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16 days ago
Current, TECHNICALLY, I unbanned Grim/Wade. Just so you know where to lodge your complaints. WB Grim!
2 mos ago
Love Bladerunner. Love Cyberpunk with a passion. Didn't love the new Bladerunner movie.
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2 mos ago
Friendly reminder: there's an awesome button to "minimize" the status bar, closing it from view, if you tire of it.
2 mos ago
Reading is the best way to add to your toolkit as a writer, Meep. But read AS a writer; see how they construct their scenes/story/plot. See how they do dialogue. Make note of words they use. Etc.
2 mos ago
PMs > Trash > "Undelete Everything" button Ambra.
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In Howdy! 4 days ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Whelp, all of my preferred usernames were taken, so here I am! Haha. Until I can think of a simpler one that isn't taken anyway.

It has been a very long while since I have been a member of a role-play forum, but I am wanting to get back into writing a bit. I believe it helped me out way back when as an outlet and I'm eager to see if it can do the same for me now. It has been way too long since I've written anything, so it is most probable that I am quite rusty, which is why when I stumbled across this seemingly easy-going and genre-free forum, I decided to check it out!

What do people say in these things? Um?

I guess I'll go with the basics. I am a female! Who'd've thunk it? Probably obviously from the south of good ol' 'murica. -insert eye roll here- I'm not very political at all. As a matter of fact, I avoid politics adamantly. It's just not for me. I like to read but have been doing very little of that since high school. Forcing myself to get back into it for the betterment of my soul. I LOVE, LOVE my animals (animals in general, really). I have two dogs and two cats; Kylar (3 yr. old male catahoula leopard dog), Dixie (8-10 yr. old female shih-tzu), Whisper (gray and white long-haired tom), and Echo (short-haired gray tabby tom). I hope to be able to get a horse next spring. Fingers crossed. There will mostly likely be a donkey as a pasture mate. Possibly some chickens, ducks and a couple of goats as well. Unsure on the goats as of yet. We'll see when we get there! Always wanted them, though. I am rambling now. It's 'cause animals. Told you. Loves them.


I play games! Not a lot though. Just a few. Smite (PC), a little LoL (PC, duh), Diablo (Xbox, although I have it on PC as well), Magic the Gathering (Cards), WoW and Hearthstone, D'n'D (when my SO gets his crap together and actually gets to it!), miscellaneous board and card games because I LOVE board and card games. Can't get enough of them.

Um? Um? I guess I will stop there. If y'all have questions, feel free to ask. I am excited about the opportunity to start writing again and I can't wait to meet the community here!

Welcome to the Guild! Let me know if you need anything, or have any questions. And when you're ready to change usernames, let me know and I'll help with that.
<Snipped quote by Ruby>

But you are thinking about it? Right? Please?

Thoughts I had for it:



The Punisher

Jessica Jones

Kate Spencer

And those are just initial thoughts that didn’t conflict with anything, so it leaves out Sue Storm and Elektra.

I might be persuaded if you need a WW. Could always try out her Aspect of Death storyline.

Right now I don't have a ton of thoughts.

I wouldn't count on me to play Diana, tho.

Possibly interested.
@Ruby If only there was someone who could do that...

I know! Worst mods ever.
Lock that thread! Lock that thread!
I’ve read enough to think, “This isn’t an issue of right or wrong. Why are some people trying to make it a morality issue?”

It’s choice. Pure and simple. Why do they make this choice? Iono. I’ve got a few guesses, I’ve seen similar theories already tossed out. Personally I’ve been burned in the past by it in both 1x1 and group RP. I’m not a guy IRL, so they don’t want me.

Oh well, move on. Guild is all about freedom and your RP being your domain. For that reason I don’t see this ever changing. And that’s okay.
What the fu...

Just found this thread. Save me.
Dear Stranger,

I am delighted to make your soon to be acquaintance and for the purposes of this lovely place you may call me Avice!

Having traveled the great vast and increasingly infinite net, I have stopped at this very station, hoping to find some RPs that strike my fancy.

I exclusively favor group RPs, mostly science fiction and fantasy, and would probably kill for a good cyberpunk or urban fantasy story to throw a fancy characters at.


Welcome to the Guild! Let me know if you have any questions!
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