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Current A Hailstorm.... in JULY. Thanks Canada....
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So I just finished up a long D&D session with friends. Near the end one of them may have asked if they could roll to yeet a random cat across the town... Nat fucking 20.
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Just saw Infinity War... I remember somebody told me that the ending would fuck me up. They were right, my soul hurts now.
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A snow and ice storm that shuts down most of the city... in April. Never change Canada.
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Alone, a young lupine Faunus paced through his home, or rather the husk of it that now remained in its place. For all that once made this building into the home he knew for years had been stripped away, every article and belonging within was swiftly packed into boxes and bags now laying on the doorstep. Every footstep the boy took seemed to resonate with the hollow corridors and chambers, softly echoing within the now barren household. Though he knew that eventually he would leave this place, the boy found it difficult to not reminisce and reflect upon his time in this place, for soon it would be over.

All beginnings eventually lead to an end...

Slowly, the young wolf strode through each and every room letting many a memory wash over him as he continued his nostalgic reflection. He couldn't help but find himself drawn to the once-plentiful bookshelves, now rendered vacant. The Faunus felt a subtle smile overtake him as his thoughts drifted to the image of his mother, He remembered the scene as if it were mere days ago. Morning light shining through the large window as she read to a pair of spellbound young boys hanging on her every word, as the Faunus woman wove a tale of legendary heroes and the great evils they sought to keep at bay. In truth, the young Faunus owed her greatly, for it was thanks to those very same stories and legends that he was set on this path to begin with. He'd made sure to pack a couple of his favourites along with some entirely new stories into his luggage, as both a passtime and memento of his motivations' origins. With one last glance to the abandoned bookshelves, he walked out of the room and made his way further into the now desolate building.

It was not long before he came to the final stop on his nostalgic journey, the bedroom he once called his. The Faunus pushed open the simple wooden door standing in his way, finding his bags left in the center of the room, along with a mostly stripped down bed and a long deep blue coloured coat laying across it. Almost thoughtlessly he donned the article, it was both a gift and yet another memento of his time here, leaving it behind was simply out of the question. Slowly he gathered the myriad of bags strewn across the rooms floor, slinging one over each shoulder and grabbing the third in his hand. As he turned to the exit and began walking back towards the front door of his former home, the Faunus couldn't help but find himself struck by the gravity of his actions. Part of him would miss this place, even with all the unpleasant events that had occurred not very long ago. Yet still he was excited, for today was the day he would take the next step on his journey to become a huntsman. Before he knew it, he had came to the threshold of the house. It was time to leave this place behind, and step into his future.

Taking a deep breath, Kaldyr confidently walked out of the house.

...Yet for every ending, a new beginning awaits.

Within what felt like mere moments he had arrived at the airship's dock, one swift exchange of goodbyes between Kaldyr and his family later and suddenly he was alone once more. The ship itself was beautiful, yet incredibly daunting due to its sheer size. It was easy enough to drop off his bags and get aboard, before being showed to the horribly cramped closet they called a room. Kaldyr wasn't exactly ecstatic about having to spend the travel's duration in what he mentally pictured as a re-purposed prison cell, though there was little he could do about it. Instead of groaning about his circumstances, he took the chance to look over his weapon. He was about to arrive at Beacon Academy of all places, and a poorly-maintained blade made quite the statement about one's character. Luckily for him, Kvöld and Dögun were both razor sharp and raring to go.

Eventually and somewhat abruptly, a slightly grating voice proclaimed his freedom over the loudspeaker. With no better option, Kaldyr reluctantly grabbed his weapons, placed them on his back and made his way towards wherever the crowd was moving. Perhaps he was imagining it, but he swore that he watched a couple of students shoot disdainful looks at him. He couldn't be sure of it, but it wouldn't surprise him if even here people still disliked what he was. I guess some things just don't change... The wolf Faunus thought to himself as he continued towards the observation deck.

A couple of relatively short moments later and Kaldyr had found his way to the viewing chamber, along with a small gathering of others. The first thing he noticed was the absolutely stunning view of the academy. It was massive, far larger than he'd ever imagined it to be. The ebony and ivory coloured castle stood proud against a background of emerald treetops and the brilliant cerulean sky, the towers and spires reaching high up as if they were trying to reach heaven itself. A slight smirk crept its way on to Kaldyr's face, the view was majestic and thankfully he wasn't the only one stopping to admire it.

Averting his gaze from the marvel that was Beacon for a moment, he took note of some of the others standing around. Among the crowd a few students in particular stood out to him. One was a bright purple haired boy who seemed to be stretching with eyes affixed on Beacon. Based on the tan I'd guess Vacuo...weapon looks like a shortsword of some kind.... The next one to catch his eye would be a short, grey haired girl wearing mostly browns. Is that briefcase a weapon? Very interesting... Following that he spotted a relatively tall blonde girl, also entranced by the view. Is she wearing Dust?! Last to catch his eye was a feline Faunus, in fact the only other Faunus he'd seen so far on this ship. Probably comes from money with an outfit like that, still good to see another Faunus here...

With the room scoped out Kaldyr's gaze inevitably returned to the shining Beacon upon the horizon. This was it, this is where his journey would continue. The tides of emotion welling within, he was nervous yet proud, apprehensive yet excited. But above all else, Kaldyr was ready.

"if I start to smell then its not my semblance, that's just regular death."

I have no idea why but this line got me good.
I second the idea of a flare gun for Russel. Oh dear, imagine a scenario in which he needs to fold but hasn't told anyone anything about his semblance. There's some twofold trauma potential there.
I must say that I am personally a fan of all the characters so far. Plus we seem to have covered our bases in terms of personality. From Cyan's sweet dorkiness to Cassius' apathetic distance, I think we're in for quite the adventure.
At long last here he is for your consideration oh mighty GM. As I said earlier, I am completely open to feedback concerning all aspects. I'm willing to nerf and or change basically anything here.

Oh, and remember when I said I was kind of cheating with the colour naming rule? Yeah, so his last name is an anagram for "Cobalt" if that's not sufficient I'll change it to an actual colour, in fact I already have a shade in mind. The only part that sucks about that is I have to make a new header in that case.... Anyways, lemme know what you think!
Fair enough. Just figured I may as well give my two cents on the matter.
@CAS1006 I mean, you could just WIP your CS no? If you have everything save for the image maybe just give us a brief description in lieu of the image for now?

@datadogie Well done on Russel, I especially like his background and personality. Consider me very curious about what the full extent of "Folding" will do, as it seems your semblance has a good deal of potential. Something tells me he would have interesting interactions with a certain lupine faunus...

Speaking of which I'm going to go ahead and start editing his CS together. I feel as if I'm kind of cheating on the colour naming rule though, you'll see what I mean by that whenever I get him up. If it's insufficient, feel free to let me know, I'm always open to critique.
Well this thread got put up shockingly quickly, guess I'm not the only one raring to go then am I? Having said that I'm going to hold off on posting my character until there's another up first. Call it stage fright if you will but honestly, I'd rather just see what you lads put together first before showing my hand.

Though there are some things I need to ask off the bat. Firstly is the colour naming rule still in effect? Also, what's off limits if anything regarding our semblances or is is it an anything goes type of deal?
Also interested, though my Rwby knowledge is a smidge outdated. I might retool an old character of mine who I didn't really get a chance to use.
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