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"You wrote down all these things to say good-bye to, but so many of them are good things.
Why not just say good-bye to the bad things? Say good-bye to all the times you felt lost.
To all the times it was a no instead of a yes.
To all the scrapes and bruises, to all the heartache.
Say good-bye to everything you really want to do for the last time, but don't go have one last scotch with Barney.
Have the first scotch toasting Barney's new life because that's a good thing, and the good things will always be here waiting for you."
~Lily Aldrin (how i met your mother, S9 E3)

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"Gotta chill."

Location: Dorm Floor

Interaction: Upstairs people

The same man poked his head out from the door just to mention "Dispatch says it's nothing, just take care of her; Come on Frank, we got more stuff to do." He gestured towards the other paramedic to call him over. Now Seoyeon needed to chill since she didn't want to make enemies with that curly haired blonde dude and she was highly thankful to Lilly to helping her calm down especially around two totally mindless paramedics. "Look, as I've said it's nothing, just take care of her, give her something soft to lay down on and she should be up by tomorrow." With that they left Seoyeon to be furious from where she stands.

Seoyeon tried her absolute hardest to calm down as she glanced back at the girl, the paramedics have left the door and now she barely knew what to do with her life. She turned to Julius and initiated an apology "Hey, listen, real sorry about yelling at you earlier, people who don't know what they're doing just infuriate me, like what type of paramedic can't see the problem with that?" Seoyeon then then held out her hand, if he were to shake that hand of hers they would be fine but if not then maybe Seoyeon would have to deal more than people getting concussions in this school.

She took a deep sigh and paced the floor while her hands were behind her head. She paced back and forth a few times before deciding on what to do on this terrible night. She couldn't think of anything better to do, she wasn't in the mood to party or get drunk anymore so she considered an alternative. She walked pass Lilly and look over her shoulder to tell her intentions, "I'm going to go out for some fresh air, yes I know it's cold and I'm wearing shorts but, fuck I need that fresh air more than ever." Said Seoyeon as she walked a few steps before adding another thing. "If anything happens, call me." Said Seoyeon to make sure that her help was there if they need it.

She then walked off now completely, heading back downstairs and through the loud and screaming party goers. She took a quick detour to grab a hoodie so she wouldn't die of hypothermia, that we would be a better way to die than some killer. She then slipped that on and stood by the door of the dorm building as she felt the cold wind touch her body.

"Basically, it's a prom."

Location: Ballroom at The Plaza

Interaction: Barbara

The sudden hug had caught Naoko by surprise, and since this was Naoko her reaction was to immediately back off a bit since she started blushing like crazy and her reply ended up being a stuttering mess, "H-How about the uhh... The... You know, the b-balcony? O-Or, Uhm, we could... We could just, go to the bar or something, I don't know." Said Naoko, she was now stood up all weird, but still formal enough for the atmosphere due to her Japanese heritage and her understanding of respect. She looked the one up and down before holding her hand out for her again, but this time Naoko was more shaky and flimsy with her posture which was very prominent on her hands.

Naoko continuously yelled at herself on the inside to not screw this up, this is the chance to stop this dating hiatus that has been ongoing in her life since she moved to New York. Tiffany always said that she would love to see Naoko happy again in terms of relationships. But as of this moment, Naoko could feel her chest warm up from some fuzzy feeling forming inside her, was it her courage mustering up so she could speak like a normal person? Maybe. She then got deep in her thoughts for a second, and she remember one crucial thing about her that she needed to get out there. "Or maybe, a dance? That's kinda my specialty after all." Naoko added as she jerked her head towards the dance floor so that they can share a dance together, but being that she just met Barbara, she just reinstated the original plan of "Or we really could just stick with the bar or the balcony. " She wouldn't want to make herself look like a complete idiot.

When Noemi spoke up, Naoko just pointed away from the table and quickly said "We're going somewhere else, just leave us two chairs next to each other yeah?" She hoped they would follow this wish of hers.

"It's not that simple."

Location: Dorm Floor

Interaction: Upstairs people

As Seoyeon couldn't keep still at all during that whole endeavor. She stared at her phone moving her Bitizens up and down elevators as she waited for the paramedics to arrive. The door slammed opened and Seoyeon pushed herself off the wall, thinking it was the paramedics she was instantly disappointed to see that it was just some blonde guy she didn't know the name of, she sees him in the halls sometimes but she never bothered to check his name nor did she care that much since he wasn't in her social group. He then turned to her and yelled at her to call an ambulance. Seoyeon was already uneasy which made her response a bit more aggressive than usual, "Asshole, I already called an ambulance, what makes you think I wouldn't?" She had quite a bit of tone in her voice to prove that she didn't want to take any of this shit today, she was a third on the way to drunk and there's some bleeding chick on the floor; so it really isn't the time to fuck around or act like the biggest fish in the sea.

The look on his face kind of lowered her anger a bit since there was something else, there were traces of blood on his hands, and it was either he was the one doing this or this girl wasn't the only one. She backed off, but she made sure her earlier statement was heard pretty well since Seoyeon isn't the type of person to forget about what she says previously.

Lily then added her statement about calling the ambulance for the girl earlier, who should be here by now. The girl wasn't looking good at all, she looked tenser than a tight rope with an elephant on it, and her eyes looked as vacant as ever- Suddenly two men rush in; they both wore those things paramedics wore so they were probably them. The taller one, went to check on the girl and the other grabbed the gurney and laid it flat on the ground. The taller one was a Caucasian male with dark hair and a beard while his friend was an African american with short hair and much larger muscles. The muscular one stayed with the girl, then the taller one walked up to Seoyeon and said "She's fine, just fainted. Make sure she stays hydrated over the next few hours, and she should be back to it by tomorrow, easy. Don't drink underage, it's not a good idea. Someone could've called the cops." Seoyeon then looked at the man in confusion and replied "Whoa whoa, it can't be that simple, aren't you supposed to take her to the hospital or something?" She asked, the man then turned to his buddy who shook his head at Seoyeon's reply, then proceeded to fold the gurney. "You kids should be able to take care of her, it's only a concussion." Said the man.

Seoyeon shook her in anger and grabbed the man by the collar, she looked up at him and angrily spoke "Concussion my ass! She's bleeding! So you better take her to the fucking hospital or I'll fucking put you in the hospital I swear to god!" Seoyeon yelled, the girl clearly wasn't okay and these two idiots don't know what they're doing. The tall paramedic pulled away, and scoffed at Seoyeon, he turned to his buddy and they just stared at each other. "Let me call dispatch." The man replied annoyingly as he walked out the door while his buddy stayed.

"I'm not really good with shiny rocks."

Location: Ballroom at The Plaza

Interaction: Everyone, Babs

As Naoko watched the waiters bring over the ice cream, she couldn't help but salivate a little. She straightened her tie and just stared at the ice cream bowl that placed in front of her. It was a great mountain of Neapolitan ice cream, and it even looked like these flavours were imported like French Vanilla or Belgian chocolate. She then mumbled a quick "いただきます !'Itadakimasu!' (Let's eat!)" before going in to eat the ice cream. Though as she ate ice cream, she didn't really like chocolate ice cream, so she avoided that all together, even the parts of the other flavours that were touching it since she was that picky about chocolate ice cream. She then put in another spoonful and felt something hard touch her molars, thinking it was like a nut or something, she bit down and nothing happened but hurt her teeth. She then pulled it out with her index finger and thumb and stared at it trying to figure out what it was. After a few seconds she figured it was a ring but it had this white shiny thing on it with little bits of other colours that made it look absolutely stunning. (It was Opal).

She looked at the ring and cleaned it with a napkin and placed it down by the side of her bowl for awhile. She placed her palm on her cheek since that did hurt her teeth quite a bit. She just looked at the ring and didn't even bother looking around just yet since the pain was a bit more of a big deal than finding the person who matched her ring. Now as she covered her mouth as she ate her last bite, she started to look around this time. She kept glancing back at her own little atone on a ring just to make sure she would get this right. She then slid the ring in her finger and the moment she stretched her hand out to admire the ring, she saw the girl sat there with the same ring on her hand. Barbara Jane Mills. She looks pretty and way out of Naoko’s league, she got real nervous for a second and her leg started to move on its own out of giddyness.

Though Naoko did have some balls that night, she got up, buttoned her jacket, dusted off everything, then walked towards Barbara. She gulped and held out her right hand for her to take, as she kept her hand behind her back for formality. "Excuse me," said Naoko "It would appear that I’m your partner." Naoko smiled and knew that this is the only time she would have Big Dick Energy tonight so she may aswell use as much of it for this moment.

"What the fuck can I even do at this point?"

Location: Dorm Floor

Interaction: Lilly Forrester, Hangyeol Yoon

After Seoyeon came back from having that call, she announced it with a quick "Ambulance is on the way, I'd say give it 10 minutes max based on how far the nearest medical centre is." Seoyeon would try her hardest to stay calm, she paced around behind them trying to calm herself down from seeing something as crazy as that. The questions of who and why would cloud her mind over and over again, until minutes later she''d calm herself down and slowly press her back against the wall, leaning against it and keeping her legs straight as she figure what could have possibly happened.

She was slowing her breathing but was taking big breaths to calm herself down, after a few of those she ended up pulling out her phone and started managing her Tiny Tower to get her to not worry so much about the situation. She wanted to talk to the other person that she shared a home country with but now wasn't the time. She would often glance as her thumb scrolled and tapped on little icons in the game. She had no clue what to do next since her major field isn't going to help in any way, unless dancing could rewind time so she could prevent all of this.

"Hey, seriously, what can I do to help?" She asked generally, but soon directed it to the other Korean, "What? You want me to call you oppa or something? 내가 도와 줄게! 'naega dowa julge!' (Let me help you!)" Seoyeon called out, hoping that would get his attention. She crossed one arm as she continued to multitask and manage her game as she waited for a reply.

"Holy. Shit."

Location: Dorm Floor

Interaction: Lilly Forrester

Seoyeon ran over to where the sound came from only to be greeted by some girl bleeding from the head, on the ground, possibly dying. "Holy... Shit..." Seoyeon let out. Lilly then rushed to the girl's side and started making sure she was okay, or at least alive enough to tell them what happened. Seoyeon shook her head and was unconsciously tapping her foot on the ground due to the uneasy feeling she had inside her. "I'm calling an ambula-" Seoyeon put her hands in her pocket, her phone wasn't there and she quietly cursed in Korean before taking a few steps back and saying "I left my phone back in my dorm, fuck give me a second, I'll be back I swear." She promised, and she ran downstairs back to her dorm.

As she reached her door, she opened it with quite some force, the door slamming on the wall on the side as she ran to her room. She picked up her phone on the bedside table and started quickly walking back to where that girl was while dialing 911. Before she left her dorm, she grabbed a black marker from her room for her to use. She lodged her phone between her ear and her shoulder and uncapped the marker and started scribbling on her arm. She didn't write much other than 'dead girl? --- Party?' As the reception on the other end of the 911 line spoke Seoyeon told her about the girl that was bleeding on the floor and requested an ambulance to come immediately as she made her way back up to the scene.

When she arrived there, the call was done and she went over to Lilly and asked. "What else can I do?" She didn't want anything else to happen to tonight, she only expected to get drunk of alcohol not a murder mystery.

"A gathering of new people."

Location: Ballroom at The Plaza

Interaction: Gaia Bradley, then everyone else

Naoko nodded at her reply and just smiled back at the girl who spoke to her- Gaia, a name she definitely wouldn't forget anytime soon. She looked over the girl's shoulder having a quick glance at her table just to make sure her jacket was still there. The girl introducing herself to Naoko was all she needed to feel a little more comfortable in an event like this. Naoko watched her place her glass on the bar behind her as she said her goodbyes before walking off, "Yeah, I'll see you..." Naoko nodded once more and placed her own glass on the bar, emptied from the whiskey that was in it before making her way back to her table.

As Naoko walked back to her table, that girl- Gaia was there already, she didn't even realise that Gaia and her were in the same table. She moved to the seat that was across from her, picked up her suit coat and slipped it on before pulling the chair out, sitting down and pushing herself back in. Her eyes met with Gaia and all she did was make a small wave and smile at her. This other girl, Noemi introduced herself and asked everyone to do the same along with their profession. Followed by three other people who included Gaia, now it was Naoko's turn. Naoko with her customs of respect, pushed the chair back with her legs and stood up, performing another bow as she introduced herself. "I-I'm Naoko Miyamoto," Said Naoko as she raised her head up, as she stood there she was formulating her words as she spoke, "-I'm a dancer, choreographer and vice-president of the Neverland Dance Crew, I was also in a Matt Steffanina video, I don't know if that was relevant but I was." She then bowed once more after saying the following line, "It is wonderful to meet all of you, thank you for having me " After that she sat back down and waited for a response to that.

"Nice to meet you!"

Location: Ballroom at The Plaza, specifically the bar

Interaction: Gaia Bradley

Naoko was just there, leaning on the bar as she watched this famous guy move on to his friend; She's definitely seen him before, she just can't put her finger where. Suddenly she was tapped on the shoulder once more but it wasn't the bartender this time, but instead, it was a girl that was really pretty who was going to converse with her. As she watched her lips move which formed what is predominantly called as small talk, she replied, "Hey, they're not that bad ! I'm usually the one all chatty and crazy at social events, but this fancy stuff is way out of my league." Naoko sipped on her drink after her reply and looked the girl up and down. She was beautiful and she could tell that this girl will be a bit silly at times but she doesn't expect to see that any time soon.

Naoko then bowed, the usual Japanese way of showing respect before speaking. "I'm Miyamoto Nao- uh, I-I mean uh, Naoko Miyamoto, you can just call me Naoko, or whate- or whatever you want I-I don't really mind" She was screaming in her head, she hated herself at that moment for stuttering so much, this girl is too pretty for her sake. She just finished off her drink and orderd another one as she smiled back.

"Uh... Hi?"

Location: Dorm Floor

Interaction: Lou Liu, Lilly Forrester

Seoyeon then did a quick bow for Lou signaling a thanks for the conversation, "Thanks, but I'm gonna go mingle more, hit me up on twitter and I'll be glad to have another conversation that I can actually pay attention to, or if you don't want that my door's always open... But you have to get past my roommates first." She did one more bow and waved her hand as she walked away, sure it wasn't the nicest goodbyes, but Seoyeon doesn't believe in goodbyes, she only believes in 'see you laters.' She walked through the dorm room, not following Lilly but instead went the complete opposite direction. With her drink in hand, she was slowly feeling her tipsiness levels increase.

Seoyeon, after walking a few minutes didn't find much luck mingling with other people other than the occasional 'good job' from her dance earlier. She shrugged and planned to get drunk then call it a night, maybe even have a few wings before doing so. As she was mid chug of her, what appeared to be her 7th cup of beer, she heard a scream causing her to flinch and splash some beer in her face. She then muttered "What the fuck?" before putting her beer down and lifting the bottom bit of her shirt to wipe her face, exposing her midrift for a bit while doing it. She was hunched down as she had to quickly wipe it off her face before it got all sticky and gross.

But that scream was quite something, she wanted to go see what it was, but it could mean her life. Whatever, fuck caution. She already spotted a few people going to investigate the situation and she wanted to join this party, and hey, it looked like Lilly was also going to check it, so that's another bonus for her, seeing someone she now knows go see what it was; well, she is the floor manager so she would obviously be on top of stuff like that. Nonetheless! Seoyeon picked up the pace, and lightly jogged towards Lilly, squeezing pass a few people to get to her. "Hey Lil! You fin- I mean, You going to check that out?" Asked Seoyeon.

"A new beginning or some shit like that."

Location: Dorm Floor

Interaction: Lilly Forrester, Lou Liu

Seoyeon shrugged when Lilly mentioned highschool, Korea wasn't really good at parties like this, it's one of those things that are very much frowned upon back where she came from. "Yeah, if any of us threw a party back in Seoul, we would be punished, expelled, and deserted by our families... Okay, maybe not the family part but you get the idea." Said Seoyeon before finishing off her beer. She looked down in her cup a bit upset that her drink was empty and that she'd have to get a new one, but that can wait. Seoyeon put down her cup on the table beside her, a few inches away from the plate of wings as Lilly introduced herself. "Okay Lilly, nice to meet you and since you're the manager, should I call you with honourifics? You know, the usual Korean 'Unnie' if you've heard it before." Said Seoyeon informing her of Korean tradition of respect, maybe it doesn't apply here in Alaska but who knows, it might.

Seoyeon then reached a little ways down the table and grabbed herself a second cup of alcohol for her to enjoy, which she knows she will and continued on with her little chat with Lilly. Suddenly, a loud 'Hello !' startled Seoyeon for a moment, causing her body to flinch, her eyes to widen, and her hand to jolt a bit to cause a little splash from her new cup of beer. This man then came up to the two of them, he looked nice, and had the nice guy vibe to him that Seoyeon really liked in people, even if the hello scared her a bit.

The man introduced himself as the creator of those delicious wings, and Seoyeon immediately jumped on that fact. She put her beer down and thoroughly shook his hand. "Dude, fuck, those wings were yours?! Holy shit, you have to make me more, it's like the legit the best tasting non-spicy wings I have ever ate, you're fucking amazing dude !" Seoyeon exclaimed, and almost jumped in her excitement to meet the genius behind those wings, she wanted the recipe but asking for it up front probably won't be the best idea, maybe he'll share it with here once they've gotten to know each other a little more; after all it's been like 3 minutes. Lou then said that he added her on Facebook, so she had to explain her situation. "I barely open facebook anymore, just follow me on twitter and you can contact me there, my DMs are open... To anyone who won't send dick picks... Or toe fungus... Or anything gross."

Seoyeon, being the person that she was played along with Lou when he did the half mouth cover thing, she proceeded to do the same for her reply. "Yeah it would, anyway, let me formally introduce myself, I'm renasha blitz and I'm your freestyle dance teacher, kidding, I'm Seoyeon Kang, Dance Major." She said with a quick face scrunch followed by her smile and wink, which both lead to her laughing at it afterwards.
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