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Name: Alya The Psychic Symphony
Age: 23
Birthday: July 22
Magic: Mental Music - When Alya plays her songs, she can manipulate the minds of those who hear her. It works best on those of either weak will or simply not paying attention to her specifically. When under the effect of her songs, she is able to sense their thoughts and see into the minds of anyone listening to her. She can also alter their perceptions to create illusions, make them hear things (Or not hear specific things), and even make them feel pain but not physically injure them. Her strongest spell is being able to outright mind control someone, however this only works on one person at a time, requires an intense amount of concentration, and can be broken by those of sufficiently strong enough will, especially if they have to do something they would normally be against (like fighting their friends or jumping into a lake).
Magic Level: B
Alya was raised in a monastery, her parents unknown to her. When the monks found her, all they knew for certain was that she was carefully hidden inside a box of peaches. The monastery that raised her were called the Harmonious Sect, a group of monks who used music based magic. They had powerful spells hidden in their monastery and most of the monks where there to protect it, but overtime the secret of those spells were lost, either destroyed to make sure no one ever learned them or simply forgotten. Thus they began to just take in wayward children, the homeless, and other dredges of society and try to reform them with music and spiritualism. Alya was one such orphans. Among the children she always had a gifted talent with the magic side of her music, but feared standing out among her fellow peers. She always hears about their scorn behind her back, how they dismiss her abilities and belittle her competence. Even her teachers, when they weren't trying to make her a standard, were strict on her and demanded the best since she was better then the other students.

Her only refuge was playing her music to travelers who would visit the monastery. They would often stop by to seek safety for the night, or were attacked by bandits and needed protection. Alya looked for any excuse to leave the monastery and would often volunteer to escort these people to wherever they needed to go. Eventually when she was sixteen, after she felt she had mastered everything the monks could teach her, she went on a job to escort some mages to a major city and she never returned to the monastery. There she was hoping that her unique skills and abilities would finally allow her to shine. But instead it only taught Alya that at the monastery, she was a big fish in a small pond. In the world of mages where all types of magic is used and practiced, she was just a drop in the bucket.

Alya had a hard time surviving on her own in the city. She was naive to most of the typical rules of the city, and often she got robbed because she put too much trust in strangers. But she learned quick and utilized her talents the best she could. Her soft heart harden ad she learned to use her magic to manipulate others. At first it was just to get them to even listen to her songs, but then she started to use her magic to make them her puppets. She knew that what she was doing was dangerous and if she wasn't careful she'd make a lot of enemies, so she didn't stay in town for long. Alya became a traveling musician who used her magic to "help soothe the wounded and weary", but often would use her magic to con people out of their money or get her favors. But there are times that she does use her magic for genuine good too. She just has to find a good balance between doing what she believes is right, and being able to survive on her own without a home or family.

Alya is something of an actor. She can be nice and kind but truthfully quite selfish and vicious, but at the same time she isn't lying either. She wants to be kind and generous to her friends but she doesn't have many friends, and she's been betrayed so much that she naturally distrust strangers even if they're kind to her. She can pretend to play along but really only look out for herself, and she would try to avoid trouble if she can help it. But deep down she wants to do good and if she really thinks someone is in need of help, she'll often try either in secret or openly.

Guild and guild mark location: Alya isn't in a Guild. She thought about joining one, but she thinks that how she uses her magic to con people out of their money is dishonorable and isn't sure if any Guild would want her if they found out.
Team Members: None
Three Strengths:
1. Good at sensing lies and deceptions even without her magic letting her into people's thoughts.
2. Can multitask playing her instrument and fighting with ease and grace.
3. Very agile and capable of slipping out of tight situations or dancing while she preforms.
Three Weaknesses:
1. Relies entirely on her magic to fight. If her enemies can't hear her magic she doesn't have any physical way of taking her opponents down.
2. Alya isn't that tough too. She relies a lot on dodging attacks and keeping her distance and if her enemies have her trapped she's done for.
3. Alya never trusts anyone and would be the first to betray them if she thinks they're going to do something to her. She's paranoid especially when she doesn't show it, so anyone who knows her shouldn't rely on her.

Greatest Love: None at the moment.
Motivation: Right now Alya just wants to be able to survive on her own. She doesn't really know what she'd do with herself once she can do this.

Additional Details: Alya has a slight reputation as a minstrel, to the point that she has been invited to play at various venues for rich and powerful people. However the rumors of her magic has also spread so if one keeps tabs on traveling musicians, they might want to keep and eye on Alya. Alya of course spins the rumors around and claims that it's just jealous minstrels who don't like that she does mix her music and magic together, instead of just being a pure musician.

Alya can use her voice to activate her magic if she's singing though she prefers using an instrument. Her preferred instrument is a Koto. With her magic however she can make her koto sound like anything, even multiple instruments or other people's voices if she needs vocals. In music circles she's known as the "Psychic Symphony" because of how her music resonates in the mind instead of just the ears.
Cool. So I was wondering what magic would or wouldn't be okay. I was hoping for a sort of telepathy/illusion mix that messes with the mind. Stuff like being able to look into your mind, manipulate your senses alas illusions, that sort of thing.
Hello, I know the sign says still accepting but I was wondering if it's cool if I drop a CS here. I'm not sure what's going on IC or if it'll be inconvenient or anything.

Everything happened quickly and Selena wasn't given much time to think about it. Her plan to be the only one in the air was about to be shot down like she was as someone from the opposing team was rocketing towards her. However she also saw Krysanthe also jump super high into the air. If she just had a few more seconds Selena could easily pass the ball to Krysanthe and land safely, but in this split-second moment she had to choose to protect herself or the ball. "Krysanthe!" Selena passed the ball high into the air where Krysanthe would hopefully catch it. Unfortunately it wasn't a clean pass either and went a little wide. Selena couldn't do much about it before Blaine's head rammed right into her chest, knocking Selena out of the air and sending her back to the ground. She recovered only enough to land on her feet but immediately took a knee. The blow was heavy and knocked the wind right out of her and would leaving her stunned for a precious few seconds. She could only hope that Krystane or the others could recover and score because for a moment Selena was out of commission.

These pressing questions were annoying. If she was going to be interrogated they should have done it while she was at the tent, not in the middle of the open like this. Kyra would've liked to do literally anything else but talk to this man, especially by herself. Still, the sour mood help her image as an equally sour mercenary. "I barely know anything about him beyond what I've seen these past few days. He's a fool who fought a battle he could not possibly win." Kyra said with a hint of sadness. She had to hide it quickly however and spoke up. "Noble but a meaningless. Not even certain why you all covert his skills. From what I hear, he didn't even last that long against your champion. He certainly wasn't too difficult for my group to handle." Kyra snorted and turned away from Krets.

"If you're done obsessing over some prisoner or my party, I'm going to go get something to eat. Perhaps I'll be more cordial once I have a few pints in me."

Kyra kept her steady glare on the man, showing no tell as he kept prodding her for questions. It was obvious that the camp was onto their ruse now and were trying to figure out their true intentions. For once, she wished that she could hide her spite for these people, because every second she's with this man she could feel a righteous fury grow inside of her. ""The blue haired one is a halfling. She does most of the talking because I don't talk to people. I don't know what 'business' you're talking about. The orc is an orc and they're all crazy, and the old man is senile. As long as they can't bothering me I don't bother keeping track of them." Kyra said harshly, befitting her role. She channel all her hate and spite to being this gruff ranger.

She spotted Krets eying her amulet. Even though she is suppose to be in disguise she wasn't going to forsake Chauntae even among these heathens and infidels. However she knew that he may be questioning her loyalties because of it, so she made up something quickly. "My job is to keep this party alive. Sometimes by healing them. Normally just but shooting down my enemies. Do not take my reverence to the Great Mother as a sign of weakness or me being soft-hearted. I will do anything to keep myself and my allies alive. Even if I have to bend nature itself to meet my needs." A harsh way to put it, but Kyra wasn't lying either. Though she was exaggerating what she meant; she was more then willing to bend nature and clear the land, till the soil, and otherwise take care of her home in order to keep herself, her friends, and her family alive. She just worded it in such a way that it seemed like she meant it more selfishly.


I can post soon. If we're suppose to have a long conversation should we collab? Kyra is just going to be deflective with her answers.
Team B

Dulga Tatara | Kaida Beaumont | Yukari Yozakura | Mamoru Akasha

“Um you could say that…” Kaida said to Mamoru as they started running, she held her new cloak tight to herself. She had to be more careful after losing her cool fighting Acion. Just seeing Jett getting attacked like he did she had probably gone over a little overboard. She would have to apologize to Acion. Though Mina was different. She was a bitch. And Kaida never met a girl that she would call at bitch.

As they ran Kaida looked behind them to see a couple of those machines following them, while others seemed to be fighting someone else… she hoped it wasn’t Jett… he didn’t look strong enough to handle it.

”Enough chit chat. Let’s get inside the school and we’ll figure out what we need to do from there.”

Dulga ran up to the door and smashed the doorknob clean off, pushing the door down for the others to get inside. She had her guns raised and checked the halls to ensure that there wasn’t any more surprises inside. ”Move fast but carefully. We don’t know what else, or who else, is here.”

Mamoru nodded her head at the two girls in silent response to their comments. Kaida must have had fun fighting Mina while Dulga seemed extra worried about these robots. Mamoru wasn’t sure why, she had fought plenty of robots in the danger room already. And this time they don’t have the element of surprise, so Mamoru would have no problems tracking and taking them out.

That being said perhaps the others may need some rest. She knew that Yukari seemed to be in pretty sore states and Kaida wasn’t looking too hot either. At the risk of annoying Dulga, Mamoru spoke up. ”Those robots will be here any minute. Let me hold them off for now while you tend to Kaida-Chan and Yukari-Chan!” Mamoru patted her chest confidently. By now the stinging on her thigh was less noticeable to her, if only thanks to running on adrenaline.

By now Yukari’s ears were slightly recovering from the explosion, but everything was still buzzing just a bit. She could hear Mamoru saying that she was going to stay behind to defend the others which Yukari shook her head. ”No, I can still fight! I… I just need a few minutes to let my ears heal and I can fight the robots too!” Yukari turned to face Mamoru, her eyes drifting towards the wall behind her. She slammed her fists together to show that she still had some fight left in her.

Dulga furrowed her eyes brows when Mamoru and Yukari both wanted to stay back and fight the robots. Dulga walked to the both of them and flicked their foreheads. ”Now is not the time for that sort of heroics. I will not let our team split up again. Our last attempt failed miserably because we couldn’t watch out for each other. Yukari got stunned and deafen, you got shot in the leg, and even Kaida had a tough fight on her own. No, this time we stick together. No more one-on-one. If we have to team fight so be it. Now let’s find a nurse office and patch up.”

Dulga resumes leading the group inside of the school, reaching what appeared to be a nurse office. She acquired some supplies, like bandages for Mamoru and Kaida, and some solution to help Yukari’s teargas burns and hearing problem. She also handed Yukari her earbuds after disinfecting them. ”Take these. They’ll help with your hearing.” These earbuds not only muffled the sound of gunshots and other loud explosions, but was also hooked up to the communitator so Yukari could still hear others talking to her. Dulga had a regular pair of earplugs that help deal with the sound of her gunfire.

Kaida was wide eyed when Dulga flicked Mamoru and Yukari in the foreheads. She touched her own as she mentally felt that flick MANY times with her father. Her real father...Not Draco. The one who trained her and when ever she messed up he would do that. She also felt bad because it was partly her fault for not protecting Yukari...she got up in a fight with Mina while Yukari got hurt. When Dulga mentioned Kaida, she looked down at her own clothes….really the worst pain she felt was that her cute outfit was ruined. Mostly just slight bruises from Acion’s feathers and well….her cheek did smart a bit from the punches she received from Mina.

She did pass on the bandages but did place a couple in her own pouch, just in case for later. She looked to Dulga as she put plugs in Yukari’s ears. “Wouldn’t that effect her ability to walk around with her ears muffled?”

Yukari rubbed her forehead even though Dulga’s flick didn’t really hurt. It was just really weird, but listening to Dulga she wondered if Dulga was feeling guilty. It was hard to place it, but it felt like Dulga was trying to be strict with them, yet at the same time blaming herself for what happened. Yukari wanted to call Dulga out on it but she wasn’t sure if those were Dulga’s true feelings and before she could try Dulga gave Yukari some earphones. She plugged them in as told and could feel the sounds dampening. Everything was a bit muffled but after fiddling with the plugs a bit she got a nice balance of protection and audibility. She heard Kaida voice her concerns and Yukari spoke up.

”I can use more then just my ears to navigate, but they do help. I think this might be for the best though. If Dulga-san wants us to stay together I need some protection so I’m not deafen by her guns.”

It also helped that the ringing from the flashbang was subsiding now. Although everyone was patching themselves up Yukari kept one ear open for any footsteps or other noises down the hall in case they were being followed. ”So what’s our next plan? Do we go after more teams or should we just go to the point now?”

Mamoru didn’t really need much aside from some pain ointment and some bandages. She wrapped up her thigh firmly so that the bandages didn’t fall off. She watched as Dulga tended to Yukari and Kaida, though Kaida didn’t look too hurt. In fact, it looked like Kaida’s clothes took more damage than Kaida did. Mamoru went up to her teammate while taking out a small sewing kit from one of her pouches. ”Kai-chan, want me to mend your costume a bit? Looks like you took a lot of cuts, wouldn’t want your outfit to fall apart in the middle of a fight!”

Kaida glanced over at Mamoru as she offered to mend her clothes. She looked down and shyly used her imprompto cloak to cover herself, blushing slightly. “T-thank you Mamoru.. But that would take too long I think…” She said softly, mostly because she didn’t want to waste time fretting over herself and didn’t want Mamoru to get a good look at her scales.

Mamoru looked a bit disappointed as Kaida said no. Mamoru hasn’t gotten a chance to fight anyone or be helpful this entire time. Even when she was trying to take on Jett, all she managed to do was get a kick and a shield throw in. Yukari and Dulga did more damage to him then Mamoru did, and they had more to do too. Mamoru was worried if she was really pulling her weight or if she was just tagging along now. ”Oh…. Okay. Well then I guess um… I suppose I should be glad that we’re all doing relatively okay. At least compared to Jett. Dulga and Yukari gave him quite a thrashing. What about you Kaida? Did you get your hands on Jett yet?”

Kaida saw the disappointed look on Mamoru’s face and felt bad. She must really wanted to help somehow. She closed her eyes and forced her change so her scales turned to pink human skin. It might raise some questions on why she had no cuts but she didn’t care… “Well… maybe you can mend this top one?” She said as she opened her cloak and held up the one that was just above her chest. Possibly the biggest one. Though when Mamoru brought up Jett, and the fact of getting her HANDS on him… she turned beet red at the thought. “U-u-u-u-m no…” She looked away. Feeling bad as well for the boy. “I-i-i got sidetracked with fighting Acion…” clearly flustered after mentioning of Jett.

”Yay! I’m helpful!” Mamoru picked up a thread that matched the color of Kaida’s top and started to suture the cuts. Mamoru’s needle moved quickly but smoothly, never poking Kaida and leaving very little visible thread. As she was listening to Kaida, Mamoru noticed the stutter in her voice and got a mischievous grin. ”Ooooh? I’ll admit Acion was a surprise, but I’m more surprised that you didn’t get a chance to have some private-time with Jett like the rest of us. You better keep up Kai-chan! The rest of us already had our turn with him, you’re the only one left behind!”

“W-w-w-w-what?!” She said suddenly at Mamoru’s mention of private time with Jett. She grew really confused because that didn’t sound like fighting, it sounded like Jett had been with these girls…”What do you mean?!” She added, she was so red at the thought of alone time with Jett that one could almost see the steam coming out of her ears. As she sat down, she was looking away, her hands on her lap… mindlessly poking her two forefingers together.

Yukari couldn’t help but sputter when she heard Mamoru and Kaida overtalking about Jett. Mamoru sounded like she was saying something dirty though, which made Yukari embarrassed as she spoke out. ”M-Mamoru-san! Don’t say something like that, it sounds vulgar! All I did was… Well… I just sort of grazed his um…. His inner thigh, and wrapped around his leg, a-and…” Turning an even brighter shade of red Yukari was reduced to embarrassed blubbering as she realized that she might have just made things worse too. ”No, stop! It’s not like that at all! He just had really strong legs, so I had to put my whole body into it! Don’t think dirty thoughts! Don’t!”

Kaida’s head snapped to Yukari spoke up. Her eyes wide as she somewhat confirmed her thoughts. Her own red cheeks rising at the same time Yukari did. Then when she blurted out that last part Kaida nearly died from too much heat flowing to her head. She looked down and tried to hide her gaze from everyone. Yukari saying don’t think Dirty thoughts….only made her think of it more. Wondering what she was doing with strong legs and….’NO nononono’ she shook her own head trying to rid herself of those thoughts. Her hands gripping the end of her skirt tightly as if that would help, just waiting for mamoru to be done.

”Oh yeah, Yu-chan was going crazy on Jett. You should have been there Kai-chan! It was smoking even! She was just all over Jett’s lower body, he couldn’t do a thing. He was about to plug in something big, red, and hot into her just to loosen her up, but then I stepped in and made sure Yu-chan had some protection Mamoru finished stitching up Kaida’s top to the point it didn’t even look damage, though she may notice it felt just a little bit tighter. Mamoru started stitching up other spots too as she kept teasing Kaida with her jokes.

”Even Dulga got in on the action. Right as things were about to reach its climax with Yukari and Jett, I saw Dulga jump in while Tomoe was riding on her back! Dulga was getting tag-teamed by Jett and Tomoe at once from both ends, but Dulga took it like a champ. Wasn’t long before she left Jett and Tomoe in a sore, panting heap. The things Dulga can do with just one hand, Kai-chan… You should’ve seen it. I wish I could have done it myself.”

Dulga was getting really pissed off at how easily sidetracked these girls got. She didn’t mind if they wanted to make jokes to ease the tension, but now it was just getting stupid. Not that Dulga didn’t have a few jabs of her own. ”I swear to god Akasha, if you don’t shut up right now I’ll stick my barrel down your throat. And I’m not going to be as gentle as I was with Jett.” Dulga loaded a bullet into her shotgun just to emphasis the point. Then she pumped her rifle again with one hand for intimidation and a visual innuendo. ”I will blow this load all over your face.”

Shaking her head frantically Yukari felt like she was going crazy with all these sexual innuendos being thrown around. She heard Dulga saying something and hoped that she was going to bring order back, but from what she said it sounded like Dulga was joining in this insanity too! ”D-Dulga-san, please don’t be so rough with Mamoru-san! We can’t be doing something like that here at school, what if the teachers were watching?!” Trying her best to be the voice of reason Yukari stood up between Dulga and Mamoru so they didn’t end up coming to blows. ”We know that Mamoru-san can be over eager, and Dulga I know how much you love using those toys of yours, but we can’t do that right now. Please, if you two need to do that, don’t do it around Kaida and myself. Now please, can we focus on our job right now?”

Kaida was in shock. So much innuendos her face was crimson at the thoughts that NO ONE WAS DENYING being with Jett like that. She was literally shaking. No it had to be jabs...Jett wasn’t like that was he? She shook her head added her on voice...sounding uncomfortable. “U-um Yeah... I’m ready to go... “ She pulled her cloak over herself. She couldn’t look her teammates in the eyes anymore….

”Okay seriously enough with the jokes.”

Dulga clapped her hand loudly, loud enough that even Yukari would feel a sting through the earplugs. After getting everyone’s attention Dulga brought up the map of the area again. ”The auditorium is going to become a deathtrap. Everyone is going to go inside to fight for it, and it’ll just be too chaotic for me to make a plan that we could stick with. We could try to pick people off from here, but I’m the only one who can do that and I don’t intend to let you guys out of my sight. But we can’t fighta defensive battle any longer; if we don’t try to take the point, we’ll lose even if we’re the last team standing. So we need to take advantage of the chaos.”

Dulga zoomed in on the auditorium and highlighted the various entrances. Particular ones she selected was the north, west, and south entrances. The west and roof entrance was left circled but not highlighted. ”These three entrances are most likely going to be used. The roof entrance is only accessible to a select few, and the only ones who’ll come from the east is Team E, who I’m sure would have tunneled inside instead. To that end these three entrances could make a perfect chokepoint for us to take out other students on their way in. I’d suggest the south entrance; Team C and D will most likely going for here, if they don’t use the east entrance. This time I want Akasha and Yozakura to hold the south entrance while Kaida and I hide around this area.” Dulga circled an area a little bit to the south.

”I need you two to hold your ground and try to exhaust anyone who you come across. Then when things look close, me and Kaida will come in to pick off the stragglers. Whoever is left from Team A will probably try to go to the West or North entrance, but I imagine only Ezra and maybe Tomoe are left from Team A. Jett received a lot of damage from us so even if he’s still standing I doubt he can put up much of a fight. And if Mina is still active, then we can take her out together too. Regardless Team A aren’t a priority. Taking out or weakening whoever is in Team C and D takes top priority.”

Dulga then looked at Yukari and Mamoru with a contemplative look. She was debating what to do with these two in the long run. ”This isn’t a death or glory mission. I made the mistake of thinking that we could easily take out any of the students with an ambush or surprise attack. But if we can weaken them and force them to keep moving instead of resting, we can outlast them. Once they get to the auditorium they’ll have no choice but to keep pressing forward. When you think you’ve done enough damage, Yozakura and Akasha, I want you two to disengage. If they chase then we’ll pick them off, but chances are they’ll try to take over the point even in their weakened state. Then we’ll go after them again while they’re fighting with the rest of the other students inside.”

So far Mamoru has kept her mouth shut and followed Dulga’s plans. She seemed like she knew what she was doing, and Mamoru wasn’t really a planner. She generally operated on instinct and whatever seemed like a good idea at the time. To say that Mamoru was hot-blooded and rash was true, but she wasn’t entirely foolish either. She can recognize an obviously bad idea when she sees one, and knows to speak up when she has doubts like she does now. ”Are you sure it’s a good idea for us to do this again? I mean we just tried that with Team A and we didn’t really get too far with it. You said it yourself Dulga-chan, we took a bit of a beating and didn’t get much out of it. I don’t know how Mina is doing and while I’m sure Jett is in bad shape, we didn’t run into Ezra so we have no idea how much strength he has left. Not only that but I don’t know anything about whoever might be coming from the south. That’s Team C and D right? I know Roy is there, and I think Fumika, but I never really saw the others in action before.”

Mamoru leaned forward and tapped the rooftop entrance to highlight it in pink. ”I’d say if we’re going to do any defending we should do it from here. This way anyone who comes to the auditorium you can shoot down from, and if anyone gets through we can drop in and take them out. I don’t see any purpose in us trying to lay in wait outside of the auditorium since we’ll lose if we’re not there at the end of the match.” Mamoru tried to see if they could look inside of the Auditorium but there wasn’t any options to do that. She pouted but sat back down.

”Not only that but I bet we’re not even the first ones to get to the auditorium. I don’t know who might be there, certainly not Team A, but if anyone else did get there I’m sure they have some of the entrances secured already. If anyone from Team C or D got there before us we might end up walking into a trap ourselves. And from Team E, Acion can fly but not the rest of his team. If he shows up he’ll be the only one we have to deal with if we’re on the rooftop unless Haruka, Donny, or Luelle can make them fly or jump to the rooftops. But if we’re on the ground that gives them a chance to fight all of us on even ground, literally!”

Mamoru took out one of her hornet nest grenades and juggled it in her hands. She had a wicked smile on her face as she looked to her team members. ”Chaos breeds opportunity. If everyone goes inside to fight, that just means we can take them all out in one swoop! I throw one of my bombs in there while everyone is busy fighting and I could take out five or even ten people at once! So instead of trying to filter everyone who comes through, we should funnel them all together instead. Maybe even those giant robots can help! Didn’t you say that the teachers released them to make students go to the auditorium anyways?”

Listening to the two talk Yukari didn’t have much to say. She had to agree with Mamoru though; Yukari didn’t like the idea of them playing defensive again when it’s already been about a half hour since the battle started. Taking out other students wasn’t nearly as important as taking the central point, and while weakening the others would help Yukari felt it would be better if they had control of the point first. That being said she has no idea how they’ll do that since everyone will be going after it. Yukari knew how to fight maybe three or four of the students in class, but not all of them, and certainly not in a big free-for-all like Mamoru was suggesting.

”Maybe… We can focus on attacking the ones inside the auditorium already? I mean everyone is going there eventually. We could attack from the roof entrance since that’s a nice defensible spot I think, since it’ll keep us out from the immediate fighting but in the perfect spot to bunker down.”

Kaida listened to the plan and was ok with both actually. She rubbed her arm and asked, “What if Team D and C are already inside? The four of us are all strong enough for close combat. You even have a shotgun Dulga. If we stayed together and went in slowly? Not guns blazing but taking out people as they come, we could clear that auditorium quickly.”

Dulga listened to everyone, trying not to be too critical but mindful of what they’re telling her. Mamoru wanted to take on everyone at once which Dulga was completely against; unlike Mamoru, Dulga wasn’t so cocky that she thought she could take on everyone. If she did, she’d have to plan carefully, not just shoot indiscriminately. Yukari had a slightly better idea of using the rooftop entrance to pick off people already inside the auditorium though Dulga wasn’t sure if there was any rafters or something for them to be in. But ultimately It seemed like everyone wanted to move in on the attack instead of setting up a defensive perimeter around the auditorium.

”Three against me huh. Fine. We’ll attack the auditorium. We’ll get in through the rooftop entrance to minimize the chance of us running into the other students. Then we’ll move slow but steady. Akasha, Yozakura, you two take point. Kaida I want you with me. If anyone comes up behind us we’ll fend them off.” Dulga looked outside and could see the auditorium from the nurse’s window. It was a fairly long jump, but she had an idea how they could get to the rooftop easily. ”Let’s head to the roof. Yozakura can you turn yourself into a slingshot?”

”Yes! I’m actually quite good at it. As long as someone else can aim for me, I can send you or anything else about three-hundred meters away.” Yukari jumped to her feet and felt pumped. It looked like they had a plan and hopefully this time Yukari can redeem herself for her poor performance last time. She still had many ring binds left, her Capturing Cloth, and one smoke grenade. If they were going to go right into the auditorium the smoke grenade could be helpful, though Yukari made sure to grab something she can use as a mask. She didn’t want to choke out from the smoke.

Everything was going better than expected! Mamoru’s thought to take on the people inside the auditorium had Kaida’s and Yukari’s suppose, so even Dulga had to concede to it. She still had a plan for how they would approach it but Mamoru was fine with that as long as they were actually going to be on the attack this time. No more sitting around! Mamoru even got to be the vanguard which was extra nice. Things just keep getting better and better when Dulga wanted to know if Yukari could be a slingshot and Mamoru knew exactly what she had in mind.

”Omagawd are we gunna be catapulted to the auditorium!? That’s hardcore!”

Kaida nodded when Dulga said to be with her. She didn’t have anything else to say as she mentioned a slingshot. It was an odd concept, But that would leave her behind. She shook her head as she knew dulga had a good idea. “Ok… Lets do this!” She said slightly nervous.

Everyone was in agreement with the plan, so they head to the rooftop. Finding two solid poles for Yukari to grab Dulga aimed towards the auditorium rooftop. ”Akasha first, then Kaida. I’ll go third. Yozakura, I trust you can get to us quickly?” Dulga looked at Yukari as she pulled her back, ready to load and launch Mamoru.

”Yeah. Give me some time to set up and I’ll be right behind you. Alright everyone, all aboard!” Yukari adjusted the elasticity of her body so she could send everyone over as safely as she could. Once Dulga was sent, Yukari loosened herself up and ran back a fair distance before increasing the tension in her arms. Once she had the suitable strength and a vague idea of where the others were, Yukari launched herself towards the auditorium, landing on the rooftop gracefully. She adjusted the earplugs, got her rings ready, and made sure her smoke bomb was handy. ”Okay everyone I’m ready to rock!”

”Wheeeee!” Mamoru sailed through the air, rolling into a ball while having her shield out. She landed perfectly on her shield whilst doing a handstand, then placed herself back onto her feet. She’d help the others with their landing too if needed, otherwise she looked around to make sure they weren’t going to get jumped. Once the coast was clear Mamoru took out her stun tonfa and looked excitedly at the others. ”We’re doing this. We’re doing this! It looks like it’s just a drop straight into the auditorium. How do you want us to greet them? Hot and hard or a gentle caress?” Mamoru said while squeezing out more innuendos.

Once everyone was present Dulga checked her rifles one more time. No doubt they’ll be walking right into the meat grinder once they’re down there, and Dulga especially would be at a disadvantage. Enclosed spaces and melee isn’t the best place for a sharpshooter like her even with her super strength. Still, this was the plan that everyone wanted. Dulga will make sure it works.Dulga loaded both of her pistols and kicked open the door. ”Let’s roll.”

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A bit of both. A friend of mine asked me to join and I was just wondering if you guys wouldn’t mind letting me in. I’m guessing since the OoC isn’t too active, you have a discord group?
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