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2 mos ago
Current I have returned! 😊
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2 yrs ago
Just saw the new Cruella movie. 😍
2 yrs ago
Did you know that they make sour Smarties? They really cause thee ol’ lips to pucker.
2 yrs ago
I’m hooked on the Castlevania series on Netflix. I feel like they do well blending the seriousness of situations with comedy.
2 yrs ago
I turned 25 last Wednesday and I can honestly say that I don't feel any different from when I was 24. Hm, interesting.


Hello! I’m Angel of Red! I’m 25. I’ve been roleplaying what seems like forever but is really ten years give or take. I roleplay anything from dark, gruesome, splitting limbs off to off-the-cuff silly, random comedy. What I am a sucker for is a great story with a romance mixed that develops as the story progresses. Saying that, I like to have some realism in my role plays and I do require +18 mature partners. My writing is anywhere between two to five detailed (seven to ten sentences). My grammar is decent and usually understandable, I expect the same for my partners. I’m not a grammar-Nazis, just please make sense when writing.

Thank you!

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NuttsnBolts 3 yrs ago
Just browsing through and came across your 1x1 check. You have a really great and unique idea on how to approach creativity with how you provide an atmosphere with music and pictures.
BlazerTatsumi 4 yrs ago
Trust me guys, she's good! Amazing writer for what I've seen so far.
But don't get too close, I could get jealous.
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