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Current Someone called me “Man Abs” at work today, should I be offended or
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Happy Katkook being alive for 27 years day
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That feeling you get when you feel like you’re annoying someone into interacting with you in rp when in fact you only barely mentioned their character
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I just watched a play and had my picture taken with the main female lead because iM GAY
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Korean bbq is why i live
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"Maybe something different."

Location: Haven Squate

Interaction: @Pyxis


Hoon carried on with her shopping, her cart didn’t have much until she moved over to a k-mart and her cart was practically full after awhile, all those special cut meats and authentic spices really made it for her, she loved them so much since it reminded her of home, and everyone there. She then glanced down at her list which was on her phone and remembered that she was low on her face care essentials. She then went over to the multiple aisles of face cate and filled her cart with what she needed.

After that, she went to grab Ela’s meds, at the nearby pharmacy and of course her pringles. She didn’t waste any time getting it since she saw how bad Ela was doing, so once she had finished she called an uber, she usually wouldn’t call an uber since she always rode in Ela’s car but once the uber driver arrived, she quickly made her way home. The uber driver was nice enough to help her bring the groceries to the twenty-fourth which was nice of him. He paid the man extra and they said their goodbyes.

Hoon then looked down and her phone buzzed, another text from Lilith a photo of her attached. After seeing that photo, Hoon couldn’t help but smile after seeing Lilith’s face, she didn’t get to see it this morning so seeing it now was really nice. She then replied as soon as she could with

To: Lily 💜
From: HoonHoon
Yea yea sure!

Where do you wanna meet?

Oh you can keep the hoodie for awhile, I don’t mind.

After she replied, she moved all her groceries inside her apartment and put it all in place, Korean cut meat isn’t exactly the cheapest thing in the world. Her fridge was now jam packed with meats and veggies, her pantries were full again, and she had a lot of fresh toilet paper. Once she was done, she took the small paper bag of Ela’s meds and walked to her door. She knocked and said, "Hey Ela! It’s me, I got your meds!" She then took a step back and lightly heard some footsteps going towards the door, the creaked slowly and Ela looked worse that before, her nose was red, her eyes were puffy and she looked like she was freezing. Hoon handed the bag to Ela with an audible "Here you go," Ela took the bag and looked inside, there were the meds and not one, but two pringles cans in there. Ela’s face lit up, her signature smile finally formed on her face and she went in and tightly hugged Aria, Aria’s hands were still on her side but she loved the hug. " Thanks Hoon, you just made my day!" After that, they said their goodbyes and Hoon left the building. She stood by the entrance of the building and started smoking, waiting for Lilith’s reply on where they can meet.

"That’s not normal is it."

Location: Song Residential Home

Sarah ended up eating a few but Neeko just kept making more and it looked like they weren’t going to run out anytime. "How are you making as fast as I eat?" Neeko smiled and put her finger on her lips giving Sarah the shh gesture. "Neeko’s secret-" Suddenly Neeko’s ears flinched, and drooped down, she heard footsteps coming from the stairs and peaked over, "Bird feet! Bird lady is awake!" Said Neeko, Sarah then turned with a mouthful of veggie wrap to see Xayah at the bottom of the stairs. "Hey, one more to go and we can get our asses to the academy." Sarah then put her phone down on the counter and stretched her arms out, "Alright, I’m gonna get some fresh air, you feed everyone that comes from those stairs, alright catch ya’ in awhile kiddo~" Sarah then walked out the door and stood by the garden for awhile.

After minutes of standing there, something landed on her arm, a snowflake. Sarah was confused, it was the middle of summer, and even though the city was in a naturally cold place there shouldn’t be snow until September. She looked up to see it snowing pretty liberally, her phone started buzzing on the counter, Neeko just looked over, confused and a little bit scared to why the phone was gradually sliding away and making weird buzzing noises. Sarah continued to look around as the entire neighbourhood came out of their houses to see the snow.

Meanwhile, Ahri pressed her phone as hard as she could against her ear waiting for Sarah to pick up since she may know why the snow is happening, her heart rate was monitored so it was visibly and audibly getting faster and louder, Ahri was in a small state of panic since no one was picking up. A nurse came rushing in and tried her best to calm Ahri down, telling her it was just snow, Ahri repeatedly shook her head since she knew it was something more.

"A new hope- I mean day, new day."

Location: Her apartment,


Mentions: @Pyxis

With everyone going as smoothly as Aria didn’t expect, Hoon was rather suspicious that everything went well, the only thing Hoon expected was Lilith renewing Hoon’s V-card if you get me. Hoon’s been... Let’s say... ‘dry’ for awhile now, for years even. Hoon didn’t even get to play her a song before the whole getting wasted thing happened. At least they did not do anything they would regret. Having slept through the drunk night after their session of bitching of life, Aria was pretty happy which was something pretty rare ever since how her life went to shit.

Hoon awoke, her face was buried in the pillow that Lilith was using, it was now instinct to move close to Lilith’s scent and Hoon didn’t mind, she loved it to be exact. She got up with haste after realising that Lilith was gone, her eyes darted around the room, she grabbed her phone and hurried out to the main part of her apartment. There she slowed down after seeing the readily prepared breakfast and a note sitting on her dinner table. She closed the jacket she wore as she walked over to the note, she picked it up and read it. Aria just smiled, she thought that she just got into a person into one night stands, even though there was no sex involved. She sat down to see the large stack of pancakes and strawberries that rested over it. She sat down and grabbed a fork, she rubbed her nose before digging in. The first bite was surprising, it was delicious but that wasn’t what surprised her, the thing that surprised her is the taste of something homemade, something she hadn’t tasted in awhile. This was the part that she was glad that Lilith left the apartment because tears slowly streamed down her face as she happily ate the pancakes, the pancakes tasted a lot like the pancakes her dad made whenever she was having a bad day. She quietly cried, tears dripping on the table but the sudden buzz of her phone snapped her out of it. She wiped her tears away and read the text from Lilith.

Her eyes lit up after seeing Lilith’s text, so she replied pretty quickly.

To: Lily 💜
From: HoonHoon
I have a lot, is it my college hoodie? The green one with a dinosaur on the back? The mustard yellow one? Dude you have to be specific.

Anyway... Where are you?

She then looked at her phone, her thumb kept wiping the screen as she was anxious for a reply. Hoon then looked behind her to see her apartment running out of supplies, she decided to go grocery shopping today, but first she needs to hit up her neighbour who usually helps her, Elise Brooke.

She got up, the icky feeling of yesterday’s clothes was now taking hold, but she needed to ask Ela first. She then walked out her door and knocked on room beside her. "Hey Ela, you wanna go get some groceries today?" She stood there for a solid minute, she heard nothing from inside so she knocked again. Her phone then buzzed, a text from Ela appeared.

To: Hyooooon
From: Elais Bruk
Can’t go to the groceries with you, I got food poisoning from something yesterday, and I think I was allergic to rattlesnake. Sorry.

Hoon then nodded at her phone before putting it away, she then knocked once more and replied. "Alright, you want anything though, nothing large though." The door then swung open right after she said that, There stood a very pale looking Elise Brooke, her eyes were puffy and her nose was red, she appeared to be crying but it was probably something related to her allergies. A physical written list was presented to her face by the digital artist, most of it was meds, though the bottom of the list did say large cheddar pringles. "Hyoon, you’re a life saver, I’ll buy you dinner sometime okay?" Said Elise as she thanked Hoon, she even bowed. "Alright, hey no prob, we’ll get ramen tomorrow or something, you down?" Elise just nodded at that, they then said their farewells and Aria was off.

She returned to her apartment, took a quick but warm shower and got into really comfortable and warm clothing. She was wearing sweatpants, a thick shirt, a thick hoodie, and a pair of sneakers. She then grabbed a black cap on the way out and put it on, she then made her way to Haven Square and walked in the grocery mall, doing everything she needs to do, or all the shopping that she needs. She did keep checking her phone, and since she was feeling it, she took a selfie from below the chin, so there was a double chin and her hair was drooping down in the picture. She held out her fingers in a V and her tongue was slightly out. She then sent it to Lilith.

To: Lily 💜
From: HoonHoon
~Attached Image~

Anyway, I’m in the groceries at Haven square.

Miss ya’

She then put her phone away and continued with her grocery shopping.

"It makes no difference."

Location: Song Residential Home

Sarah let out a small snort and ended up bursting into laughter as it is now apparent that the dark sovereign is hella on the non-straight side. "Alright alright, no one in Runeterra is fully straight... Fact." Said Sarah. She then leaned back and let out a small yawn, "Alright, bed time, acting captain’s orders." Said Sarah, her phone then buzzed, she pulled it out to see a text from Ahri.

To: Sarah
From: Ahri 💜


Forgot to say to go grab the futons in the closet, wouldn’t want you guys crammed up in my one person bed, anyway thats all.

Jk, I’m sending kisses too! Xoxo

There was an attached picture of Ahri with a V sign and a kissy face. Sarah replied to Ahri before putting her phone away. She then got up with a groan and walked over to the closet, she opened it and grabbed the futons, laying them on the ground with the sheets. Alright, that should be all.

The night went on, as they slept, Sarah just went through her phone, scrolling through the hundreds of selfies of her and Ahri trying to find an appropriate lockscreen, but being best friend for years there wasn’t one that Sarah wanted to show off to everyone to prove that they were dating, she didn’t even realise that the sun went up already. She sat up and noticed that Neeko had disappeared, she then went into panic trying to look for their newest member. Her head was a mess, she had zombie face and she was all over the place. She ran downstairs, she saw neeko preparing them breakfast, veggie wraps and they looked really good. "Hey, whatcha making there?" Neeko flinched and turned to Sarah with a smile "Oh hello!Neeko is making breakfast from her hometown, veggietable wuraps!" Sarah couldn’t help but smile at her pronunciations, she gave her a pat on the back and let out a yawn, Sarah had no sleep at all. She took a wrap and gobbed it down before walking to the bathroom to get ready. Neeko smiled and just shook her head as she continued to prepare breakfast for the crew.

"This is uh... Not Ideal."

Location: Food festival

Interaction: @Pyxis


Hoon shifted a bit as she was kissed on her cheek, it had been awhile so the feeling was alien to her, though it did feel nice, it was nice that she wasn’t the top of the relationship for once, though that may not be certain just yet, that is how she sees it in her current situation. Aria thanked the heavens that Lilith was understanding enough to give her time to open up, unlike a past relationship that never got passed the ‘getting to know’ phase because of how demanding the girl was, so this was pretty nice.

Hoon had noticed the background image of Lilith’s phone and something uneasy started brewing inside her, but Hoon being the type of person that she is, she bottled it up and stored it deep, deep down. Was this jealousy? She had never felt jealousy on this level before, she was never jealous of someone else before, the last time she was jealous of something that involved her past girlfriend was her passing maths and Hoon not. But being jealous of a person was not a good look for Hoon, "Uh... Yeah, I thought I may have something to drink as well but I do have some alcohol back at home, it’s not much though since it’s been awhile since I restocked." Said Hoon, her head then moved to face Lilith’s phone and her thoughts immediately went back to the girl. "Hey uh, if you don’t mind me asking, who’s uh... The one on the cover of your phone?" she asked.

With that question floating in the air, she typed down her apartment building and handed it back to Lilith, when Lilith saw the girl Hoon had served back at the starboard and hearing Lilith say ‘Cute girl from the coffee shop’ triggered her now newly acquired jealousy senses. She stood there with her brows scrunched up and her eyes squinted but good thing she left immediately because Hoon didn’t know how much she could handle two bits of jealousy at once, she was bad at emotions after all.

Hoon then lost all of the jealousy feeling when Lilith wrapped around her arm and started pulling her to the designated pick up area for the uber driver. Hoon then thought for a moment, since she had never ubered before, she didn’t know what she was supposed to do when she got in the vehicle, was she supposed to chat with the driver? Stay silent? Propose some sort of dark scheme to destroy the entire government system? Who knows? As they walked, Hoon’s face was showing signs of confusion since she was thinking about this too much when she souldn’t have from the start.

"Let me break it down for you."

Location: Food Festival

Interaction: @Rabidporcupine


Elise took a step back since the smell hit her hard, though it didn't smell weird or anything, Chili smell has always been a strong thing that Ela was never prepared for. She looked at both dishes that loudly sat in front of her and her eyebrows scrunched up in response, there was a small amount of regret building up inside her and she seemed to be wishing she never ordered something so... Different as her first food in the festival. She took the serving of rattle snake and held it up to her nose, taking a small whiff of what is to come. She took a spoon and got herself a nice generous spoonful of that chili and gulped, but before she could do anything with it, she was told that it was going to be underwhelming so she put the spoon in her mouth without hesitation after that. And with no surprise it just tasted like regular chili with some weird soft chewy bits in it. She looked it then back at the guy, it wasn't bad and she was pretty thankful for that.

She then placed the rattlesnake down and moved on the kangaroo stir fry, after putting that in her mouth, she immediately had this face of disgust since she did not like the texture of it at all, it was gamey and weird, she just didn't like it at all. She put it down and moved back to the rattlesnake which she surprisingly preferred over the gamey Australian animal. She pushed that back to Jeremy and payed extra since she was apologetic that she couldn't eat it all, a small five dollar extra with Elise's apology of "Sorry, I uh... Don't like it." She said with a small awkward smile, though she did keep eating the rattlesnake since that was pretty good.

"It's nice to meet you." He then said about her trying new stuff and Ela had to explain to him that, "Yeah, I sit infront of my desk everyday doing work, which means I practically never leave the apartment, so trying out stuff is the best my life can get." She replied before taking another bite of the chili, "Anyway this is really good, kinda has this home cooked vibe to it, I don't know, maybe it's just me." Said Ela since she couldn't be any more surprised that the rattlesnake tastes a lot like fish which was is something Ela isn't allergic to so she could enjoy it very well, now she just hoped that she wasn't allergic to this.

"Eating snake makes me half-snake."

Location: Food Festival

Interaction: @Rabidporcupine


Elise then just walked away, guy was part of the cook off after all so he must have been preparing, she had then chosen to come back later, so that should make it a save the best for last type of situation. A she walked away from the booth, her shoes then crunched as she dragged her feet on the concrete floor. When she remembered about the rattlesnake thing, she swivelled 180 degrees and turned the opposite direction to walk to the booth that served it. She stood in place first and pulled out her phone to see some messages that she needed to answer, the group chat she was in asked if the food festival was good so far, but she simply replied with a quick "lmao idk yet" before tucking her phone back in her pocket.

She walked over to the booth and the aroma of different meats cooking smelled really, really weird but it definitely did not drive her away, in fact she got much more curious since it was a smell she had never smelled before. She glanced over at the guy who called out all the foods and immediately ordered with little to no hesitation. She was starving and this may not have been the best choice but she needed to eat something or her eating schedule is going to get messed up again. "One rattlesnake chili and one kangaroo stir--fry, both for me." She stated, adding a wink as she pulled out her wallet. She pulled out a hundred dollar bill and handed it over, she didn't know if it was how much it costed but it should be fine since it is a hundred dollars.

She then peaked her head behind the counter to see all the pots and pans used to make all those weird meats, there were surprisingly a lot of stuff just to make all those weird meats palatable. She didn't even know if she'll regret it or not, but it should be fine for the time being since it is the first food she was going to eat, she's got the whole festival ahead of her for her eat something to get rid of the taste if it does taste... Odd.

"Everyone is the same."

Location: Song Residential Home

Sarah raised her brow and her mouth slowly formed into a mischievous smile. "You’re right, being sad isn’t my thing..." She then raised two fingers and pointed it forward and acted like it was a gun and shot it forward. "But then again that was before I shot something." she said putting her hands down, when Xayah whispered in her ear saying the kiss was hot Sarah then whispered back "Oh please, being straight is a myth, everyone is Bi... Even Syndra probably." She said looking over her shoulder to look at Syndra, "And our new friend of course." She said turning to Neeko who seemed to be confused about popcorn.

"Something just like this."

Location: Food festival

Interaction: @Pyxis @PrinceAlexus


That was just it, Hoon really wanted someone to tell all her woes too but something inside her just kept stopping her, it was like it physically hurts her whenever she tries. In this light, she had to explain to her that she wanted to tell her but couldn't in the most Aria Hyoon way possible, "Look, I want to tell you, but I just... I can't..." She let out, she looked almost disappointed in herself with her head now slightly tilted down. She obviously didn't owe Lilith anything but due to her mindset, she already told herself that this was something she had to tell her, whatever it takes.

Aria never liked the fact that she was like this, she always yelled at herself to change but never ended up doing it or would change for a day but revert back to the awkward mess that is known as Aria Hyoon. As Aria stared at the beaten path, her boots and her date's heels, she couldn't help but smile at how Lilith chose looking good over comfortability, Aria could, could tell herself that Lilith did it for her but Aria never saw herself highly enough for anyone to go the extra mile for her.

An Uber ride was then suggested, and with that suggestion Hoon looked up at Lilith and blinked as if it offended her, though it only looked like it offended her but in reality she didn't mind, she just thought walking home was better than getting into a stranger's car and telling them where you live. But Hoon did notice that Lilith's feet weren't still, probably due to being tired or something. Hoon then gave her a small smile an nodded, "Uh, yeah... I uh..." she then pulled out her phone and clicked the power button, revealing her lock screen and seeing the time on the screen, as she looked down on the screen of her phone she had then realised that didn't even have the app on her phone since she never needed uber... Ever. "Can I uh, borrow your phone? I uh, don't have the uh, the app." she stated, giving Lilith that awkward smile you give to cashiers when they ask if you want anything else with your order.

Pomf! She heard, Hoon then peaked over to see a blonde girl who definitely looked familiar bumping into Lilith. Her reaction went from eye squint to raised brow in a span of a few seconds since it was awkward, confusing, and a little on the rude side. She then looked the blonde up and down and realised that she had definitely seen this girl before, she couldn't remember for the life of her, her name (if she even told her) but she remembered serving this girl at the Starboard about a few weeks ago. As the awkwardness continued to rise, the girl then awkwardly tried to move out of the situation by blabbering like a silly little goose which Aria found amusing. It was nice to see someone as awkward as her during any awkward moment. "Uh... Okay, nice to meet you?" Aria said in a questioning yet confusing tone, she just looked back at Lilith and shrugged as she didn't know what to do after that point.

"I suppose its not as different as you think."

Location: Song Residential Home

Sarah flinched at that question, Boki and Baki gave each other looks before they looked up at Sarah who looked both relieved and distressed at the same time. Though being tired and still the confident queen people know and love she answered as truthfully and humbly as she could. "Well..." Sarah said, nodding her head as she prolonged that word to think about it. "It’s basically like the movies, a rush of adrenaline and your palms get sweaty cause you’re nervous but..." She stopped that main thought for a moment to change it into a better one. "It just... Came out, I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I was, I wasn’t an awkward stuttering mess... I think it was because of the fact that I’ve known Ahri for so long that I just... You know, kinda... Knew." Said Sarah as she looked down on the floor, her head then slowly moved to face Xayah. She could see the concern on her friend’s face, Boki and Baki then helped keep the other familiars at bay as she added. "It did feel pretty good, it was like everything got lighter ever since I told her that, now all I have to care about are upcoming homeworks... Oh and evil monsters invading the earth of course." Sarah said jokingly, that smile on her face made its way back on her face and she was all happy and dandy again.
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