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Current well...I guess I'm back.
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In the past hour I have refreshed the guild 80 times
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Really busy so replies might be slow. Sorry
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Does that mean I can post the character into the character tab?
Ok, cool exactly. I can also work with that perfectly, I have multiple sheets of spell for dnd that I can use as a reference.
Ok, I hope I have it down this time. I guess there was some miscommunication about the tattoos lol. I tried to add a bit more about the other elemental spells, but I don't know if it is enough yet. The difficult part is since these are the more classical "Dnd" spells that I have known about most of my life, I am kinda struggling with how to explain them. It is kinda like explaining how to think in English to a non-native speaker.(if that analogy makes any sense) It is just I have such a comfortable knowledge of "fire magic" I am unsure what I need to explain. It would help if you could give me the information you need, instead of me just repeatedly guessing. Thank you.

Also for those uses of gravity magic, you pointed out, those are just random uses I was thinking of. 90% will hopefully be the more indirect weight and momentum-shifting that allows for outside-the-box thinking. I just thought it would be helpful to have some basic stuff to "fill in the blanks".
Ok, I re-did the skills portion to be a bit more informative.
Sorry it took a couple of days, but here is the updated cs. If I missed anything pls don't hesitate to tell me.

Cool thanks, I'll edit the cs and post it here one more time to make sure I got everything and if it is all good I'll put it in the cs section.
That was kinda my original idea, that the tattoos assist him in using his gravity magic. So instead of resistance to it, it takes less mana and concentration to cast those spells.
Oh, the fire tornado is just an idea for a somewhat powerful fire spell and completely something I am up for changing around. It was just a silly idea with no real purpose. I was just thinking of base elemental spells that could be used.

Ok so if I'm understanding you correctly, basically I can buff the gravity magic and just give AOE's long casting times. I'm cool with that, but then I would need to think of something else for the tattoos. They could provide a general base mild resistance to magic. (Or something else I would have to think of) So, I can nominate allies to be unaffected and affect larger areas, but it takes longer to cast where I would be relatively defenseless while focusing on the spell. If I got something wrong there let me know pls. Thx.
oh ya sure, I can edit his teacher. That shouldn't be difficult at all so I would be more than happy to soften him up a bit.
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