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Hey, I've been reading through and this looks incredibly interesting. I would love to join if there are still some slots open for people to join. I also have a question or two to ask that would influence my character's creation. Thank you very much.
This looks really interesting!! Hope to be a part of it.
Hey this looks really interesting, and I wonder if you are still accepting. I'm thinking of a general or minor king who was betrayed in life before he could make his stand against the undead(possibly by callidus idk). In death he has kept his discipline and pride because in his mind he never lost to the necromancer. He requires all of his "soldiers" to look presentable just like in life. This now includes polishing bones and such like that. For appearance wise him and his I'll would look something like the ossiarch bonereapers from AoS. Such as they all appear mostly uniform and still wear armor, but it is now made from bone. That is all I have so far.

God of Hangovers

Constantinople was a city that never stopped moving for any occasion. The world could be ending and sure enough, there would be a vendor trying to sell you some trinket. The large market that filled the westernmost plaza of the city was no exception to this habit, even a few hours after the sun had set. Covered lanterns lit up the large area that would have been an open field if were not for the hundreds of tents that cluttered the plaza. People shuffled through the small corridors that naturally opened up between ramshackle shops. Citizens of the metropolis, rich and poor alike, came to purchase many of the items they needed in their day to day lives. At one vendor a wealthy patrician could be seen purchasing some form of roasted meat, while only a few steps away a small peasant woman was haggling over a rough piece of sheepโ€™s wool.

Between the thousands of people gathered in the orange light of the lanterns, the god Dionysus was attempting to purchase some herbs from a small eastern woman who might just have lived as many years as the ageless diety. โ€œTrust me, this wine is worth more than any gem or ore anyone could try and trade you. Just take a sip and youโ€™ll understand what I mean.โ€ Dio used his best smile while he said this, the same smile that could sway any mortal being only a few decades ago. โ€œAs if I would drink something a strange boy tries to force-feed me. You donโ€™t get my age just trusting any honeyed words that come your way.โ€ The old trader showed a near toothless grin as she pushed the skin of wine away from her.

โ€œYou also apparently didnโ€™t live that long by being generous.โ€, Dio spat back at her. He was growing increasingly frustrated with this imp of a woman who dared defy him. Mortality was still something that Dionysus was adapting to daily, even though he had previously spent centuries roaming the planet. Back then he had been something โ€œbeyondโ€ human, a being who merely existed near humans. Never did he have to pretend to be one of them.

โ€œIf you're going to take that kind of attitude with me I might as well raise the price to four denarii.โ€

โ€œFine, fine take your money, you greedy woman.โ€ Dio tossed the money onto the table next to him and grabbed the herb before she could raise the price another time. Rushing away from the vendor Dio slipped through the crowds back east towards the center of the city. No matter how agile he was he couldnโ€™t help but bump into some people earning himself some indignant shouts and curses. The young god ignored the insults and focused on making it out of the plaza as quickly as possible. Finally reaching an end to the mass of people Dio took a deep breath before continuing his jog into the city. As he headed inwards the smell of the sea receded somewhat and new scents began to overwhelm the senses. Imported spices from India and cured leather from the western edge of the empire dominated his nose as he passed by the shops of the many craftsmen who inhabited the city.

Dio stopped on a dime and ran down an alleyway between two tall buildings. He pulled aside a small curtain on the side of the rightmost building and made his way up the stairs that started at the entrance. Only once he reached a small door at the top did the god slow his ascent. Before entering Dio leaned against the wall and steeled himself against the growing pain he could feel pierce his heart. Dio faked a smile and entered the small room.

The room was cluttered and looked more like a large cupboard than anything. Shelves on the walls held an assortment of plates, cups, and random personal belongings. The floor was covered with colorful Persian rugs that only matched if one happened to be color blind. In the middle of the room, furs were piled to form a makeshift bed that was currently occupied. A slender form was curled up on top of the furs fast asleep oblivious to the world. Dio stood still not wanting to wake the resting woman and merely stood there gazing down at her. He didnโ€™t know how long he stayed like this, Dio just knew he could wait here forever if she could be at peace asleep like this.

Eventually, the sleeping form began to move and raise its head. It was then that Dio could see the eyes of Ariadne, his wife. Even though her brunette hair was disheveled and she was a shade paler than healthy, Dio could feel his heart stop. Ever since he found her crying on the island of Naxos he had felt this way. Before the Colossus had happened he used to tell her she made him feel mortal. When Ariadne had asked what he meant by this he had at first hesitated, before voicing it best he could. โ€œI have never feared death, for why should I? I am something beyond mortals and their limited view on life. I was born in the underworld of all places, dying would be a simple trip home. But when I am with you I truly feel afraid. I feel afraid that I could die at any moment. That I could be ripped away from you. An eternity in the pit of Tartarus canโ€™t even compare to a minute without you.โ€

The tired eyes of Ariadne panned over the room until she saw her husband standing at the entrance. โ€œHow long have you been standing there?โ€ When Dio saw his wife attempt to sit up he rushed to her side and put a hand on her back. Looking into her eyes Dio stopped faking his smile and whispered in her ear, โ€œNot any longer than I would have wanted.โ€ Ariadne giggled at him until a dry cough overtook her and she brought her hands to her mouth. When the coughing finally subsided Ariadne pulled her hands away from her face and let them fall onto her lap. A small amount of blood was visible on her palms and Dio quickly began to lay her back down. Dionysus pulled the herbs he bought out of his pocket and began to crush them into a bowl with the pommel of a small dagger.

โ€œYou are such a hopeless romantic. When Iโ€™m gone you better find someone to take care of you.โ€ Dio winced when she said that last sentence, not wanting to remember the new mortality of his wife. โ€œDio, I need you to look at me.โ€ He turned to face his wife and could see her clearly in pain trying to stay awake. โ€œI need you to promise me you wonโ€™t cry for eternity when Iโ€™m gone. Try to enjoy your time here on earth. You can finally truly interact with humans without hurting them, I know you hated that your curse hurt those around you. Enjoy this freedom and live. Not as a god or a king, but as a human. Trust me, itโ€™s not as bad as you think.โ€

She grabbed his hand and held it to her lips. She lightly kissed his knuckles before pulling him into a real kiss. Dio embraced her as best as he could without hurting her any more. Letting him go, Ariadne, stared into his eyes. โ€œHold me for the next few minutes, until I am gone. I want to feel your warmth.โ€ They sat there still for a time with her eyes closed. Dio watched her breath as her breaths became more and more shallow. Tears could no longer be stopped as he waited for the love of his immortal life to die. His vision now clouded Dio couldnโ€™t say if he sat there for seconds or hours, but when he could finally see again her breathing had stopped.

The entire world seemed to rock as Dio rocketed awake, jumping up from where he had been sleeping. As the world continued to spin he put a hand on a nearby wall to stabilize himself with. Eventually, the spinning stopped for long enough for him to realize the wall he was leaning on was brick, which happened to not be what his walls were made of in his apartment. Taking a look around himself Dio could make the simple observation that he was in some kind of back alley. As he turned to take in his surroundings a sharp pain pulled his attention towards his abdomen where he could see his shirt was covered in blood. Confused Dio used his free hand to search the pain he was feeling. It was there that he could feel an incision just below his ribcage on his left side. It was then that he saw a small glint of steel towards the exit of the alley. As he got closer he saw it was a small pocket knife covered in blood. Seeing it caused Dio to somewhat remember what had happened before his unplanned nap. A young adult had approached a drunk Dio and attempted to rob him. When the young god had proved uncooperative the youth had tried to scare him off with a knife. This conflict escalated until the thief had stabbed Dio. To the would-be murdererโ€™s surprise, his victim had taken being shanked better than most. Dio took it so well in fact he pulled the knife out and stabbed it into his attackerโ€™s shoulder. It was then that the thief decided Dioโ€™s wallet wasnโ€™t worth the trouble leaving Dio to pass out from either alcohol consumption or bleeding.

Leaving the back alley Dionysus began to make his way towards the general direction he was sure he lived. He checked his phone and noticed it had been several days since he had wandered away from the conclave to get drunk somewhere. Thinking to himself as he walked he came across a genius idea. He stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and clapped his hands together. Dio had finally solved how to be rid of the colossus and return to his wife. โ€œI just have to die, thatโ€™s it!โ€ The problem was he wasnโ€™t sure if death by leaving the colossus was the same as a normal death. It was better to be safe and find another way to die. โ€œNow I just need to find someone who can kill me.โ€

Seattle Univerity, Seattle
God of Puncuality

Dionysus knew he should have skipped his morning class in favor of arriving on time to the conclave. When he left Casa de Acropolis at dawn while everyone else had been passed out drunk he was sure he would make it on time. All he had to do was leave class a few minutes early and cross the campus. No big deal, right? Of course, today just happened to be an exam day that he hadnโ€™t prepared for. After struggling up till the last question, the young god had no time to spare as he walked across campus. He could have run, but of course, he couldnโ€™t show up even more disheveled than he currently was. Half the gods that attend the Conclave believe they are at Paris fashion week sometimes. As he rounded a corner he saw a large and somewhat familiar man walk inside with his dog and felt a sense of relief.

โ€œOkay, I canโ€™t be too late if others are barely beating me here.โ€

With a weak smile, Dio jogged the last few steps and caught the door handle before it shut fully. He pulled it open about halfway before he froze at the sight inside. Ares had a gun drawn on one of the Yoruban gods that Dio was sure he had met a few times before. Near the center of the room, Hera was accusing Zeus of murdering her child, and the large man Dio had followed was asking about evidence. It took Dio only a few seconds to figure out what was happening and he let the door shut with a thud. Stepping to the side of the entrance he let himself slump onto the wall and slide onto the ground. Dio pulled his schoolbag in front of him and began to search through it halfheartedly. Eventually, he found what he was looking for and pulled a small flask from inside the bag.

For a minute Dio sat there looking off into the distance with a blank stare as he thought. He thought of the happy times he had shared with Hephaestus, as well as the few rough ones. Silently tears began to stream down his face and he could feel a familiar sensation in the back of his head. At first, a dull throbbing began to form before it evolved into something worse. Words began forming in hushed whispers that soon began to rise in volume. Before the voices could get any louder Dio opened up the flask and took a deep drink out of it. After the third or so swig the voices began to quiet down and once again turned into hushed whispers. Closing the flask Dionysus pulled his legs up into his chest and let his head hang. While he sat there if he listened closely he could still hear what those inside were saying. Out here he wouldnโ€™t have to deal with the noise of the other gods and could mourn his cousin the only way he knew how.

This looks really cool and I would love to join. I was thinking of going with Dionysus, but lean a bit into his old Mycenaean personality. I'll start working on a cs.
I'm interested, but much like some of the others I am somewhat confused on the time period. Thx
Dredar Ragant, aboard the Nightfury, in orbit above Mygeeto

The Imperial corvette silently orbited the crystalline world, once more aligned with the Confederacy albeit a reborn one. The Knight Commander stared at the snow covered planet from his standing position aboard the bridge of the vessel. As Dredar's eyes gazed upon its jagged landscapes he felt a tinge of anxiety flow through him. As he steeled his nerves he felt the Force flow through him, as he reminded himself of the Imperium's natural advantage in the negotiations to come. This new Confederacy was in its infantile stages, while the Imperium could offer practically boundless supplies to aid them should they wisely accept an offer of alliance. He'd depart for the world shortly with a small assortment of dark troopers at his back. Hostilities would not occur here, he had nothing to fear from these upstarts. This planet was where the great Jedi master Ki-Adi Mundi had been slain, gunned down by his own clones on that unforgettable day of their betrayal. His own feelings on it had cooled down since then, though he'd never remove the image of Master Mitrin being similarly cut down from his memory. The helplessness the young Dredar had felt, the coldness which filled his soul as he rabidly ripped apart the clones.

"Knight Commander, the shuttle is ready. What do you command of the Nightfury while the negotiations occur, sir?" Dredar was pulled from his memories by an Imperial officer, Captain Dystra. The stodgy commander of the vessel before its reins had been handed over to Dredar for the mission. The officer's hair had lessened in its amount and grayed in its tone, he'd been in service of the Empire for quite some time.

"I shall depart momentarily, captain. Simply keep the Nightfury in orbit of the world, I will contact you if we need your assistance. I do not expect any rash decisions from the Confederacy, they know better than to try anything risky." He replied, as he glanced at the veteran officer then started past the man.

"Very well, sir." Dystra mumbled to the exiting Force user, then glanced at some of the subordinate bridge crew before he crossed his arms and glanced out the front view of his vessel. He was elated to be in control of the Nightfury again.

A short time later Dredar arrived in the hangar, where the Imperial shuttle awaited. A trio of TIE fighters would escort them to the surface, a small but effective show of force. The scream of TIEs was like music to his ears. As the Knight Commander strolled towards the transport he noticed a quintet of Dark Troopers gathered just outside of the ship. The Knight Commander donned his helmet, with each step his cape flowed behind him. The fearsome sigil of the Grand Imperium printed on its center. As he drew closer to the open back hatch back of the Imperial Lambda the exoskeletoned troopers saluted him firmly. He wordlessly stepped aboard the transport, then the five heavily armed soldiers followed him inside as he sat down. As the shuttle closed its hatch and rose off the hangar floor Dredar felt a smirk seep onto his lips as he thought of this resurrected Confederacy. They pulled themselves from the ashes like the Imperium had, now he hoped they two reborn factions would be able to align.

The three TIE fighters roared through the clouded skies as they followed in formation behind the descending shuttle. Headed towards the designated location of their meeting. As Dredar sat quietly in the back, flanked by the hulking dark troopers he heard the pilot speak through the ship's intercom. They would be landing very shortly, though the Knight Commander was unsure of who he'd be speaking with exactly. Lord Ozzel had instructed him to seek out the former Imperials at the front of this new Confederacy, made turncoats by that catastrophic day which splintered the original great Galactic Empire. Either way he had his approach planned, the Imperium holding the strong hand in these negotiations. His eyes drifted towards the dark troopers spread around him, uncomfortably cramped inside the transport. They were a wise suggestion by Ozzel, he had to admit if he was facing them down he'd feel more imposed by them than regular stormtroopers.

"Approaching the landing zone." The pilot stated through the intercom as the Lambda shook slightly, its landing gear deploying as its descent towards the surface began. Dredar rose to his feet as he turned towards the back hatch, ready to make his entrance on these negations. The TIE fighters landed first, the trio setting down a short distance away as the pilots remained seated inside.

Corrin Marks, surface of Mygeeto

Corrin shivered as the cold of the air worked its way into his bones. It was always cold no matter where you were on the planet and temperature control didnโ€™t seem to have any effect. Rubbing his hands together he continued reading the datapad on the desk before him. The pad had a mixture of reports from the war front in the core worlds and a bit of information on the rest of the new Confederacy. A collection of new systems have pledged to the cause since the last he had checked. It also appears the captured Kuat Drive Yards have been working on overtime to provide ships for the new Alliance.

After reading that last report Corrin shook his head and slid the datapad away. While it was nice that their minuscule navy would be getting reinforcements, it also had the stink of politics. Just like in the Empire those with the navy would have the power, and in this case, have a higher chance of being nominated as chairman. The most powerful of the planets have been bickering amongst themselves for the privilege of leading the Confederacy. The leaders of Mygeeto had also wanted to join the competition before Corrin had convinced them keeping their strength hidden would come to aid them later.

With a beep on his communicator pulling him from his quiet complaining he rose from his chair and made his way to the entrance of the office. Corrin pulled a large jacket from a hook near the door and stepped into the hallway while pulling the coat over his shoulders. He had to watch his step as he walked through the tight passageway so as to not trip over any of his crew. He and his fleet had been given a collection of skyscrapers in order to let them off the Star Destroyers in orbit over the planet. His soldiers were scattered throughout the city normally with only a skeleton crew in the ships. While it did leave him open to an attack from outside forces it stopped his men from either going insane or mutinying him out of boredom. Nearly tripping over a stormtrooper on the ground painting his helmet he caught himself on the window that covered the outside wall and scowled at the man on the ground.

โ€œWatch where youโ€™re goinโ€ฆ.โ€ As soon as the trooper realized he had been scolding his commanding officer he jumped up to attention and waited to be yelled at. Corrin took a deep breath before he gave in to his urge to yell at the trooper and instead focused on reducing his scowl.

โ€œItโ€™s fine, but I have a job for you. By the time I reach the exit at the bottom of the tower I want a squad of troopers waiting for me, ready for combat.โ€ Turning away from the man Corrin could hear him sprint down the hallway back to his sergeant with his new orders. Halfway through the long hallway, he reached the lift doors and pressed the button to go down. Tapping his foot he could now hear shouting and banging on metal as the sergeant was getting his men ready as fast as possible. The doors opened in front of him and Corrin stepped into the silent tube before it started its descent. Looking out the window he could see the skyline of the crystalline planet and took in the sights. While most of the city was basically the same he could see some new structures off in the distance. Since the Emperorโ€™s death the banking clan had been remaking their droid factories, and they were now nearing full production levels. Looking towards the other side of the city he noticed the motion of fighters in the sky followed by a transport. The ships made their way to the landing platform near the bottom of the tower.

Reaching the bottom of the tower he stepped out of the lift and made his way towards the entrance. The lobby of the tower was filled with hundreds of imperial enlisted relaxing and talking amongst themselves. Before he could make it to the door he saw a squad of troopers exit the faster service lift to his right and jog towards him. Without saying a word they fell into step behind their CO and followed him outside. Once they got outside Corrin could feel the terrible cold drop to below freezing as he walked towards the platform. Picking up his pace so he could get inside as soon as possible he jogged towards the base of the platform then stopped. His men stayed in formation as he waited for the doors of the Lambda to open.

The shuttle doors came open with a hiss, as the warm air from the interior of the transport met the chilled air of Mygeeto. The Knight Commander was the first one to appear from the inside of the Lambda, clad in his distinct armor and helmet, lightsaber hanging from his belt. He was silently followed by the five exoskeletoned dark troopers, each with careful eyes for any surprises set by these new separatists. As Dredar stepped forward his eyes scanned at the greeting party before him, as they hung over the squad of stormtroopers parked behind a man clad in Imperial officer garb. He moved his hands upward and removed his helmet to meet the man face to face.

โ€œI am Knight Commander Dredar Ragant of the Grand Imperium. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance in these troubling times.โ€ The Force user stated with a nod as he clipped his helmet to his belt. His composed breathes were evident in the freezing cold air.

This officer was younger than he had expected, though it was not the most shocking turn of events. The more veteran officers were often the least likely to go rogue. As he glanced over the stormtroopers behind the man he caught notice of their armor, many having discarded the simple uniform designs in favor of more distinct, individualized armor. It reminded him of some of the clones heโ€™d seen during the Clone Wars, where they tried to set themselves out from the masses of soldiers to showcase some personality. He was always intrigued by how these splintered Imperial remnants acted, some changed more radically like this one, while others, like the Imperium tried to maintain the core elements of the great Galactic Empire.

Corrin felt the urge to salute who in the old empire would have been lightyears above him in rank while he looked the man in the eyes. With a nod of his own he returned the greeting to the red armoured man.

โ€œThe pleasure is all mine, even out here in the outer rim we hear about the heroic Imperial Knights who protect the Imperium. My name is Admiral Corrin Marks, and I am in charge of the task force stationed at Mygeeto.โ€ Corrin took a second to glance over the emissary's shoulder to peek at his guards. They appeared to be a new model of droid meant to imitate a stormtrooper, and they looked a good bit more frightening than the original. โ€œIf you wouldnโ€™t mind I would love for us to head somewhere indoors, even after five years of living on this planet I still can not handle the cold. I have an office just a short walk away if you donโ€™t mind the hassle.โ€

While he made small talk Corrin was going through the reasons for why the Imperium would send someone out here. Ever since the ship had jumped into the system he had been racking his brain for answers. The only reason he could think of was that Imperial intelligence had discovered the new Confederacy. Whether they were here to stop it or help it he had no clue.

โ€œOf course, Admiral. Canโ€™t say Iโ€™m a fan of the cold myself,โ€ Dredar said with a short smile as he walked alongside Corrin. The dark troopers followed behind him silently as they headed inside. โ€œYou flatter me too much but it is pleasant to hear word of my Knightsโ€™ deeds has made it out here. The Grand Imperium has also heard word of a reborn confederacy, it is what led this meeting to occur.โ€

โ€œThe Grand Imperium seeks an alliance. We have much to offer you in the way of a partnership. The rebels and their damned โ€˜New Republicโ€™ pose a threat to us both, they wonโ€™t stop until theyโ€™ve wiped out anyone who opposes them. The only way for us both to stand against them is together.โ€ He added, putting on his most charismatic face to try to sway the remnant Admiral. โ€œI also believe an alliance would serve as a powerful sign to the other scattered Imperial remnants. That all who once swore under the banner of the Emperor need to stand side by side in defiance of the emboldened rebels.โ€

Corrin felt a small weight lift off his back as he heard the Knight speak of an alliance. โ€œThat is a gracious offer I canโ€™t say I was expecting. I am surprised the Lord of the Imperium has noticed such a small faction such as us. We have much to discuss.โ€ As the admiral reached the lift he stepped inside and turned towards his troopers. โ€œWait here and stand guard. Let everyone know the top floor is off-limits.โ€

Dredar made the same motion to the dark troopers, leaving his quintet of imposing guards behind. Then followed the man into the elevator to continue their conversation. The massive troopers stood in silence, waiting until the return of the Knight Commander.

As Corrin stood in the lift he let the silence hang in the air for a moment before resuming their conversation. โ€œI am going to be honest with you, as profitable as it would be to become allies, that is something I can not accomplish. With the confederacy so young we have had to gather members from a broad spectrum of ideologies. Not an insignificant portion of them despise the empire, but distrust the republic as well. I do believe we can work some form of deal out though.โ€

โ€œ I do understand your hesitation, Admiral. But the rebels will come for any threat they see that stands against them. Lord Ozzel is no fool, he will not wage wars he does not believe could be won.โ€ Dredar stated calmly, after listening to the manโ€™s words fully. His dislike of egregious โ€˜New Republicโ€™ clear as he spoke.

โ€œWhat is it exactly that you propose as a deal?โ€ He curiously asked, as the lift continued its ascension upwards towards Corrinโ€™s office.

โ€œI believe you are correct in your assessment of the New Republic, much like the past iterations of the republic they will not tolerate independent systems. They are so quick to speak of freedom and a righteous cause when they fight to restore a flawed system that caters to only the wealthiest of planets. While the empire had its issues, they only became true problems after the rebellion began to panic the upper echelon of the government.โ€

As they reached the top floor the doors opened to a large office with a large glass dome that let one see the dark clouds above. Stepping into the room Corrin gestured to a large circular couch on the left side of the room and made his way there. โ€œWe should be more comfortable over here than at my desk.โ€

After sitting down Corrin continued speaking, โ€œWhat I propose is a pact of sorts, one that will hopefully prevent either of us being swallowed by the ravenous republic. In the case that either of us is in danger of being destroyed by the Rebels, the other must aid by attacking a vital part of their offensive. While that can mean a frontal assault that can also relate to cutting off supply lines. Anything that will force the republic to turn back from their attack. How does that sound?โ€

โ€œWe are both in danger of being destroyed, Admiral. The rebel scum will take note of your new Confederacy movement, the fact that an Imperial admiral is at the helm will only add to the attention,โ€ The Knight Commander stated first, after having taken in Corrinโ€™s suggestion. It was an interesting proposition. โ€œSo a defensive pact?โ€

โ€œThat does sound agreeable. The rebels are now the largest faction. The only way to hurt them is to strike where it will hurt them the most.โ€ He added as he leaned forward in his seated position on the couch.

โ€œIt's no secret they will be coming for Coruscant. It is the crown jewel of the galaxy. To take that from the Imperium would be the ultimate statement of their power. Could we count on you in that scenario? If we do agree to this pact?โ€ Dredar inquired, both men knowing how valuable Coruscant truly was. It had been the Republicโ€™s capital for thousands of years for a reason.

Corrin nodded along as Dredar spoke of the importance of Coruscant, โ€œI will have to discuss it with the future chairman of the Confederacy, but if my research is right he isnโ€™t someone to get cold feet doing what must be done. Before you ask I can not tell you who it is going to be, I have to hold on to at least a few state secrets.โ€ The admiral cracked a smile at Dredar and leaned back in his seat. โ€œIf we are in agreement of this new pact, I believe our business is over. If you wish to stay the night you are welcome in our humble abode, but if you must leave I wish you good luck. Let's hope neither of us gets shot by a rebel before we next meet.โ€

โ€œExcellent. I am delighted we could come to an agreement, Admiral.โ€ Dredar replied as he extended a hand to shake Corrinโ€™s. A conclusion to a fruitful meeting between the two galactic powers. โ€œThank you for the kind offer, but I must depart for Coruscant. I must inform Lord Imperium of our newfound pact.โ€

โ€œI believe it will be us that will shoot any rebels before they are any wiser.โ€ He added with a smirk as he rose to his feet. While they had not agreed to a full partnership he was glad they had at least established a defensive pact. It was a sound move for both parties in the face of emboldened rebels.
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