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n u t t e r b y n a m e , n u t t e r b y n a t u r e
m a l e ║ t h i r t y t w o ║ s y d n e y , a u s t r a l i a
G u i l d M o d e r a t o r

Just who am I? Am I the same person that wakes up after a night of rest, or am I someone completely different? What would I do if I were to discover that I am a doppelgänger of my own existence? These are thoughts that I have asked myself for as long as I can remember; an endless cross-examination of queries and questions that still reveal no true answer nor solution. I can however tell you what I currently am, what I have done in my past, and what it is that I wish to accomplish for my future.

To begin this journey I will introduce myself with my official title. My name is Nutter, and that is all you need to know... for now. The truth is that I have been called this alias for the longest of times, dating back to my childhood days as an identity that parasitically infects the tongue of every person I cross paths with. I cannot control this contagion nor do I have a desire to hinder it's spread; therefore I live, breathe, and spread my madness to all those around me, all the while enjoying every moment of it.

While my life has been filled with a variety of adventures and achievements, there have been times where these moments have cast me into the shadows of my very existence. They are challenges, struggles even, which have shaped me into the very person I am today. Those who I have met often tell me how I am a unique combination of knowledgeable, funny, and helpful, all topped with a small bit of wit. I enjoy having the regular banter with those who I can call my friends, I relish in my creative imagination, and I am a social introvert — if there ever was such a thing.

When the day comes to a close I guess none of this really matters. I cannot paint a picture of myself within your own mind from the expressive words that I have typed onto this screen. All I can do is spark an interest to see if you are willing to take the bait, willing to leap down that rabbit hole, and willing discover the identity of the man behind the mask known as NuttsnBolts.

H O B B I E S / I N T E R E S T
» Remote Control Car Racing
(Been racing on and off for about 20 years now, owned several different chassis, and have a few trophys from local, state, and even national events)
» Gaming
(PSN/Fortnite: NuttsnBolts)
» Anime
(Check out my MAL to see a list of the various shows I have watched)
» Music
(Electronica, Metal, Industrial, Chiptunes, Glitch-Hop, Retrowave, Electro Swing, Dark Orchestra)

R O L E P L A Y I N G & M E
I have been roleplaying for a several years now, focusing on mostly casual to advance level story writing. If these adventures are rich, detailed and filled with twists and turns around every corner, then you will surely have me hooked in for the ride. I do find that a large portion of the characters tend to be female — a personal choice that seems to also extend towards gaming as well — but as I become a better writer I am challenging myself to improve my male personas.

On the topic of writing style I tend to use colours, pictures, music, and a variety of stylised formatting techniques as I do have a difficult time in concentrating on walls of white text. Seeing as how I can be quite the visual and artistic individual I have found this tactic can be effectively used to counter this unusual dilemma. Generally I will try my best with grammar and spelling however if you happen see any edits then I have most likely latched onto a word to use it several times in a writing piece, or made a dumb spelling mistake.

Any other roleplaying details about myself and my interests can be found in the Personal Links below as I should be keeping those updated with designs, ideas and preferences. If you have any other questions you are free to PM me at any point.




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Old username and nickname is Nutter.
I'm also mechanically minded and love tinkering with gadgets and machinery.
It's also a play on the term nuts and bolts.
You might wanna reread the guide as you'll have to talk to Mahz in order to get it changed back.

Smith's Rest | Orientation Room
January 16th, 2677

There was a frozen silence in the air when the electronic commands of the new leader distorted their way through the ceiling speakers. A digital reverberation indicating there was most likely a wiring problem within this one particular room; an estimation which would eventually reveal how some moisture had crept its way through the walls and iced over an electrical terminal — if such a thing could ever be proven. The exact location of such a minor breach would be anyone's guess, but the irritation it caused every time an announcement was made only last a mere minute. It was to be expected given the state that New Anchorage had been left in.

Understaffed, underfunded; Under Continual Construction should have just been printed onto a sign and placed permanently on the front door for the world to see. The current crew was trying their hardest to make a difference to the place but every step taken forward only revealed more work that had to be done. If the word really got out about the real state of the base the major corporations would never even have a second thought in showing interest in the newly growing operation.

However the game had changed wHen the decision was made to obtain a new set of recruits.


A bellowing voice overshadowed the volume of the busted speaker as the doors to the orientation room retracted open with a hydraulic hiss, the cooked smell of coffee beans wafting out as an indication of where the lone male had been apparently hiding.

He had been caught, right in the middle of the act, sneaking another cup, midway through pouring of all things. The sudden summons of his name cause his body to clench up, splashing some of the contents onto his already soiled shirt. He groaned, not for the fact that his adopted daughter was the one who caused this travesty, but knowing how half of a good brew was on his clothing rather than in his belly.

"What's up short stuff?" Duncan replied disoriented and distracted with the task of now trying to find a napkin from within the cupboards, one which would hopefully soak up some of this unfortunate spill.

"What does Graham mean we gotta look busy? That dude hasn't allowed me to do anything and he goes on with stupid stuff like 'You're grounded until further notice'. Like, I'm not twelve, but his double standards are ridiculous…"

Duncan glanced at Madison to see her best childish impression of some smug politician; complete with a voice and pose to suit. "It's all good Mads, I wouldn't worry about it. He's just trying to make a first impression for the newcomers... but you are the only one who busted their NC to a point where you had to be carried back. So of course he's gonna be hard on you."

"But — that's not my fault!"

"Mhmm… and this new coffee stain here isn't my fault either but I'm the one cleaning it up."

He dabbed his shirt, noticing the stalemate expression on her face as it screwed up with complete displeasure, an expression of knowing she couldn't win. There was no point arguing with him now and Duncan knew she would eventually come around, given some time.

"C'mon," he chirped as he walked by, running his hands through her long hair to mess with her mini tantrum. "Don't you wanna see who's arriving?"

It was Duncan's way of telling her what she should be doing without ever actually instructing her with what he wanted from her. Reluctantly, she agreed, and followed him out into the hallway.

In Transit | Old Harbor-Smith's Rest Tramway
January 16th, 2677

The tram ride into Smith's Rest was an absolute marvel to behold; the finest of zero-point-five star travel for what appeared to be a bunch of shit-kickers looking for a lucky break. A literal zero expenses spared experience complete with the fresh fragrant aromatherapy of regurgitated vomit and a rattle that was surely rusty metal grinding together within the walls. If this was any indication to what Tahlia would be walking into, she knew that it would turn into one hell of an excursion trip.

She could see the snow through the grime covered window, feel the cold creeping in through the thin glass, and reluctantly pulled her cold body out of her chair for a good old stretch. Even that little moment of feeling the blood rush through the body couldn't be enjoyed fully with the abrupt interruption of noisy rock music blaring out for no more than an eternity.

"Ah, for fucks sake!" Stopping mid way through standing up to cuss at yet another part of this trip which had tested Tahlia's patience. "You know what, fuck ya."

The irritated woman waved her hands dismissively at the unfolding events before an unconscious reaction to reach into her jacket's inner pocket and extract out a scrappy pack of cigarettes. If she couldn't have her nose or her hearing she could at least enjoy the taste of tobacco, and it was now her time to subtly piss off the other passengers.

"Ya got fucken Chucky Chunder here stinking up the joint, and I have to hear that shit?"

The cigarette was being lit as she spoke, choosing to disengage from the group and keep to herself as she stepped over towards the filthy window for a change in view. The former Red Star leader planted her forearm on the dirt smeared glass, resting her forehead on that same forearm and stared out vacantly into the winter white. She could see they were close to their final destination, with civilisation gradually littering the landscape at a growing pace.

Duncan T. Brown| M | 43 | Nevada

Personal Dossier

Duncan is a tall, slender male with a rugged, ungroomed appearance. His face is angular and defined, bordered with a chinstrap beard that is lightly trimmed into shape, backed by a head of hair that is rarely cut above his shoulders. Occasionally it will be tied back out of the way so that it doesn't bother him but as of late he has been letting it loose.

While Duncan does like to keep his clothes tidy and clean, the line of work that he specialises in often throws that desire out of the window. It's not unusual to see the man wearing an article of clothing that's torn, covered in grease, or stained with a coffee mark. Due to this he chooses to wear attire that's more natural in colour in an attempt to hide these fabric blemishes.

Duncan is one cool cat. He's the type of person that will rarely get angered, a man who act as a mediator between disputing parties, and has a way with words that can calm even the most upset of individuals. He has excelled in these skills with many thanks to Madison's involvement in his life as she was one loose cannon who he needed to find a way to defuse on quite the regular basis.

The man is also a bit of a comedian, and an intelligent individual on top of that. He won't hesitate in throwing out a line that may embarrass a fellow worker, or start up a joyful bit of banter. The more people that can laugh in the workplace, the happier he is, and he knows that his input has helped bring many together as good friends.

The unfortunate part about Duncan is that he has always been a bit of a loner ranger. Many of his relationships with other significant others have fallen through, leaving Madison as the only female who has stayed with him for more than a six months period. Occasionally she will joke with the man about who his next squeeze may be, unaware that his care and love for her is a trait that he doesn't know how to apply effectively to another woman.

Duncan was born within the heart of Denver-Vegas, a clever and calm child who fell in love with the NC world, all the while allowing a growing passion for collecting and trading to brew and mature. Being from a mechanically minded family and figuring that he could turn his handy skills into a small business, Duncan became quite efficient at repairing and repurposing any damaged equipment in order to trade off and sell to whoever was willing to pay his price.

His introduction to Madison would come several years later during a trade deal for an NC core where he so happened to obtain a little bit more than he bargained for; an NC which was once piloted by the pink haired girl's father and a preliminary test result which showed she would be a compatible candidate.

From that day on he took young Madison under her wing, raising her as both a de-facto daughter and close friend. They moved around for several years before eventually landing in Smith's Rest, a settlement that seemed less treacherous than the megacities they once resided in.

Gearhead: If a doctor is a trained professional on a human anatomy, than Duncan is a that but on a mechanical level. His toolbox is deeper than an arms reach and his knowledge and problem solving skills are second to none, making him the go-to man for when something goes wrong with your artillery shooting coffee maker.

Vocabulary over Violence: With the world as violent and dangerous as it is there are still a few people out there who prefer to settle disputes with a correct choice of soothing words. Duncan is one of those peacemakers and you will often see him with other pilots and workers, enquiring as to what's causing them distress.

Red Eyes for Red Star: The one corporation that Duncan has a dislike for is the Asian company of Red Star. The Andreas Dispute War between Red Star and Denver-Vegas hit very close to home with family and friends perishing during the crossfire. He doesn't trust their corporation, their shady ways, and—least of all—their pilots.

Five Cups a Day, Minimum: Some people smoke while others get on the booze, Duncan however is a coffee addict. There is not one day that goes by without the man sipping a cup of the muddy, brown elixir; caring not whether it is a long black, a cappuccino or even a watered down lungo. His interesting addiction has presented itself with an unusual side effect, allowing everyone to know when he is nearby simply from the warm aromas that waft through the facility. This makes it utterly impossible for the man to sneak around or catch anyone by surprise.

Duncan has a professional background in Mechanics and Utility Trading. He has obtained several contacts over the years, and made several enemies, but his desision to join the New Anchorage team is in the hopes of making some lasting impact on the world.

Madison Cole | Mad-Cat | F | 19 | Smith's Rest
♫ ♫ ♫
Personal Dossier

Madison is a young woman in her late teen's with a petite appearance of humble innocence and a deeply bottled attitude of something much more wilder, fiery and adventurous. Her distinct taste for oversized clothes, such as her favourite, fluffy hoodie and a pair of rugged boots — footwear that truly must be lined with lead soles — have most definitely been noticed throughout the settlement of Smith's Rest and the homebase of the NC crew. It is only after you hear the kid coming that you may spot a flash of her long pink hair flowing past.

Madi would never tell you but her little secret is that she is natural blonde, and while the colour of the dye may hide this obvious truth, the dipsy nature still occasionally shows itself.

Madison was once described in one simple, four letter word... Loud.

The young girl has a vibrant personality with a matching taste for music. Most of the time when she is in her NC the sounds of a hard hitting bassline can be heard from either her hanger or her personal quarters. It has been known to rub some of the personnel the wrong way with the occasional complaint about the time at which she wishes to turn up the volume.

This reckless attitude comes as a serious double edge sword since she lives off pure adrenaline. Madison has been known to run her ammo supplies completely dry, take on NCs far stronger than what she is trained for, and will even risk her own life in order to make a final blow.

However being loud doesn't mean that she is open as she will rarely talk about her past, leaving the discussion of her parents for Duncan to talk about.

Madison was born in a small community but raised in a foster home when her entire settlement was wiped out by a raiding force. She was only a little girl at the time and her survival was made when a rescue teams eventually showed up, offering whatever help they could in such a lost situation. To this day she doesn't have any memories of her parents, or her younger life for that matter, but she admits that her best times in life began when she met Duncan.

With Duncan she grew up in the megacities, travelled to the outskirts, and eventually they found their way to a settlement by the name of Smith's Rest. It was a couple years later she would be accepted into the NC program, a dream she wanted for so long, and she became a part of the New Anchorage crew.

Tactical Preferences and Skills
Music Lover: Most of the people on base already know that Madison has an annoying love for music to the point where it can become distracting. What many of them don't know is that she is quite gifted when it comes to her own vocals and will sing to herself if she is alone and unable to hear a beat.

Nimble: This hyperactive girl has way too much energy to store up and not use. Unlike others that are skilled at fighting Madison's strength comes in her speed and agility, a trait that can be seen on the battlefield.

Bonkers!!!!: Probably less of a skill than anything else, but at her peak Madison is quite the insane individual. She has very little natural fear, and if something doesn't work... Just grab a bigger hammer!

With Madison spending more time within her NC she runs the very real risk that she will start to obtain a variety of side effects. It is unknown what they may be, but her last lot of health checks have noticed a fluctuations in both her hormonal stats and her reaction times. Nothing can be pinned down at this moment but the results have been monitored.
Neural Combatant



Squad Role
Fast Assault

The Mad-Cat is a relative small NC designed to operate as a fast incursion unit to try and break enemy formations and scout out ahead of the squad. Its sky blue design was chosen perfectly for the Alaskan winters, allowing the NC to blend into the surrounding landscape, minimising the potential dangers of being so close to the enemy.

Equipment & Armaments
Hydraulic Legs: A heavy emphasis in reducing weight within the unit's legs have allowed the NC to be used for more tactical and forceful advances. The hydraulic legs can be used in order to leap towards an opponent, drastically reducing the distance to meters.

Rendering Claws: Each arm has been equipped with a set of rendering claws. Rather than just being of a simple metal design these claws are edged with plasma jets, giving the appearance that the edge of the blades are on fire. Not only is this an advantage for tearing apart unlucky NC units but at night it can create an impressive light show.

Damage Awareness System: Due to how the NC will be more of an up close and personal unit, several safety measures have been put into place for the protection of the unit and pilot. The First is a Damage Awareness System which will take note of any components that aren't working correctly and will re-route power, plasma, and movement through various other pathways; essentially creating a unit that can take a variety of hits and yet still perform in battle.

Tahlia Styles | Spyder | F | 30 | Australia

Personal Dossier

Tahlia is the daughter of an Asian father and an Australian mother, a result of Red Star's continual expansion in controlling the southern sunburnt country. Her hair is sandy brown hair, her skin pale like the seaside sand, and her eyes are brown and slim — all of which are traits visually present in those from the far east collective.

As unusual as it may seem the former leader dresses with an appearance of brand loyalty to the fierce Red Star Corporation, even throughout her attempts casualising her attire. The most notable garment of these would be the dusty leather branded jacket that sponsors a visible eyesore of a Red Star emblem stitched into the back. Sometimes it just cannot be helped that the best piece of clothing she so happens to own in counteracting the cold climate of Alaska would be a piece issued out by Red Star themselves.

Tahlia can unintentionally come across as an aggressive, abrupt individual who will rub many the wrong way upon first impressions. It does not help that her Australian, outback ocker will shine through in her mannerisms as the clear-cut lack of control in her swearing continually escapes her lips; lips which never seem to let go of a lit cigarette.

Beneath this veil of harsh leadership Tahlia does have good intentions, even if they may be clouded by her superiority presence. She has both every intention in following the orders given to her by a higher ranking member, as well as defending the difficult actions of which her team may be faced by. A difficult position to be in which has created many challenges and hard choices.

Commander Styles, more commonly known as Miss Tahlia Styles, was born within the remote settlement of Broken Hill. As the daughter of a Red Star engineer, Jin Styles, she began her indoctrination into the NC Program during her early teens, entering into her first NC battle in her mid teens.

Her transition to both recognition and leadership was a path that she held no control over as the region fell under attack by a group of raiders, all looking to plunder the settlement for its valuable resources. It was through the death of her current commander that the young woman was given the reluctant choice of taking control of the Spyder in order to fight back. It was a David and Goliath battle, a battle that she barely won, but it became the only known record of her military service that was released to the world by Red Star.

The leaked document proved to be effective as word of the Miss Styles spread far and wide, acting a deterrent for many with those that took the chances of trying to outsmart the young commander meeting their demise with walls of flames and fury.

A decade later and it is not clearly known how the once prominent commander managed to separate herself from the corporation of the far east, however a single note within her file hints of one possible reason:
Known Relations - Oakley Styles (MIA)

Tactical Preferences and Skills
Former Commander: Tahlia was once the commander of a small Red Star force, a rank which over time hardened her into a woman of authority and status. Pilots who have worked with her have spoken of how she expects a high level of precision and efficiency from her team, noting how she has been known to reprimand those who step out of line.

Calculated: Tahlia is analytical and observant with years of standing guard over her hometown, picking off targets from just beyond the horizon have allowed her to learn that upfront combat should be avoided wherever possible.

Jill of most Trades Some of Tahlia's less noticeable skills include her complete understanding of firearms, basic mechanical and engineering knowledge, as well as the odd skills in drinking, and poker. Alone they aren't anything special, but together it's what makes her unique.

With a large portion of her life spent within her NC, Tahlia has lost a stable connection with both reality and her own memories. She has on the rare occasion been seen confused and unable to recognise the individuals who she has known for many years; a familiar face that slowly fades into obscurity.
Neural Combatant



Squad Role

Spyder is a unique design that incorporates a harmonious blend of Volkov and Red Star technology into a terrifying beast of immense power, an artillery NC that relies more on long range combat than the more up close and personal style that many other pilots are used to.

Much of the NC is covered in the painted shades of black and dark brown — colours that aid in its ability to blend in with the dying landscape — with trimmings of red and scattered battle wounds from its long-standing service. The interior is a sleek design with keys and warning labels written in a mixture of Japanese and English, along with a screen that provides a wide viewing angle to the outside world.

Equipment & Armaments
Meteor Ordnance Cannon (M.O.C.): The M.O.C. is a highly advanced, torso mounted weapon capable of firing a ballistic shell through the use of Mag-Rail technology. Each shell — also known as a Meteor — is built as a unique explosive that encompasses both incendiary properties and cluster bomb attributes; a design choice which allows the fired Meteor to scatter mid-flight and pellet the target with multiple projectiles. Upon firing the intense heat produced by the projectile will leave a distinct light trail that can be traced back to the M.O.C., giving the impression that the weapon is firing a laser instead of a physical shell.

The M.O.C. range is unfortunately limited to line of sight and so higher ground is usually preferred when operating the weapon. The cannon is as well an extremely power hungry unit and thus a delay time has been incorporated in-between shots to allow for the weapon to be fired sequentially without damaging the NC.

Trakdar: Trakdar is a speciality built Long Range scanner and observation system that utilises a 3D mapping technology in order to give detailed views of the environment around the NC. This map is additionally enhanced by an aerial drone bot that can be launched from the Spyder in order to give details on areas that can't be fully scanned by the NC itself. Each target that is discovered is painted with a marking which allows proper calculations to be make for the Meteor Ordnance Cannon.

Twin MIRV Launchers: Upon Spyder's shoulders are a set of pods which house a collection of Radar Guided MIRV missile. These fast firing missiles can be used in quick succession for any medium range targets, but have the unfortunate trait of overshooting their targets when firing within close proximity of the NC.

Dual Slug Cannons: These fist mounted Slug Cannons are used to easily take out any smaller targets that are within the NC's close combat range. Whilst in Artillery Mode however they are rendered innactive as the NC will hunker down to improve stability and thus limiting any available aiming capabilities.
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There's a few things that I should cover here before I lock the thread and ask that you bring the matter to the moderators in PM rather than on the public site for people to see.

On the Guild we do not delete accounts. They are added to the database upon creation and we do not have the permissions or privileges to that database to remove any content. All content that is removed from the site is either removed from visibility or from indexing so that we can if needed bring back any information that may be required. It happens, we rarely do it, and it creates a safety net so that even us mods don't permanently delete information.

This includes accounts. You would be hard pressed finding any site that would remove accounts entirely as it would affect their database and indexing. What they would do is index and archive the information, however Guild has never — and will never — been set up for that because there is no reason for us to delete an account. Remember that old saying, "Everything on the Internet is permanent"? Well that cannot be even more true when you have sites like Wayback Machine that record historical snapshots of the Internet. So the context of the account and the post never truly disappear...

On another note, looking at the account it does seem to be what I would call still currently active. There was a character made recently and they were in an RP a month ago that I myself happened to show some interest in, so I can validate this activity. Now people take a break and some people disappear for a few months or a year before coming back, but we typically don't ban accounts that are recently active because the person behind the screen doesn't want to roleplay any more. We have banned people who have stumbled across their account after several years and realized they don't want it anymore — just as a good will gesture — but that is a different scenario with a visible, active evidence trail when compared to someone who may be having a random weekend where they have a change of heart. I state this because we cannot verify the identity behind the account and whether the person making such a delete request is in fact who they say they are or the true user of the account, ie: did someone random access it and make the request for the lulz.

To touch on the legal aspect mentioned, I do have my doubts about this. A will is a legal document to divide up assets and property amongst benefactors. It would not be used as a request to delete a random account off a random Internet site. Even if such a wish was to be added it would have to have the signed approval of the second party, Mahz, to even be counted as legal, and to ensure it was even possible. I can assure you this would not be the case because even us moderators have to do some high level witchcraft to summon him for an easy catch up chat and in those times he has never mentioned any legal aspect with a member's last will. To put it bluntly, we actually don't have any obligation to follow this request.

As mentioned at the beginning, any further matters should be discussed in PM.
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