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Current I'm still in a Digimon RP and now joined my favorite roleplay genre, which is Sci-Fi.
4 mos ago
I'm in a Digimon Roleplay.
1 yr ago
"Reporting for duty for 5 roleplays Ascension, Blood Act I, Samhain Intrigues, Beginner Game and FNC RP." I am crazy. :P
1 yr ago
I've joined Blood Act I: Ghosts of the Past, enjoyin' the lore behind it. As well, I am still apart of Rai's RP called Ascension!
1 yr ago
Darkness Incarnated has been doing a lot of things lately. Working on profiles and etc.


I am Landaus Five-One, I am so far not involved in any role plays but I enjoy Sci-Fi, Space Operas, Magical, World Invasions, Modern, Fantasy, Horror, Post-Apocalyptic Themes, and Alternate Universe.

I can play both genders + Artificial Intelligence characters as well. Since I do have two AI characters aka the Massive Starships within my Detailed Profiles topic.

I am looking for a Role play that keeps me interested, mostly. I have a vast quality/quantity of stuff I am working on at the moment classified as the Jaina'Res Multiverse + the Main Realm. I am working on 20 profiles, and multitude of other things like a timeline but that's going to take awhile to get started since I still have to think where it all started and etc.

Out of everything, I am interested in role plays that are unique to their genre and etc. As well, I would like if the people can play both genders, just because since I can play them both that is. And other things like that. I have Skype if someone wants to contact me about certain things 'annihilation-holy' is my Skype, I go by Holy R. Enigma on it anyways. That's the only off-site information I am going to give.

I also like Grand Strategy, Real Time Strategies and etc in terms of video games. So I would probably do a Nation RP, if I wasn't so busy with the other things on my plate in terms of my Profiles, the timeline, and etc. So this is the end of the bio.

P.S: I like being called Holy, instead of Landaus since I have been using Holy a lot longer than this one name on this forum.

Roleplays I am apart of:
The Children of Plunder - The Jest - Sci-Fi Pirate Adventure; think a mix between Firefly & Code Geass in space
Digimon: Soul Hunters - By Arisen - Alternate Reality Digimon Roleplay
The Golden Brew - By MenacingEffect - Basically not a Tolkien Fantasy Story; It's unique comparably.

Roleplays that have an OOC and were rebooted once before:

There's a single other role play I am interested in and it was created by Neo basically an Alternate Reality Fairy Tail Role play or Alternate Universe one either or works.

Interest Checks that Caught my Interest:

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Nice profile @SilverPaw
I'm joining since the @The Jest DM'd me since Sci-Fi is my all time favorite roleplay genre. In terms of this sci-fi genre. Spaceships and junk, but I am creatin' a completely different character from my usual characters I use for these things.

I'm going to join the discord in awhile.
[redacted x2 (Second time)]


-0 Crux Gems
-Spellbook, Focal Crystal
-White Clairist Katana

Rhaya went to help the boy she heard scream about large jeweled hornets that were trying to kill him. ”I will always be prepared for anything. It will require the full scope of my focus to defeat any foe, Wind Bolt!” Rhaya said to charge up a wind bolt spell. She wasn’t really allowed to fully charge the Wind Bolt spell since the Jeweled Hornet struck her with its stinger. She completely missed the Wind Bolt target, which was the same Jeweled Hornet that stung her and hit a tree. ”I’ll help you kid, just have to get this bugger off of me,” Rhaya said, with a pained tone in her voice since the sting hurt.

She decided to take out her magical weapon and tried to strike at the Jeweled Hornet. She was a bit too focused on the pain of where the Jeweled Hornet stung her and hit the dirt and kinda had to sword stuck in the ground. ”Oh good lord, looks like I am not having a good day today. Though my mother always told me counterbalances always happen,” Rhaya said slightly annoyed with her weapon stuck in the ground.

She pulled as hard as she could and she was able to get her weapon unstuck out of the ground, it was quite not her day. She hoped her other companions would have a better time against these Jeweled Hornets. She moved her hand where the Jeweled hornet had stung her and moved her hand away and noticed blood on her hands. ”You are definitely going to die Jeweled Hornet when I get much more focused.” Rhaya said, annoyed and a bit angry at the Jeweled Hornet.


-0 Crux Gems
-Spellbook, Focal Crystal
-White Clairist Katana

Rhaya was a bit nervous leaving the safety of a Great City since it reminded of her hometown Vaira Stars, which also had a barrier surrounding it. She waved nicely to the guards as they left Cosmos City. The guards waved back to Rhaya, mostly because of her entrance five months ago was a bit frightening to them. She couldn’t help but sweat drop at the back and forth between Sith and Valeo, who were making her uncomfortable. Mostly because of their teasing of the youngin’ Archibald.

She saw Francis taking the lead and she smiled with relief in it. She couldn’t help be proud at the fact someone thought to get ahead of the group to stop the two in question from teasing Archibald. She always gotten nervous when people expect her to lead, which was mostly her problem within her Academy she trained in. It was mostly because of her last name, that people expected her to lead especially her mother. She didn’t want to lead an outfit of hardcore women knights that expected everything of you to lead properly.

She was proud of her entire family’s history but out of everything she didn’t feel like leading. Even though she constantly got into arguments with her mother about it but she stuck to her inner Tempest or soul. Her mother did constantly realize her daughter was pretty hard pressed in sticking to her future goals rather than the goals of the family’s name. They had a long talk about this and her mother suggested something like mission or goal she could do, outside of her hometown and explore the world more or less.

She came back from looking into her past, into the present that is now. She looked around the orphans, while she was walking with them. She liked Astraea for whom she is even though she only knew her for five months so far. She’s the one person she likes to talk to about her insecurities about certain things. She always has a smile around Astraea, her motherly persona definitely helped her be slightly less so strict laced alike her schooling taught her to be.

She was hopeful that Archibald was okay, from the constant teasing he got from Valeo and Sith. She only saw about five months worth of that and was a bit tired of it. She couldn’t really hope to stand in the middle of that since she’s not really that good with pressure. She usually helped him up from falling on his face after falling on it. Whenever, Astraea wasn’t there to help him up that is.

Maybell, was an interesting opossum, she enjoyed her passion for reading every single book or any of the ones she missed. She couldn’t really tell much about her, since Maybell was a bit cute and caused her to blush and make her leave the room. She would usually say, she’s not into cute things but blush nonetheless when around Maybell, because the cuteness of how she spoke was definitely a cause for her to walk away or run away.

The only person that she didn’t like much was Valeo and his way of his speaking to every single person, especially the nickname, he gave her. It kinda made her a bit uneasy to hear that from someone like a half-demon boy. She usually tell her to stop calling her a female version of Francis, but he wouldn’t stop with his witty remarks at about her. She, however, never raised her voice to Valeo mostly because of the tiger, that he kept around him as his tiger friend-sibling. She remembered the name by Magnar since he scared her one morning, and Valeo was laughing much at her expense.

Sith managed to snap her out of her thoughts as he talked about a key. She had no idea what’s going on, mostly because she never really talked to Sith that much. She heard what Francis had said towards Sith and she felt a bit lost in what’s going on. ”Everyone has their memories I suppose. Some are better to remember than others,” Rhaya said, with a tone of confusion in her voice. She didn’t really ask if Sith forgot anything about his past since he constantly teased her, like a big brother would even though she never had one to begin with.

She felt nervous when she heard Valeo’s remark about the Bearon made Crystal Grove their home. She sweat dropped and sighed slightly at what he remembered. ”Seriously Valeo, now you mention that? Could’ve been helpful if we heard this sooner,” Rhaya said, with a bit of a nervousness to her voice. She heard what Francis had said about the whole situation and kinda nodded in agreement. ”Unless you were only wanting to say this to scare, Archy even more. Valeo you do constantly tease Archy a lot...,” Rhaya said, while staring at Archy, while being a slightly nervous.

Age: 14

Species: Human

Description: Rhaya’s body been through a rigorous training regime with a slight edge on keeping her in shape and building her muscle mass. Because of this she weighs 116 pounds and is only 5’2” feet tall for her age. On her body she got some bruises from the training with wooden swords all day and night during her sparring matches. She has a single sword slash scar on her back, from a ironblade weapon that her sparring partner Beatrix S. Tver used against the top rule of the academy. Her eyes glow slightly brighter when she’s wielding her sword or using wind magic.

She wears a emerald pendant necklace, which has only herself and her mother Darcy L. Claire within it. She has a birthmark on her left shoulder that is a star, which is the same as Darcy’s birthmark. She radiates an aura showing she’s been trained really hard in a very well known establishment of the greatest warrior women known to man. It is a confident aura mostly, that she’s at least skilled in wielding a weapon she was taught specifically by Darcy and Ashley since she had a unnatural talent to wield a Katana.

Her clothing style is similar to noble caste people, since her family’s name brings much weight to the bargaining table. Her family worked hard to become a noble, she will work as hard to continue that as well. The clothes she wears is similar to her military outfit in terms of colors and trim but that’s mostly it. She has a bracelet on her wrist that signifies the training at the Drake’s Female Academy with a black dragon image on the bracelet itself and emeralds for the black dragon’s eyes.


”Many things in this world have a counterbalance. I was taught this in the Drake’s Female Academy and by Headmistress Darcy.”

She had always been an optimist at heart and it usually gives her the self-made focus to keep herself going when it feels hopeless. It did help that the Drake’s Female Academy made that self-made focus into something greater. The training taught her to be very diligent of everyone’s feelings, their reasons for coming there, and their aspirations. This is usually called her high sensitivity to the environment and people around her, if they are happy, she’s happy, if they are depressed and down in the dumps she is too. This made her the most liked student of the Drake’s Female Academy for that specific reason.

She hardly ever complained during any of her studies or training sessions in the Drake’s Female Academy, mostly because she is a hard worker. She had always been a dreamer somewhat and usually would talk about the future to many people. She got noticed mostly because of her dreams and future talk to everyone in the Drake’s Female Academy. She had always put on a smile when she would be bruised or injured by someone’s accurate hits on her. It showed her to be ironwilled individual.

She insightful in certain people’s form, while sparring, she can easily execute some beautiful moves to exploit their weaknesses. Her showing off is mostly like a dance or fun to her, since its the only thing she finds fun in the Drake’s Female Academy. The playful nature in her insightful attacks or how she just dances with her blade wooden or not is awe inspiring, to others wanting to copy her but failing at it.

She always had a friendly outlook on everyone, even those people who are quite hostile to her, in terms of her rivals. This gives everyone a slight bit pause, when they see her because they know she can be brutal in sparring if you underestimate her. It gives everyone including her rivals a slight hint of not taking this girl lightly. She gives people many chances even though the Drake’s Female Academy is very strict in that regard.


Her friendly nature of always wanting to be friends with anyone usually rubs people the wrong way in the Drake’s Female Academy. It usually causes people who outright hate her to call for a sparring match. They would usually straight out punch her in the face for being herself. She takes awhile to figure out what’s wrong when it’s too late to apologize and usually keeps some of her pent up aggravation bottled up. She can’t really figure out the real reason anyone would hate her guts. It usually takes until someone bluntly says it to her face, she’s the youngest person within the Drake’s Female Academy, who’s has an innate and natural talent for swordplay. The jealousy in her rivals tone is clear as day.

Her most bottled up emotion is sadness, she has never cried or done anything to show that she’s a girl and need to do girl things. She gets laughed at sometimes for the fact she’s so unlike everyone else. She doesn’t speak her mind to anyone not even the teachers, because she sees everyone that needs respect and no questions. This usually causes her to get somewhat bad grades in being assertive and dominate during Battlefield training, aka a leadership role alike her mother had.

The thing that frustrates her the most, which usually causes people to be frustrated with her, is her out right great mind. She tries to use it for simple things, but it always tries to think two steps ahead of anyone, when they are in a sparring match or even during the Battlefield training. Her tactician mind frustrates everyone around her including her mother, since tacticians should be leaders but she doesn’t want to lead. She doesn’t really do great with awe inspiring speeches, and usually stumbles on her words and constantly say, sorry I can’t do this anymore and runs off with a quite shocking speed to her room in the Academy. She punishes herself a lot and wants to change her shyness to public speaking but constantly stuck in the same loop of not being able to do anything about it.

She had a big problem in knowing someone’s feelings towards her, besides their hate and vitriol. She has always been thick headed when it came to people who love her in more than just anything. Which is probably why she gained her biggest rival in the Drake’s Female Academy, by the name of Beatrix S. Tver. She couldn’t mentally understand her affection towards her, it didn’t really click in her head. It took her to figure it out right after, Beatrix cheated to harm her in the most brutal way possible. She figured out that Beatrix was a scorn by her neglect and she has been trying to fix this part of her lack of knowledge of affection for awhile.


One of her hobbies, is looking up at the stars. She enjoys doing this so much she constantly does it alone or with someone she cares about. Her mother usually watches the star with her, when she was at the Drake’s Female Academy. There’s only one other person she shared this moment with, and that was her greatest rival, Beatrix S. Tver. She only saw a friend within Beatrix and nothing more until she figured that out after awhile.

The other of her hobbies, is playing some form of dragon vs human chess. She’s a master of this chess board, since she usually only ever plays dragons, because they are the white chess pieces on the board. It is one of the reasons, she usually is two steps ahead of people. She only ever loses to the adults in the Drake’s Female Academy.

She has a odd habit, which is a strange form of spin before she strikes a target or a person with a wooden sword. She kinda has a smile on her face when doing it too, because she’s having fun while doing it. It was never taught in the Drake’s Female Academy, its just how she wields a sword while attacking with it.

She outright has a passion for cute things, but she usually blushes when someone catches her looking at something really cute. It could be a beautiful flower, or a cute animal. It is tied in her quirk because of the blushing part, she constantly blushes mostly. She is highly embarrassed of the fact she does this at all.

She has another hobby, and it is classified as reading she enjoys reading the books she got from the Drake’s Female Academy. She read most of the books in that Academy but she always goes back to the Rules of Engagement and her mother’s bedtime story all the time. Those two books she enjoys keeping with her at all times. These two books are an anchor when she needs to fall asleep or remember some of the curriculum of the Drake’s Female Academy.



Her eyes are very sharp since her time training at the Drake’s Female Academy. And usually use for lookout to keep people safe while they are traveling on the road or at camp. She can usually take her lookout shift seriously enough and hardly ever got bad grades on this. Out of everything, it’s pretty much essential to have someone who got a great eye to see something out of the ordinary.


Her conversational skills is pretty exceptional for her age, compared to older girls in the Drake’s Female Academy. It’s a natural talent for her mostly, she can hold conversations about anything that’s on her mind that interests her including the cute things. Even though that involves her being embarrassed at the thought of the entire conversation. She can talk about anything that interests the group or otherwise. Her noble charms usually comes through within the conversation, since it’s very hard to hide the fact she’s a noble that went to a very prestigious female academy.


She’s great at running in large sprints to keep in front of people on a large march through anything. Her running style kinda is definitely the same as her mother’s since her mother and her usually run all the time outside of the Drake’s Female Academy. Not many girls her age or older could keep up with her at the Drake’s Female Academy since it is a very rigorous training regimen and grueling marches around the landscape of Drake’s Female Academy.

Horse Riding

She can ride a horse pretty effectively even though it took a lot of practice to stop falling off of one. She usually enjoys running or walking but if there’s a horse nearby she’ll be pretty easily to get on it and help anyone who needs a lift and ride them around. She hasn’t really been able to find anyone who really likes this skill of hers because she rides a bit slower than most great message carriers. Mostly because she doesn’t want anyone to be knocked off the horse for her going to fast.

Focal Crystal: The Emerald Eye - It’s color is emerald green and it is located on the White Clairist Katana. She calls it the emerald eye for sentimental value mostly because it is attached to her family’s heirloom weapon. Her mother called it something different but it had a similar name throughout the generations of the Claire Family as a whole.

Special Equipment:
White Clairist Katana
*In her appearance tab

The White Clairist Katana has been in the Claire family for generations. The only person able to masterfully use this katana is Rhaya’s mother by the name of Darcy L. Claire. Rhaya was given the chance to do the same as her mother and master and follow the creed of the Claire family. “Never back down from a fight even if you are outnumbered and constantly strive to be the best you can be,” the creed of her family for generations.

Ability: White Windshield - The singular ability of the White Clairist Katana, it protects the user in a white windshield of pure wind energies that only protects Rhaya in her direct front. She must be holding the White Clairist Katana directionally in front of her, in how her mother taught her how to wield it. The White Windshield comes directly out of the Emerald Eye. When it activates the ability, it sounds like birds are singing, the singing dissipates after awhile. This ability affects Rhaya’s eye color by giving it a glow that is similar to the White Windshield effect, which is white with a outline of emerald green surrounding the white.

Aspected Professional Trainee Garb
*In her appearance tab

This garb was handcrafted by the military school she went to mostly because of the high professionalism of the Claire Family’s name. This is aspected to her magical school, which she picked up at the Military school called Drake’s Female Academy. This fine establishment always takes care of their own and is leaded by Darcy L. Claire but doesn’t give anyone special treatment since she’s a strict head instructor.

Ability: Windstream Defense - This singular ability of the Aspected Professional Trainee garb. It enhances the strength of White Windshield by giving it a second layer of defense. It pulses with energy every second this one ability is active to this degree. It makes noises of grasshoppers chirping towards anyone who directly in front of Rhaya, but it doesn’t hurt anyone’s ear drums.


The Claire Pack - This is a large pack, with the Claire family symbol on it. It carries many things, that a Claire family member usually requires for themselves on a travel or journey. This one pack has much history since it was used much when Darcy was traveling and learning how to become the headmistress of the Drake’s Female Academy. Darcy gave this pack to her daughter to cherish everything that is coming in the future.

Sharpening Tool - She carries sharpening tool on her all the time to sharpen her weapons if they get dull so they can do their job. It was given to her by specifically her teacher in the Drake’s Female Academy by the name of Ashley R. Tver. She learned from Ashley to always take care of her weapons or she wouldn’t get a good grade when it came to maintaining them.

Books - She carries with her in her pack, two specific books. The first one is her favorite bedtime story that her mother usually tells her, it’s usually a folklore story about a beautiful woman becoming leader of a great nation. The second one is the Drake’s Female Academy’s rules of engagement and some interesting facts on monsters out in the world, but its very basic rules. It has a specific tagline, of learning about a monster is always better fighting it instead of theorycrafting it.

Weapon: Purple Emerald Katana - Rhaya got this Katana as a spare from her mother’s weapon collection. It made her eyes shine with how pretty the blade looked and it always help with emeralds. It is a spare non-magically enchanted katana. She uses it for training purposes, mostly because her mother was strict she needs to focus on set tasks every single hour or lose her sharp edge since being distracted is dangerous.

‘Rock’ the Iron Shortsword - This iron shortsword has a name inscribed on it of Rock. It was in her mother’s weapon collection for sentimental value but her mother gave it to her for one reason alone. This weapon was her father’s that she doesn’t remember since he died when she was only two years old. Her mother couldn’t stop looking at it and bringing up great memories before her husband died. She gave it to her daughter on one condition, that she brings it back after her long journey wherever that might lead.

Special Attack: N/A

Magic Lv: 5

Spellbook: The spellbook was crafted by a specialty mage within the Drake’s Female Academy, it looks more like a highly specialized rule book than a spellbook. It follows the primary colors of the academy’s attire, white, emerald green, a black dragon symbol in the middle, and gold trim. It has Rhaya’s full name on it in pretty font on the back of the Spellbook, which is colorful to fit her personality. The one who created this spellbook put her name on the front underneath the Black Dragon symbol by the name of Vashti I. Perleth, who’s a Human Mage for the Drake's Female Academy and as well the headmistress’ best friend, which is Darcy Lyn Claire.

School of Focus: Wind


Wind Bolt

She chants her Academy’s motto, which is, I will always be prepared for anything. It will require the full scope of my focus to defeat any foe. It forms above her left shoulder in a form of a Bolt of Wind, similar to an arrow or lightning bolt. She will shoot it out towards an opponent that is attacking her with extreme prejudice and that's mostly monsters. The Wind Bolt's color is similar to the color to White Windshield, which is an ability for the White Clairist Katana.

The charge up time for this spell is around 1 minute and 15 seconds. At the maximum amount of charge it looks more like a Lightning Bolt of Wind and is pretty quick to hit the target. The less charge it forms into an arrow or bolt from an Archer's longbow or Crossbow, it's usually less powerful as a bolt or an arrow.

Cold Wind

She chants her Academy’s motto, which is, I will always be prepared for anything. It will require the full scope of my focus to defeat any foe. The cold wind spell is very visible when she uses the spell, compared to mother nature's cold winds, that usually get much colder in temperature. It is colored to seem unnatural, mostly because you will see whitish green wind coming towards you. It helps people who are dead tired of the heat or trained too hard and is completely exhausted.

The charge up time for this spell is around 2 minutes and 15 seconds. At the maximum amount of charge gives out a proper Cold Wind worth of 40 degrees in temperature. Any less than maximum amount of charge, gives around 50 degrees in temperature, in terms it transforms from a Cold Wind into a Cool Breeze.

Spherical Wind

She chants her Academy’s motto, which is, I will always be prepared for anything. It will require the full scope of my focus to defeat any foe. The Spherical Wind forms above her head, which has a similar color to her White Windshield ability. It moves slowly towards an opponent that is attacking her with extreme prejudice, and that's mostly monsters. When it hits a monster it gives out a burst of cool breeze type affect towards anyone that is her allies near the monster, that it hits.

The charge up time for this spell is around 1 minute and 30 seconds. The longer it has been charged the cooler the wind that bursts out from it after hitting a creature or monster. Which usually equals warmer than the Cold Winds she uses but better than the extreme heat of a desert.

Tempest’s Strike

She chants her Academy’s motto, which is, I will always be prepared for anything. It will require the full scope of my focus to defeat any foe. It is an extremely precise wind magic spell, that she was taught by her mother Darcy in the most perfect of circumstances. It forms into a Crescent Moon shaped wind type blade, that is purely made up of wind. It launches towards a target in a really fast spinning motion, similar to a buzz saw from a lumber mill. The closer it gets to the target the faster it goes.

It is called Tempest's Strike since it cuts like a saw to a tree. The color is pure solid green to show its compacted wind magic. It takes about a total of four minutes to fully charge up to be as powerful to cut at least 12 trees in a row. It appears directly above her, so it goes towards a target.

Tempest’s Barrier

She chants her Academy’s motto, which is, I will always be prepared for anything. It will require the full scope of my focus to defeat any foe. It is a extremely defensive wind magic spell, that she was taught by her mother Darcy. It forms into a large wind barrier or wall directly in front of Rhaya. It is purely solid and can only block non-magical arrows very easily, only because of its toughness. The color is pure solid green to show its compacted wind magic.

It has a charge up time, the maximum amount of time that it can be charged up to is 3 minutes and 30 seconds. The maximum charge can block around a total of fifty arrows. Half charged can only block around 25 arrows. Barely charged is for quick escapes and only blocks alike around 5 arrows at most before it dissipates. The way someone can tell it is weakening is simply it changes color to a white puffy like cloud when it is about to fully collapse and disperse.

Misc Battle Info:

Her battle style is very much similar to her mother, even though she only uses one weapon instead of dual wielding like her mother style. She uses a modified sword dancing style compared to her mother’s since she only wields one sword compared to two. When it comes to sword wielding that is. But their magic wielding style is definitely different since her mother has been around much longer than her daughter.

Darcy refined the art of wind magic to a tee but the two spells she taught her daughter are identical. The only reason why these two spells are identical is because it’s primarily because it’s the Claire Family’s specialized wind magic spells. Not many people can copy Tempest’s Strike or Tempest’s Barrier that well.

”The tempest bore witness to a child of impressive skill and innate talent. The winds are always fleeting and usually take away the measurable strength or spirit with them. The Claire Family grew stronger through conflict, schooling and the birth of the latest child within their family by the name of Rhaya.”


Theme Song:


@AngelofOctober's Profile with Fire in my belly; sorry but I had to do a Fairy Tail reference. xD

Valeo's Profile

The first thing I got to say congrats on finishing this profile, it has been in the making. :)


This entire section + his description was amazing to read. It was very great to read all that orange text, in the full glory of everything. I loved the picture you drew of him. I enjoyed the updates in the gallery.


His entire persona, his flaws, his strengths, his hobbies and even his skills are great. In terms its all compacted in one decent package of awesome. I still like his coffee habit, that gave me a smile.

Battle Profile:

His entire battle profile is great. I like the simplicity of his Axe, I definitely like his Ring of Animal Friends since it allows him to talk to animals, even though the old person he got it from, he sees it as unimportant. Magnar, his tiger cub friend. Who became his Tiger Mount is great. This battle profile feels concise and great.

Magic Profile:

I like all the smart comments, within the Magic section specifically his spell book, "My brain, is the spell book duh." <-- Though slightly different from what I wrote anyway but still the point get across.

I like that his focus, is literally everything that isn't in a big city ala, Primordial Magic. Kinda made me flashback to watching that one arc in Fairy Tail, where all the evil wizards were searching for it. Idk, why I got that thought into my head. I do like, it is unique compared to the schools of focus' other people have.

Sedation - A pretty unique counter spell, that increases the time of doing an action on anyone he uses it on. This is great spell.

Rupture - I loved this spell, since it can break a bone or break a non-magical weapon in half. And it was definitely shown in his tale, that was really fun to see that happened to those paladins. Hehe.

Abyssal Torture - This spell comes in different three flavors of hot sauce, the Blades is the Source Hot sauce. the fireballs is Cajohn's Bourbon Infused Chipotle Habanero Hot Sauce and finally the third and most dangerous option its like tasting a Ghost Pepper Hot sauce. I can't believe, I did a Hot Sauce Reference for a spell of all things.

Imitator - "Haha, you are dumb now I cast your spell at you and you die!" In terms, it is a great spell for mimic someone's spells that would be powerful or otherwise.

Misc Battle Info - I definitely like this battle info section, of his profile. Great job on everything in his battle profile / Magic profile section.

Your Tale of Oblivion:

Every single chapter of this tale felt like Valeo was going on a journey to find himself and then find Gertrude. In terms of the first parts before he ran into those religious nut jobs. This has been said already in the discord itself, but everything in this section is wonderful. Including all the song choices for each chapter. And his theme song fits too, and all the other music choices you picked for him. Even though I didn't really listen to all of it. Mostly because I wanted to read everything and imagine it with my own set of musical parameters, but it would've probably been a good idea to listen to the songs, when I was reading, probably would've been more immersive for me.

But nonetheless, it doesn't detract from the profile as a whole.

I am finished with my final profile review.

*snickers at my hot sauce reference, when reviewing the Abyssal Torrent Spell.* xD
@knifeman's profile review

Maybell Julep Docker's review really

I like the fact she's a talking Opossum, that's pretty nifty/nice. And love the picture that you picked for her. :3


Out of all the persona parts, I like them all. I definitely like the fact she's into mysteries, she could be the next biggest conspiracy theorist. In terms of the National Treasure movies. I had to reference that movie sorries, if you don't like it. xD

I hope she doesn't steal any of orphan's things. xD

Battle Profile:

Omgs, the cutest focus crystal ever! I love her 'Reihenschieber' and necklace that turns her into a fox. The equipment is very detailed too in terms of all the pictures you've picked for her equipment.

I like that she carries a simple dagger, very nice.

The Special Attack, definitely fits the species she is. It's very cute. xD

Magic Profile:

Hehe, that's a cute spellbook for an opossum. Pretty messy indeed as the hider says. xD

Hm, that's pretty cool School of Focus, a illusion, thief and encoding / decoding messages. It's literally a thief's best friend.

I like the short and sweet spells, they make sense, since the first one allows a person to read, what her quill pen wrote, spider opossum (reference if you can't catch it), and dazing someone is pretty nice too. xD

I like her misc battle info, absolutely necessary or the last thing she will fight. Better than being completely terrified of things at least.

The Tale Section

I love the family tree picture, its very cute. I love the "A thimble worth of milky moon Can touch hearts larger than a thimble," that's very cute. I love that.

That entire tale feels like, a Disney Once upon a time, type story line, which is very cute and aww sadness too. It was pretty sad.

I can see you picked a lot of theme songs for your character, that's always nice. I'll probably have to listen to them later on.

So far, I am definitely enjoyin' all these profiles, and now you can review mine since its below this thing. If you need directions than follow with your hearts and see what I have done. I can't wait until @AngelofOctober's finish his latest profile since it is amazing so far. And it's very intense, how differently it is. I do like the orange in the very beginning. You definitely have a lot of passion in your writing sir and I hope you continue with that said passion.

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