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Current The Multiverse is within us all. But the biggest one within me is A Fantasy RP and A Sci-Fi Series classified as "Jaina'Res."
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I'm still working on a Fantasy RP, it isn't dead. Its just writer's block sucks ass... :(
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I've been working on a Fantasy styled roleplay. It's still in the development stages since it has no name right now.
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What's this? I'm finally updating my status in 10 months. Wonderful. I hope you all enjoy it. As well, profiles are what I enjoy creating.
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The Sanctuary, VC, NCQuest, Talrae and the ILR all have one thing in common I am in them in terms of the RPs.


I am Landaus Five-One, which likes being called Holy since its A, Easier and B, I've used that distinction much longer than Landaus. I am into roleplays of any variety as long as they are interesting and unique for me to be apart of. There's a list below showing the roleplays I am interested in.
  • Sci-Fi
  • Space Opera
  • Magical
  • Fantasy
  • Modern
  • Post-Apocalyptic Themes
  • Alternate Universe / Alternate Reality
  • Horror
  • Insert any Fandom Here

I can play both genders easily, even though lately I've been playing mostly Female characters. Artificial Intelligence Characters are something of a odd quirk I like doing only because I have like a few characters that are basically massive AI Controlled Starships. Additionally, you can contact me via Discord using Holy R. Enigma#6381 for anything really. My birthdate is June 26, 1987, going to be soon 33 years old. Might as well add that these are the only two things I am going to put on here. Out of everything, I am really enjoying my time on roleplaying guild, just need to start working on the massive revamp of the Jaina'Res Mulitverse/Main Realm and the Fantasy RP I have been starting to work on. It's still in the Development stages in terms of the Fantasy RP I am going to GM.

Hopefully everyone has a good 2020 and beyond, gl and hf. As well, I'm highly interested in Strategy Games, Grand Strategy and MMORPGs aka play FFXIV.

The Roleplays I am apart of: The RP's Creator - Roleplays listed second.
Letter Bee: Iliad City: A Magical RP in an original world resuming & Academy of Noble Arms - The Golden Generation
LetMeDoStuff: Persona the Beholder
The Jest: Lost Innocence RP Reset - This roleplay went through a complete reset. The Pages are children whom gained magical powers from being infused by dust of a crystalline race. Need to still finish the required profiles I've been working on mostly been sidetracked a little. However, Sidetracking is always a pain in the ass. Additionally, The Jest is still working on all details of said roleplay before he launches it.

Roleplays that have an OOC and were rebooted once before:


Interest Checks that Caught my Interest:

Creation of Something New: Getting back into the swing of things...
The Venerdale Legends RP: Retinue of the Ariel Guardians - The Name has finally been chosen, which is the Fantasy RP that is still in development. Got many things to work on, at least its finally named. (Like the Magic System and others)

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Location: Medbay, Circle of Hell
Interaction: Flame & Ashton @Letter Bee
Mention: Iris @dragonpiece

In terms, Narvia did notice the nurses and medics see the three of them. She smiled kindly and waved at them. When the Chief Medical Officer spoke towards them, she continued with her happy smile. ” I only have a calming spell.” Narvia spoke kindly towards the Chief Medical Officer. However, she did agree with his sentiment about the scumbags on the top using children. It was a dreadful thing, which didn’t matter now, and it happened cannot cry over spilled milk in her mind.

When Flame turned to her to ask with an emphasis on please, to activate Flowered Ground, her calming spell. She was always the most thoughtful of others as long as she needed to be. ” Alright, Flame, I will activate Flowered Ground.” Narvia said with a kind smile on her lips. Her body started to glow with the High Magic school’s pure white magic, and a protective barrier starts to spread out in a 4.57m radius around her. As well, it has Silverlight flowers sprouting everywhere, always in bloom. ” It’s up. Hopefully, the calming nature of it helps your wounded, Chief Medical Officer.” Narvia said with a smile.

Narvia can tell that Flame isn’t enjoying her choice to go into the medical bay. Thankfully, she’s perfectly healthy and has no injuries, so it’ll be more manageable, all thanks to Iris. She tries to keep her eyes on the Chief Medic, and the others in the room worried about their injured. ’ I’m sorry Flame. But it was one of the few options I had… I didn’t know there were these many injured in the Medical Bay. I should’ve thought more carefully about choosing the destination, in all honesty.’ Narvia thought with her left hand on her chin while keeping Flowered Ground up. She had no behavior to deem underwise since she doesn’t want to kill any injured people because it is against her honor code.
@Restalaan Got to say, great post as usual. :)
I've posted, hopefully, you enjoy it. :)
Yukimura Shinon

"Tidal Surge" | 15 |
Quirk: Tidal Wave

Interaction: The Sealer @Aerandir, Chariot & Oracle @BlackMaiden, Tsundere & Zeal @Lord Indra, Doombreaker & Penrose @Blizz, and Tiger & Amur Tiger @Restalaan

Shinon watched as the other heroes in her school were a bit much, especially Doombreaker, who helped the shaking civilians go back to their lives. At least, the medical staff was here since one of the required help a lot, which was the stubbornly annoying Sealer. However, she did smile cutely and goofy to Doombreaker. ” Nice job, Doombreaker! You did amazingly awesome for what you did is a great wall of no, to protect the civilians.” Shinon spoke happily with a smile on her face. She was grateful someone was there to help the civilians. The only reason why she thinks that Sealer is a bit of a stubborn, annoying dumb ass is he’s more worried over Oracle over his life, which was hurt.

Shinon sighed slightly and shook her head until Tiger addressed her, which slapped her out of her thoughts pretty hard. ” Aww, come on, Tiger, always have to be a realist, don’t you? Umm, can we mark it up to keeping a girl’s sanctity on the battlefield? In terms of what I was thinking...” Shinon responded nervously to Tiger. Obvious as day, she was thinking about certain things, about her sanctity primarily and other things. However, what he said afterward about write reports about what happened made her definitely nod. ” Yes, I will Tiger to write down the reports.” Shinon spoke happily.

However, Sealer decided to fall, dying on the ground, which made her sigh. ” Yeah, what Tiger said! Should be more worried about himself than Oracle, who’s so sweet and adorable!” Shinon exclaimed cutely towards Oracle. She kind of looks at Oracle with a smile and waves at her without wanting to hug her since Oracle probably does some weird things with her thoughts. ’ I do wonder what another type of relationship that Chariot has with Sealer besides being a master to him… hmm, I wonder…’ Shinon thought with her hand on her cheek. It took her a bit to stop thinking these weird thoughts about anything of what Chariot had for Sealer. However, she was grateful that Chariot is going to watch over Sealer. ” Hope you can keep Sealer from doing anything too weird!” Shinon exclaimed to Chariot with a smile. It’s one of the first things she wanted to say anyway.

Afterward, Shinon was grateful they could return to the Mansion, and she definitely went into her room in Zeal’s Mansion. As such, she decided to work on her report, as Tiger had said since it would break time for what they had to do today. She worked on her report on the desk in the room she was assigned. ” Hopefully, Sealer is alright even though he’s a bit of a dumb ass.” Shinon spoke while working on her report in her room. It somewhat frustrates her that she did slap him after picking him up and got yelled at by her mother. The Dominatrix was a pain in the ass, which made her worried if any more villains could do that uncouth thing. However, she did remember that Penrose went somewhere else and wondered where the Class 1B’s Teacher was. ’ I hope Penrose is alright, wherever she is at.’ Shinon thought to herself.

It was getting massively late, which she looked at the time and sighed at the whole situation. In the back of her mind, she tried to get her mind on what she wanted to do, but her cousin is a bit forcible all the time. It's a bit of a pain in the ass, sometimes, which makes her always heavily blush at what happens all the time, but thankfully, she hasn’t got caught kissing her cousin yet. ’ Hopefully, that doesn’t happen anytime too soon, or I will have some problems in my future...’ Shinon thought with her hand on her forehead, which she sighed deeply. She does love her cousin a lot, but her parents want her to have children, but she’s a massive lesbian right now. ” I do hope everyone else is going to have a goodnight...” Shinon spoke a bit aloud without her thoughts getting out of the secrets she has.

The clock on the clock said 11:40 PM, which; she finally got in bed in her nightwear and fell asleep even though it was a bit later than usual. Her usual sleeping time is much earlier, but her report writing took much longer than anticipated, and she will turn it in, so no fuss happens. Her sleep goes unabated, but she does start having dreams in it; it was a deep sleep nonetheless. It's a bit odd, but these dreams were wonderful, and some were terrifying.
Tomorrow I will be making a postie. :)

Magic: The Swordmaster, Shifting Sword Style
Location: The Phoenix Wing Guildhall
Thoughts: ‘ Uhh, please don’t try to say that again, Tearsy, please? I don’t want to imagine you as a real woman… but I do wonder why Nolie doesn’t smile, though.’
Interacting: Penny @MarshiestMallow, Damian @Zarkun, Belius @Sho Minazuki, Karn/Edarn @Silver Fox, Nolan/Dalton @hatakekuro, Mandi @Dezuel, D’angelo @samreaper and Rose @BlackMaiden.
Mention: Markovis @Sanguine Rose and Ariel @twave

Brianna had many ideas running in her head, but it was interrupted by all the people around her since she loves to talk. However, her interest was splintered between Karn, Penny, and Belius, which the latter asked a question to her. ”Uhh… Belius, it could teach you something if you win. I had learned something after the fact, but I had to fight against the Grand Lightning Swordsman in a six-hour one on one duel. It was the most wonderful duel I had since I won! He never really held back any of his moves in his Lightning Sword Style with the other family heirloom sword called the Callous Lightning Sword. I’m talking about my father, Zachery. I kind of wish he was still with us… but I learned that about three months before Penny and Damian and all the others returned. My father graduated me for being the very first person to defeat him in 1 on 1 combat.” Brianna said, with a heavy heart but not really down since someone helped her understand what was going on.

It’s a bit nostalgic, but that battle was interesting; nonetheless, the place they used to duel was terribly wrecked because of all the Lightning Strikes and Thunder Claps. However, she also heard Penny talk to Karnie and say everything is alright as well; she did notice that Edarn didn’t respond to her, but it's probably because Karn is in the front seat, so to speak. ’ Awwh, Penny is so kind and sweet to Karnie! I want him to stay his bubbly self forever. But I suppose I shouldn’t say bubbles near him.’ Brianna thought with a happy look on her face. However, by extension, she was more worried about Karnie, but he finally spoke up with a sorry. ” Aww, Karnie, it's alright; we are here to help you!” Brianna spoke with an excitedly look on her face. She stayed looking at the person in yellow with a bit of a stare of cuteness because she didn’t really have a mean bone in her body and didn’t want to look hostile.

The Sky Tears Sword couldn’t help but giggle in its little world since it made everyone slightly flustered or frustrated. It’s only because the new people aren’t used to her abilities yet, since they got back after a long journey, which she did look through, and it was interesting, to say the least. However, it was a bit frustrating to hear Brianna kind of try to cry over her dead father again. ’ Brianna… I should really tell you the truth about what would have happened to you… But I don’t… Even though Regan would be kind of annoyed.’ A Beautiful Young Woman thought to herself while so happy that Brianna is actually interacting with people.

However, she was reminded later to tell Brianna about finding a team or creating one herself, but she’ll create the most cutest name ever for a team. Being the way she is, Brianna is a bit cute, but she needs to grow up, so she doesn’t get the advantage of people like Mandi. Tearsy’s voice pierced the Veil of Reality and only spoke to Mandi with a bit of an annoyance in her voice. ” I must say, you are a very intriguing person, Mandi. But can you not try to prank my wielder, Brianna, with anything up your little sleeve because I don’t want my sweetie to be shattered by someone like you.” A beautiful young woman telepathically spoke to Mandi, but it sounded more like a warning. Since Tearsy is only a sword, it was glowing dimmer on Brianna’s waist since it was only telepathically speaking to one person. However, Tearsy did see much from Mandi’s mind, but Mandi was protecting the gender they were by blocking it from her prying telepathy.

Brianna had been slightly distracted, but until she heard a familiar grumpy voice annoyed at her nicknames, all she did was stare directly at Nolan Waltz. She giggled cutely at him and couldn’t help but be slightly happy that he’s only saying that because he probably did like it. ” Mr. Waltzie, I am honored to give you nicknames! It’s so fun; besides, I have nicknames for everyone. Even for all the people returning! Minus Rose since she feels like the type that only allows a singular person to call her a nickname.” Brianna said, with a happy little smile towards Rose.

She was pretty clear as day what type of nicknames she has for Rose, its a bit silly, but she wouldn’t want to make an S-Class Mage angry. However, she giggled at Dalton for saying Mr. Waltzie is all bark and no bite. ”Aww cute! Like a little doggie or kitty? Because I do have two kitties at my house.” Brianna spoke cutely like a kid in a candy store talking about animals and what type of animal Mr. Waltzie is. She heard what Dalton said next, but Mr. Waltzie cut him off. However, she did notice that Mr. Waltzie was blushing heavily.

” Uhh, Mr. Waltzie, why are you blushing?” Brianna questioned curiously. She didn’t really grasp the whole context of everything; however, that was when Karn filled her in by saying, Copycat. It made her smile cutely and giggle. ” Awwh, Mr. Waltzie has a girlfriend, Ari-Ari! I think I saw her in Sorcerer’s Weekly magazine.” Brianna spoke cutely and really trying to embarrass Nolan. However, she did hear Mandi introduce themselves and smiled happily at them, with a happy look on her face. " Hi, Mandi! My name is Brianna Este Lyffobelt." Brianna spoke with a happy smile towards Mandi even though Mandi did scare Karn.

Tearsy’s voice pierced the Veil of Reality and spoke to more people than one. Basically everyone else, minus anyone who isn’t on the guildhall's first floor and minus Mandi from the conversation with everyone else. Since Mandi El-Alzaru isn’t apart of the guild yet, it doesn’t really need to bother talking to them again, right now, unless they do recognize that she talked to them. ” Hehe, it’s alright Nolie. May I ask a singular question to everyone? Even if you don’t say yes, I will still ask it nonetheless. Who do you think will win this expedition match? I believe it’ll be Penny.” A Beautiful young woman telepathically spoke to Brianna and everyone else that she wanted to hear this question.

However, a massive amount of super positivity entered the guildhall, which made her a bit distracted, and she found who it was, a boy who walked in. ” Umm, Who are you? And why are you giving off so much positive energy, by the way? Also, My name is Tearsy, if you are wondering. As well, I am the sword on my wielder’s waist, and I do glow by the way.” A beautiful young woman telepathically added to the conversation by adding D’Angelo to the conversation. And to make everyone else notice him too since they were off in their little world of talking and chatting among each other.

Brianna did hear the question from Belius about what is the Fantasia festival is, but Karnie had it so much more on lockdown in what it is. She only knew about each festival's basics in each city, but that’s only because of knowledge from her mother. ” What, Karnie said, he said it so much better than I could. Ooh, a Miss Fairy Tail Contest! I would so love to try that!” Brianna spoke, then reminded of what her sword had said about contests and stuff. It made her heavily embarrassed, which made her hear Nolan’s voice about feeling her pain. ” Uhh, thank you… but you didn’t have to deal with Tearsy as long as I have… I am learning her tricks. She still embarrasses me from time to time, though...” Brianna spoke with a bit of red in her cheeks about the whole thing that the sword said previously.

It took her a bit by surprise when Tearsy asked someone she noticed a bit ago. The boy in question was a bit pudgy, but he was giving off super positive energy too. She noticed the other older woman that walked upstairs. As Markovis, she decided to wave at but not say anything since he’s always trying to be a massive loner. He allows her to drink with him as long as she doesn’t chat with him. ’ It’s nice that Markie is here! I wonder what he got to drink… I do want to be slightly buzzed...’ Brianna thought with her left hand on her left cheek, trying to think of something.

However, she wholeheartedly wanted to introduce herself to the new boy, though. ” Hi! Welcome to the Phoenix Wing Guildhall! May I ask your name? My name is Brianna Este Lyffobelt, and this is Tearsy, my weapon, which teases me much its a bit embarrassing!” Brianna exclaimed to the newcomer that it was the bright as a sun in terms of his sunny disposition, much better than the person who scared Karnie, named Mandi. It made her go a bit with a wondering in what’s going on, which it hit her, it must be a Guild Meeting with the other two Light Guilds in the world of Fiore. In terms, it made the most sense, which caused her to make a bit of noise by jumping up and down in place as happy as she can be. ” Yay, I wonder who the other guild master is! That’s coming to talk to ours! I forgot that was happening today. I was so enthralled with everything that’s going on right now!” Brianna exclaimed happily. She was so happy it's clear as day on her face. However, she stopped jumping up and down and stretched some since she wanted to watch the four S-Class Mages duke it out, with their all in that Exhibition match.

Magic: Derio Veri Magic (Soulerian Magic)
Location: Dragon Fang Guildhall 1st Floor
Thoughts: ‘ Aww, Keiko is adorably cute for being blunt. Keiko’s Observer is very protective of her, and it’s always good that. I feel some nostalgic feelings from this child, and I wonder where my own child is?’
Interacting: Keiko @BlackMaiden, Prince @Silver Fox, and Michael @MarshiestMallow
Mention: Jack Goran @Zarkun

Cailyn had an honestly good smile on her face while Keiko was saying thanks, and hopefully, the guild master will return so she could join it. However, since she had anyone being so blunt to tell them what they are doing in a Guildhall, it has been a while. She couldn’t help but smile happily at this development, but it gave her some nostalgic feeling, which made her slightly wonder where her daughter is. Cailyn’s curiosity grew with every step of the way through the Corruption in her soul by the Soul Bane Katana because Soulerians are curious. ” Thank you for your explanation of why you are here, as well as the name of the magic you hold. From my observations, it makes all the more sense of it observes others. You do have a way to go in that since you are young, sweetie.” Cailyn said cutely at Keiko with a thick accent. Not trying to discourage Keiko, but making the wrong mistake will stick with you forever, with her words.

Cailyn kind of giggled at the Observer observing them, oddly and what Keiko told the observer to stop that. However, she was a bit happy to hear what Prince had said towards the child to inform him of his own little quirk instead of having the surprise ruined by her. She looked towards Prince with a gentle smile because it has some fascinating magic and whatnot. Knowledge is one of the few things that she wants to gain, and she remembers every little thing about them too. She didn’t help but giggle at Keiko’s Observer, trying to be overprotective towards Keiko when all she’s doing was giving Keiko more magic power at a slower rate. ” Aww, such precious magic protecting one’s holder. It isn’t a problem, Keiko. Overprotectiveness is natural because I have a daughter myself, but I don’t quite remember where exactly she is, but I know she’s still alive. My little girl is only five years younger than you, sweetie.” Cailyn spoke with a cute smile towards Keiko, still with that thick accent.

Cailyn giggled cutely when Keiko talked about not being bugged by being touched. She was having much fun around Keiko since she’s somewhat of a motherly figure in this guildhall. ” Aww, you are so sweet and adorably cute, Keiko. And yeah, friendship is what my race is all about; the Soulerians are quite friendly towards everyone. No one feels lonely around us.” Cailyn spoke cutely towards Keiko with a thick accent. Her ears twitched when she heard Keiko’s stomach rumbled. Around this time, Prince spoke up about his quirk and told Keiko about the person who can cook food, Ammy, and even asked for Ammy to craft something up for them. She always smiled about that. ” Thanks, Prince, for reminding me I ordered something from Ammy. Also, it would be a good idea not to forget to eat a balanced meal will keep your strength up, Keiko.” Cailyn spoke with a kind tone and her thick accent.

Cailyn’s ears twitched somewhat only because she heard a distant sound as someone walked down the stairs to the 1st floor. It took her a bit when Prince said something about be right back, and it must mean Michael got some good news for a change. She likes when Michael is happy and with his brother over not. ” Hope you have fun, Prince.” Cailyn said, with a small wink towards Prince. It’s only because she knows how much Prince likes to interact with Michael. However, it was when she heard Michael’s voice, and she smiled. ” I agree with what you say, Michael; the Dragon Fang does have good food here. It's pleasant seeing you must mean you have some good news about your brother Gabriel.” Cailyn spoke towards Michael with a happy smile and her thick accent. In terms, it sounded like Cailyn shortened Micheal’s name to Mike and Gabriel’s name to Gabby because she has somewhat of trouble in saying their names most of the time. However, Cailyn enjoys talking to the guildmates in the guild, even though the mistranslation is hard sometimes, not like any of this will get any better.

She still remembered the first time she tried to say the Guildmaster’s name, which she used most of his last name with the first letter of his first name. However, it has gotten somewhat better with her utterly thick accent, trying to ignore saying his full name and saying Jack, making it sound like she’s saying Jackie instead. ’ I do wonder how Jack is doing, in that meeting so far away from the guildhall.’ Cailyn thought about Jack's a bit on her face while staring up to the ceiling for a bit until she realizes she should help Keiko get her meal. She looks at Keiko and smiles happily. ” Oh yeah, Keiko, how long did it take you to get here to the Dragon Fang guild perchance?” Cailyn asked a curious question since it took her a while to get here from Oshibana with a thick accent. Since Keiko did pick Dragon Fang over the #1 Guild globally, Phoenix Wing made Cailyn a bit curious.

Jessica was as polite as possible towards the client since she always respects them; it’s what she was taught in Crimson Mare. However, what shocked her was what Reynard and Gwen did. Reynard didn’t introduce him properly to the client when he asked for their names, but Gwen did floor her a bit much. In terms, Gwen stripped completely nude, threw her clothes at him, and had an abrasive tone towards the client. She heard Asher sigh at that, which made her throw a look at Asher of, does Gwen do this all the time. It was mostly because she didn’t really see any of Gwen’s usual shenanigans, but had a clear feeling that Tearsy knew and didn’t tell her. However, the two agree to let herself gain the knowledge instead of having Tearsy tell her every little bit of information. ’ D-Damn it, Tearsy… You should’ve freaking told me that Gwendolyn strips completely naked… so embarrassing.’ Jessica thought with her staring directly at the Sky Tears Sword, with her face a bit red. However, back onto the matter entirely, she looked directly at the client with a smile.

Her mood was a bit ruined by what Mandrake had said, but it was all because of two people in her group being rude. However, Reynard finally introduced himself better late than never; she shakes her head about how he spoke. It still made her a bit embarrassed that she didn’t know Gwen’s odd behavior until now, of all things. ” Uhh, yeah, odd behavior that’s so normal that I was the only one out of the loop because of a Sentient Sword named Tearsy. Gwen, can you please get dressed? You are embarrassing our guild, and Torys said don’t do that, remember?” Jessica questioned Gwen because it obviously would hurt the reputation of Fenixtear. She sighed a bit regretfully for being slightly blunt in what she said, but she was the only one out of the loop because she was embarrassed by Gwen's sight stripping completely down. Only because she only interacted with a very few people since joining Fenixtear, the Guildmaster Torys, and some others. At the same time, being as friendly as possible while talking to them.

Jessica shook her head with the reason, and her sword wasn’t speaking to her, like how it will explain this one. She looked at Mr. Mandrake and smiled at him. ” I will work even harder to help you to your destination wherever that might be, Carver Mandrake. I don’t want a few people’s actions costing us anymore reputation.” Jessica said, with her usual demeanor towards jobs,s she takes them much more seriously than most people. Basically, putting her pride on the line to help him in any way possible to wherever they will go.

The Sword’s voice pierced the minds of the four from Fenixtear only, with a slight giggle. ” Oh my, how fun, a conundrum. How many times I wished for this moment… thankfully, it's a new thing. Oh my, that’s many times you’ve stripped Gwendolyn...” A beautiful young adult female’s voice telepathically spoke to Jessica and her three companions. However, it's pretty obvious what Tearsy was getting at; it really enjoyed this part of some people’s psyches, specifically Gwen's OCD nature. The bluish silver glow was pulsing a much brighter to show its talking to four people with its Telepathy Magic. ” I must say, I didn’t think not speaking would embarrass you completely. But we do have an agreement you must learn things for yourself without my help, but I must say your reaction to Gwen’s display was delightful, Jessica. Guess you have to deal with this a lot Asher, hehehe.” A beautiful young adult female’s voice telepathically added to the previous statement. Tearsy was mostly talking about Gwen’s constant stripping and embarrassing everyone around her with her own behavior. It was hinting at something more about what gender it's into, which Gwen and Jessica are.

Jessica blushed slightly more at what Tearsy spoke about; however, the one thing that flew past her was the massive hint in why her sword teases her so much. ” You got your point across Tearsy, can you please stop. I am so sorry, Carver Mandrake, but if you are wondering who I am talking to, it is the sword on my waist; I call her Tearsy, but it is rather called the Sky Tears Sword, a family heirloom of the Tranzell Family.” Jessica said with an informing tone towards the Historian about her sentient weapon. Sentient weapons are pretty rare in or out of Fiore, she thought, but she has one on her waist, which teases her so much it's so embarrassing.
@Restalaan Great Post! Lol @ Tiger's 'you are having dirty thoughts again, Tidal.' :)

Magic: The Swordmaster, Shifting Sword Style
Location: The Phoenix Wing Guildhall
Thoughts: ‘Oh, neat a Festival of S-Class Mages! That seems so amazingly cool, hope there’s popcorn.’
Interacting: Penny @MarshiestMallow, Damien @Zarkun, Belius @Sho Minazuki, Karn/Edarn @Silver Fox, Nolan/Dalton @hatakekuro, and Amaya/Cecilia/Rose @BlackMaiden.
Mention: Mandi @Dezuel

Brianna had a smile on her face while the conversation was going on, which made her incredibly happy to be apart of it. She did notice Penny’s facial features and Damian’s reaction to being jumped on by Belius. ” No problem, Penny! I’m doing wonderfully well, and I love it here. It’s a wonderful guild! As well, the pleasure is mine, Damien, teehee. Everyone is so nice to me. The only person in this whole guild that’s sir grumpy pants is Mr. Waltzie.” Brianna said, with a cute happy smile for being a young woman.

She sees in the corner of her eyes no other than the man she called sir grumpy pants, Mr. Waltz, with a cute little talking, walking exceed called Dalton. Her eyes brightened up, and she kind of stares cutely at Dalton because she’s more of a cat person than anything. ” How is Mr. Waltzie treating you, Dalton? I do hope very well!” Brianna spoke excitedly, a bit too much excitedly. Because this is the first time, she actually interacted with Dalton, or any of the other Exceeds, really.

She blinked and giggled cutely; Karn does have many nicknames for people; it's so wonderful. ” Hehe, Hi Karnie!” Brianna spoke excitedly, with a giggle in there. She really likes how Karnie gives out his entire day in such a long rambling speech; it's so impressive. Edarn flicked her forehead that made her look a bit like, what did you do that for. As well, she rubbed her forehead too slightly. ” Uhh, what do you mean you didn’t expect much else? Edarn.” Brianna said, with a bit of a confused look on her face.

However, when Karnie asked how she’s doing, she giggled and enjoyed these conversations. ” I am doing wonderfully, Karnie! Also, that must’ve been very fun yesterday if you explained everything literally without breathing. I have a feeling Tearsy is going to say I cannot do that, that well… Not like I’ve tried.” Brianna said, with a smile on her face. However, she pauses to breathe because sometimes it takes her a bit to get through her thoughts and speak them thoroughly.

Obviously, Tearsy’s voice pierced the veil of reality and connected to Brianna, Karns, Penny, Damien, Belius, Dalton, and Nolan. ” It’s been a pleasure to meet Penny and you, Damien. Therefore, I must ask when are you two getting married? Aha, it’s Nolan and Dalton; it's a wonderful time. In terms, how are you two doing?” A beautiful young adult female voice telepathically spoke to everyone she connected to. She did notice Penny and Karn’s discomfort in trying to understand where her voice came from. Damien did train with swords for a long time, which is always good.

Edarn said that made her giggle slightly because it's such a deadpan joke to say. ” Haha, it's so nice to hear someone with humor as such as yours, Edarn. Also, I am doing very well, Karn. And yeah, I can tell what you were talking to Damien and Penny about. That’s impressive how you can speak nonstop before breathing. Brianna cannot do that, that well.” A beautiful young adult female voice telepathically added to the previous statement. The Sky Tears Sword was glowing much brighter because she was happy chatting to everyone.

Brianna couldn’t help but notice people walking in and walking towards the little group, which were all because of the announcement that Damien made. Her eyes were sparkling because there was going to be a return of the Fantasia Festival. ” Awh, so cool! An exhibition match between the four strongest Phoenix Wing Mages, how neat! That sounds like an entertaining thing to watch.” Brianna spoke really happily towards the announcement. She wanted to see how the four strongest mages fight since everyone has their own ways to fight since she never really paid attention to anything until now, that is.

However, she noticed another Exceed and an adorable looking woman by Amaya's name because of this announcement. ” Hiyas! Cecilia and Amaya!” Brianna spoke excitedly towards Cecilia and Amaya. Brianna did hear a voice behind her, which was very unfamiliar, but she was like, wait for what, and noticed Karnie’s reaction to the man. ” Awwh, Karnie, you are shaking.” Brianna said, with a gentle smile towards Karnie. She does know of Karnie’s deathly afraid of water, but she stared gently towards the man that walked in.

The Sky Tears Sword was growing darker because it decided to allow the others to have a piece of their minds without having her intervene in their heads for a while. It was mostly because of what Karn, was doing cowering in fear of water, specifically that new water mage that walked in. It keeps track of everyone’s mind patterns, and the water mage is definitely a new mind compared to all the others in Phoenix Wing. ’ I do wonder why that mage is here unless he’s here to join. Poor little Karn, terrifyingly scared of water, aww.’ Tearsy thought to think about what Mandi is doing here; besides, she didn’t really want to involve herself in his or her mind right now.

However, she had always been a bit of a worry wort when it came to Brianna. She wanted to respond to a fight between the four S-Class Mages of Phoenix Wing, which only included those four and Brianna. ” I must say that it sounds like fun to watch an exhibition match between you four. If only I were the real woman, I could watch it with front row seats, but since I am a Sentient weapon, Brianna can watch it instead since she’s always so excitable. She’s so full of energy for how young she is.” A beautiful young adult female voice telepathically spoke towards Rose, Damien, Penny, Nolan, and Brianna.

Brianna looks down at Tearsy because the If only part kind of made her shiver since her sword teases her much. However, she can’t be so excitable; it's just how she is. ” Uhh, Tearsy, please don’t say that again… I don’t need that mental image, p-please?” Brianna asked kindly, but she was definitely shivering down her spine. It is mostly because the sword constantly makes her blush, which would be a bit too much and a bit too far. She can only imagine that Tearsy was teasing her differently from usual.

Magic: Derio Veri Magic (Soulerian Magic)
Location: Dragon Fang Guildhall 1st Floor
Thoughts: ‘ Why do I have a sense of Deja vu? We don’t believe in coincidence, but Keiko is so cute, cannot wait for her to join our guild though kind of wish Jack was here.’
Interacting: Keiko @BlackMaiden, Prince @Silver Fox

Cailyn gave a soft laugh at what Prince had given for a response because she sure knows that since even Astegardian Women or Soulerians need their beauty sleep. ” How quaint, beauty sleep is better than most things, Prince.” Cailyn spoke in a thick Astegardian Accent, as usual. Her ears twitched because her eyes were following something floating around the Guildhall, which came from the child. The young girl's name was adorably cute, and how she respectably introduced herself to them. Her face was curiosity mostly towards the corius looking girl that was completely white with full black eyes. It gave her some context clues into what Keiko’s magic is all about. ” You do have a beautifully cute name, Keiko. This Corius you have with you is interesting; in your tongue, it would be spirit. Mostly because where my ancestors came from aren’t afraid of spirits.” Cailyn spoke with a thick accent. In this case, her accent added an extra e or i someplace in Keiko’s name or replaced an e or I or swapped them entirely. However, the accent was obvious when she was speaking her Astegardian language over the Fiorean.

In terms, Cailyn was a bit slow on the uptake, but Prince answered that the guild master was away on business. She was interested in helping Keiko with her journey in finding her way. Her ears twitched slightly, and the jewelry on it makes a beautiful jiggle sound; in the right way, she twitched her ears. ” It’s a bit sad, but at least you got people in this guild to ask questions to, Keiko!” Cailyn excitedly spoke because she was happy, and her accent was thick. She patted Keiko’s head with her left hand, which slowly gave Keiko some magic from Cailyn. It made her smile happily with a smile on her face, which after that exchange, she did move her hand from Keiko’s head. ” Oh, sorry if you didn’t want to be touched, but that’s what I can do for people, give magic to others from my own magic reserves. As well, I have magic that bypasses the magic transference racial ability, but I feel like I had a bit of Deja vu like I said this already.” Cailyn said with a smile and her thick accent, with a slightly confused look on her face.

Oddly, it felt like she had said this before like she had a dream of this interaction with Keiko, but she’s not much of a person that believes in coincidence, though. Cailyn kind of sighed slightly and shook her head slightly, to be a bit odd-looking. It was a bit of a strange thing, but sometimes weird things do happen. She put one of her hands on her left cheek and trying to think about something else. ” I do hope you have a fun time at the Dragon Fang Guildhall, Keiko, sweetie.” Cailyn said with a pleasing smile and looked at Keiko with a motherly vibe to her and a thick accent. She always had fun in this guild because it was one of the few places she could be more like her Recovery Magi title.

Location: The Briefing – Tarak’s Plan
Interaction: Natasha, Flame and Ashton @Letter Bee, Tarak and Dr. Millard @Th3King0fChaos, Iris and Abaddon @dragonpiece, Phi @Jade Kiyo, Amy @6slyboy6, Avelyn @Starlance, Finbarr @The Man Emperor, Ariel @samakama, and Nero @FalloutJack.

In terms, Narvia was still slightly heavily embarrassed for blurting out that about her last name being changed. She couldn’t help being herself because she loves being sweet and filter-less it's what makes her, her. It took her a while to calm down from embarrassing herself, but she had a bit of thought in the back of her head. ’ I love everyone on this ship! They are so sweet as my new family, but I still need to free my father's original. Also, I wonder if the giant crystalie man would like a nickname? Abaddie.’ Narvia thought with a big goofy smile on her face. Obviously enough, she was in her little world of wanting to give everyone nicknames. However, her train of thought was diverted by the other voices in the briefing room, specifically Avelyn and everyone else. It was stupid not to pay attention to a briefing, but nicknaming people's priorities are important for her.

However, Natasha spoke up about what Narvia said about Nikolas’ leaving the service. It did hurt slightly that the Cryptic Dragon waited until now to tell his goddaughter he was retiring. ” I agree with that, they have no sense, but I guess in a sense having a strategic ideological man like my godfather still in charge of his own fleet would be dangerous. To whatever plans the President and Miss Laguna has planned.” Narvia said with a slight understanding of why they would make him retire, but he would do it anyway. It’d be hilarious if he made the Grand Admiral Laguna sweat because of how cryptic he is. Draken’vina is where Narvia wants to stop dealing with everything and be happy with her mother, step-father, and older siblings. ” I usually call Nikolas, the Cryptic Dragon. Because that’s how he always does things previously, seeing that letter that told me of my name change was a bit shocking, though… I am Stephan-Zahrin instead of having the same last name as my biological dad, Conner.” Narvia said, with a slight realization of what she had said. She was heavily blushing again because it's even more embarrassing than previously. It’s a bit of a hard thing to get used to, but it happens when something comes to her mind.

Narvia took sometime before she could stop blushing, but Avie had a unique way to say kill people if a communication blackout didn’t work. However, Tarak sounded like the voice of reason for not going with the communication blackout plan. Basically, Narvia, with a sigh of relief, was grateful not everyone was sold with a communication blackout plan. It would be a bit impossible fool, Alexander Kherol, for too long. However, it came to Tarak’s plan, which she smiled happily since she would be apart of one of the two teams infiltrating the massive crashed ship. She was about to say something, but Ashton and Flame spoke up before her, and she started to blush cutely at what Ashton said. ” Awwh, thanks, Ashton and Flame! I will also protect you too since we are a team after all! As well, I will do my best, Tarak!” Narvia exclaimed cutely, adorably and a bit flushed in the cheeks. She started to hum a happy little tune because of all this, but she did hear Phi and cutely waves at her. ” I named the seal plushie you created after you, Phi! Because it was really cutely designed, I love it.” Narvia spoke with a happy smile on her face.

However, Narvia was slightly worried that usually is so happy and helpful wasn’t talking, Amy. In her rush, she walked towards Amy, and there were other people near her, Avie and Ariel. ” A-Amy, why are you sulking? You are a ray of sunshine all the time. I like you more as a ray of sunshine over, a cloud of sadness.” Narvia said cutely because it's not really good to have their mother figure being so sad. Avie gave Amy a coffee cup, and Ariel wanted to give Amy a shoulder to cry on. She giggled at all this because it was really adorable, and she wanted to join in hugging Amy. ” Amy, want to cuddle my seal plushie? Cute 1 is super adorable and has been with me for a long time!” Narvia exclaimed cutely, trying to invigorate Amy by offering a plushie. She was generous since Amy did allow her to use Mr. Cuddleton during her cry fit; it was delighted. It was one thing she wanted to say to another person in a while, to share and play with her plushies. However, not many people on the Dragon’s Claw acted like children, unlike her. ’ I am much happier with people smiling and having a fun time than being all seriousness all the time. However, this operation is pretty serious, infiltration operations, I think that was the first one I had done previously with Nikolas?’ Narvia thought to remember her left hand on her chin trying to remember, but she was an observer in that mission.

Narvia did notice that Dr. Millard was being quiet during the meeting and was watching everything. It’s like he was pretty much-judging someone, but she didn’t quite know who because she was more worried about Amy right now. However, it would probably be a good idea to get ready for the operation, and the best way to do that was to look over her gear. She was always a bit shocked at seeing Finbarr turn taller than normal. ” Finny, it always shocks me when you get taller, like really tall. Much taller than I am right now.” Narvia said with a shock on her face.

Narvia couldn’t help but giggle slightly at Nero’s what he said about his stealth, which is definitely true. ” Hehe, always to the point, aren’t you, Nero?” Narvia question with a smile on her face. It’s the one thing she wouldn’t change with Nero since he probably would still be doing this after the revolution; it’s what he would do. She always giggles cutely; however, she smiled happily at the whole thing. It would be a great thing to get in and out, saving realists and getting the information but better to be safe than sorry. ” Huh, guess we are going in at separate points on the Circle? In terms of where the two teams that are going into the crashed vessel.” Narvia said, to make a quite determining factor of an observation. It made her remind herself and look over to Iris. ” Umm, I have a question, Iris. Can you please get rid of these scars on my face?” Narvia questioned Iris since Iris’s helpful healing ability was definitely helpful.

After the briefing, it would be a good idea to get herself operationally ready for the infiltration mission of the Circle. Narvia had to make sure she had enough of everything for her two pistols, the sharpness of her knife, and Daichi. As well, she did a mini-prayer with what Nikolas’ had always done before a battle. ’ May the Dragon’s Will give me strength in the operations to come, must free my family and must free Realist from the enemy.’ Narvia thought to give her a boost to her confidence. It made her think a bit, and she should’ve done this before the battle on the Razor, or she wouldn’t have been injured so badly. The Repetition is one of the keys to being prepared, or that’s what her godfather told her, the ever so cryptic man she loved deeply because of how he was with her. She smiled on her face afterward and went to where the Infiltration teams had to wait on the Operation ship. ” This is going to be fun, Flame and Ashton, and thank you for what you said in the briefing, again. I can see why the two of you are a couple, and you are so supportive of everyone!” Narvia exclaimed happily, towards the two of them.

Narvia was forged by her experiences to stay herself and slightly optimistic and slightly pessimistic, which is how she is. It might also be a good way to keep herself positivity to think of the infiltration mission as a fun thing only because there are some massive hurdles to get over defeating the Ascendancy, the Gravia Military Company, and others. However, there was one prick, she didn’t like, but there are many reasons she didn’t know because of the betrayal he caused to them. But that stayed in the very back of her mind it's not going to be like, and they were going to meet again after all this time. ’ I do hope that’s the case because I would so give him a piece of my mind!’ Narvia thought to keep that deep in the back of her mind. It’s one thing, but hopefully, she isn’t a jinx here. ” Uhh, are you two ready for this operation?” Narvia questioned Ashton and Flame. It was honestly a good question since it always is better to ask the other people in the team if they were ready. Since teams must stick together, which is always the case.

Narvia did the only thing she could to be ready for the operation, looking over her gear a second time, in front of Ashton and Flame this time around. As well, she hums a tune while she looks over her gear. It is what she does when she’s being serious over her usual demeanor of being slightly an emotional wreck while being really cute and adorable too. ’ Everything is good to go, nice!’ Narvia thought with a cute adorable smile and continuing humming.
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