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Inspired by the gnarly old tales of the past, think 'the real Grimm fairytales' and myths about not such nice Faeries, I wanted to do a more horrorthemed type of story.
What do I mean with this?
Well simple in this world, beyond the other side of the Veil we Humans aren't exactly held in such high regard.
Either we're tasty morsels or foolish mortals. This is not a world that will welcome you...and if it does be highly suspicious of the matter.
This world doesn't really care whether you live or die.
But you should care.
This is a world where magic and all those that couldn't belong in our 'cold mechanical world' retreated to.
A place of fantasy and mystery.
A place of Baba Yaga, The Fomoire and Dragons.
A place where the Fates hold the string of your life in their hands contemplating what to do with you.

What do I expect? What should you know?

As for now I want to see who is interested before I put too much time and effort into building a world that people won't be willing to play in. Whilst I have a storyline and way forward in mind I do not mind people's input. If you want to help shape and build this world with me be my guest, it as much an adventure meant to tickle your creativity as it is mine.

That being said I'm not particularly keen on two particular creatures which have become rather dominant and popular in myth/legend these days those being vampires and werewolves.
I am NOT planning on adding sparkly handsome vampires and rugged werewolves to this world, sorry.

There will be plenty shapeshifters and fun other characters, provided people are interested in this.

At first you'll play a simple human character, you getting dropped into a world, out of your comfortzone type of deal.
Later on whether through decisions of your own and in agreement with me you might develop into something more or else...
This will be discussed with me in pm to keep a level of secrecy to the other players, so that sudden reveals are truly 'reveals'.

With all that said, who is interested?
@TheMerlinI know this is a bit sudden, but how do you guys feel about making new characters to participate in the battle at Presper?

I'm not sure whether your intentions are to replay the battle through different eyes or whether to see and play through the other defense and attack upon the Hearthguard. Can you explain a bit further?

I have no problems making new characters especially if it helps you with your writersblock.

Also posted, giving you @Omni5876 an inkling in what may follow...
“My apologies Knight Captain. You are correct. We should be resting. This is Miss Eilis, a refugee.”
Tyrhallan merely gave him a penetrating calculated look, showing the man knew better, but for the time did not call the mage out on it.
He watched how the mage continued in an even and professional tone.
“A doctor that came in to check on us earlier did mention he had berated you regarding my condition and those of others who participated in the mission. My apologies for taking that. A leader’s burden of command is never limited to just the events of the mission.” He bowed his giving his apologies.
Tyrhallan shook his head and raised his hand.
"None are necessary or required, in truth I let you all down. I am the one who should offer apologies for ordering you to go in with me. But you won't have to worry about seeing action immediately. You can focus on your recuperation and rest." The Knight Captain said as he straightened his back.
He watched how Arn fussed over the young woman.
She looked like something that had gotten lost and found, her expressions vivid and her eyes searching without seeing.
Arn turned to Eilis and spoke to her softly. “Miss. Eilis, this is Knight Captain Tyrhallan. It was he who led the assault to save the refugees from the Veimese frigates. Please sit, you have to rest” His hands gently pushed her back into the bed.
He turned to Tyrhallan. “She is unable to see clearly right now” he offered as explanation if the Knight Captain would wonder why she did not seem to be able to focus on his position.
"We are at your service young lady, though I doubt we could surpass the attention and help you are already receiving from Sir Arn."
Tyrhallan spoke with a clear tone of voice, one without pretense or underlying meaning. He did however wonder if what Firenze told him was the truth, whether her being here was a blessing or a curse. He would need to do quite some research into the matter and he would have to have a conversation with the female mage that had delivered her to them.
But for now the young woman in front of him should be allowed her rest and her peace of mind.
But if it was really her...then she might just be responsible for saving all their lives. Whether or not determined by fate, that thought that their meager victory had been given to them only because she chose to act was terrifying in and of itself. He was pulled from his thoughts by Arn's question.

“Is Knight Dalmer alright? We got separated when you saved me from my aerial drop.”
"There are many things that may happen in this world Sir Arn, but Dalmer dying isn't one of them. As one of my men once said, "The Spider has a deal with Death, that's why it always passes him by..." The Knight Captain said as he stepped aside, revealing the other Knight.
He allowed him to step further into the room, watching him address and report to him giving him a lazy salute.
"Apologies sir, meant to report in earlier but Sarban decided to casevac me first. Wouldn't give me a say in the matter, the asshole."
Tyrhallan saluted back, before he crossed his arms in front of his chest.
"Sarban was right. Your health is more important to me Dalmer, I ordered you not to die didn't I?" He spoke calmly before the serious follow up question, tore the light from the KnightCaptain's eyes.
"Also heard about what happened to Itzal. Is it true then, did he really lose in a fight?"
He squared his jaw as his posture loosened, his arms untangling themselves again and returning to the sides of his body, hands tightened to fists. He was silent for a moment before a deep and weighed intake of breath followed.
"Itzal died because of my negligence and poor judgement..." There was clear pain and sadness heard in Tyrhallan's voice. His expression was something akin to an ashengrey and a mortified white if one would have to describe it.
"I was given time, paid for by Abene's life and all because I was unable to kill their Captain." He said as he started to explain to them what had happened and his dealings with the Vaimese Raider Captain Aurelia. When he finished his eyes flitted to each of them in the room.
"My actions might not have born fruit at all..." He said before he allowed his eyes to rest on Eilis, leaving it at that.
"Of course for my arrogance I will have to pay a price, my failures as a Knight Captain have not gone unnoticed either. I already reported to high command. Let's just say their reaction did not come as a surprise."
"For my failure to stop the invasion, the Vanguard is to report to the Rear, as reserves. And more than likely you will soon be greeting a new Knight Captain, so you will no longer have to bow or listen to me."
He ended knowing how easily they could demote him aswell.
He smiled wryly because of that. "So that should come as a relief to you Dalmer. One less Captain to annoy you." He added jokingly, as if to see some merit into it all. He always prided himself on being responsible of trying to get his men in there quick and out alive. His short sightedness cost them, he should have realized it was a distraction, he should have seen through their schemes.
He sighed.
"I asked this of my men earlier, but I also will ask it of you. I will inform the families myself, I dragged them into this mess, so naturally I should be the one to bring them the sad news. I would be grateful if you would remain silent or ignorant about the deaths we have suffered."
Oh he knew the Itzals would be distraught...still best it came from him.

Somewhere else a veiled woman dressed in dark robes stepped onto a large round plateau.
The smooth carved out marble bore deep-cut inscriptions all along the border. These were old, some indicating script and figure.
A deeper set of lines formed serveral circles set within an almost planetary pattern, whilst straight lines were connected and came together at the centre. As she walked up to its centre she stopped in front of the smallest circle. This circle had a simple small hole in its centre.
With a simple gesture of a raised arm and glance backwards, a small figure clad in simple jute robes hurried forwards, carrying a strange looking staff.
The woman ceremoniously took it and held it aloft above the hole before she placed it in, allowing it to click in place.
An annoyed sigh followed from the sides.
"Can't you hurry this up Darling? This is boring..." Another woman spoke in annoyance more occupied with her nails and rings than with the procedure. This woman seemed to not belong amongst this company. Her robes were deep and richly coloured seeming oddly out of place.
A simple glance off to the side, barely showing the smallest hint of disapproval was enough to silence the other woman however.
She in turn raised her hands up in a defeated gestured.
"Fine...but this better work."
They both turned to peasant woman who was brought forward and held by two guards.
"Bring her here." The veiled woman said her voice void from emotion or intent.
As the guards dragged her up, the veiled woman watched the peasant with a strange calculated disinterest.
She dismissed the guards as she watched the woman cower before her. It was a trait many a peasant had.
"Do you know who we are? Do you know why you are here?" The two questions were softly spoken, but by a voice that resembled winter's chill.
The peasant shook her head hardly daring to look up as she let out a frightened squeak.
"I am loyal to the Empire...You you are of the Tahjai are you not?" Her frame shivering as the veiled woman took hold of her chin, gentle raising it up to meet her cold eyes.
A soft chuckle followed from the richly dressed woman off to the side, but the veiled woman ignored her as she focussed on the woman in front of her.
"Your daughter..." She answered. "She is lost to us and only you can help us...find her."
"My Eilis?" The woman asked with wide terrified eyes, that now turned a shade warmer with worry for her child.
"What must I do?" She asked as she swallowed, clearly wanting to help her daughter.
"Just...stand still. It will only take a moment." The veiled woman said as her other hand moved.
The poor peasant woman only saw the cold sharp glint of a dagger before her body fell upon the marble floor. Her life and blood drained from her filling the grooves of within the stone, following its lines.
As a final act a crystal was dipped in one of the deeper grooves, allowing it to be covered in blood, before placed again within the staff.
"Now, Heavens obey our command. Bound by Blood and Oath and Tithe show us now where 'She' hides."
The sky darkened as if light itself was drawn out and sucked up by the crystal.
For moment it seemed all for naught, but suddenly a pale stream of blue light burst from it.
It raced through the sky, turning the staff slightly in as it followed the horizon, indicating a direction.
It pointed accross the Sky seas, towards Belisio.
"There you are little rabbit." Spoke the veiled woman as the other one smiled maliciously.
Enjoy it while it lasts...Let's just say only time will tell if you continue to like it.

Trouble will linger on the horizon.
“Miss Eilis. I cannot make that promise.” He took a slow calculated breath. “However, I promise you this at the risk of my soul. Should any, Belisian or Viemese, ever dare to bring harm to you in any way, that will be their last. I promise you will never be taken or made to do something you do not wish. Your life is much too precious to end it in such a manner. However, the lives of any who would dare to bring such pain to you deserve to be extinguished.”

She heard his words immediately felt the change in him.
She felt the heat rise up through his skin it growing from comforting warm to unbearably hot. Still she remained silent as she kept holding his hand looking towards him with worry knowing the anger and resentment all too well. But she also knew that such things would ultimately break you if you did not let them out once in a while.
As Arn apologized for the possible discomfort he might have brought her, she couldn't help but wonder why he cared so much for a measly foolish scarecrow like her. To pull him from his negativity she laughed, probably confusing him even more.
"I can feel your anger Arn, it is running through your skin. Seeking a way out. You should let it pass, after all you don't want to burst." She cast a warm smile towards him again as her eyes filled with emotion and memory.
"What has past is past. You may wish to wind back the clock but cannot change what has occurred after all. There are prices paid, changes made and lifes forged from them. Don't blame the decisions and actions of yourself or those that feed their own innerwolves too much." Her hand that still held his loosened her grip a bit so her thumb could stroke over his fingers.
"Getting mad at it serves no purpose. It feeds the other half of you. Chaos, Pride, Loathing and Anger. Don't feed that wolf. For it in turn will eventually consume you." She stirred from her position, throwing her legs over the side of the bed so she could turn to him completely as her legs not quite reached the floor.
Sitting accross from him she steadied herself for a moment before her hands moved up, reaching out to 'feel' him. She followed the hand up over the arm to his shoulder before finding his face.
Gently her fingers moved over cheek and brow, following the contour of his face till she reached his lips and jawline.
"Listen to me Arn and listen well." She uttered softly.
"We are all shaped by our own experiences, whether good or bad they are Life's lessons for us even if they are terrible ones to learn. Whilst I don't know what kind of past has shaped you, let me tell you what I can see from our conversation..." She said before she silenced him by placing a couple of gentle fingers on his mouth.
"You burn brightly in my mind, you're a good man aiding me and offering your protection without even considering the fact that I am an enemy. I don't know what grace was given me when they made you cross my path, but I am grateful for it nevertheless." She pulled her hand back after she said this before she closed her eyes.
"It is something from a storybook. You're my fairytale knight, swearing your fealty to me without a thought to yourself..." She opened her eyes slightly disappointed she still couldn't see what he looked like.
"But if you are so keen on doing that, then I order you to value yourself." She spoke with a certain resolution as she moved from the bed completely, trying to stand on her own two feet, whilst holding onto Arn. She wobbled a bit unstable, looking down out of habit, rather than actually seeing what she was doing.
She held onto him more tightly as she stabilized before she gave him a wide smile.
"Well it's a start..."

"You seem familiar." A curious voice spoke up coming from the opposite side of the hallway, as Tyrhallan approached Toby and closed the distance to the door, observing the young man.
He tried to place him. "You know Sir Arn..." He said as he nodded towards the piece of armour Toby was holding in his hands. He recognised it as the Mage's armour. With a silent nod of his head towards the door he followed up with his question.
"How are they?" He asked peering in through the window and observed the unusual sight.
Taken aback for a second a misschievous glint appeared in his eyes and with a wink he brushed past Toby.
"I believe the two of you should be in your own beds, resting." He scolded as he opened the door as smirk was plastered on his face.
"Though it is good to see you both awake and in good spirits. It almost makes the scolding I took from the doctor feel worth it." He teased as he remained near the doorway, not wanting to force his way in and frighten the girl further. As he noticed the young lady almost instantaneously jumped into the safety of the mage's arms.
“Miss Eilis. I am not sure if you were aware but for a second just now, I saw a memory of yours.” He said his words slowly, with clear hesitation.

The look Eilis gave him spoke of the clear distress and terror in it. It was quite certain from the look on her face that she had not intended the action. Though her hands trembled slightly, a silent indicator of her fear and worry. She allowed Arn to continue, not sure what she should say anymore. She quite trusted Arn, but to have an unintentional mindmelt was something else entirely. She tried to calm her panicking mind as she listened on.

“From what you have told me, and what I have seen and heard. Your affinity for magic is quite strong. I don’t believe the Viemese were targeting the refugee vessels by chance. If I was them, and a person as valuable as you was trying to flee to my enemy’s hands, I would be concerned” he sighed and instinctively place another hand on hers comforting and protectively. “I fear that Belisio may act rashly in having such an asset be found in their midst.” He gave her hand a pat.

“We must not reveal your true identity to many. Though I fear we may not have much success seeing as you single handedly saved a whole ship of refugees but we should try to keep your abilities as secret as possible.”

She swallowed and nodded.
"Arn, I am grateful for your aid and counsel." Her voice turned colder, more resolute almost spiteful as she continued. "But you're wrong, I am a nobody and I doubt I would be of much use to anyone. I am no fighter and I certainly am not fit to be a battle mage. I will not be a weapon." There was no anger directed towards Arn as she said this, but the bitterness in the way she spoke these words it was almost as if she did so to convince her own mind and heart of it.
"As far as I am concerned I would be happy being simply Eilis the refugee. You needn't even mention I'm a mage. I don't want any 'special treatment', for there is always a price you have to pay for it. And I am not quite sure I am willing to pay that price." She said before she squeezed into Arn's hand.
"But promise me something Arn..." She asked as she softly continued.
"Should 'certain people' ever come for me...Don't let them take me back. Kill me." She demanded with a clear calm in her voice. Almost as if this particular thought did not frighten her at all.
"Better that it be you than them. But kill me, I promise I won't even struggle." She vowed looking into the direction of where his voice came from.
"I'd rather die then go back. Death would be a mercy in comparison." She told him.
Well, thinking logically for a moment this is a world with magic.
So it wouldn't be completely uncommon, however I don't believe everyone should just be able to simply do magic.
I would consider the magic in this world 'sleeping'.
Like its all around you, except only a select group of people is awake enough to interact with it. With Ki users it being the same thing.
I believe we already established that we are essentially a conduit for the magic. Like the pipe holding the water as it is passed through us and directed by us. We have a tap added to that, we can open or close the flow of magic.

Now your Shooting Stars idea still is possible if we take in account how certain groups fight.
Also Belisio might not really have focussed on that since they have their Knights and in an attempt to set themselves apart from Vaim they chose to focus on that. Forcing the mages to more or less 'earn' their place.

We know Vaim is loosely comparable with the Roman Empire and Belisio is your typical Medieval Kingdom (A monarchy certainly since it has a king) we also know that Belisio is when compared to others after Vaim the second largest player and from what I understood from TheMerlin Belisio has more natural rescources, such as precious water.
This world was quite literally a Mad Max sort of place according to @TheMerlin.

As for 'Healing Magic', again with us acting as conduits Healing magic in itself wouldn't exist.
What it would be is either transferring life force or to go the complete opposite and let it be more something like speeding up the body's own cell growth and thus (basically stopping the bleeding of wounds, stitching the skin back together) ofcourse in case of broken bones they might just put you to sleep and set your bones before superglueing them together and walking around with a cast to make sure the dumbass can't manage to break it again before its healed completely.

As for Vaim's society structure well as @TheMerlin had the idea to have resemble the Roman Empire I just went with that.
Rome had a layered society too:

With Eilis the case is eventhough she was born a mage and mages are more respected by the Vaimese Empire there is still such a thing as class and usefulness separating it all.
First Eilis was born to Farmers > Plebs and worse her father was not Vaimese. Resulting in them being poorer than most, it is a duty to serve the Empire and report mages to the Empire.
Thus Eilis's parents upon discovery that Eilis had powers reported her and people came to check up on the claim and take her away.
The family were 'paid' for their services to the Empire and believed Eilis would be able to make a name and a better future for herself.

Upon entering the Coven Eilis starts off as an initiate, meaning she doesn't get the full approval of the Empire yet, her skills has to be honed and she has to be useful to them.
Whilst she is reported and thus documented; meaning even if she ever attempted to run away or hide the Empire can track her down they leave her be for most of her 'school days' for her education. That is until the rite of passage and adulthood arrives.
Mages that pass that 'rite/exam' more or less are allowed to follow their own path in the Empire.
However the Coven of Eilis steers their students away from this, because the Coven has motives of it own.
As mentioned The Empire also has influential nobles, wealthy powerful people who might offer their patronage for the right price.
Eilis and the other students are told that to be granted a patronage is the highest she in her position could possibly rise at first.
Since the students themselves loose touch with one another when passing the rite.
Several options would be open for them:
They could aquire a patronage and join a noble house as a sort of semi-slave a bought employee who's completely dependant on their patron's good will. They would be allowed to study at the Arcane Academy or so the tale is told to them.

They would be allowed to go into the world, but they would have no support system, nothing to help them get started except turn to the Empire's officials as mages and potential soldiers.
Sell their Magic to anyone that would buy it from them, but again unless you have a plan you'll be more likely to join the pits.

Or go even lower than that and sell yourself off into slavery.

With Eilis turning Refugee she basically is similar to a runaway slave.

(@TheMerlin if this isn't what you had in mind, my apologies then for misunderstanding.)
“Miss Eilis, you must have read extensively. It would be my most profund delight to exchange ideas and theories. You are indeed a mystery.”
"Well even if you're a cog in the great machine of the Empire, you have to know enough to do what you're supposed to do." Eilis replied with a shrug of the shoulders. It was clear with the way she spoke the sentence that the thought had been forced upon exhaustion. A line repeated over and over until either acceptance or submission to it followed.
"I'm sorry, it's just...I don't know how things are done in Belisio, but in Vaim your birth determines your rank in society. It is layered you see, people rise and fall but never beyond their station. I am a farmer's daughter, a peasant. Eventhough I was 'blessed' with magic I am still lowborn. Mages must be reported to the Empire, when my powers showed themselves my parents reported me as good citizens should. They offered me up to the Empire to feed themselves. Also my powers and potential future as a mage for the Empire would promise them a future, a life beyond starving." She smiled wryly as she guessed his followup question.
"You're thinking of how it can be possible that farmers starve?" She spoke aloud, voicing Arn's potential questions.
"Eventhough my parents were farmers their precious land belonged to a rich landowner who simply lived off the taxes and rents. My parents paid their rent by giving up most of their crops in payment leaving barely enough for themselves and for next years harvest." She sighed that time practically faded from her memory.
"Still it was enough, a life of simple happiness." The expression on her face fell as her voice continued in sadness.
"I can't even remember what they looked like...all I remember as shapes and the vague fleeting moments of memory. Like your hands. When the officials came to 'collect' me they promised me a new life, a life of learning and knowledge. They more or less ordered me to forget my parents as it belonged to the past and considering I was nothing except a mouth to feed they were better off without me." She sighed.
"The Coven was a place of study and refuge. A place of learning, we were taught all sorts of knowledge and magical handling. It was a family in its own way. Each year men of noble birth and standing would come and 'select' their particular favourite. Having a patron would mean the possibility to study at the great Arcane Academy for services rendered." She swallowed.
"The year Varania was selected we all believed she had gotten a fairytale's ending. A life of eternal happiness. I would soon learn of what they had done to her...let's just say that fleeing from reality was the better option." She ended honestly explaining enough to make Arn understand that she had paid a high price for her knowledge.
"You're a spoke in the wheel of the Great Empire! You will serve her with your body and mind!" Frustration and anger furrowed her brow.
"I refuse to die for rich bastards who simply crush those lesser than them beneath their boot." She took hold of Arn's hand again, this time the connection allowed a small glimpse into Eilis's mind.
It was a fraction or a couple of seconds, stalled by time and perhaps slowed due to the connection.

A couple of figures clad similarly, rich supple dark fabric with a velvet sheen about it, with the taller figure grasping a young woman by the wrist holding it up and staring intently at her hand.
Terror could be seen in her eyes as fear was emanating from her, her lips pleading, begging for mercy. Before a loud snap sounded and a bloodcurdling scream followed, with one of the fingers bend awkwardly backwards before the images ended.

Eilis snapped from her thoughts and quickly returned to Arn's request.
"Sorry, I grew too distracted by my own musings. But I would be happy to talk with you about magic and whatever questions or theories you might have." She promised as she settled down a bit again. "My time is completely yours as I don't have any idea as to what I would do when I reached Belisio. I hadn't actually planned that far ahead. I didn't really expect I would get that far."
I think you mistake my meaning. By taken away I don't mean the quirks, I mean the people are hauled off to the tower, as I suggested we play these people hardly knowing why we're taken in the first place.
Well if you wanted to widen the pool they at times 'take some' of the Discardables. Considering the elite never really cares much for the lives of those who are not of their concern.
Think Roman if you will with slavery. People could be captured or even sold into slavery.
Well I'd suggest alternate dimension, we keep it confined to the Tower whilst we try to figure out (who we are, what we're there for).

We're the Discardables, the unwanted of society. Those few that show a potential Quirk are taken immediately to the Tower...Becoming Potentials.
Meaning they might be of use regarding the safekeeping of the city or the protecting and or powering of the fence.
Society on the outside of the Tower is a world of energy and electricity.

The world has had a cataclysm event of sorts, how it exactly happened no one knows, but people fucked up and disturbed or released something they should have left alone.
Those that survived the cataclysm live inside 'safe cities' protected by a large electric/magnetic fence that keep the elements and potential other dangers out. This fence acts like a dome over the cities.
The city's themselves are a mix of remnants of the past married with high tech skyscrapers.
(Think of a world where the sun's light can't penetrate the storms or the fence, simply lighting up the sky in weird flashes and changes of colour like a dimmed moodlamp)
Due to the conditions being what they are Cities usually have a large watersource nearby or they are build on top of underground watersources.
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