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n u t t e r b y n a m e , n u t t e r b y n a t u r e
m a l e — t h i r t y f i v e — s y d n e y , a u s t r a l i a
G u i l d M o d e r a t o r
e s t . M a y ' 1 7

R O L E P L A Y I N G & M E
I have been writing as a hobby for several years now with a focus on mostly casual level story telling. If these adventures are rich, detailed and filled with twists and turns around every corner then you will surely have me hooked in for a ride.

On the topic of writing style I enjoy using colours tones, pictures, music, and a variety of stylised formatting techniques to help present my stories as more art, however I do this too as I can find concentrating on walls of white text bothersome. Generally I am decent with my grammar and spelling however I am not without my faults as do often edit my works at later dates in order to remove any dumb spelling or formatting mistake.

Any other roleplaying details about myself and my interests can be found in the Personal Links below. If you have any other questions you are free to PM me at any point.


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<Snipped quote by NuttsnBolts>

Yeah, Legend has told me in the past that he has a list of updates ready to be added, but that he can't do anything until Mahz shows up again. Honestly, I kind of wonder just out of pure curiosity what Mahz has been up to since he hasn't logged into RPG for the last year.

I believe from memory he does contract work,and cause Mexico is relatively cheap to live in he doesn't need to do much work and can then live on what he has.
<Snipped quote by wanderingwolf>

From my understanding of what I've been told prior from the mods, Nutts means that without Mahz around no changes can be implemented. He's the only one with actual access to the backdoor of RPG and while Legend can code up some potential changes they can't exactly be implemented without him.

We've got updates waiting to be added, like the VM link back bug fix and other stuff... Just waiting for his return
Mahz is basically the whole who does any mods or maintenance to the guild. Legend has worked on code that can be added into the site but aside from writing some mods based off GitHub he can't do a whole lot.
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