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There is no real ending. It is just the place where you stop the story.
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If you fall down seven times, stand up eight... It's not a matter of life or death, it's about what breaks first: your will, or the barriers in your way.


Someday I'll put something here..... Just not today.

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While waiting, found Zaina's theme song:

To help with the no-nmammal cause, I do have an idea for an NPC that's a bearded vulture that works at The Wolf Pack club.
Zaina 'Zee' Allaires

Wolf Pack -> The Warren

Zaina had spent an hour at the campus's gym before skipping the last few classes she had for the day. After the confrontation in the cafeteria she had little interest continuing the courses for the day. She would find someone to borrow the notes from the next day. After cooling off from the confrontation and ignoring a few would be attempts to asking her if she was going to the Winter Dance. Most attempts at asking her ended with her laughing and walking away from the would be suitor.

Now she was walking along the slightly crowded sidewalks of the city, wandering past The Warren before heading her way down back to The Wolf Pack. She used her key to unlock the door that still had the closed sign shown. It would be a few more hours before the place would be packed and she would be keeping any troublesome pests from ruining other patrons evening. She walked up the back steps, each one creaking under her as she made her way to her room above the club, tossing her bag haphazardly into the room before shutting the door and heading back down. Since she had a few hours left, she decided to stop by the Warren and get a bite to eat. When she got there it seemed to be quite busy all ready.
Sorry for the delay once more. Some things have gotten in the way the past few days. Anyways once caught up on reading everyone's post I'll definitely have one up tomorrow.
Hopefully should get another post up some time tomorrow.

Zaina 'Zee' Allaires

Eukary Cafeteria
Interaction: @Crystal Amalgam Marcello & Perci,@LostButterfly92 Melanie

Zaina listened to the campus officer give a curt nod at the end though before they left, just glad that she wasn't going to have to deal with any repercussions for her intervention. Now she just had to hope Tholo didn't catch wind of it or else she'd face a rather fierce tongue lashing and probably a reduction of her next paycheck.

The goat, Perci, appeared to give Marcello one last look over and make sure he was okay before turning to her. Perci thanked her for what she did, causing her to feel a bit awkward now for what she did. On campus she tended to stay out of the limelight so being thanked for stopping a fight was a new experience. She was use to more of the usual cautious stares from the herbivores and being avoided by them.

"Yeah whatever," Zaina replied to Perci, pretending to brush it off as if it was nothing, going back to where she had dropped her stuff before knocking the baboon out. She scooped her things up, swinging her back over her shoulder making her way to the door where a shaken looking skunk appeared to be standing. She passed by muttering a pardon, deciding that after the excitement she needed to blow off a little steam and made her way to the campus gym.
Zaina 'Zee' Allaires

Eukary Cafeteria
Interaction: @Crystal Amalgam Marcello & Perci

Zaina stepped back while the maned wolf got up after he had declined the offer due to their bloodied hands, at first planning to make a hasty retreat before the campus security could get there but turning her head slightly she saw she was a little late for that option. Her thoughts were interrupted as the doors burst open and a goat came scrambling in, only stopping briefly near another student before making their way over to where she and the maned wolf were. Hearing the goat question the now named maned wolf, Marcello, she came to the conclusion that they knew each other.

"I wouldn't call getting my nose potentially broken exactly fine," Zaina butted in as Marcello seemed to wave off the extent of his injury ",Then again could be like the current rug on the floor so in that sense you are indeed fine." She points over to the floored ape, being checked over by the campus security.
Sorry for a bit of delay on getting a post but seeing an opportunity now couldn't help but let Zaina get into a little trouble.
Zaina 'Zee' Allaires

Eukary Cafeteria
Interaction: @Crystal Amalgam Marcello

Zaina had been just about to leave the cafeteria when a commotion caught her attention. Students had began gathering around a couple other individuals in only what she could guess was a fight going to start. She easily pushed herself to the front of the small crowd of students to see what was going on. On the ground a lanky looking maned wolf was sitting up, blood dripping from his nose while gazing angrily up at the culprit of his current injury. The culprit was some large ape, perhaps not as tall as the maned wolf but definitely looking far more muscular. Zaina briefly thought that the ape could snap the wolf like a twig if they wanted. She contemplated of just leaving, after all it wasn't her problem and for all she knew the maned wolf could of been asking for it. Yet somehow she couldn't make herself leave and internally groaned as she made up her mind on what she was going to do. Hopefully it wouldn't effect her working hours for the evening.

"Hey banana breath!" Zaina bark out, hardly giving the ape enough time to turn before slamming her fist against the side of his partially turned head, causing the ape the fall down and meet the ground head first, knocking him out cold and hopefully stopping whatever escalation that would of happened if she had walked away

"There you had your action now fuck off you vultures unless someone else wants a go!" She growled at the stunned and now silent small crowd of people, before offering a hand to the downed maned wolf.
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