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Gansu had to laugh, with the comms off of course, at Sunray's attempt at giving orders. Trust only a royal to attempt to bark out commands on their own rescue mission. It was a sense of arrogance that only having blue blood could give you. Ingram put Sunray in her place in short order, and they continued on their way back to the ship. The Coalition was not very pleased that their high value target was rescued and escaping and their response showed it. Gansu positioned the Titan with the Krakono at the back of the group, shielding the lighter MAS, and most importantly Sunray, from the hail of pot shots that the coalition was firing at them. Gansu had never been more grateful for the Roanoke's presence than he was as they were backing up for extraction. The Titan had big guns, but the Roanoke had bigger ones and they were far better suited to shooting at the enemy than he was right now.

The Titan waddled into the hangar before the Krakano, absorbing the remaining fire as the doors began to close. Gansu let out a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding, popping open the shell of the Titan when the doors were firmly closed. As the adrenaline began to leave his system, he became aware of just how disgusting he was. Combat was stressful. Rescue missions were stressful. Make the combat sudden, the rescue mission a royal, and then put them all together and you have the sweaty mess that Gansu was just beginning to realize he was. He put his hands on the outside of the Titan to pull himself out then pulled them back with a small noise of disgust. The front of the titan was covered in what he could only hope was lizard blood. "Fucking gross. Damn things didn't even have the dignity to die cleanly in a river." Gansu complained, to no one in particular.

He heard a Ingram's orders and felt the ship moving, and threw himself back in his cockpit in an attempt to brace himself. "Hate this, hate this, hate this." He muttered through gritted teeth, blood slicked hands gripping the roll bars. His stomach roiled as they made the transition to hyper space, and he could feel his lunch (dinner? He'd lost track of time in the chaos of the last few hours) crawling up his throat. As the ship came to a sudden stop in FTL space, his body jerked forward and his hands slipped off of the bars. He landed on the ground with a thud. As he attempted to pick himself up with a groan, his lunch refused to stay down any longer. Gansu vomitted on the ground, groaning again as his stomach rolled. "I fucking hate that transition!" He slowly picked himself up, looking for a towel to clean up his own mess. It didn't take long. Fortunately he hadn't had anything too solid before the Coalition had attacked, so all it took was a few moments with the towel. With that done he headed towards the changing room, not wanting to be present for the 'you can't tell us what to do' conversation with the royal.

"I'm disgusting, and perfectly healthy, so I'm gonna go clean myself up before I make more of a mess of myself in front of Sunnie. Talk to you later Boss." He called out to Ingram before he left. He was already in the process of disrobing when he hit the door of the changing room. To his delight the showers were already going, and Gansu grinned at Jakunta and Abigail as he spotted the two of them sitting in the changing room bench. "Oh thank everything that's holy on this ship you two were here already. The showers aren't cold, you guys aren't hurt, and I can ask you guys the burning questions I've been dying to know about our Sunray!" As he was talking, Gansu was stripping. Gloves, boots, his shirt and underclothes were all tossed haphazardly aside as he moved towards the showers. "Also, Griz! Great job with the laser cannon! Excellent level of destruction and you hit the Coalies too! Nice work!" He walked by, stark naked, offering a hand up for a high five.

Regardless of whether or not the high five was returned he continued into the showers, yelling as he turned on the water and steam back on. "So! Pips! Tell me how our Royal is! Did we get the one who actually knows what they're doing? The really idealistic one who just wants 'peace' with the coalies? The one who the troops actually like? The one the troops hate, but thinks he knows everything there is to know everything? I overheard Sunnie's attempt at giving orders, and I can only imagine how Boss and D-eye are going to react to that! Do you think we're going to get our leave after we get Sunnie outta our hair we get to get to our leave or are we stuck on guard duty? I noticed there weren't any ISS dogs running around going 'OH, LOOK AT ME, I'M A SECRET COP WHOSE AFRAID OF REAL COMBAT SO I GO AROUND BULLYING PEOPLE AND GETTING ALL THE BEST MAS UNNECESSARILY'. You'd think we'd get like fifty of them yelling on our comms about how they're about to come here and take control of the situation by now!"

Man I'm just blanking on what I can do for Rev. Just feels like I don't really have a sense of direction for him right now.

He could go with Faeril? I imagine Rev would like a change of clothes and Faeril's likely to get mugged soon
With the situation mostly under control and into the boring phase of 'watch the cameras and make sure no surprises happen' Key went snooping around into the files that the security room had. The vast majority of it was junk. Payrolls, schedules, new orders for the prototype mechs, a guard's secret stash of vids he had downloaded to watch while on duty (It had things like Across the Shanxi Divide. Terrible romance films, but there was no accounting for taste.), and other miscellaneous information.

Certainly useful if they were planning on a long term spying program here, but they weren't here to do that. She was about to give up and assume that all of the juicy bits of information would be kept in the target's personal office, when a name caught her eye. Hel'sasy T'kesava. She'd heard or read that name before. It was someone important. A little more digging and Key discovered why. T'kesava was the Executive Officer of the Customs Division of C-Sec. Not on par with the Executor, but someone with enough pull and power that any chance of her association with Saren would have to be looked into.

Before Key could fully dive into the file and exactly why the head of Customs was being mentioned, she recieved an alert from the security system. Daezike was back. More importantly, Daezike's security team was back. Right as Key saw that shuttle on the security screens, Jorge was in her ear, rapidly giving out orders. Key nodded, downloading anything that mentioned T'kesava and what other information that might be useful. " Grab the data and head to the shuttle, we'll be there soon." They would need a mild distraction to delay the security team. Something to prevent an armed detail of dubious morality seeing a human, a quarian, and an asari skulking around the manison that was under their protection. She activated the two mechs and sent them on an interecept path towards the security team. They wouldn't do much, just repeatedly and annoyingly ask for verification and get in the way of the team, but it should be more than enough to give herself, Arthur, and Lantea time to make their escape back to the shuttle.

As soon as the download finished and the mechs were on their way she whirled around to Arthur and Lantea. She spoke quickly as she began to lead the way back to the shuttle. "Target and her security detail are back. We need to leave quickly before they get back here and shoot us. Don't worry about the mechs, they're going to delay the security detail. Hopefully. Prototypes and all that. We're to make a break for the shuttle and then pick up the rest of the team once the signal is given. Judging from Jorge's tone things are gonna get a little bit crazy, so once we're in the shuttle I suppose it's weapons hot and all bets are off. Shame that we got such a shitty shuttle. Really wishing we'd gotten something with a little more omph, you know? Or at least armor.
Post up!

Faeril just wants to get out of his smelly bandit clothes and get some more coins. Whether or not that'll happen is a completlely different matter of discussion entirely.
Faeril silently thanked Fineki for Emmaline's ploy succeeding, despite the indignant look on Lorcan's face. They were fortunate enough to be ushered along by Emmaline's confidence and Raddek's swift action. With the guards behind them Faeril breathed a sigh of relief and put his money back in his pouch. Then, hearing Raddek's warning about city at large, he put the pouch in one of the interior pockets of his shirt. No sense in having the money stolen before he could use it. An inn sounded amazing, but there were things he needed to do first. As much as he was grateful for being out of his prisoner rags, he wasn't going to walk around in dirty brigand's clothes any longer. Even if they didn't smell like a dead man, they looked like he belonged skulking in a back alley, ready to stab an easy victim for their money. That was no way to prevent what happened at the gate from happening again. Emmaline's silver tongue wouldn't work twice in a row, and he wanted to hold onto what little money he had. It was needed for more important things.

None the less, he didn't know where this Ubico Soldati was. Finding it by himself would be impossible, and he was going to be damned if he would ask a someone where it was without at least knowing what the building looked like first. Even if he trusted the locals to point him in the right direction, which most assuredly did not, without seeing the building itself there was a significant chance that he was going to get lost anyway. And getting lost in a city this large was as dangerous as getting lost in the wilderness. If not more so. At least the beasts of the wild didn't ambush you out of cruelty or malice. So he followed Raddek and those who went with him to the Soldati, both to get a better idea of which direction to head to ifnd it again, and to make sure he would know the building when he came back there again.

The city of Varone was better built than he initially gave it credit for. While it didn't match the strong majesty of his home city, it was far better constructed than he expected. Good quality stone and marble was used, so far at least, and there seemed to be a balance between aesthetics and function. It was a welcome sight after the days of wilderness he had come through with the others. Perhaps there was a chance for them to make something of themselves here. Or at least do more than survive day to day. Pausing in the entrance he spoke to the group before they were out of ear shot. "I'll be back. Just wanted to see the building before I asked where it was. Don't trust the locals not to send me to their friends down an alley instead." Whether anyone heard him was a mystery, but he had spoken to them before heading out.

Heading back out into Varone at large, with a careful hand on his pouch and Odari Crossbow, Faeril kept his eyes peeled for a tailor, some shop to sell his spare crossbow, and anything or anyone that looked like they were hiring for help. He doubted that the group would want to or be suited to being regular workers, but a city as large as Varone was bound to have something that was more suited to their talents. And who knew? With a new set of clothes and some extra coin something might find him for a job instead.

Or try to rob him.

Ok, everyone who hasn't posted has 48 hours from now to post, even if it's to post you won't make it. Except for Page, because they have DMed me. The clock begins... now.

Will get a post up tonight, got distracted with school.
Sounds like a plan!
Exploration seems the best bet to fill the other two.
<Snipped quote by Penny>

Seeing as the general opinion about Lorcan is rather constantly deteriorating maybe I should become afraid of the point where she'll deem murdering him during a good night's sleep would be beneficial for said well being ? xD

<Snipped quote by Fetzen>

I hate to say it, but that DOES sound like her logic...

Lorcan is perfectly fine! He'll just turn into a tree and Emmaline won't be able to find him.

It's flawless. :P
Faeril just wants to pay these men their bribes, go to an inn and eat actual food. But noooo, Emmaline and Lorcan have to quibble over two silver lordings.
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