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Ifrinn paused as she heard Lios coming up behind her, out of all the crew members he was one of the more tolerable ones. She let out a sigh and slowed her pace as Lios caught up with her. "Well I actually went this way specifically to be alone..." She let that sink in for a moment before continuing. "But since you mentioned it. I do have a feeling something is amiss. I can't quite put my finger on it, but we're among humans so there's no doubt they've done something stupi-."

Ifrinn froze and gave the air a brief sniff and looked over her shoulder. She squinted "Do you smell that?" She clicked her tongue, hopefully it was just her imagination. "As I was saying. Humans probably disrupted the local mana with their idiocy." Ifrinn shook her head, taking one last glance over her shoulder.
Jenny tilted her head ever so slightly. Wait she wasn't annoying this person, wonderful! "Oh I-I'm Jenny! P-pleasure to meet you T-tenebyth" Jenny's tail went to wag a little but Jenny held it still with one of her hands, a nervous chuckle escaped her mouth. "..." Jenny shuffled a little having no idea what to say, Jenny wasn't well versed in how to hold a conversation. Her cheeks went a little red as she started to feel embarrassed and awkward.

"Excuse me? Is this thing on?" the recognizable voice of Simmon's crackled on over the ships speaker system. "Oh it is? Good show. Apologies everyone but I have an urgent mission that requires pilots. Meet me in the hanger for debriefing. Oh and bring your tactical gear, you won't be piloting your mecha for this one. Also Jenny you'll have to sit this one out as well, I know you don't do confined spaces."

When those who wished to attend the mission gathered in the hanger they would be met by the tiny Simmons, who stood atop a crate with a hologram projector next to him.

Jenny was looking up at the roof when she heard a faint 'hello'. Looking around Jenny found a blob looking up at her. "U-umm-h-hello." Jenny responded before shifting so she wasn't blocking the cafeteria door. " S-sorry I didn't mean to block up the hallway..." Jenny slumped a little, even just sitting here was causing people grief... If only she wasn't so cumbersome...

Ifrinn lay curled up in the crow's nest of The Shrike, her tail and wings were a little cramped but Ifrinn would rather feel slightly uncomfortable than being on the deck and among the crew. What have I gotten myself into?... Ifrinn shook her head as she heard some yelling, obviously the captain was involved in a conversation. Then a splash sounded and Ifrinn let out a groan, "time to get of this wretched ship..." While it was only going to be temporary any time away from the ocean was a good time.

With a grunt, Ifrinn stood up and spread her wings letting out a sigh of relief. Ifrinn then lept from the Crow's nest and began gliding, skipping over the docks and planting her feet on the first piece of soil she could. She instantly walked the opposite direction to Thatch and the others.

Give her one, at your own peril.

Fire Fae




around 400lbs (A tail and wings weigh a lot you know!)

Fae Name:
Ehwevv Makcaai

An ancient piece of obsidion, It's all shiny and everything.


True Form:
Ifrinn is currently unable to take her true form... Sooooooo... I'm just going to leave this blank.


After first meeting Ifrinn it is easy yo see she's a very prideful person, holding herself in high regard. While her ego is big it's also rather fragile and she will quickly take offence at any kind of slight or joke about her, this ties in with her short temper and generally grouchy attitude.

While fae generally are not the biggest fans of humans, Ifrinn has a particularly strong distaste for them. She'd sooner cut off her own tongue than say she trusts a human, and if the situation ever arose where a human did something to wrong her, Ifrinn would turn them to ash without a moment's hesitation.

Ifrinn's only concerns are for herself and her people, while she might protect the innocent by vanquishing evil beings this is a byproduct of her ultimate goal. In fact, revenge is the only reason she here in the first place.

An ornate stone bow called Fùirneis. Is primarily used to shoot magical fire arrows.

Magic Artes:
Conjur flame arrow: Ifrinn summons an arrow made of flames, it can be used in her bow like a regular arrow. The size and power of the arrow can vary depending on the power you put into the spell.

Flamethrower: Shoots a stream of fire from the caster’s hands/mouth/wherever really.

Heat bomb: Inscribe a glyph on a surface that can be detonated remotely or via proximity. When detonated the glyph release a brutal wave of heat.

Like she'd tell you.

Ifrinn likes cats a lot. She respects their dominant behaviour and can't help but pat cats when she finds them. Ifrinn is loved by cats too, her natural warmth and pointy spines make her a perfect surface to rub against and stay cozy.
Sami shook Oriro hand sinching a little because of the bite wound. " Ooooh so you're Oriro Felix mentioned you before she bit me. I would love to stay and chat, but I need to get this thing bandaged up." Sami said pointing to the bite mark on he shoulder. " I'll see you around kitty 2.0~!"

Sami grabbed Felix under the arms and walked out of the canteen, while Sami was tempted to drag Felix by the tail that could result in getting tail spiked. Sami chuckled to herself as she headed towards the hanger rather than the medical bay. After getting there she flopped Felix onto the floor and started filling a bucket with water. Sami paused for a moment and looked across the hanger and saw Jenny sitting there looking a little puzzled. " Oh hiya! Don't mind us, Felix is just really sleepy from the mission. And I figured the hanger would be a nice quiet place to set her down. Jenny nodded " O-okay, I'll clear out then so s-she can sleep better." With that Jenny squeezed her way out of the hanger. Perfect! Sami thought as she tied some rope to the buckets handle.

After placing the bucket onto a shelf Sami dragged Felix right next the shelf giggling to herself. Then she tied the bucket to one of Felix's arms. And if all went according to plan, when Felix wakes up she would dunk herself with a bucket of water. After the trap was set Sami would finally make her way towards the medical bay.

Jenny had been lamenting over her power armour taking some rater serious damage in the mission. It wouldn't have been so bad if Jenny were able to fix the armour herself, but alas her size again made things hard. Though she heard someone enter the hanger and turned to see Sami dragging Felix. " Oh hiya! Don't mind us, Felix is just really sleepy from the mission. And I figured the hanger would be a nice quiet place to set her down." Oh that made sense Felix did work really hard last mission. " O-okay, I'll clear out then so s-she can sleep better."

Jenny got up and squeezed her way out of the hanger and headed towards the canteen, getting a meal and perhaps talking to some of the other pilots would probably make her feel better. Though last time she went into the canteen she got yelled for being clumsy... Jenny ended up opting for sitting next to the door of the canteen rather than entering and risking getting yelled at again, she could get some food later while everyone was asleep and safe from her clumsiness.

Edith sat behind her cloud of steam taking the temporary reprieve to gauge just how much Transcendents power was affecting her. Her limbs were feeling many times heavier than normal and without her enhanced strength, she'd no doubt be unable to move. Suddenly Transcendent zipped right past her but this time he'd not launched any tendrils at her, Edith quickly looked back to where he'd come from only to see a flying glob of glue heading straight at her. Edith's eyes went wide as she attempted to weave out of the way of the projectile, but Transcendents power had mad her far too slow to fully avoid the glob of 'glue' which caught her right forearm. "Shit!"

Max nodded to Esmeralda, acknowledging her praise. Then Max felt a shadow clutch his tail, but instead of getting startled he got angry. Max quickly pivoted and bit down on shadow's hand forcing it to release his tail, he then promptly kicked the shadow in the head and it dissipated. Max huffed triumphantly, though he noticed a few of the shadows were regrouping that wasn't a good sign.

Max looked over towards three strange-looking kids who were responsible for firing off the fireworks, they had more shadows headed their way! Max ploughed through one of the shadow creatures that was advancing on the kids. While he trampled the shadow an idea hit him, if the kids had more of those fireworks they could rain hell on the cluster of shadow creatures.

Max put himself between the trio and the approaching shadows, briefly looking back at then and gesturing towards the shadows that were using Jack's light to strengthen themselves. He could only hope they understood what he wanted them to do, either way, he was still going to defend the kids so ther could continue peppering the shadows with slingshot fire.
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