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Current "Reporting for duty for 5 roleplays Ascension, Blood Act I, Samhain Intrigues, Beginner Game and FNC RP." I am crazy. :P
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I've joined Blood Act I: Ghosts of the Past, enjoyin' the lore behind it. As well, I am still apart of Rai's RP called Ascension!
10 mos ago
Darkness Incarnated has been doing a lot of things lately. Working on profiles and etc.
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Got Rainbow? The most rainbow induced dragon is soon on its way to an attraction near you aka, in terms of Ascension! Rai's RP. :)
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Imagination has been insanity incarnate. As well, I hope you enjoy joining Ascension:…
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I am Landaus Five-One, I am so far not involved in any role plays but I enjoy Sci-Fi, Space Operas, Magical, World Invasions, Modern, Fantasy, Horror, Post-Apocalyptic Themes, and Alternate Universe.

I can play both genders + Artificial Intelligence characters as well. Since I do have two AI characters aka the Massive Starships within my Detailed Profiles topic.

I am looking for a Role play that keeps me interested, mostly. I have a vast quality/quantity of stuff I am working on at the moment classified as the Jaina'Res Multiverse + the Main Realm. I am working on 20 profiles, and multitude of other things like a timeline but that's going to take awhile to get started since I still have to think where it all started and etc.

Out of everything, I am interested in role plays that are unique to their genre and etc. As well, I would like if the people can play both genders, just because since I can play them both that is. And other things like that. I have Skype if someone wants to contact me about certain things 'annihilation-holy' is my Skype, I go by Holy R. Enigma on it anyways. That's the only off-site information I am going to give.

I also like Grand Strategy, Real Time Strategies and etc in terms of video games. So I would probably do a Nation RP, if I wasn't so busy with the other things on my plate in terms of my Profiles, the timeline, and etc. So this is the end of the bio.

P.S: I like being called Holy, instead of Landaus since I have been using Holy a lot longer than this one name on this forum.

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@AngelofOctober That is kinda annoying... In terms of able to access browser based sites and not discord and etc. That is pretty strange and very irritating.
@AngelofOctober Sure. Aww, that sucks you cannot access Discord. :'(

Mugnai D. Katheryn

On the sidewalk by Katheryn’s home while talking to a young boy.

Katheryn noticed the young boy’s hood being put up back on his head, she was very detailed since she has to be when playing all those video games. She enjoys the ones with customization even though there’s very few and far between ones for JRPGs. She heard her name from the young boy and smiled a bit. She listened to his name and only got Kei from it, since it was pretty simple to understand.

”It’s nice to meet you Kei.” Katheryn said to Kei.

She saw him lift up his bear and called him ‘Mistah Furafu’ and just had a gleeful smile on her face, not in a laughing matter but a serious matter, since she has a plushie like that but it’s a video game character, a chocobo to be specific.

”Aww, that’s cute, giving stuffed animals or plushies names is very good for imaginative needs. I have a bird plushie by the name of Choco, he’s always with me in my heart and mind,” Katheryn said, with a bit of a her chocobo plushie on her bed on her mind.

She listened to Kei talk and was grateful that he has no idea what’s going on either. She lets out a giggle on what he said last, if she is real or not. She moves one of her hands to her face and pinches her cheek and she lets something akin to what people feel.

”Owwie, I think I am definitely real, I had to make sure,” Katheryn said, rubbing her cheek since she pinched it herself a bit hard, she always forgets to clip her fingernails to a proper fineness.

She carefully watched Kei stand up on his tippy toes and look a bit nervous, while anxious at the same time. She just smiled kindly towards Kei, while this was happening, and wondered why she always has to pinch herself when people say that saying, it than just hit her it’s what her ex-boyfriend usually tortured her with. She just closed her eyes slowly and breathed in and out slowly and opened them back up, since she was told if she ever wants to calm down do what she just did. She heard what Kei asked, smiled and nodded to it.

”Yeah sure, I will help you investigate, this strange world we are in. I enjoyed that one video game that you were a detective trying to solve a crime, in a strange game that yells Objection. It always made me giggle when it happened though,” Katheryn said, happily remembering her fond memories of Phoenix Wright.

She always wondered what it would be like to do that in real life, but investigating a world with Kei does seem like the best opportunity to do something about that. She wondered who was also in this world with her and Kei.

Mugnai D. Katheryn

On the sidewalk, by Katheryn’s home

Katheryn was still looking in the north direction, mostly confused at the weird going ons in this world. She couldn’t help but feeling like she’s being watched but then a soft spoken voice was heard to the exact right of her. Her mind wandered for a bit as this is a bit of a shock to her mental facilities as a whole and a mindfuck that her ex-boyfriend could probably easy makeup on the spot.

”I do hope Lucius had no part in this mindfuckery…,” Katheryn thought to herself. She tightened her fist a bit but relaxed them when she heard the soft spoken voice a bit louder.

She turned her head to the right, slowly and saw a young boy and who is probably the voice. His looks were black hair, gray irises and holding a teddy bear with him. She smiled a bit and felt relief in another human’s presence. She waved towards the small boy, who was walking towards her and was very polite for his age.

”Oh hello, how are you doing today? I’m a bit confused in what’s going on…,” Katheryn said, with a gentle smile towards the small boy. She still wondered if this was a game or not but this child probably doesn’t play video games.

She turned around slowly to directly face the young boy, since her parents always told her to be kind to anyone she sees, including the people she hates. However, the latter always holds her up when it involves her ex-boyfriend. She smiled kindly towards the young child and just realizes she hasn’t introduced herself.

”Oh I am very sorry, my name is Mugnai D. Katheryn or you can call me Katheryn for short. It makes it easier for everyone to turn my name around…,” Katheryn said, informing the young boy about her name. She couldn’t help but notice the streets are empty with no cars, buses, or otherwise, it is like her and this young boy are the only ones here.

Her look turned to worry as this is a bit strange of all things, to a young boy in the middle of a deserted-esque neighborhood that has strange buildings from everywhere. She was lost in thought at if this was still a game or a hideous joke on her and the young boy. If it was the latter she will not enjoy it but if it is the earlier, she’s a bit curious how she got put into a game.
Mugnai D. Katheryn

The Mugnai’s Household

It was on July 31st, 2011, which Katheryn was reading a book in her room at her desk. She only reads books when it is a Sunday and it’s usually her mother’s short story. She is usually told not to play video games on Sunday because of her family’s traditions of family time. She looked up and noticed the time on her alarm clock, it was 4:00 PM CST. She gasped slightly since she completely forgot about the starting of family traditions start 3:30 PM CST.

”I am definitely enjoying my mother’s books but I should go see if they need my help,” Mugnai said a bit worried with a kind smile on her face.

She sets her mother’s short story on her desk gently since it has seen much of use throughout her lifetime. She gets up from her chair at her desk and walks out of her room into the front room, which looks as normal for a Japanese inspired home as possible. She noticed her mother and father in the kitchen talking about a certain thing.

”Mom and Dad do you need any help with anything for our family time?” Katheryn asked, kindly.

Her mother Claudia looks directly at her daughter with a smile as kind as her daughter’s smile. Her mother walks to her daughter and gives her a gentle hug. Katheryn giggled cutely when her mother hugged her.

“Yes, daughter, we do need some help,” Claudia said, happily.

”What is that you require mother?” Katheryn asked, curiously.

“Can you look for a recipe online for Oyakodon and check your emails too, because I heard that the latest JRPG is coming out from a email I got,” Claudia said.

”Oh okay, mother that sounds nice to try something new from our mainland, even though American food is all I get in School. Nice, I will definitely look at my email for any new JRPGs on the horizon,” Katheryn said, happily.

Claudia walks back into the kitchen to talk to her husband about the other things needed to make the certain things for dinner today.

“Oh goodie, I get to see if there’s any new releases are coming out for Japanese RPGs…,” Katheryn thought to herself as she watched her mother go back into the kitchen.

Katheryn turned around slowly and walked back into her room. She looked around her room for a bit and notices her plushie on her bed and looked at her desk. It had her mother’s short story and it also holds her computer too. She sat at her desk again and turns on her computer, which was sitting beside her desk on the floor. She looks at her computer monitor that was turning on, which always made her happy.

”I hope I have some emails from my childhood friend and my subbed to Japanese RPGs monthly,” Katheryn thought to herself a bit.

Katheryn looked at her alarm clock. It took about three to five minutes to startup the computer since it hasn’t been updated since 2010, and it’s almost 2012. She moves her mouse and clicks her favorite browser, which was Mozilla Firefox. She had a desktop background that had multiple different Japanese RPG characters saluting similarly to Full Metal Panic. She switches to her email service and looks at the emails, there is the usual ones, plus a new one at the top saying, ‘Urgent news!’ with an unknown sender and weird text in a language she has no idea what it says.

”What the…? It’s nice to know I got the emails I usually get from Japanese RPGs monthly but no emails from my childhood friend. What’s this email?” Katheryn thought to herself, with a confused look on her face.

She curiously clicks the Urgent news, email link to see if she could understand what’s going on. The entire email made no exact sense it was unique, however, it makes her think it was a sort of a game. She had a smile on her face but remembered that she had to look for a recipe for dinner tonight. She opened another tab, to search with google but her computer screen glitched and the computer screen turned itself off.

”Why is this happening now of all things? I guess I shouldn’t be clicking on random links, they could be embedded with a virus. My mother always told me to scan emails to see if they are truly safe,” Katheryn thought to herself, annoyed at the fact her computer screen glitched.

She looked around her room and then back at the computer screen she saw it back on and her reaction was a bit weirded out by that. She searched for the recipe and found it pretty simply, since she had the new tab open. She took a piece of paper, and wrote down the ingredients and turned off her computer to make sure nothing more strange happened. She walked to the kitchen with the ingredients.

”Mom, something weird happened to me when I clicked a email, my computer monitor glitched itself off and back on,” Katheryn said.

“That’s not good daughter, what was the email called?” Claudia asked, curiously.

”Urgent News! Is all I got from it which was strange,” Katheryn said.

“Hmm, never heard of the email called that but there’s stranger ways to get a virus out there and I usually disallow you to visit the darker parts of the internet,” Claudia said, happily.

”I love you mom for that… I hope my computer isn’t screwed up too badly… It’s the only way I get to watch video game trailers of JRPGs or otherwise,” Katheryn said, happily.

Her father interjected with a cough more or less wanting to say something, he looked a bit worried about the name of the email. He did notice she was holding a piece of paper of ingredients for things but he wanted to talk about what she did more than what she’s about to do.

“Good of you coming in here and telling us about it, Katheryn. Next time, don’t let the curiosity to kill the cat sort of speak and call us if you are confused about something,” Taro said.

”I will father, better to be safe than sorry as you always say,” Katheryn said, trying to imitate her father’s speech patterns when saying ‘better to be safe than sorry.’

Taro gave out a laugh when his daughter tried to imitate him, and he looked at his wife and then back as his daughter. He gave a smile and looked directly at the piece of paper she was holding.

“I noticed you got the ingredients written down on a sheet of paper. Therefore, are you going to give it to one of us so we can fix dinner?” Taro asked.

”Oh yeah… here you go father and mother, here’s the ingredients to Oyakodon. I can’t wait to try it,” Katheryn said, handing the sheet of paper to her father first since he did ask.

Taro held the sheet of paper in his hands and looked at the ingredients for a minute and looked at his wife and daughter, more or less giving them the look of let’s do this. He went to gather the ingredients. Katheryn gathered the required cookware to make the food on the stove. Claudia gathered the cooking oil, utensils and plates.

The three always enjoy cooking dinner together since it is a family effort other than just one person doing all the work. It usually takes the three of them working together about 2 hours to fix dinner. This is like clockwork most of the time and today isn’t no different and they sit down to eat and eat a wonderful meal. It was around 5:00 PM CST when they were

”Oyakodon was a good choice to try out, mother,” Katheryn said, happily.

“No problem, you should get ready for bed for tomorrow, we are going to go shopping for school supplies for you, since you go to school in 16 days,” Claudia said.

“That’s a wonderful idea, she can even get her own book to read at the local bookstore,” Taro added, to what his wife said.

”I really like that idea, dad. I definitely need more school supplies, since I used most of my coloring pencils all up last school year,” Katheryn said.

She got up out of the chair at the kitchen table, and walked into her room to go to sleep. Her parents stayed at the kitchen table for awhile before they decided to watch some TV.

The Following day, she woke up on the August 1st, it was around, 5:00 AM CST is when she usually wake up during summer time since her schedule is not strict but she wants to have a good sleeping schedule compared to her childhood friend, who sometimes sleeps in class. She stretched a bit and got up and went to her computer desk to try to turn on her computer. She had a confused look on her face, it wouldn’t turn on at all. She couldn’t really figure out why. She went to her room’s light switch and tried to turn it on, it was in the on position but nothing.

”What the…? That is a bit strange… I have never had this happen in this house before,” Katheryn said, a bit curiously.

She walked out of her room and noticed nothing was stirring not even a mouse. She looked around for a bit. She didn’t hear or see the normal laughter or talking from her parents about certain things she has done in the past.

“Mom, Dad? Are you there,” Katheryn asked, confused and a bit scared.

She walked back into her room and decided to look outside of her window since she was a bit terrified in what is exactly going on right now. She opened the window and saw a Japanese home across the street of her actual home. She had a bewildered look on her face, she always wanted to see a Japanese home before, but not like this exactly.

”This is out of this world, where am I? Don’t tell me I’m in a one of my favorite roleplaying games right now…,” Katheryn said, trying to come up with an explanation to this bizarre reality going on right now.

Katheryn looked at her room, it is more or less the same but the outside world is definitely different so she might as well try to investigate it alike some of the games she have played. She walked to the outside of her room and wondered if there’s any other strange things happening. She couldn’t help but feel a bit lost without her parents guiding her way since they always protected her from all the horrible things with her ex-boyfriend. She slowly walked outside of her home and walked mostly to the side of it and looked to the rear of her home and was shocked to see a High Rise, and a farm house in the distance. Her look on her face was a bit worried in who lived in the Farm house.

”What… the… hell? An Farmhouse & A high rise in the distance to the north of my home… Plus a Japanese home to my right… this is like a sick joke from whoever sent me that email,” Katheryn thought to herself, thinking that is the only explanation to this entire dilemma of what the hell is going on.

The Profiles are now finished and able to be looked at. The girls went up to 3. xD

<Snipped quote by Landaus Five-One>

Sorry about that, switched the crest to the last available one to the crest the of light.

That's no problem, it's kinda hectic since I've only been on the discords of this roleplay and kinda forgot to post here. XD
I'm the crest of kindness. >.>

Teyla Ethergate Davison (MAIN)

”Most people call me the splitting image of the twin goddesses of our religion. But I don’t see it that way I am only human.”

Councilwoman Teyla E. Davison


Teyla has a tattoo of her family’s crest on her right leg. She has a faint aura surrounding her and it is mostly because of the lineage of her family. It is yellow in color and her eyes pop more when looking at her. She wears a beautiful emerald necklace around her neck and it is master crafted by one of the best Jewelers in the city she lives in. She has a weapon on her called the Davison Cutlass that glows a faint yellow aura around its blade and it only glows when it gets near the Drak’Eel. The cutlass is in a seethe made out of mithril and it is on her waist.

Her umbrella is crafted out of rare materials within the Consortium and Pulsar Draconian Scales that are rainbow in color. It took about six months to create.


Teyla is curious of her lineage as a whole but doesn’t press the issue with her parents. She is kind and gentle towards anyone within the Consortium’s Territory. She is caught in between two males who want to marry her and she has an interest in raising a family. She is confused in who to choose to be her husband since they are both kind individuals and doesn’t want to hurt their feelings.

The older of the two males has to wait until her 18th birthday before he can pop the question to her of marriage. The younger one can do it sooner than the other one since he is only two years older than her. She is torn between the overprotective Miguel and the longing for her affection Nico. Her parents are giving her time to figure things out about her feelings towards one or the other because freedom to choose whatever you want is there. She loves her home in the Dragonbite Emerald City with her family. She gets terrified when her twin is separated from her for too long and feels alone and becomes depressed.

She has separation issues from her twin for too long. She heard stories from people in the Consortium by a terrifying sea serpent called a Drak’Eel. She usually tenses up when she hears stories of that sea serpent. She has a fear of lightning and thunder afterwards and she was almost hit by it. It is called Astraphobia to be more precise. She gets into a panic and usually cries herself to sleep when that happens. She is skilled at diplomacy and making of trade deals.

She is a fervent believer in the Goddess Vera. Her twin sister is highly protective of her and she enjoys her shyness and drive to be something more within the Consortium. Her twin sister’s affections of her usually go over her head because of her interest in the opposite sex.


She is very skilled with her sword and she doesn’t want to use it offensively because the Consortium’s policy of neutrality. She had some magical essence training to be a healer but she never really used the divine magic that flows through her seriously. She had no idea why she can use divine magic more than most people an innate talent within her.

The divine magic is the opposite of attack magic it doesn’t hurt and only heal. If she was serious about the magical essence training she would be the best Divine magic healer of all the Consortium. She only used it for minor cuts and bruises for people who needed that healing.

She was trained at a young age to be a great diplomat alike her ancestors. And she was taught by her biological father and mother for this skill she has gained. She doesn’t have a silver tongue but a competent voice when coming to being a diplomat of sorts. She got a hang of the speech patterns easily.


Age: 16
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 125 lbs
Place of Birth: Dragonbite Emerald City, Jagged Mercantile Consortium

”I love my family and the goddess I worship much. I am into trading and diplomacy. Emeralds is a favorite jewelry of mine since I wear an emerald necklace.”
Likes: Emeralds, Fiona, The Goddess Vera, Trade and Diplomacy

”I don’t like being insulted for my age I am intelligent. I fear the Drak’Eel as much as everyone else who hears their lightning and fire coming out of their mouths.”
Dislikes: Insulting her intelligence, cheating, underhanded deals, slavery and Drak’Eel

Morals: “Consortium is the pride of everyone within it and we see everyone as a trading partner even if they don’t want to trade with us.”

The Jagilish Council (Sides)

The Jagilish Council are the ruling body of the Consortium. They control with a gentleness no other nation can say they seen in a ruling body. The Council is beloved by every single citizen within the Consortium. The Council has many accomplishments within it. The biggest of these was wiping out poverty and starvation. The second was outright banning Slavery within the Consortium’s Borders. This was all done with the three permanent families within the Consortium before the Jagilish Council came up with its rules it has now.

There has to be four members of each race within the Consortium. They have to have an even number of female and males that equal six. The worship of both goddesses are paramount within the Council and it must equal 50% worshiping one or the other.

The primary thing that is most known of the Jagilish Council is all of the members have twins within the council. That is why there is two seats per family but only three of the families have permanent seats they are the Davison family, the Tetra-Lira family and Naesandoral family.

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