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Dulga Tarata

Dulga agreed with Mako's assessment. She knew that she can't just shoot everything that is troublesome. It's just the first thing that came to mind. Dulga didn't like making complicated solutions to simple problems, and as her mother always says, guns are the dumbest tools you can so. So use dumb tools to solve dumb problems. "And that's why we don't have a mailmail anymore." Dulga smirked to herself as she listened to what Mako had to say about what everyone else wrote. Most of it was pretty vague but Dulga had a good idea of what everyone must have written by what Mako had said. Kenichi probably wrote very one-sided solutions that didn't take into account the villain's motives. Mamoru seemed to think that she's working in a team. Kaida likely relied on her quirk which would have turned her into that Draconian form that Dulga saw earlier. She understood why Kaida would be hesitant to show it, even against enemies. Roy probably wrote very stereotypical heroic reactions. Dulga didn't know who Yoshiro was up until now, so whatever he wrote was probably more thought out than what Dulga wrote. Jett seemed to have relied solely on his quirk for most of his answers. Tomoe... Dulga was surprised that Tomoe was even awake to write anything. Though she was asleep right now. Ezra likely disregarded any civilian casualties to go straight after the villain. Kamina just straight up murders them, which Dulga had to admit, she'd also likely do even if she wasn't using rubber bullets. Another girl came in, Yukari Yozakura. Dulga didn't know her.

Mako claims that by the end of twelve weeks, they'd have much different answers. Dulga certainly hoped so; while she might be as thick-headed as a boar, Dulga did want to learn and figure out new, better solutions to tackling these sort of issues. Which made the next thing Mako said catch Dulga off guard. She wants the students to try and hit her. Dulga knew this wasn't going to be as simple as going up to Mako and slugging her. Not only are they likely to get into trouble if they managed to, but Dulga was almost certain that no one here could land a hit on Mako. She may have been a thief and a burglar instead of a front-line fighter, but it took many professional heroes to lay a trap and take her on directly. Dulga doubts that even if everyone in this class worked together, they'd be able to put a scratch on her. Not yet at least.

Dulga did debate taking out a rifle and shooting at Mako, but she dismissed that idea. Not only would that get Dulga into loads of trouble she'll likely miss anyways. Trying to shoot Mako at point-blank when she can obviously see Dulga aiming at her was stupid. No, Dulga had to try something else. Something... Villainous. Lacing her good hands together Dulga did think about how to approach this. Obviously Mako wanted everyone to try to think like villains, not only to understand them, but to predict their methods. Dulga stared at Mako and tried to get a read on her, figure out what she was thinking. Mako was obviously quite confident in her abilities if she thinks she could avoid everyone's attempt to catch her. Surely she knew most, of not everyone's abilities and how they'd use them. But what Mako might not know is how they think, their tactics and their methods. One thing was for certain, this wasn't an solution Dulga could solve just by shooting Mako.

But she had an idea.

Without saying a word Dulga stood up and walked towards the back of the room, right behind Mamoru. It was a window seat. The window was locked but that hardly concerned Dulga as she broke the lock and opened the window wide. She took a long, deep breath, just long enough for everyone, including Mako, to notice what Dulga was doing. Then she turned to Mamoru. "Take care of the others." Dulga then took one hand, picked up Mamoru by the collar, and then threw her out of the window. Dulga didn't take her eyes off Mako the entire time she was doing it, and she started walking towards Tomoe next.

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Selene loves the thrill of a hunt, whether it’s stalking prey through a dark alleyway or flagging them down in the heat of battle. A woman of both simple and refined tastes, she’s above the petty power struggles that perminate the streets, but she does enjoy a spot of bloodsport every now and again. Selene is a woman whose interest mainly lies in changing up the status quo, and once change has been made, she’ll already be hard at work sowing the seeds of discord in the future. Selene loves nothing more than than a plan comes together.

Born in the Falling Star tribe, Selene always wanted more from her hunts than to just kill her prey. Her people were primitive, often relying solely on their claws, fangs, and the occasional weapon. They only survived for so long due to their recluse and and rarity. But Selene wanted more. So she set off at a young age to explore the world outside of her tribe’s hunting ground. She learned a lot, both good and bad, but each experience had made her stronger for it. Soon she arrived to the city of Belwyn where her story really gets a start. At first she was still a young, 20 something lycanthrope who just figured if she kept swinging she’d win. But after she got tangled up with a nasty pack of humans, Selene learned just how different the city was from life in the wilds and so she adapted.

She started to fight smarter. No more roaring and them charging. She stalked, she spied, she lied, and she stole. She learned how to set things up until eventually Selene doesn’t even need to do anything to finish off her prey. And of course, she got better at fighting. She also learned how to handle cars and other vehicles and really liked it. Far faster than anything she could achieve on foot, at least in her human form. Eventually Selene managed to get herself a nice little place to rest up at between jobs, and now looks forward to the new war on the horizon to make a name for herself.

Gang affiliation or Other affiliations:
Currently hired by the Choppers as an enforcer.

Silversheen - Selene’s glaive made of mithril, which has the properties of silver but much lighter and durable. It’s her favorite weapon to use in a fight when she isn’t just tearing people apart with her claws.

Luna - Selene’s motorbike. Built to be able to go fast and take tight turns. Selene can handle her baby well enough to do a 180 turn without a drop in speed.

Wolf Form - Selene can transform into a large, ten foot tall wolf tough enough to take on heavy tanks, or a hybrid form that isn’t as tough but stronger and more durable than Selene’s regular form. Or, she can just transform her hands into razor sharp claws, allowing her to rip apart most people and even through armor like a chainsaw through plywood.


"Ow ow ow ow." Navera woke up with a splitting headache, like she's been dancing in a club for ten hours consuming nothing but drugs, alcohol, and sweet greasy cupcakes. She wished she had a pill to pop right now but all she could do was nurse her aching head while trying to figure out what was going on. Once her vision stopped being blurry and she could hear things again Navera noticed she was in some sort of escape pod with some others. She doesn't remember how she got here, though she could conclude that she was escaping something. She didn't recognize anyone here and they certainly weren't Qari. Navera tried her best to figure out what was going on before her headache, or whatever it was they were fleeing from, got the best of her.

Navera woke up just in time to hear someone, an Azaali, mention they were in an escape pod and need to figure out where to land. Getting out of her seat Navera tried to walk over only to fall to her knees. "Dammit. My body feels wasted." Navera's legs were weak and her arms were heavy. There was a sickening feel in her stomach and she nearly wretched all over the escape pod floors, but managed to hold it in. She seriously considered whether or not she was drugged prior to getting onto this thing. The Azaali quickly took control of the situation and tried to figure out what to do, first by asking everyone who they are. "Ugh... Sorry... Give me a moment."

Taking a seat to let her body recover Navera looked over towards everyone. She doubts any of them are Qari spies, though that Halion didn't look too promising. "My name is Navi. I'm was just on vacation. I'm was a student. I don't remember what happened before I got here though. I... I think we were under attack?" Navera mixed her lies with uncertainty and twisted truths. Navi was a name she goes by, a pet name but not her real name. And she technically is on vacation from her duties until the heat dies down. She was a student, until she graduated. And she really doesn't know how she got here. Navera only vaguely remembered that something was after her, but she couldn't make out the details. She doesn't know if she was being chased by enemies from the Qari Empire or maybe just an aggressive pet. It was all a blur.

"Are we still drifting in space right now? Can we get an emergency signal going?"

Dulga Tarata

If there was one thing that Dulga knew about herself, it was that her methods were far from heroic. Perhaps it was just because that's how her parents raised her or maybe Dulga herself just wasn't that type of person. But if there was one thing Dulga took to heart, it was that she wasn't entirely cut out to be a hero. Mako spoke about how villains cheated and fought dirty and how heroes who can't deal with that won't beat them. Dulga silently agreed; there was a time and place for honor but not when lives are at stake. Glancing down at Dulga's gun case she also had another thought; you shouldn't fight if you aren't willing to kill or be killed. Now that much Dulga knew that many would disagree with. Some may be willing to die but insist that they wouldn't take a life. Dulga considers these people hopelessly naive. A gun or a blade isn't meant to just "cause injury". Dulga knew this and she knew that while she was at Komei she may deal with others who don't agree with her. She doesn't intend to change their minds and Dulga herself was trying to at least switch to less lethal munitions. But she had no delusions to the fact that at some point she will kill someone. And she won't really loose much sleep when that happens.

As more students started paying attention Mako continued her lesson. She handed out newspapers which Dulga actually remembered reading. Her family didn't have a TV so newspapers were the only form of information Dulga had, aside from books and her parents. She vaguely remembered how these heroes used brute strength and trickery to win their battles, which made Dulga think back to that fight the rest of the class had. She remembered how Ezra had been saved by one of his opponents and when his guard was down he knocked him out. She also remembered how Donny had chosen to collapse a whole building, allowing Ezra to take advantage of another student's innate heroism. While Dulga understood that these things were suppose to be "Bad",she couldn't really bring herself to think so. Was it needly dangerous? Certainly but it also was practical given the ones involved. It could have been done better of course, but that's what training is all about.

Mako then started handing out worksheets with hypothetical situations. Dulga never really took these things seriously since they always put Dulga in a bad position she'd never willingly put herself into. Such as "confronting" villains. But she answered them as honestly as she could. First Dulga read each question and then mentally projected the situation in her head. She'd tried to take account only the information given to her at first but then considered other information that wasn't explicitly mentioned. For some of these scenarios a hero needs to be able to both do something as quickly and simply as possible and take advantage of everything in their surroundings. When the simple methods won't work, the complicated plans had to be used. After all Mako wanted them to beat villains at their own games. And real threatening villains were schemers and plotters.

For the first scenario Dulga already didn't like where the question had put her. If she knew where the bank robber was she'd just shoot him first. Dulga's answer reflected that. "I would immediately shoot him in the head with a rubber bullet followed by more rubber bullets." Of course this took a lot of liberties Dulga might have not known, such as if the robber is wearing a helmet or had a quick that made him resistant to bullets. This also assumes that, Dulga's pride aside, that she might miss a headshot or that she could even get a shot off before the robber kills his hostage. Dulga's other idea was to simply shoot through the hostage however she quickly dismissed the thought since that will no doubt kill the old woman.

Next one made Dulga pause. "A sword wielding killer?" Dulga immediately thought back to that horrific day. How she watched from the forest as a large red-skinned man armed with a sword fought her father. The strongest person she's ever known struggling against a man with nothing more than a blade and his body. How even her mother, a skilled assassin and sharpshooter, failing to stop this madman. Dulga felt so weak. So small. It was as if she was a rabbit watching a bear slaughter her family. Dulga wrote her answer down quickly. "Shoot him in the head."

Next one really put Dulga in a bad spot. Tied to a chair, at the villain's mercy, and somehow with her quirk nullified. Seeing that Dulga's quirk was her six arms and super strength she'd guess that just trying to force her way out is out of the question. And if she's tied up, then she doesn't have a gun on her either. Or does she? Dulga does have access to pistols, including a few pocket pistols, however she wasn't sure how Mako would react if Dulga continued to just keep shooting villains in the head. She was aware that Mako likely wanted the students to try to make the students convince the villain to keep talking, but Dulga wasn't good at that sort of thing. "Distract him with taunts. When the gun isn't pointed at my head, stand up, break the chair, and then subdue the villain." Dulga knew this wasn't a good answer but she wasn't sure how else to do it. She had also written "Shoot him with rubber bullets." but then crossed it out when she realized that Dulga wouldn't have her guns or bullets in this scenario.

The next one was much simpler. The villain had brainwashed civilians as human shields and would try to make them attack Dulga. He claims that if they kill him, the civilians would die. "Shoot the villain with rubber bullets." Whether he is lying or not doesn't really matter to Dulga. He is a threat and so long as he has control over the civilians, he needs to be stopped. Dulga did add another sentence afterwards. "Try not to kill him." As for the civilians they'd need to be subdued more carefully. Though by no means does Dulga intend to try to do that harmlessly. Shooting them in the knee or a blow to the chest, even if she has to break bones. It was rough, but necessary. And if they did die somehow... There was nothing Dulga could've done anyways.

Last one was a classic that even Dulga has heard about. One of her family members or loved ones was kidnapped and there's a bus full of children about to be killed. Considering that Dulga's only living family member was her father and Dulga doesn't have any other loved ones right now, she would just go save the children. Her father can save himself. Though it did bring back another memory: It was her mother's funeral. It was a very private affair, with just Dulga's father, herself, and a few friends of her mother. Her father had no friends even among the hero association. What Dulga's father said to her that day still rung in her ears. "You have to be strong Dulga. Stronger than me and stronger than your mother. One day I'll be gone and when that happens I don't want you to be afraid. No matter what happens I want you to survive. You don't need to take care of daddy anymore." She knew he was trying to encourage her, but those words made Dulga feel very uncomfortable. "I would save the children."

Once Dulga finished filling out the worksheet she went up to Mako and put the paper on her desk. Dulga didn't know much about Mako or her identity as Madame Obsidian. Neither of her parents ever met her before and Dulga never read the newspaper where Mako was the star villain. But something about the way she looked and talked made Dulga wonder if Mako was trying to goad her somehow. Especially with that "sword wielding killer" question. While many villains do rely on weapons, Dulga had a personal vendetta against a certain sword wielding killer. Dulga wondered if Mako knew anything about that but she didn't ask. She just returned to her seat and listened to the rest of Mako's lecture.

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Anitta sighed and looked towards Neil. "The traps were simply meant to convince the old man of my bluff. Though no doubt whatever the dwarves would do here, it would attract much trouble. But it doesn't matter. We fulfilled our end of the contract and managed to get rid of the old man. What happens afterwards is none of our concern." Anitta rested her naginata on her shoulder and started walking away from the old man's cabin. "If we must tell the dwarves anything, we tell them that we bluffed the old man that bandits roam these woods and he should leave. That his home will likely be occupied or attacked, since he is a defenseless old man in the middle of no where. Nothing more, nothing less."

The possibility of all of this coming to bite them back in the end was there, but if the dwarves wanted Anitta to rid of the old man permanently they should have told her so. Perhaps if they told her what they needed done here, she could have taken such things into account. But you get what you asked for, and Anitta was going to ask for a lot of money. After all she managed to convince the old man to leave peacefully without a fight or drawing excess attention to what was going on here. And it's not as if there wasn't some sort of trouble in these woods. The dwarves were here after all, and Anitta doubted their intentions here were benign. "Let's go collect our payment."
Kyra wasted no time going up to the man and putting an arrow through his eye. Quick and painless. As much as she wanted for him to suffer... This was the only respite she'd give herself. She knew that perhaps the others, likely Parum, would question Kyra's choice. Indeed after doing the deed Kyra wondered herself if this was befitting of a cleric of Chauntea. Her teachings had always been to protect her people and to avoid wanton destruction. Could she have spared this man? Or would he have simply turned his blade onto other innocents and hide behind the mask of business to justify his actions? Kyra could not truly judge him as much as she wanted to. It was not her place to weigh his actions. But she was not going to allow him to escape justice, no matter how much regret he had. People still died and had their lives destroyed for what he had supported. And whether or not he himself put his blade against others, he did nothing to stop the cult form laying waste.

"Bury him. His body will give new life."

With their prisoner dealt with Kyra pondered about what he had said. There was a rearguard a mile away. They could try to ambush them, though Kyra and the others would likely be outnumbered. He also mentioned a black-haired woman in purple. Not the best description, however it did tell Kyra that not everyone who joined was a devout worshiper. There was a possibility that they could somehow infiltrate, posing as mercenaries. Such deceit almost disgusted Kyra, but she had to admit that it would be the easiest way to infiltrate their ranks and discover how to deal with such a massive cult. The only issue was trying to somehow infiltrate their ranks.

"If what this man said is true, we may be able to infiltrate the cult disguised as mercenaries. We're a motley enough band. What say you?"

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