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Current What if every song was a minecraft parody, that’d be lit
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@KimHanuel it's that new Red Velvet song hun
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1 day ago
Oh my god! He's a really bad boy, he's a really bad boy
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boy I wish I could do that
1 day ago
I can range from being your cute goth gf to a frog on a steering wheel


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@nightmare medx

Oh, I thought introvert-type and deceptive were weaknesses, then I guess I'll add "self-preservative" and "Impulsive."
Hello I’m here to apply for the detective one, the highschool drama, and/or the science fiction. If you’ll have me of course.
Hey if I can be the tomboy, I’m totally in!
Hey I was wondering if I could still join this?

"All of that... For nothing?"

Khloe regained her breath as she looked up at Una, and as she replied to Khloe, Khloe's face immediately shifted to an annoyed look. She was annoyed at herself now and she reeled her head back while grabbing the back of her head, "Ahhh! I thought I was late! I was rushing down the halls like an idiot!" She exclaimed out, as she then crouched on the ground holding her head like she didn't want anyone to see her, blaming herself for the most part for tiring herself out this early in the morning. She took a deep breath to calm herself down a bit and then stood back up to face Una.

"Alright, I'm chill- I mean, good, I'm good." Khloe let out an awkward smile before moving to brush her ashen hair to the side, or at least the ones that covered her face. As they arrived at Avalon, Khloe didn't do much since she kinda just planned to hide under her cap throughout the whole time they were there. Then again, she was a fully confident gay so maybe something could happen if she got drunk enough.

"I don't know about the making out with strangers thing, maybe I'll get day drunk." Khloe replied as she shrugged in the uber.

"It kind of burns."

Luna looked at the guy, she almost didn't accept it, but she swallowed her pride and took the antidote from him and let out a "Thanks, appreciate that." Her eyes then shifted to the Remombra that flew above them and she immediately took a step back just in case it would do something it would regret, then again Remombras won't be regretting stuff when they're dead.

"Hey!" Luna called out to Devrin, "As much as I hate to say it, how about we put that whole 'push you off the boat' thing behind us." She raised her switch axe to show her strength, "Even though you know I could do it." She joked letting out a cheeky smile before setting eyes on that Remombra that was doing dive bombs.
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