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Current If you don't like my peaches don't go shaking my tree.
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Having never worked retail I'm morbidly fascinated by all the nightmarish Christmas tales.
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Just delete all statuses that impede in the meme song. ezpz.
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Show's over.
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I remember it like a few months ago that my "Given" and "Received" reactions were about equal. Oof.


Honey I stay stoned on your love all the time...

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This thread is still active to this day LOL.

YOU opened the box...
Banned until thanksgiving

Banned because of Thanksgiving
In hillo 6 days ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
I am coming from a different Roleplay Community called Shattered-realms, one of which I am still a part of and have been for a year and a half. I dilly-dallied a bit in roleplaying but that's when I started roleplaying as a hobby. The other roleplayers there are amazing and very nice, the only downside is that many of them can be quite busy some days such as today. So I succumbed to my curiosity and here I am.


Let me put it this way: if anyone is overly crappy to you for no apparent reason let me know.
Thanks Ruby! Love your avatar.

@Hellion is an amazing artist, and it's all her doing, so credit where credit is due. <3333
I think I got them all, but if I missed some then I'm sorry.

Approved by me!
Even though it's been about two years, I've forgotten a lot of what I've RPed on here. RL has been wild, but tings have settled down and life is going great, which means I can finally take some time to RP again. Going to be extremely rusty, so I consider this my reintroduction. Hello, again!

Welcome back!
Hello, you can call me Eaten!

I've been doing forum-based role-playing for nearly a decade now stating back on Neopets of all things back in 2010. After those interesting and formative years, I bounced around between forums before ending up on the Guild in the 2012-13ish years. (I've chosen a new username that's actually a favorite anagram of mine though, to distance myself from my 2edgy4you teen years as much as possible.) I stuck around for a while sticking mostly to the Nation and Causal RP sections, but I ended up kinda falling off the face of the Earth after the Guild ran into those internet issues. I shuffle around a few other forums since then doing my best to keep up with my writing when I can. Now I'm back I guess!

Currently, I'm in my last year of university, but I'm preparing myself to apply for grad school because I hate myself and the prospect of money. With my course load starting to decrease in quantity if not intensity, I'm looking to see if I can get back into the swing of things! And hopefully, I get the chance of writing with some of you!

Until then I guess!

Most of us during Guildfall (the event has a name) kept in touch via Facebook, Skype groups, etc, so it's sad to me you never got the memo when we were back up in running. :(

But welcome back!!

Good luck out there. <3333
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