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5 mos ago
Current I'm writing a novel on Royalroadl called The True Dungeon King, hope I can get people to critique and help me improve!
1 yr ago
Started playing warframe fo the ps4 two days ago, enjoying it, even made my own clan though need members for it, going to be a small clan.
1 yr ago
Recreated an old classic in my gmed rps, with a much better system than originally made, hope people will also enjoy it.
2 yrs ago
Armstrong set to set everything up in a week to four weeks, soon glorious better internet.
2 yrs ago
Armstrong setting up their poles finally, the first sign of good things. Meaning before to long they'll start the wiring and better internet will arrive.


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Noru Nanbu

Second Battle


Charles watched as the other dispersed and noticed Koharu acting strangely but then he'd just shrug and head back to the location. He never changed out of his outfit which was pretty much just the mask. Moving it back in-front of his face he'd return to the test area and go to where his told to stand. He'd sit down and wait leaning on his hand.


Charles would look at Aaron with a raised brow then chuckle "thats interesting.. though you sure are a cryptic fellow. But that's alright" he states as he finishes setting up his computer by his bunk and turns it on then goes through the files for a moment before stopping. "if you have any ideas of... skills go ahead and let me know" he says chuckling slightly before pulling out the lighter and pops it open.

Charles would flick the switch to light the flame, staring at it for a few seconds before he speaks "I summon thee salamander" causing the flame of the lighter to float into the air, form into a sphere before turning into a physical mini salamander the size of a gecko. The creature would float for a moment before landing on charles' shoulder and speak "yes master you called?" came out of the creatures small mouth. To which charles would just grab the salamander and tossed it onto Aaron's face. The salamander would be very warm.

@JELDare @Genni

Charles would shrug as they choose their bed then Temper went off to the bathroom. He'd shake his head some at this strange trio, he'd pop his neck before walking over to the bunk bed and puts some of his stuff on the top bunk claiming it. "so Aaron, I don't know if it's rude or not, but what can you do?" he'd ask him. "as for me I don't care speaking about it, there is a reason I call myself a gamer for more than just the systems" he says half jokingly with a smirk as he looks over to Aaron, "if need something to pass the time, I can also figure out something, like maybe we could go hunt zombies" he says like it's a normal thing.

@LemonZest1337 @MagusDream @ShadowVentus

Charles would listen to the others when he heard koharu he'd sigh since she didn't give him an actual answer and then shrugs. Looking to Eltrino as he seemed to complain no one wanted to take his advice, but before Charles could answer the quiet girl spoke and what she analysed quickly surprised him with a raised eyebrow. "wow..." he'd say at her words "well that is a surprise... and is probably mostly right... and I hope you mean partner as in team mate" he states to the girl shaking his head with a sigh then turns his head towards Eltrino to speak "Look, you might have awesome things to tell us, maybe even give us clues we didn't know.. but the thing is we all made it here with our own strength, and to be frank we all want to show our own strength and ingenuity even in a silly event like this" he states with a sigh "while we might not seem like much, we all got here to the best hero school in the world through our own abilities, that says something" he simply states aloud.
well.. I've just ignored the Room# because we was given room numbers before we got changed to the only 3 dorms with 3 people each, lol so just dorm 2 is all I am actually looking at so lol, don't think the number was fixed/reset after the room change.
lol Magus is already at the room.

@Genni @JELDare

Charles would chuckle about to speak when the pop happened and he'd look confused... at how temper is in completely different clothes now. She become to continue to speak and he'd listen he'd go to speak but notice the door open he'd wave back at Aaron when he enters, Charles would sigh some and look back at Temper "...I don't know what that was.. but what ever, the Gamer Extraordinaire was a joke..." he would tell Temper "My full name is Charles McCloud.. yes you can just call me charlie." he says shaking his head some with a confused smile, then he looks to Aaron "looks like we're room mates hu.. cool" he says with a grin "means we can kick each other's butts every now and again" he says jokingly before scratching back of his head "So which beds do you two want?" he'd ask Temper and Aaron, "I'll take which ever you all don't want, also don't mind me pulling things out of thin air" he says half joking... as he begins to pull a parts of a computer out of his inventory which would probably seem like thin air.

@LemonZest1337 @MagusDream @ShadowVentus

Charles would chuckle at Koharu's reactions and then smile "Alright, alright. Then we'll try to go for the win" he says with a chuckle. Thinking he might as well try a little bit. He'd look when a new voice spoke seeing Eltrino approach them, He'd raise a brow when Eltrino offered his services. "Well that is nice of you to offer help... though not sure if we should accept outside help" he says shrugging. "mainly because of what the exercise is meant to be" he says looking at Koharu "what you think?" he asks her before turning his attention to their surroundings and sees a new face approach them, he'd sigh at so many people and just wave at the new face.


Charles would jump when a girl walked in and very much seem nervous when she went out and came back in dropping stuff on a bed. "uh.. I guess so.." he replies to her, he would be even more nervous realizing he is now sharing a room with a girl. He knew he had to get over this but it wouldn't be so easy. So in his nervous he'd reach out into his inventory to pull out a slim jim and eats some of it, to try and calm down.

Though it would probably be strange the fact she doesn't see any bags on him and he pulled a snack out of thin air. After calming down some he'd scratch side of his head "so... um.... what is your name?" he asks her, "I'm Charles gamer extraordinaire" he says half jokingly to try and lighten the mood.
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