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Bump, renovated the thread with some new ideas and content. If you find anything interesting, please DM me, I do not always check the thread.
Hello. I go by Hornet and I’m looking for a few potential Role-play partners. I’m currently seeking something that is a bit more on the dark side. Akin to bad end style of content that is more on the smutty side, while containing story.
1. Please be 18+ as most things I would like to do are on the mature and dark side, Bad End type of material typically.
2. Anywhere between 2-3 paragraphs is more then enough for me, anything more is just bonus.
3. Feel free to share ideas with me.
4. There will be smut, but I like to add a bit of story atop of it.
5. I use primarily animeish based face claims and typically do not use realistic ones.
6. I'm open to a wide variety of genres, as well as characters, from classic fantasy, to more anime type of fantasy, Elves to Neko for example. Any animalistic based race I prefer them to go down the route of a cat girl, so having ears and a tail, but maybe some personality quirks and behavior from whatever race they are representing, whether wolf, rabbit, cat, or otherwise.

1. Space Adventure Gone Wrong.(Futuristic/Fantasy/Sci Fi)
A group of young space cadets are sent on a mission to explore a mystery spacecraft/planet. The mission is expected to be a easy one without any issues expected. However, what they find is something much more then they ever bargained for. Sending the mission and their fates into chaos.

I'm fairly open to what they are sent to explore, what the goal of the mission is. Also open to what they discover, whether it is a alien race, or is a human based threat. We can build off the bones of the premise.

2. The Conqueror
A warlord has united a massive army together in order to upset the balance of the current world. With a goal to overthrow each kingdom and unite the entire world under their rule. Each kingdom they conqueror is ruled by a princess/queen. Not only will they conqueror the Kingdom, but its ruler as well.

The various rulers and kingdoms can all be one race, or they can be varying different race based kingdoms, for example one kingdom of elves, and a kingdom of wolves. I'm open to a wide variety of suggestions on this idea like the others.

3. Your Ideas
I'm also open to hearing out any ideas that you may have. I only ask that they fit the type of theme that I'm hunting for. That is a darker based, mature style of RP akin to a bad end style. Outside of this, I'm open to a wide variety of ideas and suggestions.

I'm also open to various fandom's, here are a few that I'd currently be interested in that I can recall off the top of my head. OC/Canon, also based on similar type of plot lines as above.

Demon Slayer
My Hero Academia
Sailor Moon
Fairy Tail
Open to Suggestion.
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