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13 hrs ago
Current I turned 25 last Wednesday and I can honestly say that I don't feel any different from when I was 24. Hm, interesting.
4 mos ago
I’m so tired >_<
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6 mos ago
It is a beautiful morning today!
6 mos ago
Anyone else just find themselves floating through life?
9 mos ago
Happy St. Patty's Day, everyone! :)


Hello! I’m Angel of Red! I’m 25. I’ve been roleplaying what seems like forever but is really ten years give or take. I roleplay anything from dark, gruesome, splitting limbs off to off-the-cuff silly, random comedy. What I am a sucker for is a great story with a romance mixed that develops as the story progresses. Saying that, I like to have some realism in my role plays and I do require +18 mature partners. My writing is anywhere between two to five detailed (seven to ten sentences). My grammar is decent and usually understandable, I expect the same for my partners. I’m not a grammar-Nazis, just please make sense when writing.

Thank you!

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Hello! I would like to RP with you. :)
I'm bored and have decided that maybe it is time that I begin branching out to write male characters. I'm 24 years old, I will 25 in November. I have been RPing for ten years at least. I prefer my partners to be 18, if not 19 or older due to the content that is in my RPs. I've written everything from smut to fade-to-black. With that said, I do like romance in my RPs. If it is a slow-to-boil romance, that's fine but romance or at the very least, mature scenes, will be in the RP.

Here are my characters. Note that there are some female characters just because I like to spread my wings a bit. Please PM me or tag me in your comments so I can see that you're interested.

Oh! Please have decent grammar, I'm not a grammar-dictator but I do like general capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. So, in other words, I like to understand my partner's post. Also, two, detailed (seven to ten sentence) paragraphs are needed as well. I do understand that writer's block happens, if so, just let me know.

I will be adding from this thread from time to time.
I’m interested!
I would REALLY like to roleplay story 6! I have rewritten the plot and strengthened the idea in my opinion. :)
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