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Living life one day at a time. Things are slowly getting back to some level of normalcy for me.
Sorry for the wait, but I posted. but man are my rolls bad. I wish I was using the Revised Ranger that gives me advantage on attacks on my first turn.
Julia Starlet

It would be a lie to say that Julia wasn't scared. She's been in fights before sure, and they were intense, but usually there was a certain understanding that these fights were never meant to kill. But this guy wasn't swinging that knife around like he was just playing. And while Julia doesn't know if this is just some messed up dream or not, she still needed to fight. And fight she will! With only a bit of hesitation and uncertainty, she pulled the trigger on the crossbow. Weirdly enough she seem to have a knack for this, and her hands just sort of moved on their own as she fired off as many bolts as she could at the man. But she knew that she needed to get away from him: She didn't want to be anywhere near him or that big knife of his.

The crowd was too thick to move though, so she tried to jump onto a table and move over the crowds, though this was something she was certainly not used to. Whatever, as long as she could put some distance between her and the butcher, she doesn't care if it's not too graceful. Maybe she can find somewhere to hide and ambush him again. It's obvious that in a straight fight this guy would clock her number, so she won't fight him fairly.

I have a 10. Pretty low for a ranger ngl.
Julia Starlet

What a weird dream to have. Julia had busted her head on the ground before, back when she was trying to learn how to skateboard and didn't wear a helmet, so she was pretty sure she could handle falling on her head from twenty stories up. Not that she wanted to test that theory out. She just shook the thought off as a nightmare and got out of bed. This was a bit earlier than she usually wakes up but now she was too restless to sleep so she figured she ought to just get an early start for today.

First, bathroom! Since Julia woke up early she got first claim at the showers, which means she doesn't have to use the bad shower that doesn't have hot water. After brushing up she went back to her dorm to eat some breakfast. Toast, a banana, and some milk. She was tempted to get the yogurt too, but she knew that her diet wouldn't allow it. Regardless of how "healthy" it claims to be, it's just extra calories pretending to be fruit. After she ate breakfast she changed into her uniform and headed out to class.

Walking to class, Julia had to do the hardest thing today: ignore people. She may have only attended Bullworth for a short while, but she could smell the corruption here. It was a real dog-eat-dog world here, and Julia's instincts where screaming at her to jump in and start taking charge of things. But she remembers the word of her parents who begged her and made her swear that she won't go starting anymore fights. At the very least, not to butt into anyone's business but her own. And for better or for worse, no one has gone out of their way to mess with Julia yet. Maybe it was because she was a new kid so people were still sizing her up. Still that didn't stop them from bullying and fighting others. Even if they keep it out of sight, Julia can still hear their words and see the aftermath. It hurt her worse than any fist could.

Eventually Julia made it to class and sat down, thinking about her commute. Surely she ought to at least try to make some friends here, that would give her the pretense of butting into everyone's business. After all, what sort of friend would she be if she just ignored her friends in trouble? Though admittedly, it was a bit awkward here. She didn't know anyone at Bullworth and wasn't really sure what the local culture was like. She came from a pretty small town out in the boonies, and while she doesn't consider herself a country hick, these Bullworth kids seemed like rich city folk. She hoped they wouldn't be put off by her mannerisms.

But to hell with politeness. Class barely started and Julia could hear some girls picking on someone. Typical alpha bitch behavior. Julia didn't know these girls nor the victim they were picking on, but she was probably one of her classmates so Julia felt that was enough justification to get involved. So the got out of her seat and was walking towards the crowd when she saw something terrifying. The girl pulled out a gun! Julia has seen guns before, heck she's shot a few pistols and rifles before, but never at anyone, just paper targets. Seeing this seemingly meek girl just pull a gun out of nowhere made Julia freeze up.

And that's when things got really weird.

Julia has no idea how it happened, but somehow she was in a kitchen with a bunch of creepy puppets throwing puppet parts into a pit. For a moment Julia thought she had died and was sent to some sort of hell until one of the puppets bumped into her, giving her a bit of a shock. "What the fuck? I'm alive but... Where am I? Where's the school? Where's everyone else?" Julia was just confused and a bit scared. She was just walking around trying to get her bearings when she saw some sort of butcher kill one of the puppets for no reason! Now, she had no idea where she was at or why she was even hear, but even she knew that wasn't right. These puppets seemed to be servants and just randomly butchering one seemed wrong. Not to mention, if that's what this butcher does to hired help, what would he do to Julia?

There didn't seem to be any way out that Julia could see. It's not like she could fly and there was no way she was going to jump into that pit. She looked around for a way out and spotted the door, but it was locked. She guessed that butcher had a key, but even as confident as she was with her skills, there's no way that she's going to be able to fight him barehanded. She looked around for some sort of weapon she might be able to use when she spotted a gun, or rather a crossbow. She's never used one of those before but when she looked at it there was a voice in her head!

“Is this what justice is to you? Play your role well and hope that the tyrants above don’t direct their senseless wrath towards you? There is no justice here! There is only the weak and the strong. If you want righteousness, you must take it!”

"What the fuck was that? Did that gun just talk to me?" Julia was very confused, a bit scared, but most of all furious. First she had to witness kids picking on each other on her way to school, than those girls pick on that other kid to the point she had to bring a gun to school, and now she was in some sort of dreamwork with a mad butcher killing random puppets? She knows her parents want her to stay out of trouble, but the way she sees it, trouble found her first. And Julia wasn't going to just stand idly by and let herself get pushed around anymore!

Julia made a dash for the crossbow. She didn't really know how to use it but figured that she ought to grab a crossbow bolt and load it. It didn't look very big so she guessed that she could use her hand for it. It was no pistol, but it was better than going unarmed. She would grab the weapon, load a bolt, and take aim at the butcher. She had no idea if he was a real person, some sort of monster, or if this was all a dream. But he was standing between her and the door, so he was either going to need to stand down or she was going to put a bolt between his eyes. "Oi you! Drop your knife, give me your keys, and stay in the corner! And stop cutting up these puppets!"
I'm guessing if we grab our weapons, we're going to start combat, so do you want us to go ahead and roll init or anything? Also I want to try and sneak towards the crossbow and get a jump on the butcher while I'm in the crowd.
I'll join. Here's my character sheet. If you need to I can switch to fill some other role though.


The séance was interesting. She's seen a lot of hack mediums who use parlor tricks to fool superstitious countryfolks of their coin, and Kyra has had a few jobs chasing ghosts based off these liars. In the end, Kyra ends up finding nothing because those mediums were just trying to steal gold from hard working folk or scare them off some location where they're committing crimes, such as smuggling. While she wasn't 100% certain if Rinaldo was legitimate, but if nothing else his séance was much more effective than other scammers.

Afterwards, Kyra joins the others for drinks. It fortunately seems like everyone is more interested in merriment, so Kyra joins everyone for a drink. She didn't have the constitution to join Zagren and the fox girl drinking, so she goes over to Domic and Dullin instead. Apparently Domic asked Dullin something about enchanting his blade. "Domic, if you're truly worried about ghosts, I recommend investing in Holy Water. Physical attacks would phase right through them, but holy water can harm them far more effectively than a blade. In this weather, you could possibly freeze the Holy Water to your blade." Kyra says with a chuckle.

Looking over to Dullin, Kyra orders herself a drink. "I'm guessing you get asked this sort of question a lot? I get it. Sometimes I prefer not to tell people my magic abilities, if only so they stop thinking I can hand out magical trinkets for whatever ails them."
I'll work on a post tomorrow. Also, I don't mind having a secret. Kyra already has one, what's one more?
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