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1 mo ago
Current okay, I'm here, sorry I'm late.
2 mos ago
Been playing iceborne, so replies will be a bit difficult.
2 mos ago
Okay, here we go again.
2 mos ago
Hello everyone, I'm on creative burnout right now, so my replies may be a bit later than anticipated.
2 mos ago
My friend introduced me to Ben&Ben (Filipino artist) and I love them.


Come say hi, I don't bite.


Kat | Lesbian

Twenty-seven | Female ♀
G є t t σ k n σ w K α t

Hella Gay.
Has a full time job.
Tries her best to stay active on the guild.
Awkward as frig.
Jokes around all the time.

RP Style

Prefers slice of life over anything.
Will join the fantasy action genre every now and then
Has a knack to make her characters really sad and depressing, or die in the end. (Sorry!)
Sadly due to how her brain works, loses interest very often. (Sorry again!)

And of course, please don't forget to surprise me! I love surprises.

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RedVII 12 mos ago
titty shitty
OfWindAndRain 2 yrs ago
I have three questions for you, then!
Are you a girl?
Are you korean?
Are you cute?
Nallore 2 yrs ago
*Randomly waves* Hi, how are you doing? :)
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