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ill start working on a character
this seems cool. Always a fan of Westerns

September 7th

The sounds of metal meeting ice filled the empty arena as Arthur skated back and forth across the rink guiding the puck as he went. It wasn't uncommon to see him like this. It was quite often that he would be practicing when others slept, and he was usually the first one to practice anyway. But today was different, far different than your average day. Not just because he seemed to be stronger and faster than before but because he had just survived some sort of a bombing and was up and better in a matter of days. Just 5 days ago Arthur was laying in a hospital bed drifting between unconsciousness and pure pain. And today he felt not just healthy but better than before the attack. Arthur was always an athletic kid but this felt like weights had been taken off his body just before a game like his lungs were just full of air. His senses felt more in tune as well, all around he felt amazing. Which is probably why he was so eager to get back to training even if his team had canceled practice until things settled down a bit. The whole rink was even supposed to be closed off to everyone, especially him, But it always pays to be friends with the janitor of the building.

Arthurs mind then drifted to that day and what had happened. It was like any other day he supposed. The sun was out on a rather unsuspectingly beautiful day leaving a great run ahead of him before he had classes that day. Well, that was how the day was supposed to go until an explosion ruined that plan. One minute Arthur was running around the campus as many of the athletes did when there was a sudden rumble across the ground. The next thing Arthur knew he went from running to being flat on his back seizing from the gas that now surrounded him. The pain in those moments had been almost unbearable for the young man as he laid there writhing in pain. Lucky however it didn't take long for him to get excused from the hospital though which was a positive. It was probably something he should have questioned a bit more than just accepting the fact that the doctors said he was fine now and could leave. But he wasn't exactly complaining about an excuse to leave the hospital early and get back to the ice. This brought him back to his current position standing on center ice having already completed most of his training for the day without breaking a sweat. “That's enough ice work for today. I guess I work on the bag.”

After changing out of his pads and skates Arthur found himself in front of a heavy bag dancing around it as he let loose a few punches in quick combos. Left-right left-left Right. He said in his head as his punches slammed into the bag with more and more force. If he was honest this was some of his favorite work during practice. As his coach had said in the past, Arthur enjoyed fighting a little too much when it came to game time. Though that did have the added effect of giving the team that bit of energy they needed and was always a good show for fans. But as Arthur kept punching he felt a burning sensation in his back that kept heating up. Finally, however, he felt the burning subside as he heard a tearing sound. As his head turned he was met with the truly terrifying sight of a giant spider-like leg stabbed into the bag just above his fist.

“Oh fuck!” he yelled immediately, falling to the floor and trying his best to scoot away from the leg that kept following him back. Finally stopping Arthur looked in the mirror he had stopped just beside. Tilting his head in disbelief Arthur looked in a mix of shock and confusion as there wasn't just one but four legs sticking out of his back. As he moved to get up he was surprised to see the legs stab into the ground and bring him to his feet rather than needing to use his hands. Pausing for a second focusing on not moving a single muscle he noticed the legs did the same. Looking over at the punching bag that was now pouring sand out in a small trickle. Tilting his head slightly Arthur moved in front of the bag raising his hands in a boxing stance and began to envision himself or rather the legs punching for him. Just as his mind would command his arms the legs began to launch forward in the same combo his punches had used earlier. Stepping back for a moment Arthur admired his work of the bag now riddled with holes. Looking between the four legs Arthur let out a small laugh thinking of everything this meant. “Now how do I put you back?”
this seems like it could be cool.

Pretty much done.

hey saw this as I was scrolling through some rps to join. I was wondering if this is still open?

Erik sat analyzing the casino image in front of him as their instructor continued to talk about the mission. It was a certainty and interesting mission, to say the least, and far more high stakes than normal. Not to mention that the risk would be far higher for those who were caught and whatever fate awaited them. The fact that this mission would be conducted in a casino did pique his interest quite a bit considering it would be under tighter surveillance than most government buildings even if they weren't the hotspot for illegal activity. More so however was the mention of the card tournament and the possibility of it being an entry point for the operation.

Once the briefing was over Erik moved with the rest of his team to the equipment area for both their news toys as well as custom-made suits for the op. Looking over the suit Erik had to admit he was very happy with the selection they had made for him. Suit A simply white shirt with a blue vest and tie to match fit his style quite well. The cards were a nice addition but didn't quite fit his style more so something for Binx but he was happy to hold a few just in case. As he gathered his things one of the small foxes hopped up onto the counter next to him giving him a yelp and a slight tilting head as if confused by what was happening. “Hello Mine friend.” he said, giving the fox a quick scratch behind the ear before moving towards the worm. “Stay out of trouble little one.” Erik offered as he vanished into the large device instantly dropping inside of a rather nice hotel room.

As the others arrived there was some talk about what everyone was going to be the plan for the night and idle chat about the mission which Erik half-listened to. “Vell Vat ever you decide keep me in ze loop.” He offered as he dropped his bag on one of the beds as he adjusted his tie. “I'm going to see what I can gather from the tables.” He finished with a wicked grin on his face as his German accent had completely vanished as if he never had it.

Erik steadied his breath as he peered into the lens of his sniper overlooking the building. The walkway he was on was rather sketchy if he was being honest. Most of it was rusted into oblivion with holes already having been formed from the lack of use. He was probably the first person to ever step foot on this damn thing in years. Regardless he steadied his breath as he looked over the portions of the building that were visible to him. He hoped that one of his opponents would forget that he was present for the exercise and would poke their head out but alas it seemed like no one would be daring or stupid enough to try.

“Oh, fuck,”

Erik moved his head a bit at the loud sound coming through the earpiece of what he could only assume was his teammates being eliminated from the exercise. Letting out an aggravated sigh knowing this meant that it was down to him and two other teammates to finish the mission against 5. As he began repelling down from the crane arm he called over the radio “Be advised overwatch no longer in effect, moving in to assist in the defusion.” As soon as his finger left the switch that opened up the channel he spoke to himself rather irritated “Ich muss alles machen.” As he neared the building Erik slowed to a deliberate walk knowing every step could very well lead to a bomb detonating on him. “die Jagd beginnt”

As the old door to the building slowly creaked open the masked face Erik slowly peered through it with pistol drawn making sure to check the ceiling for any pesky cameras that he was sure Bug had already claimed as hers. Doing his best to keep his body low and close to the wall Erik watched for any signs of movement or sounds of commotion. By his guess, he was at least down two teammates and since the others had not responded yet he had to assume the worse. Looking up from his crouched position Erik stared straight into the lens of a camera elevated about halfway up the wall. After staring at the camera for a moment the masked form of Erik slowly lifted his pistol firing a few pellets covering the camera in paint.

Not wasting any more time than was necessary Erik continued on his route through the building doing his best to find the bombs scattered in this massive building. “Moving deeper into ze building, any contact?” Erik continued down the tight hallway awaiting a confirmation from his team that never came. “Nutzlos”. As Erik continued down the hall he could hear what sounded like talking coming from a room just ahead of him. As he drew closer to the entrance into the room he recognized the voices as both Binx and Static.
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