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Current shit, still need players…
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Fuck you Xcom! Love you Xcom!
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Shit, a slasher scene in sentences…
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current status: Motherfucking, murdering my neuron nest for some chicken nuggets.
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If you want to invade insane killer domains or even get a chance to be killer. Don't let my RP die…


Role Play Preferences: Pretty much everything except playing other characters and most slice of life plots. Elastic on most shit.

Fandoms: Silent hill, Homestuck, Bioshock(1-2) and pretty much all of HP lovecraft's stuff.

Personality: Ambiguously ?????????????????.

Favorite Homestuck characters: In order: Eridan, Karkat, gamzee, John.

Hate kanaya and Jade.

My Homestuck class: Bard of Void

Likes: Scented Candles, Writing, RP'ing-in almost any form really. Even if I haven't tried it before- Pixel Art, Making things period, Dressing up in my mad mass. Talking to folks. <3 that understand what I say all the time without me having to tame my tongue.

Dislike: Political talk-light prods for opinions are fine though if private- Being tied down. Talking about myself too much. Playing party therapist, Edgy shit.

Pretty approachable, most of the time I'm all fine with, motherfucking. dancing down a door way to someone else grounds to chill. I tend to either be chilling or drilling the oil out of the works so random absence or silences are a normal.

my 1 x 1 IC

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Still need more players for this to start up.

Example killer posted, comrades.

This host is a tutorial/example host. It's secrecy isn't important.

Host Name
Jacob Moores.

Nick Name
Shady Wood Strangler-by Cops- the Gasper -by urban Legend-


This illustration was taken at a different time, a time where the facade of humanity was still alive in Mister Moores. Now, the body has stayed the same but the soul has become sick of hiding. His body has the wiggling fragility of an old man, shivering with a soothing, false security of weakness. His muscle are strained, thin, almost boney but flex like stiff wood when he acts.

That bearded face at a distance hides his long, dreardy, oil paint bruised bags under his constant donward gaze. His eyes are steel grey, devoided of light and has more in common with a metal door than a window to a soul. His thin body stands at 5 foot 10 and All of his clothes are from an previous generation, filled with cheap stripped suits and formal wear coupled by sweater vests. All of a warm color that his cracked wrinkled body could never hope to show with its deathly pale glow.

Weapon: Belt

DOMAIN: The House in the Woods

Arch Type: The Hermit

The Hermit practice was one of a long, unending spree of torment that left a scracth on any happy trip into the woods of America. Moore's started his spree when he was but beginning to enter his forties and continued unabated until he was in his late sixties. He lurked in the woods, sabotaging, misleading, betraying and manipulating those who ventured forth near his long woodland treks. Dooming those that took the woodland path or went camping to eventually come to him for help.

In all cases these poor fools would be found later on by a road somewhere, strangled to death. Sometimes they had ropes on them, sometimes they had belts. Sometimes even bags, in the end the result was the same. The Hermit has no great moment in history that awarded him his domain, it was a power that came to him over a long legacy of horror. Now the hermit has a new home.

Tastes: The Hermit is from a different period in time and his home reflects this. Many of the magazines, technology and items are blatantly outdated by up to 40/50 years. A cheap, gritty radio can be heard in sometimes while old tropes are still alive in his "new" reading material.

His home outside and inside reflect this with retro-colors of soft lime green and sandy yellow. Cheap curtains and wallpaper of flowers are also apparent.

Moore's enjoys the sensation of straggling and has many toys to explore and lengthen this hobby. Around his home evidence of cruelity to local wildlife are apparent, with special traps and useful tools designed just for that. His human prizes have a special place, however within his home. Less in sight.


Note: Because the Hermit is a TUTORIAL killer, designed to aclumate MPs. He will only have 2 perks. Not 3. In order to stop perks repeating for other killers-potentially taking away from their uniqueness- Hermit will have his own, special perks.

Hold You Forever: When the hermit would normally make an attack he instead grabs-or strangles with his belt- while a player is grabbed they cannot run away and slowly lose 1 hp each turn as if they were hit. A stun or damage breaks this grab.

Lung Worm: The hermit will always know when someone is breathin within a 25 foot radius around him. He can tell how many MP are in this area thanks to this but not their exact location is or who breathing is who's.

Excuse my crappy art. But I didn't want to,motherfucking, meddle searching for more images.

shit, someone, get me the,motherfucking,necrominicon so I can put some legs on this still dead. I'll post my starter killer/domain tonight or tomorrow and bump my checks. Hopes that herds to some heroes trying to avoid the hurt.

shit, don't sweat it. No mistake, too big, comrade. I'll inform you if your killer gets chosen when and if-this RP gets started up- and you're allowed to send me a Version 2 of your sheet if you decide you want to make changes after I post my example host.

Kindred, there isn't any rush to host sheets. Hosts sheet are picked based on competition for their chosen domain from the domain options. So you can PM your killer at any point. You might have an easier time understanding perks and arch types if you want to see my example killer and his domain in the next day or so before you finalize your stuff.

Yes. For the session-the level picture, if you will, for when your domain/killer comes up-to help people get in the mood.

As for a picture of the killer. Yes, but it can be only vaguely of the killer. You can give a more accuract depiction in the description.

Sure. Your host can be anything that makes sense in the domain history and it's archtype. You're inherently subtetly supernatural in trait and abilities, hence perks and you being a domain host. So, go nuts for supernatural stuff.
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