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26 days ago
Current Apologies to partners! Work has been killing me lately. Will have time to post tomorrow evening! Just got off work, gotta sleep and go back in the morning. x_x
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1 mo ago
On permanent tilt. All day today, choke artists in League throwing huge leads.
1 mo ago
Riot is killing it with these emotes. Best feature ever.
1 mo ago
When you're on a win streak and doing so well in League, then match making hands you the shittiest teammates to knock you back down to the ground.
1 mo ago
@Smystar Do not get fired or quit a job unless you have another job already. TRUST ME.


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Ever since I subbed to Spotify, I rarely go to YouTube for music. Mainly watch League of Legends esports content, and other random gaming stuff. Sometimes I'll movie scenes, too.
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