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Ok great I’ll look over the ooc when I get back to my pc. Just wondering what roles were still available.
Seems cool if your still allowing people to hop aboard
Smoke Screen

Finnlay had left in such a hurry from his apartment that he hadn't noticed that he left with an hour until he had to get to the park. Realizing he had plenty of time Finnlay decided to take the long way around town and drove slower than normal to try and clear his mind. The lights of shops where mostly out save a few neon signs that seemed to just faded away from his vision. His mind was trying to work out everything that was happening or what was going to happen. Something didn't seem right in the email she sent him. He couldn't get what kind of trouble she could get in that she would have to take a 4 hour drive at night to meet someone she had not talked to in 2 years. As far as he knew she was just a bartender.

Finally Finn pulled his bike up to the park as he parked it leaving his helmet on the handle bar. Sighing he looked around and realized no one else was there yet. He began to walk over to a bench not to far from where he parked his bike. Looking at his watch he realized he had about 10 minutes until she was supposed arrive. Taking his seat at the bench he looked over towards his bike waiting to see Jocelyn pull up. His mind was racing almost as fast as his heart was as he waited for her to show up. He was nervous since he had no idea how this would all play out. Then after about of 5 minutes of waiting he heard another motorcycle pull up near where he was sitting. Snapping him out his daze Finnlay looked up to she Jocelyn step off the bike as she took of her helmet letting her hair fall down. Finn felt his stomach start turning inside as she began walking towards him. ‘What have I gotten myself into?’
Smoke Screen

Finnlay now in his street clothes after his ride around the Boston entered his small but spacious apartment. “Ahh. Home sweet home.” he said let out an exhausted breath as he entered his home putting his keys on a hook by the front door. After putting his leather jacket into his closet he hoped he could just relax and maybe watch a bit of tv before falling asleep. Moving towards the refrigerator he noticed his laptop had a message on it. “Who on God's good earth is messaging me at this hour.” popping the lid off his beer Finn opened up his email to see read the last thing he thought he would ever see. Finnlay it's Jocelyn. In a bind. Headed your way in about 4 hours. Meet me at the Parkman Bandstand. Need a favor.

Finnlay just stared at the screen in disbelief for a few moments. His mind was racing at a million miles an hour trying to figure out what he had just read. He quickly shot out of his chair in disbelief and took a minute to walk around his apartment. Finally stopping his frantic walk he leaned against a wall on the other side of the room and stared at the laptop almost hoping the message would somehow disappear. Taking a long drink of his Guinness Finn closed his eyes and took his seat at the desk. The message was sent about 3 hours ago so she would be here in about a hour give or take.

Finnlay had to fight the part of him that wanted to yell bloody murder about how she had just up and left him 2 years ago. Or how of course the only thing she wanted after all this time was money. Not a hello or an explanation. But he couldn't bring himself to it. He wasn't sure why but he just never could keep his anger against her. Starting to type he responded ‘I have some jobs that you could do for some quick cash it just depends on what your willing to do. And If you need a place to laylow and stay I can help you there to.’ after sending the message he realized that he didn't have a whole lot of time until he had to meet her. “Why do I have the feeling this is all going to end poorly for me. I don't think she could get into much trouble unless I was right about her.” Finnlay took another look at his Guinness bottle before saying “I'm going to need more of these I can already tell.” And with that Finnlay through on his leather jacket and his normal bike helmet before walking out of his apartment and Driving away.
I would except my character is in Boston at the moment. He will be traveling to New York however in the comeing days. That or your characters should see something in the news about what he did at the docks. I’ll make sure to put that into a post soon.

On another note I currently out of internet because my internet company that I switched to has decided to not come out so I haven’t no clue when that’s getting up. But I’ll do my best to post.
@letmedoStuff. Hey so I have some ideas that I’ll pm you about. I’ll work on a cs and try to post it but I might have some trouble since AT and T is currently strewing me over with no internet.
Are you still accepting cause if so I’m interested.
Seems cool if this is still a thing
Smoke Screen

If one looked closely you would say it looked like you could see small smoke trails coming off the bike as well as the man riding it. The bike was a jet black Harley Davidson with a small yellow harp painted onto the fuel tank. The man riding the bike seemed of average height if ever so slightly on the taller side of the scale. He wore a leather jacket with a cross on the back that wings behind it. None of this is what made the man stand out however. Rather it was the fact that instead of a normal melmet his was a sort of mask helmet. All black with no mouth space it seemed as if he wouldn't be able to speak or breathe. If you could see under the mask you would be shocked to find out that this vigilante was in fact none other than Boston's own Finnlay MacTyre.

Suddenly the bike stopped at a warehouse not far from the docks. The man that had been riding it stepped off of it and made his way towards one of the side doors only to find it locked. Looking around a second the man's gaze settled on a window that was broken near the top of the building. Looking up at the broken window Finnlay, or as he's called when in his gear “Smoke Screen”, Let his body be consumed in smoke as he moved in through the window. Looking down he saw a group of men moving boxes around in the warehouse while opening others. Looking down at them he saw his main target, a gang leader of one of the many small street gangs trying to make a power play. Finn shook his head “They never learn.” he said to himself. Dropping down from the walk way he was perched on he gained the attention of the gang members who to there credit opened fire immediately.

Finn simple let the bullets pass right through him as he stood there as if nothing was happening. He never said a word as he slowly walked towards them. One of the gang members came running with a bat thinking for whatever reason a bat would be the solution to this problem. However just like the bullets it did nothing but pass straight through him. The poor man didn't have anytime to think before he saw the barrel of Smoke Screens pistol in his face before the flash. Finn instantly turned around turning into his smoke form as he moved with a fast past dipping and dodging around the warehouse systematically eliminating every last one of the Gang members. Finally all that was left was him the gang leader and a boy who couldn't be more the 13.

“l-l-l-Listen man i'll give you whatever you want. You want the weapons you can have them hell i'll even give you the money I was gonna get just let me live.” Finnlay ignored the mans pleas for help as he began to raise his pistol up the the man's head.

BANG. The mans lifeless body fell to the ground from being shot by two bullets from Finlays custom pistols. Turning to the young boy who was at this point petrified beyond belief at witnessing the blood shed. Speaking for the first time that night Smoke Screen said in a voice that was slightly deeper thanks to the mask “This is your only warning. Leave here and turn your life around. If I see you again in this setting you will end up like your friends here.” and with that he vanished into smoke. The boy only broke out of his fear when he heard the sound of a motorcycle driving away and the sounds of police sirens.
Who's students? Also @TwilightShadow I'm about to get my Prologue up and running.

His students since he runs the boxing gym. There are other trainers but he is one of the main ones.
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