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I might start working on a Stone Ninja.
just added my character. still working on a theme but if anyone has ideas for character relations either for now or future pm me.
yeah he was an awesome character. i have started watching Baruto a lot now.
yeah, I wasn't really a fan of Sasuke for most of the show. to me, it was just like I get that your life sucked and what happened to him was messed up but I think that was pretty much the memo of most important characters. as far as Uchiha go I really like Madara. I guess because he was just like this god of a Ninja that was unstoppable. But my Favorite character hands down Is Garra.
eh, I wasn't a super fan of him. but I did love his fight with Garra. one of my favorites.
yeah, I was wondering what to. what exactly time frame are we in? I assumed before Naruto but didn't know how far back.
So just out of curiosity are we doing promotions through the ranks as just showing talent on the battlefield? Just wondering because in the anime I thought they said something about the exam only being a thing because there was no war.
@Deadlyrose9641 I'm still working on my CS right now but ill Pm you when I get closer to being done since I believe both of our ninjas are from the sand village.
Awesome. I'll get to work on a CS definitely gotta rep the Sand Village. as a side note does anyone have any good places to get a picture for their character?
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