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I'm not letting this story go, so don't worry about that.
I don't know if I mentioned this earlier, but I work with the elderly and even without Corona things sometimes take so much extra time and care to the point where you'll end up working longer hours than intended.
Lately because of Corona we had a couple of sick colleagues, so aside from taking over shifts you also get all the extra 'care measures' or as I like to call it walking around in 'the bee suit'. But even as a non religious person you shoot a little prayer up at the sky going 'please not again' when another colleague needs to be tested. Thankfully, all the elderly now have gotten the vaccine and had no further side effects after the first injection, so they'll be a bit more safe, because I don't think I could handle a another wave of infections.
@Omni5876I am so sorry for the terrible long absence. I have had an extremely long and tiring work week and simply was too worn out to reply.
(Falling asleep behind the laptop once or twice)

But I hope this bigger breadcrumb satisfies you.
Arn placed a gentle hand upon upon Eilis. He set her down gently and then stood over her protectively. His voice was calm but cold and as deadly as a sharp blade. “No one will touch her. You make her out to be certain death to the world. Yet you or yours did not do her the mercy of ending her life as you claim. You wanted to use her. When she would not be your pawn you sought to end her. She attempted to leave that cursed life behind. It was you who triggered her turn to darkness.”

His eyes narrowed. “No one will touch her. She is stronger than all of us here. She is stronger than the destiny you would thrust upon her. She deserves a chance to live a life that does not have you or your damned beliefs in it.”

His eyes started to glow. “No one will touch her.” He said again. A warning to any in the room.

Scylla scoffed at his words.
"She is strong is she? Are you sure about that 'Zipperboy'? How long do you think she will last? A month? Half a year?" Scylla cut back. "And someone is already touching her and no that someone ain't you." She threw her hands up at the folly of these men.
"I triggered her turn to darkness? That's rich! She is death incarnate boy!" She snarled before she seemed to reel her anger back in.
"You don't know what you are talking off. Just because you're pining for her doesn't mean that she gets to live...and also my beliefs have nothing to do with that. Cause if it was up to me she would never have been bound in the first place. But as I said that was not my call to make nor hers for that matter. Her fate was sealed the day her gift came to light." Scylla explained by not truly making things any clearer.

She eyed the young woman with contempt and looked disapprovingly at Arn.
"Oh she may try to leave it all behind, but unfortunately 'Sparky' she can't escape from it. It is only a matter of time before he breaks her completely." Scylla stated as she looked at the two other men as if to convince them to take action.
"And he will. She won't last long from what I've seen."

"He?" Tyrhallan asked stating the obvious question.

"Yes He. After all you think a person simply dies when their life gets snuffed out? You might aspire to be a candle, but I can tell you the moment the flame is snuffed the candle won't suddenly cease to be."
She saw the Knight narrow his eyes trying to understand what she was hinting at.

"We are all part of the great cycle. Only difference is unlike us, it is eternal and one fateful day a poor deluded schmuck wanted to reverse the irreversable, to stop Fate in its tracks and deny Death its ultimate victory. A thousand children he sacrificed so his life would be prolonged. An eternal entity. An immoral Immortal who chose to do it over the backs of the innocent and the powerless. He murdered the very brother of the young boy that would grow up to become the Sorcerer King and he sought vengeance. Vengeance for the horrors and cruel deeds the man was guilty off. The sad part is most of the world regards him as a hero who ultimately defeated the Sorcerer King or so the legends would have you believe. The man called Tourmaline was many things, but a hero? I would state he was as much of a villain as the Sorcerer King was."

"That is all fine, but what does it have to do with her?" Tyrhallan pressed before he received a glare.

"I am getting at that you muppet!" She replied sharply.
"Tourmaline prolonged his life with not just magic, but using a machine. He prefered those gifted with magic, who are more in tune with the Aetherfield and its manipulation of it. He uses them till they are spent and then continues on to the next. She carries his magical bindings. An old ritual that basically allows him to transfer his soul and attach itself to a body, like a leech. Sucking more and more power and control away from the real soul of the body. Or in this case his girlfriend." She said pointing towards Arn.
sounds interesting. I'll definetely will imagine a character for this setting.
Thus the plot thickens...carefully placing the tips of the fingers against one another. Well? What will our poor Arn do?
Hi Darla,

Massive fan of P&P and costume drama's myself, so I'll be willing to partner up with you if you'd like to.

Did you have anything in mind as a setting or are you wishes more along the line of a Lost in Austen type of story?

I have no problems with playing either M or F, though storywise I would like it if we could play the other's love interest.
So I'll play yours and you'll play mine in that case.

As Eilis struggled the bindings burned ever bright, but held. From within came almost a guttural animalistic cry, hazel eyes faded out back into the black void as blood started to run from her nose and from her ears. The Aether trembled at her cries and the remaining windows rattled within the room.
As Arn started the attack the girl seemed to recognise it instantly clawing at the empty air and Aether like a wild trapped animal. Foaming and screaming she struggled as the constrictive cage around her neck grew tighter.
Wild dark eyes glared at him as promises of foul murder lay in them unspoken, frothing at the mouth trying desperately to breathe before a final flicker of defiance, an attempt to break free signalled the end.
After this final spasm she slipped into consciousness and with it the pressure in the Aether was released, the volatile energies disbanded and a strange new quiet almost felt alien where before such turbulence had been.
In the room Eilis’s body had slumped to the floor, her bindings had ceased to glow and though it would take time before the cracked skin would heal again, she almost seemed peaceful.
Scylla and Tyrhallan had watched it with mixed feelings. As she let go of the knight, she immediately saw the cold steel flash again.
She grabbed it in defiance.
“Watch it pretty boy, I am in no mood to be merciful today!” She snarled as she poked him in his chest wound.
“You aargghh! Foul hag!” He cried out before lifting his sword again glaring at her as he covered up his chest with his other hand.
“You will give us some bloody answers!” He demanded.
“I don’t have to give you anything!”
“If she is so dangerous then why didn’t you kill her the moment you had her? Why all the torment?!” Tyrhallan demanded to know as he watched the woman turn to him with a look of utter disgust.
“Silence.” A voice boomed from the other side of the room, there standing in the doorframe was Uilles. Leaning on his cane he tiredly entered the room.
Her eyes glanced over him annoyed before sudden recognition came, the look she now bore was one of uncertain disbelief.
“Well...if it isn’t one of Belisio’s finest. The raptor in the flesh….Seems old age finally got the better of you. The one enemy you would never be able to avoid. Time.”
“Spare me your words Walkure, for my fate is out of your hands only Death is the only being I will have to answer to.”
Scylla made a throwaway gesture. “Repartee with him then, see if I care.” She stepped away and back towards the window from where she had entered.
“You still owe us some answers…if you please.” He demanded as he clicked with his cane in the floor beneath him. “And you know you won’t be taking her today. She will remain here.”
The woman cast an annoyed glance over her shoulder towards the girl and Arn, pondering her options and perhaps recalculating her moves before she pointed towards the girl.
“She’s an abomination, a creation of the Tahjai’s. She holds Rhevendahli blood. The same blood that once was able to withstand the might of the Empire…even though it wasn’t for long. Regardless when Vaim took Rhevendahl it sought out the talented children, after all if you truly want to conquer a people, make them forget the very culture that they belonged to. The Rhevendahli were enslaved, though the men could regain their freedom in service for the Empire, through their battleprowess. The women? The women would be used to dilute the blood ties further, such was the Empire’s plan. The magically inclined would be separated early preferably as soon as the gift showed itself.
After all, you wouldn’t rise up against your own family…” A loud sigh followed.
“She is just one of many… A talented child, most likely her emphatic nature made her connection to the weave strong enough for her to become a test subject.” She turned to Arn.
“The bindings are meant to hold the Aether within her. She’s a vessel, a key to a machine. If she dies millions will live, but as long as she is alive she is a walking talking death sentence common and gifted alike.” She spat with great disgust, though it wasn’t clear what or who she was disgusted at particularly.
“The wisest thing to do…and the most merciful is to end her life. Right here. Right now.” Scylla ended looking at the three men for a moment before she sighed.
"The choice is yours gentlemen. Do the right thing."
They are two misfits who have found each other and neither does she...she just has a lot to deal with atm.

Also did you watch the Dark Crystal by any chance? (Both the film and netflix series)

Also fun fact everytime I read 'Arn' I always have to think of the character from the prince valiant series that I used to watch when I was little. Funny though as your Arn looks nothing like the Arn from the show.
What would be tangible and visible before him was an unstable form, flashing and contorting, trying to form a being, but not quite able to remain in said form.
It was clearly Eilis and yet it wasn’t. Her lightbody almost seemed to burn and darken as lightning wirled along her body. Angry cries screamed across the Aether, as her power seemed to fluctuate from weak to extremes.
The air within the Aether was pregnant with expectation, awaiting the release of such destructive and powerful feelings, something terrible was going down and the Aether itself seemed wary, if one would consider the Aether a sentient force.
Eilis on the outside however seemed quite calm and collected as her index finger twirled and a twisted expression formed on her face.
When Arn seemed unwilling to play along she sighed as her fingers stopped. She felt the man reach out and heard his words and the warmth he was sending her way. Such a foolish thing to do…
She regarded him with indifference before she lazily made a throw away gesture.
Instantly the hair sped forwards towards the man, when suddenly it halted again in front of him, seemingly out of balance and unable to move further as Eilis’s other hand had shot forward as it wrestled back the reigns of the hair.
A pair of hazel coloured terrified eyes glanced at Arn in worry and fear, before a flicker of relief passed over her face.
“Arn…”She uttered her bindings glowing and making her scream out in pain as she seemed to wrestle with herself again.
“Take…Kill me!” She pleaded, before the bindings glowed brighter again as her eyes darkened over and her skin cracked a little more around the edges. No blood had come out of her yet, but watching her wrestle with whatever it was she was dealing with was painful.
In front of Arn the hair still trembled, barely held back and the same went for Scylla’s pursuing bit. The Sorceress now back in control called her hair back to her knowing this might be the turning point for her.
A satisfied smirk formed on her lips as she was about to call on her own magic again, when the kiss of cold steel greeted her throat.
“Oh no you don’t…” Tyr said as he grabbed her by her hair, making her more compliant.
“So…you’re still alive…I’m surprised really pretty boy.” She snarked hearing his laboured breathing.
“Spare me your concerns. Tell me why did you come here?”
“Isn’t that obvious?” She asked rolling her eyes, before groaning as Tyr didn’t put up with her attitude.
“It’s because of her?”
“Most certainly.”
“None of your concern princeling. Ouch! I’m a delicate flower.”
“You seem more like poison ivy to me.”
“Oh haha you’re hilarious.” She snapped back feeling the steel press closer and hear Tyrhallan growl a threatening promise.
“I will have no qualms about ending you hag, so you’d better start talking.”
“She’s one of them. One of the Children of the Tahjai. A promise and a weapon.”
Tyrhallan frowned at her words before he asked annoyed.
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
Scylla elbowed him, before she turned around to face him, holding him now up instead.
“You don’t know anything little prince. I doubt you even understand what I mean when I tell you she will be a key unleashing hell here on Ith. The most merciful thing to do here is kill her.” Scylla said before she released him.
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