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Current I know that few, if any, people on this site would be interested in it... but... I just got an idea for a SAO/GGO/XCOM/UFO crossover... fun tingles...
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Life has never given mankind sufficient time... nor sleep... nor comprehension. If it had, we would have stopped trying.
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It can be greatly refreshing to return to a thing that one has long loved.
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I am officially on hiatus as regards roleplaying... and it's a bummer. But, I will try to take some comfort in the fact that all of you will continue to have fun without me. That's not a suggestion.
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Argh! Life has become complete and exhausting chaos. Anybody waiting on me for posts, I'm sorry. I'll try to get some productive time in the next couple of days. Trying to move two households. Ugh


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Skurr nodded in response to Monica's admonishment. It might be difficult under some conditions to rest his blood but he would do what he could. The women scattered to gather their belongings with a few remarks, but none of them said anything that demanded a verbal reply. The quiet returned. His thoughts returned as well.


He stood up and stretched his body, one part at a time. Preparing to leave was easy, he was already done. His belongings were packed and he could carry them without difficulty. Though, he had a feeling that they probably wouldn't be done with this adventure in a single day. If the kind of creature that they were hunting was as easy to find as that, it would probably have long since been killed. It will likely be far more dangerous if they do find it within a single day.

That would mean that it was looking for a fight.

He gathered up his harpoons and spear, leaving the bag that contained the home related trinkets where it sat but pulling out a small pouch of dried fish and a small skin of water to take with him. He was a fisherman, if there were fish then there would be water and he would not go hungry or thirsty. His preparations were minimal and took only a few minutes. He was finished before all of the women had gotten out of earshot. Still, they would need time and he saw no reason to hurry. He left his shack and wandered the city for a short time, letting his thoughts wander as his bare feet whispered along the rough pavement.

The city was already in the midst of repairs and many were discussing improvements to the gate that had been broken through so easily. It wouldn't be so easy to improve the city's defenses, though. Stone couldn't be had locally, it had to be traded for at significant expense. That kind of trading involved the kind of money that a fisherman would never... ever see. It was a little encouraging that the people weren't all leaving. Some were, others weren't. Life goes on.

At length, he wandered over to the gate. He wasn't the first to arrive. It wasn't a surprise that another had made it before him, but the fact that it was the one who would need supplies the most did give Skurr a moment's pause. Crossing the intervening distance quietly and leaning against a convenient stone wall near where Monika sat with her book.

All that remained was to wait.

Though the boisterous crowd nearby did serve to draw his eye. Personal guards were easy to spot. It was ironic that they were in such a protective formation. True, they would stop any cutpurses from approaching their master but at that distance they would have little chance of intercepting any arrows. Clearly, they weren't really concerned about that possibility. Their master must not have many enemies.

Skurr's gaze was steady and calm, almost disinterested, but very keen. He knew well that many forms of danger would strike after a crisis and was highly alert to any signs of trouble.
Where is everybody?
If this magnificent roleplay has a second round of recruitment in the works, or even just a short list of avid fans, then I would be tickled to giggles to have a chance. I've had so many ideas for characters that have come up while reading this. I've been keeping up since... gosh... since before Mourningstar's first attempt to pose as a leader.

My biggest challenge now would be... if given the chance, which one to choose!

But, I understand that nothing is decided on as yet so... no pressure at all. No matter what, this has been an awesome read! Amazingly well balanced, paced, organized and acted! My hat's off to all of you!
I'll try to post in the next couple days but the family's been sick and I haven't had a passable night's sleep in weeks.
Skurr listened and thought and did what he was told. Then he read the paper that the warrior had given him. It was a strange moment, sitting there and taking treatment for a head wound while being asked to help hunt a beast that would likely be at least a dozen times more difficult to deal with than the wretches from before. It was true that he had recovered quickly, far faster than some, but he had also nearly perished from infection. He was still not at full strength and was, even now, receiving treatment to help him complete his recovery.

The vapor was strong, spicy and burningly refreshing like powerful mint. He was careful to not inhale too much, powerful medicine was much like potent poison. Some could help, too much could kill. Still, it was an enervating scent and he could feel his body become just a bit more responsive as its effects began to take hold.

It was news to him that his healer was not a specialist in the practice. Still, that made her abilities all the more impressive. He had seen her almost every day, sometimes more than once, since waking from his fever. But, they had not conversed much. Skurr was not one for excessive conversation and he respected the fact that those who are at work rarely wish to be distracted by chatter. They lacked a strong personal bond but a fisherman could easily find abundant reasons to talk with a young lady. If not for his own personal... circumstances... he might have indeed tried to discover a path to a closer relationship. He wasn't the only one aware of Monika's charms.

He had noticed that there were a few of the local men who had begun to let their eyes follow his healer just a little too obviously of late. Their thoughts were too plain to see. It was generally unwise for a young lady to walk alone in this part of town. It was likely that her healing work had kept her safe thus far. But, as the men accepted the past battle and began to go back to daily life... that situation was likely to change. The sacred shield of a healer's work was beginning to fade and feminine charms were beginning to gain a greater measure of attention. It might be a very good thing for her to get out of town for a little while... or at least... to not continue the practice of visiting his home in so dangerous a neighborhood.

The only question was one of how far his recovery had progressed. He had no objections to hunting dangerous prey. That was no different than any other work day. But, he would not wish to undertake a task that he had little chance of completing. Though a faint and grey thought flitted through the back of his mind. There was no person who would miss him if he did not return.

"If my healer believes that I have recovered enough for the task, I will accept. But, whether it is her specialty or not, her ability saved my life. If she is willing to go... it will likely improve my ability to contribute."

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I... actually was able to sleep for about five hours last night. That's a first with this little one... between her and the 22 mo old anyway. I may return to being a vaguely functional human being sooner than I thought.
Thanks everybody! I'm the proud papa of another baby girl! Born about 26 hours ago. 20 inches long and 8 lbs 12 ounces, for those who get curious about such things! Mom and baby are fine.
I'm currently in the hospital with my wife, attending to childbirth matters. I will see if I can spare the brain power to come up with something for my fisherman over the next day or so, provided that labor remains slow or finishes quickly.
@Jangel13 That sounds like a solid plan. I'm focusing more on real life matters right now due to the approaching birth of my 5th child. Still, please remember to let me know when you're starting up the next version. I'll definitely be interested.
Well... I guess the next question... is when will another start? Or, do you want a break for awhile to recharge, @Jangel13?
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