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Current @bee shit, my insectoid. You're making honey in my form of funny, I do voice acting from stories with my, motherfucking, kindred online for some kicks to the crappiness too.
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6 days ago
@Ambra Messy can be extremely satisfying in a way that love can't provide, sister. We all need a rival and passionate hate-on sometimes.
6 days ago
@Ambra looks like a classic loveboat to hateship, relationship shift to me, sister. Passion powers rivarvly as much as loving steam and all that.
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Role Play Preferences: Pretty much everything except playing other characters and most slice of life plots. Elastic on most shit.

Fandoms: Silent hill, Homestuck, Bioshock(1-2) and pretty much all of HP lovecraft's stuff.

Personality: Ambiguously ?????????????????.

Favorite Homestuck characters: In order: Eridan, Karkat, gamzee, John.

Hate kanaya and Jade.

My Homestuck class: Bard of Void

Likes: Scented Candles, Writing, RP'ing-in almost any form really. Even if I haven't tried it before- Pixel Art, Making things period, Dressing up in my mad mass. Talking to folks. <3 that understand what I say all the time without me having to tame my tongue.

Dislike: Political talk-light prods for opinions are fine though if private- Being tied down. Talking about myself too much. Playing party therapist, Edgy shit.

Pretty approachable, most of the time I'm all fine with, motherfucking. dancing down a door way to someone else grounds to chill. I tend to either be chilling or drilling the oil out of the works so random absence or silences are a normal.

my 1 x 1 IC

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What are you, my patreon backers?

Nah, I'm just steaming your stew, brother.

I was thinking on that. I'm going to generate some perks soon. I don't want to do it in all one go and end up making it convulted in a rush or make them unthougtful. I'm going to make the NPC gods next.

Then post. Before you guys get any of your mortal agents/get to use miracles your perks will be assigned.

Really digging these posts, my siblins of scribery.

@The Grey Dust I like you using the breeze from the flavor to introduce your god, my, motherfucking, kindred. That was more cinematic than a Lord of the Rings sequel.

@Lord Zee I'm digging these to and froms between you and the Essential, comrade. You're two conversations in and you're producing plot, nice smooth sailing.




You post, I'll work on my post after you. It seems everyone is mingling rather well.

@The Grey Dust

You guys are free. It's probably better you guys have the reigns that having secondary characters clutter it up.

NPC gods exist, but I'll add them after the meeting. Right now, your essential can be the guy in charge of the court until a pantheon head is elected.

Sorry, guys. I'm sort of more down than an escort asnwering a job call from Hades, hence my slowness to talk.
@Lord Zee

Pretty, motherfucking, marble, my noble denoter of keyboarding boaters.

Shit, you try to bamboozle me, like a motherfucking, up close picture of an armpit but you didn't even use the [@mention] feature and the female fox forester still showed up.
@Duoya@Lord Zee@rush99999@The Grey Dust@WanderingSpirit

We have started.

This is a really good time to start talking about relationships and plotting points between each other oocly. I will be adding NPCs gods as time goes on, but I like to wait and see you guys make choices with scenes before I start throwing npc creations.

We are still accepting new players and probably will do so indefinitely, I think.
DAY 1: The Calling of the Court

White, almsot entirely white, no one knew where the Divine Realm was, it was the most unimaginative place one could conjure up. A pocket of pointlessness, everywhere and everything was so white that it made winter snow look like it had a tan. The air was stale with an unfufilled tension that replaced the subtle ambience of wind or footsteps. The divine realm was as barren as sand, but at least sand had texture. Above was a large audience of stars that watched from all distances, to so far that even gods could only guess to the sun glaring down without heart or rays down at the plain.

The Highest Court was normally depicted in great paintings as a place of untold marvel; Mixed tales of how it reached into the depths of the galaxy to transport the gods to the most secluded and preserved of paradises hidden on Earth any heavenly realm beyond. In truth, the court was a crude construct of basic pillairs that crowned a circle in the middle. Larger, longer chairs styled in the shape of kingly thrones with different, pertinent styles to their seated Essential were one circle row behind; and further back was an almost endless series of benches for the audiences to be.

The Court was brown, polished to perfection oaken wood. Ironically, despite all the disposable abilities of Divine Society they couldn't agree on a design and so mimiced the mortal world in a side step of arguments over proper style choices. A single bell sat at the top of the building, humming gently with power in a silent, anxious tenseness that could be felt for by any onlooker miles away.

Slowly, as the day striked 7 it started to rock itself from side to side; picking up pace until its divine ring could be heard fromm all over creation.

Today was the day: the birth of the pantheon. Now, to commence: the immortals and essentials had to simply show up.




1: Zhystkrexas, the Corrupter














@mae Is one of the real, motherfucking, comradery combatants that I liked to light show these spectrum glows with when it comes to brewing the brail of the stories and tales.
@Lord Zee

I want to do one last run. It would be nice if we can at least 1 or 2 more people. But if we don't get any within the next day I'll just start.
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