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Hey, I am so sorry. I forgot about a family reunion and I've been up there so had to get off the phone and laptop. I will try to get a post up Monday for sure and I am not letting anything get in the way!

Thank goodness! Yeah, I'll try to think up ideas and hopefully more can help
No, sorry. Just a lot on my plate. I will try to get something up after work
Well everyone, I have been sick and we are moving not only my whole office building but I am also personally trying to get a move started. I guess this has slowed the pace of my posting. Usually I am good at ideas and hopping in to push things forward but have not been able to do so. I have only been able to do quick messages such as bumping threads and letting people know my internet is spotty since I downed my package to make it cheaper for moving.

Boomlover told Hawlin he never planed to post again.

And now Hawlin says he doesn't want to be our escapegoat which is never what I intended as none of this is their fault. Which means we are now down a Co-GM and I have no clue what happened to Jones so I hope he is okay.

I am happy to move things along but I need ideas. I have too much stress and don't feel well enough to figure it out. I will listen to any ideas and we can all collab.

Thank you all who are still here for your patience and understanding.
I have been having internet problems but I will try to post as soon as I can.

I did mine in Western order since Rin has not lived in Japan before now. *shrugs*

Smooth Masahiro, real smooth....

Lol XD
I thought @Hanabira wanted to make a character sheet.

Other than that I am super ready to go! ^_^


Well, there are a few that are new to Ouran. Rin has been a commoner all her life till now and Mikiena is there on scholarship sooo we have options lol
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