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Alright everyone, it is with a heavy heart that I say that I will have to shut down the rp. I'm ashamed to say that interest was snapped due to some unforeseen events(nothing serious, was merely invited to help in an RP project is all. You'll see it pretty soon, probably by the end of next month.)

So with that, I say, I'm so sorry for letting you all down, and possible wasting any time. I will try to do better next time. But at least We had fun along the way :)
*sorry, wrong place to post*
@Holy Grail Good to know! And I too have to apologize for my own lack of activity to everyone.
I guess it depends on the fate of the Xenor, Holy Grail is going through some revisions, although there is a probability they will be moved over to the new Garden World or not, not quite sure.
@Archetype Zero Oz is right, and of course, your idea is possible for the fact that this setting is not "ours" so to speak, in that such a human sub-species is indeed possible.
@Archetype Zero True, but might be safe to ask. So what did you have in mind exactly?
@Archetype Zero Oraculum Is correct, a sub-species is indeed possible, and as he also said, you'll need to discuss with the player who made the species.
To note, Oz was just having trouble viewing the ninth page, problem is mostly fixed :)
Sounds good, don't want to put any pressure or anything :)

@Ozerath Just checking in.
@Taeryn Liking what has been said so far :)

So have you thought about which world to begin on? We of course have Terra, Joord and additionally we have other worlds that are open for one more species, such as Itium, Erelvath and Holy Grail's yet to be named Garden World. Plenty of options to choose from provided if any player is open to the idea(we know the former first two are).
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