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Saveld Caldrassir `Sav`

Interacting with: Mor'gann Arnhar @LadyRunic Adaahna Vanil @ReddentheEarth Varina Vel Aath @Apollosarcher

Mandalore, Keldabe city streets

Sav looked up at the Jedi who was talking to him as she told him that if he wasn't quiet that she wouldn't answer his questions. He seemed oddly take aback by that, his eyes widened as he looked up at her, his teeth gritting as he looked at the two beings in front of him. "Don't worry, mrs. Jedi master, I won't say a single word more. Consider me... SILENT" he'd say before bringing his hand up to his mouth and immitating that he was zipping his mouth completely shut.

When Varina said that these two had been committing crimes he remembered the position he was in as his hands went back up again, one eyebrow raised as he seemed focused as if he was trying to tell these two that if they moved he would force push them to the ground. Wait... he thought to himself. I can use the force, that means I don't have to talk, I can speak.... WITH MY MIND.

He began to squint his eyes as he grunted just slightly, with what almost would be the sound of someone who needed to use the restroom. As he thought in his head, If you move one wrong muscle, me and my partner here will push you to the ground and keep you there... he would look over at Varina, [i][color=cyan] Isn't that right, partner?! [/i][/color]

He gave her a grin as he thought about calling her his partner, and he would nod to himself assuming she had heard everything he had thought and assumed she was already proud of him.

After the little exchange, he would wait for her signal to loosen up, but when they said they'd go with them to tell their story, he looked to Varina. "Don't worry partner, I got you. he said in such a quiet tone, as he began to slowly move away from her just slightly though so that they could move together and he could follow behind, he'd give her a wink as he had a slight grin, then that grin quickly disappeared as he put on a serious face that wasn't so serious, and nodded at the ladies. They may have talked funny, but if the Jedi, wasn't gonna fight, he wasn't even gonna try to use his newly found Jedi powers.

This would be unless she told him otherwise, in which he would rightfully follow trying to obey as best as possible for her.
Caleb `The Judge` Rodrick

Location: Central City Stadium. January 1st, 8:15pm

The camera went over the crowd as people in a packed arena in Central City that were waving signs and screaming and yelling as the announcers could be heard. "What a night it's been so far Cole, everything from the woman's championship match which absolutely blew the roof off this place, to The Fiend's creepy match against Brock Lesnar, where... have you ever seen, anyone. Absolutely dominate Lesnar, as the fiend did?"

"I have not Corey, we have surely had a large night thus far, and we are about to have an even bigger one, as sparks... are about to fly. Next, The Judge goes up against Johnny Gargano. And Corey, this rivalry isn't just aggressive, it is deeply personal.

"Personal indeed Cole, Gargano tried to end The Judge's career. But since The Judge came back, he has been taking out every single one of his friends, and he finally has his sites on Johnny Gargano.

The crowd hushed as the lights went down and the Titantron flickered. It showed a black and white picture of the judge and a heading: *6 weeks ago*. Cole's voice could be heard, "The Judge says he has some special news and his next, what he calls victim. Here tonight!" The titantron would show The Judge walking down towards the ring amidst a cheering crowd and grabbing a mic "Johnny Gargano, it's time, you and I settle this. So come on out here!"

The picture flicked to a man with an absolutely fantastic physique short brown hair and standing about 5 foot 10, he had a beard but not one that would show that it had extra hair, more or less like he hand shaved it down to where it was a few centimeters long. But it was a full beard nonetheless. Johnny Gargano walking down the ramp with a long blond-haired man about his height maybe a little taller. "Well that's Johnny Gargano and Buddy Murphy. I wonder what this is about?"

The screen flickered to Gargano with a microphone. "What do you want Caleb?" he asked using his real name as he spit it out with what seemed like venom. The Judge seemed to look down at the two, being almost a full foot taller than both of them.

"It's simple I knew that this coward wasn't going to come out unless he had you as his backup." The Judge pointed at Buddy murphy as a sound of confusion from the crowd roared. "You see, The Judge knows for a fact that this blonde little bitch wouldn't have the balls to come out, because he's almost as much of a snake as you are Gargano"

"How about you get to the point Judge, before we proceed to lay you out" Buddy Murphy would say as the Judge smiled.

"1 year ago, you and your 'friends' decided it was time to take me out because you wanted to make... a point."

The titantron flickered over and music began to and it showed a scene where Johnny Gargano, The AOP (Two large men who stood at about 6 foot 3 and were obvious powerhouses, Buddy Murphy, and Seth Rollins a man who stood 6 foot 1 with long black hair and a t-shirt with black leather pants were stomping on The Judge. Cole's voice could slightly whiny voice could be heard. "This is what Gargano calls a statement?! Just because he's facing off against The Judge's former partner this Sunday?! This is SICK!" The film continued as it showed them putting a chair around The Judge's next as each person had a turn stomping on it. It quickly flickered back to The Judge talking to Gargano and Murphy.

"You all put me out for 4 months, so after I came back, I made a decision... I would take you out... but that wasn't good enough for me. I was going to dismantle you; not just take you out. So over the last 5 months, if you haven't noticed Ths Judge has eliminated every friend of yours!" The screen showed a picture of the two members of the tag team AOP (Rezar and Akem) Laid out on a car as The Judge and another man with a 'Fight Owens Fight' shirt stood over them. The film showed then The Judge turning on the car and letting it drive off the pier they were fighting on into the water as he laughed as it went and sunk into the water.

"Seth Rollins" The Judge would say. As the movie changed to a picture of The Judge spearing Seth Rollin's through the stage wall as an 'Oh my god' could be heard over the music.

"Even old alliances." The Judge would say as it swapped to a person bald and a large beard being powerbombed through the ring leaving a hole.

The picture swapped back to The Judge, "Now it's just this rat that is left." The Judge would say. The screen flickered to show *4 weeks ago* It shows Buddy Murphy against The Judge at an event called SummerSlam. The music would stop for a moment as the video played. 'The Following is a last man standing match' the announcer yells as the video begins to show different parts of the match between Buddy murphy jumping off the top rope to the outside of the ring landing right on The Judge. The next part of the video showed The Judge beating Buddy Murphy with a Kendo stick over the back. The next video of the fight showed Murphy being shoved up against the entrance's wall. "Oh of course and there's Gargano!" Cole's voice echoed, "Coming to his friend's aid like a good man!" Corey's voice could be heard. The video showed as Gargano slammed a chair on the back of The Judge as him and Buddy Murphy were both beating down on The Judge one with a chair, the other with stomps. The video continued as Buddy Murphy waited for the Judge to get up once he did he charged the Judge but would find The Judge's hand on his throat as Gargano charged him The Judge threw buddy to the side and put a boot into Gargano's chest pushing him back.

The climax of the song began as the music started again.
The Judge then picked up Buddy murphy and choke slammed him off the stage just as Gargano was getting up, sparks flew as fireworks were lit and sent off as The Judge turned to look at Gargano who looked in awe and in shock as he began to run.
The video showing the next 4 weeks of action, between Gargano, hitting and running, or being found and thrown into a wall by The Judge. Another one Showing Gargano bringing a sledgehammer to The Judge's skull. The next one showing Gargano running as The Judge just barely missed grabbing him from leaving the ring. The Judge's voice could be heard now as "Gargano! YOu have no one left to run to! No one left to be your partner, no one left to hide behind! And at Hell in a Cell, there will be nowhere to run! You put me out for 4 months, so The Judge will end your career! At Hell in a Cell, it'll be you... me... in a HELL IN A CELL MATCH! Oh and one more thing... this match will not be stopped for ANY REASON.."

"If the Judge thinks I'm going to be intimidated I'm not, I have no reason to be afraid because I am the one who always comes through in big matches, I'm the one who always wins at the big events. I am Johnny wrestling, and I will not be beaten by some overgrown man who speaks about himself in the third person!

"Johnny Gargano! This Sunday when I get my hands on you, you will find out that I am The Judge, the jury, but most importantly YOUR executioner. And This Sunday will be your JUDGEMENT DAY"

The titantron flickered off as the crowd began to roar in cheering, and then it could be heard, three sounds of a Gavel slamming down and then the music hit As the Crowd roared when the Judge came bursting out and running to the entrance of the Ramp as the crowd cheered him on.

20 minutes later.

They had put on a spectacular show thus far, the crowd was into it and nearly deafening, they definitely had to speak louder to each other to be able to coordinate their moves. It didn't help at this point they had been on top of the 20 foot tall chain-link cell for the last 3 minutes, and people were going nuts every bump he or Gargano took. The Judge and Gargano locked up, Gargano quickly and quietly spoke, "you throw, clothesline."

The Judge quickly spoke before pulling off the sequence, get up, hip toss, spinning hurrican (hurr-i-can(short for hurricanrana)), crucifix, into DDT" They spoke quickly and clearly it didn't take more than a couple seconds and the sequence began. The Judge shoved Gargano, as he instantly got up and charged The Judge, the Judge clotheslined, him as the crowd cheered as Gargano hit the top of the cell. But he quickly got up, The Judge came right after him again, but this time, Gargano Grabbed his arm and dropped, as The Judge, jumped over Gargano flipping and his back hitting the steel as it bent to him and the crowd seemed to gasp all at once. The Judge got up quickly though as Gargano ran at him, The judge picked him up as Gargano Spun around his arms and crossed his legs around the Judge's neck as he began to spin around. The Judge would move around as Gargano tucked his head and went under The Judge's legs as the Judge flew forward into the cell once more, another gasp of the crowd as the cell bent to the weight of the Judge. But The Judge was slowly getting up to a knee.

"STAY DOWN" Gargano yelled. He ran over and put The Judge into a Crucifix hold making it look like he's pulling on his neck and arms, but The Judge continued to stand up Gargano Swung around The Judge's body putting him in a headlock and pulling down. But he botched the move slightly, he was supposed to bring his head down onto the chain link that bent, and Gargano's back was supposed to hit to make it bend while The Judge's head was supposed to appear like it hit. But from the moving around, Gargano's back his some chain but The Judge's head slammed right into a stud.

The ref instantly came over grabbing at the Judge's hand as he laid motionless, the crowd had gasped from the move and went nuts as they realized that The judge had landed on a metal stud. The Judge was acting it out though, he laid motionless but barely squeezed the Ref's hand a sign that he was okay. "Time for the spot boys." the ref said as he got up and started talking to Gargano who moved the Judge onto his back and pinned him. The ref counted, as the crowd roared out, "1, 2." The Judge shot an arm up. As the judge got to his knees the ref held only 2 fingers as the crowd roared in cheering that their face was still in this match. Gargano looked angry as he yelled at the Ref, The Judge slowly got up on his Knees as Gargano looked and waved his hands as if asking The Judge to move up, he then ran towards him, trying to superkick The Judge's face.

The Judge moved to the side standing up and grabbing Gargano and tossing him forward. Gargano would get up acting like he had shaky legs as he stood next to the edge of the Cell. The Judge thought about it and took a deep breath, here it was, the big spot of the night, the spot that would steal the show. He ran forward toward Gargano, as he went for a spear Gargano ducked out of the way, and The Judge felt his feet leave the cell as his body began to fall 20 feet down. His heart now racing as the crowd cheered and roared.

His body smashed into the announcer table below as the crowd roared, instantly there were 5 refs around him making sure he was okay, but the crowd was roaring in cheers as Gargano looked down and seemed to look shocked at what happened. The Crowd began to chant, "Holy Shit, Holy Shit, Holy Shit." over and over again. little did they know he felt very little pain from that fall, even though one of the announcers forgot to remove the iPad that was currently broken underneath his abdomen.

If you had been listening and watching at home the announcers would have been freaking out, you would have heard "Holy shit he just missed Gargano falling 20 feet into the announcer table! That must have broken him in half!"
The other announcer speaking: "That's gotta be it! Holy cow! I can't believe what I just freaking saw! Someone check on him, someone make sure The Judge is alive!"

Gargano finally had gotten down as he grabbed The Judge by the hand and tried to lift him up but the judge let his hand go as dead weight to the ground. Gargano began to laugh as he yelled, "Gonna end my career huh? Gonna make me pay huh?! Look at you, you sad sack!" His head got closer and closer to The Judge as he laid there now on his back from being rolled over. "Come on Judge! Where is yo-" He'd be cut off as the crowd roared as the Judge got up quickly. landing a punch at the top of Gargano's head sending him stumbling back to the cell. He was in the right spot, it had been marked where the fans couldn't see, but this part of the cell had been cut and weakened. The Judge Charged forward spearing Gargano, as they both took a chunk of the chain-link off the cell. As Gargano was speared laying on the chain-link as The Judge slowly got up, the crowd cheering again, this time it was more deafening as ever before, the chain had made a small ramp to the inside of the ring. The judge was soaking it up as he walked around the cell to the door as Gargano, acting hurt as he climbed up the chain link and into the ring.

The second The Judge got into the ring Gargano was barely to his feet, but he jumped up and super kicked the judge, slapping his leg as the Judge's head went up and looked at the ceiling, the crowd deafening now as they really weren't sure who was gonna win, The Judge fell back bounced off the rope as Gargano ran at him and The Judge charged him and completed his finisher, a running STO that shoved Gargano to the ground, a thud as the crowd yelled "OHHH" and cheers began to come, The Judge tiredly covered Gargano, as the ref counted, "1, 2, 3" The crowd went wild as the bell rang and The Judge stood up. "Here is your winner, Theeeee JUDGE"

If anyone had been watching on tv they'd be hearing the announcers talk about the match, saying things like they aren't sure how The Judge was able to get up, or even how Gargano was able to as well and about the destruction of the match.

As the Judge got back behind the curtain he was met by Vince McMahon. "That was some good shit! Good job! I was thinking, for the next spot, what would you say, about getting in a car accident on camera? What would you say about it? We could have Gargano do it to keep the rivalry going, or do you think you could fall 30 feet? What if we had you fall 30 feet to the ground?!"

The Judge laughed slightly, "Vince, I appreciate it boss, let's talk tomorrow about what we want to go through, for tonight." he took a deep breath, "I'm pretty exhausted." Vince grinned, "That's fine, I'll call you tomorrow, don't forget your interview later tonight as well!" Vince shouted out. The judge turned around and gave a thumbs up as he was giving each wrestler behind the curtain a high five. Gargano came through the curtain as The Judge turned to look at him. "There he is! The man who helped me steal the damn show! The Judge said as he walked over and Gargano was still holding his stomach slightly as he gave The Judge a hug.

"Damn, I don't know how you keep doing it, but you always take the craziest of spots dude. I freaking love it."

"Hey I do what I have to, you know? I'm just happy we made each other look really strong tonight, hey I can see a title run in your close future my man!"

Gargano laughed, "Once you and I get done, it's a possibility! But you'll get that World title run!"

The Judge just laughed, "Nah, I don't need a title run, and I don't want to be pushed down the fan's throats, I think I'll have Vince have me lose my next rivalry, then segway into heat with Brock."

"Ah, I see you like 5-minute matches then!" Gargano joked as The Judge chuckled, "Well regardless, I'm gonna get showered up, I'll see you later Caleb!"

The Judge waved goodbye to Gargano as he began to walk to his own dressing room. It had happened again today, his head, and his neck, and let alone his whole body should be in intense pain, especially after that both on the metal stud. But, he felt.. fine. He felt okay like there was a minor pain but it was more like that pain had you accidentally scratched your skin slightly too hard; he was more exhausted than anything, but he was happy that he could make the crowd cheer, he hoped he made someone's night, despite all the critics he knew that they absolutely stole the show. The number of spots, the high paced action, the curiosity of who was going to win all the way up to the end. It was one of his best performances yet.

(A few hours later (about 10:50pm)

The Judge would be walking toward his car waving goodbye to all the stagehands after he helped them tear down, it was late, about 11:00... He got into his car and wondered if he could find a bar somewhere, or someplace to get food because he was absolutely starving. Starting up his little red 2012 Chevy Cruze he began to pull out of the garage and was on his way.

Saveld Caldrassir `Sav`

Interacting with: Mor'gann Arnhar @LadyRunic Adaahna Vanil @ReddentheEarth Varina Vel Aath @Apollosarcher

Mandalore, Keldabe city streets

Sav was just looking up at theMandalorian as his head tilted as the Mandalorian wasn't responding. He was curious as to what was happening when he suddenly saw a being step in between the Mandalorian and him. "Jedi Business? What do you mean?" Sav seemed confused as his eyes grew slightly, "I don't know what your talking about, those guys came chasing after me, don't blame me for them overpricing their parts." Sav would say, almost seeming offended that he was asked to not make any trouble. He listened to this woman for a second, before speaking up every chance see seemed to pause. "Wait... I was just jumping from one building to another, it's just cause I have really good leg strength from running around a lot!" Sav seemed absolutely confused by the fact that this person was claiming he had force powers.

He suddenly stopped his speaking for a moment when she told him that they had one more stop; it was as if a light had just turned on in his head, "Wait a minute! You said you were a Jedi?!" Sav Exclaimed. "Does that mean you fight with lightsabers and make people move with your mind?!" There was another seeming long pause. "You said.. I could be a Jedi?! Oh that'd be so cool, wait until I tell my mom and dad that I met a Jedi and they are going to induct me into their schools! Wait.... this isn't a trick right you aren't some cult leader, right?" Sav began to say, still following right behind her and speaking as they walked. "I mean even if you are, it's really cool if you can tell who has the force, but I don't think I do.. watch." Sav would stick his hand out, as he did he focused real hard despite Varina just walking away, nothing seemed to happen though as he caught back up with her. "See, I think you got the wrong guy, I'm not a Jedi, my legs are just really strong." He pushed his hand out again this time in front of Varina to show her, as he did a decent part of the street that had been chipped away flew up and smacked Sav right in the head. "Ow.... what the hell? Does this planet have like jumping rocks or something?"

When they were approached by the Keldabe officer though Sav's expression changed. "You really are a Jedi! That's so cool! I can't wait to tell my parents... Wait... that means you weren't kidding i'm gonna become a Jedi too!" he shouted raising his fist in the air. He began to talk once more, this time his questions began to come out rapid fire in excitement. "Okay, I have a few questions, when do I get my lightsaber, how do you use the force, when can I like make people change their minds, what exactly is the lightsaber made out of, is it something I could tape together, I'm pretty good at repairs and such. Did you know that most ships can be held together with a lot of elbow grease and some tape... I'm getting off topic here. Do I have to wear a bathrobe all the time? Will people have to listen to me, who's gonna be my master, and-..." all of a sudden he gasped. "WAIT does that mean I can't marry?! Because I have someone, someone close I'm interested in, and I'd rather not join if I'm going to have to never get to marry her, she is the love of my life after all." he'd say patting his necklace. "Oh plus, i'm serious about the bathrobe thing, as I don't know if I could go around wearing one bathrobe all day."

Sav finally stopped talking when Verina spoke, but he hadn't even realized they had been tracking a couple people down, in fact, he had completely zoned out of what the Keldabe officer had said as he had processed that he was going to be a Jedi. He heard her tell him to stay back, he took a single step back as he saw the two people who seemed to now be having a standoff with the now Jedi. If he was going to be a Jedi, he couldn't stand idly by, after all, what type of man would he be. But now the person he assumed who was his master just told him to stay back. How was he going to stand back but also show that he was ready to back her up he looked around, looked down at his blaster, but they didn't have a blaster and the Jedi Knight didn't have one either. He silently shifted his focus to the two in front and slowly raised his palms up at them, as if threatening them with the force that he had no idea how to use. "Don't worry master, I got your back" He said quietly, both of his hands raised and palms at the two women.

His head tilted as one of them called the Jedi a shaman, "A Shaman? Shamans aren't real, this is a Jedi." he'd say aloud before backing up again, realizing he already disobeyed the order to stand back. "Sorry" Sav said silently, "Didn't mean to pipe up there, don't worry I have your back though."
Awesome i'll begin to work on it!
Saveld Caldrassir 'Sav'

Location: Mandalore

Sav looked up into the sky waving as the old ship that his parents had used to drop him off took off. It wasn't easy leaving his parents, but it was something he knew he wanted to do, something he had to do. He turned around once it was far enough off in the distance as he took a deep breath as he began his way out along the city of Mandalore. His eyes filled with wonder, and a massive smile on his face. He would watch each being as he walked by, each one of a different species, and so much noise. He couldn't believe it, he hadn't been planet side in months since the last time they stopped to sell things. But now he was going to most likely be planetside much more than he had ever anticipated. He began to walk by what he assumed was a bar, looking through one of the windows as he passed by he saw a few people looking like they were having some choice words with each other.

He wasn't a stranger to conflict, after all there was that time on Courscant. But he merely shrugged it off and headed to wherever the crowd was going. After following them for awhile he found where they were going, what looked to be some type of trade district. His eyes big with wonder, but so many people calling out for him. "Hey kid over here!" On yelled, but he ignored it. His eyes were locked ahead of him as he passed by some type of fruit vendor towards an Espirion with a couple others sitting behind him trying to sell a Band limiter to the man. "I'll give you this Band limiter real cheap, my friends and I here will sell it to you for... say, 10000 credits."

Sav seemed to tilt his head as the man buying it was reaching into his pocket "You know that those are worth about half that amount... right?" He asked the Espirion selling it. The second he opened his mouth, the other two who were sitting behind this one stood up. The man looked at Sav and then back and nodded and spoke, "Yeah... what are you trying to do rip me off? I'll go somewhere else!" he put the part down as he walked off. Sav shrugged as he began to continue to walk. "Hey kid! You know... you owe me 10000 credits." The salesman said. Sav looked back and shook his head, "Oh sorry sir, I don't want it either. It's a bit expensive for my taste as well."

"Are you trying to play games with me boy?" The Espirion walked forward from his booth as did the others.

"Uh no." Sav said with a smile still on his face, "I'm sure there is plenty of games we could play though, but i'm not interested in playing any right now, I gotta find where to conscript into the -" Sav would be cut off. "NO!" the Espirion yelled at him. "SHUT UP!"

He took a deep breath as the others started to surround Sav, others beginning to look. Sav began to back up. "You owe me 10000 credits because you cost me 10000 credits by convincing that man to leave. That's how it works here... so either give it over. Or we are going to take it."

"Sorry, I'm not sure that's how that works though. You should just put your prices lower, then he'd probably have stayed" Sav said with a smile as he patted the Espirion on the shoulder, "But I hope you have a good day! Maybe another one will want to take your Band Limiter!"

Sav began to walk away, as the Espirion looked over at him. "Get him." he said, Sav was still keen enough to keep an eye on them and the second the other two started chasing him he took off in a sprint through the crowd.
(Music for this part of the post:

He weaved by each being and person he could, these three hot on his tail as he began to go faster. He had no idea where he was going but it was away from these three. He didn't quite understand where things had gone wrong, but already his life was much more exciting than it had been. He looked up though and saw a line of people standing waiting to get something, no time to look at if it was just a grocery store or what it was though. Sliding underneath some species' legs, he cut straight through the line of people that had stood in front of him. He stopped on the other side and took a deep breath looking back. "Alright. I think I lost th- oh shit." he was saying as the three pushed their way through the line making a loud ruckus as they did. Sav continued to run as he turned down an alley and then another, weaving through a few men in armor and even past some people in some bathrobes.

He would find himself soon though turning to his right and finding a dead end. "That's it we've got him!" the Espirion yelled out. Sav though jumped up onto some type of circular support beam it seemed as he climbed to the top of the building that had a flat roof on it. He looked down as the 3 were still chasing after him.

"It's just a a Band Limiter guys, come on!" Sav yelled as he began to run again as soon as these guys got to the top of the building. Jumping to the next building that was close by he continued to do that, jumping from building to building as these guys followed him. One of them finally stopped and pulled out a knife as they closed in following from building to building, Sav heard the footsteps get closer as he continued to run. The next building was far away. But he could make it, he had to, he didn't even pause he felt something inside of his body tell him to jump as he leaped it almost seemed as if something was pushing him forward as if something other than himself was helping him move, and landed going to a knee on the other building. He looked back as the Epsirions had stopped and were staring at him. They seemed almost in shock and anger, the jump was really about 15 feet. He hadn't thought it was that hard of a jump to make. The Epsirions were still yelling at him but at least now he wasn't being chased, though they had probably made a ton of noise. He would stick to the rooftops for a bit longer not going down just in case they were there. But after awhile he finally had jumped off the roof to the ground. He landed right next to a Mandalorian with his full armor on who seemed to be staring at him as well as quite a few others and a few other passersby. Theyseemed to just stare at Sav for coming from the roof.

"What? " Sav asked looking around, he then looked at the Mandalorians and their armor and seemed to get a big glow of excitement. "Oh, cool! How can I get one of those?!" Sav exclaimed pointing at the helmet that the Mandalorian was wearing.

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