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Elias cocked an eyebrow hearing about the rooms being co-ed. It was definitely not something he would have guessed to be the case for such a place. Their reasoning seemed to make sense enough to him but it still seemed a bit weird to be sharing a room with the opposite gender. Though if Elias was being honest then the idea of being in any position where the others could learn more about his side effects was not very high on his list of ideal situations.

Luckily however the situation seemed to turn to a more interesting one regarding a rather bold attack on the stark tower itself. A rather gutsy move by whoever the poor fools were but at the very least it would let the team blow off some steam and be one final test to see who actually wants to continue for this line of work.

As they entered the prep room Elias took note of the other lockers that lined the walls of the room and how some of them had full costumes. He almost wanted to laugh to himself when he saw one of the students dressing in what seemed to be an ant inspired costume and the only thing in his locker was a long chain. Some people just had a more professional look he supposed, though to be fair he always had his costume just under the surface if he really wanted. Regardless of his internal thoughts he grabbed the chain from the locker and wrapped it around his abdomen and made his way to the jet.


Elias smirked as he stood at the top of the jets ramp looking over to the line up of their opponents. The other students around him had quickly begun to take actions in their own way. Their lack of coordination and experience as a team was evident even for the most amatuer of observers. The young asgardian for his part tried to take the lead of the situation and begin to order the other students around including Elias himself. Elias couldn't help but cock and eyebrow at the orders yelled to him while the other students ran off in their various directions.

“Fine, whatever you say captain.” Elias said with a sarcastic undertone in his voice as he hopped down onto the street. His purple eyes glared towards their targets ahead of them, Feeling a burning sensation building deep in his gut. His eyes flickered to a burning Orange that matched the flames that suddenly engulfed both his arms. He began to hurl balls of hellfire towards the line of villains as he walked towards them in a calm manner. He looked between them trying his best to guess who was going to be more trouble then the others.

“Personally I think the dragon is going to be a bit of an issue.” He called out to the other students in between fire balls. “I can distract it if we need to, I don't look it, but I'm pretty durable.”

As he finished his statement he began making his way towards the large dragon now on the ground.

Elias could feel the analyzing eyes of hulk on his back while he continued to observe the surrounding buildings. Elias couldn't blame the professor for the concern and mild judgment he knew were behind those large green eyes. The rider was certainly not an entity to be taken lightly for himself and certainly not by the others present at the school. Though if he was being honest he had little concern of the rider wanting to pick a fight with the student or teachers he was worried about. It was more so if any of them tried to get in the way of the rider once he had set his sights on a target and Elias himself couldn't reign it in.

His thoughts and stoic face were suddenly broken however when a man in a red and black outfit came hurtling at the ground being skipped across the grass like a stone on water. Not a second later, hot on the heels of the mysterious masked man was Warmachine who came to a sudden stop on the ground in the middle of the group. Elias was confused at what had just transpired in front of him blinking several times trying to process it all. The faculty seemed unbothered by the sudden interruption, or at the very least hid it very well, and proceeded as normal. Seeing as this would probably be a normal occurrence in his new life Elias let out a sigh throwing the duffle bag over his shoulder and followed the group.

He chose to keep towards the back of the group as much as he could, trying to not bring too much attention to himself as the tour began. Most of the students seemed pretty interested in the tour, even those that seemed skeptical about the school itself like himself. Every room they passed seemed to get more and more impressive showing off the real grandeur that someone like the Avengers had. It seemed as if there was no expense that went unspent to ensure everything was in a class of its own when compared to everything. Despite himself Elias struggled to keep his normal stoic face. That wasn't to say that Elias had low expectations of the school, as far as the facility itself went far from it in fact, but having to live mostly out of his car for so long had lowered his standard to a decent degree.

The gym was the first room that truely drew his interest while on the tour. He had grown up playing sports for most of his life and was even quite the accomplished Hockey player back in highschool before the incident. Mixing that with being raised in a police household and early morning weight lifting had become a regular part of his life. Of course at this point he wasn't sure if there was really much benefit to such workouts considering the rider's spirit flowing through his veins. Regardless it was a habit he doubted he would give up either way, to keep his normal body up to standard if anything.

As much as the gym seemed to have everything for him, the workshop was definitely his favorite. He could tell from first appearance alone he was not the most technically gifted of the students and probably not the most mechanically either. But inventing and making devices isn't what drew him to the shop. In all honesty it had less to do with the shop itself and more so the simple fact there was an entire space where he could work on his car. It may have seemed like such a small thing to anyone else but to Elias it was one of the last things he truly enjoyed in life. He supposed it was because it reminded him of the old days when he and his dad would spend the whole day working on the old beauty, or racing it down old abandoned side streets.

He was pulled from his thoughts and reminiscing of before, noticing the tour had begun to move on to the next few locations. He figured the Rooftop would be a nice place to relax away from others when the shop was too full to work on his car. The library and the theater he doubted would be of too much interest to him. Though the Dr. had recommended he should at least look at a magic tome cover as it could help with the rider. Lastly on the tour was the danger room, which apparently was a more intense and hero oriented training room. Which in its own right seemed like it could be interesting though he was curious how everyone would be able to work together. Or at the very least stay out of each other's way.

Finally the tour concluded as the students now stood in the dorm area where they would be staying. Some of the students, though possibly joking, seemed to question the rooming arrangements. To Elias' humble eyes though these seemed like the lap of luxury. “A bed’s a bed even if the room is shared.” he spoke out for the first time, surprising even himself not being entirely sure where that had come from.

Elias’s thoughts drifted aimlessly as his car sped through traffic towards his destination. The purr of the large engine standing out amongst the other cars he quickly passed. He wondered what the other students present would be like. Ever since he had made his deal he had become more aware of the strangeness that filled the world around him. Of course everyone knew of the avengers and other heroes, but they were always flying high above the streets he grew up on. So often did they deal with threats far out of his own view that you often ignored it. Yet now here he was, on his way to learn to be like them. Though he still had his doubts about it, both learning from them and where he would be accepted by both staff and students. He assumed if there was ever a place to find similar people it would be here. Though making a deal with the devil was certainly something he doubted many of them would understand.

His thoughts stopped for a moment, feeling a sharp pain in his head that he had become all too accustomed to. Normally this feeling was no more then a nagging feeling or a bad headache at worst, but this was something much worse. If Elias was honest the pain itself wasn't much worse normal, rather it was more that it caught him so off guard for the first time in a while. He expected this feeling when he went out for his rides at night looking for targets who deserved his vengeance. But to feel such a pull this close where the greatest hero's called home? That was something he was a bit surprised by making this time a bit harder of a fight as he struggled to not take the closest off ramp into the clearly less desirable part of town. His eyes glanced up to the rear view mirror looking into his own eyes.

“I said no! Not unless we have to.”

He could feel his knuckles going white as he clutched the steering wheel to his beloved car trying to fight the urge. He could feel the car itself ready for its mission wanting desperately to transform and jump over the barrier. After a moment however the pain subsided and his body finally relaxed feeling the spirit concede this tug of war match.

The black Camaro pulled into the parking stall he was told had been left for students who could drive or had other modes of transportation. A clarification he found odd though understandable upon seeing a student fly into the courtyard itself. Elias turned the ignition, cutting off the engine and sitting in the seat for a moment alone with his thoughts. He let out a deep sigh knowing there was no point in pushing it back any further. He exited his prized car grabbing his duffle bag out of the truck and began walking to where everyone else seemed to be meeting. As he walked he spun the keys into his palm before letting them go and repeating the process. It had become a tic or habit of sorts for him over the years both when he was bored or nervous.

After a few minutes of walking he entered the large open area proper. There had already been a decent number of what he assumed were other students present for their first day. They all seemed to be interesting people to say the least. From what he could tell, most were surrounding the poor green giant whom he had been told was going to be the hero in charge of the school for this inaugural class. Elias kept off to the side from most of the students not particularly feeling inclined to join the rapidly growing crowd in full. His eye had met Hulks and they exchanged a nod and Elias went back to his own thoughts. His gaze periodically shifted between both his new class mates, and the school buildings around them wondering what kind adventures both would hold for the coming year.
Karthus Ephren

“Get down”

“Watch the left flank!”

“We’re pinned down!”

“We need medics over here now!”


Karthus jolted awake from his dream breathing a bit heavier than usual. His cold metallic hand reached up to the side of his face. He flinched slightly from the sudden coldness of metal against the scarred flesh. His eyes wandered around the empty dark room for a moment before he felt his muscles finally begin to relax. He realized any further attempt at sleep would be pointless so he resigned himself to waking up much earlier than necessary yet again.

Fully standing from his bed he walked towards the small bathroom and began splashing water on his face. Pulling the towel across his face he looked at his own reflection staring back. His gaze tracked from his face to his metal and back up to wear the prosthetic arm fused with the skin on his chest. Pushing away from the sink he turned to the small medical case hanging on the wall containing his mask. Taking one last breath he placed the mask over his face feeling it lock into place. He exhaled the deep breath he had taken and took another long slow breath as the rebreather kicked in and his lungs filled with oxygen.

Walking back into the room he donned his signature armor, taking care to ensure everything was secured properly and looked as it should. He lifted his hand towards his nightstand pulling the saber staff that had been resting just above it into his palm. Turning it over in his hand Karthus inspected the weapon for a moment until he was staffed and placed it on his back. Gazing at the clock he estimated it wouldn’t take long before they arrived above Mandalore and the festival began.

He wondered what the journey would entail for him and the other imperials present. He knew the empress and other nobles were excited to show off the new imperials as well as the other guardians of the empire himself included. He hoped the new imperials wouldn't make a fool of themselves and their empire, but he had a feeling that was wishful thinking at best.

After the meeting

Karthus' head shot to the sky out of reflex as the starfighters rocketed overhead banking around the rooftops of the various skyscrapers in the city. He let his muscles relax, taking a moment to watch this small portion of the race. It irritated him slightly seeing the new imperial pilot trailing behind as they struggled to keep up with the older more experienced. Karthus couldn't say that he was surprised however, age and experience often did topple youth and energy in such competitions.
Regardless Karthus continued to make his way down the polished stone steps of the palace taking in the sights. The festivities were quite the site to behold with stalls and people filling the streets. People from all over the galaxy seemed to have made the journey to Mandalore for the celebration. It was truly a first to see “representatives” from just about every faction in the galaxy present in one city all playing nice. Or at least as nice as alcohol and differing opinions would allow. Lucky though the Mandalorian's seemed to have a tight control on any disturbances that started to arise.

The Mandalorian's were a curious culture that had gone through drastic changes all in a single generation's time, or at least as he was told that is. If he was honest Karthus had mixed feelings about the Mandalorian's. On the one hand they did manage to produce possibly the greatest warriors the galaxy had ever seen aside from the Jedi and Sith of old legends. Yet now they seemed to be cowards hiding behind a treaty in their own corner of the galaxy. It was this dichotomy that served to displease Karthus the most. To have such strength and not use it was something he believed was a grave sin.

Still lost in his own thoughts about the Mandalorian's and the Jedi of this republic, Karthus wandered aimlessly through the various streets of crowded people. Even with the variety of people and species present for the celebration, Karthus still managed to stand out amongst them. He had grown accustomed to it; however, the mask and robotic arm did little to give off a welcoming visage.

Karthus was pulled from his thoughts feeling a thud against his leg. Feeling something cold against his leg he looked down seeing a small child on the ground staring sadly at an empty cup beside her. Looking at his leg he saw what he assumed was once the contents of the girls cup plastered all over his pant leg. Turning his face back to the girl who was now on the verge of tears he quickly bent down doing his best to show he was smiling with the revealed half of his face.

“I’m so sorry I must have gotten in your way didn’t I? Please forgive my clumsiness.” He said to the small child in a calm voice reaching into a small pouch on his armor. Grabbing a handful of credits he dropped them in the child’s hand. “Here go buy yourself two of whatever treat I made you drop.” Giving the girl a pat on the head Karthus stood from his crouching stance and continued his walk down the street.

“Thank you mister scary man!” the little girl called out once she had stood up and looked at the credits in awe. Karthus only raised his hand signaling he had heard her before disappearing in the crowd that resumed its liveliness.

@Mintz thanks. Yeah it was pretty much done i just left that in case I wanted to rewrite the sample post but everything else was gonna stay the same. But Ill move him over.

for anyone else though if yall want to discuss possible future relations with Elias just PM me.

Working on the testing post now as everything else should be done. Ill give it another once over before i take away the WIP but what there is now should give yall a idea of the character.
@Mintz Still working on mine. This weekend turned out to be a lot more hectic with my friends wedding and me getting sick right after. Hopefully ill be able to get it done this week. Ill let you know if anything else comes up or if i have any questions.
@Silverwind Blade Yeah sorry this weekend was crazy with a wedding and now I've gotten sick but ill look over some stuff and hopefully get somthing together or pull my interest. Again very sorry for being MIA for a bit

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