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Current wtf, man.
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Friendly reminder you can minimize the status bar and it goes away.
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My big critique is TLJ. XD
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The moment they changed directors you had to figure we weren't getting the movie we as SW fans really wanted from Solo.
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Insanely fun week of RP.


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@LegendBegins I just want to express my appreciation for actually listening to this feedback and finding an actionable way to respond to it.

I've brought up this issue more than once before, and each time prior a mod usually responded saying how the site architecture couldn't handle block lists and that it ruined the spirit of the site. Give me a break.

They need Mahz to do it. (Last I knew he wouldn't share credentials to let Legend do it.) Mahz is absentee. Mods probably don't want to have to admit this publicly.

That's why most site function issues seem to fall on deaf ears.
Given the lack of success for this fandom I'm not expecting much interest, but...anyone interested in a Star Trek game?

I have no lack of story ideas, and two rather worked out ideas. One a little dark and twisted (Mirror Universe) the other a political oriented game involving Romulans.

Let me know if you've got any interest. <33
Hey there!

I’m not new to roleplay, just kind of this site. Right now I’m looking for specific fandom based roleplay.

I’m all for 18+, it doesn’t bother me, but of course I’d like my roleplay partner to of course be 18+. I’m 22 for those of you that would care to know.

So, here are the fandoms I’m looking for someone to rp with!

Darkwing Duck
Three Caballeros

I know it’s not an extensive list so I might be out of luck here xD BUT I’m a pretty chill person, and I don’t bite so please don’t be afraid to message me if any of those strike your interest. I’m very open minded and open to many ships or suggestions.

Welcome to the Guild!

Good luck flapping in the night.
Hello hello!

Please call me Lilac, it's great to meet you!

I have been roleplaying for over ten years and usually love to write stories in various fandoms as well as Historical, Sci-fi and Fantasy settings. I'm also a big sucker for romance, drama and the classic Gothic Horror genres.

I'm excited to meet new friends and get to writing soon!

Welcome to the Guild! Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Good luck!
Hello there!

A new writer that has joined in the ranks of you all here on Roleplayer Guild. I honestly suck at introductions but just know that I am a friendly person that enjoys writing as a hobby.

I can't wait to meet some people and make some friends! 😀

Welcome to the Guild!

There's no filling the hole this girl left.
@Ezekiel hey! Nice to see a resurrected V:tM RP! It's been...awhile for sure.

If you're still accepting, I'd actually love to have my Ventrue Archon (Alastor) back in the fold, investigating the Sabbat cells within LA.

I read through the IC so far to catch up and love that most of the "old crew" has returned so that's awesome :)

Also, @sini, I would assume our characters may know one another, but to what extent I'm not sure. Might be fun to explore that.

Welcome back! <33

Get on Discord, all the plottin' and a plannin' be done there homeboi.
Hello there, my name is Dark Romantic though most people just call me Roma or Dark for short. I'm 25 years old, New York born and raised, though I've moved around the state quite a few times. Started role playing... years ago, though I've only been on forums for a few years. I heard some good reviews of the site, lurked for a bit and I've decided to officially join the site!

I guess a few things about me are I love Halloween, I love all things spooky and gore filled, and I love romantic comedies. I'm a sucker for a good bloody vampire romance, though I'm most certainly not a twilight fan.

Anyways, I hope to make some new friends and find some great role plays! Hope anyone who reads this has an amazing day!

Ha. I was literally just writing a vampire post.

Welcome to the Guild! Feel free to PM me, or catch me on Discord, if you have any questions or just wanna chat.

Good luck!
Hey there! I'm September, It's nice to meet you. Before you ask, September is NOT my favorite month, it's October :) I just like the way September sounds in both English and Spanish.

So moving on from my rambling, here are a list of my favorite things to roleplay:
-Fandoms (i.e. Avatar, Harry Potter, Pokemon, IT- Stephen King). I've always wanted to do a magical girl roleplay although I've never really seen any specific show related to that trope. I do know the basics of it thought and would love to come up with ideas for it!
-I'm a sucker for "schools for the gifted" trope as well :)

A little about me now! I'm a 20 year old female in college who, at the moment, has a ton of time on her hands! I'm a Gemini and am heavily into zodiacs, although I don't really believe in the whole "You match well with this sign". If we connect we connect! I'm totally open minded and am happy to do LGBTQ+ relationships in any plot. I love world building and character depth too, but sometimes I just want to do a cute lil' adventure story that's not at all complicated. I struggle with bad mental health and may take a couple of weeks off without notice, but I always come back once I'm feeling tip top! My favorite color is yellow, but it's slowly becoming green too.

I would love to hear from ya'll, even if you just have some questions about me :) Thanks for reading, I hope you have a great day/night~

Welcome to the Guild!
It's been a while, but I used to roleplay a lot in forums like these (mostly on fanfic). This seemed to be the most bustling place I could find with a cursory google search. Looks quite fair and friendly so far :)

I'm Bliss, I'm non-binary (they/them), and I've been roleplaying for about 10 years. Pleased to meet you all.

Welcome to the Guild!
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