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could be cool

Erik let out a sigh as he gazed at his own reflection in the mirror. Even though it was a saturday he had a habit of waking up early, something that was both a gift and a curse in his opinion. He felt fine and awake but the dark circles under his eyes gave a different story. It had been a long week since the last mission that failed in spectacular fashion. He wasn't even sure who’s fault it was that the mission had gone so south so quickly. One minute the mission had been going smoothly and the next they were in the middle of a massive fire fight in the streets and being chased across the desert. As he continued to think about the mission his gazed looked towards his left arm where he had been grazed by a stray shot. It wasn't deep or really even noticeable but it still made him mad knowing he was careless enough to let himself be hit.

“Beep, Beep, Beep”

Erik's eyes moved across his room to see a small watch that he always left on his nightstand flashing the words emergency across its small screen. That combined with the high pitch sound meant only one thing, the director was calling. Letting out one last sigh Erik ran a towel over his face before leaving the small bathroom shutting off the light in the process. “Vell zis should be interesting” he said to himself as he grabbed prom backpack and began down the stairs of his house. Reaching the door he waved in the direction of his living room offering a goodbye to his mother who was enjoying one of the ew days off she had, “Tschüss Mama liebt dich”.

As his car pulled into the dirt lot that was or used to be a parking lot Erik saw most of the other agents standing around with the director and a van as the centerpiece. Like the others Erik listened intently to the exploitation of the team based game as well as what should be the punishment for those who failed this mission. He had to admit this was rather surprising to him. Erik knew there would be some form of consequence for messing up the mission but a game was not what he had in mind. That was until he saw Ben get knocked to the floor but a single shot from one of the “paintball” guns. This immediately made him look to his own weapon that he had selected. It was a basic long range rifle, perfectly suited to his style of combat, that obviously was going to hit hard if the pistol was any preview. Of course the other agents also seemed to have their own form of preferred weapon meaning everyone would be at the best, or as close as you could get in a simulation.

The teams that were described to him however were interesting to say the least. As soon as the list had been given Eriks mind was already racing with ideas as to how they were going to pull this off with the lesser team in terms of pure combative skills. Looking over the enemy team he began analyzing them forming plans and weaknesses in his head. Aster was probably the strongest one in this mission but was reckless at times. Bug wouldn't be much of a threat in combat but he figured she was already connected to any form of camera in the building that was still semi operational. Nightstalker would be tricky, the building would give her cover to sneak around and pick off his team mates if they weren't careful. And finally Binx, she was probably the one that concerned him the most. That warhorse was going to be littered with traps and explosives by the time the others got in there to look for the actual bombs. And unfortunately for him she knew more than anyone present not to stay in a place where his scope could see.

Hopefully though he and Static were right in thinking the others would be too busy bickering to actually work together as a team. Looking over the building Eriks' eyes settled on an old crain resting just outside the building. “The plan works for me, I'll be your eyes from up Zere.” he said pointing at the outstretched arm of the crane. “Take it slow vould you, no senses in rushing zese zings.” as he finished his statement Erik began to walk towards what was going to be his home for the next hour or so. “And try no to let zat happen again vould you.” He called over his shoulder towards his two teammates who had already been shot by their instructor.

seems like a cool idea
THis seems rather interesting. I would say I'm interested in Playing something like a Viking or barbarian type people from the north.
are you guys still looking for people to join? Cause this does seem rather interesting.
This still moving along?
This could be interesting.
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