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Happy Weekend! Whatever you choose to do, make sure you're happy and content. Remember that you are loved by so many, and that you're important <3
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Happy Weekend everyone! I hope you all have a great one. Do something that makes your heart happy :)
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Every now and then, Father's Day lands on my Birthday. That's how you know I'm the real Daddy around these parts.


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That's all the current sheets reviewed!

Anyone else who has expressed interest in joining, please continue to work on your sheets - let me know where you're at as we will be starting the roleplay this week.

Apologies for the delays on this, had a busy bit of IRL stuff whirly winding around.

This is a great sheet Poo!

It's very concise, but it's also to the point and none of it was wasted on anything insignificant. I like that Pu adds a touch of rogue-ishness to the party and I feel like he's going to be a lot of fun once you find your stride with him and carve out his place in the story. I can see him being a much needed breath of levity at times, but he's not without his own tragedies which I almost feel like he keeps locked away so as not to burden others. I do wonder how carrying that guilt affects him, and how we can tug at that string somehow in the roleplay. He feels very much like a mediator style character, always loyal, easy, and true. I love him! Super excited for you to play another redguard as well because we all loved Alim so much.

Please post in the tab :)

You have such a repetoire of differing characters, Tabby - it's fantastic! Shara is just another wonderful character of yours :D

I love that you whipped up your own art! Such a beautiful drawing as well that really tells a lot about Shara and speaks to how inspired you were by this character. I'm looking forward to her interactions with Raz - and with the rest of the party too, but the two orcs feel so different from each other, and yet so familiar as well - I can almost see a mentorly-type relationship eventually forming. She's had a very hard life which is easy to empathise with. I'd love to see her traumas explored, as well as her inner emotions and turmoils as well as I feel like she maybe hasn't fully explored and healed from them herself... I love that she changed her ways to "help instead of harm" and I can see that being a big theme with her throughout the roleplay, especially if as a group, they have to do some harm to get something done - how will that create conflict etc.

Well done Tabby for writing a really beautiful character - can't wait to see her in the game.
Certainly not as elaborate as most here, but hopefully she's good enough:

You are a fantastic writer.

I just wanted to say that before I said anything else. Your mind is brimming with ideas, and that's very apparent in this sheet. You are so very creative in the way that you craft up your characters - probably from a passing idea I'd imagine. You're the kind of person who obviously asks a "what if??" and rolls with it and it's fantastic. I love having you around in roleplays :)

Aud is brilliant, again.

I admire that you aren't afraid to give her ugly qualities, but shine a light on them in a way that feels super relatable and like I'm just one bad day away from being like that too. It's so so so human. You take a character with this monstrous curse/gift and make her so grounded in human emotion and it's incredible. Well done. She is of course, accepted.

A fantastic sheet, as always. You're a master of quiet details that create a colourful tapestry in your sheets. Everything in here feels precise, the tone is wonderful, and your pacing is expert - you throw in a small laugh at just the right time, everytime. A complete joy to read.

Garo feels like he's going to... Be involved in some way or another with various conflicts, considering the tone of the story the themes we're exploring. I know that you were trying very hard to make a "boring" character - but he's absolutely not at all, while he doesn't have the swashbuckling, spell-flinging past of many of the characters - he has a lot of character and layers and complexities which make him so compelling. I trust you to write this character in the roleplay, to continue to make him interesting, and to use that fucking brilliant skill you have to inspire and influence everyone else around you. You are the standard, dude.

Post him in the tab :)

I feel like I'm sounding like a broken record during this feedback session haha, but again, this is a character that feels very different to the kind you usually run, Greenie. I like that you're running with a Bosmer - this feels like a new challenge. The 'Lil Green' name feels distinctly you however, and I love to see it - that and, well, her parentage also feels super duper Greenie. So, while this is a very fresh concept and character, it just sings Greenie and all that I know about you. I'm excited, and it seems like you're excited to run this character as well. It's a very fun love-letter to many of the things you like. I love to see it.

A lovely sheet, really beautifully written with some careful little touches. I'm very happy with this one! Well done and please post in the tab :)
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