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After stripping the cultist of his sword, the rest of the party chased after him. Seeing that he was as good as dead he tried to flee again, even after being dismounted. Dropping the stolen scimitar Kyra drew an arrow from her quiver Kyra ran closer towards the dragonclaw, stopping only to take her time aiming at the coward. Like a wounded pig trying to flee for it's life. It was merely prey in Kyra's eyes as she released the arrow, Parum's Faeire Fire making him an easy target to strike even in the darkness. She aimed her arrow right through the heart of the cultist, aiming so her arrow would neatly enter through between his ribs and out of his body.

Sorry, I'm here. I ended up spraining my wrist a few days ago and it's been hell to do any typing on my phone or computer. I'v finally regained enough dexterity to type but it still hurts to use more than two fingers.
As Brannor transformed into a terrifying beast, Kyra was both frighten and awestruck. She had heard of these creatures before, skinwalkers, and knew that while most used them for horror stories, there were tales of heroic shapeshifters who used their frightening visage to strike fear into the heart of evil. No wonder why Brannor was so aloof; he was cursed with this powerful blessing. Kyra would have asked him more about it if she didn't notice the cultist next to her trying and failing to control his mount. His horse fled and left himself open for an attack; Kyra didn't hesitate to thrust her shortsword into the groin of the cultist, stabbing him fatally as his horse ran off with his dying body.

But Kyra had no time to celebrate. Shortly after the horses fled, one of the dragonclaws managed to reign his horse in and went after Kyra. She cursed under her breath; she was too far from the others to expect their immediate aid. She needed to get ready to fight this man alone. Fortunately he couldn't ready and attack without trying to calm his horse, so all he could do was ride up to Kyra. And it was in that moment she would strike. Dropping her father's longbow Kyra leapt high into the air, almost to the same height as the mounted dragonclaw, and thrust her shortsword at him. In his eyes it would look like she was going to stab him in the heart, and Kyra would've loved nothing more than to do that. However she was smarter than that. As her father would tell her:

"Break a wolf's fangs, and all you have is a pup."

Kyra's blade went past the dragonclaw and struck his sword hand instead. Kyra intended to disarm him of his weapon, and once he drops it she'd take his sword and run back to the group. If however the dragonclaw manages to keep a grip on his blade however, she'd have to stall him long enough for the others to reach him. If so, she'd reposition herself and try to get behind the dragonclaw so Orchid or Brannor could reach an eliminate the cultist.


Yes! Natural 20 for my attack of opportunity on the cultist! Kyra will do 9 points of piercing damage with her shortsword as she aims right for the cultist's loins.

Dulga Tarata

As Dulga left the hospital she wandered off towards the train station deep in thought. She had been spending these past few days almost living a normal life beyond her usual lessons at Komei. While vengeance had always been lingering in her mind she honestly thought she'd have more time to train before she'd have to face Kensai. But to hear that he was here now, so soon, really made Dulga afraid. She knew that she wasn't strong enough right now. Even if she could set aside these terrifying rumors of his powerless, she hasn't really developed or improved since she arrived to Komei. She hasn't learned any new techniques nor has she improved her quirk's power or abilities. Frankly she's spent more time learning about how others use their powers over figuring out how to use hers beyond gun play. And it's the same as it's always been; utilize two rifles for different types of range engagement, keep hands free for quick loading, occasionally swap to pistols if combat gets too close.

And it was close quarters combat that Dulga knew she was weak at. Despite her massive super strength she knew anyone who was even mildly competent at hand-to-hand self-defense could out maneuver her. She's seen that with Mina. Dulga only knew how to throw a punch and throw a lot of them; nothing but sheer brute strength to win her the day. She thought about maybe picking up some lessons but shook those thoughts aside. "I don't have time to take martial arts lessons. I'm not going to be good enough to face someone who's has years of experience with only days of training. Instead of trying to focus on what I can't do, I should improve on what I can." And that was of course guns. Arguably her true quirk aside from her six arms. The great equalizer. Even if you can throw black holes around, fly at relativistic speeds, or withstand being inside a furnace, a bullet to the head puts them down all the same. Dulga just needed a big bullet and calm her nerves.

She already knew that even here in Komei, most people can dodge bullets. A fact she's taken for granted hunting beasts and animals. They never expect her so they can't dodge. And most are built for strength so even if they did know where she was, they wouldn't be faster than a bullet. But heroes and villains are different. Guns are a real threat to either and they have to prepare to face them accordingly. Doesn't mean her usual modus operandi is obsolete; she just has to get better. But there aren't any shooting ranges in Hosu. At least no legal ones. The only place she'd be able to shoot her rifles freely would be far away into the mountains where she used to live. While guns were still rare even there, hunters weren't, and hearing the occasional rifle shot is just part of course with the hunting done there. So Dulga brought a train ticket to Hokkido. It would be a long train ride but she could use that time to meditate on her thoughts and make a few phone calls.
Hey guys, Gordian has been MIA for almost a week now. Should we just skip him? I'd rather not see the RP shutdown right now.
Yup, that's fine.
@The Harbinger of Ferocity

I did my best, healing you for 10 and granting you Shield of Faith too. But now I'm out of spells aside from first level stuff.
Kyra had hoped maybe she could have guided the others through the forest well enough to lose their pursuers, but it seemed that the cultist knew these parts of the woods well too. They came on horseback, quickly catching up to them. On the bright side, at least they were far away enough from the camp that these cultist shouldn't be getting any reinforcements. However Kyra knew she was good for only one more spell. She'll have to make it count. "Oh Great Mother hear my plea, in this time of great need. Protect the your stalwart knights, to vanquish evil and purge the night!!" Kyra raised her holy symbol towards Brannor, who would feel his wounds close as holy energy was channeled through his body to heal him. Additionally, he would notice a divine aura surround his body to help protect him from further harm. With her blessing finished Kyra felt the magic leave her body; she had used up all her spells for today. No matter. She took out her shortsword and stared down at the horseman before her.

"I will return your body to the dirt!"


Unfortunately we'll have to continue our theme of bad luck rolls for initiative as Kyra only has a 4. These guys are going to be on us fast aren't they?
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