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3 yrs ago
Current L4d2 on backwards compatibility..... woo-hoo!!!!!


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I would like to try and come up with something with you if your still looking
The one to do with the serial killer has caught my eye here.
This sounds like a cute idea. If you haven't found a partner shoot me a PM and maybe we can give this story life.
@Kefka Palazzo well I would love to talk more about this if your still look just shoot me a PM.
I like the idea of this. Sounds like it's almost a midlife crisis that makes someone wonder what else there is to life other then how they live.
Message me and let's see if we can make magic happen.

Have you ever heard of skip beat? I have been looking for something that follows the idea of that manga. If not maybe we can try and cook something up.
Shoot me a pm we need to chat. I love rping with you and I need a new one badly.
I would love to discuss this in pm if your still looking.@TheEldest
If your still looking for arranged marriage shoot me a pm.
Also open to hearing ideas.
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