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Current "When life gives you lemons, buy a fucking gun !" ~Jackie Fucking Vincent
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I just ordered 8 boxes of cinnamon toast crunch online
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Up on the Jelly
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Man, flowers and chocolates are expensive, me wallet be empty now innit
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Ah yes, paperwork while making dinner is the best time to do paperwork
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"You wrote down all these things to say good-bye to, but so many of them are good things.
Why not just say good-bye to the bad things? Say good-bye to all the times you felt lost.
To all the times it was a no instead of a yes.
To all the scrapes and bruises, to all the heartache.
Say good-bye to everything you really want to do for the last time, but don't go have one last scotch with Barney.
Have the first scotch toasting Barney's new life because that's a good thing, and the good things will always be here waiting for you."
~Lily Aldrin (how i met your mother, S9 E3)

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"I get that a lot."

Location: Dorm Floor

Interaction: Lilly Forrester

Seoyeon flinched and raised her brow at what sounded like her name, she was mid chew on a big ol' bite of chicken wing which made her reaction a bit of a laughable moment. "Orhf fruck... (Oh fuck...)" She muttered under her breath as she noticed the girl heading towards her. She licked her fingers clean as fast as she could and took a sip of her beer to wash down the salty goodness of those chicken wings. She wiped her hands on her pants and tried her best to make sure that wasn't noticeable. Though after hearing Lilly's attempt to pronounce her name, she had to correct her, "It's pronounced Seoyeon (Syo-yun) not Soyeon (So-yun) alright? Seo... (Syo...) Yeon... (Yun...) Don't worry about butchering it too much, I get that a lot." Said Seoyeon, she always had to clarify with new people but she was used to it at this point.

She laughed a bit, brushing a bit of her hair to the side before swirling the beer she had in her cup. She patted her stomach and let out a quick burp which was followed by her covering her mouth with her fist, her eyes even squinted a bit as she was trying to pass it off as something nonchalant. "Anyway, yeah, I am thoroughly enjoying the party, because shit like this isn't prominent back home." Said Seoyeon before taking a sip of her beer and setting it down. "I'm not good with names, you're uhh... Millie? No, Ellie?- Wait, uhh... fuck... Uhh... Kaaatiee? Yeah I don't know." Seoyeon continued, she was most likely wrong, well she did only know like 2-3 people in the whole institute.

This whole interaction isn't Seoyeon's smoothest interaction but it is how she interacts with most people.

"Enjoy the night !"

Location: Dorm Floor

Interaction: Random party flatmates / Possibly Lou

Seoyeon could feel the power of dance course through her veinsd, like she was born to do this or something. Being a person who studies dance and have it be a major part of her life meant she was extremely active, which also meant she knew a bunch of dance choreographs for a bunch of different songs. As she jumped around during the average, lyricless party song, it ended and it swapped to one of her all time favourites (The Middle - Zedd, Maren Morris, Grey). She was pretty happy people gave her to room to dance around in. This dance held a special place in her heart because this specific dance was choreographed by her teacher back in South Korea.

After that, she took a quick bow as people cheered but then proceeded to tap on her stomach with her finger as she started breathing heavily from exhaustion and adrenaline. She got hungry and she could smell some wings from a mile away, and boy did they smell good. Seoyeon took her drink back from the person she handed it to earlier and made her way to the wings, nodding, bowing, and thanking everyone who complimented her for her impromptu dance number, sure it may get her known on the floor but she didn't even say her name so they'll have to figure that out, or like 5 minutes of facebook stalking.

As she arrived at platter of wings, she took a sip of her drink and picked one up, the aroma of the wings was enough for her to want it. She took a bite and immediately, her face lit up and she audibly went, "대박 ! (Daebak !) 'Whoa/Awesome/Cool !' Who made this? It's like I'm biting into heaven itself !" Seoyeon exclaimed as she scanned the area to figure out who it was, though because she was fully immersed in the food she couldn't really figure that out. When she finished the one she was eating, she kept going at it, completely stuffing her face with these wings.

I legit do not care if I get fat right now, I'm eating as much of this as I can tonight.

"Let's hope I don't screw this up!"

Location: Ballroom at The Plaza, 5:45 pm

Interaction: N/A

A few days before the party...

"Absolutely not !" Naoko exclaimed at her roommate as she eyed the dress she was holding up for her to see, "I'd rather not go !" She added as she started stomping around, her roommate, annoyed at this point stated "It's a formal event Naoko, and not to mention it is being held in the super prestigious Plaza Hotel." Naoko hated dresses, only ever wearing them when absolutely necessary, and this particular dress was the shade of pink that she ddn't like, showed off too much skin, and came with black gloves to be worn. Naoko just shook her head, with that Tiffany put it down on the her bed and sarcastically replied with, "Why don't you go in a suit like any other guy in that party." Followed by a sound that stated disgust. Naoko's face lit up, "That's not a bad idea-" Naoko replied, she then ran out of her room and started to put her shoes on while Tiffany tried to explain that she didn't actually mean that. Though Naoko had already decided, as soon as she put her shoes on she gave Tiffany a quick hug before saying "I'll see you when I get back, you're the best Tif !" She exclaimed as she ran out the door to get herself a suit.

Present day...

"Get in the car, you're gonna be late !" Tiffany yelled from the driver's seat of her navy blue BMW, "I'm coming !" Naoko yelled back, as she tapped the toe of her black high cut converse on the first step of the front door of their apartment building, after that she tied her hair into a short ponytail. Naoko wore your average black suit that was fit perfectly for her, it even came with a grey vest, her the top button of her shirt was unbuttoned, her tie was loose, and she wore a pair of black Chuck Taylors. Fancy parties were never her thing, and based on this look, that was pretty obvious. "How do I look?" Naoko asked, as she held her arms out from just outside the passenger window that was rolled down. "You look great ! Now get in !" Tiffany gestured her hands for Naoko to move quickly, and she did, she hurried along in the car, the invite in her hands, and as soon as she got in they drove towards the Plaza.

When they arrived, Tiffany stopped the car right in front of the entrance of the building, but Naoko just sat there, clenching the invite in her hand; she was nervous but excited at the same time. She turned to Tiffany, and looked at her with the most worried look Naoko could pull off, "I'm not gonna fuck this up right?" Naoko asked. Tiffany smiled, she buttoned Naoko's shirt and tightened her tie, then said "You won't, I'm sure of it." Naoko then nodded, and turned to the door; but before she could leave, Tiffany stopped her and pulled out her hair tie, "You look better with your hair down." Tiffany stated. Naoko smiled, gave Tiffany a hug and left the vehicle.

She looked up at the giant structure, swallowed her saliva and made her way in. The place was absolutely grand, the type of thing that would be only fantasied or be only seen in Disney movies. A lot of people glanced at her, well since she was a girl in a suit which would always make people have a peek. She made her way to the elevator and rode it to where the main party was, it was pretty high up but she wasn't complaining, this place looked stellar and some part of her didn't want to leave. Throughout the whole elevator ride, she stared at her invitation, memorising her number so that she wouldn't forget it the moment she got there. Though as soon as the elevator opened, and people poured out since she was at the back, the grand glow of the interior of the ballroom had already stunned her like crazy.

Naoko searched card after card looking for her place in the party, after 5 - 10 minutes of walking around this giant ballroom, she finally found her name that stood out pretty well since well, it was a Japanese surname. She let out a sigh and thought Fancy place with fancy people, it's like that episode of Spongebob. I need a drink. She thought, she removed her jacket and draped it over the chair, showing up a very fit look of a her grey vest, white long sleeved buttoned shirt, and black tie. She walked to the bar and said "Hi, yeah, Whiskey, the oldest you got. Or you know, a 35 year." Said Naoko. After her drink was served and she took that sip, she knew how different this place was compared to Brooklyn. Naoko took a sip, which was followed by her saying "くそ, それは滑らかです. (Kuso, sore wa namerakadesu.) 'Fuck, that's smooth. " After that, she only needed to get through the night and maybe talk to some people for everything to go well for her. The night is young, so a lot can happen.

"Getting in the party mood."

Location: Dorm Floor

Interaction: Random person (Could be anyone really)

Seoyeon was still in her room of her dorm, getting herself ready for the big party, she was even contemplating whether to involve some Korean food for everyone to try; but then again people might not handle spicy food. She laid there on her bed not even sure about what to do on herself to make herself look great; and locking herself to avoid her total gayness from all the pretty girls on the floor isn't a good thing either, she'd have to come fix that if she doesn't stop it tonight.

After careful consideration, she sat up from her bed, slapping her knee as she pulled down one of the legs of her short shorts that she uses as pajamas or as comfy gear when walking around in her own dorm, she wasn't cold, it was practically in her blood as a South Korean to not really get cold in these type of situations. She then scratched the back of her head, feeling the sweet, sweet sensation of her neck tingling from the scratches. She also felt the hood of the sleeveless hoodie she wore as a top, also part of the patented Seoyeon's-Comfy-Korean-Clothes or a better name for it if she ever decides something different from that. She inched her way off her bed and the first thing she did was connect her phone to her Bluetooth speaker and play her playlist that she usually dances along to; a few of these songs actually has a full choreographed dance to it.

As she danced her way out of the room and towards the kitchen of the dorm, she went over to the fridge and grabbed herself a slice of cold pizza that has been sitting for about 2-3 days now, though she did expect that her roommates who have eaten all of them by now. Speaking of roommates, as Seoyeon munched on the freezing Italian delicacy, she glanced over to one of the doors of her roommates, if she wasn't misremembering names, that room was Jimi's room, and boy did she want to get close to this person for a million reasons, one because she thought she was hella cool.

She then went back to her room and decided what to wear, she bit down on the pizza to hold it in her mouth and pulled her wardrobe doors open with her cold greasy fingers. As she looked at her outfits, a thought came into her head Maybe I should like, french toast a pizza- Her eyes widened, and her mind exclaimed, I should have french toasted this pizza, holy fuck this is the best idea in the world ! She then shook her head, snapping herself out of that thought. She then finished her cold pizza, sucked on the grease from her fingers and pulled out her outfit for the party.

Seoyeon did her makeup then dressed in a black and white (White dominant) shirt that was tucked in skinny black pants followed by black boots with red laces, and to top it off, a deep blue denim jacket. The whole time she was dressing herself, she was jamming out to what sounded like Marshmello. She then went over to her mirror, grabbed her silver watch and a hair tie before tying her hair into a ponytail with some of her bangs covering a portion of right eye.

With that transformation, Seoyeon shut off her speaker and joined the fun outside her dorm. She immediately went for a cup of beer since, well, what else are you supposed to do at college parties other than drink? "Hey ! Turn up the music !" She exclaimed before taking a swig of her beer, "I mean I'm not aiming for a major in dance for nothing amirite?" She said as she leaned to the side to whoever was there, she didn't really get to see who it was since she was so keen on dancing for now.

This took longer than I thought.

Here yuwu go.
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