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Location: Captain's Quarters/Command Center

"Damn...We really gotta get something better than these ration bars." In spite of such a claim, the Captain of the illustrious and illegally commandeered starship Galatea was nearly on his 8th one this day in the span of barely an hour of consciousness, ugly wrappers and crumbs littering what might once have been a crisp and orderly desk. In-between bites he casually watched his crew go about their morning routine; turned out this office could access the live feed of a bunch of micro-cameras kept around the Crew Space and other spots of interest on-board this fine vessel. Kura wasn't exactly sure what to make of it, having only found out a week or so ago, but....Well, he'd be lying if it wasn't entertaining more often than not.

As the vision on the holo-monitor panned from member to member, he took another large chomp out of his current food source. Today was gonna be interesting; he'd had Wex, that slippery little shit, set them on a course to the planet in question for their next gig. Of course, until now, he hadn't told them exactly what they were going to be doing. After all, he doubted any of them would be overjoyed about a romp on a hazardous desert planet, but that was the way of things. He was sure they'd be won over when they heard the potential payout though; this was, without a doubt, the largest paycheck Kura would be picking up with this new...Albeit very questionable, crew. That is, if everything worked out as planned.

Which it never does, of course, but a man can dream.

Scarfing down the remainder of the bland-tasting nutrient-packed bar and tossing another wrapper to the side (he'd clean it!...Eventually), Kura figured that now was a good a time as any, seeing as how most of them had at least become prepared for the day, judging from his all-seeing, microscopic eyes (seriously, why the hell did they need something like this in the first place?). Swiping away the display, he pressed down a button on his desk, allowing his voice to be carried across the entire ship, in appropriately (if not aggravating) booming fashion.

"Rise and shine, crew. Get your asses to the Mission Deck in ten, gotta brief everyone before we touch down." His rough voice echoed throughout the shiny metallic halls, reaching everyone on-board. Kura, too, prepared himself, snagging his blade from its resting point aside his bed, and making an effort to not look quite as bed-headed as he had been moments ago...And swiping away a few crumbs from his jacket. That'd be a pretty bad look for a captain. With a few morning stretches to limber up, he too made his way down to the Mission Deck....

It was time to get to work.
@The Man Emperor@Blizz

Sorry for the wait! I've officially given your sheets a look, and I'm quite pleased with 'em. Welcome aboard, bird and blob!

This also means we'll officially have our full crew! Time to put this place on lockdown lol

Jen's lookin' clean! Go on and get her into characters :)
When Discord?

That is a good question, and my answer is....

Probably tomorrow. xD
A bit of a delay, and I apologize. Mintz knows I was working on this character for a bit, and, while I had intended to go more brutish earlier, art helped with coming up with this.

Of course changes and things are fine. Blah blah blah. Lets get this man in here.

Also, cause I forgot, I have a strong preference for more the robotic Sci-Fi elements. Like Gundam, Transformers, etc. Though I can sit down and enjoy about anything.

Giving him a look-over, nothing seems wrong with Aftershot here! Although he might step on some small rat-like toes with his stealthy demeanor, but beyond that, I don't see much of a problem. If you wanna talk about editing him around in some fashion to avoid it, that's cool, but otherwise...

Welcome aboard! Feel free to get him up into Characters.

Regardless of limitations, I've already said my piece; I do not want a power like that here. If you can come up with something different or heavily work the concept you have, then I'm willing to listen, but otherwise, it is as I said. We're done with this power.
<Snipped quote by Akayaofthemoon>

I think you need to fully explain your definition of Godmodding, since all it says in rule three is to make it so nobody is super perfect and dodges all attacks and thinks things all the way through. My character will not be that. My character is not a god. It's a time power. So what? So many characters within the world of Worm have time powers. I don't get the difference between theirs and mine. I obviously don't have enough weaknesses yet, but I can add more.

I'm going to be putting my foot down here; in general, while time powers aren't foreign to Worm as a setting, they are typically aggravating to work around in a lot of ways. Not to mention how you've compared it to Eri, who has undeniably one of the craziest abilities I've ever seen, and at the very least, she has the limitation of being a literal child, alongside it needing time to stock power, and her having effectively no control over it.

So, yeah, I'll be saying no to an ability like that. I feel it would be unfun for other players to work around, and irritating for me to try and work through with my antagonistic forces. Apologies here, but I really just want this chain of complaints to come to an end.
Sheesh, this took me a really long time. Sorry for the delay, Mintz. And please let me know if there's anything I need to work on or change.

For my favorite sci-fi, my first and greatest love is Star Wars, though that's more fantasy in space than real sci-fi. I'm a big fan of the Alien franchise, and I've been getting into Star Trek a little through The Next Generation, though it's definitely not what I'm used to. I also really enjoy some of the old 4X space strategy games like Sword of the Stars and Sins of a Solar Empire.

Wex looks phenomenal! And it'll pay to have a quality pilot, that's for sure even if he'll undoubtedly get the occasional stink-eye from the Captain

Welcome aboard! Go ahead and throw this slippery little shit in Characters!
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