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As always Iva remained utterly silent as the hunters moved onto their next objective. However this mission reeked of political intrigue. Decimating a hostile clan of vampires was one thing, but from the Intel they received about this coven stroked Iva as very wasteful. While the guild was meant to hunt monsters, surely it would be in their benefit to have some monsters on their side. After all Iva was all too aware that the good captain himself tries to emulate their vast strength using those Titan Potions. Surely this would be easier if he was, say, a vampire. The Hunter's Guild were little more than a supernatural bounty hunters, and Iva saw no reason why not to take up other monsters and beasts who can be turned to the cause. That being said it wasn't really Iva's business. But she was aware of the true intentions of this mission, and had her own objectives in it.

And so the hunt began. The brutes kicked in the door and immediately started chaotic fighting. Iva couldn't really agree with their methods, or rather, it could've used better execution. She knew the value of stirring confusion among the ranks of enemies but simply kicking down the door and start hacking away would give the enemy a chance to muster up some reinforcements of their own later. They should've tried to sneak in and cut off their escape routes first, to ensure that their attack didn't alert the others. But it was too late for that now. Iva simple took her spear out and readied herself for battle.

While normally Iva would use a bow, battles in this area would be too compact for her to risk shooting into melee. And even if her spear was somewhat cumbersome, as long as she remained mobile she should be fine. She didn't bother to waste time in the first room; the brutes had this place handled. Iva needed to head down deeper and take out their leaders before they could rally a defense. Unlike the others however, Iva still used stealth to bypass her enemies. While everyone was occupied fighting for their lives, Iva slipped by unnoticed, shadowing even her fellow hunters to see what they may come across. It wasn't long before Iva found herself alone in a dark, dimmly lit cave. No doubt vampires were hidden in the shadows. But Iva was no stranger to the dark either; prior to enting this cave she had imbibed a Potion of Night Eye, thus allowing her to see in the shadowy darkness. She had also consumed a Potion of Black Blood. While she hopes that she never gets bit, fortune favors the prepared, and when she inevitably will her foe would not live long enough to regret it.

But perhaps she should have given this potion to others instead. Iva stumbled upon a rather ghastly scene as one of the other hunters knelt near the corpse of a vampire. From the look of things, she had gotten bit. Iva wasted no time ensuring the death of the creature, stabbing her silver-tipped spear into the heart of the monster and giving it a twist. She also impaled the creature through the eye just for good measure, wincing only slightly as she saw the blood and gore at the end of her spear from the vampire's face. Then she turned to the huntress. Her wounds were not lethal, but it was obvious that she was bitten by a vampire. Their curse occasionally transfers through bites, and the possibility that this huntress may turn is very real. But then again, Iva did believe that the guild could use some allies from the dark. Who better than a few loyal hunters already part of the organization?

Iva knelt down to the huntress (Lia) and took out a potion and some bandages. For once in a long while, she spoke. "Let me bandage you. We must be quick, this place is not safe. Drink this potion." Handing the huntress a Blood Tinge, this should help her recover from the blood lost, heal her wounds, and resist the vampire disease. All the while Iva kept her weapon close and her senses sharp for any enemies or even her allies should they reach them. And should the huntress allow Iva to do so, she'll bandage her wounds too, at least enough to make them stop bleeding. That way any other vampire doesn't smell her from a mile off, like a feast on feet.

Dulga Tarata

Dulga woke up at six o’clock sharp, without an alarm even. That was just how early she had to wake up at home. It wasn’t always just hunting and taking care of her guns, she needed to wake up and start the fire, find food, check the gardens. Even if she doesn’t do that anymore it was still a habit of hers, and she has found other things to do in that time. Like take long baths. Water was something that Dulga’s family conserved as much as possible back at home, and she had no problems take advantage of Komei’s near infinite supply. She enjoyed a private soak and took in the scents, and it was one of the few times Dulga was ever without a mask or cloak.

After bathing Dulga got dressed. Nothing fancy: she wore her uniform with pants and boots. While most girls were assigned skirts, Dulga had to have her clothes specially tailored to accommodate her quirk. She also asked for pants simply because that’s what she preferred. Dulga’s boots were tough and military quality; she could hammer a metal stake into the ground with them and she has before. Finally of course her mask and cloak. The cleaned the mask with a microfiber cloth, making sure to remove any residue of sweat and dirt. Her mask helped control and mask her breathing, and filter out unpleasant scents. Not to mention hiding her scars, which went to her left cheek. What covered the rest, including Dulga’s arms, was her cloak. Dulga washed her mother’s cloth every few days or after a particularly messy incident, and often by hand. She wouldn’t trust a machine to take care of it.

For breakfast Dulga had eggs on toast with some milk. While there was probably more available Dulga had simply tastes. She didn’t even add any salt or pepper. Once breakfast was done it was still seven in the morning. She had an hour before it was time for class. So she returned to her dorm and retrieved one of her gun cases. She had finished her room after dinner, which mostly consisted of putting her clothes and guns away. Now her weapons were stored inside a heavy metal and ceramic locker, and her gun cases neatly tucked underneath her bed. Dulga took one gun case with her this time, the same one as yesterday. She packed her rifles, took some ammo, and headed to the range to do some shooting. Once it was seven forty-five, Dulga went to class.

By the time Dulga arrived many others have already shown up. She also noticed the names on the board and guessed that they were going to be split up into teams. She wondered what it’d be about, though if yesterday’s lesson was any indication, they’ll probably do some sort of combat exam. With so many teams perhaps they’ll be split up into “Hero” and “Villain” teams and made to fulfill some objectives. Or maybe it was just going to be a team deathmatch like it was yesterday, but with smaller groups instead of half the class. Either would be okay with Dulga. She came prepared, her large black case in her hands along with her school bag. She took her seat, plugged in her earphones, and listened to music until class would begin.
Iva spent the rest of her time outside of the city. She just couldn't get used to it; everything was too tight. Too many people, no where for her to just be by herself, and everything just felt so artificial. Not that it was any different at Witchata, but this place wasn't nearly as familiar. So Iva spent her night out in the forests outside of the city. She looked for herbs and ingredients, finding much that she'd try to experiment with. Some basic poultices to numb pain and simple toxins to make her prey sick and sluggish. No where near as potent as her Addle Poison, but since she was so far from home she'd needed to learn how to make more with local ingredients.

As she spent the night resting Iva also did some more research on the monsters they may face. While she did visit the Hunter's Guild to eat, she didn't stay to party. Instead she grabbed whatever books they had and returned to her camp outside of the city. She'd never actually faced off against these monsters before, and she felt that the fact she didn't know anything about the Tristine aside from it's name reflected badly on her as a hunter. Iva couldn't allow herself to be inexperienced in handling the sort of threats they'd be expected to fight at the guild. At the very least she could try to know their names.

When the day broke Iva was laying underneath her fur blanket, the guild books stacked neatly near her bedroll. It was still early morning and she had simply awoken out of habit. Yawning and making herself a simple breakfast of bread and tea, Iva gathered her things and went back to the Hunter's Guild. She needed a new book to read. Masking her body with her fur cloak Iva walked through the city streets, fortunately devoided of most people since it was very early in the morning. She reached the Hunter's Guild in no time, and even there were very few people active at the time. Iva just sat down and read through the tomes she had borrowed again. When activity picked up Iva didn't move from her spot, almost entirely absorbed by her books. The only time she looked away was when Captain Drystan entered the room. He seemed busy, which meant there was a job to do. Iva walked over to him and cleared her throat to get his attention, letting him know silently that Iva was ready for work.
Nodding her head Iva applied the poison to the teeth of the trap, just a few drops from the vial to each point. By the time she was done and the vial was used up, there was a thin layer of paralystic poison at the tip of each teeth. So as long as the tip could break through the Trieste’s armored hide, even just one of these teeth would render a part of its body paralyzed for a minute. That would give everyone a chance to take it down more easily. If it was an arm then the beast could fight as effectively, or if it was a leg then it couldn’t maneuver as easily. Iva would’ve used another vial ofnpoison but shenomly had two more left, and still had a few more of her Addle Arrows. But this monster’s armored hide made it impossible for those arrows to pierce, so she had to use the broadheads instead.

As Donnel lead the charge Iva moved in, intentionally approaching the Trieste by his new blindside. She was about a hundred feet away when she notched an arrow ink her bow string and released it, hitting the triestie square on the side of his head. But that damn armored hide protected even this sneak attack, causing the arrow to merely crack a few scales before falling down onto the sand. As the beast turned to Iva she noticed that her first two arrows had somehow been stabbed into the beast. She smiled knowing that at this point the Addle poison would also be weakening the Trieste’s ability to fight as it forced him to consume even more stamina than usual, as well as eating away at his existing stamina and halting any passive healing this beast had. He was as good as dead.

Iva would make sure if that.

Taking her third poisoned arrow Iva aimed carefully. In the midst of all of this chaos the mark was flailing about even as his movements would become more tiresome. She wanted to make sure this second arrow hit him where he least expected it. Taking a moment to take into account the wind, the projectiles launched by other hunters, and the beast’s movements, Iva fired her arrow with her target being the Trieste’s other eye.
When their foe had arrived, two poisoned arrows flew towards it's gaping maw as it roared at the hunters. Iva had been waiting for this moment and trusted her arrows to land true. Regardless if the arrows had struck or not, she would vanish from her hidden location among the rocky crags and quickly dash away out of sight, letting the others interfere and slow it down. Hopefully Iva's arrows had managed to pierce the monster's flesh inside of it's mouth so that the Addle poison will take effect. Having observed the others fight the lesser Trieste Iva was certain that even her broadheads would have a hard time piercing this monster's scaly skin without careful aim to it's less armored vitals. Thus it was only practical to let the others with heavier weapons deal with the beast and weaken further alongside Iva's arrows and poisons.

As she escaped Iva spotted two other hunters furtherest from the Trieste. She knew them as Marauder and Davos. Davos had encountered the beast before with no visible injuries, so she assumed he was a hunter who specialized in either range attacks or traps. Marauder looked like a brigand so he must be strong, and possibly cunning if he had survived for this long. At the very least they didn't seem to be charging straight to battle and from what Iva almost caught, it sounds like they wanted to lay a trap for the Trieste instead of taking it head on. Iva liked this idea. She approached them calmly, her bow and body hidden underneath her cloak, only the lower half of her face seen underneath the hood. She coughed loudly to get their attention and when she got about ten feet she extended her hand out. In her hand was a vial of one of her paralysis poisons. It's sickly yellow coloration and clearly deadly label (A skull) hopefully made it obvious to the both of them that it was a poison. But if they decided to drink it instead, then she wanted nothing to do with such fools.
You can go ahead and skip me, Iza wants to remain hidden until the big guy shows up. She’ll let everyone else deal with the small fry.

Dulga Tarata

After letting Hatori in Dulga sat on her bed, leaning against her Ryukyu body plush. She decided that she’ll let Hatori lead the conversation and ask questions since Dulga herself didn’t really know what to talk about. Hatori seemed to be the chatty type. ”Minimalist... I tried that once. But I like having things.” Dulga wondered who her roommate was. No one Dulga knew seemed like the type of girl who was a minimalist. Then again Dulga hardly knows everyone. Only about six maybe seven people even knew her name.

”There might be left overs. But maybe not. Dinner was good. One of the students made Beef Steak on fried rice. They made cake too.” Dulga squeezes her plush as she looked aimlessly at the floor. ”They also made fried pickles. I love fried pickles.” it didn’t matter to Dulga that the pickles were badly made, she just enjoyed the fact they even made them. She wondered if she should go thank whoever made it.

When the topic of Dulga’s gunbench was brought up she already had a white lie ready for it. ”I tinker with my gadgets there. My quirk has its uses but to cover for what I lack, I used various tools to help me as a hero.” Dulga felt this was a satisfactory answer. She wasn’t lying, just hiding the fact her “tools” were “lots and lots of guns”. Dulga touched the pistol hidden underneath her cloak for comfort as she hugged her body doll. ”i might have combat training tomorrow so I’ll need to make sure my tools are ready.”

@Stale Pizza
Once Iva landed she immediately set about searching for the beast's location. It wasn't difficult for her to discern a few pieces of key information from what little she learned on the ship: The beast was injured, it eats the flesh of men, and he would be resting in a cave connecting to the ocean. From what Iva overheard Dravos had already injured the creature which hopefully would hobble some of it's strength. And no doubt since it eats humans, and it has killed many, there were bound to be some bloated corpses around the island. And with Iva's sharp senses and hunter's instincts, she could easily sniff out rotten cadavers from a hundred yards off. And the last bit of info Iva simply deduced herself; the creature couldn't obviously live on top of this barren, rocky island, so there must have been some sort of underwater cave of some sort nearby where it makes it's nest.

With this information in mind Iva set out to look for the creature. Iva barely went further than a hundred feet when the wretched scent of corpses struck her nose. She turned her head towards the east and deduced that the monster kept it's food over there. And assuming this creature had at least a beast level of intellect, it probably slept and shit in the same place it eats. Now that she knew where it was she just needed to scout the area.

Iva approached the cave cautiously and from stealth. The powerful scent of dead bodies and feces certainly told Iva that this cave was its home, but she couldn’t tell if the Beast was there or not. For all she knew it could be prowling the waters having already noticed the ship and it’s hunters and was merely waiting to spring it’s own ambush. And while the others described it as a fish man, Iva did not put the idea that the monster could be hidden among the stones. She knew some ocean fish who disguise themselves as sea rocks to hide and ambush prey. This creature could do the same. So Iva vanished as she analyzed the area.

Dulga Tarata

Dulga just nodded as the girl, Chiwa Hatori, talked about herself. It annoyed the girl a bit that she was so chatty but Dulga would be polite. She just wanted to clean her guns. Hatori apparently was late because of family matters so Dulga wasn't going to pry into that, less Hatori asks her about her own family. Instead she'd just introduce herself. "My name Dulga Tarata." Dulga just stood there for a few seconds trying to think of what else to say. She honestly didn't know what to talk about; she never knew this girl, hasn't seen her in action before, and doesn't really know her thoughts or opinions. Dulga didn't know anything to talk to her about that wasn't something that Dulga herself was willing to talk about. Except...

"So... Do you want to come in?" Dulga opened her door just a bit more, enough for the girl to see that Dulga was wearing a large cloak that covered her entire body. Only one arm could be see holding the door, and it was Dulga's normal arm. "I was just... Cleaning up a bit. We can hang out here. If you want." Dulga was uncertain what she should do. She didn't really have much to entertain guest with. No video games, no TV, and her laptop only had school related stuff on it. The only other thing she could show is her guns and Dulga both wasn't sure if Hatori was into them, and Dulga didn't want to show them to just anyone. "So. Have you eaten dinner yet?"

@Stale Pizza

Dulga Tarata

Dulga had stripped her two pistols down in front of her. One was a beretta 92, her mother's personal pistol, and another was a Stechkin. A fairly new firearm Dulga managed to actually purchase through her mother's friends before restrictions were put back into place to prevent Dulga from purchasing more firearms from outside of Japan. It angered Dulga as she felt being able to pursue, purchase, and assemble guns made Dulga feel closer to her mother. But she had to set those memories behind her. She could no longer dwell on her once happier days and focus more about the inevitable, bloody future she was walking into. Dulga cleaned the parts of her pistols, putting the Beretta back into it's holster and case but strapped the Stechkin to her gun belt. The weight of a fully loaded pistol brought Dulga some small joy.

Just as Dulga was about to strip one of her rifle's she heard a knock on the door. She had expected it to be Kaida or perhaps Retha, so Dulga quickly put her rifle away into her gun case. She waited for a few minutes but didn't hear anyone try to open the door. Somewhat confused and concerned Dulga stood up, taking out her pistol from underneath her cloak as she approached the door. Looking through the peephole Dulga saw it was an unfamiliar girl. Apparently she was going to be living here at the dorms. And Dulga thought she had already met everyone. Sighing the six-armed girl holstered her pistol and held her cloak close together to further hide her body. Then Dulga opened the door just a bit, just enough for her to show her masked face. "Hello. I don't remember seeing you in class before."

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