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if you have a "craving", write a story on your own, that way when you inevitably lose interest and quit you're only wasting your own time
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factory-engines roar like false lions, blood thunders in the dock-pipes
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at this moment i would like to ackowledge my post count of 1234, which will never happen again

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Peterson's mouth had been open to reply when the Tower cut in. The man looked slightly peeved to be interrupted, but when the interrupter was a titan of a man with superbones and superstrength, minor irritation was all that was safe. "Ahem." He smoothed the ruffled look back to neutral. "I have full faith in your competency. When the job is completed, our rendezvous will be on the outskirts of Denver. There's a Bed and Breakfast at 112 Wood street, Deck two."

At the blank expression from ET, Peterson sighed. "Denver has three levels of buildings in the downtown, with corresponding road networks. Deck two is the middle one. Your phone can get you there, but make sure you're using encrypted satellites. Otherwise we won't be there when you arrive, and you won't get your information." The man stood, waving to the pretty waitress. "Gotta run. Leila will show you to the truck, and whatever else you might need. Good luck."

CURRENT DATE -- 24/05/2047, 10:00PM
.// Carolex Industrial Complex //.

"This is stupid," ET said for the fifth time. His voice came out of Gabby the supersuit, mangled, pitched-shift, and robotic. He, Stardust, and Void were riding in the back of the truck, while Tower drove. He gave off the most "truck-driver"-y aura of the four of them.

Void glanced at him in what could only be described as amused annoyance. "And?"

ET just shook his head. Nothing else to say, and they were slowing down anyway. Finally. He reached out to the electronics around him, and froze.

Unidentified truck on approach.

Copy that, Batra. Orders from Nawar are to stop any incoming threats. I think this counts?

Yes, sir. Setting up the rail now.

ET's heart suddenly felt three sizes too small. He desperately reached out to the railgun platform converging on their position. Hey there, friend. You don't want to fire on that truck. Lots of little baby railguns inside. What would your mother say?

After a few minutes, ET heard the first security officer again. Weird. The gun's having some targeting issues. Keeps saying the truck is one of our own.

Couldn't be, Batra. The boss specifically said to stop ANYONE coming in. They're taking this tip seriously. Switch to manual.

Yes, sir. Switching now.

"Fuck," ET hissed. He jumped into the local channel that had been provided to them. In a small fit of genius, ET had managed to set himself up as the primary interface between a series of dumb headsets. His powers couldn't be hacked or intercepted, so it was the safest way to communicate. "Okay, so this was a shitty plan, and we've got a railgun incoming. Get out of the truck now!"

CURRENT DATE -- 24/05/2047, ~10 PM
.// Carolex Experimental, Southwest Wing //.

In the blink of an eye, a new window appeared in the four-foot structural wall. Behind it, five forms in unmarked black armor held guns, outstretched fingers, and a variety of objects floating in the air. "Snake, clear the room," said the front-most form.

One of the forms vanished, returning in a moment with a struggling man, eyes wide with terror. "Not quite clear, Owl."

Owl tilted his head, then shook it. "Civilian. No powers. No threat. Fox, restrain him and put him down safely."

The figure surrounded by floating rocks nodded, pointing a hand at the civilian. Bands of rebar snapped from the hole in the wall, bending around the man and securing him firmly to the wall.

The group moved out of the room, ignoring the suddenly blaring sirens.
looking forward to seeing this in motion chief

Whatever seems relevant at the time. If need be, I'd start writing short stories in the form of flashbacks from the golden years.

If you like, although I would aim toward a less is more aproach in that regard so we don't clutter things up too much. I'm sure it'll be fun to read
"My power seems to be limited by dirt," ET admitted. "I can probably fuck with the cameras, but if the sensors are buried more than a half dozen feet underground, I won't be able to hear them." He turned back to their sponsor. Despite their numerous differences, his lies, and her combativeness, ET was with Stardust on this one. He didn't have any alternative ideas--they had just come in from out of town, after all--but he couldn't help feeling like they were expendable. "I'm gonna need a little more reassurance than your word, Peterson."

The other man sighed, and pulled out his phone. "Janice Park is the chief operating officer of Carolex-Denver. She is currently on a business retreat, but this isn't known to the general public for obvious reasons. My man on the inside, a very reputable source, gave me that particular tidbit. Any more questions?"
Would it be considered in poor taste to start posting daily/bi-daily, regardless of how frequently others post?

What would you include in these posts?
• In Straits of Steel, an emphasis will be placed on creating a closed sandbox environment for players to interact in within the confines of the narrative. To help accentuate this, interactive objects and NPCs in the environment will be highlighted with specific colored text.

This is genius
Not a bad idea: hmu in the server and we can chat about it more.

CURRENT DATE -- 24/05/2047, ~9 PM
.// A Morning Cup //.

"The Walking Fortress project, eh?" Peterson nodded slowly, but his eyes held a glimmer of something unreadable. "I thought I knew all of the current Walking Fortress units. An older model, then?" His gaze tracked up and down the big man, then he shrugged. "Even an older model is a wrecking ball, and beggars can't be choosers."

The conversation lapsed into silence for a moment. Then another. After four more, ET broken. "Okay, so now you know. Subtlety isn't exactly our specialty."

Peterson waved a hand at him. "Between you and my man Void, I think we have all the subtlety we need. My plan has always been more about brute force, anyway. I needed a hacker, and I got one better. A couple bruisers to keep the hacker safe...well, you get the idea. With my man on the inside, we have all the bases we need covered.

The broker held up a hand, signifying that he was not to be disturbed. "You're going to drive in the front gate. With the right message from the right person--which you will be providing via your abilities, even Hell itself wouldn't be able to stop you from going in. That building could be on fire, and your message from Janice Park would have the security team throw themselves into the blaze."

"That's a fucking stupid plan," ET said. He hadn't meant to, but so it was. "It's a Friday night. What delivery could possibly come at ten P.M. on a Friday?"

The man paused, glared at ET, shrugged. "It's worked before, with less capable operatives. Void will be there to clean up any loose ends which cause problems." Seeing ET's unmoved expression, he sighed. "Look," Peterson said, "the front door is actually the best option. This is a fortress, you know. Snipers on each roof, state-of-the-art camera and threat neutralization systems. Going through a wall isn't an option, and going under would trip the complex's seismic sensors. If you have a better idea on how to get through that first wall, I am all ears."

ET cursed, looking away. It was still such a stupid, stupid plan, but he had never been great at strategy. Plus, the man must have been planning some kind of heist for weeks, if not months. They'd only been here for a few hours, and any time they wasted was time that whoever tried to kill them could do it again. "Anything?" he asked the others.

CURRENT DATE -- 24/05/2047, ~9 PM
.// Carolex Experimental, Room SW301 //.

"Thank you all for coming." Nawar herself stood at the front of the room, silencing the myriad of late-night conversations with her voice, despite it's volume remaining soft and casual. "It warms my heart to see so many people committed to our cause, no matter the time of day."

The woman smiled, but it didn't reach her eyes. "All of you are to return to your offices, lock down any and all files you are currently using, and go home." She held up a hand, stalling the sudden muttered confusion. "Security has informed me that an anonymous tip was just received. Some form of espionage is expected to take place tonight, and it's my job to protect you, your work, and the integrity of C.E.D.S. I am assured that we have all necessary precautions to handle an event like this, but only if there are no civilians around to muck things up."

She looked around the room, matching eyes with each individual. "Whatever work you have can wait. If there is a deadline coming, point the customer my way. You have an hour." Nawar unfolded her arms and smiled again, still coldly. "If this event happens, and you are still inside when it does, then Security protocol is to treat you as an equal offender to the invading party. That's all." She turned on her heel, slipping out of the room with preternatural, obviously-enhanced grace.
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