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interested in making a confederation of cities and the mad kings they pay nervous fealty to
Ah! gotchya, now..just need to find good anime pictures
is the role of former enemy still open? if not what is left
ah hrmmm nevermind, my character concept is a kitsune. so might go for the shady one? but think someone else is wanting that position.

I mean, asteroids tend to be....very spread out, so, if we arent even orbiting a star? its very possible that we may not encounter an asteroid for billions of years, given how...empty...most of space is. and we would have to be going (in cosmic scale) extremely slow in order to not just, fly right past an asteroid belt. (which would beg the question how we escaped the orbit of a star in the first place) unless like, the clouds engine was some kind of inertialess drive?
So, I think, question is, where is the city ship in orbit? the rings of a planet or something?
maybe, depending on character options.
Operator Module Embla-6, im thinking is going to be on the more idealistic end for something like this. but a bit paranoid as a survival strategy. Skilled spaceworker, actually knows shit about spacecraft and maintenance. On a quest for answers about the fate of the Cloud.

Embla is doubtful that the card will actually work, but is still taking the risk as it might be useful (if extremely dangerous) leverage if it even unlocks control of some of the ships systems.

So, looking for relationships, Embla has spiritual beliefs (Technoshamanistic) and is most closely tied to the mining union.

@ScreenAcne Hell yeah, hoping to play a transhuman tribal belter or something.
Might play an alien scientist originally stationed on bedlam to study a xenoanthropological mystery, but is now on a tangent checking out these newcomers.
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