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Current The Sanctuary, VC, NCQuest, Talrae and the ILR all have one thing in common I am in them in terms of the RPs.
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I have two Sci-Fi Roleplays & A Valkyria Chronicles RP.
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I'm still in a Digimon RP and now joined my favorite roleplay genre, which is Sci-Fi.
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I'm in a Digimon Roleplay.
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"Reporting for duty for 5 roleplays Ascension, Blood Act I, Samhain Intrigues, Beginner Game and FNC RP." I am crazy. :P


I am Landaus Five-One, I am in roleplays they are below. I enjoy Sci-Fi, Space Operas, Magical, World Invasions, Modern, Fantasy, Horror, Post-Apocalyptic Themes, and Alternate Universe.

I can play both genders + Artificial Intelligence characters as well. Since I do have two AI characters aka the Massive Starships within my Detailed Profiles topic.

I am looking for a Role play that keeps me interested, mostly. I have a vast quality/quantity of stuff I am working on at the moment classified as the Jaina'Res Multiverse + the Main Realm. I am working on 20 profiles, and multitude of other things like a timeline but that's going to take awhile to get started since I still have to think where it all started and etc.

Out of everything, I am interested in role plays that are unique to their genre and etc. As well, I would like if the people can play both genders, just because since I can play them both that is. And other things like that. I have Skype if someone wants to contact me about certain things 'annihilation-holy' is my Skype, I go by Holy R. Enigma on it anyways. That's the only off-site information I am going to give.

I also like Grand Strategy, Real Time Strategies and etc in terms of video games. So I would probably do a Nation RP, if I wasn't so busy with the other things on my plate in terms of my Profiles, the timeline, and etc. So this is the end of the bio.

P.S: I like being called Holy, instead of Landaus since I have been using Holy a lot longer than this one name on this forum.

Roleplays I am apart of:
~ Valkyria Chronicles - Changing of the Guard ~ - LetMeDoStuff - Valkyria Chronicles : Dark and Gritty EW1 through EW2. In terms it is a Anime War story type RP.
NCQuest - A Mecha RP: The Defense of Darwin (BeeNCQuest) - Letter Bee - Code Geass with a shade of Gundam.
Talrae S2 - HueMan - It's Sword Art Online if it had a better narrative direction all created by the TM. Instead of the person who created it. Therefore, it'll be an epic story of how to get out of the game!
The Sanctuary - Ithradine - Want safety from a cruel world? In the Sanctuary got you covered with Master R, or R for short. They are protected from the evils of the world that want to hurt your character.
Lost Innocence Reset - The Jest - This roleplay went through a Reset. In terms of everything the Pages need saving since they are children.

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Holly was definitely shaken from all that happened in the last floor, which was specifically the lost of an ally and friend. It didn’t help she was exhausted, sore, and feeling a bit cold from the raining. She equipped her raincoat from her inventory, therefore, it wouldn’t be as bad, but the transitioning to this landscape was amazing and beautiful even though it was raining. ”I definitely have much shopping to do… to resupply and stuff.” Holly thought to herself, while trying to keep up with the group she can see. It didn’t help it was dark, which was an additionally hazard she didn’t like, she wasn’t terrified of it but fear of the unknown is a definite thing. She had more important matters to handle right now.

Holly was lost in her own thoughts for awhile, since she was grateful she had a bow like she has or she would’ve been defenseless in that battle. She knew somethings about that battle on the last floor was a disaster, which is she mostly got from her father. He always said, being under preparedness and lack of coordination causes disaster. I hope no one else dies from my friends since I would hate that the most...” Holly thought to herself, it was basically remembering what her father said about not knowing all sides of a conflict. This was definitely a conflict, which she involves her living to the end goal of winning this game so she can free herself.

Holly made sure she hurried to the nearest town she saw in the distance by the lightning, which was a beautiful city from the looks like. She had specifically a shopping list to do since she needed more health, mana potions and arrows. It came across her mind, which she unlocked the Ranger Subclass and should ask around in the city how to properly use it. She remembered why she picked Ranger Subclass specifically for the maneuverability rather than wielding heavy crossbows. It was on the box art for the Archer class that it has two distinct subclasses. However, she needed to stick with her friends and allies in Lost Genesis. Because of the death in their guild, Karuu is dead.

The only thing that helped in all this was the fact she could relax and take it somewhat easy in the town that they would be relaxing in. She needed to get some rest after that horribleness anyway, which was always annoying to her. It was pretty much obvious she wanted to get out of the rain so she headed towards the Tipsy Trodoon mostly because of River’s message through the guild message system. ”Uhh that’s a funny name of an Inn...” Holly thought to herself with a slight smile on her face. She remembered it is a fantasy game so inns are named silly names rather than the luxurious hotels and inns in real life, like the French Quarter Inn, which her father been to for a business meeting one year. It was a bit odd for him to go all the way to South Carolina for a business meeting but it was pretty much common for him to go all over the US to talk to clients.

  • Raincoat Equipped
  • Heads to the Tipsy Troodon

In the Sanctuary
Interacting With: Vilkas (@GrizzTheMauler), Cisna (@Ithradine)

Stephanie had a kind smile on her face when Cisna sat down next to her since it was nice to meet more people in her own way. It’s better to have a smile on your face than trying to confront people, how her parents wanted her to be. She heard Cisna’s name when she introduced herself, with a gentle smile on her face and like happy to hear the name. ”Cisna, that’s a wonderful name. Sarah, my adopted mother, she was more of a mother than my own biological mother Rita. I was happy in the presence of Sarah since she taught me many things especially that everyone has their given name for reasons and you shouldn’t hate it. But I hate my last name because it’s literally tied to the Delia-Mira Mercenary Band that are horrible...” Stephanie said. It is definitely hinted in her tone she loved Sarah much more than Rita because Sarah is the reason for her learning in her element magic of water. She deeply sighed and hopefully Sarah is still alright even though she doesn’t want to check on her because of the fact her hometown is under control of those same mercenaries that was to protect the city.

It was definitely a hard thing for her to handle most of all, which is why she had to run away from home. Sarah was there for her through all her nightmares of seeing horribleness and other type of things as if her mother and father were demons. She heard Cisna and felt a bit of a similarity, which they both had horrible parents. It was relaxing to hear someone else also had pretty bad parents. ”It was awful I had constant nightmares of my mother Rita killing me constantly in them as a Demonic entity, a Succubus? I finally stopped having them after I slept in my bedroom in the Sanctuary, I cried happy tears seeing it. I’m grateful to Satelle in having Rita’s older sister right in that town I would’ve been killed in by my own mother. My parents were highly disappointed in how I am, but its better to be yourself than someone else… that’s what Sarah always said.” Stephanie said. Her tone of voice was highly shaking when she more or less revealed she had terrible nightmares about her mother killing her constantly as if she was a demon. She doesn’t want to change in some mass murdering killer like her parents are, since they care not for civilian causalities as long as they get their mark it is all that counts. It was definitely constantly made her feel bad for all the people they killed just to get a contract finished to perfection.

Stephanie was shaking a bit because of that reveal about what she had to go through for six years of her life of those awful nightmares. However, she felt a bit of kinship with Cisna since how the tone in her voice showed she had horrible parents too. ”S-Sorry about that… I had to get that off my chest. It’s been six long years of those nightmares, which didn’t help living in my hometown of Gondrevil. Even with my adopted mother Sarah being Mayor of it. I feel much safer here than I ever did in Sarah’s mansion. She taught me water magic even though my mood when I learned it was sad and depressed...” Stephanie said. She couldn’t help but tear up because of the fact she misses Sarah much, she gave her knowledge that is invaluable, like what she told her of the proud Anserians and their enemies the Dremorians. The two races were very similar but opposite, in terms one primarily uses Light Magic and the other uses Dark Magic. Sarah told her about their magics, which they were great at and told her to specifically stay away form any contact from the Dremorian Empire. She remembered her adopted mother’s voice when talking about the Dremorian Empire, she was afraid of their ambition. It was hardly a thing to remember but she usually does these things since her and Sarah had long conversations about other races that her parents talked about. However, the only race her parents never talked about was the Dremorians. It was an odd thing, alike they were afraid of them as well.

She continued to eat her breakfast, which was definitely good since it reminds her of Sarah’s cooking it was top notch. It was definitely helping her bring back memories of all the things. In terms of it, she looked at Cisna, which she more or less poured out what she had to go through. All because of her parents Rita and Derrick of all people. She slightly smiled, which she sighed a bit. It’s because of the fact her parents would’ve definitely killed her the first chance they gotten and wouldn’t held back on her because she had no idea how to use their weapons. She felt like they forced their weapons on her just so they could replace them with more crueler weapons. ”Out of everything, I hate my parent’s hand-me downs. Because of their backfiring nature they have built in them, if you fuck up a single word in their phrase to use said spell they backfire...” Stephanie said, feeling like she’s repeating herself but its true because the Firebrand Rapier & Icebrand Shortsword don’t fit her at all. She’s grateful that Vilkas is going to make her a weapon that fits her perfectly. ”Vilkas, I am definitely happy that you are going to make me a weapon while learning everything of my parent’s hand-me downs…” Stephanie said, with a feeling of relief.

In the Sanctuary
Interacting With: Vilkas (@GrizzTheMauler), Cisna (@Ithradine)

Stephanie had a definite look on her face of sincerity mostly at the fact Vilkas was scowling at her parent’s elements in terms of Fire & Ice perspective. It definitely was a bit annoying in having parents like, which didn’t allow her to be herself only a person who allowed her to be alike themselves. However, what he said next kinda made her smile mostly at the fact her relationship with her parents was pretty bad since her own mother tried to kill her. ”Y-Yeah… not that great since I hated them altogether for making me try to change who I am. However, it didn’t help that my own mother Rita tried to kill me when I was ten years old… for the goddess I worshiped compared to them. Stephanie said, still shocked and terrified at that for what Rita wanted to do to her. She was grateful for the protection of her goddess saving her in terms of the Paladin Order of Satelle in Baterol, which was six years ago. It was definitely interesting in hearing Vilkas talk about how someone can tell by their natural magic, and how it may change over time, it was unique to hear that. She was shocked and gasped when he said Dromon’s name again and it shifted from Light to Grey. ”That’s pretty interesting in terms of the Elemental affinities of Grey, and its name too, Thaumaturge. This is the first time I heard of Grey/Thaumaturge.” Stephanie said, with a curious look on her face. It was definitely the first time since Dromon was always a Holy Dragon to the not long lived race of humans and never piss him off since he’s terrifying anyway.

She perked up with what she heard him say next about making her a weapon. ”I would love to have a weapon all my own that isn’t a hand-me down from my parents.” Stephanie said excitedly. The elements that synchronize with water were Air and Green Magic and she saw the runic sigils of each element that he called up. She heard specifically what is in return for crafting her a weapon that’s all her own, however, she didn’t bring her father’s Icebrand Shortsword with her since its still in her bedroom. ”You may study these weapons… even though my father’s hand-me down is in my bedroom. I wanted to bring my mother’s weapon to see if I could train with it but it would probably be better to train with something more my element. That sounds pretty ominous in terms of darker enchantments...” Stephanie said, with a whole heartily sigh of relief at someone else learning every single thing about her parent’s weapons.

However, it did remind her that her parents constantly boasted about getting their target with acceptable causalities of civilians, which were in the way. It was a nightmare to even learn the very first magical sword technique, which is an off-shoot school of Elemental Magic and Magical Engineering. Out of the two swords, she feared the backfiring of the Icebrand Sword more but it backfired less frequently while her mother’s weapon backfired the most and felt like on command by her own mother. ”I outright disliked when they backfired… but my father’s sword I feared more when it backfired… since you can probably tell what that would mean since his element is Ice.” Stephanie additionally said. It took around 11 – 15 years old for her to learn the basic magical sword techniques from both of her parent’s weapons even though it was definitely a trying time for her. Being constantly burnt and dropping the weapon and having her mother laugh at her didn’t help or the fact her father was carefully watching her and not really happy with the results of her heartlessness, which she didn’t have. She knew her mother was still pissed from the time she tried to kill her, however, she made no act towards that for some odd reason. ”I guess that’s because of the necklace I wore… why mother didn’t act on her first instinct to kill me… without question. She was laughing constantly at me for fucking up, however. Derrick on the other hand was cold and calculating as he was always but disliked the killer instinct…” Stephanie thought to herself, with an annoyed look of disdain for her parents in particular. Their attitude towards her didn’t really change throughout training her while she couldn’t really feel any love from them since they are monsters or demons in human skin. It was because of those nightmares that made her feel that way.

Stephanie, however, heard Vilkas’ response to Cisna and just smiled towards her with a friendly smile. It was definitely refreshing at the fact she’s happy right now. ”Please Sit and enjoy chatting with me and Vilkas.” Stephanie said, with a happy smile on her face towards Cisna. However, she came to a realization that her parents were probably hunting for her, which she knew they wanted to kill her. She went a bit pale with that bit of definite fear, which is a great thing she was in Sanctuary away from those awful parents of hers. It took her a bit of a time to get out of the whole thing since she’s safe and why would she leave Sanctuary to go back to that terrible place of reality. She wants to get stronger so her parents aren’t able to use their experiences against her and their power over her. ”S-Sorry… I just remembered my hometown is basically under control of my parents… and the Mercenary Band they co-lead, which are terrible bunch of mercenaries...” Stephanie said, with fear of what happened to all the people in Gondrevil. However, those nightmares made her leave her hometown to join Sanctuary. Because if she stayed a moment longer she would have definitely been killed by her parents.

In the Sanctuary
Interacting With: Vilkas (@GrizzTheMauler), Cisna (@Ithradine)

Stephanie was eating her breakfast since it was definitely needed for her, which was the reason she’s happy for the help by Vilkas. It was pretty much obvious, she has always hated the Firebrand Rapier because of what her mother Rita specifically wanted to do to her. The Firebrand rapier in question shimmered and glowed in a small ‘reddish’ aura while Vilkas was holding it. She caught that specific glow and shimmering with her eyes, she only seen that specific glow when her mother Rita was teaching her how to use the weapon. ”I hate that glow the most, it was definitely much brighter when my mother wielded it though.” Stephanie said, with a definite rattle in her voice in terms of hate in seeing it glow like that. It was pretty obvious she was definitely afraid of that weapon since she saw its destructive power first hand when her mother was showing off while teaching her.

She kinda went off in her mind to remember that destructive thing her mother Rita was doing with the brutal Firebrand Rapier. ”The destructive force of fire is terrifying, when in my mother’s hands. The thing I trained on… with her sword was definitely weird and pretty ominous in how it absorbed the Fire alike a well.” Stephanie thought to herself, with look on her face a bit shocked and can’t handle whatever was created to help her mother’s destructive fire be so isolated and not spreading throughout her hometown. This specific thought constantly got to her since it was a bit creepy for whatever her parents were using for her to train on using their enchanted weapons. She stopped thinking about that since she heard a voice asking about to sit down next to her.

Stephanie had a slight shock to her system when she looked at the person who asked to sit besides her and Vilkas. The girl’s white wings were beautiful, which made her remember what her parents talked about the Anserians. However, only one good thing that Rita and Derrick said about the Anserians are about their wings and nothing else. She pretty much ignored their racism after that since she didn’t want to become what her parents wanted her to be. ”I don’t mind if you sit next to me. My name is Stephanie, what’s yours?” Stephanie questioned, curiously. It was the first time seeing an Anserian. She smiled with a gentle smile towards Cisna, since it was common courtesy to do so. She looked towards Vilkas and more or less spoke towards him with a kind demeanor since this girl definitely asked nicely. ”What about you Vilkas?” Stephanie asked to Vilkas. She was definitely interested in meeting the other residents of the Sanctuary since she wasn’t alike her parents at all.

It had always been pretty hard to keep herself on the path of pacifism since she worships the Goddess of Peace and Order, Satelle. Mostly because of her parents kinda hard when they were trying to force her to worship the Goddess of War & Ambition, Nalissa. ”I must stay on the path of what I want guess that’s why my mother’s weapon specifically constantly fights me because of the Goddess I worship… But it could just not like me like my mother since she tried to kill me...” Stephanie thought to herself, with a definite look of fear and a hint of rage towards her mother Rita. She has never wanted to harm another person in her life but she will definitely defend herself if required, however. It's nice when everyone is afraid of her mother's specific nickname, which was passed onto her by wielding the Firebrand rapier. She was somewhat grateful everyone who tried to approach her was definitely taken aback by how she responded to them. It didn't help she only learned while in the Sanctuary her parents were spying on her inner thoughts.

Diana’s Brutal Reality – Diana’s Pendant – September 26, 1914 (Siege of Amone)

Diana felt a bit annoyed and frustrated that Luke didn’t respond to what she had said. ”He must’ve been in his own little world or something… Ugh, I guess that’s why he thinks a hangover is nice.. Guess everyone has many things on their head after that terrible time. I am definitely not happy about it either.” Diana thought to herself, with a cute sigh. It was somewhat good he didn’t respond or he would have probably used his patent little jokes on her again. They are definitely annoying and thinking that made her seethe in rage just thinking about what he’ll say to her. ”Why am I being frustrated at a guy who hasn’t said anything to me yet? It’s probably my mother’s letter that’s getting me to think about these things.” Diana thought to herself, having a small frown on her face. It took her a minute to calm down from all the things in her head about the shock of her mother’s letter and cookies. She sighed with a slight bit relief in her body language and decided to look through the package in question. It’s mostly because her mother is overly prepared in everything, which she wasn’t really shocked to find a metal plate in the package with the patented Vastergoth Bakery’s cookie shaped holders. This was the first time of her seeing the cookie shaped holder type plate, which was a bit weird nonetheless.

She couldn’t help but sigh at the thoroughness of her mother’s preparedness. It made her feel a bit more down it was obvious her mother knew what kind of plate would hold her cookies. Her entire body language was definitely not happy at this whole thing, but she took out the plate and put cookies on it, which equal ten cookies. ”Can you please stop this mother? Why are you always over prepared for things? But this plate in question is a first time I’ve seen it.” Diana thought to herself with a definite not happy look on her face. It’s mostly because of the letter, which she read that’s hurting her mood but she would probably feel better if she gave her mother’s cookies to the squad. She walked by Jean and Thomas talking about important things. It was obviously she didn’t hear what they were talking about since she had her own problems to deal with. In terms of her body language she needed to be cheered up a bit.

Diana was highly focused on giving her squadmates her mother’s cookies. At least the package was safe near her stuff in the small area she was sitting at, which she did shut because it was required to keep the rest of the cookies safe. She noticed Thomas casually going over to her, which gave her a slight smile on her face. When he took a cookie from the plate she was holding, which helped her mood a bit. However, what shocked her a bit and made her blush all at the same time was when Thomas winked at her. ”Umm… did that just happen? Did he wink at me.” Diana thought to herself, she had never thought someone who’s a hero would wink at her. It took her a bit to refocus since that definitely took her for a bit of a loop. She smiled gently towards him and she definitely blushed more with what he said about which is the real treat. Her thoughts were going a bit wild but she calmed herself some to respond to his question. ”U-Uhh… Yeah… Treats are very hard to come by I suppose.” Diana said, with her face blushing a bit. She realized after she spoke that she more or less said that the cookies and her are a treat and couldn’t help but blush a bit more than she had. ”T-Thank you for that by the way… I needed some cheering up, Thomas.” Diana said, with a smile on her face. Some people knew how to cheer people up and what Thomas had said definitely brought her smile back.

She couldn’t help but stare a bit as Thomas was returning to continue the conversation with Jean. It took her a bit to notice that Micheal was there now to, it made her smile somewhat. ”I guess I will ask Michael & Jean if they want a cookie after they have spoke a bit...” Diana thought to herself, with a gentle smile on her face. She continued on her general path until she heard some laughter and giggling coming from Luke’s tent. It caused her to stop and listen in, which made her hear Ines’ voice coming from the tent. ”Ah, so that’s where Ines’ went. I hope they don’t want me to join in whatever they are doing… I don’t want a repeat of last time.” Diana thought to herself. However, a part of her wanted to repeat something, which she was highly embarrassed about at the White Hart Inn, ala stripping herself completely naked. It was there only for a moment and kinda was jealous of Ines having fun with Luke in a friendly way. ”T-The hell? Why am I jealous of Ines? It’s not like they are going to do it… He is too shy of a guy to handle that anyways. He didn’t know how to properly kiss a girl… W-What’s wrong with me? Why do I feel like I am doing something wrong… with my life?” Diana thought to herself, with a frustrated look but why she was frustrated wasn’t as easy as day to see.

Diana decided to walk away from the tent before she does something stupid as if her mother made her a bit more self-conscious about herself and her life. It made her feel like her mother was right here on the battlefield with her. She finally made it to a table or barrel and put the metal plate down and couldn’t help but sigh. It was definitely a thing, which caused her to move her left hand towards her silver pendant necklace that everyone can see and opened it and looked directly at her mother Rebecca and her father Gavin. She decided to sit down right there as well, and stared directly at the pictures in question. ”Mother and Father what do you want me to do?” Diana asked quietly towards the Pendant Necklace. It was obvious she was trying to ask for guidance from pictures even though they don’t talk or move. The fact she was conscripted to this battlefield away from the two people she loved the most was definitely hurtful to her. She hoped that no one noticed her speaking to her pendant necklace but had a gentle smile. However, at least she stared at the cookies on the plate and looked around to see if any of her squadmates were moving around. ”My mother’s homemade cookies from home are wonderful, it’ll be nice if you try them. But I am going to sit hear though since I need sometime to think.” Diana resounded her voice to be a bit higher so everyone could hear her. However, her tone of voice was mostly to renounce she got cookies and not like an order or anything since she wants everyone to enjoy them since the only ones that could order her are Thomas, Jean and Isaac. This was mostly to people that weren’t in a tent, however, if they were paying attention they could’ve heard Diana’s voice.

Diana’s Brutal Reality – Another Day – Within Amone’s City Walls (September 12th)

Diana was a bit annoyed at the frustration coming from Luke, all she did was glare at him because it was a bit annoying. However, a slight smile came across her face when she saw Inès come to help out Franz, since he definitely needed it. However, what Luke said made her a bit more annoyed and couldn’t help but stare at him in her mask with a definite look of seriously. She didn’t want to insult him or anything since Jean did tell them not to get going again. But how she was staring at Luke was please can you calm the fuck down you twit. ”God damn… I know he’s exhausted but can he please not piss anymore people off today? We have the Imperials on our ass we don’t need in fighting. I don’t want to piss off Jean.” Diana thought to herself, with her definitely staring directly at Luke.

She saw Jean go ahead since there was clearing in the gas. She definitely followed her squadmates as closely as possible since she didn’t want to be separated from them. It made her think about certain things while running through the streets, buildings and other things to stay away from the Imperials that wanted to kill them. For specifically the Federation’s superiors did, however, it was definitely annoyance for her. ”...I fucking hate this shit… I hope my family is alright back at home...” Diana thought to herself, while she was deathly afraid while wearing her mask. However, how she was running felt like what happened during her Conscription Training with that prick of a Drill Sergeant, which was the grandfather of her childhood friend.

Diana’s Brutal Reality – “New Vastergoth Bakery Package” – September 26, 1914 (Siege of Amone)

In terms of certain things, Diana was definitely a bit better off than she had been during that specific day that will live in infamy with her. The Day the world went mad, civilians, imperials and federation all went mad that day, which was on Luke’s birthday it was a bit of a sad tale really. Everyone was trying to kill the other side and civilians in the end were cut down in their prime of their life by toxic gas. She was grateful she’s still alive, after all that craziness. It was pretty much obvious, that the silver pendant necklace she always wore during everywhere she went was still around her neck. She was comfortably wearing her clothes, where you got to see the necklace and she wasn’t wearing her helmet because this was an area that had friendlies. In terms of certain things, how she was dressed was a bit causally looking. She walked by where Luke was taking a head dunking challenge and heard what he said and rolled her eyes. However, she wasn’t looking at him when she spoke, however. ”How can a hangover be nice? I do like the peaceful day though it’s definitely better than most things I suppose.” Diana spoke with a bit of a sarcastic tone in her voice, which was basically about the first thing she asked. It was pretty obvious she’s trying to lighten the tone from what it had happened back at the White Hart Inn.

She sighed in relief that this was a comfortable day, because of the fact. It was her feet that made her somewhat sprint ahead of Luke who didn’t put on his shirt since she didn’t see if he was shirtless anyway. She was smiling mostly because of the fact, it was an obviously beautiful day, however. It was nice to see everyone was being quite jovial, playing cards and other such things but she was one of the more active people. She felt a slight bit a new person even though it was definitely odd but after a battle like they’ve been through was definitely needed. It took her a bit to look back at Luke and she noticed he was under dressed in terms of his shirt being off. ”The mystery of the world can’t handle you it seems Luke. But I guess I should say Happy Late Birthday I suppose?” Diana asked with a slight smile and a giggle leaving her mouth at what she said. It took her a bit to remember Ines also had a birthday but didn’t really want to bother her right now. She’s somewhat annoyed her birthday is in November of all things. ”My birthday is on November 15th...” Diana said, with a slight annoyance to her voice. It was pretty much obvious she accidentally blurted that out since now everyone knows her birthday is in November. Her family is all about birthdays it seems since she loved each and every single one of her birthdays.

Diana stopped in fear when she heard Captain Grumpus yell out Michael’s name. It was definitely a terrifying thing to hear him be completely furious about what’s going on. However, it clicked it was all about Lucia and Middleton’s obsession over her. It was definitely unpleasant conversation between Michael & Middleton but it seems like the raging inferno of Middleton subsided by the calm and collective of Michael. ”I didn’t think that would be possible… but I have a feeling he’ll be back to give us things to do.” Diana thought to herself. She waited to move or even sigh because Middleton was definitely a big deal, she wouldn’t want to die by someone wanting to blow off some steam. It felt like an age but she finally was able to breathe easier and she looked at Michael, it was in her eyes of thank god he’s gone. She did notice all the people who was reading letters, it made her a bit sad. She walked to where she was sitting down before she walked in a direction for a bit. It took her a bit but the soldier that was being bothered by Luke was finished.

The Soldier in question walked up to Diana, who was sitting down with a depressed expression on her face, however, he stopped and looked at her. “Ma’am are you Diana perchance?” The Soldier asked curiously because he did ask some of the people in the squad if they had seen Diana. It was definitely nice he caught up to her finally since she had a pretty big package.

”Yes, I am her… why?” Diana asked, curiously. She didn’t really was prepared for what was coming for her. The soldier in question gave her a package with the New Vastergoth Bakery’s Seal, which is the family seal of the Vastergoth Family themselves. It was definitely a shock to see the package, and attached to it was a letter. She instantly knew who it was from and wondered how or why it was here she hasn’t ever sent a letter back home. ”Uhhh, how?” Diana asked, shocked at what’s going on. The Soldier looked directly at her and just smiled with a bit of an oddity. This soldier in question just walked away and allowed her to open the package because he decided to get out of here. It was obvious why he got out of here he had to deliver the rest of his packages he had to the other soldiers that aren’t in Squad 1.

Diana sighed and looked directly at the package, since the New Vastergoth Bakery packaging works very well to keep everything fresher as if it was just baked. Nothing is left to chance for these baked goods, she opened the seal, which allowed her to get the Letter in question. She wanted to open the letter right away but she opened the package and saw something she thought she never would see again, her mother’s chocolate chip cookies. ”Mother… you shouldn’t have… I know I can’t eat all these cookies by myself.” Diana said, with a slight bit of shock in her voice while looking at the cookies all neat and tight in the packaging.

She noticed an oddity with the letter in question, as if it has an extra piece of paper in it. It specifically meant that her mother specifically wanted her to write back as soon as possible or else type of deal. ”Uhhh.. Shit… I don’t like how my mother is so prepared with her letters… It’s like she wants this letter returned to her as soon as possible.” Diana thought to herself, which was obviously a terrifying thing. She was definitely a bit flabbergasted and shocked all at the same time but she calmed down and opened the letter so she can read it.

Diana finished reading the letter, which caused her to cry a bit uncontrollably because she didn’t know anything about what’s going on at home for one. It hit her all at once, all the emotions swelled to her because of the fact her mother wrote her and definitely made her feel bad for not saying goodbye or grabbing her journal. She slowly calmed down but couldn’t help but stay crying but she smiled when she definitely realized her mother wanted her to share her cookies with everyone. It filled her with a bit of a relief. ”M-Mother… why do you have to do this to me? I was actually having a good day but you ruined it… thank you for the cookies… at least.” Diana said, with a shaky voice to her whole thing. She knew she forgot something before going to the Conscription Camp that day but she couldn’t go to her mother Rebecca at that moment. It took her a bit and looked at everyone in her squad, however, she did notice that Lucia wasn’t here that made her a bit saddened. ”Uhhh… Do you want to try my mother’s chocolate chip cookies… they are one of the select choices from the New Vastergoth Bakery...” Diana said, addressing everyone in her squad, however she was fighting what she wanted to do. In terms of crying and sleep her day away since she couldn’t handle this at all.

She did notice on the package there was a pen, which was from her journal. Her mother was definitely a bright mother, however, it definitely made her feel slightly better since she didn’t want to borrow anyone else tools to write. She couldn’t help but shake a bit and waited for people to come up to her and get the cookies she has, however, she did start eating one of her mother’s cookies. It was definitely a cookie she missed and hopefully she’ll never miss one of these again. She definitely needs to get the recipe from her mother, however. It took her finishing the cookie to clam down and focus on what she needs to do, in terms of writing a letter to her mother Rebecca. It was definitely a shock that her elder sister Susie was going to get married next year to a very prominent Darscen Family in Castleton. ”I don’t know what I feel about our family adopting a Donster… but if Gavin taken a liking to Amanda… I’ll be a good older sister to her. Even though that story feels so false, why would a mother be that awful to their own child?” Diana thought to herself with a confused look on her face. She couldn’t help but give out a sigh while sitting down where she was sitting trying to be a bit happier. It was obvious, she wasn’t smiling anymore this shocked her a bit too much.

Diana’s Brutal Reality – The Retreat – Amone City’s Walls (September 12th)

Diana knew it was time to leave when Isaac urgently agreed with Jean about they had to leave now since it was getting a bit too hectic of a time. It definitely didn’t help that the whole thing was the Federation’s fault of this specific disaster. She was definitely shaken up because this was supposed to be a peaceful place and the gas made that not the case. ”I am definitely not enjoying this experience at all… why does all the shit have to happen to us? I hope Jean will be alright.” Diana thought to herself slightly shaking. She followed Isaac and Britta through the Inn, since they have to get to the rear entrance. She did hear that Luke helped as many civilians as he could. It was a small miracle some civilians got out.

It was definitely a trying time to go through the Inn, in the fog that definitely can kill you. She couldn’t help but gasp when Isaac yelled for Franz. However, it was a relief that Isaac found Franz but what he was saying kinda creeped her out. ”That’s definitely scary… I definitely hope I don’t become like that...” Diana thought to herself, with a shock to her system. However, what Isaac had said about four blocks she did definitely hoped that Jean secures their escape since it would be better to live and not die to the Imperials or the deathly yellow fog. ”That’s definitely a good idea... Isaac.” Diana said with a slight shaken to what is happening. All around her mostly, the death, carnage and frustration of this battle is definitely terrifying to her. It makes what Richard did to her look like child’s play.

Diana definitely followed Isaac and hoped that Freya, Jean and Thomas would get out of there since it wouldn’t be good to lose any of them. They are apart of her squad and doesn’t want to see any of them dying that’s to be sure. She didn’t really want to wield her weapon right now since it would be better to stay with the group than fire towards the Imperials that would be shooting at them. ”Please be safe Jean, Thomas and Freya… I do hope you get out of here and regroup with us.” Diana thought to herself, while trying to keep herself focused on living with the group that’s walking out of the back of the inn to freedom from the enemy’s weapons. It was a bit of a frustration to her body language, why did war have to be a living nightmare or hell on Earth. She was grateful the gas mask on her face was keeping her from the poisonous gas that can kill her in moments. However, a bullet could do the same. ”Mother, Father… I hope I return to you alive and well and not dead like it seems everyone in this blasted war wants to do...” Diana thought to herself, since she was worried about her parents the most right now because they would be devastated if she died in EW1.

She hoped it was going to be a pretty easy retreat from a position of being surrounded. The other thing on her mind was mostly about the Tunnel mission in question. ”Ugh, I hope that’s not going to be a nightmare… like this is right now fucking Federation.” Diana thought to herself. However, it was pretty easy to see her frustration on her face. Because the entire thing was definitely frustrating, the whole thing was ruined because of the Federation artillery striking Anome. This will definitely be on her mind for all time because of this specific hell, in her dreams and everything.

Diana’s Brutal Reality – A Peaceful Night – Amone City’s Walls (Sept. 11th)

Diana heard what Britta had said about going to check up on somethings. ”Alright Britta.” Diana said with a slight smile on her face. It was obvious that Jean and Reyna dancing was a bit intoxicating compared to the utter sadness in her heart about her entire family. She couldn’t help but smile and giggle because of watching the two of them dance it was definitely cute. ”I think that’s the first time I seen him actually genuinely smile in awhile.” Diana thought to herself. She was definitely a bit better from seeing that spectacle. It took her a bit until she heard Michael speak up and she smiles gently even though there’s still tears going down her cheek because she’s slightly better.

”I will Michael… in terms of keeping my hopes high because it would be nice to have a family that’s unified than broken because of one single person’s evil. I am hopeful she will listen too, she’s the smartest of my siblings.” Diana said, with a gentle smile on her face. It was obvious she hoped she will be able to talk to her elder sister Astra. However, underlying in her heart there will be a definite hole in her heart because of everything that happened to her at home in Castleton. This peaceful night was a definite good thing for her so she can figure out her emotions. Her family the Vastergoths are definitely a hardheaded bunch of people and it takes them sometimes to figure out themselves before they feel complete.

The dancing stopped between Jean and Reyna and she couldn’t help but clap because of it. It was definitely beautiful in how they both danced, it definitely showed they were pretty good at dancing. The song in question was definitely interesting to her ears, which she still hadn’t really figured out what it means. She saw Jean get up and talk about what they need to do tomorrow about an operation to blow up tunnels. The additionally, of no alcohol is definitely a good thing, which has a happy tone to it. ”Yeah I will definitely sleep in my uniform since its better than the alternative right now...” Diana said, with her slightly blushing at what she hinted at. It would probably go over Jean’s head unless he heard her and Victoria have sex, it was mostly at the fact she was hinting she was completely naked. This made her blush a bit because it was a peaceful night. She was approached by Isaac, which taught her how to play cards. However, she did dance a bit with Reyna before going to bed since she was utterly exhausted because of the fact she didn’t get much sleep.

Diana went straight to her room, without going into any other rooms and went to bed so she could wake up the next morning preparing for the operation of the tunnels or any other obstacles. In there way, however, she hoped nothing bad would happen. To ruin the neutrality of this inn since it was outright amazing for her since she definitely did push through some of her family issues. Her mind was definitely peaceful when she slept. ”I hope we can start tomorrow anew… This war is utterly terrifying… I hope nothing really bad happens...” Diana thought to herself. In the back of her mind she continued to wonder about the mask that was given to her from the Federation. After that she fell asleep.

Diana’s Brutal Reality – Horror – Amone City’s Walls (September 12th)

Diana woke up slowly from her bed, which the morning sun was hitting her eyes that made her sigh a bit to everything that happened from yesterday. She followed what Jean had said from yesterday to the letter since she wouldn’t want to have a repeat from yesterday morning. It was a bit embarrassing to her, at least her hangover was completely gone now. That made her much happier compared to how she was yesterday, just utterly crying and couldn’t help herself to break down a bit. All her squadmates yesterday definitely helped her mood at least. Especially Reyna, since she had a dance with her and was highly embarrassed from the dance. It was mostly because she stared at Reyna, while dancing with her. However, after that dance she was taught how to play cards by Isaac that was really sweet of him. ”Everyone is kind to me… I will repay that kindness with being a proper soldier. I hope...” Diana thought to herself, with a smile.

She was getting her kit together, which was a bit of a pain. It took a bit to clean her rifle mostly because of the fact she learned it from Daniel. However, something in the air happened that made her a bit worried and terrified, which is the noise of distant artillery being fired. ”Uhh… what? Why is that happening… Whom is firing the artillery at this hour?” Diana thought to herself. She couldn’t help but feel a sickening feeling down in her stomach, the people who are firing the artillery is no other than the Federation. It was obvious, why they would be launching an artillery strike so the stalemate between the Federation & Imperials would finally end. ”Umm, that’s not good why would the Federation firing artillery? I hope it doesn’t come this way.” Diana thought to herself. She felt like all the hope in the world couldn’t change what will happen today, like all roads lead to destruction.

Diana couldn’t help but shake a bit in fear at what was happening. However, the hope in her heart was shattered by with what she heard and she was close to the window since she was looking outside. She instinctively ducked mostly because of the fact she heard someone downstairs yell it, which sounded like Isaac. The artillery shell landed outside of the inn, shattering all the windows of the inn, which was a good thing she ducked or she’ll get glass in her eyes. ”God damn it...” Diana said a bit out loud. It was said out of the frustration of everything happening all at once. She lifted her head and saw Jean and one of the Inn’s Employees outside, which was terrifying what she saw. A strange yellowish fog coming out of a shell and completely enveloping the girl that works at the inn. That outright made her utterly terrified at whatever this stuff is, however, she heard coming up the stairs Victoria yelling to put on the Masks. The sinking feeling that is the reason why they have the masks, she was always wondering why they had them. ”Seriously this is what the mask is for? To protect us from whatever that stuff is?” Diana thought to herself, her heart sank a bit. She put on her mask as quickly as possible, however, it was definitely highly claustrophobic to her but its the only thing that is keeping her from dying to whatever that stuff is. The only thing that gave her relief was hopefully every single person in her squad was wearing the mask because that shit is utterly terrifying since she saw how quickly it killed that civilian.

She couldn’t help but wonder what was the plan right now because she was kinda panicking at this point. The fear of being killed by her nation was definitely shocking, however, something else was going through her mind. She was about to walk out of her room in the inn, until she heard.


She was shocked when she heard that noise, which probably meant there were still Imperials in the Inn Room. In terms of everything, this was definitely a shocking experience, however, when she opened her door, she heard and saw Britta talking to Michael and Lucia. She had a small sigh of relief that no one in her squad was killed, however, she heard what Britta had said and followed her Britta’s instructions. It would be better to stick with the group now instead of trying to find everyone else of her squad because she was definitely terrified with what is going on right now. However, she heard Jean’s voice order them to retreat as quickly as possible since the peace that they held for two days was shattered. It was an official shooting war again in Amone. She wondered how many civilians were killed by this attack by the Federation, which stabbed neutrality in the back. This definitely caused her to feel a bit despairingly on the Federation for the actions they did. She followed everyone to make sure she wouldn’t be left behind. Because this was utterly terrifying civilians dying left and right because of this so called gas.

Diana didn’t enjoy wearing this mask but its the only thing keeping her alive she thinks from the horrible weapon that was put on display. Her body language definitely showed she was definitely shocked at these events. ”I guess this is why my mother Rebecca outright… disliked the Federation or there’s other reasons for their not so patriotic behavior towards that entity.” Diana thought to herself, with a definite frown on her face. It was obvious that she was definitely rethinking her stance on the Federation and how patriotic she has been over the younger years of her life. This one single event is going to affect her throughout the rest of her life the Battle of Amone will live in infamy in her heart by what the Federation done. ”Let’s hurry like Jean said and ordered more or less for us to retreat. Because I don’t want to be here as much as everyone else. It’s… awful...” Diana said, trying to keep herself together. It would definitely be bad to break down here right now even though she almost had already before the retreat order.

Diana’s Brutal Reality – Hopeful – Amone City’s Walls (Sept. 11th)

Diana couldn’t help but depressingly sigh from the whole situation at hand, it was great she did talk about her issues. It took a bit until she heard Micheal start speaking about not being a psychologist and turning to her to speak more. She gave out a small giggle specifically at that since it was something of an obvious thing since not everyone is professional in certain fields. She heard every single thing that Michael spoke about and took a bit to give an answer. ”Umm… the love for my family’s ideals is something I have always tried to share to everyone. Everyone is equal no matter if they are a Darscen or not.” Diana said, not really understanding what he is meaning. She showed a bit of her naivety here since she had no idea what Michael is saying since he’s saying it in a way that makes her not understand what it is. It was going a bit over her head, since she never really had to think about this much when she was growing up. Her parents cared for her much and had many things to teach her but she was dead set on her goals.

She heard what he had to say next and kinda made her feel a bit like, oh, in terms of the look on her face. It made a bit more sense, in what he was saying even though it was a bit over her head. She heard specifically what he said afterwards and it made her be a bit shocked. ”You are saying my sisters and friends were being choked by my naivety about what was going on around me? Or that I should try harder to keep my friends and family together. With the ideals of the Vastergoth Family… Since my mother told me specifically why my ancestors in the Vastergoth family gave up the wealth for a simpler lifestyle because they didn’t want to fight the Donsters anymore in a military-esque stance anymore.” Diana said, with a slight gasp in shock afterwards. This caused her to stop being so depressed in what he specifically said because it caused her to think a bit about it. She remembered Susan blurted out that the Vastergoth Family used to be highly rich and that’s when Astra’s change happened and that was when she was only eleven years old.

Diana heard what Michael said next after he took a bit of a break, drinking his tea. The private ownership made her a bit confused but it makes sense since that’s why she was protected much through her childhood by her mother Rebecca. However, her mother finally opened up and showed that she was a drinker to Diana, it was alike her mother was a bit ashamed of her habit or something. The look on her face was a bit terrified for Astra, even though she outright told her to die in EW1. It even felt like her elder sister was serious about it. ”Uhh… yeah my sister Astra is a bit obsessive with money… It didn’t help Susan blurted out that the Vastergoth Family, 500 years ago used to be even richer than the Donster Family. But decided to get rid of that burden of fake happiness with whatever money can buy to a more ‘family focused’ happiness of being middle class. That is what my mother Rebecca told me and my father Gavin reinforced with a bit more reinforced understanding since he is a Vastergoth.” Diana said, with a bit of an understanding on why her sister became only wanting money for money sake.

She specifically heard what Britta had to say and the end of what she said specifically hurt her much because she wouldn’t want her own sister to be hurt by that bastard. It made her specifically cry because of that. ”I… should’ve tried harder to talk her out of it… but she… did something unforgivable alike what Richard did to me. She wished me to die in EW1. And told me she was going to cut off all ties with our family because of the absurdity that Susan apologized to me. It felt like she was truthful but there was an underlying feeling of regret to her voice but I couldn’t hear it since I ran out before she could’ve said anything else.. then after that that’s when I ran into Richard before my shipping out to Conscription training.” Diana said. It caused her to choke up much more since no sibling should wish death on their family member, but Astra did specifically that. ”I shouldn’t have ran out… on my sister… but… the shock… of her… wishing me to die… was too much for me. The reason why I dislike Fog so much… she loves it for some odd reason.” Diana said, with a regretful tone in her voice while she was crying.

Diana felt Michael touch her wrist, it was specifically this that made her slowly try to stop crying but the fact she brought up the wish of what Astra wanted so badly. It was a bit painful to remember that specifically, even though she had a dream of that and why she was so bitter when yesterday morning rolled around and it was foggy. However, what he had said made her a bit happier. ”Thank you… Micheal I have to agree should have not happened in the first place...” Diana said still a bit depressed and teary eyed. He reassured her with his last words to her about he prays that her sister Astra finds the errors of her own ways. ”I believed her every single bit of what she said… but I have a feeling she regrets what she had said to me but the heat of the moment… was fresh in the air during that time.” Diana said. This specific thing made her want to protect her family and friends at home more and all the new friends she met during EW1.

She couldn’t help but look into Britta’s eyes since she was closer to her now and was making proper contact with her. ”I will protect my family… more than ever now and try not to make the same mistakes I have made in the past since I couldn’t see past the constant bullying by my elder sisters to see they cared about me… but didn’t want me to be spoiled… but I didn’t listen. I thank you Britta for helping me to see there is hope in my sisters and family and try to look past all the bad things they have said or done to me.” Diana said, with a genuine smile on her face. It was mostly because of the fact she wanted to stop being how she was a naive non-listener to her sister’s worries about her. She was spoiled by her mother Rebecca and her father Gavin by how much attention they gave to her. It caused her to move her free hand and get out her silver pendant necklace out and show Michael and Britta the pictures within in the necklace. On the right was her mother Rebecca, and on the left is her father Gavin. ”My mother Rebecca and my father Gavin, they protected me throughout my entire childhood. Guess that’s why I am a bit naive about things, and why I didn’t understand what my sisters were trying to tell me. Or why anything happened but before all this happened my elder sister Astra used to help me with homework that I was being stuck on and she was highly intelligent about everything. It was a bit amazing she was able to help me with my math homework without breaking a sweat it impressed me. But then something changed in her that caused her to hate me...” Diana said, with a gentle smile while looking at her silver pendant necklace that was opened to some of her squad mates. It isn’t like her parents aren’t going to die or anything since they are safe at home in Castleton.

However, she heard the music in the background and couldn’t help but be confused and noticed that Reyna and Jean dancing and couldn’t help but giggle at the situation. It was mostly because she has never heard this type of music before. ”Uhh.. Reyna what is this kind of music?” Diana questioned to Reyna. It was pretty obvious she never heard it before because it made her a bit happier hearing something new. She was happy to see Jean having fun though, because he never had a smile that big.

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