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"Supply the pie"

Location: The Old Starboard

As Hyoon took the girl's order, she then thought that, that specific item on the menu had always been odd but it tasted really good which was why it was slapped on the menu without much care. Hoon wrote down the orders and went off back to the kitchen to fix up every order given to her, she started toasting the bread and then went on to grab the a slice of pie that wasn't as hot but warm enough to enjoy since it was prepared already. She called out to Tony to make get the sandwich done as she started brewing the coffee. She took the pie out to table twelve and placed it on the table, and let out a quick "Enjoy the pie~" before heading out to return to the kitchen. Tony was pretty fast with making orders, so it was ready as soon as Aria returned to the kitchen, she grabbed a mug from the cupboard, poured in some coffee and placed it all on the tray. She thanked Tony before moving out to serve everything to table five. "Sorry for the delay, it's practically just two of us here." She said as she placed the plate down and walked off. Aria didn't know how hungry the girl at table twelve was but, when she returned to the table, the plate was only left with a few crumbs and a bit of apple sauce smeared on the plate. She was pretty surprise, it was either her pie was really good or the girl was really hungry, and it would appear to be the former. The lady then left Hyoon with a real nice tip. Her face lit up and she did a quick polite bow as she said "Oh wow, Uh... Thanks a bunch!" As the girl left, Hoon made her way back to the kitchen, to see the waitress from earlier finally walk back in. "Everything alright?" She asked, the waitress let out a small smirk "Yeah, it's nothing don't worry about it." She replied. Hoon then raised her 20 at the girl and said "Look, I already made more than you will all day." Hoon stated trying not to brag- okay, she was totally bragging. "Okay." The waitress replied mockingly as they exchanged laughs "Watch me beat you." The waitress said, as she walked back out to the restaurant proper. Hoon just shrugged and waited in the kitchen for her next order.

"Today isn't that crazy."

Location: The Old Starboard

Before Aria could even walk back to the kitchen, she saw someone walk in, followed by another, both women and could look like they could use a bite of something sweet or something filling. She brushed her hair back and grabbed the notepad from off the counter and walked over to the blonde (Mali) and she was asking for specials, mostly the ones that involved pies. Since Aria knows the menu like the back of her hand, she replied with, "We have the famous starboard apple pie, strawberry rhubarb and our newly added banana cream pie." She looked back at the kitchen and thought for a second. "I recommend the apple pie since it's made by the best chef in this establishment. " She meant herself, she's rarely that full of herself but she thought it was funny and she'll love whatever this person orders since she does appreciate it when people eat her pies. As soon as the girl told her the order, she wrote it down then moved on to the brunette that sat on practically the other end of the pub. "Hi, yeah, I'm here to take your order if you've decided." Aria said as she held her notebook pretty close to her, examining the brunette, thinking what she would like to order based on her personality and all that since Aria was pretty accustomed to what people want just from what they look like; though her judgement has been wrong before.
Fixed mine too~!

"I swear I'm running this place by myself."

Location: The Old Starboard

Interaction: @HolyGrail @Allycat

As Aria got to work on Tao's order, a few minutes in, another one came. "One order of signature old starboard hot wings for table twelve, Aria." From the same waitress needless to say, "Do you have to say signature old starboard everytime?" Aria asked as she let out a quick chuckled, the heat and smoke from the pan, and that nice sizzling smell of bacon had engulfed her so that she didn't smell like cigarettes, coffee, and sadness. "As long as it pisses you off, yes." The waitress replied, as she placed the order on the order wheel. One of the order chef's in the kitchen started to work on the actual hot part of the hotwings while Aria toasted the burger buns and the burger itself on the grill. It didn't take too long since this was pretty routine for her and she knows the recipe like the back of her hand at this point. She was multitasking pretty well, she had deep fried the wings already and are now waiting for that to cook, and while she waited she was already constructing the burger. As she was constructing, that same waitress that Tao knows pretty well had a phone call to take so she quickly gave Aria the table number for the order and walked out the kitchen to talk outside. Construction of the burger was very delicate- No, it wasn't. Aria just put the usual, lettuce, tomato, beef burger cooked to a nice medium, slice of american cheddar, a generous amount of bacon topped off with the restaurant's secret sauce. The other chef already had fries cooking so she put that on the plate as well with a nice pinch of salt. She then opened the fridge ,grabbed a coke and put it all on the tray. "Hey, wings are done cooking, when I come back they better be ready for order with a glass of water okay?" Said hoon as she walked off with the tray of Tao's food, ripping that order from off the wheel and slipping it in the trash bin.

She walked out into the restaurant and walked over to Tao's table and put his food down next to his laptop "Your waitress friend had to take a call, and since it's a Saturday, we're a little light on staff." Said Hoon as she had just put down the can coke and a glass full of ice and straw down on the table. She then walked back in the kitchen to see the wings and the glass of water slide over to her "Here ya' go Hoon, didn't realise you were running it today." Said the other chef, Aria really appreciated this guy, since he was always ready to help her out, his name was Tony, African-American, short hair, fun personality, and really passionate about working in the old starboard, one of the reasons she hasn't quit yet since this guy is a pretty good work mate. "Appreciate it To, you're a real life saver." To her knowledge, he wasn't in to women, but Aria doesn't really get too personal with work friends. She grabbed the tray and walked back into the main restaurant area to serve the hot wings. She put the plate down in front of Kohl and said "You sure you don't want a milkshake along with that? Tony can't be trusted with how spicy this could get." Asked Aria as she hugged the tray to her chest. "If you wan't anything, just ring the bell in the counter, or wait for the waitress to come back, little light on staff today, sorry."" Aria then walked back in the kitchen, and waited for her next order.

"The usual unusual."

Location: The Coffee Pot, The Old Starboard


The breeze whistled pass the building, ever so silently yet present. A small cloud of smoke with the smell of morning nicotine followed along with the wind and there sat the usual sight of Aria Hyoon sat by the balcony with her back against the wall, her foot dangling off the side, smoking a cigarette to get through the day. Usually she would smoke inside with some sad music playing inside but she would not want to feel sad on a saturday; especially this early. The right on cue, her alarm blared from inside the apartment. She let out a sigh and tapped the cigarette on the ash tray that rested on her stomach. She slid herself off the railing and onto her balcony chair then down on the ground. She then walked back in and placed the the ashtray on the dresser next to the door. Her alarm was overpowering the buzzing of her phone from the multiple messages that kept notifying her that someone is in need of her attention. Her footsteps made a light thud against the wooden flooring as she walked towards the alarm clock to turn it off; it was rare for Aria to be up before her alarm but she wastes it smoking on the balcony anyway. She brushed her hair and turned to the mirror on her dresser, she brushed her hair back and dusted off the bits of cigarette on her white shirt and gray shorts. She adjusted the black open hoodie she had on as she turned to her phone. She picked up her phone just to see it flooded with messages from her mother and head-chef of The Old Starboard. As usual though, she wouldn't reply to her mum until somewhere around late afternoon but the messages from the head-chef seem important; and along those messages there was some spam text message about possibly winning her own kangaroo.

To: Hoon
From: "Head-Chef Boss Man"

Hey, IF you're coming to work today, can you pick up the package at the coffee pot? They delivered it there instead of here by accident.

To: "Head-Chef Boss Man"
From: Hoon

Okay, I'm just going to stop by for some coffee first.

And with that, Aria started her getting ready routine. She moved on index finger to a button on the alarm clock and with a quick click! Bluetooth was on, and it immediately went "Device connected." She then scrolled through her spotify playlist, and immediately picked her favourite song since it is a good way to start the day. As the soft guitar started, she immediately walked in the bathroom to have a shower. One warm shower later, she came out the bathroom with a towel on and walked over to her closet. She looked at the clothes up and down before settling on a white shirt with very simplistic print, black pants, topped off a classic red flannel hoodie. Her playlist continued as she got dressed which continued to move through her slow acoustic songs. She grabbed her wallet, her phone, her packed of cigarettes, her lighter, her pair of earphones, before turning off the bluetooth speaker on her alarmclock. She put her wallet in her back pocket, the pack of ciggies and her lighter in her jacket pocket, and walked over to the door of her apartment. She looked at all the footwear she could choose from there by the door. She ended up choosing the pair of black vans, and with that she was ready to leave the apartment. She plugged in her earphones, and put them in her ear; she grabbed the keys that was by the door and left the apartment.

She walked towards the Coffee Pot, she hummed and mouthed the song that was playing her ear, which was Goodbyes by Post Malone (Acoustic cover by Lunity). She then thought something would happen today that would be different that she won't need another cigarette to get through the day. Speaking of cigarettes, the walk towards the coffee pot seemed like a nice time to smoke one, so she did. When she arrived at the coffee pot, the cigarette was done and she threw in the bin outside the cafe. She walked in the cafe smelling like cigarettes and lined up for her order and the package. When it was her turn, the barista then asked "Hi, yes, may I take your order?" Hoon looked up at the menu, but that as just for making herself look normal, she had already memorised the exact sentence she was going to say in her head like twelve times. "Yeah a latte and the package that was supposed to be for the starboard." The barista then nodded and spoke "Oh you're the one who's picking up the package, I'll have it with your drink, that'll be $2.50." Aria then pulled out her wallet and placed a five dollar bill on the counter, with a few clicks of the register, she got her change back and stood by the side to wait for her drink. Once she got her drink, it came with a small box, the size of a melon, so it was not the size she was expecting. "This is it?" She asked as she pointed at the package, the barista nodded. Aria then just shrugged and walked out the cafe and towards the The Old Starboard.

Aria walked in The Old Starboard, through the front door, there were already a few people in the Starboard. She then looked around just to see how many people were there, but then she was surprised by the head-chef man calling her name "Aria! Do you have my package?!" The man stood by the register and had his arms crossed like Aria did something wrong. Aria walked over towards the other side of the register and paused, followed by a long sip of coffee for comedic effect, "Yeah, right here." She said raising up the small box up to his face. The man then took the box from her and opened it, inside it were multiple pepper shakers. "Pepper?" Aria asked, "Not just any pepper, this shit was imported all the way from mexico, I've been waiting to add something to the menu with these!" After that sentence he just walked off to the kitchen. Aria then just stood there confused, with the most confused face until a waitress handed her a piece of paper which snapped Aria out of her confused state "Tao's usual, you know how he likes it, right hoon?" asked the waitress, Aria just nodded and replied "Yeah, I'm on it." Aria then walked in the kitchen and hung her jacket by the door, she grabbed her apron and put it before getting to work on the order.

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