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Name: Marcello Rossi - Abilities: Holds Pistols like Italians while screaming "MAMMA MIAAAA"
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[Update 1.01] Should look a little bit nicer now. Also made some corrections.

Heya There! Blazer here, but I'll let you call me Dan if you want (I'm feeling generous today). So.. after limiting myself to just browse through other's Interest Checks for a really big amount of time, I've finally decided to make a decent one myself! Or at least.. I'm hoping it turns out decent. Well.. here it is!

  • RPs are going to be containing Mature themes, so you want to be +18. Actually.. you Need to.
  • Assuming you read my Infos, you know why I might make grammar mistakes, even if I do my best to avoid that.. So please be patient.
  • I'm at ease only with MxF pairings with the main characters. Side characters can do what they want.
  • Be nice and pretend I wrote like.. 7 or 8 more rules that are somehow really important.

I'm not going to put you in front of introductions or guidelines of stories that I already have in mind because I want to create everything from the beginning with you. With that said, I might have something already written that could meet your interest.. but in that case, we'll discuss that in PMs.
So, instead, take a look at those lists about Settings and Themes I'm interested in at the moment. Feel free to pick more that one from each list if you want to combine them into a more singular story.

  • Fantasy
  • Medieval
  • Slice of Life
  • Steampunk
  • Isekai
  • Post-Apocalyptic (Zombies are liked, but not necessary)
  • Videogame (Basically any of the ones mentioned above, but with videogames rules)

  • Romance
  • Darker Themes (violence, loneliness, death, etc.)
  • Mysteries and Investigations
  • Adventures and Actions (Quests and Enemies)
  • Superpowers or Magic

It might not look the most detailed or full of options IC, but everything that's missing can be easily suggested by you with a simple PM!
That's Right! If you got this far, feel free to PM me for a little chat!
Last but not least: Thank you so much for the time you spent reading this page!
Heya! Welcome aboard!
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