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Tetsu stood over the now collapsed Iza. he had initially gone to grab her as she fell but whether it was from fear of another genjutsu or from something else he couldn't tell. For some reason it still pained him to see Iza like this but he had no choice at the moment and could let himself become distracted from his team's objective any longer. Taking one last glance at Iza Tetsu moved to take a step over her presumably unconscious form as his sand moved down to retrieve his team's scroll from her belt. “Iza if you can hear me I would suggest you leave while we're busy.” This was his final warning before his full attention was placed on the masked figure across the field from him.
As Tetsu stood with arms crossed over his chest his face seemed to be as emotionless as ever there was a hidden anger deep within his eyes as his gaze settled on his opponent. This look of murderous intent only amplified by the new black rings that had appeared around Tetsu's eyes once his sand began to hover around his own body ready to strike his foe and form a barrier from any attack.

Koji’s voice was deep, with sound loud enough that even those far out of sight could hear it. He laughed, one of those performative, trying-too-hard laughs rather than anything genuine. “Ha, I see you have a concern over that girl, what a foolish and quotidian thought to occupy one’s mind with, such can only be expected from basic and unenlightened. If you are such a tellurian creature then defeating you will not be worthy of discussing alongside my other esteemed accomplishments, for it will be over in the merest flash, as quick and inconsequential as a single grain of sand falling in the great hourglass of history”

For all the mans boasting, Tetsu seemed to be unfazed as he kept his same emotionless expression staring straight through Koji. underneath his gaze however Tetsu was slowly losing his temper with his opponent. Maybe if he believed for a second that Koji could back up the talk then Tetsu may have been exceeded to test his power against a worthy opponent. As it stood however Tetsu could tell the man was bluffing perhaps trying to gain a psychological advantage over his opponent to make up for his lack of skills. “You talk too much. For your sake I really hope you can back up that bravado.” As soon as the last word escaped his lips the Iron sand that was once hovering next to Tetsu lashed out in lightning speed headed straight for Koji.

What went on inside Koji’s head was anyone’s guess. It was hard to tell if he was a bluffer, trying to play a psychological game or if he was just an idiot. Whatever the case, he spent a lot more time talking about fighting than fighting. He came out with less bruises from talking than when he tried to fight. He said “Oh insolent one do not doubt that I possess -” and then his words stopped as iron sand flew into his face. That was when he learned that tough talk could lead to outcomes far worse than just a punch in the face.

Tetsu looked across the field as he saw Koji’s form go flying as a result of the sand. As the sand returned to its original position near his person tetsu looked on with annoyance starting to crack through his face. Never moving from his starting position Tetsu silently and motinesly commands the sand to move towards the now prone Koji slowly wrapping around the boy's body. Lifting the body into the air leaving only the face of the boy revealed. “Iron Coffin.” Tetsu called out as the sand solidified in its position. [color=black]“You should have spent more time training rather than wasting my time. Now where's your scroll.” Tetsu asked slightly, closing his fist which was now outstretched towards Koji causing the sand to constrict ever so slightly. “And I suggest you don't waste any more of my time.”

The hit made Koji go delirious. He woke up again as the sand began to crush, causing a bit of panic. He started speaking, slurring his words and it sounding muffled from the iron sand seeping into his mask “Mit….Mitsuhide….our…..concealed….the myriad….scrolls…..only he knows…..must search them all...our stroke of genius….” Only some of the words were intelligible. Koji then tried to laugh but all he could manage was a gasping, hacking sound, coughing up sand and trying to breathe.

To his credit Koji did one thing that few others had managed to do, he had caused a twitch to appear across Tetsu’s face at his answer about the scroll. Unfortunately Koji had no idea that this was never a good sign for the person who caused it. Tetsu closed his fist ever so slightly more leaving the poor boy stuck in the air in what was presumably great pain. As the Iron constricted even more the mask Koji was once wearing shattered under the pressure revealing his face.

A kunai stabbed into the back of the iron coffin. It was a heavy, thudding blow that landed with the full weight of it’s wielder behind it, one Kotetsu Kanehara. He had made jumping stab as the coffin began to form and rise, then held on tight as it lodged into the coffin and he rose off the ground along with it. With his free hand he punched at it, making the sand loosen up and deform. When a gap formed Kotetsu jabbed his hand into it, tensing his muscles and feeling the sand try to compress again as his strength and tenacity broke it’s integrity. He said “Hey, Tetsu, what’s the matter with you? Knock it off, he told us what he knows. This scroll ain’t worth killing nobody over.”

Tetsu blinked for a second when he heard Kotetsu yell from behind the iron coffin. Seemingly snapping him out of his trance, Tetsu relaxed his hand fully, letting Koji hit the ground. Once the sand began to return to its place inside Tetsu’s container his gaze settled on Kotetsu. Slowly beginning to walk towards him Tetsu began to speak once again. “This is the world of shinobi Kotetsu, it’s us vs them.”

When he was on the ground again Kotetsu wiped the sand off of his clothes. He saw Koji on the ground, unconscious, and decided not to look too closely at the damage. Kotetsu said. “Is this what being a Shinobi’s about? If it’s all about acting like everyone who isn’t with you oughta be crushed like a bug you find nibbling on your crops, then being a shinobi ain’t much of anything to be proud of.” He looked at the ground, kicking some of the grains left around. He said “Would anyone want to be a shinobi if we didn’t act like the whole world revolves around them? That’s why they make a good living, why people die trying to be like them. Sometimes I wonder why I’m trying to be one, and the only thing can come up with is that it’d be pretty damn hard for me to find anything else I could do as well as this.”

Tetsu continued to stare at his brother for a moment almost as if he was gauging what was coming out of the boy's mouth. “This is the life we live as Shinobi Kotetsu. Were weapons for our villages, used to ensure its safety and its protection. We are responsible for the safety of our own village and must be ready to carry out that task at any cost.” Tetsu paused looking down at the limp Koji. “The strong of this world survive while the weak are left behind begging for mercy that they are rarely shown. That's why we can't afford to be weak both in power and heart.” Tetsu finished before turning his back and walking off towards Satoru.
could definitely be interested in this.

Trycond sat with his eyes close deep in thought as the faint red glow of his Holocron covered both his face and room. Taking slow steady almost unnoticeable breaths as he cleared his mind of distractions delving deeper into the Holocron hovering open before him. He could feel it, change was coming to the galaxy and if he wasn't ready he would part of the old destroyed to make room for the new.

“Show me what I need to do. Show me where I need to go so that I can become more powerful.” He called out in a calm voice that was slowly filled with more emotion. Feeding into his emotions Trycond began to see the rough image of a vision appearing before him. “What is it? tell me.” as he continued to push farther he began to see the image of a long angular ship that seemed as though it was glaring at him. “I need to see more where you are leading me.” as if by command the vision spread out showing him more of the surrounding city. The light suddenly cut off from the Holocron as it fell to the ground with a soft thud. Tryconds eyes shot open with a look of recognition. “Of course. The former empire home. The great city-planet of Coruscant.” rising from his place on the ground Trycond lifted his hand calling the Holocron back to himself as he exited the room.

Reaching the cockpit Trycond took his seat at the helm before turning to his trusted droid. “R5 set course for Coruscant. With any hope, we will be in and out before anyone can pay us any mind.”

Well finaly got it in. may add a few things but should be good now. let me know if anything needs to be changed.
Definitely interested in this.
might think about a villain character.

Finn "Balor" O'Connor


Finn let out a labored breath as the bag swung from its place attached to the ceiling. Slowly pulling off the gloves that were kept tight around his hand, Finn made his way to a chair against the wall of the gym. Tossing his gloves into the bag at his feet Finn allowed his breath to drop back to normal. Boxing was soothing for the sniper, allowing for him to let out any stress or aggravation that may have been building. Bringing a towel down over his face removing the leftover sweat Finn took a moment to look around the gym. It was a state of the art facility that was much nicer than where he usually had to train and work out whenever he got the odd chance. The more he thought about it, things here were quite different from what he was used to. Sure there was still a chain of command and they were going to be following impossible missions but it was the air around the facility that was so different. Everyone here, as far as he could tell, was the best the world had to offer and the equipment reflected that. It did make sense he supposed, why have the world's greatest if you weren't going to give them the best odds of success.

“Well, that's enough daydreaming I suppose.” Finn thought to himself while throwing the bag over his shoulder aiming to make his way to his room.
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