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Current "Doing your best" does not mean working yourself to the point of a mental breakdown. Its no longer your best at that point.
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The word homeowner has the word "meow" in it. Good luck pronouncing it correctly ever again. You're welcome ^.^
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When everything seems wrong...something goes right, and it changes darkness into light, and makes the shadows a little less daunting.
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People cry, not because they are weak. It's because they've been strong for too long
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the bad thing about being bullied is that every time it happens it steals a little piece of who you are if it happens enough little by little you become a little less of who you were meant to be.


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Callie silently went inside with Caius, wishing that she hadn't said anything to him. She shouldn't have said anything at all... She was making things harder for him, and she shouldn't be. Looking down at her food, not particularly eating any of it, she sighed to herself. Looking up as Darric spoke, Callie swallowed and dropped her hands into her lap.

"Look, it isn't something that I can truly explain. There's a magic, mixing lay-line and earth, that enables witches who are particularly skilled in that area to transform into creatures. Doing so like that... well, it allows us to retain ourselves." she said softly, "It will enable me to not be a burden... but... but it doesn't stop the bigger problem. I'm a witch without a coven that can do some serious damage to whatever the coven has planned. They aren't going to stop until I'm no longer a problem."

She fell silent, and looked away from them all, sighing heavily once more. She was just bringing trouble... she didn't know what to do, anymore.

Callie shifted slightly, not sure she liked having Claudia on her side. She wasn’t too sure what she thought of Claudia- it was clear she was outspoken and very opinionated, but... she wasn’t at all like Caius. Caius was warm... caring... and perhaps the best thing to have happened to her. ”I wouldn’t have suggested it if I didn’t.” she said softly, watching Claudia warily.

As Caius began to lead her back inside, she said to him ”it isn’t her opinion I’m worried about. It’s yours. And you don’t want me to do it... I just... I don’t want you to be worried about me. If I were to transform... you wouldn’t have to worry... “ she said low enough for him to hear before falling silent as they stepped back into the cabin. @Kyrisse
@Kyrisse"Claudia will just say I have no right to do anything of the sort, and... well, i'm not sure about Darric." She sighed, "I don't want to be on the side lines, wondering if you're going to come home to me. If this is how I can do it... well... what other way can I be with you? Yes, I could use magic to read your mind, read the packs mind, but I'd just be holding you back if like this."

She didn't want to do that, either. She wanted to be useful... "And... and maybe I don't want to be a witch anymore." She said, her voice barely more than a whisper. "After everything... what that vile woman is doing, it just doesn't seem right anymore." She closed her eyes, "I was so scared. When you didn't come back... when Claudia came in ready to tear my throat out... I thought she meant to leave me behind- I didn't know if I could have found you. Even knowing you were alive, I was still scared."
Sasha refused to let Lazarus break from her grasp. She would not lose him to Zeref... she was not going to let him spiral back into that dark pitful, and if he even so much as begin to slip away from her, she was going to encase his ass in ice. She was not going to lose him. Not to Zeref. Not to any bimbo on the street that thought they could have a swing at the great model Lazarus. No... after everything they had been through... she would not give up on him now.

As he started to cry, cry evidently as hard as he could, sasha clutched at him, holding him close against her, not caring what anyone thought as she simply tried to envelope him in her warm, comfort and love. Nothing was going to hurt him while she was around. Nothing. He was here, back with her. Where he belonged. And she was never going to let him out of her sight, not for long. Everytime she turned around, he was getting into some sort of trouble.

Well, they would deal with it together. "I love you too, Lazarus. Zeref will never have you, not while I'm around." And that went for everyone. She didn't know what was going to happen, but... she wouldn't let Zeref destroy Phoenix Wing as Fairy Tail had been, as all the other guilds that had been there had been. No... this was their time.They would win.

"We will make it home... we have faith." Smiling, she brushed away his tears, and taking his hand in hers, she rose. "Thank you for the help, jasmine.. " She said, gaze going to the exceed. "And if you think they are so easy to handle, Exceed, have at it. I'd love to see it." She was not in the mood for such boastful and degrading words from a flying cat. There was too much else going on, too much else that was more important.

She brought her gaze to Zeref. "You're wrong. We will stop you." She said, her voice strong as she kept her gaze on the dark mage. "chance saw Fairy Tail's failure 100 years ago... but there's something you are forget, Zeref Dark mage. the Fairies and their allies are here... and they won't be in your control for long." Her gaze swept across the dragons, the slayers of old. Fairy tail mages and their companions from 100 years ago... and some of those gathered were descended from Fairy tail mages. They had Ferrin. And Mavis.

And everyone else. They were going to win. No other option was possible. This was it. "Weaken him, as much as you guy." She shouted, her Ice Queen armour once more covering her.

It was hard for Penny to stand there and watch as Demon was attacked by Zeref several times, but after the first time he handled himself, Penny knew it would be okay. That didn't mean that she didn't fight the urge to go to him, to the others she considered family. Her gaze swept over everyone, before finally resting on the dragons. The Dragon slayers of old had been turned into dragons by a failing in their magic... could that be healed? Taking to the air, Penny hovered over the dragons, not taking her gaze away from them as she contemplated the extent of the healing song she would need to use.

It might very well kill her.

But what did that matter now? She'd just come back. If she choose to. Briefly her gaze flicked to those she loved. If Jasmine's reaction was anything to go by, they would no doubt be distressed. her sight rested on Ariel. She still hadn't fixed things there. she didn't know how. This was just something she had to do, now. If it saved her family... her small scarfice would be worth it.

And she'd come back anyway.

Gathering all the energy she could, Penny poured it all into the song she started to sing. It was beautiful, and almost holy in a way and as it enveloped the dragons. But even as it did so, she knew that that wouldn't work. Shifting, she broke off the song, and brought her gaze to Zeref. She doubted the killing song would have much effect on him... Thinking a moment or two, she finally decided on a song to try and weaken him and began to sing, focusing on him and him alone. She poured her magic into it, knowing that it was still too little to deal with Zeref. But with luck... it would weaken him.

"They are my family. And I will protect them. I will not leave until I know they are okay." Jarvis told the spirit. "And that doesn't just mean Jamie and Amelia. Until they are safe, I will stay here." He was not going to lose another daughter. And he was not going to lose Jamie- he doubted that he would be able to survive either lose. not again. Shifting, he held two lacrima in his hand, ready to act when required.

"Unwavering faith and resilient bonds will bring even miracles to your side." Mavis said, her voice somehow carrying through the commotion, as she kept her gaze on Zeref. "You may not be Fairy Tail, but the faith and bond is there. Use it. Banish the shadow!" How should wished she could use Fairy sphere, but not this time, not here. Not now. The only other attack that she could safely use would be Fairy Law. Gathering the power, Mavis knew she had to be precise. She could not fail here. Too much was at stake.

And how... poetic that she would deal damage, deal a heavy blow to Zeref, with the altered spell Law that he had taught her. That she had used and cursed herself. it seemed... justice, in a way. She would use a dark spell she had modified into a Light spell to banish evil from the world.

And Zeref was her enemy. He had proven that long ago... but did she know it in her heart? She thought of everything that had happened... everything that would happen if she faltered here... She had to put an end to this. There is a wall that can't be destroyed with just power. However, there is a type of power that can destroy that wall. The Power of Feelings Zeref had destroyed her guild, no matter what she felt about him. He had destroyed the light she had helped create...

And he wanted to destroy this light, as well. The light of Fairy desendants... the light of everyone there. Everything begins in the deep abyss of Magic. A Magic that unites it all, love. Love can cause miracles. And the love between the two that have been living with the curse have brought the highest level of contradiction. The more one loves, the more one will take away from another. This curse has taken my life from me, even if I was supposed to be immortal Love. Closing her eyes, Mavis brought to mind everyone she had loved. Makarov, whom she had named, who had been her god son. Lexus, his son. Natsu, Lucy... Warrod. Yuri. Precht. Zera. Oh, Zera...

Zeref had destroyed the happy life she had had. Opening her eyes, her voice clear, her gaze on Zeref. "You're right. This ends now. Fairy Law" The magic gathered into a bright light, enveloping the area- keeping everyone safe that she didn't want hurt, the attack sentered on Zeref.


He didn’t understand... how could he? She didn’t understand what it meant to be a wolf, true. But he didn’t understand magic. ”it wouldn’t be the same as being a pup, Caius... I would have control of myself. Essentially it would just be my consciousness in a wolfs body... I don’t know how to truly explain it. But... if you don’t want me to I’ll focus on spells.” she said, sighing softly, ”I don’t want you to be foolish in protecting me... just because you survived one spell... I don’t want to lose you, Caius. Please be careful.”

This all stemmed from the fact that she was a witch. If she were a wolf... there would be nothing to worry about... she’d no longer be a threat to the coven... but she couldn’t ask that of him. Wouldn’t ask that if him. But if this was what the coven, what witches had come to? Then she wasn’t so sure she wanted to be a witch, anymore. ”I just... I just want to be happy together.”
"What if she is right? I've brought trouble for you, for your pack... I can't run with you, because I'm not a wolf... I can just be a burden, throwing my charms around, my spells... I don't know what to do, Caius. I want to end this, but... I don't know if I'm strong enough to." she said, waiting until she was sure that Claudia was gone from earshot.

She sighed, dropping her gaze, looking to her hands. How could she explain... "I want to protect you, as you protect me." She whispered, "There are spells I can make, use and... there are potions too. I can... i can make a potion or spell that can transform me into a wolf for a time... " She said, in barely more than a whisper, not sure how he would react. @Kyrisse
Callie tilted her head, ”by that logic I shouldn’t like water, given that it killed my parents. I trust my capabilities, and I will do what needs to be done to stop that bitch.” what was she meant to do, when even Caius’s sister seemed to despise her?

At Caius’s words, she sighed and shook her head. How could she explain what she was feeling? How could she explain just how Claudia’s words hit home? She wasn’t apart of this pack. She wasn’t apart of a coven. She didn’t belong anywhere.

”Your sister has made it perfectly clear that I don’t belong here. I’m not a wolf.”@Kyrisse
"I'll protect you, too." Callie said softly, wrapping her arms around him and closing her eyes a moment or two. She took what comfort she could from him, his warmth enveloping her. "You're right. I'll deal with the witches... She shouldn't have sought to harm you, to get to me." She would do what had to be done... she would find a way to do what had to be done.

She was not going to lose Caius. She couldn't lose him, not now. Her life might otherwise be a mess, but she had him...

She stiffened at Claudia's words, turned just enough to meet Claudia's gaze. "Take that up with your brother. He had wolves to train and protect, and where were you? Not there. I couldn't be there, but I would have if I could have." She said, her voice steady. "I assure you, I won't let it happen again. And if you don't have faith in witch spells, then you won't like what I have planned. If you don't have faith in my spells, you don't have faith in me. Which means you don't have faith in Caius."
Callie gave a soft sight, letting herself lean into his embrace, "Caius... I once didn't think anything of something and it led to my parents death." she said, only just managing to get those words out, "I don't want to make the same mistake twice. Every fairy tale has a bases of truth in them, and if this does too... " she trailed off, falling silent, not sure how she could explain just what she was feeling.

"Well... I think being careful would be prudent in any case. The witches... they know about you now. They know that you can survive a deadly spell, and even if it was just a fluke, they will try harder to kill you than ever." She said, anger growing in her voice, "And I won't let that happen. I can't let that happen."
His voice... calling to her. Callie stopped, looking towards where it had come from. The spell she had readied was waiting to be used, and she finished the incantation. ”I’m here” she said softly, knowing that he could hear. She glanced around and was satisfied for the moment that she’d at least be warned of any supernatural creature coming near them. That warning could mean the difference between life and death, she was sure.

Running a handle through her hair, she turned towards him, knowing that he was probably wondering why she had gone off like that. ”I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have gone off like that. I thought it wise to use some magic and make an alarm system. Just in case.” she said, as she made her way to him, giving him a smile.

”I... I don’t want to lose you, Caius”@Kyrisse
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