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Current Its a fun feeling to just sit and think about what to do for responses. The flipside is feeling locked in place, waiting for another to go first on something.
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You ever take a look at the forum board, not see anything of ready interest, and decide to just go about your day? Figured I'd see if a new game was interesting, nope, ah well.
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Gonna be in New York this weekend, so if anyone needs me, please contact me via Discord.
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Writer's block is a pain, but if I happen to owe anyone apost, I'll be working on them tonight, hopefully. Might go surfing, see if any games catch my attention.
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The feeling of needing to write content but it being hot as heck despite it being two am is not conductive to writing anything, blargh


I already did an earlier introduction, but this is something one could always see, so let's roll.

Serene is the pen name that I use over on my old G+ account, which if you're able to find the account before the site shuts down, is Serene Selphia, but no fancy url, lol. But to those I'm close enough to, my nickname is Chris, and if I ask you to not use it, its nothing personal, I'm just not ready for that level of friendliness. That isn't to say I'm not a friendly person, just that I can be a bit professional when it comes to stuff. I've been rping since like...2011 I think? If I could find the Minecraft rp forums I started on(yes those were a thing, it was actually full of good rpers, but all good things come to an end of course), I'd have a precise date.

I roleplay a lot of things, well, that was the old system. About four years back, I settled down in a roleplay community on G+ called Temple of Glory, and began to stick to just one character who I kept working on, using other characters as I felt the need. That was my current primary character's father, a character I'll call the Professor for now, as I intend to post a version of his character sheet later. Probably when doing so wouldn't spoil what became of him in a storyline. Anyway, after a point I burned out as him, and switched focus to his daughter, who I use primarily in the old roleplay hub I come from. The Good Doctor, and here, no spoilers, mostly because ahaha, I'm shy about that.

I love a lot of series, but my heart goes out mainly to Rune Factory, Sonic, Mega Man, Metroid, Mario, Pokemon, and Duel Monsters. Especially Rune Factory and Sonic, though lately I've fostered a love for the Nasuverse, Fate Grand Order is a fun time. I love to read a variety of things, and I'm always online unless sleeping, so feel free to drop me a line if you need it. While I'm relatively new to the site here, I'm an rp veteran, and a skilled writer, as you'll see whenever I post the Doctor's current profile.

Ah right, more on me. I'm a college senior presently, I just had my capstone for my history degree wrapped up, and I'm proud of my progress. While I am a loner by nature(I mean my writing often keeps me trapped in my room to meet paper deadlines), I'm still a sociable person, and if you can't reach me here, my Discord is Serene Selphia#1064. So I suppose that's a bit of a spoiler, but to who, I won't say. Just be forewarned, if you ask me about a character of mine, there's a risk I'll write a lot, so make sure you're totally fine with that.

In terms of roleplay, while I do mainly fantasy/science-fiction, I can roll with just about anything(as far as I know), but if I tell you its not working for me, don't take it personally. I'm a fairly detailed writer, and in terms of style, I'm good with both combat and non-combat related narratives, I mean, my current main was built for combat initially, whereas her father is more the sociable type. The most detailed things tend to when I describe the world around, or when writing profiles for characters I adore. Basically, if I'm in tune or really love something, you could get a lot. I once wrote about twenty pages on a google doc in two hours because I loved it so much. Weird flex sure, but you can understand it. I don't look for much in rp partners, so long as you can write me enough that I understand either what you're doing, or what's going on, I'm usually good. I'll generally drop a line if I need more information.

I love learning, so if you ask me about something, and I don't have an answer, I'll gladly take the time to do at least a basic amount of research. And if you're ever stumped for ideas, drop me a line, I'm always glad to help fellow veterans or the newer folk. Heck, at one point for a friend's group I wrote an entire(albeit unused) document full of random plot ideas for the group drawn from throughout film and video games. Point is, if you need someone to talk to, unless I'm in a bad mood, or its a bad time(aka I'm about to go to bed, or in class), I'm always up for at least a quick chat. I do take commissions, so if you want a fanfiction written, give me a holler, or if you just want a custom story about a character of mine, or just ask for them to give their input on something in a non-serious setting. Still debating what to set prices for, or if I work totally free...I mean I should charge something, but anyways, wew, talk about a ramble, eh?

Anyways, that's about it. I'll probably rewrite this as needed.
Restating ways to reach me as needed!
Discord: Serene Selphia#1064
MeWe: Serene Selphia

Doc Rock, signing off, stay gold.

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James Moriarty

Oh he was sorely tempted to just shoot Holmes in the back, but that wasn't the point. Besides, he'd look bad. And not the good kind. A huff left Archer, as he hefted his weapon, gracefully sidestepping the bite of the second Wyvern. He could see what Holmes was doing, and flipped the coffin gun around, pulling the trigger, firing off a quick set of bullets into the the torso of the second, followed with another set towards the flapping wings of the third. As much as he didn't want to...defeating them would have to be done. So dazing the second, and perhaps crippling the third would have to do.

"This old man is not your meal! So begone, lizards!" Not the most imaginative phrase, but it was followed up with missiles suddenly being fired from the top of Archer's weapon, zooming up and then into the nearest set of enemies. As he then kept it going, firing more bullet streams off, strafing as hopefully, none got close to his own master. Internally, he just hoped that whatever Gilgamesh decided to throw at them next, it would...easier to handle. He didn't relish crossing weapons with an actual dragon. Or a Chimera.

@PKMNB0Y@Raineh Daze@KoL

Serene Drakos

If Serene was surprised by the midget that abruptly vanished, it was visible for at most, a split second before her features locked down again. She was more concerned about not falling down into the probably not bottomless hole, unless they'd somehow passed into a parallel dimension in the time it had taken to get there. The idea that the city's central AI system could project different forms based on who they were interacting with made sense. A child was more likely to put one at ease, or even represented the relative chronological age of the AI, or perhaps there was some other intent from the designers. The adult form made sense for more casual conversation...

She didn't move to say anything however, glancing to her servant and to Alkyrieze, deciding to allow them to take point. They had a better grasp even with what Serene knew. Direct experience, and Da Vinci had her genius self. Perhaps her father had somehow foreseen something, hence why he'd made it clear she should summon Da Vinci. Oh well, Serene could never tell with her father's orders what his end game was until after. Still, she was nervous, this entire matter didn't sit well...

@1Charak2@Raineh Daze@VitaVitaAR

Only for a few moments Glaive watched the others depart, before coming back to her senses, glancing over to Ashewell and the small sheep. Plus anyone else who had remained. She thought to herself about their surroundings. Food, water, shelter. All important. But at the same time, where to set up camp? Right where they were, on the edge of the water, where any passing craft could see them, or further in? Were there dryads or other forest spirits who would take offense to their actions? What if there were...if Ent were around they would have noticed by now, probably. Right? Regardless...

"Ashewell...charmed. Shelter is important. Anyone got an idea for how we can make something to store water in? Fire's going to be important. But we'll need flint and tinder for it." She mused to herself, considering what they'd need. Shelter was probably fine, Ashewell could use her webs to create basic shelter...maybe above ground areas in the trees to rest? "Hey, anyone got a way we can erect shelter, either here or up in the air? Tool making aside, while I do not require food, the rest of you will. If we're lucky, deer should be around. And they're an invasive killing them is fine, right?" Glaive wasn't ordering or doing anything too commanding, she just seemed to be more curious than anything else. Being a Warforged, even if not a Titan...did have its perks.

"Maybe if we take some sticks, and turn them into spears, we can hunt? Its that or we find some way to make traps...." Looking down at her hands, the thought of...snapping an animal's neck immediately made Glaive shudder. They needed to do something. She glanced around some more, then knelt, picking up a stick if one had fallen nearby, examining it slowly, looking to see if she could...use it for something, anything. If only one of them had spawned in with a survival ability or something...
All good-

Were she capable of actually blushing, Ashewell's actions would have made Glaive all too red. But instead, she simply seemed to be stoicly taking the matter in, all while in reality, the human Jasmin Carson was freaking out. And yet, somehow, it didn't show on her face, as Glaive instead allowed Ashewell to study her, starting slightly upon being poked in the rear, but otherwise took the matter in stride, shifting, allowing for Ashewell to see the entirity of the Warforged, even with the lute on her back hiding part of her form. But once Ashewell was done there, and with the hug, Glaive smiled slightly.

"It's alright, I wouldn't want to damage you if it turned out your body couldn't support my added weight. But yeah, definitely an Android. Whose past life involved death by a musical instrument. Pretty sure its A2 I'm resembling. Never played her game...but had friends who adored the character." Despite the relaxation of Ashewell's grip, Glaive remained motionless, allowing the drider to hug her tighter if she so wanted. Once Lin spoke up, Glaive's head turned in the other's direction, considering the options. While north to the mountains would mean resources that could help them survive, as it was apparent now they were all probably once human, as afterall, why would so many different monsters be working together? But as he spoke, she came to her own decision, in part helped by the small one mentioning scouting.

"If I may, we should probably at least scout out the village, determine how it is, then decide about direct contact. We should also look into constructing temporary shelter, somewhere we can easily in Minecraft, I guess? Who knows what comes out at night around here..." Despite the concern Glaive was showing, her tone didn't convey concern so much as pensiveness, as she considered options. While splitting the party up could go badly, especially at the start of their seemed to be needed. If this world had a thing against monsters, most of them would have issues...Though that made Glaive glance down, only to pause, realizing she couldn't see her lute. Instead, she was looking at Ashewell's...well we all know. Quickly her head came up.

"I'm sorry, but I didn't get your name earlier...Ms...?" Clearly fishing for Ashewell's name, it was clearly now that Glaive was flustered. "I uh...Name's Glaive, just Glaive." There went a poor attempt at a Jame Bonds impression. Overall though, it seemed Glaive's opinion was to divide and conquer. Presumably after securing a base of operations, no matter how temporary...

One wonders how poor Gorilla man was faring.
Serene Drakos

Serene had been mostly silent the entire time, only nodding when shown to the location, and allowing Da Vinci, and her...friend to take point. But finally, she decided to speak up. She had been processing all this information, and if even the administration seemed to be concerned...this really didn't bode well.

"It is concerning, although I only know about as much as Alkyrieze has told me, mixed with what Da Vinci and I have discussed, it doesn't bode well. I called my father last night, to see if him or anyone else in the family has dealt with a situation like this. However, given his own response, I don't foresee that as likely, even with his experiences dealing with...rogue mages." Being the daughter of a mage hunter wasn't a surefire way to be popular. But hey, he had had connections she didn't, so if anyone could find something out...hopefully he would. Still, it was clear she was unsure, and nervous despite how calm she appeared.

James Moriarty

Almost as soon as Ruler saw the Wyverns, so did Archer, the mastermind quickly moving so that the creatures would have to go through him to reach his own master. His hand gripped the part of his weapon that had to be, clearly ready to use the coffin like device to fight. He'd told Gilgamesh to have fun, and if these were the first foes they ran into...he could only imagine what lay in deeper, beyond of course a certain Greek servant. At least, if he recalled the traditional definition of a labyrinth, no matter what route they took, they'd eventually get to the middle. Or the final area.

"Master, I suggest you stand back, I am certain that...Holmes and I can easily dispatch these wild beasts." His intent was clear. To fight if they had no choice. While him and Ruler could vanish into spirit form if needed, such a luxury was not open to the two masters. His expression was, however, unreadable, giving away no clue of what was going through his head beyond his first actions.

@KoL@Raineh Daze@PKMNB0Y
Jasmine Carson/Glaive

Eventually, Jasmine...nay Glaive, ran out of things to process, and had gotten herself back under control. Only to hear the sounds of two more people screaming as they fell from heaven. Guess it wasn't all at once people had been transported. Wait, that set her off into wondering if the situation was a repeating one, where people who died were sent to this realm? Maybe some sort of ongoing contract like in that one manga she'd glanced at once...? Eh, that sounded pretty sadistic, who would be cruel enough to drop a perfectly good...was it a piano that had killed her? The thought didn't thrill her.

But finally, she got composed again. Glaive mulled over the situation a few moments more, before realizing there was something strapped to her back, and more importantly, a bag at her side. Somehow, despite everything that had happened, she'd failed to notice them. Rising to her feet, and checking inside the bag, she found nothing useful. It was just a bag. A nice sachel she could probably use to store anything she found, but not magic. It was what she pulled off her back that left the Warforged frowning as best able. A lute, if she was right. A musical instrument. The irony wasn't lost on her, if she'd indeed died to a piano or something, to have a musical instrument. The thought she was some sort of specialized Envoy Warforged was becoming stronger, and as if to confirm, as she flexed her fingers of her left hand, a small item emerged from ah hidden slot, what looked like makeup of some kind. This elicited a soft groan.

"Oh great, I get to manifest as a robot, a probably warforged, but I don't get to be a speedy scout or a stronk titan. Instead I'm some kind of robot minstrel. I don't even think I know how to play!" Anything further of her groaning and whining ended up cut off, by the sounds of the people moving nearby, and louder screaming. Probably one of the others spooked whoever just landed. Might as well go find them, it sounded, as far as Glaive could tell, they were heading down stream, away from her. So with a sigh, the lute was placed back on her back, the bag readjusted, and the makeup item eventually was forced to return to inside her body. Maybe she could deploy a mirror or other tools from her body. Maybe a hidden compartment? Or perhaps any part of her body could manifest the items, it just depended on...oh never mind.

With another groan, and intenrally questioning the logic of everything, Glaive set off towards the sounds, and eventually, well after antics with the others had hopefully wrapped up, they'd hear the sound of branches moving, as the late to the party white haired Warforged caught up, emerging from behind a tree, but still keeping her distance. A hand was lifted to wave, one hand staying to grip at the strap of her bag, her lute swinging a tad as she came to a stop.

"Sup. Quick question, but is everyone else formerly human? Just wanna make sure my guess is right about what's going on." Her voice came out slightly distorted, which she'd already gotten to used to. Just imagine a Warforged talking, with the faint hint of an American accent. Just not strong enough to determine what part of the states she was from. "And uh, what's the plan if so, because I have no idea who brought us here." She sounded...a bit confident. If clearly also nervous.

Jasmine Carson/Glaive

While others had their time to converse, and introduce themselves, Jasmine had come to one conclusion. The others were probably elsewhere in the forest, as compared to where she had landed. With how the woods were, she thought she could hear voices nearby, but the direction was hard to pinpoint. Too many objects to bounce off of, so she had given up trying to figure out where the people were currently. She instead had returned to examining herself, before deciding to wander off, following the sound of water, and eventually, found the source, a stream. Bending over it, Jasmine gazed into her own reflection, assuming the water could reflect such, and considered what she could see. White hair, pale skin, eyes of a nice coloration, her outfit...

"...Okay now I'm tripping. I look like a Nier character." She'd never played a Nier game, but she had seen plenty of artwork of the characters. She'd always seen herself like 2B, with that grace and poise. So the thought of instead looking like A2...well it sat odd with her. Cosplay was one thing, but to actually be maybe a robot now? now that she'd had this time to think, the Predator theory seemed less likely. More like...

"Fuck, I died, didn't I. Weird forest, falling from the sky, new body, sensation of pain right before falling...this feels like one of those Japanese manga where people get hit by something and wake up in a new world." Was this what had enfolded? Her waking up in an alien world, now a robot? Well, if there were dragons and other monster like beings...that probably meant this wasn't some sort of high tech world. It was then she internally regretted never buying those DnD manuals with all their monster details, it would have come in handy to try and guess what she was...maybe a magical construct? It would explain the cracks. Maybe...

"...A Warforged would make sense if this is a fantasy setting. Unless I'm a Terminator who likes cosplaying Japanese characters..." A more advanced Warforged, like some sort of special next generation Envoy was a thought that went through her mind. Only really one way to find out, and that would be to well...find someone who could do some sort of check to confirm. The thought of the other people did come to mind, and that made Jasmine, who was now certain she had died and gone to some sort of second life where she got to be an ass kicking super robot, turn around, looking to see if anyone else had decided to check out the water. And then she also made a split second decision. She needed a kickass name, Jasmine was nice, but...

"The name's Glaive, just Glaive." The bad joke falling flat, Jasmine sighed, and flopped down against the bank of the stream, and just kept mulling. One way or the other would lead to civilization, but that also begged the question what kind. Were robots even known to this world? What if they were in the middle of a robot uprising, and people hated robots? What if...okay, way too many what ifs. She'd just have to...take things as it went. No use getting flustered when her face barely changed its expression. Great, she probably had an epic poker face.

So yeah, she was freaking out on the inside, while being stoic as hell on the outside. So much to consider, so much to wonder. But for now, sitting beside the stream seemed the most logical thing to do. Until her head stopped mentally doing cartwheels. Which could be...awhile. Hooray.
Jasmine Carson/Glaive

The snap of ropes, followed by shouting, had been her only clues to the chaos unfolding. But considering Jasmine Carson, an average post college white American, was too busy listening to Dragonforce's Through the Fire and Flames to hear the sounds overhead, those clues were missed. By the time she could have looked up, it was over. The piano slammed into the young woman's body with enough force to send shards of it all over, probably hurting others, and definitely cracking her body to pieces. Mercifully, it killed her on impact, so she didn't have to deal with the horrible pain for more than a split second.

And then, she felt the wind. Or well, felt was the wrong word. There was a sensation of the sound of wind, but she also felt it more "distantly" now. Everything felt partially...disconnected. But then, her eyes shot open, and Jasmine realized what she was hearing was herself falling. Thoughts of why or how she was falling through the air when moments ago she'd been walking through the streets of New York were banished as she felt her body flip over, from looking up at the clouds overhead, towards the...forest below? Or green fields? It didn't matter, instead, a thought flashed through her mind. All those superhero movies she'd watched in college to treat herself after work. Most of the flyers...had a special landing trick? Or when Terminators came to land? At that same moment some of her hair flapped past, and the sight of white hair made her wonder just what the hell was going on. Was this some sort of Marie Antoinette type shit? But the ground was getting closer. At the same time she realized she wasn't the only one around. A dragon falling and grabbing others...eastern she guessed? Odd despite others screaming as they fell, she wasn't screaming.

(...Okay, think fast, and hope this isn't some cosmic joke...) Focusing, Jasmine moved her body more, only now becoming aware that her usual jeans and a t-shirt were gone, replaced by some sort of loose black top, and black leggings. And black...gloves...and weird hot pants? Not her style for sure. But the thoughts were wiped away, as she kept dropping, but feet first, then she bent forward, one hand closing into a fist. And she prayed internally the timing was right...

The impact between Jasmine and ground happened in a flash, as her form slammed into the ground, the surface shattering, cracks rising up as ground was flung around from the sensation of an object striking at terminal velocity. The resulting debris cloud thrown up hid her from view, but amid the falling dirt clods, dust, and plant life, Jasmine let out a groan, and fell over. She had landed just like one of those super heroes, one fist striking the ground to somehow steady herself, but now that she was on the ground? She was just there, on her side, breathing in and out slowly. By the time the cloud of debris had finished its own version of a take off, she was pulling herself back to her feet, feeling even odder than before.

Internally, some part of her felt distant, like she was more a jockey, rather than fully there, and yet, as she found herself gathering her breath, she realized something.

"Okay, that's weird...I'm breathing in and out, but I wasn't even winded when I landed, just in shock..." It was at that point she realized that she felt fine. Running her hands all over that she could reach, she found strange breaks in her skin, often times at places where she would be expected to have like, joints or points to bend forward. It was only then she decided to lift one of those hands, and examined herself. Strange glove like material covering her arm aside, she traced the cracks in her body she could see, and examined her top more closely as able, then looked at her other arm, then leaned forward, examining further down her body.

"Okay...if this is some idea of a joke...its not funny..." If not for the fact she remembered a sudden surge of pain right was then she remembered what must have happened. She must have been kidnapped by Predators! It explained everything! The thought that she was actually in the Predators vs. Aliens universe had her excited, but then reality set in. If that was so, she was going to be hunted...and it didn't explain the clothing change. Or the strange breaks in her body. And then, she recalled the other people, and Jasmine's head whipped around, scanning her surroundings for those shapes. But she wasn't moving from her crater just yet, as if her shock was leaving her rooted in place.

To the others, the Warforged that looked way too human to be chance design, probably looked like it was having some sort of weird stroke as she examined herself, talked to herself, and began basically looking all over. Probably disconcerting. But she was in one piece, and clueless to what was really going on. Hell, she didn't even know what had brought her here...she was just assuming it was some sort of weird variation on the Predator's game plan, or a race like them pulling this...! How dastardly!
Alternatively, I could avoid something that goes for "faster rate of learning," and go with one of the following ideas I just thought of while mulling over my character's setup.

World of Disguise - Some sort of skill that allows for limited "shifting" for aiding in disguises. Could be limited to usage of "once per long rest" or something, forcing careful usage of the skill. Could also be limited to whoever she's observed enough to know their general body structure.

Vocal Mimicry - After hearing a person's voice a certain number of times, Glaive can mimick their vocal patterns, assisting in disguises.

Had a third idea but somewhere between writing the prior two and having some soda, forgot it.
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