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Ouch. Sam lay on the ground letting out a hollow groan as he looked over at his dislocated shoulder. His arm just dangled there limp as Sam slowly leaned up. He let out a pained hiss, pausing a moment to see how O-Chul was holding up. The tosser didn't seem to be able to take as much as he could dish, Sam figured as much. Though Sam wasn't out of trouble yet, the ball of chi O-Chul shot off was still bouncing around, and unfortunately, it seemed intent on interfering with the fight between Naja and Pacho. Though Sam was in no condition to stop it moving, and even if he was he couldn't move anywhere near that speed.

Sam growled as he stood up, his arm swinging a little causing Sam to yelp in pain. "Gaaah!... Ddd-dammit..." Sam clutched his shoulder. Panting heavily Sam started to jostle around his arm looking to realign it, while he did this he did take note that he'd need to get his clothing fixed. For now, Sam was out of the fight.
Sam grunted as his gut was struck but that didn't stop him from catching the next attack. Sam clamped his hand around O-Chul's and threw a savage punch towards O-Chul's face, but his slow speed gave O-Chul more than enough time to block the attack. And while the block made the blow a lot less effective then Sam would've liked, it had left O-Chul's arm guard broken. Sam was going to storm towards O-Chul but it seemed the battered criminal still had some tricks up his sleeve, and it looked rather powerful. Especially if that burn mark Sam had gotten on his leg was any indicator of the power O-Chul's chi carried.

Sam didn't get much time to plan his next attack as O-Chul fired off the massive ball of energy. Sam decided he'd shoulder check into the orb as he had no real way of avoiding such a fast attack, and even if this orb burnt three times a much as the kick did Sam would still have a functioning arm after it. So Sam barreled into the ball of chi and instead of getting burnt as he'd expected Sam felt the ball knocking him back with tremendous force. Sam almost comically bounced off the energy ball, his shoulder dislocating from the force of the impact, though he'd managed to redirect the kinetic energy ball. Where it was going to fly was anyone's guess.

Marta nodded as Asuka gave out both their names to the new hunter. Marta then gave Masaru's hand a solid shake, possibly too solid. "Happy to meet you Masaru. Shame about the captain, we'd been told to wait for him. Guess we're free to piss about now then." Marta said. A slight grin creeping onto her face. "Say Masaru? You'd not happen to know where I could store my armour? This heat is getting to me, these furs are fucken warm." Marta removed her helmet and wiped her brow, a slight bit of sweat had already started building on her forehead.

Before the man could even start to respond, Marta would lightly curse to herself and start removing her armour. Eventually revealing quite a lot of her skin, the crop top and shorts combo letting her skin finally breathe properly after having been suffocated by heavy furs for the entire airship trip over. "Ahh much better! Fuck I hate heat."
Arthur's ability do deal with people was quite a change from what Hogan was used to. Normally Hogan would have to remain out of sight or would get deployed on missions that took place far from the city, so getting himself smuggled into the backstage area of a massive event was quite the change. Not that Hogan was complaining. He got to sit here under a blanket and not move for ages. It wasn't until Hogan heard the brothers asked for a volunteer to partake in their next trick did Hogan's interest get peeked. There was still Leonard, Mieke and Blue in the crowd and while the chances for one of them getting picked it wasn't impossible.

Hogan slowly slid out form under the sheet that had been draped over him and got into a position where he could see. It took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the light, but when it did he wasn't super pleased with what he saw. Mieke had been picked... Out of the three Allies he had in the crowd the light managed to land on the one with the least experience. Though the more Hogan thought about it he wasn't sure this was a coincidence. Mieke was the one who'd seen the brothers performance before, so perhaps this was a tactic to capture her. Hogan's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of cracking knuckles, looking up Hogan saw that Arthur didn't look too pleased about this either. Hogan slinked back out of the light and back behind Arthur. As much as Hogan wanted to run out onto the stage and just take the brothers down, doing so in front of a giant crowd would be terrible. Laws weren't so nice to Crocodiles, if Hogan was caught biting someone in public then people would be calling for his head. If a human bites another human the worst thing that could happen to them is probably a couple years of jail time.

Hogan dropped his body to the floor with a slight thud. All he could do now was wait, as frustrating as that was. It was his only real option.

It didn't take the cops long to arrive on the scene. They came with a massive reinforced truck, obviously they were getting just as tired of Blorb getting away as Wet Towel was. A pair of officers got out of the back of the truck, and came over to pick up the rather chunky Blorb but all the meat on the ground was making things a little slippery.

One of the officers couldn't help but look at Wet Towel and her costume, the younger cop was quickly given a light smack upside the head from his senior officer. "Eyes on the criminal Perkins..." the senior let out a sigh as the junior quickly started hauling Blorb off looking rather embarrassed "Don't mind him, he's new. Anyway, thanks again for stopping Blorb. I just hope this time we find some way to keep the guy locked up." the senior extended her hand out to Wet Towel inviting her to a handshake.
Jenny remained curled up in her corner of the ship when the engines were hit. Jenny was almost flung from her seat, only saved by a quick reaction. Grabbing onto whatever she could Jenny quickly powered up her power armor, the shields flickering back to life as Jenny looked around to try and figure out what was going on. But before she could come up with any kind of theory the ship had crashed back into the thick jungle.

"I-Is everyone alright!?" Jenny groaned as she slowly got herself up. That when she noticed all the smoke that was getting into the ship, this wasn't good.

Eileen was patiently sitting in her mecha while she waited for the craft to get into orbit. But before that could happen the ship was hit by something Eileen was pretty sure it was by whatever it was that offed the pilot. Eileen girt her teeth as she braced herself and her mecha for the crash landing.

Eileen shook her head as she slowly leaned up in her cockpit, letting out a pained sigh before getting her mecha back on its feet. That's when she caught Jenny asking how people were doing. "I'm f-fine. I'm going to go find out who's responsible for this." Eileen fired up her after burners and leg blades,blasting her way through the top of the ship, hopefully her exit hole would help drain out some of the smoke.

Eileen took a quick scan of the area and found herself looking straight at some thing that she couldn't really find words for. It was some kind of winged, flesh monstrosity. But it didn't matter what it was, this thing was obviously what was responsible for the death of the pilot and the crash of the ship. "I see a target. I'm engaging." with a flash of flame from her thrusters Eileen closed the distance with the attacker and sent a rocket powered kick at the mid-section of the biomech.
Sam let out a soft cry of pain as the chi empowered knee strike slammed into his shin, sending his leg backwards and forcing Sam onto one knee. Bloody hell that hurt, Sam hadn't taken a hit like that since... Well, he'd never taken a hit like that. Sam slowly forced himself to stand again, the burn wound on his shin getting agitated with every movement. Sam was going to have to take this guy seriously, taking more hits like that wasn't an option.

With a simple grunt, Sam started storming towards O-Chul again, taking note of O-Chul's damaged knee. If Sam played his cards right maybe he could get his hands on the other leg, or just knock the bugger off balance and get a good grip on the damaged knee. Though going after the other leg might just lead to another devastating knee attack, and that's not something Sam wanted to get hit by again. Sam had a feeling that this guy was going to continue his trend of offence over defence, so when Sam got about 4 feet from O-Chul he stopped in his tracks and put a hand out in front of his chest, hand wide open ready to grab whatever attack came its way.


Breaking Wind

Sylph was forced to cover her eyes as the massive seraph in the sky unleashed a blinding blast of energy. Though the attack seemed to be so powerful that the being flickered and faded away. Behemoth, on the other hand, was still around and was content to continue his rampage.

This made Sylph grit her teeth, she had to do something. She could probably stall Behemoth greatly if she went all out with tornadoes… Yes, there would be collateral, but at this point, Sylph doubted that it would matter. And if she accidentally killed other capes, well they should have gotten out of the way.

With a strong flap of her wings Sylph propelled herself in Behemoth’s direction, taking the storm she had created with her. As she flew she started to build up a powerful blast of wind in her mouth. She approached Behemoth from behind and fired off her attack. The sheer power of the projectile caused any un-shattered windows to blow out. The attack struck the back of Behemoth’s leg causing the beast’s foot to lurch forward. The impact of the attack, while now visible was still not satisfactory…

Sylph was shocked when the ground suddenly caved in under Behemoth's gargantuan foot causing the beast to plummet into a massive pitfall (Thanks Gorgon~<3). Sylph took this opportunity to fire off even more devastating blasts, kicking the beast while it was down.

Judah looked upwards as the winged creature flew and launched blast after blast of air at the endbringer. It moved with terrifying speed and elegant grace. Much like a bird of prey. Clouds formed in the sky above. Rain began to fall upon them. Judah donned his balaclava and spoke to Healer and Axel, ” I have an idea. Stay here.” He moved into the middle of the street and cried out toward Sylph, ” HEY! I CAN HELP YOU!” Whether or not she could hear his words amidst the chaos was a mystery. He began releasing feelings of courage and power upward to her location.

Sylph had just fired off a blast when she heard someone calling out, she looked around to find a man in a balaclava waving up at her. He could help her? She wasn’t really sure how until she felt a hint of courage and even an amount of power flow into her. The thought of getting more powerful drove her to land next to the man, a hard clang rang out as she hit the floor. She took a moment to shut off her wind barrier as to not damage this possibly useful cape. ” Whatever you just did, how far can you ramp that up?” she asked in a rather demanding tone.

Mantis managed to keep his balance from the shockwave of Sylph's landing nearby. In response to her question, he smiled, ” Let's find out.” Suddenly, waves of power surged over her. At the same time, a single command phrase rattled loudly in her mind,


Sylph flinched as she felt a sudden surge in both power and desire to see Behemoth wiped from the face of the planet. Her wind barrier booted up with a powerful wave of bone-chilling wind, it’s range and power far greater than what she was using just before. The rain quickly dialled up into a storm comparable to a monsoon, with any rain that came close to Sylph turning into savage shards of ice.

Behemoth was climbing his way out of the pitfall, his spiked arm reaching around the top of the pit. Sylph growled as she saw this and started to expand out her barrier, slowly forming a tornado. The winds started to pick out smaller bits of debris as Sylph commanded the tornado to move in Behemoth's direction. As it moved the tornado continued to grow in size and power, quickly getting enough power to lift cars off of the ground. By the time it reached Behemoth the tornado was so large it started pulling down the clouds that had formed above making a pillar of dust, cloud and cars that was nearly one hundred and fifty feet tall.

Mantis looked up in awe at the massive tornado forming at Sylph's direction. Rain poured over everyone in the area, drenching them in the storm. A few seconds passed before Mantis heard the barking of his dog, immediately snapping him out of it. He turned and ran toward the others. Healer yelled through the rain, ” Did it work?!" Mantis grabbed her by the arm and continued down the street, ” Yes!...RUN!”

Sylph hissed as she took off into the air flying high above the epicentre of her still growing tornado, charging up a gargantuan blast of wind. The sheer power of the tornado was starting to peel away parts of broken buildings adding the massive chunks into itself. Behemoth itself was starting to rise ever so slightly as cars and debris crashed into him. His eye shifted up to look at Sylph, the beast slowly raising its arm in her direction.

Sylph continued charging her attack until the moment Behemoth’s arm came in line with her, she let out an enraged cry as she fired off the humongous blast. The blast itself sent ripples through her tornado as it travelled towards Behemoth. But before the blast made contact a terrible bolt of lightning cut through the air towards Sylph parting her as easily as it did the clouds behind her. With her death, the tornado instantly ended, though the tremendous blast of wind still slammed Behemoth back into the pitfall.

All that remained of Sylph was her wings and the end of her tail, everything else had either been disintegrated or turned to slag. The pieces fell like the rest of the rubble Silvia’s tornado had collected. All this piled into the pitfall onto Behemoth itself, burying the beast underneath.
Sorry for the big delay on my post. Also, I didn't @ you in my post @KingOfTheSkies sorry I forgot!

Marta looked at Tyrin as he spoke, from his response about cracking skulls Marta was pretty sure she'd like that one. He had gusto. Next to respond was a large brute of a man, with a physique Marta could respect. Though that guy seemed like a bit of a buzzkill, they were obviously here to hunt monsters and not torture them, but from the stories she'd heard growing up, Marta knew that sometimes the monsters dragged these things out limping away and retreating to their nests.

Then came the "Y-Yes, ma'am!" from the rather adorable girl with a gunlance on her back. Marta couldn't help but laugh a little, quietening herself down only to listen to what the girl had to say about finding the guild hall. "Ha-haaa. I don't think we need to worry ourselves with that. The little guy will be back here with the captain, then we'll probably get taken to the hall. Bet it's going to be fuck'n huge." Marta chuckled a little more before letting out an amused sigh. "Also the name's Marta. Not Ma'am."
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