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Interesting that we'll be using existing Stands. Color me intrigued; I'll definitely at least see about being a part of this!
I've got myself a big itch for some kind of massive multiverse-spanning crossover stuff (mostly because a bunch of entirely unrelated things have garnered my interest as of late lol), but, well...Those aren't exactly common, and they're certainly not easy to pull off in a promising manner. And I definitely don't wanna try running it myself; been having a poor track record with that as of late :/

But hey, a man can hope for an excuse to play my new favorite dumbass in an RP lmao


I've been recovering from whatever the hell I caught; for the most part, I should be ready to get into the swing of things by next week (mental creativity for posting willing ofc).
A quick heads-up; I probably won't be posting anytime soon. Woke up feeling sick to my stomach, and that's exactly what I was, given I upended the contents of said stomach for roughly 2 minutes straight. Needless to say, I'm not in a great shape right now lol

I'll try not to be absent for too long and attempt to shoot up a solo Mysterio post eventually
Alright, with that, Mysterio is in full swing! Here's to looking forward to the rest of the event, though I imagine we're gonna be wrapping it off pretty soon lol

Okay, well...Perhaps he should've seen something like this happening. The scene had dissolved into absolute chaos, with the Four doing their damnedest to contain the situation. If it weren't for quick thinking on the Invisible Woman's part, chances are Mysterio would've been riddled with bullet holes. Or, well, he would've been if he was actually the one down there. Of course he didn't descend straight into a potential hellstorm of lead with his flesh and blood body! It was just one of the drones pulling off as a fake double while the real illusionist crouched at the top of one of the nearby buildings, scanning the area for opportunities to intervene.

'Let's see here...Well, Victoria hasn't gotten back to me, so I'll just have to work with what I've got. What would pay off right now is something flashy and disarming, to buy some time away from the gunman. And I think I've got just the thing in mind...'

With his plan of action fulfilled in his mind, Mysterio spoke into his helmet, reaching out once more to his tech team. "Guterman, Victoria; we're gonna need a big play to buy the heavy hitters some breathing room. Do we have enough drones for the big one?" Victoria was the first to speak up. "It would take most of them; would also mean we need to delay that area scan you wanted. But if that's fine..."

"Do it."

The false Mysterio on ground level with the rest of the heroes made his move; whipping around to face the majority of the gunmen, he began to weave his hands in strange patterns, mystical-looking green sigils gleaming in the air. At first, it wasn't exactly clear what he was up to, but it became far more obvious as a daunting shadow fell upon the street. "Let us see how these thugs contend with this..." He muttered to himself, eager to see the fruits of his labor.

Unsurprisingly, most of the gunmen who weren't trying to shoot down the Torch lost their focus, confused by the sudden darkness dawning on them. As they gave a cursory glance upwards, the results were instantaneous. "What the hell is that?!" "D-don't just stand there, shoot!" "Damnit, I didn't sign up for this!" Looming over the would-be assailants, and even the street at large, was an inhumanly massive version of Mysterio himself, his domed face gazing balefully down at the myriad aggressors. In their panic, many of them began their new assault on the gigantic sorcerer, only to find their bullets to be...Less than effective. Of course, it was impossible for them to tell from the distance they were firing, but the shots only hit empty air; it was all false. But they bought into it, and that gave Mysterio his own sort of power over them. Sometimes, even the threat of something can be dangerous...

The giant doppelganger, having already sponged up his fair share of lead, began to make the threat a bit more tangible. Slowly, one of his massive hands began to descend, threatening to crash into the wave of armed crooks. Many of them were, unsurprisingly, not bold enough to stare down such danger in the face, abandoning the attack in favor of sprinting full-speed away from where they believed the humongous fist would land. Feigning strain at maintaining this 'spell', Mysterio took this opportunity to rally some of the civilians who were still flat-footed. "G-Get out of here! We can handle this, just evacuate the area!" His call seemed to snap the bystanders back into reality from the shock of the incident, and they took his advice to heart, fleeing as fast as their feet could carry them. Alright, that cleared up some of the problem...

However, things rarely went as smoothly as heroes wished; one of the braver (or perhaps stupider) amongst the gun-toting thugs was still standing his ground in the face of the oncoming fist, a wild grin on their face as they fished out something from their side. It was a grenade...Of a sorts, though unlike any Beck had ever seen. "Let's see how ya like this!" Arming it, the mercenary hurled it through the air, and it sailed true, connecting with the illusory fist in a fantastical spray of weaponized cryogenics. 'Damnit! While it missed the drones, if we don't do something involving that stunt, the illusion might lose some of its strength; doubt they'll buy it quite as much if it just miraculously didn't freeze over..'

Thinking quickly, the real Mysterio spoke back to his team hastily. "Giant Mysterio's right hand needs to be frozen. Now!" He was fortunate his team acted as quickly as they did; the benefit of hours of practice in effect. Just before the white haze surrounding the explosion of the unusual weapon could fade, they had fabricated their new lie, as the massive Mysterio reeled back with his hand completely encased in ice. This was a problem, but at the very least, it was a weapon that wouldn't be used against the rest of them now. Still, he'd need to act quickly; the time this stunt bought would all be for naught if he let this stand. The grounded Mysterio spoke out to the one man present who could solve the 'problem' here. Luckily, with how scattered the group was now, hopefully this call for aid would not prove problematic to the overall combat. "Torch! Can you thaw it?!" As if to bring the focus to it (well, more than there likely already was), the gigantic illusion swung its thoroughly frosted hand about, as if trying to shake off the deep freeze it was undergone. In the meantime, the true version of this hero began his descent to the ground-level; looks like he'd have to get his own hands dirty too, at this rate.

It took the real Mysterio...Longed than he'd care to admit to get down from the building. If there had been a spare drone, perhaps he could've made a more effective descent using it, but they were more than preoccupied. Doing so, however, he witnessed one of the more frazzled members of this raiding party flailing his way down the alleyway he was moving towards. This...Could prove useful. Lunging down from on-high, Quentin collided with the gunmen, bringing them both to the ground. "Agh! What th-?!" Before he could finish the sentence, he was brutally smashed in the face by the ironclad fist of Mysterio. He'd be out for a time, and with a broken nose to remember it by. Quick to clean the blood off, he spoke up to his team once more, his gaze glued to the unconscious gunman before him. "Can we spare a drone from the big guy? I've got an interesting plan in mind..."

While he absentmindedly heard his crew speak, readying a drone to his location, Mysterio casually took the man's firearm, as well as his belt, which seemed to be lined with a few interesting pieces of their own, though none exactly like the one that had been pulled on his illusory dupe. As he latched it on, the drone had made its way to him, as his appearance seemingly shifted to be almost exactly 1:1 of the unconscious grunt. With this, he was going to nip this assault team at the bud...
Jeez, it's really been that long? Time flies after a new year rolls in...Seriously, apologies on that. I'll arrange for a Mysterio post sooner than later; Wednesday tops. Got caught up in some stuff (including a new game I've been looking forward to for a good handful of months finally rolling in), but I'll be sure to get back in the game.
Sounds good! I'll be lookin' forward to it :)

Location: Command Center

The captain had been patiently lounging as he awaited the arrival of his crew, his own ass firmly planted in one of the comfortable chairs surrounding the Holodeck of the Command Center. He wasn't all that surprised when Kelmandar was the first to make it; he had seemed like the early bird type (pun intended), which Kura wouldn't complain about. Having someone reliable on board was always a refreshing change of pace for him. He gave the mild-mannered avian a nod of acknowledgement and a wry smile at his statement. "Oh, you have no idea...Get comfortable. Who knows how long the others could take..."

This statement proved short-lived, as briefly afterwards appeared one of the other respectable combatants aboard his fine vessel, that of course being Banshee. Her comment earned her a dry laugh of bemusement from the captain, casually shifting his position to address the gas-based mercenary. "Funny. Not like you've really got one when you walk around in a tin can everywhere, huh?" His cheek soon disintegrated, however, replaced by a stoic gaze. "...But in all seriousness, you better be prepared. Chances are this isn't gonna be some milk run, I can say that much."

Another few minutes passed by, with the Cybertronian and....Rat-thing(?) arriving, though the method of transportation the latter chose earned a mildly annoyed glare from Kura. Seriously, the last thing they needed was a dwarf-sized rodent scurrying through the ventilation. Still, it wasn't worth getting too boiled over; at worst, he could set the little weasel straight after the job.

The next one to appear, however, was one that still baffled the captain; at least in the sense of why he even let them on-board. He watched the strange slime-based lifeform stride into sight, staring slightly absentmindedly at the strange bits and bobs floating about inside them, including the pistol half-jammed into their waist. He was shaken from this when the entity they'd come to know as Strata actually spoke up, the contents of which forced a derisive snort from Captain Kura. "That 'someone' is called auto-pilot. Don't act too surprised." Upon her request for him to speak up about today's assignment, the Saiyan merely shrugged. "Gotta wait for the rest of the crew; leave one person unaware, and everything can go to hell. Saying from experience." He chose not to elaborate on that statement, as the others slowly filtered in.

The engineer arrived next, looking as if he had just run a marathon. Sometimes he seriously wondered why he let this brat on-board...Until he saw the strange mechanical creatures accompanying him. Right...Strange though he was, the kid was a one-in-a-million kinda tech wiz, and that came in handy when you were handling a ship about ten times more complex than your last. Following up on the peculiar gearhead was their actual pilot as he practically slid into frame and got himself comfortable. His claim was clearly a jest; the vessel had been built for a group over double their size, so unsurprisingly, most rooms in the Galatea had air to spare (so to speak).

After a longer wait than anyone present would like to admit, the prized doctor aboard their ship finally arrived wordlessly, taking a prompt seat. Sheesh, she'd really kept them waiting...Still, with everyone now present, it was time to pull off the curtain of this operation.

"You all know that for the past few days we've been traveling, but I haven't said to where; that changes today." Taking a brief moment to recollect exactly how this damn table worked, he found what he needed to press as a holographic display appeared, tailored to give a virtual view of the nearest planetoid to Galatea. What appeared was a desolate-looking ball of earth, bloody-red and covered in sand, and with a few more motions, a closer examination was offered of the surface, with what looked like near-permanent sandstorms and the threat of unearthly beasts lurking in the sands and shadows. "This is the planet Dedrite. Effectively it's a mostly-unexplored and highly dangerous desert planet, with little to nothing in terms of life, intelligent or otherwise. And what does live there, well..." A brief scowl crossed Captain Kura's face at the thought. "Let's just say they aren't too kind to anything with a pulse. We're heading here today to pick up a job from an old contact of mine. Now, before you say anything, let me tell you all upfront; I don't know anything about the proper job we'll be receiving either, but I do know the payout..."

Kura looked around at all the faces (or in a few cases, a certain lack thereof), a smirk gracing his face. Time to see how far these people could be willing to go..."Whatever the task, if we complete it, it'll be 200,000 credits straight-up. Splitting it amongst you all, and not accounting for a bit of extra pay for any particularly outstanding work, and that means 20K for each of you."

When it came to credits, making anything in the thousands meant it was good pay; something you could make a living off of. But this much? Needless to say, it was a big payout, one with which the receiver could do whatever they wanted, and at a bare minimum, if they didn't blow it in one big shot, it's enough cash to keep them checked for several months. With this revelation, the captain patiently awaited the responses he would receive after he gave one final statement. "So...Whose up for traversing a desert hellscape?"
Is any New York based hero up for possibly collaborating at one point soon? The Hood is very much on the board for people to interact with if they want a minor villain to fight. Figured this would be a good villain to give Magik an opportunity to collab with some non-magically based characters

Given that the current event is going a bit slow, I'd be willing to jump on board. And besides, I'm sure it'd be amusing to have Magik interact with someone feigning magical abilities like Mysterio xD
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