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Current ...the fact that my bra is purple and super glittery amuses me to no end. Nothing can bother me this morning. Thanks, bra.
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...ok, Shiva, you don't have to call me pointless on the SB...
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tfw the asshole is dumb enough to go along with it.
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You're as smooth as Tennessee whiskey.
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You won't know if I lurk your profile. js. ;)


Honey I stay stoned on your love all the time...

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iirc Designations (like my IRL "PR" designation) aren't fleshed out. Which is to say junior enlisted aren't fleshed out. Which is to say....yeah make it up.

Although Fire Team would be a Damage Controlman. DC3, DC2, DC1=Petty Officer 3rd Class and so on, DC-specific.
I suppose a reintroduction is in order.

Just wanted to drop in and send a hand to anyone who might recognize me; I've been a member of the Guild since it's past iteration some years ago. It's been some time and I believe a few failed attempts at reintegrating myself back into recreational writing but a recent desire to establish a blog has fueled the decision to make an appearance once again.

*Traces finger along a nearby wall procuring a rather healthy sample of dust...*

Glad to see that not much has changed aesthetically but I suspect there's a crowd of new faces and new talent present; I hope to find the opportunity to collaborate with, preferably, another young professional with a similar passive interest in writing. I resurrected an old, but still relevant interest check in the 1X1 sub-forum. If any aspect of my writing interests you, feel free to check it out.

Just saw this.

Hey you! Welcome back. Hope things are good. Need anything Guild related just let me know. <333
Hi, I'm not new, just decided to come back after a while.

I think I need to post here first before the site will let me post anywhere else, right?

I don't think so. I think you need to post first to be allowed to fill out a profile, but.......I'm fuzzy on the details tbh.

Welcome back! Any additional questions lemme know, annnd I'll bug Mahz for clarity on new account requirements.
Character approved.
I'm fine with it though the other points of Zeke's remain.
<Snipped quote by Ruby>

Yeah, I read over it a while ago (just did a quick re-read to be sure) and I definitely would not want to be her when the Sith come for her.

I myself was kinda implying that, even though his naïvaté has literally almost been the death of him, Garen is still naïve enough to believe that the Sith are the good guys, and really the tipping point for him is if he can learn to shake this before the Sith can manipulate him past the point of no return or not. Kinda shows the more subtle villiany of the Sith. Or something like that, I dunno.

But I realize that not everything on the sheet is up to par and that I haven't really been thinking enough with my big ol' brain. I definitely have to consider my next moves...

I think it shows his youth that he's see it in blanket terms of good and evil which is cool.

So you then propose your approach to how the Sith bring him in.
lol Haven't decided anything just thinking aloud but thank you!

Okay, thanks for the response. I'll change the status to WIP and give you a teg when I'm done, but I'm gonna address these real quick before changing the sheet:

1. That is a very good point. I didn't really think of themlike that. Sorta had the mindset of "they know how the force works, so they know the best why to fight Jedi" and not just "they know how the force works". Just sorta figured it was a young Anakin deal where he never actively used the force, so they didn't notice, focusing on the martial art.

2. If that seems too powerful, then you're probably right. Just really wanted to emphasize that he's probably up there with the strongest Teräs Käsi fighters. Like at least top 10. So I can change it to maybe the last 2-3 years he was the champion, but I just sorta show how he was always getting stronger, and when he hit the plateau for strength, he wanted to leave.

3. Okay two things about this one:

a. I didn't really know enough about the Sith Academy, so I didn't really wanna touch it.

b. I also really didn't want him to be, like... Taken against his will? I mean, he already sees the Jedi as evil, and I figured that if the Sith sort of trick him into thinking The Empire are the good guys, it would be more beneficial. I mean, he probably no doubt spent some time at the academy (for basic force understanding, then continued under his master), but I just don't believe that any Sith that witnesses his fighting potential and can sense his hatred for the Jedi, like, WOULDN'T try to trick him into coming of his own volition. Plus, I don't think there's anything wrong with a Sith Lord just picking up an apprentice. Unless I'm wrong and that's not a thing.

Also, I wasn't really sure how The Empire tracks force users, so I didn't really wanna touch that either. I mean, Tatooine isn't really a Sith world, so they'd have to be sending people out. And I mean, of course there's been Sith ON Tatooine, probably to meet with smugglers and bounty hunters or something, but this is probably just the first time one has seen Garen in a fight. I dunno. I could just be making excuses. Sorry.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback! I'll change my sheet when I can.

Check out my Selene WIP CS.

Dark sider not officially with the Sith, but I have to plant seeds in the CS that the Sith will get their damn hands on her,'s the Sith Empire.

Taken against will can turn into really really fun games, and make Sith who aren't always so happy about the Empire's status quo.

Just a similar situation you might wanna check out.
Approved. Need one more GM now.
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