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Current Hey folks, sorry for my very extended absence across the board. Terms have been crazy, I've been busy with graduation stuff, and while my internet is back, life is life. Sorry for delays again
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9 days ago
Currently without home wifi. I'm sorry about any rps I hold up. Internet probably won't be back till Monday, home renovations suck sometimes
18 days ago
You ever just, have that one thing happen that lights your entire week up? Even if it costs some progress on writing? That happened to me a wee bit ago, and I can't stop smiling. More school work left
22 days ago
Not being motivated to write sucks, honestly. I don't know what's up. Which sucks since I have papers I need to compose.
24 days ago
I need to post more, but I've been keeping a low profile due to school and health. Getting super sick earlier today was not a great thing to go through to be honest.


I already did an earlier introduction, but this is something one could always see, so let's roll.

Serene is the pen name that I use over on my old G+ account, which if you're able to find the account before the site shuts down, is Serene Selphia, but no fancy url, lol. But to those I'm close enough to, my nickname is Chris, and if I ask you to not use it, its nothing personal, I'm just not ready for that level of friendliness. That isn't to say I'm not a friendly person, just that I can be a bit professional when it comes to stuff. I've been rping since like...2011 I think? If I could find the Minecraft rp forums I started on(yes those were a thing, it was actually full of good rpers, but all good things come to an end of course), I'd have a precise date.

I roleplay a lot of things, well, that was the old system. About four years back, I settled down in a roleplay community on G+ called Temple of Glory, and began to stick to just one character who I kept working on, using other characters as I felt the need. That was my current primary character's father, a character I'll call the Professor for now, as I intend to post a version of his character sheet later. Probably when doing so wouldn't spoil what became of him in a storyline. Anyway, after a point I burned out as him, and switched focus to his daughter, who I use primarily in the old roleplay hub I come from. The Good Doctor, and here, no spoilers, mostly because ahaha, I'm shy about that.

I love a lot of series, but my heart goes out mainly to Rune Factory, Sonic, Mega Man, Metroid, Mario, Pokemon, and Duel Monsters. Especially Rune Factory and Sonic, though lately I've fostered a love for the Nasuverse, Fate Grand Order is a fun time. I love to read a variety of things, and I'm always online unless sleeping, so feel free to drop me a line if you need it. While I'm relatively new to the site here, I'm an rp veteran, and a skilled writer, as you'll see whenever I post the Doctor's current profile.

Ah right, more on me. I'm a college senior presently, I just had my capstone for my history degree wrapped up, and I'm proud of my progress. While I am a loner by nature(I mean my writing often keeps me trapped in my room to meet paper deadlines), I'm still a sociable person, and if you can't reach me here, my Discord is Serene Selphia#1064. So I suppose that's a bit of a spoiler, but to who, I won't say. Just be forewarned, if you ask me about a character of mine, there's a risk I'll write a lot, so make sure you're totally fine with that.

In terms of roleplay, while I do mainly fantasy/science-fiction, I can roll with just about anything(as far as I know), but if I tell you its not working for me, don't take it personally. I'm a fairly detailed writer, and in terms of style, I'm good with both combat and non-combat related narratives, I mean, my current main was built for combat initially, whereas her father is more the sociable type. The most detailed things tend to when I describe the world around, or when writing profiles for characters I adore. Basically, if I'm in tune or really love something, you could get a lot. I once wrote about twenty pages on a google doc in two hours because I loved it so much. Weird flex sure, but you can understand it. I don't look for much in rp partners, so long as you can write me enough that I understand either what you're doing, or what's going on, I'm usually good. I'll generally drop a line if I need more information.

I love learning, so if you ask me about something, and I don't have an answer, I'll gladly take the time to do at least a basic amount of research. And if you're ever stumped for ideas, drop me a line, I'm always glad to help fellow veterans or the newer folk. Heck, at one point for a friend's group I wrote an entire(albeit unused) document full of random plot ideas for the group drawn from throughout film and video games. Point is, if you need someone to talk to, unless I'm in a bad mood, or its a bad time(aka I'm about to go to bed, or in class), I'm always up for at least a quick chat. I do take commissions, so if you want a fanfiction written, give me a holler, or if you just want a custom story about a character of mine, or just ask for them to give their input on something in a non-serious setting. Still debating what to set prices for, or if I work totally free...I mean I should charge something, but anyways, wew, talk about a ramble, eh?

Anyways, that's about it. I'll probably rewrite this as needed.
Restating ways to reach me as needed!
Discord: Serene Selphia#1064
MeWe: Serene Selphia

Doc Rock, signing off, stay gold.

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Of course, now that terms are coming to an end, and regardless of whether all goes as I hope and I graduate on time, I have more time to post. If I'm needed "tomorrow," aka the 24th, I'll be in and out, as I'll be at Endgame for the first time, since well, it hit theaters at the worst time for me personally, ahaha.
And its up, hope its good-
I consider the thought of waterproofing my bag, or something to carry water with, but even so, my body draws me closer, and I thusly kneel. I set my belongings down beside me, and I lower my hands, cupping some water from the spring, lifting my hands to sip, still somewhat alert.
Of course, I understand. Just wrapped up a term paper, so I have time to write something.
Yeah, that I understand. I got a window, so I'll see what I can generate. Being sick sucks.
Ironically I just got my internet back today, so unless one of the others drops in within the next day or so, I'll see what I can do. Approaching crunch time for a pair of papers though.
Sorry to hear that.

Life can suck sometimes. Best wishes.
Blood Iron Princess

Lips twisted into a stronger smile at what was offered by the smaller Magi, a respectful, and appreciative nod given. While she wasn't sure if the need would arise right away, it was something worth considering. "I can see that working, and you're more than welcome to stop by my family's home, if you need tech support and don't want to bother others." It was a not so subtle jab at some mages who didn't even know how to operate a basic television, but one meant in good fun. Besides, some folks just weren't technology savvy. "We could also trade cell numbers, if you have a cell, or home phone, that works as well." That totally couldn't go badly. But either way, bad first impressions aside, they were off to the races it seemed. This was an excellen first day...

@1Charak2@Raineh Daze

Nothing was said by Serene, even as she caught the whiff of fresh blood, turning her attention to Aria, the source of the smell. After confirming that she wasn't actually badly injured, Serene paused, her brow furrowing. Then she glanced back, seeing...Holly. Whether or not Serene knew their name was unknown, but she knew the other was, like her, not normal. Not that any of them were. After a few moments, she grunted, somehow telling the statement was a greeting, her grunt a response. She scanned the room again, before running over to the cabinent, mindful to not step on the black areas as able. Not that she understood what Aria had asked, but rather, she found it suspcious. Assuming it wasn't now nailed down, it would be picked up off the ground, and set down a short distance away. Now, she stopped, staring at where she'd removed the object, waiting, as if just studying. What lay in its place? What had she exposed? She really...didn't like this place.
Blood Iron Princess

"I suppose I could have given more, but oh well." A shrug came from Serene as she spoke, her smile fading just a tad. An Einzbern, that explained both the behavior, and the previously unknown servant. She considered various factors, before her head turned, following the same direction as the young midget. She couldn't help but chuckle lightly. "Just don't mess with their babies, and an adult Panda won't beat you up. But the Red Pandas you can hold, they're adorable." This time, the smile was genuine, enjoying seeing someone who could be dangerous, be instead mesmerized by the frolicking Red Pandas. So adorable.

@1Charak2@Raineh Daze
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