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Current Started playing warframe fo the ps4 two days ago, enjoying it, even made my own clan though need members for it, going to be a small clan.
6 mos ago
Recreated an old classic in my gmed rps, with a much better system than originally made, hope people will also enjoy it.
11 mos ago
Armstrong set to set everything up in a week to four weeks, soon glorious better internet.
12 mos ago
Armstrong setting up their poles finally, the first sign of good things. Meaning before to long they'll start the wiring and better internet will arrive.
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Internet won't be online until sometime Saturday.


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Charles felt today was strange as he got up in the morning, having just laid in his bed after he had removed his excess size the night before before heading to bed. He didn't really sleep again, he had just stared at his surroundings. He went down to the kitchen and got some breakfast as normal cooking up a lot him self. After eating he went to class and noticed the teacher change, he thought only added to how strange it was so he could only shrug and wait for the others.

After the others arrived they was lead off to the changing rooms, Charles could only raise his brow at this and shrug as he entered the locker room even though he never needed to. He opened his locker to find the masks he chosen for his costume which he raised a brow to "done already hu.." he spoke to himself before taking them and putting on one he liked.

He then thought simply having his school uniform on as well seemed bit lack luster so he decided to also change his outfit at least visually since it was all part of himself. After his clothes changes (to the same has his appearance image) he would chuckle to himself as he headed out to rejoin the others waiting for what the would be doing.

Charles would first start to wonder what Koharu could of been through that his words seemed to almost bring her to tears. He'd sigh as he goes to speak before suddenly his eyes widen as Koharu hugs him and starts to swing him around as she spoke. he would start to chuckle at her attitude since it was strange to him. He barely managed to hear the sound of someone else speaking from it all. When she put him down he'd straighten himself, just have a slight smile shaking his head at her "you really are an excitable person... don't worry about it" he says to her, before looking over to Adam "Sorry about that, she just got a bit excited is all" he simply says as he sits back down in his spot with a sigh and then looks back up into the sky. "this is going to some school year" he says almost mumbling to himself thinking this is going to be craziest school he'll ever go to.
Boy do I bud lol, it's cool to have ya back, though you might have to reformat the quirk details to fit the current rp's CS, though that's up to Lemon. I'll hit you up with the Discord in a moment.

Charles would chuckle at Koharu's comment on size "how about five times" he says shaking his head joking some, even though he could do it if he had enough mass like jumping in the ocean or even a lake for easy growing. he'd look back up to the sky as he listened to her he would have to get a small smile shaking his head while listening to her "I suppose so" he says to her "To be frank I've never had any real friends only fellow students" he states "I also suppose we are friends, no reason why we aren't" he sighs glancing back over to her then back to the sky. "I'm guessing you never really had any either" he'd deduce from her nervousness, "well you have many now, even if some of the others haven't reached out to you, I'm certain many of them consider you a friend" he tries to tell her before closing his eyes laying back again as he relaxes and listens.

By this time Charles would simply be laying out back behind the dorms still in his huge form, he would be just watching the clouds as they pass by. He'd sigh when it started to get a lot more noisy when other students started to arrive. "well looks like things are picking up" he would state shaking his head and sitting up from his position, glancing around "Will emit being this size is both useful and inconvenient greatly.. probably more so than my original size" he says almost mumbling to himself.

Charles would go to speak but then notice the commotion happening and the teacher suddenly calling the class over, he'd just shrug at it all and sighs mumbling to himself "why go over your limits if there is possibilities like this.." he'd sigh again returning his attention to Koharu and closes his eyes taking a few deep breaths as he returns to the full size "I made myself smaller yes" he explains "I suppose it's nice having multiple huge people" he says slightly indifferent "Though I am guessing your transformation will eventually go away" he states from observations from the previous training "Mine unfortunately can't go away unless I personally expel it, or compress it" he chuckles. He'd stand getting ready to head to the door "and I'm not so good at the compressing yet" he says with a smile.

He would then stretch his body making himself taller while skinnier in order to pat her head again before returning to normal 5 meter height "well guess might as well head off to the dorms since no point staying here with class over, and another class may be expecting to use this place after us" he states before walking towards the door they was indicated to intending to head back to the dorms. He thinks if he should bother working on his shrinking or not and decides not to since he doesn't really care he'll just get rid of the extra mass before it gets to late so he can enjoy some games but until then he'll just lay out in the sun watching the clouds.

Charles would listen to Koharu speak and sigh when she finished "You don't need to apologize" he tells her "it's alright, I didn't notice anything and as you can see I can easily refill my tanks and increase it even" he says chuckling shaking his head bringing up both his hands, one turns into liquid other stays normal "My entire body is liquid.. and any liquid has water in it" he explains "if you go by the slime you can make at home then I'm at least 34 percent water" he tells her "granted I don't think I'm made up of the same stuff but it's a good example" he would turn his hand back to normal and bring them back together again "so that is probably why, don't worry about it since it didn't hurt me or anything" he speaks out, not that pain was really something he had to deal a lot.

Charles would take a deep breath and close his eyes taking starting to attempt to what seems to be meditation, if one knew enough about martial arts they'd recognize it as a Shaolin art he was preforming, as his breathing slowed and his mind calmed he begun to shrink slowly, he be compressing himself, he would only succeed in compressing 2 meters out of the 5 meters of height. He'd open his eyes and sigh "...maybe I should of took that stuff more seriously.." he says softly to himself before returning his attention to Koharu "O sorry about that, just had something I wanted to try" he says chuckling all friendly.

Charles looked at the others thinking to himself since they are going all out while he is barely trying, he'd look to see Koharu making her way over and he'd sigh thinking maybe he should go all out. He'd stand and give Koharu a motion as if to wait over there. He then crouched forward putting his hands on the ground as his body starts to change, as his fur starts to grow all over him and his clothes vanish as he is now fully covered in a light orange colored fur with black spots, a tail flicks behind him his teeth turns sharp and claws grow out of his nails. He transformed into a Cheetah-man, from past schools he remembered that cheetahs can run up to 60 miles per hour, reaching that speeds in approximately 3 seconds. By including human form, he hopes to cut that down, though it might just add a couple of seconds.

He just suddenly burst into a run, running past everyone, managing to get up to speed within 5 seconds taking longer, than if he was just a regular cheetah. Running straight for whats left of the pool and just leaps right into the water. At first it would be quiet then the water would start swishing wildly as a humanoid shape starts to rise out of the pool as the water rapidly drains. It would become about half the size of Koharu from how much water that was probably left even with it probably refilling itself slowly. it would just be humanoid shape of liquid before it starts to take the appearance of Charles with his gym uniform on and he steps out of the pool flexing his fingers and hands. He would almost lose his balance for a second when trying to get out since even though he was the same shape, but he wasn't use to the size and weight. While he still wasn't working hard since all he did was essentially devour all the water. He'd sit back down in this new body size crossing his legs, and look over to Koharu "So whats up?" he'd ask, figuring she wanted to ask him something by the look she had before. While he waited for her to answer he'd put his hands together in a position like he was going to meditate.

Charles sighed watching the other sitting back lazily. He was surprised about Koharu making him raise a brow then just shrugs. thinking to himself 'looks like that'll be something later...' he just laid back as the others interacted and some seemed to try to use their quirks to their limits. Charles just watched though instead of working, mostly because he was lazy. He could just constantly change shape until his body forced himself back to his slime form but he didn't want to have to hop around for the rest of the day or have someone carry him.

Charles would think about what the teacher said about impersonating a teacher which would cause him to chuckle to himself. he already knew that would be troublesome for many reasons so he wasn't going to, it would be cool to play a prank but it would be more trouble than it's worth and he'd be found out instantly. He would stare at his own hand as he just starts making different shapes like cubes, spheres, spikes, and so on just for his own amusement.
figured that was the first thing that came to mind when I read it lol. at least one or two examples can help picture what kind of "elements" he could take advantage of. He's probably the most powerful ability out of the characters so far. If he seems to strong can make what he can absorb something he can improve on as well to increase his abilities later *shrugs* we'll have to wait for Lemon for if he thinks anything needs changed his having computer/internet troubles pretty much so his mostly stuck on his phone and it's one of those that's hard to post with.

I'm currently just comparing him to the other characters to judge general strength atm. I'll send you a link in PM to our Discord so chatting be easier, it's pretty much where all of us still in the rp hang out and mess around as we wait as well as discuss ideas.
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