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Current The Multiverse is within us all. But the biggest one within me is A Fantasy RP and A Sci-Fi Series classified as "Jaina'Res."
4 yrs ago
I'm still working on a Fantasy RP, it isn't dead. Its just writer's block sucks ass... :(
4 yrs ago
I've been working on a Fantasy styled roleplay. It's still in the development stages since it has no name right now.
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What's this? I'm finally updating my status in 10 months. Wonderful. I hope you all enjoy it. As well, profiles are what I enjoy creating.
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The Sanctuary, VC, NCQuest, Talrae and the ILR all have one thing in common I am in them in terms of the RPs.


I am Landaus Five-One, which likes being called Holy since its A, Easier and B, I've used that distinction much longer than Landaus. I am into roleplays of any variety as long as they are interesting and unique for me to be apart of. There's a list below showing the roleplays I am interested in.
  • Sci-Fi
  • Space Opera
  • Magical
  • Fantasy
  • Modern
  • Post-Apocalyptic Themes
  • Alternate Universe / Alternate Reality
  • Horror
  • Insert any Fandom Here

I can play both genders easily, even though lately I've been playing mostly Female characters. Artificial Intelligence Characters are something of a odd quirk I like doing only because I have like a few characters that are basically massive AI Controlled Starships. Additionally, you can contact me via Discord using Holy R. Enigma#6381 for anything really. My birthdate is June 26, 1987, going to be soon 33 years old. Might as well add that these are the only two things I am going to put on here. Out of everything, I am really enjoying my time on roleplaying guild, just need to start working on the massive revamp of the Jaina'Res Mulitverse/Main Realm and the Fantasy RP I have been starting to work on. It's still in the Development stages in terms of the Fantasy RP I am going to GM.

Hopefully everyone has a good 2020 and beyond, gl and hf. As well, I'm highly interested in Strategy Games, Grand Strategy and MMORPGs aka play FFXIV.

The Roleplays I am apart of: The RP's Creator - Roleplays listed second.
Letter Bee: Iliad City: A Magical RP in an original world resuming & Academy of Noble Arms - The Golden Generation
LetMeDoStuff: Persona the Beholder
The Jest: Lost Innocence RP Reset - This roleplay went through a complete reset. The Pages are children whom gained magical powers from being infused by dust of a crystalline race. Need to still finish the required profiles I've been working on mostly been sidetracked a little. However, Sidetracking is always a pain in the ass. Additionally, The Jest is still working on all details of said roleplay before he launches it.

Roleplays that have an OOC and were rebooted once before:


Interest Checks that Caught my Interest:

Creation of Something New: Getting back into the swing of things...
The Venerdale Legends RP: Retinue of the Ariel Guardians - The Name has finally been chosen, which is the Fantasy RP that is still in development. Got many things to work on, at least its finally named. (Like the Magic System and others)

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Regretful Death – A Idol’s Death

Tamami had a dreadful fight with her mother, Yoshiko who had wanted money and an ounce of fame from her. She kept with the stance that her producer that started her rock band that her mother, didn’t need anything for how much she pushed her to become an idol. It didn’t help that Tamami wanted to have a family herself, but being an idol took up most of her time. Despite this, she held her friends in the band to the highest regard because the time spent with them was wondrous.

Outcome from the fight between her and her mother, Yoshiko caused her to walk across the road without looking both ways. Tamami got into a terrible accident caused by a Lamborghini, which her producer drives. She was going in and out of conscious because of voices by her pleading to her not to die while, another voice was causing her to fade fast. It was utterly beautiful and like had a serenity voice, with a name such as Kami, Tamami loved the Japanese Goddesses and Gods, with all her heart since she worshiped each and everyone of them.

Tamami muttered words to those voices before she permanently closed her eyes dying on the street next to her parent’s home. “I always regretted being an Idol. But Kentaro-san please don’t be sad for losing me. Please forgive my mother, Yoshiko. Despite our faults, the Ohashi family would be hurting for a much longer time since I am going to meet a Goddess.” Tamami said. Kentaro-san and Yoshiko were shocked by Tamami’s acceptance of dying so easily like that.

Tamami looked directly at Kami as she was now just a soul while looking down at her dead body, which she was sad at leaving her extended family, friends, and everyone that supported her decisions. She was a helpful woman to those children she wanted to help save from their situations by making their parents understand that children need to be children from time to time. Despite this she looked on in awe at Kami.

As Kami spoke more clearly and clearly telepathically to her, which caused her to have a proper tidbit of many regrets of all she wanted to have but couldn’t because of her parent’s desires to make her an idol. Tamami sighed regretfully towards everything that has happened but she had made the most of her beliefs and her desires despite no one would have married her because of how old she was compared to other women. “I want to have a slow and steady life that is much slower than what I had to grow up in.” Tamami said. She felt like she deserved that much for all the good she did as a Social worker to her extended family and other families outside of her sphere. Though some of those other families were pretty hostile to her barging in to their lives but as a social worker that’s what you must do with the knowledge of certain problems in the household.

Tamami hoped that all those she touched where she lived would be better for the good she tried to do. She accepted her death with open arms despite all the regrets she held within her soul. However, Kami, the Goddess was quite neutral in all things, and learned importantly that there is another life and no afterlife, that shocked her to the core. Tamami was taught very young age that there is an afterlife, but being told by a Goddess that there isn’t any and only a next life to live. “W-What I don’t get it…” Tamami said. She didn’t get the concept of another life but some fringe Priestesses of her faith do believe in another life since Buddhism is one of the core principles of Shinto, since Shinto is a hodgepodge of religions in one. But it still primarily focuses on Japanese Traditions and Beliefs.

As the Kami told her that she had an offer for her, which she also mentioned the world that Tamami would be reincarnated to live her new life. Tamami had recalled all those references to the Ninja World of Naruto by her band members and her Producer Kentaro-san. She got some of those references by what Kami had mentioned but her biggest want was the hair color. “I want pink hair, please! I always wanted to dye my hair to pink, but my mother, Yoshiko disallowed me to do so… I was so happy to wear a pink wig though. Please!” Tamami exclaimed. She didn’t quite understand which clan would have that pink hair, but she wanted it so badly that she always wore pink clothes most of the time when she was an idol and wore a beautiful pink jacket for her job as a Social Worker.

Tamami accepted the offer despite her wanting pink hair because it would be dumb not to accept something that was so graciously presented as a second chance to have a life that you weren’t allowed to have in your previous one. She wanted to have that life so badly but she would work her heart out to help her new mother and father to become better than her previous family.

As it was now, her new name would become Kaname Haruno, and living in a village called Konohagakure no Sato.

Arc 1 – Rebirth: Year 1

Kaname had a lot of things to think about while she was within her new mother’s belly, which her mother’s name was Aneya Haruno and her father was very caring to his wife and would be known as Morokao Haruno. Her parents were extremely happy despite the chance to have a newborn to take care of. It was wonderful, but she didn’t quite understand some of the things that were being said by her parents but she wasn’t born yet. Her thoughts were how much she was going to help her parents to help herself.

Kaname’s primary thoughts were towards something she become very much aware of, Chakra. She didn’t even have this semblance of anything in her previous life and it felt a bit foreign for her, but this world has chakra unlike her previous world.

As such, Aneya gave birth to Kaname with no complications and Kaname was a perfectly healthy baby girl. Kaname was taken care of by her mother mostly while her father was away from the house to help out the clan’s affairs. It is most she got out of the information as a baby, and she was so cute as a button. Her mother would carry her around throughout their house and showed her many things as a baby, and Kaname was giggling cutely as a baby.

It took a few months at most to start crawling around, but she only said gibberish to her mother and father when they were both home. Her mother even had a visitor over, which was no other than another pink haired woman with a similar clan symbol as her mother’s. Aneya picked up her daughter up and delightfully showed it to her friend, and for once the other woman smiled. The other woman’s name was Mebuki Haruno, but the conversation they had was peaceful and quite reassuring but in private despite their position on a thing that confused Kaname. She didn’t quite understand or wonder what this Council was but Mebuki and her mother were on it.

Mebuki and her mother Aneya chatted for a few minutes, and it was a mutual benefit type of meeting but Kaname was getting tired and was fussing slightly by meaning she wanted to sleep. Aneya gave her friend reassurances that the business side of things will stay separate from their friendship since they were rivals after all in their respective careers. Since they are both merchants and worked their asses off to have comfortable lives.

Kaname’s growth was getting better and during her seventh month as a baby. She walked for the first time in front of both of her parents, but her mother was more around her for all that time since Aneya loved her daughter. “Mommy.” Kaname said. She said her first word in front of both of her parents.

Aneya picked up her daughter, held her in her arms, and cutely kissed her forehead. “Aww, Kaname-chan. Did you hear that husband? Our daughter said mommy.” Aneya said. She was so delighted to have a daughter to say her first words. It’ll probably take a few more timeframe before Kaname says more than just a single word but it’s a start, she was lucky enough to say her mommy too for her mother. However, her mother was always within her life but Kaname will never meet her grandmother.

Morokao was happy for his wife that there was a reason why they gave their daughter Kaname, because it was to honor Aneya’s mother for being there for them when they needed it. Bailing them out of debt and giving her all for Aneya’s life so she could at least be part of the Haruno clan’s politics, including what the Civilians within the Leaf Village needed most, representation. “Hopefully, our daughter will grow up into a beautiful woman like your mother had. Bless your mother’s heart, she’ll be surely missed. But Kaname-chan please be someone that hopefully helps others as much as the woman you are named after.” Morokao said. He misses Aneya’s mother Kaname-sama. Aneya’s mother used the alias of Keiko Haruno usually though, her true name is Kaname Haruno otherwise. However, their daughter would have to grow up to become someone as respected as the previous Kaname.

Aneya looked toward her husband and slightly cried but gently held her daughter and always knew her mother didn’t have that much time left. Her mother always was so much in pain because of a particular attempt on her mother’s life. “Yes, please Kaname-chan be everything that my mother can’t be anymore. But please take your sweet time growing up so you can grow into that person, instead of rushing your life. However, you can be whoever you want if you don’t want to be like my mother precisely.” Aneya said. She was deeply conflicted with no one believing her that her Okaa-san was murdered. It didn’t help she didn’t quite understand what was wrong with her mother.

Morokao knew that his wife was so worried about her mother’s circumstances but before his mother-in-law perished she told him that she was dying a natural death by a thing that formed in her body and not by others. He takes a deep breath and looks at his wife. “Aneya, my wife I need to tell you something. Your mother didn’t die by being killed by outside forces that hate our clan for creating that pain point for Konohagakure. She died of a specific thing that she had within herself that didn’t need to be said, it was probably cancer or she was sickly from not taking care of herself. After helping you so much with your life that you needed help badly.” Morokao said.

Kaname was listening to her parents chat about everything and she instantly felt sad by not being able to meet this Grandmother who perished before she was born. ‘I’ll do my best mommy…’ Kaname thought to herself.

Aneya looked at her husband and was shocked to hear what he had said, but she misconstrued the warning signs of what was wrong with her mother. It means, it was just her mother’s time to go and that she was working herself to death by trying to give her daughter all the support she needed. “I-I should probably try to apologize to those I accused for my mother’s death. But it’ll probably take a while for them properly to hear my apology. I was angry at what I assumed. Is that why you were always there to get me out of trouble?” Aneya asked.

Morokao nodded despite everything his wife is precious to him especially since they have a daughter who needs to be protected from all the wrongs that don’t make a right. He used their wealth to negate all the negative pressure from the other clans by trying to make a wrong a right, or at least appease them by not wanting to punish his wife for her assumptions. However, Mebuki took Aneya’s mother's death more severely since Mebuki’s mother was close to Aneya’s. It’s probably why it took them so long to mend their relationship. Despite this, Mebuki is the head of the Civilian Council.
I'm interested but at a tentative nature for the moment.
But otherwise, it's going to be neat.
Collab Post Between Letter Bee, Aisede, and Landaus Five-One - @Letter Bee @Aisede

Municipality of Lingayen - 9/30/2022, 8:17 UTC+8

As a War Correspondent, Ayahime arrived at the Municipality of Lingayen seventeen minutes after the fighting had stopped. Ayahime had a 14-hour, 52-minute flight from Sacramento, California, to Lingayen, Philippines, but she had to divert her flight somewhat because of Chinese Aggression in the region. She officially arrived by car at the Municipality of Lingayen, safe enough that she drove herself since the news waited for no one. It didn't help that Ayahime had jet lag from the long trip, and having her flight diverted slightly from going straight to Lingayen, Philippines, was a pain. 'Christ, this place was turned into a wreck by the Chinese. Oh god, that must have been some battle. Too bad I was late in getting here to see it.' Ayahime thought to herself, with one of those looks of war is so much different when looked up close. She did go through War Correspondent training to understand the pros and cons of being one.

Ayahime parks her car nearish to what would seem like a good parking spot and gets out Sony A7 IV, Camera, which is the best identifier of being a War Correspondent, Freelance Journalist. She places her Sony A7 IV Camera around her neck, holds it carefully, and tries to figure out what to do since the buildings in this city are slightly damaged from the fighting. 'Hopefully, no one will notice me.' Ayahime thought to herself while walking towards the Sison Auditorium.

Ayahime got her camera off her neck and started taking pictures of the surrounding buildings that did have damage in Lingayen, Pangasinan. She was too engrossed in taking photographs as she walked down the street towards the Sison Auditorium. However, Ayahime did remember that she needed to report to the highest-ranking military officer in the region. Thankfully, she called where she got her War Correspondent Credentials to learn where the allied army locations were in the war-torn areas of the Phillippines, Vietnam, etc. since previous War Correspondents did return to the United States. '96-year-old buildings being converted into military barracks is depressing, but war changes places.' Ayahime thought as she walked and stopped on the street with the large building behind her. She sighed slightly, looked behind her, and took a picture of the Sison Auditorium. After taking the picture, Ayahime placed her camera back around her neck.
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