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Hey, so I chose a name I think..

I called “him” Raijin, it’s the Japanese God of Lightning, Thunder and Storm. Because he is fast, loud and beautiful yet delicate at the same time.

The pictures are not the best, but I hope you like it xD
@Tsar Gatto

Both of your advices are pretty great xD I think we should name it after a super sexy and hot Japanese woman or something. You all say it’s a transition to go by the female name, it’s Yamaha and hence Japanese motorcycle, it’s midnight black....

Any hot Japanese actresses you know of? Or something haha.... except Asa Akira hahahha xD
Hi guys, so I just bought a motorcycle and brought it home. It’s my first motorcycle, the new 2020 Yamaha YZF-R3. I chose the black color because it’s kick ass.

I know it seems stupid to write this here but I’m so excited I have to share it with some people hahaha xD

Anywooooh, I thought of naming him. Help me figure out a kick ass name for this badass :)
Bump. XD

Hi, I would love to RP with you as well, send me a PM and we can talk over about what kind of RP do we want xD
Hi people. So, I haven't really thought this through, I just thought of "jumping into the water" and post here. I just realized I want to RP with someone, I have this never ending crave to create something big I guess. A never ending RP or maybe a very long term one. The point is to watch the characters develop from the beginning to the end. To see the slow and beautiful changes they go through. I am looking for an RP that maybe should look like a series or an awesome movie. You know how it is, they start off as weaklings or clueless or naive or hateful towards one another, I don't know. And then during the story they become awesome, stronger, smarter, and more mature maybe if you are into that kind of stuff the characters can fall in love.

So before we start, I'll just say a couple of things about myself:
I am a 22yo guy. I am ex-military, so for those who are interest in some military RP, I am down to. I love movies, video games, martial arts, music, guitar and who doesn't like some weed, huh? Am I right people? we gotta include some stupidity into this RP. It’s gotta be funny and goofy sometimes.

What kind of RPs I like? I guess all of them. I think I am a type of person who can handle any type of RP as long as I can create my character and fit it into the RP. To be honest, I am having a hard time playing "the bad guy" or the villain. I guess it's not in my nature. But I can do is play the villain if it has some reason behind it, like Frank Castle "The Punisher" or something.

I have lot of ideas but I am so down to hear yours. I don't really post 1x1 checks so be gentle with my shitty post here haha. But I hope its good enough to catch your eye and maybe interest you. I think the best idea is to discuss what we want to RP via PMs and decide together.

I just have to clarify that I am not into smut. I think this called smut, right? When the RP turns into only porn and no story. What I am trying to say is, I have no problem with sex scenes here and there, like one or two whole posts about it then after that we go back to the story. We are here to RP and get into the kick ass story we are building up, not having sex from sunrise to sunset. It's okay to have romantic moments and you know it all, as well as the sex scenes but let's not get carried away. Focus on the storyline.

Alrighty then, that is all I guess xD feel free to message me any time.
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