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I unfortunately seem to have run out of time for this, and as such will have to be withdrawing. Thank you for your consideration, and good luck with your future writings!


The quaint little clinic was mostly empty, thankfully. The earthquake hadn't been significant enough to cause mass injuries and the weather wasn't bad enough to bring sickness. The two attendants were left mostly to themselves in the front of the shop. The human girl, Roxy, idly tapped her fingers against the counter. The orc man, Magrun, was sweeping once again. It was unnecessary. The stone floors and walls were all spotless. The simple rugs were free of dust, and the wooden chairs and tables had been polished and swept three times over by now. If not for the idle carvings (names, drawings, seemingly random shapes, and the like) in them they would look like new. Even the paintings of pigs that hung on the wall and the porcine figurines had all been meticulously cleaned. Not that they were ever allowed to be dirty, of course. Faeril took great care in making sure his prized possessions were consistently clean. All in all, it was a quiet, boring day in the front of the clinic.

The back of the clinic was a different matter entirely.

"Ow!" The young man jerked back in pain, pulling his shoulder away from Faeril and earning a scowl from the dwarf in front of him. "Stop jerking away, I can't set your shoulder if you keep runnin away!" The human jerked away at the sharpness of the tone, tears in his eyes. "It hurts." Faeril rolled his eyes. "Of course it hurts! You jumped off of a ladder that was twelve feet off the ground!"

"I didn't jump off! I fell during the earthquake!" Faeril held up his hands in mock apology. "Oh, I'm sorry! A little movement of the earth and you lose all your balance! Hills must be absolutely terrifying for you! Now hold still or your arm is gonna get stuck like that!" The man gingerly held out his shoulder as Faeril reached forwards once again. The dwarf paused as he saw the young man tense in preparation for the pain. He sighed. "This isn't gonna work. Here, we'll have to try something else. Roxy!" His attendant poked her head through the curtain, looking at the young man on the bed and Faeril on the stool in front of him. "Yes, Fae?"

As the young man relaxed, distracted by Roxy, Faeril moved quickly. Before his patient could even react he popped the shoulder back into place. As his patient howled in pain and surprise, before quieting down at the realization that his shoulder felt much better, Faeril hopped off of the stool and walked into the front of the clinic. "You know the drill Roxy, tell him what to avoid doing, for how long, and how much he owes us. I'm going to go see if there's anything to do now aside from watch Magrun attempt to sweep through the ground. She gave a light laugh, stepping aside and then into the back to reassure and inform their patient.

"Any dirt left in the shop Magrun?" The orc gave a light chuckle. "No sir. I made quite sure to eradicate all forms of it during the several hours before our first and only patient." Faeril nodded, looking up at his various pig figurines. "And you made sure to check the pigs for their issues as well?" Another chuckle. "Yes sir. Everything is in tip top shape." Faeril snorted lightly. "Make sure to check our supplies. I don't want us to be caught off guard when the after shocks collapse the town around us." Magrun shook his head, setting the broom aside. "Yes sir. I'll go make sure that we're ready for the after shocks that will surely be worse than the light tremors that we experienced earlier." He walked into the back, ducking through the curtain as Faeril glared at his back. "Mouthy little ungrateful...." Faeril muttered, walking outside.

"A letter for you sir!" He was accosted almost immediately by a runner. Before he could reply, a letter was put in his hands and the girl was gone, running off to her next delivery. Faeril opened up the blank envelope and quickly read over the brief letter. Roxy was setting their patient on his way as he put the letter away, turning back inside in thoughtfulness. "What do you have there Fae?" Faeril jerked out of his inner thoughts and blinked at her. "Oh, uh, a letter from a cousin. I've got to leave the clinic early today."

"Why's that?" Roxy's eyebrows crinkled together in confusion. She couldn't remember the last time Faeril had left the clinic early.

"We've got a family meeting, Roxy. And no, I'm not telling you why. Stop being so nosy!"

Hours later

Faeril kept his head down and his eyes forward, fear and adrenaline pulsing through him as he walked by the Asgardian patrol. There wasn't even any good reason for his fear. He had already burned the letter before leaving for the meeting and it was incredibly unlikely that anyone would recognize him years after he had left the army. Still, his fears never died. This group was the third of such patrols he had encountered on his extremely roundabout way to the manor, and though he was sure they would recognize him and drag him off to prison as a deserter each one kept ignoring him. It was a blessing that he would never fully accept, for any relaxation on his part could easily result in them finding out who he was and what he had been. So he kept his head down and walked quickly, every sense straining for a sign that the patrol was going to stop and accost him or recognize him. None ever did, and he saw the manor within sight soon after. It was a relief to be near his goal and somewhere that offered some safety from prying eyes.

What was not a relief was the two strangers apparently chatting by the front gates for no reason. A gnome and a human, idly standing around where he was heading. Either they were going to the same place, for whatever reason, or they were hoping to find someone rich to beg money off of or pitch ideas too. Either way, he wasn't going to stop and talk. Too many prying eyes, to much time he didn't need to spend out in the the open hanging around. Faeril didn't stop as he advanced to the manor, ignoring the two by the front gate and going forward into the manor. He breathed a small sigh of relief as the door closed behind him, looking around. It appeared he was the first one here, if you didn't count the two outside. Which he did not.


Yin had sat for all of fifteen minutes before abruptly standing, slamming the table, claiming this was stupid and leaving her designated class on alchemic theory. She made sure to slam the door in response to her instructor requesting her to come back and proceeded to walk onto the training field. This place was where she felt comfortable and it spoke volumes when the thought of battle soothed her. She was well aware of her psychological evaluation that claimed she was 'unhinged' and 'uncontrollable'. Did it bother her? Nope.

She was one of the 'old bloods', practically royalty in the alchemic world. She was a prodigious heiress of said 'old bloods' and she was one of the few Chrono Candidates destined to take a seat of power within Amro. What she definitely was not, was someone who could stand bullshit and weaklings. Yin always thought it was a testament to her sheer will that she had managed to spend all those years at Innocence without killing half her teachers and peers. Everyone knew of her Chrono potential and yet she was deemed unsuitable to be a Chrono Asylum and as such was forced to study among the refuse and cannon fodder. "I will burn them all and claw my way to the top," Yin finally spoke through clenched teeth as she observed her fellow peers spar.

Perhaps due to her state of rage or day-dreaming the girl was unable to counter the rock that smashed her between the eyes. For a few seconds her vision swam and blood trickled down the wound and then her alchemic drive activated. Her bleeding slowed to a stop and her glazed eyes became focused on the target. Her prey were a group of burley students, all by technicality her senior at Innocense.

"Ah if if ain't the queen bitch." One of the students spoke up, his own alchemic drive activated along with his peers. Each impressive in their right and each of them knowing it. The problem with thinking you are strong is often the fact, you aren't.

Before the student could continue with his well thought out confrontational speech, Yin instantly appeared in front of him. Her palm grabbing the shocked kid's face and hurling him across the training field right into a wall, the sound of bones breaking quite audible.

"I'm going to fucking kill you!" Yin screamed as darkness began to writhe around her and she began charging.

The group of arrogant boys instantly broke under her manic visage and began to retreat, but there was no escape as Yin Laofeng began her hunt. A lot of the crowd had already dispersed while some observed the spectacle with bated breath and yet no one dared to assist the doomed children who had assaulted Yin Laofeng.

Another child cried in horror as his own shadow coiled around his legs, shattering them, leaving bloody stumps.

"Please, please I'm sorry okay? Please….help!" One of the boys pleaded, his voice breaking under all the sobbing. And yet Yin still closed the distance, anger boiling the darkness around her.

Kiara and Maeve stopped as the fight began. Well, to call it a fight would be very generous to one side. It was more of a massacre. Kiara winced as the audible cracking of bones could be heard when one boy smashed into the wall. Maeve sighed, feeling her partner's thoughts through their channel.

“She’s gonna kill them, isn’t she?”


“And we have to stop her.”


“Because we’re the responsible ones.”

“Because we’re the responsible ones, yes.”

Maeve sighed again, cracking her knuckles and rolling her shoulders. This would at least be entertaining. She could feel the crazy bitch’s alchemic drive from all the way over here, and it was immense. The thing linings of bone began to expand over her, forming her armor. “Go and save the idiots. I’ll stop crazy.”

Kiara nodded, moving quickly towards the crowd of horrified watchers. “You and you! Go get the injured ones and drag them to the med bay.” She snapped, pointing out two of the faster looking students. When they just looked at her incredulously, Kiara growled in frustration. “DO IT NOW, OR I’LL THROW YOU TO HER MYSELF!” She commanded, using alchemy to carry her voice. The two students, responding to both authority and fear, immediately jumped to action sprinting to grab the two injured and possibly dead boys. Shadows raced along side them, helping them gather up the bodies and begin pulling them away.

As Yin advanced on the terrified children, Maeve moved with a burst of alchemic speed and skidded to a stop in front of her. Her armor was covering everything except her face, and she gave a bright, fake, smile to Yin. “Now, now, you’ve proven your point. No need to beat up on those who can’t punch back. They’ve learned their lesson, so why don’t we take a step back and a deep breath, hmm?”

Yin's eyes hadn't even moved from the boys who cowered behind this new interloper. "This does not fucking concern you," she spoke while briefly glancing at the woman barring her judgement. Her fists clenching and her baleful gaze returning to the cowards. "These fucks assaulted me…!"

“Oh boy, you’re just full on the train to crazy town, aren’t ya?”

Yin screamed as she took a few steps forward. "The lesson has just started!" She spat while swearing in Chinese and striking the Asylum with an open palm sending a shockwave through her to strike at the students behind her.

Maeve stumbled backwards, grunting with the impact and grinning at the girl as her Ceannlann armor covered her face. Her eyes glowed with an emerald green light as her voice echoed out of the helmet. “I was hoping you’d say that.” She lunged forward with a cackle and swung at Yin’s face.

Behind her, Kiara cursed. “No, stop, WALL!” A barricade of earth shot up at the last second and took the brunt of the shockwave. Kiara breathed a sigh of relief before pointing at the terrified would-be assailants. “Get out of here! Go!” They didn’t need any more pushing. With the victims beginning to get out of the way, she could turn her attention to the main problem. “Okay, time for us to just relax, yeah?” She traced a symbol on the ground and chains of earth shot upwards towards Yin in an attempt to wrap her up.

" 你他妈的愚蠢的荡妇 " Yin swore at Kiara as she watched her prey escape and another interloper join the fray. The Asylum's sigils summonings chains of hardened earth to bind her only to shatter a moment later, giving Yin just enough time to side step the others strike.

"You think you saved them?" Yin spoke in English coated with her Chinese accent. "I know their faces, I know their classes, I know their dorms." She continued while readjusting her stance, one designed to fight multiple opponents. "You gave those fucks false hope!" The student had venom in her tone as she addressed the two Asylums, her gaze switching between the two as the darkness around her continued to writhe and slither.

“You do realize that this is the type of talk that gets students thrown in AMRO prisons, right?” Kiara called, beginning to draw another sigil in the ground.

“Does it sound like she cares?” Maeve snapped, bringing her fists up again.

"Way of the Lao, seventh stance" Yin mumbled softly as she finally became focused and managed to center herself. Her rage never dimmed but now she had it by the reigns, now she could direct it. Her left Palm facing Maeve who stood on the right and her right palm crossing her arm to face Kiara who stood at her left.

Then Yin Laofeng went on the offense, pivoting to ensure Maeve is between her and Kiara. Her palms a blur as she began working at her. Her striking style was similar to wingchun, though instead of punches she focused on open palm strikes that targeted internal organs or finger strikes at vulnerable points such as the joints, the eyes or the ears. Throughout the assault Yin's alchemic drive radiated calmly, despite revealing her monstrous potential she had yet to dip in it.

“Oh fuck, uh, way of the moving really fast!” Maeve called out, her form becoming a blur as her own speed increased and she dodged and deflected the strikes. The alchemic drive was only increasing in power, which was a major concern. Kiara cursed, unable to finish the sigil while Yin kept Maeve in the way.

“Why the hell is this kid so fast!” Maeve snarled as her counterpunch was dodged. Yin was moving faster than she had any right to be, especially with Maeve’s own alchemy involved. A finger jabbed her in the eye and, despite being blocked by the armor Maeve was wearing, it hurt like hell. An open palm hit her ribs and she stumbled backwards, gasping for breath Fuck this!”

She leapt backwards out of range of the girl’s flailing strikes. “Ìre a trì!” The collar around her neck glowed a bright green. Maeve drew in a deep breath and then let out a scream at her opponent. A wall of sound rippled forward, tearing up the ground in between them as the scream raced towards Yin.

Kiara, seeing her chance, finished her sigil as the ground beneath Yin’s feet turned into quick sand and attempted to drag her down and hold her in place. She rapidly drew another one, sending a wall up behind Yin that shot in her direction to stun her.

Yin had anticipated the Asylum retreating, obviously she would and she had planned to follow up in order to bridge the distance to strike her heart. The armor would have absorbed most of the impact and the minor stroke would have been enough to incapacitate the annoying bitch.

"What the fuck!" Yin growled, before she could take a step forward to close the distance her stance was broken. Her dominant foot had sunk in the ground, breaking her equilibrium and before she could correct it the scream blasted her into the wall behind her, making her land amid the debris.

It took her a whole ten seconds to blast the debris apart, a wicked smile on her face as she spat out blood. She had forgotten her rage or rather she was now having far more fun and the anger now smoldered in her mind.

"You two...are very good team mates, strong too…..good...I can get a bit more serious," the girl replied with an enthusiastic smirk. Her stance had changed once more but this time instead of her palms spread out, it was her fists and then she vanished.

She reappeared inches before Maeve, headbutting her forehead despite the fact the Asylum had it encased in bone armor. The impact resulted in blood trickling down Yin's forehead. But now she understood the degree of strength this armor possessed.

"I really like your armor, your partner on the other hand…." As soon as those words finished Yin blurred and appeared in front of the sigil crafting support, her open palm slapping the woman's ear and the other reaching out to punch her throat.

Kiara’s cloak, shadow tail, whipped forward in a flash, blocking the punch. Kiara smiled, somewhat dazed from the first slap. The crazy student had some heat on her strikes. “Oh, I’m sorry. Did you think that she was the only one who could stand toe to toe with someone in a fight? Sorry to disappoint kiddo.” She got quickly to her feet, settling into her own stance. She opened her connection with her partner, her eyes glowing emerald. “And you’re right, we are a good team! Let us show you.”

Maeve was behind Yin in a second, and the two banshees went on the offensive. Shadow Tail striking and moving with Kiara’s whims as Maeve’s heavily knuckled gauntlets struck in perfect tandem. It was a whirlwind of two minds working as one. Kiara muttered as she fought, making more quicksand and loose dirt beneath Yin to keep her from setting her stance.

This time Yin was prepared, having accounted for both the annoying gaelic warriors. They had spunk and uncanny team work but they hadn't the luxury of training in the ancient arts since you could stand. Yin jumped right before the two Asylums launched their simultaneous attacks, pivoting her torso to drive her elbow into Maeve's gauntlet to redirect it into Kiara's cloak. As soon as that maneuver ended she stomped both her feet on the ground, the motion transmuting it back into solid earth. Carrying the momentum from her jump, spin and stomp she pushed both her palms outwards in the direction of the two Asylums who stood on her left and right. A weak kinetic blast dispersed at the command straight into the Banshees allowing the student enough breathing room to shatter the charm around her neck and summon her own weapon. A large Chinese broadsword which in one smooth motion she parted into two. "Way of the Lao, twenty third stance."

“How many stances do you have, for fucks sake!”

"You may need another good team to balance it out," Yin scoffed as she observed the two with an almost manic hunger for battle before suddenly twirling with the blades. Both blades slicing through air and releasing a far more dangerous and sharper kinetic blast. The darkness around her continued to slither, almost dancing and yet Yin hadn't even bothered to summon it.

The Banshees began to be pushed backwards, swords scraping against bone and shadow as Laofeng went on the offensive. Step by step the two asylums were driven back, still working in tandem. The girl was good. A psychopath, but good. They were being pushed against the wall to the cafeteria.

Maeve took another step back as a broadsword scraped past her fist and cut against her helmet. “Enough!” She drew her fist back and upwards into the air, bringing it crashing down as Kiara’s shadow tail whipped over her head in a dark fist to strike at Yin. As Maeve’s fist hit the ground, a shockwave of energy rippled outwards to force Yin back.

"But the fun is just getting started!" Yin screamed gleefully as she crossed her broadswords to block shadowtail and then slice the air. Her blades like a scissor, shearing through the shockwave and dispersing most of the force. However the energy that trickled through struck her like a truck but the Laofeng powered through with sheer momentum. Her blades discarded as she charged maniacally and tackled both banshees right through a window.

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Old Enemies, New Partners

@DrRtron & @KaiserElectric

Urd walked into the engineering bay as he talked into his omni-tool, making notes as he surveyed the engineering bay. He had to duck to fit through the doorway as even with it being retrofitted the ship was not designed for someone of his size. His faithful drone, Ruzad, floated dutifully behind him. The small engine rumbled like a pleased Varren as it hovered along. As per usual, he was in his armor with his hammer on his back and his claymore at his side. Not that he really expected trouble on this ship, of course, but old habits die hard.

“The Weiro is, as with all Quarian ships, functional. Her armor and shields are weaker than I would prefer, but not everything can be of solid Krogan make. She will do, especially for the long periods of time we will all be in the ship. Her greatest strength will be her versatility once we upgrade her. If CSEC gives us the funds to upgrade her. The Geth left a lot of room for building her up. Note: Do a more thorough examination of the ship at a later date and put in requests of upgrades to the ship as a whole."

“The vehicle situation is less functional. We’re stuck with two Alliance Makos and four Kodiaks. And while I’m sure the humans pride themselves on the economy of their vehicles, I am far less assured. The Mako is notoriously difficult to drive, possesses a sub-par cannon, and its armor on the best models is merely adequate, and I doubt CSEC gave us the best model. The Kodiaks are more acceptable, but not as good as Krogan Threshers. Reminder: Renew request for Krogan Tomkah to be added to the vehicle bay so the squad on the ground can have actual fire support and mobile cover. Put in requests for Krogan Threshers so interplanetary travel is more secure. In the meantime, begin upgrading and improving armor on Mako as best you can. Also, renew request for Varrens and Kakliosaurs.”

The engineering bay was a much better sight. Everything was as tip top as a ship designed for nearly endless periods of sustained life aboard should be. With the added modifications and retrofitting from the Geth it was and even better set up. “Engineering bay is in much better condition. The Geth only improved on the old Quarian designs. Aside from age, I can see no concerns. That may change as I begin to get reports back from my scans. For now, notes ending.”

He brought down his omni-tool and walked over to the nearest console to begin a basic system scan and report, gesturing idly to the armored drone behind him. “Ruzad, fly to the higher levels and start scanning for any weaknesses in the structures or flaws that I should be aware of.” The drone beeped in reply and began to fly to various parts of the engineering bay and begin scanning for any irregularities, as Urd idly patted the Varren plushie attached to his side, waiting for the reports to come back.

Ruzad traveled up alongside the power conduits, passing the rarely-used upper balcony where a Scorpion pistol was left sitting alongside a neatly folded uniform jacket and a radio set playing a thumping techno-pop tune, barely audible from below thanks to the deep rumble of the engine core.

“He had an angel’s face, a fighter’s grace, and an ace hidden up his sleeve-”

The drone swung towards the source of the noise, a set of legs dangling from one of the rafters, which was tapping in time to the beat of the song.

“-but never mind cos love is blind, and she needed to believe-”

Moving cautiously to avoid detection, Ruzad floated upwards to get a clearer vantage point, finding a figure in a black and gold uniform slacks and a white crop top deep in the innards of a power conduit.

“His touch could fill! He held her safe from...oh by the sands what is this, do they WANT someone to shut the power down mid-jump?” The figure roughly pulled a bundle of wires out by a heavy plug, a static discharge illuminating the amber scales and dark eyes of the Drell doing the impromptu electrical work.

“Note to self, don’t trust the Geth to secure vulnerable areas of this ship,” Osino Kael reported to herself, despite lacking any sort of recording device. “This is abysmal, I’ve found at least three major vulnerabilities in the power relays today, to say nothing of the conduit shutoffs.”

The Drell paused mid-thought, then turned slightly to face the drone observing her. “Well I don’t mean YOU, you seem perfectly competent...if a little bulky.” Extracting a thick rope of wiring from the conduit, Osino slid backwards off the rafter, grabbing onto the edge with one hand before she fell and dropped safely down to the upper drive generator, securely plugging the wires in with a shower of electrical sparks. “Messy but it’ll do,” she said, wiping her brow before looking back at the drone. “You know, you seem familiar, have I infiltrated into your coding before?”

With a shrug, Osino stepped onto the power conduit leading over the lower balcony, not noticing the Krogan waiting patiently for the droid’s scans to complete, since she only had eyes for the sugary beverage that she left sitting behind him earlier. Crouching down over the pipe, her body glowed with biotic energy as she slipped around the tube and stood upside down underneath it. Reaching for her drink, she didn’t quite notice the metal component she stuffed loosely into her pocket slipping out.

Focused on the scans before him and the issues that were being reported, Urd missed Ruzad’s warning beeps about the unexpected Drell in the upper balcony. He began recording notes in his omni-tool again, scowling at the console. “Ancestors preserve me, the Geth are terrible at securing weaknesses in this system. There’s at least three issues in the-” He suddenly stopped, his brows furrowed in confusion as one of the issues disappeared. “What in the Void? End notes.” The omni-tool shut off once more as the Krogan scratched the side of his plate and tapped on the console a few more times to ensure it just wasn’t a glitch going through.

The issue was genuinely fixed, at least for now, which was concerning. Ships didn’t fix themselves, so that could only mean something was going wrong. After all, he was the only engineer CSEC had brought on. They didn’t need any others. He brought up his omni-tool once more. “Ruzad, get me those scans as fast as you can. Something weird is going on with this ship, and I’d like to figure it out before we explode or something. I’d survive, of course, but the rest of the crew would be pretty put out.”

A loud clunk from behind him immediately sent a panic through Urd’s body. Flashbacks to ambushes from the tubes raced through his head as he whipped around, Claymore out and aimed at the sound behind him. He wasn’t going to be caught off guard again, he wasn’t going to be taken again, he had to alert the crew there was an invasion already the tankies had figured out where they were and… The stream of thoughts came to a slow halt as Urd stared at the Drell standing on the bottom side of the tube, hand stretched out towards a drink he hadn’t noticed before. She glowed with biotic energy that apparently glued her to her unorthodox positioning.

It was a familiar glow.

It was a familiar alien.

“Oh, didn’t know anyone else was here,” Osino remarked, somewhat distracted as she tried to figure out the logistics of drinking upside down. Urd’s eyes narrowed in recognition and then widened as the voice kickstarted his memory of where he had seen the amber colored woman before. The same frustration surged back as he saw her face, remembering the last blow she had gotten in before fleeing.

“It’s YOU!” He roared, taking his already usually unnecessarily high tone of voice a few levels higher. He pointed a finger at her, accusingly.

“I…steady rhythm of machinery, stale air choked with smog, slaver struggling against the restraints,” Osino recited, her eyes darting around as her surprise gave way to a particularly strong memory recall.

“You’re that slippery little pyjak whose crew kidnapped my client on Chalkhos! You cost me three thousand credits!” Urd shouted, not aware of the Drell recalling a specific memory. Truth be told, he wasn’t even aware of what species she was. Just a very irritating and painful opponent.

“Heated shrapnel scatters along the wall, electricity dances around the rusted red hammer... ”

“You knocked out my tooth with that cheap shot at the end! It took weeks to grow back!” Continued shouting, bulldozing over the recited memories.

“Glass shatters as the hammer strikes the ribs, metallic taste in the mouth, sharp breath as the second strike misses by inches...”

“And here you are, stowed away and getting ready to steal something else! Maybe someone else! You won’t get away this time you little shit! Get down from there!” He yelled again, pointing to the floor in front of him a series of short jabs.

“Fingers scrape against the latch, descent into the dark vent, I...wait, stowaway?” Osino said, blinking as she snapped out of her recall. Ruzad floated down quickly from the upper balcony, tracking the drell’s movements and making Urd’s demand incredibly clear. “I think we may be having a misunderstanding…” Osino went on, trying to defuse the situation with a light chuckle. “Heh, okay maybe more on your part, but-”

Chucking her drink in Urd’s direction, she swung around the conduit and sprung off, stepping off of Ruzad on the way up before vanishing into the rafters.

Urd smacked the drink out of the way with his Claymore, scattering the drink across the floor. Ruzad beeped in alarm, swinging around to try and trace where Osino had disappeared to with no luck. The Krogan scanned the upper rafters with his shotgun, growling in irritation as he remembered how difficult she was to pin down. “Get back down here and show yourself, you coward!” He roared into the now seemingly empty room. No reply came.

“Fine! I’ll find you then! One way, or another!” Focused on finding the Drell, Urd didn't hear the doors open.

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