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Current Well... Husband died on the 14th... I had covid (overrated).... Life is just too surreal right now....
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Well... Birthday sucked this year... Big surprise.....
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Tomorrow is my birthday!
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I hate migraines....
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Total madness going on, but doing my best to cope...


Well, about me... I've been rp'ing since '06 and have worked out my own set of characters that I'm pretty loyal to. I try to stay interesting and a little unpredictable with a few characters. I've grown to severely hate one-liners, though...

Otherwise, I live in Texas, I use pet names and nicknames alot, I'm married, my son just turned 16 and shares my warped sense of humor. I also knit and crochet in my spare time.

Any other questions, just ask.

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Pics, in no particular order:

Name: Esabel
Age: Good question…
Sex: Female
Height: 5’ 1.5”
Weight: 125
Race: There is one?
Appearance: ((See Below))
Weapons: Dark Energy manipulation and the occasional blade
Bio: Esabel was the first of Goh’s creations made from the life force of another living being. But there were flaws in her when he made her, flaws that neither of them noticed until it was too late. He had to leave on a project and left Esabel unattended for a long period of time. When he returned, she was gone with no knowledge of where she was or any way to track her down. She wanders through the realms now, looking to have a bit of fun and occasionally cause a bit of chaos just because she can.
Weakness(es): What are those?
Other: Esabel is slightly insane. To the point that she is completely unpredictable no matter what she does…

Name of Character: Wren
Age of Character: Unknown
Sex: Female
Race: Elf
Appearance: 5'4", Black hair, Golden eyes, Athletic build
Weapon/s: She is proficient in just about any weapon from the slingshot to spear to dagger to axe to sword. She is also proficient in earthen magics.
Bio: Wren is the Guardian of the Kings Castle in the Elven Realm. As such, she chooses the King or Queen or both of the Realm when the castle appears. It disappears out of time when the current chosen ruler dies and reappears when a new ruler is nearby or ready to be chosen.

Wren has found the time spent out of time to be useful. She has become highly intelligent and proficient in weapons and magic. As such, she is the perfect Guardian for the new Rulers of the Elves.

But she is regarded with strange looks by other elves who co not understand her nor can comprehend another Elf of her age. This sets her apart from the rest of the race and is a secret wound to her heart. She keeps this hidden though, not wanting any pity.
Weakness(es): Wren is allergic to copper and iron, they act as a fast-acting poison in her system.

Name of Character: Cynthia, the Black Sorceress
Age of Character: Unknown
Sex: Female
Race: Immortal Human
Appearance: Long red hair, green eyes , with a petite and slight build. She usually favors black and green in her dress with soft dark brown boots.
Weapon/s: Double boot-knives & an Egyptian-style Athamae (Dagger)
Bio: Cynthia was one of the first souls born on earth. Gifted with great powers, she has traveled the world. Sometimes she has used her power for good, at other times she used them for great evil.
But now she wearies of this world and her ceaseless wandering. She simply wishes for peace. The only question is: Will she get it? For there is good reason for her to come to the island. She is being hunted, but she will not reveal who it is that pursues her willingly.
Weakness(es): Even though she is immortal, she can be severely injured by just about any physical weapon.
Other: Although she is neither a Hunter nor prey, she is under Sebastet’s Protection.

Name of Character: Ebony
Age of Character: You expect her to actually tell you that?
Sex: Female
Race: Dragon with the ability to shift to Human and Panther
Appearance: Feline Form Dragon Form

Weapon/s: Spiked bracelets, collar, and tail mace when in feline form, sword in human form, and when in her dragon form you'd better pray. Other than that, her sense of humor could be considered a weapon all on its own.
Bio: Ebony lost her entire race when she was little more than a child, saved only because her attackers thought she was dead. She was taken into the service and protection of the Goddess, serving wherever She desires her to be. She maintains under a 'contract' that ends periodically and has to be renewed, a tacit reminder that Ebony could leave the Goddess' service whenever she chooses.

But for now, she's come to the island to visit an old friend and knock some sense into a new charge. She dearly hopes he's got a sense of humor...
Weakness(es): Depends on the form she's in....

Name of Character: Sebastet
Age of Character: Ancient, though she appears to be in her early 20’s
Sex: Female
Race: Hylarr/Vampire
Appearance: She is petite but athletic. She has short downy fur in a tiger striped pattern, and a tail. Piercing green eyes, long black hair (look below)
Power: Empathy. Can see in almost pitch dark. Powerful leaping, some telepathy with other Vampires, And a few mysterious Druidic powers that she is still exploring.
Weapon/s: Blades, lots of them. As well as retractable claws
Bio: She prefers Hunter Blood.
For years, she had no idea how she came to appear the way she does. And her memory only goes back as for as an old woman taking her in to train her in the ways of the Druid. She eventually became known as the Dark Druidess for her Dark Powers. She took up residence in the Castle upon seeing it abandoned, and has spent alot of time trying fix it back up. But not long ago something strange happened that opened up her memories and showed her what had happened to her. She’d been an experiment in genetics, but one that was held in secret. Her DNA had been rewritten completely and turned her into a completely different being. She has no memory before that, only of waking up in the aftermath of a bloodbath at the lab to find the old woman standing over her.

It wasn’t long after that that the old gods of Egypt took interest in her and pulled her back in time, literally. There, they gave her certain abilities and she became the Goddess Bast, taking on the anger of all the Gods to get rid of an old enemy of theirs. Unfortunately, that anger stayed with her and has caused her to seek other ways to control her temper. The trip back in time aged her as well, sending her back to her own time as a full Ancient Vampire.
Weakness(es): She has a quick temper and she’s allergic to silver
Other: Will post as it comes to me...

Name of Character: Bast
Age of Character: Ancient, though she appears to be in her early 20’s
Sex: Female
Race: Hylarr
Appearance: She is petite but athletic. She has short downy fur and a tail, all in black. Piercing green eyes, long black hair complete the picture of her.
Power: Fire and Shadow manipulation
Weapon/s: Prefers sword, dagger, and bow. Guns make her sneeze.
Bio: Bast was raised by parents who really preferred to stick to the more traditional ways of their race and had taught them to her. When she came of age, she'd taken to hiring herself out as a Huntress and Tracker for those out for a little fun in the forest.

But it's the slow season right now, so she decided to head out and look for a little fun, something else to do...

When the world erupted, her family was living in the deep forest of Ireland. They managed to protect a hidden sect of the druids who, in turn, protected her family from the Hunters. For a while. In the end, her family sent her out to find someone who was little more than legend to them: Sebastet.

Weakness(es): She’s allergic to silver
Other: Theme song is: Stray Cat Strut

Name: Gypsy Blade
Age: 5000, appears to be in her early twenties
Race: Vampire
Height: 5' 1.5"
Powers: Telepathy, Can control Darkness and Fire, Animals see her as a calming presence so she can walk up just about any creature without any harm, She is still working on a few other powers though
Appearance: (See below)
History: She started out as a slave in Egypt, not knowing anything about her parentage. She was sold to a Vampire early in her slavery. Odar raised her as well as he could, giving her control of his household when she reached 18. He gave her weapons training, as well as basic schooling so that she could run his household for him. As she reached her early twenties, her master was killed by a rouge Vampire who turned her for spite. Gypsy killed him in revenge for her former master, and then she fled. She wandered the world ever since. She has the skills of an elite warrior now, and more knowledge than she knows what to do with but she ever remains alone...

Name: Ilea
Rank: Servant to Greatest Evil
Side: To the right and a little behind her Master, Goh
Gender: Female
Race: Necromantic Live-Energy Clone
Special Powers: Necromancy, Demon Summoning and Control
Special Skills:
Weapons: Spells, minions, sword, dagger, axe, rapier, bow, anything she can get her hands on.
Bio: Ilea was created by Goh out of the life-Energy of a woman he was torturing, changing only her hair, eyes, and clothes. He started instructing Ilea in Necromancy, something she apparently excelled at. She soon was only excelled in the art by Goh himself, a matter that left him very proud of her and able to fully trust her to watch over him as he rested. She also soon found that she could summon and control Demons of any power strength.

Name: An’desha
Age: Unknown, though he appears to be in his early to mid twenties
Race: Immortal Human, Mage
Sexual orientation: Homosexual
Preference: Seke
Bio: An’desha was once possessed by an evil mage, freeing himself at great risk of loosing his soul. He finally assured himself of his sanity, and his magics. He has come here fleeing those that do not understand his partner preferences, seeking the solitude of the forest and the comforting of the land.

Personality: He is unconscious of his looks, sweet-natured, and unable to bear the sight of anything in pain.

Name of Character: Layla
Age of Character: Unknown for now
Sex: Female
Race: Forest Elf
Appearance: ((See Below))
Weapon/s: Bow and daggers
Bio: Brought by magical means to the human realm for reasons unknown, she has good reason to distrust the opposite gender, and her scars prove that she might have more than just cause. But until she can regain her strength, she's stuck here...

Turns out that it was Zuko who dropped her into the human realm, a male Elf that Layla had herself handfasted to, buying into his early charm and sweet words. But he had issues with her fighting spirit, wanting her to focus only on him and nothing else. It got to the point that he broke her arm and she left him, formally breaking all ties with him.

But he came back for her when she took refuge with the Centaurs in the Elven Realm that lived within the Dark Wood, thinking she'd actually had an affair with the Centaur Chief's son Darian. So Zuko got his revenge on Layla for that slight by slowly killing the centaur in front of her while she was bound and unable to do anything about it.

But she survived that and managed to get back into her training, eventually making it into the Elite Guard. Yet, during one of her training exercises in the Enchanted Forest, Zuko attacked her yet again, using his iron claws on her this time and sending her to the Human Realm with the intention that she should die there.

Weakness(es): weakened if away from nature for any length of time, cold iron is her main weakness though (just as it should be for all elves)

Character name: Lianna
Sex: Female
Age: Looks to be about early 20s
Race: Cat girl
Skin: Almost totally white
Weapon: Scalpel
Bio: Lianna was born into violence, her parents were both sadists. They taught her how to hurt without killing, because they started this at such a young age Lianna never gained a conscience. She never hesitated or regretted anything. She was still a child though and when their slaves killed her parents, Lianna was forced to watch the sad event while locked up in a box with one small opening facing where her parent's were killed. She loved her parents and with them both gone she had no one.

Liam found her and took her in, he treated her like a little sister and she adored him. She would do anything he asked at this point to see him live his dream.

Personality: Loving a times, cruel, practical
Other: (Will edit her bio when I know where to put her exactly) [/color]

Name of Character: ShadowDancer
Age of Character: Early to mid 20’s
Sex: Male
Race: Half Selkie/ Half Human Mage/WereSnowLeopard
Appearance:((see below))
Weapons: Daggers and High Magic in human form; claws, teeth, and superior strength in Were form
Bio: Dancer was born in Vampire Castle to Mao and An’desha through the special abilities of his Selkie father. He excelled at the magic he gained from his father, preferring men just as his parents did. He found a lover or two on the island, but no one who really sparked his interest. So now he wanders the castle, helping out where he can with his magic and simply enjoying his home when he's not working.
Weakness: Silver is almost poison to him

Name of Character: SongWind
Age of Character: Early to mid 20’s
Sex: Male
Race: Demonicus
Appearance: SongWind SongWind's Demonic Form SongWind as a Child
Weapons: Animal forms, Half-Animal forms, Demonic Powers currently unknown, Well skilled in magic, Knowledgeable in daggers and sword
Bio: Wind was born in Vampire Castle to Drage and FireHeart Farseer. His father was the one to unite the Demonicus races in an effort to keep them from dying out. So his parents spend a lot of time away from the castle, especially since he and his twin sister are fully grown now. He learned basic weapons training from his Godmother Sebastet, but preferred his magic and animal forms. He is usually quiet, preferring to remain in the shadows.
Weakness: Silver is poisonous to him
Other: His preferences for men aren’t well-liked among his race, making him an Outcast.

Name of Character: ShadowBlade, Blade for short
Age of Character: Appears to be in her early 20’s
Sex: Female
Race: Demonicus
Appearance: ((See Below))
Weapons: Animal forms, Half-Animal forms, Demonic Powers currently unknown, Well skilled with any blade as well as bow and arrows
Bio: Blade was born in Vampire Castle to Drage and FireHeart Farseer. Her father was the one to unite the Demonicus races in an effort to keep them from dying out. So her parents spend a lot of time away from the castle, especially since she and her twin brother are fully grown now. She found that she liked working with weapons and set out to learn all she could, fast becoming very skilled with any blade she set her hands on and positively lethal with a bow.
Weakness: Silver is poisonous to her due to the fact that she is a mix-blood Demonicus.
Other: She is very protective of her brother…

Name of Character: Cain Albright
Age of Character: 500 looks about early twenties
Sex: Male
Race: Vampire
Appearance: ((See Below))
Power: Wind Manipulation
Weapon/s: Sword and Dagger
Bio: Cain came to Vampire Island looking for a quiet place to rest, to escape from his past. Right now, he remains in the shadows. He keeps to his suite mainly, venturing into the kitchen for blood packets when no one else is there. Why he spends his time alone, he doesn’t know. There are plenty of others around he could be talking to, spending time with. But none of them interest him right now…

Perhaps that is what he’s waiting for… Someone to interest him…

But he's a bit of a klutz most of the time and gets very distracted by his books. Sebastet appointed him the librarian by default since he just seemed to take the position over when he found the library...
Weakness(es): Fire
Other: Prefers men

Name of Character: Mephistopheles, Devil or Dev to his friends
Age of Character: 25
Sex: Male
Race: Were-Tiger
Appearance: ((See Below))
Weapon/s: Who needs weapons?
Bio: Why am I here? No idea, really, seemed like a good idea at the time. But here I am, bored out of my mind and looking for something interesting to happen. Not sure that it’s gonna happen though, not around here. All I’ve seen are a few humans hanging around the village and complaining about the castle. No idea why, they’ve got a good thing going. Maybe I’ll head up there and see why they’re all complaining…
Weakness(es): Silver is poisonous
Other: Prefers men, but will take on a woman if she’s interesting… And dangerous…

Name: Ash
Age: Like I’m going to actually tell you that….
Sex: Male
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 250 lbs
Race: Demon
Appearance: (See Below)
Weapons: Fire Manipulation, skills with all weapons are unquestioned.
Bio: Ash is on loan to Sebastet from her old friend Lareth the Terrible, Demon High King. He’s supposed to keep an eye out and make sure that no one kills her. That’s about it for his orders. Too bad Lareth doesn’t know that Ash is almost as bad with the ladies and gentlemen as Lareth is with just the ladies. Ash is an equal opportunity lover, but don’t piss him off please. We really don’t need to be putting out the fire that used to be you…
Weakness(es): Ice
Other: He's one of the few Demons who can hide what he is. So you could say he's undercover... Well, hopefully he will be...

Name: Cassius Ansel
Age: He has a birthday, but it was never important for him to count the years since his birth.
Race: Mermaid (Actually a Merman, but the maids got the chance to name the race and it stuck.)
Specialty: Siren
Appearance: ((See below))
Physical description of your appearance:
Hair: white
Eyes: Lavender
Height: 6'3
Body type: Lithe, slim
+Bodies of water or the sound of water
+Being complimented and praised
+Children (They make him feel awkward)
+Snobby, pretentious women or men
Uke/Seke/Seme: Seke
Personality: Cassius is beautiful, and he knows it. This makes him very vain and narcissistic. It comes naturally that every move he makes enthralls the people, he loves showing off. He's a bit of a priss, and he loves being complimented. He also loves seducing men of great power, it was a challenge.
Bio: Cassius was born to a mermaid, his father unknown. But he really doesn't care much. When his mother found out about his growing powers as a Siren, she tried to keep things quiet, to keep him in hiding. That only worked for so long, though. It finally was discovered by the rest of the Mermaids and they protested. They didn't want a male Siren around, the females were bad enough! So Cassius was sent to live among the other races in the hopes that someone would take him in and keep him away from them. In the process, he found out that he could seduce anyone, male or female. But his true prize is seducing someone of great power, making them feel weak at the sight of him or the thought of what he can do to them. So Cassius made a game out of seducing men and women in power, soon he grew tired of women, finding men more of a challenge.
Eventually, though, he grew tired of his hedonistic lifestyle and simply wanted a place to settle down for a while. Why did he pick Vampire Island? Have you heard the name of it?! It was simply too much to resist! Plus, it's an island. He can go swimming any time he wants to just to disturb his relatives, just because he can. And because they fear him and his powers. So he's set up a little shop selling carved jewels in the village with his back door opening right up onto the beach. What will happen now? No way to tell just yet...
Weakness/Character flaw: Cassius truly believes he is god's gift to earth. He is narcissistic to the point of it being ridiculous. He's also highly allergic to silver. Shapeshifting into his siren form is no problem, but shifting back is very painful and leaves him weak and vulnerable to attack.

Name: Kalira
Age: A girl doesn’t tell
Sex: Female
Height: 5’1.5”
Weight: 125 lbs
Race: Dragon
Appearance: (See Below once I get the pic up)
Weapons: Sword and dagger in human form, Flame in dragon form and human form
Bio: Kalira has returned from the Hidden Dragon Realm to check up on a few rumors. Though checking up on the humans is only part of her job. She fought hard for the right to take this particular job, not getting it on her looks alone. She only hopes that this place is more fun than it looks from the air; otherwise she’s going to wind up bored out of her mind….
Weakness (es): doesn’t like water, and
Other: Has a tattoo of a dragon on her left thigh in human form

Name: Sasha BrightScales
Age: A girl doesn’t tell
Sex: Female
Height: 5’1.5”
Weight: 125 lbs
Race: Dragon
Appearance: In human form she has reddish brown hair down to her ankles, pale blue eyes, and a small delicate form. In dragon form, she’s a pale white with rainbowed iridescent scales.
Weapons: Sasha’s not much of a fighter
Bio: Sasha was born to HellBane BlackHeart and the last of the Healer Dragons in the Dragon Realm. Unfortunately, her nurse tried to smother her in her crib. So Bane sent her to live with a human family for her safety, but that went awry and she was abandoned, her escort telling Bane she was dead instead. So she was raised human on the island and went to serve in the castle. Until another dragon brought hers out in the open, shocking her. They mated and were very happy together, until his death at the hands of other dragons. Now she lives under the sanctuary and protection of Lao and Ebony
Weakness (es): She’s not a fighter in any way. She did inherit her father’s ability to breathe fire, though she rarely uses it.

Name of Character: Brianna
Age of Character: Appears aprox 25
Sex: Female
Race: Half Demon/ Half Immortal Human
Appearance: Looks alot like her mother
Weapons: Dagger
Bio: Brianna was born twin to Merrick, their parents are Cynthia and Lareth. Brianna was the first born, but took to Healing Magic early on. She preferred to aid others rather than take the throne after her father and turned it down. Instead, she wound up falling in love with Aeriolous, the Drow King. She lives with him and his people within the mountains in the Demon Realm, their son her pride and joy. She has been helping the Drow learn as much as they can about healing and plants while doing her best to aid them in any small way she can.
Weakness: Brianna is physically weak, bruises easily and is easily hurt.
Other: She is a Healer. Unable to see anyone hurt without offering them aid. Healing is her talent and one she excels at greatly.

Name of Character: Brimstone
Age of Character: Appears aprox 25
Sex: Male
Race: Demon
Appearance: ((Picture in post below)) But looks yummy... i mean, the hair is longer, much longer. The picture is an old one but gives you the general idea.
Weapons: What? I'm supposed to tell you that? Oh well. I use a sword and a few powers. But that's all I'm telling you!
Bio: I was born to a FireDemon mother and an Incubus father (at least, that's the story). I won't tell you who either is, though. That's my secret. I will say that I finally attained the rank of Baronett. I'll inherit the position of full Baron once Lareth kills off the one I'm having to serve for now. I will shed no tears on that day, I'll tell you. He's a real bastard.

I've come with the Baron to Lareth's castle for some meeting that has the Baron seething but won't tell me about. Fine with me, I'll just explore the place as much as I can and take the Baron's place when he says the wrong thing to the king.

I live in hope...
Weakness: I share the same weakness of all demons: a metal allergy (bronze, in my case). But I also have a rather distracting weakness for those I find attractive. *sigh* It's how I wound up in my current position, after all. But I refuse to talk about it...
Other: Very strong sex appeal that cannot be concealed. Not that I bother to hide it....

Name: Tempest
Sex: Female
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 180 lbs
Race: Demon
Appearance: Platinum hair that falls to her waist, almost Elfin-delicate features, lush curves, tall and lean but nicely muscular in the right places. In short, she looks like she belongs in a harem, draped in silks, and spoiled. But there's more to her than what one can see at first. When her 'uncle' Harrow isn't looking, one can see the keen intelligence in her pale blue eyes and one can easily see that she isn't as cowed as he might want.
Weapons: Deadly with daggers and most sharp and pointy weapons. Also has the inherited abilities of the Wolven Reapers, though those are a closely guarded secret among the females.
Bio: Tempest is actually supposed to be the heir to the Baronial title of the Wolven Reaper clan. They're a matriarchal clan, always run by the strongest line of the females. At least, until Tempest's mother died. Then her 'uncle' Harrow took over the Baronial seat, supposedly until Tempest came of age. But that line didn't last long. Once Harrow had power, he refused to give it up and was using it ruthlessly.
Now, Harrow has come to Lareth's castle, home of the Baronial council, at Lareth's insistence. Why? No idea. Lareth just called and the Barons had to show up. This time, though, he brought Tempest with him. He's planning a little action on the side that would help him get a little more power: a marriage contract between Baron Neelis' son and Tempest. Admittedly, it threw a few demonic laws out the window, but it was worth it in the end.
Unfortunately, Lareth threw a new law at him that sent Tempest out to the training fort every day to learn how to fight. Harrow wasn't pleased with that one. But he gave in anyway. After all, once the contract was signed, there wouldn't be any issues...
Weakness(es): Bronze and Copper

Name: Aylarra Wynnter
Sex: Female
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 125
Race: Golden-Eyed Elf
Appearance: She's short for an Elf, carrying the golden eyes that are the trademark of her race. She has the usual delicate features and moves with the grace that most Elves have, most of the time. Her figure is a little more curvy than most Elves, though. And she's a red-head.
Weapons: Music-based magic
Bio: Aylarra is not typical for an Elf, though she is for a Golden-Eyed Elf. That race married with humans a bit more than the rest and it's carried through in a few ways. She's usually quiet and staying in the background, always looking at activities but never participating. Since Wren brought them home, Aylarra has been wandering the entire Elven realm. Most of the time, she's mistaken for a halfbreed, but she only smiles at the assumption and moves on.
She does have one quirk that she's doing her best to hide from everyone, though every once in a while it just happens: when she isn't paying attention, she can get a little klutzy...
Weakness(es): Copper and Iron
I still like gaia, but it tends to slow down the computer. So I'm trying this one out on a friend's recommendation. We'll see how it goes.
@DocRock I came over from I've been over there since '06 and got my rp start there.
I'm new on here. Recommended by a friend from another site. Amazingly, the same username was available, so that works out.

Well, about me... I've been rp'ing since '06 and have worked out my own set of characters that I'm pretty loyal to. I try to stay interesting and a little unpredictable with a few characters. I've grown to severely hate one-liners, though...

Otherwise, I live in Texas, I use pet names and nicknames alot, I'm married, my son just turned 16 and shares my warped sense of humor. I also knit and crochet in my spare time.

Any other questions, just ask.
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