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22 days ago
Current Watching the world deal with so much outright stupidity is making me want to hide in a hole until it's all over...
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2 mos ago
Had my second acupuncture session and love it! #3 next month. I love my acupuncturist!
3 mos ago
Mom's birthday today. Delivering her some masks, wishing her a happy birthday, then coming back home to sleep...
3 mos ago
Sewing masks, crochet order, and trying to do cooking and roleplaying in between... I think I need my sanity saved... lol
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3 mos ago
Total madness goung on, but doing my best to cope...


Well, about me... I've been rp'ing since '06 and have worked out my own set of characters that I'm pretty loyal to. I try to stay interesting and a little unpredictable with a few characters. I've grown to severely hate one-liners, though...

Otherwise, I live in Texas, I use pet names and nicknames alot, I'm married, my son just turned 16 and shares my warped sense of humor. I also knit and crochet in my spare time.

Any other questions, just ask.

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