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Current The word homeowner has the word "meow" in it. Good luck pronouncing it correctly ever again. You're welcome ^.^
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When everything seems wrong...something goes right, and it changes darkness into light, and makes the shadows a little less daunting.
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People cry, not because they are weak. It's because they've been strong for too long
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the bad thing about being bullied is that every time it happens it steals a little piece of who you are if it happens enough little by little you become a little less of who you were meant to be.


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i forgot mentions... but... its technically for everyone
Onward to Tenrou Island

Sasha Shin

Sasha looked over the docks, at Hargeon port, her expression serious as she turned towards the boat that they would be taking. It rode high in the water, whatever supplies that were being loaded evidently did not take up much room, nor weigh much. Sasha didn’t not expect that it would take long to get to the island, not with magical assistance. This was very much her show, although she still glanced towards Master Jamie and Jarvis, as if for permission. Or maybe encouragement. She had come so far, over the last few months… and yet, she still wasn’t certain of herself. She probably always would be. At a reassuring glance from Sasha, she looked to Patrick. This should be his show, and wondering why he didn’t take the lead, she stood there a moment.

Well. She couldn’t delay much longer. Drawing in a deep breath, she let it out slowly, before she approached the boat. As she walked, she rummaged through her satchel the ever worn and scarred bag like an old friend to her as she searched for the map she herself had drawn. While it was not accurate, it was perhaps the best they had for locating Tenoru island. She approached the Captain, and spoke with him for a few moments, smiling and giving him the map. ”Thank you, for this.”

”Well, little miss, I want to help make the waters safe again for us. Don’t want a way of life ta end. Only so much our magic can do against this sort of thing.” Sasha nodded, and made a note to look into the trader guilds. She knew a lot of them used magic… and they could have been seriously affected by all of this. When they got back, maybe it was time to check out the lower level guilds. Make sure everything was okay.

Drawing in another breath, she turned to the crowd of Guild Mages, a collection from Phoenix Wing, Dragon Fang and Frenzy Plant. Seen together, guild marks seen and unseen, Sasha couldn’t help but be awed. She nodded towards the boat, leading the way onto its deck. The gentle swell on the water threw her off balance slightly. She had never spent long on any ship… and now that seemed like an oversight right then. Shifting slightly as she walked, she absently lay a gentle hand on her stomach. She’d promised Lazarus she wouldn’t put herself in danger, and she’d stick to that. Yet this was something that she had to do, and so she walked towards a railing off the ship, trying to keep away from the crew as they milled about.

She looked down into the waters, swallowing around both sudden nerves and fear. The last time she’d been on any sort of waters had been when she’d lost her parents and little brother… she could still hear the ice cracking, if she let herself dwell on that. Turning her thoughts away from that, and towards the prospects of what they’d face on the islands, Sasha pushed away from the railing, looking out over the mages that were coming with her. At her insistence, Sasha had asked for the Dragon Slayers of each guild to be there. There was Hunter from Dragon Fang… From her own guild, Amaya and Zero/Zenoram. She wasn’t too sure if there were any from Frenzy Plant, but knew that they would be extremely beneficial to this operation. Any mages that were willing to come, Sasha was willing to have along. This was going to be an interesting operation for sure, and Sasha just hoped she didn’t mess it up.

Soon they were underway, the ship flowing through the water smoothly and at a speed that surprised her. The crew seemed to know what they were doing and moved as a single entity as they took care of their ship. Occasionally, Sasha would sense a trickle of magic used here and there, and she suspected that the ship used magic for a smooth sail. Retreating from the railings, further onto the deck, Sasha glanced around at everyone around her, a sense of happy contentment falling over her.


Penny gently nudged Jasmine into motion, so that they could walk and talk. She quietly listened as Jasmine told her all that had happened, The girl seemed more than a little distressed and Penny was content to wait, and let Jasmine speak at her own pace. Yet it seemed that Jasmine was having a difficult time trying to speak, and get to the point. Penny gave her an encouraging smile, trying to be reassuring.

”You do?” she asked softly, encouraging her, ”What happened?” Jasmine hadn’t seemed to know that she had magic, so something had clearly happened since now, and yesterday. She doubted that Jasmine had lied to her, the girl was simply too honest. ”Wait, who scares you?” she asked, intent on making sure that Jasmine felt safe in the guild.

She reached out to the girl, laying a hand on her shoulder, ”It’s okay, Jasmine. Really. We can figure it out. You don’t need to worry, okay?” she said softly, ”You don’t need to be afraid. You will do fine with your magic. It isn’t going to hurt you. Look, we can do some basic exercises on the job. Get you use to using it.” she said reassuring, before approaching a carriage driver and organising travel, nudging Jasmine into the carriage after she was done.
its written, just going to write another post and then post it up. Sometime this weekend.

Niesha Burkstein

Location: the Hoardbuster

Niesha looked behind them towards the Hoardbuster, seeing that Riley was having some difficulty standing. Watching her, Niesha gave her a smile when all seemed okay, even if Riley’s movements were a little comical. ”You okay Riley? That seemed oddly cartoonish.” She said in a light voice. She knew she shouldn’t be treating all this with a jovial heart, but after everything, being a light light-hearted was actually quite… relieving. Or maybe she was just bat crap crazy. Who knew? She looked back to Ash, and smiled. ”Alright.” she said, shifting her bow to be ready to use it. It felt like forever since she had been called Ma’am, and she wondered if Ash was alright.

Well, they all weren’t alright… pushing that thought aside, she turned her attention to what they needed to do, watching Ash toy with the undead, bringing it closer until he could stab his knife into the things skull. As it dropped, she relaxed slightly. They could do this… they could survive. They could find other survivors… it was going to happen. She just had to keep thinking like that. She turned towards Ash and nodded at his orders. She could give him cover fire. Shifting her stance slightly, she knocked an arrow, ready to fire if she needed to.

She glanced about them, seeking any sign of walkers. She was no longer worried about the living- if they were around, surely they would have seen some sign of them already. And there wasn’t much they could do about living anyway. She turned her attention to covering Ash, the bow ready to use.

Barca Ashur Xavier

Location: Academy.
Interacting With: Lavi Kyle (@Ejected).

”I assure you, I do try my hardest not to eves drop on thoughts. Sometimes, however, it is a bit impossible not to.” Barca said. ”Although I will warn you, strong thoughts do attract my attention. Generally they are fueled by emotion… However, i will do my best to ignore them.” he said, shaking her hand when she put hers in his. He gripped hers in a strong hold, clearly putting stock in a good handshake. ”A pleasure.” He gave her a charming smile, picking up Glaber’s cage once more.

”He seems to sleep all day. However, while there are cats, of all shapes and sizes around, I think I’ll keep him asleep. He might freak out.” he said, letting himself trail off as he noted that Headmaster Wayne, and the other administrative staff were making their way out of the main building. He couldn’t help but chuckle at their thoughts. It amazed him how childish the adults could be. He couldn’t fathom what was going through Jean Gray’s head, to taunt Pamela Isley so. That was going to be an enjoyable game of cat and mouse to watch.

”if you’re interested in Bruce Wayne, I could tell you all I know about him. Which is, well… everything.” he said absently, once more responding to Lavi’s thoughts without meaning to. When he realised what he had done, Barca was mildly embarrassed. He would have to be more careful. It was just… well, trying when there was so many people around. And he hadn’t quite closed his mind against it since trying to read Naevia’s mind. That damn dog… ”I apologise. I’ll be more mindful in the future” But she was gone, and Barca was a little relieved, it was oddly exhausting talking right then. With so many thoughts around him… Barca was looking forward to a little bit of a rest.

He shifted, looking towards the doors as they opened.
Working on my Sasha post now, to move things along.


Location Outside Phoenix Wing guild hall
Interacting with Jasmine

As she contemplated how she was going to address the job and complete it, Penny was in a little world of her own, and so when someone crashed into her, Penny stumbled slightly. She turned, expected to see Damien, or maybe Mayt, but it wasn’t either of them. ”Jasmine?” she asked, blinking a little stupidly as she tried to figure out why Jasmine had followed her… and relieved that the girl didn’t seem to hate her. ”Are you alright?” She asked softly, looking the girl over. She remembered that Jasmine had wanted to talk to her…. She was neglecting everything, it seemed.

Keeping her gaze on her, Penny frowned slightly. There was something different about her. Penny tried to figure it out, but couldn’t quite put her finger on it. ”What?” She said, looking down at the job, ”Oh, yes. Sure, you can come along.” She said, looking back up to the girl. ”Winged fishes are attacking towns people, and are causing serious injuries. They need to be dealt with.” She said, falling silent for a few moments, before saying softly, ”Is something wrong, Jasmine?” There seemed tobe something bothering her, but Penny wasn’t able to figure out what.

She shoved the job advertisement, nodding to her to start walking so they could get some transport to Shirotsume Town, and talk along the way.
I am writing now. I am just a ltitle tired is all.

Haven't been sleeping well. Nightmares and shit.

Job interview seemed to go well as well.

Yay! welcome back!

Niesha Burkstein

Location: the Hoardbuster
Skills:Archery (Quick fire accuracy)

Niesha was silent as Ash spoke, looking out the car towards the drift that had formed. She kept her gaze on it, her thoughts seeking the most logical option even though she knew these days, logic wasn’t what it had been. ”Desperate people will do anything, even if it seems crazy.” she said softly, looking towards Ash as he got out the car, she managed a smile, ”But then, we know about crazy don’t we?” She waited a moment as Ash got out, wincing as he went down. Niesha got out of the car as quietly as she could, but the ground proved too much for her, and she slipped slightly, but didn’t fall. Waving her arms like an idiot for a few seconds, she managed to keep her balance. Retrieving her bow and some arrows, she carefully began to make her way over to Ash, glancing all about them as she did so. She soon spotted the walkers, one closer to them, and one just a little bit further.

Drawing a slow breath, she quickly notched an arrow. Ash hadn’t said anything against using her arrows, just not bullets. That was the beauty of being about to shoot an arrow. It was relatively quite. She would also prefer arrows over bullets- and with the way things were, arrows would be easier to make. At least, most of the time, you could retrieve an arrow. Bullets were generally one use. Trusting Riley to keep an eye out for them as she took quick aim, a slight flair to her usually mundane actions, she let the arrow fly. Her aim true, she watched the arrow fly straight into the walkers head and couldn’t help a smile as the body dropped to the ground, whatever was powering it in the brain destroyed by her arrow.

It was so satisfying, watching that and knowing she hadn’t lost her touch. Shifting, she glanced towards the other walker as she closed the distance to Ash, ”Do you want the other one, or should I take it?” she asked pleasantly, watching the walker approaching with its shuffling gait. She could understand how the outbreak had happened so hard and fast- if they were fresh corpses, hours old, many people might simply think they were drunk. It wouldn’t be until they attacked… the noises they made, the motions… they were very unalive like. Bites would have happened quickly then, until they understood. It seems so obvious in hindsight… She gave a soft sigh, looking back to Ash, and then around them once more, to make sure there weren’t any other walkers creeping up. Or any living people thinking they were easy targets.
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