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n u t t e r b y n a m e , n u t t e r b y n a t u r e
m a l e || t h i r t y || s y d n e y , a u s t r a l i a
G u i l d M o d e r a t o r

Just who am I? Am I the same person that wakes up after a night of rest, or am I someone completely different? What would I do if I were to discover that I am a doppelgänger of my own existence? These are thoughts that I have asked myself for as long as I can remember; an endless cross-examination of queries and questions that still reveal no true answer nor solution. I can however tell you what I currently am, what I have done in my past, and what it is that I wish to accomplish for my future.

To begin this journey I will introduce myself with my official title. My name is Nutter, and that is all you need to know... for now. The truth is that I have been called this alias for the longest of times, dating back to my childhood days as an identity that parasitically infects the tongue of every person I cross paths with. I cannot control this contagion nor do I have a desire to hinder it's spread; therefore I live, breathe, and spread my madness to all those around me, all the while enjoying every moment of it.

While my life has been filled with a variety of adventures and achievements, there have been times where these moments have been hindered by the shackles and shadows of my very existence. They are challenges, struggles even, which have shaped me into the very person I am today. Those who I have met often tell me how I am a unique combination of knowledgeable, funny, and helpful, all topped with a small bit of wit. I enjoy having the regular banter with those who I can call my friends, I relish in my creative imagination, and I am a social introvert—if there ever was such a thing.

When the day comes to a close I guess none of this really matters. I cannot paint a picture of myself within your own mind from the expressive words that I have typed onto this screen. All I can do is spark an interest to see if you are willing to take the bait, willing to leap down that rabbit hole, and willing discover the identity of the man behind the mask known as NuttsnBolts.

H O B B I E S / I N T E R E S T
» Remote Control Car Racing
(Been racing on and off for about 20 years now, owned several different chassis, and have a few trophys from local, state, and even national events)
» Gaming
(PSN: NuttsnBolts ~ DS Friend Code: PM me for that)
» Anime
(Check out my MAL to see a list of the various shows I have watched)
» Music
(Electronica, Metal, Industrial, Chiptunes, Glitch-Hop, Retrowave, Electro Swing)

R O L E P L A Y I N G & M E
I have been roleplaying for a several years now, focusing on mostly casual to advance level story writing. If these adventures are rich, detailed and filled with twists and turns around every corner, then you will surely have me hooked in for the ride. I do find that a large portion of the characters tend to be female—a personal choice that seems to also extend towards gaming as well—but as I become a better writer I am challenging myself to improve my male personas.

On the topic of writing style I tend to use colours, pictures, music, and a variety of stylised formatting techniques as I do have a difficult time in concentrating on walls of white text. Seeing as how I can be quite the visual and artistic individual I have found this tactic can be effectively used to counter this unusual dilemma. Generally I will try my best with grammar and spelling however if you happen see any edits then I have most likely latched onto a word to use it several times in a writing piece, or made a dumb spelling mistake.

Any other roleplaying details about myself and my interests can be found in the Personal Links below as I should be keeping those updated with designs, ideas and preferences. If you have any other questions you are free to PM me at any point. I love chatting with people and I am pretty open minded to most topics.




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V e r o n i c a R a m s e y

"Veronica! Did you want another?"

It was a chant of curious encouragement from the other side of the dimly lit floor space. Leather top stools, waist high tables, and a bar that erected itself grandly within the compounds of a club walls. Little could be heard over the bustling conversations and dynamic music that echoed through the air, a noise forcing Veronica to motion to her friend with an eagerly raised finger of 'one'—an unintentional command to a loyal slave who was funding her night of alcoholism.

There was, of course, a reason for this loyal patronism to the blonde haired maiden, a farewell for these people would see Veronica for the last time before she ventured forth, out into the world beyond the compound of the town and orphanage she grew up in.

"So tell me. Why the UK? Isn't it just filled with... rain, cold, and tea?" A bemused question from the male opposite the table, sitting with a bottle in hand and the other holding tenderly onto the hip of his female companion. She swayed and moved whilst within his grasp, fidgeting to the beat while still keeping engaged with the conversation at hand.

"The UK isn't all cups of tea and rain, you dope," a mid-dance, light-hearted backhand connected with the chest of the ill-informed boyfriend, "You've got the queen there too. Miss Royalty herself."

Veronica chucked at her two friends, watching the over dramatisation of the English and the hand gestures that suggested something a little queer. "It's a little more than that, but sure... if that's what you want to believe."

The couple sniggered with delight just as their attention was taken away by a party member who returned from her quest. "Kristy!" A beckoning call from the horrible imitator of the English, "Where the bloody 'ell have you been? Young lassie here 'as been waiting for her ale!"

"Sorry Ronnie," the young friend pounced over to the girl, wrapping her arms around her friend while gently bringing the night's toxin to Veronica's mouth. It was a forceful action, but one in which the captivated individual welcomed so comfortably. Veronica tasted the sweet scent of lime and earthy, hazelnut liqueur; rough and harsh as it flowed relentlessly into her body. "You know I wouldn't ever keep you waiting too long," Kristy continued as she gently stroked her finger across the chin of her bestie.

Veronica felt euphoric, a sense of arousal washed over her body, but she remained as calm and collected as humanly possible. Kristy, an old partner to Veronica, was a break-up a year ago over nothing more than spilt milk. Unbeknownst to the former lover it was one of the many decisions which lead to this very evening and the decision to move abroad. Away from the memories of the past in the hopes of creating some new ones.

"Would love to—" Veronica lied, "—but I'm leaving in the morning." A truth to solidify the future events, that not even one last temptation was going to change the will she had formulated so hard.

A booming laugh erupted from the only male within this congregation. "Well it seems Kristy can't even seduce you into staying." Even he could tell what the succubus was trying to achieve, "You know you two could have some fun..." and just like that he played the reverse psychology card.

Veronica gave an unimpressed look upon the man, a silent message informing him it would be best to be quiet. "It's still more than what you'll be getting."

"Ouch!" He clutched his chest, "A knife through my very heart." Over-dramatised attention which lead to a second slap to the chest by his own partner.

"Keep acting like that and it'll be nothing for a month."

"You too? These women! Why!? What did poor Marko do to deserve this treatment."

The girlfriend rolled her eyes before looking over to Veronica, redirecting the topic to something more pressing. "You almost ready for us to drop you off at the airport?"

Veronica nodded, throwing down the rest of her drink before plonking the glass on the table. "Mmm, yeah. I'm ready for anything."

* * *

Not even the screams could be heard over the rush and sudden de-pressurisation of the plane cabin. A frantic motion as Veronica desperately reached up above herself to try and grasp the yellow oxygen mask. To any observant onlooker she would appear very much like a cat playing with a toy, but a cat would never be in a life of death situation where their toy was the only obstacle preventing it from passing out.

The fingertips grabbed onto the rubber and before Veronica even had a full grasp she was already tugging the device down towards her face, pressing the mask over her lips and nose as she quickly flipped the elastic band around her skull. An enormous inhale and she could fill her lungs start to fill with air and concentration. Her eyes darted around to observe the situation at hand knowing full well that this was it, she was never going to make it to London.

This was not the new start she was hoping for; a thought that passed through her mind as she held onto the arms of her seat, gripping into them with a hold that could bend steel. All she wanted, everything she was dreaming of, was crashing down all around her, plunging her into a depths of which she had no understanding how deep and shocking they would become.
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