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Current The Sanctuary, VC, NCQuest, Talrae and the ILR all have one thing in common I am in them in terms of the RPs.
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I have two Sci-Fi Roleplays & A Valkyria Chronicles RP.
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I'm still in a Digimon RP and now joined my favorite roleplay genre, which is Sci-Fi.
1 yr ago
I'm in a Digimon Roleplay.
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"Reporting for duty for 5 roleplays Ascension, Blood Act I, Samhain Intrigues, Beginner Game and FNC RP." I am crazy. :P


I am Landaus Five-One, I am in roleplays they are below. I enjoy Sci-Fi, Space Operas, Magical, World Invasions, Modern, Fantasy, Horror, Post-Apocalyptic Themes, and Alternate Universe.

I can play both genders + Artificial Intelligence characters as well. Since I do have two AI characters aka the Massive Starships within my Detailed Profiles topic.

I am looking for a Role play that keeps me interested, mostly. I have a vast quality/quantity of stuff I am working on at the moment classified as the Jaina'Res Multiverse + the Main Realm. I am working on 20 profiles, and multitude of other things like a timeline but that's going to take awhile to get started since I still have to think where it all started and etc.

Out of everything, I am interested in role plays that are unique to their genre and etc. As well, I would like if the people can play both genders, just because since I can play them both that is. And other things like that. I have Skype if someone wants to contact me about certain things 'annihilation-holy' is my Skype, I go by Holy R. Enigma on it anyways. That's the only off-site information I am going to give.

I also like Grand Strategy, Real Time Strategies and etc in terms of video games. So I would probably do a Nation RP, if I wasn't so busy with the other things on my plate in terms of my Profiles, the timeline, and etc. So this is the end of the bio.

P.S: I like being called Holy, instead of Landaus since I have been using Holy a lot longer than this one name on this forum.

Roleplays I am apart of:
~ Valkyria Chronicles - Changing of the Guard ~ - LetMeDoStuff - Valkyria Chronicles : Dark and Gritty EW1 through EW2. In terms it is a Anime War story type RP.
NCQuest - A Mecha RP: The Defense of Darwin (BeeNCQuest) - Letter Bee - Code Geass with a shade of Gundam.
Talrae S2 - HueMan - It's Sword Art Online if it had a better narrative direction all created by the TM. Instead of the person who created it. Therefore, it'll be an epic story of how to get out of the game!
The Sanctuary - Ithradine - Want safety from a cruel world? In the Sanctuary got you covered with Master R, or R for short. They are protected from the evils of the world that want to hurt your character.
Lost Innocence Reset - The Jest - This roleplay went through a Reset. In terms of everything the Pages need saving since they are children.

Roleplays that have an OOC and were rebooted once before:


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Health: 2600/2600
Mana: 1800/1800
Renn: 3,755

Holly had a slight smile on her face, which mostly reminded herself of how busy her father usually is. In terms of what he does since it basically runs something akin to a smithery but it’s usually called a workshop mostly. However, she came out of her reminisce of what her father usually tells herself to always be prepared for anything. It took her a bit by surprise when the owner spoke to her, but she did enter his shop. ”Sir, I am here to buy some arrows for my quiver since I am completely out of them. It’s always better to be prepared for anything.” Holly said.

She looked at her Renn and decided to part with 500 Renn for the 100 Arrows for her quiver. Since she desperately needs the arrows. It would be suicide otherwise, and it would’ve been stupid to not to do that. However, it definitely shows she’s basically here for buying arrows and already had the money for it. It kinda hurt to part with the Renn, but its the right thing to do for her continued survival in this game. ”I need to survive so I can live with parents again.” Holly thought to herself.

Holly did notice the massive hammer hanging on the wall, which he probably uses on people who tries to steal things. It was definitely a beautiful masterpiece, however, no matter what the owner Bidthorn uses it for. She, however, remembered something that it would be nice to learn how to craft arrows for herself so she could be more self-efficient. ”Uhhh, also, got any tips on how to craft said arrows? Any advice would be helpful. As well that’s a beautiful dual sided hammer you have there.” Holly said, to compliment the well crafted hammer, he has.

Holly had a slight ding in her guild chat and saw Willow say she got a brand new quest from Valrene. That was wonderful, however, she’ll be buying enough arrows for herself so she can keep her quiver full. It would be quite nice if there was a quiver with much larger capacity of arrows, but it is probably unlikely. ”That’s nice, I suppose I should respond to her.” Holly thought to herself.

That’s wonderful Willow, that you got another quest. I suppose when we meet at the Bridge, we can talk about the quest details.

Holly didn’t know what the details is, but she hopeful she can leave with the arrows and meet up with her companions on the Bridge. It’ll be different nonetheless, however, it would be nice to learn if the Smithery’s owner had any tips on crafting arrows. She wanted to be useful to help people out when they are in need, which she wants to pick up blacksmithing. It was a bit odd when her father took her to a Medieval Festival and she made a small medieval nail.

Edge of Delaron System

Aboard the ‘Claw Loa’

The Claw Loa, which Patricia is flying was docked at a Terran Republic Station called the Diamandis Refueling Station. Patricia had to go through the routine of contraband checks because of how strained the relationship is that the Terran Republic have with the Dread Claws. The Space Superiority Fighter had to go through three hours worth of contraband checks. She could handle the checks since this specific Claw Loa was equipped without any contraband weapon systems. One of the station operation’s officers, walked up to Patricia and smiled towards her, which it was pretty exhausting in looking over the entire starship without finding anything wrong. The officer was a female vulpine, which was worried about the Dread Claw’s movements. ”We’ve checked your Claw Loa for hours on hours, found nothing of important… Guess you can leave but on one condition, where is the Tiger Vol? Also my name is Ashley.” Ashley said, with a worried look on her face.

Patricia looked at Ashley with a bit of a smile back but couldn’t help but laugh a bit. ”You should know Grant more than me. The Tiger Vol, Raider Carrier is everywhere but nowhere. That’s what all agents of the Dread Claws say.” Patricia said, with a slight obvious look to her its obvious, no single person knows where the Tiger Vol is at one time. However, with that answer is obvious would make the Operations Officer worried or what not. Before, she waved towards Ashley and giving her a wink of her eyes. She was finished with her coffee, since she definitely needed it. The other thing she got up from where she was sitting and decided to go to the Space Superiority Fighter, the Claw Loa.

The Claw Loa, was allowed to leave the Diamandis Refueling Station. Grant gave her a flight plan to reach the Edge of Delaron System without being scanned by anymore ‘Terran Republic Starships’ or stations. It was a highly dangerous route to get to the Delaron System, it was called ’Suicidal Route of the Claws.’ She looked over the route plans and sighed at the whole thing. It would be suicide to go through with it, she’s not as reckless as Grant is. However, it was nice to learn that the Claw Loa Superiority Fighter came with an FTL, which probably requires to recharge after use. ”I’m not that suicidal like the other Dread Claws… but if it wasn’t for them… I wouldn’t have this Claw Loa. I wonder how Grant does it with his Tiger Vol?” Patricia thought to herself. She had an oddly confused look on her face, why did he specifically gave her this route unless he knew her better than anyone else. It probably is the reason why he approached her with a deal she couldn’t refuse. The Raider Carrier’s movements is beyond her since he keeps its location a secret from anyone who doesn’t need to know more.

Patricia had a smoother time in space than on the Diamandis Refueling Station, since she was given clearance to go through the Gate. The Claw Loa’s FTL system activated like all other ships going through a Gate into Hyperspace, however, it would take awhile for her to reach the Edge of Delaron System. It would take about five minutes longer than larger vessels, since the Claw Loa’s FTL system is built for safety over speed. Specifically for Patricia’s Claw Loa’s, which is a bit odd. She had sometime to think about her meeting with Grant and him giving her this vessel, which is a Prototype. It is testing the safety features on the Hyperdrive and weapon systems. She always wanted to fly any kind of space fighter or bomber so she definitely picked this Claw Loa, it was customized to her standards within it but outside of it, has the standard Dread Claw Colors, which are black, white and green.

Twenty minutes passed when the Claw Loa came out of hyperspace and through the gate on the edge of the Delaron System. However, the Hyperdrive System needed to be recharged, which gives Patricia a blinking light saying the FTL system is offline until it is fully recharged. She sighed, which caused her to wonder if this was the so called Safety feature on the Hyperdrive. ”God damn it… Guess it could be worse. I wonder if there’s any starships in the area?” Patricia asked to herself, with a sigh.

Health: 2600/2600
Mana: 1800/1800

Holly shook her head in disbelief with what Prome exactly said. It made her deeply sigh at the lack of paying attention, which Prome is. ”God damn it… Prome. This is irritating you know that? Kinda wish you pay attention more… but you were always like this.” Holly thought to herself, with a frustrated look on her face. She rolled her eyes mostly because of his whole lack of skill around paying attention and the fact he’s quite insane too. It was mostly insulting at the memory of Karuu to be honest, with what Prome said. However, it is better to be in this guild than in one of those larger ones because your a number and not an individual.

It took herself sometime to calm herself down, because she wanted somewhat to shake Prome and make him pay attention more. She didn’t decide to do that since it would be a pretty annoying thing to do, however, she finally got her food and drink. There was many things to do like getting more things so she doesn’t have to feel like she’s being a brute with her bow. ”Oh yeah, I should really pick up arrows… soo, I am not beating mobs with my bow, which was a bit of an annoyance to say the least. I’m not a brute… and that would help with my quest too.” Holly said, with a sigh of annoyance still at Prome.

Holly was enjoying her food and drink since it was definitely needed. She was in the middle of drinking her water, but with what Willow said made her choke on her drink somewhat. It took her a second but mostly because she couldn’t help but laugh at what Willow said. ”Damn it… Willow that was too freaking funny. And I do agree with that.” Holly said, with a bit of a giggle and trying to not trying to rush her drinking. She should’ve paid slightly more attention to her drinking her water over listening to what Willow was talking about.

It took her a bit off guard when she heard Aura’s real name, which it was a beautiful name in her honest opinion. However, she couldn’t help but be a bit embarrassed at the name. ”That’s a wonderful name, Ciara.” Holly said, with a smile back towards Ciara. It was nice to learn someone else’s real name. She’s definitely the shyest of everyone in Lost Genesis, mostly because of her upbringing in a multi-millionaire or higher family. Her father always had told her to be open with people you’re friends with and they will accept you for whom you are and not your money.

”I do wonder… how much money would my parents spend on me to keep me in the house and away from a mental institution… after this mental insanity of being trapped within a game for so long?” Holly thought to herself. It will probably take much of her family’s money to reverse all the effects of this. However, she’ll have hardcore PTSD afterwards because being trapped within a video game is terrible.

Holly finished with her food and drink, which the stew was still great to eat. She saw Willow get up from her chair and had a grin on her face, which helped her mood slightly. It did lift up her spirits, which she knew what she had to go after in terms of more arrows and what not. She checked on her equipment through her inventory to see their condition, which they were decent or good condition. The whole thing was definitely good, however, she saw Aura bow to them. ”Yeah, same with you, Ciara. Always good to meet new people and help them.” Holly said, to Aura on her way out. She heard what Prome said afterwards, before she decided to walk out of the Inn, and was a bit confused, mostly the part of him getting a blueprint for Power armor. The name Joshua definitely ringed a bell with what Prome had said, but it was good he wasn’t here.

She got up as well and decided to walk out to go to the place would help her get the necessary equipment, which was definitely nonexistent in her inventory. However, she heard what River had said, and she couldn’t help but giggle. ”Silly River, at least you were only lost in thought for a bit and not all the time.” Holly said, with a giggle. She decided to go towards the Blacksmith since she remember they sell arrows, because that’s how she got them before anyways. It would be better to be prepared than not, however, it would probably take her awhile to reach the Blacksmith.

Health: 2600/2600
Mana: 1800/1800

Holly was slightly still embarrassed in telling her real name to everyone at the table. However, her mood changed for the better with what Willow said to her. ”Willow, thanks for the compliment. I don’t mind at all really I just wanted to get it off my chest since I’ve been a little too shy up to this point. Wanted to be more open with everyone. I did embarrass myself in front of River...” Holly said, with a gentle smile towards Willow. She always was a bit shy in front of everyone anyways, but when things get tough she tries to be a helping hand with her guild. It didn’t take much time when she heard what Willow had said about her renn situation but did notice all the food on the table.

”That’s a lot of food you bought Willow.” Holly said, with a bit of a shocked look on her face. A small thought went through her head, mostly about Willow being basically a healer with River being an off healer, in terms of what Willow had said about her Renn situation. She shakes her head slightly only because she remembered she needs to stop being so stingy with her own money in this game. It doesn’t help she’s a rich girl in real life, which has most of her whole life planned out by her father Frank and mother Lana. Before this whole situation happened that is but she has to make the most of it.

”I should really stop being so stingy with my Renn. I have to put more into this guild so nothing like that will happen again.” Holly thought to herself. Certain parts of her body tense up slightly only because of the fact the guild leader. She couldn’t help but tear up slightly from what had happened, which it took Ceci, Kira and Willow to stop her from crying during the fact they were trapped within this game. Its the only thing she can really do when situations get so dire from what goes on in real life. She tried to stop her tears, however, what Willow said afterwards made her roll her eyes a bit. It’s mostly because it involves River’s antics of being a deep sleeper or working too much.

”I remember that fondly… I remember it took me about three hours to get in contact with River because of his sleeping habits.” Holly said, with a slight giggle about that. She did enjoy trying to get River’s attention all those times because her father says, friendship is one thing you’ll never forget. ”I wonder how my parents are doing while I am trapped within this game…” Holly thought to herself. She gave out a small sigh since she kinda hopeful to reconcile with her mother Lana, but it’ll take awhile to do so since this prison of a game. There’s many things on her mind but she was snapped out of it when Willow said speak of the devil about River and giggled slightly as well.

Holly looked directly towards River with a smile and definitely remember how embarrassed she was when River heard her say she’s terrible at Yahtzee. Because of that memory made her blush a slightly even though she was definitely still down. ”I have to say that sounds like a great idea. But River, you are one of the sleeping beauties in our group, I must say with how long you sleep. Oh yeah it would be nice to see what you can transform into as well.” Holly said, with a slight chuckle at what she said and with a smile on her face. This is usually what she says anyways but it’s something of an inside joke for the group of friends that River is indeed a sleeping beauty. However, with what Willow said about a Paladin approaching her to join the guild. It caused her to be intrigued at the same time a bit down at the same time, which caused her to tear up again.

Holly noticed the paladin in question approaching the table and saying morning to Willow. However, she couldn’t help but smile towards the Paladin, even though what Willow said afterwards reinforced her thoughts that their primary healer is broke. She heard what Willow said afterwards as well about the Paladin’s name and the sticking point in the guild, they have no guild leader. It was obvious that Willow swallowed and didn’t want to say he’s dead. The entire situation was a definite sour point since she cried much and is still crying because of what happened to Karuu. She decided to introduce herself, when Willow paused for a few seconds to say something else. ”Nice to meet you, Aura. My name is Holly or you can call me Patricia if you want. I don’t really mind on whatever you decide onto, but everyone in Lost Genesis calls me Holly anyways.” Holly said, with a smile on her face trying to fight the sense of loss in her heart and embarrassment on her cheeks too. Its a bit too hard for her to fight.

Holly had a real hard pill to swallow with what Willow continued with about assigning a new guild leader to Lost Genesis. It was obvious to everyone in the guild, she enjoyed the paperwork side of things but not really good with the leading part. She has failed a few times in a leadership position, in terms being a raid leader in one of the games they played together before this one. It’s always so easy for her to get flustered and miscall something and the entire party wipes; however, those types of mistakes are definitely harsher in this game than others. It was a bit of a relief when Willow suggested the other thing, about taking Aura out on quests before picking a new guild leader even though it should be done. ”W-Willow… that’s a bit much don’t you think? But…” Holly said, with a self-deserved but. She wanted to say something else but it was hard on her a bit much.

Holly decided on whom she would vote for if they needed someone to be a Guild Leader. She opened her guild tab and nominated Willow for the Guild Leader position. Willow has been the voice of reason and sarcastic at times throughout their gaming career, which she enjoys much. Out of everything, if it wasn’t for Willow and the other two she would’ve gave up on this game and never able to get enough courage to say her own name for that matter. ”You can probably tell on who I voted for...” Holly said, in tears at what she said, basically hinting that she picked Willow to be the new guild leader.

Diana’s Brutal Reality – Wanting to give Lucia a hug – September 27th, 1914 (Siege of Amone)

Diana kept her hands close to her chest while looking towards the area, where the explosion happened. She was quite distracted, because of her thoughts going wild and because of the look on her face. It was a definite shock of how big that explosion was in terms of what her facial expression was. She moved her head to look around the area and noticed Isaac Black, which she heard his order. It took her, a moment for a bit to breath in and out but she rolled her eyes because of whom they would send out to investigate. ”Yeah I know who will volunteer us, it’s pretty obvious. I will definitely get everyone the word about what’s happening and going on, if they don’t know already.” Diana said, with an annoyed tone in her voice because she knows who will volunteer them. The self-righteous prick, Captain Grumpus, that’s who but it wouldn’t be too bright to say that out loud.

”Should probably get my gear as well since it’ll be important since we are going to be heading out. I wonder what the Empire shot out at us, however. I hope the federation doesn’t have anymore surprises like the gas...” Diana thought to herself, while having a frustrated look on her face being reminded of what happened earlier this month. She started to get a move on since Isaac told everyone via shouting to suit up. It’s a good thing she had the thought of suiting up anyways, because it wouldn’t be smart to go out there to investigate what the hell happened without her gear. She walked quickly to where the rest of her gear was standing, she put her rifle on her shoulder and put her helmet on since it wasn’t on when she was sleeping.

Diana shook her head and sighed at what’s going on. She decided to find her comrades via telling them what the hell is going on and what Isaac’s orders are about investigating what happened. It took her but a few moments to remind herself that certain people will be busy after the scouting mission is over. She kinda blushed a bit since one of those people were Reyna and calmed herself down because that dream is still in the back of her mind. ”I should probably not try to look Reyna directly in the eyes for awhile since… that dream was… a bit too real it seems.” Diana thought to herself. She walked out of the place, where she got her equipment since it was in the same place where she slept at anyways. It was pretty much a hectic cluster fuck since everyone was panicking, etc and she had to find the rest of her squad in this mess. She decided to go check on Freya, since she is closer than certain people in the squad if they are further away. It was a bit hard on her, since she wanted to check up on Lucia but probably would be hurt by Captain Grumpus. She wants to show compassion to Lucia by giving her a hug, but Captain Grumpus wouldn’t probably enjoy that. In her heart she wanted to do that, to show that everyone in Squad 7 cares for Lucia.

She went to Freya to check up on her, because what are squadmates for, in her mind that is. It took her until she stepped on some shattered glass in Freya’s room to realize how bad this place was. ”Freya are you alright? Isaac wants Squad 7 to get ready to investigate what the hell happened. It woke me from my sleep… Better safer than sorry since Sir Hard ass would want us to investigate that anyways.” Diana said, basically saying Middleton/Captain Grumpus. However, she was slightly distracted by the fact she wanted give a hug to Lucia, it was pretty obvious on her face that she’s definitely worried about Lucia’s well being. However, how she paused with my sleep something was up with her.

Health: 2600/2600
Mana: 1800/1800

Holly’s eyes were touched by sunlight, which was coming in from the window in the room. It caused her to wake up and slowly get up from the bed. It was a comfortable sleep for her, however, it wasn’t alike her bed she usually sleeps in at her mansion. She was grateful for the small things, however, better than that one time where she was sleeping on the ground or floor. She stretched her arms, which she usually does most of the time. It took her a bit to shape her hair to not be bed hair, to her usual hairstyle of straight since she usually doesn’t like any other hairstyle. She smiled when she felt her hair in the proper style of hair she enjoys, even though it was a bit of a hassle to have it this long though. ”I should really do something more with my hair than leaving it in a straight style, might as well do something different...” Holly thought to herself, with a slight smile on her face.

She decided to put all her long back hair into a ponytail, since it would be easier to handle. Its because it’s a start of a new day and she wanted to try something different. She slowly got her gear together, by putting it on the bed. It took her not that long to equip her equipment back onto her since she’s been pretty used to that part of the hassle of getting ready. However, she look at her ranger’s quiver before putting it on her back and it was completely empty. She sighed, however, she decided to look at the guild messages before wanting to get arrows for her bow. ”Oh, Willow put a message up. That sounds like a great idea, better to eat before doing anything excessive.” Holly thought to herself, with a smile on her face.

Holly sighed, however, remembering what happened exactly on the last floor, which ruined her good mood and smile. She shook her head, a bit. It’s like nothing she does ever keeps her from remembering all the horribleness in this game. Specifically what happened on the last floor. However, she couldn’t keep herself down or it would ruin everyone’s moods. She got out of her inn room by walking, which she walked down the stairs and noticed Prome, Cecilia and Willow sitting at a table. It took her a bit to wave towards her friends, however, she did notice Prome wasn’t acting like his usual self, the mad scientist planning and plotting. She walked over to the table, and sat down at the table. ”Hello, good morning everyone. Had a good sleep?” Holly questioned towards the three. However, she felt her stomach growl and decided to order some stew, bread and water for herself.

”I still have to get my subclass, but I got some information on how to win over Elwyn Gage. It was nice I did go with River to get his subclass after all the waiting he had to do, the Shaman’s Hut was pretty at night. It was peaceful boat ride to and from the Shaman’s Hut.” Holly said, with a nervous smile. Mostly because she said something pretty embarrassing to River since she can’t really do certain things with dice. She has never really tried to get better at something that she cannot win at most of the time. In her mind, she hopes that she never blurts out how bad she is at Yahtzee, it would be embarrassing if all her friends found out that is. However, she does want to be more open about her name since she has never told anyone her actual real name though. It took her a bit to put up the courage to say it by breathing in.

”Oh yeah, my real name is Patricia. I should’ve probably told you all sooner, but I was too embarrassed to say it.” Holly said, with her blushing slightly of embarrassment. She had never once ever said it to anyone she only said her in-game name to anyone, never her actual name. It felt good to say her real name for once, which felt like a great relief.

Diana’s Brutal Reality – I was having a nice dream… – September 27th, 1914 (Siege of Amone)

Diana was having a bit of a strange dream, while sleeping because of what happened yesterday basically. She definitely did enjoy the fact she ate something better than the military rations that usually is given to the troops. It was the only real reason she was able to sleep peacefully because it was a good meal. However, there are many things that happened in this dream. She had a smile on her face while she dreamed.

Diana was blushing a bit heavily, while sleeping in the bed she was assigned to. However, she was shaken awake by a very loud noise, which was outside of the building she was sleeping in. It felt like an earthquake, which woken her up and she was definitely in shock. Did the enemy just attack them while most of the Federation soldiers were sound asleep? This was a question in her head, but it was pretty obvious since she’s in a war zone and shouldn’t be taking it lightly. Don’t want to end up dead like so many of the federation soldiers. She got up slowly, which she couldn’t believe what had happened. ”W-What the hell happened? I was having a nice dream...” Diana said, with a shocked look on her face.

It caused her to be pretty afraid of what she might see if she exits the building because that was a tremendous explosion. She decided to see what had happened even though she was shaking and was definitely afraid. ”Come on Diana, you need to see what had happened...” Diana thought to herself. She decided to get a move on and got outside and noticed where the blast, which woke her ass up. Her eyes went wide and wondered what the Imperials used against them.

She looked around and noticed some of the federation soldiers, were panicking about what had happened. ”Looks like I should’ve been doing something other than sleeping… but I didn’t want to go on the scouting mission with Jean, Victoria, Ines, Luke and Thomas. Please don’t die any of you its better if everyone returns safely. I love you, Jean...” Diana said, with a bit of a terrified look on her face. She doesn’t want any of her squad mates to die no matter what. It was mostly because she held her hands close to her chest and was breathing in deeply because it feels like this war is becoming worst, by the moment. She deeply sighed while looking at the what is going on right this second.

Health: 2600/2600
Mana: 1800/1800

Holly couldn’t help but yawn slightly, which she was grateful that River’s journey to get his subclass was finished. She gave River a smile similar to his since she couldn’t help but could feel the niggling of sleepiness get to her. The boat ride back to town was peaceful and quiet, which she didn’t really want to interrupt the silence. It made her think about all the happened and all that will happen in the future with her and her friends, however, she didn’t really want to focus on the past right now. Her entire thought pattern right now wanted to get to her room and fall asleep, since she was trying not to fall asleep on the boat. It would be slightly embarrassing to her.

Holly was happy to arrive back at the inn, which they picked to relax and rest. She heard River say goodnight quietly. ”Goodnight...” Holly said, quietly. She yawned afterwards, which she decided to go to her inn room. She shut the door afterwards, however, she noticed a blinking message in terms of the guild message. It was from Ceci, it was odd in what it was within the message and the screenshots in question. She did want to reply but she usually deals with mysteries better when she’s awake and not almost falling asleep standing up. ”That’s odd… but if it wasn’t for my constant not wanting to mess up my sleeping schedule I would reply… to that. I’ll talk to Ceci tomorrow about that oddity.” Holly said, with a slight wanting to reply to Ceci reporting in. She sighed a bit deeply in a bit of regret but she prepared herself for bed, by making herself comfortable while wanting to sleep. In terms she took off everything that wasn’t needed for bed, but kept on her fancy clothes as her equipment.

Holly walked to the door and locked it to make sure no one tries to enter her room. She yawns a bit deeply but she made sure to put her stuff she unequipped were at the foot of the bed. It’s how she usually gets ready for bed most of the times, in the mansion she lived in. Habits are very hard for her to get out of but she laid down for bed, but before she went to sleep. She decided to message the entire guild.

Goodnight friends, I hope you have a great night sleep. I will have a chat with you when I wake up tomorrow since I am exhausted, Ceci. About those oddities you found in the Arena anyway.

Love, Holly

Holly decided to leave it at that, however. It was nice they are finally on the next floor after the very first floor. She finally closed her eyes to fall asleep since she was too exhausted to do anything else. If it wasn’t for River’s optimism she might have not even learned about that flower in question for her trainer. She had a smile on her face while she slept.
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