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Current Life has never given mankind sufficient time... nor sleep... nor comprehension. If it had, we would have stopped trying.
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It can be greatly refreshing to return to a thing that one has long loved.
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I am officially on hiatus as regards roleplaying... and it's a bummer. But, I will try to take some comfort in the fact that all of you will continue to have fun without me. That's not a suggestion.
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Argh! Life has become complete and exhausting chaos. Anybody waiting on me for posts, I'm sorry. I'll try to get some productive time in the next couple of days. Trying to move two households. Ugh
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The profanity and unmitigated gall... of the were poodle.


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@DarkHuntress, @A Lowly Wretch

John simply watched and listened. This world had rules. However, the nature of those rules was almost completely unknown. It was pointless to try and make sense of it all right now. When the creature across the table gave no indication of having heard him, he turned his eyes to "Lady Evadne" as she described the situation as "freaky". She was right. She was also proving to be remarkably resilient, mentally. John felt a mild admiration that faded quickly into analytical calm as he looked at the floor, or rather the hole in it, and replied to Rosemarie.

"Freaky indeed. But, before we decide what to do as a group... we should try to get the group back together again, if we can."

He sighed as he moved his weak body to the edge of the hole and looked down, listening for the slime. Clearly, for all the adaptability of her new form, she lacked the ability to suspend her assumptions and accept the world around her. It was indeed dark down there and John could hear something moving around. He had a sinking feeling that the slime girl was right, Craig was that uninspired. Then again, the sinking feeling might have something to do with the structural damage that the slime girl had caused on her way through the floor.

"How far down is it?" He murmured as he felt around the edge of the hole for a loose enough bit of wood.

Finding one, he dropped it under the lip of the hole and listened for the sound of the impact. He was trying to not hit the girl, Cynthia... if he recalled. The delay was notable. It was probably at least fifteen feet, a ridiculous depth for a mere cellar. If there was an actual dungeon zone underneath this tavern... it would make retrieving the corrosive slime girl... difficult.

"Cynthia? That was your name, right? At the risk of tripping a flag and falling prey to numerous TV tropes... Hold still! I'm gonna try somethin'!" While he was trying to be reassuring, with a bad combination of a fake British accent mixed with a south-central American one, he was also lying down on the dirty tavern floor and extending his hand down into the hole and trying to concentrate on how it felt right before had charred the table. He saw the faint glow of flickering flames around his hand and concentrated on trusting his body to know how to do what he had in mind. The flames moved away from the back of his hand, only slightly singing the sleeve of his robe, and gathered below his palm. The ruddy light from it was still too faint to illuminate much more than a candle. So, he loosed it. The Fire Bolt seemed to leap from his hand toward the floor below, impacting with a dull flash a few feet away from Cynthia. In that faint flash, he saw several pairs of glittering eyes and shapes about the size of a medium dog.

"I can't get down there from here and my character's magic doesn't include levitation. All I can do is try to cover you from here with fire!" Then he had a thought and his eyes squeezed shut as he gathered his determination. This would be risky. "I'll try to send down some help! Just... don't panic and remember what that body did to the floor! The rats aren't going to want to eat that!"

Pulling himself away from the hole and up to a kneeling position, Fardur Nearsigt took a deep breath. His hands began to glow a pale and unpleasant green and tendrils of glowing green fluid extended from the skin of his hands, waving about as though searching for something. "Stay clear for a minute..." He said quietly, to everyone and no-one. Then he began.

The tendrils twisted around each other until they formed a ball of pulsing ooze that floated between his hands, a few inches above the floor. The ball grew in size as a few minutes passed and a small shape began to grow inside it, a shape with oddly jointed legs and a spiked outer body. It grew until it was about the size of an obese Chihuahua. Then the glow became brighter before suddenly fading as the ball burst and dissolved into a mess of glowing droplets that sunk into Fardur's hands as well as his clothes and the floor. In the space where it had been was a twitching bug with a spiked shell and a mean disposition. This last was demonstrated by the fact that John was barely able to dodge its attempt to stab his hand with a claw.

"So I can make them but they don't start off liking me, eh..." He said wryly. Then his head tipped to the side for a moment and he suddenly turned around and kicked backward, knocking the Spiky Beetle just hard enough for it to slip into the hole and fall. After he heard it impact, he returned to the edge of the hole and fired another Fire Bolt into the floor, between the slime and the fallen bug to deter it from venting its anger on her. "Don't bug the bug and it'll probably go after the rats! You need to focus on finding a way back up here!" He called down, wishing that he hadn't forgotten to include a simple light spell in his character's spell list.
So long as "The Lesser God of Singing Klingon Opera When People Fight Giant Rats" doesn't show up, we'll be fine.
The dawn came swiftly and birdsong seemed to dance with the dappled sunshine that made its way through the leaves of Skrik’s makeshift abode. He let out a quiet yawn as the morning breeze cooled him, rousing him easily from his slumber. He had slept fitfully, a multitude of thoughts and ideas dancing too actively in his mind for him to sleep deeply.

Yet, though he didn’t feel well rested, he felt a surge of subtle excitement. He knew what he wanted to do and had a good idea of how to do it. First, he had to establish a steady source of food. The water nearby was vital and there would likely be fish either upstream or down. That could be a ready source of simple food. If he was able to draw in and snare Wolves and Horned Rabbits then he might have a steady source of food there too, as well as valuable materials.

But, it was easier thought than done. The wolves were smart and had very strong senses. The Horned rabbits were cautious and preferentially fed on berries, from what he had seen so far, and he didn’t even know which direction to go to find fish. He would have to be both careful and thorough as he went forward.

He had gathered quite a few belongings, far more than he could conveniently carry with him. In fact, he wasn’t very skilled with everything yet. His hunting experience was mostly grappling and stealth, relying on poison and skill. It had worked well so far but hunting alone was dangerous, especially when your prey was up close. He needed to practice with his javelins. That range might prove critical and, unlike a bow or sling, the weight of a javelin was not a factor after it had been thrown. He left most of them where they lay but brought two with him along with one of his short spears, keeping his stone knife in his wristband as a backup.

It was time to go.

He carefully examined the surrounding area for threats. Finding none, he climbed down to the ground and began to scout the surrounding area. He was searching for several things. He could use prey of course but he was carefully examining the trees, seeking for signs of the trees that produce the numbing oil. He was also searching for the kind of berries that the horned rabbits prefer, which he had noticed during his first hunt. If he could find those berries then he might be able to make bait and produce snares to secure more horned rabbits. Of course, more horned rabbits would mean more meat to use for bait to draw wolves. With practice, he should have limited trouble killing a few wolves, so long as he could use a trap to poison them before engaging.

@Jangel13... Hmm... prizes heh... You know that it's probably a bad idea to give me ideas like that... right?
@Jangel13, Ah... so more like pantheon faction priests rather than the typical distinction between priestly classes and warlocks/necromancers. Gotcha. So a medicine/potion that would work on an undead would have to be both restorative and blessed/enhanced by power from Duvelna.
@Jangel13 Religious? Typically, the undead are depicted as being defiled and opposed to the gods. I'm completely lost as to how to use a religious mentality to heal or support a ghoul. Though, I suppose that Duvelna's more pious followers might be able to restore well-being to her creatures... I'm still unsure how I could approach that from a medicine/medical angle with magic as a supplemental aspect.

Well, I guess it wouldn't be necessary for Skrik to understand something like that just yet. He still doesn't have the basic ability to interact with magic yet and I've built quite the little to-do list for one little goblin.

I understand. The evolutionary mechanism requires a far more complex physical and energy make-up.

Alright, so what about my thinking on storage mediums and starting points for magic? Storage mediums could function as a prelude heading toward enchantment while manipulating energies could allow something akin to geomancy.

And, as regards healing undead... If life has an element then an undead creature or anything else that is closely aligned with the corresponding death element would likely be better helped with a minor infusion of death element. However, this would be a crude effort and would have to be attempted very... very cautiously. It also might function as a buffing effect instead of a healing one... it all would depend on what the recipient's body did with it.
@Jangel13, Ok. So transfer is possible with proper comprehension but conversion is not possible due to the fact that the energy would have to be reformatted. So, if possible at all it would require a complex mechanism to work the conversion and that would be far beyond what Skrik will be able to construct for quite a while. Understood.

You are in charge so I will accept your decision regarding life transfer. Your world, your rules. However, my own understanding of real world energy transfer between living things contradicts your explanation. In my experience the energy of one living thing is only different from that of another species by a modest amount and the transfer of energy from one to another is both dangerous and relatively easy. But, enough of that. I've expressed my perspective.

As an alternate starting path for magic, since his initial driving force to learn it is a combination of curiosity and a desire to repay the trees for the sap, would gaining the ability to see and analyze magic and life force be a more suitable step? And, if I'm understanding your thinking correctly, while storing fire in an object should be relatively easy it would be far more difficult to store life energy in an inanimate storage medium due to the differing format of the medium. So, Fire could be stored in Glass, Crystal, or other simple structures while the life force of a plant could be stored in a Wooden Staff or other Wooden Item.

Is my understanding correct?
@Jangel13, setting mad science aside for the moment, I was hoping to get your approval for a set of magical skills that I'm hoping to start developing within the next two IC days. These would be the foundation skills for the kind of potion making and object enhancement that I had in mind for the future. It would also possibly incorporate, or hint toward, the rather complicated relationship that this character is likely to have with Shirila and Duvelna.

-Converting Fire into Life Energy and storing the extra in the caster's body.
-Transfer Life Energy from caster to another living target through touch.
-Convert Life Energy into Fire and binding Fire in Stones for later use.

Nah... that would be a good way to implement temporary transformation potions though... turn a pet wolf into a giant spider for a short time... or yourself... for that matter...
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