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2 yrs ago
R.I.P. Cujo, Dog of Death 8/18/2018 :(
2 yrs ago
Every age,it seems, is tainted by the greed of men.Rubbish,to one such as I, devoid of all worldly wants!I dunno, maybe it's just the way we are. I'll stick you in my prayers.A fine dark soul, to you.
3 yrs ago
There is no real ending. It is just the place where you stop the story.
4 yrs ago
If you fall down seven times, stand up eight... It's not a matter of life or death, it's about what breaks first: your will, or the barriers in your way.


Someday I'll put something here..... Just not today.

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Location: The Celebration of course
Interactions: All the unimportant NPCs milling about

Tholo had made his way to the open bar of the celebration, though he simply spoke with the fellow wolves he saw there and avoided any hard drinks after the previous night. The celebration was a blessing and a curse to him. It was a breath of fresh air but at the same time a plague in that he had to be a storyteller most of the night for any who wanted to hear about his ancestor. Tholo mostly kept his connection to the old legends to the Red Hood secret but one or two words might of slipped from few nights of to many drinks in the fight pits. Luckily the night so far seemed to have few of those questions and rather just good old banter and a few jabs from those who were smart enough to not challenge him in fights.

Instead it led to an impromptu arm wrestling match against those wanting to test their might without unsheathing fangs and claws. Tholo humored them with a few rounds before making a quick and sneaky exit to wander around the grounds as the night grew darker.
Tehkin threw aside what he deemed to be junk. Like most days he was scavenging through the garbage filled wastes of Su-Congro, hoping to snag a few decent quality pieces of scrap that he could use to melt down. It wasn't the most thrilling of life jobs but it was one that Tehkin felt a little pride for usually making quality scrap to be used by other matorans. So far he had found little, however, and it was putting him in a bit of a bitter mood even with the knowledge that in a few days the festival would be happening. He wanted to at least have one more good set of scrap done before it started, and that meant getting it done today before he would have to travel to Fe-Congro where the festival was being held. He was a matoran who had few friends due to his blunt nature but he had managed to make a few outside of Su-Congro that he wouldn't mind seeing during the festival.
Finally pulling out a piece of twisted metal, he tossed into a makeshift sled that would carry his haul back to his home and shop. With one good scrap found his mood seemed to slightly change to the better, if his luck held he would make it to the festival.
Sorry for the delay, came down with a nasty flu. But getting back on my feet so been working on my post.
Be posting something hopefully tomorrow.

Location: The Celebration Extravaganza of course
Interactions: Back in the drinking game.... with coffee

The remainder of Thane's day involved battling his splitting headache, so much so that he nearly forgot what the night held in store. Luckily enough the skull piercing pain dulled by the time the festivities began. He did his best to make himself presentable in a crowd, a difficult task with such a lovely facial feature covering most of his charming self but he made do and was a far cry from the mess of the previous night events.

Drinking was off the table for the night, he wanted to avoid a round two with his head until a later date. Instead he simply went to the cafe next door to the bar ordering himself a coffee to help kill the little bit of pain that still remained. Once coffee in hand he made his way around the celebrations area, occasionally mingling with a fellow wolves he might of recognized be from coworkers at the club he worked or drinking and fighting buddies. Pleasantries were exchanged with occasional gossip, a far less exciting night but a calmness that Thane welcomed while he walked about.
@Jove I'm fine with that idea.

Location: Humble Den
Interactions: His aching head

The daylight came to fast to the displeasure of Thane. He growled in agitation as his eyes were hit by a blinding ray of light coming through the partially closed curtains of the window. His head was numbly throbbing from the hangover he was nursing. He reluctantly got off his couch he had previously passed out on, slowly shuffling his way to the kitchen to clean up the mess of half eaten watermelon from when he woke up earlier in the night. The wolf in him slightly whined seeing it fall into the trash but by now the fruit would of been terrible to eat. Once he cleaned up the mess he shuffled his way to his bathroom to shower. Upon entering he looked at himself in the mirror. Minus the scar on his face, the rest of him had healed while he slept, now he just needed to get rid of the dried blood. Starting the shower he started his painful day.

Upon finishing his cleaning of blood and sweat of the past day, he got new clothes before sighing loudly to himself while heading back into his kitchen to precede to make a foul mixture that he would only describe as a personal recipe for makeup juice. It gagged him but helped push back against some of the pain of the brick slamming his head which he needed to take the next step for his dead. The dread walk of doom to his mailbox that he had yet to do the previous day. The slam of the door behind him, even with his best effort to be silent, caused his head to throb in displeasure. Groaning, he slid his way down the hall to the elevator. Making his way down to the lobby before continuing the slow walk to a wall of locked boxes, finding his number and opening, taking what was inside before making his way back, only hoping that no one bothered him on his way back.
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