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This seems intriguing, I'm interested
Hey, my name is Jack and I've been rping for a good 4-5 years. I consider myself to be a rather literate writer and I enjoy OOC discussions and plotting. I often write long detailed responses ranging from 800-2000 words depending on my partner. I am a college student currently so my schedule can become hectic at times. I'm usually pretty good at communicating but expect periods of gaps in my replies.

I have a particular idea that I'd come up with based on past roleplays that I've done. Feel free to give it a look and don't hesitate to reach out if you find the idea interesting. If possible, I ask that you provide a writing sample. I'm not picky when it comes to a partner but I would like them to be able to somewhat match me in terms of literacy and details in replies. I'm happy to provide one of my as well if requested.

Setting: This rp will take place in a medieval fantasy setting that focuses on swords and magic. The country of Almeria will be where most of the story takes place but I would love to potentially expand the develop the world further with my partner.

Premise: Broadly speaking, I'd envisioned this rp as centralizing on the conflict between the human nation of Almeria against the invading demonic hordes that'd recently been united by a powerful demon prince.

Now, I can see this rp going several ways depending on my partner's preference. As you might've guessed, I plan to take the role of the demon prince. I'm open to pretty much any pairing. I'm going to list a few examples below but I'm always open to fresh ideas. I also don't mind doubles and taking on multiple roles.

Demon Prince x Princess: I'd envisioned this pairing as being more of a meeting of chance. Perhaps the demon prince was injured during a battle and was forced to flee the battlefield after his army scattered. He eventually stumbled near the capital where he took up a human form and was found by the princess in the woods. As for why she was there, well that's up to the imagination.

Demon Prince x Knight/Captain: This will likely be more fight orientated as YC will take up the position of either a soldier or leader within the Royal army fighting against the demons. Essentially, it will focus on the two character's rivalry and potential development into something more.

Demon Prince x Commoner: This can go multiple ways as well. It can even boast some similarities to the first idea where the prince randomly encounters YC. For some reason that we can discuss, he chooses to spare her and take her along as his prisoner or companion.

Below is a short post that basically sums up the background and setting. It's an excerpt from the starter that I had prepped for this rp but I had chosen to exclude most of it since it's only really relevant to a particular idea. I do plan on expanding on it depending on what we come up with.

Hey so I’m not familiar with the comic but this seems like a very interesting concept. But for clarity reasons, is it like a sort of multiverse sort of setting with deities from various worlds with the capabilities to meet and interact? I’m guessing that these deities are the “new” gods that has since taken over right?
Hello all. My name is Jack and I’ve been rping for approximately 4-5 years. I would characterize myself as a fairly advanced and literate roleplayer. My replies range from numbering around 5-6 paragraphs to being novella like.

As you might’ve guessed from the title of this thread, I’m a rather big fan of GOT. Some of my favorite characters include Olenna and Jaime (post-season 4). I must admit that my interest in GOT had sparked from the show but I have since started on the books as well. Personally, I find the latter to be much better, especially compared to the episodes after season 5.

What Am I Looking For?

Currently, I’m in search of a literate female partner who would like to play canon or non-canon character(s) in the GOT world. My intention is for us to both play multiple individuals as we would likely have to include a lot of side characters to make the roleplay work. However, it’s important to mention that most of the ideas I have currently take place in alternative realities. Even so, I don’t mind including some canon characters within there as well.

I am not only seeking romance in these rps but also excitement when it comes to the plot. One of the things I love most about GOT is all the political intrigues, the betrayals, and occasionally, the gore. So if you’re someone who’s interested in some or even all that I’ve listed above, then I believe that we would be rather compatible.

As for the setting and plot itself, I have a few ideas. Note that these are just some things that I’ve thought of off the top of my head and can be subjected to change.


1. When it comes to my favorite house in GOT, it would be the Tyrells hands down. I do not believe that the show had done them justice so I hope to provide them with a better outcome in this rp. My OC would be the elder brother of Margaery and replace Mace as the Lord of Highgarden. There are many places to start the roleplay and I’ll be open to suggestions.

The foremost setting that I have in mind would take place in Season 5, when Margaery and Loras were arrested by the High Spearows. As one may expect, such news would compel my OC to venture to King’s Landing where he, along with some other characters, would begin to plot in the good old GOT fashion. I would also take up the roles of Jaime and Tommen. I ask that you play as Margaery and you can also choose to be another character. I don’t mind that we edit or even invent a house to fit your character’s role or background.

2. My second idea would take place largely in Essos, at least during the early stages of this rp. In this universe, Westeros is in great turmoil due to the decades of poor rule under House Baratheon. Either that, or we can keep the canon situation and set it around the same time as the War of the Five Kings.

My OC would replace Daenerys as the last dragon. He had survived the overthrow of House Targaryen when he was an infant and was safely smuggled out of Westeros. However, Daenerys, my OC is largely ignorant of his bloodline and heritage. That is until YC comes in to basically help him realize his potential and to claim the throne. She could either be a Red Priestess tasked by the Lord of Light or she could be like a refugee such as a Stark or Baratheon who had fled Westeros due to her family meeting their doom. Either way, there’s a lot of ways this could go.

There are likely some other ideas out there but these are what I can come up with thus far. If you are interested, feel free to message me. You don’t have to choose one of these two options as I’m open to discussing other ways to go about it as well.
Hey, just checking up on you
If this rp is set to continue, I would be interested as well
The ringing of the midnight bell had signaled the start of a massacre that would forever haunt the Sevaris Royal Family. Within the fraction of a second, the clanking sound of armor filled the usually silent halls of the Royal Palace. Soldiers broke from their positions as they made their ways towards palace's many chambers. Within minutes, the commotion and racket had changed to faint screams and cries barely heard through the palace's thick walls. The high pitched sounds of clashing metals filled the palace as brotherly soldiers turned on one another without warning. Confused with the unfolding discord amongst them, many loyal soldiers unfortunately fell victim to those whom they've deemed as their trusted comrades.

"By orders of his new majesty, no one is to be left alive!" The order had originated from the mouth of a single soldier before it was passed down through echoes before undoubtably falling into the ears of Rolf.

The soldier had spoke the truth. The event that transpired in Rolf's chambers was undeniably being mimicked with all his kin. One by one, armored clad soldiers broke open the chamber doors to those who Rolf deemed as family. Their shouts and cries were silenced by a single swing of those men's swords. They left as fast as they had arrived, leaving behind a chamber of blood as they turned their attentions elsewhere.

Before long, the palace was filled with commotions of conflict as soldiers rushed to their King's defense. However, being aware of the code that the traitors had created, the loyal men of Almeria were unable to distinguish friend from foe. As a result, the "defense" had systematically turned into a grand massacre. Within minutes, the entire palace had fallen into chaos as soldiers loyal or bribed by Lyrren turned on the very king that they swore to protect. The floors and walls were painted red by blood as corpses soon piled on to the ground.

Despite the discord that now filled the royal palace, not a single whisper of what's transpiring had reached beyond its walls. Soldiers manning the palace walls simply closed their eyes to sights of armed soldiers rushing into the palace. They muted their eyes to fights commencing years from them and stood idle as if it was just a normal night of patrol.

All those bearing the Sevarian blood were targeted. The first to die were the king's eldest brother and sister, followed by their two sons and daughter. The next were Rolf's distant family, who had choose the worse of times to visit the capital. Their bloods stained the swords of the dishonored soldiers as they target the chambers of Ariana. To their surprise, they found the princess' bed to be uninhabited. Being informed of the rumors that circulated regarding the less than appropriate relations between the elder prince and princess, the soldiers turned their attention to Rolf's chambers next.

Unfortunately for King Erwin and Queen Claira, lady luck had not graced them with the same fortune. The king and queen awoke to cries of "What are you doing?!" followed by sounds of blades clashing. It ended with silence as the two stared anxiously at the door, unaware of what to expect.

As the wooden chamber door was pushed ajar, the two bodies of the king's guards fell into the room. What they witnessed next had rendered them speechless. There, standing before the entrance, was their youngest son. Clad in iron armor, the prince bore a deviant smirk on his face as he stepped over the stacked bodies before him.

"Lyrren...what in the gods name are you doing?" The king shouted in anger and distraught.

"What I should've done a long time ago, father." The prince replied back as three men entered behind them. They were guards of the palace, well armored, skilled, and capable of besting most men in combat.

"My son, why are you doing this? We're your parents!" The queen exclaimed in disbelief as her eyes begin to water behind her shocked expression.

"Don't blame me, dearest mother. Blame father and his years of favoritism towards Rolf." Lyrren exclaimed back, his hazel orbs directing back at Erwin. "Why, father? Why him? I'm the one with the better qualifications. The nobles support and listen to me. I stabilized our court and went on more diplomatic missions than I could count. All to prove myself to you. So why did you pick that dimwitted sister fucking brute?" Lyrren added, his voice clearly growing in anger and frustration.

"Do I really have to explain it to you, Lyrren? Is what you're doing now not enough support for my decision? You may have the support of the nobles, but you are not like your brother. You do not care for the people because all you desire is the throne and profits. If I give Almeria to you, then it's bound to be doomed."

Lyrren stood as he listened to his father's explanation. His words were lies. Almeria would not be doomed under his rule, it would prosper. Support of the nobles mean everything. The commonfolk exist only to work on farms and die in battle when war comes. Their wellbeing means nothing.

"So you rather hand this kingdom over to Rolf? Under his rule, Almeria will fall within years. I'm the best choice amongst us to." He exclaimed, trying one last time to persuade his father.

"You aren't acting alone are you? Did the nobles encourage you to do this?" Erwin replied, ignoring Lyrren's previous statement.

In response to his father's accusation, the prince simply smirked as he placed his hand on to the hilt of his sword.

"No one encouraged me. I've been wanting to do this for quite a while now. The nobles simply support my endeavor." He paused before continuing.

"I'll give you one last chance, father. Vacate the throne and proclaim me as the true and rightful heir. If you do that, I will allow you and mother to live the rest of your days in the palace."

In response to his son's offer, the king simply stared at Lyrren. Even in the face of death, Erwin still demonstrated the calmness and powerful presence of a king. With an unbroken gaze, he finally responded.

"You are no son of my..."

Lyrren's lips fell to a frown upon his father's response. That was for only a second as the young prince quickly restored his prideful facade with a returning grin.

"A truly honorable king you are, father. It's a shame that you were killed in an attempted usurpation by Rolf. But I promise you that I'll avenge you and mother's death." With that, Lyrren turned around as he made his way to the door.

"Make it quick." He said silently to one of the soldiers before departing.

Even down in the hall, he could still hear his mother crying out his name. The cries lasted for several more seconds before all fell quiet again. Despite having just ordered for the execution of his parents, the prince's spirit was unwavering as his steps remained steady and confident. There was no sense of guilt nor sympathy for all those who died or will die tonight. All losses are necessary if it means that he will obtain what he seeks.

With the murder of his whole money (or so he thought), Lyrren triumphantly made his way to the Throne Room. He was accompanied by legions of his men consisting of both those who swore their allegiances out of loyalty or gold. On the way, he passed by areas that had visibly been cleansed of any resistance. Crimson puddles and rivers carpeted the ground as corpses of the dead were laid to the side.

As he arrived before the Throne Room, his men opened the doors as Lyrren entered. With carefully and emotionally paced steps, Lyrren made his way on to the throne that his father had occupied for nearly three decades. The very throne that Lyrren had worked his entire life and now, through iron and blood, he now sat upon it.

"It's the prince! He's alive!" One voice could be heard yelling at followed by another. "Kill him!"

Rolf had been discovered by three soldiers nearly identical to those who had just assaulted them. Their swords were already drawn and fresh blood could still be seen dripping off the edges.

They eyed the elder prince intensely, their gazes filled with malice and murderous intent.

"Inform the his highness that his brother is still alive" One of the soldiers could be heard saying to another. With a nod, one of the men departed to carry out what he was told.

The remaining two, with their blades held firm, proceeded to charge against Rolf. The one to the right went for a direct frontal assault. He lifted up his sword as he went for a diagonal slash on to the side of the shoulder where Rolf was holding his blade with. The second would hope to use the diversion to flank around Rolf as he attempted a strike against Rolf's right calf muscle.
The vibrations resulting from the collapse of Outpost 26 was something felt by nearly all of western and central Europe. From the ashes of several crumbled mountains, rose a terrifying and horrendous abomination. The escape of the being known as the Grand King had sent the European governments into a frenzy. Their fears were only augmented further upon hearing that the outpost's failure wasn't an isolated incident. Nearly all the outposts throughout the world had been breached and destroyed simultaneously. Creatures of all shapes and sizes now roamed the Earth, their release heralding a new and dark age of human civilization.

Less than a day upon the release of the Grand King, the French government had received news that the beast was heading west directly for the French city of Nice. With a population of nearly 350,000, the government could not afford for the creature to get close to the settlement. Dozens of fighters and bombers along with ground personnels were scrambled in an attempt to stop the creature or at least redirect its movements away from the city. However, the military soon found that none of their weapons had any effect on the creature. Bullets and explosives were futile against the thick armor like skin of the creature. Casualties soon skyrocketed as the French failed in even delaying the beast's advance.

Becoming aware of the creature's impending arrival, orders were issued to Nice's residents to immediately evacuate. However, due to the stubbornness of some as well as the little amount of time given to prepare, many of the citizen's fates were sealed. Within less than a day, the double horned skull of the creature was spotted in the city's arrival. Several smaller towns and cities had already been destroyed due to the monster's advances but Nice was to be the biggest yet. The city and its people immediately fell into absolute discord and anarchy as people tried desperately to escape. The roads were jammed in minutes, forcing many to abandon their vehicles and escape on foot.

A last ditch military effort was launched to save Nice's citizens. And just like the first, it proved futile as the creature seemed untouched with whatever they threw at it. The King's arrival was herald by a collision of its body against a tall building. The creature's weight and size easily decimated the structure as pieces and debris fell on to the bystanders below. With a loud menacing roar, the creature charged with its horns into a nearby building, causing it to nearly break in half.

Its powerful tail swung through buildings one by one before all that laid before it was rubble. With its sights set on the horizon, the creature opened its mouth as a series of glowing plasma like beat was released into the buildings before him. The atomic blast triggered a series of chain explosions as all structures that stood before it crumbled within seconds.

Reports indicated that the creature had also delved into a feeding frenzy, grabbing people off the ground with its hands and tails as they were all devoured alive. Tank divisions were deployed to stall the creature long enough for all to evacuate but it took but one blast from its mouth to eliminate the threat. The vehicles and iron and steel melted within seconds like butter on a hot pan.

With the military unable to do anything, the King simply continued on with its rampage. By nightfall, the once populated city of Nice had been transformed into ruins. Nearly 75% of the city had been transformed into rubble with 80% of it being aflame. Among the hundreds of thousands of people who had resided in the once bustling urban giant, nearly 35% of them had been killed in the creature's attacks with another 25% being injured or in critical condition. Military casualties had been classified but media estimates them to be anywhere from three hundred to five hundred deaths.

The French government was only able to dispatch aid upon news that the creature had departed the city. However, their relief was subsided when they received news that the beast was making its way towards Antibes and Cannes. Both cities had a population of nearly 150,000 combined and still, the military could do nothing. Within just several short days, both cities had fell to the same fate as Nice, with over 2/3 of infrastructure in both being completely annihilated. Total civilian casualties were now innumerable, marking the most devastating destruction France has ever had since WWII.

Despite the government's assurance that everything will soon be under control, the French people have already lost trust in their leaders. Many began to evacuate eastern France for its western parts while some had simply left the country for its neighbors. The French would only catch relief upon receiving news that the beast had entered into the sea upon finishing its destruction of Cannes. Within a week since its release, the monstrosity had managed to leave behind a trail of destruction that would forever be ingrained in the minds of the French.

While they aren't sure as to where the creature is headed to now, warnings have been sent to all countries surrounding the Mediterranean to make preparations for the worse.
<Snipped quote by RisingSun>

I appreciate the efforts you've taken so far.

The weakness you list is one that regards his house and situtation. While I believe it is a correct assessment regarding the times, it does not relate to him as a character. Where are the flaws in his personality? Right now he's a Gary Stu.

Were you planning on adding more House members?

A weakness doesn’t always have to do with one’s personality. The things I’ve listed could bring the character down just as well. However, if you’re adamant on one regarding personality, you can say he’s overly ambitious which I do believe I’ve mentioned but just not in the “Weaknesses” field.

And perhaps in the future
<Snipped quote by RisingSun>

Who is Lucien?

Ok there we go. It should all be the right name now
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