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5 mos ago
Current Don't know what's wrong with me. I was lightheaded at work yesterday, then sleepy all day afterward, and even now I feel sleepy. :(
5 mos ago
Someone told me that they were a little sad to see less people around, but it ain't that bad. I found them after all!
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5 mos ago
If you're looking for replies, they will never come or take all day. If you don't look for them, they come rapidfire from all angles.
5 mos ago
I am doing my best to keep from spoilers, but I took a peek and saw Star Rail's version of Yae Miko. Will definitely break the piggy bank when she gets added to the game.
5 mos ago
I remember when I used to run group roleplays. Absolute nightmare keeping your ducks in line, trying to get so many people to post in order to keep the story moving. Never again, 1x1 only.


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I am so on the fence with so many games these days. I have people to play Diablo IV with but I am relucant to buy because I don't like what is going on at Acti-Blizz, and I'm interested in the idea of Redfall but worried about the execution.
Bump, updated things a bit with some more info, cleaned up the format some. Still a W.I.P.!
Extremely hyped for Honkai: Star Rail! Drops in only a few days, and pre-download is I think on Sunday.
Supa bump!
Le bump.
Welcome welcome! I hope you like it here and find plenty of good partners. :)
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