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Current You ever take a look at the forum board, not see anything of ready interest, and decide to just go about your day? Figured I'd see if a new game was interesting, nope, ah well.
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Gonna be in New York this weekend, so if anyone needs me, please contact me via Discord.
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Writer's block is a pain, but if I happen to owe anyone apost, I'll be working on them tonight, hopefully. Might go surfing, see if any games catch my attention.
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The feeling of needing to write content but it being hot as heck despite it being two am is not conductive to writing anything, blargh
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Superheroes are nice. Mecha are nice. Monsters are nice. You know what else is nice? Fusing all three together and making it work. Still working on the mecha, but one day, one day.


I already did an earlier introduction, but this is something one could always see, so let's roll.

Serene is the pen name that I use over on my old G+ account, which if you're able to find the account before the site shuts down, is Serene Selphia, but no fancy url, lol. But to those I'm close enough to, my nickname is Chris, and if I ask you to not use it, its nothing personal, I'm just not ready for that level of friendliness. That isn't to say I'm not a friendly person, just that I can be a bit professional when it comes to stuff. I've been rping since like...2011 I think? If I could find the Minecraft rp forums I started on(yes those were a thing, it was actually full of good rpers, but all good things come to an end of course), I'd have a precise date.

I roleplay a lot of things, well, that was the old system. About four years back, I settled down in a roleplay community on G+ called Temple of Glory, and began to stick to just one character who I kept working on, using other characters as I felt the need. That was my current primary character's father, a character I'll call the Professor for now, as I intend to post a version of his character sheet later. Probably when doing so wouldn't spoil what became of him in a storyline. Anyway, after a point I burned out as him, and switched focus to his daughter, who I use primarily in the old roleplay hub I come from. The Good Doctor, and here, no spoilers, mostly because ahaha, I'm shy about that.

I love a lot of series, but my heart goes out mainly to Rune Factory, Sonic, Mega Man, Metroid, Mario, Pokemon, and Duel Monsters. Especially Rune Factory and Sonic, though lately I've fostered a love for the Nasuverse, Fate Grand Order is a fun time. I love to read a variety of things, and I'm always online unless sleeping, so feel free to drop me a line if you need it. While I'm relatively new to the site here, I'm an rp veteran, and a skilled writer, as you'll see whenever I post the Doctor's current profile.

Ah right, more on me. I'm a college senior presently, I just had my capstone for my history degree wrapped up, and I'm proud of my progress. While I am a loner by nature(I mean my writing often keeps me trapped in my room to meet paper deadlines), I'm still a sociable person, and if you can't reach me here, my Discord is Serene Selphia#1064. So I suppose that's a bit of a spoiler, but to who, I won't say. Just be forewarned, if you ask me about a character of mine, there's a risk I'll write a lot, so make sure you're totally fine with that.

In terms of roleplay, while I do mainly fantasy/science-fiction, I can roll with just about anything(as far as I know), but if I tell you its not working for me, don't take it personally. I'm a fairly detailed writer, and in terms of style, I'm good with both combat and non-combat related narratives, I mean, my current main was built for combat initially, whereas her father is more the sociable type. The most detailed things tend to when I describe the world around, or when writing profiles for characters I adore. Basically, if I'm in tune or really love something, you could get a lot. I once wrote about twenty pages on a google doc in two hours because I loved it so much. Weird flex sure, but you can understand it. I don't look for much in rp partners, so long as you can write me enough that I understand either what you're doing, or what's going on, I'm usually good. I'll generally drop a line if I need more information.

I love learning, so if you ask me about something, and I don't have an answer, I'll gladly take the time to do at least a basic amount of research. And if you're ever stumped for ideas, drop me a line, I'm always glad to help fellow veterans or the newer folk. Heck, at one point for a friend's group I wrote an entire(albeit unused) document full of random plot ideas for the group drawn from throughout film and video games. Point is, if you need someone to talk to, unless I'm in a bad mood, or its a bad time(aka I'm about to go to bed, or in class), I'm always up for at least a quick chat. I do take commissions, so if you want a fanfiction written, give me a holler, or if you just want a custom story about a character of mine, or just ask for them to give their input on something in a non-serious setting. Still debating what to set prices for, or if I work totally free...I mean I should charge something, but anyways, wew, talk about a ramble, eh?

Anyways, that's about it. I'll probably rewrite this as needed.
Restating ways to reach me as needed!
Discord: Serene Selphia#1064
MeWe: Serene Selphia

Doc Rock, signing off, stay gold.

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Serene, the Rockwoman

January 7th, 9:00 PM
New York City, Central Park

There was a gentle breeze moving the leaves overhead, the moon already high in the sky. Central Park was quiet, at least deep in its depths. There, amid a few trees, was tucked a small camp, a hammock strung up between two trees, and a few items below it that were for other purposes. One of which was meant to alert the hammock's occupant if anyone tripped motion detectors hidden around the site. It was best to be safe, just incase in this world, the city police didn't take kindly to anyone camping out under the stars in the public space.

All things considered, the past two days had been productive. Serene had arrived in New York City sooner than expected, as the weather was good, the roads were okay, and she had means for rough terrain if needed. Well more like the bike could handle such. Which had been the night of the 5th. She'd struck camp that night in Central Park, having to move once when someone got too close, probably a late night walker or a homeless person, to a hopefully more secluded area. There were a number of reasons why she was camping. The first was that it was "free," even if probably of a questionable legality, the second that it was just the sensation of being under open skies that somehow soothed her alongside nature sounds, the third was...Serene lacked American currency. Well, not currency from this world's US Mint. She probably had plenty of American Dollars from various worlds in her ship, but until she was able to sort out a proper source of income, actual housing in any of her destinations would be tricky. That and well, she just found it easier to get away if in the open. Rather than underground.

The Sixth had been her day of getting to explore the city's nooks and crannies, learning about various locations of interest. Feeling her way around. Plus trying to find a way into the city's sewers or better, abandoned subways. All of this had turned up enough information to warrant her wanting to spend more than a day in the city. The seventh had been less exploration, and more focused. Visiting a few PIs who after looking up on the internet, seemed able to handle supernatural/alien lifeforms asking for help. And two whom had agreed to at least look into a pair of matters for her. The first was simply to ask around if anyone knew the term "Draconian." The second which was given to the second PI, was just ask if there were any actual dragons in the city, or beings who had an energy signature similar to her own. Which had been achieved by handing over a vial of her blood, and asking for it back. Payment had been agreed upon if the PIs actually found anything that warranted further hunting, gold would be used as currency. After that, she'd dived into more research, this in the form of visiting the Central Library, and investigating maps of the city and its underground network of tunnels. She'd found a few abandoned sewer and subway tunnels she could use as a temporary base of operations.

But now, Serene was reviewing her own thoughts. Laying there in her hammock, listening to insects making their own noises, she questioned the risk/reward of asking around about the Draconians. If they existed in this universe, were they good or bad? If they were anything like her own universe's version, odds were good with some bad eggs, but no promise of a central leadership. Best case, maybe the Draconians hadn't lost their homeworld 90,000 years ago like in her universe, and were led by the Three Sisters, or their counterparts, and were good. The risk was if the Draconians were bad guys, asking about them could draw the wrong attention, either from aliens who had been driven from their worlds, or Draconian agents. And fighting even one was a gamble if they were skilled enough with their powers. Though the good version had the risk that enemy factions still would question who was looking into them. But at the end of the day, there wasn't much she could do about it.

As for asking about others with her kind of magic? Well, considering what Runic beings did to the environment of worlds they were introduced to, it wouldn't be too farfetched to assume that they could be seen as a "plague" if they weren't contained to one world like in her universe. Now, it was all in the hands of whatever beings governed this universe how things went.

"Let's see...Gotham is next after this." Murmuring under her breath, Serene considered the road ahead. Gotham was a must, setting up a major base there would be good. If risky given the local heroes might not take well to her presence, so she was unsure. But there was that Harley lady. An ex-villain who was what, a therapist now? As much as Serene hated to admit it, someone she could talk to about some issues of hers would be helpful. Skymother knew she didn't want to burden Champ or the others she'd already met with her personal issues. Given they'd probably go out of their way to try and locate the problems in question if they were in this universe. So it was the street level former baddie it was, no one with larger scale burdens who would probably try and take them on for her. Someone "normal."

Days like this, it reminded her just how much she fucking missed Alex. Having a normal noblesse by her world's standards who she could talk to about mundane normal stuff, it was the kind of anchor she needed. Reminded her of her purpose. That not everyone was well, like her.

"Wherever you are, hun, I hope you're having a better time of it than I am." That was enough to mope upon. Serene needed to sleep before tomorrow, when she was going to decide if she was to keep prowling around New York hunting relics that might be from her end of reality, or clues, or head south to Gotham. She'd left the two PIs with a way to reach her, so that wasn't an issue. She reached up her hand, tugging her hat down so its brim covered her eyes, keeping her shades close, while adjusting her trenchcoat like coat that covered her. Better safe than sorry. Adjusting her position, she kept her gaze up towards the stars, and waited for sleep to take her.

Tomorrow was another day.
Serene Drakos

Most people would have been freaking out visibly at such news. But whether Serene was still half asleep, or something else had flashed into her mind, she was remarkably calm despite the news that there was something seriously wrong. She'd let the two talk for the moment, but finally, she spoke up. "Was there anyone else present when Berserker was summoned? It would probably help if the master could be spoken to. Such as who he may have had along, how he summoned his servant. If its not a secret skill unique to that servant, could it be say, a heretical mage?" For a moment, there was an edge of fear to her words. Not fear at the thought of a heretical mage, those were rather common all things considered. No, the fear was of how her father would react. She'd have to notify him, as something messing with command seals would require looking into the family's records. And if her father learned of the situation...odds were he'd come to the city, and she had no doubt at least one person in the city wouldn't be pleased if a North American Mage Hunter(if retired), came to the city, let alone one with her father's history. But at the same time...maybe they could solve it on their own. Truth be told, she didn't want to end up being recalled back to the Americas on her second day on the island...She just had to remain calm. She certainly hadn't been expecting a possible heretic mage loose in the city...

@Raineh Daze@1Charak2

James Moriarty

If one could have a dollar for every time Archer could become smug at having a one up, or just an opening to get at Holmes, well, who knows how rich they would be. At the mention of a boat, he just gained a very, very, very smug grin.

"I was wondering when you were going to bring that up. As it just so happens, I own a boat myself, for business reasons. As well as one that the King of Heroes just so happened to give me as a gift the other day. At Iskander's suggestion, as they both enjoy my bar quite a good deal. If you'd like, we could take either one out, though I can't promise that there isn't a surprise in the second's cargo hold." Upon finishing, an eyebrow was lifted, waiting to see how the duo would react to such.
Serene, the Rockwoman

January 5th, 1:15 PM
Interstate 95, Southern end of Maine, Enroute South

Tires spun effortlessly against pavement, gripping the ground with ease. The landscape passed at a rate just barely under the speed limit for the road, as a motorcycle roared down Interstate 95. While on the surface it might have made one think of a bizarre love child of a chopper and a tour cycle, ultimately, it was alien technology that ran under the hood so to speak. And maybe a bit of magic. At the end of the day, it was Serene's personal cycle, a multi-purpose transport that could, with the right coaxing, shift its form to better suit whatever she wanted. And in this case, she wanted speed, but still feel comfortable. She had debated pulling out a different wheeled transport of hers, but after Champ's reaction to her mothership, and the gunship inside...she was pretty sure that pulling "ol'faithful" out of the mothballs and making it work would have given him a stroke. So it was the cycle. Gunship had been considered, sure, but it just didn't feel the same to fly over the road, as to ride along it. Besides, she liked the wind in her face, and the sensation of knowing that no one would hopefully shoot at her(as would be a concern if airborne in her gunship).

Part of her hated having to drive under the speed limit, rather than shift into high gear and use the cycle's maximum output, but the last thing she wanted was the government freaking out over a cycle breaking the sound barrier and possibly causing irrevocable harm to the ground and surrounding environments. Yeah, she was not about to get arrested for environmental damage. So taking it careful it was. And even then, she was more careful than usual, as before starting out, certain bits of tech from her collection had either been dusted off, or outright rebuilt, to hide her true appearance. Some folks didn't like women with big horns or wings. So a helmet that was bigger on the inside than it had any right to be it was, complete with enough room to hide her horns, and her wings...were wrapped tightly around her body as best able under her driving clothes. Which ironically, aside from the helmet, consisted of an overcoat cut just right to avoid getting in the way as she drove(magic or smart tech, perhaps?), that almost seemed more like a trenchcoat, and simple jeans and a short sleeve shirt. Though it meant she'd had to adjust how much of her body her biosuit covered. In this case, exposing her arms up to nearly her shoulders. Though if one looked too close(and she wasn't wearing the borderline a trench coat), they'd see the scales that sometimes were apparent when surface skin was rubbed off to expose the dragon skin underneath. There was only so much she could do after all, without risking setting off something. And of course, her long hair was kept in its standard braid. And a pair of shades over her eyes avoided that little pair of orbs from being commented on.

So all in all? Your standard "cool kid" attire, if the trenchcoat was a bit much. Roaring down the road towards the state borders, in a motorcycle that definitely didn't look normal. But why? Why bother leaving what was her "turf" in Iceland? Well, for starters, wanderlust. Or a thrill seeking heart. Soldier Serene had been meant to be aside, she loved exploring, gathering information on her surroundings, to better help her in future actions. And as much as she hated to admit it, staying inside her slowly developing tower was only fun to a point with most of the facilities for it not yet ready. And she doubted Champ wanted to spend anymore time there than necessary if he wanted to see her. Probably had to do with the few robots she had building the facility that did look like they had jumped straight out of a video game. So in short, cabin fever mixed with her need to learn had driven her to fly across the ocean to Maine inside her cloaked gunship, before landing in a confirmed secure location, before switching to her motorcycle. The gunship had updated orders to come find her if something went wrong on either end, and thus its autopilot would guide it to Serene if needed. Hopefully no one went poking around in the woods and found the alien craft sitting there. She could only imagine the news.

Shaking her head briefly, Serene checked a device affixed to the handlebars, her own version of a GPS, using old information to plot her course. New York City was still a longways away. Worst case, she'd have to spend the night somewhere. Best case, she drove through the night. She didn't know what state the melting pot of a city was in, but if she was to start anywhere to search for information on various topics of interest only to her, it was the best place. Bound to be some aliens who knew what she was after. Sure, she could have asked those nice Lantern folks, but she didn't want to bother them so soon after helping her land. Maybe if she saw them again? But one digresses.

Driving like this, without a "care" in the world almost reminded her of another time, another place. But as the thoughts came, she pushed them aside. She would let them consume her later, the memories. Till then, she had to focus. While also monitoring the "scanner" attached below the "GPS" of her machine. Just incase something interesting came from any local police. Who knows, a detour could be fun, or even give her information about her own goals. Plus, never hurts to do good, right? For now though, she just focused on driving, enjoying the wind whip past, her shades hiding a twinkle in her eyes, that was, however, reflected in the smile that was more a smirk. It felt good. So good in fact.

New York, here comes the Rockwoman.
James Moriarty

If any buttons had been pressed by the "dubious" remark, it didn't show, if anything, Moriarty really did seem impressed. Internally, he did worry if the other had found a copy of his masterpiece, but it wasn't worth dwelling upon. But, he had been asked, and he couldn't help but smile. "I am most impressed, I wrote that work when I was a very young man. As for if I know anything..."

He paused for dramatic effect, before simply leaning forward in an almost conspiratorial manner. "Why of course, I know something about the affairs at hand." But before Holmes could interject, or jump upon what might have been an admission of guilt, Moriarty lifted a finger in the air. "But its all just hearsay, or what I've gathered from the people around. A few poor souls are in the hospital from being attacked by some sort of unknown beast. And some are claiming its some sort of divine act, given how swiftly it appeared. But I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable, logical explanation to all this." And he said this all with a perfectly straight face. It was true, something had messed people up. It was an underwater structure that was probably infested with all sorts of nightmares. But one would have to well, investigate to determine such.

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I am here.

Back to Discord I go.
Just a Traveler

Even with the hood pulled forward, it would have required her to be completely unaware, and asleep, to miss the sensation of a machine nearby. Well, not a pure machine. She could smell something off as the machine turned towards her, trying to process what she was sensing. A cyborg, maybe? In that kind of shell? It looked like something straight out of a 50s science fiction film. Maybe a prop that became self aware? She'd seen stranger. Then a sound cut the air. Two sets of sounds. With her ability to hear into ranges beyond normal humans, as well as pick up on faint sounds that came from far away, she had to always work to filter various sounds away when her helm was off. The first was someone's laughter, as she turned her eyes towards the yellow...octopus? Something about it made her skin crawl briefly, her senses tingling, before she internally relaxed. A native, probably lovecraftian if she had to guess. Only a theory based on the whole...tentacle thing? Then she heard the singing. She turned away from the robot, Serene's attention drifting towards the singing source. Her heart turned over, a memory of a life long past flickering up into her mind, causing a tear to come to her eyes. More than a single memory at that. It took a long moment, and she fought down the memory of that time...when she'd been the Idol Queen, the top performer in an empire. And all the adventures held during that time. She sighed under her breath, not in annoyance at the singer, but in sadness, an almost mournful sigh, recalling the past.

But at the same time, the music made her heart swell with joy, as she had to admit, the voice was beautiful, and the violin was clearly being put to good use. She froze though when she saw the source. Serene couldn't process what she was seeing. A...person with half their body replaced by tentacles? Frankenstein-esque experiment? Either way, it wasn't a thing that made her stare for bad reasons, from under her darkened hood, rather in intrigue and interest. The scientist in her was riveted at the thought of learning. But just as quickly, she heard the yellow guy and the robot engage, and Serene turned back, trying to process what had been said to her. Radiation...or something? Yeah, that sounded like a cheesy b-list sci-fi film's character. Maybe a freak accident fusing the mind of an actor with its shell? Maybe. That could explain it. Who knew. All the others present seemed content to merely stand around and chitchat. Like they all knew each other, and belonged. Unlike her. She figured she'd get it over with. A hand moved from the pocket of her jacket, revealing...some sort of material covering her flesh, almost like what you'd find in a skinsuit, or a plugsuit, moving to grip the side of the bench. She pushed herself up, careful to not exert too much force, mindful of how people could freak at extreme feats of strength. At her full height, she was nearly six feet tall, perhaps not an anomaly in a world of monsters, but it was still short in her mind. A reminder of her impure blood. Perhaps.

She shuffled slightly, moving around the talking duo, offering a soft apology, that was barely audible, almost in a whisper, before moving towards the door into the cafe. Unless someone got in front of her, she would enter the cafe, eyes kept low, her hood further forward than before, the solo hand out slipping back into the darkness of her jacket pocket. She moved to one side of the entrance if able, not yet moving towards the ordering counter, her hooded head lifting slightly, her eyes moving around. She was looking for anything that could help her figure out what to order, and what kind of currency they took. Hopefully no one was short enough to look up her hood, let alone be that unaware of personal space. In essence, she stood there, against one part of the front of the cafe, awkwardly shifting from one foot to the other, just there. Trying to figure things out. Hopefully this wouldn't cause any issues, right?

Serene, the Rockwoman

January 2nd, 1:16 am
Upper Earth Orbit, Sector 34

Most people would have been shaken up at the sight of green light and constructs forming around their spaceship. Or at the situation in general. But she wasn't most people. Hardlight technology, if she had to guess. Probably powered by the user's will, as opposed to some sort of power generator, given the lack of any visible battery packs. Or from a magical soource of power. Definitely worth studying later. Reminded her of an old design she'd worked with for a mech of hers, a long time ago. For a moment, her lips flipped down in a frown, recalling that lost design, before she felt the ship accelerating, the sudden motion increase pushing her back into her seat. Serene toggled a command, and quickly buckled herself into her seat. Never hurt to be safe. The irony though, it was just her, and other who acted as the crew. Maybe she should have, in the past world, invested in building some of her long lost androids, but that was a time from long ago. Better when it was just her and her own gear. But one digresses.

She was silent until Champ spoke. Not a raspy voice, but a strong one, especially given the whole in space matter. She could respect that. Probably alien biology, all things considered. "Dwarves? If they're anything like the defthanded ones of my home world, I'm sure we'll get along amicably. Most iterations I've run into are fine folk, unless Dark Dwarves. So yes, I feel fine about them, so long as we get along, why? Know some who don't mind harboring a ship?" Maybe extra words, but given her lack of...other person contact, it could be explained away rather easily. The thought of other blacksmiths did excite her in a way she couldn't quite name. Hopefully they were friendly, right?
@role model

There's no need to worry about word count. Write as much as you're comfortable with. I'd assume posts will shorten later or lengthen depending on plotlines.
James Moriarty

"The bar can handle itself while I'm gone, and besides, old 'friend,' as a concerned citizen of the city, it was only natural that I, being the genius that I am, investigate the matter." Moriarty's grin didn't waver, it remained the same, as he answered his rival's questions, careful to well, not give anything away. Not that there was it seemed. After all, he was just an "old man" looking into a matter. A matter that as a philosopher well versed in antiquity, most certainly would draw his attention. But now his attention turned to Holmes' "master," who, an Atlas mage? This didn't bode well, given it was well, Atlas'. He'd have to be careful, who knows what that mage had for Mystic Codes, and how he loathed the thought of magecraft spoiling his plans. But it didn't show, instead, he seemed to start at being told that the young mage had read his own texts. "Miss Obberhausen? Charmed." He took the hand, shaking lightly, before then lifting it to his lips to politely kiss, as in the old custom, his gaze lowered, but not his guard. Take that, Holmes. A moment later, he straightened up, now to answer, it would give his True Name away, but that mattered little in this day and age. Perhaps in a Grail War, but those were a thing of the past now. "Ah yes, which ones? I've written more than a few mathematical texts, and even a tome or two upon Greek Philosophy. But I am, first and foremost, a scholar of the mathematics. The language of the universe." Overblown perhaps, but he had his reasons for such. Probably...right?
Sounds like a fun time-
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