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Well deserved! Congratulations mate.
<Snipped quote by LegendBegins>

Can you also delete this

I do not want my name attached to this god awful rp

What RP?
As in, nobody could go "Ah, the PM/post made 7 months was made by a user which had this IP address".

With a simple answer, no.

Additionally, outside of this site, I take it privacy pretty much doesn't exist then on the internet, hahaha! I always used to think 'odd, I was just thinking about that product, what a coincidence it came up in an ad'... But yikes, so google has been literally tracking me to a limited extent to tempt me into buying something... Reminds me of (20 second meme video, but scarily relevent).

Your most valuable asset online is your meta-data and history of what you search on Google, Amazon, etc. Have a think about it this way. Who is going to make more money off you? Some hacker who may trick you into downloading some sketchy looking software, or a company like Amazon and Google who noticed that you were looking up details about a particular product?

For example with me, if I open YouTube on my phone now the first advert I can see is one from Expedia, a site about holiday travel. This is because I have been thinking about going on a trip back to Japan for a while and my history indicates that I have an Interest in Japan. As such the image that it shows is of a man with a red Japanese paper lantern. If I go onto Facebook the first advert that it shows is Omnidesk, a company that focuses on Office Furniture cause I've been looking at getting a new chair for my Computer.

Tracking a user is not necessarily a bad thing as companies can use that data to expand their businesses and reach new customers, while also spending less on customers that aren't interested in what they are selling. With this day and age it is actually very easy to start up a pop up business in your garage, import a bunch of sunglasses from an overseas manufacturer with your logo on it, and resell them to people as an online retailer. Sites like SquareSpace offer users the ability to have a shop front, and this overall creates an economy.

You can actually look up a lot of your data if you have a Google account. By going to "Manage your Google Account" you can download your data, see what third party apps and services you have connected, etc. I can even see the history of my phone usage and the notifications that I have had.
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This is not to say that you should throw your privacy out of the window, no, but what this is to explain is that there are some aspects that you can be cautious about (like not downloading from that dodgy site), and some aspects of your internet activity is always gonna be visible.

The best recommendation I can say is to make sure you're always on https not just http.
HTTPS: What are the differences? HTTPS is HTTP with encryption and verification. The only difference between the two protocols is that HTTPS uses TLS (SSL) to encrypt normal HTTP requests and responses, and to digitally sign those requests and responses. As a result, HTTPS is far more secure than HTTP.
Hello there!

I'm suppose my questions regarding how long this particular website logs/stores IP addresses for can only be answered by one of the mods here, even if they can't do anything to edit/change those logs. I'm not too concerned about other sites at this moment, even if it is somewhat scary to know I'm not nearly as anonymous as I thought I was, since I'm specifically curious about this domain for the time being. I suppose we'll have to wait for a mod to read the thread and then answer that last remaining question. I think its best to PM me if you want to talk about this further, as to not digress the thread, otherwise any mods might not see/answer my above last remaining question.

Thanks for the information though, honestly, I appreciate it.

In the past Posts would have their IPs stored in the header for us to see, we could then use an IP searcher to connect posts of multiple accounts.

There was however an issue when we started to get more spam so Mahz changed the way the IP lookup worked and used another method for searching posts. This however created an issue cause something in the code wasn't accounting for VPNs and it would just endlessly look up IPs from posts that were seemingly not connected... And so the site crashed and lagged a few times.

Since then the IP feature has been disabled so we don't have much visibility on some of those aspects, and with VPNs IP look ups are rather pointless. For instance some games in the past have banned cheaters based on their hardware not their IP, meaning that to evade it people would have to buy a new stick of ram or GPU with a different serial code.

There's actually a really good video sum up on IPs and VPNs here if you wanna understand your Internet privacy more and why VPNs can be a waste of time.

If anything, the main take away from all this is that regardless to what site you're on the simple fact that your device is just connected means that you are always visible to others online.
In Mahz's Dev Journal 11 mos ago Forum: News
@NuttsnBolts I know it's frustrating for everyone, not just me, but is there any way that he can just revoke privileges.

He owns the site, all the keys, and all the access points. Us mods can't do anything of value except ban bots, close threads, and hide posts.
In Mahz's Dev Journal 11 mos ago Forum: News
Honestly with the way he keeps constantly disappearing that's the first thing you guys should have done.

I think you underestimate how many messages I have been sending over the past few years to try and get him to stay and complete basic things. (And I'm not talking through the site or Discord's DM services)
In Mahz's Dev Journal 11 mos ago Forum: News
What's the course of action now that Mahz is gone again?

I'll keep trying, as per usual, to see if he can come around. The main goal is that if we can get Legend access to the site he can do adjustments and changes as we need them.

All changed
Realise it is still being worked on but updating and changing a signature image removes the Email Verification.

Edit: Actually seems like adjusting anything in the User settings removes the verification
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