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Yes we are. Sorry, we had a bout of Strep run through our house. But I’m back to full strength and will have a intro up soon!

We’ll be using a dice system for effects of mental stress on our Detectives. I’ll roll to see if there are effects or not, if there are then I’ll roll to see the intensity of the effects. You won’t have to worry about anything for any of that, I’ll do it behind the scenes and share the outcome.

This will keep it more natural and less in the hands of any of us to mess with how we see fit.
I don't really have any hard limits on what you use, except photography. That really wouldn't jive with the aesthetic. As much as how close you can get to the lore, just try your best. I tried to line the races up with something in popular media that would work. Are you looking for anything in particular? Because I have loads of pictures that I saved for this RP. I can point you in a direction.

Oh great. I don't have anything in particular yet, but I will definitely reach out to you for those when I decide which path I'll take. That will be much easier I think.
@PastelScoops@Byrd Man

Any interest still in this? We have one with a CS up, and I may be working on a "mental state" system that would affect the squad's mental fortitude.
@Sailorsadie Accepted! The back story makes for some good drive for a Detective!

I'm going to give just a little more time to see if I can maybe get the other person who expressed interest, and if not we will proceed with just you and I!

I will make a CS either for just the Chief, or Chief and Captain both, because the squad needs a Captain.

I am also thinking about working on a sort of "Mental" system for the squad, which would be affected by the mental stresses of the case, things that happen during the case, and even things that could happen to or from other people who interact with the squad. Thoughts on this?
Is there a rule or guideline for our character models? So as to stay in line with lore and what not? I wouldn't want to use a model that doesn't portray whatever race my character is supposed to be.

OOC is up with CS, feel free to submit. We only need two, I guess really I could start it with one, but at least two preferably.

I have first case mapped out ready to be played.

Whatever works.
Expressing my explicit interest pending an OOC with more details. Big zombie scenario fan.
I’ll probably be looking into joining here, just making sure I can commit mentally. Going to give it another read over and see if can get a hit on a character idea.

Seriously. I’m THROUGHLY impressed, and that hasn’t happened with an RP in a long time.

Count me in for sure. It’ll probably be at the deadline with all the reading lol.
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