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8 mos ago
Current Apologies for poofing, stuff is popping up at work and I needa relax today and tomorrow before posting again.
9 mos ago
Am sick; posts delayed; help me pls
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2 yrs ago
If the Earth is flat, then how does one explain tens of thousands of people all across the globe in various space agencies not ONCE leaking that it's all a lie and everything's flat?
2 yrs ago
Got myself Overwatch's Pink Mercy skin for charity!
2 yrs ago
How do Flat-Earthers explain timezone differences? The sun being up in one place and down in another?


I'll be honest, I don't wanna put a bio up cause I'm afraid I'll scare people off by writing plainly, but not really interested in taking a bunch of time for am that formatting.

So if ya wanna chat, do send a PM!

If you're a friend of mine and wanna see the bio filled, and wanna write a truthful description of yours truly, lemme know! A description from a third party is alwayd the best kind.

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Dervish 3 yrs ago
I actually got my start roleplaying on a Star Fox 64 fan forum back in 2001.

Jeez, I've dated myself something fierce just now lol
Dervish 3 yrs ago
Totes played both Star Foxes
Mistiel 3 yrs ago
What flavor of donut are you?
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