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Hey, welcome :D so where do I begin. I think I am just going to throw out stuff until it builds up into a picture for you.

Ex-Solider in Air Force Commando of the Israeli Defense Forces. I am 21. My name is Gil. I LOVE Martial Arts, movies, drawing, writing, talking, swimming, smoke 420 :D :D :D and hanging out with friends. Right now I work as a bartender to save up money to travel around the world with the boys and also eventually start learning a profession which I already figured out what I want. I see myself 10 years from working as a pilot, I guess married, driving a motorcycle, body built a lot better, awesome hair-..maybe a tattoo I think and you know, living life and having fun doing so.

As you can see at the beginning of this introduction, you must be thinking I am Jewish as fuck because I am Israeli. I mean, I am Jewish, I won't deny that but I really believe in reincarnation and the soul's journey to join the godhood or whatever. I believe in the process of healing the soul and the energy that surround us, humanity. And that stuff happen for a reason. But I don't believe in destiny because I hate to believe I am just a puppet on a string.

I don't have much to say except that I love meeting new people. I think that what I love about myself the most, what I truly love in me is my ability to be a friend. Which means, I don't care who you are-... Jewish, Arab, Christian, WHATEVER, I don't care. As long as you are a good person, you are already my friend.

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What kind of video games do you play?
@ArenaSnow lol, right. I don't have any money as well, I thought just somebody could help me as a good gesture.
Hi guys,

So I have recently been looking around the forums and also spoke with some people via PMs about RP and stuff. And when it came to displaying my character, I didn't have any picture or whatever to show what I am offering. Instead I always just write it down, trying my best to describe how he looks like.

I see a lot of people just using a photograph they took from Google or either they somehow someway managed to create a character by animating and designing it by some program or an App. Now, I just don't know how to use Apps like this and I am pretty bad with computers hahaha.

So basically what I am asking for is if anyone could help me design/animate my character with their awesome designer App that they use or something?

I'd really appreciate the help. It's just that I am going out of my mind about how can I just create a picture of my character. Something which is 3D or looks like a really good drawing.
@RumikoOhara Oh :D what kind of scene are we talking about?
@Tlstiffl Yes I do, I would love too xD

Both of them sound awesome.
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