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@Wernher Earth exists in a way, but has been scorched, a lifeless rock.

Capital City of Yalvin

Yalvin, Jewel of Aurolia and the Seat of Power for all of the United Republic, a beautiful sprawling Metropolis stretching for miles on end, the various lights of the night and celebrations that sprang the city to life added to the its immense beauty, for today was a special day for the citizens of the Republic.

Today marked the 40th Anniversary of the end of ├ľnargol War, A five year-long bloody conflict that saw millions dead, countless alien worlds scarred, left in complete ruin. The war had bitter, inconclusive end, the fighting simply...stopping, the long silence forcing both sides to come to an accord. However, the war's end was cause enough to celebreate as the brave men and women of the Republic's armed services returned home.

The time nearly upon them, time for the Chancellor to make her speech as millions gathered around Largest Holographic Projectors, others waiting at home to watch the broadcast, and thousands more gathering around the Yalvin Sports Stadium where she'd make the speech.


Chancellor Cortez observed her reflection onto the mirror, making final touches to her white dress, becoming quite nervous, the thought of addressing to billions of beings from all across the Republic had always giving her a bad case of the butterflies. She turned to face a man a few years older then her, in a fine black suit, her husband, Danial. "So...How do I look?" she asked him nervously. "Honey, you're just fine." he replied. "Addressing live to billions can do that to you." she cracked a joke to him, followed by a chuckle from Danial.

"Relax, you'll do fine!" He embraced her. "Just a small speech, and you're done, and not a moment too soon, I'm starving!" He half-joked, although in truth, he was eager to get on with dinner already. Danial had moved on ahead of his wife, meeting with their children and other VIPs waiting at the stadium's field.

"Hehe, yeah...just a minute or two and that romantic dinner can be my reward." She smiled as she walked down the great hall leading up to the stadium field, pausing for a brief moment as she took a deep breath before stepping out onto the field and was greeted by thousands cheering citizens and blinding lights, a small cadre of republican guards standing at attention on both her flanks as they escorted her to the center, there stood a platform, where members of her cabinet sat, and next to them were four individuals, her husband and three children, one seeming to be his mid twenties, one in her late teens, and a young boy, around the age of ten. Alexandria walked up the short stairs leading up the platform, soon taking center stage as she approached the edge, one of the guards handing her a volume amplifying device, it was similar in design to Aldzir Translation Collars.

She snapped the device around her neck, green lights flaring up as the machine automatically activated, camera drones begun swamring around the platform, hovering around them as they record. Breathing deeply once more, Alexandria begun her brief speech.

"My fellow citizens, today is a day of both joy, and of grieving. Today marks the 40th Anniversary of the end of the War. For five years we stood strong, even against a foe that sought our total submission, for five years even as were caught in bloody stalemates, we held strong. Our military would not give in, and was all that stood between life and death." She paused for a moment, and continued.

"Some of those brave souls may be among you now, look to them in admiration and respect, for they fought for your very freedoms.....your right to live, and we must not also forget the countless sacrifices our allies paid in securing their own freedoms against the ├ľnargols.

"Despite the bitter aftermath...we sought to rebuild, and lend our aide to the broken and battered worlds beyond our reaches, those caught in the crossfire, and although relations between our Republic and the ├ľnargols are quite strained, I hope that one day we can leave this conflict behind us once and for all, and build a better future together." With that, she finished as the crowds cheered on, her waving at the people as she made her exist, the others soon following her, and so the festivities began throughout the worlds of the Aurolian Republic.
@Rabidporcupine Not a problem, the Species Database updates every now and then, two more species wouldn't hurt. Just PM them to the GM when they're done.
@Rabidporcupine Mechs are good in this setting. Several nations making use of them.
@Banzai Tracers Well we're a pretty close-nit group, we tend to collab quite a bit, so no worries there :)

Of courses, things may get slow every now and then post-wise.
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@Flagg I like the sound of it, maybe allow a few players to play as the aforementioned alien hordes, while House Regis was fun to make, I would prefer to be an outside threat.
Sadly, I think the rp is dead. Doesn't help the GM's been missing for a good while.
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