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Current "Keep moving forward, and if it's time to go, it's time. Nothing lasts forever." – Stan Lee (1922-2018)
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R.I.P. Cujo, Dog of Death 8/18/2018 :(
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Every age,it seems, is tainted by the greed of men.Rubbish,to one such as I, devoid of all worldly wants!I dunno, maybe it's just the way we are. I'll stick you in my prayers.A fine dark soul, to you.
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There is no real ending. It is just the place where you stop the story.


Someday I'll put something here..... Just not today.

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"Remind me who put this bosh'tet in charge," the Quarian sighed in annoyance while shooting a few more of the Blue Suns. They seemed to retreat back after awhile, no doubt to regroup like the annoying White Glint stated. It didn't take much brains to figure that one out, especially after visiting Omega multiple times. The gangs were like cockroaches, no matter how hard they were hit they just never died out. To many young people buying into their crap.

She focused on reloading her weapons and getting ready for another attack, ignoring most of the conversation but stopped and laughed hearing the mention of Cerberus."Oh yes, now I really want to listen to you," Alya states sarcastically. At that point she would or rather follow the orders of a Vorcha over anything White Glint said. She could only hope the Volus was paying good enough to make her have any remote desire to work along side an ex-Cerberus member.

"The bot has a good idea, messing with their means of communication would weaken their attacks and make them easier to pick off in the long run," she stated about the Geth's suggestion ",Loosing communication, lack of any progress being made and disorganization probably would make them eventually give up and leave once morale is low enough and seeing that the fight isn't worth it for them."

Looking up from checking her M-29 Incisor she was greeted by the batarian she had noticed earlier when seeing all the others who had seemingly been messaged by the same person. She followed where he pointed and gave a roll of her eyes behind her mask."Fine you watch mine I'll watch yours," she stated all ready making her way to the place he pointed. She gave a simple nod when he gave his name.

"Alya, hope you are a good shot Cicero," She replied after reaching the catwalk spot and getting in position. By then the Blue Suns had made their presence known, a few all ready being taken out by the few others there ",These bosh'tets won't know what hit them." She peered into the scope of her weapon gazing down its sight finding her target and letting off a round, nailing one Blue Sun in the head.

"That's one," she stated quietly to herself as she began picking her targets, aiming to keep the front-lines of the forces thinned while also watching for any of them that might of had some air superiority with jetpacks. She scoffed listening to some bosh'tet on the comms called themselves White Glint with some speech on anyone being a liability would be shot by them. Having some higher then though complex or acting like a pompous commander. The quarian simply shook her head while keeping focus on the enemy debating if the payout this Solis guy had was worth working with some ragtag set of fools.

Of course her interest was peaked when she noticed her omnitool acting up, noticing that it was oddly familiar before later in the fight catching a glimpse of a Geth."Huh so they still live... Maybe I can take it apart," she thought to herself as she switched over to assault rifle and rained shots on the Blue Suns.

The Krogan was an interesting addition though she wondered if he simply was there to kill and didn't care what side lost, either way she was more then happy to have him on their side. Along with spotting a biotic turian which was an interesting sight to behold.
Morning, I'll be getting a post up this evening after work.
Bartholomew Whitlock

Interaction: Everyone

Following Finley after the Commander's speech, Tholo and the rest of the initiates were lead to where they would be bunking. While getting the feeling he'd never really like Finley he did listen to him as he shouted out who would be staying with who in the bunk rooms as he shouted out names. Of course at the time it would be slightly more difficult for those forced into the hood, as they were still chained. However a solution seemed to provide itself with one of the new initiates who stated her name was Brighid O'Shay.

At that moment Tholo was uncertain if the woman, who was also a werewolf he soon found out as she stated and by scent when she was close and had removed his shackles, was either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid. While he was glad to finally be rid of the chains, there was no telling what Finley would do now. When the only thing to happen was one of the other initiates voiced there own concerns and then state there name, Tholo decided to take his opportunity to speak.

"My name is Bartholomew Whitlock. Tholo will do fine to keep it short," he states introducing himself ",As for your statement Miss Eliza, I for one will not put the chains back on. We have much of right as you to walk freely through the halls. We are past the point of no return as is, chains won't change that matter. Volunteers or forced to join, now we are stuck here together. Keeping chains on one group while the others walk free will simply divide us instead of build trust. Outside when there was a chance of running was understandable to have those forced to join chained but now running isn't an option. Unless Finley says otherwise my chains stay off." Voicing his opinion he walked to the room Finley had stated he would be bunked in giving a bow to O'Shay.

"I thank you for the release of the shackles," he stated before entering the room.

The quarian grumbled under her breath as she grabbed her M-29 Incisor."That spitfire would be good right about now," she stated to herself as she found a position to take, slightly fortifying it before taking up her position for a decent sniping spot. She then checked her other weapons, a M-3 Predator pistol and M-99 Saber auto rifle. The rifle she placed to the side so she could pick up when the Blue Suns would be in closer while the pistol went to her side after making sure the ammo was filled on it.

"Not even on the clock yet and I want a drink," she grumbled while looking at the few others who were also getting ready to fight off the Blue Sun forces that were heading their way. Most seemed to be human, but she spotted a couple of Turians, an Asari, and a Batarian. She shook her head at the sight of some of the humans however didn't look to even be out of there younger years. She doubted they would help much, the rest she would have no other choice but trust that they had some skills with shooting. Why else would they all be contacted by the same benefactor?

"The bosh'tets better have some tech on them to make this worth while," she said while looking at her omni-tool now just waiting for the attack to begin and to start popping a few skulls.

The Quarian traversed through the disgusting shithole of Omega. No matter how many times she went, she hated being there. The only reason for her to return were for the bounties which paid far better then most other planets. Which was what led her to even returning to the location at that moment. Some might of been interested to do a good deed, not her. She simply came for the payment, if the Saris fellow could be trusted. Still if it was a trap at least she could crack a few skulls and maybe gain some tech out of it all if it was all to good to be true. She managed to jump onto a shuttle before it left, taking it the rest of the way to her destination.

The bay seemed awfully quiet, more so then usual. She spotted a handful of others mingling about, more then likely others who were called to the location like she had been. She had little time to truly question the few people mingling about before a voice spoke over intercoms, that of a volus and the person who had seemingly sent out the message asking those to meet up. She cursed the volus however at the mention of Blue-Suns a few minutes away. Of course it was never simple. She thought about strangling the volus afterwards but decided to hold off on her decision as she prepared for whatever shit show was about to go down in the bay. She would just have to trust that those few others that had made it to the meeting were as good of shots as she was.
@Vulkan Will work on it and oops, I don't know why but for some reason I always seem to randomly just mix quarian and qunari. Doesn't help that I enjoy either race for their respected series I guess. As for her exile I'll probably change it to something else but the geth thing was all I could come with at the time for her being exiled. Though the more I look at it and think on the character the more it just doesn't seem to work. Maybe change it to something else on why she was exiled.


Did a little tinkering with the history for her exile, think it would fit better with someone like her being a trickster at a young age and tinkering with objects and tech that she took from others.

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