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20 hrs ago
Current A bayonet on a rifle is really a shooty spear
10 days ago
But like, having a character or multiple isn't illegal. No one is going to give you one either. But what do I know, I'm a Nation RP'er I'm used to making hundreds up to fill in roles I need.
10 days ago
@Littleone17 - Make how ever many characters you want or run your same character through as many Roleplays as you want. No one cares. I'll still judge if I happen to see the same shit in different RPs
12 days ago
Naruto RP Discord server sounds like something that should be a joke. But what do I know: I'm in MLP Discords so I can't speak for that. None are - thankfully - for RP tho.
18 days ago
Seeing as how I am home and on a computer, and not in the Adirondacks with only a phone I am considering launching an NRP because the current state of NRP RPs are disappointing.


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