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27 Apr 2017 3:57
Current Musical Interlude to my insanity: Hell March - - Love this video game music...
24 Apr 2017 21:08
Darkness is a strange mistress. However, retooling things for RPG will take awhile. However, I am enjoying Rai's Ascension RP. :P
23 Apr 2017 12:55
Ascension RP - One of the funnest RPs I've been apart of.
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21 Apr 2017 10:37
Anime is ever a bit overdramatic and other times it is a Harem. Some people hate anime and others love it. Which category do you think I am in?
20 Apr 2017 23:03
Darkness is a strange mistress, but not as annoying as writer's block. However, there's more things that are dark and mystery in terms of 1x1 roleplays.


I am Landaus Five-One, I am so far not involved in any role plays but I enjoy Sci-Fi, Space Operas, Magical, World Invasions, Modern, Fantasy, Horror, Post-Apocalyptic Themes, and Alternate Universe.

I can play both genders + Artificial Intelligence characters as well. Since I do have two AI characters aka the Massive Starships within my Detailed Profiles topic.

I am looking for a Role play that keeps me interested, mostly. I have a vast quality/quantity of stuff I am working on at the moment classified as the Jaina'Res Multiverse + the Main Realm. I am working on 20 profiles, and multitude of other things like a timeline but that's going to take awhile to get started since I still have to think where it all started and etc.

Out of everything, I am interested in role plays that are unique to their genre and etc. As well, I would like if the people can play both genders, just because since I can play them both that is. And other things like that. I have Skype if someone wants to contact me about certain things 'annihilation-holy' is my Skype, I go by Holy R. Enigma on it anyways. That's the only off-site information I am going to give.

I also like Grand Strategy, Real Time Strategies and etc in terms of video games. So I would probably do a Nation RP, if I wasn't so busy with the other things on my plate in terms of my Profiles, the timeline, and etc. So this is the end of the bio.

P.S: I like being called Holy, instead of Landaus since I have been using Holy a lot longer than this one name on this forum.

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In ..::Ascension::.. 22 May 2017 14:05 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Nice job @Rai.

I will be working on my post soon than later. Been distracted.
In Mahz's Dev Journal 21 May 2017 22:49 Forum: News
@Mahz That is most of the problem with many things. The UI is a pos in some video games. >.>
That is good to know what is going on, that is a very nice summary because I had confusion about that too. @Shifter_Master
@skarsgard I think the two events at the hospital and the farmlands are happening at the same time.

Even though Fiona is having a 35 mile radius aura surrounding her since she's utterly terrified. However, I don't know how far the hospital is from the Fiona's position, which is 10 - 20 miles away from the city proper.
-=[Fiona S. Grail]=-
-=[Meanwhile 10 miles away from the Grail Estates to the North]=-

Zani turned his head to face the new arrival and smiled evilly and laughed at her. He moved his full body in a defensive position. ”How wonderful, another magical girl to slaughter in the name of my mistress,” Zani said, happily. He glanced up at Zargoth’s Chosen and the Destiny Dragon in human form and laughed his ass off. ”I will kill all of humanity for her. They all must die for worshiping the Platinum Dragon. He lost the Dragon War all those years ago. He should have stayed dead,” Zani said, enraged. He started to glow brightly as if he was preparing an attack. He opened his draconic mouth towards the new arrival and had a single emotion pulsing from his glow he wants to see the world burn. He fired a straight line cone shaped fire blast. The attack in question missed the new arrival completely and only the heat of the breath attack could be felt. He didn’t want to kill her yet. It went on for a distance. To show he could have used a wider arc of fire breath but he controlled it to be a perfect straight attack.

Scarlett felt the heat coming from Zani’s breath attack and it went much further than it did when he defended himself from the Chosen’s attack. She was terrified, looked down and saw the new arrival that the Golden Dragon was addressing mostly. She landed right behind the girl in question with no hostile action towards her. She sighed in relief for a bit. ”Are you crazy? You are facing Zani Gold Eyed who worships a darker power,” Scarlett said, inquisitive and terrified for the girl’s safety. She felt the intensity from Zani’s glow that wanted to have the world burn and had a chill down her spine. ”But nonetheless, I will help you even though I cannot really fight in this form. My name is Scarlett,” Scarlett said, worried and annoyed all at the same time.

Zani showed off right now that he could easily kill all of them if he wanted to. He was told to only kill the ones who were touched by the Platinum Dragon. The straight fire breath hit a farmstead, who had humans living inside of it and it went up in flames. The farmlands were burning as well, the road it went past was melted slightly. He had an air of joy when his firebreath hit a farmstead with humans living in it. ”I am grateful for my mistress for giving me this opportunity to finish what I started all those years ago. During the 13th Century,” Zani said, joyful and happily.

Fiona was unmoving and terrified but felt the feeling of dread and terror from Zani himself. She felt the heat from Zani’s firebreath and had a chill down her spine. Her aura was fluctuating more now and it increased its size to 35 miles in a radius around her. She was petrified with fear and started to cry and tears was going down her face. ”I-I cannot do this Zargoth, he terrifies me so much,” Fiona thought to herself.

Zani glanced up and saw Fiona crying and laughed maniacally at the sight. ”The Chosen of the Platinum Dragon is worthless. That is good I only have to deal with two right now,” Zani said, happily. He refocused his gaze onto the new arrival and Scarlett, who is behind the new arrival and he gained a devilish grin on his face. ”I should ask this before I kill you. What is your name?” Zani asked, curiously. His glow got dimmer but it was still surrounding him and it definitely had a glow of a corrupted greater dragon. He recalled something he had heard from his mistress and laughed at remembering it. ”I will try my mistress,” Zani thought to himself.

Scarlett rainbow aura started to glow brighter and had a healing effect on her and anyone near her for some healing, not much but it was something. ”Fiona is petrified with fear. You and me are the only thing standing in the way of this massive Great Wyrm Dragon and Destruction of Humanity,” Scarlett said, shivering with fear herself.

The Portal was shimmering and fluctuating and a aura pierced through to the material plane. It was highly visible the aura had a shape, sense of direction, and looming strength to it that no one seen in the material plane ever since the dragon wars all those years ago. A voice pierced through the aura and reached into the minds of his forces and the new arrival, who was asked her name by Zani Gold Eyed. ”Help my champion slay this fiend… He is in the way of my greatest enemy… My own sister… Helping me… Will lessen my wrath against your patron,” Zargoth telepathically said, in the mind of the magical girl. The aura stopped about 5 more miles into the city for a total of 40 miles but the same message was sent out to any nearby magical girls. The aura slowly went back from where it came from and it formed a barrier around the portal to stop Zani Gold Eyed from entering the Endless Dimension. The barrier was in a shape of a symbol long forgotten a Platinum Dragon’s head in a shield.

Zani glanced up towards the Portal to the Endless Dimension and noticed the Platinum Dragon Symbol within a shield and laughed. ”The Platinum Dragon resists as long as he lives. All feeble attempts on my mistress’ life were all in vain,” Zani said, rolled his eyes at the turn of events. He glanced back down towards Scarlett and the girl he wants to know the name of.

@t2wave Nice post. :)
In ..::Ascension::.. 19 May 2017 23:05 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@t2wave It will be wonderful.
@Shoryu Thanks for the update. That sucks.
@t2wave I will be looking forward your post in whatever you choose. :P
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