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I mean, asteroids tend to be....very spread out, so, if we arent even orbiting a star? its very possible that we may not encounter an asteroid for billions of years, given how...empty...most of space is. and we would have to be going (in cosmic scale) extremely slow in order to not just, fly right past an asteroid belt. (which would beg the question how we escaped the orbit of a star in the first place) unless like, the clouds engine was some kind of inertialess drive?
So, I think, question is, where is the city ship in orbit? the rings of a planet or something?
maybe, depending on character options.
Operator Module Embla-6, im thinking is going to be on the more idealistic end for something like this. but a bit paranoid as a survival strategy. Skilled spaceworker, actually knows shit about spacecraft and maintenance. On a quest for answers about the fate of the Cloud.

Embla is doubtful that the card will actually work, but is still taking the risk as it might be useful (if extremely dangerous) leverage if it even unlocks control of some of the ships systems.

So, looking for relationships, Embla has spiritual beliefs (Technoshamanistic) and is most closely tied to the mining union.

@ScreenAcne Hell yeah, hoping to play a transhuman tribal belter or something.
Might play an alien scientist originally stationed on bedlam to study a xenoanthropological mystery, but is now on a tangent checking out these newcomers.
So I always have so many ideas so wondering which of these might fit the party the best.

A Scholar among Foxes, a foreigner, something rolewise similar to a bard, but without the musical connotation that D&D often ascribes to them. magic is pulled from diverse sources of apocrypha.

A character who claims to just be a pilgrim, claims to be a simple person. perhaps extremely lucky or unlucky, depending on your point of view. knows much more than a typical pilgrim, well travelled. Townsfolk often say that the pilgrim can help with what ails you, but to not speak too loudly about it. (this character will probably need more GM talk, because of their secret, but might potentially be interesting)
Out of curiosity are there any races playable that have non-human faces as an option? like are there more monstrous varieties of naga?

Nation Name/Flag: Treaty on Exploration and Operation in Superluminal Contexts In accordance with Consensus of Covenants (can be abbreviated TEOSC, TEOSCOC, or TEOSCACC) this is a rough translation of an alien phrase

Map Location: (Post your claim on the starmap.)

Government Type: Long story short an Astrocratic Republic aided by a mystery cult. At the upper levels of government The highest government official has a title that might be translated as “Consul” the consul is often multiple people at once. Below the consul are an Executive Branch. A judicial branch, and a legislative branch which together decide and act on TEOSC goals. Below each of these branches is a Council of representatives. Below the consul is another few councils of representatives, the most notable of which are the Embassy Program, which handles integration of new civilizations into TEOSC and the Ominous “Itinerary” or “Order of Prophets” as its sometimes called, which is a group of Techno-psionic mystics who work as Liasons between hyperspace and “real” space, along with precursor technology. The Itinerary has a huge sway on policy within the TEOSC and all FTL capable structures are required to have one or more agents of the itinerary overseeing operation.
Individual planets within TEOSC space operate as city-states, but enjoy protection and favorable trade agreements, but with some oversight to prevent “gross violations of sentient rights”

Chiroform: Founding race of TEOSC, Eusocial low gravity bird-bat-moth like creatures. Homeworld in ruins, often cybernetically and genetically modified.
Yesod: a machine race, while the Chiroformics are the founders of TEOSC, the modern day industrial and infrastructural base of Yesod made it what it is today
Proteans: Shapeshifters whos civilization became experts with gravitic technology, known for their religious beliefs regarding black holes. (one of which serves as a holy site)
Celestials: The Celestials origins are largely shrouded in mystery, claim to descend from humanity (and generally believe this) The Celestials have a long history of STL spaceflight, and relativistic travel. The federation considered the Celestials barbarians
Crusaders: The Crusaders are believed to have been the creation of a malignant Federation AI, while clearly of human descent, the creators were turned into twisted super-soldiers who fought against the barbarians, ,early Teosc, and during the civil war, other federation polities. During the civil war Teosc rooted out and destroyed the commanding AIs “liberating” the crusaders. Most crusaders these days either isolate themselves in small communities, form charities, or serve as mercenaries.
Armezoa: a “barbarian” species, fought against the federation and the Crusaders, and alongside the early Teosc. The Armezoa are often described as “living war machines” while they fought relentlessly against the Federation, they have since become more peaceful, believing “not getting into unnecessary conflicts” is a form of threat neutralization, an enemy destroyed by never being an enemy in the first place. Many other ‘barbarians’ live alongside the Armezoa.
Lindwurms: snake like creatures from a high gravity scytherian world, they have very high g-tolerance, while they were not spacefaring when first contact occurred, they have since then become notable space travellers
Hadalic: crablike deep sea aliens, early members of TEOSC, originating in the same system as the Chiroformics.
Wizard: Anomalous Plantlike lifeforms, powerful psionicists, but difficult to integrate into society


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