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4 days ago
Did you know that baby cheetahs are given Labrador puppies to bond with because they need a stress relief buddy.
26 days ago
*download game* okay cool let's... *opens game* *opens launcher instead* *begins downloading a dozen updates* *finally finishes* Alright! Now let's get started.... *Game begins updating* *fuck me*
2 mos ago
The United States is one of the most important and prominent countries in a world... with a broken-ass government that keeps shutting down and somehow we keep electing dumber and dumber people.
5 mos ago
If I refresh the page often enough, it forces my RP partners online. Right?


I'll be honest, I don't wanna put a bio up cause I'm afraid I'll scare people off by writing plainly, but not really interested in taking a bunch of time for am that formatting.

So if ya wanna chat, do send a PM!

If you're a friend of mine and wanna see the bio filled, and wanna write a truthful description of yours truly, lemme know! A description from a third party is alwayd the best kind.

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I see that you're wearing more than one jacket

As someone who has been criticized many a time for wearing more than one jacket, no matter the weather... I am pleased!
tfw you so flexible that ur proud of putting on yur sox
then u go online and is reminded that some people find doing the splits to be not split enuf

10/10 would feel ashamed of myself again in comparison
many compliments
@angry kitty
Maybe don't post interest checks linking to your interest check in all the interest check forums? A bit spammy and misleading.
I think this belongs in the Advanced section, because this is so much information and detail that I'm afraid
Sure, I already got a big ol character written up from ages ago, to fit in as a captain.
Boopity BUMP!
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much like
discount Zoe
A Stormy Index of Ideas

About Me!

Hello, reader! Welcome to my interest check, thank you for showing some tentative interest. ~le bow~

I am OfWindAndRain, or you may refer to me as Rogue, Will (or an variant of the name- William, Willy, etc.), or Resident. I am an avid gamer- too many games to count, easily in the triple digits- and even more enthusiastic reader. Overwatch, World of Warships, Command and Conquer, Civilization, Arma 3... or, if you're looking for books I read, you can find me buried in fantasy or scifi- anything by the author Christopher G. Nutall, Rick Riordan, and more.

In addition to all this... I am a writer. A good one, I'd imagine, though that might just be what little of an ego I have talking. Advanced-level, with some pride in always having posts that are at least ONE THOUSAND characters long, and can often reach or surpass FOUR THOUSAND characters. Monologue is something I enjoy writing- giving insight in a character's thought process while they make connections. Generally, much like myself, I enjoy writing characters that do have a sense of respect and honor towards others- often polite, or quiet. I can write many different types of characters, but I'll most likely default to intelligent, well-brought-up sorts.

I myself am a former college student. I tried college for a semester, loved the people and community, sick and tired of class. I'm currently working, as well as searching for a job and home in the Dallas/Denton area since I'd like to live/work there more permanently. I have aspirations to having a simple job to pay the bills and pass the days, while I play games, save up for a gaming computer, and brainstorm on good ideas to write books on.

tl;dr: Gamer, reader, sick of school, working.

Roleplaying Expectations and Interests

1. Casual-Advanced level writing
2. Respect for the partner; no hostility or negativity towards the other, please
3. Usual rules for roleplaying- no godmode, metagame, etc.
4. Brainstorming. I'd like to throw ideas back and forth.
5. OOC conversation- sometimes we get a rapport going and we don't ever bother talking to each other, but I do wanna talk to you. You don't have to, I respect one's distance, but I appreciate making new friends as well as new partners.
6. Let me know how long it'll take for you to post, on average, and if something crops up that complicates things. I'm super chill, just talk to me, yeah? Busy? Lemme know. Don't wanna continue? Throw it at me, I can handle it.
7. Mention how awesome my Olaf cosplay is and reply in a PM to let me know you've read my 'rules.'
8. DO send me a list of kinks or the like that you'd like to include in the roleplay. I am very open-minded, so if you have anything besides, you know, real ew stuff, just throw it at me and I'll see what I can do!
9. Have fun, yeah?

I'm currently interested in the following:
ROMANCE - above all else, I love love. I'm a lonely dude, writing warm-and-fluttery hearts is fun and improves my mood, and I feel like in doing so it helps me become a little better of a person.

SCIFI - I do love me some laser beams and railguns. However! I don't like unrealistic scifi- I enjoy things being as realistic as possible. That guy can't teleport just cause, he teleports because of an advanced device using lots of power... that laser beam isn't a bolt of colored energy flying at me, it's an invisible beam of extreme heat that melts stuff at near-instant speeds. Cause it's near instant. This stuff can be real fun even with it being realistic, guys, give it a try!

FANTASY - Yo I love fantasy! Honestly, I'll do almost anything. If you wanna play a centaur? Go right ahead. Elf? I approve. Hell, even if you like monstergirls, I'm up for that. I do need some quest of some sort to focus the story, on, though! A good bad guy, a plague, or some place to defend...

SUPERNATURAL... tentatively - I'm curious/interested in supernatural roleplays, but they've never worked out well for me- I usually ended up losing interest. If you've got something supernatural and real interesting, then by all means share. If it's just some average supernatural plot, however, I'm out.

FANDOM... tentatively - I could do fandoms- video games, books, etc.- but I'm only willing to roleplay certain characters from certain universes. Otherwise, I'd much rather use the universe, but not the characters. I've often enjoyed plots that go parallel to the books', allowing for various run-ins and effects to butterfly-effect between the original story, and our story.

Sorry buddos, I just don't like these three much.

Pairings & Ideas! The Meat!

Now, I'm up for just about anything, however, these are pairings that I've been curious more than most lately. Bolded is my default role. If you want to play either in particular, I'd be happy to switch. Italics is a preferred role, meaning I'd VERY much prefer that. Do also keep in mind I only do FxF, or MxF. I'll play either M or F, but I will not do MxM.

Succubus x Summoner
Incubus x [F]Summoner
Scholar/Magician x Monstergirl or Elf
Small Starship Captain x AI-in-a-body

NOTE: These hiders contain ideas, first with information on the universe and the main character, and then the beginning of a plot. No plot idea will be written with a major enemy or end, as that could be brainstormed with the partner to suit both our interests and tastes.

All of these are 18+

RMC = Romance
ACT = Action
ADV = Adventure
FTS = Fantasy
MDR = Modern
FTR = Future/Scifi
Aye, but according to how those nobles and barons and the like acted in all the histories and the like we have, it's much more likely that quarrels will come about. Some will be so political, and some may be genuinely angry, without much restraint, and draw a weapon, demanding that they be heard, or violence shall ensue. Such is human nature, to be honest.

And on the other hand, I never said that your character wasn't already there, or picking on you for having your character announced. I just wanted it to be aware that all our characters have already been here. They have already been announced elsewhere, for a different, probably much lengthier ceremony. So, if anyone wrote anything about first greetings or the like, they are either mistaken or so graveful late that they have caused a black mark- for being so disrespectful as not to arrive on time for the actual ceremony, and alienating their entire representative region for not declaring fealty with everyone else. Which would have severe political ramifications, even if the Queen dismisses the slight.
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