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Current when your dad thinks he heard you say 'i love you' back at the end of a phone call and its so out of character that he (who will step on and kill a rattler with his bare hands) was genuinely afraid
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8 mos ago
*sleeps in* *father goes on a hour-long rant about how I'm cratering and withdrawing from life* *wtf it's 9 am*
1 yr ago
The US Defense/War budget is about $579 billion dollars. Tthat's too much, right? The Social Security budget is $911 billion dollars. And the Medicare budget is over $1 trillion. Not so bad now, huh?


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Oh nah, you needta appreciate the classical a bit more


I do. Obv.
are you assuming that apache helicopter's gender?
Oh, I'm not intending to make a rp out of this. I just wanted to throw the idea out there.
When they were discharged.

Some of them might've been born as test-tube babies, born and raised to fight in the war, literally, and some might've been kidnapped at a young age, while promising, to be raised from a young age to be trained. None of them would have memories of anything else outside of warfare.

@Burning Kitty
I dunno, I just had a thought after seeing a cosplay of a Spartan, who didn't have a helmet on. I was thinking, "Hey, that girl looks pretty cute, and young. The suit didn't really seem to FIT how young and innocent she appeared." and then i was like- wait. Spartans ARE young, and maybe not innocent, but all they've ever known and remembered was war, war, war. Maybe this alt-universe version of them, the psuedo-UNSC was replaced by a more civilian organization, to demilitarize and then humanize the war-torn cities and planets that had been long since converted into military strongholds and outposts. And in their infinite wisdom, they didn't see the psuedo-SPARTANs as genetically engineered war machines, but rather as children who had simply been blown off their path. And so, they reward them for their service, with all the awards and benefits becoming of supersoldiers who won the hundred-year-war, and set them into the world, with classes to educate them on more civilian matters, and mentors for each of them to acquaint the teenagers- however large and matured they are- of things more 'befitting' their age.

And so the entire roleplay would be about supersoldiers trying to fit in, when all they know and prefer is fighting.
@everyone-else ya'll are pretty cool-lookin but @Sherlock Holmes still takes the lead
@Sherlock Holmes
didnt realize that sherlock holmes was a cute af girl. 10/10 would open suspicious hider again
I'll be honest, I much prefer fatigues.

Neither my brother nor myself has served in the military, but he went to surplus stores to get various items of things he liked- marine and army fatigues, tactical vest, gas masks, etc.- and so for the past couple halloweens here at home, I've dressed up as a US Marine. Real fatigues, real combat gloves, real kneepads, etc. Really awesome- punch a concrete wall without feeling a thing (not even joking), or drop to the ground without your knees feeling nothing more but like they're landing on pillows (despite it being gravel). Also, a black gas mask and a kevlar helmet fit together amazingly (on purpose, more like), and is legitimately terrifying for anyone who's never seen the sort before. I may have some confidence in myself, and comfortable with how I am- but oh my god, walking around in boots, kneepads, fatigues, vest, gloves, helmet, gas mask- you just FEEL INVINCIBLE.

I had images, but only on my old phone, I think.
Welcome to the Guild.

Your IC post has two notable problems, after being glanced at:
1) the one requirement of sorts is that you write a nation sheet detailing and explaining your nation, and then posting that nation sheet in the Character Sheet tab. Which you entirely skipped, so we know nothing. Everyone else wrote a CS first.
2) your nation is in an entirely different galaxy. After reading your post, yes, you got 'blown' into the Milky Way, which honestly doesn't make a lick of sense. An explosion, even a supernova, couldn't hope to launch a ship all the way to the next star system, much less to an entirely different galaxy- a galaxy that isn't even a neighbor. The Andromeda Galaxy is our closest neighboring galaxy, and it'd take thousands of years for us to reach it. I mean, it doesn't matter too much in this roleplay, but... it doesn't make any sense.

I'm not a GM, or coGM, so I don't have any actual say beyond 'I'm disappointed/disapproving,' so feel free to ignore me if you want.
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