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Current "Doing your best" does not mean working yourself to the point of a mental breakdown. Its no longer your best at that point.
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The word homeowner has the word "meow" in it. Good luck pronouncing it correctly ever again. You're welcome ^.^
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When everything seems wrong...something goes right, and it changes darkness into light, and makes the shadows a little less daunting.
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People cry, not because they are weak. It's because they've been strong for too long
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the bad thing about being bullied is that every time it happens it steals a little piece of who you are if it happens enough little by little you become a little less of who you were meant to be.


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Sasha Shin

Sasha sighed softly, watching Ferrin and Amaya and listened to their conversation. ”There are no bad magics… its the way people use them that make them bad.” She said softly, before she drew a deep breath. ”Lets go.” There was no point in lingering, on dragging this out any longer than it had to be. The island would either let them on or it wouldn’t. She paused a moment, looking down at one of the ships boats before she started down the provided ladder.

She stared at the island, wanting to soothe the tormented magic and the torrent of bad feelings she was getting from it. Lazarus joined her, and she knew that he would not leave her side unless it was dire. She didn’t mind. She anticipated being in the thick of things, in any case. Which is where he would wish to be.

She looked back up at the ship, raising a brow. ”Well, come on.”


Penny sighed heavily as she watched the small, angry little creature. She had no idea what she could do for the fiery exceed. She knew the exceed couldn’t really hurt her, but she’d rather not risk it. ”You’re going to get yourself hurt.” She said, ”I give respect where respect is earned, and not where someone demands it. If you have to demand it, you don’t deserve it.” She shook her head, contemplating what to do.

The angry little beast appeared to be trying to get the other exceed to do its dirty work. Reaching up to rub at her temples, Penny muttered under her breath. As jasmine stepped out in front of her, Penny reached out to stop her, not wanting her to get hurt. More annoyed than anything else, Penny hurried went through her options. Light the cats up? Kick their butts? Or put them to sleep? She wasn’t entirely too sure she could do that, without putting Jasmine to sleep. She mused on that a moment, before she decided that she had to risk it. She could always rouse Jasmine if she put her to sleep.

She brought to mind the song that she needed, reaching out to Jasmine to bring her closer before she allowed the song to start. The song was soft, calming and quite clearly designed to be a lullaby. It was beautiful and warm, and Penny kept it up, watching the exceeds with wariness.
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As Ferrin approached, Sasha frowned over his words. She looked away, looking over to the island once more. ”The island will be there still. It always will be.” she said softly, looking back to Ferrin, Amaya and the exceed. She still wasn’t so sure about Ferrin… he seemed quite odd, but then again, they all did. She was sure she hadn’t made decisions that would be considered sane the last few months. So, who was she to judge? ”Good Morning. I think that it will be a fine one… until we get to the island, then that is.” She said, shrugging. What was going to happen on the island, was anyone’s guess, but Sasha didn’t think that it would be good.

At Amaya’s and Cecilia’s conversation, Sasha frowned, looking back to Ferrin closely. What was it that he expected to find on the island? She contemplated that for a moment or two, before deciding that that was his business. If he wished to tell them, then that had to be his decision. There was no need to poke or prod. Still, she watched silently, her curiosity burning.

She could feel the island behind her, in a way she never thought it could. It was like it was reaching out, seeking help or perhaps seeking a way of keeping the dangers on its back from spreading throughout the world. Whatever it was, Sasha yearned to help it. .

Penny watched the flying fish, eyeing them, knowing full well the beasts were dangerous. Whether or not they would turn aggressive was another thing, but Penny decided being on guard was better then being sliced to death. Nor did she wish Jasmine to be. She would endeavour to ensure that Jasmine escaped injury free. These creatures… something was angering them. Or maybe this was just a particularly aggressive breed. Or perhaps the fish had just grown tired of humans and decided to retaliate.

”There are, but don’t worry. We can deal with them.” she said, trying to be reassuring to Jasmine, looking to her and giving her a smile. ”If they give us any trouble, you can capture them in water… or I can roast them with fire. But I’m hoping we can do this without hurting them.” She said, looking back towards the fish, frowning as she saw something coming towards them. "I don't know... " she said, stepping towards Jasmine and infront of her.

”They’re exceeds… “ Penny said softly, wondering if she should tell Jasmine that they were often companions to Dragon slayers. She didn’t get the time however as the little flying cat stopped above them. "I assure you, Exceed, we arrived here as fast as we could. As for getting down on my knees, I don't think I will, thank you very much." She said in a mild tone, refusing to be cowed even as the small creature exploded in apparent anger. She met the small, angry cats gaze, her own rather neutral.

”We have a job to do, if you’d like to be civilised.”

Ignatius sighed, following after Rajah. “Rajah, damn it!”
Penny nodded, studying Jasmine a moment or two, ”Its okay to be afraid, Jasmine.” she said softly, ”Its when you let that fear control you, that’s when it becomes a problem. I have lived in fear, most of my life before I found my magic was lived in fear” she seemed to trail off a moment, frowning slightly. Curse him. Why had he put those thoughts in her head? She wasn’t afraid. Not for herself, at least. For those around her. Killing Solias… it had show her just how deadly she could be. She wasn’t afraid… going to that island would be a mistake, she knew it. She certainly didn’t like doubting herself. Everything she had done… it still stuck with her and she didn’t know how to deal with it, even now. The thought of going to that island… it wasn’t something she believed she was capable off.

She could be more help here, dealing with the flying fish, then on the island where she’d be a risk to everyone around her. At least here she was of some use to the guild. She sighed softly, ”Jasmine… you are here and that’s a big step. And I’ll be by your side, every step of the way, okay? You won’t be alone.” She gave the girl a reassuring smile, before nodding in the direction that they needed to go. ”Come on.” she said, offering her hand to the girl, before she started off in the direction she had seen the flying fish.

It didn’t take long to find them, a short walk out of the town. She could see them from a far distance, flying specks that dotted the horizon. ”See? just there” She said, pointing them out.

”This is food that can eat you, Rajah! Gods, they’re almost as big as you!” Ignatius said, turning to his pack and rustling through it. ”It isn’t edible! The skin is too tough and chances are they’ll take a bite out of you, as well!”. He took out some food from his pack, turning to her. ”Now here, eat.” she said, handing it off to her, deciding not to worry about how little they had left. She just ate so much, for such a little thing… but he always found food for them, in the end.

Frowning slightly, he looked around, ”Quiet… people approach.” he said softly, his gaze moving towards the two figures coming towards them. He doubted that Rajah would listen to him, and so he reached out towards her, to take ahold of her arm.

Sasha looked over as Amaya approached, with Cecilla. She hesitated at the question. ”I’m not sure that that will be a good idea. I think we ought to stick together… I don’t like the feel of the place.” she said, ”It’s not about security… someone with Fairy Tail blood needs to be on the island first.” she said, glancing around, frowning slightly. ”I want to make sure everyone is safe, first.”

Sam gladly took the floor, clutching it gently to her chest.She seemed to intently stare at the new comer, keeping her stance by Rose and looking up at the man. Tilting her head, she said softly ”hello”

Expecting the embrace and nuzzle, Michael endured both, seeming to hesitate a moment before returning the hug. "Y-yes... It's b-b-been a while s-since we've t-t-talked. I m-miss s-s-seeing him everyday." Michael said softly, looking up at Prince, sure that he was blushing enough to put a tomato to shame.
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Jarvis shook his head, moving over to Amelia as she came up on deck. ”No… We’ve just gone as far as we can on the ship. The destruction on the island is bad- and the Captain doesn’t want to risk hitting anything under the water.” Jarvis explained, studying her a moment as if trying to figure out if she was okay or not. ”How are you feeling?” he asked, concerned.

Sam watched Ryu with a rather serious expression as if trying to figure out how he was doing what he was doing. She did giggle as he made the flowers appear, leaning closer and turning her gaze around his hands, as if looking for the trick. ”Magic? Or trick?” she asked curiously, reaching out for one of the flowers before she hesitated, looking up at Ryu. ”Can I?” She turned at the sound of a new voice, hesitating before she squared her shoulders, bringing her little frame up to its full height, trying to go for an intimidating sight, but that just failed and looked adorable.

She marched over to Rose, reaching out to take her hand and giving the younger girl a smile, ”Its okay… we’re together.’

Waiting patiently as Jasmine made her decision, Penny kept her senses heightened, in case the flying, deadly fish would appear. It seemed likely that it would happen at any moment… she wouldn’t be taken by surprise. Patient as Jasmine went through the options, Penny tried not to let her thoughts drift into areas she didn’t want to think on then. Finally Jasmine seemed to came to a decision, which Penny was glad off. Penny nodded at her words, but she was sure they would have to result to killing the fish to get rid of them. ”We can try to solve this peacefully, yes.” she said, giving Jasmine what she hoped was a reassuring smile.

Falling silent, Penny frowned. Finding the fish could take a while… and she didn’t even know how to begin. It could take forever, if they just searched… Where were the fish coming from? Looking about, Penny crossed her arms over her chest. ”Give me a moment.” She said, and took to the skies. She rose high in the air, not worried about Jasmine. The girl was made from stronger stuff than even Jasmine herself knew. Scanning the area beneath her, she looked over the town, and around. Narrowing her eyes slightly she lingered on small moving flecks, and deciding that they might as well start there, she dropped back down to Jasmine.

”This way.”

Chuckling at Rajah's behaviour, Ignatius watched her, the small exceed was nothing less than fiesty. He wouldn't want to be on her bad side… It was best to just keep her fed and happy. Otherwise… he didn’t let himself think on what might happen. As she grabbed one of the fish, he raised a brow watching her toy with it, amused. As she tried to eat it, Igantius watched with horror for a moment before he leaped into action, ”Rajah!” he cried, wondering how he had gotten into this position of looking after her.

”I told you i’d get you food! Don’t be eating something that could eat you too!” He said, reaching for the flying fish.

Michael tugged on Gabriel's shirt, starting off towards where he saw Prince was, the tall catman easily recognisable by said height. It almost felt like he hadn't seen Prince in a long time, but he knew that that was foolish thinking. Approaching Prince, glancing about him to see what was going on, Michael up at Prince, "H-hey."

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I apologise, I'll get my cS done shortly!
I apologise, this week was hard. I had two tests this week, but I'll get a CS done tomorrow ^.^
I feel like I am mildly obsessed with this. May I put interest in, and work a character out?
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