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Current… hey look, at contest that needs voting on. ;)
1 day ago… Read a few posts. Make a vote. IT'S FUN. :D
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We'll get ya settled, Apples.
13 days ago
Reminder: Plan is for some brief downtime during a site update tonight. Watch announcements in RPGO (the Discord server) for updates.
13 days ago
Plan is for some brief downtime during a site update tonight. Watch announcements in RPGO (the Discord server) for updates.


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Really hard choice. Great submissions all around.

Gonna have to go with z'Ducksong.

Changes made to Kara's CS.
These folks are also accepted but some have some notes needing addressed...

@Ruby - Supergirl - Solo - Metropolis * needs to alter the Kents as Supporting characters since they'd be super old. Lex Luthor Jr is also the Lex in this universe and also involved in other's arcs and will have to be managed by a GM.

@Unknown100 - Batwoman - Solo - Gotham * Oracle can't have the connection to Batman as there were no Batgirl's. Huntress also has to be the non Wayne version.

@Lurking - Constantine - Solo - Nomad * If somebody wants Zatanna as a Primary you'd have to give her up as a supporting character, but it's accepted

@Avanhelsing - Kid Solomon - Solo (eventual Titan) - Gotham

@clanjos - Booster Gold - Solo/JLU Reserve - Metropolis/Time * Needs to trim the cast of 'Excellent Adventure', namely Bulleteer and Weeper since he's on my short list for Secondaries.


@MysteryBroom - I like the idea of a heroic Manta, especially if he's affiliated with the League. However an already accepted player character [Lizard] is the daughter of Killer Croc and he's off limits. With Manta being JLU affiliated, he should also be hanging around somewhere other than Gotham. I'd recommend Metropolis or perhaps Coast City, and rather than fighting against Croc use somebody like King Shark...

- Ω

Changes will be posted in the OOC. ;)

@Lord Wraith Any Bat-characters might need reworked cause he hasn't had any sidekicks or anything in this universe. To leave Gotham more open for the Titans...

- Ω

ya got the Discord set up?
<Snipped quote by Ruby>

With the particular subtype of characters, I'm drawn to, it'd be Kara doing the throwing :P

Potential Canons are as follows (List is ordered from Most Likely to Least):
Ravager - Rose Wilson
Nightwing - Dick Grayson
Nightstar - Mariand'r
Batgirl - Stephanie Brown
Starfire - Koriand'r
Batgirl - Barbara Gordon
Deathstroke - Slade Wilson
Spoiler - Stephanie Brown

You know what I meant.
<Snipped quote by Archmage MC>

So... Toon Girl? :P

Toeing the line of interest myself. Not sure how much I want to do a sandbox on my first RP in at least a month but it's a crowd I know so I might be game yet.

Could always throw someone at Kara.
<Snipped quote by Ruby>

You think your jealousy's bad now, wait until the arc where it turns out that Booster Gold ended up getting himself and Ted Common-Law Married for business purposes.



Just like to mention I also put my CS for Blue Beetle up, in case it was missed. Or at least I got up a rushjob version because I was so excited to potentially get to play him again, and even more potentially Buddy Cop him with Clanjos's Booster Gold.

I'm already jealous of this couple.
@Ruby LOL I'm going through right now trying to multi-quote some stuff and address what's already in the thread but its becoming harder. My 8 year old keeps pulling my away. He drew an epic picture of a tiger head and turned it into a Bronze Tiger picture. He chose the character the same way I narrowed my choices down. I drew a grid with 52 spaces and filled it with a ton of DC characters and turned it over and closed my eyes and dropped a pencil tip into it. My first two were listed above and the kid got Bronze Tiger. There are highschool sports logos that don't look this good... kid blew my mind.

- Ω

That's adorable.
Let's see them sheets people! By random drawing I've got it down to Ultra Boy in the modern day or the New Gods character Lightray for my primary character...

- Ω

but...but I posted my CS. D:
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