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"Over and over, like it's red over."

Second Horizons Camp

Yvonne had finally fully woken up, a few more shakes and she was fully up and running. She put down what she was holding and before she knew it, she was a bouncing in place and a huge smile beamed on her face as soon as this pretty guy replied to her. He had soft hands, and smooth skin, smoother than hers-... That is besides the point. His name was Elias, she nodded at him as soon as she heard his name and looked over in the distance over the lake, the sunshine bounced off her eyes so she got distracted a little. What snapped her back into reality was Elias' question about camp. He said he was new, and boy did Yvonne love new people. She hobbled over to him and put her arm around her neck, panning the two of them to have a quick view of the camp.

"The lake is pretty good if you're into skating, you should see the new kids when they're slippin' and trippin' all over the place, it's pretty wild." She said, gesturing at the lake, her arms expressed all her emotions and that was a Yvonne classic. She snapped her fingers to get his attention to look over at the two structures in the distance, "There's the rec room if you're the type to stay indoors," she then playfully punched his shoulder and continued, "But why stay at camp if you're staying in a camp." She then moved over to the other one, "That's the stage, it's a pretty good spot to hang out by when they're not doing anything with it. I..." She pulled away from him and looked down at the ground, her smile moving to be more visible now. "I-I... I-... Fucking stutter. I think it's a great place to just fuck around and be yourself, you know."

"I mean, you could alway-" The loud sound of the megaphone in the distance distracted her, and it was a beckoning call that she had to answer. "Fuck." She cursed under her breath, she picked up her stuff and nodded at Elias, "That's me, I'll tell you more if I see you again! If not, the other people probably got your back." Said Yvonne as she jogged backwards towards the call for the red cabin mates. She was pretty lucky to not trip over anything, knowing Yvonne it was common thing to occur.

Yvonne arrived to where the sound came from, and put down her guitar softly on the ground. At least Elias was not too far off, she smiled at him from the distance and spoke up, rather rudely actually, she did not mean to but her tone just made her sound rude.

"Yo! Where'd you come up with Z-Warriors?" She called out, it was after she said it that she realised how rude she sounded but hey, you live and you learn.

Count me in! (If there's room of course.)

"Tell me where I could find 'em."

Ashford Institute

Cass blinked then peaked over the shoulder of the girl, looking at the closed door, she may as well spill it out to everyone, her search would be great if potential helpers do not know what she is looking for. She crossed her arms under her bust and leaned back on the wall, she opened her mouth but nothing came out. She hesitated? She never hesitates. This is odd, she then went to try again.

"Her name is Khloe John- No... Khloe Jeon, some ice freak or something." She let out, her eyes locked with the taller girl and she shook her head, she then turned towards the hallway. "She's been quiet, so it's either you know or you dont." She then took a step away from her now making her way down the hall, "If you don't, I could always ask the staff here, then again..." She looked over her shoulder and at the girl, "I doubt they'll take too kindly for my tone." She then started walking, she was never the type to stand around, so if this girl did know about Khloe, she was going to have to catch up to her.

Cat's out of the bag now.

"Better than yesterday."

Ashford Institute

After everything she did yesterday, she was pretty surprised that the person she was looking for did not even show up at all nor even thought that it was Cass making all this ruckus, after al she was the only one who Cass told about her mutation. She found herself laying in her bed, tired, after she was given detention and clean up duty for the mess she made. But knowing Cass, she was not done, nor will she ever be. She sprung off the bed and quickly slid on a hoodie but she was still mostly in her sleepwear, she slipped on her old shoes and moved out the door.

There was immediate noise going on from this side of the place, someone was banging loud against someone's door and even threatened to blast it, whatever that meant. She saw where the noise was coming from, and she did get a little curious. She got behind the girl who was knocking on the door and looked on from where she was, and low and behold it was the girl from yesterday, before the girl slammed the girl on the other door she gave her a quick smug wink and the look signifying that she might be up to her antics again.

She placed her hand on the other girl's shoulder and turned her to face her.

"Hey, got a question for ya'," Stated Cass, she pointed down the hallway and continued, "How much do you know about this place? Or atleast, the people in this place?" She then looked left and right as to make sure no one was listening, "I'm looking for someone, maybe you know 'em?" She asked, she did not expect an answer, after all this person was not exactly the quiet type so there was no way she would not have made herself known.

"You can't just do that."


Yvonne awoke in her seat, she blinked a few times and turned to her side, looking out the window to see the state of Washington getting closer and closer. She stretched her arms and back before waiting for the plane to land. The moment the plane landed, she quickly made his way out and towards baggage claim. It was at this time where her phone buzzed to get a call from her mother.

"Hey mom." She let out, "Yeah I just landed... Yeah... I'm good... I have it in my bag... Okay... I'll see you after new years... Alright, bye, love you." She laughed and shook her head before shoving her phone back in her pocket. She looked up to look at her surroundings and a huge smile beamed on her face, she actually looked forward a lot to going to camp this year since she knew that her family was not exactly going to celebrate Christmas this year since the incident but she knew she should not dwell on that. She grabbed her bags from the conveyor belt in baggage claim and before she started wheeling them around to see where her assigned counsellor was she quickly pulled out her phone and turned on the front camera. She held the phone in an angle in front of her and raised her index and middle finger, she partially closed one eye and created a half smile before quickly snapping a selfie to send to her family. She looked down at her outfit of a desert sand turtle neck, tumbleweed coat, black pants, and black Chelsea boots. She put her hand on her head and felt the soft, grey beanie on her head before sending the picture to her family group chat with the quote 'Just landed!' which she also tweeted.

She met up with the counsellor, a man who appeared to only be a few years older than her named Jackson, he made his name pretty clear when he was there. Since Yvonne was still in the groggy just-woke-up mood, and was still a little tired, she only introduced herself in a not so energetic manor and a weak wave. She was still in the phase of missing her family a little bit because she just arrived but she knew camp was going to change that as soon as possible. She quickly tagged along and got to camp along with the rest of the people in the airport; Yvonne still had sleep haze so any forms of introductions she has probably forgot.

Second Horizons Camp

Yvonne got off the bus with just her duffel bag, her guitar and other luggages she left on the bus. She walked for a bit and finally woke herself up in the center of camp she rubbed her eyes and jumped in place a few times, giving her cheeks a few necessary slaps just in case.

"Alright, here we go!" She said, psyching herself up as she prepared for what is to come, after all, every time she has been in Second Horizons it has always been weird and never something she expected. So, she expected to have no expectations to be safe. Okay, she still expected to fuck around and break shit but that was besides the point. She looked at the two people who were practically in second base on the floor and shrugged.

"That was fast, I expected at least everyone meet with each other first but it how it be do." She let out, she thenturned to this guy who was also looking over at the two lovey-doveys over yonder and quickly called out, "Hey!" She then extended her hand, she may as well make a few friends at the start, because who knows what type of wild things you can get with people. "I'm Yvonne." She said to this pale guy with white- no... Blonde? The sun was in her eye she could not exactly tell, but what she does know is this guy is prettier than her by a mile and a half. Although, deep down she already knew she was going to vibe well with this guy.

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