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Hey, I was wondering if there was room for another fire bender to join? Thank you.
Looks interesting I'll start on a cs.
Jonathan Harper

“Nice to meet you too, my name is Jon.” Jon gave Kana a smile as he greeted her. He could hear the teacher walk in and turned to face her. As she spoke to the class he listened intently to not make a mistake in translating. Jon still found it difficult at times to keep up with Japanese. Once she was done speaking she indicates that the person in the front should introduce themself. As the person was rising to their feet, another student in the middle just began to introduce herself. Jon was surprised and thought it was quite rude, something he didn't expect something like this to happen so soon. Leaning back towards Thomas he grinned and whispered in English to him. “Is it necessary that in every class there is someone incapable of following directions?”

Looking back towards the front of the class he watched as another kid walked up to the front of the class to introduce himself. This kid seemed nicer than the previous one and at least didn't try to make a scene. Looking around Jon could tell the class was frozen and unsure what to do after the disruption of the first student. Feeling his heart rise into his mouth he stood up to face the class. Jon was getting annoyed from introducing himself once already. “Hi, since we seem to not be going in order I'll go. My name is Jonathan Harper and I am here to play baseball. I hope to learn about all of you while I am here. Now to keep this going Thomas will go next.” He nudged his friends chair while sitting down and turned to watch him attentively, all the while a bright smile plastering his face.
Jonathan Harper

Jon had been enjoying his quick rest when he was jolted awake by someone speaking to the class. Looking around thinking perhaps it was the teacher, Jon tried to look like he was doing something. Coming to the realization it had been another student he watched the kid finish his introduction. As the kid stood there awkwardly Jon began to feel sorry for him. Thinking it over for a second Jon decided he had to help his comrade. Closing his eyes he stood up and took a deep breath. Forcing himself to open his eyes he looked at the other standing student. “Hey, nice to meet you. I'm Jon.”

Sitting back down he really hoped someone would keep the momentum going, otherwise this was going to turn even more awkward. As he was sitting he heard a voice he recognized by the door and saw Tom walk in. Next to him was the tennis girl from the diner. Not wanting to disturb them he turned back towards the front of the class. Wonder what practice is gonna be like?
Jonathan Harper

After talking with the coach Jon went out to the baseball diamond. Grabbing a baseball he took off his jacket and rolled up his sleeves. Walking out to the pitcher's mound he scuffed the dirt around with his shoes. Stepping back he stared at the home plate and pictured a batter there. A small grin came to Jon's lips as he brought the ball up to his chest. Naturally going through the motions he raised his leg and took a deep breath. Exhaling rapidly as he shot the ball towards the plate. With a crash the ball hit the fence behind home plate with rapid speed. Smiling Jon put the ball away and went to go find Tom.

He found him on the tennis court talking to one of the girls from the diner. Letting a grin come to his face he turned around and began to walk towards the classrooms, not wanting to interrupt his friend. Walking around lost for a bit he finally found his class, 2-C, and walked inside. Unsure of where to sit he leaned up against the wall in the back of the room. Closing his eyes and leaning his head back he tried to calm himself down.

Opening his eyes he realized he probably looked awkward standing at the back of the room so he went and sat down. Taking a chair near the back he decided to try and catch up on some sleep.
Jonathan Harper&Thomas Dircks

Jon looked up as Thomas said hi and sat down in the booth with him. After Thomas ordered Jon smiled at him and offered a waffle, “C’mon, ya know you want it.” Jon put the waffle on a napkin and slid it towards Thomas. Looking around the room he saw the blonde woman stand up and was surprised at her height. Looking back to Thomas then her, Jon guessed she was probably taller than his friend. “It looks like this is a popular place for students from our school.”

Taking the waffle from his friend Thomas gave him a grin saying “You sound like a drug dealer when you say it like that.” Looking around Thomas once again was surprised by the number of students that were in the restaurant. “I know, it's kind of weird that we are all here.” Thomas looked around to see if he could recognize anyone from the previous year. Of the ones he saw he couldn’t really say he knew them. He had seen most of them at one point or another but never really talked to them. Not that he wasn't friendly or anything but he just rarely talked to people. Once his food arrived in front of him Thomas said a prayer before completely devouring his food like a madman along with Jon.

Finishing off another waffle Jon took a long drink of water and slouched back in his seat. “So what is the team you wanted me to play for like? How good were you guys last year.” This time Jon was speaking in Japanese to practice for school. As he waited for a response he heard someone yelling about their high school a few booths down. Jon leaned out their booth to look over at the students and smiled. Coming back into the booth Jon took another bite of a waffle.

Switching over to Japanese Thomas had to think a bit harder about the words he had to say. “We did good. We made it the playoffs but lost in the first round.” Thomas still found it hard to speak in Japanese even for something he loved like sports. “We will do better this year especially with the dream team back together aye.” he finished by nudging Jon in the side. “Have you been keeping up with the workouts over these past few months?”

Taking another bite of the waffle Jon nodded his head and tried to swallow quickly. Just managing to not choke he chugged the rest of his water. “I have also been eating healthy…” Looking down at the plate of half-eaten waffles he shrugged at Thomas, "...mostly. So when does school start I can’t quite remember.”

Thomas just chuckled at his friends apparently ‘healthy’ eating habits. “I can see your healthy choices. Lord knows only you could find a way to get waffles in Japan.” looking down at his watch Thomas realized that they still had about 40 minutes or so before they had to leave. “We have plenty of time to hang out for a bit. We’ve got about 40 minutes I’d say before we have to leave.” Eating the last of his rice balls Thomas pushed his plate forward indicating that he was done with it. Looking around he noticed some interesting students that had decided to stop by the restaurant. For starters, there was the blonde girl that seemed to be as tall as him who had to be American, who was talking to a girl that she literally dwarfed in size. Then there was also the girl that had walked in not long before him who had green hair but seemed to be the athletic type. Turing back to his friend “This should be an interesting year.”

“Of course it will be, I’m here.” Finishing off his waffles Jon looked through his wallet until he found enough money for the food. Wincing as he put the money on the table he could almost hear his mother in America telling him not to spend all his money on food. While tugging at his collar he was playing with the glasses hanging on his shirt. “It is strange wearing school uniforms, I just don't know how I will get used to this.”

“Don't worry you get used to it. Also as time goes on you find your own kinda style to make it more comfortable. And as for you making it interesting… well, that's what I’m afraid of.”

collab with @sly13
@DendurisOw my feelings.
Jonathan Harper

Jon had been up for a few hours already staring at his ceiling and trying to sleep. His internal clock still hasn't caught up with Japan time, so his sleep schedule was all wrong. He had only arrived in the country four days ago. Hearing his alarm finally go off he reached over and turned it off. Groaning Jon rolled out of bed and stumbled into his bathroom. Going through his personal hygiene routine he tried multiple times to get his hair to look neat, but he failed every time. Giving up, Jon grabbed his sunglasses and hung them on his shirt collar. Looking at his clock it was still much to early to arrive at school, but it was too late to go for a run. Guess I'll just wander a bit

Making sure his apartment was locked Jon slowly began to meander towards the school. He was quite early and decided to look for a place to eat. Wandering through the street Jon closed his eyes and let his legs just take him wherever. While coming up to another street he heard a bike coming and opened his eyes. He was unable to see who the rider was and let his eyes follow the bike. Lights drew his eyes and he saw a diner up the road in the direction the bike was going. Smiling Jon set off towards the diner at a slow pace. “I wonder if they have waffles.”

Walking inside Jon looked for an empty booth and sat in it. Noticing the other patrons, Jon realized quite a few were wearing the same uniform as him. Guess this is a pretty popular place in the neighborhood. Getting a plate of waffles Jon knew if anyone he knew saw him they would kill him for eating so unhealthy. That thought made him grin with the realization he was truly independent now. With intense gusto Jon devoured the waffles in front of him rapidly.
...I just realized I forgot to put a phone in personal... Well then guess who is getting a carrier pigeon.
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