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3 mos ago
Current I know that few, if any, people on this site would be interested in it... but... I just got an idea for a SAO/GGO/XCOM/UFO crossover... fun tingles...
6 mos ago
Life has never given mankind sufficient time... nor sleep... nor comprehension. If it had, we would have stopped trying.
9 mos ago
It can be greatly refreshing to return to a thing that one has long loved.
3 yrs ago
I am officially on hiatus as regards roleplaying... and it's a bummer. But, I will try to take some comfort in the fact that all of you will continue to have fun without me. That's not a suggestion.
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3 yrs ago
Argh! Life has become complete and exhausting chaos. Anybody waiting on me for posts, I'm sorry. I'll try to get some productive time in the next couple of days. Trying to move two households. Ugh


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Knowledge of how to manufacture thermite, black powder or napalm would be far more effective than magical knowledge in this setting. However, the equipment necessary to manufacture some of them would be fragile and difficult to transport.
@Strange Rodent That sounds good too. It would give a chance for her positive skills to be noticed by someone who wouldn't underestimate their value. I know that both Monica and Dmitri will need places in the structure of things but I don't have a strong gut feeling for where they belong, so I left that up to others without suggesting anything.

Though, I have a strong suspicion that staying in this city would not further the plot unless we want to set up an Alamo situation. So, the Princess will need to have a destination and motive for going there. Though, the Orcs could provide a temporary haven and would have differing information regarding legends and whatnot. Otherwise, I'm at a loss for ideas there as well.
In my character's condition... I could only do an introspective bit right now. That wouldn't do much beyond bump up the post count and that's not worth it. It feels better for flow and development for the Captain to have a scene with the princess now, followed by or interrupted by the orc emissary. At least... that's what my gut is telling me.

My suggestion is as follows:

The introspective interlude of the injured fisherman should probably happen after the emissary part and immediately before Skurr wakes up, ready to interact with somebody who has either heard about his efforts or observed them directly. Since none of the PCs have taken note, it would be helpful if someone heard about him from an NPC. The most likely witnesses would be some of the wounded civilians in the chapel or perhaps the Captain's subordinates.

This interaction would give a plot link and justification for Skurr to join the Princess's personal forces, though he would be at the lowest rank as a newly recruited non-soldier. Well, that's where I see Skurr's development going right now. Without someplace to go and something to do... his story would lack drive and trail off into oblivion. Still, this isn't up to me. It's up to the "Princess" and the "Captain" to decide.
Ah, but dishonor is such a flexible thing. It really isn't used enough in contemporary literature.
@Guy0fV4lor Wow. Wrong gender assumption and generally offensive character judgement all in one go. Vaguely impressive, if a little too imaginative given the sentence that it was drawn from. 6/10.
I still breathe!!!
I'm planning to leave Skurr's next post until he's back at the Chapel. Feel free to puppet him until then since he's likely to be mumbling and slightly feverish by the time they make it back there. After all, only his most serious injury has been treated and he's been covered in filth of ... all kinds, for hours, after fighting in bare feet.
@Strange Rodent

That works for me.
@Ladypug, I'd be open to a collab but I'm pretty exhausted myself. I'm having to burn the candle at both ends a lot this week.
@Ladypug, Yeah. I was figuring that if Skurr was noticed at all then it would have been more the spear that would have caught the eye. There aren't many short spear users in the city with metal strips running down the length of the spear. Of course, by now that spear isn't very shiny.

Conversation would be a good thing, I think. Skurr will probably be looking for a career change as a result of some off screen life events of his.
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