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Current The longer you spend awake the less time you spend asleep.
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Every hour spent not eating is an hour spent getting hungrier.
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Cats are like dogs. Except dogs are better.
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Oh boy! Oh BOY! It's almost time for MHW: Iceborne.
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Fresh and juicy


I'm just some filthy Australian.

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Would it be alright if I used Avalon again? Maybe switched a few things around to make her a Ward?
Here's what I got.

I'm interested in joining this.
Ifrinn continued walking in silence until smoke started to rise from the town near the base of the hill. "Humph, still think it's the volcano?" Ifrinn jeered an uncommonly large smirk on her face. "I'm going to see what the humans have botched this time. It's always fun to watch them blunder about." With a flap of her wings Ifrinn shot into the air soaring towards the town. As she got closer her nose began to twitch, there was no doubt this was human magic Ifrinn was going to have to be careful.


Landing atop a tree near the town's edge Ifrinn took in the situation and growled. It looked like the order had caught up with them, perfect Ifrinn quickly hopped down from the top of the tree and took cover behind the trunk of the tree. "Cursed wings could you not fold a little smaller?" She humbled to herself as she attempted to conceal her wings behind the tree, while only small bits were poking out Ifrinn didn't doubt it was only a matter of time before she was spotted (if she hadn't already been spotted that is).
"It does seem odd, however the volcano on this island is a mana vent from the Leylines." Lios glances to steep slope just beyond the edge of town. Just about all the island was this small port town and the volcano. "I doubt there is a regular local mana flow on this island,” Lios shrugged. “It might not be a bad idea to see if we can find some Runes around the volcano, get out of town for a short bit.”

”... That’s better than staying here. Admittedly a lot of things are better than staying in a human settlement…” Ifrinn looked over at the volcano in the distance and frowned. ” I’ll say I don’t think I was feeling the volcano just now, that thing doesn’t look like it’s seen any action in at least a few hundred years.”

“You might be right, considering there’s a town right at the base of it,” Lios rubbed his neck, with a faint smirk on his face.

” Great more humans…” Ifrinn noticed Lios’s smirk “ Something amusing?” Ifrinn asked raising an eyebrow.

“Not at all,” Lios waved his hand. “You just remind me a lot of my little sister. She doesn’t care much for humans either and literally has a nose for trouble.” What little smile he had faded a bit, realizing how much he missed her.

” Sounds like a sensible girl. We could use more people like her on the ship.” With that Ifrinn went quiet noticing Lio’s drop in mood and decided to let the conversation end there. She didn’t care much for conversation anyway.
Ifrinn paused as she heard Lios coming up behind her, out of all the crew members he was one of the more tolerable ones. She let out a sigh and slowed her pace as Lios caught up with her. "Well I actually went this way specifically to be alone..." She let that sink in for a moment before continuing. "But since you mentioned it. I do have a feeling something is amiss. I can't quite put my finger on it, but we're among humans so there's no doubt they've done something stupi-."

Ifrinn froze and gave the air a brief sniff and looked over her shoulder. She squinted "Do you smell that?" She clicked her tongue, hopefully it was just her imagination. "As I was saying. Humans probably disrupted the local mana with their idiocy." Ifrinn shook her head, taking one last glance over her shoulder.
Jenny tilted her head ever so slightly. Wait she wasn't annoying this person, wonderful! "Oh I-I'm Jenny! P-pleasure to meet you T-tenebyth" Jenny's tail went to wag a little but Jenny held it still with one of her hands, a nervous chuckle escaped her mouth. "..." Jenny shuffled a little having no idea what to say, Jenny wasn't well versed in how to hold a conversation. Her cheeks went a little red as she started to feel embarrassed and awkward.

"Excuse me? Is this thing on?" the recognizable voice of Simmon's crackled on over the ships speaker system. "Oh it is? Good show. Apologies everyone but I have an urgent mission that requires pilots. Meet me in the hanger for debriefing. Oh and bring your tactical gear, you won't be piloting your mecha for this one. Also Jenny you'll have to sit this one out as well, I know you don't do confined spaces."

When those who wished to attend the mission gathered in the hanger they would be met by the tiny Simmons, who stood atop a crate with a hologram projector next to him.

Jenny was looking up at the roof when she heard a faint 'hello'. Looking around Jenny found a blob looking up at her. "U-umm-h-hello." Jenny responded before shifting so she wasn't blocking the cafeteria door. " S-sorry I didn't mean to block up the hallway..." Jenny slumped a little, even just sitting here was causing people grief... If only she wasn't so cumbersome...
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