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Current So how much of Mahz's blood is margarita at this point?
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Simple: if you hate everyone equally, their pronouns are "dumbass" and "numbskull". Feel free to address me that way.
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I'm more than happy to respect the pronouns of anyone who isn't a piece of shit.
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It's less CWC having as much weight as personal issues and more me losing faith in humanity.
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I went offline to deal with personal issues. I come back to the internet to hear Chris Chan committed a serious, disgusting crime. Please let COVID turn into a zombie virus, I've had enough.



The necessary evil!


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Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I'm afraid I'm going to have to bow out for a bit. I'd like to come back when I can, but I've got things I need to work out IRL.
Bumping. Looking for something leaning more toward the smuttier side than usual.

If interested, please send a PM instead of posting in the thread! Thank you!
@Theyra Is he going to do any of this?

@Norschtalen Interesting having the references to Frontier. Was contemplating having my character make references about the accel-axe from Explore.

My character has a subtle reference to Online. Could be fun bringing all these side series together.
Since the weapon has been modified, does that mean she doesn't use a kinsect? Either way you're approved too

No Kinsect. I figured since some LS are actually polearms (Rajang LS, Yian Garuga LS, Kecha Wacha LS, etc.), an IG could theoretically be modified to be used like a LS.

Name: Ayako
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Appearance: Ayako is a bit on the shorter side for a Hunter (something she was often teased about growing up in Bherna), with a slim, athletic build. Though she has few scars, she has four large slash marks across her back from a monster attack. She keeps a small part of the monster (resembling a dragonfly's wing) as a part of her armor, specifically as a pauldron on her left upper arm.
Role: Wycademy Hunter
Weapons: Modified Tobi-Kadachi Insect Glaive (originally owned by her father, she received it after he passed away, and modified it to be used like a Long Sword)
Armor: Mix of Kadachi Alpha and Beta sets
Bio: Born and raised in the village of Bherna, Ayako grew up watching the Hunters of the Wycademy come and go from Bherna to other places, and always desired to be like them. Her parents, both retired Hunters, encouraged her to follow her dream. Unfortunately, a strange, unknown monster attacked Bherna. Though it was repelled by Hunters, many people in the village soon became sick, and Wycademy scholars theorized that the monster had inflicted some kind of disease. Ayako's father was among those who fell ill, and was one of the few whose bodies couldn't fight off the sickness. After her father's funeral, Ayako began training to become a Hunter, and joined the Wycademy. Due to her skill observing and tracking monsters, she was chosen to go to the New World with the Research Commission, and chose to stay to observe Prismata's Comet on behalf of the Wycademy.
Other: - Ayako's style of fighting combines aspects of Aerial and Adept Hunting Styles, focusing on taking advantage of differences in terrain and countering attacks with swift movements at the last possible second.
- Has, on more than one occasion, stolen a monster egg to try and hatch. Unfortunately, the only ones she's managed to grab were duds. On the bright side, she got some omelets out of them.
- While she doesn't outright dislike Felynes, she often looks down on them.
- Often goes through painstaking measures to capture certain monsters alive instead of slaying them because she finds them cute or helpful while out in the field; these include Pukei-Pukei, Kulu Ya-Ku, Tzitzi Ya-Ku, and Dodogama.
Time to kick some Lun-ass-tra!

@Light Quick question. Are half-human half-Wyverian characters possible?
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