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Current I've started to kick the rust off of my writer's block. It's good to actually be getting posts up.
6 mos ago
Y'know, after the whole United Airlines fiasco, flights are probably going to be cheap for a while.
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7 mos ago
I am sure glad that this is private, I wouldn't want people to know about my deep dark secrets like how Roze, Hank and I have partes sticking poprocks up each other's butts. Hope no one sees this!
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lol that sidebar tho
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If at first you don't succeed, crush it.


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<Snipped quote by Dervish>
Whaddoya mean you don't "fix" the sandwich, reveal [ENEMY STAND]s and then eat what was left behind?

Like this?

<Snipped quote by Dervish>

That's what an alien would say.

<Snipped quote by Dervish>

Thanks <3

How do you eat a sandwich right? One bite at a time. I feel better today, so there's that.

I dunno, I kind of just unhinge my jaw and swallow the sandwich whole like a regular human.
I'm really sorry for breaking on a commitment to post.

I'm not one for getting in to a story, but I'm currently sat on my lounge room floor in tears at 9pm, my dinner has gone stone cold, because I am expected to re-do an entire presentation for a guest speaker at an event I was told to put on only 3 weeks ago. I'm beyond stressed. I feel like I never stop at the moment, I've not had much of a chance to look in RPG the last 2-3 weeks.

I will get to this, I would love to do it on Sunday. I'm sorry for holding us up, but I literally have nothing of me to give at the moment. I know you will all understand this, thanks in advance :( I will get to it when I can.

Take it an hour at a time and try not to fret about stuff until it's the day of. Trust me, I hit periods that are insanely stressful in my life, such as a couple months ago when one of the villages I work in had both water plant pumps fail and I couldn't do anything but watch people run out of water while my phone wouldn't stop ringing from that and 4 other sites all deciding to have after hours mechanical failures in the same time frame, so the only way I don't end up turning into a panic attack prone wreck is to just try and force myself to not worry about the next day and focus on what I can. It helps even knocking off little tasks!

You'll get there! Head down, one step at a time.
I'm alive. I'm kinda worried about the lack of activity going on, too.
I pretty much make OOC-lite for interest checks because I always end up getting a lot of traffic for my games and I've found clearly outlining what exactly the game is going to be and expectations helps give people a clear idea of what they'd be getting into.

Way I see it, large portions of text are kind of one of my staples and if people think the interest check/ OOC are a bit much, they're probably going to hate the IC content. Considering most of my games last for 1-2 years usually, I'm sticking with a formula I know works.
And there's one from lil ol' moi.
With ragged breaths, Daro'Vasora looked up from the pulped face of the Draugr she'd finished sending on its way to the death it had been denied for, by the divines, centuries? The Khajiit wondered why her mind wandered to places such as that in the middle of life or death situations, but perhaps it had something to do with the small fact if she slipped up at all she'd be out of time to contemplate her mortality and the irrational fear that if she died in a place like this, she'd be stuck wandering the tomb as one of the putrid ghouls that populated it. She'd never walk the Sands beyond the Stars if that were the case, and perhaps the ghost stories the kids back in Leyawiin used to tell one another about the swamps and marshes of the surrounding region tickled a primitive and superstitious part of her brain. Regardless, she perhaps had more incentive than most not to lumber around like an idiot in these Nordic barrows like the one that smelled of stale sweat and booze that his oafishness had failed to guzzle down his pitcher plant like bearded maw who threw himself into the undead bodies of what was likely his distant relatives of a very, very slender family tree.

The group had dispatched most of the Draugr, which was the least they could do considering they pulled Daro'Vasora into this incredibly distasteful situation. Of what remained, only three of the average specimen remained, and... the big one. her mind helpfully filled in the words as she gazed up at the behemoth. She wondered for a moment who he had been in life and why on Nirn he'd allowed this fate to befall him, but she supposed it was up to the group to help him along. She'd be doing a good deed and taking one more undead abomination out of the world, a net positive, right?

A scream of pain pulled the Khajiit's attention to the Bosmer-Nord who had tried to discredit her earlier and she wasn't even ashamed of the smug sense of satisfaction that came from the event. She wasn't dead; just humbled. Maybe next time she decided to run her mouth, she'd think better of trying to leave her track.

"This is what happens when you bring tourists down here, Hector." Daro'Vasora muttered, returning her gaze to the big bastard once she saw that the Breton woman was tending to her, only to find that one of the smaller Draugr seemed rather intent to finish its boss' dirty work. An annoyed hiss escaped from Daro'Vasora's teeth as she half-jogged to intercept the mealy-mouthed asshole before it decided it felt peckish for mortal flesh. The Khajiit didn't know if Draugr ate anything at all, let alone the living, but it was yet another irrational fear chalked up to too many ghost stories around campfires.

"Attack!" came the order, which momentarily distracted Daro'Vasora as she prepared to swing her mace into the smaller Draugr's gut, prompting her to raise the mace in defense with both hands as she caught the cleaving swing with the shaft, keeping herself from being dug into with iron that was older than probably seven generations of her family. "Wafiit!" she exclaimed in Ta'agra, pivoting her weapon as if she were turning a valve to bring the heavy mace head into the jaw of the Draugr, leaping back to avoid the now freed sword. Before the beast could regain its composure the mace struck once more, cracking the skull hard enough the neck snapped from the impact, dropping the Draugr in a heap. The Khajiit spat towards it before returning her attention to the big one; she was on the side that was rendered flaccid, so she felt a bit more confident confronting the Draugr, especially considering its attention was focused squarely on Hector and his shield. She hoped she didn't bugger up the plan by addressing the lesser of the threats first; the big one seemed like he could wait a few moments, no?

In and out. Daro'Vasora commanded herself, sprinting towards the Draugr, winding up her mace for an over the shoulder swing, she loosed her weapon as she bellowed, "Salidiith!"
<Snipped quote by Dervish>
It’s a complicated answer. In short, this is my best friend who has been a functional (albeit anxiety-prone) guy who needs to get the mental health help he needs. He had no signs of aggressive or psychopathic behavior prior to this and I suspect a lot of this was brought on by a psychosis we didn’t know about in combination with being in a unhealthy relationship that triggered his dependence issues as well as his apparent problems with envy, paranoia, and jealousy. He’s a good guy, but he’s burned his last olive branch and now he needs to take long life lessons going forward. Unfortunately, what this means is I can no longer be his landlord/roommate. As a friend and homeowner I am in two dire straits—the friend and the landlord. Given his issues with depression and such I fear for his life and well-being. I feel like I’m stuck in a Kobayashi Maru.

I'm sorry to hear that, but I think you're going about it the right way. Your friend does need help and you can't let his behaviour drag you down with him, so hopefully this is the wake up call he needs, and maybe being in custody will put him in the way of a councilor. I had a friend who was incredibly self-destructive with his alcoholism and nothing myself or my friends did to help stuck, I realized it was something he had to do on his own and I couldn't deal with his behaviour past the point it got to. Best of luck, man.
<Snipped quote by Hank>
As a show of respect, I should inform you (and the rest of the games I’m in/directing) what’s going on in my life. The roommate whom I’ve been living with for the last five or so years had a mental breakdown Sunday Morning that was the result of a psychotic break and alcoholic influence that led him to crash his truck, threaten a guest with a knife, strike with girlfriend, and blame his everyone for his issues. He’s in custody right now (police transferred him to a psych ward) so I have to deal with the fallout as I am the owner of the “shared” household. In short, I have to get eviction papers in order. I hope everyone understands my inconsistent activity revolving around that fact. This does not excuse lack of posting beforehand, but I will be trying to post as soon as possible regardless. It may not be one of my better posts as a result.

How on earth did you live with someone like that for 5 years?
For old time's sake, I may toss my hat back into this. Hopefully some old faces show up!
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