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26 days ago
Current I know that few, if any, people on this site would be interested in it... but... I just got an idea for a SAO/GGO/XCOM/UFO crossover... fun tingles...
4 mos ago
Life has never given mankind sufficient time... nor sleep... nor comprehension. If it had, we would have stopped trying.
7 mos ago
It can be greatly refreshing to return to a thing that one has long loved.
3 yrs ago
I am officially on hiatus as regards roleplaying... and it's a bummer. But, I will try to take some comfort in the fact that all of you will continue to have fun without me. That's not a suggestion.
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3 yrs ago
Argh! Life has become complete and exhausting chaos. Anybody waiting on me for posts, I'm sorry. I'll try to get some productive time in the next couple of days. Trying to move two households. Ugh


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Mmmmmm... I love insanity with my cookies and badasses with my cinnamon rolls. All are tasty incentives.
Hmmm... I am interested. I also got an idea for a set of characters... fun characters... heh. Heheheheheh.

However! I cannot commit just yet. I need to know for certain that the other half-dozen roleplays that I was in have well and truly died... though they have been completely silent for... over a month.
And a Merry Christmas Day to you all!

Whatever you believe, everyone can use a merry day every so often!

Skrik took note of the bear’s behavior as he withdrew. He would have to be cautious but he might be able to use that strong sense of smell to his advantage. Such a sensitive sense could easily bring pain if attacked in the right way. But, first he had to hunt and gather.

The first rabbit he found looked promising, fat and occupied with berries. More interesting was that Skrik could tell it was holding the berries instead of devouring them. Gathering meant that it was delivering them. Fat meant that it likely left more of a trail than its more lean relatives. He might be able to find the den if he tracked this rabbit. But, he had to make a decision.

He could hunt this rabbit now or he could wait and follow it. He could also hunt it and then try to find its trail and backtrack along it to its den. If he followed it, he might learn more about these creatures. But… he really wanted to know about how strength moved from one thing to another, what the colored lights in the pond were, whether or not better tips would give his javelins the edge against a bear, what berries would make better poisons, how difficult is it to catch fish, and where had all his siblings gone?

It was a long list of questions and it only seemed to get longer the more he learned. Still, that did nothing to quench his growing desire and determination to know as much as he possibly could. He still lacked power but… he glanced at the javelin in his fist. Poison, stealth, climbing, all of his success in hunting had come from having greater knowledge than his foe. He couldn’t believe that knowledge would prove to be a weaker path than crude strength. His curiosity demanded that it be so. And, he couldn’t think of a reason why it wouldn’t be at least as strong.

He studied the rabbit closely. It’s body didn’t have much in the way of carrying capacity. It wouldn’t be able to carry many berries at a time. That meant that it would have to return to its den to deliver the berries it had before long. Still, he had a little time left before its departure would be likely.

Skrik decided. He kept to the shadows and the bushes, sneaking as carefully and smoothly as he could to avoid anything that would give him away. He was seeking the rabbit’s trail while working his way downwind and into its blind spot. If there was a convenient tree there, near the rabbit’s trail and its blind spot, then this curious goblin would climb that tree up to the lowest branch that would keep him out of the rabbit’s reach. From there, he would be able to throw and not have to fear immediate reprisal. He could also drop to the ground and block the rabbit’s path back to its den. Like with his earlier hunt at the riverside, horned rabbits who valued something could be motivated to fight instead of flee.

If there was no height advantage that could be obtained, then he would simply block the path and use Butcher’s Insight and Precise Strike to throw a javelin for the rabbit’s center of mass. He would alter his aim to compensate for any anticipated movements and make as little sound as possible while throwing. If the rabbit survived the throw, wounded or not, Skrik would use his Short Spear to engage it when it attempted to get around or through him, using Butcher’s Insight and his past hunting experiences to predict its behavior and movements. But, he would keep his own safety in mind and prioritize avoiding injury over getting a lethal blow. He would also keep his knife handy, just in case.

Thanks for that. It was a fascinatingly chaotic concept. If anything... I think I would recommend trying again later with a smaller starting group and a few backup applicants in the wings, like understudies. If a character goes inactive for "X" amount of time then their character becomes an immortal NPC until they activate again, slaved to the control of another player.

But, I guess I'll let this thread rest now. It did good work for its short life.

That is... sad. But not unexpected.
I'm tossing a ping here to see how many are still watching this for signs of life.

Markers... heh. Unintentionally, he did leave markers. He buried the skulls of his first two kills. That should let him identify his path. Thank you again!

Thank you! It just wouldn't feel right if I didn't think this thoroughly. It's just the way my mind works. But, I do have a specific question for you.

How plausible would it be for Skrik to retrace his steps to find the starting cave and how long would the walk take?

For my reference, I'm sketching up a crude map of the area. I've got the following locations roughed out with reference to the starting cave.

-Wolves (Daytime)

Unfortunately for me, I didn't specify which directions I was going when I was hunting and I don't know which direction the stream flows or where my Tree Camp lies in relation to the starting cave. I also don't know where the Church or troll cave are.

I'm hoping to figure out what I might be wandering toward and figure out a practical plan other than "hunt rabbits, upgrade weapons, try to solo a bear" Though, I might try the other types of berries. If they're potent poison then that plus a stone javelin and a combination of Pierce and Butcher's Insight might give me the edge I need. Still, that's for another post.
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