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Oh dam. Monster hunter XX is coming to the west.
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Godzilla is a large boi.
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Koharu cursed her short legs. They had one job and they couldn't even do that right! She maintained her quickened pace but heard Noru quickly gaining on her. Then he spoke, making Koharu slow her pace until she fully stopped. Why did everyone keep cheeking on how she was feeling? She was fine. Ok she wasn't fine, Noru was absolutely correct, Koharu was very nervous. Both about hurting her partner or her opponents, not to mention her partner was the super cute Charles...

"I'm... I am nervous, I-I don't want to hurt anyone..." She mumbled to herself and crossed her arms, looking down at the floor, starting to walk again. She'd round a corner quickly not paying any attention to where she was going.

So this was the boss then. He was for sure on the more insane mass murderer side, but these types of people were among the dark tree and Aya knew this. Didn't mean she was a fan of them, but alas they were there. Aya knew this man wasn't a rat though, he was just theatrical. That's why he'd waited for his big entrance and all that, though his appearance was a little vexing for her, the exposed muscle was driving her crazy. She wanted to just patch up the holes, sew them shut. But she wasn't going near that man, not unless she had to.

Though Aya was blessed with good news. No killing kids. This was one of her primary concerns and it'd been addressed efficiently, perfect. Now she wouldn't get into trouble for scolding people who killed children. Well at least she'd be able to keep her part in check. When White Skull asked for questions Aya had none to offer, the main point she was really worried about was already taken care of. It was then that Verd wrapped an arm around her. She glared down at the boy for a moment before promptly moving his arm off her shoulder. "Personal space please Verd." She frowned at him, he didn't seem like the kind of person to kill. At least it didn't seem like it from the small amount of time she'd spent with the guy. Maybe pairing with him would be bad. She let out a sigh. "I'm fine to partner up is Diesel is..."
Sigh. Great, it was time to get up... Stupid sunlight, stupid alarm, stupid meeting. Why on earth did he have to go? It's not like he could contribute to the conversation or anything like that. Alas it didn't matter in the end, the boss wanted his scaly ass over there, though he was already late. It turned out that this was the fifth time the alarm had rung. "Ah shit I slept in... Well it's not like Hogan was going to move his ass anyway. Stupid lizard."

The handler rolled out of bed and made his way downstairs, Hogan's mansion was pretty massive. The man stumbled into the kitchen, his movements affected by a great lack of sleep. Raising one hand the man rubbed his eyes and the bridge of his nose, cleaning off the crust that'd built up while he slept. With his free hand he pulled a phone off the wall and made his way towards the back yard, swinging the back door open with a yawn. "Hogan it's time to go! Get you ass out of the pool!"

The man's only reply was a rumbling gargle. "C'mon you lazy prick you've had days to get ready for this! Don't give me a hard time!" Again he was greeted with a rumbling gargle, though this one was slightly softer. "Fine then. I'll just call the boss."

The man quickly rang up Louis' office, patiently waiting for the line to pick up. "Hey Louis it's Simon, just ringing it to say I'll be running a little late." Simon would get interrupted by the sound of a loud splash and a low snarl. "Give me a second." The line went quiet for a moment, the only sounds being footsteps. Then suddenly loud splashes kicked off mixed with a decent amount of cursing. "Come on you bastard!" The splashes continued along with the sounds of extreme effort. "Gah shit you fucking bit me!" Simon's voice was a little distant now, whatever was going on on the other end was moving away from the phone. "This stupid lizard is giving me some trouble Louis! Just start the meeting while I sort this out!" The sounds of Wrestling would continue until Louis decided to hang up.
A alright no problem then. Either way I am ready to roll anytime.
I think we should let Dplunk respond to Midnight. Put if you're ready to go I am too.

Diana fell a few feet from Marlin and landed on her left side, though the force of hitting the ground still went through her whole body. She gnashed her teeth at the pain feeling more annoyed than hurt. Diana shifted onto her chest and pushed herself up, making the left arm do most of the work. Shit! She cursed through the pain and stood up. "Yoki! Eve! Get over here! Marlin is badly hurt and I can't carry him on my own!" Diana would then place her medical box down and open it up. She pulled out a small pill and chucked it down her throat, before quickly diving back into the box and pulling out a compact folding tablet.

She unfolded it out and booted it up, she quickly flicked through a few settings before aiming the tablet at Marlin. It was a miniature X-ray scanner. "You're not looking good Marlin. Multiple ribs damaged, and by the looks one might be floating around inside you at the moment. I'm probably going to have to pull it out." She sounded a little worried. Yes she had medical training, but the amount of times she'd had to handle something this major. Yeah there wasn't many.

Koharu was oddly calmed by Noru's exaggerated... Heroicness. Though she was still fumbling around with her bag while she looked up at Noru. "It's n-nothing. J-just a mix up." Koharu's cheeks would betray her as she blushed a little. She was honestly contemplating just curling up and sitting in her locker. "I s-should get to c-class. Don't w-want to be late." Koharu would then quickly close up her locker and shuffle off, though she wasn't fast at all. So if Noru wanted to catch her he could do so easily.

Aya gave Verd a smack upside the head, frowning at him. "These people are here help you twit. Just try and get along, you don't have to like them, but at the very least be civil. If you see that guy with a bullet in his arm, you don't leave him. You bring him to me." She shook her head a little. Just because we are villains doesn't mean we have to be assholes."

She then looked over at the man in charge. Verd seemed suspicious of him for some reason, Aya really saw no reason to. But like contagious disease suspension now linger in her too, though only a little. Aya then looked back at Verd "I see nothing wrong here, and if he is hiding something it's either a test from the dark tree or he's going to tell us later. This guy doesn't seem like a mole to me, but with what happened a few days ago..." Aya fell silent for a moment then shook her head. "Yeah no. I don't see anything Verd, I can go talk to him if you want but honestly I think it's just your imagination."

Aya sat on a supply crate as she sifted through her medical bag making sure to be fully topped up on everything she might need. If she were to tell the truth she wasn't the happiest about this mission, she knew it was needed but messing with kids was always a little bit a problem. But at least if some of her compatriots got a little carried away with their handling of the kids then she could give the kids some treatment and then give a verbal lashing to whoever she deems fit.

She frowned at the interaction Verd had with the other villain. But he was new and the other guy seemed like an ass, if push came to shove it'd probably be her dragging both their asses out of trouble anyway... After finishing her third check over her equipment she stood up and headed over to Verd. "Do you have to pick fights on the first day?" Her tone was rather empty making it hard to tell if she was scolding him or just joking.
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