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3 mos ago
Current Started playing warframe fo the ps4 two days ago, enjoying it, even made my own clan though need members for it, going to be a small clan.
4 mos ago
Recreated an old classic in my gmed rps, with a much better system than originally made, hope people will also enjoy it.
9 mos ago
Armstrong set to set everything up in a week to four weeks, soon glorious better internet.
9 mos ago
Armstrong setting up their poles finally, the first sign of good things. Meaning before to long they'll start the wiring and better internet will arrive.
10 mos ago
Internet won't be online until sometime Saturday.


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Charles appearance would start to change as he goes back to his nap. His hair becoming longer changing to a bluish snowy white, and much to his personal dismay he would become less masculine than before, making it a lot harder to figure out if his a guy or girl by appearance alone. He was keeping an appearance he preferred active and kept it on for to long so he returned to his real human form that he wanted to keep hidden from the other students since he doesn't like it. He'd wake up as it would get more noisier since it was close to class time and he sat up stretching not yet noticing his change of appearance.

Charles would be having a nice nap until he heard someone speaking, causing him to open his eyes and sit up, looking half asleep as he looked at Celia. It would take him a few moments to register what she was saying he'd scratch side of his head before replying "Ya... that is my homeroom teach..." he says then shrugs at her statement "Not really.. I was just trying to find a place to nap" he states as he stands up and stretches his arms all the way behind his back before bringing his arms back to his sides then makes his body like a body builder for a second then returns to normal "Not that Exercise affects a person who can change their body like mine" he'd shrug before laying back down like his about to go back to sleep.

Charles would of headed to lunch when it came time, having been quiet. He'd notice another new face it would start making him wonder if there was some kind of trend to transfer in late. He didn't say anything though and just went to fill up his plate then dump it all down his throat like before and instead of hanging around and listening to other speak. He decided to just head over to the gym ahead of time and..... just plops down in a corner and starts to take a nap.

Charles would sigh at this he wasn't sure what to put on the paper because he wasn't sure what he wanted or needed. He would think of his own quirk, clothes was pretty much useless to him since they are just an inconvenience which is why he tends to eat them and just use his quirk to mimic his clothes. He just started to write down about his quirk, that his quirk makes him a small slime, clothes pretty much just an annoyance, can freely change his body and so on. So something simple like a full face mask that can take a beating would probably be best since it's the only thing that wouldn't inconvenience him and he could wear it while in slime form. A couple of them would be best in-case anything happens to one of them so he could quickly replace them.
22 days and 15 days.. that is scary length of inactivity *sigh* If @Ixa @Junkojuro @Ether ever show back up, then we can just continue where we left off. It sucks that every time I try to do magic apprentice(s) it seems to die off and it aggrivates me, and I was looking even more forward to this one with the ideas I had :'(

Charles would sigh leaning back in his seat at all the drama that happened in the classroom, before seeing what the teacher writes on the board. He figured this was going to be a boring day for heroic class, he wandered how the other classes are going to be, well that's if they even get them this time this is a school after all. He'd turn to watch the clouds outside while he waited. He thought about taking a nap but then remembered if he tried he'd just go into hibernation mode and sleep through the whole class so he decided not to. He'd simply wait while seeing if he can pick out anything from the clouds.

Charles simply laid there, having been awake for a while, he sighed at the ridiculous alarms they seemed to just be annoying to him, he'd get up and stretch, in pretty crazy ways since he could. Then headed out to the bottom floor and noticed his stuff had arrived, he'd grin moving the boxes to his room then taking out a couple of things preparing to set them up for later he'd check the time for class before making sure he 'wearing' the uniform he'd head down to the small kitchen of the dorms, taking a bowl with him, he'd just fill it up with water and chug it down before putting the bowl back and heads to class ahead of everyone since he doesn't need much of a breakfast, and taking a shower didn't matter since he didn't smell of anything, hard to smell any specific way when your made of just liquid after all.
-sigh- This always happen... Is my rp simply doomed? :( If everyone was just busy it be one thing but when you don't hear or see them in some time it gets very worrysome. If everyone showed back up at some point, or just posted even if at a very slow rate I wouldn't mind.. it sucks this always happens.

Charles would sigh at everything going on and when they was told the class was dismissed Charles would shrug and just grab his bag put it back into his body and walk out of the classroom and head to the dorms. He would head to his room ignoring most things as he goes to relax. When he gets to his room he'd go in, it be a pretty simple room since he hasn't had time to decorate it yet, granted even then he wouldn't do much besides set up his computer that is suppose to come in from home. He would sit back on his bed and stare at the ceiling in thought.
where is everyone :'(
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