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Thomas Arashi

Thomas couldn't say that he was surprised by his placing in the dorm tier list he had given a pitiful showing for his first duel at the academy, and more importantly, he made Thor look bad in the process. It was still irritating but not unjustified he supposed. Looking Around him he good to see that some of the students were just happy to be allowed into the school which was something that he just couldn't understand. As the headmaster finished his announcement of his duel Thomas glanced down at his duel disk slightly before grabbing his bag and heading towards his dorm-like the rest of the students.

As he drew closer to his assigned dorm room he grabbed a small piece of paper out of his pocket that had received describing the dorm arrangements. Double checking that the numbers matched up he slowly opened up the door to see a rather well upkeep dorm with two beds in it along with a desk for each person and a few other furniture items but nothing over the top. Throwing his duffle bag off to the bed that was now his he slumped back in the chair to his desk. “Glad today is done,” he said out loud to himself as he let out a heavy sigh.

Digging through his bag for a second he pulled out a small ornate wooden box that had carried his first cards in it. Setting it down on the table along with his duel disk he let his gaze settled on the two items. Reaching for the deck holder on his belt he pulled out his prized and favorite card and placed it between the box and duel disk. “I swear I will make it up to you.” he thought in his mind almost as if he was saying a prayer or something.
all done

James Kelly

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James smiled at Nora accepting his offer to join her on her quest. 'this should be interesting.' he thought to himself as he watched her grab her bag and prepare for bed. "I spent a bit of time out here before so I don't know much about it other than there a small town called Armadillo not far from here." as he finished Iris came by and laid down right behind him allowing James to lean back against his horse. "it is an interesting little town that has lots of characters for sure. we best be careful of some of them ." he added before adjusting his hat so that it covered his face as he slowly let sleep take him as he calmly waited for the constant nightmares to take hold for what would surely be yet another restless night.
James Kelly

Interactions @DisturbedSpec

After the fire had been started James took his seat by it leaning up against a rock using it as a sort of chair. He listened intently to what Nora had to say. He himself was not a big fan of Cornwall but then again, neither was most of the west. The first part of her tale about how he had wormed his way into the town and bought himself a small army sounded similar to that of other stories he had heard about the man and others like him. In truth, it pissed him off to no end what happened to people like him and Nora it seemed. The poor man always being pushed around by those who sat atop a gold throne. What surprised him most was the fact that it appeared that she had been at war with the man by herself for some time, going so far as to rob a train.

“Well I'm glad that you have a conscious in you. Not many do anymore it seems.” he paused as he looked down at his hand to see himself rolling his gold coin across his fingers out of habit once again. Looking back up he continued. “I must say that is one impressive feat, taking on a whole train like that by yourself.” he studied her for a moment trying to see if she showed any signs of lying about doing it alone but either he had lost his touch or she was much more skilled than he had once thought. Looking up into the now dark sky he cursed himself thinking 'oh what I will do for a pretty face.' settling his gaze back onto Nora he took a moment thinking over what he was gonna say. “Well, I do believe I found how I can repay you. I'm not exactly the biggest fan of Cornwall or his associates and while it appears you don't need it I'm sure other hands never hurt.” he paused for a second turning his gaze to his coin before continuing “If you would allow I would love to accompany you on your war against this man who wronged you.” as he finished he snatched the coin in his hand and turned to look at Nora waiting for her response.
Thinking about possibly being the son of Gambit
I'm liking the sound of this.
Smoke Screen

Finnlay let out a small grunt when he felt his arm get a small cut from the needle that was once in Oberon's hand but was now smashed on the ground. Seeing Oberon activating his suit and moving for the door Finnlay wasted no time grabbing his jacket before running to catch up. He quickly came to a stop however when he heard a loud cracking sound coming from the building itself. Looking at each other with a worried look on their faces. “I'll go get Jocelyn you go do your thing.” Once finnlay was done his body began to break down on command as a large amount of black smoke made its way to the air vent nearby.

Traveling quickly Finn was going over what could have hit them that hard at such a random time. Suddenly it hit him as if clear as day. “I swear if that damned bastard ruins this for us ill kill him.” Just as he finished the thought he started to hear talking coming from the vent opening in front of him. Pouring out of the vent the smoke cloud reformed into the standing form of Finnlay standing in front of Jocelyn and The devil named Alistar. “Jocelyn we need to leave now.”
James Kelly

James gave the women a healthy grin and a small chuckle. “Well, it would seem that some men are just sore losers when it comes to a fair game of cards. Can hardly blame me for being so good at it.” he paused for a second looking out over the vast horizon. It was quite beautiful he had to admit if it wasn't for all the damn heat. Patting Iris on the side of the neck he moved his head back when he heard Nora tell him to ride with her. Giving her a nod he slowly began to ride alongside her into the vast desert for a short time before he turned to her.

“We’d better set up camp here before that sun drops. Getts cold as hell out here at night.” pulling his horse a short distance off the main road he finally stopped when he came to a flat area mostly devoid of plants that seemed to work well. Hopping off his horse he searched through his pack looking for the various camping supplies he used on his travels. As he walked back to the center of the dirt patch with some sticks he asked without looking at her. “What's a beautiful woman such as yourself have to do to get on the bad side of old O'driscolls, boys?” he waited for her response as he continued to build up the fire for them.

The evening with everyone was fairly tame with everyone but it seemed that Cross had elected not to join them. Athena had gotten a quick glimpse of him as he had exited the elevator and for some reason, she felt that it would be the last time or at least for a long time that she would see him. He was free to leave if he chose though.

Athena toasted everyone to the success of the project and told everyone that she was heading to bed. Ava proclaimed the same and they went off to their separate rooms. Oberon looked over at Alistar as he watched Athena leave then spoke, "You know I don't know how you fell for a program but just be careful. " Alistar grunted and sat down his drink as he got up and told Oberon he was turning in as well. As he left an alarm went off on O's watch. :: DEVICE DOWN:: following that was number that belonged to Finnly. That was impossible for those things to be down. Then another alarm. :: Device Restored:: Oberon shrugged it off till the morning as it was getting late he needed to sleep as well.

Finnlay stood outside of his apartment looking at the small device that he had been given by Athena in the event he needed to contact her. He had almost thrown the damn thing away as soon as he had got back to Boston but had decided against it. “This had better work.” he said to himself as he opened the device calling his new “friends”

Oberon woke to an alert that came from the cellphone like thing Athena had given everyone. On it was Finnlay's number again. Oberon's brow furrowed but got up and draped a robe over himself before answering. "Hello? Finnlay is that you? Everything ok with you and Jocelyn?" It was strange that he was getting this call and received an alert last night. He probably shouldn't have asked about Jocelyn just in case but it slipped. Oberon typed out a message to the others on a screen to the side of him, "Everyone available meet in the conference room one." With that, he listened for Finnlay and headed out.

“Yeah well that's the problem.” said in a somewhat worried tone. “We got attacked by a Hydra assassin. she got shot but she should be fine once her thing kicks in.” he paused for a second. “Don't worry I scared the bastard off.” he stopped again letting out a grunt. “Look I don't want to be making this call but with what's happened I was wondering if that offers still up about a safe place?”

As Finnlay had been speaking Oberon had reached the conference room and Athena and Alistar came in right after. Once there Athena threw the call up on the screen and started a voice pattern recognition program and background noise filter. "Finnlay this is Athena. The offer is still on the table. We will send a jet out to your location. Keep the device on you and we will find you. You may not like it but it's good you called. We had been dealing with Hydra a lot lately and it seems we might have stirred the nest. " With that, she stopped talking and watched the monitor to see his voice pattern read out. As well as the note that the device had been interrupted which gave her pause that this might not be Finnlay or he was being manipulated.

“No shit you kicked a damned hornet's nest. It's like you and Jocelyn are asking to kill with what you have been doing,” he said when he heard from Athena that they were attacking Hydra bases. “You might want to tell your friends to be careful. That assassin who attacked me said he was going after everyone. Jocelyn was lucky number 1. Unfortunately for him, he didn't expect me to be there.” he paused again waiting for a response.

Athena stayed silent for a second then spoke again. "Listen Finnlay you knew I and a few others were going after hydra. I offered you protection and you didn't want it. Jocelyn had her own agenda and I don't fault her for wanting to go after hydra. Honestly, once you are here we aren't going to stop. They need to be taken out. Especially with what is going on in the world and maybe even beyond it. We don't want hydra in on that action." She stopped and nodded to Oberon to head off in the jet to the coordinates.

“Well ill grab our stuff together and be ready to go by the time our ride gets to hear.” he said once he no longer talking slightly ticked off about what she was saying. “We can finish this conversation when I get the base if you don't mind.”

Athena sighed. "Yes, we will do that. Oberon is currently headed your way. He should be there within the hour. Tell Jocelyn I said hello." Athena disconnected the line and sat back in her seat.

Finnlay closed the device before walking back into the apartment. Once inside he let out a heavy sigh of frustration. Walking over to Jocelyn’s room he knocked hard on the door to make sure she woke up. “Pack your stuff we’re going to your friends place. We have about an hour before the plane gets here.” He started to walk to his room before turning around again. “Oh and Athena says hi.” Satisfies finnlay walked into his room going straight for the closet where he kept a special bag he referred to as his ‘get the hell out bag.’

Looking around the room he made sure that he had everything ready to go. There wasn’t a lot that needed to be taken being as he was pretty low maintenance and low tech when it came to his job. Walking over to his nightstand he looked at the picture on it showing himself and the women he had just been in the car with along with Jimmy O and two others. Smiling pleasantly at the picture he set it back down as he heard a rumbling sound above of what he figured was the jet. Slinging his duffle bag over his shoulder he headed to the roof with Jocelyn to board their flight to wherever this base was.

Oberon kept the cloak on and the engines low but it seemed to him the plane needed a tune-up. As the two came to the roof he let them on. Once inside he slid the door to the cockpit closed and darkened the windows. After they were buckled in he took off heading for base.

Once there Oberon came out in his costume but tapped his wrist. It then began to slide across him like goo then into a watch. Wearing his normal suit he exited the plane and beckoned them to exit. "Welcome to DarkStar Technologies. Alistar and Athena are upstairs in the conference room waiting. Ava is attending her own projects and won't is joining us. For now, we will head to the conference room so you can give a full account of the attack." With that, they had reached the elevator which Oberon enter with them and pressed penthouse.

Stepping off the plane Finnlay let out a whistle at how nice the place looked. ‘How the hell couldn't we find this place.’ he thought to himself as he followed Oberon up to the penthouse where he was told everyone was waiting.

Entering the large conference room he saw two people already sitting down at the table. “Great the devils hear,” he said under his breath before turning to look at the women. “What the hell happened to you?” he asked.

The woman stood and walked over to Finnlay. She wore some black leggings and a work out shirt that was darkened with sweat. "Nice to see you too asshole." She then smacked his cheek. "I believe that is a typical greeting for a human female to Male who is being an asshole." She smiled at him then walked past and hugged Jocelyn. "Now that you are both here let's go over the attack and see if we can get a rendering of the scene." She moved over to a chair and sat down then waited for the two of them to sit. Oberon sat and pulled out a tablet bringing up the programs he needed.

Finnlay just stood there surprised at what Athena had just done. He wasn't mad at all but was simply shocked at her actions. Brushing it off he sat at the table begging to recount the events. “Well I and Jocelyn were talking about some of the events occurring in Boston at the moment before a sniper round went straight through her.” he finished pointing over to Jocelyn. “I followed where the shot had come from and engaged the man in the building across the street. He was well trained in combat and was able to adapt to fighting someone like me in the heat of battle. He's definitely a high-level threat. He was wearing some kind of power suit armor thing with the display of a skull on its LED screen.”

Athena listened intently and frowned. "So no facial ID. This is going to be a bit harder. We don't have any intel on this LED Skull." Athena knit her eyebrows while thinking. Oberon, however, was running a voice program that detected lieing from how the person's vocal patterns fluctuated. Nothing out of the ordinary for now it seemed but Oberon wondered what he did to the device as it had no off switch and now power issues. "So Finnlay we detected a problem with the device. Any reason for that?" Oberon adjusted the program slightly then waited for the answer.

“Well I'm not a tech genius like yourselves,” he said gesturing to everyone else in the room. “But it could have gotten messed up when I set a bomb off in the room we were fighting in.” he was mentally cursing himself. This would prove to be a problem if they kept looking into it. “Or the guy may have been tampering with it with some kind of jammer so I couldn't call for backup.”

Athena lightened a little at the explanation. She knew very well that a bomb wouldn't have done anything. It was designed to survive a concussive blast point blank but there was no way she could make it resistant to jammers. It would have to alternate frequencies faster than they could be jammed and jammers were far easier to make those communication devices. "You could be onto something there Finnlay. He may indeed have had a jammer." Oberon would have lightened as well but there was the ever so smallest of ticks in the program indicating he might be lying. Of course, this could be explained by simple stress as well. A sort of PTSD from the situation they were in but Oberon backlogged it just in case.

“But anyway, the suit is bulletproof and wasn’t damaged much from the bomb save for some exterior scratches.” He said continuing with the story. “The only way I seemed to be able to chase him was with hand to hand combat which he is very skilled at. The suit didn’t seem to construct his movements at all.” Finnlay paused for a second thinking of what else to say. “As a note, he is very skilled and was clearly used to fighting mutants and powered individuals.”

Athena recorded all the information then proceeded. "As far as we can tell Hydra is still stable even though we have taken down two bases of operation and another associate has taken down a number of others from the inside. It seems hydra's network is far larger than what even I could detect at the beginning which may mean they have access to alien tech. This suit might be a result of that tech though he seems to be more if a gun for hire." Athena stood and smiled. "Well, we have all we need. If you two have nothing further we would like to get you down to medbay for a checkup then see what we can do after that." The door slid open and Oberon stood to escort them out as Athena sat back down.

"I'll let you know if anything else comes up but that's about all I have for you." Finnlay began to stand up from his seat. "Just say when you have a mission or job to be done and ill be more than happy to help out the cause and earn my keep.," he said before turning around and exiting the room to get checked up on.

Jocelyn looked up pushing her blonde hair out of her face. "Did the protocols for the lab go off? As far as I know, I locked that place down better than Fort Knox. With your tech, if someone tried to get through they'd have to be seriously powerful to get through. Finnlay didn't even know where it was. There are things in there that Hydra would kill to have access to. I was so close to getting the formula right. We're probably lucky that Finnlay was present when I was shot. If not then I might not be here. It sounds like this guy had a lot of information on us, or rather me, and he wasn't there to kill me maybe just incapacitate me then use it to draw everyone else in. At least that's what I would have done." Jocelyn paced. "I mean think about it. Take out the healer draw the others out of hiding. Unless I'm overestimating my self-worth." Jocelyn looked from Oberon to Athena and back again.

Athena looked over to Jocelyn after she hadn't spoken the whole time. "Oh umm, your lab. Honestly, I'm not sure to give me a moment." Athena accessed a secure server and routed a search for the address then piggybacked a ping onto that server giving her access to the systems it was connected to. Flicking in the cameras she looked around the lad. All was dark and undisturbed it seemed. Suddenly the connection was gone and Athena felt light headed. Blood trickled from her nose. "Oh." She dabbed her nose. "It seems the lab is secure but someone is trying to get access to the files. I got through the firewall with one of my pings and they noticed. Couldn't tell who it was though. Seems my body has more limitations than I knew. They shouldn't be able to get through unless they have an alien strength decoding system." Athena took a handkerchief offered to her by Oberon. She held it to her nose. "Stay for a minute, Jocelyn. We need to catch up. Oberon, could you escort him down to medbay though?" Oberon nodded walked out and escorted Finnlay to medbay.

Jocelyn looked at Athena raising a brow. "How long have the nosebleeds been happening? And how often? I ask because they saw pretty regular based on Obie's reaction."

Athena avoided eye contact with Jocelyn. "Its the third time. I think it happens when I connect and overreach. I can control things in the facility just fine. The drones can go up about half a mile before I lose them. Seems my brain is more human than a computer which is bittersweet." She sat down and tilted her head back and activated her healing. The blood stopped and she tilted her head back up wiping the rest of the blood away. "So now that Finnlay is gone and we are alone. I need to ask you, is everything ok? I mean it's been two years with limited contact. Has anything strange happened or has Finnaly been weird?" She cleared her throat and drank some water that was in her glass.

Jocelyn looked over at Athena. "Depends on your definition of weird." Jocelyn sighed and ran a hand through her hair. "Distant. Yes. But that's par for the course. Technically I am a criminal. At least in the public's eyes. Good little Irish Catholic boys don't bring home British criminals, no matter the truth. Which I don't think he believes. The truth that is."

Jocelyn looked away toward where Finnlay disappeared into. "Honestly we both could use babysitters. Boston was... complicated. More so than I realized. And Hydra picked up on my tail again. Which means Sinister, Stryker and anyone else wanting a walking talking torture machine. The thought of just giving up is more tempting than you realize."

Athena's brow furrowed a bit. "I don't know how they found you, Jocelyn." Just then her nose stopped bleeding and she took the kerchief away. Soaked in her blood she looked back at Jocelyn. "If both of you need babysitting then I'm giving you a job. Currently, I don't have a head of genetics or chemical engineering both departmentments could use someone like you and they are good teams just need someone they can work with. I can have a few drones go out and watch your lab and when the coast is clear digitize your equipment then bring it back here. If they trace the drones then they will be in a world of hurt. Also and this might be hard to stomach, but we need to know everything you know about Finnlay." She looked at the kerchief one more time then handed it to Jocelyn. "I'm abnormal. Study this to see if you can do anything for yourself with it. If you want that is, but don't tell anyone here but me or the team. Your underlings are not to know." Athena sat back and sighed as she pulled up a computer screen accessing files then opened a blank one titling it Finnlay. This was so when Jocelyn began it would copy the info and begin to cross-reference it with all databases. Well, all except shield.

Jocelyn nodded as she took the kerchief. "Having a pet project that keeps me out of sight for most of the time would be great. I'm qualified for both since you have the need. As for the equipment that should probably be a top priority. Sensitive stuff that." Jocelyn was silent as Athena pulled up a file. "What are you looking for? That might narrow the field and help me out.".

Athena smiled as her friend accepted the project. They would decide departments later. When opened a second screen and ordered three stealth tech drones to be outfitted and sent out to the pinged location with orders to take all the equipment and make sure nothing was left behind. "Honestly anything. I need to know somethings you might only know. I do know he has a past from the way he talked the first time we met but yeah just whatever you can tell me." Athena looks back at Jocelyn as she saw the drones being outfitted then fly off recording their journey.

Jocelyn nodded. She debated talking about the incident where Finn shot her. She still had nightmares from that. It was shortly after his trip to Ireland and she wondered if having the others know was better or worse. No, not right now. Maybe later. "So he's from Ireland. Dublin I believe. Came to Boston when things got heated at the border. Moved up the Boston food chain to owning a gym and I think he's a silent partner of the bar I worked at while we were there. He took a trip to Ireland recently family business. His mum is getting up there in years and he went to see her." Jocelyn shrugged.

The program ran, copying everything Jocelyn said, and once it was done Athena went through and highlighted certain words before running a second program that then began to scour everything save for hydra and shield. "This will search for some databases so we can come up with a plan of action if needed. Now I won't ask but once as I trust you. Is there anything you didn't tell me that you didn't want to be recorded?" Athena let the question hang in the air then shut down the programs in the forefront letting them run in the background.

Medical room.

O opened the door and ushered Finnlay inside. Once there Oberon took out a pair of gloves and strapped them on. "Alright first we are going to run a series of tests dealing with your blood. Need to make sure that everything is still good from the last time we did this." O took out a syringe and prepped it. Before walking over to Finnlay he put on a mask. "Ready?"

As Finnlay entered the medical room he took a moment to look at how high-tech it all looked. It was definitely a far cry from the bars he was used to being patched up in whenever he got into fights. Hearing Oberon's question Finnlay nodded before taking off his jacket and laying it to the side as he went to lay down on the table with his eyes closed. In truth, he hated hospitals with a passion and this, was as far as he was concerned, a mini hospital. But beyond that, he was also worried about what was being said between Jocelyn and Athena. “This could put the whole damn thing in jeopardy.” he had thought to himself as he heard Oberon walk closer.
James Kelly

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James could see that the women had stopped not that far up ahead from him. Coming up beside her she didn't look too pleased with the whole situation and the events that had just occurred outside the bar. After hearing her question James gave her a smile and scratched his head a bit. “Well let's just say that the O'driscolls are not the biggest fans of me it would seem.” looking back towards the city it seemed as though they had lost their pursuers for the time being. “Well, I do believe I owe you thanks and a debt for saving my arse back there. Was not sure how I was gonna get out of that one.” he eyed her carefully not quite sure what to make of her. She could handle herself that much was sure, but he was confused as to why she would help him. Not that he didn't trust her, she didn't give him the vibe of being a snake but that could also be because he was a sucker for a pretty face. Tipping his hat slightly to the woman he introduced himself “Names James by the way. James Kelly. And what, if I may ask, should I call you Ma'am.”
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