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Current I have returned! 😊
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Just saw the new Cruella movie. 😍
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Did you know that they make sour Smarties? They really cause thee ol’ lips to pucker.
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I’m hooked on the Castlevania series on Netflix. I feel like they do well blending the seriousness of situations with comedy.
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I turned 25 last Wednesday and I can honestly say that I don't feel any different from when I was 24. Hm, interesting.


Hello! I’m Angel of Red! I’m 25. I’ve been roleplaying what seems like forever but is really ten years give or take. I roleplay anything from dark, gruesome, splitting limbs off to off-the-cuff silly, random comedy. What I am a sucker for is a great story with a romance mixed that develops as the story progresses. Saying that, I like to have some realism in my role plays and I do require +18 mature partners. My writing is anywhere between two to five detailed (seven to ten sentences). My grammar is decent and usually understandable, I expect the same for my partners. I’m not a grammar-Nazis, just please make sense when writing.

Thank you!

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Hello, as the topic title says, I am re-introducing myself. I was gone on a long hiatus with my mental health. I am 27 years-old. I enjoy writing and creating a world with 2-7 paragraph length posts. I prefer a partner that is 19 or older because of mature themes that occur in the story, writes about the same length at minimum, and doesn’t mind a few grammar errors here and there. I, personally, don’t care about the occasional grammar mistake but please make some sort of sense.

I provide the images and the mood music, then we create a world together! Let me know in a PM which one you are most interested in! :) Some are more romantic than others for mood music wise but that doesn’t mean a plot can’t form from it.

I also would love to hear ideas from you as well but please PM me as I won’t be checking this thread very often.

Pairings can be mixed and mashed to form an amazing role play! Example: a Victorian royalty supernatural creature x sibling’s supernatural creature best friend

Supernatural creature (ex. Werewolf) x supernatural creature
Supernatural creature x human
Deity x supernatural creature
Deity x human
Royalty x servant/guard
Royalty x captured royalty
Agent x agent
Soldier x civilian
Musician/actor x ex-hometown sweetheart
Rancher x ex-hometown sweetheart
Outlaw x sheriff’s child
Amnesia victim x person that finds them
@Rafiel_purewing If you want to RP, please PM me.
Also, don’t be afraid to PM me any questions that you may have. I know it is a bit minimal but overly expansive posts get a little much for me sometimes.

Hello! Welcome to my naughty toy store! You must be 19 or older to shop within these aisles. Here you will find a toy to suit your needs or maybe you yourself would like to be a toy? Hm?

Toys are submissive, even if they may put up a bit of a fight, their submission makes the story that much sweeter.

Shopper/Owner are dominant, some are patient while others are not.

Just a note, these are characters that can be put with various pairings. Even some taboo ones, I'm pretty open with things.

Be sure to check back from time to time. I will update my characters every so often.

Fianna smiled in relief that Gwen was alright. That creature could have done horrific damage to Gwen if no one had chosen to take the mountain pass. Her eyes widened as Gwen just took off headfirst back into the blizzard. Fia quickly trekked after Gwen. "Gwen, wait! You shouldn't just take off like that into a blizzard you could...get lost." She tried to say but the young woman wasn't slowing down, it was clear that they should get out of the cold and snow but they should stay together as much as possible. Then suddenly, Gwen vanished from in front of Marinette and Fianna.

Fianna looked at Marinette with surprise. "You saw that too, right?" She asked the French woman before she hesitantly followed Gwen and pressed forward with her eyes closed.

The feeling of going through the barrier was an odd one and something that Fianna wouldn't forget anytime soon. It was like she was almost reborn for a second only in reverse. Instead of going from a warm place to a cold one, she walked into a toasty and slightly damp world from the frozen top of a mountain. Fia realized that they were in a sauna and got a glimpse of Gwen enjoying herself, basking in the warmth.

"Well, time to get these off," Fianna murmured to herself as she took off her winter gear and put them into her backpack. "There, now, the nargals can't smell me," she giggled. Now, Fia was barefoot with her t-shirt tied to the front with a knot, and her jeans were cuffed and rolled up just below her knees. She noticed that Gwen had continued to move forward out of the sauna, so naturally, Fia would do the same. Her feet padded silently on the limestone floor of the sauna to the outdoor balcony where the most beautiful scene she had ever seen was waiting for her. There was a literal castle in the mountains of New Hampshire. This had to be the Sky Palace that Abnoda had talked about after Fianna agreed to be her Communicator.

To say that the palace was huge, was an understatement. The towering walls and green-capped rooves would almost lead one to believe that this was a dream. Fianna spotted Gwen down by the giant fire bowl and began to make her way down. Sky Palace was fused with some deep and powerful magic, the plants were telling her so. Plants couldn't talk to Fianna directly but she could feel the auras from plants since working with Abnoda. Animals were a lot easier to communicate with, in Fia's opinion.

"Hey, Gwen, I would just be careful if I were you. There are a lot of unknowns right now," Fianna said with her normal, gentle smile as she reached the garden of the flame. "This place is incredible though, isn't it?"
@Kumbaris I saw your note in the IC. You should join the Discord and discuss these things. I don't know how long your note has been there. Also, I'm waiting for Hitman to reply since it would be their turn.

Fianna smiled gently as Gwen offered her thanks. She listened to Gwen speak about how she didn't know about these creatures living here and that all she knew was that there was going to be a blizzard. "You're welcome, I wouldn't want these creatures at a tea party that's for sure," she laughed lightly as she kicked the dead creature just to make sure only for its last reflexes to react similarly to a chicken with its head cut off.

Fia screamed in surprise before stepping on the dead creature's neck and used a spare arrow to slice its jugular for good measure. The redhead sighed softly as she realized her mistake with stomping on the corpse, as her boots were now covered in the creature's blood. She turned around to see a tall, blonde, and apparently French, woman who tried to converse with them in her native language.

Fianna blinked her blue eyes in a confused manner before the French woman corrected herself. Fia quickly wiped her arrow off in the snow and put it back in her quiver. "My name is Fianna, I'm the Communicator for the Goddess Abnoda. It is nice to meet both of you," she said as she proceeded to wipe her boots off in the snow then removed the other two arrows from the harpy's corpse.

"Although, I don't think we should stop and chat for long," Fianna commented as the blizzard never seemed to stop or slow down. "I prefer not to be a popsicle for another one of these creatures," she added with a gentle but nervous smile. Most birds in nature were in flocks and she didn't know how many arrows she would have if they would have to fend off a whole flock of these dumb things.

Fia looked at Gwen and tilted her head. Her expression became one of concern. "Are you alright, Gwen? It looks like that creature got your arm," she said pointing out the rips on the girl's sleeve.

I will do a female Alice as the Queen of Hearts when needed.
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