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Godzilla is a large boi.
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Been in this house 7 years and I only just found out my shower has a mist mode. It was the best shower I've ever had.
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Diana wrestled with the controls as Yoki sprinted out of the room. "That is my job!" She called back, fighting with the steering wheel. She hissed as she managed to slow their descent for a while, then one of the engines was torn off the aircraft completely. Shit... Diana growled as she tried to keep the ship airborne, but there was just no possible way. She patched into the speakers, her voice crackling over the entire ship. "We've just lost a main engine, this ship isn't going to be airborne much longer, I can get us to land, but don't expect a soft landing." Diana gritted her teeth as she angled the ship towards land, they were diverted from their main coarse, but their lives were worth whatever extra walking distance they would have to go through.

"Brace for impact!"
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Ross looked up as Eve unveiled the name she'd picked for the "enterprise", Hellpact was the name she picked, she said she wanted to have some fun with the name. Ross sighed, at least the boss wasn't some all work no play kind of person. He tilted his head as Eve opened portals in front of everyone, what is this Harry Potter? She couldn't have just handed out the papers? Ross shrugged to himself and took his folder out of his respective portal, and flipped it open, looking over the contents.

A whole family missing, two adults and three children, some fucked up shit right there. Ross was giving everything a second read over when he heard Elizabeth speak up, and he wasn't happy with what he heard. Was this some kind of a game to her? What did it matter if this kind of impossible mystery had been on TV or in movies, this was real life, and these were real people who'd gone missing. "Hey, I don't know what this job means to you, but treating it with a little bit of respect would be nice. This is real life honey, these are real people who've gone missing, we're not in some murder mystery show on the television. So how about we take this a little seriously?"

Ross would take a sip of his apple juice while shooting Elizabeth a glare, then the kid would speak up, it looked like the kid had more of a brain than her, getting straight to business. Ross could respect that, didn't mean he trusted her though. She had valid questions, but he wasn't sure if anyone actually had answers, or else this might not have been a mystery in the first place, only thing Ross knew was that magic was involved. But then again, that was kinda the entire point of this 'Hellpact' they made with Lady Eve. They were here to clean up all the messes created by magic. Ross then remembered that demons could be involved too, god how did he know this mystery was going to lead to some nasty ass shit?

Aya nodded to the lieutenant and headed over to the man who'd gotten the knife stuck in his leg, she crouched down next to them and looked over the wound, should be an easy fix, just gotta watch how she removes the knife. She pulled a set of plastic gloves out and slid them on, she'd have to remove the knife, then quickly seal the wound, she didn't have a long lasting sealant on her but it'd only need to last a few hours so what she had in mind would do. She would tap a nearby mercenary on the leg and beacon him to kneel down with her.

"I'm going to need a hand with this if that's alright, I need you to hold his leg still while I work. Can't have him moving while I work."

She'd nod in thanks as the merc held the leg up slightly, being guided by Aya on how to position it. With the leg now being held in place, she gave the wound another quick look over before pulling off her left glove and touching the patients leg, making sure to get some skin contact. She would then ease his leg muscles, making the limb limp, then she would every so carefully remove the knife, the calmed muscle offering little to no resistance as she gently removed the blade. Once it was out she'd quickly discard it and let go of the mans leg, giving him control of his limb back.

"Alright, we're looking good so far, despite the hole in your knee, but I manipulate muscle, I don't magically heal wounds like recovery girl. But this next part is simple, but I warn you, it'll sting a bit."

She said in a fairly motherly tone, making sure the merc holding the leg up continued to do so, she removed the one remaining glove and ruffled through her bag of tricks. the first thing she pulled out was a can of anti bacterial spray, she shook the can a little then held it close to the stab wound. After a brief pause she sprayed the wound, coating it in a light layer of this white foamy substance, after coating the wound she got some cotton and swabbed up any excess anti bac spray then went back into her bag. after a brief moment of searching, she produced both a roll of bandage and some adhesive strips.

"You're doing great, now I'm just going to apply an adhesive strip to the wound, it'll keep you together for now. Just think of it as a super fancy band-aid."

She said with a lighter tone, obviously trying to be slightly reassuring and lighthearted as she worked. She'd apply the strip directly over the wound then bandage around it, just to be doubly sure everything stayed in the place it needed to be, as well as apply a light amount of pressure to the leg. She then packed up her things and looked behind her, Skyfall was walking over perfect. with a masked smile she nodded to the patient, giving his calf a gently tap.

"Ok that should be you good to go, just avoid walking on that leg for a while, or bending it too much, you want those bandages to hold up until you can get that stitched up. This was just a quick fix."

With that out of the way, she stood up and looked at Skyfall. He seemed to have regained his competence, for now at least, he also apologized for straying from her and said he'd follow the plan. Well they didn't have much of a plan besides 'beat heroes, get out' so that statement wasn't really faith inspiring. Aya took a brief moment to asses the situation, they couldn't go out the front without being torn to shreds, and they were being pressed by swat from upstairs. Aya snapped her fingers as an idea graced her mind.

"Alright Skyfall, here's what I've come up with. As it stands now, we cannot leave the front door without risking serious injury or capture, both of which would be problem. And the main issue is that wind controlling hero, who I'm going to assume is probably floating about in the air like a pretentious asshole. But what I think we should head upstairs, clear some the swat out, then use the elevated position to launch some kind of attack on the floating prick. You could possibly launch yourself from the second floor and tackle the bastard out of the sky. It's all I've got at the moment, only thing that would make our life easier is if Dieselpunk could distract them for a moment. But for now, we just need to clear out that second floor, we can't risk them getting the drop on us in any case."

Aya sighed as she walked through the portal, the scene she walked into was chaotic to say the least, seeing Skyfall try and run off with a hostage only to be halted by one of the mercenaries. He needed to be taught his place, and it looked like Aya was going to be the one to do it. But she needed to look after the wounded first, that was always her primary job.

She was about to ask the lieutenant if he had any wounded when she saw the spear heading towards Skyfall. She'd sigh and leave him, she was sure he'd be able to take the hit, and it'd teach him not to go running off thinking he's the king of the world. She hissed an locked eye with the Lieutenant.

Have you got any wounded I could patch up, I know my team was called in to fight off the heroes, but as the situation stands my quirk would be useless out there."

She would unzip her bag and ready herself for possible patients. She wasn't sure how this whole thing was going to go down, but hopefully they would be able to find a way to ground the flyers, then Aya might stand a chance of getting her hands on one of them, but for now she would worry about the wounded. It was all she could do.
That's all good. Just post a CS here in the OOC when you feel it's ready. Then I'll discuss it with you over discord or PM. @Jano
Sure is @Jano Sorry for the delayed response.

Aya had expected a response like that, but she still hoped that maybe East would appreciate her concern at some point. With a soft sigh she turned back around and walked over to the bar, taking a seat next to Skyfall. She felt he was a little nervous and wanted to help him out.

"Hey, you feeling alright. Weren't you the tough guy meant to protect me?"

She chuckled lightly, getting a glass of water from the bartender. She'd follow Skyfall's gaze, noticing him looking at Midnight. She pat him lightly on the arm with the back of her hand to get his attention.

"Don't worry about him. I sure inside all that stern plasma, he's a big softie, though don't quote me on the by the way."

Aya would then receive her water and give the bartender a nod. She wasn't worried about the bank heist, she new that her quirk didn't make much noise, and that in the heat of the moment people would be far more focused on the people tossing cars. She also remembered to ready herself for the mental pressure of Karuma's quirk.

Aya sighed as Karuma hugged her, she pat him on the back then waited for him to let go. She was happy when his grip relented and she thought about what Shade said. She didn't get to think very long as Karuma smashed a glass against the floor, then Skyfall spoke to her. It looked like Skyfall wanted to team up with her, she raised an eyebrow and looked at the boy.

"Well, we are constructing our own teams. But I'm afraid I'm going to have remind you that we are all in this together. And I won't be placing my safety above anyone else, I've been working in this business for years. I'd appreciate a little bit of faith in my ability."

Aya would be glaring daggers into Skyfall, she was clearly displeased with his comments. But her glare eased, she didn't want to scare off the new guy. But he was going to have to learn to have a little more faith in his family.

"But. Our quirks would pair well together, your need to sustain damage, and my ability to mend it would indeed work well together. So I'll work with you, I'll keep you in one piece."

Aya would then walk over to Captain East and give him a pat on the shoulder, she had a lot of respect for him. His dedication and accomplishments were pretty dam legendary.

"Lets hope the situation doesn't get that bad."
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Ross is an asshole?

A colab between @Zoey White and myself

Ross looked up from his bread and tea, watching Devyn take a seat at his table. Perfect. She was speaking far too many words, and even managed to make a little joke about hangovers, how cute. ”Ok lass I’ll stop you there. I don’t think I remember you, there was a fair few women there and I was, very drunk.” He said this know full well who Devyn was, but he just wanted to be an asshole.

He would have to try harder than that, however, because Devyn took it as friendly banter. Her smirk did not fade.

”You were drunk last night? I’d never have guessed.” She looked him up and down- yep, that was the same shirt...and the same pants...same everything. He spoke the truth, however. He was the only ‘guest’ that was a man. Poor Ross- he seemed to be quite outclassed. Devyn tried opening him up again for two reasons: Because she would like to get to know him as a person, and she needed to get to know him as a magician. Unfortunately, however, he artfully dodged answering her joke/question about him having a pact. She’d have to try again for more information.

”What brings you to Boston? If I’m not mistaken, I hear scottish in your voice.” She asked. Comparatively, Devyn had a plain American accent, the calm, usually understandable voice of a newscaster.

God this lady liked questions, how annoying… ”Same thing that brought you here, some letter from… Whatever that demon Eve showed us was. Coarse I didn’t know what I was getting myself into at the time. But hey shi-. Things could be worse.” Ross had to catch himself at the end there, he wanted to come off as at lest semi decent.

Ross again sipped his tea, he wasn’t a big tea fan, but he felt like it helped wash the beer breath out. He never really tested to see if that was true though. ”And you’re not mistaken about the scottish. But I’m not that sore about leaving home, I wasn’t very popular.” he chuckled lightly, taking another bite out of his final slice of toast.

”Do you have wanderlust?” Devyn asked. ”I’ve always had trouble staying in one place for too long.” She said, looking down at her cereal and absent-mindedly stirring it.

"Probably. But it’s fairly hard to get out of a country when you’re a convicted criminal.” Ross would give a little shrug. God it was like Devyn was trying to peel him open and see what was inside, what was with all these damn questions? ”So. Enough about me. What made you decide to stick around?”

Convicted criminal. The words rang around in her head, trying to find memories where this information would give new context too. She couldn’t find anything. Devyn also wondered what Ross was convicted for. This guy just shrugged, said “enough about me.” He could have done anything from petty theft to serial killings...but that was a bit over the top, because no one in their right mind would hire a convicted serial killer. It was the unconvicted serial killers you had to worry about.

Still. Devyn tried to hide her surprise, not to show some weakness in front of him, but her eyes did widen and her brow did raise. Indeed, Devyn was playing intricate mind games of reading, of information gathering, and Ross was somehow winning by just trying to eat breakfast.

Devyn cleared her throat, took a small sip of her orange juice and thought of something to say.

”Well, you know, I’ve always been interested in magic. I’m a journalist, so I look for new things; I try my best to help people by spreading the knowledge. The pen is mightier than the sword, and all that.” She used her plastic spoon to write important, imaginary essays in the air between them.

Ross had picked up on Devyn’s shock, he hid a smile as she revealed her occupation. Oooooh she’s a fucking journalist, that explains everything. Wait shit, she’s probably taking mental notes on everything I say, I better be careful. Ross had finished his tea, having moved onto a glass of… Well it was pretty obvious. ”Let's hope the pen is mightier than whatever Ms Eve points us at…”

Devyn smiled and nodded, taking another spoonful of cereal.

Ross looked at his drink briefly before taking a swig and setting it on the table. His demeanor shifting considerably, he didn’t look like a man having his breakfast anymore, now he was a man on a mission. ”I’m going to straight with you. You better watch what you say, because I doubt that some of the others would be so welcoming towards your questions. You’re a journalist, I know asking questions is in your nature. But if you dig too deep in the wrong places, you’re going to find a corpse, and if you’re not careful, It’ll be yours.” He then leaned back on his chair, casually taking another swig, seeing how Devyn would react. She didn’t strike him as a bad person, and he felt like she deserved a little warning.

The journalist became still during Ross’s little warning, looking at him with an impassive stare. Then, she pointed at him with the end of the plastic spoon, wagging it up and down and making on odd face. As if to say; ‘Ahh, there you are.’ ”Well, thank you for the warning, Mr. Ross.” She cleared her throat.

”But, I’ve seen my fair share of corpses.” She paused, eyes briefly glazing over as she reflected on on her time in various divided countries during her time as a war correspondent. Her expression brightened again, looking at Ross.

”Well, thank you for sharing breakfast with me, Mr. Ross.” She slung her purse over her shoulder, stood up and threw away her empty bowl and cup. As Devyn passed by the table again, she hesitated.

”See you.” Devyn concluded simply, absent mindedly pulling her black shirt back down over her belt and quickly leaving the hotel with more respect for Ross than when she went in.

Ross would look at Devyn her impassive stare making him worried he’d pissed her off, but hey, what else was new? Then she waved around her spoon and thanked him for the warning, then clearing her throat. Ho boy was he in for it now.

He was braced for some kind of annoyed rant about being able to look after herself, or her already knowing not to be a sticky beak and ask to many questions. But instead she simply said she’d seen her fair share of corpses, but she clearly wasn’t happy to be thinking back on those moments. Ross didn’t think he’d have to worry about this girl, she seemed like a good person.

He’d give her a simple wave as she walked off, purse slung over her shoulder. He’d not say anything and just give her a courteous nod. I’ve pissed her off… Well at least she’ll probably be a bit more careful now. Ross would sigh to himself then finish the last of his apple juice.

Aya sat in the first booth, slowly sipping from some kind of tropical fruit drink. She was one of those people to turn up really early. She seemed fairly chilled out at the moment, thinking over all the different things that could happen on this job, she knew for sure somebody was going to get hurt, in fact she'd brought some extra supplies for this job just in case. Her quiet pondering was interrupted by the fun (but very annoying) Kyouran bursting into the bar. Aya grumbled to herself, knowing the sound of shattering glass was coming as Kyouran grabbed herself a drink. She winced at the sound of breaking glass, the harsh sound ringing in her ears. She let out an irritated sigh as she went to another sip or her drink. Then again the doors were assaulted, being thrown open by Karuma.

"Do you apes not know how to use a door!?"

She'd yell, looking over her shoulder. She wasn't expecting an answer, but she wanted them to know they'd annoyed her. She Clicked her tongue and went back to her drink, gazing down into her medical equipment, making sure everything was where it needed to be. She'd nod once she found that everything was in place she placed her near empty glass on the table and went back to her silent pondering. This was going to be a huge job, and she wanted to have herself fully prepared for it, mentally and physically.
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