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Current “In the dream they were only shadows, grey wraiths on horses made of mist.” - George RR Martin
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I hate going to bed sad.
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Even better than RP narration, Nightrunner? DRUNK RP narration.
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To be fair, Poo, you're a guy and your underwear is boring.
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In Hello! 2 days ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Hello there! I've been roleplaying on random forums for a while now, and decided it was time to take the step into this website. How's it going?!

Welcome to the Guild!
Hello beings of the Roleplayer Guild community, I am Valmont, your newest member, a sundry, intellectual chap with a love of writing and role playing. I am honored to be here. ^.^

Welcome to the Guild!
It me. I'm new here. Not new to RPing though, am seasoned vet and stuff. I draw sometimes. That's all! See you out there I guess.

Welcome to the Guild.
In Hello! 4 days ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Heya, cuties! I'll try to keep this short, for your benefit.

So! I used to be pretty active on this website many years ago before the new format came. Unfortunately, things happened and I became busy. However, I did make a good friend during that time. She tells me of her ventures on a separate platform on a near-daily basis. Sounds like she's having a lot of fun and meeting nice people! So, I decided to see what was happening around the RPG community if you all would have me. I'll likely lurk around for a bit, read up on the different styles people have adopted, and generally get to know people.

My RP Experience- While I may not have been frequenting RPG, I haven't forsaken roleplay. You'd often find me roleplaying on games nowdays, such as World of Warcraft or Guild Wars 2. My favorite scenes to write are usually death (not edgy) or 18+ NSFW scenes. I'm aware of RPGs rules, so no worries! But, I may not be up to par to writing on a more permanent setting (relative to in the moment RP of MMOs), and scenes outside my usual. I'm hope with time, I'll be ready to write at any level you expect from me!

I enjoy making friends and chatting! I think it's also important to note that I do not often visit this site. Certainly going to try and be around more often, and have a friend that will remind me when she can! But, I'm still wrapped up in other RPs and friends I've made in my games.

Thank you, everyone. <3

Edit: I forgot to mention that I've requested a name change. So, hopefully it'll be change from SkyLight! It'll still be similar. Sorry for all the commas. Exceedingly tired.

Welcome to the Guild! Let me know if you've got any questions.
Hello, and how do you do? My name is Gill and this is my introduction post.
I have been role-playing for around two years now, though not on this format. Normally I used Minecraft servers or Skype, but I find myself wanting to expand my horizons and experiences with other role-players. I first started role-playing two years ago on a Minecraft server, and it quickly became a hobby. For the next two years I bounced around and did my fair share of adventuring as it were.
Favourite genres are tricky for me. I don't have a specific preference, I just enjoy a good time with others. While I often do one-on-ones, if GM-ed well, I am quite interested in groups of 3-5. Continuing with my being a stickler for format, I enjoy a mix of the fast paced and the story driven. When there is action interspersed in a complex story, a thing that blends together well to make a true adventure, be it across a world, or never leaving a small town. It is incredibly easy to say that I am open. I am open to a great many things.
Okie dokie, time to talk about myself personally. I am a strong mix between a night owl and a day walker, though my most active times are at, what I would call, night. (6pm-5am Central in the summers, and 6am-10pm in the fall). My other hobbies, outside of role-playing, include: Obsessive note taking, composition of music, piano, and running/exercising, and of course, adventuring through the backs of local parks. I also enjoy indulging in horror stories, and darker television shows.
In conclusion, Im a 16 year old from Missouri who is delightfully excited to expand into new horizions of roleplay! I also love that this forum has the ability to tab. <3

Welcome to the Guild!

Let me know if you've got any questions.
Welcome to the Guild!
Welcome to the Guild!
Welcome to the Guild!

Let me know if you've got any questions.
This was one of my favorites too! v-v

It pops back up from time to time. I'm sure it will again one day! Thanks for your awesome writing in it. <3
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