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She had panicked at first but as soon as Arn’s voice reached her it instantly comforted and eased her. As Arn helped her she couldn’t help but tremble in his arms, not sure what had occurred or what she had done this time around. With memories and visions haunting her the only comfort she could find and rely on was the strong man behind her.
Even now amidst all this he worried for her. His words, his actions…how had she been so fortunate to end up in the same room as him. Had the gods finally taken pity on her.
If Arn hadn’t been looking around so vividly for threats and for their companions he would have seen the loving gaze in which she regarded him before she took a deep breath closing her eyes and feeling her way around the battlefield.
As she slowly exhaled in strain she pointed them out to Arn.
“They’re over there…” Her voice soft and strained as she attempted to keep her magic low enough so the bindings wouldn’t be triggered.
“He’s in pain…” She uttered as she continued to focus on their beings. The warriors shown through only the fleeting Ki that danced wildly about like a storm of leaves. Whilst the mages showed their light bodies and threads, such as the light blue pulsing thread that was attached to Tobi sticking out close by like a sore thumb.
She looked further ahead seeing two terrifying forces clash against one another whilst a third remained off to the side its energy weak and leaking ki.
“They’re in trouble…” She softly uttered as fear had crept into her voice. With the chaos still going on all around them, the larger war machines were targeted and obliterated. Voices screamed of mercy were cut short and sentences like ‘hold the line’ had been smothered long since. The Belisians were losing, all around them the Vaimese seemed to simply swarm them and take them down.
“We all need to leave…” As she uttered those words she realized the horror that it meant. No more safe haven, no more Belisio.
As Ravros brought his sword up he watched the glare that Uilles cast at him.
Hate me. He thought. It is no more then you deserve.
A blur flashing in the corner of his eyes for a moment.
As Ravros flexed his might to decapitate Uilles, bringing the final swing down he was met instead by the incoming knee of a raging Knight Captain. Ravros stumbled back, trying to regain his footing as the red and white blur became visible as Tyrhallan stood in between his Uncle and Ravros.
Both quite surprised to see him.
“Tyrhallan? You’re supposed to escort…” Uilles started as he regained his composure.
“We can argue about this later!” His nephew snapped at him, taking him a back again.
Ravros however regarded the two with clear suspicion. They knew one another…that much was obvious and if the white hair wasn’t a dead give away their emblems surely were. The Venray crest.
“What’s this? A son? A little family reunion?” He asked with curiosity allowing the two their moment to catch up, though they didn’t bother to answer him.
“Tyrhallan go… I order you to go… This doesn’t concern you!” Uilles said as he attempted to stand up again.
Tyrhallan cast a glance back at his uncle.
The man could barely stand anymore and if the blood dripping from his armour was any indication the man was bleeding profusely.
“Don’t be ridiculous Uncle, you’re in no shape anymore to fight him nor to order me about, call it disobedience or mutiny I don’t care.”
Uilles eyes him with a pleading look, but Tyrhallan ignored it.
“I am not leaving you here so you can die for the sake of your pride! Not when Belisio still needs you. When I still need you.” He cut back.
“All my life you trained me to be worthy of following into your footsteps. You told me to protect the innocent and defend the weak. To bring hope when there was none. To do what was right. And right now that means keeping you from making a stupid mistake. My place is here between you and him.”
Tyrhallan’s words earning him a grin from Ravros.
“Well, it seems the boy made his decision Venray. You’ll just have to patiently wait your turn and in the meantime watch me rip his legs off of him, but rest assured, I will not forget about you. Your comeuppance will come.” He promised darkly.
Tyrhallan raised himself, taking his position and keeping a careful eye on the man.
“Well we’ll see about all that…After all you will have to catch me first.” He replied with confidence.
Ravros chuckled for a moment as he took his place, his large sword swinging about in order to loosen up again.
“Bring it boy.”
Before Uilles could stop him, Tyrhallan dashed at Ravros. He avoided his slow and heavy swings and instead dove underneath it to kick his legs from underneath him. This attempt almost succeeded were it not for the grab Ravros did pulling Tyrhallan down as well, making him smack his head against the metal deck. He quickly spun away and out of range despite the pain and watched Ravros get up as well releasing a tuft of hair he had torn off of Tyrhallan’s head in his attempted grab.
“Seems you’re not so fast after all boy.”
Tyrhallan narrowed his eyes and shadowstepped again, only to force himself to deflect and parry the blow Ravros send his way, allowing Fatebringer up close and nearly taking off his nose, but causing a proper cut across the cheek.
Angered by the new pain and drawn blood Ravros send his other fist flying into Tyrhallan’s direction, barely missing his face as he retreated and was forced on the defensive.
Ravros’s anger fueled the speed of his attacks and even with Tyrhallan’s speed even he was having difficulty keeping up with the big guy.
I didn't see city of Demons, but I needed a demonic/distorted voice for the Aether, though the voice of Nergal is the SK voice, Tourmaline's is Hades (Ralph Fiennes) more breathy and like soft sandpaper. It chips away at you making you listen.
Whilst the Sk's voice whom we only so far have seen only once is a much deeper.

As for Tyrhallan:
But no the mount isn't dead, but it is not going to stick around in the middle of a warzone to be shot to pieces, it will fly higher and out of range, Tyrhallan however has always used his boosters and ki in combat that is so chaotic.

So for your visuals, we have troops on the ground and in the air. The ground troops mainly form the last defense for the city, using the ballista's and other heavy catapults to fire and cripple the enemy.
The large frigates however fly in releasing those smaller crafts so they can stop the approach of smaller fighter vessels and the famous dragon knights, leaving them to blast the city and the ballista's again.
It is just one big mess like WW1 with the Aces flying and fighting above, whilst the trenchwar was fought out on the ground, with raids happening back and forth.

The small manned crafts, think like a hover scooter idea can carry a couple of soldiers, depending on size. These are to counter the Dragon Knights since they have fought Belisio before and know how dangerous they can be and this was their solution for it.

Also decided to put the fate of the kingdom in your dice roll and you did not disappoint there ;)
Though we're not out of the woods yet, you'd better watch your coming steps....

No more Castle at least and Olysium will fall and be overrun. Now let's see how many will survive.

Tourmaline turned to Arn with purpose and speed.
“I fear we have no more time to converse…for the now at the least…your presence is required as the Empire is closing in on its victory. Take my advice…take the girl and leave…there will be nothing but death for you and her here in this land.”
He started to fade back as Eilis’s form within the Aether started to move again.
“She’ll come to in a minute, there is one more matter we must attend. You cannot tell her of your plans to free her from me, she’ll think you a fool and would want to keep you safe. Softhearted creatures that women are, she won’t allow you do attempt it if she knows. She’s stubborn like that.
Just thought I should tell you in case you’re one of those idiots that thinks sharing everything with your friends and those you care for is a good thing.” The being’s tone dripped with sarcasm at that last particular point.
“Now I will refrain from stepping in again, so she won’t bleed to death, but you’d better keep her alive. There is still a war going on after all and innocent casualties can happen.” The being ended as he returned their sights to them as Eilis’s glowing stopped. Both were back in the chaos of the warzone, still on the back of their wyrm and just in time to watch the horror unfold in the distance as the palace was blown to pieces.
Eilis cried out in horror at the sight wondering what the hell was happening to her as the guns smothered the silence and roared around them.
As he landed on the deck of a smaller vessel he released Alexa and Tobias, allowing them to stand on their own two feet.
He looked them over for a moment making sure they were all right.
“Well done you two. Glad to know the both of you are not worse for wear.” He said attempting to give them an encouraging smile, though it seemed somewhat lackluster. He soon mentioned why.
“Master Tailor I am sorry about your fellows, I fear I owe them an unrepayable debt for following me into this madness.” Tyrhallan spoke before he noticed the torn clothing at Tobin’s shoulder.
His expression softened and while inclining his head he said.
“Brightwind, take care of our mage and take a breather as well. We need to regain our bearings before we throw ourselves into the fray again.”
He raised his eyes to survey their surroundings.
They stood on a smaller Belisian vessel giving them a moment to catch their breathes, as the captain was not mad enough to take on a Vaimese frigate by himself and acting more like a support vessel for the separated and wounded and there were many of those there already.
The enemy to their credit hadn’t attempted to shoot it out of the sky yet, so they still seemed to retain some shreds of honour.
As Tyrhallan was scanning the battlefield it was clear he was looking for something…or someone.
His eyes widened as he locked on two individuals.
A sight he had hoped to never see. Two warriors facing one another with one having the upper hand over the other.
An almost inaudible “No” escaped his lips, turning away from Alexa and Tobias as he watched a Vaimese soldier have his Uncle at his mercy.
With his sword raised and at the ready moving to the side of him.
A thing only reserved for executions.
Before the other two could stop him, Tyrhallan sprinted across the deck.
Clearly moving towards the scene unfolding, he powered up his ki becoming nothing but a vague blur, before his boosters came on to support the gained speed and launch him across the chasm that was between the ships. That was before the skies rumbles and several guns fired in such ferocity that whatever was in their way would be completely obliterated…

Ravros eyed his old enemy with a look of utter satisfaction. They practically gleamed with glee.
Having his old nemesis on his knees was something that felt almost too good to be true.
So easily the defeat had been it was almost a shame to kill him so early in their victory.
After all, had he not yearned for this day for years, having spent many a night on how much more could he humiliate and break him? To have it all happen so easily was rather anticlimactic.
Now Ravros was no fool, he knew the danger of letting this man live, in fact he relived that old slip up over and over in his mind that there was no mercy left anymore inside for his enemy.
But perhaps the humiliation would be even more profound if he allowed him to live long enough to see the destruction of all that he held dear. Of how his beloved country and city would fall and the Empire would prevail.
How his fellow knights were slaughtered before his eyes.
As he placed the cool tip of his blade against Uilles’s neck forcing him to look up he spread his arm wide.
“Do you remember Venray? All those years ago? Our first skirmish? You were but a knave then but the surroundings should be able to jog your memory.”
Uilles eyed him with contempt, though he kept a stern face despite the blade scraping along the skin of his throat as Ravros walked and moved.
“Oh I seem to recall we fought and your side had underestimated us, you thought you could take our water on a whim, sadly though we were better prepared than you thought.” Uilles cooly replied as he kept himself from staring at the crazed madman.
“Even now you still can’t win unless you cheat!” He cut sharply, feeling the blade press a bit tighter.
“You think this is cheating?” Ravros asked venomously.
“How desperate do you have to be to be swallowing Dursa’s Poison?” Uilles clapped back.
“Sacrifices have to be made, such is the life of a soldier…What can be more noble then to die for the hope of a tomorrow?”
“Hope of a tomorrow? Your Empire has brought this world nothing but misery, slavery and death. We have beaten you time and again and we will do so this time around.” Uilles argued hearing the exasperated gasp of indignation coming from Ravros.
“We have your backs against the wall. Look around you Venray! Look at how well your people can die!” He said taking the sword and pointing in a wide arch around them. “How many more of your knights and mages must we slay? How many have to die before you bend the knee and admit your defeat? Are you that proud, is your pride of that much worth to you?”
He pointed to the many that lay slain, the lifeless eyes staring back at them. Stained by debris and blood marking them amongst the lost. Those were still somewhat recognizable at all. Unlike the poor sods that had met their horrible ends by magic, they were simply too ghastly to gaze at for too long.
Charred, burned skin and fingers contorted in terrifying ways. Purple or blue pale skin with the veins as clearly visible and mouths agape in the endless scream that remained forever stuck in their throats. Then there were the incomplete ones…gods…those poor bastards.
Vaimese and Belisians lay amongst one another forever silent, their lives cut short as they would never return home to their loved ones.
Never give birth to new generations or creations of their make. Their lights snuffed out before they truly had time to burn.
“How many of these lives could have been saved? How many died for a cause not of their own making? For an offence they never committed? All because of duty.”
“They died for King and Country.”
“They more than likely died because they were ordered to go into battle, for the good of Belisio and all that.” He snorted. “And unlike you and me, they had no idea what they were in for...sad really…and all for some outdated fool wearing a crown and the bitch sits by his side.”
Uilles glared at Ravros now.
“Finally, there it is…a sliver of malice and hate towards me. I was half expecting you to stay indifferent until I lopped your silver haired head off.”
“IF you want to kill me than do it already, instead of monologing like some pedantic villain from a bed time story.” Uilles barked in annoyance.”
Ravros moved his sword back as he motioned with his other hand.
“All in good time my dear Venray…I still have something to show you.” He turned to face the bridge for a moment, making sure they watched as he brought his hand up next to his head, holding his fist closed.
Uilles tried to stand during this moment and attempt to grab a weapon that lay close by, but it was kicked away by Ravros’s speedy return to attending his captive.
“Tut, tut, Venray, a little patience…your time to die will come. First I want to you bear witness to the greatness of our Empire and…your defeat.” He said as the guns on the ship suddenly turned and their turrets turned skywards and away from the battle lines. Several other frigates did so as well and Uilles realized this had been preplanned all along.
“What do you hope to gain from this?” He asked as his eyes followed the path the bullets would take, before horror filled his eyes.
“Blow it from the skies!” Ravros laughed as he brought his arm forward, stretched out towards the Castle of Olysium. “Fire!”
The roaring of the cannons seemed louder than anything else to Uilles as he watched the impact the shells made and the destruction it caused.
One of the towers was cut in two instantly, with the heavier top tumbling down to the poorer sections of the city below. The high walls and great Fort blasted at so many times that only crumbling pieces remained as the rest too was launched, raining debris at the city below.
The royal tower remained standing the longest, before an exploding charge was send at it forcing it to collapse on itself. Huge chunks that had fallen down had cleared a path, turning half of the lower lying area into nothing more but dust and rubble. The screams and cries that echoed through the streets of the city even reached them there on the battlefield and Uilles felt tears sting in his eyes as he watched the destruction wrought by the frigates.
Ravros smiled pushing Uilles’s chin up with his sword to face him.
“Do you understand now that there can be no victory? What is there left to protect? The time of your precious little knights are over…your little king and queen are gone…stop fighting the inevitable.”
Uilles squared his back and glared at him.
“I’d rather swallow pigshit! You will pay for this Ravros…maybe not by my hands, but if the Gods are merciful it will be by a Belisian!” He snapped making Ravros smile.
“Always the obstinate…fine have it your way!” He said as he took his stance again and raised his sword once more to end it all.
I am intrigued though if you don't mind I'll read up first, so I can determine what kind of character I'd like to offer up in order to fit the group provided you're still looking for people.
1) In Belisio and those who suffered under the Empire of Vaim yes, to them he was a hero. After all he helped defeat the Sk.

2) Not that I can recall, I always intended him to come from Revendahl, making him a refuge that joined Belisio and the others against the Empire when his own home was destroyed. I believe I brought his name up when Eilis compared you to him. Her mentioning the tales of Ferezanthe, which she studies little bookworm that she is has read.

3) Yes, your answer lies in Eilis's weird visions (but yes)

4) Well a lot can happen, I only work with two type of connections, the SK was rather liked in the Empire (the brother you know next to nothing off) I will give you these answers though:
IT could be possible for both of them, though rather unlikely for the brother since he died in his teens (16)
Tyrhallan cleared a path with such terrifying ease that the Vaimese soldiers barely had time to cry out.
Fatebringer gleamed and sang a song of blood.
He rarely sidestepped, in order to at least offer some cover for Alexa and Tobias who he knew were close behind him. His limited movement however did not make his dance any less lethal.
He moved with such fluidity and speed that he almost seemed he disappeared only to reappear up close, becoming a white and red blur.
He deflected blow and bullet, showing his skill and mastery of not only his reflexes and ki, but of his swordsmanship as well. Either pushing the offensive weapon aside or making sure the enemy didn’t get a chance to fire.
When the braver of the Vaimese attempted to charge him, Tyrhallan’s eyes barely changed offering them a cold predatory, one that promised only pain and a gasping end as his sword buried itself deeply in their chest or throat.
A higher ranking officer rushed in, hoping to catch Tyrhallan off guard.
Tyrhallan blocked him as he pulled Fatebringer out of its latest victim, smoothly pressing on, pushing the officer back as he quickened the pace of his attacks. The terror quickly displaced the anger on the officer’s face as he started to realize how outmatched he truly was, barely keeping up with Tyrhallan before his sword was knocked to the side leaving him open and the instantaneous pain followed as he received a pommel to his face, dazing him and thereby only seeing a shaky blur stab upwards.
A boot to the chest kicked him to the ground, death cold fingers embracing him as he lay in an ever growing pool of his own blood. His body still struggling, convulsing as fingers grasped desperately at the fading light as the light in his eyes dimmed slowly.
Tyrhallan however had moved on, mowing down several others like him securing the stairway on the outside of the frigate leading to the bridge.
After he had made it to the stairs he ordered Alexa to go up and allowed himself to cast a look back behind him.
The deck was littered with bodies, but his eyes were merely looking for movement and potential danger. When it seemed clear he told Tobias to keep their path of escape free as he dashed up the steps catching up with Alexa and telling her to set the mine against the glass and activate it.
In front of his eyes he watched her place it against the glass timer facing towards them, stepping back.
Panicked shouts sounded from inside as Tyrhallan pressed the switch for activation before he grabbed her and threw himself off the platform.
These things had a short fuse and a wide field of destruction, it was why they were officially banned and deemed to dangerous to be used.
He activated the boosters in his armour so he would not break their legs as they descended down to the deck again.
“To the edge!” Tyrhallan ordered as he urged Tobias onward.
Mere seconds later a huge explosion shook the ship and the metal screamed out as it was torn to shreds. The ship after that started to slant rigorously as those on deck grabbed a hold of something to remain on it as the metal beast lurched and ran straight into one of the other frigates that was in the battle formation.
“Hold on tightly!” Tyrhallan said looping his arms around the mage and fellow knight before leaping off the ship before his jetpack and boosters fired up again, making them soar for a short moment, before he made his way to another ship.
“If transfering your to me was the only way to save Eilis. I would gladly do it. Even now, I would bear the marks. I would be your vessel if I could to free her of this fate.” He lifted his brand to have a better look. “I will call upon you. Of that have no doubt. However, for now, I ask that you recede. As it stands, Eilis has endured your presence far too long.”
He turned towards the sleeping form of the young lass. He took a few steps and then could not help but stop and turn around. This time his face was confused and questioning. “Who are you?” His question was loaded with a yearning to know.

The figure regarded him sharply, calculating, wondering how far Arn would be willing to go.
"Things are not so easily done I'm afraid, you currently lack the needed the tools for it, the proper incantations and ofcourse our little kitten here will have to relinquish me.
Soulbinding is a rather painful experience, you cannot quit the process half way through, since the transference has to be completed in order for both to live. The disjoining has never been attempted as far as I know. There is no guarantee she will live or at least no promise that I could comfort you with." The voice continued, before it continued to watch him with some amusement as the mage barely could keep away from her, before eventually the expected question came.
The figure spread his arms wide, in a show of 'I have nothing to hide'.
"I am a Revendahli mage, once one of the most promising Firemages in all of Sensaridh, possibly even Ith." He made a flourish and bowed.
"My name is Tourmaline, Master of Flint and Flame, Keeper of the Sacred Mysteries and Terror of the Empire."
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