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27 days ago
Current Holy shit I really do. D:
27 days ago
I’m sorry I can’t hear you all over the sound of my FIRE ELEMENT. I earned my ego.
1 mo ago
The status bar exists to ruin the night life of the moderating team.
1 mo ago
Y'all got problems.
2 mos ago
You too, Uni!


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RDR2 killed this game. (Because it killed any free time I had, especially combined with a work promotion and increased workload.)

I do humbly apologize.

Anyone still wanna try lemme know, I wouldn't mind continuing on with three or so of us.
I can understand it, it expresses interest and compliments the creator, but also makes it clear that they won't be joining us.

This is getting almost unreasonably large for just an interest check. I would reccomend putting together an OOC for everyone to gather in before the mods take notice.

Boo! Noticed.


We don't care if an IntCheck gets lit.
Oh I deserve ALL of that.

Yeah, RDR2 has killed my free time, though Halloween didn't help (three parties--THREE).

I actually have a post mostly done of Steve...well, getting back into the scene his way, and other shenanigans.

Will polish it off and get it posted.
Sorry for the delays. RL delays and post writing difficulties.

Along those worries if RDR2 is gonna effect posting, just let me know.
Originally planned a half Steve, half Jess post.

Then life.

I've been working on both on and off for days, but being as it's so long since the last post I'll just finish one up and post that so it can keep going in okay-ish time; probably Steve.
Almost done! Should be tonight.
Few notes:

No mansion. The complex is a handful of small cabins, with the largest and nicest being the one the meeting took place in. All cabins are smoking, flaming, ruins at the moment. There's a treeline not far from any point on the property, with a single road in front of the property. South on the road leads to a small town, north on the road leads to the lake and the jet.

I'm gonna start working on a post today.

<Snipped quote by Ruby>

Won't take so long in the future, sorry about that

No worries, thanks!
Banned because, fuck it, I haven't swung the hammer in a while.
Those who fail to post in the next 48 hours are likely bumped from the game. It's been...19 days since my last post? It's time, folks.
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