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Hogan slowly dragged himself into the room after everyone else and took a position near Mieke's feet, while also keeping a close eye on the newcomer. Bugsy was a proper chatter box it seemed, a fact that was getting on Hogan's nerves. Hogan kept his eyes locked on Bugsy and made a quite rumbling sound. While yes is was a good thing that Bugsy had come quietly. Why did he have to be so stupid looking? Hogan's head dropped to the floor when Louis asked if there was anything else he needed to know, he looked over at Arthur expecting the man to explain their uneventful day and then touch on what Mieke found. But to the Lizards surprise the Mieke spoke up about her own findings, looks like she was more confident that Hogan thought she was, good for her. And her stand made crystals hmm? What kinds of combat applications could that have, hmmm. Hopefully Mieke would be able to get some practice with her stand before she had to use it in an actual battle. And if Battle did find her before she was ready, well Hogan would be there.

That out of the way Arthur went over how they didn't find anything and would hopefully have better luck next time. Hogan hoped so, he didn't want to endure another day of driving around the city, then not get the opportunity to bite something. Hogan made a groaning sound and then lay his head next to Mieke's feet.

Eileen's radar picked up an object hurtling towards her at incredible speed, she looked up to see an escape pod hurtling towards her and her party she casually drifted out of the way and then jetted down after it. That's when the coms came on and a mans voice came on, but it wasn't the thick German accent she was used to, no this was a much more understandable. A very angry sounding girl cut the man off threatening to kick the doctors ass. They sounded like they would be enjoyable to have as part of the squad... Eileen would touch down next to Roxanne and crossed her arms as the the girl introduced herself. Eileen raised an eyebrow as another new arrival came along and introduced herself " Eileen de Laroche. Nice to meet both of you. We should talk on the move, there is a lost pilot who we need to find." Eileen's monotone voice would make it hard to tell if she was sincere or not, before she could get a response she'd already turn and start heading off. She would take a few steps then jump into the air and jet off so she could go back to surveying from the skies.

Mire continued bounding across rooftops towards the Rockers HQ completely unaware of the call she was supposed to have received, in her haste to get involved in a fight she'd left her bag (which had her phone in it.) back in the alleyway with Visage. Mire couldn't help but feel excited as she saw the HQ building off in the distance, things were looking bad, and Mire was going to make them worse. Mire Leaped from the rooftops, shifting her density mid air becoming more gaseous so that her impact on the ground wouldn't slow her down. Reforming into a human shape Mire looked around taking in the situation while slowly walking towards the HQ, the building was falling apart. Mire would spot two people at the receptionists desk, one of them was obviously some kind of cape judging by the rubble deflecting off the air around them. Perhaps they were the one taking down the building, though the sounds of crashing and smashing from further inside indicated otherwise Mire didn't care. Theses guys were already here and she was itching to fight, and she'd rarely fought other capes so this conflict was going to be interesting.

Mire's mist quickly started spreading outward and her arms formed into curved blades that were long enough to drag along the ground. Mire broke into a sprint, her bladed arms scraping against the pavement as she headed straight for Swarm and Firefly.

Silvia's eyes widened in horror as she saw the mangled mess of what used to be a child, tears instantly started running down her cheeks as she took in the grizzly sight. The blood, the bones poking through the skin. Silvia fell to her knees and started silently crying, I... I didn't save her I-I'm... Silvia put her face into her hands. Silvia started shaking If I hadn't hesitated, d-din't cover my eyes... I would have seen her... I could have saved her, but I didn't. I'm a useless piece of waste. Here I am with bullet proof skin and the power to make tornadoes, and I hesitate and got people killed. I should be dead not them... Silvia was slowly shaking her head when she felt a hand on her shoulder and flinched. It was Outsider, thank goodness someone useful was finally here.

She looked up at him as he spoke, she wished she could agree with him about there being nothing she could have done but it just wasn't true. Though Outsider was right about Eyeblight needing to be stopped before he could cause more damage, Silvia stood up slowly still very clearly shaken from the dead body. Silvia watched Outsider fly off down the road, there was a hero, no fear and the drive to protect those in danger over himself. Silvia curled one of her shaking hands into a fist and started off after Outsider, she couldn't waste time feeling terrible now, that would only lead to more deaths. Silvia ran as fast as she could to the Cafe skidding to a halt next to one of Outsiders tentacles, she looked through one of the shattered window. There Eyeblight was, his hideous form sending a wave of fear over Silvia, her wings quivered as she felt her resolve rapidly degrading. I-I can't do this! Silvia went to cover her eyes but stopped, she couldn't do that again, last time people died because she looked away. She just needed to get Eyeblight's attention, Silvia built up a wind blast in her mouth and fired it off at Eyeblight, the blast would be pitifully weak because of SIlvia's lack of focus but it would still fell like a stern shove if it were to hit Eyeblight.
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Ali's walk was uneventful for the first couple of minutes, which was probably good considering that that she was a little anxious about going to a new school. Suddenly a car horn started going off as a collision happened right in the center of the street, it wasn't a serious crash or anything only a simple bump, but that didn't stop the drivers from being furious with one another. The two men got out of their cars and started arguing and shouting, the yelling being loud enough to mask the sound of running that coming towards her side.



Ava run to school would be nice an peaceful the sidewalk being fairly underpopulated today allowing Ava to really pick up the pace. Ava would hear a slight commotion up ahead, some dudes yelling at one another about incompetent driving. As Ava rounded a corner she'd catch a glimpse of the scene before she bowled into something.



Jake would have a solid forty seconds to enjoy his eggs before his alarm sounded off again, though this time it was alert. Someone had broken into his scrapyard. At the moment it was unclear who it was that had the Audacity to steal from the great Mr Gimmick, but it seemed that today was going to be a bit exciting. He could call the authorities and tell them what's going on, or he could deal with this intruder himself. Decisions decisions.


As Nat left the exam hall she'd catch a pair of boys and a girl looking out a window at something, whatever it was they were extremely unimpressed. "Oh great... It fucking Blorb again..." She'd hear the girl them mutter. One of the boys would open up the window and yell out "Fuck off Blorb! You're not even a good super villain! Just leave us alone!" Which was quickly followed by the girl yelling "Yeah! Some of us just got off midterms! We don't have time for your shit!"

Level 2 - (14/20) EXP
Location: Scrapyard
Word count: 330

Ratchet looked over the battlefield trying to figure out what the best play would be. The larger turret was shredding through cover like it was nothing, it reminded him of the stalker turrets Dreadzone used, and boy those things were nasty. The smaller one seemed much less firepower heavy but the pinpoint accuracy made it far more threatening. Ratchet peered around seeing that most people were managing to stay in one piece (Praise Blazermate). Ratchet watched his allies engaging the enemy and in normal circumstances he'd have joined them right away, but this wasn't normal at all. Ratchet was not used to being in a situation like this, having such a limited arsenal and being surrounded by so many allies he needed to worry about, sure he'd worked with the galactic rangers against the Tyhrranoids but they only came in smaller squads and all fought using ranged weapons. But this crew had a good deal of melee combatants, that combined with his only gun being an bomb launcher with a tiny ammo capacity really limited his options. Not to mention Clank's absence... Yeah Ratchet wasn't feeling the best at the moment.

Ratchet dove behind cover to avoid getting turned to past by the set of turrets and pulled out his wrench. If it was too risky to use his gun he'd just have to settle for his wrench. Ratchet tapped his wrench against the floor for a moment as he decided what enemy he was going to go after, but before her could make a choice an explosion caught Ratchet's attention. Looking up Ratchet saw the tower start to topple, "Not good." there was no more time to think he had to move. Ratchet vaulted over his cover and sprinted towards the Engineer getting his wrench ready. The centurion was already locked in combat with the Engineer so Ratchet would take this chance to blindside the Engineer, leaping into the air aiming to strike the back of the Engineers head.

It was February the 27th 2019 and the sun had just started to peek over the horizon, the soft orange light signaling the start of a new day. So far the month had been rather quiet, only a few super powered skirmishes and an attempted bank robbery. It was about time that kids and parents would be waking up for school and work. Normally I'd have put some big prompt here starting of the plot or something like that, but nah. I'm letting you guys kick this off with your morning routine. Mainly so I can just louse it up with some evildoers or drama. Who knows, maybe you'll just have a normal morning?
Hell yeah kill Mario!

Level 2 - (13/20) EXP
Location: Scrapyard
Word count: 219

Ratchet let out a soft sigh as he got his answer from Kirby, seemed to be that people were being kept everywhere. So there wasn't any way for Ratchet to narrow down his search and try to speed up the process of saving Clank and the others. Unfortunate to say the least. Ratchet glanced back down at his bombbuilder to try and see where he'd put more ammo in, to his surprise the bar indicating his remaining shots had filled itself back up again. So the weapon was passively generating ammo? That was actually quite useful, though Ratchet still preferred breaking ammo boxes.

Ratchet looked up as the Master of Masters ran past him, it looked like it was time to get moving again. Ratchet started running, storing away the bombbuilder so he could run a little faster. Hopefully the bombbuilder still regenerated ammo while stashed away, it'd be pretty problematic if it didn't. Ratchet caught up to Blazer,Bowser and MM quickly enough to her the Master of Masters ask Blazermate about her spirit. Ratchet was interested in where this conversation would go. Ratchet himself knew plenty of robots just like Blazermate, full of personality and life. But perhaps robots in other worlds were simple husks like the hordes of battle bots Ratchet had seen over the years.
Getting her mecha ready wasn't something Eileen had trouble with anymore, she'd done it plenty of times and could probably do it blindfolded. Her mecha while being a decent bit smaller than Roxanne's Judge mecha but what Eileen lacked in size she for sure made up for with speed. Eileen was relatively content on during the entire drop, Roxanne not being one for small talk definitely helped make the drop more tolerable. Stepping out of the drop pod and into the arid landscape Eileen let out a soft sigh and listened to Roxanne's orders, "Understood. I'll take to the sky if we encounter any obstacles. For now it'd be better to conserve fuel, save it for when the terrain is less hospitable." Eileen wasn't a fan of traipsing around in the middle of nowhere, hopefully they would pick up on a distress signal soon, then she could simply fly straight to the lost pilots and get them safe as quickly as possible.
Jenny slowly stepped out of the drop pod after everyone else and gingerly looked around at the surrounding jungle. It really was dense, Jenny could hardly see anything in any direction. The only area she could get a decent read on was directly below here, and when you're on a search and rescue mission only being able to see under your feet is... Not ideal. Jenny jumped a little as her tail gently umped into something, turning around Jenny saw it was the massive spider mecha. Oh no! The pilot was for sure going to yell at her! Jenny quickly moved her tail away hoping the light dink didn't make enough noise to be noticed by Cahreli. It was then that Chareli hinted at removing a bunch of trees, most likely to assist with vision. Even all the way up in that mecha Chareli was having vision problems, that mecha was the only thing that really made Jenny feel small and even that thing couldn't see above the trees. "I-I don't think we have a choice. The trees are going to make i-it hard to move around"

Jenny looked up at the colossus and smiled sheepishly, not that her face could actually be see through her helmet. "E-even if we all got out of out mecha, I'd still be too big... Heh..." Jenny twiddled her thumbs and waited for orders on where to go.
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