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11 days ago
Current To all my current partners, I am going to be taking a break from RPing for a while. Just don't feel up for it presently.
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11 days ago
Got Civ VI. I am ready to throw my life away for the sake of just one more turn.
12 days ago
To my partners. I am presently exhausted. Will be posting more tomorrow.
13 days ago
Now I've got go get my bachelor's. Eventually.
13 days ago
Took me five fucking years, but I finally received my degree today.


Freedom used improperly is the greatest folly of all.

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>Partner found, further inquiries closed.
@Zyx I know your plate is full, but there's room for you here if you're interested.

@Sniblet Yeah I think I may have had a slight knee-jerk reaction to seeing such an inflated number on the sheet. I think if you wanted to make them 4000 or thereabouts it would feel more in line with the others (assuming there will be others). Given what you're saying I think the character is functional as it stands. I only worry that this character's inhumanity might make them monotonous to play, but I leave it at your discretion.

>Tempting, but I'm good. Offer is appreciated though.

>Iastur sends his regards. Or, he will rather, as soon as they stop running away.
*leans* Why not use the image space on here? That's not even off-grid proposing other caches. Atomic is solo, yeah, but it's not a spectrum - first you gotta represent the Underground; That's this turf here, that other stuff's in anarchy.

*flicks open a zippo off his pants leg, and returned the movement up the pants leg to get the flame* Heh, if you don't know the entertainment value of a Computer at least as a Party Junkie then now's the time to become a real Harbinger, People.

>A good reason is that the actual server is in like the hands of one guy in Mexico, and likely doesn't have a bunch of redundancies, off-site storage, or recovery systems/RAID in place. So if it goes down again, your shit's probably fucked.

>Again. Unless things have changed since then, as I have been out of the loop with what's going on with the Guild hosting wise for a bit now.
I don't really follow the LoZ series, so the only thing I know about ToTK is that people are making crazy builds with it. Some are "humorous", others are designed to commit war crimes. Such is the duality of man.

>Give a human a plank of wood and they will, inevitably, create a Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit Bomber.
<Snipped quote by Zyx>

Personally, I suggest just making a separate Discord channel/server for your image uploads. Most people already have Discord anyway, so it helps to keep everything in one place.

>For the images I really want to keep I just download them to my machine, stick them in an appropriate subfolder (or create one if it doesn't already exist), and then transfer them to a USB drive. The reason putting CYOAs on Discord isn't such a great idea is the fact that you'd need to upload a bunch of separate images for most of them, since they tend to get long. A prime example of this is the JRPG Traitor CYOA, which as you can see is quite long. As for images to use as faceclaims or maps or whatever, I just upload them here to the Guild or point directly to whatever page I originally found them on since we can't directly upload them to the site's server in a post.

>I know they have a multi-image/album-ish feature now, but still. You'd need to make a whole server and join it just to see a CYOA, which is why almost all of them are on ImgChest now. Easier for an entire subreddit of thousands and the rest of the internet to access that way.
>Also coming here to let people know that places like ImgChest exist. A ton of CYOAs from r/makeyourchoice and the like have already been reuploaded there, sans the ones that were put their periodically by various users. So if you want an alternative it's there.
>Thinking about hopping in again. Have no idea what's going on however.
In Salut o/ 19 days ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
>Lets say I decide to worldbuild a Clarketech heavy, post-heat death or big rip setting purely for fun (not for a story or RP). Besides watching tons of Isaac Arthur videos and consuming science fantasy series, where would be the best point to start? A timeline? A civilization? A bit of technology? A map or general tech level? I know this is largely a question that I could answer myself (not to mention an extremely general one akin to "Where do I start worldbuilding?"), but with the sheer amount of incomprehensible shit a polity could do at this scale (never mind whatever their semblance of culture is), I kind of need some help narrowing down a good starting point.
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