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n u t t e r b y n a m e , n u t t e r b y n a t u r e
m a l e — t h i r t y s i x — s y d n e y , a u s t r a l i a
G u i l d M o d e r a t o r
e s t . M a y ' 1 7

R O L E P L A Y I N G & M E
I have been writing as a hobby for several years now with a focus on mostly casual level story telling. If these adventures are rich, detailed and filled with twists and turns around every corner then you will surely have me hooked in for a ride.

On the topic of writing style I enjoy using colours tones, pictures, music, and a variety of stylised formatting techniques to help present my stories as more art, however I do this too as I can find concentrating on walls of white text bothersome. Generally I am decent with my grammar and spelling however I am not without my faults as do often edit my works at later dates in order to remove any dumb spelling or formatting mistake.

Any other roleplaying details about myself and my interests can be found in the Personal Links below. If you have any other questions you are free to PM me at any point.


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By any chance are you using the back button?

So what can happen is that you can re-enter the Inbox through an old cached version, meaning it may have an old session preloaded. Usually refreshing the page sorts this out.

You can also replicate a similar effect by editing a post, saving it, and then clicking on the top right hand link to look at the Raw text version. The only way out is through the back button but that will lead back to the old session on your computer of the post. The edits have been saved to the site server but the browser is trying to reduce how much data it downloads by utilizing the temporary internet files.
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Is it possible to merge accounts? I have two accounts on the forum, apparently. I made one 7 years ago, and the one I use actively I joined 5 years ago (this one). Is it possible to merge these accounts under the name of the one that I use currently? The other account I have on here is named Sunset Shimmer, and I am looking to see if it is possible to merge accounts.

Unfortunately at this point no.

I don't know if it is even possible to be honest due to the way the member system is setup. So when you click on a link for your name it'll display as, however change the user name to a number (example: and you will pull up that member account number. A whole new set of coding would have to be added for that kind of situation.

It's also been asked in the past with other members, but nothing has really come about from it.
Could I get unbanned from the discord server, all the people who caused me to get argumentative are gone from it. An entire generation of roleplayers has come and gone since then. It's been four years time, I think that's sufficient.

Send me a PM with your discord name and I can lift the ban for you.

In future though, please use the correct forum or paths to contact a mod for requests like this. The "Introduce Yourself" is not the correct section.
But that would require...

Deep breaths

Going "Outside"
@Ominae Bump it.

Generally once it drops off the main page it's acceptable to bump it, but I wouldn't bump more than once per day either.
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