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3 mos ago
Current It can be greatly refreshing to return to a thing that one has long loved.
2 yrs ago
I am officially on hiatus as regards roleplaying... and it's a bummer. But, I will try to take some comfort in the fact that all of you will continue to have fun without me. That's not a suggestion.
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2 yrs ago
Argh! Life has become complete and exhausting chaos. Anybody waiting on me for posts, I'm sorry. I'll try to get some productive time in the next couple of days. Trying to move two households. Ugh
3 yrs ago
The profanity and unmitigated gall... of the were poodle.


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Alright, I'll get that up sometime tomorrow. Sleep demands my immediate supplication.

I welcome your assistance! If you wish, I could open up a discord channel for this project.
@HokumPocus, the alteration is complete. I look forward to the start, whenever it happens to be.
That was rather bumpingly done... and well appreciated. I'm sorry that progress has been so slow on this. A solid version of the map is complete but I need to enlarge and clarify it and get it online. I'm also somewhat lacking for adventurer inspiration. Though I do have a few ideas for the second set of underground areas.
@Crazy Scion, my character isn't even fully accepted yet... but if you wish... I have no solid objections. Though, John isn't the type to make deep friendships quickly, if at all. Perhaps friendly acquaintances would work better at first. Though there are a few things that we would need to agree on.

In what context did they meet? Do they work for the same company or related companies? Was it a social event? Did someone try to prank them with a blind date? Blind double date?

How much shared contact do they have? Have they exchanged phone numbers? E-mails? Addresses? Do they meet regularly? In public? In private? Do they work together? Shared recreational interests?

What do you think?
@HokumPocus Thank you. It did seem a bit sparse on detail and heavy on world building. I've made some alterations and would be grateful if you would be so kind as to give it another look.

@Jangel13... ... ... oye.
I foresee some Essence terminology confusion in our future. And confusion can be hilarious.

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