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Current… Not giving up. Be a space monkey in the depths of scifi hell.
12 days ago… Zooming near zero hear, kindred. Check it out. Help me out.
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12 days ago… Help me out, kindred. Let know what flow goes for your soul.
18 days ago… Need more people. Come, come. Contribute to the horrified screams in darkness.
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Holy Shit!


Role Play Preferences:[/b] Pretty much everything except playing other characters and most slice of life plots. Elastic on most shit.

Fandoms: Silent hill, Homestuck, Bioshock(1-2) and pretty much all of HP lovecraft's stuff.

Personality: Ambiguously ?????????????????.

Favorite Homestuck characters: In order: Eridan, Karkat, gamzee, John.

Hate kanaya and Jade.

My Homestuck class: Bard of Void

Likes: Scented Candles, Writing, RP'ing-in almost any form really. Even if I haven't tried it before- Pixel Art, Making things period, Dressing up in my mad mass. Talking to folks. <3 that understand what I say all the time without me having to tame my tongue.

Dislike: Political talk-light prods for opinions are fine though if private- Being tied down. Talking about myself too much. Playing party therapist, Edgy shit.

Pretty approachable, most of the time I'm all fine with, motherfucking. dancing down a door way to someone else grounds to chill. I tend to either be chilling or drilling the oil out of the works so random absence or silences are a normal.

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I know this is a bit round about, kindred. But I made a shorter RP based in this setting since the bigger one didn't get a lot of posters.

The RP is much smaller.

No posting times this time.

Added a new race.

Way less mechanics. Like a lot less.

Less of a plot outside of survive and escape back to safety. Letting you get to the pain, gore and horrors.…

Here it is. Just in case any of you might be interested.


It was beacon day. A day to forget about everything, a day where we celebrated the victory of our unified erecting of the Inner Metropolis: the beacon against the darkness and brutality that defined live in the Cloud. In the inner and outer rim there was partying galore but you, you lucked out and got invited to one of the ultimate parties. Sex, drugs, preserved music and media, forbidden treats and exotic, high class dining filled your night within the SpaceWalker of High Spires. Beknown male model and envied celebrity. How you got so lucky, you can't recall. Won a contest? Were always one of the high classes he associates with? Maybe a close friend? Regardless you were in and you living it up. You're pretty sure half the things that went down in this shing-ding is illegal but the muscle here is hired and the gangs eyes are far, far inside the ship from your festivities.

Then it all went to shit, as most things do in this hellhole. For some reason your simple full walk around on the ships outer hull back to his deck came to a snag, the walker stopped out right. No ship can pick you up and your very certain your signals are going nowhere. Your stuck, trapped, with the only way into the Cloud being into the DEEP UNKNOWN. A place of hidden threats, treasures and regular missing person cases going into the thousands. At first high spires left, optimistic and cocky with two guards. Hours later, one came back in shock and covered in gore from head to toe and refuse to snap out of it.

If you want to saved. You'll have to save yourself.



Further reading on races can be found here…

As additional lore and world knowledge although most will be irrelevant to this RP.








1: Right off the bat. NO Posting times. I'm removing them out right. However. I will nudge you every now and then make a personal call to warn you I feel you are taking exceptionally long to post once we establish what reasonable for you.

2: Your characters can die.

3: Before a CS is fully accepted - I'll let you know if the cs is good enough though - you need to coordinate at least 1 relationship of any type in any way beyond "Meh" or "Some guy I work with" in your sheet with another RP character.


On the subject of mechanics. I put up an interest check of this RP with a voting system for if mechanics bothered people. I didn't get a lot of replies although someone did tell me my posting times were a bit off putting. As such. I'm going to be taking a half approach to mechanics and keeping SOME things but trimming the more complex/ or over layering stuff.


I might. I'm kind of up in the air with everything right now, kindred. I'll mention you though if my vibes match your times though when I make the RP proper.

shit, it means I mad appreciate you taking the time to post and give me some greater sight into why some people choose flight instead of fight for my RP, my photon persona.

Impressive genetics, comrade. I mad appreciate you,motherfucking, giving me your report. I did consider that the time limit might be a bit of a anxiety/ tension bomb for some. Do you think you would be cool by any chance with like 5 days? I want to have a bit of a time filter as I've been in a lot of RPs where if people were given too much time they slowly relax on it to the point they lost attention.

Or is that a bit too tight for you to slip in. Not saying I won't consider making it a weekly thing. Just testing the best corridor width in terms of time from the posters perspective.
@Dark Cloud@Lucidnonsense

I'm not giving up on this, my twin talents. But I do think that something ain't so inviting about my, motherfucking, set up here. So. I'm started a interest check for a shorter RP about a bunch of stranded party goers surviving in the deep unknown set in this world. I'm asking people to let me know what amount of mechnaics - if any - would they like in it this time.…

Laughing, shooting, smoking, boozing. The personal walker of High Spires was a thing of wonder in the world of decay that was your city, your life, something that stuck onto the psuedo-city of the Cloud like a big bloody bruise from the long forgotten apocalypse. But this little shipwalker, this intact relic of a bygone era was clean of all that. As if it wasn't here for all the brutality of the last 300 years or so. For once, you felt clean. Clean enough to get dirty without concern. You're sure this little hut housed several broken laws within it during this celebration but if someone drops a wallet when noone is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Not on the official records and all the muscle here was bought. This should of been a big deal, this should of been the night of your life and for the most part it was. Until, well, until the darkness of that damn ship took a hold of it. Some sort of system error. This should of been simple, a straight forward walk around the ship in a full circle back to the secure, personal deck of Hire Spires. Now we're stuck, alone, no signal, no help in the deep unknown. You've barely been here a few hours and already you heard things you wish you didn't.

Loud hisses threatened like snakes from the other side, muffled cries dragging further away and stomping so loud it made the room rattle. Everyone knows that the deep unknown is one of the deadliest places of the ship, but why it is deadly is...well..unknown. But if you want to get home, you're going to have to nurse your hang overs and start looking for a way back. High Spires with two of his escorts went out first, cocky and sure. Only one came back, babbling and covered in blood.



So, this is a basic test, really.

I've made some, motherufucking, other theatre fiasco in the past but I'm a bit fond of injecting mechanics in them. This RP will be set in a world I made not long ago called drifting future but it didn't get a lot of takers.…

I think that people aren't so into mechanics. So, I'm making a new, shorter RP with way less - if no - mechnics.


If you are interested please help me out, kindred and please pick a number next to your stated interested.

1: I'm interested in playing but with only one key mechnaic in - such as the health mechanic stated in drifting future ooc -

2: I'm ok with the mechanics around things like shopping, trait buying or starter choosing options.

3: I prefer to have absolutely no mechanics of any sort in this RP.

Mix the numbers if you feel it fits your wants -eg: keeping shoping and the health system - 1-2 example.

Story explanation: The party plan was for the shipwalker to walk all around the outer ship hull, effectively going in a full circle back to the private dock. Since the Cloud is absurdly GIGANTIC this is a big deal. But it got stuck far away from society of any sort. High Spires is a celebrity and you were invited to this party where all sorts of debauchery go down, be it through luck, a personal in or you were part of the higher society crowd in some way. The goal will be to survive and hopefully find a way back to some semblance of society/ safety.

All the races in drifting future will be open to play as. Even though they might seem a bit off in a party atmosphere. Ignore the mechanical natures of each race for the moment : eg - discarded augment list -

Obviously, there's a lot to read in drifting future. So, you can just ask me stuff. I won't be ramrod and stiff stoffed about it, kindred. But please do read your races section if nothing else.
I might be interested if my RP dosen't take off. How do you, motherfucking, feel about the supernatural at all, kindred? Because I'm down with that kind of stuff. I mean in terms of very low level: Like a supposed psychic playing with tarots and getting vague cards referencing something to come or happening that they couldn't know about or psychic that get vibes when something big is happening?

In terms of brain bursts, comrade. What if there are different zombie viral strains that take different periods of time - or conditions - to transform someone into a zombie. Like, we have the standard flu one that slowly just turns you into a zombie .But there are people who say...have a version of intense rash that only turns when they are actually killed. Maybe a few more, like maybe a parasite got exposed to the virus and somehow merged with it so when people get infected with that it alters what it does normally.

up the paranoia factor about anyone even slightly not healthy and make the means of pre-zombie spread infection more sinister. Maybe like you can have some roles for people pre-infected with these different/ less terminal/ less infectious cases or something.
Haven't spellchecked it yet. Expect many typos. I am a bit, motherfucking, fizz headed.

Pipe Rat






Pipe Rat is strewn in worn out scars of former tattoos and ritualistic markings all over his neck, face and body. These depictions are schizoid, faded and simply weird to anyone outside the Discarded Tribes. Various stiches and old burn scars mark pockets on his neck, barely hidden by his coat collar. Pipe rat is a relatively average looking person with a tired complexion, a pale, weathered look to his middle age face that speaks of too many nights without sleep and too many days mentally chewing on things like a dog teething. Large bags are under his human eye and his cyborg implant flickers and resets, a malfunction or his body desperately trying to mimic a blink? It's hard to tell but he dosen't seem to pay alot of attention to it.

A mouse of a man, pipe rat stands at about 5.6 but his stature suggest that he stands much taller on the inside. Shoulder sterns and unflinching and his body constantly tense with some unsaid strain. His breathes are croaky, crumbled, like a large dog snoring thanks to years of substance abuse and bad air. His voice is high, almost sweet but its ruined by that gargle filter of his tainted throat. In terms of clothes he typically is disguised by a robe with a hood, hiding his clothes below down to his boots although he will from time to time put on a classic trench coat and cap. In body he is a pristine version of a 40 year old but his eyes have the drained glare of someone much older.


A hopeless romantic chased out of every possible hold out in the Cloud. Driven by a longing for some sort of light at the end of the tunnel he carries simply because giving up is a task far more damaging than anything else. He is a cautious, pessimistic person that has trained his heart to expect attack and to hide his secrets and desires well. Despite this, he long deeply to trust and have his beliefs vindicated and routinely makes large leaps of faith just for the vague promise that this time there WILL be a better place waiting for him on the other side. As a result he is anxious, tired, beaten, quick to be fed up and hates being too long in one place. He's got something to prove and as far as he feels about the entire universe he will never be content where he is, to accept things as they are and dig out his own happiness in this hole he findd reality in. He's going to mine until he finds gold or until it all collapses in on him.

Because he wants to trust people, he will regularly be ok with approaching people. Even after all the times he has been hurt, he still gives new people the chance to be link that breaks the chain. His long life of struggle and little reward spiritually or in terms of meaning though sometimes translate into him giving up sooner than he should or simply falling into a apathetic depression that drifts into being an unobservant, inactive asshole among the crowd willing to let others rot, sometimes for the crimes of others. He wants to be better but he has a petty side and if you get in his range while that petty side is active he'll aim for the heart or step right on you as he passes by, a small but tiny dip into the way he thinks things must be if his hopes are not right.


Pipe Rat has several reason to want the key card, but namely it's his survival at stake. While the factions he's fallen out with smile and act like its water under the bridge it's only a matter of time before someone decides that the circle must be completed and he has to pay for his leaving them or two facedness. Of course, he also wants the key card because maybe...JUST maybe it will be the thing that unlocks a place not infested by monsters, users and petty pragmatist in this ship.


SILVER RIBBON SOCIETY: Pipe rat has done various little investigation and petty jobs for the society to the point he is considered to be a trusted contact. He has little sway over the people there and would never be considered one of their kind, yet alone let into their inner enclaves for extended periods of time but he has favours owed both toward him and him toward them.

Old Guard: The old guard has a consistent semi-antagonistic relationship with pipe rat due to him dealing with several hackers and information smuggling in the past. He avoided being killed off simply by being indebted to them for a while and a couple of tributes he would rather not think about.

LOST AND FOUND INVESTAGIONS: A small PI gang that works in the outerim. They've been around for as long as the outerim existed and while they are known as PIs, they effectively work as community supported cops...well. Cops isn't the right word. Avengers is better although, like most people, they ultimately are in the pocket of the major factions/ gangs.


Pipe rat was born into a discarded tribal community originally and lived there dutifully as a teenager under his chiefton until one day several men in menacing suits came in and started asking questions. He heard loud voices that quickly turned into shouting before the sunds of guns started to go off. He quickly ran away with several of the other younger members at the time, returning to find the place massacred. He spent the next 10 years of his life trying to find out why the massacre occurred and by whom but in the end he never found any concreted evidence. He charted it up to the idea of "cave busting" the local tribes too close to the city area in order to influx more discarded after a lot of the tribes banded together to form unions, counter gangs and generally cause grief which the local factions nipped in the bud very early on with heavy violence. Of course, it's just a theory and one he never said to a faction members face lest he got knee capped.

The truth was though, that, while he very muched missed his home and even his people he felt not much else but relief ultimately after all that time searching for answers. He did not stay with his kin and fester in some alleyway, trying to stay to his routes but instead continued to search on. The inner metropolis was nice by all means but in terms of kindness it was short and he longed to find a place where the sense of community promised to him a young, unitiated teen in his tribe was promised. This time without his obedience and hierarchy over his head. He wanted real comradery and purpose and spent much of his life searching for him that zig zagged him into many different factions, gangs and people but one way or another he found himself exiled from them one by one. In pipe rats eyes they promised a way of life but most of them only really hoarded and handed out benefits to the in crowd.

Now with several gangs looking at his back and a lot of old friends and grudges in his shadow. He is starting to wonder how many days has he got before someone decides to shoot and if so, will he ever find a bit of meaning in this over sized jail cell. Little did he know, someone will come in, while on a routine corpse hunt for some creds he will find a note on a fresh dead. Hit with bullets and one word "KEY CARD"



"John has been a dirty cop since I've ever known him. Dirtier than a drunk male prostitute wandering the outer wastes. But he's always has time for me, both as a friend and a cop. 'Spose you don't come to the rim to stay clean"


@Dark Cloud


Fuck it, why not.

Here's the new stats for it for this game.

BLOCK: blocks biological and chemical hazards out right. NUMB: 1 against most conventional attacks.
@Dark Cloud

So long as you refit it to match the world and follow the OOC, it's cool by me, kindred.
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