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4 days ago
My toxic trait is downing an iced coffee in less than one minute.
16 days ago
So make your own sunshine and rainbows.
19 days ago
Anyone elses Discord shat itself? Because my Discord has shat itself.
27 days ago
Might be working on a site article - personal development in a new decade! No time like now to capitalise on that 'New Year, New Me' eh?
1 mo ago
I hope Santa is good to you all this year, and that you all have a wonderful Christmas.


You could probably stab Storm in the throat and she'd be like *gurgles* "fascinating"
Tough girl

- a testimonial by @Hank

You're good Juju - BEST JUJU

- a testimonial by @Dervish

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Documents created for missions!

See the Discord :)
Got a collab going with Fetzen at the moment, which we'll hopefully have finished by then :)
Welcome Sadi!

Looking forward to getting to know you some more on here :)
Slow and steady

Lovely post, as always my friend!
She can do enough talking for the two of them if she really wants to.
@Jarl Coolgruuf

Lovely sheet man, I think Renar and Avery will get along well.
<Snipped quote by Stormflyx>

Apparently the collab disappeared with a *poof* as well :/

Now I can set up my post in a hurry in order to meet the weekly deadline since I've been waiting for said PM instead of doing anything.

I'm sorry! I thought we'd collab after initial character posts had been introduced. Which I am still wanting to do if you are. I should have clarified, I'm very sorry.

Please forgib ;-;

I still want to collab
*le poof* a mage appears!
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