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Travis' pace was fairly quick as he practically surfed past oncoming pedestrians. He seemed to be able to just flow through people with relative ease. But his brief display of grace was halted when he heard Kristian's confession, his mind had a mixed reaction. On one had the poor kid had never had a home to call his own, but on the other hand that meant that no if Travis' house was a little cluttered then kristian wouldn't notice. "Wait you've not live in a house. Well I guess I'm going to have to show you why they are so great then." Travis said with an upbeat tone, maybe he'd be able to make this kids life a lot better.

They would be just around the corner from the apartment building. It was ordinary looking but hey Travis was a fairly ordinary himself so the building suited him just fine.

Travis looked down at Kristian as his sleeve was tugged on. He got the message Kristian just wanted to be out of public, or something like that. The girl seemed a little down but Kristian was feeling uncomfortable so he decided to go with the person who he knew a better, besides someone was for sure going to help out the girl, hopefully. Travis then gave the girl a wave as she walked off, he smiled when she returned the wave "Good luck!" he said before he looked back down at Kristian. "So Kristian, you ready to see my 'crib'?" Travis asked with a slight smile, if Travis were being honest with himself he was kind of nervous. He thought his place was clean but his standards of clean might no match up with Kristian's. They still had a little ways to go before they got back to Travis' so he thought he might as well try and figure out more about Kristian, first thing on that list would be to figure out what kind of housing he liked.

Magde had quickly recovered all of the parts of her childhood companion and for the most part tried to ignore Beel. She very much wanted to squeeze the air out of him but she could barely muster the strength to maintain her grip on the doorway she was using as a support. The jumbled pieces of rotting carcass that Magde held would smell awful, the decayed flesh barely holding onto the bones that would remain long after the flesh had fully decayed. She watched Beel's fancy landing and her eye met his, but they were not full of amazement or gratitude, they were full of hate. Who the fuck did this guy think he was? He just scattered the remains of Scruff! Now he was reaching for the her collar, like she would let him drag her off. It was at this point where her rage finally overcame her injuries and she forced herself to stand, it would have been hard enough if the ground was level but that wasn't Magde's concern at the moment. She heard the announcement from the loud speakers, she wasn't landing in her originally planned destination. What did that matter? As long as she was out of meteor city.

"Who the hell are you?..." Magde managed to say in a rather weak voice. She felt so weak after talking but she wasn't going to let herself fall down or drop Scruff's remains. She tried her best to avoid looking at the many parts of her long dead companion but her eyes drifted to the disembodied head. Scruff's tongue lay out as if he were asleep and had forgotten to close his mouth, seeing this brought a tear to Magde's eye, this brief moment of sadness was quickly replaced with rage again. She would grit her teeth before speaking again "And who was that... Little bitch. Who threw Scruff's coffin at you?" This time her voice carried a much more demanding tone, but it was still weak. He gaze would then fall back onto Beel, her watered eyes burning like red hot coals.

Koharu watched her two new friends enter the room, her smile looked to big for her face, Yay I made friends! Koharu would quickly follow Edith into the classroom giggling to herself quietly. This lunch time she might have someone to talk to! She took her seat next to Edith and was bobbing up and down in her chair, she was so full of energy she could hardly contain it. She squinted at the board as she tried to read what it said, she had trouble making it out properly, but she eventually got it. Then she started bobbing faster, were they about to get costumes!?

Jerome Winchester

Jerome watched as the last of the kids entered the room, they were all on time surprisingly. At least now he had something to be mildly happy about. He stepped to the side of the board so all the students could see what he'd written. "Good morning class. Let me say that it pleases me that everyone was able to make it on time today..." Jerome then gestured to the board with one hand "Now as you can all see on the board today we'll be discussing your 'heroic image'. A few people disagree with me on my views, they do not think someones heroic image can be simplified into these two categories. They say that it's the soul that makes your heroic image. Either way you look at it if you want to make it anywhere as a hero you need these things." Jerome then pointed to the subheading "personality", and then back at appearance. "These two things help mould the public's view on you. Your deeds are the other factor, but those come much later... For now I'll help you with what I can." Jerome quickly wrote the word "Costumes" under the appearance sub heading. "Costumes, they are you business suits. Much like a police officer or a fireman your costume will be how the public will recognise you when you are on duty. It will show them that help has arrived and that they are safe."

Jerome took a breath and his mandibles chattered briefly. "Your costume should embody your personality and your abbilities. It would make no sense for me to wear colours like red or blue, or to have patterns like flames or lightning bolts. I do not shoot flames or electrocute my foes. As a hero it must be obvious what you can do so that the public can react accordingly... All that being said, now is when you'll be putting in your requests for your first costume." Jerome grabbed some blank pieces of paper and started handing them out to every student. When he got to Karen he would just drop the paper onto the floor because there was no room on her desk. "All you need to do is write down or even draw what you want your hero costume to be like, nobody knows you more than you do. After you're finished come and hand your requests up to me and I'll make sure they get to the costume makers. Be sure to include a description of your quirk so that they can add required features accordingly." Jerome then went back to standing behind his podium. "You may begin."

Catherine watched as Nunchucks walked around inspecting the scene, soaking in anything that might be important. Catherine still hadn't seen what it looked like in the kitchen but frankly she didn't want to, death was such a horrid and permanent thing she found it hard to deal with. Catherine smiled as Nunchucks comforted the waitress, she looked so relived but still very shaken as she told Nunchucks everything she knew, she was then told to be given the best care they had. Catherine's smile vanished and was replaced with a look of horror as the woman's brain case was blown to bits in a spectacular fashion. Haha holy shit! Look at that, it went everywhere! Catherine was far to distracted with the spectacle to be bothered by Aranea's reaction. She covered her mouth and looked over at Nunchucks her eyes watering, why would he let this happen?

It was only after Nunchucks gave his explanation that she was already long gone, he just made sure she got sent there with hope in her heart rather then fear as her humanity was pulled away. She wasn't happy with it but she couldn't deny that he was correct, she just wish there was a better way to deal with it. She felt her hands shaking a little. Then Nunchucks was back to being sceptical of their innocence this made Catherine very scarred, what if he was going to have them all killed right now? She felt one of her arms spasm a little as Aranea obviously shared the same thoughts. Catherine grabbed her twitchy arm and kept here eyes on Nunchucks.

Then Nunchucks let his little secret spill, just when she didn't think things could get more messed up, it turned out that this wasn't the first set of murders that had happened. Nunchucks and his men have been covering up deaths for god knows how long. Catherine couldn't help but feel betrayed, Nunchucks the man she'd put her trust had been hiding things from her and the whole of Pallet Town. Admittedly it was probably for the best to avoid a panic but it was still bad lying to your people. The Nunchucks went a step further. Now he was a lair and he was crazy. What did he mean a Scooby-Doo mystery team? Catherine had just met most of these people and now she was expected to solve a crime with them while also holding up the lie that was being told to the public? The shock from this idea almost made Catherine forget she'd just watched this man order a woman's head to get blown apart.

Catherine tilted her head and managed to squeak out a question.
"S-so you want us to find this m-murderer? While also keeping t-their existence hidden?" Catherine paused for a moment and a grin crept across her face "Oh actually. Do we get to kill them after we find them?" Catherine's whole demeanour changed almost instantly after she spoke, no longer was she crouched or hunched. She stood tall and proud, all the while a malicious grin was plastered on her pale face. Her tone also changed from shaky and afraid to straight forward and slightly seductive. It was almost like a completely different person had taken her place, though this was only half true. Aranea was now at the helm, and she was really hoping she would get to kill the person responsible. She'd never gotten to end the life of a person yet, and she looked forward to the experience.

Magde would lay there still sorely pained by the display of power going on before her, she couldn't even understand how something like this could happen. She moved what little parts of her body she could, she listened in on the conversation between the two, not like she really had a choice. From it she gathered that this Beelzebutt had some kind of care for anyone who came from Meteor City, this was something Magde didn't care about, the other thing she learned was that this little girl whoever she was, was an ass hole beyond measure. She wanted to beat the living shit out of her but knew she couldn't, whoever this girl was her sheer power was something Magde couldn't even conceive. Magde's thoughts were interrupted by the sudden feeling of her being pulled, Magde managed to look ahead of her only to see she was being hurtled towards the man who was fighting the girl. But she wasn't the only thing, there was a chair and. This bitch was throwing Scruff at him!

Magde's eye twitched as she saw the man smash the create blowing the corpse of her best friend Scruff into at least 9 pieces. Her rage was so intense that not even the crippling pain of her being hurled at Bell who then blasted her with some Ren. She went tumbling across the floor only stopping when she came into contact with a wall, she hissed in pain as she looked up, her body was finally able to move albeit barely. She clawed at the ground as she watched the girl jump from the airship. Her arms buckled as she tried to pick herself up she was in no condition to fight, no matter how much she wanted to, so the next best thing she could try would be to gather up the remains of Scruff. Her anger made every one of her fingers jittery and twitchy but she still managed to crawl towards where all the pieces of her dog were blasted. Her eyes watered and then tears started rolling down her face, but she didn't make any sound, these tears were a mix of sadness and primal rage. Whoever this Gum chick was, Magde was going to enjoy scooping the eyes out of her skull with a rusted spoon.

Koharu started beaming when she heard Edith confess that she liked friends Koharu couldn't have agreed more, then Karen also said they were friends. Koharu let out a little squeal of joy "Yay! My first friends!" Koharu also picked up her pace, she started skipping so she could keep up with Karen and Edith. Being short was hard sometimes, but she didn't have to deal with it permanently so she tried to avoid complaining.

As the three got to the door Koharu ran ahead and slid the door open. She then waited next to the open door for Karen and Edith smiling the whole time, she was shaking with happiness, so even if you managed to miss her gigantic smile you'd still see a vibrating girl who was radiating childlike joy and excitement. "After you!" she would exclaim as she waited for her new friends to enter the class she would walk in after them and sit next to them wherever they sat, if they split up then she'd try and take a seat by a window. She looked up at the board and then at the clock, there was still a little time left before class started.

Travis held the bridge of his nose, Kristian didn't seem to know how things worked did he? If he wanted to cut his own hair why didn't he say so before they got to the hairdresser? Oh well it'd happened now nothing he could do besides take Kristian back to his place and show him around. His train of thought was derailed when he heard Kristian bump into someone, he paused and looked back at him, Kristian had bumped into a girl who looked of a similar age to him. Travis watched the two interact and grinned as he immediately caught on to Kristian's flustered expression. Heh Kristian's looking a little lost for words. He then nodded to the girl.

"Don't worry about looking like a fool, he has you beat there." Travis gestured to Kristian. "My names Travis. Nice to meet you, I'll let the kid introduce himself." Travis was smirking slightly. He hoped this other kid had parents, or else he might have to bring her back with Kristian. At least Kristian was easy to feed though, he'd have to fake stock up his kitchen more if the girl came to stay. He had no idea what had made him think about the girl moving in with Kristian, but he had a gut feeling. He hid his thoughts with a smile as he looked down on the to very pretty children trust me Travis isn't creepy.
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