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Current Wherever you are in the world, I wish you a peaceful and happy Sunday :)
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I can assure you that it definitely is.
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Happy Weekend, Guild folk. My new Mass Effect Horror Roleplay is up for applications! :) See you there. We'll bang, okay?
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Bear not your eyes upon him lest steel or silver draw, lay not your breast against him or lips to ease his roar
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Okay so we're done.

@Dervish @Andreyich @Heat @Hank @Spoopy Scary - Please call in for duty!

@The Ghost Note @Nightbringer @Scrivener - Also call in for duty, but take a little more time to complete your sheets :)

You're all invited to the Discord Server now, to discuss what happens next, and for those of you who are pending, let's work together to help you get the sheets finished :)

(We'll bang, okay?!)

Hi @Scrivener!

I like what I see of Von, I like that you've taken a very military background - and I can see Von and Sabinus having some interesting conversations for sure. Xenophobia is not something I want to miss out on in the roleplay-- okay that sounds really wrong! What I mean to say is, I think there's a lot of potential for conflict with a character like Von, specifically in the cast that we do have, where everyone is vastly different and fills out a different role. There is opportunity for conflict, but also growth and that's what we're here for, right? :>

Also I know it's mean, but I'm tickled by his bad knee. (Sorry!)

There is absolutely a place for Von in this roleplay. That said, it's still lacking in details. You can't give him a dodgy knee and not write an appearance section where we get to visualise how he holds himself, whether he has a disgruntled expression, how he looks when he does a rare smile - this is flavour that's currently missing from the sheet that I think just gives us a bigger, brighter picture of the character, and also helps you in understanding him and translating that to us as well.

Tentative acceptance, pending some more work on the sheet :)
Alright, here we go. Hope it's alright.

Hi @Nightbringer

First of all, finally - a Quarian!

I love Quarians and they're usually way more popular, how did we get to the last day of submissions without one?

Anyway, I love this character - but he still feels a little rough around the edges in areas. There's a lot to like about him. Something that I keep going back to that I really like is this little personality quirk; "He enjoys the company and conversation of his crewmates, but the lack of laughter might be what makes others think that Vaan doesn’t think so highly of them, when often the opposite is true."

I find it so endearingly odd, I think, that he doesn't laugh? I don't know why - I just really like that tidbit. That's the kind of information I always remember most from a sheet :>

I want to accept Vaan, but I think he just needs a little bit more working on the sheet. In particular, the history - I'd like to see a little bit about how he ended up on Omega to join the Caelestis mission and why - I feel like I know why from reading the history, but I would like that added in just to bring his story to the present.

I think there's further to go with him as well, there's more that can be done with his personality in particular. I'd love to see more of the quirks, I'd like to know what does make him tick.

So, it's a tentative yes for now Night, but maybe just polish up the sheet a little more first :)

They call me Zoomfingers "Smoketrail" McBlisters, and this is my craft.

I am very sorry that my previous comment was harsh. I was trying to be funny and the joke didn't land, it flew so far off the mark. I'm very sorry.

I like Shy; what I had intended to portray was a narrowing eye at this ball of personality and almost abrasive quirks that will rub people the wrong the way. I think that's how you intended her to be, I am sorry if I have misjudged that and then acted like a b-i-t-c-h.

She is annoying though.

"And yes, she comes across as remarkably entitled and lazy." <--- annoying 👺

That's not a bad thing, like I said - we always need conflict and Shy will be sure to add a level of it that is a little different than just outright aggression/passive aggression towards others/hatred. Emotions that are very strong. I think that making a character that doesn't really understand people, on the same hand makes her hard to understand with others too - and that's an interesting conflict to play with, that is different and nuanced.

She is accepted and I'm happy to have you here.

At last, I have done the thing.

Hi @Hank

Delilah is a very interesting character that I can see you've put a lot of time and effort into. She feels very fleshed out, and I like this almost duality of her character - how she's living as she is, with who she was. I think that's too interesting of a concept to pass up on in a role play that will be dealing with a lot of horror themes, in scary situations.

I like that much of her story is grounded in just her, which adds a nice human element in a massively rich sci-fi world.

I'm.... concerned for her wellbeing throughout this roleplay.

She is accepted and can be moved to the character tab.
On Board the Caelestis,

Naryxa moved barefoot through the cabin of her ship with a silence as if she were trying not to wake the dead. It had been a long day, docked on Omega. The Caelestis at rest while the Asari worked in loose clothing to push and pull at every sliver of dirt, in every crevice, across every surface.

The comfortably lived in smell had soon enough become replaced with the piercingly sterile scent of chemicals.

The last engineer’s coffee stains erased from her workbench, the chef’s lucky cloth squeezed of it’s dirt and folded away, removed from the bench. Even the medic’s bottle of whisky had been taken from the modest med-bay. One by one, Naryxa had removed the last pieces of their memory and tucked them away. A clean slate remained.

Naryxa had done it all herself, her skeleton crew had been relieved of their contracts -- and she assumed they’d all be carefree in dancing through Afterlife by now. They’d earned it, even if part of her hoped that the mechanic would come back through early for a familiar nightcap with the Captain… No, she expected that the Mechanic wouldn’t return at all.

Tearfully, she had brushed away some dried flowers from the mechanic’s desk. Too close. Too close, again.

In the corner, a waste bin full with more things. A sweater, a notebook, and litter and tiny trinkets that needed clearing out. A dried up plant that was beyond saving. It had pained her to throw it away.

It was the last, and only night she would be alone on the ship. She savoured it, watching out from the pilot’s deck, her feet up on the console as she babysat the drink in her hand. All of the fresh cold it had once been had left, warmed through by her palms now - a syrupy, strong mixture even after the oversized cube of ice had melted entirely within the little steel mug.

She turned her eyes from the dirty, overflowing pathways of Omega - and up to the sky, what little she could see of it from between the walls and rigging of the station. She looked at the nebula as it bled out all of it’s phosphorescent colour against the shrouding endless black. Not for too long, lest it stare back at her with all of it’s ominous wisdom.

Back at the streets then; at a Krogan stampeding across the walkway, belly laughing and cheered on by his friends. At a young Asari maiden clothed in a transparent jacket, revealing her shape through the cutaways of her outfit -- off to start a shift at Afterlife. Humans were lounging over the railings, looking down into the belly of Omega from the edge of the strip.

Every visit to the station played out the same raunchy scene. It’s why it was the perfect place to find new hires, and to drop off the old ones. Six years with that crew. Six. Two-thousand, one-hundred and ninety breakfasts. So many good mornings -- all circling back to one hard goodbye.

Naryxa tilted her head back and sipped. Only the pilot would be back, and thankfully he was the most difficult of them all to like. Abrasive, caustic, ill-mannered. She smirked. He was at least a keen judge of character; he’d gone through the applicants too.

”This one’s shite, ye dinnae want this cunt on the ship. AH dinnae want this cunt on the ship!”

She reckoned he’d be somewhere in Afterlife, in a puddle of his own piss by now. For a human, he drank as though he had the size and constitution of a Krogan and always acted surprised, the next day, when that wasn’t the case. Damn it, she loved him too, she thought to herself with a wry smile.

It was the last and only night she would be alone on the ship, Naryxa thought to herself again, closing her eyes from the flashing lights at last.

Her thoughts remained uninterrupted until she heard a familiar creak from above, followed by a thud in the air-ducts. She raised a brow and sighed through her teeth. Her hand turned to tip out the liquor into the waste bin - the soil soaked it up greedily and for a split second the stem of the plant twitched.

It was the last night she would be alone on the ship.

I was planning to make my own RP but you seem to have beat me to the punch, room for one more?

You will need to have finished your sheet in the next few hours for consideration.
I've been tied up at my computer all day, and I'm probably not going to finish these reviews just now -- I kind of want to do something weekend-y with the last hours of my weekend; so everything will be finalised, my sheet will be done, and IC will be done tomorrow evening.

That gives a few of you some time to finish sheets as well :)

Hi @Heat


I love this Drell.

I like that there's a lot of melancholy in this story, I like this character a lot, and it feels almost like a little bit different from what I've seen you do before. Everything in Satka's story makes sense, everything adds up and you've put a lot of time and effort into exploring his story. It's a different take on a Drell than what I usually see.

Is it Satka or Satko? There are a few discrepancies in the sheet so I'm not sure - before you post it, just make sure those are fixed ;)

My only other ntipick is choosing pacifism as a weakness. I'm not sure, I think you can find something else because that's almost something that can be both a strength and a weakness, actually. I might move his pacifism into his personality, and find a physical weakness to replace it since his 2nd weakness looks like depressive bouts.


This is a fantastic sheet, imo.

I like how you've written in some of the political information on the Vorcha through your history - you've given a good, reasonable foundation to Iryk that makes him really easy to understand, and also to feel sympathy for - to the point I'm actually overlooking his violent nature a little, ha! Super clever, and nicely succinct as well.

I think he's a risky character, he's potentially volatile, in a situation which will absolutely get volatile for... Most of it. But he's not without his redeeming features, you didn't go overboard in one direction or the other.

I'm really happy for Iryk to get a place in the RP.
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