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Current Guys.. pls. It's Dinner-Time.
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Name: Marcello Rossi - Abilities: Holds Pistols like Italians while screaming "MAMMA MIAAAA"
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Y'all playing Counter Strike or what? too many CS.
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Fine.. I'm in *takes off his clothes*
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If Jesus can walk on water... can he swim on lands?
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Hello World! Blazer here! (Or you can just call me Dan if i like you).
I'm an Italian guy. I started to Roleplay like 4/5 years ago, just because i was bored and i thought it would have been fun.

[WARNING]: Since i'm Italian and i do NOT use any translator or other stuff to write, i can obviously make mistakes, my English is not perfect even if i got a C1 certification this year (that should mean than i got a very good English).

Here's an interesting thing: i'm not the type of guy that roleplays with you and than disappear like a ghost, i like to make friends other than Rp partners. I met one of my best friends roleplaying +18 stuff with her and now i've been visiting her often for 4 years and i just care a lot about her. Btw, if you're a "1 night stand" roleplayer it's totally fine, i'll do my best and than i'll wish you good luck for your life.

Which genres of Roleplay i like to do?
Well.. you know what? I don't care.
just propose something.
if i like it, i'm in.
if i've never done it, i'm curious.
if i don't like it, change my mind.

one last stupid thing: obviously, i can Roleplay in English or Italian, so if you're interested in my native language, you can ask me anything, or if you're Italian like me.. i want to share some pasta with you.

Also i'm a Nerd, so you can ask me my Steam Id.

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