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Current "Reporting for duty for 5 roleplays Ascension, Blood Act I, Samhain Intrigues, Beginner Game and FNC RP." I am crazy. :P
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I've joined Blood Act I: Ghosts of the Past, enjoyin' the lore behind it. As well, I am still apart of Rai's RP called Ascension!
3 mos ago
Darkness Incarnated has been doing a lot of things lately. Working on profiles and etc.
4 mos ago
Got Rainbow? The most rainbow induced dragon is soon on its way to an attraction near you aka, in terms of Ascension! Rai's RP. :)
4 mos ago
Imagination has been insanity incarnate. As well, I hope you enjoy joining Ascension:…
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I am Landaus Five-One, I am so far not involved in any role plays but I enjoy Sci-Fi, Space Operas, Magical, World Invasions, Modern, Fantasy, Horror, Post-Apocalyptic Themes, and Alternate Universe.

I can play both genders + Artificial Intelligence characters as well. Since I do have two AI characters aka the Massive Starships within my Detailed Profiles topic.

I am looking for a Role play that keeps me interested, mostly. I have a vast quality/quantity of stuff I am working on at the moment classified as the Jaina'Res Multiverse + the Main Realm. I am working on 20 profiles, and multitude of other things like a timeline but that's going to take awhile to get started since I still have to think where it all started and etc.

Out of everything, I am interested in role plays that are unique to their genre and etc. As well, I would like if the people can play both genders, just because since I can play them both that is. And other things like that. I have Skype if someone wants to contact me about certain things 'annihilation-holy' is my Skype, I go by Holy R. Enigma on it anyways. That's the only off-site information I am going to give.

I also like Grand Strategy, Real Time Strategies and etc in terms of video games. So I would probably do a Nation RP, if I wasn't so busy with the other things on my plate in terms of my Profiles, the timeline, and etc. So this is the end of the bio.

P.S: I like being called Holy, instead of Landaus since I have been using Holy a lot longer than this one name on this forum.

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@LadyRunic I've already posted. >.>
Melinda L. Holstead

Melinda was cold from it getting colder and her feet was hurting a bit much. She held her fox plushie tighter than normal because she had a small ounce of knowledge where she was going. She was going to the Unseelie court in the fall lands. She didn’t really notice anything different this trek was long and hard on her. ”This place is strange, isn’t it foxy?” Melinda thought to herself, while looking at her fox plushie.

Melinda looked around and noticed the landscape changed. She awed at the landscape, it was beautiful in its own way. She heard a song in the distance and felt weirdly odd about the song, and couldn’t really tell what it was about. She opened her eyes very big and couldn’t really tell what she was looking at. Her entire body shivered in fear when she saw the image in front of her about the corpses of multiple humans and others hanging from the stalagmites. ”Huuuh… that’s a sight I never see in my anime, it’s not that graphic,” Melinda thought to herself with a slight shiver in her entire body.

Melinda saw the woman, who did use a harp and she couldn’t believe her eyes at all. She was shaken to her core because she realizes this is definitely not an anime. ”I feel slightly sick to my stomach because of this,” Melinda thought to herself. She couldn’t go back to the mortal world because of that one woman, who wanted full control of her family’s company. Her eyes sadly looked at her Fox Plushie, while she was holding it. She did hear the voice and it was Spanish but couldn’t really glean anything from what the lady on the gate said. She looked up and noticed she was a naga, and definitely remembered seeing anime with that kind of entity in it.

At the Twilight College, Elise heard the question from the dwarf, who introduced herself as Val. ”M-My n-name i-is E-Elise N-Nina P-Petra-C-Cander. I-I’m h-here t-to t-train m-my m-magic s-so I-I c-can m-make m-my a-aunt p-proud o-of m-me,” Elise stuttered, with a bit of nervous to her voice but she shook Val’s hand. She’s needs a bit of time to get to know the people in the Twilight College to be slightly more confident. She had a gentle smile on her face, even though she had some things on her mind.

Elise heard a voice behind her, it was a bit stranger than the normal voices. She looked towards it and noticed it has two red eyes staring down at the kitty cat. She had a shiver down her spine, and she started to breath in heavily. She heard Val say its name as Zaad. She walked a bit backwards from where she was, since she was now facing whatever that was. She had a worried look on her face. ”I-I h-have n-no i-idea w-what’s g-going on…,” Elise thought to herself, with fear in her face mostly because of the red piercing eyes.

Elise was relieved when Zaad left as soon as it appeared. She was still breathing heavily though, she was a bit shaken than normal. She heard the name of the black cat and the guy who hides with beautiful draconic wings. ”S-Salem i-is a-a b-beautiful n-name f-for a-a k-kitten. N-Nice t-to m-meet y-you V-Veretu,” Elise said, shaking and breathing heavily. She had much to learn about the world since she was completely naive about what had just happened, all what Val said went over her head. She had a small smile even though she was visibly shaken by what she saw.

Angela followed her fiance into the cave carefully since she couldn’t really tell if Draj was serious or not. She was awed at the site of the cave right behind Draj. It was awe inspiring, even though she heard what he had said about the pools. ”Okay Draj, I will try to be careful,” Angela said, with a hint of caution to her voice. She sighed in relief to be out of the fog. She walked into the cave behind him.

She can tell her fiance was more cautious than normal because him looking for something while walking forward. ”Hmm… I am grateful we are out of the fog,” Angela thought to herself, with her eyes forward and looking around similarly.

Zargoth heard Vrondi speak and had a smile on his face. ”Yes, we have much to thank for, in this day and age,” Zargoth responded to the King’s first statement. He had went back to a neutral expression. His mind started to wander because he’s still not used to these banquets at all even before the Dragon God’s death at the hands of the Seraphim. ”I will try to give my insights as much as possible in that serious discussion,” Zargoth said. He felt a chill down his spine for a split second as if, Maria is in trouble and something far darker is going on behind the scenes. He put his hand on his forehead and breathed in heavily. ”That’s not good… I hope nothing is wrong at the Library of Knowledge,” Zargoth thought to himself. He looked down at the ground.

Yioplya looked at her father and slightly worried about what is going on in his head. ”What is my father thinking about now? I hope it isn’t about Maria in specifically,” Yioplya thought to herself, with a worried look on her face. She couldn’t help herself to hum a tune from her childhood, what her mother used to sing to her all the time about going to bed. Her humming to herself was quiet where not many people could hear her because she enjoys the music from the songstress.

Zargoth could hear his daughter humming to herself and felt more relaxed realizing the tune is to remember the past and not dooming to repeat the past mistakes. ”I’ve been living with my daughter underneath the Destroyed Black Dragon Roost. Therefore, the troubles of the now haven’t really been affecting us as much as grieving for the lives lost way before the Dragon War even started,” Zargoth said, with a slight regretful sigh after he had said that. He hasn’t really came into understanding and felt like someone ordered the deaths of his family that was a Dragon and not the Descendants who blindly followed those orders. He remembered his father’s words when he fought Dargoth and they never leave him. ”Why did my father say, those words, ‘It cannot be, I already killed you along time ago.’ Zargoth thought to himself with his hand on his chin thinking of what it all meant. He looked directly at the King Vrondi. ”I will be making sure no more past mistakes happen in the now. I don’t want anymore massacres to happen like they did underneath the Dragon God’s Rule. I think I can finally understand why my father didn’t harm any of the Descendants during that long hard fought war to be free of the Dragon God’s influence,” Zargoth said, with a determined look on his face.

Yioplya couldn’t help herself but look at her father’s demeanor change and how he was talking awe inspiring for her. She giggled cutely towards her father. ”My dad is good at one thing and that’s making sure no more bad things happen,” Yioplya said, with a smile on her face. She wasn’t really affected much about the past anymore even though her mother’s song helps her sleep at night. ”I wish my mom could still be alive…,” Yioplya thought to herself.

@Belle That sucks. I hope you can stop it bleeding because that would suck.
Watches the theft of Angel in the distance. >.>;

Something tells me there should be an achievement for that. XP
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@LadyRunic Yeah I know his reason its his work schedule. :P
Melinda L. Holstead

Melinda kept quiet when the Hellhound spoke about going to the fall court. She wanted to live in this new strange land that was pleasing to the eyes. She was holding her fox plushie tightly because it kept her calm. ”This is pretty amazing I can’t wait to see what the Fall court looks exactly like,” Melinda thought to herself, with a smile on her face holding her plushie in her arms. She didn’t really know how long the travel will be.

Along the month journey Melinda had never walked anywhere for too long before but she wasn’t the one to complain about it. She had never seen all these sights before, they were like out of her anime in some cases but slightly different. She had a gentle smile on her face all the way through their journey to the Fall Court. ”This place is wonderful,” Melinda thought to herself, with a smile on her face. She hadn’t really thought to talk to any of the other humans even though some of them are interesting. She had wondered how the woman who said said those mean things are doing.

Melinda enjoyed the journey so far, and had an expression of a slight smile on her face while looking around at the scenery. She did notice the man, who was drawing in midst of what happened a month ago. ”Huh? Sometimes people who are masters of their crafts confuse me and he definitely does right now,” Melinda thought to herself, with a slightly confused expression on her face. She had never seen anyone with a neutral expression before, mostly because of her friends. She could tell he was looking at the same things she was looking at but she didn’t really have the artist touch like he has, since his drawing was beautiful of what she saw of it.
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