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Still working but figured id drop it here to make sure I didn't mess up the coding.

Test one

Test Two
seems like it could be interesting.
@ZxyxZemon I added a bit to the Nen part of the sheet. I can add more but was just a bit confused on what exactly you wanted so if you wouldn't mind looking it over and just telling me if that's what you meant?
@ZxyxZemon I think im done with the CS when ever you want to look over it
Woot woot
Still a work in progress but figured id post the WIP just so you know I'm still here. Decided to go with Enhancement since I was having trouble with coming up with a conjurer ability that was unique enough. also, this ability really seemed cool to me.

We back
Sorry for the silence been a busy first few days of school and a mini-vacation but I'm still here. CUrrently still trying to work through the hatsu of my character but here's hoping inspiration strikes and ill burn right through it.
yeah, that's why id be more leaning towards one beast. I'm not super familiar with the stuff after the anime but I do know there is a subsect of conjurers that just have one nen beast that they summon. So like for my character it would be an angel.

Alternatively, I have also thought about doing something similar to Nov or Kurogiri from My hero where he uses portals in combat.
that is true. I was also thinking something similar to a Nen Beast where my character summons a creature-type thing that fights for him.
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