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Berillius nodded as the hunters threw in their votes. "Hmm that still leaves us fairly divided..." He rubbed his chin as he looked down at the map. He traced one of his fingers along the many rivers and such, trying to find a spot that would hopefully please all the hunters. Since they were approaching from the south of the island the tundra was on the exact opposite side of the island, and going all the way around would be a huge waste of time. Not to mention a risk because of the nasty monsters that lurk in cold waters.

"Alright I got it. You see this point here," he said pointing at a section where the tundra, swamp and jungle met. "We can head there via this river." Berillius then ran his finger along a large river that started where the swamp and jungle met at the south coast of the island, his finger slowly tracing the huge river up stream, the thing actually lead all the way back into the jungle again so they'd not have to worry about any poison ponds when they got off the boat. "See how this river can take us almost the whole way through the island to the meeting of the ecosystems. Instead of us having to go around the entire island, and risk the freezing tundra waters. What do you hunters think?"


Scrap ran alongside Yurel as the pair of them ran towards the feeding frenzy. Scrap tilted his head at Yurel "Well personally I don't like extra crunchy bits. I'm pretty sure there are a fair few who don't like crunchy bits." But before they could get to the carcass Sauron let out a bellow. He stood far from the body, obviously he'd not taken any of the bounty for himself. Scrap stopped firmly in place. The Aptanoth had already been stripped of most of it's meat, and there were still many more grumbling stomachs.

"Alright everyone I'll need a new pair of escorts for the next hunt." Sauron's gaze drifted over his normal escorts Calek and Torak, it seemed that they exhausted from the previous hunt. Then he slowly turned his head to Yurel and Scrap, the pair stood out because they were standing rather far away from everyone else. "Scrap, Yurel. With me."

"Yes sir!" Scrap exclaimed, obediently running after Sauron. Sauron hadn't waited for either of them and would have already started heading out of the network of dens and nests that the pack inhabited.


The sent would grow stronger identifying itself as a freshly killed Popo, the smell becoming more potent as it's killer began ripping the corpse apart. The sent would lead Ten on a fairly long walk about fifteen hundred meters north, leading towards the coast. The oceans breeze would make the sent even more pungent as she got closer. It would also identify the scent of the predator, or more accurately predators. A pack of about 3 Giaprey accompanied by a Giadrome. The area had a good amount of cover, many crags of ice jutting from the ground, the sounds of the Giaprey eating and talking to one another giving Ten a decent enough picture of the surroundings.

She wouldn't be able to scare them off, while she'd have been able to fight a single Giaprey and come out on top. Their numbers made combat a death sentence. Though she did have one advantage, being that she was downwind, the ocean breeze masking her scent from the Giaprey. So she had stealth on her side. Perhaps she could trick the Giaprey or try waiting it out. Though a smell as yummy as a dead Popo would for sure attract some big players.


Swiper would easily be able to distinguish the irritating sounds of combat as a pair of Diablos fighting for territory. It sounded like it was only just getting started. But as Swiper headed the opposite direction the sounds got quieter and quieter until tranquility had been restored. As for options on where to next, he had a few. There was a tight looking cave that seemed like it might have some proper shiny rocks inside it, though further in the distance to the left of the cave was the the start of a muddy swamp. There could be a herbivore nest set up somewhere in there, all the plants made it a great nest location. But with mud came things like Barroth and other filthy mud lovers. To the right of the cave was what looked to be the start to a labyrinth of rocky mountain paths, a place that seemed to be popular with flying wyverns and other bird wyverns like himself.

Alright then. I'll get a CS out within the next few days.
creeps in and looks around

Is it possible for me to join this rp?
The Journey Begins

"Rise and shine everyone! We're finally here!" Berillius shouted, banging a wooden spoon against a iron pot. He stomped around the main deck of the boat making sure that her made a visit to everyone's cabin. He only decided to stop once he'd made and entire round, well except to Jack's cabin but that's because he was already awake steering the boat. While Berillius was greeted with a some curses and annoyed looks his mood wasn't dampened one bit, in fact he was practically skipping around as he waited for everyone to emerge from their beds and make it onto the main deck. When the hunters made it out of their cabins there eyes would be flooded with the warm orange light of a rising sun. The island was just in view, their new home mere minuets away.

"Gah did you have to wake us up so dammed early!? Couldn't you have waited an hour or tow!?" Clara called out as she pulled herself from her quarters.

"Actually Clara I did. Because me and Jack decided that now would be the best time to choose where we're going to set up shop." Berillius eagerly un-scrolled a map and lay it out on a table that lay around the main mast of the ship. "It'd be much easier to just land on the land on the shores of the region we look to inhabit no? So we're going decide that here and no, get it done with now. Then you can go back to sleep as we sail to whatever location it is we choose. Sound good Clara?"

Clara crossed her arms and grumbled. "Yeah yeah that's fine. Also I vote no to the tundra, anywhere but the tundra."

Berillius stabbed a knife into the top of the map to make sure it wouldn't drift of. He then clapped his hands together. "Oh a vote! Wonderful idea Clara! I'll abstain as I'm up for going just about anywhere. Everyone else?"

"I will also abstain. I am fine with living anywhere, as long as I get to cook." Simon said as he walked over to a giant metal pot, a wonderful smell already starting to pour from it.

"Somewhere warm would be nice, though I'm not all that fussed." Quilt said. She had curled herself up next to where Simon was cooking, being attracted to the warmth of the pot.

"Somewhere cold wouldn't be that bad, it's nice to get away from the heat of the forge every now and then." Harris rubbed his beard as he spoke, he stood next to Berillius, peaking at the map on the table.

Jack looked back from the steering wheel for a moment rubbing the back of his neck. "Water would be nice, can't fish without water right? Heheh..." Jack didn't say anything else quickly turning back to the wheel and making sure the boat didn't crash into anything.

Henry would stifled a yawn before throwing in his vote. "As long as there is soil that I can plant in I'm fine with anywhere.

Fillie nodded furiously after Henry spoke. "Yeah! As long as there is dirt to get my fingers dirty in I'm good to go anywhere! Goodness I'm so excited!" Fillie hoped around the cooking pot Simon was using, the lust for food clear on her face.

Finally Rebecca spoke up looking at the map intently. "I have no say in this. I am perfectly fine going anywhere. There is always something to study, no matter the place."

Berillius smiled counting the votes in his head. "Alright so we got a vote for a wet place. A vote for and against a cold place. And two votes for usable soil. Plus a preference for warmth. Well it looks to me that the decision is up to you hunters, which is fair coming to think of it. After all you'll be the ones fighting the monsters in said areas."

The Jagged Jaggi

"Hey!... Hey!... Yurel buddy it's time to move." Yurel would feel himself being nudged softly from behind, his back being shifted across the cold stone floor of the den. "Come one bud, Sauron and his guys brought back an aptonoth! Even Rtelsha is awake!" The nudges would speed up a little as many patters of feet could be heard from all around.

"Scrap are you coming or not!?" Said a high pitched voice in the distance. "Yeah you snooze you lose!" Said another almost identical voice.

"Don't worry about it, there is a whole aptonoth! I don't think you'll be able to eat it that quickly!"

"You underestimate the speed of Tik and Tak my friend."

"Yeah! Don't blame us if you go hungry!"

With that the pitter patter quickly started to diminish. The cave seeming to be almost empty at this point, though the heat of the early morning sun did manage to make it's way onto Yurel's scales. So it'd be clear it was morning.

The Zealous Zarmite.

The cold air would blow into the small den that Ten called home, the chilled air doing little to disturb her slumber. It would be the morning sun striking her skin through tiny holes in the ceiling of her humble home. The warmth that it gave to her being the kick that the morning would hopefully motivated her to begin her day. Though just like all the rest this day would be difficult, unless she managed to find an easy meal. Which didn't seem that crazy when the scent of blood was already on the wind, something had made an early morning kill. obviously something dangerous.

The Kleptomaniac Kulu-Ya-Ku

The desert sun would shin into Swipers nest, it's glow only adding to the tranquility and splendor of his nest. Though at the moment it'd feel anything but tranquil. Roaring could be heard in distance, while not close enough to provide an immediate threat it was still a large annoyance. Especially for a monster that was trying to sleep. Though whatever was taking part in this scuffle weren't showing any signs of slowing down, in fact the skirmish seemed to be getting closer.

Aya coughed up a tiny bit of blood as Morri convulsed and bashed into her, but she had grabbed onto Morri's fur so that knocking her off wouldn't be that easy. She continued to hold on tight and make sure her quirk continued to restrain the wolf boy, but she was beginning to feel woozy from all the blood she was loosing. She hoped that someone would be able to take Morri of her hands, though to do that they'd have to knock the kid out and that seemed like to could present a problem, with the durability this kid has knocking him out might take a lot. "I nee... Need a hand o-over here..." Aya shook her head slightly, trying to keep herself awake.

"Man this place smells likes shit!" Madison exclaimed as she walked into a pub catching a few looks from the patrons. She casually ignored the glares and hopped onto a bar stool, she was delighted to find that it was one of the floor fitted stools that had the spinning tops. She took a few moments to spin around a couple of times giggling all the while, after a couple of second the bartender let out a sigh. "Is there something I can do for you lady?" The rather gruff looking man said with a slightly irritated tone.

"Yes there is! I need one drink please! The cheaper the better!" The bartender cave a reluctant nod and went about getting a beer. While he did this Madison fished around in her pockets, making sure her kitchen knife didn't slide out of its little holster. She then emptied the contents of her pocket onto the bar and started digging, mumbling to herself as she did. "Oh how did that get there, cheeky little guy." She said as she slipped what seemed to be a spider that'd had it's legs removed. "Ok so that's one dollar, two, three..." Madison's voice trailed off as she continued pulling notes and a coin or two out of this mess of lint that used to be in her pocket. After piling up some money she gathered up the remaining fluff and strings, shoving them pack into her pocket with the legless spider.

She gathered up her money up while smiling at the bartender. He slid her the drink, "that'll be five dollars." Maddy went to hand the bartender the money when a gentleman sat down on the stool next to her. "Put that one on my tab would ya chief." The bartender simply nodded and went off to serve someone else. Maddy tilted her head at the gentleman as she slowly slid her cash back into her pocket. The man wasn't that bad looking if she were being honest, though he still wasn't the kind of meat that got her excited, though he did look like a screamer so there was that. Madison decided she might humor this guy for a little bit, free drinks were always nice."What brings a pretty thing like yourself here?"

Maddy took a moment to drink. Her face contorted at the taste, she then leaned forward a little and whispered. "Not this piss water that's for sure." Maddy then took another swig, her face screwing up again. "Oh so what then? You come here looking for a good time?" Maddy's eyes lit up and she nodded furiously. "Well then. I might be able to help ya." Maddy gasped in excitement. "Awesome!" Maddy shot up from her chair leaving the half empty beer on the bar.

The gentleman grinned and got off his stool. "You're a keen one! C'mon lets take this somewhere a little private." The gentleman gestured towards the door waiting for Madison to start walking first before following her out of the bar. "Just around here, can't been seen having fun in public. That'd get us in trouble." Maddy nodded. "Too true. The name's M-" Before she could finish the man raised his hand. "Don't you worry about names. We're not getting married or anything. Just having a little fun." Maddy covered her mouth and nodded. "Ok no names."

Maddy followed the gentleman around into a alleyway, and as far as alleys went this one didn't smell that bad. In fact the stench was a little endearing. "So, where do we start?" the gentleman asked, getting in real close and gently sliding a hand behind Madison's head. "The stomach." The gentleman tilted his head slightly puzzled by Maddy's response. "The stoma-c-c-" Looking down the gentleman found a large kitchen knife had been crammed part way into his stomach. Before he could even react Madison had pushed him back, making him stagger and fall into his back. Blood already staining his shirt. "What the f---" Madison delivered a quick kick to the mans head silencing him, while still keeping him conscious. "What? Isn't this what you meant by FUN?" Maddy plunged the knife into the mans calf as she said the word 'fun', drawing a damp yelp from the man blood already making it hard for him for him to vocalize.

"Aww I thought you were gunna be a screamer... How disappointing..." With another forceful kick to the head the man was out cold. With a sigh Madison took her bag off and shifted into her breaker form, her body turning to a black mist. She made sure to limit the range of her miasma to half a foot around her body. She then turned an arm into a whip like tendril that she coiled around the mans throat, with a quick jerk she snapped the mans neck and lifted him off the ground. She then dumped the corpse into a nearby dumpster and picked up her bag, shifting out of her breaker form as she slid the bag onto her back. "Man that was boring. I gotta find a better way to have fun... Mooks just cut it anymore..." Madison groaned and headed off further down the alleyway. Humming as she went.

It looked like her plan had worked the kid got easily angered, throwing out more profanity before charging at her. She readied herself to react when suddenly the shielder tackled the boy from the side sending him tumbling to the ground. This just got a lot easier. Aya bolted towards the boy, the pain from the nasty cuts on her chest making her hiss in pain. Aya jumped onto Morri quickly sifting her hands into his fur looking for skin to touch, though getting to it before Morri reacts however is probably unlikely. Aya was also starting to feel the blood staining her clothes and knew she wouldn't be able to keep this fight going much longer.

If she's not thrown off or otherwise stopped from touching Morri's skin she would instantly kick her quirk into effect, making the boys muscles go limp.

@Jett Ryu Alright so I've just finished monster hunter stories and I gotta say I had a wonderful time. That being said I am willing to make riders playable in this game, but I also see that you've made a riders game yourself. So if you're still interested on playing a rider in this game then let me know. I'll just have to make the rider CS and a little bit of info on them in the google doc.
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