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Current "Keep moving forward, and if it's time to go, it's time. Nothing lasts forever." – Stan Lee (1922-2018)
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R.I.P. Cujo, Dog of Death 8/18/2018 :(
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Every age,it seems, is tainted by the greed of men.Rubbish,to one such as I, devoid of all worldly wants!I dunno, maybe it's just the way we are. I'll stick you in my prayers.A fine dark soul, to you.
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There is no real ending. It is just the place where you stop the story.


Someday I'll put something here..... Just not today.

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I'll have my CS done tomorrow.
Hey I did something after being away far too long, sorry.
Alya'Marek vas Halla

After the firestorm had come to an end with the Blue Suns finally getting the point that it was an unwinnable fight for them, Alya shouldered her weapon following the others to the main hangar to meet up with their esteemed caller finally. While everyone seemed to bombard the volus with questions, Ayla remained silent for the time only scoffing and giving a roll of the eyes at the mention of calling their families. As if her family would care where she was. She busied herself reading through some of the other portions of the contract. She turned the omni tool off at the mention of payment and smirked in her mask. That was what she was after. Oh she would help with cleaning up the system of the rabble but her morality only went so far and morality didn't pay for ship repairs and food.

While other continued to talk and the thought of the payout ultimately in the end now resting assuredly in the back of her mind, she went about eyeing the group now having a bit more time to do so with no bullets whizzing by, of course her eye rested on the geth. She had never seen one up close, well up close and still alive. Most times she had to dispatch them before gutting them to find anything of value or use.
I shall throw my interest in as well.
Working on another post for after the trials.
Colab with @Exit and @Damo021 Takes place before the trials. Was a bit overdue

Tholo gave a sigh at Nick's question."My choice was to die as a monster or die with some dignity,"He stated answering the man's inquiry ",At least here I might die on my own terms, serving a purpose instead of at the end of a chopping block." He rolled up the sleeve of of his left arm, going up midway of his forearm, revealing the bite wound from the attack that left him cursed as a werewolf."I guess with my profession it would of happened eventually, just never thought I'd survive such an attack. Like my father and his father before him I learned the trade of trapping. Knew the woods probably better then anyone else in that area I as raised. While there was always the chance of something dark hiding in the woods, went in all the time to earn my living, never saw any monsters, some normal wolves and bears but no nightmares. Not until three winters back." He explained. Looking back it was hard to imagine he had managed to live with the curse for three years now. It was a miracle he hadn't been found sooner but with the precautions he had taken perhaps those had kept him safe and out of the eyes of the Hood.

The wound itself was story enough. The scar was deep. An ever present reminder of the nature of life: Sometimes, shit happens and it was up to them to adapt or die. Tholo, when given the choice chose to adapt, twice now and that was all the resolve Nick needed. Not to mention the man was looking for a death with dignity... and he was a hunter. "It sounds to me like you were long overdue for a change in professions." Nick shook his head. "That's all they do here is hunt. Only difference now is the entire world is your forest and you've got myself and..." He turned to the woman. "Is it Devout?"

Nyssa had since sat on her bed, cleaning and maintaining her blade while the two gentlemen spoke to one another, to be fair she had since phaseed out from listening to what they were talking about, although she understand the jist of it, she motions stopped for a moment at the hearing of her name, she had not really spoke of it since she got hear, only Finlay mentioned to so she guessed it would not be hard to put two and two together. looking up from her weapon at the two men. "That is correct, My name is Nyssa Devout, I come from the town of Brightwyvern., you are Nick correct?" She enqiured.

Nick gave a nod to Nyssa about to respond to her when Finlay had burst into the room rounding them up to head to their trial.

Thinking this but you know without the sword:
Bartholomew Whitlock

Interaction: @Almalthia , @Exit

To say things could of gone better was an understatement. At least for the very least there had not been any bloodshed before Finley had stepped in. While so far going by appearance and mannerisms he didn't think he would ever get along much with Finley, he still could hold respect for the man being able to take control of the situation and being able to make all seemingly shrink under his gaze. Once everything had been sorted out Tholo had retired to the assigned room with his other three bunk-mates.

Having now had the chance to view most of the other initiates he was brought in with, he saw he was an odd outlier. Most were several years younger then he. He wondered to himself how the others would view his older appearance. He'd just have to make sure to show he still could keep up, albeit maybe an ache here or there though they were rare.

O'Shay mentioned his name which had him look over to her. He nodded as she stated she was going to be leaving for a moment."Don't get into to much trouble," Tholo replied trying to keep the moment a bit lighthearted after the past few events. He went back to his thoughts as he looked about the small space he would now have to call home and share with three others. Life had to be such a fickle thing to lead him here. At least now perhaps he could maybe make some understanding of what he was and not worry as much about ripping some innocent bastards throat out.

Tholo was approached by one of the other tenants of the room. A younger fellow then he. The young man stated his name was Nick and after looking at his hand briefly, Tholo reached forward and shook his hand with his."Yes, Tholo it is my good man," he stated giving a smile. At least not everyone was terrified of the idea of having to share a room with monsters, or at least he hoped so.

"So didn't see you chained up. Volunteer then?" Tholo asked ",Forgive my prying but you seem a lot younger then what I would expect to volunteer for such a job that we are now stuck with."

"Remind me who put this bosh'tet in charge," the Quarian sighed in annoyance while shooting a few more of the Blue Suns. They seemed to retreat back after awhile, no doubt to regroup like the annoying White Glint stated. It didn't take much brains to figure that one out, especially after visiting Omega multiple times. The gangs were like cockroaches, no matter how hard they were hit they just never died out. To many young people buying into their crap.

She focused on reloading her weapons and getting ready for another attack, ignoring most of the conversation but stopped and laughed hearing the mention of Cerberus."Oh yes, now I really want to listen to you," Alya states sarcastically. At that point she would or rather follow the orders of a Vorcha over anything White Glint said. She could only hope the Volus was paying good enough to make her have any remote desire to work along side an ex-Cerberus member.

"The bot has a good idea, messing with their means of communication would weaken their attacks and make them easier to pick off in the long run," she stated about the Geth's suggestion ",Loosing communication, lack of any progress being made and disorganization probably would make them eventually give up and leave once morale is low enough and seeing that the fight isn't worth it for them."
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