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Current Now, what happens when you have a bunch of monsters that were living in a forest and they get transmigrated into a futuristic urban setting?
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I know that few, if any, people on this site would be interested in it... but... I just got an idea for a SAO/GGO/XCOM/UFO crossover... fun tingles...
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Life has never given mankind sufficient time... nor sleep... nor comprehension. If it had, we would have stopped trying.
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It can be greatly refreshing to return to a thing that one has long loved.
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I am officially on hiatus as regards roleplaying... and it's a bummer. But, I will try to take some comfort in the fact that all of you will continue to have fun without me. That's not a suggestion.
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At last, Femus could breathe a sigh of relief. He had the seeds. So much work for something so simple and small. And, even with all his efforts, it hadn't been enough until Nira had helped. Choosing grass-like plants that seemed to lack any strong effects, Femus used his crafting skill to try to make a pair of square patches from woven grass. He had seen a few woven baskets in the marketplace when he was still human. The method seemed to be a simple alternating pattern. Of course, with the small pouch he was trying to make, he would need to seal the seams and gaps well enough to keep the Blue Yill Seeds safely contained. The pouch would only be big enough for perhaps ten seeds. After all, Femus was planning on carrying this for a long time and had no belt or other easy method of carrying it.

"Having more support could be helpful. Hmm..." Femus murmured in response to Nira's words.

He worked on weaving the grass patches while thinking of how best to answer her. Finally, he decided on how to explain it. So, he began speaking while continuing his work.

"I gained the Mana Control skill during my meditation training, though I was focusing on capacity improvements I also made progress on it while trying to complete new spells. I focused on controlling how the mana moved through my body and the spell both, faster or slower, where it pooled and swirled, where it slipped and surged, gathered and dispersed. The skills we have can be used almost as easily as pushing a button in a video game. But, that method of use is the least efficient for training. You should be able to rapidly learn Mana Control by deliberately handling every step of the process of casting any spell or using any other skill that uses mana."

When the patches were done, he would weave the free ends of all the strands of grass together, joining the two patches on three sides while leaving one open. Then, he would use growth on the green grass to make the fibers and veins grow more, extending out of the grass blades themselves and then weaving them through the others to further tighten and strengthen the pouch with both the strength of the fiber and the mild adhesive of the leaking plant juices. The open end would still be left with loose ends of grass so that it could be woven shut after the seeds were placed inside. However, that would have to wait until the pouch had dried somewhat. It wouldn't do to have it encourage the seeds to sprout when it was only meant for carrying them.

But, in the end, this pouch was only a small side-project to make carrying the seeds more convenient. It was a more pressing concern to decide what the two were going to do for the rest of the day. They would need food and drink. Though, Nira had developed a very useful spell, it was probably not the greatest idea to be completely dependent on their mana supply for drinking water. Still...

"I'd like to take you up on that offer. A water spell of such utility would definitely be valuable. And... this is probably the best part of the day to keep a low profile. Though, we could hunt as well. It would be good to have other food than hobgoblin meat around. I imagine that this guy is going to attract scavengers soon enough... actually... I wonder if I could speed up the rot and bait in some scavengers to make hunting easier for a little bit before we leave. It could make things more dangerous, but opportunity comes hand-in-hand with danger. What do you think?"
Roleplaying? What's that?

Femus studied the information he received. This was not likely to be a hobgoblin from the tribe that surrounded them. It was likely to be either a criminal or a member of a very different tribe. However, the first seemed far more likely. The further information about hobgoblins in general didn't seem terribly important for the moment. The herb, on the other hand, was quite significant. It had potential to be quite valuable. Pure healing energy condensed in a plant that doesn't need light had a great deal of potential.

He sighed before answering Nira's comment while she worked. "Doing alright. Visual signals need planning. But, these plants are good for healing." He said while picking one to take with him. "There's a lot of look-alikes but this is the real one. None good for water though."

He was going to keep talking and relay more of his guesses... but he found himself suddenly suppressing the urge to curse. It was a patch of herbs. Plant reproduction... most plants can't reproduce alone. Bringing one Blue Yill to that point was a waste of time unless there was another nearby to pollinate it. He still had one left but it would probably take more mana to restore and develop since he'd been carrying it that much longer.

"Forgot pollination, feeling stupid." He said quickly as he headed back to where the first Blue Yill was planted. "Let's go with green for safe, red for danger, and yellow for caution. We can develop more complex signals later. The faster I get this done, the faster we can leave... hopefully before we get attacked again... or have to eat him." He finished, clearly indicating the hobgoblin with some mild distaste. They really were filthy creatures.

Arriving at the Blue Yill, he took the other one that he had still been carrying and shifted the soil to make a shallow hole about six inches from where the yill stood. Into this he planted the broken end of the other Blue Yill's stem before raising his voice loud enough for Nira to hear. "Nira, if you can, could you please get some water to these two plants it might help speed this along. I didn't have any real luck finding any."

After he finished speaking, Femus concentrated on duplicating his previous performance. Using Growth and pouring mana into the weakened Blue Yill to help it take root and return to health. Again, he would meditate as deeply as he could to rapidly restore his mana when it ran low before resuming his work. After gaining the same level of ground, he would fill his mana and try something more complex.

His next experiment would be trying to use Growth in brief bursts on each plant to encourage them to reproduce with each other while also trying to use lesser force to carefully move pollen from each flower to the other and checking both with Plant Analysis every time he had to stop to meditate. If he succeeded in transferring pollen, he would resume his efforts to speed the internal processes of the flowers to produce viable seeds as soon as possible. Time was of the essence, as was efficiency. He had to get this done quickly so that he could simply bag up the resulting seeds along with a healing herb or two and be ready to go. Femus felt an impossible to define sense of urgency. They had to go. He would have time to do further herb cultivation once they had a better campsite.

Femus breathed a sigh of relief, but a quiet one. The attacker was dead, a hobgoblin. He stopped and took stock of his condition. Then, confirming that he hadn't been hurt at all, he made his body flash a harsh green like that of a traffic light to indicate to Nira that the area was clear without raising his voice. The noise of the fight should have frightened other threats away for the time being.

Now wasn't the time to be slow.

Femus examined the hobgoblin, using his own knowledge of anatomy as well as his Monster Analysis skill. Then, he moved to the herb patch and examined the plants in the same manner, first with his own limited ability to assess them and then with his Plant Analysis skill. He also looked around for any dew that might linger on the leaves from the morning. He didn't want to have to drink hobgoblin blood to sort out his thirst. He would drink any dew he found and decide after completing his analysis of the plants. They were so close, so very close to being able to leave this place. With thirst solved and the seeds of the Blue Yill collected it would be time to go.

Waiting here would only invite trouble to find them.
We have the fine makings of a fledgling order of Goblin Knights.
Trace Retloth
Inside the Fort

Trace's attack was far from the final blow but he had no problem holding the enemy in place for a better suited ally. He'd been doing the same for the archer girl, now he'd achieved the same effect with Artemisia by accident. But, with the southern part of the fort cleared out, there was no reason to hesitate or gloat. He simply took a brief moment to confirm that the rest of the southern foes were truly dead before turning to assess the northern part of the fort. He started moving even as he revised his knowledge of the situation, heading toward the north.

The boss remained, along with one supporting pugilist, and there was one other unsecured space that needed to be dealt with. From their initial information, the remaining enemy in that room should be a pugilist as well. A close combat specialist in a small room would be a challenge for a lance fighter like Trace so he decided to keep his focus on the main room and assist in controlling the bandit leader.

By the time he reached the northern engagement, his decision was made. Trace's lance pierced the pugilist through the neck from a blind angle before the man even realized that forces from the south were moving in on him. Then, the next step was to prepare to assist in controlling the bandit leader that was focusing on Trace's coin purse... the prince, that is. So Trace moved to make his second Heartstopper Lunge of this battle. Hopefully, he would distract the bandit boss enough for his allies to attend to the other remaining objectives.

Status: Lightly Injured
Class: Recruit
  • Iron Lance 1/3
  • Vulnerary 3/3


Femus was pleased by the fact that the Blue Yill was almost ready to produce seeds. He was also glad that there were a variety of interesting plants to examine, though none of them immediately struck him as being thirst quenching. He was especially glad of his Alert skill.

He was less glad of the sudden... company.

His first impression was simple and non-verbally processed. However, its essence can be summarized as the simultaneous realization that the target in question was either undead or wielding a long weapon made of bone. It was also shrouded from sight and would be difficult to analyze. Troublesome.

There was only a moment to decide what to do and get it done. So, Femus did what came naturally. He dove toward the ground at an angle toward his attacker and stopped his glow. He also cast Shock Round 2 with a target lock on the enemy's rear knee, knowing that its gait would reverse the leg's position too quickly for it to evade the strike. Then, he used Lesser Force to push off the ground and dart past the enemy's legs before casting Static Bolt 1 where the enemy stopped.

His next move, if the enemy was down but still alive, would be to attach himself to the middle of his enemy's back with Lesser Force and cast Shield 1 on himself before using Mana Drain on the enemy.

Tik managed to catch up to Rena after a fairly hasty and crude effort at tracking her by finding partial tracks and freshly broken twigs. He had some hope that he would be able to simply greet her and continue hunting, this time with a better spear. But, that hopping... long-toothed... shiny-skinned...

Tik saw Rena successfully duck the attack from the frog. By the time the frog hit the ground, Tik had already started running. By the time Rena swung her club, Tik was only a couple strides from her back with his spear held in both hands. He kept Rena between him and the frog until the last moment to make sure that the frog would have trouble seeing him. He could also tell whether the frog dodged to the side or not. He was moving on reflex, too fast to think or plan. The frog would either dodge or die. If it dodged, then Tik would lunge around Rena and stab the frog as swiftly as his body would allow.

The only sound he uttered was a throaty hiss as he made his move.


I added the hiders you wanted into my last post. You didn't list what Tik absorbed from the rabbit yet. Also, if there's anything that is still unclear or lacking, just let me know what to do.

Femus smiled and rested for a few minutes, letting his stamina recover while he thought. He had achieved great success in a short time. He was actually very happy with his rate of progress. But, he felt like thrice used tripes. There was still food up on the branch but there was no water, unless Nira had found a solution to that problem. The river was sounding like a better idea all the time. If goblins could get there in less than a day to fish then it couldn't be too far. They just had to run the risk of a fight before getting there.

Well, Femus was pretty confident in his ability to handle most common threats at this point. So, he focused on how to use the points from his latest level. He willed his request to the system silently. 'System, please place five points into Growth and one into Monster Analysis.' He quickly meditated back up to full mana as well.

He had not failed to notice that he had gained a level from training his skills up himself. However, that only gave him a level this time because of how many were close to that line already. His preference for earning progress with his own work was rewarded but that kind of optimized training could only be done in certain situations. He was starting to get a subtle feeling... that he didn't like.

Femus had stayed here, in this fairly safe place, for awhile. Perhaps not long in days but it still was starting to feel like he didn't belong here anymore. It felt... like he was pushing things. So, he focused. It was time to go but they needed to solve their water problem a bit before they left or they might not have the strength to get to the river at all. Also, he really wanted Blue Yill seeds. But... forcibly cultivating with Growth was proving very intense and draining. So, he took a close look at the Blue Yill and sought to analyze it. Specifically, he wanted to tell if it was close to bearing seeds or not.

Either way, once he had his answer he headed back up to the branch to check on Nira and grab more food. Though, he made sure to eat no more than half of what he found left up there. Nira would need food too.

"I think we should probably head toward the East once you're ready. I think there's a river that way. But, I'm going to try and find something to quench our thirst over by that thicker herb patch first. There might be something growing there that stores more water inside." He said, wearily. He was pushing himself.

His head was pounding and he was exhausted but, while it looked like Nira was making good progress on a water spell, the thought of drinking from her hands made him... uneasy. A natural source of water would be easier and food was normally easier to find around one as well. So, he gathered his energy and headed to the farther herb patch. He took his time and didn't push himself to avoid adding unnecessary strain but he also kept his eyes open and his senses alert for any danger that could be hiding in the taller plants.
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