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Current Seeing if I can't get back into the groove
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Finally stabilized enough to return, though I had to make a new account. Ah well. When life gives you lemons?


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I'm gonna bow out of this one.

Good luck all!
@TheNoCoKid Done with my CS! I think I understood what you meant when you clarified what taming was for bestial fey and humanoid fey in the IntCheck, but I'm not sure.

It's at your disposal to peruse though!
I'll see if I can't get at least a barebones Customer Service Beast Tamer. I'm thinking a member of a large family with a long line of Beast Tamers. Old money type of guy.

Out of curiosity how does the Customer Service/Beast Tamer magic work? Is it like once you tame a fey they're on hand for you to summon or is it only temporary and you have to get a new one every Mission.
Merry late christmas, for your gift I finished my CS!

My brain has transcended to a point psychic damage is meaningless. Just don't want us to talk about their favorite or least favorite fetish in here.

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