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22 Apr 2017 17:36
Current Y'know, after the whole United Airlines fiasco, flights are probably going to be cheap for a while.
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4 Apr 2017 17:23
I am sure glad that this is private, I wouldn't want people to know about my deep dark secrets like how Roze, Hank and I have partes sticking poprocks up each other's butts. Hope no one sees this!
4 Apr 2017 17:05
lol that sidebar tho
25 Aug 2016 0:38
If at first you don't succeed, crush it.
18 Jun 2016 2:47
Hugely cutting down on my RP load due to stress, general apathy, and restarting work on Monday. It's becoming too much of a chore.


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<Snipped quote by Dervish>

the jihad slumbers

Jokes aside, I wouldn't have gone with the name if it didn't sound Dunmer. Plus we got Sadrith Mora in Vvardenfell, and UESP tells me that Sadrith Mora is 'mushroom forest' in Dunmeris, which would relate Sadri's name with... mushrooms.

could've gone worse tbh

We all know you want to indulge.
<Snipped quote by Dervish>

Would there be any .'. in it? Say, Za'kira, for example?

Thanks for the tip tho :D

Naw, that only counts for prefixes, which there's a select few that all mean something.
Just out of curiosity, if I were to make a Khajiit, not that I am, but I've always wondered about a name I once gave my Skyrim character. I gave her the name, Zakyra.

If someone were to submit a CS with that name for a Khajiit, what would be your responses? I mean, would it even be acceptable?

I'd be okay with it. Usually I just look at established character names from the game and loosely ballpark something in there, although Khajiit names don't typically use y's. It would probably be something closer to Zakhira, or Zakira, or Zakriha or something along those lines.

<Snipped quote by MacabreFox>

I don't mind the naming conventions as long as it sounds phonetically relevant. I mean, I named Sadri that just to see if I could fit a Turkish name into the RP.


I try not to cross you too much lest you revive the Ottoman Empire again.

But srsly, Sadri sounds like something you'd hear in the game for Dunmer names, so it's a happy coincidence. ;D

If anyone would know, it'd be Dervs imo.

I know everything. It's part of my charm.

I managed to name a Breton Gelina, which was a nonsense name for a D&D character I made when I was 12. :y

I remember her :D
I've been kind of going through the week from hell and haven't really made any ground with the sheet. I'll step back and let everyone else have a go. Have fun, guys.
@POOHEAD189 Looks great! I read over the sheets and found it to be pretty well in order and you incorporated my suggestions excellently. As stands, it has a really good narrative flow and a logical consistency to it that ironed out the jarring transitions you had before, and it's a great sheet! The only thing I noticed was in his relationship section, you still have the Knights of the Silver Fist still there even though it appears they were edited out.

Unless Cold and Peik have anything to add, I think this is good to go!
I'm back at work on the sheet, no ETA. I kind of want to get this right the first time around best I can.
Hostages, you say?

Left Tunnel Group

Noi was mostly oblivious to the first few feet of the fall, but the final impact was far more perplexing. The ground warped downward around him slowing the fall. The counter force even overcame Noi throwing him back upwards slightly. He managed to keep hold of his hammer, but the chest was lost to him thrown further across the strange platform. The audio perhaps was the most bizarre. A single loud but clear note.

Noi got to his feet and scraped his fingers along the ground to find a quiet rumble to it as he pressed on it. A punch at the material made a louder noise.

“A drum? What sort of behemoth could use this?” Noi tried to recall anything of this scale in his memories, but nothing came close.

Noi gazed around, and instantly noticed the metal around him. It appeared to be gold, an atrocious choice for armor making, though it was used for more technical applications. Perhaps a few pieces should be procured for repairs later? Noi couldn't see the harm in recycling. Anything else could be used to afford the mortals some actual equipment.

Lev floated down the hole Noi had plumeted through and was pleased to see that the robot was more or less fine. As far as unexpected falls went, it was an outcome that was better than the alternative. What Lev didn't appreciate, however, was what his lantern illuminated; a pair of giant disembodied hands and a collossal flower-like head that superficially resembled an eye, all of which were rapidly forming after Noi sprung the ghoul's trap. The Poe's mind raced, trying to search his aging memory if he'd ever read of something like what he was witnessing. Whatever it was, it was not immediately coming to him.

Instead, his immediate thought was to float back the way he came and pretend that this thing didn't exist.

"Uh, guys... I'm not a fan of Noi's new friend."

Mufasa hit the drumskin behind them both, and promptly exploded, each bone making a new, hollow sound as it bounced against the ground, and away from his form. His skull rolled forwards a few feet, until it was peering right up at the menacing spectre manifesting before them. Staring up into its haunting, floral eye awoke in him strange, primal memories of fear and chaos.

"Maybe it's friendly,", he suggested, tone hopeful but not particularly convincing.

Then it began to strike the drumskin - Mufasa's bones bounced up and about again, before he pulled himself together mid-air, "I reserve my right to not make judgements based on this!"

"I do not make friends with monsters!" Noi yelled as he was thrown around.

It was an extremely bizarre set of inputs. He was not used to this sort of motion. He could hop to some degree, but he was being bounced around by the vibrations. It was like walking on a rockslide. Sometimes his footing would fall away and other times it would push up against him. Noi tried to gather his force and direct it down ward. The next time the drum pushed upward he jumped and threw his weight back down to ruin the rhythm. Maybe a gap in the drummer's tune could give an opening to the others.

"And here I thought were were starting to get along." Lev remarked, his hand igniting a ball of fire. "If it goes to grab anyone, I'll try to burn the offending limb and try to keep you guys from getting snatched. I already lost one friend today, I am not in a hurry to lose more." He said, oddly subdued and his tone far more serious than usual. This place was one of evil, and it was hard to keep morale high when there was shit like this happening. "I'm open to ideas! Mufasa, what the heck is this thing?"

Jeige and Veitaru were left fumbling for their footsteps and ways to help. Veitaru's childhood education had not included bouncy castles and trampolines, and neither had Jeige's. Jeige had gotten the idea that his shield would probably not assist against the raw blunt trauma of something that size's attacks, and made to throw it, but with constantly falling over or slip in sliding, he didn't trust his aim, and he only had one shield to throw.

Veitaru on the other hand, in a moment where she had stable-ish footing, jumped up, and during the hang time threw one of her deku nuts at the creature's eye. Something that big in a place this dark had to be pretty sensitive to light, right?

Although he knew not this creature's face, its single eye bored into his skull, and filled Mufasa with dread. A primal dread, an inherent fear of that which stalked the peripheries of firelight. When Lev called on him, Mufasa didn't know what this thing was, but , somehow, he knew its name, and found himself reaching without thinking for a sword that was no longer there.
"Bongo Bongo! It's a demon, is what it is! And here I am, unarmed!"

Noi smashed his body against the drumskin on the next offbeat throwing all of his power behind the hit and making a loud drumstrike as loud if not louder than bongo bongo's.

"Lo, the drums of war monsters!" Noi roared still trying to get it to pay attention to him.
@NuttsnBolts I've been pretty busy the past couple nights, unfortunately! Haven't had a chance to work on the sheet.

If others have more time, by all means!
@NuttsnBolts Thanks for the feedback! Everything certainly seems feasible. I'll be working on a CS after I get the ball rolling on my own GM business tonight or tomorrow.
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