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Current Musical Interlude to my insanity: Hell March - - Love this video game music...
24 Apr 2017 21:08
Darkness is a strange mistress. However, retooling things for RPG will take awhile. However, I am enjoying Rai's Ascension RP. :P
23 Apr 2017 12:55
Ascension RP - One of the funnest RPs I've been apart of.
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21 Apr 2017 10:37
Anime is ever a bit overdramatic and other times it is a Harem. Some people hate anime and others love it. Which category do you think I am in?
20 Apr 2017 23:03
Darkness is a strange mistress, but not as annoying as writer's block. However, there's more things that are dark and mystery in terms of 1x1 roleplays.


I am Landaus Five-One, I am so far not involved in any role plays but I enjoy Sci-Fi, Space Operas, Magical, World Invasions, Modern, Fantasy, Horror, Post-Apocalyptic Themes, and Alternate Universe.

I can play both genders + Artificial Intelligence characters as well. Since I do have two AI characters aka the Massive Starships within my Detailed Profiles topic.

I am looking for a Role play that keeps me interested, mostly. I have a vast quality/quantity of stuff I am working on at the moment classified as the Jaina'Res Multiverse + the Main Realm. I am working on 20 profiles, and multitude of other things like a timeline but that's going to take awhile to get started since I still have to think where it all started and etc.

Out of everything, I am interested in role plays that are unique to their genre and etc. As well, I would like if the people can play both genders, just because since I can play them both that is. And other things like that. I have Skype if someone wants to contact me about certain things 'annihilation-holy' is my Skype, I go by Holy R. Enigma on it anyways. That's the only off-site information I am going to give.

I also like Grand Strategy, Real Time Strategies and etc in terms of video games. So I would probably do a Nation RP, if I wasn't so busy with the other things on my plate in terms of my Profiles, the timeline, and etc. So this is the end of the bio.

P.S: I like being called Holy, instead of Landaus since I have been using Holy a lot longer than this one name on this forum.

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Barrage Powers are definitely huzzah.
The good news is that means the Vendetta List changed much.

After this post.

Beacon, Puchuu and Lesser Forces are not at where they were originally. They were at 1 for Beacon, 2 for Puchuu and 5 for Lesser Forces.

The Reconfigured Vendetta list - Bahamut the Platinum Dragon's Vendetta List (Really)

1. His Sister (Tiamat the Goddess of All Dragons)
2. Zani Gold Eyed - The Metallic Dragon that betrayed Bahamut
3. All of Tiamat's worshipers - Chromatic Dragons & Metallic Dragons
4. ???
5. ???
6. Beacon
7. Puchuu
8. Lesser Forces
9. ???
10. ???
I hope you all enjoy mine and @t2wave's Collab. :P
Shannon @t2wave & Fiona @Landaus Five-One Collab

Staying her ground as the flames rushed past her, Shannon glanced at the now burning countryside. Such disregard of property and the livelyhood of others. Though that wasn't uncommon among monsters. And this dragon in particular seemsed to have an agenda that ran counter to her own. This was confirmed by a draconian girl that flew down and spoke to her. "My name is Shannon!" She called out for all to hear.

Hearing that the others wouldn't be joining the fight was slightly disheartening. But a voice from the portal gave her some resolve. Yes, another potential change of heart. She thought to herself. Touching her staff to the ground she temporarilly drew some of her health and put it to her magic. If she was going to be fighting a fire breathing dragon then she might need a little extra something to combat the heat. Looking up to Zani she intended to stall. "And who is your mistress that I may know whom I might ally?"

Zani heard the name from this magical girl. "Good to know it now my mistress will enjoy your death in the endless spiral of chaos and destruction. I have wrot throughout the ages as her chosen champion to crush humanity once and for all," Zani said, enthralled. He heard the question and laughed at the entirety of the foolishness this human gives him. "Why should I give you my mistress' name when you wouldn't recognize it at all. She has been living through the ages as multiple different aliases. All working towards one goal the destruction of Humanity," Zani said, angered at the question Shannon asked. He started to laugh at Shannon and Scarlett, who was in front of him.

Scarlett heard the her name and smiled slightly. "Wonderful name Shannon, you remind me of my younger sister. She wanted friends and always bright and kind towards everyone including the one who stabbed her in the back," Scarlett said, grimacing at remembering what happened in the past. She looked at her hands and hated the fact she couldn't save anyone but herself. "You'll have to beat it out of Zani Gold Eyed, I still won't forgive him for what he did to my little sister," Scarlett said, annoyed.

"Thank you. You have a lovely name as well." She said to Scarlett before turning her attention to Zani. She sighed and shook her head lightly. "That's unfortunate to hear. We could accomplish so much more together." Tightening her grip in her staff she lifted it slightly. It didn't look like there was going to be peaceful resolution to this. Thankfully it looked like she may have drawn out enough time to get some resources to the surface.

Zani started to glow even more brightly and laughed out loud. His wing started to heal slowly. He looked directly at Scarlett and laughed. "Ah, thanks for reminding me. I had intense fun killing her over, over, and over again. Until my mistress chained her and morphed her into a mindless beast that serves her for all time," Zani said, gleefully. He walked forward towards Shannon and Scarlett who were on the ground. He wanted to slash at the two but he remembered something he had to do first. He glanced up at to Fiona and smiled evilly. He opened his maw towards Fiona in the sky who was terrified. "Die Champion of the Platinum Dragon," Zani said. He breathed a massive cone of fire into the sky and it was extremely hot.

Fiona heard the word die again from the dragon on the ground. Her self-defensive mechanism activates and pushes her to move out of the way of the attack. But it was a bit too late as it hit her wings with intense fire and it makes her fall to the ground hard. She couldn't move since her angelic wings were on fire and she had fell unconsious.

Scarlett had a chill down her spine when Zani went after Fiona completely ignoring her and Shannon. "Are you kidding me?" Scarlett asked, completely terrified and afraid for Fiona's life and holding her hands on her head.

Watching the flames go overhead and hit Fiona, Shannon whirled around and saw that the angel girl was falling out of the sky. Stopping what she was doing briefly she swung her staff low and back up an an arc. The dirt under Fiona rose up like a geyser and slowed her fall. The dust choked out the flames on her wings and she would land softly.

Without turning around she struck the end of her staff on the ground and whipped the end up behind her. The ground began to shake and rise up just below Zani. "You are going to regret threatening humanity." Utilizing more of her blood magic she raised chunks of granite out of the ground. The boulders bursting up underneeth Zani she wanted to put him off his footing before he could take advantage of her turning away.

Zani felt the ground move underneath him but he was too focused on trying to kill Fiona to move in time. He lost his footing and fell on the ground hard but he was laughing at Shannon's threat. "Looks like I should stop underestimating fools who worship animals like the Puchuu," Zani said, angrily. His wings stopped healing and were brutalized by granite rocks that pierced his wings. He grimaced at what happened and laughed. He was laying on the ground injured and slowed his breathing and glanced at Scarlett's face. "You earned something... My mistress' alias right now in this city but her real name will be a mystery to you. Stacey N. Wiess," Zani said, annoyed. He started to glow again.

Scarlett had a chill down her spine when Zani said his mistress' alias in the now. "She used that alias during the 12th and 13rd centuries as well. All as teachers to the champions of Zargoth," Scarlett said. She looked at Fiona and did noticed Shannon's quick thinking and had a sigh of relief at that. "I'll try to heal Fiona because that is all I am useful as," Scarlett said, happily. Her wings started to move and went the long away around the dragon who was laying on the ground to the left side of him. It would take her awhile to get to Fiona.

"Worship him? Are you kidding? You've never met my Puchuu have you?" Shannon laughed to herself. She always enjoyed poking fun at Paree. "Now if you're done being a coward and attacking frightened little girls why don't we dance." The staff came back down and all the rocks that had blasted up came back down. Twirling the staff she readied to draw them back toward herself.

Zani laughed at the questions and all the words this magic girl was talking. He looked directly at the girl who gave him a beating. He was enjoying this the only girl that gave him this much fun was Scarlett's own sister who shares the same name as this magical girl. "How enjoyable," Zani said, with a smile on his massive draconic face. He took the damage from the falling rocks and this reminded him of how he got his scar from Scarlett's younger sister. He had a look of remembrance for that girl who was stronger than her scared sister, who is rushing to aid Fiona. "I will break you...," Zani said. His glow didn't go away this time around and the glow changed to a terrifying aura, it was a black in color. He roared loudly if there was glass in the vinicity it would shatter.

Scarlett felt the aura and stopped in her tracks, she was only half way towards Fiona. She looked back at the Gold Dragon and had a similar feeling of dread sweep over her. She had her draconic instincts fill her entire body and they wanted to fight but the human inside of her wanted to run away. "Not again, it is all happening again... Little Sister, Shannon I am sooo sorry for running I had no choice," Scarlett said, the past catching up with her. She started to cry.

The Portal in the sky started to glow a strange color and another Angel came through the portal. She had six reddish silver wings, greenish hair and eyes. "Scarlett pull yourself together. Zani Gold Eyed you are terrible you know that. Sara at your services," Sara said, with a annoyed sigh at the gold dragon. She held a sword in her left hand and had enough of all this. "I will take my revenge on you selling out my family all those years ago to that coward you call a Mistress. Tiamat the Goddess of Dragons," Sara said. Sara flew away from the portal towards the Golden Dragon.

Zani heard a familiar voice and sighed in annoyance. "No one is allowed to speak her name in vein. It is so nice to see you again though Sara I. Grail, hehe," Zani said, annoyed.

Scarlett heard Sara's voice coming above her and ran towards Fiona. She is still terrified of Zani Gold Eyed's terrifying aura. "I will be right on that," Scarlett said, snapping out of her complete fear only for a moment. She didn't want to fly towards Fiona since she landed on the ground.

The aura change caught Shannon off guard. Faultering a moment the roar from the dragon prompted her to cover her ears. The aura around the dragon was close to overwhenlming. Thankfully another magical girl came through the portal to and snapped her out of it. Shannon was glad there were others around to keep her grounded. She worked her best that way, a fringe benefit of the Power of Friendship.

Drawing the rocks she'd pulled from the ground to her, she readied for an attack. So far she'd only really seen the fire breath, something she could probably survive but would suffer for it. But more of her vitality was currently going to her magic so she was going to have to be smart about things. "Nice to meet you Sara. Too bad it couldn't be under better circumstances huh?" Even under stress Shannon's sense of humor found a way to chime in.

Sara looked down at Shannon and waved at her with her free hand, her weapon is a single handed blade. "Could've been better yes," Sara said, toward Shannon. She had an slight annoyance about her, never ever expected to run into the dragon she used to worship as a god when she was a royal princess all those years ago. She was moving towards Zani and stopped for a second.

Zani laughed at the joke. He stood back up how he was before Shannon's strike that knocked him off balance. He looked at Shannon directly and laughed. "How do you like being stuck?" Zani asked, curiously. He casted a spell in his rage and the shimmering of his aura. It was a powerful spell that would probably paralyze anyone in their tracks. "Paralyzation spells are so fun to use on people who fight back," Zani said, happily grinning.

Scarlett ran faster towards Fiona when she heard what Zani had said but was hit with the paralyzation spell that Zani casted. She stopped completely in her tracks. "Not again," Scarlett thought to herself, annoyed.

Sara posture changed slightly and had a different state of mind. In this state of mind, she was unaffected by the Paralyzation spell that Zani casted. "Stupid Dragon, you will pay for using that spell with your life," Sara said, annoyed.

Zani glanced up at Sara and laughed. "Ah the Iris Persona, how wonderful," Zani said, knowledgeable of all the Platinum Dragon's abilities.

While Shannon had been expecting a more direct attack, she hadn't been prepared for the sudden paralysis. Becoming increasingly more difficult to move she used her staff to steady herself and keep from falling over. The rocks and boulders that she had hovering around her began to drop to the ground around her and she ended up burried underneath them.

Zani laughed at Shannon being burried underneath her own rocks. His aura started to shimmer again and he casted another spell but this time it was on himself. It was a blinding light but powerful healing spell and it healed his damaged wings faster than his natural regeneration. He started to move his massive wings. He slowly moved up into the sky and now he was much more dangerous in the sky than on the ground. "That's good to know I can finish you off myself the Terror Seraph Angel," Zani said, happily.

Iris noticed the dragon lifting off from the ground and was somewhat shocked he used a powerful healing spell to heal the damage. "I always wanted to kill you too Zani Gold Eyed," Iris said, with a smile.

Zani turned directly towards Iris within the air, he completely ignored the ones who were under paralyzation. Zani laughed at her. "Since your other persona told everyone in the vinicty of my deity I worship. I might as well do the same, Bahamut the Platinum Dragon," Zani said, with a grin.

Iris heard the name and realized something utterly shocking. "Are you kidding me, Zargoth is really Bahamut? That is why he hates his sister more than anything," Iris said, startled at the realization.

A familiar voice pierced the veil and had much power behind it, started to surround the one's who were affected by Paralzyation spell. "Be freed of this spell. It is nice to know my name I long forgot all those years ago during the Dragon Wars," Bahamut telepathically said. The Paralzyation affect vanished from the one's affected by it.

Scarlett felt the warmth of Bahamut's aura surrounding her and freed her of the spell. "Bahamut...," Scarlett said, remembering she had to heal Fiona. She used her wings to lift up from the ground and rushed towards Fiona. "I have a funny feeling that Heather knew all along that Zargoth was Bahamut," Scarlett thought to herself.

Most of the back and forth went over Shannon's head. She didn't really know the relation of most of the people and dragons. She had pretty much jumped in blind but all she really needed to know is who was evil. The paralysis being lifted from her she lifted her gaze upward. Zani was getting away from her and that meant she wouldn't be as effective in this fight.

Glancing around she had to decide how she wanted to approach this. She could launch herself into the air, though she couldn't exactly fly so she would need to use the rocks to jump from one to the other. Or she could try and pummel the dragon with rocks and get him back down on her level.

Opting for the latter first she smacked her hands around her staff and crushed some of the granite into smaller jagged pieces. Spreading them out she flung them upward in a flurry of sharp rocks.

Zani was too busy with starring down Sara in her Iris Persona and laughing. He got hit with the sharpened rocks from the ground and his demeanor changed. His aura started to pulse as if it was a heart beat. He did lose a bit of altitude but it wasn't enough to hit the ground. He glanced down at Shannon angrily. "You... will feel pain worse than anyone has felt ever since my rise to be Tiamat's right hand," Zani said, enraged. His aura still pulsed as if it was a heart beat. He looked directly down at Shannon this time with his threat and opened his maw and started to breathe something different from fire. It was complete and utter darkness coming from his mouth that was aimed at Shannon.

Iris saw the darkness come from the Gold Dragon and had a shiver down her spine and flew above him. "Seriously, what are you Zani?" Iris asked, annoyed and shivering seeing her weakness coming from the Dragon. Iris tried to hold strong but empowered her sword with a green energy surrounding it. She launched the Air Sword Slash directly at Zani.

Zani got hit by the Air Sword Slash from Iris. He was pushed down onto the ground hard with the attack in question. It was much more powerful than his stationary movement. "You will pay with your lives, ALL OF YOU!" Zani yelled, loudly. His voice carried towards the Penrose City.

Scarlett heard the dragon's enraged yell and stopped right over the unconscious body of Fiona. "Fiona I hope you will be all right," Scarlett said, worried. She touched Fiona's back and used a healing spell that came from her rainbow-colored aura. She knew the problem with this healing spell it takes time to heal the target touched by her hand.

Fiona had a dream while all this devastation was happening outside of it. It was about her time living with her own family and felt some sadness at those times were the funnest. "I miss them...," Fiona thought to herself. Her dream was shattered when saw a Five Headed Dragon laughing at her lifeless corpse and was deep within her subconscious. "Who are you?" Fiona asked, confused.

A voice peered into her dream and laughed. "Easy my dear Fiona... You caused all this destruction. My name is Tiamat, the Goddess of the Chromatic Dragons and Metallic Dragons after the defeat of my brother, Bahamut. You could say I took over my brother's position... And now it seems as if you need help all you need to do is Denounce the one you call master my own brother, Bahamut," Tiamat telepathically said to Fiona. Tiamat laughed with her five heads and glared at Fiona gently.

Fiona looked at her with a sense of defiance and the subconscious dream was shattered and she slowly opened her eyes and looked around the battlefield. "Ow, why does it feel as if I was hit by a truck?" Fiona asked, curiously. She felt the healing power of Scarlett rejuvenate her.

Not really sure what to expect with the blast or darkness, Shannon was glad she decided to stay on the ground. Shifting the earth under her feet she pulled herself underground and let the dragon's attack impact the dirt. Having effectively disappeared she tried to gather her thoughts. She still wasn't all that sure how she was going to get to the dragon proper but it turned out she didn't need to do that bit on her own.

Sensing Zani land on the ground this meant she had a chance to get to him before he could take off again. The earth sinking below Zani the sides began to rise up to surround him. Pouring the rest of her vitality she could Shannon intended to ground the dragon for good. With the ground for cover the granite moved toward Zani. Rather than hitting the dragon though it went by him as Shannon popped up out of the ground. Un this close the aura was stiffling. To guard against it she took and activated her Purification Artifact.

The earth girl reached her arm up toward the dragon and the granite began to cluster around her. Becoming a clawed rock golem the newly formed giant hands grabbed at Zani's neck and one of his wings. Now that she had allies assisting even if she couldn't beat him alone she would keep him busy for the others to attack freely.

Zani looked down at the ground as it started to shift underneath him. He wasn't panicing at all and laughed at the entirety of this pathetic display of Earthen power. His aura started to pulse again and it changed its effect from what it had been, a terror aura to something slightly different. He did get trapped in the earth but the aura was pulsing faster and faster as if something terrible was about to happen. He noticed Shannon popped up right besides his stuck self within the ground. "How wonderful...," Zani said, angered. The pulsing was continuing to speed up. His neck and one of his wings were grabbed by the Rock Golem, the girl in front of him turned into. "Dragons will rule again...," Zani said, angered. Zani's eyes closed something was terribly wrong.

Iris saw what was happening and slashed into the top part of the Dragon's body. "Something is wrong, terribly wrong...," Iris said, worried. She knows this dragon would never give up unless he was planning something terrible.

Zani's aura was still pulsing at a speed of light. The slash had less effect than the Golem holding his neck and wing.

Fiona stood up and looked directly towards the action and noticed Zani's eyes closed. She pointed her sniper rifle directly at the dragon. "Scarlett can you heal the one who is helping us fight this monster," Fiona said, kindly.

Scarlett nodded and looked directly at Zani's aura and was utterly terrified. Scarlett transformed into the Destiny Dragon that she is and she was at least double the size that Zani is. She had beautiful rainbow-colored wings, a rainbow aura, a unicorn horn on her head, and a quite beautiful draconic posture compared to the Gold Dragon. She flew towards the Gold Dragon and sinked her massive front claws into Zani's Back. "No more people you will kill with that move... no more, I won't allow it," Scarlett said, in her dragon form angered.

Zani screamed in pain when the massive claws were imbedded into his body and he opened his eyes. "Ah, finally you are no longer a Coward, Ms. Draconis. You are finally showing your worth to Draconic Kind. A bit too late though," Zani said, angered that his conceration was stopped. The Aura slowed down in pulsing it was going as fast as it was but it returned to a Terror Aura. The Terror Aura was stronger than it once was since he was focusing on another dragon.

Scarlett started to pull Zani right out of the ground with her enraged state of mind of wanting to protect humanity and remind herself of her little sister. Her strength was rivaling the strength of the Ground, which put him in that position. Her claws were 10 inches deep within his body. She hated herself for showing cowardice all those years ago and this time she will make it right by hurting Zani much for his transgressions against her family.

Fiona saw the fierce determination of Scarlett pulling Zani up. She was awed at Scarlett's strength. She pointed her weapon at the wing of Zani that wasn't grappled by the stone golem and fired a shot at it. She was speechless at the display of strength and the gold dragon's determination.

Zani heard the shot from Fiona's sniper rifle and moved his wing in time before it was pierced by it. "Try harder.... Chaotic Seraph Angel of Bahamut," Zani said, annoyed. He sensed the stone golem still holding onto his neck, who is Shannon. "How much strength do you got left little girl?" Zani asked, curiously towards Shannon in Stone Golem form.

Through the rock the girl's voice could be heard. "Enough to finish you." With Scarlett now on Zani that gave her a little more room to focus. The graninte was jagged and she began to try and dig the stone claws into the gold dragon. If she could get through the scales then he was going to be able to do more damage.

Zani's aura slowed down again but it would take awhile to pierce through the scales. He laughed at the stone golem and the dragon ontop of him. "The Platinum Dragon... You are a COWARD," Zani said, in a fit of crazed dragon rage.

The Portal started to shimmer and the visage of the shield protecting the Endless Dimension from intrusion started to glow brightly. "You are kidding yourself if you can get me to come out of the Dimension I created to keep myself separate from my sister," Bahamut telepathically said, directly towards Zani. There was a great sigh filling the air surrounding the Gold Dragon. A massive blinding light surrounded the gold dragon and it was blinding but it had a different affect on Zani. He was unamused with the Dragon he once called an ally.

Zani laughed at Bahamut's spell. He, however, felt a strange effect conversin' over his entire body, he started to shake from an unnatural pain. The aura he had vanished, the Terror Aura was gone with a bit of slow added on to it. He started to struggle with the Destiny Dragon and Stone Golem on him. He hoped to shake off the Stone Golem and the massive dragon ontop of him.

Scarlett was blinded from the blinding light and she reared back without gripping onto the Gold Dragon and crashed into the ground hard. It shook the ground, to a point of a mini-aftershock. "Agh...," Scarlett said, blinded.

Zani was struggling much more since there was no longer a massive dragon over him. He was lashing out with his freed wing towards the Stone Golem. He wanted to be freed so he can return to his mistress, Tiamat.

The blinding light didn't really effect Shannon, however the thrashing dragon was a fair more than she could handle at this point. Zani wrenching away, the golem let go but stood its ground. It seemed that they'd managed to run the golden dragon off. That turned out to have been quite a bit harder than expected. Dragons were not high on Shannon's list of things to fight after this.

Zani flew into the air and looked down at the people who gave him a hard time. "I will remember this for all time only the painful screams of regular humans will sate my revenge towards what you have done to me," Zani said, angered. He flew away from the battlefield and the gust of wind subsided.

Scarlett turned back into her more useless form that is a powerful healer at least. "Good lord... At least I now know who cursed my entire family Tiamat," Scarlett said, worried.

Sena landed on the ground by the Stone Golem and smiled at it. The Iris persona vanished and the normal one was there. "Thank you," Sena said, kindly and had a royal tone to her voice. She put her sword back into its sheath. She looked towards Fiona. "Come here, Chaotic Seraph Angel," Sena said.

Fiona heard her title from the terror seraph angel and walked towards her. "Hi," Fiona said, kindly.

Sena face plamed at Fiona's response. "You were lucky that Bahamut sent me here or you would have surely perished by dragon," Sena said, annoyed.

Fiona stopped a bit away from Sena and smiled kindly. "It is good to know he's watching over us then," Fiona said.

The Portal pulsed and a voice appeared into the heads of all the magical girls in the vicinity of it. "I will lessen my hate towards all the ones I have an vendetta against for the sake of past mistakes. The Arrangement of the vendettas will be arranged to how I see them based on things I have seen in the world since my defeat 300 years before the 12th Century. Scarlett revitalize Shannon, the magical girl of the Earth, her abilities are unique and remind me of your younger sister," Bahamut telepathically said, to Shannon and his two champions outside.

Scarlett felt saddened at the realization of what has transpired but is happy that she gets to keep a feeling of her younger sister within this girl with the same name. "I will do what I can Bahamut the Platinum Dragon," Scarlett said, happily. Her rainbow colored aura started to flucuate a bit. She walked towards Shannon in Earth Golem form. "Err, how am I supposed to heal someone covered in Earth?" Scarlett asked, confused.

With the threat gone Shannon relaxed a bit and when Scarlett asked how she should heal her Shannon laughed a bit. "Oh yeah, let me fix that." Taking a step back the granite around her began to collapse and fall away. Sighing she hopped down from the pile of rocks and dusted herself off. "Glad that didn't last too much longer. I could keep it up a little while longer but I really don't like using so much of my strength." Stepping in front of Scarlett she was ready to receive some healing. Though she hadn't really taken any injury per se she effectively had using her Blood Magic.

Scarlett rainbow colored aura covered Shannon's entire body and it had a strange effect it was old magic. It had a revitalization effect and it felt as if there was a hot spring nearby. She had never been this focused in her life and the entirety of the spell was effective to the point astonishment. "It has been along time since I used the Revitalization or Regeneration Magic. It lasts for 3 hours," Scarlett said, informative and kindly. The Aura surrounding her faded completely and was only surrounding Shannon. She yawned a bit and was tired since this healing spell takes more out of her than the one that healed Fiona. She rubbed her eyes and looked at the other two.

The other two Seraph Angels were chatting away in the distant. The 10 Chaos Angels went back through the portal. The Portal in the sky slowly vanished into nothingness. Sena smiled and flew off in the direction of the city that was on the North Side of Penrose. Fiona sighed and wondered where she was going. "Shannon, thank you for arriving to my aid," Fiona said, kindly.

Smiling brightly, Shannon bowed in a brief curtsy. "My pleasure. I am glad to hear that my efforts have improved standings with your patron." Even though she was being healed it would take a while before she was back in top shape. Shaking her head slightly she looked off in the direction of Penrose. "Well I guess I'm going to be late to my meeting. I left the bus behind to come here."

Fiona giggled at that. "I hope you get there alright than even if it will take you awhile," Fiona said, happily. She was looking at the rainbow-colored healing spell surrounding Shannon. "Scarlett, can only us see that?" Fiona asked, curiously.

Scarlett looked over to Fiona and nodded. "Only magical entities can see it," Scarlett said. She looked about and smiled a bit. "Our patron has much rethinking to do about all the people he has an vendetta against," Scarlett said. She picked up dirt and used what's left of her magic to make a rainbow-colored flower and held it in front of Shannon. "With this magical flower. You can contact Fiona and me to help you with anything you require that doesn't involve me being a dragon," Scarlett said, happily. She disliked being in her dragon form since it terrifies people more than anything. She had to deal with that a long time ago too.

Taking the flower Shannon nodded in thanks. "I've never had such a beautiful way to communicate before. I will be sure to let you know if I'm in a pinch. I would stay and chat but I really do have to get going. It was nice meeting you." Stopping to think for a moment she decided it was worth asking. "You wouldn't happen to have a faster way to Penrose would you?"

Fiona heard the question and smiled. "I would have a faster way if I was at my estate the Grail Estates," Fiona said. She looked at Scarlett.

Scarlett sighed with a slight annoyance. "Why are you looking at me, Fiona?" Scarlett asked, annoyed.

A familiar voice appeared in the minds of the three here. A strange door appeared right in front of the three and it looked strange. "Where you wanting to go Shannon? This is a gateway to my dimension but for this time only it will open up to anywhere in Penrose City you want to go," Bahamut said, a tone of normalcy and kindness.

Scarlett had a sigh of relief because Bahamut saved her from becoming a massive dragon. She moved her hands closer to her for the happiness of not turning into a dragon.

Shannon clasped her hands together and bowed again, greatful for the offer. "You are awesome, Bahamut. I need to be at the Penrose Hospital like an half an hour ago. I won't forget your kindness here." She laughed to herself but was clearly sincere about what she said. Given other Puchuu girls the dragon had run across in the past, Shannon was far and away less judgemental to the lesser force and his underlings.

The Door changed to that of as if it was a Hospital door but the exact location of it was nearby the hospital. "When you exit out of the door you will be a few blocks away from the hospital. Be hopeful in your endeavors because that isn't the last time you will see Zani Gold Eyed and my sister's wrath," Bahamut telepathically said to Shannon.

Fiona and Scarlett was a bit startled that their patron was being a much kinder to humans. They had a expression of awe at this discovery.

"Gotcha big guy. I'll see you later." She opened the door and went through. The portal disappeared immediately upon closing the door and Shannon found herself just where Bahamut had said. Little did she expect the craziness that was awaiting.
Also I had no internet for 52 hours straight sooo yeah... :(
Good news, there's going to be a new arrangement of vendettas that Zargoth will hate. But as well there's going to be some truths laid down during a collab. :P

Some beans are going to be spilled. :P
In ..::Ascension::.. 22 May 2017 14:05 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Nice job @Rai.

I will be working on my post soon than later. Been distracted.
In Mahz's Dev Journal 21 May 2017 22:49 Forum: News
@Mahz That is most of the problem with many things. The UI is a pos in some video games. >.>
That is good to know what is going on, that is a very nice summary because I had confusion about that too. @Shifter_Master
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