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Meanwhile us women just trying to achieve CHIM.
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The Switch is a worthwhile purchase for Breath of the Wild alone. Stunning game! :)

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Cats are now open! :)
Please note:

I am pausing the voting on CATS as the image for Nymeria has broken - I'm allowing the owner of Nymeria to send me another picture now so I'll hold off on that. If we don't get one in the next day, we'll open votes. They have been messaged :)



Pet Name: Danica

Pet Nicknames: Bunny

Age: 4ish

Danica's Likes:
Food, pats, and the occasional chewing of furniture

Danica's Dislikes:
Venturing past the edge of the indoor rug and tickles under the chin.

How would you describe Danica's pawsonality?
A bit of a lazy bunny who becomes hyperactive during feeding time and will nip you if you don't feed her fast enough. She loves snuggling up next to you if you're sitting on the floor.

Why I love Danica:
She's very affectionate and loves cuddles.

A Random Fact/Anecdote about Danica:
We don't actually know her real age as she was an abandoned bunny we acquired from an animal shelter. We believe she was about 6 months old when we got her,but don't know exactly how old she is.


Pet Name: Peep the Sheep

Pet Nicknames: The Stomach on Legs

Age: 7 years

Peep's Likes:
Food, especially dried apricots; hanging out with animals of other species, in particular cows and chickens (although she needs to work on her stealth skills in order to get closer to her bird friends); head butting things, mainly her long suffering sister.

Peep's Dislikes:
Being put on her back; snow; dogs; small loud children.

How would you describe peep's pawsonality?
She's a right greedy guts that likes to think she's the boss of her little herd, but really I'm petty sure the other sheep are smarter than her and just play along with her crap. She's very friendly with humans (apart from shrieking kids), but is completely unconcerned about things which don't involve other animals or being fed. Being fed is a very important part of Peep's day, if you forget she will scream at you. If you oversleep, she will scream at you. If she's just hungry for some reason, she will scream at you. She likes to throw her weight around and can sometimes be a bit of a bully, except for when she gets shorn and the other sheep realise she's not as big as she looks and get their revenge.

Why I love Peep:
She's a big idiot. A very lovable big idiot.

A Random Fact/Anecdote about Peep:
Peep and her sister (Bo) are both technically French because they are Ouessants, a rare primitive short tail sheep breed from an island off the coast of Brittany. Ouessants are the smallest naturally occurring breed of sheep in the world, so they only come up to about my knees. Oh, and they live in a graveyard (gotta keep that grass trimmed somehow right?).


Pet Name: Enigma

Pet Nicknames: Nigs, Baby Girl, Pretty Lady

Age: Approx 8 years (she's a rescue and we don't know for sure how old she is, so counting upwards from the guesstimate they gave me when I got her in 2013 :) XD)

Enigma's Likes:
Hanging out with mom, hoodie pockets, exploring, swimming in her water dish (*splash* "Enigma, is that you?" "nooooo yeah."), fooooooooodd (did I hear food? Where?! I want some, me me me!)

Enigma's Dislikes:
Loud noises, mom changing the layout of her viv (I like it like it is, stooop mother!), mom's insistance on blowing kisses at her (stop it mom you're embarrassing me!), being held (Just because I like being near you does not mean I want hoomans touching me >:( )
How would you describe Enigma's pawsonality?:
(what do you call it when they don't have paws, Storm? Enigma would like to know ;) lol)

Why I love Enigma:
We have been through a lot together, she's the snake that helped me teach my parents not to be afraid of them anymore or assume they're "evil" or "bad"

She's had a hard start in life, and when I first got her she was even more averse to being handled than she is now, it's taken me five years of being calm, patient and gradually working on gaining her trust, and even though she's still not fond of being handled, she will let me without getting scared now if I have to to clean her viv out etc. She also graduated from hiding away constantly to making a point of coming out to say "hi" whenever I'm at work at my desk next to her viv, and that's something. I love her with my whole heart, honestly.

A Random Fact/Anecdote about Enigma:
An escape artist extraoirdinaire in her youth! When I first picked her up she was about 1 yr old so a lot smaller, and what I hadn't realised was that one of the hides I'd bought her at the time was hollow and had a hole in the bottom that she could fit through. She decided it was cosy and made a habit of going up in there which meant when I came to check on her throughout the day, I couldn't find her anywhere - she was so light/small at the time that when I picked the hide up to look inside/under it, it didn't seem like it was abnormally heavy ) so naturally I assumed she had already escaped (she hadn't). We emptied her viv out to see if she'd found a weird hiding spot somewhere (she had, but because we didn't know it was hollow, we missed that one) and still couldn't see her. Laid flour traps, left the hide on the side of one of the house's radiators because we assumed it was empty etc. assuming she was in the house somewhere...anyway fast-forward about a month, yep, she spent a month joyriding through the house at night while we were all asleep, I assume had an encounter with my mother's cat and gave him what-for because he was terrified of her if he saw her at the glass of the viv after that...), at 3am we're all woken up by my mom who had been in the livingroom unable to sleep (thank god or we'dve probably never found this sneaky noodle!) screaming "SNAKE! THE SNAKE!" ...aaand there she is. Climbing up on the DVD shelf, knocking All. The. DVDs. on the floor as she merrily goes on her little adventure. I finally realised the problem with that hide at that point when I picked it up to put it back in the viv, so I got rid of it and swapped it out for a non-hollow one and we haven't had a problem since XD)

I very, very nearly almost changed her name to Houdini based on this little adventure of hers, but Enigma had stuck at that point so I didn't hahahaha



Pet Name: Heimdall

Pet Nicknames: Stimky, Stinky, Baby Boy, Kitten

Age: 5

Heimdall's Likes:
Spring toys, milk jug rings, straw wrappers, string, cuddles, belly rubs

Heimdall's Dislikes:
Opening soda cans, garbage truck, car rides

How would you describe Heimdall's pawsonality?
Sassy, ridiculous boy. A bit of a dummy. He's expressive, and he is also insistent.

Why I love Heimdall:
He's a cuddly, sweet, goofy boy, and his sass is charming. When my wife begins to have a panic attack, he crawls into her lap to comfort her.

A Random Fact/Anecdote about Heimdall:
Once, he fell asleep on the window sill over his litter box and then fell over into it.


Pet Name: Suki

Pet Nicknames: Suuk, SUKEH, trut

Age: 12

Suki's Likes:
sleep, sunshine, grass, fish, yogurt and milk, catnip and wet food. But also sleeping with me every morning after she had her breakfast. When she's content she likes to drool all over the place. Also throwing up hairballs from up in the cat tree. Suki also likes to clean out pans for us, if we don't watch out. We got our own free dishwasher.

Suki's Dislikes:
Not getting things her way, being carried, the vet, other cats getting in her personal space, treats that are too hard.

How would you describe Suki's pawsonality?
She behaves like a diva. Suki is a pretty calm cat, she rather naps in some rays of sun shine the entire day, instead of following you around. But she always makes it very clear whether she likes something or not, and she's not afraid to use her claws for that. But she also has a soft side, in which she wants to sleep by your side, or she will sleep in the room you're in as a way to be close with you.

Why I love Suki:
Suki was the first cat I adopted, she has brought me a lot of happiness, but she's also the reason I got into cat behavior.

A Random Fact/Anecdote about Suki:
Suki likes to sit up high in the scratching post, napping on one of the platforms. She sometimes forgets how big those platforms are. Especially when she's in a good mood and rolling around, or when she's stretching after taking a nap. One day she woke up, stretched and rolled around on one of the platforms in our biggest cat tree. And she forgot how big it was, and rolled off. But instead of falling off, she ended up hanging upside down underneath the platform.


Pet Name: Hiro

Pet Nicknames: Hirootje, little thief, monster, boy.

Hiro's Likes:
Food, treat, bothering Suki, feathers, chatting up birds, waking me up for food. Eating grass.

Hiro's Dislikes:
Perfume, the smell of citrus, strangers, the vet, loud sounds.

How would you describe Suki's pawsonality?
He's a bit of a fraidy cat. He thinks he's all cool and confident, while he's actually the opposite. He will go outside in the garden, with his tail up high, as if he owns the world, but as soon as anything happens he's inside before you know it. He also always hungry, and he will steal food off the counter if we don't put it away. Hiro likes to have his food on time. If he doesn't get it on time, he will meow or wake me up in the morning by meowing in my ear or licking my face. He's always full of energy, despite his age. But he also loves a good nap. He's a good boy, but can be pretty annoying.

Why I love Hiro:
He's always there. Wherever I am, he is there too. He greets me at the door when I get home and he makes sure there is some sort of routine for me. He always cheers me up one way or another.

A Random Fact/Anecdote about Hiro:
I remember a year ago, I had bought plants for in our new home. They weren't poisonous to cats, so I didn't care if they would nibble on it occasionally. I know Hiro sometimes did. Until I got home from work... The entire room was covered in mud and half-eaten plants. I don't buy plants anymore.


Pet Name:Princess

Pet Nicknames:N/A


Princess' Likes:
Scratches, balls, string, warmth, playing

Princess’ Dislikes:
toy mouse, Bella [other cat sometimes], my mom [sometimes]

How would you describe Princess’ pawsonality?:
She was kind of like a dog in personality, she loved me and the family mostly, meowed a lot to me and went to sleep on my bed or on me. She was a watchdog in cat form but loving.

Why I love Princess:
Because she was close to me, spent time with me, slept on me and was one of the few things i loved a lot.

A Random Fact/Anecdote about Princess:
She meowed words a few times but rarely.


Pet Name:
Phat Boi

Pet Nicknames:
Phatti, Fella, Turd, Cheshire Cat (he smiles a lot)

Age: 2

Phatti's Likes:
Endless attention, going outside so he can pretend he's one of the big bois, following mom and the dog around as they go and do stuff. He also really likes to randomly tag the dog and run away so she chases him, and then pretend like he's being attacked so the dog gets in trouble, and then go up and comfort the dog like "I have no idea why they thought you were attacking me, honestly man, I'm so sorry"

Phatti's Dislikes:
Being picked up. 11/10 would not recommend. He'll endure it for a bit, but much prefers to just come up and rub against your leg. Also loud noises are a hella no. He hates it when people don't respect his personal space when he just wants some god damn sleep.

How would you describe Phatti's pawsonality?
He's a mischievous little pain in the ass. He's very smart and likes to play pranks on the other cats and the dog, and he's always getting himself in trouble with our old lady cat. He's still got that little kitten spunk in him and it really comes through. When he's not wreaking havoc, he likes to be lazy on the bed and be adorable, just chilling while he occasionally goes and loves on the dog because she's his buddy.

Why I love Phatti:
He's a turd, but he's a turd that's been through a lot, and he's super sweet nonetheless. He was abused before we got him and while he has recovered a lot he still does have a few things that set him off. He's not as clingy as some of my other cats have been and doesn't like to sit on your or be picked up, but when you're crying or having a bad day he'll come sit next to you and pur, and then he'll start acting like an idiot to try and make you laugh. He's an awkward little fuzzball that doesn't really know how to act like a cat and it's hilarious to watch him try and mimic the other cats, and then look over at you like "am I doing it right?" He's just a sweet and clumsy little dork. Also he has a perpetual smile on his face and I love him so much.

A Random Fact/Anecdote about Phatti:
He cannot cat. Is unable to cat. He had never been around other cats before we got him and his mannerisms are so dog like that it's disturbing. He wags his tail when he's happy, and it sends so many mixed signals to my brain, but he'll just come over and start wagging his tail and asking me to pet him and I'm just like "bro wtf" but he tries his best and we love him.


Pet Name: Munju

Pet Nicknames: Munjumiir, as proclaimed by the Great Dervs

Age: 5 and a half years old

Munju is a lover of patpats and belly rubs, scritches behind the ears. He absolutely LOVES to rub himself against your legs when you exit the shower. His favourite food is Whiskas and his favourite pastime food is moonsugar er catnip, yeah, catnip.

He loves to sit and watch tv with his mom and dad.

Munju is not a fan of water. Once upon a time he was, he lived in peace with all the four elements, but then the water nation attacked...

Okay, I'm joking. BUT he did used to like water when he was younger but now has found a distaste for it. Alas.

How would you describe his pawsonality?
Munju's a rather quiet, unclingy cat, except when he is hungry. He is very attached to his people, but he also isn't fussy when they want space. He is known to be rather patient and will not bother anyone while they are asleep, yelling only for food once they wake up and are up and about. He is also a very good boy at travelling. He has travelled cross Canada twice without making a fuss, as well as round trips around the province.

Why I love Munju:
He's been my boi for over 4 years now and has always been a good kitter. He loves endlessly but isn't clingy, he comes to you when you call him, and besides yelling for food, he makes no ruckus. Basically pretty much what you look for in a kitty! Plus, he is such a cutie ;-;

A Random Fact about Munju:
Munju has this habit where he likes to eat only if he can see someone else nearby. This is probably because he grew up eating in the kitchen of my parent's house, where my mom would normally be in eyes view. So even if his bowl is full, unless he sees someone, he won't actually eat. Thankfully my computer is in line of sight of his food bowl.

Also his nose looks like a heart.


Pet Name: Ice

Pet Nicknames: Icey

Age: 6

Ice's Likes:
His cat tree, rope scratching post, cuddling with his buddy(my son), lounging in the sun, jumping on our heads if they are covered with a blanket

Ice's Dislikes:
Tummy rubs, boxes, going outside, baths, car rides, having his bowl empty,
How would you describe X's pawsonality? He is a *insert inappropriate word that starts with a D*, you cant be lounging on the couch watching a movie or playing a game and he comes out of no where to act you. You close any door and he sits outside yelling at you enter its opened but heaven forbidden you touch him when he walks in. You can pet him but do not touch his stomach, back or tail only rub his ears or head. Leave any hair ties around and he will steal them and you will finds them months later when you are cleaning under your couch, he will steal any toys from the kids room and take off downstairs with them. If he deems you dirty he will clean your hair for you, your desk and important computer dont matter to him its in the way when he is trying to get to the window. Do not try to cuddle with him it wont work out unless you are the nine year old boy in the house. Putting a leash on him in an attempt to let him go outside turns into a temper tantrum and he will act like he is dying; taking him for a car ride means you will have to put the windows down because he will gas you out and dont forget the music because he will not stop yelling at you the entire time.

Why I love Ice:
He owns his pawsonality and fits in with our family. HE SO FLUFFY!

A Random Fact/Anecdote about Ice:
Got him from the humane society and he scratched my husband across the chest when we first held him because he got sight of our young son and we took him home that day HAHA
Recently discovered he is a Turkish Angora.


Pet Name: Nymeria

Pet Nicknames: Ny, Gremlin, Merry

Age: 3

Nymeria's Likes:
milk, her worm on a string attached to a stick, boxes, and running through the house at 1 am like a rocket

Nymeria's Dislikes:
anything that is not Kibble, Milk, a box with a baby blanket or cuddles
How would you describe X's pawsonality?: a simple cat with simple tastes, only mildly intelligent

Why I love Nymeria:
I couldn’t have asked for a better, gentler furry friend

A Random Fact/Anecdote about Nymeria:
I found out she watches tv when the tv was on to either Bonanza or Gunsmoke and saw her intently watching and one night she got up on the stand under the tv since it is mounted on the wall and started batting at the horses on the show, and another time, a man was interviewing an Author who was speaking and she gave him a “high five” through the screen because she thought the man on the tv was playing with her


Pet Name: Mosse

Pet Nicknames: Moskwitš (Sounds like russian name, right? He was found from near russian border, who knows his true ethnicity), Mohvelieläin (sounds like tohvelieläin which is type of bacteria)

Age: My late cat, passed away at the age of 15

Mosse's Likes:
Food and treats (all kinds of, he’s a real foodie), his adopted baby (we got a kitten and he acted like a mama for it, even when everyone thought he would just eat it), wool (I use wool for art and he likes to ‘bath’ in it), sleeping in weird places (such as sinks and washing machines), car rides (he get to watch sceneries), summer days and fresh grass

Mosse's Dislikes:
being in cat carrier box (rather just sits on someone's lap when in car), when those annoying birds come to knock on window when he’s chilling, strangers, loud voices, hunting without gear (he doesn’t hunt mice, but sometimes he will carry a mousetrap with dead mouse in it for us)

How would you describe Mosse’s pawsonality?
Extremely big for his size: may seem scary because of it (vets have always asked whether he is aggressive etc. because he’s so big). However behind a big and scary outlook, he is a sweet boy with a heart of pure gold. He’s cautious over strangers, but very loving towards familiar people. Best nap buddy, likes to sleep top of people (though it’s not comfy for long since he’s heavy). Extremely sweet and caring. Used to carry a stuffed cow plushie and took care of it as his child. When we took a kitten in, out of our cats he was the only cat who was kind towards the newcomer. He would lick its fur and even let it eat together with him. The kitten sometimes tried to drink milk from him, which totally confused him.

Why I love Mosse:
He is a lovable thick boy and has been part of our family since I was six.

A Random Fact/Anecdote about Mosse:
A child of a wild cat. A small Finnish town where I used to live had a lot of wild cats. One cat started coming to our house (Mosse’s mama) and my big sisters fed it. Slowly the cat came more and more to us, becoming our pet. One day she came home with three kittens, Mosse being one of them.


Pet Name: Onyx

Pet Nicknames: The Pudgy Baby, Owl, Mr. Stubby Tail, Monkey-See Monkey-Do

Age: 1 year old

Onyx's Likes:
Playing with his brother and litter mate Midnight, snuggling, imitating the other cats in the house

Onyx's Dislikes:
People messing with his short tail

How would you describe Onyx's pawsonality?:
He's very playful and will race around the house at top speed for several minutes before getting tired out and flopping onto the ground or going over and rubbing up against someone. He also tends to go up to his brother if he sits there and is crying wanting to make sure that he is okay or something like that.

Why I love Onyx:
He talks with his tail. Cats aren't so much like dogs where they don't tend to wag their tail or you can easily tell if they are happy or something, but Onyx is very different where he will flip his tail around and clearly talks more with it then any other cat I have seen. Not sure if it is because he has a sort of short and stubby tail or not, but it is great.

A Random Fact/Anecdote about Onyx:
He has to be the silliest little thing ever. In the house we have 6 cats, and Onyx is very much the baby, but he works to imitate the other cats to the point where if he sees one of them yelling for food and putting their paws on a drawer handle to get closer to the food, he does the exact same thing. One time another cat was blobbed out on the floor (she's very much a butterball of a cat) and Onyx went to lay down next to her and imitated exactly what she was doing, he was in the same position next to her, looked over at her again, and then proceeded to puff up his stomach so he blobbed out in the exact same way.


Pet Name: Jack

Pet Nicknames: Jack Jack, Snuggle Bug, Sneezy, Neurotic Kitty

Age: 11

Jack's Likes:
Attention above all else, Food, Catnip, Did I already say attention?

Jack's Dislikes:
Being ignored? He doesn't tend to really dislike much of anything
How would you describe X's pawsonality?: He is super laid back and will snuggle up to anyone. We ever have people over at our house, he always has to make the rounds of the table and go up and sit on everyone's laps for a few minutes before going onto the next person. He will let little kids haul him around, despite his age he will race around and play with the younger cats and roll around on the ground with them. Though there are a few cat toys that he gets very possessive of that he won't let the other cats take from him. I personally could not have asked for a more laid back cat.

Why I love Jack:
He is always there for you when you are upset. He seems to know when you are sad and I never have been able to figure out how, but if there were ever moments when I was upset about something (like when an uncle I was fairly close to earlier this year passed away) he always comes up to me, starts his purring motor running and tries to make me feel better. I also love how his tongue always seems to be sticking out, and the happier and more relaxed that he is, the further out the tongue seems to go, almost like a dog, and even though he is clearly not the smartest cat around, just the way he is makes up for all of the dumb stuff he has done (like running into a window at full speed)

A Random Fact/Anecdote about Jack:
He's actually a retired show cat. Growing up he kind of was my show cat for 4-H and about a year and a half ago I entered him in a professional show for the CFA (Cat Fancier's Association, they are kind of a big deal) and he won the top in his breed category, since unlike with dogs, you can show cats as a "mixed breed" if they aren't a purebred. So he won overall for that category and was a bit surprising to me. But he made friends with all of the judges who were surprised that despite his age he would roll around and play and sit there purring for everyone.


Pet Name: Boris

Pet Nicknames: Poesbeest ("puss-beast"), The Bullet Dodger

Age: 1

Boris's Likes:
Attention, attention and attention.

Boris's Dislikes:
Not getting any attention!

How would you describe Boris' pawsonality?:
The biggest attention whore I've ever seen. He's the total opposite of Elin -- where she is afraid of people and doesn't like to be hugged or picked up, Boris will readily climb on the lap of strangers and start purring immediately. Because he values attention over anything else, he's also the most tolerant cat I've ever seen. You can pick him up and hold him upside down for all he cares, he never starts scratching or biting while you give him belly rubs, and he doesn't even flinch when my daughter yanks a fistful of fur out of his coat. Like Elin, Boris was a stray we adopted through an agency, except he came from Spain. Perhaps it's the Mediterranean temperament that makes him so sociable and chill?

Why I love Boris:
He's always up for a good hug and a cuddle sesh. A lot of cats will only give you some of their very precious time, but not Boris. And he's very patient and forgiving with my daughter.

A Random Fact/Anecdote about Boris:
His farts are very smelly. We're still searching for the right type of food for his evidently sensitive digestive tract. Given that he's so fond of scritches and lap-sitting, a random toot at an inopportune moment makes for a very uncomfortable olfactory surprise.



Name: Gizmo

Nicknames: Giz, Gizbro

Age: 7

Gizmo Likes: Belly rubs, milk bones, walks, snowy weather

Gizmo Dislikes: Rubber chickens (terrified of them)

Intelligent and playful. He always wants you to be spending time with him and understands a surprising amount of what you say. Whether he'll obey is another question entirely. He takes after his Golden Retriever half through and through.
Why I Love Gizmo: While he doesn't mind driving me crazy from time to time, he's the sweetest dog that could be. He's as soft as a feather but as sharp as a tack.

Random Fact/Anecdote:
Gizmo is a rescue dog and was kept in a cage for the beginning of his life. It became where he felt safest, and to this day, he chooses to sleep in the same cage he had when he was a puppy.


Pet Name: McKenzy

Pet Nicknames: Kenzy, brat dog, Kenzy girl

Age: 5

Kenzy's Likes:
Loves, loves LOVES to play fetch. Kenzy also enjoys performing tricks so she can guilt us into giving her treats, and she adores going for car rides so she can catch some wind and meet new friends! She also loves her cat friend Phat Boi. They are best buds.

Kenzy's Dislikes:
Water. Absolutely hates the stuff. Baths??? The devil. Do not mention the b word or she will instantly get upset. She also really hates when the humans work because that means we can't give her all the attention she so obviously deserves.

How would you describe Kenzy's pawsonality?
Super energetic and playful. She always wants to play and seems to have an inexhaustible resource of energy that I wish I could tap into. She's also very smart and mischievous and can often be found getting her nose into things that I never in a million years thought she could have figured out, and she's also very talkative. She likes to sass and talk back to me whenever we disagree about whether or not it's time to go outside.

Why I love Kenzy:
She is so sweet and clever. If I'm having a bad day, she'll always come and sit a toy on my lap and just lean against me like she's giving me a hug, because toys make her happy so they must make human happy too, right??? Absolutely the most patient and tolerant dog I've ever had. She's never shown any aggression towards another creature and she's fantastic around kids. She's just a super goofy, adorable, and loving ray of sunshine that seems to always cut through whatever gloom is happening in my life.

A Random Fact/Anecdote about Kenzy:
Her best friend is a cat that we rescued and she helped to bring out of his shell. My cat was abused before we got him, but he'd grown up with dogs so he was more comfortable around Kenzy than our other cats, and she was so sweet and patient with him while she became his friend and helped him to adjust to life with us. I often find them sitting on the bed together or looking out the window, and he's always coming over to groom her. They're truly the best of friends and he is a completely different cat than when we found him, and it's all thanks to Kenzy being the wonderful girl that she is.


Pet Name: Bowie

Pet Nicknames: Bobo, Aso, Lomperik

1 year and 6 months old (roughly)

Bowie's Likes:
Humans, especially children, other dogs (but they don't like him that much, since he's too energetic), stealing objects and destroying them (just today he destroyed three decorative pinecones), chewing toys (but only rope or rawhide, since he doesn't care and just straight up eats rubber toys), and for some reason sand and holes in the ground (?) will make him excited and run around in it/them

Bowie's Dislikes:
Going for walks, loud noises, things that are not in the place they usually are (scare the hell out of him somehow), people wearing masks (fun in a pandemic), and he used to be incredibly scared of people in reflective clothing, like the people who do roadwork or maintain plants and shrubs in the neighborhood

How would you describe Bowie's pawsonality?
Bowie is in a lot of ways a typical old English bulldog -- he likes sleeping, is very social and dependent on his owners and is incredibly stubborn to a fault, and will just sit down in the middle of the road/sidewalk if he doesn't feel like continuing on his walk. On the other hand he also has incredibly large bursts of energy where he can tear up the couch, scoot around with his ass to the ground at incredibly high speeds (no, not just wiping his ass, but just running in a stupid way) and from time to time will run right at you, and turn his body in precisely the right way to knock you over using the back of his body. He's a good boy -- when he feels like it -- and a bad boy -- mostly whenever he doesn't feel like being a good boy.

He's also very social with other dogs, but other dogs don't typically enjoy playing with him because he is what we call 'lomp' and sort of unaware of just how big and heavy he is. Playing with another bulldog is easy for him, but he doesn't realize that you can't play the same with with a Chihuahua. He's also very young still and way too high energy for older dogs -- and doesn't understand why they don't want to play. Plus he has a few habits that make him seem.. dangerous to other pet owners. When you approach him, he will lay down low, and then suddenly jumps forward when you're close enough because he wants to play. This paired with the fact that he is a bulldog (and people generally also think he's a pitbull for some reason) makes them pretty wary of him, when in reality he just wants to be pet and wants to play with their dogs.

Because of this he's probably the most child-friendly dog I've ever owned and/or met, because children apparently do not care. He's become well known by the children in the neighborhood (even those scared of dogs) as a friendly but energetic dog ("puppy" to them) and the high pitched screaming of children is enough to send him into an energetic burst trying to get to them. When I meet them when I'm walking him and they spot him and yell "Bowie!" I already know there's no way he's going to want to go for the rest of his walk.

Why I love Bowie:
Dude just be chillin', for real. Perfect couch dog, but also fun to take out to the beach/play tug of war with. He's 30 kg and quite strong for a smaller sized dog, so he offers the best of both worlds.

A Random Fact/Anecdote about Bowie:
When we got him as a puppy, he already had a habit of trying to eat pinecones, and we had a rather big box full of pinecones (don't ask, they're decorative, I don't know either). Every time he took one we'd take it away, and he would just walk back and grab another.


Pet Name: Kotoru

Pet Nicknames: Koto, Stubs :P

Age: 3 Months

Koto's Likes:
Treats, My Housemate's Boxer/Lab (who is 10 times bigger than him), Other Dogs' Toys, My Socks, Going Literally Anywhere... Even The Vet.

Koto's Dislikes:
Baths, His Own Toys, His Own Teeth (teething right now :c), Me Going Literally Anywhere Without Him.

How would you describe Koto's pawsonality?:
I would say Koto is extremely feisty, but because of his size that attitude just makes him more adorable. He will demand pets and then bark if you don't give it... and if you do he'll nom your hands. He's a literal ankle-biter. Right now he's got too much puppy energy for me to call "snuggly", but get him worn out and on his back and he melts at belly rubs.

Why I love Koto:
He is so friendly to every single person and dog he meets! Even if they're a stranger, or bigger than him, he isn't afraid to boldly strut up to them. His confidence is infectious to me. :)

A Random Fact/Anecdote about Koto:
I actually adopted him to be my trained emotional support animal (I was in the hospital for my depression earlier this year), but he surprised me by also becoming a great companion for my surly 6-year-old Chihuahua/Terrier mix, Zuko. That dog will not play with other pooches and keeps himself (and me and my husband) very guarded from everything. Well, it only took a single day of Koto being in our house for them to be wrestling together, curling up in each other's kennels, and just being amazing brothers! This little one completely transformed my prickly boi and it warms my heart to see them together! ♡


Pet Name: Elin

Pet Nicknames: Hondje ("little dog"), Meisje ("little girl")

Age: 3

Elin's Likes:
Playing fetch, licking my hands, stealing my food, running through the forest like a bat out of hell, napping on the couch, playing with other dogs

Elin's Dislikes:
Stranger people, plastic bags, loud noises or sudden movements, snowmen, the vacuum, rustling curtains, the wind, etc.

How would you describe Elin's pawsonality?:
She's very sweet and gentle, a sensitive soul, not a mean bone in her body. She's too scared of anyone except me, my girlfriend and my daughter to show that to other humans, but when it's just us and she's comfortable she loves to huddle up against us and shower us in affection, or will demand playtime with perked ears and a swishing tail. She also loves other dogs and will be the first one out of the kennel, galavanting through the fields and the mud, and the last one back in at the doggy caycare. We adopted her through an agency that rescues stray dogs from Eastern Europe and we suspect that she went through something traumatic when she was very young. A dog therapist we hired to see if there was anything we could do to make her less fearful said it was a miracle she bonded with us in the first place. It's unlikely that she'll ever get over her fears, so the best we can do is give her a warm and loving home and accomodate her weird little quirks.

Why I love Elin:
Because she trusts us, even when she trusts no one else, and she is generous with her gratitude and affection. Elin is a total coward so I could never count on her to protect me, but when she turns over on her back next to me on the couch and squirms a little until she's comfortable, belly exposed and one leg pointed up to the sky like an antenna searching for a signal, I would give my life for hers instead.

A Random Fact/Anecdote about Elin:
On one hand, she dashes straight to the couch and crawls under it when the doorbell rings. The mere hint of visitors is enough to send her into hiding, which is endearingly pitiful. On the other hand, she'll readily play chicken for five minutes with a hissing swan in full threat display, barking and wagging her tail, dancing in and out of range like Muhammed Ali. I've seldom seen a faster or more agile dog, and she's just a mutt!

Official Voting Thread

Thanks for all the entries, friends! I never knew there were so many cats running around the Guild until now!

All pets have been signed up and entered, and I'm really thrilled with the turnout.

That said, for the sake of IMMEDIATE transparency, I will say that I have had to condense three categories Farm Animal/Bunny/Reptile - because each only got 1 entry each. Look, if there's enough of you who come up and think it's better to split, I'm happy to do that - they'll just automatically move into Best Pet Round. So, let me know how you're feeling.

Secondly, I've left off usernames of owners, this is to try to discourage popularity based voting, but again, if you want to jump out and claim your pet - I'm not going to kick up a fuss. This is all just a big bit of fun after all! :)


Votes are counted as follows, so please pay attention!

Each and every Guild Member receives 3 VOTES per category.

You can give one pet 3 points
You can give another pet 2 points
You can give a third pet 1 point

So you have 6 points to allocate per Category. Think of it as 1st, 2nd, 3rd pick! This is so those of you who have entered can vote for your own pet, but you also need to give points to other ones too. It's also always too hard to pick just one, so this adds further variety!

Simply post your vote in the comments using the following form for my counting ease!

1st Pick: Pet Name
2nd Pick: Pet Name
3rd Pick: Pet Name

First Round Voting will commence on January 17th and will end on January 25th, with the winners being announced, and moved into the Final Round -

Final Round Voting will begin on January 26th and will end on January 30th, with the Best Pet announced on January 31st.

Remember the following rules:
6. You can vote for your own pets. But I encourage voting for others :)

7. This is informal and fun! So don't take things personally. In that same vein, be respectful when talking about the pets - remember that they are someone's beloved companion and it's not very country roads of you to be mean-spirited and if you do that you'll be in a world of hurt (mean comments will have your pet removed from the contest if you are an entrant, and if you are a voter your votes will not be counted).

Have fun!

The Colour Purple

This is still my favourite digital painting. Something about how gorgeous I got the face to look that really just... is satisfying I guess. This is a fan-drawing I created of Jaida Essence Hall in her really stunning "Colour Purple" outfit, but I stripped out the purple and ended up with this really glam black look. Everything about this Queen in this outfit just screamed fashion to me, and I was so inspired to recreate it in Krita. It took me around 9 hours.

Shrine of Azura

I used this piece to practice painting stone, and I ended up livestreaming some of the process in my Discord Server which was both nerve-wracking but also pretty fun :) I'm really happy with how the piece turned out, and I actually ended up using some of this for a background image for one of my Elder Scrolls roleplay OOC threads.

Black Phillip

This is another traditional piece I created on A3, so it's a big boy piece even if this particular snap of it doesn't show that. I wanted to pay a tribute to Black Phillip from The Witch, and so this was done with linework and then filled in with some liquid watercolour paint to get the highlights. It ended up being discussed on Twitter by Kate Dickie and Ralph Ineson who both stared in the movie. Sadly Anya Taylor Joy has yet to comment </3

Two Swords

I orginally drew this on A5 for Inktober 2020 on Day 5, which was Blade. It incorporates my undying love for The Witcher series, and uses a technique I practice a lot with my traditional art which is linework. I actually started drawing little line doodles as a way to focus my hand and use it in a fun way after a diagnosis of nerve inflammation a few years ago. Eventually my brain caught up and was like "oh hey I can make nice drawing with this". It's still the most relaxing art I do, because of the simplicity in the approach, but the amount of detail that I can achieve. I think I spent about 2.5 hours to create this piece and it's really not that big!

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