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I'm just a guy from the good old United Kingdom with a penchant for sci fi and general fantasy in a nation based roleplaying scope.

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What sort of shape is the rest of the Solar System in? Ie colonies/habitats on Mars, the Jovian moons etc.

Under the control of the military in the system I expect, if the respective locations didnt also go insane.
I've not been told to change anything or gotten any other feedback in that vein so this is still the same as the interest check, bar a few edits here and there to tidy up or expand upon a few things.

Good luck ;)

--=Galatis Station, Lunar Orbit.
The Office of the High hWarden.

High Warden Christopher Minnaar peered into the screen intently, checking the figures that had been put before him, they seemed to check out - but one had to be careful. More importantly, when one knew history it was wise to triple check. Or septuple check, in this case. Finally, he nodded, bringing his eyes up from the pale blue interface built into the oaken desk. He was somewhat fond of it, even though he truthfully hardly found time to be in this particular office, not that the carefully selected amount of appropriate furnishings would have anyone think otherwise. He wondered how many phantom meetings he had here.

"Alright, Unless you're pulling a fast one like ast time that should be final approval on the matter of final outfitting for Solaris, I still can't believe you managed to fund an entirely seperate pet R&D project on the Directorate's dime and kept your position." He shook his head, chuckling slightly.

Amira smiled mischievously, ever humble in victory, as she lounged in her seat opposite him, it wasn't particularly professional, most of their meetings weren't, but they had known each other long enough for familiarity to overule such things when they were without company. It had yet to breed contempt, but certainly a healthy respect.

"Well it was a resounding success, as you are more than aware. Lying is not exactly a road to success, but efficient lying? With results? My original project didn't even go over budget! Even the Director had to appreciate that, and so I'm still here to make your life.. shall we say.. interesting?" She responded, moving slightly to flick her hand across her handheld device, sending another document to the High Warden. "Now for your pet project.."

"You mean the policy supported by the Directorate." He corrected, though jovially, as he took a moment to cast his eyes across the new document on his display. "An interesting plan of action, it is good to see your talents extend to actually doing your job, Quartermaster General." He quipped.

She smiled again. "Oooh, titles, ever so formal. I'm glad you came all the way up from your usual hidey hole just to use my title when were alone! Delightful." She threw back, but continued "Yes, if we use the older models currently waiting for tasking we can cut down on patrol needs for the corridor by an appreciable percent for a low cost. Of course as time goes on we will want to enhance or replace these old platforms."

He nodded. "Indeed, I see you've accounted for a full sensor package - where are you retasking that from? I gather you've not costed for a full Occulus run from this."

She smiled once more, and flicked something else his way, he took a moment to look at it as she responded. "We found a few sensor suites left over from the last building out of support assets, they've been in storage for a while but they're the latest generation and can be easily retrofitted into the existing tasked platforms without requiring any appreciable time or running down maintanence stocks or a new build series"

He looked up and looked at Amira for a moment, then he smiled "You just happened to find these?".

She held up her hands in mock surrender. "You got me! But no, really, they're exactly what I'm saying they are.. this time. I gather the initial production run was allocated slightly more than they actually needed and instead of wasting it they just built what was paid for."

"Well, hard to argue with plenty when it lands in your lap, I suppose. No arguments from builds?" He asked.

"Of course not, They need me more than I need them, after all." She giggled. "No, surprisingly, I think they were taking up valuable space needed for components on the next production run, so we're actually helping them out."

"Excellent. So when can we start deploying the first platforms?" He asked before raising a finger to delay her response. "And more importantly, did the Bureau give you their threat analysis, I don't see it here."

"On the first, we've got a few ready to go, by the time they're in place we'll have the next set ready to go, and so forth. Bureau are being tight lipped as usual, as well as territorial - they've said you'll have a full report "soon" as is their usual line." She huffed, her light demeanour dipping momentarily before she continued. "Long and short of it is beyond the usual annoyance there already is over our Security Zone, as long as we dont actually deploy anything in the belt there shouldnt be any immediate armed response, but they can't give a gaurantee on that." She finished.

"So, a retasking of some stealth patrols with our current patrol numbers, decreasing as appropriate once our net is in place seems appropriate.. yes. Proceed, and keep me updated. Seems I have some more work to do." He responded, he tapped a key, dropping the protective anti-spying fields around the office, and importantly releasing the door locks.

"Yes, High Warden." Amira responded deftly, slipping back into the model of a Custodial Officer.

"You are dismissed, Quartermaster General." He responded, rising as she rose and left, nodding curtly to each other as was expected.

He seated himself once she had left. He would return to Aventus soon. Most of the High Ranking Officers rarely stayed on Galatis longer than was necessary to make it seems it was what it was meant to be. Galatis was a highly valuable station, but it was not the head of the snake he hoped other forces believed it was, and maintaining that deception was key, but he could certainly work from here.

The Lunar Security Zone was his idea, though the Directorate supported it. It was already in place around an extended Lunar Orbit, though not far enough to enter the quagmire that was Earth's orbital zone as most recognised it. The real point of contention was the corridor segment of the security zone that lead to the belt. Here Technate authority was enforced without question or compromise, and it was the gateway for its mining ships into the belt. To be able to deploy a defensive net of platforms with powerful sensors would allow him to retask numerous ships from patrolling it, as well as provide consistent security and defensible waypoints along the route for these valuable expeditions without entailing what he felt were full fleet escorts every time. The Directorate had finally approved this element of the plan, the key of course was not to overstep. Looking like they were annexing any of the belt was a quagmire almost as bad as Earth, though arguably more stable.

It was in motion though, and he was glad for that. He looked at the display, his own pale blue eyes barely indistinguishable from the blue display. After a moment, he spoke.

"Computer, route a request through to Gaea, I'd like her advice on the optimal placement of a defensive grid across a corridor of space best suited for the plan on file LSZ-C1-P2D1."

There was a beep of confirmation, Gaea would get to him in time. He had little doubt that within a few seconds she had received, analysed and prepared a response, but she had taken to making herself appear less than some knew she was.

A little like Galatis Station in reverse, he mused. With that thought pushed aside, the High Warden flicked his display to show Earth Orbit.

There was nearly always something interesting to see there.

--=Telasis City Spaceport, Durand, Commonwealth Colonial World.

For the first time since he had set foot on this dustball Mattias was thankful, thankful twofold. Thankful he'd been on board the Agni at the right moment and thankful he could give up this god-awful wild goose chase - because he had something that would do much, much better. He'd come here because he had been saddled with the task of good old basic journalism, which for the Chief back at OuterNews often meant sending people like him to places no-one really wanted to go on the trail of corporate tax evasion that probably never happened - at least, they never found enough evidence about it 90% of the time. It was what happened when you worked for a low-tier news outlet that was part of some greater media behemoth, Mattias supposed.

And it had of course, meant he'd been here at the right time. He had originally gone back to the Agni - a basic but reasonable courier ship - to file a run of the mill report for expenses and, he had hoped, be convincing enough for them to recall him for something else. After all, when anything lead you out of the Federation things became a little bit more difficult, and accounts buried on some fringe commonwealth world were certainly as much of a dead-end as them not existing at all.

Then it had happened. He had laid low when he'd heard the commotion, and used the Agni to tune into the local newsnet, to see if there'd been some kind of accident or the like. It hadn't taken long for the newsnet to go offline, and that had piqued his interest. A few hours after all that he had risked popping his head out, a few people had been eager to talk - he guessed being Human and a foreigner helped and hindered. He had been eager to listen.

Now he was back here, compiling it all into a basic draft that the office back home could spin into something using all his background notes and information from Federal sources on Durand. Hostages? What seemed like open rebellion? Definitely enough for a couple of news cycles, even if it went nowhere - particularly with Durand being what it was. He imagined that rights to the story would probably net a pretty penny for the company, not that it did him much good.

There was, in theory, a small problem - the local communications channels were either down or effectively useless, and there was little to no way he'd be able to quietly bounce anything through PsiNet - but there had been foresight. Most news couriers had small, but powerful conventional transmitters for long-range communication, albeit mostly text based data, though he'd managed to squeeze in a few reasonable quality photos of people and things who'd been willing. It was important to humanise a story, after all! The Commonwealth either didn't know or hadn't thought to fill that frequency with junk data, so he was good to go. All the same, it would take a few days for it to ping off the nearest FedNat deep-space transmitter, but it would speed up immensely from there. Within a week or two he'd get his payday, and his name would be accredited to a notable breaking story that no doubt even the major newsnets would buy up, rewrite and republish. He also made sure to have Home Office poke the government, he didn't want to be stuck here in lockdown forever, after all.


Some Time Later

"..nued lockdown of the system makes further information difficult to come by, whilst the Voice of Chiron has reached out to the Commonwealth Government via its Embassy for comment, there has been no official statement at this time. In other news, Pilot David Marshall won the Grand Betelgeuse rally today in a stu--" The Holographic image of the news Anchor faded out as Minister Adler waved it away.

What a mess. Now he had another mess to deal with. The Federation couldn't much have its citizens exit travel restricted due to civil disturbances, now, could it. It could very well put them in further danger. No, that wouldn't do at all.

He began to type into his pad, carefully, considering. Letters of protest were, sometimes, an art.
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