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The séance was interesting. She's seen a lot of hack mediums who use parlor tricks to fool superstitious countryfolks of their coin, and Kyra has had a few jobs chasing ghosts based off these liars. In the end, Kyra ends up finding nothing because those mediums were just trying to steal gold from hard working folk or scare them off some location where they're committing crimes, such as smuggling. While she wasn't 100% certain if Rinaldo was legitimate, but if nothing else his séance was much more effective than other scammers.

Afterwards, Kyra joins the others for drinks. It fortunately seems like everyone is more interested in merriment, so Kyra joins everyone for a drink. She didn't have the constitution to join Zagren and the fox girl drinking, so she goes over to Domic and Dullin instead. Apparently Domic asked Dullin something about enchanting his blade. "Domic, if you're truly worried about ghosts, I recommend investing in Holy Water. Physical attacks would phase right through them, but holy water can harm them far more effectively than a blade. In this weather, you could possibly freeze the Holy Water to your blade." Kyra says with a chuckle.

Looking over to Dullin, Kyra orders herself a drink. "I'm guessing you get asked this sort of question a lot? I get it. Sometimes I prefer not to tell people my magic abilities, if only so they stop thinking I can hand out magical trinkets for whatever ails them."
I'll work on a post tomorrow. Also, I don't mind having a secret. Kyra already has one, what's one more?
I for a 20 for persuasion.
I'm not saying that Kyra is picking a side, but I am saying that Kyra isn't going to let you two murder each other in the streets.

"Oh, a full moon? Is that today? I've hardly noticed, kind of hard to see the sky during a snow storm. But that would make it the right time for a séance, wouldn't it?" Kyra chatted with Rinaldo as Kythor and Dullin joined in. She would've liked to ask more question when she noticed the others leave, in particular Domic dragging away Zagren's sword after his heated words. The huntress just sighed. She has seen this far too often, and knows this only ends in tragedy. "Excuse me for a moment."

Kyra walked outside, seeing Domic take out his axe. Kyra didn't have a weapon in hand however she spoke loudly and clearly. "Domic, weren't you the one who said, I quote, 'going to have to get used to working with the rest of us, or you can fuck off back to parts unknown'? He's a part of our team now, and you both need to learn how to work together, or you both can leave."

It seemed like everyone was going to go rest up at the inn first. Kyra wasn't against it, but she did think they should focus about their quest first before they start getting too comfortable. But majority rules here, so Kyra followed them. Once inside the White Lady Inn, Kyra simply asked for some hot soup, paying the coin as she looked around. Seemed fairly lively all things considered. Kyra was interested in the storyteller in particular. In her village, such people were the ones to go to if you wanted to know anything local going on. Sure they may spin tall tales, but their jobs require them to keep their ears to the ground about anything going on. If anyone here has any idea of what might've happened to those sailors, this Rinaldo may have a clue.

"Excuse me. Couldn't help hear your story about the White Lady. Would you happen to know any other stories local to this area? I'm sure a place like Easthaven has plenty of tales to tell."

Kyra just listened as everyone spoke. She was completely unfamiliar to this place so she had nothing to add, though she wasn't against helping look for those missing sailors either. She's had to do similar work down south, looking for missing people. Unfortunately most of the time all she could do was find their remains, but as some of the others mentioned even that is important to give their family and friends some level of closure. "Unfortunately I don't really know how to row a boat myself, but I'll do whatever you need to help. If nothing else, I can try and keep an eye out for anything in the waters or around the ice flows." Kyra says as she double checks her equipment. She suspects danger so she makes sure her crossbow was taut and ready for combat at a moment's notice. "Aside from the boats, do you think they'd be willing to spare anything else to help us find the sailors? Or to save them, if they're alive? Healers kits, extra clothes, anything like that."

After getting acquainted with their new companion, the group heads out. There wasn't much left to do here so they needed to move on. The journey was uneventful and relatively quiet, with only the howl of the wind to serenade the party through the icy realm. Kyra was already missing the comforts of the mead halls' warm interior, but she wasn't going to voice a complaint. No one would want to hear her grousing, and instead she just thought about how much better she'd feel once they settle into the inn at Easthaven. When they arrived, it was already beginning to wind down for the day. Folks were heading to the inn or finishing their work. Though at the center of town there seemed to have been a bonfire or pyre being cleaned up. "Oh my... That might be important. Let's go and ask." Kyra says as she approaches the people gathered.

"Excuse me, what's going on here?" Kyra would ask one of the villagers when they aren't busy. "My friends and I just got to town."
I'm still around! I'll try to post as soon as I can, but I'm pretty much done with chatting on my end.

It would seem like they have a party now, and part of being part of a party was getting to know one another. Pulling up a chair from an empty table, Kyra orders a humble breakfast for herself too as she joins the conversation. "I'll have what he's having, and some water too." Kyra says to the tavern maiden as she hands off her waterskin to be refilled. She listened to Kythor say a bit about himself, which helped Kyra think about what she should say. It's not like she has many secrets or anything, but she doesn't want to bore everyone with her life's story. "I'll go next. I'm Kyra Shepard, from the town of Highcliff. Humble little town a bit south of Neverwinter. It has quite a bit of history, and it's a pretty popular spot for adventurers. I made a name for myself down there when I discovered a strange arrow while I was out hunting, and gained some magic from it. Using that magic I was able to hunt down some pretty nasty beasts, which helped the town survive what would've been a lean winter by bringing in a lot of meat and hide. After that I started going to other villages and helping out, usually by hunting beasts to feed the villagers or dealing with bandits harassing them. Made a name for myself that way so a lot of folks seem to know me for my deeds. Kyra did her best to explain a bit about herself, though she knows not to feel too haughty about her accomplishments. It might sound like a lot to a regular villager, but Kyra knows her deeds are small time to any seasoned adventurer.

"Felt like this was a good way to make myself useful. Pa always said that when you're strong, you need to use it to stay strong. Wouldn't do me any good if I just stayed back at Highcliff shooting deer and fish, so I'm here to lend a hand to anyone who needs it. As for the magic I can do, I can do some minor tricks." Kyra demonstrates by using Presitiditation to snuff out and then light a nearby candle, as well as many some sparks fly out from her hands. "But I can also use a spell that sends a psychic shock to my enemy. It distracts and hurts them, making them more susceptible to falling to more attacks. Let's see... I can also mark my enemies with a magic curse, which weakens them and makes my arrows more lethal. If I get hit, I can also lash out with fire magic. And finally I can make magic wards that can protect you from magic creatures. I usually use it whenever I come across undead, but I'm pretty sure it can be used a lot more. And of course, I can shoot my bowgun like nobody's business." Kyra looks to Kythor with a knowing nod. "So chances are you and I will be right next to each other when a fight goes down. Don't worry though, if anything comes up to me I know how to handle myself in a melee. That's when I use my nets."
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