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The intensity of the moment threatened to overwhelm Rhys as he ran with the group away from the pursuing pyromaniac. Though he had not been running for very long, he could feel each breath becoming shorter and his legs crying out in pain. Physical endurance was not something Rhys possessed in the slightest. Much to his delight the White Rabbit pointed out their escape method, a rabbit hole in the ground. How appropriate. We are being chased in Wonderland and the only way out is leaping deeper into the madness. The boy paused at the edge of the gaping black maw for a moment, instincts forbidding him from going any further. Out of breath, Rhys cast his gaze back towards the grove that the group fled.

The wrath of the titan had nigh annihilated the landscape, trees rendered cracked and charred, the grass, blackened and marred. Its blazing scorn still having yet to fully sputter out, as small flames hungrily gnawed at the scattered and splintered wood. It became clear to Rhys that his only choice was to do as the rabbit instructed or risk his life running. Needless to say, continuing to run would be foolish, so he buried his doubts and advanced upon the gaping hole. Taking one last deep breath of hot, somewhat smoky air, Rhys plunged himself into the darkness.

The sudden inversion of gravity caught Rhys off guard, and before he could even attempt to correct his sudden descent, he found himself slammed into the ground and subsequently winded. As the boy sluggishly sat up and rose to his feet, he took in his new surroundings. The strange intermingling of flora and machine into a sort of garden was peculiar at the absolute least. The large table nearest the center caught his attention and gave Rhys an inkling of just where the group had landed, and the White Rabbit thankfully confirmed his suspicion.

The Hatter's Garden... I never in my wildest dreams expected to find myself here.

Rhys looked on as the White Rabbit began pulling ornate gold pocket watches from seemingly nowhere, and as one of the other boys in the group so unceremoniously grappled their guide. What did he do to deserve that? He ju- Just before Rhys could finish his thought, his gaze was met by the demonic deformation of the White Rabbit. Involuntarily, he flinched, and his expression briefly shifted to one of shock. Where there was once white fur, a black abyss stared back at him. Worse yet, one of the White Rabbit's formerly blue eyes had become a shade of yellow that was quite reminiscent of the Black Rabbit's eyes. The whole image was outright disturbing at the very least. Apparently, he and the Black Rabbit were both 'Shadows', a name that quite befit the White Rabbit's current appearance. Even stranger was the White Rabbit quite literally molding himself back to his previous form, as if his entire body was fluid.

We're all mad here after all...

As Rhys attempted to bury his doubts and comprehend just what had occurred, he couldn't help but overhear some of the group's words with the reformed White Rabbit. The way they were acting? Absolute rubbish. One of them even had the gall to mock the one who had just saved their lives! Granted, the Rabbit was the cause of them being brought here against their will, other than that though, the White Rabbit had done nothing to deserve this. Composing himself, he addressed the mimic and the one who had gotten aggressive with the Rabbit earlier.

"Is it possible for you two to show even a shred of tact? Respect perhaps? He just saved our lives and this is how you treat him? Petty mockery and violence? Quit acting like children." a tone of annoyance ringing out as he shot the pair an icy glare.

With that said, Rhys turned his attention to someone he didn't recall from the clearing escape, he'd been consoling the blonde boy who tried to play the part of leader. Perhaps Rhys had just not seen him after the groups landing? Carrying as much persuasive poise as he could muster, Rhys walked over to the unfamiliar gentleman and spoke.

"I agree wholeheartedly, save for him being guilty of the boy's... death. Pray tell, why would he bother saving the rest of us? Isn't he the one responsible for bringing us here? Now if he wanted us dead, he could've left us to be immolated. Yet here we are, untouched for the most part. Thus I believe the giant from earlier is truly the one with his blood on his hands."

He turned to face the White Rabbit as he finished. "Nevertheless... I believe you stated earlier that we'd be told whatever information you could provide once we were safe, we seem to be quite safe in this sanctuary. Now would be as good a time as any for an explanation if you would be so kind."

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This is certainly not my most elegant moment.

Rhys thought to himself as he sprinted towards the others who were fleeing from the 'Black Rabbit', apparently the name of the hulking man from mere seconds ago. While Rhys was nowhere near what one would call athletic, he could run at a surprising speed. He could only hope that the towering brute would not give chase, though that ember of hope was swiftly snuffed out by the White Rabbit. A wave of dread washed over the boy, what was the point in their flight if their pursuer was inescapable? Thankfully, just as quickly as he'd extinguished the boy's hopes the White Rabbit announced that he had a plan for such a contingency. All they had to do was run.

A way to escape the inescapable?

Rhys considered just how impossible that sounded as he narrowly ducked a low hanging branch. If they had indeed fallen down the rabbit hole, than the very concept of impossibility should be thrown out the metaphorical window. Wonderland was a world of madness and strange occurrences, by it's very nature anything would be possible. There was way to outrun the beast, but how?

He was ripped from his concentration by the familiar tense voice from earlier uttering a single word, turning to look over his shoulder.


As if in response to the titan's command a great flame was born, and only then did Rhys realize that there was one missing from their group. He looked back in horror as the one who failed to run was utterly obliterated by the all-consuming inferno. Trees, grass, everything around the beast had been immolated to nothing but ashes. Rhys pried his eyes away from the grisly scene and redoubled his efforts to keep running. The shockwave from the great conflagration carrying with it a scorching reminder of their pursuers terrible power. If he stopped, even for a mere moment, he could end up sharing the same fate. In that moment, the danger of Wonderland became clear, each tree root could cast him unto oblivion if he tripped.

In vain, he attempted to suppress the outright fear rising within, but he found no success, save for barely keeping up his facade. The panicked cries of the others reaching him, but truly not being heard.

A flash of red stole his attention, as a girl with mouse ears quickly overtook his pace and directed the group to follow her. She was presumably, one of White Rabbit's associates? Perhaps a part of the plan to escape the murderous giant chasing them? Rhys could only hope as he complied and followed the mouse girl's lead. Composing himself as best as he could Rhys would shout to the rest of the group.

"Panic is our nemesis in such a situation! It may sound foolish but we need to trust the mouse!"

The reason he said this however eluded him, perhaps he was unconsciously spurred on by the blonde boy trying to take charge. That was irrelevant though, as the only thing that mattered at the current moment was that he kept running.

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As he stood expectantly awaiting the information he'd just requested, Rhys could not help but wonder about the reason that this group of people had been brought here. Surely there was an explanation, such an event rarely occurred as the result of pure and whimsical chance. Why us... There must be some significant reason behind this gathering... His self-interrogation was cut short by a new voice questioning if the Rabbit could even be trusted in the first place. Rhys could not help but internally sigh as he heard the other voice's question, looking the Rabbit over as he thought to himself.

Though his appearance and demeanor are admittedly... strange, He is our only source of knowledge in a completely alien world. I'd rather hear what he has to say for himself first before being blindly skeptical of his intent.

Aside from that, he was the White Rabbit and if they were truly in Wonderland... he would be amongst the least of threats to them. Almost as if on cue the Rabbit spoke his piece... and subsequently dodged the questions he was asked. Opting to instead give the group a piece of largely useless information, along with the proclamation of an imminent threat and the need to get away. Butter Daisy Forest didn't exactly sound like the most grandiose of names, especially for a place called Wonderland. Regardless of that, the threat of an immediate danger was far more prevalent than paltry naming conventions. Though before Rhys could ask just where this safety was, yet another voice unrecognized by him chimed in and declared that the group should not move until the Rabbit had given them a reason to trust it.

Rhys simply looked on as the disagreement between the two rapidly devolved into full on yelling from one party. He looked to the source of the other voice, a boy likely his age. His cold green eyes looking the accuser up and down. What was a civil discussion mere moments ago had been plunged into childish bickering. This was not good, discord and doubts would only deliver them unto destruction in this sort of scenario. What they needed was to unify and leave the area before this supposed danger could discover them. Besides, if the White Rabbit turned out to have ill intent, there were many more of them than there was of him.

A sudden thunderous crash near the edge of the clearing brought Rhys to his senses, and he turned to face the sound. What he saw stole the breath from his lungs. From the writhing black abyss that had landed seconds ago emerged a titan of a man who seemed to know the White Rabbit. As the newcomer looked over the group, Rhys's eyes eventually met his and for a brief moment Rhys felt the mountainous man's malefic intentions. It took nearly all of his willpower to not drop his stone-faced charade and remain unflinching, though internally he felt incredibly on-edge.

I suppose that this is the aforementioned immediate danger.

Not long after, the blonde boy from earlier attempted to rally the others first into running, and then into protecting one of the other members of their group. While Rhys was all for getting away from the monstrous man, he wasn't exactly looking to risk his life for someone he'd just met. He watched as a few of the others bolted into the verdant landscape that surrounded them. He wanted to stay and attempt to reason with the creature, yet something in the back of his mind was yelling at him that this was a life and death situation. One false move could end everything if he did not proceed with a degree of caution. Summoning what courage he had, he announced to those who were left in the clearing.

"Stick by skepticism and risk your life, or suspend your disbelief and live. It's not a difficult choice!"

Following that he dashed off to join the others who had already fled.

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The dream always started the same way.

He would find himself trapped in a dark room, with only a door of light at its end to illuminate the strange scene. As he advanced toward it the room itself would try to stop him by doing any manner of things. A previously unnoticed rope might launch towards him and attempt to restrain the boy, or perhaps the room would mysteriously elongate. Regardless of what happened, the dream always ended the same way too. He would finally reach the strange door and right before he could cross its threshold it would slam shut and trap him in blackness. The boy stopped mere steps from the door, awaiting the same fate that had befell him every night. Yet tonight was strangely... different. Upon closer examination the door of light had become a mirror of sorts? The boy's confused reflection stared back at him, before giving way to a scene of a verdant forest overshadowed completely by dreary grey clouds. He expected the door to slam shut and plunge him into the shadows yet again, but instead he felt something yank him through the window and he fell into the outside world.

Rhys opened his eyes shortly after the impact, and his sight was met by the same colossal emerald coloured trees and all encompassing grey clouds. Shifting himself to a comfortable sitting position, he quickly discovered that he was not alone. All around him other people, who were far too intricately detailed in their appearances for them to be mere figments of his mind's creation were also getting up. Most were around his age, perhaps they had all just experienced a similar ordeal? Rhys was content to sit and observe for a short while until a white rabbit showed up and began... speaking to a few members of the group. A talking rabbit... This is either an incredibly vivid dream, or I have truly gone mad. Rhys internally mused as he forced himself to his feet.

Once the ground was beneath his feet once more Rhys noticed yet another oddity. Why was he wearing a white button-up shirt and black trousers? He could have sworn that he discarded these clothes prior to dozing off! It was a trivial annoyance considering the situation, but an annoyance nonetheless. He listened in on the rabbit's conversation with one of the others and caught the mention of the name "Wonderland". He was about to interject before a blonde-haired boy beat him to the punch. He went on about Wonderland and made a few good points. Indeed, if this was the same Wonderland that Rhys was thinking of, there would be weirdness and danger in spades.

After the boy's monologue had ended, Rhys's thoughts drifted back to himself and he noticed a small clump of earth clinging to his shirt. He flicked the soil from his attire and advanced towards the two ladies and the White Rabbit.

"Pardon the interruption ladies, but I do believe that age should be among the least of our concerns right now." He looked towards the supposed "Adult" of the pair before resuming. "Though for the record, you do not look old whatsoever in my opinion." Rhys turned to face most of those who were conscious before continuing, "I have not even the foggiest idea of what has happened to us, but I think we should be focusing on another matter. Rather than bother with the specifics of what, I personally would like to know why." Rhys turned and walked towards the White Rabbit before addressing him. "Pardon my assumption, Mr. White Rabbit. You seem to be the one among us who knows the most about our current state of affairs. If you would be so kind as to enlighten us, that would be greatly appreciated."

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Hmmmm. I'm between Chariot and Justice right now. Not sure which I want to go for. First Persona rp I've ever been in so if I screw up on the meaning of the card, please don't kill me lol.
If you've got more space, I want in on this action.

Nicknames: Kal

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Race: Wolf Faunus

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 185 lbs.

Appearance: Kaldyr has medium length, straight, white hair that matches the colour of his wolf ears and tail. His eyes are blue like an ocean, and his skin is a light complexion. Kaldyr possesses a relatively lean build that makes his inherent strength somewhat of a surprise. Usually seen wearing black pants with a long navy blue trench coat. The coat was a gift from his father who was both his inspiration and motivation to become a huntsman.

Bio: Kaldyr was born the eldest son of three to a Faunus couple living in Menagerie. His father was a huntsman who'd graduated from Haven Academy (and built himself a reputation there, not the good kind), and his mother a historian and author. Soon enough, his father's line of work required that he move back to Mistral. Kaldyr and his younger brother were absolutely enamoured with the idea of huntsmen and huntresses, so much so that they begged their father to let them go with him. A few weeks worth of bargaining and pleading later and the family was on the next boat out of Menagerie.

A few more years passed and everything was going well, Kaldyr had just finished his first year at Sanctum, and his family was happy.

Then the attack happened. Bandits swarmed the village, and started taking everything that wasn't nailed down. Unfortunately for them however, they took too long. The Grimm showed up, and the bloodbath began. Amidst the chaos, Kaldyr's father and his team picked off the Grimm one by one as they were focused on the looters. The last Grimm however, an Ursa near death, got a lucky strike in and crippled the cocky huntsman. Panicking, Kaldyr grabbed the shield on his back and broke into a mad dash over to his father as the Ursa inched ever closer to it's incapacitated prey. The shadowy beast raised it's claws and let out a triumphant roar as the boy dashed to his wounded father's side. The Ursa brought it's claw down to finish its wounded foe- but it instead met with Kaldyr"s shield. The beast recoiled and was confused long enough for the other huntsmen and huntresses to finish it. It was there, out of breath, and at his father's side that his will to become a huntsman became ironclad.

With his father crippled, his days of being a huntsman came to an end, but the family remained in Mistral long enough for Kaldyr to graduate from Sanctum. His family planned to move back to Menagerie, sure it was crowded, but it was also much safer than the other kingdoms. Kaldyr however, had a different destination in mind. Beacon Academy is where he would go and realize his dream to become a man that would protect those who could not not protect themselves.

Personality: Kaldyr initially comes off as a stoic person, when in truth he really does care about other people. He'd rather be with a few close friends than in a crowd of acquaintances, as socializing is not his strong suit. Kaldyr is also very analytical of everything, unfortunately this also makes him a touch judgmental of people. He is slow to trust others, but once you've earned it, Kaldyr becomes a loyal friend who will do anything for his friends. If he was told some secret by a friend it would stay a secret forevermore, as loyalty and trust are huge with him. If someone has a problem, Kaldyr would be the first one in to help. He's the kind of guy to put others before himself and the first to take on danger if it means others don't have to. Finally, those who try to put themselves above others will quickly earn Kaldyr's ire, as he cannot stand egotistical people.

Semblance Name: Framtíðarsýn "Future Sight"

Description of Semblance: Framtíðarsýn allows Kaldyr to focus on a single creature, and foresee what their next move will be. Kaldyr perceives this as a sort of reverse after image, made of his dark blue aura. By integrating this ability into his fighting style, Kaldyr is capable of dishing out incredibly effective counter-attacks. For example, if Kaldyr were fighting a Deathstalker and used Framtíðarsýn against it, he'd be able to see what kind of attack the Deathstalker would try to land on him i.e (Left claw, Right claw, Stinger, retreat, charge). Framtíðarsýn also grows in strength the more experienced Kaldyr is at fighting his current target, becoming more accurate, showing a longer prediction, and being less draining to utilize.

Semblance Limitations: While Framtíðarsýn is very effective against the creatures of Grimm, it is severely hampered against sentient targets like Humans and Faunus. The main reason for this being that a person can change their mind or intentions on a whim, while the Grimm have no such free will and usually follow through on their lethal instincts. His semblance can also be fooled, feint attacks will trip him up 9 times out of 10, and attacks with delayed effects (poison, traps etc.) are undetectable to Kaldyr's semblance. As mentioned earlier Framtíðarsýn works much better against targets Kaldyr has fought before, meaning that in a encounter against an unfamiliar enemy, Framtíðarsýn is severely weakened, and it's predictions are much less accurate. Framtíðarsýn can also only be used in bursts lest he burn through all of his aura, and there is a delay before Kaldyr can switch his current target.

Semblance Flaw: Kaldyr can only target a single creature with Framtíðarsýn at any given time.

Weapon: Kvöld and Dögun - Kaldyr's weapons of choice are a sword and shield pairing named Kvöld and Dögun.

Kvöld - Kvöld is a menacing yet elegant looking blade with a single sharp edge. Much like Dögun, a number of the weapon's parts are a deep blue, namely the hilt and a single strip of metal that runs down the length of the blade, the rest of the sword is made of a dark, lightweight metal that allows for dust to adhere to it. Hidden in the blunt side of Kvöld, is a number of small metal plates that can be deployed to cover Kvöld's edge and make the length of the weapon bulkier, blunt, and almost... rounded? This has a unique purpose but first...

Dögun - Dögun is a large, thick, and heavy heater shield with bladed edges. Like Kvöld, some of the weapons parts are a deep blue, the bladed edges are one of the only parts that are not painted in such a way, the edges are made of a similar dark metal to Kvöld, but they do not permit dust adherence. By pushing a button on one of the straps, Kaldyr can cause Dögun to begin spinning rapidly, deflecting melee attackers much easier and acting almost like a saw if he chooses to attack. This makes Kaldyr a very dangerous foe in close combat. Dögun also bears a slot in the top that serves as a dust reservoir, wide enough for Kvöld to fit into comfortably. By momentarily sheathing Kvöld within Dögun, Kaldyr can coat his sword in dust for a number of effects (i.e. flaming sword for fire dust, disabling strikes with lightning dust etc.). Dögun also has a couple of grooves that lead down the length of the shield that allow it to expand outwards. This too has a unique purpose.
If he chooses to, Kaldyr can combine both his weapons by placing Kvöld into Dögun and pulling a trigger, causing the blades guard to deploy before elongating massively and sending the shield towards the weapon's new tip, the shield's grooves let it expand outwards to reveal the combination of both Kvöld and Dögun: a beast of a weapon known as Miðnætti Hylja.

Miðnætti Hylja - Miðnætti Hylja is a gigantic battleaxe, formed by combining Kvöld and Dögun, with Kvöld making up the weapon's handle and Dögun becoming the business end of the axe.The weapon retains it's parent weapon's black and blue colour schemes and is a sight to behold. The weapon is capable of devastating blows, but it is insanely heavy and thus cannot be used for long periods of time. It is also worth noting that Miðnætti Hylja is both slow and incapable of using dust of any sort, it relies on it's raw strength and sheer size. The transformation to and from Miðnætti Hylja is lengthy so Kaldyr only really uses it if he knows that he can get a good number of attacks on a target. If Miðnætti Hylja makes contact, it WILL hurt.

Combat Style: Kaldyr prefers to get up close and personal with his enemies, where he can put the full range of both Kvöld and Dögun's abilities to work. He is most at home in a 1 on 1 situation, though it is not inconceivable for him to take on multiple threats. Generally speaking, Kaldyr will rush in for a preemptive strike at the beginning of a battle before using his semblance to predict his opponent's next move and delivering an appropriate counter-attack. From there on out, the fight becomes a sequence of reading his opponent, going for opportunistic strikes and countering whenever possible.


Likes: Winter, History, Strategics, Reading, Meat, Learning

Dislikes: Pretentious People, Summer, Bears, Liars, Bland food, Bullies of any kind

Faunus Attributes:

- Amplified senses of hearing and smell due to his Faunus blood
- Has a Wolf tail and ears
- Wolven eyes grant Kaldyr the ability to see in the dark
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