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Ultfic laid peacefully in his bed sleeping off his hard fought battle earlier in the day. He could feel the pain of soreness all over him, as if his body was punishing him for putting it through such a fight. Breathing in deeply he could feel the sleep begin to take him as the world around him began to fade away giving light to the dreams of his mind. He could see himself, albeit a much younger man version, standing in a forest with a face he had not seen in a long time. It was his old teacher and the former captain of the guard. Becoming horrified when he realized what was coming next. This was the day that he let his master die in the forest and day he was tasked with protecting the royal family with his life. He watched as a group of raiders came flying out from the trees to attack them. The fight was just as he had remembered it going with his master putting up a impressive fight only to be cut down before his eyes. After seeing his master be stabbed through the gut he shot awake taking deep breaths sweating worse than when he was in the arena. He wiped his face and realized he had been crying in his sleep. He chuckled slightly saying “He'd have my head for crying over him.” getting out of his bed he walked around the room for a minute trying to steady himself. Looking outside his window he could see the sky pouring down onto the streets below with the occasion crack of thunder the would illuminate the city before him. He hoped that his men had found their way back to the keep by this point and that he wouldn't have to haul their drunken asses back in the rain.

Just as he had turned around he heard what sounded like running coming from the hall outside his door. Curious of the commotion he peered outside and into the hallway catching a garden that looked to be in a hurry. “What is all the running for and why do you look scared out of your boots.” slightly shaking the guard replied “nothing for you to worry about sir please return to your room.” the guard clearly had no idea who he was talking to but Ultfic decided it was best to find out himself. That was of course until he heard the sound of a cream coming from deep in the city. Running back inside he quickly grabbed his sword and armor and ran towards the city. He had passed a couple of exodus guards who were clearly not prepared for such and emergency as he made his way closer and closer to the source of the scream. As he drew closer he could hear the sounds of yelling and of a roaring beast. Ultfic froze with horror when he rounded the corner. It was bear that looked almost like it was an undead creature sent from hell itself. He had remembered hearing stories of such creatures but he had never seen one like this in person. Shaking it off he was prepared to fight when he saw his best friend solveig rush at the bear like a true warrior driving his ax deep into the monsters shoulder clearly hurting it and possibly even killing the damned thing. He almost laughed at himself knowing that Solveig would never let him hear the end of how he “saved the city from a bear.” Ultfic began to walk towards his friend when the in lighting speed the bear awoke and clamped down on Solveig’s neck dragging him to the ground.

There were screams and yelling that filled the street but everything went blank for ultfic. He stood there as he saw the street be filled with more blood as Solveig’s eye looked at him as the life was pulled out of him. Ultifcs vision went red as the world's around him came back as he let out a roar that would haunt even the most seasoned warriors nightmares as made a move to charge the bear. He cared not for his own safety just the vengeance he would have for his friend's death. Exodus guards seeing and hearing he tried to grab him by the arms and stop him but he would not have any of it as he slipped through there grasp placing a punch into one's gut and kick to the other. Seeing his reckless behavior some of his own men ran and hooked him by the arms as he tied to break free. Having enough of it one of them smacked Ultfic in the back of the head with the hilt of a sword knocking him unconscious as they dragged him away from the fight towards a tavern.
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Smoke Screen

Finnlay almost smirked under the mask at hearing silvers comment. “I wouldn’t piss if that one there lad. She packs one hell of a punch.” He said while looking over at venom who was still looking at them. “I’ll take care of Jocelyn. You can get the others or leave them I don’t much care which you do." As he began to leave he could see both were about to protest what he had just said. Pointing towards silver he cut him off “I don’t take orders from you. As far as I’m concerned this whole damned thing is slings fault and I’m not really in the mood to save a demon.” Looking over to venom he continued “if you really want to stop me I’m more than happy to continue this fight after I get my friend out.” Turning around with nothing more to say he let the smoke consume him as he moved through a nearby vent that he hoped would lead up the building towards Jocelyn.

As he came closer towards and opening in the vents he could hear what sounded like a couple of men talking. “Copy that sir. We are moving to engage target now over.”

After the guards had moved on farther down the hall a black cloud of smoke came down from the vent that they had been just standing under. Moving back away from them he slowly worked his way around the hallways trying to find Jocelyn’s room hoping he could beat the agents there. As he rounded the corner he could see a mess of corpses and blood smattered everywhere. “Sweet mother Mary.” He said continuing forward trying to keep his footprints quiet. Stopping by one of the guards he grabbed two of the smoke grenades attached to his chest. He was about to move when he heard a voice coming through the ear piece the agent was wearing. “This is delta squad we have confirmation and moving to engage.” Grabbing the ear piece he went through the vents once again following the location they had giving over the ear piece. Making his way through the vent system he found four guards slowly moving towards the door.

Moving down onto the ground Finnlay popped the pins on the grenades as he tossed them at the agents letting the hallway be filled with thick layer smoke. “Contact.” one of the men yelled spinning towards the figure of Finnlay that was now completely covered in smoke. Turning on their laser sights two of the agents proceeded to move forward towards the location of their attacker. Suddenly one of the lasers began to fail widely as the muffled sound of struggling could be heard before the laser stopped moving and dropped to the floor. As soon as the agent was clearly dead the agents opened fire into the smoke hoping to hit their Invisible attacker. After the shooting stopped they heard a laugh come from somewhere in the smoke as a small line of fire could be seen being ignited. The chain quickly extended out wrapping around one of the agents as he let out a yell of pain as he was dragged into the smoke screaming from the burns he was receiving until it was abruptly cut off not long after his disappearance. “What the hell is this thing?” One of the last two agents asked fear being evident in his voice. “I'm your worst nightmare.” was his only reply

“I'm your worst nightmare.” the agents who had been listening to and watching a live feed from the cameras on their agents, watched in horror as their men were no match for whoever this voice belonged to as they screamed in pain. “No no no please.” they could hear the last agent begging for his life as the sound of footsteps drew closer to him. The camera shacked slightly as the man was picked up and slammed into a wall with a hard thud. The slight shape of a mask could be seen close to the agent as it seemed to have a fire in his eyes that would scare the devil himself. The masked man simply shook his head as he threw the man to the ground face first. The listeners could hear the sound of a chain moving as the camera's angle was slightly tilted as if the man was raising his upper body and nothing more. The agents hands could be seen scratching and clawing at the ground then moving towards his throat. No long after this the head went limp as it was pulled farther up and they heard the same voice again. “If you ever try and hurt my friends again this is what will happen to all of you!” he said in a calm voice before the video was replaced by static once again.
After saying this Finnlay split under the door leading to Jocelyn’s room ready to grab her and leave. When he entered he saw Jocelyn laying on a bed passed out and the devil child standing there. Instantly tensing up he groped his chain tighter ready to fight at any second. “What the hell are doing with her!?”

Upon hearing his daughter's accusation, Klaus's anger only heightened. If Exodus had rigged the tournament that meant darker schemes were boiling behind the scenes. Klaus released a thunderous laugh in response to her insisting he would do no harm to her friend Laurel, the warrior who had willingly teamed up with a Thanatos. As soon as the female warrior had fallen victim to an illegal hit, Klaus grinned deviously. "Good riddance..." The man would huff, eyeing the dwindling number of warriors. Ultfic, one of Earthica's own, ravaging through man after man. Klaus rose his head up in anticipation, knuckles turning white with the tight grip he had on the seats armrest. As soon as Ultfic had delivered the victorious blow, Klaus stood and clapped in appraisal. Surely this would show the other Kingdom attendee's the strength of Levonian warriors, despite the tournament's falseness. Klaus found his way away from the crowd and out of the arena, being directed to the infirmary where he would be able to find his warriors and the champion. He would first come across Laurel, eyes narrowing with pure dismay. "You, stop where you are." The King called out roughly, staggering towards the wounded woman to stop before her. "What the hell was that? You are Levonian, not Thanatos... In what world did you think I would approve of such an atrocious act?" Klaus glared down at Laurel, his daughters presence neglected. Before either of them could speak, or Eve could intervene to protect her friend. Klaus shoved past them with aggression, storming off to find his triumphant warrior.

"Ultfic! You are a blessing to our Kingdom.. You did your home well." The King gripped the other mans hand with force before pulling him in for a brief embrace. Stepping back, Klaus would examine the other man. "Were you injured?"

"I thank you my king." Ultfic was glad that he could make the king proud and show off his peoples power. shrugging a bit he replied "I'll be fine just a few cuts and bruises but nothing to bad. Mostly just blood from my damn shield that broke right in me face.” he took a long heavy breath clearly exhausted from the fight. “I’ll be ready to carry out my normal duties as soon as i get my head patch and stop this damned blood from getting in my eyes.” he said to the king not wanting to appear weak in front of the man. Looking around him he could see that most of the fighters had left or were being patched up by the nurses. Some looked at him with a look of fear while others had a look of anger at the crowned champion some even held a mix of both. “The rest of the men did well for them selves, quite hard to survive three on one attacks.” he looked around for a moment. “Have you seen Laurel anywhere? I wanted to talk with her.”

The King grinned giddily, almost as if her were a child in a candy shop. He was impressed, more than impressed and wanted to show off his shiny new champion to the world. Klaus grabbed the man by the shoulder with force before turning to face the infirmary. "I need a god damned healer over here, your champion is wounded and needs tending to.. Get on it!" The man would howl out, glancing back towards Ultfic as they awaited the arrival of a healer. "Laurel? What in the hell do you want with that bloody bit-.. woman?" Klaus would tilt his head curiously, eyes squinting in question while his hand would motion behind them. "She was back there, with my daughter I do believe.."

Ultfic just kind of shook his head at how his king was acting. Not that he didn't apreatie the king being proud but he wasn't really one to flaunt his achievements to much. Upon hearing how the king referred to Laurel he knew she must have done something wrong in his eyes. “Just wanted to talk with her about the tournament and go over a few things about our time here.” he said calmly as his body was slowly becoming more stable. “I'll also talk to the rest of the men when i can but they will be easier to find considering i have authority over them.” looking around again he noticed most of the fighters had already left except for the ones that had genuine injuries from fighting. He wasn't lying he did want to talk to Laurel about what happened in the fight and thought it odd that she had not made it to the end. But the main reason was because he had felt something was very off about the whole tournament. He had felt like it was almost to easy to over power most of the fighters in the arena expect for those of Earthica and Luthra. He shook his head slightly maybe it was nothing and he was just being paranoid about everything but it came with the job he suppose, but either way he wasn't going to spoil the kings mood for right now. Looking past the king he could see a Nurses beginning to walk towards slightly frustrated by the kings request by hid it perfectly once she came closer putting on a ‘proper’ look for foreign royalty.

Klaus eyed Ultfic carefully, searching his expression for a reason as to why the other man would want to speak to a trader. The King rubbed at his beard in thought, a simple nod in response to Ultfic's words. "I have some.. business to attend to." Klaus gave one final parting pat on the warriors shoulder before excusing himself from the conversation. It was clear he was simmering with some annoyance, his eyes darting to his daughter and her friend once more. "Eve, If you spend all your time gallivanting with Laurel you will never get anything done. Night is falling daughter, a woman of your status shall not be out at this time in a stranger Kingdom. To your chambers, now..." The King stared at his daughter, his tone pressing, expression unwavering, "You are here for a reason daughter." With that the King dismissed himself from the area, finding his way to the palace where he would retire to his bedroom, soaking in its elegance and luxury.

The woman had arrived just as the king had left which was good thing as far as Ultfic was concerned. Turning to her he bowed slightly apologizing for how she was treated. “Terribly sorry my lady for how my king demanded for your assistance im sure you are a very busy person.” after finishing he tried to give a smile before a sharp pain shot through his midsection causing him to wince slightly. “Though if you could I would greatly appreciate the help.” Ultfic hated asking for help from people but he knew if he tried to leave then his king would surely raise hell over it thinking it was the staffs fault. The women he was talking to seemed as though she was nice enough but he didn't know if that was just a charade for the sake of the whole kingdom. “If not though that is perfectly fine I just ask that you point me in the direction where I can wash off the blood.”
Smoke Screen

Finnlay stood beside his bike which was off to the side of most of the cars. He had needed a break the insanity that was happening on the inside of the building. “Freaking demons, assassin's and whatever the hell the other guy is.” shrugging a bit he decided that he wasn't going to try start a fight unless it needed to be done. Grabbing a cigarette from the pack he kept in his bike he placed the end between his finger tip. Concentrating a bit he could feel the temperature rise as the end ignited as if he had a lighter. Placing it in his mouth he smirked. “Damn powers do have there perks.” blowing the smoke out of his mouth he looked at it as at first it came out like a normal cloud of smoke but then changed into shamrock before being blown away by the wind.

“Nice party trick. What else can you do?” he heard a man's voice say. Finnlay hesitated for a second not sure what to say. “Not much else. Just a lot of practice you could say.” Looking the man over again something seemed off about him. He was to clean to be out at this time and not knocked off his rocker. He almost had a kind of military look to him. Just as this thought crossed his mind he heard the man say “what about that thing you just did with the cigarette?” He could see the man had a smirk on his face. Just as he was about to ask something he felt a prick in his neck followed by a massive taser like feeling. “Ahhhh fucking hell!” He let out as he dropped to a knee. He began to lose his vision as the electrify continued to course through his body. Finally it stopped just his face hit the pavement. He could feel himself being dragged away by the arms after he heard the man say “get him to the van. Make sure you be gentle with her little toy. She'll get right mad if we bring him in hurt.” Finnlay was confused by who she was but decided he had more pressing matters at hand.

As he continued to be staged he could tell that some of his feeling was coming back in his body. Moving his head slightly he tested how much it hurt to move little things. Feeling no pain left his eyes shot open as he transformed into smoke. “You should have made sure I was dead before you try to kidnap me.” He let out with a deep dark tone filled with blood lust. He reached for his pistols only to realize they had been taken from him. “Well that’s to be expected.” Not giving anymore delay he flew at them stopping right in front of one to punch his lights out with a quick combo of left and right hooks. The man next to him ran to tackle him but watched in horror as he kept straight threw Smokes body. For his efforts the man revived a fast boot to the face breaching his nose and knocking him unconscious. Turning to last man who he had first talked to he got ready for a fight as soon as he saw the man pull out to clubs that were electrified. Coming out of his smoke from Finnlay raised his fist almost taunting the man. The two ran at each other each barely missing each other. Smoke couldn’t do much as that electricity would hit him even in smoke form. Finally after a moment of blocked strikes and dodges Finnlay places a massive punch I got he man's kidney causing the man to cry out and double over. Knocking the batons out of the way Smoke picked the man up by the collar before throwing him off the side with the other two. Grabbing his pistols that had been dropped during the fight he made his way over to the three men.

Looking at who he believes to be the leader once again he asked in a calm but dark voice “who sent you and how did you know where I was.” His reply was spit straight to his face. Clearly pissed off Finnlay just shook his head. “Ok then.” Was all he said before he nonchalantly lifted the pistol shooting one of the other men who had been knocked out in the back of the head. Finnlay Shea’s instantly turned to smoke as a punch passed straight threw it followed by a punch of his to the leaders head. Slamming the am. Against the wall again Finnlay let out in a angers voice. “You see how serious I am now?” Grabbing the man's face he forced him to look at him straight in the eyes. “Let’s try this again. And maybe your other friend won’t die. So how do you know who I am and how did you know I was was here.”

“We see everything. We know everything.” For that comment the man received another punch to the gut. “I want specifics now. Who sent you.”

“She just said you would see in time. She said you would know and that deep down you could tell right now.” He finished with a sadistic smile. Finnlay letting his anger get the better of him shot the last guard who was just starting to wake up. he had this feeling deep in his gut who this mystery person was but he refused to believe it. Turning his attention back to the last man Finnlay looked at him with all the anger in the world slamming him repeatedly into the building almost yelling. “What do you mean I know her! Who is she!”

“You’ll see in do time. Hail Hydra.” Was the last thing the man said as he bit down hard breaking a cyanide capsule in his tooth killing himself before Finnlay could ask him anything else. Finnlay unfazed let the man's limp body fall to the ground as he ran back to the hotel to warn the others and get out of dodge. Just as he rounded the corner to his bike he heard gunshots and telling coming from inside the hotel. “Oh shite in my breakfast.” He said angry as he quickly grabbed his helmet out of his saddle bag along with a chain he had kept in there before running off to the hotel.

As he ran into the hotel he stopped when he saw an all black figure standing there looking rather terrifying if he was being honest with himself. He knew who ever this was had already heard him come in as he wasn't really being the most stealthy at the moment. Suspecting the worse of the situation he drew both his pistols pointing them at the mysterious figure. He was glad he had brought his helmet and the chain since this thing looked like it wasn't hear to make friends. “Who the hell are you.” he asked.

The exodus soldiers were closing in on Ultfic and he knew if he didnt think of something fast he would get knocked out like many other fighters. The four that had encircled him had chosen, unlike him, to wear a helmet, but he could still see there eyes focused on him with a kind of hatred he was somewhat surprised by. Smiling a bit he dropped his stance and stood up seemingly putting down his defence “Well i'm still waiting.” looking closely he saw one of the Exodus cowards turn to look at one of the others for a split second. The poor boy didn't even know what hit him as he was instantly forced to his back with a loud thud. Not a second later a thounders crack sounded as Ultfic slammed his sword into the chest plate leaving quit a large dent in it. Pressing his advantage Ultfic ran at his next target who was still stunned by the display of both power and speed that Ultfic had just shown. To his dismay by the time he regained his senses Ultfic had already planted his shield under the man's own and was lifting him over his own back. With a loud crack the man was hurled over Ultfics head before seeing his shield slammed into his chest signifying his elimination. Looking up Ultfic saw the other two rushing him. Sliding out of the way Ultfic narrowly missed a spear being thrusted at his head. Spinning around he tried to bring his shield down onto one of his assilents back but was surprised to see it was blocked by another shield. Jumping back Ultfic began analyzing how they were fighting they really were used to fighting with one another. “You got lucky your friend was there to save your arse.” he yelled with a smile somewhat enjoying the battle. As soon as he was done the two rushed him yelling as they got closer. Smirking Ultfic kicked up a spear that was on the ground and chucking it at the one that was just behind his friend forcing him to bring his shield up to defend. The small time frame in which he had to raise his shield and stop allowed Ultfic to strike at the fronter most assailant. Bringing down his sword in a downward slash the he forced the poor mans hand as he instantly went to block to save his life leaving his midsection open for what would be an uppercut had he not had a shield that would strike first attached to his arm. Having the wind knocked out of him the man doubled over in pain before being thrown by Ultfic into his own partner causing them both to fall to the ground. The last man quickly got to his feet his feet not wanting to be left defenseless but it was to late as he felt a pain in his shoulder as a sword was forced into the shoulder pad.

Feeling quite proud of himself Ultfic took a moment to catch his breath “That's what you get for relying on numbers.” he jabbed towards the two as they left for the exit. Looking across the arena he noticed that the herd had been thinned greatly meaning the end was coming quick. On closer inspection he noticed that there were fighter who were going through the same problem he had just got out of as they were being surrounded by a swarm of exodus spears. Moving towards were one such fight had just finished he made quick work of what was left of the exodus fighters disarming themselves of their spears before denting their armor.

Just as he had finished with the last Exodus soldier in that small area he heard a whistling sound. Raising his shield just in time he felt and heard three small thuds as throwing knives had been hurled at him. Looking up he saw a very pale man with hair as white as snow. “Ah you're one of those Primfira people arent you. The cockroach of the 4 kingdoms am a right how am i not surprised one of you made it to the end?” The mans smugg looked turned to one of anger at being compared to such a horrible insect. Pulling out he ran towards Ultfic hoping to use his speed to outflank Ultfic. The two dance around each other as they exchanged striked that narrowly missed one another. To most it was very elegant which was in stark contrast to the rest of the tournament which for the most part had been very brutal mimicking a real battle for life and death. The turning point came when the assassin from Primeira jumped back from one of Ultrics slash's allowing Ultfic the opening he had been waiting for. Doing a 360 in quick fashion Ultfic released his shield causing it to head straight at the man. Slamming into the mid section of the Assian just as his feet hit the ground he had nowhere to go but down as ultfic jumped on top of him driving the girl of his blade into the man's chest ending his time in the tournament.

Grabbing his shield once again Ultfic realized he appeared to be the last one standing. His joy was quickly cut short as he heard the sound of heavy feet behind him. Raising his shield just in time and moving to the side he managed to avoid a strike that very well could have ended his life. Unfortunately for him however the man had so much force that he managed to break the shield on impact sending splinters and other debris flying into Ultfics face. Giving Ultfic no time to move the man proceed with a massive up swing with his won the collided with the remaining portion of Ultfics shield. The force was enough to life Ultfic off the ground for several feet as he was hurled away from his attacker. Struggling to get to his feet he saw the giant of a man standing before him. Giant was quite an understatement even for someone who grew up in Earthica. Looking at the man's weapon he saw a massive mace which would ,in the best case senior, break a few bones if it hit him. Giveing a few heavy breaths Ultfic could feel the toll the battle was having on his body. Even a seasoned fighter like him could only fighter for so long in a battle like this especially when he was constantly fighting more than one opponent at a time. HE could also feel the blood beginning to flow down his head from his shield shrapnel and his impact with the ground. "I feel like I was just hit by a bull." he though to himself as he looked at the man with anger Looking he notice the man had turned his back to Ultfic which did more to piss him off than anything. Taking the small bit of wood that was left from his shield Ultfic threw it at the back of the man's head yelling so even the people in the stands could hear “A you ugly. Am not out so why don't you quit celebrating an fight me now that I can see you.” The man clearly took offence to his verbal jabs and rushed straight at Ultfic. Well kind of brought that on my self he said to himself as dodged attack after attack only ever able to give the giant small cuts here and there as he knew standing in one place for to long would leave him open. “Funny isn't it? You’re the literal definition of the Lurans stereotype. Big and stupid.” dodging yet another strike from the mace Ultfic this time was able to put a strike into the man's arm. It wasn't much as Ultfic was trying his best to adhere to the rules of the fight. Seeing the man seething with anger he could tell he just needed one more little push. “Im sorry big fella. I forgot to mention ugly as well. I mean it looks like you fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down before falling face first into the mud at the bottom.” he said in between the man's strikes. He could the tell the man had heard everything he had been saying but the viewers could hardly hear over their loud cheering for who they believed would win. The man had clearly heard enough as he lashed out with even less control than he had originally. Throwing wideal blow Ultfic was able to dodge even easier now that the strike had no real aim to them. Finally as he lifted up the mace Ultfic jumped forwards knocking the man off his center of gravity making him fall back towards the mace which just helped in pulling him down. Stuned the man had little time to realize his mistake as Ultfic was already there planting the dulled blade into the man's chest piece finishing his last opponent in the tournament.

Stumbling backwards slightly Ultfic raised his arms in triumph giving out a triumphant roar to to many spectator as he had proven to all the Kingdoms the might of the warriors of Earthica and of himself. Feeling a little light headed from over exertion and blood loss he nonetheless waited for the royals of Exodus to conclude the tournament before he left hoping he had impressed the people watching.

(end of tournament after his shield broke).

Thanks. I’ll start my post when I get out of school. So am I the only one with a character still fighting in the tournament. Cause if so then I could try to wrap it up in my post depending on what @Aamaya wants
@ShieldsOfWar really nice cs.
@Aamaya. Ok thank you. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t stepping on plans by haveing Ultfic make it to the end and possibly win it.
So who is still in the tournament? Also @Aamaya did you have any specific plans for how you wanted the tournament to end? Just asking so I know how I should wright my next post.
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