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Current "Doing your best" does not mean working yourself to the point of a mental breakdown. Its no longer your best at that point.
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The word homeowner has the word "meow" in it. Good luck pronouncing it correctly ever again. You're welcome ^.^
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When everything seems wrong...something goes right, and it changes darkness into light, and makes the shadows a little less daunting.
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People cry, not because they are weak. It's because they've been strong for too long
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the bad thing about being bullied is that every time it happens it steals a little piece of who you are if it happens enough little by little you become a little less of who you were meant to be.


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Location: Camp Half-Blood - Long Island Sound; New York.
Interacting With: Brynn @Moro Corona @Zenritch

Pierre still wasn't certain such a lofty design would be possible- but he was more than willing to admit that schmatics and metal work were two skills he couldn't compete with with the children of Athena, and Hepatus. They simply had more gifts in that area then he did. He listened to Corona's words, but still couldn't see how the machine would transform, like... well, a transformer. There was a reason why such things were left to the movies, or TV. Fantasy... Still, perhaps in a few years they could have such things. Technology, after all, was advancing in a sometimes frightening amount these days.

Pierre wasn't one to tear people down. This project was, quite obviously, something important to Corona, and that was enough for him to at least try and help. Even if he couldn't add much input, well, he'd still do his best. He flicked a glance to Brynn, wondering what she thought of it, before glancing back to the schematics. Corona would have to deal with a lot of issues coming up, not to mention a lot of work- but she always did seem energetic.

"Does it reposition automatically, or do yuou have to do it? How would it reposition automatically? You want it to, I assume, reassamble quickly." He said, looking back up to Corona and Brynn.

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Location:Camp Half-Blood - Long Island Sound; New York.
Interacting With: Alina Leora Kim @King Kindred

Jamie couldn't help but smile- it was easy to find out what the others campers liked, and easy enough to grab what they might want. Jamie enjoyed slipping things to the other campers here and there, it made her happy in a world where not much seemed to do so anymore. Jamie grabbed ahold to anything they could to keep from sinking into the darkness that often seemed to plague them, the tiredness, the lack of energy to do anything they enjoyed. Jamie chuckled at her words, "There's enough dogs or dog like creatures here that I always grab a few treats for them on my trips out." Jamie shifted, and began to search their way through the saddle bags, coming out with some bones.

"The coke cokes are getting hard to find. Been toying with the idea of actually stealing the original receipe. It's in some vault in the company somewhere, I heard." Jamie said, rumaging through the bags some more before coming out with a can, somewhat faded- showing its age. "Got plenty of sweets. Some other goodies." Jamie could keep on taking things out, but it would probably be easier for Alina to come search through.

"Here, come have a look, see what you want. Avoid the pet bag, it's got a variety of things..,, none you'd want to eat."

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Location: Ares Cabin, Camp Half-Blood - Long Island Sound; New York.
Interacting With:?]

Shit. Shit shit shit shit shit!

Talon nearly skidded on the saw dust on the bag- and had no doubt who it was from. He had to hope that he could still get in and out... Someone would have heard the door shutting- it was too late to turn back. He was not a coward. Really? a part of him thought as he tried to climb the stairs as quietly as possible, so why are you sneaking about, then?. He tried to ignore That part, but it twinged at him. He seemed to hover at the top of the stairs a moment, before starting to turn towards his bedroom. He could escape...

The time with Valeria, although not really much... It had brought him a sembelance of peace, something he didn't have often... And he didn't want to hurt anyone. As he shoved his hands further into his pockets, slouching some more, he once more brushed the balm Valeria had given him. She had healed him... she hadn't said anything about the old injuries... she'd just smiled. How the fuck could any smile... ? Could anyone be cheerful like t his, in this fucked up world? She been excited about skipping rocks.

And had gave him some healing ointment, purely because she had been worried about him. And he could, grudingly, say that she hadn't expected anything in return. He bit his lip, pulling out the healing balm. If the bag was anything to go by... Talon gritted his teeth, sighing heavily. He hated himself. There was no changing that. But he'd hate himself more if he didn't do it. Still, he stood at the top of the stairs for a few moments, before he turned towards Octavia's door, hesitating still.

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Location:infirmary, Camp Half-Blood - Long Island Sound; New York.
Interacting With: Vivian Lucasta @metanoia, Zane Blacklight @Theyra

It was a semblance of control, and one Kalinda knew was false. Yet having it gave her something to focus on, besides worry for her sister, or for what might happen to the camp if Erin and those going on the quest with her failed. It helped keep her together, instead of seeking to hunt up things she shouldn't. She'd been down the spiral road before- she wasn't going to again. She seized what she could hold on to- and let her mind focus on it. it would be fun. it always was, until she ended up hating herself even worse.

She sighed softly, staring at what she had gathered. It didn't seem enough. Oh, most quests or jobs ended up with very little injury- the campers had gotten better the more they had gone out- but something like this, something major? Kalinda doubted they could prepare them for all of what could happen. And that was what had her staring at the items, the salves, bandages, pain killers and other various drugs she had access to, the other various bindings.

"I... don't know, Zane." she said wearily as she looked over her shoulder to him. "I don't even know if they'll take any supplies we give them." she sighed again, before shrugging "We organise what we can. What kits we normally give out, but add more of each item. And hope for the best."

Michael shifted slightly as Prince ruffled his hair, unable to help the blush that escaped him. Which did nothing- or very little in the way of supporting Prince`s words that he had grown well in Dragon Fang. Oh, Michael knew that he had grown in the guild, but he doubted some things would ever change. "I f-find it amusing t-that you t-think P-phoenix w-wing is f-filled with s-s-some real c-crazies... S-some m-might t-t-think the s-same of us" He said, before shrugging. In some ways, all the guilds seemed to have their own unique brand of craziness.

Well, if Michael was going to go on the job... it would be a distraction. It would also allow him to perhaps do some research on his own. He did have his own spirits to consider, and he had heard stories of one rogue spirit of his own kind out there. If he couldn't help Gabriel... well, he could perhaps gain more power to be useful at least.

Jarvis was, content as always, to wait patiently as Trinity dallied with her friends. He knew that they could help her, more than he could, yet Jarvis was one to quietly nudge his members into what he hoped was the right direction for them. At her words, he couldn't help but chuckle at her words. “Only two or three? You realise that most people can not even play one instrument Trinity” he said in a soft tone of voice- quite obviously not chastising as he watched her work whatever magic she was doing. The talking sword was going to be an even bigger issue than he had first thought, and Jarvis made a note to speak with Brianna about it. It wouldn't do for something like this to come to a head. Perhaps theyd have to come up with a way that it wouldn't be so invasive,

He sighed softly, but gave Trinity a smile, “All you need to do is ask the band, and try. If it doesn't work out, at least you tried, however I am certain that it will all work out." He said, shifting his gaze to Nyssa. "We don't really have any joining requirements." He said, moving down the bar a bit, and leaning down, soon coming up with the guild stamp. "We accept just about everyone, although we do expect you to do your best. Jobs have to be approved, generally, but Jamie, myself or one of the S class mages." he said, moving back down the bar, "To ensure that the job is suitable for your level. We will figure out what level you are soon."

He flicked a gaze at the interruption, Trinity running off, before looking back to Nyssa.

Penny settled back in her chair, letting herself relax as much as possible as she turned her attention back to Jasmine and Rajah. Nothing much seemed to have changed between them- Rajah was still quite the fiery little thing but it was good to see Jasmine standing up for herself more against the furball. At Jasmines excited questions, Penny paused a moment, gaze flickering through the guild, then back to Jasmine. “There were a few adventures, We did quite a bit,,, “ She paused a moment, thoughtful. She was certain that Jasmine was about to be highly disappointed.

"We did see quite a lot of the kingdom, and the rest of the world." She said, letting her mind drift over the various places. Oh, Penny had seen quite a bit of it before, but it had been then just mostly flying around, landing when she had to, determined to find her sister. Well, she found a whole lot more and a part of her still wondered how the hell it had happened.

"But we didn't find a lot of rare magic. A lot of people still hide what they can do... which is why we are hoping to change it, with the match and such." She seemed to hesitate another moment, biting her lip and looking away, before she said softly "I heard rumours of Phoenix song being heard, though. I want to chase up on it- hopefully give the little bit of information I have to Jarvis and he can find more."

Jamie shifted, reaching for a pile of jobs she hadn't had a chance to consider for anyone in the guild, flicking through them quickly and taking out a small handful, before doing the same as Jack and handing them over to Priscilla, "That's fine, there's some I'd prefer to keep for my guild too. As for technology." She gave a soft sigh, she did prefer Lacrimas, but in a world that was steadily growing scientifically and technologically, it was best to adapt, or sink. "I'm sure that can be arranged." She gave Priscilla a smile, and said "We will gladly share any jobs- and there are times, I imagine, when jobs might require specific skill sets not all our members have. I like to encourage working between guilds in that case."

She couldn't help a soft laugh, "I tend to resist technology as well. Slowly it's starting to creep into my every day life. Often as a result of Jack sneaking it in through gifts. A weakness- I find gifts sentimental and seek to hold on to them as long as possible." She flicked a gaze to the lacrima surveying the guild hall, a smile gracing her features once more, "I prefer lacrima, however I do understand that the modern advances of technology do have their place."

She raised a brow as she took one of the candles, studying it. "It's beautiful." She said softly, and appreciating the guesture, Jamie settled the candle on her desk, where she couldn't knock it off. "We tend to supply guild members, and other guilds, with teleportation lacrima. I'll ensure you get some- it helps members get out of sticky situations if they need, or for fast travel between guilds." She paused a moment, thoughtful. "Well, then. I suppose that we should leave the communal board in your hands, Jack. The more technologically advanced one of the three of us, it seems. I'll contact other guilds, see if they're willing to be apart of it and let you know."

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Location: Ares Cabin, Camp Half-Blood - Long Island Sound; New York.
Interacting With:?]

Talon made his steady way back to the camp proper, shoving his hands into his pockets, the salve Valeria had given him a small weight in one. He sighed softly, keeping his head down- he didn't really feel like interacting much with anyone else. Valeria had, somewhat, made him feel better. But that didn't mean he wanted to face ridicule... He sighed again, and almost seemed to make himself feel smaller, shrunching himself up slightly. Moving towards the cabins, Talon refused to let himself be drawn away from his goal.

He could slip in, clean himself up a bit, and then sneak back out again, hopefully without meeting any of his siblings, without becoming angry again. His hands automatically curled into tight fists once more, and his heart beat faster. He didn't want to hear Elias's calm voice, or deal with him at all. And if he ran into Octavia... He almost turned around, almost walked anywhere else but towards the cabin.

But he had to at least check on Cisiley. He could do that. Cisiley... the snake was generally okay, but he still needed to ensure she was alright. He sighed again, and shoved open the cabin door, making a quick dash to his room, hoping that no one was in the cabin.

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Location:Camp Half-Blood - Long Island Sound; New York.
Interacting With: Alina Leora Kim @King Kindred

Jamie watched Alina, having no doubt that the Iris child was studying Jamie- as if to try and figure out what other intent Jamie might have besides just trying to figure out whatever the fuck was going on. The camp was usually a flurry of motion- and while there were people about, Jamie couldn't help but think it was more subdued then normal. Perhaps Jamie was putting too much thought in it. She waited for Alina to speak, and couldn't help the slight chuckle as Alina took a rather dramatic sip of her coffee.

Jamie couldn't expect anything less then any of the other campers. They were all a little dramatic in one form or another, and Jamie didn't mind the chance to watch the Iris camper. Her chuckle turned into a frown at Alina's words, and Jamie flicked a glance around, as if expecting someone to jump out and declare it all a joke. Not Pierre winning the tower- although that was surprising, given that she was sure Ky'vie and some of the other strong contenders would have competed. No, it was the rest. Why the fuck would the Gods think any of them would want to steal a fucking dove? Especially Aphrodites dove.

You wouldn't even be able to sell it without bringing a rain of trouble on yourself. "If Erin is in trouble, he'd be with her. Best not to interrupt Erin in a mood in any case. I rather like my appendages attached to my body." Jamie said, "Well, it's something at least. Thanks. Hey, I grabbed some things while I was out, you need anything? Probably have it in one bag or another."

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Location:infirmary, Camp Half-Blood - Long Island Sound; New York.
Interacting With: Vivian Lucasta @metanoia, Zane Blacklight @Theyra

Kalinda flicked a glance back to Zane, giving a soft sigh, "A healer going with them would be great, but I don't know if it will happen. Erin will take people she trusts explicitly... and I doubt any of them would be left behind anyway. We'll just have to prepare for them as much as we can." She moved to the back of the infirmary, grabbing one of a few packs she often had ready- just in case they were needed. She sighed heavily, wishing she could prepare for anything, but it was viritually impossible to know what might happen. She moved back to Zane and Vivian, her mind moving fast as she flicked through options and what would be important.

She looked over to Vivian with concern as her sister spoke, the other girl uncharistically quite. She watched her for a few moments, knowing that VIvian had to be okay- she'd just checked her, but she still worried. "They'll get everything we can spare. I'll see about getting those that can working on more to restock." More than likley Kalinda was going to have some late nights ahead of her. Well, she often had trouble sleeping these days. it might be good to have something to focus on. And there were, after all, plenty of beds in the infirmary if she did end up passing out.

And perhaps she wouldn't be alone in it. One thing about the camp and other campers was that when needed, they did come together. As evident by what was happening. Kalinda wasn't sure how to feel about that, but it didn't matter right then. "Hopefully they won't need what we give them, but it'll be there if they do." She shifted again, gaze flicking over the infirmary. "Lets gather what we can. You wanna pack it all up, Viv? I get too impatient with making it fit nicely."

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Location:Camp Half-Blood - Long Island Sound; New York.
Interacting With: Alina Leora Kim @King Kindred

Jamie leaned low over the horses back, unable to help the laugh that escaped them as the majestic animal took to the gallop as if she were riding to freedom. In a way, Jamie supposed, they were. Back home. Back to camp, where they'd be safe for a time. Jamie could have easily taken a car or travelled in a more direct way to the quest, but then they wouldn't have been able to enjoy a ride- and Jamie did love horses. Oh, sure, pegasus were stunning and all, but there was something about riding a horse at full speed, unrestrained, that just made Jamie happy. Jamie would take whatever happiness that they could get, particuarly lately.

Jamie's sword- a familiar weight these days- was secured against the saddle- and Jamie would occassionally brush against it, as if to remind themselves that it was still there. The large sword might not be the most convient of weapons, but Jamie lvoed it. And a part of Jamie thought that it signified Jamie themselves... elegant, if a bit rough around the edges, strong and delicate all at once. At least that's what Jamie thought. As Jamie relaxed, they let Starlight have her head, the horse eagerly making way to the camp.

Reaching up, Jamie ran a hand through their hair, debating about getting it cut again, or trying to let it grow out for the hundredth time this year. Abesntly, Jamie's thoughts moved towards the money they had plopped into their mothers account- no doubt Jamie would get a message about it, as Their mother always wanted to know how Jamie was getting it. Well, Jamie wasn't about to tell her that it was a bit of trickery. Let their mother think Jamie was coming by it honestly. It would put her mind at rest. And jamie could be satisfied that the family was looked after.

As they passed the permitier into the camp, Jamie's shoulders eased and a worry that Jamie hadn't been aware of faded. Letting out a slow breath, Jamie relaxed completely for the first time in days and Jamie shifted, leaning down to reach into the pack on the otherside of the saddle, taking out a flask. Taking a long drink from it, Jamie eventaully pulled Starlight into a trot, and then a walk, seeking to cool the horse down before returning to the stables. As they past the tower, Jamie frowned. Wasn't it a challenge day? Shouldn't there be other campers here?

Gaze moving over the camp, Jamie slid of Starlight's back, taking the horses reins in one hand, continuing towards the stables. Something had happened... something bad. Where was everyone? Well, there was always one person you could go to for gossip. Alina no doubt had answers, and Jamie automatically shifted towards the Iris cabin. Jamie was unsurprised to find Alina lounging on the porch of the cabin, and Jamie raised a brow. "Late start to the day? Bummer. Was hoping for some answers as to what the fuck is going on. Thought it was a tower day... must have got the days mixed up... "


It was good to see Jasmine standing up to the little anger ball of fur that was Rajeh. Penny suppressed a smile, and settled down at a table, Ignatius fluttered around them- clearly not sure whether to help Rajeh or not. Penny gave a small shake of his head, and Ingatius settled slightly. "Well, let's eat and catch up." She said, leaning forward on the table slightly, Ignatius landing on her shouilder. She would never admit it, but she had missed his slight weight, his somewhat comforting presence.

Her gaze moved towards Amelia at her should, and gave a small wave in acknowledgement. She let her gaze fall back to Jasmine and Rajeh, letting them continue their small squabble. Reaching up to give Ignatius a small stroke, she waited patiently. .


Jarvis listened patiently as Trinity spoke, letting her get out all that seemed to be bothering her as she glowered over her drink. He watched her, silent and passive- he had learned that there was some truth to the old 'barman make good listening board' cliche. It did probably help that as long as the guild had been around, Jarvis had been. He shifted, leaning against it slightly as he waited. "You don't need to be powerful to be strong, Trinity." He said softly when it seemed she had finished speaking. He shifted, glancing around the guild before looking back to her.

"often, our limitations aren't a result of our abilities- but of how we see ourselves. You aren't useless, Trinity, and your abilities aren't parlor tricks. We all have our strengths and weaknesses." As for the sword and telepathy... Jarvis could see that that was going to cause quite a few problems. He gave a soft sigh, "don't worry about Jasmine and Rajeh. The way exceeds are... well, its a different type of bond then any I think we have seen. I think the thing we must remember with Exceeds is that they are intelligent beings.... and Rajeh is a bit of a piece of work too." He said, giving Trinity a smile.

He leaned a little bit closer, raising a brow, "Why can't you play? Who is to say it would suck? Trinity... you miss all the shots you don't take... so why not try?" He shifted his gaze to Dalton, "Jamie never left. She's in her office. In a meeting. You know full well I can help with membership, and accommodation." He said, shifting to grab a glass and power the milk, handing it over. He glanced to the girl, standing back up straight. "We have plenty of accommodation here in the guild, if you don't wish to stay here, we have a few properties under the guilds name for members that want their own place."


Michael ducked his head, unable to help but feel a little embarrassed at his comment, flicking a sheepish look, and a small nod, although he was still concerned about Gabriel. He shifted slightly, and said "Prince means kitten as in you're still growing... you're new... " He tried to explain, a bit lamely.

Michael wasn't too sure he liked this girl or not. She seemed... odd. Which was probably saying something about what he considered to be odd. He bit his lip, before saying "H-hoodlums t-that saved the w-world, with us." He hesitated briefly as Ashlyn turned towards him, staring daggers at him. Squaring his shoulders slightly, he met her gaze, jutting his chin up in slight defiance- although he wasn't entirely sure what she might do.

He shifted awkwardly as she laughed, "I... okay... " was she really that self conscious now, about what he had said. He shook his head, "I... n-no. It j-just come out like that... " He admitted foolishly.

Squirms. I'll just pop this here...



— ۵ ۞ ۵ —

Location: Lake, Camp Half-Blood - Long Island Sound; New York.
Interacting With: Valeria, @Rodiak

Talon tried his best to ignore what Valeria was doing, turning his gaze back over the water, seeking to turn his thoughts off- or at the very least force them away. His heart was beating fast and he coudln't quite slow his breathing down. She would know. How could she not? Thev various injuries, healed from time, of abuse... he couldn't quite cover the panic, couldn't quite soothe himself. She wasn't going to hurt him- at least physically. She didn't ask questions, just pulled away with that smile.

And then she was going... leaving, just like they all did. Clenching his jaw, he nodded. "Thank you." he said softly, not entirely sure what else he could say. She didn't ask any questions, yet surely she must know. He hesitated, opening his mouth to speak but stopped, looking away again. "ALright. See you later." He couldn't avoid returning back to the cabin forever, he supposed.

He turned to leave, reluctant to do so. Oh, he was sure eventually Elias or Octavia would find him. He didn't particularly want either of them to do so. He could still feel a spark of anger at Octavia- she'd probably demand an apology. It wasn't going to happen. Talon wasn't ever going to apologise for just being every again. Not when it hadn't been his fault. And Elias... he'd want to talk. Talon had, so far, managed to keep his secrets from his siblings at the very least. He would not put himself in a position to be hurt again. Just because they were his siblings, didn't mean he had to trust them.

His gaze, unbidden, moved back to Valeria. He had, grudgingly, given her a little bit of trust. Healed his wounds, without turning what she must have found against him. Could he trust that? Or would she use it against him, later? He watched a moment, before sighing and starting to walk away from the lake, back towards the cabins.

Perhaps he could sneak in, check on Ciscely... and then sneak back out.


Location: Infirmary-Camp Half-Blood - Long Island Sound; New York.
Interacting With:Vivian, @metanoia, Zane @Theyra

Kalinda shrugged and sighed, "I don't think the Gods really care about whether or not they can do a thing, they just do it. It's gonna be apart of their games- they have to use catspaws to harm each other, I guess." she said, wearily, her gaze flicking to Octavia as she started to leave. Well, she couldn't keep her here, as much as she wanted to at least make sure the other girl was alright.

She had to trust the other healers, she couldn't always be there for everyone. Even if it did send a stab of guilt through her. She returned her gaze to her sister. "We need to be watchful for visions. And even if they seem insignificant, we can't ignore them. The smallest thing could be important." She well knew that. Vivian might be more skilled in the area of visions- certianly she received more than Kalinda. That was okay- Kalinda was more skilled in the healing arts and that was the way she liked it.

And yet... she knew what ignoring a vision could lead to. "I'm tempted to get more supplies organised. The ones going with Erin will need them. I doubt I'll be going- but it would be good if a healer could go... ". Kalinda had no doubt that those going with Erin would need medical treatment, and she wished she could protect them all. She sighed again, running a hand through her black hair. "We can do stuff for them, before they go. I expect it will be soon, if the others can convince her." Convincing Erin, she suspected, would be next to impossible.

She rose from the bed, shaking her head. "Well, we should get started." She stepped over to grab Chaos from Zane's hands, "Thanks." She absently took out the leash and got Chaos set up, the ferret pleased to be able to explore even slightly. "Bandages, antiseptic, numbing salve stitches... " The fucking Gods had to be laughing at them. Her gaze went over the others in the infirmary. It wouldn't be the first time Kalinda was making a pack for those going on quests... but this one seemed more important. Those that went wouldn't have time for hospitals or to get back to camp for help.

"Any thoughts?"."


Location: Infirmary-Camp Half-Blood - Long Island Sound; New York.
Interacting With:Vivian, @metanoia

Kalinda, with relief, waited for Vivian to relax somewhat before she did a thorough delve, searching for any injury. She wasn't about to play around with the way the day had been going so far, so Kalinda was as thorough as she could be. Relaxing after a few moments, Kalinda let out a soft breath. She hadn't expected to suddenly have a sister, or any other family. She still wasn't even sure how Vivian had managed to worm her way through her defenses.

Well, yes, she did. Kalinda's choices the last few years hadn't been easy ones, and whether she knew it or not, Vivian had made some of the darkness go away. Kalinda didn't want to lose her. "It's alright. We can figure it out later, at least you are okay." she said, before sighing as she asked what had happened. How to explain? Kalinda still wasn't sure just what kind of shit the Gods were pulling.

She shifted, moving a little closer to Vivian- and pushing the cup of water on her- she thought for a moment how best to respond to that question. "Wine-" She stopped, closed her eyes a moment before she corrected herself. It wasn't Dionysus or Chiron's fault what had happened. "The slut lost her dove. Bitch blamed Erin." She said, a little surprised at the anger that washed over her at that. It wasn't fair what had been done to Erin. Wasn't fair what was happening at all, and Kalinda... there were some wounds that couldn't be healed.

Sighing, Kalinda started again "Aphrodite said that her dove was stolen, and that it was Erin who did it. It's fucking bullshit. BUt she has seven days to clear her name- if she doesn't, Ares will kill her. If that happens... I don't think anyone in camp will just sit by and let it happen. It's fucked up, Viv. Whatever happens... we need to be ready to help everyone we can."


— ۵ ۞ ۵ —

Location: Lake, Camp Half-Blood - Long Island Sound; New York.
Interacting With: Valeria, @Rodiak

Talon just couldn't understand what she was doing, why she was doing it. Why did she care? Why was she trying? Could she see he wasn't something that could be healed, that he was broken and couldn't be fixed? Why was she trying so desperately to help him? He stared at her, unable to comprehend her. She didn't want to hurt him- he could see that much. She was so insistent....

Talon sighed softly, struggling to think, struggling to work anything out. He looked away, unable to watch her any longer, his heart thumping hard as he stared over the lake. She wasn't going to stop, wasn't going to listen to what he had said- but she was doing it because she was concerned about him and if he had any injuries... she was instant, and trying... It wasn't her fault she didn't know...

Talon let his hands curl into fists once more, every instinct willing him to run, to flee, before she could hurt him, like everyone else. Every instinct but one. Talon could feel his muscles ready to run, and it took every ounce of strength he had to not do so, as he looked back to Valeria. He reached out carefully, to gently take the vial she had offered him so insistently. "I've had worse then being tossed off the tower... but if it will put your mind at ease... " He was sure she'd notice old injuries, that that would just lead to awkward questions.

It was what it was. He couldn't repay her kindness with... with anger, or offense. He had to be better... he just had to be. "You can do whatever it was you wanted to... "


— ۵ ۞ ۵ —

Location: Camp Half-Blood - Long Island Sound; New York.
Interacting With:

Imogen watched the spectacle, a little uneasy as she listened to the accusations against Erin, wondering just what the hell the Gods had been drinking when they came up with that wild goose chase of an accusation- She couldn't believe they'd do this, again. And from the way everyone was reacting, they thought the same as her. Her gaze flicked back to Jack, not entirely sure what she was meant to do with him now. After this... She doubted anyone would have the presence of mind to do anything for a new camper...

Which probably meant that it was up to her.

Still, Imogen hesitated. As several people went after Erin, she glanced towards the Chiron and Dionysus, but doubted she'd get any answers from either of them. They had probably told all they knew, neither would want something like this to happen again... and she couldn't just unload the new guy on them right then. She bit her lip, thinking on what she could do.

"And who might we have here, miss Parsons..?" Arms falling to his side, his hooves kicking up small clouds of dust with each step he took, Chiron slowed as he reached the familiar face. His bright eyes turning to look over the new figure that stood at her side, "A new camper..? And one we were not expecting, no less. It's a pleasure, young man."

Relieved, Imogen turned her gaze to Chiron. At least she didn't have to feel guilty about dumping him on Chiron now... but she couldn't help but still feel guilty about it. Chiron probably had so much to do.... "Yes! I found him on the edge of camp. He found his way here." she said, "His name is Jack. And he said that he had a lightening bolt show up over his head before coming here."

"..a son of Zeus. I see." Nodding his head lightly, Chiron reached forward. His hand resting for a moment over the girls shoulder. Smiling softly as he gave it a gentle squeeze, "Well done, miss Parsons. I'll take it from here."

Jarvis looked up as Trinity joined him, setting aside a tray, and nodding, proceeding to get her a drink. He took time to make it perfectly, and with care, setting it down gently in front of her. He watched for a moment or two, gaze flicking out over the guild floor before he looked back to Trinity. "Everything okay?" he asked, reaching for another tray and placing it on the bar, knowing that someone would pick up the food on it shortly.
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