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This is what i have so far. just finishing up what i want his back story and affiliation to be.
im good with phase one
sounds good to me
@Agent 47 interested in this if there is still room.
You could go with something like "MCU Untold stroies" since it is mostly about our heros that arent apart of the movies.
@twilightshadow. I’m fine with waiting a bit longer but I do have two friends that may be interested as well.
Thomas Dircks


“Thats a very lovely name.” Thomas said as they started to walk towards the classrooms. “Im Thomas Dircks by the way.” He added as they continued to walk. "Uh, I'm kind of new here... do you happen to know where class 2-C might be?" “Yeah I can show you where it is. We should be in the same class.” He said finishing with a smile trying to be friendly. He was trying to come off as calm but in truth his heart was racing and his mind was traveling in a hundred different directions trying to think of what to say and do.

As much as he liked being with friends and others he hated this part of that. He felt like he was going to trip on his words or do something to make her angry. “Why am I always like this?” He thought to himself as they continued walking. Realizing he had not really said much since they started walking and he didn't want to give off the impression that he was being rude. Once they entered the main building started pointing out places and things that Kana might need to know for her first year.

“So you play tennis I take it?” he asked her while mentally slapping himself over such a stupid question. “Of course she play tennis you idiot. Why else was she on the tennis court and having a tennis bag.” But instead he just held the expression in his face trying his best not to show what he was thinking. The two of them finally came to the class room where they were both scheduled to have. “Well here is 2-C. Until the teachers gets here you can sit where ever you want.” looking around the class he saw that there was already of few students inside the classroom including his friend Jon which had totally forgot about when he started talking to Kana. Turning back around to her Thomas asked “If you want you welcome to sit with me and my friend Jon while we wait for the teacher. That is if you don't already have friends in this class.” He finished with a sly grin as he was trying to play it cool.
@Denduris I think that could be really useful. Just for ideas to float around at the least or to allow us to more easily talk to each other about possible story arc's.
Thomas Dircks

Thomas was showing John around the facility while they waited for school to start. Thomas was showing him around the different areas and their purpose. “Luckily for us the weight room is much better here than the one back home.” Continuing around the facility Thomas showed Jon some the trophies the team had one in its past years as well as the pictures of the team last year. Pointing at one of the boys towards the middle of the picture he said “That was last years pitcher, he’s already graduated so you arrived just in time.”

Looking around he was holding he could see the coach and maybe see if he could introduce him to Jon. Seeing that the office had the light on he knocked on the door and waited for a answer. Once the coach had opened the door and exchanged greeting he motioned toward Jon and introduced him. As they talked Thomas wondered outside to get some air while he waited for Jon to be done.

As he learned against the wall he closed his eyes for a bit to relax. While he seemed calm and collected he was freaking out on the inside. In all honesty he was worried about what this year would bring. Letting out a sigh Thomas looked up and over towards the tennis courts where he saw that green haired girl from the restaurant. Realizing he still had her bag with him he began walking over to her in order to return the bag. As he walked he thought about what he was gonna say. Man he hated talking to new people. “Maybe if I just smile a bit and give her the bag I won’t make a complete fool of myself."

“Hey, excuse me. You left your bag back at the diner this morning and I figured you would want it back.” Thomas held out the bag with a genuine smile on his face as he waited for her to take the bag.
Jonathan Harper&Thomas Dircks

Jon watched the room explode with movement as cans and people blew up. The green haired athletic girl was lecturing what looked like two first years while another kid had his coffee explode. Slightly stunned Jon started laughing out loud and held his stomach. Almost crying, Jon tried to stop laughing, but couldn’t stop himself. Loosening his tie so he could breathe better, Jon finally got some air in his lungs. “Oh my god, that was great. The quiet peace in this room just shattered in half a second.” Brushing any crumbs he had off his uniform he stood up and grabbed his bag. Fixing his tie he grabbed his money and made sure to count it once again. “I wanna go check out the baseball facilities before school starts, wanna come with me?”

Thomas who had been stunned by the sudden outburst of noise in the room just sat there for a mount before beginning to laugh at the whole ordeal. “I swear your bad luck. Everything is fine and then you show up for not even a week and a nice family restaurant turns into a madhouse just by your presence.” He ended by giveing Jon a playful punch in the arm before standing up from the booth and counting his money. Getting the right amount out he walked over towards the counter to pay for his food. “Sure I probably should show you around a bit so you don't get lost and break something.” He said with a grin still somewhat laughing at the whole ordeal and at himself poking fun at his friend. As he made his way to the counter the green haired girl that he had been looking at rushed past him clearly in a bad mood.

Once Thomas paid his bill he looked back at the restaurant that was starting to get back to normal he noticed the green haired girl had left her athletic bag at her seat when she got angry over the noise. Thomas walked over and slung the bag over his shoulder. ‘I'm sure I’ll see her, at the very least I can take it to the office.’ he thought to himself with a smile on his face as he put his sunglasses back on before stepping outside.

Walking down the road Jon watched as cars rolled by, looking for one he liked. Turning to face the houses he began to see other kids in the same uniform as him walking the same direction. “Looks like we aren’t the only ones to not wanna be late.” As they came upon the front of the school Jon began to feel a bit nervous. It was strange to him to be going to school in a different country, especially one so different than from where he was from. Walking through the entrance he looked around with curiosity at the large buildings around him. “Now where is practice held at?”

“Well practice is usually held on the Diamond on the other side of the school but we are in the weight room during the off season or running on the track.” Motioning for his friend to follow Thomas began off towards the sports areas. “Maybe we'll be able to introduce you to the coach or maybe one of the players.” It was nice that just about all the practice areas were right next to each other. He thought to himself as he headed to the baseball area while walking past the tennis courts.

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