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4 days ago
Current You too, Uni!
4 days ago
PM me, Pete, and I'll see what I can do for you.
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12 days ago
I’m out of my mind when you’re not around.
15 days ago
I’m gone, so don’t be shocked if I don’t respond to site business for a while.
19 days ago
LGBT gender correctness, religion, and partisan politics = topics that I've almost never seen end well on this site.


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Oh that’s come up before. Just not this time.
Yeah a room filled with young black sheep is my best reasoning for Shannon letting Steve do this alone.
It’s my fault. This intro is like eating veggies, it just seemed necessary.

If it helps action is coming in hot like it had rocket legs.
It didn’t come up. XD
Also if it's relevant I got a message from Mahz yesterday.

So it's not like we can't contact him.
Guildfall boiled down to AdSense.

The last hiccup was a payment issue due to card mix-up.
Keep the "other sites" bit to private channels, and I'm cool with this discussion for now.

If it helps it's a discussion staff has had, and continues to have.
Anybody else out there?! Maybe I should've posted this in Casual?

- Ω

It's about the same pool of players when it comes to comic games, tbh.

Me, personally, I'm just super hesitant to join another comic game right now. But I love the cyberpunky 2099 setting!
Tuesday deadline on new posts.
In Howdy 4 days ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Hi all,

I'm pleased to have just joined these forums. I used to frequent other forums many, many moons ago where I enjoyed being able to participate in some narrative RPGs that ranged from Fantasy to Sci-Fi. I love writing, but often find myself hitting roadblocks when I write solo, so I'm dipping my toe back into the water and am eager to write some cooperative stories with you all to get the creative juices flowing again.

I'm 33, have a wife and 2 kids and I love supernatural RPGs. I've been writing for a character, Draven (hence the username), for around a decade in a collection of narrative RPGs and short stories and hope to somehow incorporate the character in one or more of the many worlds you all have created.

When I'm not trying to write, I'm usually reading or playing a Blizzard game like Overwatch or Hearthstone. I love some of the channels on YouTube like Game Grumps, Pewdiepie, SwissBeatbox, Good Mythical Morning, Hot Ones, Comicstorian and plenty of others. I like video games in general and I'm a big movie buff.

I think that's about it. Thanks very much and I hope you're all having a great day!

Welcome to the Guild!

And, hey, can’t rain all the time.
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