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Current Created a Facebook for the first time in years because I miss my foster family. I hope they accept my requests.
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"I am known by many names. 'Mountain Slayer.' 'Thunder Lion.' 'The Chocolate Axe.' But you? You may call me... Tiffany."
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@Demonic Raven- Tiffany didn't sell them a shitty weapon for half their Col.
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Ah, Andreyich. I missed you least of all.
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I said I was leaving the Guild. However I couldn't find a forum I vibe with. So unfortunately you guys are stuck with me again.


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@Forsythe Digimon related to the Ten Legendary Warriors would be accessible as partners, but not Spirit Evolution like in Frontier.
Character sheets have been added.
I’m interested because I haven’t done anything Digimon related in so long.

I know nothing about hacking though. Except it’s not as easy as TV shows and movies would have you believe.

Luckily hacking is a tad easier when your brain is directly connected to cyberspace. Plus our characters are running around with creatures composed of data that do not obey the laws of reality to a certain extent.
Bumping this. In the mood for an apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic setting featuring monsters of some kind.

I've just returned to the site from a brief hiatus, and I'm itching for almost any kind of RP. A little about me, and some rules.

- I am a 25 year old male from the continental US. Since this is more of a hobby than anything, I prefer a Free to Casual levels of writing. I can be online most days, though I appreciate having a partner who understands that I sometimes have to take days to deal with mental health.
- If a RP is romance-based, I prefer M×F (with me being the M), or F×F.
- Though these RPs will not be mature, I ask my partners be fine with violence, language, and innuendo, as I'm partial to all three.

This list will be updated in due time, but I'll throw these out there first.


- Jurassic Park/Jurassic World
- Everyday Life With Monster Girls
- Halo
- Alien, Predator, and AvP
- Call of Duty: Extinction
- Highschool of the Dead
- God Eater
- SAO AU revolving around GGO
- Akame ga Kill
- Monster Hunter
- Digimon

Non-Fandom Pairings/Plots/Settings

Anything crossed out is something I'm not looking for right now

- Magical girls (preferably a darker spin like Madoka or Yuki Yuna)
- Human x monster girl
- Creature hunter organization
- Something with Log Horizon's "trapped-in-a-game-world-but-you-don't-die-IRL" and Gun Gale Online's sci-fi setting with lots and lots and lots of guns
- RPG-esque fantasy or sci-fi world
- God Eater-esque world
- Creature hunter/paranormal organization (preferably where the solution to an infestation of monsters is hundreds or thousands of rounds of ammunition)
- Pacific Rim-inspired mecha and kaiju

Plot Ideas
In 20XX, Serizawa Industries unveiled their newest device: the DigiLink Full Dive VR system. By intercepting and scanning signals from the user's brain and transmitting feedback to it, the DigiLink could fully immerse a user in a cyberspace known as Arcadia. Over the course of several years, Arcadia grew exponentially, thanks in part to businesses using Arcadia to sell goods and services. Then something bizarre started happening: odd creatures began appearing throughout the cyberspace. Most were small and harmless; some were even curious about humans.

Serizawa Industries called them Digimon, billing them as virtual creatures that could be tamed and kept as pets in Arcadia. However, many suspected that the Digimon were not a new feature in Arcadia, but something else entirely. Regardless, many Arcadia users took to keeping Digimon as pets. Some even took to caring for them like real, living beings; however, the general consensus is that Digimon are merely strings of ones and zeroes that simulate real organisms, even if many have the ability to speak.

Arcadia is not the perfect cyber-utopia many believe it is. If you know where to look, you can find all kinds of scum and villainy. Hackers stealing and selling data, criminals organizing online to carry out real-world crimes, and more. Even with Serizawa Industries' massive investment in Arcadia's cybersecurity, many of these types still persist. Because of this, some in Arcadia have taken it upon themselves to root out these criminals.

That's where you come in. Not all hackers go about Arcadia with malicious intent, and you're in the business of helping people out. For a fee, of course. Being a hacker has its risks, and you may as well be paid for them.

Welcome to the RP!


  • All forum rules apply. In general, try to be civil with one another. If two players have a major disagreement, I ask that they take it to PM; if it's related to something major in the RP, I would like to be included as a moderator.
  • This RP is rated T for Teen. Some mild language (ie- "hell" and "damn") and innuendo (ie- "Thespian? But I thought you liked guys?") is allowed.
  • If you're going to be gone for an extended period of time, or you've just lost interest in the RP, please let me know.
  • Most of all, have fun!

Areas in Arcadia

  • Arcadia City: The primary hub of Arcadia, you can find almost anything here. By linking your bank account to your Arcadia account, you can make purchases through the marketplace, and have it delivered to your home. While the system doesn't normally allow for combat, Digimon tournaments are held on a monthly basis in the Arena.
  • Arcadia Wilderness: The area around Arcadia City. Beautiful and serene, many low-level Digimon make their home here.
  • Ancient Shrine: An out of the way area in the Arcadia Wilderness that hosts the Dungeon. Stronger Digimon often appear here, possibly coming from the Dungeon.
  • The Dungeon: An area beneath the Ancient Shrine, Arcadia users can plumb its depths for unique items and Digimon. The dungeon's layout, item drops, enemies, and bosses change on a monthly basis. It's extremely rare for players to reach the lower depths solo, but those that do are held in high regard among dungeon-raiders.
  • Walled City Kowloon: An area discovered by hackers several months after Arcadia came online, it is now a hive of scum and villainy, frequented by hackers and cyber criminals. Many speculate that it was supposed to be the original Arcadia City, or an eventual expansion. On top of the black market, under the table Digimon trading and gambling on Digimon battles is a common way to make money. Curiously enough, a lot of Digimon make their home here as well.
  • Flooded City: Another datamined part of Arcadia's code, the Flooded City was deleted from the server by Serizawa Industries, but not before a small community of hackers copied the data and opened it up as a public server. Built next to a wide, uncharted sea, the Flooded City is a summer hangout spot for many users, and is home to a unique ecoyststem consisting of both Digimon and artificial organisms modeled on real-world fish and marine life.
  • The Abyss: A wide chasm to the north of the Ancient Shrine. It was quickly discovered that an invisible wall has been erected midway, and attempts to break through it by hackers have proven fruitless. Serizawa Industries has hinted at an expansion beyond the Abyss.
  • Public Rooms/Public Forums: Areas that Arcadia users can create and interact in that show up in the registry. Can be password protected.
  • Private Rooms/Private Forums: Areas that Arcadia users can create and interact in that do not show up in the registry, and have higher security than their public counterparts. Unlike public rooms/forums, these are password protected by default, and the only way to access them is if you're given the link to them by someone with access to the room/server.

Character Sheets

That's the RP. CS for hackers and their Digimon will come soon. Any questions, comments, or constructive criticism?
Bumping. Kind of in a sibling kind of mood.
Bumping again. Would like a RP involving mecha and kaiju, but I'll take about anything to distract me.
Bumping again. Would like a RP involving mecha and kaiju, but I'll take about anything to distract me.
Late night bump. Need a distraction.
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