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Back on the ship

A few hours later...

The operation was a partial success, some of the missing pilots were recovered while the rest weren't as lucky... A new enemy had been found, one just as if not more dangerous than the necromorphs. While the details weren't abundant at this time it was certain that this new enemy had a tech level that matched their own. But now wasn't a time to worry about all that, now was a time for rest and recovery. The medical staff has already seen to it that everyone is in a stable condition so that everyone is able to mentally unwind and recover.

Nathan frowned at his assailant they were as crazy as Anny it seemed, killing for fun still wasn't something Nathan could understand. "Ok first of I'm only half-demon, secondly I-" Nathan was cut off by the sound of David blasting three bullets into his neck. The burst of bullets completely severed Nathan's head off, and his now limp body fell onto the ground. His body lay motionless for a few moments before convulsing and springing back to life. Smoke started to pour from the neck wound as the headless body clambered back onto two feet, then a massive puff of flames burst from the neck and a new head had grown back.

"Gah fucking goddammit! Do you have any idea how much that fucking hurts! Stupid fucking monkey! Jesus Christ!" Nathan rubbed his neck with one hand and conjured a fireball in the other. Nathan threw the fireball behind himself killing a couple of surviving shadows. "As much as I want to kill you, these shadow fuckers are kind of killing everyone in the city and that's not good for business. So I'll give you this oppotunitiy to piss off. Because honestly, I don't have time to deal with you and all this other bullshit." Nathan stopped rubbing his neck so he could summon another fireball, getting ready to blast the next wave of shadows.


Nathan continued cutting down more shadow creatures until a voice caught his attention. He turned to see some dude standing there complaining about having his kill stolen. Though the man's mouth wasn't moving, a ventriloquist perhaps? In the end, it didn't matter because the dude was running at him with a bloody bayonet.

"What do you think this is? Fuckin league of legends or something?"

Nathan said raising a clawed hand to intercept the bayonet, hopefully being able to catch the blade before it poked into his chest.

"Honestly we've got the whole city being murder by shadow things and you're gunna try and stab me for killing a shadow first? Man people call me a prick."
I've flopped my boi into the park, feel free to come picknick with him. Nathan likes his sandwiches with the crust cut off.

"It is such a nice day out today." Nathan said to himself, his back against a tree.

Yeah... Nice...

"C'mon you gotta take a break from violence every now and then."

I mean you're probably right, but there have to be more exciting things to do than just laying about in some park.

"Hey now this is Central Park, not many parks are big enough to have a bloody zoo in em. Also, you can entertain yourself. Now shush."


Nathan smirked and closed his eyes, absorbing the peaceful atmosphere. Though he didn't get to rest for long as he heard some screams in the distance. Groaning he leaned up and was a little shocked by what he saw. The green grass stained red with blood, and shadows standing over the corpses of the recently slain.

"What the fuck." Nathan said as he shot to his feet, there was some serious voodoo nonsense going on here. Letting out a sigh Nathan rolled his shoulders and got ready for a fight. Looked like Anny was going to get some violence in the end anyway. "Alright you pricks, come and get some!" Nathan had already garnered the attention of a pack of shadows, he sighed as his hands transformed, his fingernails extending out and sharpening into vicious claws.

Stepping out from under the tree Nathan jutted a hand forward and instantly perforated one of the charging shadows through the chest, it's body evaporated shortly after. "Huh not the toughest things are ya?" Nathan shrugged and cleaved the head off of another shadow. "That just makes my job easier." Nathan continued to cut down shadows, their frailty making it rather easy to dispatch them. Honestly, it might've been therapeutic if it weren't for the hundreds of dead bodies lying around. "Yo Anny you know anyone who's capable of doing something like this?" Not off the top of my head no. Give me a bit, I'll give some of the guys a ring. See if any of them managed to get their asses summoned and are throwing a party.

Arson watched as the tank screeched to a halt, smirking underneath her helmet. She saw Nazi's coming out of immobilized tank and was getting ready to blast them with fire when she heard Manifold kick the hood. Arson glanced back at Manifold and saw the spiked object in the air, Arson smiled under her helmet. The Nazi's started to unload on Arson so she decided to jump into the air to both avoid some shots and catch the spiked ball midair.

Arson crouched for a moment before shooting into the air, a few blood trails followed her up as she'd taken a good few bullets. While she was in the air Arson noticed that the second tank was looking in her direction, having stopped because of some sort of shard trail. Arson then caught the gizmo Manifold had whipped up and hurled it at the derailed tank, the others could deal with the second tank for now.

Ana would then land a good distance away from the (now most likely destroyed) tank, sticking a sweet ass superhero landing. "Thanks for the assist, Manny!" Arson said before spotting Jackalope, Arson just assumed that he was the one responsible for the path that halted the second tank. She'd ask about that guy later.


Transcendent wasn't letting up, his movements were so quick Sheol was having trouble getting out of the way in time. At this rate, she was going to get caught, or she'd have to engage Transcendent. Sheol's thoughts were interrupted by a sudden roar, Sheol flinched as the massive beast smashed aside one of the jeeps sending the vehicle rolling. After that chaos ensued. A massive ice golem, a blur and... Rend. Rend herself had come out to capture Edith. Sheol quickly refocused on Transcendent who was already charging towards her, but before she could do anything a massive tail swooped over her head and sent the breaker flying down the street.

Sheol froze for a moment looking up at the dinosaur that had just come to her rescue, at this point Edith had no words. So instead of talking, Sheol looked back at Transcendent, raised her arms and let loose a torrent of fire in his direction. Now that all the civies were running away Sheol could turn up the heat.
Nathan probably wouldn't know of Cadbury but Annoroth would.

"If you need to learn how to talk to a lady, ask your mum."
I noticed we got a few people who are tied to hell and demons and all that. Do we think some of them would know one another? Just from reputation.
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