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Current The Sanctuary, VC, NCQuest, Talrae and the ILR all have one thing in common I am in them in terms of the RPs.
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I have two Sci-Fi Roleplays & A Valkyria Chronicles RP.
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I'm still in a Digimon RP and now joined my favorite roleplay genre, which is Sci-Fi.
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I'm in a Digimon Roleplay.
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"Reporting for duty for 5 roleplays Ascension, Blood Act I, Samhain Intrigues, Beginner Game and FNC RP." I am crazy. :P


I am Landaus Five-One, I am in roleplays they are below. I enjoy Sci-Fi, Space Operas, Magical, World Invasions, Modern, Fantasy, Horror, Post-Apocalyptic Themes, and Alternate Universe.

I can play both genders + Artificial Intelligence characters as well. Since I do have two AI characters aka the Massive Starships within my Detailed Profiles topic.

I am looking for a Role play that keeps me interested, mostly. I have a vast quality/quantity of stuff I am working on at the moment classified as the Jaina'Res Multiverse + the Main Realm. I am working on 20 profiles, and multitude of other things like a timeline but that's going to take awhile to get started since I still have to think where it all started and etc.

Out of everything, I am interested in role plays that are unique to their genre and etc. As well, I would like if the people can play both genders, just because since I can play them both that is. And other things like that. I have Skype if someone wants to contact me about certain things 'annihilation-holy' is my Skype, I go by Holy R. Enigma on it anyways. That's the only off-site information I am going to give.

I also like Grand Strategy, Real Time Strategies and etc in terms of video games. So I would probably do a Nation RP, if I wasn't so busy with the other things on my plate in terms of my Profiles, the timeline, and etc. So this is the end of the bio.

P.S: I like being called Holy, instead of Landaus since I have been using Holy a lot longer than this one name on this forum.

Roleplays I am apart of:
~ Valkyria Chronicles - Changing of the Guard ~ - LetMeDoStuff - Valkyria Chronicles : Dark and Gritty EW1 through EW2. In terms it is a Anime War story type RP.
NCQuest - A Mecha RP: The Defense of Darwin (BeeNCQuest) - Letter Bee - Code Geass with a shade of Gundam.
Talrae S2 - HueMan - It's Sword Art Online if it had a better narrative direction all created by the TM. Instead of the person who created it. Therefore, it'll be an epic story of how to get out of the game!
The Sanctuary - Ithradine - Want safety from a cruel world? In the Sanctuary got you covered with Master R, or R for short. They are protected from the evils of the world that want to hurt your character.
Lost Innocence Reset - The Jest - This roleplay went through a Reset. In terms of everything the Pages need saving since they are children.

Roleplays that have an OOC and were rebooted once before:


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Diana’s Brutal Reality – Something’s Bothering Her – Amone City’s Walls (Sept. 11th)

Diana’s mood lifted a little bit when she heard Jean say no more alcohol until their mission is completed. It went back down only because her hangover was thumping a bit hard and it caused her to cry some more because it hurts much. ”I dislike.. this… I will probably not drink as much as my mother drinks… in one day.” Diana thought to herself with tears going down her cheeks because of the fact her head hurts much. She had a slight frown on her face, since she’s mostly can’t really help not being happy right now. It was what Luke said at the end of when he was responding to Jean made her still not enjoy this.

She did notice Luke staring at her, which only caused her to cry more, it was only because of the fact her mood was pretty low already. It was because of how everything turned to shit in an instant, however, her thoughts were going a bit wild only to remember something ten times worse that was said to her by a whole different person. This specific person is literally the same person she met on the train heading to the Garnia Hill 58. It was no other than the bastard, Richard Averring Donster, one of the people who constantly gets into fights with her mother Rebecca constantly. However, what he said threw her for a loop, he told her things that she’ll find on the EW1 battlefield. ”Ugh… why am I remembering that bastard now? Luke is definitely not like Richard Averring Donster. If he was I would probably try to throw him under a bus if I was able to… I shouldn’t try to do anything to hurt Luke anymore...” Diana thought to herself, crying at the fact that Luke is just an asshole and not a bastard like Richard. This caused her specifically to go into a daydream right here, kinda wanting to get her mind off of what happened. Since she remembers every single thing that he said to her word for word.

She snapped back into reality from her daydream/flashback of when she first ever met the worst person in history. What he did specifically to her mentally and physically is nothing to what Luke did to her. Luke is a troubled individual whom she now knows that his mother is dead, which caused her a bit of mental trauma. She’ll leave him alone for a bit since he’ll probably needs to think over, however, this makes her question her inner thoughts in why he looked at her specifically. ”Did he never see a girl cry before? But I won’t bug him...” Diana thought to herself. She heard Luke be utterly annoyed at Isaac’s plan to play cards and marched out of the inn since he wanted to deal with the mission at hand of destroying the tunnels. It caused her to cry since she’s a bit frustrated in what she did, and couldn’t help but feel a bit worst for what transpired. She looked around the room and noticed Victoria, which caused her to remember what she said before they woke up.

Diana specifically was trying to hold her cute little giggles in what Victoria said. The good morning and what was after about getting used to the hangovers. The pain of the headache wasn’t something she would ever want to try again, however, she is definitely a lightweight in that specific thing. However, she remembered seeing that pendant necklace around Victoria’s neck. ”Victoria having a daughter… I hope she does get to see her daughter again.” Diana thought to herself, with a slighter happier mood on her face. However, she noticed that Victoria in question walked out of the inn to talk to Luke. ”Uuuhhh… I hope she doesn’t do anything to mean to Luke. He did make me be in shock and horror that I found out that his mother was dead. However, it could’ve been so much worse…” Diana thought to herself, with a look of a bit of worry with a bit of annoyance at her hangover not allowing her to move that much. Her head still hurts much from that ‘party’ you could say she had when unlocking her emotions towards her older sisters. They deserve the hate that they require from her. It took her a bit to notice that Jean was sitting by Reyna and chatting to her about things, however, all she could do was smile at them where she was sitting. Reyna’s cup of tea yesterday, was definitely a good thing to have to drink before her defeat at the hands of Victoria, whom was much more prepared to drink much. She sighed a bit that she was too much of a lightweight in drinking alcohol it took her six drinks in total to start slurring her words.

She, however, didn’t want to interrupt their conversation between the two specifically. It took her a bit to notice Micheal walking in the room, with a slight annoyed tone in his voice. She cutely giggles at what he said since it made sense because her mother Rebecca is quite loud too. The Vastergoth’s are a very unique family since they can’t really be settled in to quickly, it’s mostly because of the fact, her mother does tons of Bar Tours in Castleton. The only time her parents are settled is when they are at the dinner table having a nice quiet chat with their children. ”Hi Micheal, how are you doing today?” Diana asked curiously towards Michael. In her mind, Michael and Lucia is the cutest couple ever in the Squad 1. It is a cute thought that only passes her mind when she sees Michael or Lucia. She couldn’t help but notice he was ordering tea and being completely telling them he only wants tea this way. It caused her to be reminded that Jean told her that Michael is pretty much rich, but a nice guy. In terms of her only run in with a rich person, it made her be slightly reminded about her daydream about what happened to her when she bumped into Richard. He was the stereotypical Rich Asshole that wanted all Darscens to die in a fire. It didn’t help that he slammed her against a wall while holding her up, in terms of things, she was lucky her back was only bruised and no broken bones or that would have been a whole hell much worse.

Diana reminding herself about Richard and the Donster Family as a whole made her cry and it definitely feel like something else was bothering her. It was much more serious than what Luke did, and this crying had a bigger fear response. ”I… don’t… want… to... feel… helpless again.” Diana said, with something clearly bothering her. She spoke a bit quietly but her body language showed that something else was bothering her than what Luke had said to her earlier it was like she had remembered something awful. It took her a moment for the waitress to give Diana her food and coffee, which she was waiting for awhile now. She thanked the waitress for the food and coffee and smiled gently towards the waitress, even though she was still crying. In terms of things, she started to drink her coffee and the caffeine definitely helped her mood a bit. She used her fork to eat the sausage on the plate, the Breakfast food definitely looked great. Ironic enough this is how she usually eats her breakfast at home, she’s a bit particular about how she eats her food in the morning hours. Even though her mother usually yells at her to eat the eggs first. It took her to feel a bit better but the hangover was still there, her mood was picked up a bit. She was still in tears for what she had said, before she started to eat her breakfast. You could tell something was bothering her, it was clear as day.

Diana’s Brutal Reality – Revelation & Reprimanded – Amone City’s Walls (Sept. 11th)

Diana was sobbing slightly mostly because of the fact, her hangover really hurts. It didn’t help she wishes she didn’t drink but she did anyway. Her family as a whole is weird when it comes to alcohol, however, she heard Luke talk about his food. It definitely was good to hear since the army’s rations were a bit not that good to what she usually eats at home comparability. ”I have to say I can’t wait for the food I ordered then...” Diana said, with a bit of a respite. However, then his insult of her height came into the picture, which definitely didn’t help her already soured mood. It still got to her mostly because it was an insult or whatever advice he would probably call it. ”Ugh… I am too much having a raging hangover to not yell at you for calling me short, Luke…” Diana said, with one her left hand on her forehead.

It took her a bit by surprise, when Luke specifically looked at her with an annoyed glare and spoke towards her. She heard what he had said and that shocked her to the core of her being because no one in her life ever asked for death in a literal sense. However, she couldn’t help but shake and be highly nervous and feel her hangover hit her a bit harder than normal since Luke was yelling at her. ”Uhhhh… S-S-Scary...” Diana said, a bit speechless and with a fear response in how angry he was. It didn’t help that she did ‘start’ this by asking specifically this but didn’t think she would get a reaction like this. However, what he had said next shocked her because she didn’t know that his mother was dead. It was definitely a revelation to say the least, but he didn’t like how he said it specifically to her in terms of how much she enjoys to hear herself speak. ”I-I… d-didn’t k-know… y-you don’t have to be so m-mean L-Luke…” Diana said.

However, she couldn’t really say anything else since she heard Jean start reprimanding her and Luke and she looked a bit depressed. It wasn’t the fact he was right in what he was saying. ”Y-Yes Jean… I shouldn’t have started it…” Diana responded to Jean’s question. She was definitely crying now and it wasn’t because of her hangover but she couldn’t really focus on anything else since Luke was being a bit meaner to her than usual. It took most of her from utterly breaking down right there because she wasn’t in the right place right now. She looked at Jean when he mentioned not to make things harder for everyone. ”I-I understand… I won’t try to… be so… painstakingly annoying to Luke…” Diana said, with a bit of a depressed tone in her talking. However, then the other NCO came up to the plate and more or less agreed with what Jean had to say, in terms of Isaac. She put her head on the table, since she couldn’t help but continue to cry quietly since her head definitely hurt. ”You are right… as well. It wouldn’t be a good idea to degrade our humanity enough to become the splitting image of Captain Grumpus. I got you, Isaac.” Diana said, with a bit of tears going on the table since she had her head on the table.

It was a bit weird in what he said afterwards, specifically the game he suggested they play. She had never allowed to play poker, mostly because her mother Rebecca never allowed her to try. It was a curious thing to try, however. ”Increase our morale by playing a game I have never played? I’ve heard of Poker, but my mother Rebecca never allowed me to play it not even once. She was very strict on that type of game… I don’t know why she allowed me to play other games… or draw.” Diana responded to Isaac, however, her voice and tone was a bit curious in what it is. It helped her to move her head off the table even though she was crying a bit. The next thing he said, or more like yelled definitely didn’t help her hangover and she started crying even more because of the loud noise coming from Isaac’s voice. She glared at him, like, why did you do that are you stupid or something. ”I have a hangover, and why did you have to yell in specifically that? Can you lower your voice, please, Isaac? I am interested but no yelling give me your word you won’t be yelling...” Diana said, having one of the blinder of a headache right now since her hangover was throbbing even more so than it was. She had to put both of her hands on her head because of the headache/hangover increased in intensity and she hadn’t had something that was going to help her. It felt like she was going deaf with how loud Isaac was. ”I would love to be able to still hear… damn it.. first Luke saying his mother is dead… or seeing Jean be a bit more authority driven. I don’t know which one is more shocking… Probably both really… It’s not like I am a mind reader and can see into someone’s mind...” Diana thought to herself, and she wasn’t starring at anyone really.

Diana felt really bad for pissing off Luke but she did say she wouldn’t bug him unless he was going to join a Card game. ”I might as well ask, if you don’t mind. How do you play cards?” Or whatever we are going to play...” Diana said, with a bit of an oddity of curiosity to her voice. However, in the back of her mind, she was a bit hopeful it wouldn’t have any type of ‘bets.’ But she then remembers Isaac did say, ‘I’m not a betting man.’ She gave out a small sigh of relief in she hoped she remembered correctly about what had Isaac had said. It wouldn’t be a great idea to be wrong and have what happened last night would happen again. That wasn’t a good experience she didn’t want to have repeat again, which is for sure. ”Ugh, I still wonder what that mask is for…” Diana thought to herself, since that mask feels a bit eerie to be carrying it around everywhere. However, that was in the back of her thoughts, mostly because she had more important things to worry about, mostly the fact her head is pounding with a hangover.

Diana’s Brutal Reality – Exploring – Amone City’s Walls (Sept. 10th)

Diana was laying on Victoria’s bed completely nude, thinking on what Victoria had said earlier. It made her all flustered and embarrassed because it was a bit much for her to think about. She was giggling at what Victoria had said about Luke in particular. ”What would Rebecca say about this situation? Oh right… it could be worse...” Diana thought to herself, while trying to think on it. However, it did make her a bit blushing in how, Victoria wrapped her arms around her waist. Her face was even more red than remembering what Victoria had said to her earlier. She wondered why she was so flustered by Victoria of all people, which she barely knew for one. Or was it because she was under the influence of alcohol or her personality needed someone to poke at it. These were big questions, which she was a bit too afraid to tell her mother Rebecca.

Her thoughts were still going on what happened earlier, in terms of what Victoria had said to her. She did remember seeing Victoria’s face be surprised in what she had said about her kissing her childhood friend on the lips because she was crying. It was pretty much obvious she was blushing, since she remembered what Victoria was doing before she came to her bedroom, in terms of touching her stomach. ”Uhhh, everything that Victoria said to me before coming up here to lay on the bed was sweet. Even a bit lusty I guess, that’s the word?” Diana thought to herself, thinking about what Victoria will do to her in the bed. She couldn’t help but be completely flustered and outright with a cute little smile. She kept her eyes opened because she didn’t know how long Victoria would be gone for.

It felt like time passed very slowly, however, she saw the door opened and Victoria getting naked. She was a bit shocked at the reaction to Victoria reacting to her naked body, it made her blush really red. ”You are my mistress… I had a lot to think about while you were away, Victoria.” Diana responding to her sorry with a bit of a cute tone to her voice. It was obvious she was blushing really hard. However, what Victoria had said next took her by surprise since she meant it, no one has ever complimented her body in that way. It made her to have watery eyes and start crying a bit because Victoria is the first woman to ever compliment her instead of insulting her. ”N-No, you are the first person to tell me that...” Diana said, teary eyed, cutely and felt her heart skip a beat when Victoria told her that. It was only because of the tone in Victoria’s voice that made her heart skip a beat.

She was blushing hard and felt Victoria wrap her arms around her, which made her wrap her arms around her. Diana couldn’t really put a finger on anything really, her eyes was staring into Victoria’s eyes. The care in Victoria’s voice made her feel a bit safer and couldn’t help but blush. ”I don’t mind, you can pick fast or slow Victoria… Thank you for that reassurance, about that.” Diana responded cutely. In the back of her mind before Victoria kissed her, it was screaming at her why did you let Victoria choose. She was taken aback at when Victoria kissed her deeply and it was pretty amazing for her. It was like something she never felt before because her childhood friend Anna and her were pretty inexperienced when they kissed for the first time. ”Oh my god… is this what it is like to kiss a woman who knows what they are doing? I wonder what Rebecca will say. Oh wait… Did I just say that… Uhhhhh… Why did I allow my mistress right now to pick fast or slow?” Diana thought to herself, utterly in shock right now that she finally realized in what she said earlier. However, she was mostly shocked in how much of a good kisser Victoria is.

Diana was wanting to enjoy herself in the arms of Victoria, which she always wanted from her childhood friend Anna. However, her friend was shy at showing her feelings but was being a bit more open for the five times she had kissed Anna, five different days. Her mother Rebecca always was a bit worried that someone would take advantage of her daughter’s bluntness and naivety. In this case, her bluntness definitely got her in trouble, with Victoria and that drinking bet didn’t help much. She did feel the warmth of Victoria. She moved her head back after that deep kiss by Victoria, so she could speak. ”Y-Your amazing Victoria. I feel relaxed with you… It’s on the tip of my tongue though, unless you have a word for it?” Diana questioned Victoria, her face was blushing redder than the sun. She was literally allowing herself to get lost in Victoria’s knowledge of everything.

Morning of September 11th, 1914 EC

It was in the morning, since she was awoken by the sun peaking into the room, with her breasts still uncovered since she wasn’t able to get her clothes on. Just because of the fact how much Victoria and her did things that she was still blushing at for this specific fact. It was still amazing how gentle she was even for being a 6’3” woman. However, she moved her head a bit and felt a pain swell in her head, which made her remember that she drank six beers in a row and got hammered enough. It made her feel like utter shit right now since she remembered what her mother Rebecca specifically said, ’Do not ever get a bloody hangover Diana.’ This made her eyes go wide, and curse a little under her breath. ”There goes having another anniversary of never getting a hangover… since I ruined it… great.” Diana spoke quietly hoping not to wake Victoria. However, the last night kinda flowed in her head and her specifically was loud, hopeful no one heard her and Victoria enjoying each other. It didn’t help that Diana was pretty inexperienced since she had never once tried but Victoria helped her explore herself.

Diana was blushing a bit too much, however, she did remember the reassurance that Victoria told her, however, she stayed because she wanted to. It was the compliment that definitely got her to stay, Victoria was definitely knew what to say at the right time. She couldn’t stop thinking about what happened it caused her to be utterly flustered and embarrassed at what they did do. In terms, she felt like she was more in control of her body and could finally tell her mother she’s definitely bisexual. It was going to stay with her that she enjoyed Victoria’s lessons a bit too much though. ”I should really get on my clothes… so I can get something to eat..” Diana said, cutely. She couldn’t help but agonize when she got up since her hangover was pretty bad, it felt like she was walked on by a ten ton elephant or something.

It took her a bit to get out of bed since this was the worst feeling in the world for her. She hadn’t thought to much ahead about asking her mother about a remedy for hangovers, but that would admit to her mother she wanted to get hammered drunk like her mother. It took her slowly to get dressed, since she was pretty much cursing under her breath every single time she moved her head a bit too fast. She looked directly back at Victoria who was on the bed, which was definitely a sight. ”Victoria… thank you for the experience. Also sorry that I was a bit loud, I hope no one heard us while we were a bit… loud. I think I finally understand what Jean meant when he was talking about Ines and her loudness.” Diana said, cutely giggling and was definitely happier, besides having a blasted hangover.

She opened the door, very quietly and shut it so Victoria could get dressed since yeah. It wouldn’t be really nice if someone saw Victoria naked, it would be unfair since she didn’t lose. However, that made her blush at thinking what the staff would say seeing her again. It was good she was a much more open about her feelings and taking control of what she didn’t understand about herself helped. She sighed with a bit of regret at the fact her family will never have another anniversary on not having a hangover. ”Ugh… I hope Luke didn’t hear me and Victoria enjoy ourselves… together. Hmm.. I wonder what Jean is up too...” Diana thought to herself, with a sweet smile on her face. She took it slow and steady to get into the bar area and noticed the jerk himself eating a plate of food, which is Luke. It annoyed her a bit but she couldn’t help but give him a bit of a jab in the morning. ”Oh look its the prodigal loser, how is your food? How do anyone deal with a hangover because its quite painful right now for me… It felt like I was walked on by an elephant or something.” Diana said, with a bit of her usual self, only to notice Ines talking to Jean. She looked kindly towards the Barkeep and smiled. ”I want the same as he’s having.” Diana said, with a slight smile.

The barkeep smiled back in return and looked Diana with a bit of an annoyance since he already dealt with another one of her squad mates. ”Do you want a coffee?” The Barkeep responds to her request, even though he did remember that she made a fool of herself. Diana nods to his offer of coffee since it would be better than nothing right now since she wants to not drink another drop of alcohol anyway. The Barkeep was pleasantly surprised that Diana accepted his offer to give her coffee.

Diana deeply sighs and looks a bit at Luke and then at his food. She remembers that both of them lost to Victoria and was a bit curious about something he said before they got into Anome that is. In terms of how he utterly tried to brush off her words, it was specifically that, which made her curious about the asshole. ”I have a question Luke. What is up with you and why are you such an asshole in the first place? Do you miss your mother. I do miss my mother Rebecca since she’s a bit of a loose cannon sometimes but I love her.” Diana said, with a lighthearted grin on her face, hoping this would cheer him up. She wanted all her squad mates not to be in a piss poor mood even though she has a hangover right now. It was a good time to relax and be a bit more happier at everything, however, she did not know the thing she wrought on herself by saying those exact words to Luke. She walked over to Ines and Jean and smiled a bit happier, even though she was still holding her head because of the hangover it hurts much.

It took her a bit to look at each of them thinking exactly what she had said to Jean the day before. She decided she was going to not keep it a secret and tell Reyna at least since Kalisa has been quiet. ”Hi Jean and Ines… How was your sleep? I wish I didn’t have this blasted hangover… how do people stand these?” Diana asked, asking about the hangovers to Ines’ primarily since Jean doesn’t drink at all. She couldn’t help but blush thinking about her experience with Victoria, it was bubbling up to the surface only to shrink back down again. It didn’t help that anyone could read her really well. ”Jean, remember what we talked about yesterday? I think I am going to be honest with the others...” Diana said, with a cute little giggle coming out of her mouth. It was a bit of a cute thing for her to say, since honesty is always the best policy in between people you like, and she definitely is into Jean. She decided to sit down at a table, which was close enough to Jean and Ines talking but could hear Luke telling her his feelings about what she said. ”I am starving hopefully my food gets here so I can eat. Also please don’t yell to loudly I have a hangover.” Diana said, trying to keep quiet since she’s a bit out of it since she has a hangover. She started to cry a bit because of her ruining her family’s 500 years of never having a hangover. It took her a bit to look at Ines and Jean probably wondering why she is crying. ”I’m crying because of the fact I ruined the 500 years of never having a hangover. In my family’s history, my mother Rebecca is going to be so mad at me for ruining it. It’s an anniversary we have on this day from 1414 to now… and I ruined it… I am not a good daughter...” Diana said crying. She couldn’t help but cry at this specific thing, but her crying wasn’t helping her hangover much because it hurts like crazy now.

In the Sanctuary
Interacting With: Vilkas (@GrizzTheMauler), Voltaire (@Ithradine)

Stephanie couldn’t help but hear Voltaire speak a bit rudely to her as if he didn’t want any conversation in the morning. As if he has a specific routine when he first wakes up. All she could do was a bit a gentle smile towards him, but couldn’t help if she poked a bear of a great anger or rage. ”Uhhh.. did I piss him off somehow? I was only trying to be friendly.” Stephanie thought to herself with a bit of a look on her face of sorry towards Voltaire. In terms of her reaction to what he had said, made her a bit worried if she shouldn’t have been too friendly and said hello, unless this is how he usually is. ”Voltaire, thanks for the chat.” Stephanie said, with a gentle smile nonetheless. She was visibly a bit worried in how she was moving, since she always tries to be the friendliest person ever.

In terms of everything, she was really distracted with the choices of her words to Voltaire and hopefully he would be a bit more approachable later. It’s pretty much obvious she didn’t understand why he’s so angry and doesn’t like conversation this early in the morning. She heard Vilkas speak about her weapon’s elemental affinity being brash, which is definitely saying much since her mother forced it upon her. Her mood, however, improved when he said she would be more with water or even air, which made her smile happily at what he said. ”Thank you Vilkas… In terms of saying water first since it is my element of choice… that’s what I primarily use. My mother’s Firebrand Rapier, is a bit unwieldy for me since it has a mind of its own… it seems. Sure you can look at the weapon. My Mother Rita and my father Derrick outright forced me to wield their elemental weapons I didn’t have a choice in what I want at all… Rita kinda told me that Water is too safe or bubbly is what she called it...” Stephanie said, a bit down at saying what her mother exactly said about Water, which is her element of choice to use. She lifted up her mother’s weapon, which started to hum in a slight strange noise since it was alike it was ‘actively’ fighting Stephanie’s grasp or something. The Rapier was definitely a bit more unwieldy than a rapier should be, it was built as if it was for killing and not ‘friendly’ sword play. ”My father’s weapon is called the Icebrand Short sword...” Stephanie said since she outright dislikes the Short sword a bit more since its backfires are the worst to deal with.

Stephanie didn’t really want to hold the Firebrand Rapier any longer since her hand was shaking a bit because of all the bad memories was flowing back to her. It was mostly because of when she was training with it and the Icebrand Short sword. She was utterly not happy right now but she sat down after Vilkas took it off her hands and started to eat her breakfast next to him. ”I… don’t like… how my parents were trying to make me into a killer...” Stephanie said. It’s pretty amazing all the time she was using the weapons she never once killed someone, the nickname she got from the Sword was enough to keep them away from her at least. She’s somewhat grateful she kept her child-like appreciation and being so open with everyone definitely helps. It caused her more pain than anything leaving her hometown but had to do it to completely lose the dread of having something awful to her. It was specifically the reason why she went to the Sanctuary in the first place.

Diana’s Brutal Reality – Jean Admits – Amone City’s Walls (Sept. 10th)

Diana had a smile on her face, while see was staring at Jean. Her thoughts were going everywhere, in what Jean was readying himself to tell her, however. She was blushing hard when she heard Jean say specifically that it made her definitely embarrassed at what he said. In terms of the words, all she could really fathom to speak was three little words. ”O-Oh my… J-Jean...” Diana said, with a highly embarrassed look on her face. She couldn’t stop blushing redder than a tomato after what he had said to her. In terms, she saw Jean blushing as well and she cutely giggled at that because it was absolutely sweet to see him blush. She heard his apology and ask how she was doing. ”I’m doing pretty good. Jean you are definitely helping my mood in being more positive.” Diana said, with a sweet smile on her face. Her face was still bright red as it could be even though the additional of the smile.

She could see him having trouble with what she asked of him earlier, it was in her best interest to know how he thought of them. In terms, when he started to speak about each person in question, which started with Luke. She couldn’t help but agree with what he said, since she dislikes hearing bigotry that outrageous it offends her parents beliefs. It then came to the Oceania squadmates, she hasn’t really talked to Thomas but its nice to know what Jean thinks of him. However, she has talked to Freya once or twice on the train, and she was definitely pleasant to talk to. Freya’s smile was definitely heartwarming when she was having trouble sleeping on the train that is. When he spoke about Michael and Lucia in the same sentence made her let out a small aww out of her lips. They were a definite cute together, even though Lucia being drunk was pretty funny besides. ”Michael is a philanthropic individual, does that mean he’s rich alike Reyna? Guess that’s why he is so smart. I do know he’s a religious person at least. Anome is his religion’s capital so to speak.” Diana thought to herself. She did put her foot in her mouth while talking to him before and did say sorry about it at least. In terms of everything, she was blushing when Jean was starring at her again, before he started talking again.

Diana continued to listen to Jean speak about what he thought about everyone. She hasn’t really talked to the new recruits that much either in terms of Gwyn, anyway. However, when he said something about Franz that has similar weight as Jean it made her a bit curious. The thing that made her giggle a bit was when he spoke about Ines and ability to be quite loud, it took her a bit and ask. ”Loud? In what way...” Diana said, unaware that Ines and Franz had sex. It would make sense in why she could smell a different type of alcohol on her breath though. She had just realized before Jean came down here Isaac was watching the crowd was blushing a bit much at the fact. It was one of the many things she regretted now every single person in the bar area saw her naked besides Jean and Reyna. She was blushing really hard right now, however, she did notice he hasn’t talked about Reyna, Kalisa and her yet. It definitely was odd to leave Reyna, Kalisa and her for last, usually people usually talk about the girls first. The biggest reason for her thinking the opposite is because she could talk about all the friends she had, even though they are only female and Darscen. ”Uhhh… I wonder what he is going to say about Reyna, Kalisa and me. I wonder...” Diana thought to herself, with a super curious highly blushing face.

She was blown away with specifically with what Jean had said, her heart skipped a beat in what he just admitted to. Her face turned so red, it was redder than the sun and she had to breath out slowly or she might faint from her mind being completely off what he would have said. It took her a bit to calm down so she could respond to what Jean had said. ”J-Jean…I-I am really surprised a-at that… Uuuhhhhh… J-Jean… You are sweet and I-I will never forget what you said to me.” Diana said flustered beyond belief and a bit teary eyed. She thought Jean didn’t like her or rejected her but hearing those words from Jean was definitely a great thing to her. ”I am going to keep you in my heart for my whole life Jean, because that must’ve taken much to admit too.” Diana said, flustered still and couldn’t help but smile sweetly at Jean. She was cutely smiling and giggling a bit, it was grateful she wasn’t passed out drunk right now. When he told her to ignore what he said, all she could do is smile and giggle cutely. ”Honesty is the best policy, what my mother Rebecca always says.” Diana said, cutely as a response.

Diana had her thoughts going in many different ways, however, the one important thing to this entire thing. It was like written on her forehead, but in how easy she’s too easy to read nonetheless. She stopped for a second and breathed in and out for a second, and gave him a big beautiful smile on her face. Even though this was the first time a guy ever said anything to this respect to literally admitting to her that he has an attraction to three girls at the same time. The silence was definitely something in terms her mind was working really quickly to think of a response other than she already said. However, nothing came crossed her mind since she was a bit lost for words since all she said was said before. ”Damn it… this is all so exciting for me… should I tell Reyna and Kalisa? Uuuhhhh… That would probably embarrass Jean even more if I did.” Diana thought to herself. It made her realize what she should say. ”I’ll keep this a secret if you want me to unless you are going to tell the other two girls yourself one of these days, Jean. If they don’t get me to tell them by complimenting me or someone else blurting it out…” Diana said, with a gentle smile on her face. She was somewhat serious about this but somewhat teasing Jean with what she said.

It took a bit and she noticed Lucia poking Jean and all she could do was aww at her specifically. The drunken little girl was here. After awhile, she heard what Jean had said. ”Oh okay, I hope you have a goodnight sleep Jean. I will definitely remember this night for as long as I live.” Diana said, with a smile on her face. When he patted her head all she could do was blush much at this, which made her almost forget about Victoria. However, speak of the devil, she felt her shoulder had someone’s head on it and the voice that came was a thick Oceanic voice. She shuddered in utter realization that she’s still a slave to Victoria. ”Crap… I almost forgot about that… and mother would be mad at me if I don’t keep my end of the deal...” Diana thought to herself, with a realization on her face. It took her a few seconds to think over what she’ll say to her mistress and felt a bit faint at the order, which Victoria gave her. It was obvious, whom she was speaking about about ‘friend’ the other slave in question, which is Luke. She shakes her head a bit. ”It would be better mistress if I just go alone to your room. He was a sissy… I kissed my childhood friend Anna. Because she was crying… The kiss helped her mood since she was crying much. And she’s a Darscen too.” Diana said, with a bit of righteous fury of how badly Luke kissed her and how embarrassed he was. Subconsciously, she was trying to protect him but one doesn’t forget the insult of her height. However, after a bit of realization she literally blurted out that she said she kissed her childhood friend Anna on the lips because she was crying. In her whole body, she shaken a bit with a bit of rage. ”Uuuhhhh… I’ll go to your room now since I am tired.” Diana said, with a bit of a flushed face and couldn’t help but feel that Luke will be appearing in Victoria’s room no matter what.

Subconsciously, Diana couldn’t help but after the cute conversation with Jean of all people, she gets interrupted by Victoria of all people. It caused her to say one dumb thing after another, specifically why she was disappointed in Luke’s kissing mainly because Anna is better at it than him. She wants to save herself for Jean, which is primarily the reason why she didn’t want Luke up in Victoria’s room mainly. ”Uhhhh…. This is going swimmingly. Wish I never got into this bet or challenge…” Diana thought to herself, with her face completely red even more so than normal, outright telling Victoria about that one sweet little thing she done for her Darscen friend. She sighed and started to walk up the stairs and walks into specifically Victoria’s room, and taking off her clothes for her mistress. It had a definite shift in her mood from excited and happy to suddenly having a weirdest thing happen to her and making her feel like she should go through with it. She was pretty much hopeful no one would drag Luke to here so she couldn’t see Luke’s dong again because he was a bit much of a dick. ”I can’t believe I am in Victoria’s room of all things, naked… I guess I should get on the bed I suppose… If Luke comes through that door I will smack him hard...” Diana thought to herself with a bit of a sigh. She laid on Victoria’s bed and in the back of her mind only could think of Jean instead of what’s going on right now. It was the most awful thing she had to do to herself. She wanted to lose her virginity to Jean and not Luke.

Diana’s Brutal Reality – Taken off-guard – Amone City’s Walls (Sept. 10th)

Diana had a specific thought in her head, which caused her happiness. It was in essence all about all the new people she got to meet. While one of them she still wants to hit really hard in the face, since he’s an asshole. It was mostly because she dislikes being called short and has a bit of an insecurity about her height because of what her elder sisters constantly bashing her size. ”Ugh, getting reminded about my sisters is the worst… why did Luke of all people have to do that? It’s a real sore spot for me since I’m not going to grow anymore taller.” Diana thought to herself, which helped her smile and continue to drink her water. It was definitely better to drink water than drink alcohol right now. She was hopeful someone would ban alcohol for tomorrow at the inn since she doesn’t want to slur her words again, even though she’s highly embarrassed at it. It was pretty much obvious she couldn’t help but shyly blush at remembering that.

She could notice that Jean sat down and moved closer to her, which made her blush a bit harder at what he was doing. However, she was taken off guard by what he had said specifically, which made her heart skip a beat in response. It took her a bit to respond to what Jean had said, however, it came to her. ”Uuhhh… Jean I do like when you stare… that is… but it seems like you are getting better at flirting.” Diana responded to his flirt with a goofy smile and blushing redder than a tomato. It caused her to giggle since he’s pretty much a sweet guy that definitely helping her forget about what happened earlier with that drinking competition. She pretty much wishes she never started to drink alcohol but she had a feeling Jean wouldn’t speak to her. It is in her blood more or less to at least try to drink alcohol. She couldn’t help but take a bit to think on a response to his question, until it came up in her thoughts. ”Yeah, I do have a question. What’s your thoughts on everyone? I want your honest opinion on them. Because I enjoy the fact you are a corporal and not someone who would be more rigid alike Captain Grumpus, since he’s a bit of a meanie.” Diana spoke quietly towards Jean, mostly on the Captain Grumpus part. It’s mostly because of the fact it was something she wanted to hear from Jean. ”You do have beautiful eyes, Jean.” Diana said, giving a compliment and flirting with him.

Diana was cutely giggling specifically at that because she smiled every time she saw him stare at her. ”I am sorry that I was a bit of a grump when I woke up earlier, but fog gets me down it’s mostly because of what my elder sister Astra said to me before I left to this war. I so would like to tell her off for what she did specifically to me and my family. I hope the Federation doesn’t do anymore things that will destroy my faith in them. My mother Rebecca is probably throwing a fit right now since I haven’t wrote her back… I should’ve read up on the war before I got here but I was a head in the clouds type child throughout most of my life because of the constant bullying by my older sisters. I have to get this off my chest a bit sorry for that but I am grateful to you for being here and saving me on the hill so I can tell my elder sisters off when I get back home.” Diana said, kinda regretted her mood before they found this inn. She was speaking through her heart since it was highly time that she saw everything for what it is and not what it was in her mind. Being stuck in the clouds imagining killing imperials is different from actually taking someone’s life alike what she did on the Hill, that part of her is terrified what this war will do to her. It’s alike a bit of a sour taste in her mouth that she doesn’t really like but she cannot go back home until it is done. ”The friends I made in this unit outweigh what my elder sisters did to me when I was younger. The experiences outweigh any hardship you can get and I think everyone in this unit feels the same way. We are friends and will be for all time. Even though you are handsome, Jean.” Diana said, with a happy smile on her face, and blushed a bit more at what she said at the end. This was definitely helping her forget Luke specifically since that was god awful experience, even though she still wants to slap him really hard on the face, mostly because of insulting her height that is.

She cutely sighed at her getting stuff off her chest, even though she was definitely happy about just talking to Jean. It’s one of the things she always want to do talk to Jean, even though she did bring up Middleton who stole their joy. ”You are a lovely person Jean. Also, you are the sweetest guy I’ve met since it seems like we are on the same wavelength most of the time.” Diana said. It was obvious she still have a crush on Jean, even though she was a bit more realistic than having her head in the clouds. She still was blushing at the fact she did outright say she wanted him on a hill without knowing his name, however, she doesn’t want to tell Jean about her daydream since it is a bit nerve racking. However, in the back of her mind, she’s going to have something since she drank so much alcohol though. She always wondered why her mother told her to never have a hangover but it was definitely going to happen this time around. ”I shouldn’t have drank myself to slur my speech… it was a bad idea I do want some of Reyna’s tea though. I am hopeful she makes more of it because it was definitely good and make me decide to not pass out drunk.” Diana thought to herself, with a smile on her face. In a sense, that made her remind her, it was on the tip of her tongue. ”Oh yeah, did you try Reyna’s tea? It helped me realize something I shouldn’t ever bet while in a drinking contest again. Because that was embarrassing and grateful you weren’t here to see it.” Diana said, realizing what she said, a bit worried if he’ll be a bit curious. She was blushing much at what she said because it was a bit embarrassing for her to remember what she did earlier, ala, stripping herself naked. Her face was redder than a tomato in hoping that Jean wouldn’t try to poke or prod what happened.

Diana’s Brutal Reality – Defeat & Humiliation – Amone City’s Walls (Sept. 10th)

Diana knew one thing after she started slurring her words, which was she was going to lose if she was going to get another alcoholic beverage in her. Therefore, she decided right now to be honorable and stop this before it becomes worse than it already had. She stares at Luke with a slight annoyance to her, even though she was still definitely embarrassed at him being nude. It was definitely obvious she was still enjoying Reyna’s tea, while drinking it. ”Uuhhh… I shond quit while I am ahead… Victoria. I give uppp… I am only able to drink one more alcoholic beverage and I don’t want to turn out like him.” Diana spoke with her words still slurred. This only came on mostly because of the fact, her mother told her if she couldn’t win don’t end up like the others in whatever you are doing. It’s a good tactic to live by, she risked much but doesn’t want to be stripped by Victoria. However, something caused her to pause and stop for a second, when she heard Ines speak to the table. It caused her some happiness to see Ines, however, she could tell she’s a bit tipsy though. ”Ohhh, Hey Ines. Wrat did you drilk?” Diana questioned with drunken slur. It did help her to notice that Ines did drink what would be her seventh drink to cause her to be alike the fool naked on the floor.

”I can stwip mysenf Victoria… I dol’t need your help with that...” Diana said with an obvious answer to losing at the hands of Victoria. She held out longer than Luke did at least. However, Luke was going to be in for a rude awakening because he deserved it. She got a mug of water from the waitress since she didn’t want to be that rude to Luke, even though she should. In terms of her rage, she splashed water on Luke’s face like a pretty angry lady that wants to get this over with and be done with this embarrassing moment. That her mother will find out somehow, which will be a definitely not good thing to say to her. She first finished her tea that Reyna made, which was definitely great. It would be nice to ask Reyna specifics on how she made the tea since it was pretty much the only thing that kept her mind from going completely blank from the alcohol. She slowly took off her clothes, while looking at Victoria, which was still sitting down on the chair. It felt weird taking off her clothes in front of people, which one she didn’t know to well and two felt a bit embarrassing. ”I shoundn’t have done this at all.. and been a compentent person and not joined this drinking competition…. Rebewwca told me I would lose it, even though she could easily win no matter what.” Diana thought to herself. She was finally completely naked, hopefully the ‘water’ on Luke’s face woke his ass up. It was pretty much embarrassing since she was covering her pretty large breasts for her height. She wasn’t able to shake off if Jean saw her like this he would probably blush and ask her to get on clothes.

Diana slowly got onto the floor and couldn’t help but keep her eyes away from Luke’s dong, since it was highly embarrassing to look at. ”Uuhhmmm… this is soo embarrassing had never thought this would happen to me.” Diana said, with her blushing redder than a tomato. Her mind was going a bit wild in how long of a night she’ll have to do this until Victoria gets bored or this will be constantly over her head that she lost to an Oceanic Trooper in a Drinking Competiiton. ”Luke, ya bastard… get up will ya, so we can do this hurilating thiag...” Diana spoke a bit annoyed to his direction. She was hopeful that will wake the sod up after splashing water on his face. There was only like a slight thing that was keeping her from smacking Luke’s face really hard since he was making fun of her height. She was keeping her arms around her tits though since she’s a bit embarrassed at their size. In the back of her mind, she’s not happy at being completely naked, however, its the best to see her curves since she’s an hourglass shape.

She couldn’t help but sigh again, and remember what she has to call Victoria for the rest of the night, master, unless she got a different term to use. ”Mistress Victoria… I hope I am fallowing the rules correctly. What do you want of me?” Diana asked, a bit embarrassed. She’d hope that her mother didn’t get a message that her daughter drank a bar worth of booze only to lose in a competition between squadmates. In the back of her head, it was pretty much obvious she was thinking about Jean only because he needed some cheering up at least he didn’t see her nude like she is right now. It would be highly embarrassing for her and him. The second thing in her thoughts was she was hopeful she doesn’t have to be naked for all the time because it would be pretty embarrassing to walk up to any of her compatriots like this. Victoria is one cruel mistress, it seems in her head, however, she’s a bit terrified of her still. And since she’s literally on the floor it didn’t help show how tall she is in comparison. ”T-This feels like a bad idea. Why did I go through with this? Is it because of my elder sisters and their constant being bitches or something underlying in my code that makes me who am I?” Diana thought to herself, with a worried look on her face.

Diana, with a moment of weakness she finally uncovered her breasts, even though she was blushing bigger than a tomato now. It was pretty much obvious she doesn’t like how big her breasts are, it’s pretty much evident with how she’s reacting to them out and about. She couldn’t help but look down to the ground while starring at her tits, and sighing at their size. ”Wly are you so big?” Diana questioned her own breasts. Its one of the things she usually gets to be a bit more worried around people than usual. She didn’t know how Victoria will react to her body since she’s now naked or Luke that matters. It was obvious she still didn’t like Luke since he’s a bit of an asshole, however, she do want to know about why he’s an asshole. ”Mother always told me information is key, but I wonder why he reacted when I mentioned his mother though...” Diana thought to herself a bit worried about this whole thing. However, her mind went to the now and present and looked at Luke. ”Can you hurry the fracking up so we can get this done… I don’t want to wait here all damned day sitting here nude… Luke. In terms of dealing with the consequences of my actions that is anyways…” Diana said, with a bit of annoyed tone in her voice. It was obvious this wasn’t up her alley at all, kissing a guy for one insulted her size wasn’t a good thing. However, it was pretty much obvious they had to french kiss to get this part of their punishment done and look forward to whatever else their mistress has to offer. She knows how to kiss, but she didn’t know if Luke knew and waited for him to move.

Time has passed as it does, in the inn, which was much later then it was. It was obvious but Diana was thinking about what had happened earlier and french kissing Luke wasn’t a fun experience. However, her mood was definitely much better than it had been earlier today. It definitely looked up for what’s going on now. She was sitting down in another part of the bar at a different table than the competition took place in, drinking a water because she’s still on a point of being utterly shitfaced drunk. However, she noticed Jean in the room and smiled happily towards him and gave him a certain look of cuteness that she had done on the hill. ”Thank god Jean didn’t see me naked… I suppose...” Diana thought to herself, with a quirky smile on her face. It was pretty much obvious she wanted to speak to him but she didn’t really want to leave her place at this table she is sitting at. She was pretty much a bit too tipsy to get anywhere other than being helped to a bed. In her eyes it definitely showed she was staring at Jean with a bit of that sweet charm one would except from a Vastergoth family member from Castleton. The headstrong and wholesome girl who kinda blurted out she wanted him on a Hill without knowing his name. It was a bit funny to remember that specifically it made her giggle much since thinking about it now was a bit stupid on her part.

She was trying to recover and relax from that hell of a competition. Even though she’ll still have to call Victoria, mistress until tomorrow that is. Which kinda irks her a bit mostly because she wished she didn’t have to be embarrassed at the fact of remembering Anna. In terms of everything, she was happy to stare at everyone in the bar, however. She finally noticed the little angel, Lucia was drunk and that made her a bit worried of their safety. In the end, she smiled since she saw Michael standing by her keeping her safe. ”This is idyllic and cute.. Lucia being more drunk than me is something to see…” Diana said with a return to her non-slurring her words but she’s not out of the woods yet. It could return any moment but she was staying vigilant on not drinking anymore alcohol, however, she did want to speak to Reyna & Jean.

Mostly because she wanted to tell Reyna, the tea she made was wonderful and can’t wait to have some more. It was one of the best things she has ever had in her life other than unlocking her emotions towards her sisters. ”Jean are you going to stare or what? Because it would be lovely to talk to you.” Diana said, with a wave over to Jean to help him get to her location. She was definitely more agreeable now than she was. It was a bit much for her to get up to walk to Jean anyway, since she was a still a bit hammered from earlier. ”Remember Diana… It could be worse, you could be yelled at by your mother telling you not to go to this dangerous place, like she did when she was sober. Right before I was conscripted… but she realized she couldn’t stop me...” Diana thought to herself with a smile on her face at realizing her mother can’t really control her life anymore. However, she is one of the children of Rebecca that follow directions very easily with a bit of her hardheadedness and naivety to go with it.

Diana’s Brutal Reality – Drunkenness Tango – Amone City’s Walls (Sept. 10th)

Diana couldn’t help but be annoyed with her eyes directed towards Luke, which laughed at her fit of rage at him jabbing at her height. It was a match made in hell, which she thought no one this stupid could make her this angry. ”Calm down Diana… He’s a bastard alright… but mother told me not to get so angry it will cause me to lose at certain things. I think one of them were a bet that is outright stupid to do in the first place. Rebecca is so going to be angry with me, if I lose this bet, which I got myself into.” Diana thought to herself, with a smirk on her face. The latter part of her thought made her a bit nervous in telling her mother that she got into a stupid drinking competition between two of her squadmates in Amone. However, her mother Rebecca can tell when she’s lying about things she’ve done and it’s a bit scary to tell her the truth. In a moment, Luke said another stupid thing, which pissed her off a bit more, it was another insult to her height. She was seething a bit more in the moment than what she wanted to do since she didn’t want to spill this drink all over the table. ”Luke Godfrey… You are an asshole. This mug isn’t too big for me but your head is too small for your lack of grace.” Diana responded, in return. She laughed exactly with what she said towards him.

It took her a bit to double take with what Victoria said since she has a super thick Oceanic accent, even more so than Freya. She felt a bit insulted by being called an idiot by Victoria but she did chose to join this drinking competition at her own peril. ”Could be or couldn’t be who knows?” Diana questioned with a bit of a laugh at her own expense. She couldn’t really tell if the alcohol was making her a bit more angry than usual or it was Luke’s dumb face. It was pretty much obvious the alcohol was affecting her entire body but it was so good to drink after not being able to by her overprotective parents. However, it was only affecting her as much as one would except since she was not guzzling it down like Victoria. However, she did do that with the very first mug of beer she had. She couldn’t help but stare with a very angry look on her face towards Victoria, when she heard minuscule and was seething in rage because of it. However, she calmed down immediately since it wouldn’t be a good idea to piss off someone close to twice your size. It was pretty much obvious all she did was give out a small giggle and cursed under her breath. ”Uhh, yeah I suppose you are right Victoria. About taking another one.” Diana said, with a bit of a scared reaction to how Victoria reacted. In terms of everything, the tall Oceanic woman scared her a bit more than usual since they are having a drinking competition.

Diana specifically decided right now it’ll be better to try her damnedest to win, even though it’ll be very difficult. Her thoughts kinda went every, which way and immediately stopped them when she heard Victoria speak up again. ”Wait… what? I’ve never used my tongue for kissing like ever… I should not have said that… Damn it…” Diana said, blushing at that. However, it was pretty hilarious, that she didn’t say she never kissed anyone before on the lips though. She couldn’t be so obvious in the whole world, which is pretty obvious on whom she kissed before, it was her childhood friend back home. Her entire face was redder than anything, it didn’t help she was an easy book to read nonetheless. However, french kissing a complete jackass that was insulting her height didn’t sound like rosy time in the sun.

She couldn’t help but down her alcoholic beverage by chugging it because she highly embarrassed herself again. It was pretty obvious, she knew how easy it is to read her, her mother Rebecca reads her like an open book and gives her some advice to hide it easier. However, it is just hard to hide the fact she’s a bit quick to say what’s on her mind rather than keeping it in. She grabbed another one of the alcoholic beverages and chugged it as well. It was the only thing to keep her mind off what she did with Anna. ”I had to stop Anna from crying… sooo I had to kiss her on the lips. It helped even though she asked me why the first kiss she had was with her childhood friend. I told her it was better to share a sweet moment rather than crying. However, she rebuttled with I cry much more than her. I told her, hey it’s not all so bad better to laugh than cry.” Diana thought to herself with a happy look on her face, of remembering a cute moment. She was definitely obviously enjoying all those moments with Anna, minus scaring her in the bath that one time. It was mostly because of the fact Anna did it to her the day before. She was definitely blushing and had a focus on drinking her moments with her friend away by chugging alcohol like her mother. However, she wasn’t her mother obviously since for one she’s taller.

Diana specifically looked at Luke and was a bit worried about him actually beating them, but then the champion against the Imperials lost to two girls. She couldn’t stop thinking about multiple things about the whole situation. She was definitely excited, however, when Victoria got up and stripped Luke naked. She started to close her eyes in embarrassment since this is the first time she saw a man naked. It was obvious she was definitely raised weird since she was in shock at seeing Luke naked and didn’t like it one bit. ”Uuhhhh… I shondn’t be really shocked since that was apart of the bats.” Diana said, with a bit of a strange voice crack in terms of something her mother would do in utter shock or horror. She shook her head a bit since she couldn’t really remember the reason why her mother said bats before but it fits. It took her a bit to chug down her 6th beer to realize one thing chugging them down like this is a bit bad. ”Uhmmmnn… This s-sucks should’ve planhed better.” Diana said, with a bit of a drunken lisp, since she was kinda slurring her words with planned.

She couldn’t help but laugh and cheer with what Victoria had said, however. It took her a bit to realize she’s versing a super tall lady, by the name of Victoria. ”My Lia Chooices really suck today. Should’ve done something else besides drinking… But I fucking hate my elder sisters. Victoria you are going down… to the floor like small head Luke.” Diana said, acting threatening but can’t really help but laugh. She’s definitely not handling how fast she chugged the last three beers in succession. It was pretty much obvious she wanted to be as determined as her mother, when drinking alcohol, however her weight class cannot handle alcohol to the same level as her mother can. She, however, remembered something it was in the back of her mind. It was the fact she had a mug of tea next to her since she smelled it from a mile away, since that’s all she got to drink while watching her mother drink alcohol was a bit boring. However, this tea was made by the Resident Vinlander, Reyna. The smell was definitely insanely much better than the Tea in Edinburgh. She took the sip of the tea, and couldn’t help but feel much happier at this. ”What? I can have some tea whire I drink my hatred away towards my Older Sirters who are uther cant bags. I should thank Reyna for the tea, when I am not so hambered...” Diana said, with an eye brow raised and more of her words slurred from before.

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Diana’s Brutal Reality – Gauntlet – Amone City’s Walls (Sept. 10th)

Diana couldn’t help but laugh at Luke’s embarrassment since it was definitely hilarious to her. It took a few minutes for her to be highly annoyed, however. She was entirely frustrated at what he said twice in a row, which was little. It pissed her off extremely and made her entire body shake with utter hate towards Luke for right now. ”Freaking asshole. You will pay big time Luke. There’s going to be hell to pay double for this insult.” Diana said, seething in rage. However, because of her hands shaking pretty badly about being called little definitely caused her to spill what was left of her drink all over the table. She looked a bit embarrassed at spilling her alcoholic beverage on the table and glared directly at Luke with a definite if looks could kill type of stare. It was pretty much obvious she was alike her mother Rebecca, just only when it came to her small stature. However, her mother was around 7 to 8 inches taller than her. She calmed down with a long drawn out sigh at what she had done. ”Damn it… I spilled my alcohol, thanks Luke. I suppose?” Diana questioned only to laugh a bit because it makes her a bit easier to ’win’ said competition.

It was pretty much obvious, she was trying her damnest to win this competition, which helped Luke is pushing her buttons a bit too much. She heard the Waitress decline Victoria’s offer, but being busy is better than nothing. She noticed she had a third drink in front of her, which definitely helped her mood a bit better since Luke unjustly spilled her drink. It definitely was nice sitting down and doing something else besides worrying about the outside world specifically about her family right now. She started to drink her third mug of beer, since Luke ruined her second, which is all over the table right now. In terms of everything, she was happy even though her smile was a bit devious in what she wanted to do to Luke right now, smack the living shit out of him for calling her little twice and small earlier. ”I wonder what your face would look like after I get done with it.” Diana said, with a giggle.

Diana heard Luke’s challenge and it made her eyes go wide and realize a bit too late what’s going to happen. Luke was right on one thing, she was definitely naive and was a bit irked at his challenge. ”Uhhh… I’ve completely underestimated this drinking competition a bit… but alright I suppose. Nothing Ventured is nothing gained is what my mother Rebecca told me.” Diana said, with a blushed look on her face. She was completely embarrassed since whoever loses out of the three will have to do all three challenges. It took her only now to realize that, however, it seems like Victoria and Luke knew from the onset. She couldn’t help but laugh at what Luke had said about him having Lady Luck on his side. ”More like the Luck is really Lukey, more like it. Since it wouldn’t surprise me if you lose after being at a disadvantage of already being drunk.” Diana said. She looked over to Victoria and back to Luke, who’s been bothering her.

It was pretty much obvious she noticed Luke’s wobbliness and wondered if he hadn’t got much sleep before doing this round of drinking. ”Terms and conditions of you losing that is..” Diana said, happily. She continued to hammer down her third mug of alcohol since she needed to stop thinking about her elder sisters primarily. They piss her off much more than Luke has so far even though triggering her two times is a pain in the ass. It took Luke to more or less give her assumption, he didn’t get any sleep last night. ”You should have Luke, you are a dumbass you know that?” Diana asked, with a bit of a tone to her voice. However, she did cry throughout her entire sleep though mostly by remembering her older sisters and other things. She laughed when she heard him outright say he’s going to win than pass out on a bed like it would be heaven. ”Don’t count your eggs before they hatched...” Diana remarked towards what he said.

She looked around the room and noticed Isaac Black, and waved at him. In the sense, he looked a bit different from the last time she saw him as if something happened, which was good. ”Hey NCO, how are you doing?” Diana questioned towards Isaac. She kinda did wonder what he was doing down here besides probably getting something to eat. It was pretty much obvious the booze wasn’t affecting her that much, but it would sooner rather than later. She wore a smile on her face while staring at her competition at the table. ”Isaac, who do you think will win? Oh yeah, this is Victoria White our new compatriot in the Squad.” Diana asked, a second question. She always like hearing praise over the short comments about her height. She finished her third mug of beer, and started on her fourth since she was hammering them down a bit faster than she had been. It was pretty much obvious she wanted to feel what her mother feels all the time minus the adrenaline rush her mother gets.

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