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2 mos ago… Join. Give up your freedom in order to have a digital waifu dictate your death date!
2 mos ago… We need more players. Are you telling me you don't want to get microchipped by Mamastate A.I?
2 mos ago… Need more RP'ers. Come live under a horrific A.I state. Embrace your future!
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2 mos ago
5 bucks to rent a movie on is a god damn home robbery. Fuck you, sky, you god damn cretins. You swine. You make capitalist strawmen in soviet properganda look chairtable!
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Role Play Preferences:[/b] Pretty much everything except playing other characters and most slice of life plots. Elastic on most shit.

Fandoms: Silent hill, Homestuck, Bioshock(1-2) and pretty much all of HP lovecraft's stuff.

Personality: Ambiguously ?????????????????.

Favorite Homestuck characters: In order: Eridan, Karkat, gamzee, John.

Hate kanaya and Jade.

My Homestuck class: Bard of Void

Likes: Scented Candles, Writing, RP'ing-in almost any form really. Even if I haven't tried it before- Pixel Art, Making things period, Dressing up in my mad mass. Talking to folks. <3 that understand what I say all the time without me having to tame my tongue.

Dislike: Political talk-light prods for opinions are fine though if private- Being tied down. Talking about myself too much. Playing party therapist, Edgy shit.

Pretty approachable, most of the time I'm all fine with, motherfucking. dancing down a door way to someone else grounds to chill. I tend to either be chilling or drilling the oil out of the works so random absence or silences are a normal.

my 1 x 1 IC

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Sorry,brother, seems that way. I'd shill for it some more but frankly,motherfucking, I ain't got the fuel to vanish for what in my experience will be very little return. In my experience if I go salesman for an RP not attracting people like this I might claw 2 people or so but even for the intent of this fire in the future 4 people would be pretty under.

I apprecaite inviting your friend and those of you who did sign up though, kindred.@I-Am-X@Zoey Boey

The year is 2069 and YOU have been selected to try out a new utopian settlement programe on mars!

Not only do you get a chance to be a part of the future but under the AI you are always assured to have a job, your own office within the Tomrrow Settlement, the neccesary FREE training to be a qualified civil astronaut and basic space settlement skills. The govt union in this project has agreed to let this be utilized as a form of rehabitilation!

Disclaimer: The goverment nor is Digital Domain Technologies responsbile for any loss of freedom, invasion of privacy, bodily harm, loss of sanity,loss of INsanity, loss of humanity or loss of life that may occur durring this expirement.


UEMC is an RP where people take turns being the A.I in each new game iteration with the person playing A.I chosen randomly IF they submitted an A.I sheet with their crew sheet. If not they simply stay crew. Each session will be fairly short-in RPGuild terms anyway- with death, chaos, growing madness, changing goals, new settings, tools and new A.I ready to help...torment....confuse and generally bugger with the crew. Only bound by their goals and their 3 lores.

If you like the premise come in and check it out.…

shit, excuse the escape there, comrade. I got shrouded by the zs most of the day and been away from the,motherfucking, screen to the bridge across the quarintine.

Sure, deliver them the keys to the gate, brother. The more the merrier.
@Zoey Boey

Shit, same, sister. I've must of hosted around 3 or 5 of these types of games and if I advertise more than a insecure horse at the dawn of the motor I might be able to get 4 to 5 people tops. If I'm lucky.

Not exactly shooting out of the gate. Story of my DM career.

I'll try and up the advertising for this in a little while, my,motherfucking, mobsters of tomorrow. Not looking very hopeful right now though.

Upload that Daiymo of DOS into the character section, kindred. It's accepted.
@Zoey Boey

Go ahead, my commander of the caps and capitals. Ignore the first post in characters that won't be pertinent for a while.

All characters used in all games will be documented here as well If they won,how they won and a summary what they did in their session.

The Graveyard

A special slot for deceased characters or characters that lost their game. How they died and why they died is archived here. Their dying post will be linked.


@Zoey Boey

Accepted, kindred.


Before I accept your A.I I would like it if you have a crew profile ready too since everyone will be forced to be crew when they aren't A.I themselves.
@Zoey Boey@Jerkchicken@Katthaj@Celsius@Vale Kaiser

This ship to the shitshow in the stars is now at fullmast, kindred.
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