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Dulga Tarata

Dulga gave Jett a hard stare as he teleported between his words. Seemed like his quirk was back now, but gone haywire. She wondered if this was normal for him but put that thought aside. He didn't seem to be in any peril and certainly hasn't shown that he's needed his quirk. As for the talk with his mother, Dulga just shrugged. "She wanted to talk about the the last Hero class training. We had a disagreement." Dulga had no intentions of fully discussing what had happened. Chances are Mina might've heard some of the things Dulga had said; Dulga herself was too emotionally charged to have bothered keeping herself quiet or paying attention to her surroundings. Plus she wouldn't be surprised if her discussion with Adriana eventually gets discovered by everyone else. Dulga didn't care to keep secrets, but she wasn't going to talk freely about it either. And without skipping a beat or showing an ounce of emotion she also lied to Jett's face. "She also wanted to know if you made any advances on me. I told her you peeped on me. She'll talk to you about it later."

Turning to Mina, Dulga stomped her foot on the ground to show that it was okay. "It was a good thing I wore my good boots. It still hurts but I'll be fine." Mina also mentioned Jett's grandfather being rather familiar with Mina, mentioning his relationship with Mina's mother. Dulga looked away sarcastically and thought otherwise, but she had already teased Jett. Going for a double may tip him off to her deception so Dulga elected to talk about something else. "I figured he spoke to you about the same thing Haven-san's mother spoke to me about." Dulga looked at Mina in the eyes and tried to get a read on her current emotions. She wondered if Mina took the conversation the same was as Dulga did; openly defiant but reluctantly acknowledge her issues.

And then someone else came. At first Dulga thought it was Fumika, but the moment she started talking it annoyed Dulga. The way she spoke, the lingo and the attitude, it reminded Dulga all too much of the stuck-up bitches from middle school. The ones who would talk shit about Dulga's appearance and attitude, but never had the courage to actually get in her face about it. And while Dulga had learned to ignore them for the most part, that didn't mean it still didn't bother her. It just reminded her how much of an outcast she was, especially since there was nothing she could do to stop them. What was worse however was how fake they were. Upfront they seemed like nice girls who were just doing innocent and girlie things, but you don't even need to turn your back for too long before their vicious side showed up. And while Dulga didn't know this child she already didn't have a good impression of her.

Then she started asking Jett about Fumika. Dulga had already gotten some idea that maybe this girl was related to Fumika; they looked similar enough. And the fact she was also Motome pretty much cemented that. Then she talked about some sort of incident that happened; Dulga was vaguely aware that some drama had occurred in front of the dorms, but it wasn't something she was concerned about. All she knew that it had to do with Fumika's friends and presumably that's Harukaze. Once Dulga figured that out, she could easily deduce what was going on. This girl, Asuka, was sent on Harukaze's behalf to speak to Jett or Fumika. And if Dulga had to guess, Harukaze is nearby. Asuka didn't seem the type to play middleman unless she was dragged along for it, but Dulga could see Asuka being forced to send a message if one side got cold feet. Dulga has seen this tactic before.

She wasn't going to let this facade go any longer.

"Just tell her to come here. If she's serious she should say it to his face." Snorting, Dulga turned to walk away. "If she wants to speak to Haven-san alone I will be leaving soon. I'd suggest you two come to an understanding. This," Dulga motioned towards Asuka. "Is going to cause a lot of problems. Especially if this is how you talk to Fumika-san." Dulga had little interest getting involved in this drama between Jett and his other love interests. As much as she's willing to joke at his expanse, the current path is just going to result in a lot of heartbreak and agony. Dulga has enough angst to deal with on her own.

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Dulga Tarata

Back in her room Dulga had let herself calm down. Adriane's words had struck Dulga deeply. She was still telling herself that she needed to accept it and focus on her goal, but all she was doing was hiding her pain. She clutched her heart and let some tears fall from her eyes. She hated the things she had said, but she couldn't let herself be weak now. There was still so much more she had to do, so much suffering that she had to stop. If she let herself fall victim to it now she'll never recover. "She didn't give her life so I could give up..." After letting herself cry Dulga stood up and grabbed a few of her rifles, locking them away in her gun cases. She was going to stop by her home for a little while. She needed to think a lot about what has happened, figure out what she needs to do now. How to get stronger.

But as she was leaving the dorm Dulga couldn't help but reflect on Adriane's words. She wanted to hate the woman so she could ignore what she had said, but Dulga couldn't do that. Adriane was saying things Dulga didn't want to hear but they were the truth. She wanted to keep lying until she had all her baggage dealt with. It was annoying; it was distracting her from her goal. Or maybe it was showing Dulga what she should really be doing. She shook her head and eventually found herself walking pass some trees. She spotted Mina and Jett chatting in the distance. Over the past week Dulga has slowly gotten over her general dislike for most of the boys in class, save a few. As for Jett, Dulga's initial dislike for him was pretty petty in the first place so she was willing to look past it as long as he didn't bring it up. Frankly she had a bit of respect for the blondie after his quickless brawl with Amane; Dulga knew something was up when he didn't use his quick during their skirmish, so the fact he went all out despite being in a weakened state earned some points from Dulga. Even when you're not at 100%, you can still give them hell.

However Dulga was more concerned about Mina. Not just for her health since Dulga gave her a beating, but also what Jais had spoken to her about. If it's anything like what Adriane said to Dulga, she could imagine that Mina had to hear an earful about their attitudes towards heroism. Though Dulga wondered if Mina was having doubts like Dulga was. While the gunslinger girl knew she could prod Mina with an emotional response, she had a feeling that Mina was much stronger about her beliefs than Dulga was. Dulga was focused, sure, but outside of her target she didn't know how to deal with things like her feelings about her mother or heroism.

"Kasuke-san. Haven-san. How are you holding up?"

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With Davis knocked out, securing a disguise and a replacement for Leosin was complete. Now they just needed to get him and Brannor out of here. Kyra looked around to ensure none were watching before she slunk back into the shadows, vanishing into the night. "I'll keep an eye out for anyone who may have suspicions. You two secure Leosin. After that we should find Torus to free Brannor, and possibly the rest of the slaves too. They'll make for good distractions." Taking her father's bow out Kyra scanned the darkness around her. Her eyes quickly adjusted to the low light and almost effectively allowed her to see as plain as day. Details were a bit hard to pick out, but unless the other cultists were in hiding, Kyra should have no problems looking for them too.

Yomiko’s ears twitched as she sensed movement near her. Subtle but close. Her eyes widen and she jumped back before the treant’s branch could crash into her. She landed on her feet and looked at the tree. Old, but tough. It’ll make for good kindling. She knew that her sword could be used to whittle away at its bark hide, but that could chip her sword and she knew it wouldn’t really hurt the beast. Or worse, her blade may get stuck and she’ll be a sitting duck. No she needed to strike for its heart, take it out with one blow.

Not to mention get that mysterious satchel in its branches. Surely something useful in there. Gripping her hilt with one hand Yoniko charged towards the treant as it was going to swing at Yomiko again. She jumped over and into its arm as she ran towards its head. As it would try to attack her, Yomiko focused entirely on evasion until she was close enough to quickly draw, slash, and sheath her sword and remove the satchel from the branches.

Once she secured the package Yomiko put as much distance between herself and the treant. No doubt it was going to follow so she needed to look through the back quickly. Anything that might help her escape or at least distract the plant giant.
I’ll have a post up tonight. I think Kyra would support Parum’s plan to free the other slaves if Brannor can make that opportunity happen. Maybe he uses his knife to cut the bindings off the others?
It's been a long and lonely road to Norn. Every night Yomiko is reminded of her family's illness. They had the best doctors they could afford, but that only keeps them alive, not cures them. How cruel and twisted that for all their efforts they were living on borrowed time, their fate in the hands of the only member of the family who didn't take their responsibilities as seriously. Or perhaps this was just fate. The gods twisted way of making Yomiko return to her family. No matter; she knew what must be done. She was going to find riches in these ruins and make sure her family has the medicine they need.

Yomiko had to cut through various threats on the way here. Mainly horned wolves; she recognizes the creatures from old stories and bestiaries. And she knew how to slay them. She also has read somewhere that the old ruins of Norn was still thriving, but it's inhabitants weren't among the living; while it could be said that the ruins are filled with the dead, nothing said that the dead were not active. Sure brigands and desperation may live on the ruins surface, but somewhere deeper within was a city of undead. Yomiko hoped that if she could find them, they could help her. Or at least won't try to kill her. A girl could hope.

But first thing first; she needed to find some landmark as her destination. This ruin was too vast for her to wander aimlessly and hope that she could stumble upon something. She could see a church in the distance that might make for a good vantage point. If nothing else, it might be a safe place to set up camp for the night. So adjusting the swords on her waist and making sure her papers are sealed Yomiko walked towards the church, hoping to find something of use within.

Dulga Tarata

Dulga turned away from Adriane and grabbed her belongings. She wasn’t wrong; frankly Dulga’s mother actually survived her fight with Kensai without a scratch. What killed her wasn’t Kensai, not directly. No what killed her was when she was saving Dulga. Because Dulga was too slow, too weak to save herself. And it was true; she couldn’t measure up to her mother in either skills or morals. Dulga knew this and accepted it. ”I don’t know what you expected and I don’t care. I’m nothing like my mother. This conversation is over.”

Dulga walked towards the changing room to wash up and get out of her dirty clothes. She lost her mood to keep fighting both verbally and physically. She was just going to grab her guns and take a train back to her old home and do some hunting, maybe think about things. She didn’t expect anyone to see her this weekend so some time alone would be nice, or at least that’s what Dulga wanted to believe. She wanted to keep thinking that all she needs to do is hone her skills and be better. Anything else was just going to muddle her goal. Friends, honor, heroism, those were nice little luxuries but Dulga needed to focus on what was most nessisary. Everything else was secondary.

Selena turned her head towards a familiar blond boy. He was the guy who shot her down during the rugby game last time. she didn't hold any grudge of course; it was a good play and it made Selena figure out she needed to step up her game. For some reason the guy was really formal. She guessed that he must've had a military family or something, they're usually like this. She just chuckled and raised her hand up towards him. "No need to be so stiff man. Selena's fine. So you must be part of my team huh? I'll admit I don't quite remember who I was with, so it's nice to meet ya." She also waved at the faunas girl, Iona. Selena gave her a friendly smile and extended her hand. "So you're part of my team too? Cool, cool. Hope we work well together." And finally, some kid who was doing weird stretches came over and said yo. Selena actually chuckled and nodded towards him. "Yo. Feel limber?"

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Name: Yomiko
Race: Kistune
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Personality: Yomiko is a quiet, bookish sort. She has read many types of novels and loves acting them out, and sometimes she can even act them out for real if she needs to pretend to be someone stronger, more refine, or even just play dumb. However she's really rather shy and easy to push around since she doesn't want any trouble. But if someone is in danger or needs her help she'll do everything she can to help, even if she has to face down some scary things or do things she regrets. If Yomiko makes a promise, she does everything she can to keep it.

History: Yomiko came from a family of scribes. Each one has written and copied over a thousand books before they even become adults, and Yomiko was no different. However unlike most of her family who wanted to just be scholars, Yomiko wanted adventure. She read stories of heroic people going out and having these great journeys defeating an ultimate evil or saving the world. Even from humble beginnings or crazy origins, she wanted to be like that. So she started to learn how, reading books and manuals about how to fight, how to survive, and everything else her family had on hand.

When Yomiko became of age she chose to leave her family to go on her our journey, instead of becoming a scribe. It wasn't easy; she ran into many challenges that her books never prepared her for and the things she learned didn't always work when actually applied. But she took ever experience as a learning experience and slowly got better over the years. She helped a lot of people, but also did a lot of bad things. She always tries to make up for it but she still feels the guilt of some of the things she's done int he past, the people who died because of her. One day as she was coming back home just to check on her family, she learned that her mother and father had fallen ill. A powerful magical curse was eating away at this life force and knowledge. Something trying to steal powerful and ancient information only her parents knew. There was a cure, however it was experimental not to mention expensive. Even if her family sold their lands and all the books they had it wouldn't be enough for the operation.

But in Yomiko's books there was one place known for it's riches. It was all rumors and fables, but she was certain that those lands existed: The ancient ruins of Norn. Though she knew almost nothing about it's history, there has been many stories of people who went into the ruins and came back rich and powerful. So Yomiko traveled to these lands in hopes of gaining that fortune so she can save her parents, and potentially whatever placed the curse upon them.

Crimson Kimono - A traditional red dress Yomiko had a friend make for her. Stylish and durable for travel, but otherwise isn't very good as armor. Yomiko's fighting style involves cutting down her foes quickly and avoiding attacks, thus she needs to remain fairly light on her feet, but also means she can't take many hits.

Steel Katana - An eastern sword that Yomiko has been trained to use since she was a little girl. It's blade is sharp enough to cut through stone, but in the hands of a novice the sword will chip and break easily. Yomiko thus needs to use a few precise strikes to defeat her enemies instead of just flailing her sword around and trying to overwhelm her foe.

Paper Talisman - A box full of paper with a few containers of ink and a brush. Yomiko uses it for her magic but she can also use it to write letters and legal documents.

Swordmaster - Among the most valuable and important documents Yomiko's family kept is a series of ancient scrolls detailing sword techniques and fighting styles. Yomiko, thanks to being family, was allowed to read and learn from these scrolls. She spent nearly ten years since she was a little girl training, and once she became and adult she used her adventure and experience to hone her skills. She knows that she isn't nearly as good as the masters who wrote the scrolls, but thanks to her education she knows a few techniques unknown to most.

Her strongest technique is known as the Mirror Slice, where Yomiko slashes her blade in such a profound fashion that her sword creates another slash, mirroring her current slash, to slice into enemies who didn't expect two cuts from one swing. It's a powerful technique that requires Yomiko's focus and concentration, and often damages or even destroys most swords she uses it with. Thus she seldom uses it expect in the most dire of circumstances.

Onmyodo - A Magical system her family practices mostly to make their work easier, Yomiko is quite adapt at it too. She knows how to understand any language written down as long as she can copy the text onto paper. She can even learn about the magical properties of objects if she wraps the object in paper and uses a ritual to divine it's power.
I changed the magic. And I figured it was a little bit obvious, but Yomiko is a Glass cannon/fragile speedster type; relies on dodging and precise cuts to defeat her enemies before they get her since she doesn't use any armor.
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