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26 May 2017 22:21
Current I have died in Starbound, lost 8 hours of exploring and will now actually post.
24 May 2017 13:56
Shit, you can call me the sentence surgeon because when I talk you're gonna be. a motherfucking. hurting. At least. That's what the old ring wraith always said to me.
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23 May 2017 7:17
You can't fool me. I know all you kindred are going ghost on your statuses so you can get that little emoji next to your name.
22 May 2017 20:25
Might try one last time to make an RP, and actually commit to it.
22 May 2017 15:44
Pro: EA will be destroyed. Con: video games will be destroyed.


Role Play Preferences: Pretty much everything except playing other characters and most slice of life plots. Elastic on most shit.

Fandoms: Silent hill, Homestuck, Bioshock(1-2) and pretty much all of HP lovecraft's stuff.

Personality: Ambiguously ?????????????????.

Favorite Homestuck characters: In order: Eridan, Karkat, gamzee, John.

Hate kanaya and Jade.

My Homestuck class: Bard of Void

Likes: Scented Candles, Writing, RP'ing-in almost any form really. Even if I haven't tried it before- Pixel Art, Making things period, Dressing up in my mad mass. Talking to folks. <3 that understand what I say all the time without me having to tame my tongue.

Dislike: Political talk-light prods for opinions are fine though if private- Being tied down. Talking about myself too much. Playing party therapist, Edgy shit.

Pretty approachable, most of the time I'm all fine with, motherfucking. dancing down a door way to someone else grounds to chill. I tend to either be chilling or drilling the oil out of the works so random absence or silences are a normal.

my 1 x 1 IC

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Shit, cool hat. My sister of the secret urban airways.
<Snipped quote by ScreenAcne>

Anime avatars is more ambiguous in sexuality than an college degrees results for future employment, man. That like. The motherfucking. double trouble dip in that dodge of identity for me, brother.

Didn't mean to diss your chest hair and mustache qualifications my digital deliverer.

Shit, sister. I get that confusion on my protrusions alot, but don't sweat the seasoning over it. I'm all sugar and syrupt with packaing my paragraphs with a industrious manual.

My charactarino grows when he he noms on the toms. I'm growing him by one. I didn't do it for the npcs because I thought he would get too strong but in this case I'm making an exception and giving an old scalp sign so the gm ain't taken off the train line. Because it's really weird to have a character without arms for me.

Just a heads up, my kindred of the kettel of kinetic coupling. I'm, motherfucking. going to grow Smiley by 1. I know, like. He hasn't eaten another player yet. But it's just, feels all sort of custard on my carvery that I can't just say "he picked up x" with no arms.

I'm only gonna do it this once from his loot and npc and cop lunch.
In Demon 26 May 2017 22:41 Forum: Spam Forum

Boil my shoe.

While looking at you.

Gotta take a poo.

Selling hippies zero calorie stew.

The media is controlled by Jews.

I like poetry too.
In Can art be art? 25 May 2017 1:20 Forum: Spam Forum

Art is now more or less just another word for "edgy" since modern art of crisp packets and literal poop became a thing.

Shit. I loved you in game of thrones, man.
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