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No Man’s Land
Proximity to Mojave DMZ

Action was swift once the new arrivals staked their claim over the Mojave DMZ, the first wave response was met with disaster as a Janissary Battle Group had been destroyed, the second wave, however, would prove to more prepared than their predecessors. Another Janissary Battle Group was assembled and ordered to assault the Mojave DMZ, however, the battle group was soon to be accompanied by another fleet, and very soon would be graced by the presence of the 5th Throne Fleet, a rare occasion indeed.

Within the bowels of the flagship, the Zarais’ Might, Guard-Commander Morradim marched through the dimly lit corridors as he made his way towards the command bridge, lower ranked Yulzan given him proper respect as he passed many by, his trip would end shortly as he approached the Command bridge entrance, the door sliding open revealing a wide open space, a handful of Yulzan operating the central controls of the ship, his eyes scanning the room until he had found his Guard-Master, Zalos, starring out into the endless void of space from the observational portion of the command bridge. Morradim proceeded into the bridge, approaching the Guard-Master, kneeling. “Report.” The Guard-Master growled, Zalos’ very voice sending shivers down Morradim’s spin. “…My Lord, we’ve arrived at the rendezvous point, and the enemy is soon in sight…..Admiral Goodwin wishes for instruction.”

There was a brief moment of silence from the Guard-Master, the battle-scarred, withered Yulzan turning to face his second in command. “Order the Admiral to commence the operation, we will soon join them.” He paused as a holo-device materialled before him, pressed down a few buttons. “5th fleet, this is your Guard-Master, the foul invaders are within reach, they spit in our faces! And out of sheer arrogance, stake claim to what is rightfully ours! Hold fast my brothers and sisters! The gateway will soon be ours once more! And through it, the Galaxy will know our divine mission!”

Elsewhere, aboard the Janissary flagship Divine Wrath, Admiral Goodwin patiently sits at the center of the command bridge. Eagerly awaiting his masters call to action. The bridge staff were on edge, to fight alongside a single Yulzan was considered an honor, to fight alongside an entire Throne Guard fleet…well it was truly overwhelming, and an event that would be talked about for ages to come. “Admiral! We’ve received a message from the Zarais’ Might!” The name along sent the Admiral launching from his seat, ready to serve at a moments notice. “Open the channel!” Shortly after, a holographic image of the Guard-Commander appeared before the crew, all kneeling before him. “What is your command, my lord?” The Admiral asked.

Morradim scanned the room, all the lesser beings kneeling before his shadow, revering him as much as he had given to his Guard-Master….it was…amusing to him to say the least, to have such power radiating over lesser creatures, even with one of his station. It was a testament to the power and destiny of the Yulzan race, even the most lowliest of their warrior caste would be seen as worthy of worship, Gods made in the flesh, more worthy then what the other lesser races would call “Gods”.

Morradim had enough of his fun, and spoke. “I have spoken with the Guard-Master, he has given you the order to push forward and begin the operation, we will join you very soon, and cast out these invaders.”

“Y-yes, my lord, as you command!” The Admiral said, overcome with a mix of adoration and anxiety. This battle could be a turning point in his career, or be the death of him, time will only tell, and time was clearly running out, it was now or never.

Morradim simply nodded as the hologram dissipated, the Admiral standing right back up, walking towards the command holo-table, connecting himself to the entire Battle Group. “This is Admiral Goodwin to all ships, our orders have been received and we will carry them out. We are to assault the enemy fortifications set up around the gateway, we succeed in what our fallen brothers and sisters before failed to carry out, for the most Divine Yulzan themselves fight by our side! Ready yourselves! For on this very day! We will be worthy of ascension! We will be worthy of the Grand Halls of Dai’khora!”
@Darkspleen@Crusader Lord
Kaus Borealis
One week ago

The crew of the Gloria had grown accustomed to the brief moment of peace, knowing full well the Jannie cruiser wouldn’t dare make a move against now, not with all these Royal Navy ships around. Their moment of reprieve would be disrupted as radio transmissions are picked up from orbit, loud scratchy transmissions ringing out from the intercom, startling the command staff, Captain Ranford falling from her chair from a short nap. “Wha-what!?!” She mumbled in confusion, almost ready to fist fight if it came to it, she would come to as her brain woke up. “What’s going on?” She asked the Comms Officer.

“We’re picking some open transmissions from orbital satellites.” The Comms Officer replied, quiet for a minute, assessing the situation. “Whatever’s going on has them in a frenzy.”

Ranford readjusted herself on her seat, fully awake, the nerves of not knowing getting to her. “Well, what’s going on?

“Getting lot of talk about a Prime Minister…and engine failure…and fatal crash.” It all connected the dots, a terrible tragedy had just occurred. Not something you want to commemorate the reopening of the Gateways with…

“Jesus…” One of the officers murmured.

“Captain, bad time, I know, but we’ve just established comms with High Command, they want to know where the hell we’ve been.” Ranford shook her head as she sprang up from her chair. “No, that’s alright.” She said. “We’ve got our own problems to deal with, I’ll head to my quarters and report everything.”

Elsewhere, aboard the Prosperity, Captain Ordius would mirror his counterpart’s actions, reporting his findings and his survival to the higher ups. The Captain stood at attention at several holographic figures before him, the most notable was Admiral Percival Dawson of the 5th Fleet along with several other high ranking officers. “Your report was forwarded to us a short while ago.” The Admiral said, intrigued to what the report had to say. “And it seems tragedy had just struck since your arrival.”

Ordius nodded. “Correct, sir, poor timing all around.”

“Regardless.” The Admiral said. “The Gateways reopening presents an opportunity for all of us. This won’t be the last colony we make contact with. “He paused, clearing his throat. “Meaning more worlds will reveal themselves that have yet to know the blessings of the divine will of the Yulzan, their empire reaching beyond this system, the Galaxy is within our grasp. “

Ordius simply nodded, a grin forming. “Indeed, sir….and what shall we do for the time being?”

“We’re currently organizing an ambassadorial team to represent us in the Kaus Borealis System, possibly set up an Embassy if they’ll allow it. No doubt our enemies are doing the same. It won’t be long, so remain at your post until your replacements arrive.”

Ordius nodded and gave a salute to the Admiral. “Understood, sir!”

New Argos
Several Days after contact with New Haven

The past week has been a rather eventful one. First contact made with several of the lost colonies of humanity, one of the colonies engaged and destroyed one of the lost Yulzan ships, meaning new allies, news of a Prime Minister’s death and emergency elections from one of said colonies, and now, it seems another lost colony is making an….interesting first impression in Americana. The Battlefield footage of the new arrivals fortifying the region around the Gateway had been leaked to the press, sending the people in a frenzy. It’s been over a week since the gate reopened….and now a new foreign power is occupying it, it’s been an overall mess thus far. In his office, the Chancellor, along with members of his cabinet were watching various news channels reporting on the crisis, left astounded at what was occurring.

The Chancellor grabbed the remote as he muted the screen, the cabinet members turning to face him with concerned expressions. “Anyone mind telling me what the hell is going on?” Julian asked, clearly irked by the ongoing crisis. There was a moment of silence as the officials looked to one another before the Defense Secretary Vincent Walton spoke up. “We’ve been monitoring the invaders from a safe distance, and so far, they’ve haven’t made any aggressive moves against us.” The Defense Secretary paused as he pulled out a small remote, pressing down a button as a hologram model of the Mojave Demilitarized Zone. “Although the fortifications erected around the gateway says otherwise, they’ve effectively took over the Mojave DMZ and blockaded the system.”

“And we’ve haven’t retaken the DMZ because…?” Julian asked, very much still wondering why these invaders haven’t been pushed back yet.

“Interestingly enough, they’ve, on several occasions, actively engaged Yulzan forces that got within the same distances as our scouts.” Vincent replied, feeling almost reassured of their primary target. “They're intentionally avoiding engagement with us, your excellency.”

“So…they’re friendly then?” Julian asked, now a little perplexed by the revelations.

“We’re still not quite sure, sir.” Vincent replied, not even quite sure himself. “Although it’s a good sign that they’ve avoided any active confrontation…they might be willing hear us out, and explain themselves.” The Chancellor leaned back in a more relaxed fashion, the stress that built up slowly loosing its steam, the other members of the cabinet letting out small sighs of relief. “Do we have any ships near the DMZ?” Julian asked.

“Quite a few, yes.”

Julian leaned forward, clasping his hands together in anticipation. “Well? What are we waiting for? Have a ship sent over at once, talk things over before any shooting starts.”

New Yulzonus

“The sheer insolence!” One of the High Ascendant cried out in outrage as they all watched cycling footage of the new invaders entering the system, followed several engagements and destruction of an entire Janissary Battle Group, the High Ascendants were…less then pleased with this development. “These interlopers spit in our faces!” Another among them speaks up, his voice filled with rage. “This act of war and defiance will not stand!”

Another member of the council rose from his seat, raising his arms up high as a few others looked to him “Brothers! Sisters! The time of talk is long past! Even now these invaders continue to fortify the Gateway, our key to galactic dominance! We must assemble the Throne Guard! Show these invaders the true might of the Ascendancy!”
Collab between @Sigma and @Darkspleen

Kaus Borealis System
In proximity to HMNB Sentinel of the Void

The two opposing cruisers continued to lob whatever they had in their arsenal, torpedoes, autocannon weapons, energy bolts or their own fighters. The space around them a frenzied battlefield as fighters engaged in the space between the two cruisers. A pair of Republic Starwings were in hot pursuit of a wing of Devotion Heavy Bombers, as they were gunning straight for the FRS Gloria, dodging debris from fallen comrades and enemies alike, as well as natural, hazardous obstacles. One of the starwings had the leader within weapons range. “Gotcha.” He whispered as he pulled the trigger, a hail of gunfire as his autocannons unleashed their load, shredding the shields apart as the rounds made it past the hull, the bomber igniting, it’s wing mates scattering. “Target down, proceed to-“ The pilot was interrupted by the sudden entrance of new contacts, a pair of fighters of unknown making zipping past him. “Woah! Wild Wing Leader to Home nest! You seeing this?!?” The pilot cried out in surprise. “Got two unidentified bogies! They don’t look like Jannies!”

Shortly after the arrival of the unknown fighters, a broadcast was intercepted by both forces. From the command deck of the Gloria, Captain Gwendolyn Ranford, much like her compatriots in the other systems, had to slowly take in the fact that the anomaly that pulled her ship and the enemy’s ship in, was in fact the Gateway of legend. “Jesus Christ, I can hardly believe it…”

“Orders, Captain?” Her XO spoke up, a young woman by the name of Delilah Grant.
“…Stand down, order all fighters back home. I rather not start a war with these people.” Her Janissary counterpart, lyro, proved to have been just as reasonable, as his ships fell back away, both forces standing down to their host.

The two native fighters in turn put themselves into a circling formation around their station. Their movements seemed almost leisurely at first glance, but any experienced pilot could tell they were positioning themselves to be able to intercept fighters or missiles launched from either warship.

The station itself was on the smaller side and obviously equipped with the facilities needed to house a small crew. It possessed a single gun turret, roughly the size one would expect to find on a light cruiser, as well as a moderate amount of CIWS. Interestingly enough the hull and armor of the station looked quite robust, almost as if the designers had expected it to have to be able to withstand being rammed by a ship.

"This is the HMNB Sentinel of the Void to the unidentified warships. Identify yourselves and your affiliation at once." A calm, pleasant female voice broadcast. "Failure to do so will have you classified as pirates and handled as stipulated by the Offenses in the Void Act 124." The tone of the threat was spoken in was the same a civilian would use when ordering food at a restaurant: polite but expecting exactly what was being requested. "If you are unable to transmit for any reason you are directed to assume a direct course to the portal and leave this star system immediately."

Once hostilities had simmered down for both sides, both parties were able to properly analyze their current situation. From her command deck, Captain Ranford staring down the table, show a clearer map of the region, only six blips in display. The Gloria, the Prosperity, and the native fighters, station, and an inbound warship. “At their current stance, they’d stand no chance against the Gloria alone. Add on to the Jannies, and that really spells trouble for them.”

“You’d think they would a bit more panicked?” XO Grant stated.

“Who’s to say they haven’t already?” The captain answered, pacing around the holo-table, her eyes glued to it. “I’d see two outcomes; more reinforcements are well their way as we speak. “Gwendolyn paused, thinking. “Or…they know something we don’t and want to catch us off guard. Either way, we’re now in a very delicate situation, thankful the Jannies seem to think the same, or close, at least they’re sensible enough.”

The moment of silence lingered for a short while longer before both ships finally managed to announce themselves to the locals.

“This is Captain Gwendolyn Ranford of the FRS Gloria of the Free Republic Navy.”

“This is Captain Lyro Ordius of the Prosperity of Janissary Fleet Command, proud servant of the Ascendancy.”

Both captains explaining the extraordinary circumstances that brought both of them here and now in this star system.

***** ***** *****

"Captain Ranford, I am Captain Hudson of the Royal Navy, commanding officer of the Sentinel of the Void." Hudson didn't sound quite as calm as the female who had addressed the two warring ships earlier but was still in control. "It sounds like you had quite the ordeal." A moment's pause. "But fear not, so long as you don't start an incident here you will be recognized as our guest."

Much to Ranford’s relief, it seemed she and her crew wouldn’t have to fight a two front battle or be the officer to accidently start a new war with the first human colony to be discovered. “Thank you, Captain Hudson.” Ranford said. “And I assure you, I don’t plan to start a war with our new neighbors.”

"Excellent!" Captain Hudson hadn't realized he'd been holding his breath till he let it out. "I must admit its reassuring to have some evidence that we and the swimmers aren't the only life left in the galaxy. I wish I could offer to render you aid in any search and rescue efforts you might need to make for your fighter pilots, but unfortunately this station is ill-equipped for such an endeavor. The HMS Vampire, which should be here shortly, will be able to provide some limited aid, but you'll be largely on your own for the meantime. My apologies."

“Thank you for the offer, and don’t worry yourself, captain.” Ranford said. “We’ll take care of our own people, and we will find them.” With that said, Ranford was curious on what Hudson meant by “Swimmers.” With the way he speaks of them, it couldn’t hurt to ask. “Beg my pardon, Captain Hudson, but what can you tell me about these ‘Swimmers”?”

"Ah, well... Have you ever heard of a squid? It is, or probably was at this point, a marine animal native to old Earth. Thing had eight tentacles, bone crushing beak, but usually didn't get too big. Well take that, allow it to live and move through the void of space, give it the ability to spit plasma projectiles, make it way smarter, and allow it to grow to sizes larger than a warship and you've got an idea for what a swimmer is. Nasty buggers have taken to the taste of humans ever since their invasion of Gondwana. But fear not" A bit of pride crept into his tone, "we've pushed them back to the outer edges of the system, so you'll likely be spared the experience of seeing one up close."

These swimmers sound…unpleasant, in fact, they sound worse than the Yulzan. You can fight them and their converts toe to toe, but this? How do you fight a living, thinking being as big as a warship? Bigger even, can't exactly fist fight it. “That…doesn’t sound good at all, captain.” Ranford said with a hint of concern, I guess her people were lucky to deal with “human” sized aliens. “But you seemed to beat the odds, even against titans, I find this very admirable.”

"Thank you. I dare say that I may live to see them become little more than a denizens of our nightmares. Perhaps we can discuss the swimmers further at a later date. For now, I'd like to know a bit more about you and these Janissaries you are at war with."

Ranford’s expression quickly shifted to a pained look, she could list so many reasons, but she’ll try her best to keep it brief and simple. “The Janissaries are the foot soldiers of our real enemy, the Yulzan. Decades ago, their fleet arrived at our system, claiming to be refugees, fleeing a doomed world. We reluctantly allowed them to stay.” She paused, allowing herself time to breath. “Before they betrayed our trust, they both, shared their technology and built up a literal cult following, people starting to believe the Yulzan were gods in the flesh. Soon after they launched their invasion, and took my homeworld, Columbia within a few weeks. We’ve been at war ever since.”

"Hmm... Sounds like you were wrestling with figurative monsters while we battled literal ones." Hudson commented after a moment. "Aliens..." His face contorted into a scowl for a second before the royal captain regained control. The expression was so brief that Ranford could have missed it had she blinked. "Well, I can't speak on the topic at any official capacity, but I suspect my government will be sending a representative here to talk to either you or any representative your own government may send. Perhaps this will solve some of our economic woe." The last bit was little more than a half-murmured thought.
Captain Ranford nodded and grinned, she was getting somewhere, a possible ally maybe? Or at least their first trading partner, either way, she was among the first officers to rediscover another human colony, this is going to change everything. “I’ll see if we can manage to contact our leaders back home, they’re gonna piss themselves with joy with what I have to report.”

***** ***** *****

"[i]HMNB Sentinel of the Void[/b] Direct to Captain Lyro Ordius." The voice that greeted the Janissary Captain was the same that had ever so calmly threatened to classify him as a pirate mere minutes ago. "Thank you for ceasing hostilities and welcome to the Kaus Borealis system. While we recognize that you view the warship called FRS Gloria to be a hostile combatant, we strongly request that you refraim from resuming hostilities while in our territory. We will view you and your crew as guests so long as you agree to our request."

Once heads had cooled, as much as Captain Ordius would rather sink the Gloria where she stood, he knew better then to agitate the locals, this was something he wasn’t trained for, no protocols for extra-system powers, so for now, he’ll do as they say, all that needs to be done is to get back home. “Very well, for now, we will cease all hostilities as your guests, we wouldn’t want to risk a war.”

"Thank you. Normally I would offer your crew medical aid, should they need it, but unfortunately, I lack the facilities necessary to provide any meaningful aid. Still if there is anything we can do to help please let us know."

“Thank you for the offer, captain. “Ordius said. “We’re well equipped enough to locate our missing pilots, and if we’re too late, they at least died warriors worthy of Ascension.”

"Very good then captain. And I beg your pardon, but I am not the captain. I am the station's bioroid." There was a slight pause. "A bioroid is an artificial intelligence, although distinctly different from a nominal AI."

“Ah, my apologies.” The captain said, taking a while to register what he was talking to. “A bioroid? Interesting…” Captain Ordius thought to himself out loud. With the war going on, the debate on giving AI more autonomy was hardly brought up, and in few circles for that matter. The war and its effects on the daily lives of the citizenry overtaken most concerns. AI for the most part, are restricted to be immobile cores in ships, structures, and installations, although their digital avatars are allowed free reign to roam in the appropriate or authorized sectors, although even that is restrictive, avatars only allowed to manifest through holo-projection devices. “This is something a few prominent people back home will find promising. All I can say is, your masters are ahead of us in the AI race, our AI still bound somewhere in the crew deck, we haven't considered something like this yet."

"You are correct in broad terms. Most bioroids exist in a mobile platform of limited size. However, the bioroid brains used for ship and station bioroids are simply too large for that, thus it is common for us to remotely control a mobile platform or utilize a digital avatar." After a moment's pause Senny continued. "But I digress. I would appreciate it if you would tell me a bit about your country and that of your enemy."

Captain Ordius smirked. “I’ll happily oblige, construct.” Ordius cleared his throat as he begun. “Decades ago, our world, Columbia, was graced by the Yulzan’s arrival. We at first, showed little trust towards them…but, they offered so much gifts, healing the sick and crippled with their divine technology.” He paused, given himself a breather. “This was before my time, but I am told that the first to experience the realization of the Yulzan’s divinity was something to behold!” He paused once more, a tear creeping down his check. “The Columbian government grew envious, and tried to betray the Yulzan in secret, sending assassins to murder the High Ascendants, fortunately they failed. When word spread, and the command was giving, the Yulzan and the faithful joined side by side to take Columbia for ourselves, the URC surrendering any legitimacy. At present we fight their remnants, this so-called “Free Republic.” They are nothing but misguided fools that continue to fight a war they have no hope of winning.”

"So, this Free Republic is on its last legs?" Senny's voice remained perfectly neutral. She was listening in to the conversation between Captain Hudson and the FRN captain, she had enough processing power to take part in numerous conversations at once if she so wished and wasn't surprised that the two were telling different stories. If anything, she was surprised that the two stories weren't all that drastically different. She suspected that there was more than a kernel of truth to both sides, still very much like Captain Hudson she was inclined to lean towards the Free Republic's version. The very fact that the Free Republic was still able to field ships of similar apparent capabilities implied that they were not in fact on their last legs.

She also found the story of the Yulzan being a technologically advanced, high-minded society suspect. While possible that that had been the case, it was more likely that they had appeared at Columbia with the intention of colonizing the planet, using their gifts to weaken the local government, recruit locals, and make them dependent on the Yulzan. Had there been a powerful alien society on Laurasia when the human colonists arrived in Kaus Borealis, perhaps humanity might have tried the very same strategy.

"You have given me much to think about and to report to my superiors. I thank you for your time captain." Senny said, taking care to keep her voice perfectly neutral. "As I've said before, you are free to stay here as our guest if you wish or leave. In due time a government official of sufficient authority to deal with foreign powers will be made available. Should you decide to return to your own country to send us a diplomat we ask that you send no more than one warship to our territory as an escort."

Ordius nodded. “Thank you for your time, I will try to arrange contact with our leadership, they will find this all very…illuminating to say the least.” Another human colony, most likely not the last, which means even more worlds and people to spread the divine word of the Yulzan, growing the flock.
Collab between me and @Dog

Americana System
Sometime after the Battle over Mojave

The Battle over Mojave came to a swift end after the Gateway reopened, and for a short while, the area around it was deemed "Hazardous" by both sides and was under heavy surveillance. The first thing to come out was a small probe-like device, one that the FRA was quick to nab away from the Yulzan. Second and most surprisingly…was a diplomatic vessel of human design.

Capital City of New Argos

The Terran diplomatic team was brought forward to the Office of the Chancellor of the Free Republic. “Well, I’ll be damned.” Julian Constantine blurted out in amazement, humans from another star system, proving that humanity survived on other worlds, giving much hope for mankind’s survival.

Nathan Mills worn a clean grey suit with a red bowtie - a Terran Imperial Eagle inhabiting the upper right chest. An older man, he shakes the hand of Constantine. A firm and strong grip is felt as both men greet each other. "How you been? Good?" the man says in a positive tone as if Mills were meeting a old friend of his. Together with his smile, Mills pats the back of Julian.

Funny, Julian never imagined that making first contact with another human colony would be so…causal, like an everyday occurrence. Granted, this may very well soon BE an everyday event, as more colonies are contacted. “I’m doing quite well, Mr. Mills.” Julian responded. “I must say, you have no idea how relieved I am that we’re no longer alone. It makes all the trouble and suffering all worthwhile.” Julian adjusted himself, leaning back on his chair as he became more relaxed. "So, gentlemen, what can I do you for you?"

"We must talk, of course. The usual. Diplomatic measures and an embassy," Mill notes. Albeit he knows that his stay won't be long as Newcastle has already called for the mass mobilization of the A.F.U and Terran Legion. All-well, he can't do much against it - merely do his job as needed.

Julian rocked forward, leaning on his desk. “Why, say on more!” Julian said with excitement. “You’re more than welcome to establish your embassy here, hopefully you’ll be the first of many more to come.”

Capital City of New Yulzonus

The Diplomatic team was in awe of the hybrid mix of human and alien architecture, a sort of form of propaganda in itself to cement the rule of the High Ascendants over the lesser species. The diplomats were brought to a grand chamber within the Main Citadel, the Terrans having the honor of seeking an audience with the High Ascendants. “Behold, men of New Terra! You are in the most divine presence of the High Ascendants!" An Aldzir in heavy garb announced. Before the diplomats were a council of thirteen of the most powerful Yulzan in all of the Ascendancy.

John Smith, who more or less worn the same attire as Mills, took a brief moment to analyze the infrastructure. "Very interesting architectural style, I must say," Smith comments as he redirects his focus onto the council. "John Smith, department of state."

"The Council members remained silent for the most part, looking to each other, the leader among the council was the first to stand up, towering over the Terrans. “Most would grovel at our sight…or grab the nearest weapon. Yet you do neither of these things…that is commendable, speak now, human. What business has your world with our Ascendancy?"

"We seek to establish a diplomatic effort here - mainly an embassy," Smith says.

The council members once more look to each other, some head shakes, and nods before they all turn to face the terrans.” We will allow this, you’ve come this far, it would only be prudent to accept your request.”
Americana System
No Man’s Land
Desert Moon of Mojave
In Orbit of the Gas Giant Bunyan

The dark void of space was lit aflame as the fires of war raged within its vacuum, as two opposing fleets are locked into pitched combat, the ordered battles lines having crumbled into total disarray, ships breaking formation as they engaged whatever target was in sight. In between the chaos, smaller strike and support craft zoomed past one another, exchanging shots at one another, dodging all sorts of hazards in the form of starship debris, passing ships or incoming torpedoes.

The 5th fleet of the Free Republic Navy was tasked with pushing past the enemy lines, the main objective was either taking and holding the one of the Ascendancy’s frontline orbital bases, or if they were repelled and all else failed, they were to destroy it. From the CIC room of the flagship, FRS Roaring Tempest. Admiral Jiaal Farus stood with the other command staff as they enriched a table with mini holo-projections of the battle outside. The Tempest’s hull shuddering, tremoring, and wailing with every enemy round taken as the shields were slowly worn down. “Status on our boarding teams?” Jial asked, looking to his Security chief. She paused a moment as he placed two fingers over her ear. Nodding to whoever responded on the other end, looking back to the admiral. “All green, sir.” She replied. “Ready on your go.”

“Good, no time to lose, la-“ Before the Admiral could give the order….something odd was occurring. A new alarm rang out throughout the ship. “Admiral!” His XO shouted. “We got a new energy signature! It’s…..big, really big!”

The new signature materialized outside the battle, first came a small bright orb, it had begun to swirl and swirl, growing brighter and brighter. Pilots on both sides could clear see this miracle occurring, the first witnesses of a truly historic moment. In literally a flash, a bright, blinding light “exploded” in a sense, sending a shock wave throughout the region, letting itself be known to all inhabitants of the system. The Gate has reopened. “By the Gods…..” Jiaal uttered weakely.

However, there would be little to properly process what just occurred, the initial activation of the Gateway pulling in ships from both opposing fleets, the sheer strength of the pull knocking all standing to the floor. “We’re getting pulled in!” One of the officers cried out as they entered the unknown. Within moments, a small portion of each fleet had vanished from the face of the galaxy.


The Tempest and her counterpart, the Cerberus both found themselves no longer in orbit of Mojave, but an entirely alien world below. A seemingly lush world of endless green. For a moment, both ships went dark, but gradually sparked back to life as systems were restored. Jiaal stammered back up, letting out an audible moan. “What in the hell just happened!?!”

“Your guess is as good as mine..” XO Bashir spoke. The holo-table was restored, showing the enemy flagship, and an endless sea of error or uncharted signs. Screens booted up, showing a visual feed from the outside, showing a planet unlike the desert moon they fought over. “Where are we?” Jiaal ask, looking to his navigation officer. She was silent for moment, still in shock over the whole experience, almost in a trance. “Navigator Adams!” Jiaal raised his voice to get her attention, she shook her head, snapping back to reality. ‘Sorry, sir, give me a moment….Admiral, not only are far from Moajve…we’re not even in the same system anymore..”

Jiaal looked in disbelief. “So...we just “jumped” out? In a whole different part of the galaxy?

“That’s exactly what happened, sir.”

“The legends were true…” One of the human officers muttered.

“The Gates are real!”

“Is that Earth?!!?” Another shrieked with excitement, looking to the new world they see before them. The moment of reprieve would come to an end as the ship shook once more. “Enemy flagship is online!”

“Even now, those bastards won’t let up.” Jiaal said to Bashir, both men nodded as they tended to their duties. “Focus all batteries on the flagship! Launch whatever’s left in the hanger! Bring that monster down!”

It all came so suddenly and without warning, the Janissary Cruiser, the Prosperity in one moment, was in pitched combat against an encroaching enemy fleet, suddenly she and her FRA counterpart found themselves in parts unknown. Darius Garza laid on the steel floor, barely conscious as he heard muffled screams all around him, the ship’s sirens blaring out, dark featureless shapes morphing back and forth, he almost slipped back into the darkness before he felt a hand grip his shoulder tightly, a feminine voice slowly breaking through the darkness. "DARIUS!" A pale-skinned young woman called out to him, her hair as white as snow, her jade eyes, filled with deep concern, welling with tears as he regained consciousness. “Thank the Gods…”

Darius at first was slow to stand on his two feet, but he managed the strength to do such a task. He rubbed the back of his head, sore from the nasty fall he took. “Alice…What the hell happened...” He asked, his voice slightly slurred, barely awake.

“I don’t know…there was a big flash, then we ended up somewhere….else.” Alice replied the best as she could, she honestly could barely believe it herself in truth. The ship trembled as both slow their ground, the Americanan vessel was not wasting time, and continued the battle. “We gotta get you out of here.” Alice said as she lifted Darius, both shoulder to shoulder as they left the bunk. Once the doors slide open, it was chaos, as the Properity’s crew scrambled about, the sirens still blaring out, followed by “Red Alert! Red Alert! All personnel in combat stations!” Pushing through the corridors. The duo moving down the path leading to the sick bay.


The captain of the Prosperity, Lyro Ordius waited with anticipation and dread as the battle unfolded, staring intently at the holo-projections of the two stranded vessels. On one end was Prosperity herself, and on the other end was a Resilience-class Cruiser. Between both ships were dozens of small blips on the map, representing fighters and other craft for both sides as they duked it out. The ship trembled once more, breaking the balance of all the CIC staff.

"Captain! Shields are down to 30%!." One the staff called out. The captain focused his gaze at the battle unfolding, even if they ended up on the other side of the galaxy, he refused to yield to the enemy. “Focus any available batteries on the enemy cruiser! Blast the heathens to stardust!”

“Aye Aye, Captain.” Another officer replied. “Broadside batteries reconfiguring target….now!” The ship let out a low rumble as the heavy batteries let out a shot. “Enemy cruiser shields down by 20%.” The officer declared. Caption Ordius continued to survey the battlefield, circling around the table, bright red lights illuminating the dark room. “We can worry about where we ended up…once we purge the system of their heresy.”


On another corner of the Galaxy, another pair of ships would find themselves in an alien environment, far away from home, although for this group, was a somewhat familiar sight. The command crew of the FRA carrier Endurance looked in awe, they were certainly in orbit a Gas Giant similar to Bunyan, but there were a few facts that seemed off. The fleet was nowhere to be seen, and the gas giant above was even the wrong color, and whatever moon they were in orbit of, it wasn’t Mojave for sure. “Captain, orders?” XO Hudson spoke to captain Grayson, shaking off the shock of what seemed to be an alternate reality, as crazy as it sounds. “Status on the enemy?”

“Whatever that thing was, it affected them too. “XO Hudson stated.” Their ship’s gone dark, but is slowly coming online, like us."


One of the command staff spoke up. "All I know is...we're not where we're supposed to be....and we've just detected new signatures...matching absolutely nothing, not friendly or Yulzan."

“I want the ship and crew to remain on alert, the moment the Yulzan ship comes back online, no doubt they’ll start shooting...and we can only pray these new contacts are friendly.”

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