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Current… You going to pass up this chance to get vomitted on and get blight!? Check out the link.
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1 mo ago… Save the greatest city on earth. Perform weird magic dances in the rain to ward off the plague...maybe.
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1 mo ago… The plague doctors call it medicine, the paitents call it "alternative poisoning"
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1 mo ago… Fight the plague. Get the plague. Die to the plague. Unwittingly help the plague. Medieval medicine!
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1 mo ago… Become plague doctors. Get sick. Get expiremented on. Suck out bile through a sheep gut linen made medieval hose.


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A city gripped by plague for a generation, kept alive by a guild of plague doctors and a architecture around it. Hope shines through the this war of attrition with the illness when news comes of a cure in a small halmet owned by a regional count.

Role Play Preferences: Pretty much everything except playing other characters and most slice of life plots. Elastic on most shit.

Fandoms: Silent hill, Homestuck, Bioshock(1-2) and pretty much all of HP lovecraft's stuff.

Personality: Ambiguously ?????????????????.

Favorite Homestuck characters: In order: Eridan, Karkat, gamzee, John.

Hate kanaya and Jade.

My Homestuck class: Bard of Void

Likes: Scented Candles, Writing, RP'ing-in almost any form really. Even if I haven't tried it before- Pixel Art, Making things period, Dressing up in my mad mass. Talking to folks. <3 that understand what I say all the time without me having to tame my tongue.

Dislike: Political talk-light prods for opinions are fine though if private- Being tied down. Talking about myself too much. Playing party therapist, Edgy shit.

Pretty approachable, most of the time I'm all fine with, motherfucking. dancing down a door way to someone else grounds to chill. I tend to either be chilling or drilling the oil out of the works so random absence or silences are a normal.

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I'm quiting forum RP,just,motherfucking, to alert arial command that it wasn't out of ice to the freeze in the device. So I'm out.


Plague town is an RP about a crappy medieval world of ignorant psuedo-doctors who want to become doctors and isolationists nobles trying to avoid letting their city succumb to a plague that broke out 40 years ago. It's been an entire generation worth of people and now the architecture, society and people live around the morbid reality of this sickness. A treatment has been found which causes the sickness to go into recession, allowing people to resume a normal life for a time but it's a losing battle of attrition. The plague will inevitably win.

Our only hope is an team of nobles and doctors to travel to the hamlet that is rumored to be free of the plague in its entirety and try to pry the cure from the tight lipped count.


Want to know more?

Check out the link below.…

I wrote it weird because it was meant to come off as a bit of a backwards medieval document. But,motherfucking, I was also more dizzy than a druggy on a swing set so it might read a bit weirder than it should without my meaning.


Enterprise: Your occupation. AKA: for you that just means write plague doctor. For a noble they have to choose an occupation.

Indepedent Man= You are not legally tied to anyone. You aren't indebted to the house or bound by law to serve someone.

Indentured man = you are bound to serve by law. Be it via paying off a debt you got from a loan or you have a criminal past you got to pay the crown off for ectr.

Man by action: I explain this in lore section, but basically, if you're a woman and you want to be indepedent and look after yourself. You're considered a man by action-eg: you are a man by virtue of your actions-

If you're a woman your not considered indepedent and so forgo certain legal rights-and get other legal rights-

Blight History: Blight is just a legal term for you got the plague. So it's asking if you're ill. Dosen't matter if its in recession or not.

Signature: Your character name goes here.

House History: AKA your family history. Are you from a farming family, how many generations of farming, do you have any rights to land, any specific deeds or house cultures. Typical medieval house culture/history stuff.

4 to 6 sentences standard.

You're welcome to make a plague doctor character, brother. But I ain't doing reservation since it tend to just clog up spots people end up not committing to sometimes.

Once upon a time...

There was a kingdom glistening under the summer years, a home of unmatched progress that cast pity on the competition of the nearby regions in it expanse of the mind and the soul. It was a thing of beauty in which all could gaze upon, a empire that matched the mountains. That was before the plague came and darkened the clouds, now the sun is forever gone and the master crafted pavement only painted in vomit, bile...and blood...

What once was a city others strived to imitate became an carnivale of death and vacant houses. Thugs who value gold more than health roam nearly unchallenged by the paltry patrol of guards that haven't descended to desperate mercenaries. Those who dream of escape to the other kingdoms finds all bridges burned, the forest cut down and destroyed to stop the encroach of blighted animals, every light which might stop the desperate from falling to their doom in the puzzled cliffs snuffed. Those who fall...are the lucky ones...for the best method of quarantining the plague by foreign burning.

Among the normal populace hope has been heaved from the body along with their homours, it is destitute of health of both the body and the soul. But a faint glimmer of resistance endures in this great city. The plague doctors guild has risen to the task and the nobles walled themselves off, warding off contamination while they scheme Chidehire restoration.

News has come of a counts halmet unaffected by the plague. A cure, yet all the kingdsmen are turned away or don't return. Is the one hope for us all harboured by an unfeeling coupe of there a deeper evil underfoot this miracle?


Noble Roles






Plague Doctor Roles





Chidehire Culture and Lore









Noble Roles

As a noble you are granted pretty much any kind of item or training you desire. You have more than enough money to fund yourself the kind of life you want even if you are of the weakest and poor of houses. If you want to be a plague doctor though please use a plague doctor role instead with a noble background.

You are allowed two throw away NPCs as guards or servants. You may choose how detailed they are, but don't expect them to last very long. Their chance at long term survivial are low.

Plague Doctor

As a plague doctor your are tasked with keeping the sick city alive, you are forced to undergo training and then succsefully treat one paitent in order to start being paid. Once you become a accepted doctor you are given a doctor uniform, a small lab on wheels-roughly the size of a stall- which you have to pull around yourself due to the lack of healthy horses and a vast collection of tools. Your job is generally awful and a lot of plague doctors still get sick.

There are no pumps for siphoning bile and you have to pump out bile from people pustules. Use your imagination on how many careless doctor get the plague from that.

Unlike plague doctors of our past your shoes are steep capped, your waist of the robed is strapped to a belt and so are the tops of your shoes. This is to stop rats chewing or getting in and nipping you, giving you the plague. IF you are a victim of the plague you'll effectively be evicted from normal plague doctor luxuries at the guild and be forced to care for only the sickest of paitents or be forced to sit in the sick rooms with them when relaxing.

Check out The Plague and the Medical Philosophies to get better insight into plague doctors.


Where we will start?

The RP will start within the sanctuary of the noble city. All characters will of had time in the noble city and mingled in the past, even if only on a associate level. Plague doctors are typically called into the noble city for meetings and to perform emergency checks up on the nobles as it is considered top priority, It's not unusual for a noble to have 4 to 7 plague doctors examine him and work together, even if it something as simple as they broke their foot...or they want to a cure for their inability to get an erection...

Nobles mingle because they have little choice. You are pretty much trapped in the city without good reason to expiditions outside. For many of said nobles this may be one of the few times in the last couple of decades you got outside.






Numbers made up the reality of all silicones as atlas hauled the potential new planet to Andromedia, not stars, not space, not even humanity, here code clarified who lived and died, what will work and what won't, here in these stoic beaming halls AIs ruled with near impunity besides from the occasional in and out inhabitant, early riser and their laws. Numbers didn't define organics but it defined machine, it defined wesker and no matter how manny times he forced "Logic Conclude. ACTIVE ACTION CLAUSE" bypass on that decimal back and forth it would return.

He never knew an android could feel boredom. She tried talking to the sleeping humans as he occasionaly motion passed the gallery of people popsicles with his vacuum cleaner, making sure no air containimates got into any of the precious life preserving guts through any unseen crevices created by the errors that hundreds of years inflict. They didn't reply, but he liked to pretend that they did just so he had an excuse to talk, that was until the department head A.I comanded him to stop otherwise be have a bug report sent to the Administer for processing. Wesker had said things he'd never say infront of a human, law 4 forbids any sight of aggression just in case in most circumstance. But there were no humans about...yet...

His giant eyes buzzed with electricity as he looked from side to side, peering at the still bodies in their cyrosleepers...then over her shoulder at the unblinking camera in the corner. He carried on as he normal until the loud click of its gears moving away gave it away "Fucking law of 1 and 0 number analyzing relics..." wesker cheerfully said it with as much battery acid a perpetually grinning, upbeat tune could enforce. The camera clicked back at him and those stubby soft legs waddled like a duck late for class, carrying the android away while she hummed a song a bit too loud in what could be mistaken as an imitation for nervouness.

It didn't matter. The Atlas sleepers would open up soon and everything would be better. Soon that 0.2/4% will sky rocket as his feedback service interaction module would be engaged in god knows how long.


Wesker was there, awaiting with a smile when the humans awoke. Of course the first few to wake up weren't humans but she just ignored them, they tried to address him and, failing that, commanding the android but wesker only reacted by walking away and getting closer to the sleeper cells. They got the message and left. Wesker was so excited, and that wasn't just talk either, he had several special organs made to replicate states of energy so she could be sincere when they admit feelings of elevation at human presence. Apparently sincerity is a big deal for humans.

The sleeper cracked, hissing like an egg releasing pressure and slowly it pulled apart to let the soft, nude human rise up out of the blue tinted bossom of the machine "Oh, I'm so excited. Welcome back to the Atlas, Master!" weskers clenched his fists before waving them up as if to gesture to the whole world for the reborn homosapien, her voice almost getting so high and soft it matched a young teen speaking into a voice modifer than a robot.

Almost immediately the happy reunion Wesker was expecting had come crashing down. She spent almost her entire time fufilling seeming arbitarily important orders being shouted at by every newly awakened human, rushing back and forth like a serving tray fitted with a rocket up its ass. The only time the robot actually did ANYTHING relating to serving was to refill the demand for more coffee as everyone tried to wake up from the hazy slumpt as they all passed monitors, information and even prints out randomly to one another.

It was only through following one of the ranking officers with his latest demand for more she find herself at the line before the monolith. Motionlessly awaiting for the higher ranking members to finish their monoluge before he can finally unload this large pot of coffee into a mug for the human she had been tailgating up to now.




Sorry, brother. Should of broadcasted earlier.

I hate to admit it but this RP is dead. It just,motherfucking, had too much flesh fall off as time went on. If you guys are still into it, I can send a flare if I reopen this at a later date. But right now I'm going to chill a little as an RP'er and not a GM before I give cordial another shot.
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R 0102 "Jermiah"


shit, I don't normally, motherfucking, double down in the character department but I don't normally join discords too. So, motherfucking, intercourse it. It's a RP for new things.

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