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Current Second that. Thanks for the site, Mahz!
22 days ago
Said it in a few Discord servers yesterday, but agree with below. I'll go one better: Into the Spiderverse is the best Spider-Man movie ever made.
28 days ago
Merry Christmas from all my fire elements to yours!
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Holy shit I really do. D:
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I’m sorry I can’t hear you all over the sound of my FIRE ELEMENT. I earned my ego.


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I think while not necessarily GMs there should be people reading everything as well who maybe report to the GM team, so that if anything dodgy happens it can be jumped on asap.

Rather than require retconning.

Pretty much what every player of this can do.
Can I please have this post removed

Y'all definitely sold me on lorekeepers.
Welcome to the Guild!
The strong...
In Hello! 5 days ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Welcome to the Guild.
<Snipped quote by Ruby>

Never said it wouldn't, just would like to see it acknowledged to some degree. Maybe wanted posters and the like.

They're talking bounty lists and great hunts.

Plus piss off a Republic or Imperial, get a bounty in their space.

Piss of a Hutt, well...
Many small games in a larger game world which can interact, influence, and change the way each group experiences the RP.

In essence, a Persistent World!
If I'm a smuggler or bounty hunter or farmer or whathaveyou, and for some reason I state at the beginning of the RP I want to go to Planet X, a neutral planet, then I should be allowed to do so.

You'll have full freedom IC.

I go to the planet, do my business, then return to the first planet. A little while later I want to return there again, except this time I can't go. Why? Some bloody Jedi ran a campaign through there and now it has a blockade around it! I know it's simple, but I really do want the game world to feel like it's changing.

Well you will be right in the middle of a Cold War that could heat up at any time. Some planets may become available due to player action, some could become unavailable. Or a space station, like maybe a Bounty Hunter den. Or maybe the Jedi turn Tython into a fortress world.

If players get proactive and creative, it'll get real dynamic real fast. Poor GMs.

I think the best way to do this would be to give the players a list of contestable planets between Sith Base and Jedi Base, which act as important social (for the players) gathering points. Give them value IC as well, say one planet is the equivalent of Coruscant and has a massive trade culture. Another could be making breakthroughs in farming/fuel technology, another makes clones or something, so that there's reason for the players to explore and interact. The Sith are opting to buyout a tech company's latest ship models? Jedi intel heard, better get a recon team to intercept it! Uh-oh, they got caught, now they're being hunted down and have to escape.

Stop spying on the GM chat.

I think the word I'm looking for is "dynamic". Make it that, because that can be really awesome! I think players would like it if their actions had consequences, and could stir up some really interesting scenarios. The only PW I was in was the first I ever joined, like Hank, and thinking back these were some pretty important aspects to what made it so successful. Everyone should know that the important thing they are doing IC can and likely will be interrupted by someone else, but that doesn't mean you can't enhance your own ideas using what others have put forward. My mind keeps going to a deep confession scene interrupted by a devastating ambush as an example.

Hope this helps!

Great post, thanks!
A good smuggler isn't going to just sit on one planet in one story, they're going to be cutting deals, delivering cargo, moving around.

That would take a fair amount of OOC legwork, too.
<Snipped quote by Ruby>
Get out of my head, Roobs ;)

I'd love for less "epic galaxy-wide plots" and something more planet-based, or perhaps city/neighborhood. I've always loved Coruscant for settings, especially the gritty underbelly and all [insert number here] levels since any faction can be apart of the madness.

From what I recall there were really great games-within-games in past SW PWs I've seen. The right planet, the right group of players, ya never know.

But it should be fun.
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