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"Expectations, they go wrong."
"I suppose I don't know a lot yet."

Blake's Orgy Yacht... Ew.

Grace raised her brow at Madison before shrugging, "Oh trust me, her first impression... And second were absolutely terrible but uh... You know, I'll steer clear from her once the third fucks me over, but right now I owe her." Said Grace as she took a step back to look at Quinn with her head down, she obviously never cared much for the outfit right now but from the way she was not standing still it was clear that she was relatively restless right now and in need of something? What did she want.

Action. She wants action, she wants to get it going, Quinn is someone with little patience and fucks for the world. She looked over into the water then backed to the main part of the boat, she was tapping her feet since she wanted out of the clothes pretty bad. When Maya asked if they were going to stay right there, Quinn just looked at her and gave a her a look, a look that hopefully told Maya that she really did not want to. But the moment Maya herself got restless, a smile grew on Quinn's face and she knew that they were off to an adventure, will it be good? Probably not? Is there a chance for them to die? Maybe. Either way it beats standing around doing nothing. "That's what I wanted to hear." She said immediately following behind Maya, "I'm coming with you on this... Walk." Said Quinn

Grace was surprised at the sudden appearance of other people, it definitely caught her off guard especially since Madison just showed herself and she did not know if she was to follow or- Okay she was following no stopping it now. She was ready to fight but she'd still rather talk her way out since lightning bolts are definitely flashy and stamina heavy. "Uh... What? You know those people?" Grace asked, apparently there was some weird Hercules thing going on, because Grace knows Hades when she sees a Hades. "Whatever they're doing, it looks like one hell of a good time." Do people say that? Wait do these people say that? Does it matter? No. It really does not.

Quinn removed both her sun hat and aviators and held it to Maya, "This Blake guy knows your face right?" She alternated showing her both the items on each of her hands for her to pick, "Let's make it harder for him, here, take your pick." She then remembered, she raised the hat up real quick to tell her "Oh, this hat isn't mine so give it back to Grace after, or me I don't know, all I know is that she'll be absolutely livid." but she made her lean towards the hat more since it was closer to her and it matched with her outfit- Oh man, Quinn never cared about that before, Grace is not the influence she wanted when she joined the coven.

After she gave Maya whatever she had chosen she went off on her own, Maya could handle herself, this was something Quinn was very aware of. She gave her a quick nod before going in the other direction, who knows what she'll find?


"Not as bad as you think actually, I'm actually quite impressed."

Tampa General Hospital - Parking Garage

Quinn and Grace just eyed each other as soon as Vashti stormed away, though as Grace looked up at Quinn, she could already tell what is going in her mind, "Now isn't the time for introductions." She said to Grace as she nodded, this was definitely a terrible first impression to her but due to how positive this girl is, it is going to take a lot more than a pissed off Vashti to drive her away. Quinn honestly had no clue what drove this girl to join the coven even, it was kinda stalker-y if you asked her.

"Not as bad as you." Said Grace in a half-joking type of way which had Quinn just glare at her but Grace just laughed at it since this tall, angry, goth looking chick is not as terrifying as she thinks she is, her summons on the other hand are definitely an entirely flight of stairs up compared to her.

Since Quinn was still a little down from the murder death of Elise, she did not even care about how much the other people in the coven berated her and just yelled at her. "Alright, I will." She said to Madison in full agreement, that never happens, Quinn never agrees with anyone or follows anyone completely, it was clear that she was definitely changing because of Elise's death. Is it for the better? It is not certain just yet.

As soon as everyone agreed to meeting in an hour and everyone had left, Grace quickly pulled Quinn off to the side. "What-" She was immediately cut off with a light slap to her cheek from the shorter girl. Quinn's eyes went wide and her hand moved to rest on cheek. "The fuck was that for?" Grace leaned back a bit and crossed her arms before pointing at her.

"Get it together! My dad has told- complained to me about Schmidt for like his entire time here and he does not fuck around so you need to have your head in the damn game." Said Grace, now taking the lead in this conversation. Quinn had this look of annoyance and confusion on her face, she was not aware that Grace as capable of domming her, who knew. "Now tell me your swimsuit size and we're going to meet in Tampa bay, don't wear too much you're going to be changing." With that the conversation ended, Quinn was stunned to say the least but also impressed at how Grace did that.
Orgy Yacht, the gross and rich variation

"I already hate this." Said Quinn as she looked down at her backless black swimsuit, thin black skirt wrap up, sunhat, and aviators which were the only thing that were hers. Grace smiled as she adjusted the the black skirt wrap up on Quinn who stood there in defeat to make her presentable. Grace herself wore a basic white bikini with a nice white lace cover up over it and her own pair of sunglasses.

"You look great! Just don't do anything uh..." They then looked at each other and simultaneously said.

"Me." "You."

Quinn then quietly stood there, arms crossed with a resting bitch face as Grace was fixing her own outfit. Though this was interrupted by Madison who called upon her. "Yeah?" She replied as she followed her, Madison then asked the question why she was with Quinn. There really is not much of a reason to put too much thought into this question, Quinn was a means to get her ass into the coven since they already kind of knew each other from her frequent visits at American rust. Grace then shrugged her shoulders and said, "I dunno, I wanted to something exciting with people like me." Madison then added and said that she was normal which Grace could not help but chuckle at, "Yes yes I understand that Quinn is a little... Uh... Let's call it Fēng (Crazy), but that doesn't mean she's unreliable. She did just save my ass back in Fantasy Land so I suppose I owe it her, well that and she was the reason I got in it with you guys in the first place." She then looked at Quinn who was pulling on the straps on her swimsuit since she was uncomfortable and continued, "If you annoy her enough she'll do anything. And now I'm here." She said with a smile as she brushed her hair back. "And Quinn isn't necessarily a bad person, she just had different ideals, different motivations, different reasonings, call me corny but first impressions are fucking terrible. And whatever your first
impression on Quinn is must have been terrible.

Quinn looked at Maya then back to Grace and Madison, then back to Maya before letting out a sigh, "I need a smoke, why don't this stupid swimsuits have pockets... Fuck." With that she listened to Madison and stayed put, there was no reason to engage, especially since she did not have a summon out right now, and it would be unwise to do anything especially since this was kind of like a stealth mission that does not need Quinn to Quinn it all up and ruin it for everyone. Then again, this Blake Schmidt does not know what she looks like, and neither does he know Grace so maybe the duo of them together might help, unless those rednecks from the strip club ratted her out then maybe it will not be as good as she had hoped.


"Well that was definitely something I didn't want to hear right now."
"... My head..."

Fantasy Land

Quinn watched as the the DENS arrived at the scene, a little late but that should be fine especially since they did not really seem to care much about what they saw and Quinn actually felt like they would be helpful instead of just standing there, tear gassing everyone and tazing people. She followed Izzy towards the crowd and prompted Heize to follow her with the rich one still on his back. These agents would not mind a Chimera right? Right. Once she arrived she listened in the conversation.

"Hope they don't taze me again." She muttered to herself laughing under her breath, "That was on me so I really shouldn't complain." She looked over to Grace and shook her head, this girl really was out and it looked like it was going to take a bit before she is up and running again. As the DENS spoke, everyone turned their attention to the top of the ferris wheel. The Hound? As they called it, Quinn did not know what it was but Heize was not hostile to it but instead he actually refused to look at The Hound for reasons Quinn did not know. Quinn was surprised at Heize's reaction and did not take it lightly, obviously this meant something and she did not want to fuck with that.

The Hound then spoke of Elise's death, and Quinn's eyes widened, her fists clenched and Heize now started to cower from Quinn. Quinn could not believe it, she was angry definitely but to think that she did not even know nor did anyone else.

As soon as the Hound jumped down to their level, it got cold real fast and Heize now took a step back but Quinn held assumed her dominance by making him stay, shaking her head at him when he tried to flee. She could not let him run free, Grace was on him and her boss would get mad at her if something were to happen to her. Oh and also the fact that she is now part of the coven but mostly the first part. Everyone's eyes were on The Hound as he walked over to Elise's body, and the look on Quinn's face told a million stories. She actually considered Elise a friend, someone she could rely on, especially since she did when she got shot... Good times.

She watched Elise's soul get taken away and Quinn stayed silent for awhile.
Tampa General Hospital - Parking Garage.

As they all stood there, Quinn was having a smoke, taking in everything that had just happened. She stood there while Madison spoke about keeping a low profile for awhile, and Quinn just nodded at her, no snarky comment, no sarcasm, nothing. She did not even care upon the usage of her real name.

Grace on the other hand was now awake, standing next to Quinn who was sat on the hood of her Corvette, she looked like she did not want to talk so she just let her do what she wanted. And this talk about attacking Blake now really had her thinking, this was the same Blake Schmidt who was fucking with her dad's bank and making it harder to work there. Grace would have said yes in a heartbeat but she did just learn that it was him who sent the outsider to attack and they were all in no condition to fight.

"Maybe we should rest up firs-" She said but was cut off by Quinn.

"I'm in, I couldn't care less right now, so let's go." She said, standing up from where she was sitting and flicking the cigarette she had just finished away.

"You could die." Grace added.

"It's bound to happen anyway." Quinn replied with a shrug, and an obvious give-no-shits mentality.

"Then I'm coming with you!" Grace replied.

Quinn then gave Grace a pat on the back and smiled at her but then everyone else continued. "Are we going after Kayla first then?" She asked. Grace did not have much to say, after all she was still relatively new and she felt like she did not contribute enough in that last fight to have an actual say.


"Still fighting."
"Should have worn something more comfortable."

Fantasy Land

Quinn was wincing every now and then as the pain ran through her body. Her fists clenched and she could see Grace do the same. She blinked and looked at each one who spoke before she added, "I'm a mechanic, I've had worst infections." She stated before taking a step back the moment Taylor lit her hands on fire. She was surprised but that does not mean she was not considering it, yes it might get an infection and put her out of commission during this fight and she was absolutely not having that. But as soon as she was about to say something, Grace interjected.

"Whoa! Hey! As much as I want to see... Quinn here get burned," Quinn then looked at Grace and sarcastically thanked her for that statement before she continued, "Is there not anything better that could work, I mean it's not-" She then went to look at the wound and she immediately cringed at the sight of it before turning around and adding, "Yeah, It's bad, burn it shut." Said Grace.

"Okay why even say anything-" She then heard Maya say that she was going back in, and Quinn being the prideful son of a bitch that she is wanted to show that she is not just some pretty goth face, she is much more than that and that she could hold her own if she wanted. Greenwoods was a fluke and she was trying to make sure it was. "I'm coming with you. Burn it Taylor." And that was when Izzy stepped in, from the look of her eyes and the tone of her voice, she could tell that Izzy cared, and Quinn had not felt this feeling in so long. She looked down at Izzy who had no wrapped her arms around her in a form of embrace, and since Quinn did not know what it was for a moment she kinda just stood there limp but soon ended up reciprocating the hug back. "Thanks I-" As she felt the wound close, it stung a bit and her hug around Izzy tightened but she let go as soon as the wound was done healing. Quinn could not help but smile, there was no way she was feeling like she belong again, no... It had been so long. A family? People caring about her? The world truly is upside down and ending.

Everyone... Everyone was sent flying, including Heize who could not stand his ground. Quinn flew back, landing on her upper back and completely flipping over to lie flat on her stomach. Grace was flew further since she was lighter and her head hit the an old food stand. She was knocked out right there, leaning on the food cart. Quinn raised her head to see Heize skid across the ground but get up like nothing happened, he made his way towards Quinn and was keeping her safe while she tried to pull herself together. Her vision got blurry since she landed pretty hard and was taking in her surroundings. She pushed herself up and steadied herself as she rubbed her head.

"Heize... Prostatévo." She let out before she ran along side him towards Grace. She picked up a rusted metal pole, it looked like to be part of an umbrella, and held as a weapon to defend Grace. Heize was keeping most of the annoying weak fodder demons at bay as Quinn was trying to wake Grace up, "Idiot, get up!" She exclaimed, violently shaking the girl to get her to stand. "You're having a terrible first day." She said before getting under her arm and lifting her up with all her strength and slinging her on Heize. She grabbed the rusted pipe-pole thing and got on Heize and made her way to Izzy.

"Jared..." Grace muttered under her breath as a clang sound was made after Quinn had just smacked a demon into an old sign. Sin raised her brow and looked at Grace before carrying on with her defensive strategy. They arrived at Izzy, she was someone she would definitely depend her life on, she looked at her and got off Heize.

"We don't a lot of options left? Got a plan? Anything- Fuck, anything?" She asked, the small hint of panic in her voice made it clear that this was dire.


"You sure you wanna do this?"
"Well... I am having doubts now."

Fantasy Land

Quinn heard Taylor say her name as she tilted her head in an annoyed fashion upon hearing her name, "Must have been hella drunk last night then." She added before letting out a sigh, there was nothing else she could do, if the others who may like her more than the these ones can keep calling her Sin she would love nothing more. Grace looked confused at the name Quinn before looking up at the girl in question, she opened her mouth but Quinn stopped her as soon as she did, "Don't." Grace shrugged and mouthed the word and Quinn was literally about to slap this girl but then the outsider came from the roof and she had no choice. Quinn pulled Grace closer to her and pushed the bumper car to its side with a lot of difficulty with her shoulder, those things are heavy. She pressed her back against it as she sat on the floor with this new found acquaintance.

"What the hell is that?!" Grace exclaimed before she peeked her head to see what was going on, her eyes saw a blue skinned woman attacking one of the members and she just looked at Quinn who just pulled her sleeve up to reveal her sigil. Grace was in awe since her Sigil looked so much more complex than hers but this was not the time to get Jealous. "You look like you have a plan, uh... Tell me?" She asked before looking back at the Outsider.

"Nope. No plan." Quinn said as she held out her hand, placing her other hand on the extended forearm to keep it steady and for her to focus more. "Just going to need you to cover me while I call a friend." She let out before holding out her hand to start summoning Heize, she hoped that since their last meeting he would have all of his parts intact, especially since there would be no better time to have it than now. Quinn started concentrating real hard as Grace fired multiple bolts at oncoming baddies. They were coming left and right, Grace would not las-

"Hey! I'm not going to last! They're everywhere!" She called out, her hands were starting to heat up which meant they were going to come out faster but still not enough to keep all the demons at bay. Quinn was getting close, Heize's form was showing but it was not quite there yet, but the sound blast from Maya caught her off her rhythm and the form disappeared, as soon as Maya kept going Quinn was getting used to it and was able to continue but it would take a few more seconds for Heize to come out. She opened her eyes in hope that Heize was in front of her only to see one of the minions lunge at her, she could not stop right now especially since she was literal seconds away. Before she knew it Grace was able to block for her, her hand was in the demon's mouth and she shot lightning bolt that shot out of the demon's back. Heize finally showed after that and started whipping his tail and shooting fire at oncoming demons to protect the two. A chimera in full glory: Full lion strength, magical goat head support, and extra snake tail for a venomous attack. Grace was full of adrenaline to even realise the wound that formed around her wrist, a full bite mark that had her bleeding pretty heavily.

"Holy shit!" Quinn exclaimed, she ripped up her shirt from the shirt and wrapped it around her wrist as Heize kept keeping them cover, he was getting swarmed but he was still fighting. He roared through the fight, swiping, shooting fire, biting with poison, and even applying a small weakening spell on the ones in close proximity. "Heize therapévo!" Quinn called out, which made the goat head bleat and have Quinn's sigil over its head and cast a small healing spell on them. "You good?" Quinn asked, as she got on Heize and started driving Heize so that he would not take so much damage and be so reckless. Grace nodded and was definitely about to say something but Quinn cut her off, "Good!" Quinn said before grabbing Grace by the wrist and pulling her up on the chimera,"Because you're going to have to hold on." With that Grace held onto Quinn while she guided the Chimera to the others. "Hey! Don't stop shooting!" She exclaimed as she ducked under a demon that was sent flying from Heize's tail.

"Got it!" Grace replied as she shot more lightning bolts, though her aim was significantly worse since they were moving and it was already relatively hard to shoot lightning bolts stationary. Heize was weaving through the enemies while simultaneously fighting them off, Grace only now realised that craziness of the situation and how actually insane a chimera is. As Quinn rode Heize towards the others a barrier of darkness covered most of the members and they had to take a detour. But as soon as that happened she heard Grace stop firing, Quinn looked back and Grace slumped against Quinn's back. She was tired and out of stamina, Quinn Shook her head before she moved her hand to hold Grace and keep her from falling off.

"This is not the time..." She muttered to herself before she decided to go around the barrier from the outside but as went for the opening in the wall, a large tail went swiping at her and she had to maneuver Heize through it. It was that girl she met the other day, at the hotel. She was that thing apparently, due to having to dodge the tail Heize slowed down and needed to gain his momentum back as he made his way out, but this gave one of the demons the opportunity to jump at Quinn. The demon was able to bite quinn right on the shoulder but Quinn was able to flip him over her shoulder and forward onto the ground which then lead to this demon getting stomped on by the chimera. She started holding her shoulder and groaning but powered through it as they went through the hole in the wall, at least the rain woke Grace up. She rendezvous with the others in the darkness barrier and helped Grace down before lowering herself down to everyone else.

She was holding her shoulder as she looked at Grace, she sucked in air through her teeth to get her through the pain before Heize casted the same light healing spell he did on Grace, it did not do much but lower the amount of she was feeling. "Not one for plans but I'm down to do anything right now." Quinn added, she looked at Grace and let out a sigh, "Guess you guys were right about her, she's-"

"I'm fine!" Grace exclaimed, as she forced herself up, "I just needed to catch my breath! I can still fight!" She continued, she started controlling her breathing. Quinn shook her head and clenched her fists before holding it up to her.

"Idiot, you didn't let me finish." She brushed her hair back and continued, "I was about to say, you saved my life so you're in it for life whether you're out or in." She then moved her shoulder and pointed at it, "Can anyone help me with this?" she asked, Grace then held up her hand that was bit and Quinn pointed at that as well, "Also with that."


"Why does everything have to suck?"

Channel Club Aparments

Quinn was in bed, knowing full well when she woke up it would be one hell of a hangover since she took a few more drinks when she got home in response to what happened at the strip club. Her alarm then blared and she recklessly smashed the snooze button and turned to continue sleeping. Her phone then started ringing and she groaned as she sluggishly picked it up from the bedside table to answer it.

"...What?" She let out all tired and annoyed.

It was her boss, he told her to come in and give the rich girl her car since he had a different client to attend to. Quinn rolled her eyes and sat up, it felt like gravity shifted because her head started hurting like crazy. "Why me?" She asked as she held her head, she got off the bed and started hobbling over to the door, turns out this girl asked for her specifically because she had some inquiries about something and Quinn just let out a "yea whatever, on it." before hanging up.

She went to the kitchen and prepared herself a cup of coffee and a light toast breakfast before getting ready to see this girl, this was the same rich girl who just had her car brought in by someone else but it was written under her name. Quinn always felt that if the person is not worth bringing their own car to the shop then they are too much of an asshole to care about. But since this girl asked for her she had no choice but to oblige lest she wanted to get fired.

As soon as her coffee was empty, Keisha peered her head through the bedroom door. Quinn tilted her head at the sight of her since she had no memory of summoning her last night. She shrugged and went over to her giving her a quick pet before going to the shower. After a quick shower she changed into a white shirt, her old black and white varsity jacket, skinny dark-denim pants, and black sneakers. she put on a pair of sunglasses to hide her hangover and took Keisha to fly to the Car Shop.
American Rust Car Repairs

She landed Keisha at the back and put her in the office again, boss does not use it and he is not here anyway so it is fine. She walked in the main part of the garage to see the girl sat there on her phone waiting for her.

"Part of the crew."

Grace sat there in a black casual dress, a denim jacket on top of it, and black heel boots. She looked up to see the tall, dark-haired woman standing a few metres away from her and she immediately stood up. It was her, the one that would bring her to the coven. She started thinking to herself all the things she wanted to do but she was cut off with.

"Ms. Chua right? Your Corvette is over here." The girl said before pressing a button to lower it from the lift, "Fixed the inter cooler and replaced that spark plug that's been causing problems, it should be good to go now." This girl was not even looking at her, she is tall, pretty, and in really good shape. She swallowed her spit and walked over to the car.

"Right! Thanks!" She exclaimed, the girl then started leaning on one of the hoods on the other car and started shushing her.

"Shh... Not so loud..." She groaned, placing her hand on her head, this girl was hungover and she could see it but she did not want to pry.

Now that she is here alone with this girl she needed to have her take her to the Coven, she is not entirely sure where they reside and she has done enough digging to know that this girl is part of them, especially since the news from last night.

"So, that stuff from the Veni last night- Crazy right?" She stated trying to get her to open up.

"Uh... Yeah, sure. Don't really care." The girl replied, Grace needed to push her a bit more, this was not exactly the response she was hoping for.

"What about that fire in Greenwoods, that was something?" She asked, turning to the girl, who had now removed her varsity jacket and had opened the hood of another car.

"Assholes deserved it if you ask me." She replied, grace was getting closer, she did not even know much of the bad things going on there so the fact that this girl knew, she was closing in, she just needed to play around that.

"There was talk of a Chimera? Was it? Dog head, goat head on the back, snake tail." The hood then slammed down, and the girl turned to her.

"Chimeras are lion heads, everyone knows that, and snake tails are hard to come by nowaday-" there was a bit of anger in her voice but when she cut herself off she removed her sunglasses to see Grace with a huge smile on her face. "What the fuck is going on here?" She asked as she walked towards Grace, using her height to intimidate her.

Grace looked up at her and said, "I just want you to take me to them. Sin." She said, Sin then immediately clenched her fist.

"I don't know what you're talking about." She replied, it was clear that this girl did not want to open up willingly to just some random person. "I'm going to have to ask you to leave." She added. Grace blinked before holding her hands out.

"Wait! I can prove to you I'm one of you guys!" She exclaimed, "I-I know that you asked a lot of questions on what Griffins eat on the forum a year ago, I-I know about the Greenwoods incident, I have a vague knowledge about last night! See? I'm one of you!" Sin then shook her head and grabbed her by the arm, leading her to her Corvette.

"I've heard enough, I'm not who you think I am." Sin stated, Grace knew she only had one more chance to get Sin to take her to them and freed herself.

"Wait! I have more to thing to prove it to you!" Grace said, Sin was un-amused but she it looked like she was letting her do this one more thing, "Please take a step back." Sin sighed and took a step back, Grace held out her hand at the garage door and charged a small lightning bolt, shooting it straight at the metal garage door. Sin was surprised, she blinked and realised that this girl maybe a good asset to the team. Grace then walked over to the door and placed her finger on the door to absorb the static and send it to the pavement.

Sin sighed and pressed the button to open the garage, "Get in the car, and be ready to follow." She said before grabbing her jacket, putting on her sunglasses, and going in the office. Grace jumped in excitement and ran to her car, starting the car and readied herself to follow Sin, she did not have a car- A griffin then burst out the door and flew out the garage with Sin on top of it. Grace immediately kicked it into gear and followed.
Fantasy Land

Sin arrived at the entrance of Fantasy Land with Grace a minute behind her, Grace got out of the car to look at the Griffin, Keisha looked back at her and they had a staring contest until Grace was at Sin's side. "These people are assholes, be ready." Sin said before walking in the Fantasy Land with Grace. Sin had her hands inside the pockets of her jacket, her eyes staring straight ahead under those sunglasses, and they were quiet the whole walk until they arrived to where everyone was, just in time for Maya to say her thoughts followed by Lyss. "Hey! Speaking of power." She called out before turning everyone's attention to Grace. "Turns out this one knows about Greenwoods and last night, as much as I hate to have another person in here, I think she can help us out." Sin said, Sin took a step to the side and continued, "Introduce yourself now would you."

Grace gulped but shook her head to snap her out of the nervousness. "My name is Grace Chua, and I can do this." She said as she held out her hand to the open area to the side, a small charge built up before firing a lightning bolt onto the floor. "I can make them bigger, and uh... I can run real fast." She said.

Sin sighed and took a seat on the hood on one of the bumper cars and sighed, "I don't know if you're fine with this but boy with what's about to happen, I say we take the gamble." She said before holding her own head once more.


"You know... This?"

Veni Vedi Veni

Quinn raised her brow as it finally hit her what was going on, her drunk metre had gone down and it was like she only had one drink. All this talk about the Jaws or something was definitely fucking with her she was not drunk anymore and she was sure of it, she missed something big, which is a usual Quinn thing. "What the hell is a-" the manifestation then hit her vision. Things had gotten weirder and she was not sure what to do. "Thats...?" those skulls talking to Madison and she did not even flinch. Guess these girls have seen some shit that Quinn has not.

She looked over at Izzy then back to the Jaws, then each one of the girls, then back to the Jaws. "What the fuck?" She muttered as she stood straight. She turned back to Izzy and walked over to her, placing her hand on her shoulder as to comfort her in a way. This is was very uncharacteristic of Quinn but that does not mean she does not care, she just has no clue what to do exactly. She turned to Maya after a while to listen to what she had to say, "You're not the only one who needs to get filled- Who needs to know." Would have a been terrible time to have a sex innuendo since well... They kind of almost just died.

"Is just straight booking it outta here off the table?" She asked, She pressed her other hand against the sigil of her arm, "I could fly two of ya' out here if it's not. But hell it's a tight squeeze." She said, not summoning anything just yet, she had wished she was more useful in the fight, those sound blasts really do not help the girl's balance, especially since she was tipsy throughout that whole fight. "Whatever's going on y'all better spill it when we get out of here." She said as she prepped herself to summon.


"Man, I need to get it together."

Veni Vedi Veni

Quinn was late again but this time the whole thing was happening right in front of her and she just zoned out like an idiot. She shook her head and was immediately greeted with some vampires, sacrifices- You know the gist. She blinked to try and snap herself out of being drunk, slapping both cheeks as she readied herself. Summoning would help but it would bring so much attention and she probably did not have enough time to summon anyway. Everyone was doing something and she wanted to help, as much as she thought highly of herself she never actually wanted anyone to get hurt.

But as soon as she actually took a step, a strong force pushed her in the chest it was like if the ocean crashed right on her chest. She had felt this before... Maya. It dazed her and made her vomit in her mouth a little since she was definitely still drunk. She held her head and swallowed the vomit and wretched at the taste of it, she really needed to fix her diet of just mostly Ramen noodles and Mcdonalds. She stumbled around and could barely make out what everyone was saying but the looks of the bad guys were clear as day. Big vampire dudes... The same as- Oh; She really is drunk.

She looked around, anything she could find, anything would help- Okay maybe not that. A pair of fuzzy hand cuffs. She hesitated before picking it up, it smelled bad, real bad. She ran in and was literally about to smack the big one with the cuffs like a nunchuck but before she could even raise it up, another sound wave hit and since she was closer this time she flew a few feet into a wall. Her back slammed hard and this time she could could not keep her vomit in place. She spewed right on the ground she was prone on. She shook her head and struggled to stand, at least throwing up lowered her drunkenness by a bit.

She stood up, wiping her mouth as she readied herself. Izzy started screaming and she could just make it out, either way she was about to do some pretty rough self-sacrifice with all that talk and Quinn was not having that, no one is dying or getting hurt tonight. She stumbled towards Izzy and said, "Got your back... Go... Go get 'em." Her ears were ringing and her legs were shaky, she could punch but she is not sure if she could run without needing help.

She tried to steady herself but she was ready for anything thrown at her.


"Enjoying the view there?"

Apex Designs

Elise could not help but shake her head after when Joel said it would not cost anything, "Yeah well... I kinda wanna pay for it, you know..." She then looked around, she sucked in air through her teeth and continued, "After I crashed your little party here and also am now apparently drinking one of your drinks." She then took a sip before laughing at herself. "It's either money or an IOU as soon as that uh... Timing belt thing is on there." She let out. Joel was nice and she did not want to take advantage of how nice he was by not paying, she liked making people have worth in their work, as an online artist who lives off commissions she knew what it felt like to have entitled people ask her for free stuff, and she did not want that at all. "I'll give you my number and call me when the belt here then we'll talk about the cost." She said with a smile before taking a step back to see all the new people, she would go introduce herself now.

As she walked a few feet towards the new comers before she noticed Ryan looking at her, "Enjoying the view there bud? I already said I'll head to your restaurant this week alright? Okay cool." She then went on gave him that classic Elise smile before walking over to Milo, Paige, and Siobhan.

"Hi, I'm Elise, sorry for crashing the party." She said shaking each one of the hands of the new comers, she smiled at them before continuing. "Nice to meet both of you, I uh... No, actually that's it, I'm absolutely terrible at introducing myself." She said laughing at herself. She brushed her hair and adjusted her glasses before continuing, "So uh... How do you know each-" Her phone then buzzed, she held out her finger to issue for them to wait a second before pulling out her phone from her pocket and looking at who was calling. Aria... She walked away for a moment before answering the phone, "Oh hey! Oh my god! I haven't heard from you in awhile are you okay? I just-" She was cut off, the old apathetic tone from Aria was back, it would appear she's no longer on the smiling side of things, "Where are you?" Elise then looked around before answering, "Uh... Apex designs." She could hear Aria let out a sigh before saying, "Okay." and then hanging up.

Elise was shocked that that was it, that was the conversation? Aria was quiet for so long and that was it? She shook her head and went back to the three, putting on that smile of hers again trying to forget about what just happened. "Sorry haha, just a friend." She said, she then continued, "Uh where were we? I've forgotten." She said scratching the back of her head as she chuckled to herself.

All she could think about was if Aria was okay.


"Okay, now this the night I was hoping for."

Veni Vedi Veni

Quinn pouted as soon as Taylor started holding her and pulled her away from Lyss, she smelled nice which made doing that not a problem at all. This was the part where they all went back stage, and she was still holding on to Taylor as they went there. She looked around and was relatively underwhelmed with how the backstage of a strip club looked, definitely not as... Sexy as expected. She was standing pretty well, but whenever she felt like she would tip over she would lightly hold onto Taylor's shoulder for a little bit of support.

When Madison arrived, Quinn gave her a quick wave and even through her drunkenness she could see Maya gushing over this girl clear as day and nothing was clear in Quinn's vision right now. "Hey... You... You did great out-" Though she was cut off by how angry the girl is, she looked down at Taylor then back to Madison who was now asking the girls to not tell anyone about this. "Why would I? I don't snitch unless really really necessary like someone-just-got-murdered necessary" She shrugged her shoulders and stayed next to Taylor.

As she was about to say something a scream was heard, snapping her back into reality, not entirely but it definitely brought her back into the real world. "Fuck! What was that?" She asked, her stance lowered and she was ready to fuck some people up. "Is this normal in strip clubs?" She looked left and right before adding, "Don't these clubs have those private rooms where they can have sex in them or whatever?" She asked, Quinn knew barely anything about strip clubs that was not the main stage, all she knew was tossing money and getting drunk.

"So..." She said trying to keep herself balanced, "Do we taze some agents or go to that thing we just heard? Whatever the plan is, I'm in." She was not going to have something like this ruin her night, she was so close to getting drunk already.


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