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Current Gonna be in New York this weekend, so if anyone needs me, please contact me via Discord.
21 days ago
Writer's block is a pain, but if I happen to owe anyone apost, I'll be working on them tonight, hopefully. Might go surfing, see if any games catch my attention.
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25 days ago
The feeling of needing to write content but it being hot as heck despite it being two am is not conductive to writing anything, blargh
27 days ago
Superheroes are nice. Mecha are nice. Monsters are nice. You know what else is nice? Fusing all three together and making it work. Still working on the mecha, but one day, one day.
28 days ago
I love having plans, only for chronic health stuff to flare up. I am fine. May scroll through some casual rp threads, see if any jump out. The urge to play an alien for a game is strong, ahaha...
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I already did an earlier introduction, but this is something one could always see, so let's roll.

Serene is the pen name that I use over on my old G+ account, which if you're able to find the account before the site shuts down, is Serene Selphia, but no fancy url, lol. But to those I'm close enough to, my nickname is Chris, and if I ask you to not use it, its nothing personal, I'm just not ready for that level of friendliness. That isn't to say I'm not a friendly person, just that I can be a bit professional when it comes to stuff. I've been rping since like...2011 I think? If I could find the Minecraft rp forums I started on(yes those were a thing, it was actually full of good rpers, but all good things come to an end of course), I'd have a precise date.

I roleplay a lot of things, well, that was the old system. About four years back, I settled down in a roleplay community on G+ called Temple of Glory, and began to stick to just one character who I kept working on, using other characters as I felt the need. That was my current primary character's father, a character I'll call the Professor for now, as I intend to post a version of his character sheet later. Probably when doing so wouldn't spoil what became of him in a storyline. Anyway, after a point I burned out as him, and switched focus to his daughter, who I use primarily in the old roleplay hub I come from. The Good Doctor, and here, no spoilers, mostly because ahaha, I'm shy about that.

I love a lot of series, but my heart goes out mainly to Rune Factory, Sonic, Mega Man, Metroid, Mario, Pokemon, and Duel Monsters. Especially Rune Factory and Sonic, though lately I've fostered a love for the Nasuverse, Fate Grand Order is a fun time. I love to read a variety of things, and I'm always online unless sleeping, so feel free to drop me a line if you need it. While I'm relatively new to the site here, I'm an rp veteran, and a skilled writer, as you'll see whenever I post the Doctor's current profile.

Ah right, more on me. I'm a college senior presently, I just had my capstone for my history degree wrapped up, and I'm proud of my progress. While I am a loner by nature(I mean my writing often keeps me trapped in my room to meet paper deadlines), I'm still a sociable person, and if you can't reach me here, my Discord is Serene Selphia#1064. So I suppose that's a bit of a spoiler, but to who, I won't say. Just be forewarned, if you ask me about a character of mine, there's a risk I'll write a lot, so make sure you're totally fine with that.

In terms of roleplay, while I do mainly fantasy/science-fiction, I can roll with just about anything(as far as I know), but if I tell you its not working for me, don't take it personally. I'm a fairly detailed writer, and in terms of style, I'm good with both combat and non-combat related narratives, I mean, my current main was built for combat initially, whereas her father is more the sociable type. The most detailed things tend to when I describe the world around, or when writing profiles for characters I adore. Basically, if I'm in tune or really love something, you could get a lot. I once wrote about twenty pages on a google doc in two hours because I loved it so much. Weird flex sure, but you can understand it. I don't look for much in rp partners, so long as you can write me enough that I understand either what you're doing, or what's going on, I'm usually good. I'll generally drop a line if I need more information.

I love learning, so if you ask me about something, and I don't have an answer, I'll gladly take the time to do at least a basic amount of research. And if you're ever stumped for ideas, drop me a line, I'm always glad to help fellow veterans or the newer folk. Heck, at one point for a friend's group I wrote an entire(albeit unused) document full of random plot ideas for the group drawn from throughout film and video games. Point is, if you need someone to talk to, unless I'm in a bad mood, or its a bad time(aka I'm about to go to bed, or in class), I'm always up for at least a quick chat. I do take commissions, so if you want a fanfiction written, give me a holler, or if you just want a custom story about a character of mine, or just ask for them to give their input on something in a non-serious setting. Still debating what to set prices for, or if I work totally free...I mean I should charge something, but anyways, wew, talk about a ramble, eh?

Anyways, that's about it. I'll probably rewrite this as needed.
Restating ways to reach me as needed!
Discord: Serene Selphia#1064
MeWe: Serene Selphia

Doc Rock, signing off, stay gold.

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Serene Drakos

She'd been about to react to the rather surprising gift and well, just in general the situation she found herself in. That was stopped when Serene's phone rang. Slowly, Serene sat upright, and reached over, grabbing the phone, nodding to Da Vinci as she did so, to indicate her gratefulness. A quick glance at the caller ID, and Serene knew who it was. Hitting the answer button then the speaker phone, she held the device up so Da Vinci could hear/speak into it as well if needed. "Drakos Manor, Serene Drakos speaking. I'm guessing this isn't a social call, Miss Einzbern?" A bit formal, but it was just incase that like on Serene's end, Alkyrieaza didn't have the privacy of herself, plus just being safe is better than being sorry. Serene could only imagine it was something serious, but at the same time...having a social call would always be welcome. But one digresses. Hopefully this wasn't anything dire, like end of the world type dire, that would ruin her day.

@1Charak2@Raineh Daze
Serene, the Rockwoman

January 2nd, 2:30 am(Greenwich Time)
Sector 34, Upper Earth Orbit
The Rock-Dragoon, Bridge

She'd been about to doze off, lulled by the sight of a planet that while foreign, was yet familiar to her. Only for the silence to stop with the sound of something bumping against the bridge window. Something that...

"...The hell?" Serene sat upright, groaning softly, staring ahead, only to start, realizing that it hadn't been an object bumping against the ship(thankfully, given an impact from space debris or an asteroid could have torn a hole in the ship for all she knew at the right speeds)...but a person. Knocking, to be precise. Someone floating...outside the ship, without a fully fledged space suit, or any sign of mechanical based propulsion. Nor was the person alone. Another person beside them. Her gaze moved from one to the other, only to start a bit more, realizing that there was something familiar about the knocker. The big S on his chest meant something, but for the life of her, she couldn't place it. The other guy was...a green suited fellow?

It was only then she realized that the otherwise motionless android that was the navigational unit had turned around, using internal reserves to look at Serene, where she sat in the control chair. "Doctor, we're being hailed." It was then that Serene heard Preston speaking, over the comm, introducing himself and the male next to him. Weird to be called Champion, but have a big S on their chest. But still...heroes, good guys, seemingly. Given they hadn't attacked, meant that maybe...they'd heard her SOS. Earth...this was Earth. People, people with the means or powers to go into space...she was saved. She felt a surge of hope, realizing that finally things were right.

A hand moved, pressing down against a panel on the right armrest of her chair, activating a microphone that was strong enough to pick her voice up, and thus transmit it. "This is Serene the Rockwoman, of the HMS Rock-Dragoon, I hear you loud and clear. I don't know if my SOS reached you, but thank you regardless." Her voice, while refined with the hint of an upper class, if not royal upbringing, lacked even the slightest trait of haughtiness. There was a calmness to her tone, but with the faintest undercurrent of nervousness. She paused, not to give them a window to respond, but to collect herself. "Much of my ship's systems are offline or barely functional, but life-support is holding. I'm not sure how you intend to help me land, but so long as its away from any populated areas, anything you can do would be welcome. Especially if we can land intact, me and my ship have been through a lot together." Now it was apparent, her nervousness, but not towards them, but towards her ship. She wanted it safe, it meant everything to her. A memory of her long lost people, a reminder to keep going. But now, she was silent, waiting for the two to figure out something, or just respond in general. Hope beated in her heart, showing the promise of a better tomorrow...

@pyroman@Sir Lurksalot
You shouldn't man, and I don't think it was because of you Log died out, I think it was multiple factors. Still, Grand to see ye!
Hey, long time no see man!

And honestly if it's not taken already, I'd say go for it. We have a similar idea somewhere I think?
Just a Traveler, Passing Through

Reality is what people think it is. And yet, what one calls reality is merely what one is able, or willing to perceive. You don't want to believe in monsters? Then a viral video you dismiss as CGI or a hoax. You don't want to believe in magic? Then you can go make fun of a group of "LARPers" who are dressed as wizards. Aliens? Its just a bunch of fringe people, aliens don't exist.

But the reality of reality is that perception can change in a moment. A meteor turns out to be an object from space, a cryptid turns out to be real, some show changes your understanding of existence. But some people never change. And some refuse to believe the truth so much they go out of their way to suppress it. Even if it means trying to kill it.

This town of mystery, home to the beings that the outside world refused to believe in, had one thing going for it. No matter how vile a person was who tried to denounce monsters and aliens as demons, or as fakes, they couldn't come here unless they met the right conditions. For those seeking sanctuary, it was a place of safety. Recently, a few monsters or general outsiders had turned up, bringing with them tales of being chased by humans of various backgrounds for one reason or another. But always with the same thread between them, an armored figure saving them, busting skulls, escorting them to safety, before telling them the town's name, and then disappearing into the night. The same figure being reported on and off across the world. The Rockwoman, a figure larger than life, a warrior of the night who struck down both lynch mobs and deranged monsters hellbent on harming innocents, but only killing when there was no choice. Better a person scarred for life, then a "monster" going to their grave smug. Urban legends had swelled the mysterious being to levels that one might have expected from most tall tales. Claiming that the armor hid their true form, a giant monster, or a human who knew the truth but swore to protect both, or a cross between the two. All sorts of crazy tales that you'd find on deep forum boards. Some stories were so out there that even the more popular tale tellers would scoff.

The reality was far from that.

The Rockwoman wasn't some larger than life figure.

In reality, she was just an ordinary looking person. Underneath that armor was a young woman, or looked so. A slightly freckled face, the most "bizarre" traits to her were her eyes, easily explained away as a genetic glitch, and her hair, excused as a wig or extensions. Even the few times a random person saw underneath her baggy clothing to the skintight outfit beneath, dismissed as a cosplay costume. She didn't dress to stand out, she looked like anyone else.

But that was the point. To hide in plain sight. By day, a normal looking girl, by night, the hunter. At least, that had been until a brush with a shotgun wielding pyscho hellfire and brimstone preacher had nearly caught her. She'd gotten away, but had been forced to lay low, travel from the South, to the North-west. After all, a dead body, a dead body killed in a decidedly not normal way...head melted, anyone, was enough to stir up a mob of crazed people. She had enough blood on her hands. She'd gone to a place she'd only sent others towards hoping it was really safe, and well, as of a day before, had arrived. Just a normal person you'd pass on the street, maybe question why the dark blue hoodie and jeans in summer, but otherwise not spare a second glance. But in a place of monsters and beings not normal, she was the probably abnormality.

The night before, she'd camped on the outskirts, hiding out of sight, just to be sure she had the right location. After all, magic fountain or not, she had to be careful. Also why she'd come in at night, using her tech to cloak herself, so even if someone was around at night, watching the way into the town, they'd see nothing. Not unless they had the ability to see heat. But it mattered nill. The sun had begun to rise, and for someone who hadn't slept at all, staying constantly alert, it was both a welcome sign, and a reminder of the need to move. Emerging from the makeshift shelter, she rose to her feet, brushing off, confirming that the hoodie was in place with its hood, and that no sign of the suit beneath was visible, before pulling the hood forward. A breath was taken in, before being slowly let out. And without any further hesitation, she began to walk.

Time passed, as she had walked, into the town, exploring, but acting like she was just out walking. Hopefully, this wouldn't draw any sort of negative attention. The last thing she wanted was a fight. But eventually, she came to the cafe's vicinity, and moved onto a bench across from the entrance, deciding it would be a good place to see if they had food and drink she could enjoy, while getting a feel for the locals. She smelled fire in the air, tasted it even. Perhaps a fire roared inside the building. She kept herself still, just a jeans clad hoodied figure, that in a worst case could be mistaken for a modern grim reaper. The robot was already present, and she could feel it's..oddity. Having a sort of sixth sense when it came to machinery, she felt a mystery to be solved, but buried that urge. Perhaps if the version of Sherlock Holmes she'd run around with once upon a time had been there, she would have been more confident, but she had to maintain that whole low profile. Ergo, despite the early morning situation, she just seemed to be a part of the scenery, motionless, only movement being her breathing. She was good at that. Waiting...

Hopefully she wouldn't get any odd looks before the place opened up....Right?
Got busy here, on the train coming back from New York City, I'll see if I can write something in the next three hours or after I get settled at home.
Serene Drakos

Eventually, Serene woke up, confused as to why she'd woken up on the couch, rather than in her own bed like she had been. As for her was fine, but down on the ground of her room. She shifted, and slowly sat upright, glancing around. A yawn left her, as she rubbed her head gently. "Mm...what the hell happened while I was sleep?"


James Moriarty

While the master and servant had their moments of discussion, Moriarty had slipped inside the pier administration office, going through the motions of his concern, offering his aid as an Archer, as well as requesting a free boat. And with that succeeded, he'd slipped back out, only to stop as his gaze caught the visage of his familiar arch-nemesis. Internally, he frowned, annoyed in his own way at being reminded of the former being summoned in his younger body, as compared to James' old body. But enough. He plastered a very cheerful, if not borderline "eat shit" grin on his face, and proceeded to stride over to his nemesis and their presumed master, calling out as he approached. "Well if it isn't my old "friend" Sherlock Holmes, what a pleasant surprise! Have you and I assume your master come to investigate the matter as well?" The look on his face, while the kind that would probably make someone angry, wasn't the kind that would give anything away. He chose to wait once he'd reached them, still grinning. Maybe his grin had gotten even bigger?


She's going to edit it later with the IC post?

Either way, press f to pay respects.

January 2nd, 2:30 am (Greenwich Time)
The Rock-Dragoon, Ship's Bridge

They were closer now. Perhaps her calculations had been off, but Earth had grown much bigger, big enough to confirm that indeed, she was looking at Earth. As it happened, she was far enough out to see both North America, which, and most of Europe and Africa. She knew her geography. But seriously, what was wrong with the Central United States? It almost looked like a big nasty scar...had someone decided to nuke the place, or had some sort of meteor strike been to blame? No...she didn't think so. At least, she didn't feel nukes were to blame. Something in the back of her mind flashed a sense of warning, the hairs on her back standing up, or trying to beneath her body suit. Checking something confirmed a hunch. Worst case they'd crash down near the eastern United States, or near the coast of Africa. Best case was a water landing, but even then, it needed to be away from the ocean, somewhere shallow...still, it all came down to if she could get a bit more juice from the positioning thrusters, if not find a way to reroute enough power to bring the engines online one last time to try and slow her descent.

Serene leaned back into her chair, staring out at the blue and green...and purple-brown planet, mulling things over. Worst came to worst, she could get into her gunship and make an emergency escape that way, or run to an escape pod, but at the same time, she had to make sure that if this was a still populated planet, which given the sense of lighting she could see, probably was(unless of course, everyone was dead and power was just still flowing through systems and not failing yet), to avoid bringing the ship down in a heavily populated area. More keyly, she also noticed other areas with the same coloring as what would be the Central US. Well, at least it wasn't caused by the Forest, she'd be able to see the energy fluctuation, hear the Forest calling to her...perhaps some sort of alien infestation? But for now, she had to wait.

Sooner or later, something would happen. Maybe someone would see her, maybe not. Maybe not until she entered the atmosphere. She groaned to herself, Drake being silent again. Nothing to do but wait for the inevitable unknown to hit her.
Anyways, I'll respond when I can, late here and all.
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