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We don't but hey it's appreciated. Good luck on round 2!
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Happy Independence Day to all Americans. And to all the non-Americans: it'll be over soon.


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Approved. You'll need specs on the ship before it can get into conflict.
I am new to this site but not to roleplaying. Been at it for a couple years now and I'm hoping to have fun on this site now since the last one I used is pretty much dead now. I'll do just about anything fantasy or supernatural (genre, not the show), but prefer fade to Black for certain romance scenes. I do have to ideas of my own that I may post later, but for now, I'm just here to introduce myself.

Welcome to the Guild!
Hello all! I am just getting back into roleplaying since probably 2010 roughly. Just wanted to introduce myself and try and Figure this stuff out. Like how do I join a forum? or guild? Do I just make a character and post it into the character space and just start from there? Or anyone that could help me out would be great! :]

Since I haven't written in a while, I am not really writing out novels currently, but I have been known to get back into the swing of it with enough context to go off of. I do however enjoy group roleplays as well as one-on-one.

Welcome to the Guild.

Should have a Welcome PM that has some starter guides in there, as well, if you need additional reference.
hello guild members! i'm trying to start rping again, after starting in 2014 and taking about a 3-4 year break from it. i originally started rping on quotev, but i've moved on. i prefer 1x1 detailed rps that are about a paragraph or two. in 2014 i did a lot of fandom rp, but i've grown to enjoy original rp more. during my break i've had only a few rps with close friends that were never finished, so i am very rusty!

regardless, i hope i can start rping soon and make new friends! you can all call me N :)

if a more experienced member wouldnt mind answering questions of mine, i'd be grateful! are interest checks where one would go to find rp partners? are there any kinds of rp that is absolutely not allowed, besides mature themes? i think i have everything figured out but i want to be sure!

Welcome to the Guild!
Welcome to the Guild.
hello! i am migrating from another site and im ready to write with everyone ^3^

Welcome to the Guild!
I'm awful at intros, yikes. Um...hi! I'm Nyarme. I'm not much of a stranger to RP; I've been doing it for, eh, 8 years or so? So that's a thing. Um...I'm a nerd, I write for all sorts of genres, and am eager to see what I'll find here!

Welcome to the Guild!
Hello! I'm familiar with rp, but I'm looking forward to getting into a new community and meeting new writers!

Welcome to the Guild!
@SashaThePanther Welcome back!
i've been roleplaying for just about 8 years but i haven't been on forums in an unfortunate hot minute, so i'm taking another shot at it. excited (: it's unfortunate for all of you that i'm here but ((::: hi (((:

Welcome to the Guild!
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