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@VitaVitaAROk thanks.
I am interested in joining, but I have a quick question. I was wondering if instead of a knight, it would be possible to be a mage attached to the Iron Rose Knights? Thank you.
Hey I'm interested in joining, and have a couple questions about characters. Thanks.


Alex surveyed the room around him and took note of the students already there. The one upside down seemed to be dozing off and the other guy there was staring intently at the television. Alexander wasn’t in the mood to be the one to break the ice, so he looked for somewhere else to sit. Seeing a small table in the corner of the room he made his way past the couch and sat on one of the chairs. After sitting down Alex began to absentmindedly listen to the television while focusing on one of his rings. He made the small piece of metal slide off his finger and levitate above his palm. As the ring slowly began to spin Alex began to think about the first day of classes tomorrow. That was when he realized he had forgotten to check who his teacher and roommate were. Alex nodded approvingly at seeing War Machine was his teacher but had no reaction to the name Tristan Castillo. He had never heard the name before and couldn’t tell anything from the name, other than his roommate was probably a guy.

Anton finally found his way into the common room seeing that there were already a few students inside. Not having paid much attention to the room when he entered the building, Anton took a second to get a feel for his surroundings. Looking between the student the two in front of the TV seemed to be very interested in the program while the third was sitting alone at a table. Walking up to the table Anton figured it was best to simply rip off the bandaid of avoiding talking to people. “Greetings comrade. Would you mind if I sit down?”

Alex looked up at the voice speaking to him, then continued looking up as he realized the man in front of him was a giant. “Uhm, yeah sure, why not?” Alexander waited for the giant to sit down and tried to glean some information from his appearance. Made obvious by his greeting was the fact the giant was Russian. Other than being tall and Russian Alex got no hint of what his abilities were.

“I’m Alexander, nice to meet you.” Alex held out a hand to shake the giant’s, leaving the ring hovering where he left it. “Look forward to learning with you.”

Taking Alex’s hand Anton gave him a genuine smile at the greeting replying “The Name is Anton and I look forward to working together as a team.” letting go of Alex’s hand Anton’s attention was pulled toward the ring that was still levitating above Alex’s hand as they were talking. “That is interesting power.” not taking his eyes off the ring as it slowly rotated in the air without restriction “Are you a mutant as well?”

Alex nodded while responding to Anton, “So you’re a mutant then, what is your gift?” Alex looked back at the ring and had it drift around the room as he listened to Anton speak. The ring glided around the couch and back into his hands where it slid onto a finger. “I’m glad there are other mutants in my class, makes this whole experience a bit less lonely, does it not?”

Anton was impressed at not only Alexanders power but his fine control over it as well. Smiling Anton lifted his arm from the table showing the back of his hand to Alexander. A second later his hand was covered in a shiny metal covering that slowly moved down his arm in sections stoping somewhere underneath his shirt. “I can cover my whole body in Metal or just my arm. What about you? What is your power exactly?”

“I can manipulate magnetic fields, though you can think of it as controlling metal with some extra benefits.” Alexander leaned back and looked out a nearby window at the skyscrapers outside and let his mind wander. He had been nervous to talk about his powers and planed ongoing as long as possible without saying his full name. He hoped the giant next to him couldn’t connect the dots just yet. The only reason he had been so open about his powers was that he didn’t want to seem like he was hiding anything from his classmates.

With the same sound of metal sliding Anton’s arms once again returned to normal. Letting it rest on the table Anton continued to listen to what Alexanders powers were. “With a power like that, I’m glad we are teammates.” Anton was surprised to see someone’s power that used his own against him. Pausing for a moment Anton looked around the common room checking if any of their other classmates had joined them. Seeing no one new entering he returned his gaze towards Alexander. “Who do you think will be joining us in our class?”

Alexander listened to the principal with minimal interest throughout the entrance assembly. He struggled to draw his concentration from the collar around his neck that was just a bit too tight to be comfortable. Once he realized that classes were being announced he began to pay a bit more attention to the speaker up on stage. Pulling out the card from underneath his chair he glanced at it to find out his room and then put the card in his pocket. He could check it later in a place less crowded, but Alex had somewhere he wanted to be. When the principal ended his speech Alex clapped a few times then began to walk at a brisk pace towards the doors. While he didn’t run to the dorms he obviously wasn’t taking his time either. He glanced up briefly to admire the skyscrapers around him, but he was too distracted to waste time on sightseeing. As he entered the building his class’s dorms were in he could hear a soft beep come from the collar around his neck, and Alex felt like a was taking his first breath after nearly drowning. Once Alex got into an elevator he stood in the back fiddling with one of his rings taking deep breaths and reaching out with his senses. The feeling of the metal all around comforted him and calmed his nerves. Once the elevator reached his floor he could feel his normal confidence return to him.

Alex walked by the common area straight to his room hoping to get there before his roommate. Entering the room Alex took a look around and was rather underwhelmed. While he knew he would have some control in decorating he did not like the bunk beds. Alex walked over to the bed and touched the bed frame and was thoroughly shocked. “They really wasted vibranium alloy on bed frames…..unbelievable.” Alex took a step back and held out his hand toward the bed. Since the strength of the metal was in absorbing kinetic force he would just have to separate them slowly. The sound of straining metal filled the room as the top bunk separated from the bottom and glided to the other side of the room. Alex smoothed over the edges created and wiped his hands on his pants.

“Now, time to get this over with and introduce myself.” Alex left his bag in his room and made his way to the common room where he guessed the others would be. As he entered the room he heard a voice talking about tennis balls on the tv and saw a kid upside down on the couch. Not much more than he expected considering the people who go to this school.
and yes I speak for the TREES.
@KZOMBI3yes we are.
interested if this is still happening.
Interested in joining this RP as it looks really interesting. Wondering if a child of Magneto is ok? If it is here is my cs. @Hey Im Jordan @Altered Tundra

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