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Current Light distorts and Darkness conceals upon the path of twilight all is revealed
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So not sure if this will accrue interest but heres hoping it does.
First off im a 28yo male just looking to RP and have a good time as we all are. im a pretty frequent poster. i dont ask the same of you cause hey its life you might not be able to post as often as i do and thats fine but all i ask is that if you wont be able to post or you got bored with the rp a heads up is greatly appreciated, and i will show you the same courtesy. Also in regards to the BDSM due to the graphic nature of it I will disclose info about that only over pm.

Currently entertaining only HETERO roleplays.

Most RPs i do, i will assume the Role of the MALE

My interests mainly include

But if you have any questions id be more than happy to answer them or if you have any ideas im always willing to listen. These again are the types that IM into and as such im willing to work out details with a partner or even a taking some timeto formulate the story I have samples of my rp capabilities available just ask and ill pm You.
More to Come
Thank you all for the warm welcomes

Hello All Again call me Darumadira ive been roleplaying for about 6yrs and i love it im not particularly new here but its been a really long time since ive roleplayed and i wanted to start from the bottom up. im looking to make some great partners and great rps so with that said, i dont have many things i dislike and am willing to try and rp most things.
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