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the biography

n u t t e r b y n a m e , n u t t e r b y n a t u r e
m a l e ║ t h i r t y o n e ║ s y d n e y , a u s t r a l i a
G u i l d M o d e r a t o r

Just who am I? Am I the same person that wakes up after a night of rest, or am I someone completely different? What would I do if I were to discover that I am a doppelgänger of my own existence? These are thoughts that I have asked myself for as long as I can remember; an endless cross-examination of queries and questions that still reveal no true answer nor solution. I can however tell you what I currently am, what I have done in my past, and what it is that I wish to accomplish for my future.

To begin this journey I will introduce myself with my official title. My name is Nutter, and that is all you need to know... for now. The truth is that I have been called this alias for the longest of times, dating back to my childhood days as an identity that parasitically infects the tongue of every person I cross paths with. I cannot control this contagion nor do I have a desire to hinder it's spread; therefore I live, breathe, and spread my madness to all those around me, all the while enjoying every moment of it.

While my life has been filled with a variety of adventures and achievements, there have been times where these moments have cast me into the shadows of my very existence. They are challenges, struggles even, which have shaped me into the very person I am today. Those who I have met often tell me how I am a unique combination of knowledgeable, funny, and helpful, all topped with a small bit of wit. I enjoy having the regular banter with those who I can call my friends, I relish in my creative imagination, and I am a social introvert — if there ever was such a thing.

When the day comes to a close I guess none of this really matters. I cannot paint a picture of myself within your own mind from the expressive words that I have typed onto this screen. All I can do is spark an interest to see if you are willing to take the bait, willing to leap down that rabbit hole, and willing discover the identity of the man behind the mask known as NuttsnBolts.

H O B B I E S / I N T E R E S T
» Remote Control Car Racing
(Been racing on and off for about 20 years now, owned several different chassis, and have a few trophys from local, state, and even national events)
» Gaming
(PSN: NuttsnBolts ~ DS Friend Code: PM me for that)
» Anime
(Check out my MAL to see a list of the various shows I have watched)
» Music
(Electronica, Metal, Industrial, Chiptunes, Glitch-Hop, Retrowave, Electro Swing)

R O L E P L A Y I N G & M E
I have been roleplaying for a several years now, focusing on mostly casual to advance level story writing. If these adventures are rich, detailed and filled with twists and turns around every corner, then you will surely have me hooked in for the ride. I do find that a large portion of the characters tend to be female — a personal choice that seems to also extend towards gaming as well — but as I become a better writer I am challenging myself to improve my male personas.

On the topic of writing style I tend to use colours, pictures, music, and a variety of stylised formatting techniques as I do have a difficult time in concentrating on walls of white text. Seeing as how I can be quite the visual and artistic individual I have found this tactic can be effectively used to counter this unusual dilemma. Generally I will try my best with grammar and spelling however if you happen see any edits then I have most likely latched onto a word to use it several times in a writing piece, or made a dumb spelling mistake.

Any other roleplaying details about myself and my interests can be found in the Personal Links below as I should be keeping those updated with designs, ideas and preferences. If you have any other questions you are free to PM me at any point.




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If you wanna continue by bringing Discord drama to the site, I will be forced to take action.

Read the site rules and do not break them. This is the last warning.

@Dinh AaronMk@Star Lord@Foster
@NuttsnBolts - No rush, just poking at you to see if your interest is still present. If it is, take your time, there is no rush here, just let me know some kind of expected timeframe, even if 'slow' is the best you can do.

Don't think I'll be joining. Just not happy with my character concept and just afraid I'll be over committing with the idea for now. Be best if I don't join and leave the spot open for someone else. :)
They tend to add realism or depth to the RP, often showing more to the characters than what would ever be seen in a pure combat roleplay.

Incorporating non-combat characters into an RP could be as simple as after a fight the character stops off at the doctor for some pain meds, only to get a lecture on how badly they treated their body and how they've changed since that significant, personal event that happened prior. Not only does it add depth to the character, but it informs other players of the type of character and what drives them.
@Kuroyomihime I happened to come across that yesterday. Don't believe it's bots, but the later sounds like the higher possibility. Nothing really against the idea if it is the case... it's just a very lonely way to roleplay.
Guild isn't dying anytime soon. When it comes down to the basics it's just another message board and the people here post up their replies and responses. All the extras are nice, and they do help to make it a better environment, but it's the community that does make a big difference. That's where I believe we have a strong advantage over many other sites. Mahz may not be here 100% of the time, but he shouldn't have to be if you're here to simply roleplay with your friends.

As it stands, the best thing for any writing works is to always back it up. Google Docs is a great place, and its free. I think no matter what site or community you become a part of you should always learn to back up your works.
@Fading Memory Totally understandable. I'm more a tentative yes, depending on the time I can get to sort out myself for the day too.
I'll drop down some interest here and have a good read through to see where I can fit in. In a previous RP I made a character set known as the Two Tucker Twins for a kinda Westworld RP, but only ever got to write up the intro. Tweak them around and they may just fit in.
Moving EH and creating a new PW is still on the books, whether it's still Star Wars or something else is probably something we'd have to reevaluate again.

Only thing we can do at the moment is cast a taco summoning spell so Mahz can come around and sort it out, but I know his birthday is in September so I doubt he'll be around til after.
@Ariamis done
We don't usually delete that many posts in that many threads, especially when many of your posts are from 3 years prior. Is there a reason as to why you would like them all deleted?
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