wrong or if something happened that she wasn’t aware of. It just got suddenly far too quiet, as if they were trying to avoid or walking on eggshells. She knew Lydia sometimes had a strong personality but her heart was in a good place. Maybe they just didn’t know her that well? Or did their personalities clash? Either way, Charlie was determined that she could at least try and make the group come together or maybe she could figure out what happened to help fix whatever was going on here.

Location: Gala Fundraiser
Interactions/Mentions:Bolin/Shishi@ThisIsFine, Gruesome Twosome@Alistar Sabbath@Draku69

Jiang didn’t have a chance to react to the question, let alone appreciate the sauntering that came along with it since he suddenly went on pause mode for the weirdest one sided conversation that was bordering on insulting since it was obviously about her. She was irked to say the least and was about to give him peace of her mind when she suddenly blinked, her jaw dropping open slightly from surprise at being called Madame of all things. She hated that phrase! Her nose wrinkled in disgust under her mask, a deep frown and a harsh glare set in this masked figure's direction. He was damn lucky he disappeared just as rapidly as he had appeared because ancient spirit or not, she wanted him to taste her wrath slowly and painfully. She was not old! Okay, yes, she had lived for centuries but it wasn’t like she would rapidly age into a decrepit hag if she gave up her swords. She was merely paused in time and watching as an observer more than most or gaining wisdom for when she continued the natural flow of life and time. This whole night just seemed designed to put her in a foul mode.’At least it can’t get worse than this.’, Jiang thought in exasperation.

She cringed at the booming voice, her eyes widening as her gaze slowly moved away from the broken ceiling to the direction of the two figures that had decided to join in the ranks. She prayed for it not to be them, not being able to stand to be in either of their company very long because of their crude nature and annoying habits. If she didn’t know better, she would blame them for stalking but it seemed fate just kept putting her in their path or visa versa. It tended to happen at some point though with all immortals, meeting one another that is since they had nothing but optimal chances to do so. If they hadn’t met, then usually they had at least heard stories of each other and knew of each other’s existence in that matter. A groan left her lips as she finally got a view of the demons, cursing under her breath and debating on if she really wanted to deal with them and the mess they usually left in their wake. Jiang knew she could slip away and none would be the wiser. She wasn’t a hero and more than once she had avoided the two in a game of ultimate hide and seek, one she had never agreed to. She couldn’t in good conscience leave things as they were though.

It was her guests that would suffer and if a few hadn’t lost their lives already it would be a miracle. She hated dealing with the undead heathens left behind, not just because they were a pain but she felt a deep sadness for them. No one should have to fall prey and become something so grotesque. She gave a sigh, gracefully taking gliding steps towards the two, preparing not only to defend the heroes that had decided to address the demons but fight alongside the masked individuals.Hey Cretins! It is my distinct pleasure to inform you both that you were not invited to this soirée nor are either of you welcome so if you would both kindly remove yourselves and crawl back into the pit from whence you came, that would be most appreciated. I do not have patience to deal with your chaos and irritation.”, Jiang practically growled, her swords at the ready since she doubted it would be that easy to sway these two.’What did I even do to deserve this?’, she thought to herself, reflecting on the mess this whole gala had become.
Sounds like a good plan. Decided to make a human female for now.
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