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Current i had a dream last night where I and BT7274 from Titanfall2 were infiltrating a department store guarded by dozens of guarding titans- smiley-faced slender-men titans.
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Won't be able to post for some time: inadequate technology.
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The feels when you play low gold in Overwatch, and are facing diamond players.
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What do you call someone who accidentally kills someone else? Why, a Junkrat main, of course!
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And here I am with Amazon Music, plus the year's worth of Amazon Prime that I bought 3/4ths a year ago (and I only found out when I started using AMusic)
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yeah, i need to get up to date on my postings. Just... really apathetic/burned out atm. Well, I have been for a while. Graduation was fantastic, but my senior year killed me. Writing was a way to get away, and now that it's over, i barely wanna do anything.
Prince Niklas Konig watched with mild confusion and resignation at the going-ons. Ultimately, this was outside of his realm- the fight between the two older nations' little ones, Liv and Anton, or "Ronny," and the relationship between Liv and Edwin. He nonetheless approved of that pairing, even if he knew they'd be exceptionally awkward about it.

Niklas allowed himself to be torn away [and he was rather grateful for it], giving the others a long, unreadable stare. Turning back to this betrothed, he properly proffered his arm to her until they reached the dance floor, taking several long moments to formulate a response.

"The group we found ourselves associating with today is quite... strange." His sudden formality took even he off guard, but he felt nonetheless tense and bothered with Alejandro here. The man had a reputation for finding out secrets, and Niklas's secrets were too important, too great, to allow anyone to know. If there was a single clue that Alejandro knew something... then that one would have to be eliminated. And yet, he was much loved by a great many people- doing so might bring undue attention to his elimination, however well done it might be.

Trying to roll the uneasiness out of his shoulders, Niklas gave Mai a poor attempt at a smile, and offered Mai both hands for a dance. "Let us dance, m'lady."

Back with the others, Fareeha stood gruffly, leaning back slightly with a very observant and judging pose- just a hint of that military discipline. She didn't like this lady-man's look, and automatically despised him almost as much as Casimier- which she didn't think was possible, until she found another peacock.

Jesus Christ, our group is attracting the little lord, that small greekish weasel, and now an even more annoying Casimier! Heavens above grant me the strength not to punch someone important these next few months, who knew royalty was so ridiculous?

Unfortunately, she had a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach- there were more than one eligible princes, suddenly showing up, and her parents desperately wanted a match for her so they could bring something new to Mamlakat. But then again, forcing Fareeha into a match might result in a storm the likes of which none has seen from her before...

Viciously, Fareeha imagined punching the Lady-man's face, before wiping off all that crap on his face and forcing him to look at a mirror of his natural self. The kid might just have a heart attack from it!

Outwardly, Fareeha was her cool, collected self, even if her raised eyebrows denoted her skepticism and lack of awe in the peacock's ensemble.

She made some pains to be polite before getting down to the bread and butter of the discussion...

"Well, you already know me as Fareeha Amari, Princess of Mamlakat Alssahra. And you look ridiculous."
Update: if no one posts, I'll make something of my 3rd fleet coming in and blowing shit up.
@Knight Solaire
The entire OP repeats "Write a nation, post it, and jump in."
So can we expect a post from anyone anytime soon?

I wont br able to post for a while, but i can certainly watch.

No, it's fine, it's just hard to tell what's going on because your entire post is one big thing. You need to cut it up, separate it, so it's easier to tell what's going on. Each part, each chapter, each section is a short story, a scene, a particular perspective or two: When you have your leader talking to your commander, that's one scene. Then cut it so we know it changes, and describe it.

I had so much trouble with that last post because it was one big long ramble that didn't specify anything for me. Okay, so some random utility ship detected one of mine, and identified it. Where? How far away was it from the edge of my space, or your space? More to that, it was difficult to know who was speaking because all your dialogue was all over the place, with two or three different people talking, and only some of it being sorta labelled.

This is just friendly criticism, so that we can all write a post, and not have to ask anyone about it, because we understood it perfectly. That being said, if anything I say is confusing, please tell me.

An image of the Juran Escort Corvette

The JSBF Silent Sentinel
The ship waited, thrusters still at full burn. No response was recorded; nothing changed. By any means, it appeared that the ship hadn’t broadcasted anything at all, and there were still well over three thundred incoming entities on an intercept trajectory.

Abruptly and silently, all point defense turrets opened fire, releasing easily over a hundred rounds per turret, each of them layering at least ten rounds per incoming interceptor. The railguns targetted the larger craft hanging back behind the interceptors, likely bombers or heavy fighters of some kind; with a 9-round burst from each turret, the small patrol craft spit out enough ordnance in 10 seconds to lay a small city to waste.

Inside the CIC of the Silent Sentinel
Su’Talra paced back and forth in front of the holographic map depicting their ‘battle.’ If only he had missiles…

<Utility Officer, how many surveillance drones do we have?> asked the shipmaster, a plan forming in his mind to ensure his survival.

<Shipmaster Talra,> replied the resonanting voice of the slightly smaller female officer. <This craft currently has ten more surveillance drones, but has more of other types. What do you plan?>

Su’Talra remained silent for a long moment, watching the small icon that represented the brief 20-second burst of fire from all his turrets. It was hardly a third of the way to the incoming interceptors, having fired nearly two minutes ago, but the rounds would impact shortly. Still, though, their motherships might have more interceptors, or ship-to-ship weaponry on board.

<Prep six of the drones. I want commands entered for them to detonate at half the distance as normal, and i want their launch tubes aimed at the carriers. Designate enemy units as Tango Carriers One through Three, and Tango Intercept and Tango Heavy. I want all Tango Heavies dead as soon as they enter the edge of effective point defense range- there’s no way they could survive point blank range. Ready launch tubes to fire two drones at Tango Carriers, and ensure that their self-destruct blows only when they’re very close to their hull- ballistic course only, keep them silent.>

The officers on the bridge were… unsettled with the unorthodox attack, but notheless did what he said.

All surveillance drones were top-of-the-line Juran Ark Federation technology, using the latest passive and active sensors, electronic warfare modules, and sensor scramblers. It could fly invisible, or it could fly to appear exactly like an asteroid. Cut off normal communications in an area, send and receive messages, and more. Because of the advanced technology used, it’s considered imperative that none of it reaches the hands of its enemies- and so inside each drone is a small 40-pound core, right next to the pressurized and cloaked hull that contains the drone’s batteries and its black box. Inside the 40-pound core is a 15-pound containment core, 24-ish pounds of titanium armor around the outside, and 20 grams’ of antimatter held suspended inside the containment field generated inside the core.

The twenty pounds of antimatter is enough to annhilate the entire drone, and the area around it.

Using them as makeshift missiles was definitely plausible, even if you could produce sublight antimatter missiles for about a third of the cost of each drone.

Suddenly, the Communications officer piped up. <Shipmaster! We have a confirmation on reinforcements; Central Command acknowledges our plight and discovery of a hostile alien race, and is dispatching 3rd Fleet to help scout and take the system. If we slip into hyperspace now, we can meet with them halfway along. If these enemy ships follow us, we could easily lead them into a trap. The Commodore of 3rd Fleet has already ordered us to escape immediately and bait the ships behind us- they want to pull the enemy ships out of hyperspace somewhere out in the Deep and deal with them there.>

The officer, knowing what Su’Talra would ask, had already transferred the message to the holographic plot. Reading over the official orders, he inwardly frowned- he was looking forward to surprising three enemy warships with antimatter. Nonetheless, he had orders and a new commander.

<Helm, have Engineering power up the Warp drive, and bring us into hyperspace. Navigation, plot the best possible course to 3rd Fleet’s hyperspace coordinates. Stand down all weaponry and drones; all hands to Transition Stations, Combat Stations are on hold.>

As the CIC officers scrambled to do his bidding, Utility piped up.

<Sir!> snapped Cu'Ylleri. <There is a second alien fleet to our bow. The computer affirms that they are of a different faction of the one that’s following us; different design.>

Truly beside himself now, Su’Talra physically swiped at the holographic display, snarling. Unable to process the command, the floating holographs just flickered red for a moment.

The shipmaster wasted no time in responding, snarling, <Report this news and continue our previous orders!> He saw for himself as the purple-neutral icons went enemy-red at the same time Utility called that they were preparing weapons.

<Retreat into warp, immediately!>

With that, the corvette disappeared in a flash, having left behind only a single salvo to impact the incoming starfighters.

Within half an hour, it’d regroup with the two destroyers that were en route. Shortly after that, the three ships will meet up with the much, much larger 3rd Fleet, which will drop out of warp to wipe the offending aliens out of space.

An image of the Juran Carrier

CIC of the JSBF Third Harbinger, Carrier-Flagship of the 3rd Fleet, Intersteller Warpspace
The carrier’s shipmaster and Fleetmaster both had two different rooms: the CIC- Combat Information Center- was reserved for the shipmaster and his ship, while the FIC- Fleet Information Center- was reserved for the Fleetmaster.

The Fleetmaster was one of few particularly high-ranking Admirals in the Juran Spacebourne Navy, and a veteran of over fifty years of combat- having joined into a town’s militia by the ripe age of twelve, and continuing on into a career ground-pounder. After a series of incidents, the gifted non-commissioned officer found himself in fleet school, and shortly afterwards, on the command track.

3rd Fleet’s Fleetmaster was a Juran of particular talent and skill, even as he was one of the lowest ranking Admirals.

And in this case, he was also the calmest out of an entire fleet’s worth of shipmasters.

The FIC had a dozen consoles, with only four of them within reach of the holographic pit in the center. Those four officers were rather straightforward- Executive Commander, or the Fleetmaster’s second in command, Communication, Fire Coordinatior, and Fleet Analyst. In this case, the Fleet Analyst officer had been replaced with a robot- Juran in all aspects but being of metal rather than flesh, with a quantum supercomputer with organic storage core in his chest rather than a brain in his head. The robotic Juran was one of five, placed among various positions near Admirals, both as an advisor in whatever form, and bodyguard.

Fe’Sutakra, Fleetmaster of the 3rd, Admiral of the Fourth Class, Victor of Vilery’s Bay and Brawler of Boshtyk, stared at the constantly updating holographic display, as routed to him via Silent Sentinel. A salvo was about to impact a series of small attack craft en route to the Sentinel’s final position, and a total of nine battlecruiser-sized carriers, carrying those attack craft, were en route to a second alien force- one that didn’t appear to be backing down from the fight.

The fight would’ve been maybe half an hour, an hour into it by the time he arrived. Neither force, even if they combined their numbers, could possibly beat his own, of that he was certain. Both of those forces were also being updated in real-time because of the two surveillance drones the Silent Sentinel dropped right before it entered warpspace and began to rendevous with him.

The Jura Fleetmaster crossed his arms, and waited silently for his fleet to arrive.
Okay, so there are a bunch of people talking to my nation, but I really can't sort through all this alone.

Here what [u]I[/i] know what's going on right now:
A) Luna's Zerg are engaging the Silent Sentinel. Data's exploration fleet is moving to engage those Zerg.
B) The Abysmal's Atlas merchant fleet is being hailed and stopped by the Valiance
C) @o0V0o's got some ships talking to mine.

See, I have no idea what C's about. Are you just detecting a random ship of mine, or what? Kinda not cool if you just threw that out in there, cause it's kinda confusing/hard to keep track of all this stuff going on.
Okay, I think you all need to chill out for a little bit and think.

Luna, I never EVER mentioned opening fire on you. Do not control my characters- that is widely regarded as bad among roleplaying. Both you and oOVOo are making this mistake with him assuming that you'd do something. Even if you can predict exactly what i write, that's no excuse to release a post that is commanding someone else's units.

Now there's this idea of 500 scouts attacking a 1000-strong world defense fleet, so let's think about this for a moment.

What is a scout? They are lightly armed, lightly armored, designed to collect data and do little nore than that. Whyever would a force of 500 spyships go picking a fight with an actual fleet? Moreover, that fleet is SCREWED if an attacking force half as much as your defenders' numbers of weak scout ships managed to do so much damage. I dunno about you guys, but one of my droneships- not even close to a carrier- could take out well over a couple dozen JAF scout ships.

Scouts aren't meant to brawl, actual warships are.

And no one assume what my people do. If you're not sure, then actually read my posts.
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