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I'm willing to take watch for our short rest. Kyra will watch the stairway we came from, use the higher ground to keep a vantage point over anyone who might approach.
Kyra stopped by the kobold, taking off it's dagger to slice it's throat. While Brannor's blade no doubt killed it, Kyra was not going to risk it. These creatures are conniving. As her breath steadied she followed the others back to the previous room. She had sustained no injuries, fortunately, but everyone seemed fairly dented up. Gathering her dagger and arrows Kyra called everyone to gather together. "I wish we could take another chance to rest, but this place isn't safe. We've made too much noise, they may send someone to check. So let us take the initiative and strike first. Now come here, allow me to mend our wounds." Once they came together Kyra channeled divinity to heal everyone, though it was only enough to help close their wounds and deal with some aches and pains. It wasn't much, but at least it didn't use up what little spells she had left.

"Gather your resolve and keep your eyes peeled. There could be another trap ahead or an ambush." Kyra says as she tighten the string to her longbow and pulled out an arrow. They had to clear this in one go, or else the survivors might flee with any evidence of what they were doing, or worse get reinforcements. There's no telling what they'll run into next so Kyra crept close to the next entrance, listening carefully for any signs of more kobolds or other humanoids.


Ugh. I swear Tiamat must be protecting this one. I rolled an 8. I don’t suppose I have some sort of advantage?

I think I’ll take out my shortbow instead. I still have it even if my longbow is my new main weapon. Always carry a backup weapon.

Dulga Tarata

"Should be fine. I mostly just need someone to spot for me. I'll be using heavy weights, so I just need you there to make sure I have help if I over exert myself." Dulga was going to leave soon, more so once Kenichi came in. She didn't care to listen to about the gym fiasco again and was quick to start walking when two new faces showed up. She was both bothered and concerned; bothered that more people were just showing up and getting in her way, but also concerned how these two people managed to slip in without Dulga noticing. She was getting careless.

Some ghost girl and a mysterious red head. Having felt that her quota of stupid people has been sufficiently fulfilled, Dulga turned to leave, only to end up face-to-face with the redhead. Her name was Yamada Shihone. Dulga vaguely remembers hearing this name among the upperclassmen, but considering that Dulga was a freshman she didn't concern herself about the seniors. She had her business and they had theirs. She assumed this one must've seen her in action before or perhaps she just assumes Dulga is one of the more imposing and skilled students, it didn't matter. Dulga brushed aside her hand as she walked towards the door. "I am going to train. I'll see you at the gym, Mamoru." There were too many people here for her liking, too much noise, and nothing for Dulga to distract herself with. Had she been in a better mood she might tolerate inviting a Shihone to train, but Dulga didn't want to risk inadvertently inviting everyone else either. Mamoru was more than enough for Dulga.

If @Zverda let’s me, Kyra will grab her bow, ride on him, and shoot the kobold once she has her sights on him. Kill him already.
Having draw her dagger, Kyra dropped her bow and was about to draw her shortsword to engage in melee. However she saw Parum aim for the flying kobolds above and knew they would be a bigger threat thanks to their mobility. Her dagger fell short of hitting any creature but it wasn't so far that Kyra couldn't pick it up. Acting fast Kyra dashed towards the winged kobolds, hurling her first dagger at the same creature Parum targeted. She knew her first blade would sink into the flying vermin, and if it died she would pick up the dagger Parum threw and throw it at the other kobold. But if the first was still flying, she'd finish the job and make sure to finish it off.


If possible if I could I would have drawn the dagger out last turn, throw it, then go pick up another dagger and two it using the two-weapon fighting rules, but yeah that does kind of defeat the purpose of "Dual wielding". I can drop the bow if I have to use my "off-hand" to throw the other dagger.

So in summary, say Kyra already has a dagger out from last turn since she's considering going into melee anyways, throw the dagger, drop the bow, move to the other dagger, throw that one too.

All good?

I actually mentioned it before in this post, but Kyra holds her dagger in her arrow hand like this so she can still draw arrows and shoot. I RP'd it as something she learned from her father when she got to level 3 and learned how to handle her weapons better. She can only do this with daggers since it's small enough to not get in the way of handling her arrows, but it's fine if that doesn't work.

Ah well. This RP is starting to look pretty full anyways, so it might be best if I step off so I don't slow anyone down. Thanks for a quick response at least!
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