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Finn "Balor" O'Connor


Finn let out a labored breath as the bag swung from its place attached to the ceiling. Slowly pulling off the gloves that were kept tight around his hand, Finn made his way to a chair against the wall of the gym. Tossing his gloves into the bag at his feet Finn allowed his breath to drop back to normal. Boxing was soothing for the sniper, allowing for him to let out any stress or aggravation that may have been building. Bringing a towel down over his face removing the leftover sweat Finn took a moment to look around the gym. It was a state of the art facility that was much nicer than where he usually had to train and work out whenever he got the odd chance. The more he thought about it, things here were quite different from what he was used to. Sure there was still a chain of command and they were going to be following impossible missions but it was the air around the facility that was so different. Everyone here, as far as he could tell, was the best the world had to offer and the equipment reflected that. It did make sense he supposed, why have the world's greatest if you weren't going to give them the best odds of success.

“Well, that's enough daydreaming I suppose.” Finn thought to himself while throwing the bag over his shoulder aiming to make his way to his room.
@morbidity im the same way right now. it's not that bad where I live but I can feel people getting a bit crazy.
Seems cool if y’all are still open.
Always down for anything superhero related
really great post ill try to get mine up soon. No guaranty it will be as good as the ones up but we'll give it a try.
ok thanks alot. ill work with it a bit.
it was supposed to be his appearance but it appears the image I wanted to use just won't give a link that works. so now I have to find another picture for Balor.
Thanks for that I will start flushing it out with the branch and more depth. it also just occurred to me that the picture isn't working so I'm going to work on that as well.

That should be it for him. let me know if I need to change anything or if I forgot something.
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