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I am experienced roleplayer returning to online roleplay after 10+ year break. I have missed roleplaying and the creative outlet it is for me. I am interested in casual roleplay. I consider myself a decent writer and I will put effort into my writing. I not into writing a novel for one post though. Descriptive, character building, engaging, yes. I will always write at least 2 paragraphs unless it is a quick fire session revolving around dialogue over private messages. I am a fairly laid back person and don't want to be a grammar nazi. I believe in quality over quantity. Roleplaying is a hobby and a escape from real life pressures.

Genres I am interested in:
Middle Ages
Science Fiction
Crime Drama

Fandoms I am interested in:
Harry Potter
Anita Blake
Dragonriders of Pern
Star Wars

I don't mind roleplaying romance but I am not looking for smut. It has to make sense for the roleplay. I am okay with a fade to black moment instead of roleplaying it out. For me its about the story and the character. I am open to roleplaying it out.

I am in the Pacific Standard Timezone. I work full time and will be seen in the evenings and weekends online.

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Samantha Dalton AKA Chaos

Raven HQ

Samantha moved stiffly without her usual grace. Colorful and deep bruising could be seen peeking out of the neckline of her t-shirt and creeping slightly up her neck on her right side. Her right arm was in a sling to help reduce irritation to her chest and shoulder and movement along her cracked ribs so that they would heal faster. She was grateful that the severe headache, blurry vision, and dizziness that had come with the concussion seemed to have cleared up while she slept. Her body was stiff and painful if jarred or if she moved too far in the wrong direction. She certainly felt more like herself. She hated feeling weak though. Samantha was fiercely independent and currently felt like a burden to her team. She needed to heal so she could be there for them when they needed her. It took her a moment to process that thought. Coming through the shitstorm standing shoulder to shoulder with the squad made her feel closer to them in a way she hadn’t before. She found she wanted to be there to lend them her support. She didn’t want to see any of them hurt or die because she had failed to do her job. Samantha was surprised at the depth and complexity of how she felt about the other members of Raven Squad. She had never felt this way before. She had always been a lone operator in the past. Is this what it meant to work with a team that had your back?

Samantha looked deep in thought as the sound of Xander’s voice brought her out of her deep thoughts. "Oi, Sammy!" His wave attracted her attention as she turned towards him. Sam’s eyes were drawn over towards the Australian and a smile appeared on her face. "How you holding up? Personally, I could go for a cold one. Maybe something stronger. And as I recall I owe you a drink as well. Care to join me?" She looked Xander up and down examining him. It was good to see him back on his feet and not bleeding. “You look better than the last time I saw you. It is good to see you recovering.” Samantha grinned at him mischievously, “Do you think Sophie will yell at us for drinking and mixing painkillers?” She winked at him as she told him conspiratorially “Let’s go give it a try. But you have to take me to dinner first. I need food.” It was like their commander had heard them from the hallway as she heard Skye call out to them.

"Four, six, eight weeks. Sophie is rather conservative I find with her recommendations, because she doesn't want either of yous doing anything shall we say, too wild? Like say, nearly getting blown up again. Or say, having a port while in recovery on some fucking awesome painkillers." Samantha looked at Xander and nodded towards the rec room. She made her way into the rec room. She was moving slow and stiff, but she got there under her own power. Samantha noticed Skye had poured them glasses. She carried hers with her and set it down on the end table next to a cushioned chair with arms. Sam gingerly lowered herself into a soft cushioned chair. She laughed and shook her head as she picked up the glass. “Thanks boss.” She took a sip from her glass as Skye continued.

"You'll be pleased to know the paperwork your end is done. Your combat effectiveness is high, remarkably so. Particularly you Sam, for a first op, it's 'not bad ey. You even made Xan look professional. First time for that. And that's even when you weren't intact. Job got done, and I already have some leads." Samantha’s eyes lit up with interest as Skye mentioned that they had some leads. “I can help sift through the data we collected to see if we can generate any additional leads. I might be stuck recovering for a few weeks, but they didn’t manage to damage my brain. Though they tried.” She winced remembering her helmet and the concussion.

"Good to have you in somewhat one piece." Samantha smiled at Skye “Appreciate that you pulled me out in one piece.” Her thoughts briefly went to all that had gone wrong on the op. She knew her injuries were not her fault but she still felt like had somehow let her team down or not done enough to support them. Samantha’s attention was turned to Freya as her voice rose. It sounded like someone had angered the battle goddess. Samantha winced. She wouldn’t want to be that person. She saw Freya rein in her temper and turned to apologize to the room. "My apologies..." Freya then moved to get a drink from the bar. Samantha gave Freya a sympathetic look. She had experienced the pain of seeing something special she had built lost to actions of other people or a catastrophic failure.

Sam’s attention turned to Mateo as he entered and grabbed a beer from the fridge. Seeing him grimace made her wonder if he even liked beer. She shuddered slightly. She was not a big fan of alcohol, but beer tasted like horse piss to her. She didn’t see how anyone could drink that. Mateo asked "How are you'll feeling? Better, I hope." Samantha gave him a mischievous smile “I feel like I was run over by a truck. I am doing better though. My head no longer feels like it was split in to two pieces. I feel like I could eat a whole cow though. I am starving. What's for dinner?”
Samantha Dalton AKA Chaos

Aral Sea, Leaving the Sandbox Behind

By the time Samantha had managed to get another rocket ready to fire all the IFVs were gone. Now it was just mopping up the troops they had managed to get into the field and extract. Samantha dropped the rocket and grabbed her machine gun instead. She began shooting at anything targeted their area covering Xander as best she could as he did his thing. Samantha pushed through the injuries and pain to do her job. She kept up a running mantra in her head, deep breath, sight, find a target, pull the trigger. The noise of the battlefield, the smell of smoke, the heat from the flames and the desert had faded into the background. Samantha was grateful for the extra ammo as she popped in her last magazine. She had just taken down a trio of soldiers who were trying to hit Xander from the sand outside of the ship through the hole he was firing through. She had turned to take a shot at another when her radio flared to life.

"Queen, Hawk is on station, is the LZ near your position clear, over?"

"Affirm, Hawk. Good to hear your voice. Team, rally on me and break from the fight, let's get to the bird."
The voices from the radio pulling her from the focus that had kept her operating. She trembled as she touched the mic at her throat to answer Skye’s summons. “Chaos acknowledges.” Samantha climbed shakily back to her feet. She went to see if Xander would need help getting out.

Samantha focused on putting one foot in front of the other as she kept her gun moving. Artemis’ soldiers had rushed towards the ship as the team began a tactical retreat. She took down soldiers trying to stop their escape. She fired to take down soldiers trying to get into a position to fire on them. She helped with suppression fire as they worked their way towards the LZ. She struggled through the sand as the meds she had taken began to run out and the injuries she had sustained began to take their toll. She kept moving and firing until she ran out of ammo. She then switched to her handgun. It didn’t have the range of her machine gun and with her shoulder mangled, she had lost accuracy. She finally clambered on board the V22. She collapsed into a transport seat along the wall and buckled her harness. She was covered in dust and blood and black soot. As the V22 took off and gained altitude, the pain and pressure in Samantha’s head exploded and she passed out.

Raven HQ

Samantha woke up to find herself in the infirmary at Raven headquarters. Her body ached from head to toe, and she had a killer headache. She felt groggy and sleepy still. The team doctor was standing over her. She had met Sophie when she had joined Raven Squad. Sophie had done her mandatory physical exam and an extensive review of her medical history. Samantha winced as the light above her bed caused pain to stab into her brain. She groaned and tried to talk but her voice was raspy, and her throat was dry. “Owe… can you turn the lights down Doc?” Sophie chuckled at her and dimmed the lights over her bed before replying, “Its good to see you are still with us.” Samantha let out a relieved sigh as the lights dimmed. Samantha just groaned before replying “Ok Doc, what’s the damage?” Sophie’s green eyes were warm but serious “You have a concussion, some cracked and bruised ribs, and some soft tissue damage in your shoulder.” Sophie patted her on the good shoulder. “I will need to wake you up every hour to assess your condition. Once you are past the concussion protocols, you may go back to your room. I have wrapped your ribs to support them. Now that you are awake. I will give you something for the headache I know you have. Once you start to heal, you will come back to see me for some physical therapy exercises to help your shoulder heal. You will be back in fighting shape in about four weeks.” Sophie turned and began injecting medication into her IV. Samantha only managed to get out a “Thanks Doc” before the pain medication swept her back to sleep.

Samantha spent her first night back at headquarters in the infirmary being woken up every hour. She was grateful when Sophie finally let her go back to her room. She climbed into her own bed and slept most of the day. Samantha’s growling stomach finally woke her up. She was starving. She took a long hot shower. The heat felt wonderful on her sore body. She was grateful she had short hair. It hurt to lift her arm on the right side. She was grateful she was left-handed. She didn’t bother to try, and blow dry it. She just towel-dried it and ran a quick comb through it. Her chest and shoulder were a colorful patchwork of deep bruises. She still had some swelling in her shoulder too. She slipped into comfortable cotton black yoga pants and a hot pink loose t-shirt with the saying “I never argue, I just explain why I am right” in big black block letters on the front. She slipped her feet into hot pink sports sandals since she couldn’t bend all that easily. She grudgingly used the arm sling that Sophie had given her. She had explained the least movement the better and the sling would lessen the strain from supporting her arm. She couldn’t deny that it felt better to use the sling.

She hated feeling like an invalid. She felt better today but her body still protested. Samantha felt like she had been run over by a tank. She left her room and began to make her way towards the kitchen. Samantha moved stiffly and she gritted her teeth. Every step jarred her aching body. It felt good to move even as it hurt. Her stomach let out an audible growl. She needed food.
Samantha Dalton AKA Chaos

Aral Sea, Blowing Up the Enemy's Toys

Samantha felt the tension rising as the enemy approached. She glanced over at Glitch and was gratified to see that the hemostatic powder she had poured onto his arm was working to slow down the bleeding. Sam understood from watching Xander and his explanation how the Javelins worked. She had never fired one before. She was kind of excited to play with the new toys. She just wished that she could use it the way it was intended. She sat down cross legged in front of the hole in the side of the ship she was using like a tripod that came with the javelin. She was grateful that the weight of the weapon was resting on the edge of the ship. She managed to get it set up so that she could duck under the weapon to put it on her shoulder without lifting it fully. She made sure the weapon was resting on her good shoulder. She began to look through the viewfinder as she looked for a target to track. Sam paid attention as Skye began issuing more orders.

"Eyes on that one IFV, Frigga. They've broken from the pack. That'll be be mine, so your fat cheeks will be covered...I hope your armour is holding up there at least or by Christ, I'm not gonna have time to contain the lot of the team if we survive this. Anyway, switch to your secondaries, or improvise something. There might be a mounted HMG in the ship with rounds in it you might be able to pinch, and it might dink the armour a bit to make them think twice. Or just smash it with a hammer. Either way, be ready when they come close, you and Ogre." Sam couldn’t help but grin at the snark coming from their exalted leader as she told Frigga that her butt would be covered. She looked over at Xander and rolled her eyes as she ordered her to help him with his arm.

"Oi, Love Actually, we got a minute or so to contact. Don't sweat the PETN, we won't have the range to get close or time. But I like the creativity. Both of you, if you can, get a hemostatic powder on Glitch's arm before we get started. It'll cull the bleeding for a few minutes before we can tourniquet it and pull that metal shard out, or else when that injector wears out, I'm gonna need to find him a bionic arm. And he does not need another appliance to start hacking...."

Samantha cleared her throat before replying. “Roger that Queen. The powder has already been applied. Bleeding has slowed.” She wanted to snark that they were just ducky but that was not really the truth. “Chaos is in position and ready.”

Sam paid attention to what everyone would be doing. She needed to know the whole plan.

"Affirm. Get ready to pick away, they'll be dropping troops off. Your rifle will come in handy. They won't see it coming. We'll strike when I get this isolated IFV. Then we start raining it down."

Sam was watching through the scope as Skye’s shot hit the lead IFV. She blinked to clear her vision as she pointed her weapon towards one of the IFV’s in the rear of the formation. She heard Skye call out over the comm. "Contact!" She cursed a little under her breath. She really missed her helmet. Her helmet had built in filters to protect her vision. The bright flash of light from the explosion was like an ice pick to her brain. She blinked her eyes and tried not to move her head. She was pretty sure she had a mild concussion from the blast. It didn’t matter though. If she didn’t push through, she wouldn’t be alive to complain. She saw spots for a moment and then picked up her target vehicle once more.

Samantha trusted her teammates to engage and help confuse the targeting systems on the IFVs. Sam took a deep breath to steady her aim. She took careful aim at the IFV in the rear right. She began to pace it, tracking its progress. She lined her shot up like she would a sniper shot. She tucked her body as close to the ship as she could. She pressed the button to fire the missile. She felt heat along her back as the rocket fired. The rocket flew away from her position on target to hit the IFV. Samantha felt the jolt through her whole body as the bulk of the energy was transferred down through her spine. Firing the Javelin jarred her injured chest, stealing the breath away from her for a moment. Samantha breathed through the pain and pushed it away. Samantha began loading another rocket before she even knew whether that one hit or not.

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