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7 Month Peepo
Update to some of the ideas.
Bump, renovated the thread with some new ideas and content. If you find anything interesting, please DM me, I do not always check the thread.
Hello. I go by Hornet and I’m looking for a few potential Role-play partners. I’m currently seeking something that is a bit more on the dark side. Akin to bad end style of content that is more on the smutty side, while containing story.
1. Please be 18+ as most things I would like to do are on the mature and dark side, Bad End type of material typically.
2. Anywhere between 2-3 paragraphs is more then enough for me, anything more is just bonus.
3. Feel free to share ideas with me.
4. There will be smut, but I like to add a bit of story atop of it.
5. I use primarily animeish based face claims and typically do not use realistic ones.
6. I'm open to a wide variety of genres, as well as characters, from classic fantasy, to more anime type of fantasy, Elves to Neko for example. Any animalistic based race I prefer them to go down the route of a cat girl, so having ears and a tail, but maybe some personality quirks and behavior from whatever race they are representing, whether wolf, rabbit, cat, or otherwise.

1. Adventure Gone Wrong(Fantasy/Sci Fi/Other)

2. The Conqueror

3. Your Ideas
I'm also open to hearing out any ideas that you may have. I only ask that they fit the type of theme that I'm hunting for. That is a darker based, mature style of RP akin to a bad end style. Outside of this, I'm open to a wide variety of ideas and suggestions.

4. Revenge

5. Battle of Fates

6. A Space Tragedy

7. Neko Paradise.

8. Spy/Intruder/Bounty Hunter

9. Professor/Student

I'm also open to various fandom's, here are a few that I'd currently be interested in that I can recall off the top of my head. OC/Canon, also based on similar type of plot lines as above.

Demon Slayer
My Hero Academia
Sailor Moon
Fairy Tail
Open to Suggestion.
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