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I don't intend on bringing her in right away, but...have another character.

Okay, so...There isn't anything inherently wrong with Rhylaen, but me and Kaya both agree that she feels pretty disconnected from, like, anything relating to the Marvel-verse, which makes it stand out like a sore thumb. Just feels off to have an entire race and world and universe separate from our current one with quite literally nothing connecting them beyond these apparent wraiths that sent her here. In essence, we'd prefer something with more ties to the Marvel-verse at large.

Alrighty, hopefully second time's the charm. Hope you like this one better than the last ^u^

Likin' the look of this one! Only two complaints, one much more minor than the other; firstly, I ask that they not be too proficient with the sling ring, because, well...I want an excuse to get y'all into cool Quinjets that will inevitably crash and burn! Can't do that if we have an instant portal service around lol

The second one is more major, though. The Sleep Magic, as it is written right now, is too strong. Effectively, it says that even with its lightest version, it can incapacitate most human combatants for around 5 minutes. Now, of course, this may interact differently with certain super-powered individuals, but for the most part it's just a button that can instantly end most combat scenarios, which is not a fun thing for me to have to write around. I'm open to hearing about other options or retooling this power! If these issues can be addressed, we'll be more than happy accepting Valerian.

...Oh, also, as a personal request from our dear Co-GM Kaya, please don't use that shade of white for his color. It's very hard to parse from the standard white of the text, so it doesn't do its main purpose of standing out from the non-verbal texts.
Heya! Let me know if there's anything I need to edit on this. I'll edit on the Relationship sheet later. Hope you like him! ^u^

Okay, a lot to tackle on this one; I'll start with the biggest general stickler and work my way down. His psionic spellcasting abilities are way too strong. The kid has mental manipulation on levels that would make most characters in the Marvel Universe blush. Hell, even the Sorcerer Supreme himself needs the Eye of Agamotto to pull those sorts of feats, completely warping and subjugating minds. So, simply put, this side of his power would need to be either extraordinarily toned down, or removed altogether.

Now, the other thing. This backstory really makes Agatha look rather vile, and even moreso, downright stupid. But one thing at a time; firstly, from what I could glean online, Agatha isn't the one who founded Salem. She merely settled in it (though she did eventually found New Salem, but we'll get to that). Secondly, that 'defeat' against Wanda you're talking about? Well, she wasn't just defeated, but Agatha had been full-blown killed in that conflict, which I believe throws a wrench in the current timeline of things you're setting up...Still, for now, that's a more minor point compared to what comes next.

Third is how you've painted Harkness'...Relationships, putting it nicely. That is not the kind of woman Agatha Harkness ever was. More often than not, she kept to herself, more focused on honing her abilities and protecting the delicate balance of the magical world, and when not doing that, working to safeguard her coven. Even if she did have an inclination for all these flings, she'd likely be too busy with everything she keeps up with. But....Let's assume for a benefit of the doubt she did have all these children. The reasoning offered is convoluted at best. Sure, she could be hoping for that 1-in-a-million that inherits some insane magical gift from her, but more often than not it wouldn't be the case, because magic is primarily something that must be learned and taught. If she were really desiring some kind of prodigy child, she'd make one; she's about the best teacher a would-be sorcerer could ask for, right next to Strange himself. But again, semantics. I'll move forward...

This next bit ties into the whole 'don't understand why she'd bother with all this' issue, but we'll push beyond that for now. The fact that Agatha is apparently practicing dark magic on innocent civilians to warp their minds is EXTREMELY off for her. Not just because it's needlessly cruel, but because she (perhaps more than anyone) is aware of how dangerous dark magic can be, and would be averse to using it at all, much less for experimentation. Not to mention, of course, that if she's been doing this to many people, it just leaves a trail of evidence that will eventually attach back to her and cause a whole cavalcade of issues that she sure as Hell would not want to deal with. So, another point towards 'why the Hell did she even do this'.

But again, we'll push past this and get to the next glaring issue. Caspian is born, but she...Somehow can't tell that he's gifted in magic? How? She is, next to the Sorcerer Supreme and others of his skill, the greatest spellcaster to live, and she can't tell this child has the gift? That just seems completely unbelievable. Which brings me to a point that would certainly shift the entire dynamic of this history, but (in my opinion, at least) for the better; if she did recognize his gift (which she certainly would have), she would've likely just taken the boy back to New Salem, whether to raise for herself or have others in the mystical community look after them. She would have nothing to gain and plenty to lose by letting a child like Caspian be raised among people who don't possess, and more importantly, would fear his gift. As became evident later in this bio.

To cut a long story short, ideally, most of the rest of this bio wouldn't have happened if 1: Agatha was acting more in-line with how she is supposed to be (which is not exactly pure of heart or anything of the sort, but not some wicked witch like the bio currently paints her), and 2: She recognized the gifts present in Caspian and, naturally, took the baby with her. Now, I understand this would be a dramatic shift in the storyline you're pushing here, so I'll try and offer up some amenities.

How about him just not being related to Agatha, but rather being led to believe he is? Perhaps he was just a boy with a particular gift for magic, and a more black-hearted sorcerer sought to take advantage of this through lies and manipulation. This could even culminate in Agatha still being involved in their life, where she may take the place of Stephen rescuing them from their horrid situation after learning about someone misusing her good name, and even more prudently, abusing and manipulating a promising sorcerer. That would be my recommendation, because it still keeps her around in your storyline, keeps her more in-line with her character, and still allows you to keep most of the story beats you were shooting for here.

...Alright, ranted long enough. This is what I got, because as-is, I can't accept this bio due to how it seems to completely assassinate Agatha's character in exchange for making her into a blatant villain. I'm willing to listen to any feedback though, and I want to be clear that this is not me denying you from the RP; I'd just like to see this concept tinkered with some before we set it to stone.

Location: Queens, New York; Avengers Academy
Interactions: Everyone

The first students had made their way to the academy; the siblings, Izkry and Belasý. Professor Hulk had not heard their full story from the sergeant, but he heard enough. It hurt that it was a story he had grown all the more accustomed to over his years as a hero, where those with gifts were abused, betrayed, and manipulated. Whether it was Mutantkind, the Inhumans, or anything in-between, it was always something. Still, he hardly let such dismal thoughts show on his face as he politely took the eager young man's handshake. "It's a pleasure to meet you both properly, and on behalf of everyone working here, we're just as thankful you chose to be here. I'm sure it wasn't an easy decision, but I'll do my best to show it was the right one." It was hard not to believe him; perhaps it was just his size that easily dwarfed the two, but he seemed larger-than-life, and his confidence in his words was backed up by a smile that seemed to hold no concerns for what the future may bring.

Shortly afterwards, the next arrival made their landing, though it was far more dramatic than the siblings...If you were willing to ignore the several minutes it took the young man to make it through the entire school after the Quinjet landed safely upon the rooftop of the school, where Happy was able to secure their transportation. It would look a bit off to just have a jet sitting atop the academy, so luckily, they thought ahead. They had reached out to Doctor Pym beforehand, and the use of Pym Particles allowed them to keep a small collection of Quinjets shrunk down to more manageable sizes, ready to be deployed straight from the rooftop whenever the moments called. Past that, the newcomer had arrived. Young Sigurd, the child of the legendary Asgardian Heimdall, who once watched over the Bifrost, the gate between realms. The Professor had no doubt such a thing was a heavy burden for the young man to carry, especially with recent news claiming he'd managed to manifest some form of the presumed-destroyed rainbow bridge. Alleviating that kind of pressure would be important...Though he had a feeling a certain someone's teaching would make that far more difficult. Hulk also noticed Hogan alongside the Asgardian, clearly a bit winded from having traveled through the school. His days of fitness from being Tony Stark's bodyguard (however unnecessary that was) were behind him, sadly.
The Professor was happy to exchange both bows and handshakes with Sigurd. With all his interactions with Asgardians, he had grown used to some manner of pomp and circumstance. "I certainly hope it will be. It's good to have you, Sigurd." Punctuating the statement, Hulk briefly clasped the Asgardian boy's shoulders with a bit of extra force before the young man stepped patiently to the side, like an inside joke between people who could tear through a car the same way someone could tear through a tissue.

Hulk barely had time to relax before the next arrival had darted in front of him, her small and lithe frame belying her impressive capabilities. He had heard from Spider-Man that she seemed to possess quite the potential, though he also certainly didn't hide his concern in the potential origins of the young lady's gifts. From what the Professor knew, the wall-crawler was looking into things, but he hadn't heard back from him just yet. Snapping back to attention to the energetic youth in front of him, Banner gave a slightly awkward laugh, not fully prepared for someone so clearly ecstatic to be here. Yet it also brought a smile to his face. "Well, I'm more than happy to meet you as well, Mia." He granted her a firm handshake. He had (sadly) fought Peter more than enough times to know how tough he could be, and Ms. Thompson before him was no different.

As the Professor continued interacting with his current entourage, he could see a new figure out of the corner of his eye; Hazel. There were plenty of ways for him to tell who this was, but the floating motorcycle gave it away. Oh, and the compact wrist computer as well. And, well...While it was rude to think, her general body language saying that she most certainly didn't care to be here was another factor that made him certain as to who they were. As they strode into the grounds of the Academy, the first thing out of their mouth was a complaint. Professor Hulk merely sighed, the smile he had been carrying now dropped. "I understand your discontent with them, but SHIELD is a government body, at the end of the day. If they had asked to confiscate or replicate your work, it'd be one thing, but they just wanted it to have secure passage as you made it to the academy. Though, I hadn't heard anything about dismantling..." The Professor muttered that last bit to himself, likely only audible to Mia due to her held proximity to the Professor. Shaking his head though, Hulk spoke once more to the silently irate inventor. "Still, I'm glad you made it here, and more importantly, that you chose to come here. I'm sure Rhodey will be pleased, too." Banner got back his smile, though when he made the comment on War Machine, he glanced cautiously up to the second story of the prodigious building. No gunfire yet, so it seemed there wasn't a fight. Yet. He silently hoped Rhodey would be able to talk the merc out of school grounds, but, well...He wasn't called 'War Machine' for his diplomacy skills.

The next arrival was one Professor Hulk had been personally quite excited for. One Mazie Murdock, otherwise known by Crimson Angel. Amongst all their prospective candidates, what she may lack in proper field experience, she made up for in spades with years of training from some of the most prolific martial masters Earth could muster. That sort of thing could not be undervalued, as he had learned in his years as an Avenger. Sure, he was 'The Incredible Hulk', but dozens of times in those years did he find the day saved by members whose extraordinary gifts were not born by circumstances or birth, but by harrowing years of training and improvement. She would be a more than welcome addition. It also helped that she was polite. He took her handshake in kind, careful to gauge his strength. For however skilled she was, she was also still human. He could break her a thousand times over if he just put in a little too much force...Those kinds of thoughts always lingered in the back of his head, even when he was simply The Hulk. Ironically enough, he found his concerns wiped away by the calculating look behind her bright blue eyes, clearly prying for weakness. He couldn't help but smirk; even if he didn't interact with her much, he knew enough to safely say this girl was her mother's daughter. "The honor is all mine, Crimson Angel. And I'm pleased to see you managed to wrangle one of our staff members into actually arriving today." The jolly green giant gave a joking chuckle as he glanced off to the gates of Avengers Academy, watching as Daniel conversed with the Murdocks.

Absorbed in his interaction with Mazie, the Professor had nearly missed the latest student to reach the school grounds, being one Cassius Munroe. He had one similarity with the young lady before him; he, too, could be considered something of a 'legacy' child, though that was where the comparisons ended. Truth be told, he was surprised the young man had taken up at the academy. Ignoring the fact he had a perfectly valid option through Xavier's Institute for Higher Learning, from what little he had known of Cassius beforehand would've told him that he would not wish to be involved with something such as this, but...Those five years after what the Mad Titan did changed much. Too much. The glance he shared with the young Mutant held a hidden kernel of shame. What had happened to him was at no small fault to Hulk, either. He could've done more...He should have.
He was shaken from these dire thoughts as Cassius actually spoke up, and Professor Hulk couldn't help but give a bemused smile. Yes, it certainly was a nice place. "Just make sure not to loiter too far off, Thunderbolt." It was a name that only meant something to the both of them, in all likelihood. The title the young man held when he fought for the people of New York, back before the Snap was reversed. Despite all of his posturing, there was one thing the Profess knew for certain. That course of action took bravery; it took heroism. He'd do just fine here.

The next student to make their appearance was not seen first, but heard, by none other than Matthew Murdock, his head perking up as he tilted his gaze skyward. It was a fruitless endeavor for him, of course, but it was more to make the point. Something was coming. "I don't suppose...?" The lawyer had barely turned his head towards Iron Fist, but he was quick to respond in kind. "Yes. You may want to brace yourselves..." And with that, it wasn't long before Alcides made his dramatic entrance, landing bodily onto the paved sidewalk, easily noticeable cracks and fractures forming across his impromptu landing pad. Though, admittedly, there had been plenty worse property damage caused by the actual Avengers. Matt shook his head as if disapprovingly, but a small smile played on the man's lips, while Elektra held a cold glare in her eyes. For his part in all of this, the one known as Iron Fist remained perfectly stoic. With the weak apology offered up, it was Mr. Murdock who spoke up. "Personally, I'd save the apologies for Mrs. Stark. She's the one paying for all this, after all." With that bit of tongue-in-cheek banter out of the way, the three adults let the metal-suited youth head his way into the Academy grounds proper.
Jason's interaction with the Headmaster was polite and brief. Well, there had been worse first impressions made today, that much was certain. "That will be fine, Jason. We'll have plenty of time to drop your armor off soon enough." And that was true; he was planning a tour of the grounds once today's student body was properly gathered up, and that'd offer the perfect opportunity for the young man to store his suit. And perhaps Miss Jackson's work, too, if he could convince her it would be secure in the Academy. They could hardly have the thing parked out here all the time.

The roar of engines signaled the arrival of a pair Hulk had been perfectly prepared for to be fashionably late. The Wolverines. It was no surprise to him that the moment Logan stepped off his ride, he stalked off to avoiding confronting a gaggle of confusing new youths right off the bat. For a man who'd been a teacher as long as he had, he always seemed strangely bad with kids. Laura, on the other hand, was a little more proactive; whether out of an actual want to be included or simply wishing to bite the bullet, Hulk couldn't say. Still, he couldn't help but give a chuckle at her introductions. "And hello to you too, Laura. I'm glad you made it. Or would it be more accurate to say 'I'm glad Logan dragged you here'?" In spite of the accusatory nature of the words, the Professor's tone made it sound anything but, combined with a joking smirk across his face.

As if to punctuate the method of transportation chosen by the two latest Mutant arrivals, the rev of another engine could be heard as another new individual made their way into the Academy grounds. This was the one the Hulk knew solely off visuals; not because he'd met the young man beforehand, but because it could prove vital for him to be able to identify him right off the bat. That young man, Elias...Was a Ghost Rider. That was never something to be taken lightly. He could end up endangering others, if poor circumstances allowed it. Hulk knew the Spirit of Vengeance was hardly picky about the fights it took, so long as it saw purpose in them. Still, he would do his best to treat him as equally as any of the other students, and shared that nod with the young man as he quietly walked into the courtyard. Well, that was all of them. Clearing his voice, Professor Hulk put on a lightly commanding tone, preparing to wrangle the attention of his myriad students.

"Attention, every-"

The Headmaster was unceremoniously cut off as a red spandex-wearing individual was hurled bodily out of a second story window (even more concerningly, not the one that was broken beforehand), sailing ungracefully through the air before he collided into one of the two pillars supporting the school gates...Crotch first. "Ooogh...Right in the Kiddypool...." Were the only words the individual could utter before he slid down, cracking his face into the pavement on the other side of the gate, which was hastily closed remotely. Flying out from the new opening was War Machine, who landed next to the Professor and shouted out to the mercenary. "And keep your ass out, Deadpool, if you know what's good for you!" Off to the side, the show at least got a short, harsh laugh out of Logan, who was all too happy to watch Wade get some comeuppance. It was only then that James realized he'd interrupted the entire student body alongside the Professor. Before the awkward silence could grow deeper, he spoke up once more. "The kids are here. Good. We doing the tour?". Hulk, for his part, stared blankly at War Machine. Talk about ruining the occasion...Still, the gamma giant jumped back to the topic at hand. "Yes, that was the intent. If I have everyone's attention?" Giving a few patient moments to ensure everyone had their focus towards him, the Headmaster spoke once again. "If you all will follow me, I'll give you a tour of the Academy grounds alongside War Machine and Mr. Hogan here." As if stifled by the formality of the situation, Hogan pulled at his necktie a bit, adjusting it as he addressed the crowd, just a normal man alongside two legends. "You all can just call me Happy. For the record."
Yep! Though you might need to be quick about making a character if you're planning to jump right in, given that the story will soon be moving forward, and thus make it more awkward for a newcomer to get in. Regardless though, you're more than welcome to join. :)

Location: Queens, New York; Avengers Academy

The Academy's courtyard was a sight to behold; a shockingly pristine lawn of cleanly cut grass, rows of well-trimmed hedges lining the sides of the building, as if forming a plant-based barrier. Beyond that were plenty of benches around the front, for those wishing to spend their off-time relaxing in the sun, soaking in the views of Queens, and then, the crowning jewel of the courtyard. It was a massive statue that showed off many, many different Avengers, from Iron Man to the Hulk and everyone in-between, serving as a monument to the achievements of this monumental team. Below it was a silver plaque that simply read as follows;

"It's not about where you were born, or what powers you have, or what you wear in your chest; it's about what you do."

Professor Hulk was awkwardly seated in one the nearby benches, fidgeting with clear nervous energy unbefitting his stature. Standing beside him was War Machine, who gave a passing glance to the green giant. "...You still worried? I think it's a bit late for that." A heavy sigh was his only answer at first, before Hulk finally spoke. "I would be more concerned if I wasn't. There's a lot riding on this; on whether we can really help them become their best selves." Rhodey was still a bit uncomfortable speaking to such a formal-sounding Hulk, even after all this time. "Yeah, I get it. I wanna believe all these kids will get what they need here, but if they don't..." War Machine left the comment lingering between the both of them. They both knew the answer to that possibility, and it wasn't one they wanted to think about.

Eventually, it was the Professor who broke the silence again, looking at a board that appeared comically small in comparison to his proportions, a smile alighting his face. "Well, at the very least, it's a colorful sort. Even the young lady you met signed up, it seems." Hulk turned, expecting some kind of positive reaction, but was a bit surprised to see that War Machine's idling seemed to gain its own nervous edge at the claim. "If I can be real with you, Bann-er, Hulk? That girl makes me nervous. Like a younger Tony." He had to catch himself mid-sentence; another thing he still hadn't grown fully accustomed to was referring to him as Professor Hulk. It was hard to imagine Bruce and the Hulk finally putting aside their differences, but, well...The proof was in front of him. Speaking of him, he gave a bit of a laugh at the comparison, though it also had a nervous edge to it. "Fair enough, but...You ARE the one who brought her on board." "Cause the alternative is her getting nabbed up by A.I.M. and making black hole guns or something."

That got a good chuckle out of the both of them, before Hulk returned to a stoic, yet notably yet anxious look, casually flipping through the multitude of pages pinned to his board. "I've already gotten some calls and e-mails about a good few students who won't be able to make it to this first day. At the very least, it means we'll have a more manageable first day." Hearing that, War Machine turned directly towards him, and despite his metal face completely lacking in emotions, you could almost feel the glare he was sending. "...Hulk, haven't we been around the block enough to know you never say stuff like that? Now I bet there'll be some HYDRA attack or something crazy." For his part, Hulk merely rolled his eyes. Surely nothing that extreme would happen today. So instead, he eagerly faced the front of the school, its gates open wide for the presumably approaching student body.

The Professor knew it would difficult for many of them. Sure, there was a guarantee that their personal identities would be kept strictly confidential in the school grounds, but having known more than a few heroes who preferred their secrecy, he understood it would be no small ask of them to be so open. That, and the fact that they'd be living on school grounds; many of them were around high school age, so the concept wouldn't seem too foreign to most of them (assuming they had been planning to go to college, at least), but that would also inevitably bring its own complications, whether it be them clashing against fellow dormmates, or even something as intrinsic as the idea of staying somewhere for so long. Some of these kids certainly hadn't had the best lives before this, but Hulk was confident in making the school a safe place for all of them....

That train of thought was promptly broken by a small explosion on one of the higher levels of the Academy, shattering the glass windows as an obnoxious voice rang out. "Man, who knew making chimichangas with lab equipment could be so hard?!" Hulk gave a defeated look to War Machine, who merely nodded. "...Yeah, I'll get him. Again. How the hell does he keep sneaking in without tripping the security...?" Now left to his own devices as his fellow Avenger and teacher went to go handle the permanent human barnacle that had attached himself to their estate, Hulk looked on with anticipation. Soon enough, the students would arrive....
Alright folks, take a breath! Yup, it's that time. With us passing into November, we're finally prepared to take our step into the RP proper!...Which means, yes, I am going to work on getting that Discord rolling. In fact, it's the first thing on the docket next to an actual intro post, so look forward to it!

In the meantime, for those of you still cooking sheets, don't fret; just because the RP is starting doesn't mean I'm closing things out just yet. There's still time! For now...Muahahaha...

Alright, given that the more recent changes I requested are minor, I'll overlook them and say you're accepted - tentatively. If I don't see those extra changes within a week of the RP starting, I...Well, I'll be upset! So there! >:C
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K A I D E N N E W M A N ◼ J A N U A R Y 8 ( 1 9 ) ◼ M A L E

"Hullo! I'm hoping we can all be good friends here. And no, I don't bite."

▼ A P P E A R A N C E:

"I'm terribly sorry if my appearance frightens you...Can't really fix that, though."


◼ HEIGHT | 6'6"

◼ WEIGHT | 230 lbs.

◼ BUILD | Built (for a moth guy...?)

◼ HAIR COLOUR | Brown - Now White

◼ EYE COLOUR | Green - Now Red

◼ 'VOICE' TEXT COLOUR | Blue Magenta (8882be)

◼ OTHER | Body is covered in chitinous scales, alongside a thin layer of strange, powdery dust, with what lies below being a dense exoskeleton. Wings are also composed of chitin, though specially altered for proper functioning. Unlike most moths, he has a proper mouth, though it also rather disturbingly has an extendable proboscis.

Kaiden has the unfortunate 'gift' of looking like a moth monster from an 80s horror flick. His whole appearance is unnatural, to put it nicely, between his compound eyes (of which some are present even on his chitinous shoulders, disturbingly enough), multiple arms with razor-sharp claws, spindly little feet, and the odd proportions of his body that are only able to be supported through the complex and dense system of chitinous scales and plates that cover his form, and he makes for someone nobody is ever prepared to meet for the first time.

Also, yes, his floof is rather warm and nice to touch. But don't touch without permission; that's rude.

▼ B I O G R A P H Y:

"It has been a rough couple of days. But I'm sure I can put this all behind me! Eventually..."

Kaiden was born in a place where everyone knew his name; specifically Coldfoot, Alaska, a town with not even 50 people to its name. Practically 'nowhere' by any other name. But it was home. His father, Nathaniel Newman, was an Ethologist all the way from California who had made his way up North to pursue his craft, studying the natural behavior of the myriad of wildlife present in the small town's nearby National Park and Wildlife Refuge. As such, as a boy, young Kaiden spent many, many days alongside his old man in the beautiful snowy wilderness of Alaska (with professional guides, of course).

Growing up, while he found his father's work inspiring, Kaiden didn't seek to directly follow in his footsteps. He found a more creative soul within himself; a desire to write, to inscribe all the wonders of nature he'd come across for all to be able to witness through text. In other words, he wished to become a writer, and seemed quite well on his way, given how exemplary he performed in school (which, granted, he and his dad had to drive miles and miles each day to even get to). After graduating, Kaiden had plans to go abroad to Harvard to further his education before he became an author, but the world had different plans; his father fell ill shortly after he graduated, and he wasn't willing to part while knowing they were unwell.

...That's how he got stuck in his hometown for almost two years.

Thankfully, he didn't spend it twiddling his thumbs; he'd picked up a job working at the local library as an aide. It wasn't great-paying work, but it had a pleasant atmosphere for the bookish young man, so he hardly complained. However, something rather strange happened recently...It had been a late shift for him, wanting to make a little overtime pay to treat some of his high school friends to a nice dinner, as some of them were finally going to leave Coldfoot behind, just as he had planned. It had been a weirdly busy day though, and it didn't help when those selfsame friends dropped in unannounced to goof about during his work hours; in other words, he was drained. Just a little shut-eye wouldn't hurt...

Kaiden felt shifts. Something...Cracking? Splitting open, almost. He felt twinges across his whole body, but it felt numb, as if it wasn't even his own body anymore. For some reason, all of that didn't shake him out of his stupor. But the shrill scream of a young lady certainly did. His eyes flashed open, but immediately, something was very wrong. He was seeing too much - as silly as that sounds - and it all looked so...Different. Like fractals of everything around him. He shook it off though, as he was more worried about who was giving off that awful noise. Turned out, it was Marilyn, one of his friends. Seemed like she'd tried to pop back in late in his shift, though for what reasons, he couldn't say. Kaiden held his head in his hand; her yell gave him a splitting - wait. His hand...The fingers were wrong. He was missing two, and the look of them- suddenly, with his jarring sense of vision, he began to grasp more of himself. He was taller, bigger, and heaver than he had ever been before. He stood a full head and-a-half over Marilyn, for Chrissake! And there was all this weird white fur over his body, covering up so much of his arms and le-...

What on EARTH were his legs?! Like off-kilter sticks, yet they somehow miraculously supported his new mass. Then he felt them flitter, and eyes in places he didn't know he could have eyes looked behind him; his wings. His...Wings? It was all so overwhelming; the new sights, the new senses, the new body, all of it was far too much. Kaiden recoiled at the sight of himself, accidentally launching back into a bookshelf with a grunt as it fell on top of him. If he was human, he probably could have died. But...

With arms he didn't realize he now possessed, he pushed up with inhuman strength, and accidentally launched the bookshelf through the roof. Literally. Now that was already jarring enough, but what came next boggled him even more. Looking up in that fresh hole, with Marilyn's screams fading into mere background noise, he saw them; twinkling stars held bright against the night of Alaska. And something in him desperately wanted to reach that incandescent light...And so it did.

He flew. Higher, higher, and higher still. In a way, it was liberating; to forget everything else and just reach to the stars, though far more literally than he could ever imagine. Even then, though some human part of his brain kicked in, trying to tell him that this way wrong. Thankfully, it reached him, because by the time he snapped back to reality, he was hundreds of feet up into the air. It was a panicked descent, certainly, and a rough one, but he made it back to ground level, plopping into the deep snow.

The rest, as they say, is history.

News travels fast in a town so self-contained, and it didn't take long for Nathaniel to catch word of what happened (well, that being that either his son became a giant moth man, or was eaten by one; he was hoping for the former). While he wasn't back to perfect health, he had been on the up-and-up for some time, and he wouldn't take this lying down. His boy was in danger; either from himself, or from the people who would see him as a monster. So he made a call back home. To AEGIS. While his arrival was delayed tremendously due to his unique situation, being so completely inhuman in comparison to many other Metas, he was lined up to join his fellow Metahumans in the Ju-V program inside the newly refurbished and repurposed Alcatraz Island all the way in California.

...Well, at least it would be a new experience?

▼ M O T I V A T I O N / O B J E C T I V E:

"I want the chance to be who I am still, underneath all the...Scales and fluff."

Kaiden wants nothing more than to put all of this behind him (in no small part due to how absolutely terrifying his first day being this freak of nature turned out to be). If it means he has to be a model citizen for a few months or years, he's more than happy to do so. He already considers himself a bit of an orderly; but that comes from his past life, one that came without major conflicts or threats. He's woefully unprepared for the place he will have to set foot in, and one can only hope he comes out the other side unscathed.

▼ A B I L I T I E S / S K I L L S:

"Well, I can fly, I'm strong and durable, I can smell things miles away...Why, I sound like Superman!...If he were a bug."

◼ Superhuman Physiology | Kaiden has the proportionate strength of the Atlas Moth, capable of lifting up to 10 times his own body weight; nearly 20 times if he strains himself severely, effectively equaling out to 1-2 tons of lifting strength. His chitinous exterior makes him very bulky as well, able to deflect knives, firearms, and even avoid severe damage from more extreme options, like explosives. Additionally, his body seems to possess shockingly few vital organs, effectively only needing his heart and brain to survive, making him deceptively tenacious.

◼ Compound Eyes/Superhuman Smell | Kaiden possesses a multitude of compound eyes; two on his head, and two smaller sets on each of his shoulders. Not only do these grant him extremely heightened sight but they can even see ultraviolet rays, which are normally invisible to the human eye. Additionally, due to just how many he has, Kaiden possesses a great scope of vision around his general person at all times. Kaiden also smells and feels through his large antennae and small microscopic hairs that cover his hands and feet. However, his sense of smell is the far greater one, able to not only smell over a massive 70 mile radius, but able to pinpoint even precise smells within that field, given enough time and focus.

◼ Flight | Kaiden can fly. Shocker, I know - and I don't even entirely mean that in a sarcastic sense. Given his weight, it's downright insane, but you can thank the hyper evolved scaled wings he's packing more than anything else. While he's not exactly a sonic jet, he can fly at moderate paces for extraordinarily long times, and his body and antennae are able to intuitively sense and adjust to shifts in altitude and flight conditions. Thanks to his strength, he's even able to carry a few people, though it'd hinder his speed tremendously.

◼ Sound Muffling | An advanced version of a survival ability some moths have developed, Kaiden can make most movements without generating even a peep (though thankfully this doesn't apply to his voice), thanks in part to the thin layer of dust that coats his body at all times. This makes him unnaturally stealthy in spite of his stature, and it also means anything attempting to detect him thought sonar will ultimately fail. It also softens damage he could take from high-intensity sound waves or the like. His fluff in particular makes for an exceptional sound dampener.

◼ Low-Temp Resistance | In stark contrast to normal moths (perhaps due to his current living conditions when he underwent his changes), Kaiden is extremely tolerant of low temperatures, especially in the sections of his body where his fur is most dense, such as around his head, arms, and legs.

◼ ??? | Due to the current understandings of Kaiden's abilities, it is believed he may possess more specialized features from other subspecies of moths, but has yet to show these features off. Potential for other abilities include; camouflage, underwater breathing, silk generation, and more possibilities pending; worth further study.

◼ Well-Learned | While Kaiden's focus was mostly on literature and writing, he was generally a well-rounded student in his time in school, and his GPA definitely had him pointed towards bright things in his future. Simply put, a smart cookie (but no brainiac, of course).

◼ Outdoorsy | Not something you would expect from someone who so clearly fits the label of 'bookworm' (which is even MORE insulting now than ever before), Kaiden is very well-versed in outdoor exploration and survival skills due to his years of time alongside his father studying the wilderness.

◼ Overstimulation | Due to both how new his abilities are and the heights of his new senses, Kaiden is extremely vulnerable to overstimulation, particularly smell. You bring something with too strong a scent near him, and he could end up gagging on it for minutes straight. While sight and sound are not an issue typically, his wings, being his way of detecting sound (yeah, bugs can be fuckin' weird), are quite sensitive to loud noises, and if he views the world in visible light over UV, anything particularly bright, beyond being...Well, still rather bright and hard to stare at, unerringly attracts him towards it. The brighter, the more attractive. He can fight the impulse, but it isn't easy.

◼ Insect | Due to his new insectoid form, Kaiden has two particular vulnerabilities; one is pesticides, which can severely irritate and debilitate him for hours at a time with enough dosage. The other is fire; due to the initial layer of dust scales covering his body, he can be extremely flammable. Which is obviously extremely unpleasant.

◼ Alcohol...? | Yep, we're serious. An embarrassing new side effect of being a moth is that he is invariably attracted to alcohol of all sorts, and worst of all, absolutely cannot hold his liquor. If he can scent out a bottle of the stuff (wine and sweetened beer proving particularly effective), he can't stop himself until he finds it and gets a taste, and by the time he's gotten that far, he'll be wasted and twitching out on the floor in seconds flat. He really, really hates his power.

◼ Inexperienced |
Just like any other new Metahuman, he's had a steep learning curve; but perhaps worse than most, what with the bevvy of new senses and sights he's had to try and comprehend, on top of his massively warped physiology.
◼ Naive | He'd hardly consider it a 'weakness', but Kaiden likes to think the best of people and situations. A permanent optimist. In other words, when someone plays their cards right, they could get whatever they want out of the poor guy and he'd likely be none the wiser. Though, in this environment, such a weakness will hardly stick around for long if he wants to live any kind of life...

▼ N O T E S:

Immediate Family |
Kaiden loves his parents more than the whole world, and the feeling's always been mutual. Granted...He never got a real chance to talk to them after everything happened. He hopes they won't think any differently of him...

◼ 'City' Of Coldfoot |
In a place so small, everyone's either a close friend or a bitter enemy, and Kaiden liked making lots of friends. Granted, he didn't exactly see anyone standing up for him after he changed...

◼ TBD |

◼ USA |
Coldfoot, Alaska

◼ TBD |

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Yep, you can consider the sheet approved, and move it over to the character tab. But if you can hold off on posting in the IC for a bit, I'm still trying to iron out a plausible entry point for prospective new characters.

Depending on what we come up with as far as that plausible entry point goes, I might ask around for seconds among accepted players or even temporarily re-open the interest check. Still working things out.

Awesome! I'll see about doing that, and I'm more than happy to wait for you to figure out the specifics for newcomers :)
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