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Current I tried to fight it but the flu was too strong. :( Sorry to my partners for the delay.
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FINALLY feeling normal again! Thank you antibiotics!
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Hoping my partners/groups see this. Very sick. High fever for three days. Finally downgraded. Will reply when I can stay awake.


Hate writing my biography but also don't like it when people don't have one so...Long time role player. Enjoy writing many different genres (favourites are cyberpunk/near future and high fantasy). Prefer advanced stories/plots and 1x1's. I like to have depth to stories and characters. Not fond of high school role plays or fandoms/fanfic.

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March 1983

Smoke filled the bar. She lifted the glass to her lips and let the whiskey flow over her tongue. She needed that burn, that warmth. Everything about this job felt wrong to her. It wasn't that she didn't understand why but the fact that it went against every code, every rule that they followed felt wrong to her.

Ella looked up, eyes focusing on her reflection in the mirror behind the bar.

Behind her a bar band was doing a bad cover of 'Hot Blooded' by Foreigner. She had picked this place because she figured it would be easy to hide away. She didn't realize when she first pulled in that it would get so crowded. For all the roughness of the songs this band seemed to attract a crowd.

Or maybe there is just nothing else to do in this town.... The thought rolled through her mind as another drink of whiskey moved over her tongue.

She wasn't here to party or dance like the rest. She was just passing through. Ella had a job to do, even if she didn't agree with it. Mark was sick. Cursed more than sick and it was her job to find the one thing that would help them. Her problem was, as s hunter she was supposed to destroy such items, not recover them. That was their sole purpose. Find and destroy, take down those supernatural things and people tied to them.

Of course that is what got Mark cursed to begin with.

Then again he was sloppy so.... She let the treasonous thought pass. Mark was in charge. Even if he had let his guard down and go caught was it right for her to criticize the one who tasked with keeping them all organized?

Ella couldn't help but wonder if it had been one of the other hunters if they would have been so quick to find and salvage this thing or if the hunter would have been left to die so that they didn't go against their code? Part of her felt Mark and the council were more concerned about saving his hide than the code.


Ella looked from her reflection to the bartender. A glance down found her whiskey gone.

"Double this time, please." She slid her glass away. The man picked it up, giving her a smile.

"Careful now hun, some of the men here might try and take advantage if you get too tipsy." He looked her over.

"I'll be fine. Promise." Even at 5'5 Ella was perfectly capable of taking care of herself. Fighting and defense was part of what she spent her life training to do.
I have some ideas that are open to small groups or 1x1. I added 18+ because once you involve violence and more mature plot ideas it is best to be on the safe side.

Hoping at least one idea will catch someone's interest:
They had burned them, drowned them. Killed their friends and family. Witchcraft fell away into the shadows for a time. New age, modern witchcraft isn't quite the same as what they once practiced but it is enough to tell them that the world was more willing to overlook those on the fringes.

Now it was time to find them. The grandchildren, great grand children of the ones they killed. Not the falsely accused, no the real witches. The men and women who once did what they could to help.

It was time to form the coven again.
So premise is the gathering of witches. They would be men and women who have no idea they hold any sort of real magic. Good or bad is up to the player. Those who are gathering the coven just want to bring them together but things will happen to cause tension...outside forces, etc. Plot points still being worked on and up for discussion with those involved.

2 -
"Adventurers wanted!"

One of so many postings on the town board. Why this one appealed to you is a mystery but you grabbed it and followed the directions to the meeting spot.

An odd group sat near the fire in the tavern and though it was crowded you knew they were who you were looking for.

A woman, dark haired and pale skinned dance to a song only she could hear while two men sat in chairs, talking. Another figure stood in the shadows near the chairs, you can see the glint of a small blade.

"I knew you would come!" The woman has stopped dancing and is looking at you with a dreamy, far away look in her eyes. "The stars whispered to me about you."

One man stands, "Welcome. Please come and sit. I think we have some things to discuss."

The other man watches you. He seems to be taking a measure of you.

You sit and hear what they have to offer.
So fantasy, dungeon crawl, adventure. Pretty much the basics. The group is on the hunt for their next treasure, next adventure and willing to take on whatever comes their way.

3 - Road Trip

Maybe you are running from something, searching for something and decide to pick up a hitchhiker. Maybe you are the hitchhiker.

Few ideas for this one but really depends on who the other(s) involved are.

4 - An island needs exploring.
Think pirate, be it your standard or maybe steampunk. Genre is open but idea would be for a group on a ship charting unknown islands/lands.
I have other ideas but really just looking for a person or people to work on a story with.

I saw your interest check. There was a lot of very interesting ideas there.

A bit about me:
-long time role player
-play female as my primary typically but double up as plot dictates.
-prefer good plot and interesting characters to quick one shots
-prefer small group or 1x1's
-enjoy in depth plots that can go on for a while
-no limit in terms of violence, sex, gore, etc however prefer them not to be gratuitous. More than happy to have characters have sex if it makes sense.
-prefer pm or email to forum but flexible in partners preferred choice
-reply as often as I can but I am good with any pace be it everyday or once a week.
-talker. I like to have OOC conversations as well as IC with my partners. Communication is a good thing.

Looking for a good long term plot with well developed characters. Longest partner was for over three years until they simply disappeared.

You have lots of ideas that intrigued me. I like a variety of genres/styles and willing to discuss pretty much any of your plot ideas or come up with a new one as well. I also have a few.

I am interested in all the things on your list so would love to start talking plot and character ideas with you.

Checking in to make sure I didn't miss an email for a shared doc. Been having spotty email at my hotel so making sure. if you want to do a google doc.
I am. I love to collab. Google doc, write pad? How would you like to go about it?
Slowly recovering. Can keep food down which is a major improvement.

I know what you mean about ideas. I keep a google doc for just a reason so I don't lose ideas as I go
Sounds good. I am down with the flu.
Yvette watched him swallow. It was important to make sure he did not choke on the fluid. He didn't need any other complications. She placed the glass on the small table. He was drifting off again, a wave of medication sweeping him away.

Like many, he talked in his sleep. Like many, the things relived were not often pleasant.

She placed a hand on his forehead. Low fever but nothing too worrisome. Yvette made a mental note to wash his face after rounds were done. It was a small thing that they could do to help keep the patients comfortable and cleanliness helped to stave off the germs that could make the injuries worse.

German. He was talking in German. Not that it was surprising to her but something about the language always gave her a small start. One would think she would be almost oblivious by now. Perhaps war stayed with you even if you never set foot on the battlefield. Yvette did not think about the war very much. She tried very hard to push it all down and away. She did not want to think about the past. She found no good in that. Her focus was her husband and the hospital. There was enough of the past relived here already.

She tucked a piece of dark hair back up under her cap. She plucked her little watch out again. Time for rounds. She nibbled on her lower lip. Did she leave him and join rounds or stay a few minutes more?

Yvette opted to stay to ensure he was comfortable. She moved around the bed, tucking and fixing the blankets.

"Try and relax. The medication will help the pain. You have been through a great deal of trauma and surgery. The doctors have taken good care of you though." Her voice was soft and even.

"I will not leave until you are settled." Yvette moved towards his head once more, pulling the sheet carefully onto his chest. "This is the best hospital in Hanoi. Rest now." She looked down at him.

Yvette did her best to ensure every injured soldier was treated as carefully as possible. Sometimes due to caution but mostly because if her husband was ever injured she hoped that a nurse would show him the same caring and compassion. She couldn't fall in line with some of the harder nurses, the ones so focused on their duty that all empathy was stripped away. No, that was not her at all. She knew that a kindness and caring could do a lot to help a person heal body, mind and soul.

She took that belief with her, in her heart every day she walked into this place. It was that that carried her through even when madness came or death took them. If she could offer a glimmer of humanity to them in all of this than she had done the best she could.
No problem and I hope you are feeling better.
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