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Kyra goes to look for some bounties. Plenty to choose from but Kyra wants something that would be exciting and challenging. Zombies and wolves are hardly a threat. She needs a true monster for them to hunt. Looking around Kyra finds just the one she wants and has Sorna take it. Seeing how the armored person was recruiting others, Kyra figured she'd do the same, finding a table nearby to sit down and recruit other members to join her and Sorna. "If you're looking for a real hunt, than come with me and Sorna to track down a bridge troll! Apparently he's smart enough to actually talk to people, but whenever they answer his riddles, he just eats them anyways! He's tough, and seems like he heals from his wounds, but I bet anyone who helps me take him down will be rewarded well! I'll be taking maybe three more people before we head out!"
Kyra looks to Sorna and nods. "You know my sizes!" Sorna nods and heads over to the table. While she was doing that, Kyra was sizing up the others. Though she doesn't imagine she needs to, she wants to know their strengths and weaknesses in case she has to fight them. Once of the first people who came in after her and Sorna was a big guy; smelled clean, so probably a knight or something. He certainly dressed like one but she could already guess that he was the type to pick up a big sword or axe and just go to town. Lacks a range option; as long as she keeps her distance he'd be easy to take out even with all that armor. Next was a big boobed mage; just seeing her made Kyra angry for unreasonable reasons. Even if they weren't enemies, Kyra would definitely prank her later. There's nothing to be proud of about her body! Next was a wolf beastkin. She's seen their kind before, but she's never seen an outfit like his. Kyra remembers her mother giving her some dresses in a similar design, but Kyra didn't care to dress up as some foreign princess.

Next was some... Weirdo. The way he carried and dressed himself immediately made Kyra think he was some sort of freak. Seriously, was he here to fight or dance? She doubts he's a warrior of any sort, so likely a mage. Next was another elf, but this time she came in almost full armor, a shield, and a big sword. Weird, but she wasn't wearing a helmet, so she'll probably be just like the big guy: a strong melee fighter but easily kited. Lastly was a tall barbarian type. He had a big sword, big club, and generally was a pretty big guy. Same as the first but probably lighter on his feet. All in all, everyone looked like the sort of crew you'd expect a mercenary guild would attract. Kyra would have to wait and see if they're worth their salt though. Soon Sorna would return with a new cloak. It looked just like the one Kyra had, but with the guild emblem on it. "Alright! Now that we have our uniforms, where's the bounty board? I want to know if I should bring my serrated arrows!"

Sorna would separate from Kyra and go get their cloaks. Upon reaching the mage Sorna would ask for a small size cloak for an archer, and a large tabard for a warrior. She could tell that Kyra was sizing everyone up, but Sorna didn't care for that sort of thing. If it really came down to it and they had to fight, Sorna simply intends to runaway with Kyra. She may talk a big game about hunting monsters, but she hasn't truly blooded her hands and took the life that wasn't simply an animal. No doubt Kyra would be able to deal with it after the initial reaction, but Sorna hopes to keep Kyra away from that sort of lifestyle. Better that she focus that aggression to killing monsters, and not mortals. Once she returns to Kyra, Sorna hands her a cloak. "For you." Sorna opted not to put her tabard on right this moment; she'd need to find a private place to change first if she were to do that.
Among the first to enter the new guild hall was a little girl with a big bow, and a big girl who's half horse. They walked in side-by-side. It was easy to tell that despite her tiny size the human girl carried herself proudly and with a sense of ego that was three times bigger than herself. Her companion also stood tall but in a more firm and professional manner, like a person who doesn't have anything to lose or prove. They both entered but the shorter one speaks. "Greetings! My name is Kyra Shepard, of the Noble Shepard family! I've come from a long line of archers who have hunted everything from vile demons, undead horrors, and powerful dragons! I'm no stranger to the hunt myself and I'm more than willing to prove my skills in battle." Kyra spoke loud and proudly. Her centaur friend was much more reticent as she bowed her head. "I am Sorna, of the High Plains tribe. Raised a hunter, trained as a warrior. I'm here to keep Kyra safe."

This statement just made Kyra puff out her chest and pout. "Sorna, don't be silly! I'm an archer, I'm plenty safe! Unlike some brutes I don't plan to just charge into a monster's den and expect nothing to go wrong. An archer's all about observing their prey and slaying them with a single shot; no fussing about with magic or trying to turn their enemy into a pin cushion with a fleet of arrows." Sorna just sighed and patted Kyra's head. "More like that mouth of yours will draw more trouble than your arrows can check. Do keep in mind we're mercenaries here, not nobles. Words are empty boasts until you can back them up with deeds." Kyra looked at her friend as if she had just insulted her directly. However Kyra just shook her head and blew off Sorna. "Don't mind her, she's the type to worry more than prepare. In any case, we've both come to join the Angeli Pallidus!"
Name: Sorna

Race: Centaur

Age: 17


Bio: Sorna comes from the High Plains tribe, who live in the kingdom of Jeoswen. Fast and hardy folk who could traverse the mountains and tundras with great speed, Sorna was the chief's youngest daughter. Their tribe was at war with a rival tribe called the Ice Blood Tribe, centaurs who were attuned to ice magic and could use rituals to create deadly blizzards that could last for days. In order to secure an alliance with a human family, Sorna was offered along with some of her other sisters to a family of nobility. That family was the Shepard Family, a minor noble family known for their great archers. Though broud and aloof, Sorna grew close to the family, in particular their daughter, Kyra. She was the same age as Sorna and eager to prove herself to her family and Sorna, and the two grew up training and playing together. When Kyra made it clear that she was going to join a guild of monster hunters to prove themselves, Sorna came along to watch out for her friend.

Gear: Breastplate and barding, magic lance, Horseshoes of Speed, Glasses
Magic: None

Likes: Running in a large open plain, jousting, carrots, playing music.

Dislikes: Small spaces, being treated like an animal, people staring at her, reading.

Extras: Sorna is farsighted, giving her great ability to see things at a distance, but makes it very hard for her to focus on things close to her face. This makes reading very annoying for her because everything looks blurry even when she puts it at arm's length. Her lance is enchanted to be able to change size at a moment's notice, allowing her to easily keep it on her person when in town, and take it out when hunting. A common technique she uses is to thrust at the enemy and coming up short, only to suddenly cause the lance to grow in length and impale them. Sorna's Horseshoes of Speed helps her move more quickly even over rough terrain, and helps protect her legs from things like briers and things that might damage her feet.

Name: Kyra Shepard
Race: Human
Age: 17

Kyra stands at 5'4 and weighs 123 pounds without her armor. Despite her dainty appearance, she's actually quite muscular and has some seriously strong pectoral muscles, as befitting an archer. She almost always wears her helmet even in civilian clothes.

Bio: Kyra was born in a family known for raising archers. Because archers are harder to train than a swordsman or spearman, her family makes a lot of money via mercenary work or being professional soldiers. Kyra herself is no exception: she started training with a bow as soon as she could stand, and knew how to draw and shoot before she could even run. However unlike her family who were tall and long armed, Kyra never grew very big. She still received the same training in archery, as well as horseback riding and some swordsmanship, but because she was so small no one ever thought to hire her as an archer compared to her brothers and sisters. Tired of always getting ignored due to her size, Kyra decided to prove her worth by joining the Angeli Pallidus. She had some experience hunting powerful beasts and some monsters before, so she hopes to take part in these hunts to show everyone that she just as good as the rest of her family.
Gear: Longbow, Silver-Tipped Arrows, Steel Arming Sword, Chain Shirt, Steel helmet, Healing Powder, and a riding horse.
Magic: Chameleon - An illusion spell that causes Kyra to blend into her environment, which becomes more effective the longer she stands still. Not only does it cause her her appearance to camouflage to the environment, but it also masks her scent, sounds, even the presence of her soul to match the environment. It loses effectiveness if she moves too much though.
Likes: Sniping targets in one shot, eating meat, riding horses, and hunting.
Dislikes: Dressing up, eating her vegetables, singing, not wearing her helmet.
Extras: Kyra is very protective of her helmet after her father instilled a very important lesson about safety. Kyra also prefers to hunt beast while on horse back and is very skilled at horse archery, even using her much larger longbow on horseback instead of the usual recurve bows.

Dulga Tarata

The class moved in. It wasn't long before the first prefect arrived. He was a minotuar of some sort, which likely means great strength, tough skin, and possibly good senses. Dulga sighed softly knowing that she'd have to hit sensitive areas in order to harm him. If she was using live ammo she'd just load hollow points and start blasting, but the less-lethal ammo she has to use had terrible penetration by design, and while they might have enough force to knock out most normal villains with a solid shot, someone as tanky as a minotuar wasn't going to go down even with a headshot. But more importantly, Dulga knew the beast was just a distraction. He didn't bother to try and attack them directly and all he's doing is making a lot of noise. No doubt the prefects have already expected Class A to operate in teams, so he's likely running off to divide the class up so they can pick them off in smaller groups. Quickly, Dulga needed to think of a tactic.

"Stick to the plan." Dulga thought to herself. Ruby and the Lance Team will deal with the minotuar. Because he's trying to lure them away, or even split the team up, no doubt that the other prefects intended to try and catch them off guard or from behind. It was time to widen the net. "Leave it to the Lance Team to weaken the beast. He's trying to separate the class so the others can pick us off or trap us. We'll follow the Lance Team to cover their backs. Otherwise remember the plan. Maeda, with me." Dulga would turn to Hitomi as she pointed towards one of the taller buildings. Dulga intended to take the high ground, but she doubts that Maeda could get up there quickly. So if she is willing, Dulga will offer to pick up Maeda, carrying her and Tomoe if she's still with Dulga, and launch herself towards the rooftops using her bolstered strength to propel herself in a similar manner as the minotuar. "I need the high ground so I can have eyes on the situation. I don't know how strong the minotuar is but hopefully the combined might of Lance Team can withstand him. But I expect the rest of the prefects to try and attack them from behind when that happens. So we need to be ready for that and get ready to intercept them. With any luck Ruby will be able to keep her team in check line and maintain hit-and-run tactics to wear down the beast instead of trying to stay and subdue him themselves."
Ayla - The Mall - Ethan@josephb

Ayla and Ethan moved through the clothing store. Not a lot of walkers, and not really too dangerous. Still Ayla wasn't going to let her guard down as she crept forward, letting Ethan take point while she watched their rear. She'd soon regret this as one of the walkers, or half of one at least, managed to catch him by surprise. While he wasn't hurt he had knocked over a mannequin which created a cacophony of noise that started to attract the horde. She quietly cursed herself and glared at Ethan as she loaded a firecracker into her Sling. Before too many of Walkers swarmed, she hurled the firecracker to the exit, outside of the shop, and to the shop opposite of the one they were in. The loud pop should give the two time to run while the walkers were distracted, but it won't be full proof. Ayla ran up the stairs, her machete out at the ready. Good thing too because a walker just fell down and would've hit her, but Ayla heard his groaning from above. She was able stop herself as the walker hit the stair, and she swiftly chopped at it's neck with her Machete. While it wasn't a full decapitation, it was still enough to sever the spine and hopefully keep it dead as she moved up. There were a few less walkers up here, but through the windows she could see more walking towards the shop on the second floor.


Ayla ran through the shop, expertly jumping over any obstacle in her path. One of the walkers tried to grab her leg but it didn't break her stride; she's learn how to maintain her pace no matter what sort of thing might be smacking at her legs, where it's weeds and briers or walkers. More walkers were started to get up and get active, but she made sure to avoid walking close to them. She vaulted over a display case and managed to get outside. She could see at least twenty walkers approaching them from the right, but it was relatively clear if they just went left. It was a longer shot though. Ayla just sighed as she turned left and started moving, glancing back at Ethan to make sure he was keeping up.
Sorry for a lack of activity, real life virus had be busy these past few days. I’ll try to make a post ASAP.
Ayla - Mall Parking Lot - Ethan@josephb

Ayla could see walkers in the distance, but not a lot nor do they seem to be particularly active. Though these may just be stragglers: Ayla was certain there would be more inside actively hunting. Once they parked, Ayla picked up a few small bits of asphalt rubble and looked over to Ethan with a nod. She wasn't in the mood for talking right now when they had a job to do. Getting inside of the mall would be easy enough, not like anyone was guarding the doors, but once inside the first thing that would hit them was the stench. With no one keeping this place clean and all sorts of things dying here, it smelled like a corpse that had passed gas. Ayla choked back at the stench and covered her face with her shirt. "Fuck that reeks."

Not wanting to attract the horde, Ayla moved quietly, picking up a mall pamphlet near the entrance. On it was a map of the mall where she showed Ethan where the restaurant should be: on the map it says it was a Ruby Tuesday but that's because this map is old and hadn't been updated. It was on the second floor on the north side, which was a little bit away from where they're at now. There's also a mall ninja shop on the second floor but Ayla is positive that when the outbreak happened, that location was one of the first places that had been looted. That and the outdoors/sporting shop. The only problem would be getting to the second floor: elevators were obviously not working and walkers swarmed the staircases and escalator area. Ayla had one idea, but she wanted Ethan to take point. "We can go through that clothing store there. It's two-story so we can take it's escalator up. Watch out for walkers or crawlers though." Ayla pointed at what was once a Forever 21, but apparently someone really didn't like the place as the signs had been all smashed up.
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