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Current The Multiverse is within us all. But the biggest one within me is A Fantasy RP and A Sci-Fi Series classified as "Jaina'Res."
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I'm still working on a Fantasy RP, it isn't dead. Its just writer's block sucks ass... :(
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I've been working on a Fantasy styled roleplay. It's still in the development stages since it has no name right now.
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What's this? I'm finally updating my status in 10 months. Wonderful. I hope you all enjoy it. As well, profiles are what I enjoy creating.
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The Sanctuary, VC, NCQuest, Talrae and the ILR all have one thing in common I am in them in terms of the RPs.


I am Landaus Five-One, which likes being called Holy since its A, Easier and B, I've used that distinction much longer than Landaus. I am into roleplays of any variety as long as they are interesting and unique for me to be apart of. There's a list below showing the roleplays I am interested in.
  • Sci-Fi
  • Space Opera
  • Magical
  • Fantasy
  • Modern
  • Post-Apocalyptic Themes
  • Alternate Universe / Alternate Reality
  • Horror
  • Insert any Fandom Here

I can play both genders easily, even though lately I've been playing mostly Female characters. Artificial Intelligence Characters are something of a odd quirk I like doing only because I have like a few characters that are basically massive AI Controlled Starships. Additionally, you can contact me via Discord using Holy R. Enigma#6381 for anything really. My birthdate is June 26, 1987, going to be soon 33 years old. Might as well add that these are the only two things I am going to put on here. Out of everything, I am really enjoying my time on roleplaying guild, just need to start working on the massive revamp of the Jaina'Res Mulitverse/Main Realm and the Fantasy RP I have been starting to work on. It's still in the Development stages in terms of the Fantasy RP I am going to GM.

Hopefully everyone has a good 2020 and beyond, gl and hf. As well, I'm highly interested in Strategy Games, Grand Strategy and MMORPGs aka play FFXIV.

The Roleplays I am apart of: The RP's Creator - Roleplays listed second.
Letter Bee: Iliad City: A Magical RP in an original world resuming & Academy of Noble Arms - The Golden Generation
LetMeDoStuff: Persona the Beholder
The Jest: Lost Innocence RP Reset - This roleplay went through a complete reset. The Pages are children whom gained magical powers from being infused by dust of a crystalline race. Need to still finish the required profiles I've been working on mostly been sidetracked a little. However, Sidetracking is always a pain in the ass. Additionally, The Jest is still working on all details of said roleplay before he launches it.

Roleplays that have an OOC and were rebooted once before:


Interest Checks that Caught my Interest:

Creation of Something New: Getting back into the swing of things...
The Venerdale Legends RP: Retinue of the Ariel Guardians - The Name has finally been chosen, which is the Fantasy RP that is still in development. Got many things to work on, at least its finally named. (Like the Magic System and others)

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Letter Bee's NCQuest RP:

Location: Infirmary
Interaction: Maria @The Jest and Tarak @Th3King0fChaos

Narvia enjoyed being around her friends in the Star Marines, specifically Maria, since her abilities are helpful. Everyone else had their specific quarks, but she felt she might have rolled her eyes if Maria had a concept of emotions. Maria spoke in her usual monotone voice, which also had instructions to sit at a chair, which Narvia did sit down. "Y-Yeah, I am ready, Maria. You can begin whenever." Narvia said cutely. She always had more towards her emotions than anyone else in the group. They are called the Star Marines since it's the only thing keeping her towards her goals.

Narvia saw Tarak walk in and was a bit more shocked that he was here than her. She thought too highly of Tarak to get a scan, but orders are orders from the Captain. It's better to know everyone's intentions on the Xuanxang besides the usual. "How are you doing, Tarak?" Narvia asked a simple question him. She usually tries to ask these questions to get her mind off the shock of her life from her Godfather, Nikolas R. Zaharin, in that last mission he gave her. Her thoughts were all over the place about her Godfather Nikolas, her father Conner L. Hadley, etc.

Narvia didn't feel anything from Maria, which was odd. She never usually hesitates during scans, it must mean something is up, or she wants help from the other two. It was primarily because of the optimal standard it because of Avelyn and Amy. Narvia was one of the most considerate people on the ship, so she decided not to ask why it took so long for Maria to start the scan.

Maria spoke up about it not taking too long to scan. Nariva felt her mind being probed by Maria's mind. Her thoughts were a bit cluttered but not so much to hide anything vital since she's pretty much doesn't keep a hold of much in her head and wants to blurt it out so everyone can hear. She blushes again by her failure, but she wouldn't be here if she blurts things out like she usually does. It's embarrassing, Narvia so much it hurts somewhat, but it's nice that she has someone to care for like Finbarr.

Maria spoke up again after the scan, saying that Tarak and her were clean as a whistle. Specifically, what Maria said made Narvia confused at what Maria implied about Finbarr cheating on her with Nero, which caused her to blush. "U-Umm, Finbarr is a sweetie. T-Thank you, Maria, I should do that." Narvia said, heavily blushing after saying what she said. She waves Maria and Tarak goodbye and leaves the Infirmary before Maria talks to Tarak. Narvia does take a bit to get what's going on, but she was too embarrassed to get anything but wanted to cool down from Maria, implying something.

-=[ Finbarr Checkup ]=-

It took a while, but Narvia was much further away since she took a slight detour to her room but stopped in front of it. Narvia was slightly deep in thought, but she realized she should see how Finbarr was doing. She did call Finbarr a sweetie. Therefore, she knew her new destination was in the Kitchen, where Maria told her that he was there. Something popped in her head, which was why Maria did that exactly, but it wasn't to worry or question it.

Narvia was slightly less embarrassed than she was earlier at the infirmary, which was a relief. 'I hope everything is alright in the infirmary. Though, I do wonder what Finbarr is doing in the Kitchen.' Narvia thought to herself, slightly worried. She continued to the Kitchen, which she passed some others along the way and waved at them. Nonetheless, it didn't take too long for her to reach the Kitchen, and she saw it was a mess as if Finbarr and Nero had made a disaster in the Kitchen. Narvia was too much distracted with that scan and everything else, so she must have missed them.

'Guess that's what Maria meant. He was cooking something without me. I hope whatever it was, and it was delicious.' Narvia thought to herself. She smiled happily and decided to walk back to her room afterward. One thing, dating is something new to her, and she doesn't get all the concepts of that or this, but she enjoys being with Finbarr nonetheless. Narvia reaches her room and enters it, which she sits on her bed deep in thought. She thinks about everything that has happened to her up to this point, and it is depressing, but the few bright spots were everyone that protected her.

-= [ Loss Track of Time ] =-

Narvia lost track of time as everything went on as usual, which meant she missed the introduction of the guests coming from the Kanarusians. It made her check her omnitool and freak out about how long she was in her room, to which she sighed. Narvia gets up from her seat from her bed, which she will have to apologize profusely to Mr. Meanie's pants or Joey. 'I should probably not call him that to his face, though. B-But he was a bit mean to everyone.' Narvia thought to herself. She stretches a bit and tries to think about where they would be after an introduction, or in her case, a late one. They might be hungry, so the Cafeteria would be the best bet to look for the guests from those dragons.

Narvia then reaches the Cafeteria, which she was correct in seeing guests are indeed here, which were fantastic and neat at the same time. "U-Um, sorry for missing the guests' arrival. I-I lost track of time, Natasha and Joey." Narvia said. She had a smile on her face. Though the guests were varied, she knows much about how the Kanarusians use honor guards from a colony of humans, which she could see standing by the Kanarusian in question. It was all because Nikolas talked about the Kanarusians sometimes since it reminded him of the dragons of Draken'vina but much more humanoid-Esque than entirely draconic.

Before Narvia wanted to introduce herself, a Self-Efficient robot and a family of aliens introduced themselves. She was grateful to meet new people, including a specifically famous diplomat from the Ascendancy, who stayed on the Rau've homeworld. Narvia did wave at her, but she wanted to introduce herself properly instead of being a bit of a clutz involving herself in such a person.

Narvia gently bowed in front of all the people from the Kanarusian Shuttle or were already there. She didn't know the human boy who is the Kararusian guard, but she knows of their culture enough from Nikolas. "Um, Hello everyone, and welcome to the Xuanxang! My name is Narvia Folspear Steven-Zahrin. I wish I weren't here and with my mother and older sisters, but my father decided to put me in the life of the Star Marines. If it wasn't for my Godfather Nikolas R. Zahirn the Dragon, I feel I would have had a much worse life than I do." Narvia said. She glared directly at Joey for a second, only because she felt as if Joey said something about her before she met them. Everyone must know the military exploits of the Dragon, her godfather, since he's a bit of a legend in the Ascendancy Military. Narvia was happy to see another human with diplomatic clothes from the Ascendancy Diplomatic Core. "N-Nice to meet you, Diplomat Lady!" Narvia exclaimed with a smile.

Narvia showed how kind she was, but if her godfather was no other than Nikolas R. Zahrin, everyone could quickly tell her biological father, no different from Conner L. Hadley. Who were explicitly from the Ascendancy themselves or knew the exploits of the Gravia Military Company. Narvia wants to talk to her father about why he did that to her, but she wants to find the people who pirated their money away to make the rest of the crew eat rations. She had no idea how Rations had tasted since she primarily stayed in the Dragon's Brigade Fleet.

@Letter Bee @vietmyke @The Man Emperor @Senhara @Smike
It would be nice to have a race template. XD
Because I am coco for cocoa puffs. lol
I'm working on my character's appearance/ship/and the Nation they belong to. But I will do more later. >.>
Unlurks, May the Winds of Change End the Unity of the Sentient Mess that we call Mortality.

Uhh, Hello, everyone. :)

Location: City Sewers -- The City-State of Thorinn, Aetheria

There weren't many awful things like what was happening to her right now in Kalie's mind. The sewer got even more disgusting by the deluge of heavy disgusting water. It blindsided everyone in her group, including the other people they went to save.

'Utterly disgusting, blindsided by disgusting shit water of all things. Fucking hell, I am not enjoying this at all.'

She held her breath as the best as she could and feel someone tightening their grip on her hand, which could be Rael's. In the back of Kalie's mind, she was relieved that one of her comrades saved her by holding onto her hand. She didn't want to sigh, though, or it'll allow her to get water in her mouth that was awful tasting. Still, it could be a whole lot worse that would suck, though.

'I don't want to know how that water tastes.'

Kalie had her breath break, which caused a rush of water to enter her mouth. She wanted to get out of the water as quickly as possible, and she pushed upward. Her thoughts were rushing to the time Kalie did go to a YMCA with her parents. Thankfully, she does know how to swim, but in this place, her body was so much more different in certainties. Dawn Sarah Hughes wasn't as good at swimming as Kalie Augustine since the latter has enhancement magic flowing through her body. She kept up with the one who held her hand, thankfully.

Kalie looked over and saw Rael would be the one holding her hand, which gave her a helping hand. Also, she saw the other one that Rael saved too. A reassuring look on her face, but they still have to get out of this hell of water. She was a bit depressed that not many people made it, though.

'Ugh, eww, I will never want to taste that water again. Also, how many baths will I have to take to feel clean again?'

When the water broke, and Kalie could breathe again.

The blonde American girl was ecstatic when Rael helped her up to the stone surface. Kalie saw Graves and Alja at the exact moment as Rael and was happy that they were alive. Other than that, Kalie was so disgusted and couldn't help but cough up the liquid that entered her mouth, which was atrocious. She felt the magic of the healer girl go over her to lessen the nasty effects of the appalling water to be normalized. Kalie would never forget the taste as long as Kalie lived. It's not like she would want to drink shit-tasting water ever.

Kalie heard the healer's voice and couldn't help but kept coughing for a bit. Though, that's when Rael would wave the healer girl off and said I'm fine. "I'm fine too, but I wouldn't want to experience that again in my lifetime." Kalie said. She did wave at Graves and Alja, who were sitting by each other. All the while, Kalie put her left hand to hold onto her right hand because that was a trifling a bit annoying to her.
@Lord Indra@Blizz@BlackMaiden

I've come to a decision.
I'm going to drop out of Just Another Hero. I had extremely great fun here playing a revamped Shinon, etc. But it's a bit hard to be excited for a roleplay when the main GM just vanishes without a trace, without telling us when they will be back, etc.

I hope you all enjoy life. :)

Jessica looked over to her companions, who were defending Carver on this job. Asher responded reasonably enough, about they walked into their territory, or they could be hungry. Reynard responded to her question with a statement that scaring them would be a better response. "It could be better than dealing with them with extreme prejudice. I wouldn't want to fail a bodyguard job because we failed to protect our client." Jessica said with a sigh leaving her. Still, she held an enormous amount of contempt for the Goblins and disdain. They were a pain in the ass.

Jessica kept herself in a guarded position and kept looking at the goblins, but she could hear Tearsy giggling in her head. She takes a mental note in it because it seems like Tearsy is having a blast with her dealing with Goblins. It is a bit annoying, and then Carver suggests giving the goblin's leader a piece of his bar. She didn't like this one bit, but Carver's suggestion is better than being hostile to them. "Alright, I will try it, Carver. It is better to get this over with now than dealing with problems. If this doesn't work, we should get out of here and continue towards our location." Jessica said. She knew she would have to calm down and enter her happy place before she takes the Bar Carver offering.

Jessica took time to calm down and showed a smile over a grimace at the sight of these goblins. She reaches for the Bar Carver is offering, and she gently reaches out to the Goblin leader in no negative way. Before handing the bar, Jessica opened it up for the Goblin leader and gave it to him with no hostile action towards him. After, that Jessica watched Carver show the goblin leader how to eat the bar, but she sighed. 'Tearsy what you want? Why were you laughing at me?' Jessica thought to herself, trying to get Tearsy to respond to her.

Tearsy did respond with a giggle at Jessica and slightly enjoyed how she handled that situation. Jessica usually snaps and attacks goblins on sight, but she didn't probably because Carver is here too. "I am impressed that you didn't snap at them and calmed down. You are usually so reckless and take on a good amount of monsters you shouldn't take on alone. But you do. It's a bit lady-like of you, hehe." Tearsy thought projected into Jessica's head with a bit of teasing tone too. The sword sheath shifts between dimmer and brighter glowing of its aura.

Jessica sighs at Tearsy's compliment of showing a bit of restraint for once in her life towards Goblins. 'Why are you teasing me so much?' Jessica thought to herself, blushing a bit. She didn't enjoy being teased so much by Tearsy, but it felt a bit different how she did tease her. She kept her eyes towards the Goblin Leader but tried to keep her mind off what Tearsy had said. Jessica had wondered if there was a way to get her sword to speak like everyone else, but it would probably be even more embarrassing if everyone could hear her.

Tearsy giggled at Jessica's thought since this is the first time Jessica had this thought and never asked if Tearsy could speak normally. "I think this is the first time you ever asked about this specific thing. I can talk like everyone else, but your lineage through the ages never asked that particular question, hehe. Though, I haven't used it in forever. But it would help if you said, I love you, Tearsy." Tearsy thought projected into Jessica's head. She was grateful to finally be able to speak normally, but that will take a while since there is a lock on that ability. It only requires Jessica to say the magic words of the one thing Jessica tries to avoid.

Jessica gasped slightly in shock that Tearsy can speak normally, but it requires saying four words to activate it. She says I like you, Tearsy, but never said I love you, before to the Sky Tears Sword. Her face turned as a tomato because that is a giant leap to say. 'Uhh, can I say that after this... mission?' Jessica thought in response. She was stunned big time, it seems like all she had to do was think the right questions, and suddenly Tearsy would reveal the correct answers. Tearsy gave out a giggle and an uh-huh in her mind telling her yeah, sure.
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