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Current I'm still working on a Fantasy RP, it isn't dead. Its just writer's block sucks ass... :(
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I've been working on a Fantasy styled roleplay. It's still in the development stages since it has no name right now.
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What's this? I'm finally updating my status in 10 months. Wonderful. I hope you all enjoy it. As well, profiles are what I enjoy creating.
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The Sanctuary, VC, NCQuest, Talrae and the ILR all have one thing in common I am in them in terms of the RPs.
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I have two Sci-Fi Roleplays & A Valkyria Chronicles RP.


I am Landaus Five-One, which likes being called Holy since its A, Easier and B, I've used that distinction much longer than Landaus. I am into roleplays of any variety as long as they are interesting and unique for me to be apart of. There's a list below showing the roleplays I am interested in.
  • Sci-Fi
  • Space Opera
  • Magical
  • Fantasy
  • Modern
  • Post-Apocalyptic Themes
  • Alternate Universe / Alternate Reality
  • Horror
  • Insert any Fandom Here

I can play both genders easily, even though lately I've been playing mostly Female characters. Artificial Intelligence Characters are something of a odd quirk I like doing only because I have like a few characters that are basically massive AI Controlled Starships. Additionally, you can contact me via Discord using Holy R. Enigma#6381 for anything really. My birthdate is June 26, 1987, going to be soon 33 years old. Might as well add that these are the only two things I am going to put on here. Out of everything, I am really enjoying my time on roleplaying guild, just need to start working on the massive revamp of the Jaina'Res Mulitverse/Main Realm and the Fantasy RP I have been starting to work on. It's still in the Development stages in terms of the Fantasy RP I am going to GM.

Hopefully everyone has a good 2020 and beyond, gl and hf. As well, I'm highly interested in Strategy Games, Grand Strategy and MMORPGs aka play FFXIV.

Roleplays I am apart of:
Persona the Beholder - Stuff is GMin' this
Valkyria Chronicles: Echo Black - CFProxy is GMin' it with Yam I Am.
Iliad City: Magical World RP - Letter Bee's GMing.
Lost Innocence Roleplay Reset - The Jest - This roleplay went through a complete reset. The Pages are children whom gained magical powers from being infused by dust of a crystalline race. Remembered to complete some profiles before this RP starts up with my friend starts this up. Sidetracking is always a pain in the ass...

Roleplays that have an OOC and were rebooted once before:


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Creation of Something New: Getting back into the swing of things...
Working on a Fantasy RP, involving the planet called Venerdale; it has no name as of now. Still in the Development Stages.

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Interacting with: @Nimbus

In Gloria’s mind was at ease from all the horrible interactions she had previously, which made her definitely frustrated at herself. However, when the person who she asked his name answered that question, which eased her a bit. She didn’t really like his frigid tone but he must needs to be distant alike she tries to be but it is a good name nonetheless. ”Alistair, good name you got there.” Gloria said with a smile on her face. However, she was trying to keep her attention to the front since it wouldn’t be that good to get lost at University again. It probably was that dream she had before she woke up, which screwed with her sense of direction. Doesn’t help she didn’t have a good deal of focus no matter what she tried compared to her sister’s skills to become what they’ve became. Always made her feel inadequate compared to them no matter what.

She would rather take this interaction over what had happened previously with Abigail or Fidelity. Even though Alistair was a bit fidgety or distant at least. ”I think my mother told me something about names are the link to people’s soul or something like that. It was over my head at that time since I didn’t really truly understand what mother believed in or not.” Gloria thought to herself. She liked her talks with her own mother but somethings are a bit too much her to think about when she was trying to take it as slow as possible. However, when Alistair specifically spoke about the location of the building, yet had a distinctive tone before it sounded off. In terms of specifically what she thought about Alistair was one word, odd. Even though it did sounded like he was hurting or something at least but she doesn’t know how to deal with that. Her parents were much better with comforting people who were hurt than she could probably be.

There was something she wanted to say but it would probably be more hurtful than helpful she thinks, unless it wasn’t. She always second guesses herself all the time and is very slow on the uptake of taking decisions. However, when he declared it will be down there, it reassured her a bit more since she didn’t really get it. It took her a few moments but she felt that Alistair is odd because that’s what he is, Alistair is Alistair plain and simple. Mostly from this slight interaction she had with him, much more refreshing than usual. ”That is definitely much better than my lack of knowledge on where everything is.” Gloria said. She definitely didn’t like the fact she didn’t know where everything was anyways, she needs to get better at looking for the right thing.

Gloria’s expression improved when they arrived at the building, which Alistair was showing her the way. She had a bright smile on, which was grateful towards Alistair for showing her the way so to speak. ”Thanks for this Alistair.” Gloria said with a definite grateful expression on her face. However, she did notice Alistair’s blank expression on his face like he was trying hard to keep it blank, which was odd. This somewhat made herself torn to what to do but not being in a classroom would suck. In essence, she decided to look at her cellphone to look up the Lecture Theatre in question. ”Should’ve looked this up sooner… but no… Alistair is definitely odd. Guess its a good thing I like sitting in the very back most of the time...” Gloria thought to herself, let out a small sigh of frustration. All roads lead to constantly not showing anything to the best to her ability because of her shyness.

It took a bit to gain enough courage to walk into Lecture Theatre 2, which she did after a few seconds. She looked for a seat specifically in the back of the Lecture Theatre 2, the very very back. Since its very embarrassing and frustrating to be in the front for her. Everyone has an odd quirk or what not but her butterflies didn’t help in this situation what so ever. ”I hope I don’t try to do anything more embarrassing… than what happened already.” Gloria thought to herself, annoyed only at herself completely.

Interacting with: @LetMeDoStuff@Smike@Nimbus

Gloria’s subconscious felt incredibly guilty for interrupting a conversation between two university students. It was heavily stupid in not reading the room properly, but she wanted to know were to get to her classroom so she isn’t late. However, she got the answer from the blonde male student, which pointed to a map on a desk of the University. This caused her to make her feel ungodly stupid but thankful for the male pointing it out at least. ”T-Thank you for location of the map, sir.” Gloria said, with guilt in her voice. It wasn’t that great to rudely interrupt a conversation in progress just like that, but she did and that made her feel stupid for that. The additional thing was she should’ve just looked for a map in the first place and kept herself from feeling like this.

"Next time maybe look for people not in a conversation, or wait until they're finished?”

These words specifically from Fidelity’s lips made her feel pretty bad for not giving a good impression of her. However, she could tell she really annoyed the hell out of Fidelity just by how she was acting towards her. ”...I-I will try not to do that again, Fidelity.” Gloria said, with an ounce of trying to save face. Its just so hard with how shy she was to properly talk to people with the same magnitude of others who are much more outgoing than her. The only consolation prize, which she got was the name of the woman with two dogs from the male university student. However, it isn’t much of a consolation prize if she pissed someone off.

However, the next thing out of Fidelity’s lips definitely implied something a bit harsh towards her. It made sense in why what Fidelity would imply specifically what Gloria thought to herself. ”D-Damn it… Gloria, why do you have to be such an idiot?” Gloria thought to herself, biting her lower lip. It was in frustration at herself for all the idiotic things she has ever done in her life trying to copy people who are just much better than her. ”I-I’m sorry, I should get goi-” Gloria said towards Fidelity but was interrupted by someone lightly tapping her on the shoulder. It made her shudder a bit since she was nervous who could been behind her watching this unfold as a definite horrible thing.

Gloria turns to the person who tapped her on the shoulder and it was a male student specifically asking her a few questions. However, his smile was gentle and much better than the fury behind her in terms of Fidelity that is. ”Y-Yes, first year philosophy I am in… Ooh, that’s where my class is, thank you sir. I should follow you since it would be better than to get lost…” Gloria said, kindly and shyly since she still heavily nervous. If more incidents like this happen, it’ll definitely hurt her already weak resolve and the fact she’s a pushover too. ”F-Fidelity, I hope you have a good day.” Gloria said, trying to smooth over even though that’s going to be a big hurdle. She definitely want to get to her class over fucking up anymore and it’ll be better to follow someone who’s more used to knowing where they are going unlike her.

She decided to follow the male in question, which she forgot to ask his name, who so happen helped her out much. However, she should introduce herself first to the guy who is helping her to get to her class. ”Uhh, thank you again… I should introduce myself, my name is Gloria Sosa Hathaway, so what’s yours fellow Philosophy student?” Gloria asked, curiously and nervously. Its polite to ask, someone’s name, which is from her family would tell her anyways.

Restless as a sleepless sea in terms of how Gloria was sleeping in her dorm room on the second floor. This specific dream was utterly confusing to her but it felt like it had religious feelings to it. If anything she would want to try to figure it out by herself or ask people. However, she was awakened by no other than her cellphone’s alarm clock, which her father bought for her. It had a pink protective case and she just sighed at the alarm clock. It took her awhile to finally get up off her bed since she was more quiet than most people who spoke. If anything she’s thinking about that strange dream even though it didn’t really make any sense. ”I wonder…” Gloria said, quietly. She looked at her cellphone after stopping the alarm clock, which wanted to see if there was any messages.

There was one specific message on her cellphone that caught her eye, which was from her father wishing her good luck at the University. She had a slight smile at this but the next part of his message is he’s still searching for Louise, which kinda depressed her slightly. Only if he could see reason that its been four years since her disappearance, she couldn’t possibly be alive. She texted her father back with ’Father, I do hope you have a good day at work. I will try to have good luck at the University, and please don’t cause any trouble while you are searching for Louise.’ If anything she hoped it would help her dad from being so proactive in searching for Louise because she loved her family. It was the hardest thing she had to deal with the fact her older sister disappeared four years ago.

Gloria set her cellphone back down were she gotten it to turn off the alarm and check messages. She gotten up from her bed even though it would probably be better to sleep some more. It is only because its very tiring but she’s at the university can’t really be slacking since she’s forced into this position mostly. This means taking a warmer shower, which would be needed to waken her up some more. It would be better to take a shower now than later or she might miss things. The shower definitely helped her mood and she dried herself off enough and she combed her hair to make it go a specific way. She put on her clothes and sat down on her bed. If anything she did like the accommodations at this university since it would put less hassle on her parents and her sister Zoey. ”I hope Zoe-Zoe is doing alright...” Gloria said, quietly with a definite look of hopefulness mostly in Zoey’s case.

Being a freshmen in this University felt a bit scary for her in some cases. Its only because she felt butterflies in her stomach and she had to try to get to know people. She coasted by without really trying in that department, it usually makes her flustered and quite annoyed at the fact. It might be a good idea to try in getting to know people even though she’s quite shy. She looked at her wardrobe she brought with her from home and decided to wear a simple warmer thin jacket, which matched her shirt. After she got on the jacket basically a windbreaker, which she decided to get some breakfast outside of her dorm room. She locked her room and at least got something to eat alike a small breakfast. Afterwards, she finally walked out of the accommodations, which took a bit since she had to walk down the stairs to the first floor and out of the place.

She was looking at her cellphone to memorize her schedule, while walking with a specific lack of what’s going on around her. This usually gets her in trouble sometimes since she’s not one of those specific people who can multitask alike that. ”All to get my degree to feel like I am worthwhile in my family… while my sisters are far ahead of me… Ugh...” Gloria said, quietly with a slight frustration in her voice. She stayed concentrated on her cellphone, which made her a bit too focused on it and felt like she was alone. If anything happens in the back of her mind, would be a bit embarrassing since she would really not enjoy that no matter what.

”Hopefully nothing bad happens...” Gloria said, quietly. However, it feels like the world was aligned against her since she bumped into someone. It made her curse slightly and quietly. She looked up at the person whom she bumped into whom was a woman that looked around her age but was probably a rush to get to her class.

The other girl was a bit frustrated in how Gloria rudely bumped her. If it wasn’t for the fact if the girl whom bumped her was in her own little world. “Aren’t you stupid or something…? Can you bloody pay attention to your surrounding, you idiot. Ugh, so annoying. I hope I don’t have to meet you again.” The girl said to Gloria, with a bit frustrated and angry tone in her voice.

”I’m sorry… for the trouble… I should’ve paid better attention to my surroundings. Please don’t be pissed off, I am new here. My name is Gloria...” Gloria said, quietly. She tried to defuse the situation right now even though she was awful at it. Its mostly because of the fact she was panicking with what the other girl had said.

The other girl couldn’t help but roll her eyes at the half assed attempt to apologize. However, she couldn’t be a bit shocked at the fact Gloria of all people whom lost her older sister mysteriously is going here. If anything, its amazing none of her family mysteriously died or what not in terms of the Hathaway’s. “Guess, I am sorry for calling you an idiot and stupid, Gloria. Since you introduced yourself, I should as well… Abigail L. Walters, its a pleasure to meet you. Should’ve probably realized freshmen would be walking around here… I’m a second year here...” Abigail said, with a smile and noticed that Gloria probably needs some help.

Gloria smiled slightly at what Abigail said, which was a bit refreshing for a change. Even though Abigail did yell at her, which was a bit harsh to say the least. ”Uhh, I would love some help to my first class… please?” Gloria said, quietly with a returned smile. She can only really deal with so much at a time since she tries to focus too hard on one thing mostly.

Abigail had problems the first year she was here too, which would be useful to help her instead. “Could always ask people in the commons area for directions, since that the easiest place for anything.” Abigail said, with a smile. It was time for her to go so she waved Gloria goodbye.

It would make sense to her so she decided to do just that even though. Her first interaction in a new place felt different but she still had those butterflies in her stomach. She needs to try better so she decided to go to the commons area, specifically by the fact she looked at the signs of the University to find the Common Area. However, the one thing that caught her eye was two large dogs next to someone who was sitting down and talking to someone. She slowly walked over to them not to make the dogs go after her since they must be protecting the smaller girl sitting down.

”Uhh… Hi… How are you two doing? I-I need help finding my first class…” Gloria said, towards the two she saw. However, she noticed that the shorter woman in question had a disability, which why she had those two dogs but that freakishly tall guy was definitely tall. She was heavily nervous and it was definitely not a good thing to be basically so nervous around two people. If anything she hoped she could get help so she doesn’t have to miss her first class, since that would be a pain in the ass. It didn’t help she was a bit confused in were she had to go mostly. The one reason she bumped into Abigail anyways, which sucked for her. At least, she hoped the two in question wouldn’t try to ignore her for she has an important question. It would ruin her day completely and utterly annoy her to no end, she is a hard worker that tries her absolute best, which isn’t really enough compared to her two older sisters. ”I-I hope I’m doing this correctly… even though I feel like these butterflies are going to kill me of embarrassment over anything else.” Gloria thought to herself.

@Mistress Dizzy Hope you have good luck in whatever you do too. :)
The Hierophant was taken.
If you want to join the Discord you can talk to all the people who's in this RP. @Mistress Dizzy :)

Edit: For anyone else who's joinin' this roleplay the only two personas free are Justice & The Devil now. :)
Oh hi @Ryteb Pymeroce, it's nice to see you again. :)
I can't believe this, but I am actually interested... XD

Fiona couldn’t help but sigh slightly at the fact she forgot about her potato cakes, with apple sauce and sour cream. It was a bit embarrassing to be honest but talking to people within Echo Black, was important too. Always better to get to know them than staying in her back of her mind pitying herself about her mother Anna. This made her smile slightly because she did hear Ludwig basically say something about intuition failing him. She decided to take the picture of her mother Anna out directly and showed it to Ludwig. ”T-This is my mother Anna’s picture… Wish she was much more happier than she was. Always protecting me from my father’s torment...” Fiona said, with a frustrated look on her face about the sadness in her heart. It is the one reason why she wants to protect and free the people she cares about from that man.

Fiona jumped a bit when she heard some choice words from Diana under her breath, which kinda freaked her out. It was one thing but she has never really heard her say these things so vehemently and hatred in her voice. However, Diana does have no love for Richard nor whatever plans he has in the future. She couldn’t really tell how much Anna and Diana liked each other, which is probably the true reason why Anna is so sad. ”D-Diana can you not scare me like that please? Its a bit much to say all those things...” Fiona said under her breath towards Diana. One thing she’s for sure, is don’t piss off Diana, she usually puts her husband Luke on the couch if he does anything stupid.

However, what Ludwig specifically said afterwards struck a cord with her, which shows there’s some people stronger than her. It is the only reason why she wants to become strong enough to actually free her mother, her half-sister and Diana’s Sister from the torments of Richard. ”I-I thank you for your feelings Ludwig. It’s always a tough time for me… to deal with the fact my mother is in the Lion’s Den of Evil so to speak.” Fiona said, with a smile. The Lion’s Den of Evil is definitely a saying she heard people in Castleton said about the Donster Estate.

Fiona sighed slightly at Diana because she could tell where this is going next, with a slight look of seriously. Basically saying she’s not a little kid and can get her own stuff to eat, however, how Diana is she insists most of the time. ”U-Uhhh, I can get my own tray Diana… but you cannot take a no for an answer… so yes, you can help me by getting my tray, Diana.” Fiona said, with a definite look of you cannot beat Diana’s motherly instincts. Better to let her do her thing before she gets on your nerves and utterly destroys your resolve of resisting against that motherly love of hers. However, what Diana does is much better and more positive reinforcement than the alternative of being demeaned her whole life. To take her mind off the positive reinforcement of Diana, which she decides to sit at the table and keep her mother’s picture out in the open to see. She notices Andrew approach and sit down at the same table, which she had a slight smile on her face. ”H-Hi, Andrew how are you doing today?” Fiona asked curiously towards him. She did wonder where Micheal was in question, but he was probably at a different table in the Mess Hall. Her spirits were much higher with her mother’s picture out in the open than hiding, which it usually is. She always enjoys talking about her mother Anna, it gives her slightly more relief nonetheless.

It took her a bit to specifically hear what Diana said, about her posture, which was also a bit of a noble-esque thing too. However, all she could do was sigh and didn’t really want to say anything more on that specific subject since it was people that were told to teach her about the proper noblewoman’s posture. Even though they were heavily disgusted that she was a Darscen, but they were forced by Richard to do that or else. ”Ugh, why did my father help me to be a noblewoman even though he hated me as much as he did?” Fiona thought to herself, with confusion on her face, it was clear as day too. Giving a Darscen nobility training, even though Darscens are mistreated everywhere including the place her father supports in the darkness, which are the imperials. Always gave her pause, in terms of what is his true plans but after that ultimatum to her when she joined Echo Black that is. It was clear as day, which scared her to no end and why she wants to become stronger.

However, the one thing that scared her suddenly was the tray of food sitting next to her on her right and Diana saying Ta da. ”U-Uhh, you are… Diana… why do you always say Ta Da? T-Thanks...” Fiona said, with a smile on her face. There’s always one thing to be thankful for is Diana is a bit of a strong woman since she usually can carry two things with a gentleness and caring of who needs what. She moved her picture slightly, and moved her tray in front of her. ”Vincenzo is very good chef, he’s a genius. I thank him for this meal, its always good to thank the chef.” Fiona said with a smile.

Diana giggled slightly when she heard Fiona sigh, but it made her remind herself of specifically of the food, which Vincenzo was so diligently making. The look on her face was priceless alike shit do I always forget in getting the food and what not again. It was a bit of embarrassing to do this, however, if it wasn’t for the fact they got into an interesting conversation with Ludwig she would’ve probably been drunk of her ass and probably sleeping in her food. ”Uhhh, thank god that didn’t happen I guess? Oh wait, is Victoria here right now? I know her daughter is here since I saw her earlier. I wonder where Liz is.” Diana thought to herself, with a deep sigh.

However, one specific thing caught her attention and that was the picture of what Anna looks like now. It definitely had what Anna was feeling throughout the picture, utter sadness and hopelessness. This specifically thing made her curse under her breath directly at the person who made Anna feel this way. ”Bastard… Why when I get my hands on you Richard… I will bloody kill you with your own fist shoved so far up your ass that you cannot feel your legs.” Diana said, under her breath. She tried not to get Fiona’s attention with what she had said, but its pretty obvious she misses Anna. Fiona looks basically like her mother when she was younger. However, when she heard Fiona speak under her breath towards her she sighed. ”S-Sorry, Fiona, I will try not to do that again.” Diana said, with a slight nervous smile.

Diana smiled kindly towards Ludwig, when he specifically said what he said about appreciating cooperation. However, she noticed the look on Fiona’s face and giggled slightly. ”No problem, its always good to help people out. It’s nice you know not to disallow me to insist in helping you, Fiona. Anything, I am a tough mother and I will get our trays together even though these trays aren’t the ones I have at home only for special occasions.” Diana said, with a smile. However, she saw the newcomer at the same time as Ludwig and had a big goofy smile on her face in seeing him. It was the tank commander, Andrew specifically, he did help her have a bit of a frustration on how long it would take to get here. ”Good day to you, Andrew. Fiona, your posture is always great as always, you won’t have any problems when you grow up.” Diana said, always enjoying to put some positive reinforcement into Fiona’s life.

She decided to walk towards where Vincenzo was since they did blatantly forgot the food, they asked nicely to make. ”S-Sorry for the forgetfulness of little ole me, Vincenzo. I hope you can forgive me. As well, you do a wonderful job of cooking it makes me happy you are here at this base. Your humor is always great to hear, it makes me laugh at your way you make jokes and come up with unique things to say.” Diana said, with a smile. She picked up both trays with a bit of an efficiency of carrying two things at a time, like a true mother who cooks constantly. She slowly walks towards the table where Fiona was sitting at and gently places the tray with Fiona’s name on it next to her, not to cover up Anna’s Picture specifically. ”Ta Da, Fiona, I am a bit of a genius carrier of things.” Diana said, finally able to carry her tray with both hands a bit easier and sitting right next to Fiona on her left side. She giggles at what Fiona said and knows that Vincenzo is very good at what he does. However, she started to eat her food since she is still a child at heart, even though she sees anyone who’s around her daughter’s age as still children, that need to be protected.

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