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3 mos ago
Current well...I guess I'm back.
8 mos ago
In the past hour I have refreshed the guild 80 times
1 yr ago
Really busy so replies might be slow. Sorry
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@Euphonium Hey, I was wondering if I could get a discord link. The previous one expired. Thanks!
Oh, if you want me to clarify why he came to Japan I can send you a pm. @Euphonium
@Euphonium thanks!
Woops, looks like I did the font wrong, so when I wake up I will fix that. Srry
Here it is, revamped and hopefully ready!
@Solaya, I've been reading for a couple days now. Been thinking of ways to change him to fit, and just stuff I didn't like originally.
Hey, I was wondering if I could apply using my old character. I plan on changing some parts of him. Thanks.
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