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Current I’m so tired >_<
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It is a beautiful morning today!
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Anyone else just find themselves floating through life?
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Happy St. Patty's Day, everyone! :)
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Drank the equivalent to a pot of coffee by myself this morning. I can see sounds!


Hello! I’m Angel of Red! I’m 24. I’ve been roleplaying what seems like forever but is really ten years give or take. I roleplay anything from dark, gruesome, splitting limbs off to off-the-cuff silly, random comedy. What I am a sucker for is a great story with a romance mixed that develops as the story progresses. Saying that, I like to have some realism in my role plays and I do require +18 mature partners. My writing is anywhere between two to five detailed (seven to ten sentences). My grammar is decent and usually understandable, I expect the same for my partners. I’m not a grammar-Nazis, just please make sense when writing.

Thank you!

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I would REALLY like to roleplay story 6! I have rewritten the plot and strengthened the idea in my opinion. :)
Hello! Welcome to my Sexy Candy Store!

I have decided to create a new 1x1 interest check. I decided to create a steamy interest check! Just because it is steamy though doesn't mean a plot is thrown out the window. I would like there to be substance and not just full-on smut.

I’m 24 years old, so I expect my partners to be +21 in real life. My ideas have adult themes like swearing, mature romance, and the occasional gory scene.

I am a medium to a high casual writer so a minimum of a 7-sentence, 2 paragraph post for both me and you. I would prefer at least one post a day, however, I understand that life happens so please just tell me that you aren’t going to be around. Also, please have a general sense of grammar. I’m not a grammar dictator but the post needs to be readable.

I prefer to play female main characters in MxF, but I don’t mind playing male secondary characters.

Pairings can be mixed and mashed to form an amazing role play! Example: a Victorian royalty supernatural creature x sibling’s supernatural creature best friend

I want a dark, sexy roleplay that has tragedy and romance; love and loss. Remember you must be 21+ to play this with me as I do have more mature content that may not be suited for 18+.

Supernatural creatures (werewolves, vampires, etc.) x other creatures
Step parent x step child
Teacher x student
BDSM boss x employee relationship
Best friend's sibling x best friend
Royalty x servants

If you have an idea, don't be afraid to share it! Please PM me as I won't be checking this often.
@TurianSpectre I would like to RP with you. Here is my interest check to give you an idea of me a bit.

PM me or let me know to PM you.
@rebornfan320I am interested!
Updated somethings, let me know if you are interested via PM. :)
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