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31 min ago
Current Ever take one of those showers that is so good for your soul, but leaves you feeling drained afterward? So sleepy.
4 days ago
WOO! I just unlocked the Medieval Twitch skin via Honor Capsule after being upvoted after a game. GGWP all! \o/
7 days ago
@Nallore You and me both. Started the week as overnight, worked a morning shift, then was told I'd be a closing manager, and now I'm moved back to overnight after spending 400$ on new work clothes.
7 days ago
@Prawn RE2 is and always will be the best in the series. A close second is the RE 1 remake on Gamecube. I skipped out on RE7, but I hear great things.
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8 days ago
Jaden Smith's Syre album drops tomorrow, SO HYPE.
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Mature roleplay sought exclusively, primarily master / slave. I keep it at casual level because roleplay to me is a hobby, not my job. Sometimes you can say more by saying less, so worry more about getting your message across than fluffing your posts. OOC communication is appreciated and loved, because why not socialize?

Last but certainly not least, be courteous. Treat people the way you would like to be treated. Don't disappear and leave a partner hanging, say you need a break or would like to cancel. c:

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I like cats, and I like goblins! Double welcome and enjoy your stay!
Definitely interested! Just sitting tight and waiting to see the magic bits further laid out before I craft a character. Looking forward to this. :)
Any Warcraft player would get the jist of my title.

What I'm looking for is someone willing to play Danielle "TradeChat" Mackey for a mature RP, PM based. If you're interested, hit me up with your limits and we can talk plot. Thanks in advance for considering!
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