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15 min ago
Current I also will be quite busy. Moving around, dropped outta college, looking for a job, etc.
16 min ago
The Last Jedi was alright, better than the rest but not as good as the Marvel movies, imo.
20 days ago
As Sovietwomble once said: "There's plenty of fish in the sea. But until I catch one, I'm stuck here holding my rod."
27 days ago
The confusion you get when you're reading a book and it's 2pm and then you look at the clock again after switching between books a couple times and it's 2am.
1 mo ago
"Mutual friendships do not appear as ghosts." >looks at the several ghosts< ... I feel betrayed.


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@Lady Selune
Oh shit, that's how you do it? I just shot it, and got confused when it didn't make a hole.

Also, that's dangerous.

I ran up to a castle barricade once, punched it and it broke, and castle shoved a shotgun in my face.
Got so outplayed x.x
@Lady Selune
Yeh, I know. Doc/Rook are bad enough, but old Jager and Bandit were fucking terrible, and that's just with SMGs or carbines with scopes. I couldn't imagine if it was Twitch or Buck on defense. Or Glaz.

Had a match on plane today where the enemy team was getting super cancerous. Kept rushing out as we tried to push, killing us as we crossed the open distances outside the plane. Honestly, if you play it right, Plane is easily the worst map for Attacker spawns.
@Lady Selune
Nah, I prefer using the SCAR on Blackbeard and the shotgun or Famas on Twitch.

The shotgun is so easy to use, anyways. The foregrip extends the oneshot range soooo much.

I don't like treating DMRs like their assault rifles- they're meant to be more powerful, but if you take your time with each shot, like you're supposed to versus an SMG or an AR or LMG, you're dead. I have a general disdain for the way R6S implemented the DMRs.
I hate her DMR. It requires so much spamming. With the Twitch's or Blackbeard's DMR, you have to have a steady hand and take some time between shots to line your weapon up again from the recoil. The Mk14 has next to no recoil, and so without having that I-need-to-pause moment to realign, my fingers keep cramping from trying to spam it. I'm no good at holding right click and spamming left click. And this is all disregarding the fact that DMRs usually have automatic settings to begin with (which really pisses me off that it isn't included)

I don't argue with the fact that the secondaries are amazing. They jump everywhere like a pogo stick champion, but they get the job done. I just hate the Korean primary weapons. The BOSG is fun to meme, and Viggle's SMG is alright, but I have more fun playing the other operators.
It has ludicrous damage, but you have two shots and you have to land both with a reflex sight. It takes ages to pull out your secondary, so by the time you finally get around to maybe getting one hit to land and having a secondary to finish them off, you're already fucked.

I'd rather have Twitch, Blackbeard, or Buck (In that order) if I want a rifle. Not Dokka or Viggle.
@Lady Selune

The BOSG is a great meme, but it's so fucking trash. like when you hold left click with an LMG- it could work, it could net you some kills, but ultimately it's useless.

Tachanka is my bestie, Echo is great for lurking because Dokka rushes in after calling phones, and never realizes Echo is a weabo.


Zofia is new Ash. More armor, faster breaching, better flashes.

Mira is best girl.
Valk close second.

Tachanka and Echo are husbandos.
Jackal is best man to my wedding and funeral because of how OP he is.
@Lady Selune
Nearly got two aces in a row with Valkyrie today. Granted, I'm way better with Mira, and Mira's my best girl (I just looooooooove that Vector and shotgun secondary) and I casually got a 3-K today.

It's even harder to play Valkyrie nowadays, though, with Dokkaebi (DokkaeBAE?). I just thought it was even more hilarious whenever Dokka hacked all my Valk cams, and I hid just out of sight of one, and shot her as she rushed into OBJ thinking that my valk cams would highlight any enemies... :)

And I'll throw in a post tomorrow about Carpenter's crowd-response. My standing point with him not knowing much about supernatural is that he was transferred straight over from the Marines- had his discharge and stuff, then got his orders to 'report over there asap" and this is more or less his first day in.

His resume has 'learns on the job,' after all.
I'm not posting yet. Pointman said he needs to be first, so he needs to post 'fore I even get ready to start.

Unless someone wants a really big fucking hole [coming right up].
I'ma be completely honest...

I do like the basis of this rp, and I love Titanfall. THat's why I was hyped and inspired for this roleplay. But, I dunno, just the general confusion of you not laying out where specifically we were dropping to or anything- to this day I still don't really know what are objective is, what the scenery, what the battlefield. We were near a facility, but we're by pillars, but we advanced from where we dropped, but I have no idea where to...? And in addition to that, the whole sentient-and-feeling-pain AI really turned me off. Like, I love AI and all the stuff that usually comes with a decidedly inhuman intelligence, but the whole so-modified-they're-a-mechanical-human really just didn't sit well with me. Screaming cause the robot took damage? That doesn't make any sense. They ain't a human, who has nerves that trigger pain when in peril- they're a machine. When a machine loses an arm, everything going to that arm says it ain't responding, there's nothing there.

In short, my inspiration for this roleplay went out the window due to no one taking charge, and a personal dislike and peeve of a machine feeling when there's no reason to. I'm out, sorry. This ain't my crowd.

And if you argue that it's because sentient-feeling-Titan's pilot wanted it to feel pain, then that's just a stupid reason. Making your suit of armor feel pain and react to it is a terrible, terrible idea that I couldn't see any believable commanding officer authorizing.
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