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Current Darkness Incarnated has been doing a lot of things lately. Working on profiles and etc.
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Got Rainbow? The most rainbow induced dragon is soon on its way to an attraction near you aka, in terms of Ascension! Rai's RP. :)
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Imagination has been insanity incarnate. As well, I hope you enjoy joining Ascension:…
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Musical Interlude to my insanity: Hell March - - Love this video game music...
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Darkness is a strange mistress. However, retooling things for RPG will take awhile. However, I am enjoying Rai's Ascension RP. :P


I am Landaus Five-One, I am so far not involved in any role plays but I enjoy Sci-Fi, Space Operas, Magical, World Invasions, Modern, Fantasy, Horror, Post-Apocalyptic Themes, and Alternate Universe.

I can play both genders + Artificial Intelligence characters as well. Since I do have two AI characters aka the Massive Starships within my Detailed Profiles topic.

I am looking for a Role play that keeps me interested, mostly. I have a vast quality/quantity of stuff I am working on at the moment classified as the Jaina'Res Multiverse + the Main Realm. I am working on 20 profiles, and multitude of other things like a timeline but that's going to take awhile to get started since I still have to think where it all started and etc.

Out of everything, I am interested in role plays that are unique to their genre and etc. As well, I would like if the people can play both genders, just because since I can play them both that is. And other things like that. I have Skype if someone wants to contact me about certain things 'annihilation-holy' is my Skype, I go by Holy R. Enigma on it anyways. That's the only off-site information I am going to give.

I also like Grand Strategy, Real Time Strategies and etc in terms of video games. So I would probably do a Nation RP, if I wasn't so busy with the other things on my plate in terms of my Profiles, the timeline, and etc. So this is the end of the bio.

P.S: I like being called Holy, instead of Landaus since I have been using Holy a lot longer than this one name on this forum.

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Sorry I've been distracted as late so my delay on my profiles is kinda a problem but yeah. RL is slightly more important than creating profiles in some cases.

I've been lurking just to keep up with what's going on. Whenever my character profiles are completed I will put them in the approx. Area for acceptance. :P

Enjoying everything so far, aka the Interaction mostly.
Thanks Mataus & GM. :P
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Might as well try another roleplay. :)
The Wrath of Darkness is neat and nice.
I'll probably have to think on the strategy of the character build.
Even though I've been playing female characters a lot lately. lol
In the Rest Easy, at the bar. Magnus heard a gentle voice and looked directly at the Waitress and gave a gentle smile. ”Alisa, it's good to see you again. I want some alcohol and the special,” Magnus said, with a gentle sigh. He had an annoyed look on his face but his smile was gentle among the entirety of the disappointment of not fighting in the battle. He remembered something else but couldn’t really put his finger on it. ”I dislike the memories…,” Magnus thought to himself, about living under the Crimson Family’s roof his own family.


Maria was flying towards the Gaia Library & Temple a bit faster since she feels a bit nervous. Her entire body goes dark and it started to pulse throughout her entire body as if it was slowly taking her over but it stopped and receded as quickly as it appeared. ”W-What… the?” Maria thought to herself, with a state of confusion. She knew there was something wrong with the spellbook she carries since it is pulsing more than normal.

A voice appeared in the back of her head and it was laughing at the same time. ”You… Are… the First… You… Won’t… be… the Last… He… conquered… in all… my… time…. trapped… within… this… book… The one… to stop… it… died…,” The voice telepathically said in the back of her mind. It had knowledge behind reasoning and it was protecting Maria from something far darker within the book. ”Maria… you… must… only… use… the terrible… power… you… gained against… The Evil Dragons… in the world,” The voice telepathically said in the back of her mind. The Voice slowly diminished and the pulsing evil was protecting her from a more powerful evil within the book with a slight hint of gray within her rainbow aura, in spots.

Maria had a deathly chill down her spine when the voice spoke about the Forbidden Spell. She had no idea who this being was but it felt nicer than the first time it spoke to her. Her entire body was shaken with nervousness. ”I-I have no idea… what’s going on with me… Who’s leading me where?” Maria thought to herself, with tears going down her face. She couldn’t really know what’s going on now and need answers quickly. She picked up her pace by flapping her wings much more than normal.

In Vrondi Capital, Zargoth was a bit away from the center of the capital city of the Solarians. It was going to take about like another 10 to 20 minutes at the most to get there. He felt the strangest thing in the air, as if a dark and evil pulsing was living throughout the entire planet but it faded after awhile. ”That is not good… good thing my daughter cannot feel those,” Zargoth thought to himself.

Yioplya was wide eyed and excited in seeing the city in all of its glory and in turn she was happy at this. She glanced back at her father who was a bit irritated at something or other. ”What’s wrong father?” Yioplya asked, with concern in her voice.

Zargoth looked down at his daughter and sighed. ”Daughter don’t concern yourself with it. It’s something I deal with most of the time,” Zargoth said. He wasn’t really interested in trying to teach his daughter the ability that he has within his soul, to sense something off, he has a long time to train himself for it but it only scratches the surface. ”Seraphim always better at this than I am… but I only use it to feel the winds or the air around me if it has changed or not… and it has definitely has,” Zargoth thought to himself, a bit less irritated. He glanced around his surroundings to see if anything is a matter and it looks normal in this city, it must have to do with his connection with Maria. ”I hope she isn’t in trouble… and I am not there to help her,” Zargoth thought to himself, annoyed slightly.

Yioplya heard what her father had said and gently gave out a sigh. ”I am enjoying our time together father, it's better than being in that dusty old cave for so long,” Yioplya said, happily. She had always been a bit dense on certain things but her magical training she is serious about it. She has never really questioned her father more than she needs to but she still wonders what her father is thinking about. ”I want to meet father’s father Bahamut,” Yioplya thought to herself, a bit curious in what her grandfather looks like on her father’s side.
((OOC: Collab with @JBRam2002 and @Landaus Five-One))

Nadia had much on her mind even though they now had a prisoner of convenience in terms of Isis. ”W-Why am I feeling as if I need to cry?” Nadia pondered to herself, with her tears going down her face. She was exhausted and yawned with her hand over her mouth because all of this was too much for her. She started to cry with her tears kinda overflowing since all of the problems leaving Pulse felt more or less tough. She did, however, notice her mark on her hand change. ”W-What does that mean?” Nadia thought to herself, a bit confused looking at her l’cie mark. She sighed with a bit of a confused look on her face.

As Julian led the way, he noticed Nadia crying again. For some reason, no one else seemed to step up whenever her tears began to flow, so Julian waved her forward. “What’s wrong?” he asked quietly as he pushed forward, using his cane as his walking stick. “I guess a better question would be what isn’t wrong, huh?” he added rhetorically. “First, this mission was sabotaged. Then, we became l’Cie. And then we got ambushed again by both PSICOM and the GC.” Evidently what he was saying wasn’t helping much, so Julian decided to change tactics. “What I mean to say is... well, everyone’s had a really rough day. And I’m here if you want to talk. I know I’m from Cocoon, but I’m a pretty good listener. It’s sorta my job.”

Nadia heard Julian’s voice and her confused look was still on her face a bit. She couldn’t really understand what was going on right now. She continued to walk forward but looked at Julian. ”Everything is happening to fast… and I can’t keep up,” Nadia said, with tears going down her cheeks. She was vulnerable and didn’t really understand the speed at which the world was going. ”I’m trying to keep a positive outlook but… what you said when we met on the beach… troubles me,” Nadia sobbed. She couldn’t hold back her tears since that pains her what was said on the beach.

For a moment, Julian wondered how long Nadia had been a soldier. From her reactions, it was likely she had never seen real combat before. If so, the way she had held herself in battle so far was admirable. “I wish I could tell you that it gets better,” Julian said softly, avoiding her gaze. “It doesn’t. Every death hurts you just as much as the first until you feel like you have nothing left inside. I never wanted to fight people either. That’s why I went into intel, but then I realized that’s where the worst things happen. It seemed every day I was learning something that destroyed everything I had been taught, everything I knew to be true. And then finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and left.”

Julian drew in a ragged breath. It would do neither of them any good if he began shedding tears as well. “Eventually, you just have to realize that there’s nothing else you could do. War is terrible, but not fighting, especially now that we’re l’Cie... well, that’s just suicide. We’ve got to press on. We have to defend ourselves and each other. Hopefully one day we’ll learn the truth.” Julian finally turned back to look at Nadia, his eyes searching hers. “That’s what worries you, isn’t it? The truth about your family? It’s why you joined up with me. Honestly, I don’t know what happened any more than you do. But as I was reading through the files of potential recruits, that’s what caught my eye. I’m not looking for everyone in my camp to be hardened soldiers or trained scouts. They don’t all have to be sharpshooters and assassins. We need people like you as well: people with compassion and the desire to search out the truth, no matter the cost.”

Nadia heard what Julian had said but was crying. Her hands were shaking again but at least she wasn’t wielding her scythe or would have dropped it again. ”I only been… in the army for two years…,” Nadia said, with a sigh and tears going down her cheeks. She was bit saddened when he asked her the two questions in a row. ”The truth… means everything for me… I hope we do uncover that,” Nadia said, with tears. She was walked with a bit of a saddened body language to her. ”H-How big is your camp?” Nadia asked. She tried to calm herself down with a question that helps her because she is these people’s cook after all.

“It’s not too large. We’re only about a dozen people strong, but with this group, we’ve added a few to our numbers. I’ve also got a network of people that aren’t in the camp.” Julian reached into his pocket and produced a handkerchief. “I suppose you could use this, although I would like it back once it is washed,” he said, handing it towards her. “But everyone in the camp works together and pitches in. They take turns on watch, run errands, and make sure everyone has what they need. Even me. I believe tonight’s watch is... some sharpshooter by the name of Rice. Good eye, better shot. I’ll introduce everyone to them in the morning.”

Nadia heard what Julian said and gratefully took Julian’s handkerchief. ”T-Thank you… Julian…,” Nadia said. She started using the handkerchief to dry her tears, that keep on flowing. She felt a bit better with what he had said. ”Y-Yeah, that will be nice. To meet everyone,” Nadia said. She had been through much but she has to stay strong for everyone else too. ”I’ll need to remember to do that,” Nadia thought to herself, mostly thinking about the handkerchief that Julian gave her to clean after she’s done with it. She had a soft smile on her face.
Nadia was grateful that the battle with the PSICOM was over with and their relentless vigil was definitely true from her idealistic training. ”That was terrifying…,” Nadia said, with a sigh of relief. She sheathed her scythe and looked around at everyone. She wanted to get out of here now. ”We should get out of here…,” Nadia said, a bit shaken with her hands. Her adrenaline went away and wondered what will happen next and wanted to relax now in a camp.

Nadia looked around and didn’t know where to go next since she needed to stay with Julian since he knows where to go. She walked towards Julian and looked down at the ground. ”W-Where is you're camp is?” Nadia asked, towards Julian but still looking at the ground. She raised her head but had a faux smile on her face, which turned back into a frown since she couldn’t really smile right now. She was reminded of the L'cie mark and started to tear up again.
In the Dragonpass Encampment, Maria reached a large enough clearing to shapeshift back into her pulsar dragon form. She looked around for a bit and put it back in her head that this place will be a definite place to return to. She sighed with a slight relief that she needs to look for answers on this book and whoever that voice in her head belongs to. ”I-I hope I am strong enough...,” Maria thought to herself, with a slight worry about all this. She shapeshifted back into her dragon form that was beautiful and glistened in the sunset because of her rainbow aura. She flew off towards Gaia’s Territory that is towards the east. ”I-I been there only once in Gaia, but how long ago was it?” Maria thought to herself, trying to remember about Gaia.

Maria felt a strange pulsing darkness surrounding her entire body and it slowly dissipated as soon as it appeared. Her rainbow aura changed to a blackness only ever seen during her Dark Rainbow Surge but it went back to normal afterwards. Her wings somewhat twitched a bit and she lost a bit of altitude but not enough to crash into the ground. ”T-That’s terrifying, why is that voice forcing Dark Rainbow Surge onto me?” Maria thought to herself, with a shock in her rainbow colored eyes. Her rainbow aura did show her one emotional state all the time, and it is fear and sadness mixed. She stayed at the height she was now at and pushed herself a bit further towards the thing that Johnson told her about the library and temple in Gaia.

Within Dragonpass Encampment, in Johnson’s home. Johnson finally regained his composure and looked for the contract on Maria, Zargoth and Yioplya. He always wondered why his father literally told him everything but it felt like he was hiding a dark secret. He searched his father’s room a bit more seriously than he usually does and found the exact contract* and saw a shocking discovery. His eyes went wide and was confidently felt his heart sank into a deep dark abyss that he had never wished to find again. ”....Ancestors what have you done…,” Johnson said, angered a bit. He looked at the stain on his family for so long and he looked at the Contract with disdain and anger. He noticed the names of the contract from his family that signed it a very long ago and it is predating the dragon war for one. ”Exarch Derrick signed this contract? Are you kidding me, he’s a full blooded Solar Dragon,” Johnson said, stunned in seeing that name.

Johnson remember hearing stories of Exarch Derrick’s Betrayal from the Matriarch’s wishes to stay out of the affairs of other dragons. He heard that exact thing when he was younger from his father, when he read him the stories of Betrayal from the Stonefield Family’s personal records from an ancient time. He saw a strange glow on the Contract and stopped holding it or reading it. ”Wait… Exarch Derrick is really a female? By what name…,” Johnson thought to himself with curiosity. He looked for the real name of the Exarch and saw it and was utterly shocked. He actually met Melinda before and she was kind enough to give him his name and a gift to him. ”Oh my…,” Johnson said aloud.

The Contract started glowing and a face appeared from it and it was an echo from the time the contract was created. “Who goes there? Why are you reading the Contract of Dissolution?” Dargoth asked, with an echo in his voice since it was a past echo.

Johnson saw the echo of Dargoth and was shaken to his core. ”Johnson Stonefield, sire,” Johnson said, with a quite a terrified look on his face.

Dargoth’s eyes glowed and his smile came when he heard the name and felt safe. “You can… continue. If you dare to betray this contract all your family members will feel the wrath of the Valorous Dragonlord,” Dargoth said, with an echo. Dargoth’s visage vanished and the glow on the contract ceased and it became a regular contract again.

Johnson saw the goals of the contract and now understood every single thing his parents were trying to make him do and he didn’t once done it. ”Dissolution… it seems like your plans are for naught the Valorous Dragonlord and I will make sure it won’t happen ever,” Johnson said. He took out his weapon and slammed it on the Contract of Dissolution destroying it. He felt his spirit lift as if it was under a curse, and it was finally freed. ”The Valorous Dragonlord will pay in the afterlife tenfold of what he caused the descendants of the Solar Dragons to do the horrible things,” Johnson said.

Johnson walked out of the room and towards the outside since he wanted to be with his family and tell his wife of what had transpired in his parent’s room. ”I should ask some of the guards to clean up the mess in the room,” Johnson thought to himself.

In the Vrondi Capital, Zargoth was walking towards the center of town with his daughter Yioplya. He had a strange air surround him for a split second but it vanished again. He stopped for a second and looked around him to see if there’s anything but nothing was there. ”What was that…?” Zargoth thought to himself, with his composure a bit shaken. He wondered about that for awhile until he started walking again it was unnecessarily strange feeling he had felt. He looked at his daughter who was taking in the sights.

Yioplya was happy that her father was showing her around, this massive city, she didn’t really see much when coming here. She was excited as a kid in a candy store seeing all the new sights it is much beautifuller at day then at night. ”Dad, this place is amazing,” Yioplya said.

Zargoth laughed at what his daughter had said. He didn’t say anything to her since he was at least happy to see her smile and take in things. He had other things on his mind to deal with of what was that feeling he felt. ”Hmm… There’s some strange things going on,” Zargoth thought to himself.

In Rest Easy, Tavern. Magnus was sitting at the bar awaiting for someone to approach him to give him something to drink. He couldn’t be too sure about anything right now. ”Good lord, I guess I should’ve got something to drink at home but I didn’t want to wake up my wife and child…,” Magnus thought to himself, annoyed at this dilemma. He shrugged his shoulders and waited there for one of the fine hosts of the establishment to make an appearance. His face had a smirk on it but it was only there because he enjoyed the tranquil place of Sunfire. ”Hmm… I hope someone can give me service,” Magnus said, with a smirk and an annoyed tone in his voice.


Meanwhile, in the skies going towards the library in Gaia, Maria felt a bit strange but was flying towards the Library. She flew much higher than even the black dragons fly and her aura was shining much brighter when being hit by the sun. ”I’m hopeful this library c-can help me…,” Maria thought to herself. She had a smile on her draconic face, while she flies.

Maria kept her emotions in check but didn’t know how far up the library is or what mountain it is on. Her aura was changing colors rapidly even more so than normal, it's mostly because she cannot keep her emotions in check. The first color in her aura was nervousness and anxiety.


Carrier has arrived, or in this case, Landaus Five-One or more commonly known as Holy.

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Nadia had her hands shaking a bit after the battle and she on accident dropped her scythe onto the ground. Her thoughts were all over the place about what had happened. She put her two hands together right at her chest and was trying to think of happy thoughts. ”I-I have no idea what’s going on,” Nadia thought to herself, with tears running down her cheeks. She snapped back into reality when Julian talked towards her. ”S-Stay close… I-I will try,” Nadia said, a bit shaken from what has happened and tears. She looked down and saw her scythe on the ground. She picked it up with her hands and they were still shaking but she was holding onto her scythe a bit tighter.

Julian grimaced slightly as Nadia held her scythe. This Pulse girl was hardly fit for the front line duty that the circumstances had thrust upon her. He directed Maurice and Rikken to search for any useful materials while Julian remained behind to keep an eye on Nadia. As she trembled, Julian reached forward towards the brand on her right arm. “Might I take a closer look?” he asked. “Everything is happening so quickly. My head is spinning from all this. Why us, right?” Julian tried to find Nadia’s gaze with his own and spoke gently as he approached. She seemed no different from any random Cocoon girl he had met. Her attire was strange, but he had seen stranger in Nautilus. Her reactions were definitely not as monstrous as Eden would have their citizens believe. All his scrutiny turned up was a scared, normal girl put in circumstances far outside her comfort zone.

Nadia heard Julian’s first question and was shaking a bit more. ”Y-Yeah… you can,” Nadia said, with a slight ounce of caution and a bit fear of what might happen next. She had not been this afraid in her life for once she had no idea what’s going on. ”I-I have no idea,” Nadia replied. She continued to look down while looking at her scythe and noticed her hands still shaking but couldn’t stop herself from doing so. She had never been this afraid in her life. ”T-This mission… was supposed to be simple but…,” Nadia thought to herself, with tears coming down her face.

Julian nodded as he inspected her brand. “Same for me. A simple reconnaissance mission, with potential rewards that would help both Cocoon and Pulse. But I was lied to, it seems, and now we’re all Pulse l’Cie. I’ll just say I never dreamed I’d be in this position.” Julian looked at the back of his right hand, comparing his own brand with Nadia’s. “They look the same. Whatever just happened back there, we’re now in this together. And it looks like you have a friend in Noir as well. We’ll do whatever we can to keep you safe, okay?”

Nadia heard what Julian had said and it was a bit shaken and tried calm herself down. She couldn’t shake a feeling of dread. ”I-I guess,” Nadia said, a bit unsure of herself. She was startled when he told her about safe and everything he had said. She slowly looked up and had been teary eyed from the beginning. ”O-Okay. I-I’ll try not to be…,” Nadia said, with tears coming down her face. She tried to put on a smile but it turned into a frown instead. Her body was still shaking from all that has happened.

Julian placed his hand on her shoulder, patting it lightly. “It’s okay to be scared. This all just... is not optimal. But we need to focus for now, at least until we get to safety. I know you can be strong; I just saw it when we fought those Bombs.” Julian gave a quiet sigh before glancing around at what the others were doing. “If what Molly said is correct, we need to keep moving. We don’t want those Cie’th finding us. I think we should regroup back at my camp. We can resupply and rest there, and then try to figure out what that damned vision meant.” He looked back to Nadia, attempting to size her up. She didn’t appear to be much for traversing the wilds, and her intelligence-gathering skills had yet to be proven. “What can you do to help us?” he asked softly. “Each one of us will need to work together to make this work. What will your role be?”

Nadia got shaken when he mentioned the bombs, it was mostly the adrenaline that kept her from faltering. She calmed down a bit when he said about the camp, she wanted to get out of this place the most. Her hands slowly stopped shaking but she was still worried. ”I-I’m a cook… I was trained in the a-art of cooking when I joined the P-Pulsian… Military,” Nadia said, a bit tense in her tone of voice. She had a bit of a tough time in basic training in the Pulsian Military. ”T-They were hard on me… They said, I was too id-idealistic...,” Nadia said. She looked down at the ground a bit weary and tired.

At the comment of idealism, Julian let out a laugh. “Idealism is probably what got most of us into this mess,” he replied, still chuckling. “I welcome it. If I learned nothing else, it’s this: knowing what you believe is a more powerful motivator than being told what to believe. And, lucky for you, I’ve been looking for a chef. Cid might be great with machines, but he makes a terrible cook.” Julian gave Nadia a reassuring smile. “Come on, let’s go find the others.”

Nadia was taken aback at Julian’s straightforwardness in what he said. ”O-Okay, I will try my best,” Nadia said. She giggled at what he had said. She felt a bit more relaxed and finally put her scythe away by sheathing it. ”Cid…? I-I guess I will meet him soon,” Nadia said, a bit confused. She wanted to find the people in the group that were thrusted into this role. ”T-That vision… was strange,” Nadia thought to herself, with a confused look on her face.
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