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Current The Sanctuary, VC, NCQuest, Talrae and the ILR all have one thing in common I am in them in terms of the RPs.
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I have two Sci-Fi Roleplays & A Valkyria Chronicles RP.
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I'm still in a Digimon RP and now joined my favorite roleplay genre, which is Sci-Fi.
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I'm in a Digimon Roleplay.
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"Reporting for duty for 5 roleplays Ascension, Blood Act I, Samhain Intrigues, Beginner Game and FNC RP." I am crazy. :P


I am Landaus Five-One, I am in roleplays they are below. I enjoy Sci-Fi, Space Operas, Magical, World Invasions, Modern, Fantasy, Horror, Post-Apocalyptic Themes, and Alternate Universe.

I can play both genders + Artificial Intelligence characters as well. Since I do have two AI characters aka the Massive Starships within my Detailed Profiles topic.

I am looking for a Role play that keeps me interested, mostly. I have a vast quality/quantity of stuff I am working on at the moment classified as the Jaina'Res Multiverse + the Main Realm. I am working on 20 profiles, and multitude of other things like a timeline but that's going to take awhile to get started since I still have to think where it all started and etc.

Out of everything, I am interested in role plays that are unique to their genre and etc. As well, I would like if the people can play both genders, just because since I can play them both that is. And other things like that. I have Skype if someone wants to contact me about certain things 'annihilation-holy' is my Skype, I go by Holy R. Enigma on it anyways. That's the only off-site information I am going to give.

I also like Grand Strategy, Real Time Strategies and etc in terms of video games. So I would probably do a Nation RP, if I wasn't so busy with the other things on my plate in terms of my Profiles, the timeline, and etc. So this is the end of the bio.

P.S: I like being called Holy, instead of Landaus since I have been using Holy a lot longer than this one name on this forum.

Roleplays I am apart of:
~ Valkyria Chronicles - Changing of the Guard ~ - LetMeDoStuff - Valkyria Chronicles : Dark and Gritty EW1 through EW2. In terms it is a Anime War story type RP.
NCQuest - A Mecha RP: The Defense of Darwin (BeeNCQuest) - Letter Bee - Code Geass with a shade of Gundam.
Talrae S2 - HueMan - It's Sword Art Online if it had a better narrative direction all created by the TM. Instead of the person who created it. Therefore, it'll be an epic story of how to get out of the game!
The Sanctuary - Ithradine - Want safety from a cruel world? In the Sanctuary got you covered with Master R, or R for short. They are protected from the evils of the world that want to hurt your character.
Lost Innocence Reset - The Jest - This roleplay went through a Reset. In terms of everything the Pages need saving since they are children.

Roleplays that have an OOC and were rebooted once before:


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Chelsea R. Steiner

Chelsea’s New Briefing – The Realization

Chelsea was sitting in the Briefing room with a bit of a look of despair. She was utterly worthless on the battlefield, which she didn’t even do anything of note besides running back and forth. At least she didn’t die by TABRIS that’s like the only good news in the entire thing. However, she perked up when she heard Theodore speak up about their performance. She agreed with the performance in general, it wasn’t that good. ”Ugh… I feel like shit…” Chelsea thought to herself, somewhat deep in thought. She was still pale as a ghost from what happened before. The only bright side, was they survived the first battle against Red-Star.

She noticed the holograms, which were Havenite reinforcements. She gave a smile at, which was pretty much a good thing. However, it didn’t really help her recover from seeing her life flash before her eyes. She heard specifically what Theodore had said, which was that the 3rd Fleet destroyed a Red-Star Force making it for Perth. ”Oh, that’s definitely nice.” Chelsea said, with a bit quip on hearing the good news. She couldn’t really shake off the feeling of what she felt after she got out of her NC. It was an utter shock to her system to get back to base and almost faint but she didn’t. She still feels lightheaded from that event and looks at Theodore.

Chelsea specifically heard what Theodore said, every single word. This made her remember that Zahra is no longer in command of them. Her facial expression was a bit confused, however, she remembered Hisako was the second defector. ”Terra did most of the work to free Hisako from their brainwashing.” Chelsea thought to herself. She specifically looks at Terra when she thought that since if it wasn’t for her they wouldn’t have two Red-Star defectors. The other was specifically TABRIS, which Cody helped get on the Havenite side. It was specifically scary for her since she almost died to TABRIS.

She was couldn’t help but wonder who specifically was going to replace Zahra as Field-Captain. The only reason is because she was curious who it would be. She couldn’t help but give out a small sigh of relief with what he specifically said. ”That’s definitely true, no one wants to be Osamu.” Chelsea thought to herself. She couldn’t help but feel like she needed a drink to get over the specifics of her dilemma. It was a bit frustrating to deal with the entire thing, her almost fainting but feeling worthless didn’t help. She could always wondered how Caz got around with being so intoxicated. However, she decided it’ll be better to get a coffee at the coffee house than getting or becoming drunk. ”Sir, thank you for your words of wisdom.” Chelsea said, gratefully towards Theodore. The tone in her voice was grateful that Theodore is her commanding officer but most of the Havenite Commanders are similar.

Chelsea wanted to meet the new Field-Captain before leaving to the coffeehouse since she want to meet whoever they are. It’s pretty much obvious where she wanted to go since before the battle she did pick the coffeehouse before. She didn’t have her music on or nor her headset, it’s like having a life or death experience caused her to pay attention more than usual. ”I’ll definitely need to rethink my choices on certain things...” Chelsea thought to herself. She looks around the room to see what everyone else is doing.

Hisako L. Kobayashi

Hisako’s Custody Before Interrogation

Hisako saw the havenites disable her collar, which gave her a sigh of relief. The removal of the shock collar, however made her a bit grateful. She hugged the person who did the removal part. It kinda made the person blink at her mostly because of this defector hugging them for removing something. However, she couldn’t really help herself mostly because of the fact of all of it. The shock collar was upgraded by no other than one of the officers underneath Osamu. ”Thank you so much for freeing me from that terrible thing.” Hisako said, with a happy tone to her. The tone in her voice was highly grateful to the Havenites freeing her from that tool of torture and control. It brought her to tears since she couldn’t really lie about the freedom she feels now.

She was escorted by a group of Havenite Guards to get her swiftly to her comfortable custody for interrogation. They specifically told her that it won’t involve torture, which when they said that made her sigh in relief. It was the very first time she wasn’t tortured by her superiors or other slaves. ”The General Commander for Havenite must be very well verse in making sure everyone is comfortable or something.” Hisako thought to herself. She only thought that since she heard one of the guards specifically say Theodore’s rank a few many times. The escort finally reaches their destination and carefully sit Hisako down in one of the custody rooms, which is also an Interrogation room as well. It was definitely different from most custody/interrogation rooms in terms of Red-Star’s versions are much darker. She couldn’t help feel relaxed in the custody room since it was definitely brighter.

Hisako saw one of the guards was still in the room with her awaiting to be dismissed by an officer, which will be interrogating her. This custody room was pretty big, however, it made her realize that the only thing that the Red Star room had was a bed specifically for that kind of torture. It made her at ease that wasn’t a thing. ”I have to ask, what’s this building called?” Hisako asked a bit confused. She only knew of her primary objective, which was destroying the Kinetic shielding. It didn’t really help she didn’t know anything else about things since they kept her mostly in the dark because of the fact, she’s a female. Mostly in terms of how she was treated in Red-Star.

The guard looks at her specifically and smiles. “The name of this building is called a Custody Interrogation Building. There is a more specific name but that’s all I really can give you. Even though you defected cannot really tell you all the secrets. You have to be interrogated first, which is why I am waiting her for a Superior Officer.” He said, not really trusting Hisako’s word since he saw the logs between Terra and Her. The guard did feel sorry for her, however being a slave to the Red-Star Corporation. “I do feel sorry for your lot in life. But everyone makes choices even if they are quite literally forced to make those choices.” He added to what he said. In the sense he was telling Hisako that she was forced to make the choices she made and now finally has the freedom to do otherwise. It was hopeful what he said didn’t make the girl in question more confused than she was already.

She looks at the guard with an eyebrow up at what he said specifically. ”Uhh okay. I guess I will wait patiently for the officer in question to interrogate me then…” Hisako said, had a look of seriously. Her tone of voice was a bit annoyed and a bit shocked at the guard’s choice of words in terms of not trusting her. She couldn’t really help but feel a bit agitated at the guard in her room that had many sense of the word trying to show off his ego towards a defector. ”This guy doesn’t have a good attitude towards defectors. I guess he lost someone to Red-Star or something or he’s just an ass.” Hisako thought to herself. She just laid her head down on the table, which she couldn’t help but remind herself. It was mostly that she couldn’t help but remind herself of the past. She can’t really help but reminisce about the past even though all her past was heartache and torment by Red-Star as a whole. The entire fact she will never be a comrade hurt her the most.

In the Sanctuary
Interacting With: Vilkas (@GrizzTheMauler), Ar’oa (@HokumPocus)

Stephanie was a bit confused on the fact her bracelet was still glowing, in a non-ominous colored aura. However, something caused her to stop having a weird stare at the bracelet, which was a voice behind her and Ar’oa. It definitely sounded familiar, which it was Vilkas. She looks at him and smiles at him. ”I don’t mind if you sit down, Vilkas.” Stephanie said, with a smile. She goes back to her food, which she continues to eat and enjoy. It makes her look at the Bracelet specifically with an odd look on her face. ”I hope Ar’oa can help me with my inquiry since I do love the Bracelet more than that ‘evil’ thing that I put on its holder in my bedroom. I kinda want to destroy it but... Sarah usually told me not to destroy something that you deem evil or you won't be no better than the people who you think are evil. She's always right...” Stephanie thought to herself.

She couldn’t help to start think about things her mother and father specifically said that often caused her to be annoyed at them. There was many bad things said, which should stay unsaid since they weren’t nice to any of the races that weren’t human. It didn’t help that even her parents didn’t like many humans that weren’t in their mercenary band either. ”Uuhh, I hate this all my thoughts about what I specifically learned from my parents… are racist slurs, being forced to do things I didn’t want to do. Like the two weapons I am wielding, which was forced onto me.” Stephanie thought to herself, with a look of frustration. It was mostly at the fact her parents weren’t fit to be anything but the worst people to raise a child with. She gives out a sigh of utter disappointment of the experiment that she was put through. ”Uhh sorry… I should probably stop thinking about the people who put me through hell.” Stephanie said. Her tone in her voice was grateful to be in the Sanctuary and no longer near those two acidic people in her life.

Stephanie thought of other things, which were much more happier and not as depressing. That made her have a happier mood in general, which allowed her to smile brightly. ”R’s Sanctuary is very nice and different to my hometown of Gondrevil.” Stephanie thought to herself, with a smile on her face. She couldn’t help to count all the times Sarah helped her out verse her parents. It was a bit much to count since Sarah helped more in learning, which are things to say to people that deserve respect. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all. ”Dang, I have no idea how to ask this question to Vilkas. But I guess I could wait I suppose.” Stephanie thought to herself. She had a smile on her face, however.

Diana’s Brutal Reality – Laughter – Outskirts of Amone (Sept. 9th)

Diana couldn’t help but look directly at Jean and Reyna with a happy little smile on her face. She saw his facial features move about and tried to say something but didn’t. However, the look on her face was a bit curious and had a gentle smile. ”Cat got your tongue? My mother Rebecca is a bit weird with her sayings. I still have no idea why she says it.” Diana said, with a gentle smile. Her tone was a bit confused and what not because her mother always confuses her most of the time. However, she did enjoy teasing since she did involve herself in teasing Reyna too. ”I need to ask mother many things… Fuck… I completely forgot to write my parents. I guess I could wait until later?” Diana thought to herself. She had a frustrated look on her face, which involved completely forgetting to write her parents about what’s happening with her.

The lost in thought and frustrated Diana couldn’t help but feel loss in thought, however. She snapped out of the thought corundum, which is the New Vastergoth Bakery. It was because of Lucia snapped her out of her frustrated feelings, which she couldn’t help but laugh and hear specifically what Lucia had said. ”Aww… that is super cute.” Diana said, quiet enough but she did say it. However, with what she could overhear Isaac say to another soldier, which she introduced herself. ”I tried to play soldier and was forced into this via conscription… methinks I got the worse end of the deal here. The patriotic bullshit really got me into trouble. Mom always told me not to be overly patriotic. I think I finally realize what she meant.” Diana thought to herself, constantly reminded about her time in conscription boot camp. It was soothing that no one tries to play soldier, which she definitely did and she kinda regrets that.

Diana couldn’t help but hear what Lucia had said next, which made her to burst out in laughter. ”Oh my… that’s scandalous why would Michael do that? However, that’s pretty cute though.” Diana thought to herself. The most hilarious thing happened with what Isaac had said specifically about Middleton. ”Captain Grumpus, what did he do steal Christmas? Michael, what’s wrong with you?” Diana asked, curiously with a bit of a teasing in there. Lucia was definitely a bright spot in the platoon in general. She couldn’t help but smile at how cute Lucia is. However, she followed everyone towards Amone with a bit of happier tone to her since she couldn’t really feel down even though the weather was definitely not really that good for her. It was too much of a damper on the parade in terms of her thoughts.

She couldn’t help but feel a bit uneasy about all this, how many people have to die until the bloody war will be over. ”Mother, I will come home and hopefully we can have a chat about the things I have seen in this war. There’s many things I need to ask of you...” Diana thought to herself. She moves her hand closer to her chest only to touch where her pendant necklace is. It has sentimental value to her since her parents did buy it for her birthday. It made her to push forward, however, she did snap out of her thoughts to see what was ahead, which was destroyed buildings and what not. ”The hell… this city looks like a wreck.” Diana thought to herself, with a bit of realization that war is hell and hopefully it’ll be over sooner than later.

In the Sanctuary
Interacting With: Ar’oa (@HokumPocus)

Stephanie felt like the question that Ar’oa asked made her question, the knowledge she learned about Magical Engineering from Sarah. ”Yeah but I only know as much as I was told by Sarah. It was basically how she creates her magical water lamps, which never spill the water and calm me down.” Stephanie said, with a bit of an understanding of what he was asking. However, what he said next kinda made her a bit more curious about ’curses.’ She couldn’t help but smile at Ar’oa. ”Curses? What kind of curses, unless that’s too much of a personal question? I am sorry if I pushed my boundaries.” Stephanie said, with a smile on her face. Her tone was definitely curious and couldn’t help but learn what type of curses.

She continued to eat with her big tray of food because, which it was delicious and remembers her time living in Sarah’s mansion. However, it felt like it was exactly as if she was sitting besides Sarah. The pain of leaving Sarah behind made her a bit sad but she knew Sarah can protect herself, but she didn’t cry. She left her thoughts when Ar’oa spoke up about apologizing because of something. However, it hit her when he said amulet, which meant the necklace. ”Ar’oa… I should be sorry for not realizing it sooner that my mother was controlling me at all times. Even without being around me...” Stephanie said with a smile on her face. The tone in her voice was closer to how she first approached the Sanctuary but it had a different twist to it as if she was frustrated at she didn’t see it. She sighs a bit, because she has no idea what magical engineering enchantments are on the Necklace or the Bracelet. The first thing she done was take off her pride bracelet and puts it between Ar’oa and her plate of food. ”I do remember one thing from Sarah, which all Magical Engineers need to take a closer look at said magical engineered object you want to know, with what it does. I guess that’s true with curses too?” Stephanie asked curiously since she doesn’t really know. Her smile on her face was sweet and couldn’t help but stare at the bracelet with a bit of weariness, which was different to the look she gave the Necklace.

Stephanie couldn’t help but start thinking about what enchantments could be on the Bracelet compared to the Necklace. ”Uhh, I hate to imagine what my father would have put on my bracelet… But my mother was more physically cruel to me...” Stephanie thought to herself, with a blank stare. However, she didn’t know what it does until she learns of what it is, however, it made her think what else Ar’oa gleamed from the Necklace but that can wait. Her entire mind put a note to make sure to ask him later about what else the Necklace holds. She went back to eating waiting for Ar’oa to check out the Bracelet since it’s no longer on her wrist. The bracelet was shimmering a non-ominous colored aura, which made Stephanie notice it. ”Wait… what? Why is it shimmering with green and white auras?” Stephanie asked confused. The look on her face is a bit oddly confused and this is the first time she saw this aura.
Hisako L. Kobayashi

The Grand Sword Star – Tryin' to be Terra's Friends, Friend
Interacting With: Kxeyun (@Senhara)

Hisako followed Id very closely until she saw Sahaquiel, however, it made her reminded of the Ursa Nova in question. The pilot of that machine is a bit crazy and loves killing more than anything, however, she couldn’t help but feel a bit different. She saw specifically Id and Terra moved to help Sahaquiel in question, she did what she saw in movements. In terms of dragging it back to Havenite’s Base in particular. ”I have a feeling the Havenites will be interrogating me since I did defect from Red-Star. I will answer any and all their questions as long as I am freed from this torture device.” Hisako thought to herself. However, she decided to connect a communication wire to Sahaquiel and was a bit nervous. ”You must be Terra’s friend. I do hope we become friends. Even though I will have to be interrogated by the Havenites.” Hisako said, over the direct line comms. The tone in her voice was highly truthful and wanted to become completely free from the terror that is Red-Star.

She looks down at her PSA and notices a terrifying thing it’s more or less the chance of her survival was similar to how it was when she was in Red-Star. This freaked herself out and she moved her NC to specifically see why it went down so much. She saw it was Ursa Nova coming towards them, but destroying every single building while charging them. ”Fuck… Why did Dread have to notice things? I hate how he’s a monster…” Hisako thought to herself. However, she kept her NC specifically on Sahaquiel and wanted to get out of here as quickly as possible. There was a small chance someone could distract Dread.

Hisako kept the communication direct line with Sahaquiel because she kinda wanted to hear the voice of NC Pilot in specific. However, she looked at her overbooster and didn’t want to activate it since it hurts every single time it is activated. It’s like forcing her to be a broken shell only to be used by Red-Star Comrades as if she is a plaything. ”Crap… I don’t want to use the Overbooster… because it’s pretty much my last resort or when superiors feel like activating it to punish me.” Hisako thought to herself. She couldn’t help but feel like the systems built in this NC was more a determent than a boon, which it took her only now to feel like they were using her as a tool. It terrified her to realize that, which it felt like Terra was trying to tell her. ”I should ask you for your name? Mine is Hisako Lyn Kobayashi soon to be ex-Red Star Pilot.” Hisako said, calmly. However, she wasn’t that calm in reality but speaking definitely helps with her utter fear, which is primarily why she’s better at hiding it than most people.
Chelsea R. Steiner

Chelsea’s Darwin Defense – Shock
Interaction With: Kxeyun & Tabris (@Senhara), Cody Ang (@Metatrooper), Oh-Cee (@Sgt Vandingo)

Chelsea heard what Oh-Cee had said over the squad radio, however, it shocked her a bit too much to hear that. It was a relief to hear the fallback order was given by Oh-Cee, however, hearing Zahra was defeated by whoever she was fighting against. In an instance she heard Kxeyun’s voice and felt a bit conflicted in who to rescue first. She then remembered that Terra will probably help Kxeyun, but there hasn’t been any radio contact from Terra in awhile. ”Roger That… Oh-Cee I will help out Encarnación and Madam in the city to get out of this hellhole. Kxeyun, I have a feeling deep in my heart that Terra will be helping you back to base.” Chelsea said, sincerely and truthfully. However, she’s a bit worried about Encarnación and Madam too since she did say she’ll repair the damage to the Tank in question. The entire thing what Kxeyun had said a bit worried her about her entire thing. ”Uuhh… Something is wrong with her… Berserking sounds terrifying. I do hope I am correct in my assumption about Terra.” Chelsea thought to herself. She couldn’t help but feel a bit worthless in this battle, at least she did have much work to help out after they get back to base.

The Fixer diverted it’s position to go back to Encarnación and Madam’s position to help the two out to return to base. Not knowing that one of them or both of them have been emp’d. However, her mind was racing only because of the fact because she needs to rush to their aid as quickly as possible. The only way that can happen is she’ll have to use the thrusters to leap closer to the city and their exact location, hopeful not to run into any enemy NCs. However, the likelihood of that happening is probably higher than most things. She activated her thrusters and landed hard but smooth enough to reach the city again, however, it’ll take her about another while to reach the large tank in question. ”At least the enemy didn’t attack me… I hope I didn’t jinx myself.” Chelsea thought to herself. However, she saw a sight in question, which was a bit mixed in terms she saw the NC that was specifically destroying the empty buildings that had no life signs. ”Uhhh fuck… Why did I have to jinx myself?” Chelsea thought to herself. Her look on her face was helluva worried about the whole thing.

Chelsea turned on her radio thing. ”Uuhhh, Tall helmet man can you give me some assistance… sorry if you said your name but… fuck I need help immediately. Because the crazy NC without any life signs is fucking with our allies.” Chelsea said with a tone in her voice of being utterly afraid of what’s going on right now. She kinda wished she wasn’t too quick, however, she hoped the tall helmet man could help right now. However, she was highly nervous and couldn’t really feel like speaking to the terrifying NC right now. ”Fucking hell… My mother always told me to take it easy but nooo… I had to run away from home because she was a coward now this shit...” Chelsea thought to herself, with a bit worried. The Precision Scanners did see the damage to NC that has no life signs, however, she didn’t have any hope to damage it since she only has two 20mm cannons. In terms, which is pretty simply she’s pale white as if she saw a ghost. However, the adrenaline made it unlikely for her to faint, but she was definitely having a panic attack within her NC right now. ”I am so screwed… I think I should start praying to a god since I haven’t done that since before now...” Chelsea thought to herself.

In an act of desperation she turned on her open comms directed towards the no life sign NC. ”Uu-Uuhhh please don’t kill me.” Chelsea said, highly nervously and couldn’t really understand why she had done it. She didn’t want to open communications with the enemy but its now or never, and she had to help the two who’s fighting the NC. However, she couldn’t help that her action today is probably going to get her reprimanded for what she had done. ”T-This is the first time I opened my communications to enemies… I hope no one else is listening to this communication.” Chelsea thought to herself. The last part of her thought was primarily about Osamu because that man scares her to no end. She shivered at that thought but it seems like the fear of the unknown makes her more afraid than knowing there was a pilot inside of that other red NC.

Diana’s Brutal Reality – Departure – Outskirts of Amone (Sept. 9th)

Diana couldn’t help but awe what she was hearing from Reyna, which she’s definitely the opposite of what Middleton is. However, it reminded her of the Donster family since they live in a mansion, which has some terrible history involving Darscens. It is good that the New Vastergoth’s Bakery is more well known than that terrible estate by Castleton. ”Oh that’s really nice, in terms of living in a mansion. The Vastergoth Family used to live in a mansion around 400 years ago. But my mother Rebecca told me was for all the Darscens and the constant wars between the Donster Family that caused us to leave that lifestyle behind. Rebecca always would love to meet rich families that are nicer than the feuding family. What does the Hall Industries make? Is it cars.” Diana said curiously at the end. However, her tone was a bit negative towards the Donster family in particular since they always target her family but her mother primarily deals with it.

She was deep into her thoughts about everything, until Middleton’s voice made her snap out of her thoughts. The ordering tone of voice of Middleton of to keep Lucia alive at all costs, however, made her go back into her thoughts. ”Wait… what? Middleton cares for someone… Poor Lucia… I will do what he asks even though he’s a jackass.” Diana thought to herself. She couldn’t help to nod to Middleton’s orders. However, she can’t really help but feel like Middleton deep down is not a monster and is human but only human to Lucia and no one else. In terms of that it made her sigh at that and couldn’t help but start thinking about things. ”I wonder… Diana stop thinking about that… that is gross..” Diana thought to herself, with a look of utter disgust on her face.

Diana looked at the scene of Jean holding Reyna’s hand. She smiles kindly and giggles at when she saw Reyna’s cheeks go a bit red. It causes her to have conflict feelings about what’s going on, which is going on in her head. She specifically heard what Jean had said and it made her have to say something. ”Reyna… I have to say you look cute blushing…” Diana said teasingly towards Reyna. She specifically looks directly at Jean and giggles at him, however, she couldn’t help but smile after she got done giggling. ”I have a feeling you thought me to do something different didn’t ya?” Diana asked, curiously towards Jean. She couldn’t help but smile at the whole thing but they did have to go to the hellhole that is Imperial Occupied Anome. The entire thing made her nervous, however, she felt much better after teasing Reyna instead of snapping at her. It would made her remind herself of the cavalry charge and that wasn’t a good idea right now.

Hisako L. Kobayashi

The Grand Sword Star – Hisako’s Honesty

Hisako was thinking about many different things while trying to figure out the best course of action in terms of certain things. However, the one thing was clear she wanted out of this awful corporation, which treated her awfully and a mere object or tool. ”I understand Terra. I will enjoy being free of this awful collar… the fear programmed me really well. Let’s go help your friend, which was forced to do awful things by Denver-Vegas.” Hisako said, with a different emotion of relief. She was definitely happy about the whole ordeal and was truthful with Terra since she used to be a Red-Star Pilot. However, she hated who upgraded her shock collar with a security measure like it is. ”…. I hate him the most but he used me as he uses all the other slave pilots...” Hisako thought to herself. She snapped out of her thoughts so she could focus on doing maneuvers with Terra to reach the one that Roared really loudly.

The whole thing was definitely going to be different to release herself from the shackles that bound her, which was the electric shock collar around her arm. However, she looked at her console and specifically saw all the tools at her disposal to help Terra and not Red-Star anymore. Out of all the things she wanted to live free even with the regret of hearing her parents were killed. ”...May my decisions forever live with me.” Hisako thought to herself. She wanted to hit the disconnect the wire but Terra has to do it on her end since she connected to Terra’s NC and not the other way around. The GSS is going to be helping her get out of this awful situation altogether, until it will go away. However, she’s highly attached to this NC, which makes her think she hears the NC speak to her all the time even though it has no AI core.

She put her jacket back over the Shock collar in question since it is an awful reminder about ’who’ ordered its upgrade. The only thing that scared her it was upgraded when she was sound asleep, then they put it back on her with it upgraded. It’s kinda ironic, the same person who gave her jewelry bracelet was the same person who probably upgraded her shock collar to keep her more in line with the Corporation that tortures people and her. ”I can’t help being sick to my stomach that they would go to such lenghts to keep ‘him’ happy.” Hisako thought to herself. She kept her Assault Rifle on regular configuration since they will be going against Red-Star NCs, etc.

In the Sanctuary
Interacting With: Ar’oa (@HokumPocus)

Stephanie continues to eat the food, which was extremely delicious and reminds her of Sarah’s cooking. However, she heard a familiar voice, which she moved her head and saw Ar’oa and smiled at him kindly. ”I don’t mind, Ar’oa.” Stephanie said kindly. She looks at Ar’oa’s plate and notices tons different kind of meats. It confused her somewhat but remembered what Sarah taught her that every single race eats differently from humans. However, she kept her smile on her face and looks at her plate and continued to eat her plate of food. She wondered what Ar’oa wanted to speak about since he did come up to her anyway.

The thoughts in her head about what Sarah talked about mostly because she enjoyed their conversations. ”I wonder if Sarah knew about the necklace. She did look terrified every single time as if she knew what my parents were planning something terrible to Gondrevil.” Stephanie thought to herself, with a bit of a realization of how much she misses Sarah. However, she couldn’t take Sarah with her to this place mostly because she wanted to get someplace safe from her parents. The nightmares were always terrible, hopefully they would stop finally. She wanted to heal and stop the downward spiral she was in because her magic feels weaker for some odd reason as if something was draining it. ”I wonder…” Stephanie thought to herself, she looked at Ar’oa with a smile.

Stephanie was pretty much enjoying her meal, which she got out of the kitchen. She did get enough to make sure she wouldn’t be starving anymore. The bracelet, which her father gave her kinda made her worry about what her father did to it. It took her for a few moments to think on what magical craft would allow for enchantments and it hit her like a ton of bricks, magical engineering. ”Ar’oa do you know about Magical Engineering? Per chance.” Stephanie said with a bit of a curious yet nervous tone to her. She rolled up the sleeve that covered her beautiful pride bracelet and it had a beautiful decoration on it with gems and her birthstone on it and a flower engraved on it. It had ’My loving daughter Stephanie have pride in our great family,’ engraved on it as well. She didn’t really understand Magical Engineering as a craft since it was different from using water magic.

In the Sanctuary
Interacting With: Asri (@Lyla), Mirithal (@ShwiggityShwah), Tania (@Rune_Alchemist)

Stephanie was weirdly looking at the necklace, which was glowing in her hand. She returned the smile towards Asri. ”I wonder what this necklace does other than what it did do to me...” Stephanie thought to herself. She had a weird look on her face, which didn’t really help how she felt about her evil as fuck mother. However, she did like everyone supporting her in terms of the Sanctuary. It helped her relax, however, something caught her off guard when Tania said her name. She gasped a bit in shock, which made her shake that shock and just be happy she met the person who made her parents fume. ”You have a lovely name, Tania.” Stephanie said with a smile on her face.

She looked a bit confused at Mirithal, mostly because of the first question. ”Mirithal because I don’t have a closed mind alike my parents who hate every single person in the world. They don’t even allow other races into their mercenary band. Sarah is one of those people who taught me that, however.” Stephanie said, happily with a smile on her face. She couldn’t help but miss Sarah but she knows one specific thing her parents no question will kill her if she tries to return to Gondrevil. That thought right there scares her more than anything, all her nightmares will finally come true and doesn’t want that. However, she blinked a bit confusingly with what Mirithal had said. She never really truly learned what other races see, which is because Sarah didn’t know what the Vedish saw. The entirety of what was said by the two in particular made her a bit less confused. ”Oh, you see in colors don’t you Mirithal? I’m emotional since I primarily use water as my element. It doesn’t help that I had a coldhearted father and a lava-infused hatred of a mother.” Stephanie said with frustration in her voice at mentioning her parent’s magical affinities. It’s mostly because they were heartless towards her and didn’t allow her to do anything.

Stephanie smiled when R asked them to follow them throughout the Sanctuary’s Grounds. She was amazed at the first stop in the Sanctuary, which was the Mess hall. The size of the mess hall, which was definitely pretty big and heard specifically about the tree set meals throughout the day. She kindly smiled towards the three residents, which was in the Mess Hall. ”The Sanctuary is amazing, which is saying something.” Stephanie thought to herself, with a smile to what is going on. She held onto her necklace tightly only because of the fact she kinda wanted to know the other secrets it holds. All the necklace did was glow its strange unknown glow while in her hands but it had a slight tinge of multiple different colors it was glowing.

After, all was said and done, which was she couldn’t help but smile throughout the tour and at the end of the tour, which was probably their bedrooms. She couldn’t wait to see what her bedroom looks like in the Sanctuary, however a sudden pain in her head happened. It was mostly because of R’s magical ritual to the doors and it was definitely made her forget about the necklace and/or her parents for a moment. She definitely did feel discomfort from the constant headaches from the rituals in question. However, she heard the instructions from R and had a gentle smile on her face. ”I will enjoy the Sanctuary, R.” Stephanie said, with an excited tone in her voice. She did what R specifically instructed them to do, which was she walked to her door with her name on it. She placed her palm on the metal plate. She felt an odd feeling, which was intriguing to her but the discomfort she felt was replaced with curiosity of what was behind the doors. She opens the door, which she was utterly gasped in shock and amazement at what she saw. ”Oh my… It’s my dream home in the field of violas next to Gondrevil. But it is behind a door.” Stephanie said with awe in her voice and a bit of shock.

Stephanie, the only emotion came from her was complete and utter happiness and she started to cry tears of happiness of what she saw. The whole thing was more or less how she imagined it, in her head or in reality in the journal she usually keeps with her. The color of the tears in question were yellow and white if Mirithal was looking at her. ”I am utterly shocked… That means in the bedroom in the cottage, which allows me to house this abomination of a gift.” Stephanie thought to herself. Her thoughts were completely focused, on putting the Necklace down somewhere safe at least. She walks into her bedroom, so she could place the necklace in specific on its necklace stand. The entire thing was amazing and she giggles at the room since it looks beautiful. She quickly walked to the cottage proper and opened the purple door, which she went to her specific bedroom and sat the necklace on its specific holder. The calmness in the room was euphoric, however, she wanted to chat to the other residents.

She walked back to the outside of her room and shut the door back to her room. However, as she exited her room and noticed Asri not there. ”I wonder who was in the occupied arena room. But I was too much focused on listening to R about every single little thing about the tour I didn’t really ask. But I guess that’s where Asri went to.” Stephanie thought to herself. She had a gentle smile on her face but her stomach started to grumble and she sighed with a bit of regret. The one thing she forgot to do before she left Gondrevil was eat something but she was kinda in a hurry to leave her hometown. She will meet the training arena people later, which will give her time. However, she looked down and noticed the Firebrand and Icebrand swords still on her and sighed. ”Ugh… these weapons. The weapons of my parents...” Stephanie thought to herself with a sour thought in her head. The learning of what her mother did specifically to her with the Unity Necklace was pretty terrible nonetheless. Therefore, she walks to the Mess hall to get something to eat because she’s hungry and dislikes when her stomach growls. However, this is the first time she’s able to eat without worrying about her parents forcing her not to eat anything while training.

Stephanie felt happier living in a place that is truly safe from her parents and loved every single bit of it. She walks back into the mess hall since she couldn’t help herself, which she saw the three people that R introduced to and waved at them again after the tour was done. The one thing she did was get something to eat and sit at one of the tables, since she was needing something to make her less hungry. Her emotions were a bit more under control because of this specific thing. She ate her food to more or less enjoying every portion of it since she never really got to enjoy anything because of how harsh her parents were. However, she was pretty much courtesy mostly because Sarah was the one, which taught her to eat properly. ”This is so wonderful. I do like the courtesy training I got from Sarah. Or I would probably be as bad as my parents in their table manners. But they didn’t really have any manners to begin with anyways.” Stephanie thought to herself. She couldn’t help but have a smile on her face because she wants to look on the brighter side of things than the terrible past. However, the past did have some important lessons from Sarah that was important.
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