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Current "Doing your best" does not mean working yourself to the point of a mental breakdown. Its no longer your best at that point.
2 yrs ago
The word homeowner has the word "meow" in it. Good luck pronouncing it correctly ever again. You're welcome ^.^
2 yrs ago
When everything seems wrong...something goes right, and it changes darkness into light, and makes the shadows a little less daunting.
3 yrs ago
People cry, not because they are weak. It's because they've been strong for too long
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4 yrs ago
the bad thing about being bullied is that every time it happens it steals a little piece of who you are if it happens enough little by little you become a little less of who you were meant to be.


To be written.

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So. My laptop died...

which was incentive enough for me to buy a new laptop.

WHich is frigging epic.

And used all my money.

But I'm here now!
@TheWindelI'm sorry, I had a little bit of a breakdown, but back on track and will be finished it hopefully tonight!
I am currently making mine now!
Mavis met Ferrin’s gaze, holding it as she remained silent for a few moments, her youthful and rather innocent looking face serious as tears swirled around her wide, wise eyes that were at odds with her child-like face. She was going to lose her island, but it was for the best. The island was unstable, the magic here needed time to recover and with her here, that just wouldn’t happen. It still wasn’t an easy choice. Bound here like she was, Mavis wouldn’t be able to do anything but hinder its process.

It had been home for so long… she’d treasured a baby girl here, had a few glorious handful of years loving her as she did every member of her guild, the perfect combination of Lucy and Natsu. And now, in a way, she had come back to her in the form of two boys. Her gaze broke away from Ferrin’s, drifting to Natsu. That conversation was not one she relished, but she knew that it was her responsibility. She had been there when Lucy had died, and he deserved to know. She brought her gaze back to Ferrin, her expression sorrowful and yet at the same time, determined.

“I am bound here, Ferrin. The guardian of Fairy Island- or rather, Fairy Island is… was the guardian of me. My body needed healing, my soul bound in a crystal. Zeref…. In a way, he saved me from the death he caused, despite the curse that was upon me, his was stronger. The island… it kept me safe. In a way, I became the island. Cana… she tried to set me free, but then the battle started and… “ Mavis swallowed, looking away, her eye lids lowering as if to hide the few tears she shed, “She died. You’re the only one that can help me, Ferrin. Please.” She looked back up to meet his gaze once more the previous unshed tears slowly sliding down her cheeks- ignored for the moment.

Before Ferrin could answer, her gaze turned towards the coast. “And afterwards, there’s someone you need to meet.” She said, having no doubt in her mind that Ferrin would do what she requested. She’d lived with one curse, she did not think that Ferrin would let her suffer another.

Gabriel was tired, and steadily growing annoyed as he looked at the Exceed that was, it seemed, steadily beginning to berate him. It was rather… cute, trying to display anger despite being pint sized. It was the smallest Exceed he had ever seen, and he waited it out, raising a brow at the small creature.

“You have a bit of an attitude problem, how do you carry it around, being so small and all?” Gabriel asked as he turned his gaze away from the Exceed and back to the girl that was still unconscious. With no regards to the exceed, Gabriel leaned closer to the girl, beginning to check that she had no serious injuries. He didn’t want to move her if she had bad bleed, or had hurt her back or something. When he was satisfied, Gabriel gathered her into his arms with apparent ease, securing her against his chest before rising.

The girl was small, light… Standing there, he turned his gaze to her face, and for a moment he studied her features before he started to walk towards the others, assuming that the exceed was going to follow.

He’d get the girl help, and then… he’d figure out what he was meant to do next.

They’d all have to figure out what they were doing next, but maybe… they could have time to gather themselves once more.
@Lmpkio Hiiiiiiii!

I didn't even notice you were here XD I was just so excited about the idea!
Excellent! I shall create something wonderful... but maybe in the morning unless I get a second wind XD
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