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Garui Industries
Jalaryian Forge World

Kalit Garui, CEO and namesake of the fledgling Garui Industries, stood in watch within an observatory, viewing below a battered and scarred simulation room where experimental battle droids of varying design were undergoing extensive combat scenarios, pitted against rather convincing holo-projections of a wide array of enemy combatants ranging from Commonwealth soldiers, to New Roman Legionaries, and Utopian saboteurs to name a few. The finely dressed Dathir nodded and grinned, some models proving to match his expectations, others unfortunately, not so much, but it was a work of art in progress. As he continued to observe his experiments, just as he had felt the door behind him sliding open, a human woman stepped in. "Mister Garui, you have some unexpected guests arr-." she spoke before being interrupted by the rather abrupt entrance of two tall and imposing members of the Ascendant Guard, followed by a member Church's Clergy.

The Priest's appearance was typical of one directly in service of the Church, a cleanly shaven scalp with an assortment of finely-designed tattoos engraved upon his flesh, his person wrapped around in ornate golden, ebony and crimson garbs and trinkets. Garui's expression was one of annoyance, the Council had been hounding him for months on end once his Battle Droid project became public, something the Ascendancy's military would find good use in.

"Alfonse, checking up on my little project again I see?" Garui asked, his irked tone easily detected by the Priest. "Do mind your tone, mister Garui." Alfonse replied. "Need I remind that on their behalf, I speak with the Council's authority." Garui narrowed his eyes and sighed. "Of course...pardon my rudeness." He said half-heartily with a mocking bow.

"Good." Alfonse said, ignoring the CEO's not so subtle disrespect as he approached, standing by Garui's side as he observed the action below. "The Council simply wants your progress report" Alfonse said.

"They're getting more impatient by the day." Garui commented much to the priest's annoyance. "Something as intricate as a thinking, walking machine takes time and patience."

"And you're well aware the galaxy grows more unstable by the day, we must be ready for when the time comes." Alfonse said. "The Council sees this project of yours as an urgent matter."

"A work of art, my work of art, is not simply something to be rushed." Garui stated. "You can tell the council they will have their automated army in due time. The Galaxy isn't at war yet."

"The key word being yet....but..a good enough answer." Alfonse said, signalling the guards that their time here was over, both nodded as they left the room, intimidating passing by employees and staff. "Time is of the essence, mister Garui. I only pray to the Gods that we'll be prepared enough for the coming storm." Alfosne said as he bowed and took his leave.
Gonna try at my post sometime this week.
@Willy Vereb Gave a bit of a read and so, looks pretty good :)

Unless Oz wants to give it a read and make a verdict as well. I could say you can move it over to the character tab.
@duck55223 Good stuff! I'd say you're sheet is set to be moved over.
@KaiserElectric Your sheet looks pretty good! You can move it over to the character tab.
@Archetype Zero Ooh, right :P

Then nevermind what I said.
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