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Glad to see we will be back and stronger than ever
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It had been an awkward 2 months since the events that had transpired between him and Jocelyn in the ally that night. For the most part, she had stayed out of his business and let him go about his business, at least she wasn't direct about it anymore. She had decided to stay around and always tried to get him to talk about it still thinking that there was something wrong with him. He could appreciate the gesture of trying to fix what she thought was broken but at the same time, it wasn't her place to assume he had changed.

Maybe he did change. Maybe he couldn't take it anymore and he just snapped and just needed someone to help him put himself back together. That's what Jocelyn wanted to hear anyway. But the truth was he had not changed like she thought he had. He did snap but he didn't break. No, he had woken up. He was shown how stupid it was to try and act like he was any different now then what he used to be. He saw who he really was and realized that this was who he was meant to be all along. He had only started to change when he started talking to her. He had grown soft in those years. But no more. He was back to how he should have always been.

The helmet he wore while “on the job” had returned to instilling fear in people. It kept people in line like it always should have done. People were going to better off with his actions running things. Unfortunately, not everyone had seen it the same way. People had begun to forget the about how important professionality was when it came to doing business with the Kings. Apparently, some people thought it was a good idea to start letting out information that pertained to him, the Kings, and everyone's ties to Ireland. Of course, this couldn't stand and examples had to be set. But luckily the problem children with a loose lip had a visit from a “ghost” that was all too real and found dead the next day with a cross painted in blood on their foreheads.
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(Music being played when he walks in)

“And in the blue corner the challenger standing at 5 foot 10 inches and weighing in at 193 pounds he hails from Belfast Ireland, The Beast of Belfast. Finnlay MacTyre!” Came the booming voice of a typical ring announcer as Finnlay walked to the ring with his group of “trainers” which mostly consisted of his friends. As he stepped through the ropes the music died down as he stared down his opponent across the ring. He looked over to the side seeing his team giving him confident looks as they were sure he would win this fight. Looking passed them he could see a dark figure sitting in a chair looking back at him who had red hair the color of fire. Turning his eyes back to his opponent he dropped all smiles and playfulness about him almost becoming a different person as he raised his fist ready for a war that was sure to come with the sound of the bell. Finnlay breathed in deeply as he heard the sweet sound of a bell ringing as everything else faded away, all that remained was his opponent across from him.

Stepping forward both fighters had their fist raised as they began to dance around each other measuring up the other waiting to see the slightest bit of hesitation before striking. After about three revolutions around the ring, the champ made the first move by pump-faking a punch to see if Finn would flinch but instead saw the challenger come full speed at him. Finn laid in the defending champ with a flurry of blows that the champ desperately tried to defend against. Breaking through his guard Finn placed one haymaker right across the Champs face knocking him in the corner and to his knees. Stepping back at the refs' request he watched as the champ got to feet with plenty of time left on the counter before turning to face Finn with a look of anger. The two ran at each other trading blows that would surely destroy any other man. Bones shattering could be heard throughout the arena with every punch that landed on its target. By about the 6’th round the toll of the fight could be seen in each fighter as blood flowed down their faces and their ribs were on the verge of all breaking as they continued to clash like a pair of giants from legends of old. It seemed almost to even when out of nowhere the Champ caught Finn with an uppercut out of nowhere dropping him on the spot.

Hitting the ring face first Finn could see the whole thing go black. As colors flashed every now and then. One that seemed to always catch his eye was a fiery red that seemed to fly by in waves. Slowly the fire stopped moving and formed into a head a long hair as it moved closer to Finn who appeared to be standing in an all-black room. “Time to get up” he heard in a sweet voice before his eyes shot open and his body shot up just before the ten count. Looking shocked at what just happened he turned to the ref who was checking him over with a look of shock on his face at Finn appearing to have jumped up from the dead. Looking back at the champ Finn had a look of pure rage that was only magnified by the blood being poured down his face. Just as they were about to clash once again the bell rang stopping the round. The whole break Finn looked straight at the champ who was slumped on their stool spitting out water trying to take in every bit of rest that he could. As they both got up and moved to the center of the ring both knew that this was going to be the last round one way or another.

Then Finn did something unexpected. As they met in the center of the ring he put both his hands out calling for the champ to take a free shot as he yelled as loud as he could. Taking the perfect opportunity in front of him the champ began laying into Finn with everything he had. After a short combo, Finn managed to get out of the way as he continued to taught his opponent. As the champ continued to go on the offensive Finn just kept absorbing hits over and over seemingly getting more and more pissed off with every punch that hit him before he finally snapped. As a punch was halfway from connecting with Finn's face the champ felt his wind get knocked from his lungs when he noticed a large fist deep in his gut. Reeling back from the blow the champ look straight into the face of what looked like the face of a devil as Finn rushed headstrong at the champ. This time the champ was on the receiving of a beating of a lifetime as Finn let loose with a flurry of blows that made everything previously seen in the fight look like child's play. Body blows shock the champ as the instant he tried to cover his face Finn simply switched target and began laying into the poor man as if he was a punching bag. With one heavy punch, Finn would feel the champs ribs give under the pressure as they cracked and the champ spat out blood all while trying his best to not fall to the ground. Any other fighter might have stepped back for a second but Finn was indifferent mindset it seemed as he simple increased his power and speed to his blows as he continued his onslaught. With one last uppercut, Finn could feel the man's jaw break as his head snapped back and his eyes rolled into the back of his head before slamming hard into the matt.

“Here is your Winner and new Britannia Light heavyweight champion….. Finnlay MacTyre!” The same anncoer as before bellowed out as the ref raised his hands and his friends began helping him put his new belt on his waist. Looking around he let out a large yell of celebration as he couldn't believe what was happening to throw his hands up as the crowd went wild at the amazing fight they had just witnessed. As his friends parted a path he could see the same fiery color again walking towards him as he tried to study it and make it out but couldn't until it was right in his face. “Congrats Champ.” it said almost in a teasing tone before something a bit “don't worry about it. It’s alright. I know you'll make up for it soon. And sooner than you think.” the voice finished as the figure placed a kiss on Finnlay’s cheek as his eyes shot open as he jumped up wide wake with a cold sweat and what felt like a heart attack as his mind and body raced around what had just experienced again. He had that dream before and everything was the same as how it happened that night. But this felt like more than just a kind of dream. He couldn’t tell if it was just from the fight with the agents but it felt like his whole body had become sore like he had actually fought the fight. Reaching his hand up to his cheeck feeling It. “What the hell kind I’ve dream was that?”
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Finnlay shook his head at what Alistar said considering he wasn't in a position to fight with Jocelyn the way she was. As he continued down the stairs he came to a metal door that he presumed lead into the garage and hopefully would give him a way to get to a car. Kicking hard the door flew open as it smacked hard into the wall that it was attached to causing a loud echoing sound in the mostly empty garage. As he entered into the garage he was met by the looks of what appeared to be 5 swat members who all instantly trained their guns on the door. Under the mask, Finnlay’s eyes grew wide as he intuitively turned his back to them trying to shield Jocelyn's body from the inevitable gunfire while trying to get behind cover.

As he made a move for a nearby wall he felt white hot pain go shooting through his left shoulder. Making behind the wall he stopped for a moment to get his being as he heard the gunfire stopped. He felt his arm slowly going limp from what he thought were multiple gunshots to it. He had been shot before but it had been far too long. Placing Jocelyn down nicely he sat down as he laid his head against the wall cursing at himself. He heard the Agents stop from getting any closer to his position probably from fear of what would happen. “Look we didn't do anything wrong. I have someone who is injured with me. She needs attention right away. I just want to get her out of here.” none of the agents said anything back to him which was slightly irritating. “I know you all have a job to do but what would you do if you were in my shoes?” as he was talking he was hoping he could stall them just long enough for himself to recover a bit. Looking at Jocelyn again he nodded his head slightly before he heard a guard yell “surrender now and you and your friend will get the attention you need.” closing his eyes for a second confirmed with them before putting his hands up so they could see. As he slowly rose over the wall he kept his arms in the air. Listening to the orders of the guard he slowly made his way around the wall as he faced away from them.

After a little bit of time, he came to stop as a guard came up behind him with a pair of cuffs in hand. Being pushed to his knees Finally allowed his arms to be brought behind him as the guard was getting ready to cuff him. “I know you have a job to do, But so do I.” as soon as Finnlay had finished his sentence he instantly disappeared leaving only the cuffs where he was once kneeling. A moment later he reappeared behind one of the guards as he grabbed the poor man's sidearm with his good arm while kicking him away at the same time. By the time he turned around, he had already been shot right between the eyes. Moving around quickly he made sure to keep the agents guessing when it came to where he was. He did his best to keep the attention away from where jocelyn's body was laying by staying by taking shots at the agents from the opposite side of the garage. Popping up from a car he was able to hit one agent in the chest as he fell to the ground before he knew what hit him.

After a few more minutes of fighting Finnlay finally had managed to kill the last of the agents as he felt his whole body begin to rebel from the torture he had just put it through. Tossing the agents to the side he made his way back to where he had left Jocelyn. She looked peaceful almost in her current state. Regaining his thoughts after shaking his head a bit he bent down to pick her up before he felt his whole body tense up again bringing him to one knee. “Damit” he yelled in a hushed voice as he felt pain all over his body. Trying to reach for Jocelyn once again he began to feel a weird sensation going through his body. It almost felt as though his body was breaking down like what he did but different in a seance. Not a second letter he found himself and Jocelyn in what seemed to be the hanger of an aircraft. Jumping to his feet he was waiting for a shield agent to be waiting for him but rather he found the others that had been in the meeting room earlier in the night.

Turning to the new figure that looked like a blue version of venom and Silver he groaned slightly and let his guard down slightly. After hearing what his options were he instantly replied with “Drop me and Jocelyn off in Boston. Doesn't matter where just anywhere in the city and I can take care of the rest. No offense but I rather you do not know where I live or where my friends live.” he paused for a moment as he looked at everyone else waiting for someone to challenge his decision. Part way through waiting for someone to say something he felt his whole body tense up to an unbelievable degree as again dropped to one knee. “Aghhh! Damit” he said angrily through his teeth. “I'm fine I don't need your help,” he said when he heard what sounded like footsteps coming from this frost weaver person. He forced himself to get back to his feet indicating that he was fine before he felt everything shut down as he collapsed with a loud thud as he fit the floor of the hanger helmet first.
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Aldon Athan


Zakhul’s senses were slightly overwhelmed as he ran along the road. After being unused for centuries it was quite a shock to be passing by so many sights and smells. The pair of Aldon and Zakhul had been making their way down the coast of the peninsula for the past few hours. With night falling a few hours ago they were close to reaching their destination. In the distance, Zakhul could hear a mass of noises steadily drawing nearer. Wanting to take a look he propelled himself up into the branches of the trees. Climbing higher while maintaining pace it wasn’t long until he reached the top of the trees. Skipping along the top of the trees he could see the bright lights of the city ahead of him. Looking to Aldon he pointed ahead of them, “I believe we are nearing our destination.”

“It would seem so Zakhul,” he said calmly as he looked at the large city which could be seen for miles even to a normal humans eyes. “We should start traveling as mortals again and try to keep a low profile from here on.” after saying that he dropped from the top of the tree he had been balancing on, landing on his feet as his features began to look more human. His fangs disappeared and his eyes turned back to their icy blue color but they still held a sharpness to them that threatened one to challenge him. He waited for a moment before he heard Zakhul drop behind him before he started to make his way to the city. “With any luck, we'll be able to get what we want.”

“With luck.” Zakhul began to layer more illusion magic over the layers already laid upon him to disguises his eyes. Now they were a calm hazel instead of a piercing red. As they walked along the road Zakhul was noticing the steady flow of young men heading towards the city. “It seems as if the humans are gathering most of their fighters. This could be a fairly large army.” While these men kept their faces blank, Zakhul can smell their fear. Each and every one of them had it in varying degrees, some to a larger extent than others. Many of these men will have never seen war before, but they have probably all heard the stories. “Many will die.”

“As they always do in conflicts such as these.” Like Zakhul, Aldon had been paying attention to the people he saw gathering near the city. His sharp eyes began scanning them over trying to see what kind of people they would find within the walls. Most seemed like normal peasants if not slightly better off, but every now and then he would see someone who was clearly a true fighter. “We should be able to blend in rather well with all the warriors hear but we should still be careful not doing thing out of ordinary.” he paused as he could see the gates of the city nearing. “I think it's best if you let me do the talking until you get used to the ways things have changed in your sleep.”

When both he and Zakhul made it to the gates he could see a small line as people were being checked by guards as they entered the city. After a short wait, they had finally made it to the front where a guard sat in front of a small wood desk with a skater of papers and a small lantern on it that provided the guard some light to read the papers. “What's your business here.” the guard said in a tired voice clearly not in his best mindset.

“My friend and I here are hoping to look around your lovely city if that would be ok. We also are lo...”
“Yeah yeah, whatever. You're free to enter,” he said not bother to hear the rest of Aldons explanation as he waved towards the gate.

Zakhul had forgotten how impressive Tarantis was since the last time he had seen it. It’s shining lights were meant to amaze the peasants and foreign emissaries alike, much like a military parade. The streets were crowded to the point of suffocation and personal space was a memory of the past. Unable to stand being smashed in with so many lesser creatures Zakhul stepped into an alleyway. As soon as he got free of the crowd he stealthily leaped up onto the top of a nearby building. He began to calmly walk at his own pace, jumping over streets and alleys as they came. Taking this chance to survey the city he could see the castle off into the distance. “Why don’t we just go kill the king?” Zakhul was speaking to no one in particular.

“Because that wouldn't be near as much fun now would it?” Not long after saying this a bat came hovering next to Zakhul as it continued to talk to him. “And what part of staying under the radar did you think meant jumping up onto a roof?”

“I am fairly certain everyone in that alleyway was either dead, drunk, or high so I believe I am fairly safe.” Continuing along in the same direction Zakhul kept on the lookout for humans who could see them. “It is not as if I have the luxury of turning into a little bat and flying around. By the way, where are we going, because I am completely lost?”

“Well, I suppose we could head to the Castle and see what's around there and maybe sign up for the army.” After Aldon had said that both he and Zakhul made their ways back down off the roofs into an alley before joining the people in the streets again as they began walking towards the castle. The streets were still rather busy but it seemed as though people were far too busy to be paying attention to anything that was happening around them which was nice for him. As they continued he could see what looked like the remains of a house that had recently been burnt down or collapsed in on itself. Once he got closer he began to examine the sight more closely trying to see what had happened or if anyone seemed to care about the city. As he looked he could see to figures standing by the house inspecting it that bore the sign of justice on their armor. As he looked one of them, a female it seemed, appeared to notice him he thought before he quickly turned his head hiding his face behind his hat. “Shit”

“What’s wrong?” Zakhul hadn’t even bothered to notice the figures or the house, thinking of them as insignificant as mice. He scanned their surroundings looking for something he considers a threat but saw nothing. “Where are they?”

Aldon made sure both of them continued to walk as they left the house and the to figures behind them. “The two people by that burned house. They’re members of the justice of order. And I think the one noticed me.” He paused for a second as they kept walking. He wasn't scared of them by themselves in the slightest. He was fairly certain he could take them on with ease, but the idea that one had taken note of him made him uneasy if they decided to investigate leading to way more attention than he needed at this moment. “They're very keen on finding things out and enforcing laws, But l,ike all humans their just ais blownr corrupt group looking for power.”

“So what if they are adept at finding things out? They are merely humans, we can just wait a few years and they will be dead.” Zakhul barely glanced in the direction of the house as he continued on his way. “Maybe we should go join the army, though I am uncomfortable about fighting around such weak beings. What if I accidentally kill a bunch of them. BOOM!!! Cover blown. We should find a more elite group to attach ourselves to.”

“Because I have waited a long time and I would rather our cover not be blown. In case you forgot to talk about us would not stop in a couple of years. But I suppose that we could try and join a more elite group.” he stopped for a moment as he could see the castle just before them. “Well, let's hope this goes well.”
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