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Current The Multiverse is within us all. But the biggest one within me is A Fantasy RP and A Sci-Fi Series classified as "Jaina'Res."
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I'm still working on a Fantasy RP, it isn't dead. Its just writer's block sucks ass... :(
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I've been working on a Fantasy styled roleplay. It's still in the development stages since it has no name right now.
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What's this? I'm finally updating my status in 10 months. Wonderful. I hope you all enjoy it. As well, profiles are what I enjoy creating.
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The Sanctuary, VC, NCQuest, Talrae and the ILR all have one thing in common I am in them in terms of the RPs.


I am Landaus Five-One, which likes being called Holy since its A, Easier and B, I've used that distinction much longer than Landaus. I am into roleplays of any variety as long as they are interesting and unique for me to be apart of. There's a list below showing the roleplays I am interested in.
  • Sci-Fi
  • Space Opera
  • Magical
  • Fantasy
  • Modern
  • Post-Apocalyptic Themes
  • Alternate Universe / Alternate Reality
  • Horror
  • Insert any Fandom Here

I can play both genders easily, even though lately I've been playing mostly Female characters. Artificial Intelligence Characters are something of a odd quirk I like doing only because I have like a few characters that are basically massive AI Controlled Starships. Additionally, you can contact me via Discord using Holy R. Enigma#6381 for anything really. My birthdate is June 26, 1987, going to be soon 33 years old. Might as well add that these are the only two things I am going to put on here. Out of everything, I am really enjoying my time on roleplaying guild, just need to start working on the massive revamp of the Jaina'Res Mulitverse/Main Realm and the Fantasy RP I have been starting to work on. It's still in the Development stages in terms of the Fantasy RP I am going to GM.

Hopefully everyone has a good 2020 and beyond, gl and hf. As well, I'm highly interested in Strategy Games, Grand Strategy and MMORPGs aka play FFXIV.

The Roleplays I am apart of: The RP's Creator - Roleplays listed second.
Letter Bee: Iliad City: A Magical RP in an original world resuming & Academy of Noble Arms - The Golden Generation
LetMeDoStuff: Persona the Beholder
The Jest: Lost Innocence RP Reset - This roleplay went through a complete reset. The Pages are children whom gained magical powers from being infused by dust of a crystalline race. Need to still finish the required profiles I've been working on mostly been sidetracked a little. However, Sidetracking is always a pain in the ass. Additionally, The Jest is still working on all details of said roleplay before he launches it.

Roleplays that have an OOC and were rebooted once before:


Interest Checks that Caught my Interest:

Creation of Something New: Getting back into the swing of things...
The Venerdale Legends RP: Retinue of the Ariel Guardians - The Name has finally been chosen, which is the Fantasy RP that is still in development. Got many things to work on, at least its finally named. (Like the Magic System and others)

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When it was said and done, Tarak’s plan to talk it out worked much better than expected since this Abaddon and the Kinslayer was a master of persuasion. She gave out a small sigh of relief that it didn’t have to escalate into a full-blown fight and was peacefully handled. It made her remind of her godfather’s persuasion methods as well since he wouldn’t want to fight allies or hurt civilians either. She smiled happily and knew she can enjoy her plate of food in peace now since it wasn’t much to do other than chat and eat. ”I have to agree, Finbarr, it is a relief.” She spoke with a tone of relief in her voice. If anything, it was great that they could take their time to get to Natasha’s starship. More chatting with others would be lovely. She giggled at Finbarr’s statement. ”At least, you can relax Finbarr with all the other stuff that has happened.” She spoke with a smile on her face.

Narvia’s face kinda looked a bit confused when she heard ’Star Marines,’ which it was a better name than Child Soldiers. However, it felt like her godfather Nikolas’ had called her that once or twice during one of the meetings she was in with him. This was an utterly weird coincidence, but Nikolas was the one that didn’t like names that felt unnecessary. It took her a bit to focus and was a bit shocked to see all the candy around them, specifically for Iris’ sweet tooth. ”The twins will definitely thank you for all the candy, especially Iris.” She spoke towards the Rau’ve Shopkeeper with a smile. If anything, she also heard that the other store owner of the weapon shop is also willing to discount 15%. With the same name of Star Marines, which felt like her godfather knew of something far in advance that she’d have to do. Her godfather’s words of advice came through her, ’always better to be over-prepared than under-prepared in any situation.’ She only had eyes on basically more ammo for the Sigma. ”I’ll only go for more ammo since I only know how to use this pistol. I’ll leave the explosives to the others since it would be better that way.” She spoke with a lack of understanding of explosives since she was only trained in pistols, sword, and survival tactics from the Brigade.

She finally finished her meal, which felt a bit embarrassing to be close to the last one to finish. It was only because she really missed it and was enjoying it. ’I wonder what mission parameters did… my godfather gave to me? But that can wait, but I have a feeling I shouldn’t wait too long on them… I should probably wait after I get to Natasha’s ship to read them.’ She thought with a look of confusion on her face. Obviously, her confusion about what she should do next with the Enigma Codex she has on her left wrist. However, it wouldn’t be too penitent to deal with something the others cannot read anyways, and she usually reads out her orders from her godfather aloud most of the time. It’s a bit of a problem of hers, which she should really get a bit less cute when reading the codex. ’Godfather, why did you give me these mission parameters now of all things?’ She thought with a big-time wondering about those mission parameters' true meaning. However, Nikolas did give her a decipher to unlock the true meaning of these mission parameters that were on her mind. She couldn’t remember how long it will take.

Narvia sighed with a slight annoyance to the sigh in question but decided to look at her Omnitool on her wrist. She opened it up, which was still for her eyes only, and it made her remember that her godfather said. ’Wait… didn’t he tell me that my omnitool is… not like the others in the Brigade? How can that be…? Guess he built it himself or something to that effect. I like him so much can he be not as cryptic?’ She thought with an odd look, specifically about the whole thing. It was good; it was only for her eyes, but it still had the oddly super cryptic mission parameter on the screen, which is needed the decipher code to start deciphering it. She inserted the code, took the message away, and had a massive timer on it, which was able to be seen by everyone else. The countdown timer was 14 hours worth of time on it. This made her gasp at the decipher. ”...Seriously? 14 hours to decipher something on my omnitool. I hope this is good...” She spoke with a bit of shock on her face, but she looked towards everyone and realized she spoke aloud like she usually does. Obviously, she was definitely embarrassed and blushing about that speaking out loud. If anything, she always had this problem, but it seems like the omnitool’s usual deciphering will take much longer than only a few minutes. ”Umm, sorry about that, everyone… Ugh, got to wait 14 hours for a decipher… Godfather, why do you have to do this?” She questioned and apologized to everyone else for her strange quirk for reading out on her omnitool. It was definitely a bit odd for her to emphasize godfather, basically meaning that Nikolas R. Zahrin, the Dragon was her godfather. It made her realize she said godfather instead of Nikolas, which she was even more embarrassed and put her hands on her face.

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I've posted, literally just awhile ago. XD

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Mentioned: @Wxer

It felt a bit odd and strange, but the guy she approached didn’t talk or anything even though she did hear him say something. She just sighed in frustration and wondered what had happened to this world, that someone would ignore her so badly. It made her feel like this world is hell, and all she is doing is awake in that nightmare. ’Guess this guy is too afraid to even answer to his name… I would be, too, since this place is hell. I hate trying to interact with people when they just blatantly ignore me. But I guess I am responsible for this lack of interaction… I am a failure. My sisters are so much better at this...’ She thought, definitely beating herself up in her mind, and she sighed about everything.

Gloria did hear something that made her heart skip a beat, which was the howling all over, but it sounded very distant. It made her think about that was probably what the hell they are in to make you think. She just froze for a bit and was utterly afraid since she doesn’t want to become the food of whatever that was, but she was too afraid to move right now. ”...Crap, what’s that howling for? Don’t tell me there are Cerberus creatures in this place?” She questioned aloud, talking to no one particular since the guy next to hasn’t said a word since she met him. It would make some sense if there were terrifying hell creatures like Cerberus and other foul beasts. Her mind was full-on imagination about what would happen to her if those creatures came towards her. It terrified her much more than usual, and she was shaking by these thoughts.

When the howling started to get closer, it was definitely terrifying, to say the least. She had to think of a way out since this is the one place she doesn’t want to be in anymore. However, she had no idea how she appeared in this Hellscape in the first place. It took her to realize someone was approaching them, the silent male and the terrified religious woman. By the fact, there were footsteps in the distance that were coming closer, but the Howling sounds coming closer as well. Felt a bit like whoever was running towards them was running from the howling and Cerberus creatures. ’Ah, shit… don’t tell me I won’t be ever able to see my older sister. I don’t want to die… but I am too afraid to move... She thought with her legs shaking and was deathly afraid of dying.

Gloria noticed a vaguely humanoid shape coming towards her specifically, which was also much taller than her. He was running really quickly, like he was deathly afraid of the howling of whatever creatures lived in this hell. She blinked slightly when the taller British man ran right past her towards the door, which made her a bit feel like an idiot. However, what he said made her follow him because that was the only thing that finally got her to move from her stationary position. It was slightly embarrassing to her that she didn’t really focus on the area around her. She decided to speak out towards the British Man, who ran past her, rushing the door. ”W-Wait for me, I don’t want to be involved with whatever is coming.” She spoke with a definite fear in her voice. Cerberus, or whatever foul creature is in this place, wouldn’t be the best idea to deal with. It was like her instincts to live overridden her instincts of trying to understand this scary place, which it felt like hell, and that wasn’t going to change. ”A-Also, my name is G-Gloria.” She added towards the British man, who is utterly afraid of the things coming towards them.

If anything, Narvia was kind of slow in eating her meal compared to the ones who were eating. She had always taken her time to eat things since she had all the time in the world. The one thing that made her go Aww was when Samuel and Iris fell asleep next to each other. It was super cute, but their antics are adorable, but they are acting like themselves anyway. Narvia always had a fondness for adorable things, and Iris and Samuel are definitely that. ’Aww, so cute… These two are adorable and great siblings… Makes me miss my older sisters...’ She thought with a slight hope her sisters are doing much better than they are. It was obvious to her she wants to reconnect with them badly. The hope in her is greater than anything else; at least it couldn’t get any worse, she supposed.

Natasha’s voice from Flame’s Omnitool drew her interest much when Natasha spoke about The Dragon is a respectable guy. Narvia smiled happily, since yeah, he is definitely respectable, just a bit cryptic, to say the least. ” I can’t wait to meet you in person, Natasha. And yeah, we will be great friends.” She responded to Natasha with a definite good vibe in her tone of voice. It was always the will of her godfather to make acquaintances that will last a lifetime. However, the question that Ariel brought up to Natasha did make her wonder. In terms of what Natasha answered did make her a bit happy about the specifics. The Ascendancy needs to pay for their crimes, but the one that needs to pay for his crimes is closer to her. It was her own father, Conner, who allowed the Ascendancy to experiment on her. That just made her disappointed the man that was never there in her life betrayed her as a father. It was specifically from what she heard Nikolas talk about when they had some alone time between operations. Even though she wants to know why her father is so evil and the only one to give that answer would be her godfather.

It took her a bit by surprise when her omnitool went off about a shuttle-crawler weapon shop hijacked by a group called the ’Restarters’ wanted to restart the Coalition war. This somewhat scared her; haven’t enough people been hurt through the war. Her godfather was heavily intelligent that neither side would be happy about the collusion of the war. Even though the Ascendancy did lose but still had the capabilities to rebuild itself. At least, some things did rub off onto her since her godfather was incredibly intelligent and strategically minded about certain rumblings in the Ascendancy. However, when it was found out that the crawler was basically in front of them, it made her a bit shocked. The biggest shock was the holographic message of a standing Kaisoken with arms and legs. ” What… the?” She questioned with a slightly confused look on her face. Her tone of voice was quiet since this was the literal first time seeing one of these Kaisoken.

When everything settled down in her head, she knew the only responsible thing would be helping the kind Rau’ve Lady who owned this shop. Even though it would mean she wouldn’t be able to finish her meal, it was more important to protect civilians. It is mostly from her training by the Dragon. His fleet never harmed civilians in any of their sorties. This felt like everything was moving so fast, but when Natasha spoke up and saying it their first mission to save the civilians from those extremists. It was pleasing to her since she wanted to help. She was pleased to hear that, but she wasn’t the most helpful in the strategy planning since that’s more of her godfather’s expertise.

In terms of everything, she would do her best to defeat the extremists. The questions came all at once, which was saying something. Needless damage wouldn’t be a good idea to deal with. But Finbarr’s portals would be the best way to attack the extremists. It is a good thing that Finbarr answered Flame’s question. However, when Avelyn asked her question, she gasped a bit. ” I would rather behave Avelyn, honestly. We are trying to save people not to get a five-fingered discount.” She responded to Avelyn’s question since she would rather do the right thing. She was a bit idealistic, but she was raised for 7 years of her life by Nikolas R. Zahrin. Additionally, it was what Nikolas would do anyway. She giggled at Nero slightly by what he said. It makes sense to do that since it was so like him to say that. ” I’ll do what I can too. One of my magic can disable gravity could probably be a good idea on the Mirror prick.” She responded by adding that one of her magics is a Gravity Disable. It was an idea added to Nero’s plan.

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The terrified look on Hailey’s face was there still since she couldn’t help but hope to feel safe with that evil thing being her Noble Arm. However, what jolted her from her thoughts was the reason of someone shaking the bench, like they couldn’t stand. It caused her to do two things. The first one felt like her heart skipped a beat as it had done. However, the second thing was to calm down and smile when she saw Henry by looking at him. She was grateful when he did put his jacket on her, trying to comfort her. It helped somewhat, but her pale white ghost look was still there since the terrifying thing that happened was indeed terrifying. She felt his arm pull her in and couldn’t help but shakily be afraid of what happened in her mind space and what happened earlier before Henry came to her aid. It took her a bit before she spoke up since she was utterly afraid and couldn’t really figure out what she wanted. ”...I’m scared H-Henry… it… it… activated… in a different way from its usual way. T-The Scythe…” She spoke with a definite fear in her voice. Obviously, she was afraid of her noble arm, but she completely stopped speaking about the Scythe in question since she doesn’t want to say its name.

Hailey looked towards Oscar and Nathaniel, which did stop their spar for her safety. She smiled gently towards them, but it didn’t help that her face was still pale as can be. This entire ordeal shook her to her core, but she couldn’t blame them for what they didn’t foresee. Not everyone could foresee an evil Noble Arm, with the ability to cause a girl to utterly shutter just at the sight of black fog. ” T-Thank you… Oscar and Nathaniel. I-I don’t blame you for what happened… please don’t cry… Nath.” She spoke loudly enough to get through to Oscar and Nathaniel. It was mostly because she did notice Nathaniel got down and covered his eyes. Since Hailey had a feeling, he would be crying probably.

However, a strange and oddity thing occurred; it was that Hailey’s Dread completely vanished yet again. It was like a declaration of what the scythe wanted her to do. In the case, she tried to close her eyes and sensed the evil around her in her mind space, but it had a slight difference. There was laughter, but it was faded, and all that left was the Scythe’s word. ” How sweet… your delicate fear is always what I wanted from you, Hailey Leena Strassen. However, I have always watched and waited. I am watching your actions through your eyes, your mind, your feelings, and every notion that makes you, you. My Sweet Marionette, may we soon dance the sweet dance of death. However, you may have your peace for now. The Dread, which I control won’t return for until I deem it so. Therefore you can feel like yourself as you were before I chose you. I hope you give me a good show since you’ll need it.” The voice echoed evilly as it did within her mind space. Hailey’s eyes were crying in the mind space, and when she came to open her eyes, she was crying even more. It felt like nothing could be worse than what’s going on with her. Her tears were wholesome and sweet, but the one primary thing that scared her is that probably one of her ancestors used to wield the Scythe. ”...I’m afraid… T-The Scythe… spoke to me… in m-my mind space a-again… It c-called me… M-My Sweet Marionette… W-What does that mean?” She questioned with a feeling of sadness, confusion, and unable to grasp what the Scythe means fully. It did make her better, which that the Scythe deactivated the dread, so she could feel a bit better, like before she gained it as a Noble Arm. However, the Scythe could always reactivate it, to make her feel more normal with the dread than without. She didn’t really know what to think. Her thoughts were plagued by not wanting to close her eyes again to see that terrifying big-eyed pyramid or hear its words again.

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Narvia was eating her meal, which is directly in front of her, and it looks delicious. She had been enjoying it by being a bit enthralled with the whole meal. However, when Tarak spoke up, perked her up, and she giggled at with what he said. ” Ha, ha… agreed there, Tarak. Always a thing.” She spoke with a bit like she did a whoops, but it's alright. It took her a bit of time to continue with her meal. However, she was a bit too excited while eating it, her biotech upgrade activated, which gave her the sight of a dragon. It made her realize a bit embarrassingly it activated, and the way to disable it was blinking her eyes three times. She blinks her eyes three times to disable the biotech upgrade, so she doesn’t have to look at her food two times closer since it is supposed to be only during combat to activate it. Additionally, she sighed with a bit of annoyance in her sigh as if she did something bad but wouldn’t get yelled at by Nikolas.

It took her to realize the conversation between Tarak and Avelyn, which she giggled because their contact has a sweet tooth. This is good news, and she supposed even though she had no idea what Tarak said. ” Uhh, what does Het’ya mean?” She questioned a bit confused since it was only because she didn’t really listen to what was communicated to Tarak by their contact. However, they agreed to the fact their contact must have a sweet tooth. If she were paying a bit more attention to what was going on, she wouldn’t have missed that important detail. It was mostly because she wanted to eat something and get a load off her feet. After all, they hurt. She had a good spending habit, mostly because of the people in her life. Though, she likes keeping her weapons in good repair mostly. However, she didn’t really like the talk of stealing. It was a bit much for her to understand since she has never stolen in her life.

However, she was surprised by the contact’s voice coming from the Flame’s omnitool. The voice sounded so familiar to her, which is like she heard it during her career in the Deep Strike Fleet of the Dragon. It was nice to hear the lady’s voice, but she hadn’t remembered what her name was. However, the woman’s voice spoke about how well the employers will pay them in any of the jobs they wanted to do. Including their own jobs, as long as it doesn’t hurt the crew, that sounds reasonable to her reasoning. However, when gambling was speaking, she shook her head since she would be absolutely terrible and probably get addicted to it. 'Uhh, what was her name again? Hopefully, it will come to me...' She thought with a bit of like it's on the tip of her tongue but isn't coming to her, in terms of the woman's name.

She was a bit taken aback by when the woman said her name, Natasha Zhang. It definitely took her back to being in Nikolas’ Office on his Flagship called the Dragon’s Claw, talking to Natasha congratulating her on her rise to Cruiser Captain, which was before the Battle of Proxima. However, she was quiet during that conversation since she was always respectable. It might also allow her to speak up to Natasha about her skill set since it is important; she did ask about their skills even though the Dragon’s wheelhouse of the naming convention was a bit weird for her, honestly. ” It is nice to hear your voice again, Natasha. Nikolas R. Zahrin, the Dragon, has great respect for you. The Dragon’s Brigade Fleet specifically trains my skills. Their specific thing was Engaged Sword Tactics, I think… Because they all used swords, and all their swords had different and unique effects. I can also use pistols, can cook, can see twice as far as a normal human. I should probably introduce myself, and my name is Narvia or Navi, like I to be called, which is a private first class of the Dragon's Brigade Fleet.” She spoke with a bit of an annoyed tone when talking about the Dragon’s Brigade Fleet's ground tactics since they are a bit strange. However, she was very truthful about what she can do. Obvious at day how she spoke about Nikolas’ as she knows him as someone close to her heart in terms of as a Godfather to her.

Narvia couldn’t help but giggle when Iris and Samuel said her sweet tooth at the same time. With what was said about Iris’ going to become a diabetic, she keeps eating candy nonstop. She giggled at what Tarak said. ” Guess, I should apologize for speaking wrong about your sweet tooth… Iris. As well, you two are so adorable, and it wouldn’t be a good idea to become a diabetic at your age Iris.” She spoke with absolute awe at the two twins. Even though it would be a long time to understand what Nikolas R. Zahrin said about Tarak, but in this case, they are definitely a nice looking family. It made her remind herself of her own family, Lana, and her older sisters, and her evil father, Conner. This made her feel a bit more nostalgic about the good times with her family. However, it would be better to deal with one problem at a time, rather than deal with the major problem of saving her family, without knowing how to do so.

Now the talk of markets and stocks came up. She knew something about that but not to Ashton's degree. However, the display of what Ashton was doing was pretty amazing in terms of turning on the holographic part of his omnitool. She watched closely as Ashton said, even though she was slowly eating her food since she was doing something that required, not stuffing it down. It took her by surprise that the Ashton and Tarak group could make almost 2 million credits a time frame of a bit by playing the stocks. However, when Natasha joined into the mix and Ashton hooked up his omnitool to hers, the screen's credits symbol went up. Her eyes widened a bit. ” Whoa… that’s a lot of credits for anything, really.” She spoke with a bit of an eye-widening experience. However, this made her drop her fork on the table, instead of the plate. This made her definitely happy to be with the others instead of going her own separate way to find the Dragon by herself. It would probably be much more dangerous to go alone, and her godfather said it's better to be in numbers than any alternative. She picked up her fork and placed it on the plate gently with the fact she wants to continue to eat her plate of food, at least her mixed vegetables are all gone.

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Narvia's Bonus Skills:

Dragon Sight (Exceptional Sight)- This is a biotech upgrade given to Narvia by her godfather within the Dragon's Brigade Fleet. It is standard for all the soldiers within the Brigade, including their leader Nikolas. She has the ability to see two times further, and she can only see in the infrared spectrum. It also shifts her eyes to look like a dragon's.

Pistoleer (Exceptional Pistol Training)- Narvia prefers pistols over the larger rifles because of how she is. She was trained in using The Sigma, Coilgun Pistol. It is better to be prepared than not. Its something her godfather Nikolas usually said.

Art of the Sword, Novice (Exceptional Swordsmanship)- Nikolas trained her to use the Art of the Sword, to specifically use the sword, which he gave her as a gift; Daichi the Swift. This style is foreign to Narvia because it comes from her godfather's homeworld, Draken'vina. Some of her godfather's honor-bound traditions rubbed off on her, which she'll only look for worthy opponents.

Exceptional Maintenance- She usually deals with maintaining her uniform and her weapon's maintenance. It's because her clothes usually need to be sown, and the weapons need maintenance to keep the pistol from rusting. She also keeps the Daichi the Swift as sharp as possible, so it never loses its edge. It was ingrained into her by the Dragon's Brigade Fleet since an unmaintained weapon or uniform usually causes other types of problems.

In terms, Narvia was awe-inspired by the Galactic Bazaar's size, which was massive compared to what she had to deal with previously. It had a specific nature to it, which was here to spend your money, even though she didn't have that much to spend. Her experience was definitely lacking in terms of where she lived for most of her life, then the rest of it is in the Dragon's Brigade Fleet. If it wasn't for the fact she was with the other child soldiers on this trip to get back at the Ascendancy and find people she wants to interact with. Only one thing went through her mind, which was what Nikolas told her last. Nikolas's final words to her, 'Please be safe, my goddaughter since you mean everything to your mother and I.' These final words always go through her head, made her smile whenever thinking back on what he said. Even though he was a cryptic military genius, he always had the honesty to defend his family within his brigade.

When everyone in the group started talking about food, specifically Ashton and Finbarr, it made her stomach grumble, and realized how long they've been walking for. She felt a bit embarrassed because this is the first time she felt hungry in a long time. The Dragon's Brigade Fleet had spoiled her for food and many things to try her cooking talents on. She decided to speak up finally, after remembering she needs to speak too. "I'm also famished if anything, I would rather take a food shuttle than walking any further because my feet hurt too from all the walking. This place is remarkable but massive." She spoke with a kind, gentle tone of always herself. It does help; she's always this way no matter what, the kind and gentle soul of innocence.

Narvia is the shortest person in the child soldiers, but that's primarily because of what happened to her exactly. If anything, she's not really fussed about being short since there are much taller people in this group to help her with things she cannot reach. However, she was 17 years old and had a definite child-like innocence still intact. It took her to recognize that the most cautious of the group relented finally, which was Flame. He had that air about him, always better to be safer than sorry. She followed the group into the shuttle, which she was awed at how much food there was. If anything, she has definitely had a smile on her face. "Oh my, that's a selection..." She spoke with definite happiness to her tone. It took her a bit to select what she wanted since the selection was big for a food shuttle. However, she picked out mixed vegetables, a pork chop, and mashed potatoes with brown gravy with green tea. She got seated near her compatriots with the plate of food, which was a pretty interesting plate. Her green eyes were beautifully sparkling at the food she has gotten. She missed this meal at dinner time, but it is the first time eating it, not at dinner.

If anything, she was much happier with the food in front of her since it made her remember the simpler times with her two different families. This would be her third family, which felt a bit odd. However, she heard a specific ding from her omnitool, the Enigma Codex. It caused her to sigh and see what it was about, with a small message on something a bit too vague and cryptic to understand. This meant the Enigma Codex was still receiving mission parameters, no matter what. 'Seriously? Still sending me mission parameters even though the war is over unless this is about something else. But, I have no idea... since my godfather is too cryptic sometimes.' She thought with an odd look, specifically about something she saw. The only good thing about this whole thing, the Enigma Codex is only for her eyes since it makes it look like a jumbled mess of symbols and numbers to anyone else. She turned off her omnitool so she can eat what she got.

As such, she giggled when she hears what Tarak said to Samuel and Iris. Their sweet tooth was insane, which no offense she also had a sweet tooth, but she didn't really want to get sweets right now. "Oh yeah, don't want to overspend on things... but those twins are cute with their candy obsession." She spoke towards Tarek, with an absolute smile on her face. It definitely was grateful when Ashton said dig into the food since she was definitely hungry.

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