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Ashe has only been in the New World for a few months, but she had to admit it was fairly interesting. She thought she's seen it all back where she came from but almost every outing here proved to Ashe there was still more to see. Whether it be hunting some new monster she's never seen or reading up about some endemic life she's never realized existed. Not to mention learning how to use all these new tools and weapons, like the Slinger. "Sure beats throwing rocks by hand." Aside from work, Ashe simply has been spending most of her time making herself comfortable in Astera. She was able to afford her own room and has been working with some palicos to furnish it, as well as move some old belongings from back at home. She's also gotten to know her Handler, the various leaders of the community, and getting a lay of the land.

Finally, everything was settled. Her room was tidy, her accounting was in order, and her gear was in top shape. But Ashe wasn't here to look pretty. She's a hunter first and foremost, and a hunter must hunt. Though with all the celebrations going on, Ashe of course took the time to enjoy herself too. Prismata's Comet wasn't something Ashe was going to miss, and the festival was fun even if she went by herself. Fortunately fun and work could go together, because after Ashe had her fill of booze and food she noticed that there was an urgent quest in the gathering hall. "Exploring unknown lands? Sounds exciting! I can't pass this opportunity up." Writing her name down in the blank spaces, Ashe went back to her room to gather her gear and armor up. She wanted to be ready for this job as soon as possible.

Heading over to the Geological Research Department, Ashe dodged workers and researchers as she made sure her hunting horn didn't bump into anything. Even as spacious as these halls were, these huge weapons can sometimes be a bit cumbersome. It wasn't long before Ashe found Dr. Paeris office, making Ashe wonder if he was okay with being called Dr. Paeris or Daelen. Either way Ashe knocked on the door to make her presence known. "Excuse me, is the Doctor in? My name is Ashe, I'm one of the hunters who's here for the Prismatic Meteor Investigation!"
Sorry for a lack of posts, I swear I'm not ghosting. It's just been hell for me these past week, but I promise to get something up tomorrow.
@Argetlam350 I never played Frontier tbh, but I love using tonfas in any game that has them, and when I heard that MHFrontier had them I wished I knew Japanese so I could play. So this is the next best thing.

@Light I'll be honest, I'm not always checking RPGuild to post. I can certainly do once a week, but there are times where I won't log in for a few days due to being busy AF. I'll at least try to respond to whoever is talking to me ASAP as long as I don't need to do like 5 paragraphs per post.
Name: Ashe
Race: Human
Gender: Female

Stands at 6'4 and weighs 167lbs. Like many hunters she has a very muscular body and like many veteran hunters, many scars to prove her experiences. She's a rather petite woman despite her height.

Role: Hunter/Researcher
Weapons: Ashe is best known for her Hunting Horn skills, being capable of supporting her team with vital songs as well as bashing in monster faces. However little known fact, she's also carries a foreign weapon known as tonfas, weapons which she picked up while she hunted in the frontier. She doesn't use these very much though.

Armor: Ashe uses mostly Teostra Armor, with a mix of Chameleos armor as her old Teo gauntlets were getting too old to justify repairing.

Bio: Ashe wasn't born a hunter. Her village wasn't even known for hunting. They were just one of the many places that were trying to eek out a living, and Ashe was just one of the many children trying to survive. She never knew her parents, having been born in her village and raised by the elder for as long as she could remember. She was always a rambunctious child and tended to get into a lot of trouble, and fought against many of the children as well. She was practically a tiny devil, so when she was old enough the village elder had her sent to the Guild in order to discipline her. At first, Ashe tried to be rebellious there too, but many of the hunters were quick to put Ashe in her place and helped shaped her into a more responsible adult.

A lot of Ashe's job at first had nothing to do with hunting. Actually it was more learning: she was taught numbers, languages, and even history. Of course she also spent nearly all of her time scribing books and writing flyers to pass out to hunters: if you ever wondered where all those fancy notices for hunts come from, it came from people like Ashe. It was tedious work and Ashe hated it, but the more she did it the better she got, and eventually she learned to hate it less. The stability and certainty of her work gave Ashe a certain peace of mind she never had as a child, who was always lashing out because she never knew what she was or wasn't suppose to do. On her own time Ashe began to do some reading and researching herself, looking up the history of various people, places, and of course monsters.

When word got out that there was a new frontier to explore that needed hunters and people willing to work hard to research the new place, Ashe was quick to join. By this point she had shed off her younger rebellious attitude and managed to make some friends with others, so she was allowed to come to this mysterious frontier to help with research. While the hunters did their thing, Ashe and the others focused on studying these new creatures and places, as well as some artifacts dug up in these strange and unknown lands. And it was here that Ashe would finally begin her path as a true hunter.

She discovered a rusted pair of weapons, far too damaged to be of any practical use, but she was determined to find out their purpose and origins. She spent years researching the weapons and eventually discovered that they were tonfas made of a primordial metal. After studying more and getting the gist of the weapon's functions, she shared this information with her fellow researchers and helped rediscover this weapon for hunters to use. Naturally, she was among the first to wield the weapon into battle, having poured over ancient lore to understand the techniques used with these weapons. It was rough at first, but once she got a feel for battle she was able to master these weapons and soon taught other hunters how to use them as well, and from there Ashe joined the hunters as a fellow equal.

But all good things must come to an end. Due to circumstances beyond her control, the research base at the Frontier was eventually abandoned. Funding for it had stopped, and it was getting too costly to maintain. Ashe had to move on, but she couldn't settle back to the old world. She was still young and wanted more, so she decided to go to the New World instead. She wanted to try new things, see new people, and find new monsters. Her many years of experience had simply taught her that there were so much more to discover in this world, and Ashe couldn't wait to see all of it.
I'm interested. Let me know when the RP starts.

Dulga Tarata

Staying low to the ground Dulga waited until she heard something pop through the wall. Having expected this she wasn't too surprised when she saw Donny come out from the wall. It was a bit unnerving though: it was almost as if he came out from some horror movie with the way he moved. What he said however reminded Dulga that he's just some young kid. What was more of an issue was that Junko was with Donny. This a true surprise as Dulga never expected the two to be working together and made Dulga's plans complicated. "Two-against-one isn't in my favor, especially if one is Kurowai. Yang is skittish enough that anything I do will likely send him into a panic, which will only strengthen Kurowai." The fact that they found the briefcase and planned to take it for safe keeping also made Dulga rethink her plan. Originally she was just going to beat a retreat and pick off whoever was left behind to defend it. But if they're taking the briefcase-

Dulga wouldn't have much time to think about it as Junko lunged towards Dulga. "Time to fight." Staying as calm as ice Dulga grabbed the cement pieces she had picked up earlier. As Junko got closer one hand grasped a large chunk of cement, crushed it, and tossed a dust cloud at Junko partially to blind her, but mostly to obscure what Dulga would do next. She saw that Junko tossed the briefcase back at Donny so Dulga tossed two chunks of cement with such force and speed that everyone in the tunnel would near a loud crack from the two stones. Dulga first aimed for the briefcase, ideally knocking it away from Donny or even better, destroying it outright. If Dulga couldn't take the briefcase than she wouldn't want the hero team to take it either. The second target was Donny's phone. It was the only source of light in this tunnel and hopefully taking it out would blind Donny and Junko enough for Dulga to separate the two.

After the throws Dulga jumped back a fair distance with only a bit of blood on her forehead where some stones had cut her due to Junko's strike. Dulga wasn't sure if Junko missed on purpose or not. The giant girl grabbed chunks of stone out from the floor and wall, crushing them into smaller pieces and tossing them with great force in Junko's direction. Dulga doesn't expect these stones to do any meaningful harm but to act as a sort of suppressive fire to force Junko to back off or be reckless. Dulga also made sure to stay low to the ground so her cloak hid her metal rod so next time Junko gets closer Dulga plans to swing the rod at Junko's legs. Even if she's tougher, it should hurt, and because Junko is tougher that also means Dulga doesn't need to be as careful with her strength. "I can take Kurowai on my own even in a dark tunnel. Even better if I can keep my distance. But I'm not going to test my luck against her while she feeds on Yang's fear. At worse I'll just have to retreat."

@TheWendil@Lucius Cypher
The woman turned to face the voice, her hand hovering near her umbrella. She silently cursed her carelessness. The man she faced didn't look like a mere townsman, more like a wanderer. He was armed as well but he's likely just a patron here to rest. The last thing she needs to do is cause more of a stir so the woman lowered hand and kept a calm demeanor. "My name is Nera. Lady Nera if you wish to be formal. I'm looking for the belongings of my friend. I believe he may have been kidnapped and taken here, and his possessions somewhere in this room." Nera spoke with blunt honesty in order to see this man's reaction. Maybe he'll believe her and leave her alone, or he might just flee and get the guards. Either way Nera would need to continue her investigation quickly.

Dulga Tarata

Dulga moved slow and low, keeping out of sight as best as she could. As she was moving further within she caught a glimpse of something flying through the air. It might’ve been Acion, or perhaps Alice. Maybe someone else who could fly through the air like Kou or maybe even Junko. Dulga didn’t get a good enough look so she was extra cautious. But she knew that both sides were moving in now and it was only a matter of time before there’s a clash.

”Focus on the objective.” None of the buildings Dulga had gone into had any gold briefcases. As the first building was short and unassuming, Dulga checked a few more similar buildings but didn’t find anything useful or important. She was also in the area with more towers and tall buildings so Dulga was certain what she was looking for was in there somewhere. But as she was passing through the street her eyes caught something interesting.

It was a staircase leading downwards. ”Of course. There are subways in the city. One of the briefcases might be down there as well.” Taking a quick look around to ensure she was being followed, Dulga went down stairs. Unsurprisingly, it was very dark. There were a few emergency lights near the entrances but nothing in the halls themselves. Dulga ripped off the metal handrail from the wall to use as a stick and check her path. Her eyes were slowly getting used to the darkness as she walked further and further through the tunnel.

By the time Dulga was in the tunnel long enough that she could make out shapes in the dark, she spotted something up ahead. It looked like a bench but when she got closer it turned out to be another stone podium with a gold briefcase. Dulga was about to go grab it when she paused. The hairs on her neck was starting to rise up as she hugged the wall as silent as a mouse. She listened carefully. ”Something is coming....”
Hello everyone. I was invited to join and I hope we'll have fun together.
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