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"You wrote down all these things to say good-bye to, but so many of them are good things.
Why not just say good-bye to the bad things? Say good-bye to all the times you felt lost.
To all the times it was a no instead of a yes.
To all the scrapes and bruises, to all the heartache.
Say good-bye to everything you really want to do for the last time, but don't go have one last scotch with Barney.
Have the first scotch toasting Barney's new life because that's a good thing, and the good things will always be here waiting for you."
~Lily Aldrin (how i met your mother, S9 E3)

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"Let me be a part of this!"

Location: Roof

Interaction: Whoever was in that circle of people

As Junhoe put his phone away, Pierre was gesturing him to come over and join the fun. What immediately caught his eye was a bottle of soju which he hasn't had ever since he moved in the apartment. So, of course, he wanted a few shots since it would be just like South Korea again. Pierre didn't really interact much since he was, after all, the quiet type. But even with Junhoe's introvertedness he wanted that shot bad so he did something that he'll probably regret the day after... Initiate.

Someone did say something about never have I ever, so Junhoe saw that as an opportunity to join the fun. "Mind if I be a part of that?" Junhoe asked, as he stepped forward. He then flinched for a moment, and realised that most of these people don't know him so he he bowed and introduced himself. "Hello, I'm Park Junhoe, 3B, nice to meet you all." His bow was quick but very respectful, he didn't know their ages so he would usually assume above him unless stated otherwise.

"I'm actually here for that," he said pointing at the soju, "What would it take to have a few shots of that? Never have I ever?" He asked.

"I'll be here."

Location: Roof

Interaction: Pierre De Jager @Royaletutor59, Nadia Ocampo @lopsided

Junhoe smiled at this interaction with this person he now calls friend. He bowed once more to acknowledge the phone he held in his hand because he did not feel like talking. Though, on the off-chance he was mute, Junhoe's next sentence was paired with a little bit of sign language since he knew a little. "Hey, no problem, you can swing by 3B anytime to have more of that fluffy goodness, and it's nice to meet you." He replied with a smile, and of course the offer of allowing Pierre- speaking of Pierre, "Wait, is not it pronounced Pee-yair? Sorry, I don't really know, and the Pierre's I've seen in films are pronounced like that." Junhoe added.

Junhoe did not know, in fact, Junhoe's knowledge on life is more based on what he sees and hears in media; almost as if Junhoe is a splicer or sampler. Junhoe then did a much quicker bow as a form of apology during his last bit of dialogue. Suddenly, his phone buzzed in his pocket, and he made another quick bow of apologising before excusing himself to see what it was. It was Nadia, who replied in the 3B group chat. Junhoe then made two quick replies to make sure everything was alright, and that he was present if anyone needed anything, hell, he will even be there even if you do not need him.

To; 3B Peeps

Hey! There's always the next one! We'll meet you at the party!😄

He then immediately clicked back after sending that text and went to text Nadia just to see if she was okay, she does not seem like the person to miss breakfast after all.

To; 🌞 Nadia ðŸ’Ŋ

Just wanted to check in, you don't seem like the 'breakfast-missing' type, you alright?

Since Junhoe is still the introverted, hesitant guy people know and love, he stood there awkwardly for a few seconds as his finger hovered over the 'send' button before actually sending the text. He was not the one-on-one text-y type of guy, but group chats are fine. He just wanted to see if his Roommate/Friend was okay.

"You okay?"

Location: Roof

Interaction: Pierre De Jager

As Junhoe stood there by the elevator, when he turned his head to look away from his phone and to see his surroundings, he saw that his little dog was being pet by someone else, someone he didn't know so we went to go find out. He approached the man who was crouched down at his little canine companion. The man with curly hair didn't seem to be bothered or was bothering the animal, but since Junhoe is not entirely sure if that is the case he has to check either way. As he continued to approach, when he was only now a few meters away he whistled to call for his dog. " Frog ! ęīœė°Ūė•„? (kweanchana?) 'You okay?' " Junhoe asked, which was also indirectly towards this other person who appeared much taller than him since he was crouched down and couldn't see well the height difference.

As Frog rushed over to Junhoe, hearing those little legs pitter and patter against the pavement of the rooftop. Junhoe then picked him up the way he usually does and spoke once more to clarify, "Hey, I just wanted to see if he was bothering you or the other way around, sometimes he's like that so I had to check. " As Junhoe eyed dog, eye to eye since he was up on his shoulders, he noticed that he had not seen the man before and he must have been new or they have not met at all. Junhoe being polite and South Korean, he had to do his usual introduction. He put the dog down, who sat by his feet before he said, " ė•ˆë…•í•˜ė„ļėš”? ė €ëŠ” ęĩŽėĪ€ėž…니ë‹Ī. (Annyeonghaseyo? Jeoneun Junhoe-imnida.) 'Hello, my name is Junhoe.'" Followed by a bow, "If you didn't udnerstand that, My name is Junhoe, nice to meet you, and this is my dog, his name is Frog." He then held out his hand for a handshake if the bow introduction was not enough.

Junhoe did not know what else to say other than, "You can go back to petting him, I just really wanted to make sure he didn't bite your fingers, or try to eat your laces." Junhoe is always full of genuine concern, for both his dog and everyone around him, plus making a new friend who seemed to be a quiet type might be good since Junhoe is some sort of a quiet one as well. The place had gotten quite loud as well, especially with the karaoke machine in play, and there does not seem to be any alcohol in the area yet so he can chill until that arrives.

"You make me begin"

Location: Roof

Interaction: NA

As Junhoe sat in the living room of the apartment, his dog stared back at him and let out a little whimper after some time has passed. Junhoe saw that Nadia didn't seem to be coming out of her room anytime soon so he put on the biggest smile he can muster for his dog, which wasn't that big at all and said "Looks like it's just you and me buddy." He got up from the couch and walked back to his room, issuing Frog to stay put in the living room as we went to go get ready to going to the roof. Sure he was starting to regret waiting in the living room for a no-show but that isn't his fault nor hers, there was probably something going on that he didn't want to mess up.

As he walked in his room, he stared at the clothes he laid down on his bed earlier before walking into the bathroom to take a shower and do any other hygiene related stuff a Korean man has to do. As soon as he walked out the bathroom with a towel around his waist, he closed the curtains of his windows first before closing all the doors and dropping his towel. He slipped on a gray pair of boxer briefs and put on the clothes he set earlier. He put on the black shirt first, followed by his ripped jeans because he always usually tucks his shirt inside as his way of fashion, he then held off with the beanie for now and went to his closet to get a belt and a pair of fresh socks. A classic brown belt followed by black socks which he slipped on before putting on his shoes; Mahogany Timberland boots which are a favourite of his. He grabbed the wind breaker and slung it over his shoulder and balanced the beanie on the windbreaker as well.

As he opened the door to the living room, there sat Frog his little canine companion who was waiting to be picked up. Junhoe then proceeded to do that and put him on his neck his usual way of carrying, like a weird scarf, front legs on one side of his neck and hind legs on the other. Frog carried with a smile on his face and his tongue sticking out as they walked out the door of the apartment and to the elevator. He had to bend his knees a little so he can keep a grip on frog and push the button to the roof. "You're making this hard for me buddy." He let out with a little groan while waiting for the elevator. The door then opened seconds later, and he did the same thing with the outdoor button to the button that lead to the roof, except this time it wasn't as hard.

Before he arrived at the top, he put Frog down and put on his beanie, long windbreaker and face mask, though it was pulled down under his chin since he wasn't cold on the face just yet. He then picked his canine companion back up and carried him the same way seconds ago. The door then opened, and he noticed that there were people here already, he let out a little gulp and let Frog down and run around in the open rooftop area. The quick pitter patter of him running on the pavement could be heard, and light barking every now and then since he doesn't really get to run around in the apartment rooms. A lot of people to take note in, but he just stood near the elevator, a bit off to the side since he was still a bit intimidated by these people, it didn't matter if he was built more or taller, he isn't really the one to talk to people willy nilly.

"Let's go with that."

Location: Apartment 3B

Interaction: 3B people

It was pretty early in the morning, Junhoe was still asleep, his alarm going off but that didn't seem to wake him but instead his little furry friend climbed up on the bed and stared him down before going in for a licking barrage. Junhoe then constantly shook his head to his canine companion off of him but he wouldn't budge because this dog knows an oversleeping Junhoe when he sees one. " Frog ! 하ė§€ë§ˆ ! (hajima !) 'Stop !' " Junhoe called out, the cocker spaniel - golden retriever mix then stopped in his tracks and sat right on his stomach. "I'm up..." The dog then tilted his head at Junhoe and he asked "Why are you looking at me like that?" Junhoe just shook his head and sat up before moving to the edge of his bed. He then picked up Frog and put him on his shoulders, his front legs draping down one side of his neck and his hind draping down the other. He slipped on his slippers and made his way out of his room and into the kitchen to make some breakfast. "Come on, we have to make those two breakfast."

As soon as Junhoe got to the kitchen, he put Frog down and held out both of his hands, "Okay buddy, choose for me, Waffles? or Pancakes?" Each hand was a decision, and it was all down to Frog for this decision. Frog then placed his paw on the pancakes hand and Junhoe got to work. It was a classic recipe of pancakes with a bit of cinnamon to taste, he always hoped that the two will love his cooking for the day. Junhoe looked at the window, the sun shone nicely which provided a bit of heat, and he could see his faded reflection and he saw his messy bed hair, his white shirt and checkered black and white pajama pants. As he finished cooking, he had three plates with each having an stack of three. Though, before he was going to eat he went to the bathroom and dealt with everything he had to do, from brushing his teeth to face care.

He then went back to the counter and started to eat his own stack of pancakes, he even pinched a few bits to give to Frog just a little treat for waking him up. Junhoe smiled then glanced at his roommates' doors and wondered why they haven't come out yet, was it too early? Junhoe just shook his head as he looked down at Frog "You gonna come with me to the party on the roof?" Frog then started to jump around in excitement. "I'll take that a yes." Said Junhoe. He finished his pancakes and placed it in the sink for washing later. He moved on to the couch and pulled out his phone, he opened the group text he had going on with his roommates and sent out a text so he wouldn't be banging on their doors telling them breakfast is ready.

Junhoe then waited in the apartment, maybe he'd go to the party with one of the two, probably Nadia since she'd be more likely to go with him and Frog. He had his outfit ready for later, it wasn't too crazy but it should have an impact. Wine red beanie, plain black shirt, fitted denim jeans (ripped of course), and mahogany brown timberland boots; Though if it gets too cold, he has a navy blue windbreaker that drapes down all the way down to his knees and a black face mask just in case.

Now it'll be just like a prom where all he needs to do is ask someone to go with him, except there's no suits and dresses or corsages and boutonnieres or formal dancing... Or fancy food... Okay so it's nothing like a prom.

"A shitty dream."

Location: Dorm Floor

Interaction: Lou

Muffled footsteps could be heard as Seoyeon cowered behind her door, she examined her hands noticing that they were covered in blood and she didn't know what she could do at this point. She had no weapon or anything to defend herself and this door wasn't going to keep anyone safe. Suddenly, something slammed on the other side of the door causing Seoyeon to be knocked back onto her bedroom floor. Continuous slamming happened on her door as she crawled back and away from her door, she kept shaking her head thinking this can't be happening to her. The door slammed open, revealing a masked man in black covered in blood, the man wore a ski mask under his hood. He drew his machete, classic Jason Voorhees and swung at Seoyeon. As soon as the machete hit her, Seoyeon woke up from this terrible nightmare.

Her breathing was unstable as she was face to face with her bedside table since she slept on her side, her heart raced as she sat up only to be immediately caught off guard by her alarm which went off the moment she sat up. The loud sound of the alarm caused her to flinch and scream a bit, which totally would have been heard by her roommates if they cared. Seoyeon shook her head and let out a sigh before grabbing her phone off the bedside table and checking what went down. Nothing much, a lot of notifications and messages from the usual people she knew, something caught her eye and it was Lou following her twitter, she followed back almost immediately and went to message him through that platform. she sent a quick "Hey can I come over?" followed by a "I'm hungry and I'm in no condition to make myself food." Seoyeon hoped he would accept her request.

"Gotta chill."

Location: Dorm Floor

Interaction: Upstairs people

The same man poked his head out from the door just to mention "Dispatch says it's nothing, just take care of her; Come on Frank, we got more stuff to do." He gestured towards the other paramedic to call him over. Now Seoyeon needed to chill since she didn't want to make enemies with that curly haired blonde dude and she was highly thankful to Lilly to helping her calm down especially around two totally mindless paramedics. "Look, as I've said it's nothing, just take care of her, give her something soft to lay down on and she should be up by tomorrow." With that they left Seoyeon to be furious from where she stands.

Seoyeon tried her absolute hardest to calm down as she glanced back at the girl, the paramedics have left the door and now she barely knew what to do with her life. She turned to Julius and initiated an apology "Hey, listen, real sorry about yelling at you earlier, people who don't know what they're doing just infuriate me, like what type of paramedic can't see the problem with that?" Seoyeon then then held out her hand, if he were to shake that hand of hers they would be fine but if not then maybe Seoyeon would have to deal more than people getting concussions in this school.

She took a deep sigh and paced the floor while her hands were behind her head. She paced back and forth a few times before deciding on what to do on this terrible night. She couldn't think of anything better to do, she wasn't in the mood to party or get drunk anymore so she considered an alternative. She walked pass Lilly and look over her shoulder to tell her intentions, "I'm going to go out for some fresh air, yes I know it's cold and I'm wearing shorts but, fuck I need that fresh air more than ever." Said Seoyeon as she walked a few steps before adding another thing. "If anything happens, call me." Said Seoyeon to make sure that her help was there if they need it.

She then walked off now completely, heading back downstairs and through the loud and screaming party goers. She took a quick detour to grab a hoodie so she wouldn't die of hypothermia, that we would be a better way to die than some killer. She then slipped that on and stood by the door of the dorm building as she felt the cold wind touch her body.

"Basically, it's a prom."

Location: Ballroom at The Plaza

Interaction: Barbara

The sudden hug had caught Naoko by surprise, and since this was Naoko her reaction was to immediately back off a bit since she started blushing like crazy and her reply ended up being a stuttering mess, "H-How about the uhh... The... You know, the b-balcony? O-Or, Uhm, we could... We could just, go to the bar or something, I don't know." Said Naoko, she was now stood up all weird, but still formal enough for the atmosphere due to her Japanese heritage and her understanding of respect. She looked the one up and down before holding her hand out for her again, but this time Naoko was more shaky and flimsy with her posture which was very prominent on her hands.

Naoko continuously yelled at herself on the inside to not screw this up, this is the chance to stop this dating hiatus that has been ongoing in her life since she moved to New York. Tiffany always said that she would love to see Naoko happy again in terms of relationships. But as of this moment, Naoko could feel her chest warm up from some fuzzy feeling forming inside her, was it her courage mustering up so she could speak like a normal person? Maybe. She then got deep in her thoughts for a second, and she remember one crucial thing about her that she needed to get out there. "Or maybe, a dance? That's kinda my specialty after all." Naoko added as she jerked her head towards the dance floor so that they can share a dance together, but being that she just met Barbara, she just reinstated the original plan of "Or we really could just stick with the bar or the balcony. " She wouldn't want to make herself look like a complete idiot.

When Noemi spoke up, Naoko just pointed away from the table and quickly said "We're going somewhere else, just leave us two chairs next to each other yeah?" She hoped they would follow this wish of hers.

"It's not that simple."

Location: Dorm Floor

Interaction: Upstairs people

As Seoyeon couldn't keep still at all during that whole endeavor. She stared at her phone moving her Bitizens up and down elevators as she waited for the paramedics to arrive. The door slammed opened and Seoyeon pushed herself off the wall, thinking it was the paramedics she was instantly disappointed to see that it was just some blonde guy she didn't know the name of, she sees him in the halls sometimes but she never bothered to check his name nor did she care that much since he wasn't in her social group. He then turned to her and yelled at her to call an ambulance. Seoyeon was already uneasy which made her response a bit more aggressive than usual, "Asshole, I already called an ambulance, what makes you think I wouldn't?" She had quite a bit of tone in her voice to prove that she didn't want to take any of this shit today, she was a third on the way to drunk and there's some bleeding chick on the floor; so it really isn't the time to fuck around or act like the biggest fish in the sea.

The look on his face kind of lowered her anger a bit since there was something else, there were traces of blood on his hands, and it was either he was the one doing this or this girl wasn't the only one. She backed off, but she made sure her earlier statement was heard pretty well since Seoyeon isn't the type of person to forget about what she says previously.

Lily then added her statement about calling the ambulance for the girl earlier, who should be here by now. The girl wasn't looking good at all, she looked tenser than a tight rope with an elephant on it, and her eyes looked as vacant as ever- Suddenly two men rush in; they both wore those things paramedics wore so they were probably them. The taller one, went to check on the girl and the other grabbed the gurney and laid it flat on the ground. The taller one was a Caucasian male with dark hair and a beard while his friend was an African american with short hair and much larger muscles. The muscular one stayed with the girl, then the taller one walked up to Seoyeon and said "She's fine, just fainted. Make sure she stays hydrated over the next few hours, and she should be back to it by tomorrow, easy. Don't drink underage, it's not a good idea. Someone could've called the cops." Seoyeon then looked at the man in confusion and replied "Whoa whoa, it can't be that simple, aren't you supposed to take her to the hospital or something?" She asked, the man then turned to his buddy who shook his head at Seoyeon's reply, then proceeded to fold the gurney. "You kids should be able to take care of her, it's only a concussion." Said the man.

Seoyeon shook her in anger and grabbed the man by the collar, she looked up at him and angrily spoke "Concussion my ass! She's bleeding! So you better take her to the fucking hospital or I'll fucking put you in the hospital I swear to god!" Seoyeon yelled, the girl clearly wasn't okay and these two idiots don't know what they're doing. The tall paramedic pulled away, and scoffed at Seoyeon, he turned to his buddy and they just stared at each other. "Let me call dispatch." The man replied annoyingly as he walked out the door while his buddy stayed.
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