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Current In the words of my great ancestors "Ugh"
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19 hrs ago… Kill powerful people with pie.
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shit, My neuron chamber actually,motherfucking, manipulated fonts into an RP that hasn't died or I haven't ditched yet. Feeling pretty good about Cordial.
2 days ago… Play as wigged weirdos and pie throwing lunatics
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(CLOSED: Until zelta 1 dies and zelta 2 crew is recruited)

Role Play Preferences: Pretty much everything except playing other characters and most slice of life plots. Elastic on most shit.

Fandoms: Silent hill, Homestuck, Bioshock(1-2) and pretty much all of HP lovecraft's stuff.

Personality: Ambiguously ?????????????????.

Favorite Homestuck characters: In order: Eridan, Karkat, gamzee, John.

Hate kanaya and Jade.

My Homestuck class: Bard of Void

Likes: Scented Candles, Writing, RP'ing-in almost any form really. Even if I haven't tried it before- Pixel Art, Making things period, Dressing up in my mad mass. Talking to folks. <3 that understand what I say all the time without me having to tame my tongue.

Dislike: Political talk-light prods for opinions are fine though if private- Being tied down. Talking about myself too much. Playing party therapist, Edgy shit.

Pretty approachable, most of the time I'm all fine with, motherfucking. dancing down a door way to someone else grounds to chill. I tend to either be chilling or drilling the oil out of the works so random absence or silences are a normal.

my 1 x 1 IC

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shit, don't eject any salt water about it, brother. I ain't,motherfucking, setting a count down on mail movement until after we launch which is next post. So there's no rush, no pressure.

I'm rolling these,motherfucking, men of the marching mutterings onto the red carpet for carrying cordial with me onwards. Thanks to these guys synergy I finally got an RP that I didn't ditch and one everyone kept posting in and finally passed the intro stage.

All my priror RPs have either died shortly after IC interceded or were still births. I think together we can make some bullet holes that people will look back on later on in years and motherfucking, spring out the sound waves "Fuck. I wish I was a part of this. This looked awesome!"

shit, kinetic connecting this up a bit so,motherfucking, photon perusers get a look at this.


double tagging to alert that I posted incase the first one didn't fly since I forgot to initially include tags.



A echo of coughing metal wandered down the empty hallways,rattling the bruised green walls enough to shirk off years of dust down onto the large black cube below awkwardly blocking half of the hall. A buzzing hum of electricity arose within, flickering weak light behind the "Power Protein" button, winking on and off before the rest of the buttons below each "clicked" audibly and lit up as the cube inched itself up onto two previously retracted tank tracks. A vague bloom beamed behind the gruel of dirt and dust on its front, falling off as it rubbery tracks slodge forth in muflled bumps, each one leaving a trail of dust bunnies behind him as the "Super Suppers" word in obnoxious red lighting shaped font revealed itself.

The dead ship yawned with a roar,its inner mechanical pipes thrusting through years of built up rust, almost letting out a painful yelp while the bulky bulbs shuddered from the red glare of emergency power to the pale, unexpressive beam of the same all too standard glare of overly powerful white lighting in every ship. Metallic bangs burst the silence as hidden guts gnawed at the labour of restoring the tomb back to life, the black stoic towers fizzling with palpable energy as vast tentacles of cables all twitched and slightly coiled their slimey, smooth eeel like skins while pumping power to the towers. Towers which had so many creases and brutalist jutting shapes they resembled a brain made up out of blocks.

Several lifeless screens blipped an atom of light onto their screen, doing it several times in mimic of eyes adjusting to the light before a series of green text flickered from the darkness.

"Computerized Cognitive Compartment Active. Activating Safety Protocools. Warning: Thinking power above level 4. Safety Protocools insuffiecient. GOD UNIT now attached to GRID system. A.I active. Auto-Servitor now shutting down"

A red bulp in the corner of every room blurted out a loud beep, flashing crimson red. Each beep singifying each system of the ship that has shown no error before lift off. The ship did this several times with a brief silence before breaking it with a dizzying beam again. Suddenly the halls started to move and floor shook violently below them, swaying as if the world was starting to move as the beeping went on. The crews stomach lifted, then droped, each sudden thrust banging as metal coldly and violently gripped metal. Then it suddenly slowed down into a snail-paced acceleration that shook their spines akin to standing on a rough bus.


A deep voice called out from some omnipotent source, roaring clearly like the voice of a cybernetic god.

The front of the ship peered down the tunnel to infinity, stars stared back at them as giant claws pulled them from up above down a set of rails until they were firmly on the very edge of the star base and the cold void outside, Lucy head prodded out entirely into the abyss. A giant stram of immeasurable flat magnetic devices twitched forward and backward inside the tunnel, buzzling with a vibrant blue energy that dissipated immediately.





Posting tonight, just looking up some music, images and rereading what been posted again for reference now.

I'm going to put in place a time limit to when people got to post-myself included- But since I'm putting this in place after the game started and you guys signed up I'll let you have say on the date length.

It's either going to be 2 to 3 days with 3 warnings before a character is killed off. What do you guys think?

I might also take a note out of my old kindred GM and start doing some start to make the OOC more active with some quizes with in character prizes or something.

shit, I can produce the post mail when needed,motherfucking,but I was letting gravity pull the arrow heads to after we take off.

Translation: I can post whenever but I was waiting for the bus to make it first stop for me to get on.
What the Story, Screenface?

Back when your grandma was growing teeth instead of losing them, Earth was simple and normal. That is, until god decided that he hated his notes on space time and a event occurred that turn our universe inside out. Space was gone. Up didn't got to the sky, down didn't lead to dirt. Jolly old London was in your grannies closet and Canada was swimming in the ocean. Cats and dogs, living together. Mass Hysteria!

With continents deciding to go wandering and planets no longer defining where land can be. The people of the surviving towns sent out brave explorers to check out this tantrum job of a puzzle that was once our reality. Sadly for the natives, they found towns KEEP teleporting every hour randomly. Leaving them now hobos in a maddeningly endless landscape of chaos.

These people explored hopelessly before meeting up. Becoming one group called The Lost. They lost many men trying to brave their way back to their towns but without any luck. Fortune did strike them in one way, however. BIG TOP. A circus camp that just happened to settled in one of the most stable parts of the universe.

There, The Lost join the clown community. Seeking shelter, adopting their ways and helping to build a new city. A city of giggles and gags. Now, a bustling citadel with electricity, stores, pavements and roads. You are the 6th generation since that little circus camp.



It's gone to the clowns. Literally. To imagine BIG TOP would be to think of a Victorian style town, with cobble stones and the image of bread and circus. Except, in this case. Remove the up tight need to maintain face, women only wear big hip dresses to make their butts look big for comedic effect and most of the town is multi-colored. With buildings rarely, if ever having one color on all walls.

Big Top is the home of Clownanity and also considered to be the only known place to house the last vestige of humanity. Unlike New York that has been reported to port every half hour to a new location, never reappearing in the same spot. Big Top only hops to new locations based on the day of the week. Meaning, unlike other places. It's routine can be boiled own to a simple schedule that a school kid could read. It also has a "fixed" entrance in the Laughing hills.

Although people can't enter the laughing hills from inside Big Top except on Sundays.

Things of notice in bigtop:


The MEME ARCHIVE: A dreadful storage of old internet knowledge. Clowns have the internet now, using old servers dug up from odd places. However, it is more akin to 2000 tech than todays facebook, internet bordering 2.0. Stuff still takes time to load and most of the coding languages are forgotten. The MEME archive is the biggest storage of known internet pages to day for humanity. Alhough, the brightest minds cannot make sense of it.

The meme archive is considered to be a secret weapon and filled with psychic traps in order to protect old secrets. As anyone who enters the meme archive, leave sprouting out the things they see over and over again. In many cases spreading to other people. These poor souls are sent to the nut house.


THE NUT house: The clown version of the asylum, except. Here, you constnatly break open nuts and prepare bags of them for mass consumption for the clown masses, as nuts are a known street delicacy. This pays for new honkers and the endless amount of pillows required to make extra bouncy soft rooms.


CLOWNS: Your average citizen of big top is a clown. How they express their clowny nature is really up to them. However, all clowns typically express themselves in an over the top way. If a clown wants to appear sad, they pounce about with bright colors still but have images or patterns pertaining to sadness. Perhaps even props such as a broken honker.

Broken honkers being the ULTIMATE image of sadness and a reason to DUEL TO THE DEATH if it is ever used in a happy a wedding.

Clowns don't consider themselves "human" and don't use old lingo. They refer to themselves as clowns, including juggalos. And refer to all humanity as "clownmanity" in fact almost all clowns have a copy of "THE DICTIONARY. 2.0 THE FUNNY VERSION"

Because clowns live very individualistic live styles, and because of the fractured nature of reality. Laws are loose here. Mostly out of limitation of how they can be implemented and also in order to not drive people off in frustration. However, the laws that are there are harshly enforced. Mutual brawling, duels, threats and general drama can fly by more. Although they are disapproved of and can get the Critics.


CRITICS: The cops, the bill. The ball smashers. The bonking crew. They carry clubs and like a good old bit of bonking. They carry a perpetual frown painted onto their faces. They wear fat suits that make them into cartoonish depictions of cops that actually act as body armor against most weapons. CRITICS also refers to judges who are known to carry clownish, big, strong man mallets who are not shy to assist in a bit of bonking.


JUGGALOs: Considered to be a sub type of clown culture. Originally juggalos were adopted in order to "counter" clown culture by disrespectful foreigners, however. It strangely took off. Especially as people came across the internet archives. Juggalos tend to get less respect in clownmanity, shifting between annoyed and dismissive, neutral to "meh, I like 'em"

Juggalos carry aspect of clown culture with them. However, they practice different rituals. Manners and ideas of expression.



This is going to be a point by point system in order to determine your characters strengths and weaknesses.

Funniness: 0-------------10 (Note, must actually be funny. Prepare your jokes)

Bonkability: 0 ----------------10 (How many bonks can you take before you practice kissing the floor)

Meatiness: 0 --------------------- 10 (you arm packages for bonking things)

Gymnastics: 0 ------------------ 10 (Fucking, how you jump and shit)

Chucklefuckery: 0 ------------- 10 (how much of a wise guy you can be)

Some rough weapon ideas:

GUN CLUBS: Juggling clubs that hold a single buck shot inside, that can use once before having to be reloaded. When out of ammo can be used to bonk things for considerable damage.

Pie with a brick inside: It's a pie with a brick inside. Only a master baker can create this. Sadly, the pie is useless in battle. So you just remove the brick and throw it.

Clown Shoes: Only those with proper gymnastics and maleness can fill these shows. Get ready to kick box kangaroos to death.

Crushing Ball: A large, plastic ball with a massive weight inside. Giving it the ability to roam over anyone that is unfortunate to be underneath it. Normally used by gymnast to throw about as a melee weapon but great at taking out down or prone enemies.

New Class!

HOBO: One of the many travellers that were not apart of Big Top nor any longer a part of the old towns. These nomads wander the endless maze of reality in search of stability, sometimes having their own ramshackle towns and encampments. Many of them carrying old ways and forgotten concepts. Almost all hobos come across Big Top eventually.

LOCKED until we have at least 4 clown types.


The Story of the Lost should be introduced as a story or retelling to the characters later on or displayed in some form. Maybe from a Hobo to a Clown on their first meeting.

Posting Rules expected:

Post every 2 days.

2 paragraphs-leanient on this,just don't make it a normal thing-

Under 6 paragraphs typically-leanient on this but don't make it a normal thing-

Alright. I'm posting tomorrow, comrades. Excuse the elongated action lapses.

I had to let something roll behind the scenes for a sec there.

Shit, slides those,motherfucking, sequences in quick, kindred. I'm posting the story forward soon.

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