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I have a 22 and a 20 to hit, and do 6 piercing damage with my shortsword. That’s including my +2 from Favored Enemy too.

I’ll go after the one Torus is within Mêlée with. Also speaking of lanterns, is there anything illuminating these caves? Maybe we can snuff out the lights or something, make it harder for these people to fight unless they have darkvision.
After sending her divine bolt into one of the warriors, Kyra heard Parum play her magic music to presumably harry Cyanwrarh. Things were looking up for a moment, so long as they would be able to keep the enemy back. Which naturally proved to be their downfall as soon as that dragon commanded his warriors to attack Parum. They all rushed towards her and Kyra, and she braved herself for their attack. But they rushed right past her and cleaved the halfling down.

”Sons of bitches!” Kyra roared out in anger as she drew her short sword, aiming for the exposed backs of the warriors. She needed to get their attention off Parum, even if she had to take a few swings of the axe herself. ”Earth Mother hear my cry, do not let my ally die!” Using the last bit of magic she had left, Kyra would send positive energy into Parum’s body, hopefully keeping her from death despite the axemen’s efforts.

More enemies joined the battle, including that dishonorably cur Cyanwrath himself. Oh how Kyra would love to send some arrows into him herself. However the threat his cronies would pose to her allies were a more pressing issue, since they weren’t like the usual fanatics that seemed to make up most of the ranks. Mercenaries most likely.

”Focus Fire! Take them down one at a time!” Aiming towards the axe wielding warrior whom Orchid was engaged with, Kyra pulled back her bow strong as conjured forth another guiding bolt, launching it towards the man and marking him for the others to target. ”Brannor, take on Cyanwrath. We’ll support you!”

"Blood and damnation..." Kyra cursed as a voice called out to them. She was foolish to think they'd actually have a chance to rest. They should have used the time to attack them before they could prepare a defense. Now surely they'd be ready for them. Damned if they do, damned if they don't. She was sure that everyone would chew her ear off about if it they survived. But she'll listen to them later. From her location Kyra drew an arrow and released it, sending it flying to the warrior. Her action would hopefully silently let everyone know exactly what she had planned. "Leave no survivors."

I'll have a post up tomorrow.
Personally I don't mind meeting Cyanwrath, but I do think we should use this opportunity to jump this cultist as to deprive Cyanwrath and his minions an extra body. To that end my initiative is a 12/16thanks to Natural Explorer.
I'm willing to take watch for our short rest. Kyra will watch the stairway we came from, use the higher ground to keep a vantage point over anyone who might approach.
Kyra stopped by the kobold, taking off it's dagger to slice it's throat. While Brannor's blade no doubt killed it, Kyra was not going to risk it. These creatures are conniving. As her breath steadied she followed the others back to the previous room. She had sustained no injuries, fortunately, but everyone seemed fairly dented up. Gathering her dagger and arrows Kyra called everyone to gather together. "I wish we could take another chance to rest, but this place isn't safe. We've made too much noise, they may send someone to check. So let us take the initiative and strike first. Now come here, allow me to mend our wounds." Once they came together Kyra channeled divinity to heal everyone, though it was only enough to help close their wounds and deal with some aches and pains. It wasn't much, but at least it didn't use up what little spells she had left.

"Gather your resolve and keep your eyes peeled. There could be another trap ahead or an ambush." Kyra says as she tighten the string to her longbow and pulled out an arrow. They had to clear this in one go, or else the survivors might flee with any evidence of what they were doing, or worse get reinforcements. There's no telling what they'll run into next so Kyra crept close to the next entrance, listening carefully for any signs of more kobolds or other humanoids.


Ugh. I swear Tiamat must be protecting this one. I rolled an 8. I don’t suppose I have some sort of advantage?
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