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Current The Multiverse is within us all. But the biggest one within me is A Fantasy RP and A Sci-Fi Series classified as "Jaina'Res."
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I'm still working on a Fantasy RP, it isn't dead. Its just writer's block sucks ass... :(
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I've been working on a Fantasy styled roleplay. It's still in the development stages since it has no name right now.
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What's this? I'm finally updating my status in 10 months. Wonderful. I hope you all enjoy it. As well, profiles are what I enjoy creating.
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The Sanctuary, VC, NCQuest, Talrae and the ILR all have one thing in common I am in them in terms of the RPs.


I am Landaus Five-One, which likes being called Holy since its A, Easier and B, I've used that distinction much longer than Landaus. I am into roleplays of any variety as long as they are interesting and unique for me to be apart of. There's a list below showing the roleplays I am interested in.
  • Sci-Fi
  • Space Opera
  • Magical
  • Fantasy
  • Modern
  • Post-Apocalyptic Themes
  • Alternate Universe / Alternate Reality
  • Horror
  • Insert any Fandom Here

I can play both genders easily, even though lately I've been playing mostly Female characters. Artificial Intelligence Characters are something of a odd quirk I like doing only because I have like a few characters that are basically massive AI Controlled Starships. Additionally, you can contact me via Discord using Holy R. Enigma#6381 for anything really. My birthdate is June 26, 1987, going to be soon 33 years old. Might as well add that these are the only two things I am going to put on here. Out of everything, I am really enjoying my time on roleplaying guild, just need to start working on the massive revamp of the Jaina'Res Mulitverse/Main Realm and the Fantasy RP I have been starting to work on. It's still in the Development stages in terms of the Fantasy RP I am going to GM.

Hopefully everyone has a good 2020 and beyond, gl and hf. As well, I'm highly interested in Strategy Games, Grand Strategy and MMORPGs aka play FFXIV.

The Roleplays I am apart of: The RP's Creator - Roleplays listed second.
Letter Bee: Iliad City: A Magical RP in an original world resuming & Academy of Noble Arms - The Golden Generation
LetMeDoStuff: Persona the Beholder
The Jest: Lost Innocence RP Reset - This roleplay went through a complete reset. The Pages are children whom gained magical powers from being infused by dust of a crystalline race. Need to still finish the required profiles I've been working on mostly been sidetracked a little. However, Sidetracking is always a pain in the ass. Additionally, The Jest is still working on all details of said roleplay before he launches it.

Roleplays that have an OOC and were rebooted once before:


Interest Checks that Caught my Interest:

Creation of Something New: Getting back into the swing of things...
The Venerdale Legends RP: Retinue of the Ariel Guardians - The Name has finally been chosen, which is the Fantasy RP that is still in development. Got many things to work on, at least its finally named. (Like the Magic System and others)

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Shinon was still slightly shaking in front of the 4th Pillar, Snake-Eyes of the Emerald Miasma Agency. She did recognize a figure in the corner of her eye and realized it was her first cousin, Mei or Shakuko, as others call her. Shinon’s facial feature is somewhat like Mei does tease her so much about literally everything, but it's only in good fun. It didn’t take long for Mei to speak up to Amaya and her. ” You are lovely too, Mei!” Shinon said with a cute smile. Until Mei put her finger on her mouth and felt as if Mei kissed her. It made her incredibly embarrassed about that felt as if she had her heart skip a beat a bit.

Shinon had a look of seriousness; you do that all the time, Mei, with a sigh of relief knowing that Mei is teasing her yet again. She was trying to pay attention to Mei’s talking points, and it caused her to feel a bit annoyed. It is always one of those hard choices in picking an internship, but she usually allows Emiho to choose it for her. She doesn’t really want to intern for her mother since her older sister coddles her a bit too much most of the time.
” I-I’m going to go with what Internship, Emiho decides on. I want to be stronger while supporting my best friend!” Shinon said with an answer to dissuade Mei’s illusions. She was paying attention to what Snake-Eyes talked about because everyone as a hero is working their hardest to make new heroes.

It was when Yozoru Hoshi spoke up about going with Snake-Eyes as an Internship, and that’s when her friend finally got enough courage to pick the agency. Shinon felt like that would be the best fit for her since it’s always about getting stronger and getting stronger with Snake-Eyes. Also, Snake-Eyes did say seven interns, which means Snake-Eyes considered six others to go to the agency.
” Emiho, I will follow you too since we need to get stronger together! Snake-Eyes, I am going to enjoy it at your agency!” Shinon exclaimed happily with a cute smile on her face.

Shinon heard a familiar voice in the room that introduced herself with a quite happy but teasing tone towards her specifically. She looked over and was floored to see Maki Tomoko in her real Kitsune Form, and it’s beautiful and shocking to see her not using her human form. The Sly Mistress Hero: Tomoni, the sixteen heroes in the Hero Commission Board but working for the 8th Hero, Glaser. She listens to what Tomoko had to say about her and hearing the teasing nickname her sister says to her and why her sister is worried about her.
” T-Tomoko, it’s surprising you’ve come to Eirei Academy. Can you promise me that when you get back to my older sister’s side, you can tell her not to worry so much? I-I’m no longer a little girl that I was anymore, and she doesn’t need to watch over me. Also, why did you have to embarrass me with my sister’s nickname?” Shinon asked Maki Tomoko with a worried look on her face.

@Lord Indra@Blizz@alexfangtalon

Eirei Academy, Outside

Therefore, a limo from the Guiding Waters Agency pulled up to Eirei Academy with logos and a color scheme to match the agency ran by Glaser. Also, it had additional logos of the Yukimura Family and some of their largest sponsors in-hero society. It has been a long distance to travel for the person inside of the Limo and is the #16th Hero; The Sly Mistress Hero: Tomoni. Tomoko exited the limo from the Guiding Waters Agency and felt some nostalgia from being at Eirei Academy since it’s been some time since she was here. She enjoyed the Eirei Academy since this is where she met her lover and fiance, Yukimura Chihiro. There was a slight difference to her appearance; her nine foxtails and her fox ears were there. Tomoko had a beautiful smile on her face with her engagement ring to The Angelic Hero: Tennin on her left ring finger.

Tomoko giggled slightly at noticing all the big names still stationary outside their vehicles, but there was always another reason for her being here. In terms of the big names, the #3 Pillar, The Plant Hero: Gaia, the Dragon Hero: Ryu, to name a few. As well as the usual fan girls surrounding the latter since he always gets fangirls. However, she recognized one of the girls chatting to the Dragon Hero: Ryu, not trying to fangirl all over Ryu. Tomoko couldn’t help but giggle at the whole thing.
” It’s a pleasure to be in your presence, Selica and Kairyuko. I should have gotten here sooner so I could wrangle some interns for the Guiding Waters Agency, but alas, I was late.” Tomoko said with a beautiful smile honoring the pillars of plants and dragons.

Tomoko doesn’t mind being late since the Guiding Waters Agency's usual problem is so far away from Eirei Academy. It would have taken a much longer time if she didn’t leave even sooner than the Billboard Conference, like three days to travel all the way here. There is another reason to be here at this time, and that was to check up on Shinon since she’s so cute and adorable to be near her friends. She waves at the girl who wants to be an intern to the Dragon Hero: Ryu.
” I do hope you take being the Dragon Hero: Ryu’s Internship well, student of Eirei Academy. Also, may the waters guide you in your quest of becoming stronger.” Tomoko said with a giggle. She gently bows to all of them in her Elegant Beauty outfit, and she walks away after that to find Chihiro’s little sister.

A chill sent down Tomoko’s spine as she felt a dark presence in the school, but it was the Malicious Hero: Snake-Eyes. When she walked into the Academy proper, and noticed Shinon and some of her classmates talking to Snake-Eyes. Tomoko’s facial feature was a bit of fear since she gets affected the most by negative energy since she’s a Kitsune.
” I must say, it’s an honor to see you, Snake-Eyes. Also, it’s so lovely to see you, Shinon. Always a Tidal Wave of Joy, happiness, and being so cute. I feel like your older sister Chihiro worries too much about your well-being.” Tomoko said, teasing her fiance’s little sister. In terms, Shinon hardly sees the true Tomoko, and this is like the first time in a long time to be this way.

Tomoko giggles at Shinon’s reaction to being teased by her, and being happy is nothing but amazing wonders. She did see that Shinon was embarrassed with her sister’s nickname to her, and it’s nice that that can still fluster her. Her fiance gets a bit too worried about the small things rather than worrying about the bigger picture, but Chihiro is taking it to step at a time. Tomoko looks over and notices Todoroki Shakuko, or what Chihiro and Shinon call her, Mei. She smiles happily towards Mei.
” Shinon, I promise you to remind my fiance you don’t need that coddling anymore. You are seventeen and not like you were when you were twelve. It is a wonderful pleasure to meet my fiance and her little sister’s first cousin, Mei. Hehe, I just wanted to see your reaction, Shinon, and it's still cute how you act about it.” Tomoko said to Shinon and Mei specifically. She tries not to tease Shinon too much since others tease her way too much, like Mei, for instance. It’s one reason she is happy to be here as a representative to the Guiding Waters Agency.


Location: The Galactic Bazaar
Interaction: Finbarr, Trajan @The Man Emperor, Alan @The Jest, Jude Styles @Kafka Komedy
Mention: Everyone else

Narvia was helping everyone cool down Alan’s fire pillar until it feels like all hell broke loose in an instant. Some goblins threatened everyone she knows lives, including hers, all because of whoever the Low-Father is. It did scare her, but she had to stay focused on everything else and her boyfriend’s usual reactions of yelling back at them. ” Please leave us alone, you monsters!” Narvia yelled at those freaky goblin creatures. She thought it would be much easier.

Narvia noticed Finbarr start to use his magical attacks against them; therefore, she did too. She formed her bow of light in her arms and released three Silverlight arrows at three different goblins. It would be stupid to use another use of the Bow of Light since it’s specifically for attacking from ranged. After that, she did take out her pistol to fire at those goblins, too, since her magic is pretty limited since she cannot absorb magic from the air.

Narvia only did what she could since she’s much more limited than anyone in the Star Marines. She smiled happily to see that Finbarr threw open a portal to retreat. It was grateful and didn’t want to empty her pistol clip; she suppressed fire type of tactics. It did help that Trajan Pyke was holding Alan. She smiles at Finbarr their work to cool down Alan worked, thankfully. It did help that Alan was still a bit of a funny person.

” Y-Yes, it would be better to get out of here. Thank god, Alan is alright!”

If anyone was paying attention to how Narvia was acting around Finbarr, she was much happier than usual. She is an open book, after all, and her body language is easy to read. Therefore, Narvia does fall back to the portal, but those goblins were tenacious, so she had to continue firing at them. However, all the other Star Marines involved themselves in fighting the Goblins. In the corner of her eye, she recognized Jude Styles since it’s not hard to miss him since all of his mechanical enhancements.

Narvia decided to retreat much faster since Jude told Trajan he would handle the Goblins. She was a bit quicker because of how scared she was feeling by all the crazy shit around them. It wouldn’t be a good idea to stay behind and get in the way of Jude’s fighting style since he’s brutal in how he fights enemies. Jude would have to hold back if any of the Star Marines were here or anyone else. ” G-Get them, Jude! I know you can do it.” Narvia said a bit nervously. She wanted to stay alive for her boyfriend, Finbarr since she wouldn’t want to die now since they have so much to live for now.

’ What would my godfather say during a time like this? Uhh, I don’t know; he never said anything about running away to live another day. I would rather live instead of dying here, though. I have so much to live for now. Suppose if it weren’t for Finbarr’s confessing his love to me. I would have probably done something unthinkable.’

Narvia stops thinking about what she could have done to herself since it is somewhat dishonorable to kill yourself during your troubling times. She had the most baggage compared to the other Star Marines, but most enjoyed what they do. Narvia shook out of her deep thoughts since it would be better to focus on what’s happening around her. She kept her pistol out while she was retreating into Finbarr’s Portal.

Shinon had a look on her face that, in slight shock and slightly mind blown, that Himura Amaya and Todoroki Hasaki agreed on anything. She pinched herself to see if she was dreaming like half the world froze over and the other half was burning in the fires of hell. It didn’t take long that she wasn’t dreaming and how the hell does she respond to them agreeing on something for once. She just shook her head slightly to get her mind off of the craziest thing in the universe to happen once in a blue moon. ’ Oh good lord, what’s next? They are going to get married or something.’ Shinon thought to herself. She felt like whiplash had hit her so hard that it was impossible to understand.

Shinon takes a deep breath to calm herself back down from the boulder of her mind being blown by the Fire King and Ice Princess agreeing for once. She was slightly distracted with wanting to know what Katō-chan’s answer is. Therefore, Shinon smiles happily when she hears her response and nods happily. Shinon wants to support her friend and classmates and wants, but she’s a bit awkward around the other girls. She looks around and notices Hoshi-chan being her usual self, and it causes her to be flustered.
’ S-Stop it Shinon… P-Please focus on something else. B-But all these girls are so beautiful.’ Shinon thought to herself while being red as a tomato.

Shinon notices the classroom was getting emptier by which meaning everyone was shuffling out of it. It included her friend Katō-chan who got to the door and decided to follow her friend to the door. However, her best friend decided to speak her two little cents to Sasuke, and it shocked her, and it was endearing to hear. It makes her honestly happy that she is Katō-chan’s friend because she’s absolutely adorable with how Emiho uses her words. Shinon does notice her friend being a bit dizzy from the experience of showing confidence since Emiho has a problem with that. It is why she’s so comforting and helps Emiho with everything. However, there was something up with Emiho, like she sensed a deep dark presence that scared her deeply.

Shinon saw Emiho open the door, say sorry cutely with a stutter, and run down the hallway as if she was running from something she sensed. It was probably that dark presence in question, but Shinon did the best thing she did, and that followed Emiho. She followed Emiho, and then she was in utter shock to see the fourth pillar, snake-eyes, in the hallway. It caused her to wonder if the fourth pillar’s agency is what her friend meant. Shinon took a few breaths to get up enough courage to speak to the fourth pillar. Also, she did bow generously to Snake-Eyes to show respect for her being here.
”M-My name is Yukimura Shinon. I-It’s a pleasure to meet you, Snake-Eyes. I heard your speech during the Hero Billboard Conference. W-What brings you here, Fourth Pillar?” Shinon asked towards Snake-Eyes.

It didn’t take too long to remember why Snake-Eyes is here, and that is the internship recruitment. Shinon was shaking a bit nervously right next to Emiho, who felt as if she was speechless. She looks over to her friend Emiho and puts her hand on Emiho’s shoulder to shake her out of her speechlessness.
” Katō-chan, are you alright, snap out of it please? I-I know it is shocking to see a pillar of our hero society standing in front of us.” Shinon said with a calming tone in her voice. She wanted to help Emiho out of her shock, and so they can get a move on with the reason why Snake-Eyes is here.


Esuha City, Guiding Waters Agency

Inside the Guiding Waters Agency, Glaser entered the training room on the first floor to watch how her daughter was doing. Her husband is doing a good job keeping the heroes who go to this agency in tip-top shape not to fall off. She smiles since she knows how much her daughter misses her fiance, but Maki Tomoko volunteered to go in Glaser’s stead. It wasn’t every day that everyone who is usually disappointed in everyone goes volunteers herself for others.
” My beautiful angel of a daughter, you are doing your training wonderfully.” Rei said with a smile towards Chihiro. She always likes to encourage her daughter, the Angelic Hero: Tennin.

Chihiro smiles when she sees her mother in the training hall, watching her train to be the best support hero for her mother. She did sigh since her fiance wasn’t here, though, but it seems like her mother saw right through her about that. It did shock her a bit to honorably volunteer herself when her fiance only wanted to be with her. All the disappointment in Tomoko’s life probably didn’t help with the decision.
” I’m happy that you are here to see me train. I-I wonder where my fiance is. I-I miss Maki-chan so much.” Chihiro said to her mother. She was wearing her hero uniform that had angel wings to keep with what her name is.

Rei slowly walks over to her daughter Chihiro and gives her a gentle hug like she always does when she feels down and not properly safe. It is like her sweet Chihiro has a side of her that she never let Shinon see, the vulnerable side. She kept hugging her daughter for a while until she stops the hug. It was all because she had to look into her daughter’s eyes and knows how much she loves Tomoko. As such, Rei moves some of her daughter’s bangs out of her hair and giggles at how cute Chihiro is.
” Chihiro, my daughter, please don’t be depressed without your fiance here. Maki Tomoko shocked me with her volunteering for me to go to Eirei Academy. She has only ever shown negative emotions, but you have been helping her to realize her quirk is beautiful and shouldn’t be disgusted at it or hating herself. Shinon wouldn’t like you being so vulnerable. Your sister looks up to you, and I look up to you too.” Rei said.

Chihiro was crying in her mother’s arms when she came in for a hug because she misses her fiance. All of the problems Maki-chan has been having are depressing, but she saw a change in Maki-chan for the better. Chihiro hears her mother’s words and sighs deeply since she has never seen Maki-chan volunteer in any capacity while at this agency. However, Maki-chan is one of the few people that help Chihiro during her missions in Esuha, and everyone sees how they are. However, her mother said at the last point made her blush that her mother looks up to her.
” I-It’s a bit shocking to know you look up to me. When it’s supposed to be the daughter’s looking up to their mother.” Chihiro said with a smile. It was like everything her mother does was to help her daughters to pick the right choice. Her choice was to become friends, date, and propose to Maki-chan.

Suzuki smiles at the mother-daughter bonding moment since they don’t usually get that time anymore since his wife is incredibly busy dealing with crime and whatnot. He coughs a bit and looks at Chihiro and Rei only because he enjoys being part of the conversation.
” Rei and Chihiro, it is so nice you are having a moment together. I would actually want to have a bonding moment as a family. I know it’s a bit cheesy. I know why Tomoko volunteered to go to Eirei Academy. She told me the reason and asked me to relay the message.” Suzuki said with a smile. He didn’t have much criticism against Tomoko’s style of using her quirk or anything, and she outright had talent from the get-go.

The two of them were a bit shocked to hear that there was a reason for her to volunteer and that the only person in this agency that knew was Suzuki. Suzuki was one of those types of people to know many things but keep it to himself unless necessary. It was only because many people confide in Suzuki since he’s a good listener and critic of many people’s fighting styles. If he was going to tell them, they had to pay attention fully to the conversation. Therefore, it would be an interesting rest of the day to understand what’s going on with Tomoko’s reasoning.
” I am intrigued, husband, don’t you agree, daughter?” Rei asked towards Chihiro. She saw her daughter nod her head since it was intriguing nonetheless.

Maki Tomoko is like in the inner-agency rankings as the sixth-best hero that works for the 8th Pillar, Glaser. Many people are her fans in Esuha City, and Tomoko even went to Eirei Academy. Rei keeps track of everyone in her agency, and even interns who come here get their inner-agency rankings after they leave to join their family’s agencies or create their own. All heroes that come through here are much more than heroes who are part of a family.

Lady Miyako Common Room

Shinon was visibly shaken by the announcement of the Hero Billboard Conference and what almost had happened to some first years. She was here with her class and 2B’s class since a crucial event happened right now. It was a scholarly competition between the four class reps between the two classes. There was already tension from what happened with the original male class rep of 2A betraying Eirei Academy.
’ What’s going to happen now of all things. It feels like the world went to shit after the death of Zeal.’ Shinon thought to herself while sitting looking at the two class reps of her class and the two from 2B.

Sasuke insisted this meeting should have happened, and he started talking. His words made her worried and slightly more anxious with what he gave as a parting question. She didn’t know how to answer that parting question. However, there is an Internship Recruitment in a few minutes, and Pro-Heroes will be coming. Shinon did see how much Sasuke enjoyed eating ten watermelons while talking. She didn’t help but giggle at how he ate those watermelons, but everyone has their quirks when eating.

It didn’t take long for Sasuke to bring up Ida Enka nearly murdered some first years and the reputation of her classroom now because of that traitor. Shinon was always the most helpful and kind towards everyone, but that irked her. She never knew that Ida Enka was going to betray them or try to kill anyone. In terms, Shinon took a few breaths before speaking her mind to Sasuke.
” For one, I had no idea that Ida Enka was going to betray 2A or even nearly murder some first years. He just stopped talking to everyone before his plan started. It shocked me to the core that someone I trusted as a Class Rep would do that. I am grateful that Matsushima-san is our new rep.” Shinon said. She was a bit irritated with what Sasuke said, but she, in essence, disliked how high and mighty Sasuke was acting.

Shinon gave out an aspirated sigh and shakes her head at the shock still in her system of what has happened. This week was the worst. She looks towards Katō Emiho, which is her friend since she wants to talk to her. It was only because Emiho probably had a good idea of what Pro-Hero to be part of during the Internship.
” Katō-chan, which Pro-Hero are you going to be taking as an internship? If you know, I will go with you since it’s always good to be with friends.” Shinon said with a giggle. She didn’t really have any idea about an internship since she was a bit too afraid. All this is a bit too much for her basically felt like she saw her mother when she was crying. Her mother crying was one of the biggest digs in her soul since her grandparents were a bit overly hard on Rei.

@Lord Indra@alexfangtalon

Esuha City, Guiding Waters Agency

Inside of the Guiding Waters Agency in Rei’s Office on the agency's fifth floor, her husband Suzuki, her firstborn daughter Chihiro and herself. Yukimura Rei was a bit shocked at the announcements at the Hero Billboard Conference. Nikushimi Shinsetsuna, the fourth pillar, started to take on more internships to help get more heroes into the ranks. Himura Hakune said that it shocked her the most, and she announced they are on a cusp of a civil war. Rei knows she must guide the generation so they can be great heroes, as she always has done. The guidance of the younger generations must be able to contend with those villains, and the idea of having many more #1 Heroes would be a good idea.

Suzuki could tell his wife had much stress on her, but that is why Chihiro is here to help her guide the heroes to be the best of their abilities. He interrupted his wife’s thoughts by playing his harp to help everyone since this is a stressful time.
” It would be better if you weren’t so stressed out, my lovely wife. Balance is better when you are properly in the mood to help guide our new soon-to-be heroes.” Suzuki said. He says things that make his wife not so stressed since she can be outright stressed at most times. It is only because running an Agency, being a mother, and a pillar is hard work.

Rei gives out a small giggle at what her husband said, and the goofy aloof husband is an optimist as he is. She sighs deeply with regret in feeling so stressed it doesn’t help that her youngest is so far away from her right now. Shinon is on her own path and needs to get out of underneath her mother’s shadow, or she won’t grow into the beautiful woman that she will be.
” I am grateful to be your wife, Suzuki. You always know how to get the best out of me. I should probably get to work than about what I should do.” Rei said with a smile. She does know her older daughter probably wants to say something.

Chihiro has a worry streak about her little sister Shinon, the sweetest and kindest girl that is shy and unable to say her peace. She looks over to her mother while sitting on the couch in her mother’s office since the Guiding Waters Agency is where she wants to stay.
” Mother, I am worried deeply. Shinon is living at Eirei Academy, but I hope she’s alright.” Chihiro said with a tone of incredible worry. Shinon and her are close even though Chihiro is much more outgoing, and Shinon is a bit of a person who would rather deal with homework and stay inside.

Rei smiles gently towards her daughter Chihiro and knows how close the two are. It is cute to think the older sister is terrified for her little sister, but Shinon is compared to Chihiro. They are not opposites since they are both beautiful, and Rei loves them so much as daughters and would never pick them until they are absolutely ready to be the new head of the family. Rei isn’t ready to retire from being the head of the Yukimura Family since she has to see her daughter grow up into a beautiful woman and finally get out of her shell of shyness.
” Chihiro, you shouldn’t worry that much. It is a good thing that Shinon is at Eirei Academy instead of dealing with what had happened. They have great security, and I do believe Shinon will be safer there than anywhere else. But she’ll need to pick an internship. I have a feeling I do know who I would want to watch my daughter.” Rei said with a smile.

Suzuki looked at his eldest daughter and need her to get out of the office so Rei can send her messages to the people she wants to send to. All because Chihiro still needs to practice one of her newest hero moves that heals like a healing beam of light. Suzuki has been helping her in this sense. He is much of a person who enjoys giving useful criticism to hero moves.

Rei watches her husband and Chihiro leave the office to go somewhere else, which would be the training room on the 1st floor on the left side of the building. She decides to send no other than communication to Nikushimi Shinsetsuna, the fourth pillar. Obviously, she wants to write on it since even though Snake-Eyes is one of those who are brutal, get the job done.
It feels like it was yesterday we last talked, but you were busy with your hero work, and I was guiding heroes to their future. I am happy that you finally decided to take on more internships because of these dark times. I have respected what you have done to rid our world of villains since heroes need to do what they must and others to do what they must. What I am getting at is, can you please help my youngest, Yukimura Shinon the Tidal Priestess, survive this darkness?

I wouldn’t want to bury my children before I die since I love them so much. As Glaser, I send my serenity to you. It would be what my husband would say, so I am copying him somewhat. Hehe, sorry for that.
Rei felt like that should be enough for Nikushimi Shinsetsuna to deal with since anymore. It would more feel like a worried mother over another Pillar sending a letter to help their daughter stay alive in these dark times.

Therefore, Rei would accept an internship as normal since her usual number when Zeal was still alive was around 18 internships. However, since the Heroes lost much in Zeal’s Death, it will be better to increase her internships. Rei is ever much one that has some deep-seated issues, and those issues usually come up whenever remembering how her parents put her on a pedestal, and it sucks. She gets up from her desk since she needs to get some water before starting crying since it would be better not to. It hurt Shinon the most seeing her cry since she couldn’t handle the overloading pressure her parents gave her.

Shinon's thoughts on the classmates in her Class 2A!

Class 2A:
Teacher, Chigiri Ketsuma
Her thoughts: Chigiri compliments her so much it's slightly embarrassing, and he's pretty much challenging her with all the unique Advanced Studies. It's so much better to be challenged than to feel bored with your studies. She wants to be the best academic at Eirei Academy.

Aurora Yashia (Oracle): Shinon feels like Aurora should stop being so against talking to others. Also, Aurora is adorable in Shinon's eyes since she is a cute girl that tries to stay out of the conversation. However, whenever Shinon and Aurora get into an argument, it mostly about Aurora trying to tell Shinon she isn't cute. When Shinon says she is, so Aurora uses one of the tricks that easily distracts Shinon. That's randomly saying there's a cute girl behind Shinon that causes her to turn around. Shinon takes a while before she knows she was tricked by Aurora when she turns around and notices Aurora is gone from their conversation they were having a bit earlier.

Honoka Oda (Impulse): Shinon enjoys being around the Class Rep, Honoka. Honoka is one of the more interesting people in her class because her mind is more strategic-minded than most. Also, her quirk is pretty interesting, and Shinon likes helping her classmates with particulars. In addition, she does get embarrassed pretty frequently around Honoka.

Mya Thomas Heidi (Fire): Heidi's fire quirk and all of the specificness of what it is meant to be a hero. Weirdly enough, Shinon's mother spouses the same rhetoric when she's guiding up-and-coming heroes to be heroes. It's nice to know other people in the hero world haven't given up on being the best and helping everyone in the same vein. Shinon is utmost friendly with Heidi and gets embarrassed all the same.

Hoshi Yozoru (Starstrider): Shinon gets heavily flustered around Yozoru because of what she usually wears, but she knows the reason for it. All because Yozoru's quirk is sun, but her eyes are beautiful and glow like the sun inside her. Also, if anything else, the time she took off her helmet from her hero outfit made her red as a tomato.

Katō Emiho (Duality): Shinon enjoys being around Emiho a lot since the first time they met. Shinon and Emiho become friends since they hit it off so well because of all the advice Shinon gave Emiho. In terms of saying something her mother usually says about guiding heroes in being the greatest they can be. Also, Emiho's quirk made her go awe in cuteness since Emiho was changing her hair, eye, and skin color to the emotions she was taking in. Shinon gets flustered around Emiho a lot, and usually, the emotion that Emiho takes in is embarrassment since that's what Shinon is most of the time. She also feels the hero name that Emiho picked is wonderful and shows how cute she is.

Keiji Matsushima (Haze): Shinon feels like Keiji, the other class rep with Honoka, is a very nice guy. She did watch Keiji's battle during the duels, and he went a bit crazed, and it scared her a bit that a kind guy would have a switch in personality. It caused her to remember that she has a switch personality too, and she gets almost as bad as Haze but not to the level of smiling during battle as he does. Basically, Shinon respects that Keiji is a classmate of her and that he's there to keep her from doing any shenanigans.

Konig Dietrich (Aegis): Shinon was surprised a German from Germany was here in her class, but his quirk was interesting. She was always dutifully friendly towards him only because its what a Yukimura would do. Yukimura Family are pretty much the most friendly family in Japan you would meet anyway. It's always because Konig is friends with the second class rep in their class, Keiji.

Kaito Tamura (Harpy): Shinon knows of Harpy's lengthy family history of rescue heroes by the Guiding Water Agency's history. She respects him and his family's work as what goes to areas that civilians need to be saved. Also, she is the kindest of people when talking to him since it's a way to show respect for what he plans to do, to continue his family's legacy.

Oto Hasumi (Mime): Shinon uses her polite voice to tell Oto Hasumi to stop mocking her and using sarcasm. However, the quirk that he has is interesting since he copies's others' quirks, and that's how he's so easily able to mock her sometimes. It gets slightly iterating to have your quirk copied by a trouble maker. Always better to be polite and kind to Oto than the opposite, but she got her quirk copied about three times by Oto.

Shinon's Thoughts on Class 2B!

Class 2B:
Teacher, Yaoyorozu Eru
She thought: Shinon thinks Yaoyorozu of Class 2B is so fun and is beautiful. All because she's so much more relaxed than her teacher, but a strict teacher would rather teach her since the 2A studies challenge her more than 2B. It doesn't help her free time is much too limited to do anything but at the Eirei Academy.

Amaya Himura (Glacier): Shinon is grateful to the Himura family for having her family as a retainer. Amaya's coldness and being an ice princess feeling like she's on top of everyone else was a bit irritating. However, she kept her irritated thoughts out of the battle when they had a duel in the Sports Festival. Shinon was wholly respectable to Amaya and polite, but when the battle started, she got aggressive, competitive and slowly escalated the battle to going all out. It was an exhausting duel between Amaya and her, but she could realize that all her actions cause her to underestimate Amaya. However, her a bit too much of a reckless maneuver caused her to lose, but one thing Shinon did was not be a sore loser, unlike others. She thanked Amaya for the chance to do a one-on-one duel with her head high. In the back of Shinon's mind, she was heavily embarrassed that she lost to a hottie like Amaya.

Chinatsu Todoriki (Phoenix): Shinon is so awed at the cuteness of Chinatsu Todoriki and cannot believe that she's the little sister to Hasaki Todoriki. It's like night and day compared to the two of them with the limited interactions with them. Shinon wants to protect the sweet girl, but if it weren't for Chinatsu being here, Hasaki would have probably been kicked out of Eirei. As such, it's sweet that the younger sister wants to protect her older brother.

Kira Shenika (Aurora): Shinon feels that Kira is a spirited girl who always tries to strive for something better in her reach when she becomes a Hero. Also, it doesn't help whenever Aurora Yashia and Kira are in the same room; they both respond to Aurora's name since the latter has a hero name Aurora. It throws her for a loop sometimes, but it's sweet, and she's flustered around her too.

Aoi Hachi (Venus): Shinon enjoys the small interactions between Aoi and her. Her mutation is great, and the name she picked for her makes a whole lot of sense. Aoi likes plants and usually will talk to them rather than others too. It's sweet to be part of an academy like this to meet many people.

Anna Costello (Therma): Shinon got heavily embarrassed by Anna being blunt and telling her that she's making a fool of herself. It's one of the limited reactions that she enjoyed with how blunt she was. Not a lot of people are good at telling it as it is.

Charmichael Phoebe (Juicy Fruit): Shinon is torn by how Phoebe acts around others who want to be heroes for helping others and not wanting all the money. However, she does respect Phoebe's opinion on the matter and tries not to bring up what her mother does as a guide to other heroes in her limited interactions with Phoebe.

Kaguya Tanegashima (Liftoff): Shinon was told by Kaguya not to be bound by her family's retainer values since it's better to be someone else than otherwise. Its great advice, as well her quirk is amazing.

Shiroko Sekkei (Sketch): Shinon has noticed Shiroko being completely apathetic and lazy. Her quirk paper body is so neat, though, but she tries not to splash water on her as a respect for what Shiroko is. Shinon sometimes feels like Shiroko could be a bookmark but keeps those thoughts in the back of her mind. She gets a bit flustered around her, too, since she sometimes thinks that Shiroko is a notebook paper with nifty graphics.

Hasaki Todoriki (Scorch): Shinon is always the most polite to Hasaki when he isn't trying to push her buttons, but when he does. All Shinon wants to do is to cool down the hothead but stops herself if Chinatsu gets involved. In the limited interactions, Shinon tries to be respectable while also teasing him.

Kouseki Tatsudoku (Masamune): Shinon was outright impressed with his hero suit; it looks like a video game character but deals with creating swords out of nowhere with his quirk. She is respectable to him since he's a part of one of the most powerful families or at least a branch of them. His teacher is technically like an aunt to him, she guesses.

Sasuke Kishimoto (Blueprint): Shinon is respectable to Sasuke and enjoys chatting with him, but he doesn't understand women. It's obvious enough how he is with his interactions with others. She is grateful for the compliment by Sasuke of being an ace student in 2A. Whether quirkless or with quirks, everyone should be respected, which is one of her mother's agency mottos. If you don't give respect, you, in turn, don't deserve it.
I might also add my two cents on the subject of relationships and with what my character is. I do enjoy the references to Gundamn that Kaguya is using in her quirk's design.

My character is Yukimura Shinon:
-Musically Talented in singing and using instruments; Harps and Flutes
-Keeps herself Organized
-Follows the Guiding Principle of her mother
-Super girly (mostly wears dresses)
-Embarrassed frequently
-Switch Personality (kind, sweet, bubbly, shy or aggressive, competitive, serious)
-A Perfect Model Student @ Eirei (Perfect Attendance, Follows instructions to the letter, etc.)
-Watches Anime in the limited free time she gives herself, every genre, but she only has enough time to watch a single episode.
-Himura DNA inside of her to keep her looking young

Her Quirk is Tidal Wave. Her family is the Yukimura Family, a well-known family, who are retainers to the Himura Family. Also, The Guiding Water Hero: Glaser is Shinon's Mother, the Number 8th Hero.

I think Shinon would praise Kaguya's quirk as impressively cool. All because she follows her mother's principles of guiding others. It is better to use positive connotations when describing other's quirks. Shinon does understand the concept that Kaguya is going for. She's not a hardcore mecha fan like Kaguya, but she can understand where the concept comes from. It's a bit funny, but she hasn't ever played a video game before and would be lost in trying to play any of them.

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Honorary Interest thingy. :)

December 30th – Trebin, a bar in the Village
Interacting with: Lucia @LetMeDoStuff

Diana took a deep breath to relax her nerves since she needs to read her mother's letter before there's any action starting up. It didn't help, and she had no idea where she stopped on her mother's letter when she got it on her birthday a month ago. She wasn't into reading a letter at that point, but she opened up her mother's letter. ' Might as well get this over with so I can get on with my life afterward.' Diana thought to herself. She roughs it out to read the letter since she needs to. It looks like this letter only has a single page to read, which makes it easier to read it.

It had not been that much of a hassle to read it all this time, but she didn't read it and couldn't remember where she was. Diana sighs at why she was a bit annoyed at herself for not reading it all that time ago. It irritated Diana didn't want to see what Rebecca said about her on her birthday. She received her Diary for the war by her mother's thoughtfulness to her forgetfulness. ' Why am I such a scatterbrained idiot? I should have read it sooner than now...' Diana thought to herself. She facepalmed at her actions in not reading it when she should have.

Diana was floored by reading the letter thoroughly, and she had no idea about any of what was said in the last paragraph. She does know about the 500 years of being friends with the Darscens, though. However, Diana felt something click in her head in why Astra wished her dead and everything else that her sister has done. All of them point to Richard knowing exactly the full history of why the Vastergoth Family decided to leave the life of power. Her sister was corrupted by the thought of wealth and being happily married to Richard. ’ D-Damn it. I was too scared to deal with Astra back then to tell her she was making a terrible mistake. It feels like I fail as a sister to my sisters…' Diana thought to herself with a grimace on her face. Deep in her gut, Astra was corrupted by the prospect of the Donster's last name and what it entails. Astra was going to get married to Richard after the war.

Diana had a slight pang of guilt for everything that occurred. She is happy for her eldest sister is getting married to Dorothy van Ritter. It all made sense now why her mother sent her the Diary, missed in taking all those months ago during this year. All so Diana can write down her thoughts and make sure she keeps them steady in her mind. However, all that happened in Amone shattered that part of her, the innocence she held. Diana's much more similar to her mother when Diana left for EW1. It didn't take long for her to get her drink and drink it as much as possible since something interrupted her thoughts and plans for today.

Diana did put her letter back up in its envelope and put it in her pocket. One of the people listed by the list told her to get to the Supply Trench ASAP for orders by their captain. In terms, they will be on laying-duty by the person who found her to tell her about her orders. Therefore, Diana walked to the supply trench as quickly as possible to hear additional orders from Captain Middleton. It didn't help her body language wasn't much better, or her attitude changed slightly to better, but it didn't last long. Still, she'll deal with all the orders since she's a soldier. She also asked Lucia to come with her to the Supply Trench.

The Supply Trench, the Mission in question

Diana was at the supply trench waiting patiently for the others to arrive and Captain Middleton to give additional orders. She waves at the other members of the squad told to gather at the supply trench. ” Hey, how’s everyone doing? Laying-Duty..." Diana said a little aloud so the others can hear her. She did do the orders but didn't understand what Laying-Duty was by how she spoke with a confused tone in her voice. Her mind slightly only wondered because Diana tried her duties to the best of her abilities.

Diana has many things she has to do so she can live to reach her mother and sisters. She needs to make the war to finish it to the best of her abilities. All in all, Diana is a bit scared about why they will do duties now, but there was probably a reason why. In why everyone that was in the group was assigned to meet at the Supply Trench. She did help Lucia to come to the Supply Trench since it would be a good idea to be there with everyone. ' I hope Captain Grumpus isn't going to be rude to Jean...' Diana thought to herself. She was a bit worried about Jean's health being underneath Captain Middleton's harshness.

Diana had a worried look on her face looking at Jean when he arrived. All because she did tell the others where Jean was. Diana felt like it was a bit of a double-edged sword, but her annoyance at authority. All because it was to get everyone here on time than being a bit late. It's essential to be at the Supply Trench, but all she did was sigh slightly. Diana had problems and troubles in her life after Amone. Rebecca's letter made her think more about everything in her family.

It felt odd why her parents would hide any mention about the 1414EC Treaty between the two families that controlled Castleton. The dissolution of the Vastergoth's control over half of Castleton and between the two families never spills the other's blood. Diana felt deep in her bones; that is what Rebecca is hinting at in the letter. Richard didn't try to kill her and said something about not spilling her blood or something to that effect. He is terrifying, though, and she is afraid about what he'll do to her family if he becomes the head of his household.

Her inaction and fear might cause much more anxiety in Castleton. All of Castleton is changing while she's no longer there, and it's probably because of the Donster Family. ' I should have done something instead of nothing...' Diana thought to herself. She sighs slightly but looks up at everyone and tries to smile at everyone. " Slightly distracted with something else, sorry." Diana said. All this weariness of not getting much sleep wasn't helping anyway. She slightly yawned at the tiredness she felt, which was one reason she was distracted; the other was the letter she read.

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