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Gaiaic State of Arcadia


Summary: A small slice of paradise out in far corners of the Western Reaches. The Arcadian State was the result of decades of a slow, insidious takeover of the local religion, the Gaia Church, an evolution of a now defunct Gaia-centric cult that had grew in influence on the planet over the decades, incorporating elements of Old Earth-based religions to craft their own. Now the Gaians have established a theocracy in their corner of the Western Reaches, and set their plan in motion to embark on a great crusade to enact the will of Gaia.
The Arcadian State is separated into several dominating institutions.
  • The Central Government: The last trace of the Confederacy on Arcadia. In theory, it functions as the more secular portion of the Arcadian State, responsible for maintain the everyday functions of Arcadia, as well as law enforcement. In truth however, it it is but a shallow husk of its former self, serving the whims, and in turn, as an extension of the Gaia Church.
  • The Church of Gaia: Acting both as the State Church and the ruling Government of Arcadia. The Gaia Church main tenants is the worship of the personification of Mother Earth, Gaia, as a living Goddess.
  • The Arcadian Crusade: The combined military forces of Arcadia. The Crusade is an amalgamation of the former colonial militia and other assorted enforcers, various faithful civilian volunteers, Arcadian Xeno auxiliaries, and members of the Church's militant arm, the Order of Our Lady's Most Sincere Servicemen, or the Sincere Order as they're often referred to.


Gaia Vult: The Dark Age brought about with the Confederacy's near collapse and the destruction of Earth has brought about a wave of fanaticism within the Arcadian State, leading to many very eager faithful to join the cause of the Crusade of the Western Reaches.

Blessings of Gaia: The colony of Arcadia was, and is renowned of the bioengineering research its minds have often delved to, often leading to surprising and beneficial results. Such results include Superfoods to properly feed the colonists and import to other worlds in the Confederacy, effective medical materials and the like. In these current uncertain times, the bioengineering research teams, at the request of the Church, have begun using their minds for military applications. The military Research resulting in a semi-regenerative alloy, bioengineered from the extremely dense chitin of the Northern Jade Strider, a rather large species of insect.

Eyes everywhere: As is the nature of any religion, the Church of Gaia's reach extends far beyond the Arcadian Borders, many going into the shadows, both missionaries and converts alike serving as the eyes and ears of the Church through known space.

Keep it green: The Gaia Church makes it a priority to preserve the natural serenity of Arcadia, however, that has proved as a detrimental setback to their military infrastructure, and as such, have a slower turnout capacity for military equipment.

History: History bullet points about the background of their origin and major events. You don't get credit for having five pages of history here, keep that in a hider.

Frontier World of Varad
Centarus System

The arid world of Varad. A world with a rather turbulent history, playing host to several coups and civil wars. The latest coup, however, would prove to a tipping point in Varad's history, and play a role in the ongoing frontier wars. Second Minister Ulysses Gray, with the support of a good portion of the military, had overthrown the rightful goverment of Varad, naming himself First Minister after brutally murdering his predecessor in cold blood. What followed is considered usual, anti-xeno purges from human supremacist elements of the Gray Regime, of which they highly encouraged, forcing out foreign corporations off-world. However, what stood out was that within a year, the Varadi military had modernized at a startling rate, of which they had quickly mobilized and launched an invasion of sister world of Duro.

Within months, the Durosian government had capitulated to the Varadi invaders. Such a drastic transformation had warranted deeper investigation by Federation Intelligence. Within a span of months, field agents embedded in Varadi territory had stumbled upon some worrying revelations. It was made apparent that the Gray Regime was and is still backed and supported by the CCN, not just in empty words, but in material support as well.

Once the CCN's involvement in the Varadi Crisis was leaked, that was all the justification the federation needed in launching their invasion of the Centarus System. The federation high command was confidant in the military's ability to crush the regime within a few months, and restore order in the system. A decade has passed since, the federation deeply embroiled in a bloody war against the Gray Regime, proving to be more resourceful than anticipated, an act of arrogance that has been paid for in a decade's worth of blood and tears.


City of Taloset

sound effects
Sergeant Justin Hask starred out into the city from the window of the blasted out remains of an apartment complex, laying against a more sturdier part of the wall, the sound of gunfire and explosions filling the air. He turned to face the rest of his squad, all tired and worn from all day of fighting in the streets, the battle taking its toll on all of them. Despite his own exhaustion, the sergeant mustered the strength and forced himself up with a loud groan. "Break time's over boys and girls." He said followed more loud groans from the rest of the squad.

"Quit your bitchin'" Hask ordered. "FOB isn't too far, just ba-" Before Hask could finish his sentence. A loud bang was heard as he felt a warm, stinging, painful sensation somewhere in his chest area. Hask looked down as he saw blood stain pouring out of a fresh bullet wound. "Fuck.." He cursed as he fell over. "Sergeant down!" One of the troopers, a northern Dathu shouted out.

"Take cover! Weapons free!" Another trooper shouted. The room erupted into a frenzy of screams of gunfire as a squad of varadi soldiers advanced from the street below, led by a cyberized monstrosity, a cheap knock-off CCN's warriors. "Get the sarge out of view!" Marcus Zaamil, Hask's second-in-command, ordered the squad's medic. "Sir!" she complied as she drag him into in the hallway.

"Garzo, blow that borg fucker out!" Zaamil ordered the Dathu.

"Ehehe, with pleasure." Garzo replied as he pulled out a portable rocket launcher. "Fire in the hole!" Garzo shouted as he came into view, pulling the trigger as the rocket came flying towards its target, the varadi soldiers scattering as the rocket made impact with their leader. "Surpassing fire!" Zaamil shouted as he broke down the wall with the butt of his rifle, the front of the rifle now through the hole, he pulled the trigger and unleashed a volley of lead, the others followed his lead, using their makeshift shield to mow down the enemy.
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(Credit of latest map updates go to @Commodore)

Large dots-Unclaimed Core Systems
Small dots-Unclaimed Frontier and Peripheral Systems

Columbian Federation(Sigma)
Forveliam League(Crusader Lord)
Je’Xee Confederation(Commodore)
Federated System Alliance(Damo)
The Combine(Slamurai)
Ishtarka(Monochromatic Rainbow)
Agonie Factions(Elgappa)
Councillary Confederation of Neohumanity(Andreyich)
Exodian Confederation(Goldeneagle)
State of Plenty(Crispy Octopus)
Daitan Empire(Ayazi)
Wandering Fleet(AdorableSaucer)
Republic of Striostan(Dog)
Council for the Preservation of Order on Wadi(Eis)
New Memphis(Helios)
Hypink Commonwealth(Yennefer)
Lore and Encyclopedia

Core/Primary Worlds
The beating hearts of Edenian civilization, the sixteen Core Worlds were and remain the foundation and center of the clusters political landscape. Typically highly developed, urbanized planets largely populated by the wealthy and privileged, the Core Worlds are the seats of power for the most influential interstellar governments, corporations, and organizations. The Core Worlds were settled by the earliest Arcs to arrive in the Cluster.

Peripheral/Secondary Worlds
The bridge between the ordered and luxurious Core Worlds, and the wild, poorly developed Frontier Worlds. Peripheral Worlds claim a pleasant medium, not quite as developed as the Core Worlds, but do not face the as harsh of hardships those in the frontier endure. Due to many acting as Agri-Worlds, highly urbanized city centers are often a rare sight on many worlds within the Periphery. The Peripheral Worlds were settled by Arcs that arrived in the last seven hundred years.

Frontier/Tertiary Worlds
By and large the least developed planets in the Cluster, Frontier Worlds are infamous for playing host to all manner of criminals and reprobates. Of course, there is a reason the Cluster's undesirables may find refuge on these planets. Neglected or exploited by their peers the Frontier Worlds often lack even the most basic technology and medicine. As such it's far from an overstatement to say that a disease which has been relegated to a nuisance on the Core Worlds could be deadly on a Frontier World. The Frontier Worlds are often the product of automated Edenian ships carrying gates to nearby stars, though some of the most recent Arc colonies are considered Frontier Worlds.

Jump Gates
Perhaps the single most important invention in Human history, it is the Jump Gate which makes Edenian civilization possible. Present in each and every one of the hundred and fifty six star systems of the Cluster Jump Gates, vast rings in space kilometres wide, permit instantaneous transit between any two star systems they are in. That isn’t to say that a single Gate can’t be used, but as those early refugees from Earth learned using an unanchored Gate is a dangerous proposition. Without a second Gate to lock onto Jump Gates tend to scatter whatever goes through them across hundreds of light years. Put simply, there is a reason every system in the Eden Cluster has a Gate.

Unfortunately, for all their power and potential, Jump Gates are not perfect. A Jump Gate may only ever be connected to one other Jump Gate at a time, at least so far as the transfer of actual matter is concerned. As only two Gates can transfer matter between each other at a time moving from one end of the cluster to the other can be a daunting proposition. While it is fairly trivial to move from one Core World to another, Gate schedules can mean a request for transit to a Frontier world takes days to process.

However, any Gate, even if it is inactive, is capable of transmitting information to all other nearby Gates. Known as the ‘information loophole’, this is how the Gate schedules are created. Every Gate in the network is constantly communicating with every other Gate, automatically processing requests for connections and accomplishing those connections as expediently as possible. That automated scheduling process is so vital for the function of the Gate network that to tamper with it would require one to actively control every Gate in the network at once.

That said, the ‘information loophole’ is not only applicable to Gate schedules. Countless entities have, over the centuries, used the Gates ability to transmit information among themselves to craft something like an ‘interstellar internet’. While far from perfect, especially considering that the Gates are often on the edges of star systems, this internet keeps the Cluster connected. Still, it can take days for the most distant planets to hear of events on the Core Worlds.

Such delays in information are, in part, why some tend to stay in the many stations that exist just beyond a Gate’s zone of influence, or the region of space that becomes distorted and dangerous when a Gate activates. Elites often leave proxies on these stations that can react faster than they can, but these are the minority by far. The nature of Gate travel means that, more often than not, individuals can be left waiting for days if they’re not traveling to a Core World. The Gate schedules can be frustrating for many a businessman or vacation goer that has to wait before they can head on to their destination, and it is unsurprising that they want to spend that time in comfort. Specifically, the comfort of alcohol. This means that the so called ‘gate stations’ are often as full of bars and other entertainment venues as they are hotels.

The Eden Accords
After the Eden War, a treaty was negotiated between the major players in the Eden Cluster, the Accords exist to set the rules of war, and to protect the Gate Network. The many atrocities committed during the war were deemed to be war crimes that were never to be repeated for the greater good of all Eden. The Accord also makes it a capital crime to deliberately damage or interfere with the normal operation of the Gate Network.

Interstellar Trade Commission
The ITC is an organization founded by some of the most wealthy and influential organizations and individuals within the cluster. While officially existing to promote free trade and transport, the ITC has largely used its power to economically subjugate other worlds. The current state of the Cluster, with a few Core Worlds doing the bulk of the Cluster's manufacturing and research, is a result of the ITC pushing free trade treaties onto poorly developed systems and commandeering their economies.
(New entries by me)

A strange alien element native and present on many worlds in the Eden Cluster. First discovered by the Columbian Federation on the colony world of Cascadia in 300 E.C. The element had strange, yet promising properties when coming into contact of organic lifeforms. In its raw, unrefined form, hosts of the element were giving Psionic abilities, if only for a short amount of time, in addition, the intensity of the powers were unpredictable. Overtime, Psionium was refined into a more stable substance, and resulted in several major products, two of the most dominant were all-purpose stimulants and drugs for the more seeder parts of Eden. If a one subjects themselves to Psionium enough, the element will eventually bound with the host to create permanent psions. One odd trait of note is that Psionium seems to only affect purely or partly organic subjects. Those with heavy cybernetic enhancements are made null to the affects of psionium.

The Great Eden War(723-738 E.C.)
By far the most devastating conflict in the history of Eden. The first phase of the conflict had its roots in a revolution in the frontier systems, the iron grip of the ITC driving the people of the colony of San Trios towards open rebellion. This one rebellion would provide the spark needed for other frontier systems under the shadow of the ITC to instigate revolution. Several Core Powers with heavy ties to the ITC were forced to intervene on their behalf, launching a joint invasion of the southern frontier systems. Despite their technological superiority , the frontier coalition held their own for brief period. Eventually the Core Alliance breached the Coalition’s defenses, engaging in a fierce ground campaign that spanned dozens of worlds.
This victorious campaign would be short-lived as troubles back home intensified, the Core Powers continuing to play their political games of intrigue, a game that led to bloody consequences. The Alliance slowly crumbled as the Core Worlds started their own conflict to would consume the whole cluster, thus the Great Eden War truly begun.
Nearing the war’s end, many serene worlds were heavily scarred, others reduced to ashes, no one side in the conflict gained any ground worth taking, the cost was too high. In the end, several Core nation called for an end to the senseless violence, shortly after, an Armistice was signed between the belligerents, no true victor was declared in the war, although each side claims such a title. Following the Armistice, the Eden Accords were signed.

The Frontier Wars( 923 E.C.-Ongoing)
Although not quite the scale of the Eden War. The ongoing frontier wars is a series of past and ongoing conflicts primarily set in the frontier systems. The result of the age old petty squabbles between the Core Elite, the ragged frontiersmen, and the in between.

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