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There is no real ending. It is just the place where you stop the story.
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If you fall down seven times, stand up eight... It's not a matter of life or death, it's about what breaks first: your will, or the barriers in your way.


Someday I'll put something here..... Just not today.

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Zaina 'Zee' Allaires

Eukary Quad

Zaina pushed opened the doors of one of the many campus buildings. So far having managed to survive the first round of classes for the day. She was glad it was the last semester she needed to deal with any form of math based classes. The grueling near two hour long lecture nearly had put her back to sleep, luckily she sat as far in the back as possible to avoid being noticed or call upon. She contemplated on what she would do now, there was about an hour and a half break for her before the next class she had to go to would start. For the time she wandered out into the quad. With other classes finishing around the same time, there were a few others walking and hanging around the quad. None that she would particularly be around.

"Aha! There's big queen Zee. Told ya I'd find her Alya," a voice from behind Zaina called out. She turned around with a grin full of teeth on her face seeing a short cheetah followed by a painted dog walk to her. Zaina didn't make many friends throughout her early years of life. The few she did have she had lost contact years ago. Leaving the short cheetah, Natasha, and painted dog ,Alya, as her only real friends. She had met the two by chance while working at the Wolf Pack, learning they went to the same University. Most their classes did not align so they rare hung around together during the day.

"Not like she's hard to find," Alya responded back to the rather zealous cheetah. Zaina greeted both with a fist bump.

"Yeah if you confused me with another hyena I'd be hurt," Zaina teased,"It would mean I'd have to challenge someone to show who remains the queen hyena around here."

The three bantered for a while before the two friends had to quickly make it to whatever courses they had living Zaina back to waiting about the quad.
Zaina 'Zee' Allaires

Eukary Cafetería

After the mind numbing ride of the subway to reach Eukary University's campus did Zaina realize she missed eating breakfast. With a groan and annoyed huff she made her way across the cold grounds to the university's cafeteria. She pushed opened the doors with a bit of unnecessary force before making her way through the line stacking her plate with a large portion of what was scrambled eggs, and meat substituted bacon and sausage. While she particularly didn't care for the bland meat substituted made food, it wasn't the worst thing she had ever eaten and it would at least fill her for the morning. Zaina found an isolated corner of the cafeteria and ate in peace only having to eye down one lower class-men who scuttled to another area of the cafeteria after she glared them down making her chuckle afterwards.

Zaina ate in relative peace, those who she might sit with her wouldn't be up for another hour and by then she'd have to be off to her first classes of the day. In the mean time she rummaged through her bag pulling out a pair of ear buds and plugged them into her phone. Zaina shoved the plate off to the side once finishing the last bits of scraps from her plate before she cycled through her collection of music on her phone before making a choice. Soon all she heard was the loud noise of amazing guitar riffs and drum beats. A decent start for the morning before having to deal with tedium of lectures and annoying classmates. She had to remind herself that it was all worth it, that having a warm place to stay was better then freezing in the alleyways.
Pretty certain Zaina at the moment isn't apart of any team. Not saying that won't change just putting out there that I don't think I have anything in her history at thee moment for that.
Anyways as for mascot, I think should stick with the seed, always nice to have an interesting tie in to the name. Could be worked on to look a bit cooler, seen a pretty neat art of a skull made from an acorn, shame that I don't have the image anymore, maybe dig it up later.
Zaina 'Zee' Allaires

Apartment above The Wolf Pack

A blaring alarm pierced the silence of a room barely lit but the rays of light that filtered through window shades. Zaina groaned beneath her sheets, letting out an irritable huff before slamming a large fist against the perpetrator of disturbing her slumber. Amazingly the alarm clock hadn't shattered under her strike as it ceased its ear piercing sound. Zaina briefly contemplated on just remaining in bed but sighed knowing that wasn't an option. If she wasn't up soon, the one mammal that might have a chance beating her in a fight would make certain she was up and dragged down the stairs and out the building without even getting dressed. She sat up and stretched, a yawn escaping her lips before getting up to start the day anew, starting with a shower.

Any thought of returning to peaceful slumber was lost when cold water hit against her. She quickly got out of it as she could, getting dressed and grabbing a backpack haphazardly tossed to the side, it's contents having been haphazardly shoved into it before being tossed over her shoulder while leaving the confines of her apartment and making her way down the hall and down the stairwell that led down to her place of work, a moderately well known club called The Wolf Pack

As she made her way down she was greeted by the sight of the owner of the The Wolf Pack she resided above. Bartholomew Whitlock, the closest thing she could call to someone being family after three years. Bartholomew, Tholo for short, was a gruff looking timber wolf. He stood around six feet, a slightly large frame with his fit build. While one eye was a piercing sky blue the other was dull and foggy, a scar tracing itself across the left side of his face. How the wolf had been blinded he never said keeping it to himself. His fur a mixtures of grey except for his underside which was cream colored. His muzzle has slight signs of white to appear. Still even for his age, he was a tough son of a bitch and the only person who managed to knock her out. The incident had been her own fault and taught her to not do it again unless she wanted to permanently be back on the streets.

"Finally dragged your ass out of bed I see kid," Tholo stated while looking over the bar and checking everything was in order ",Thought I'd have to do it myself. Have one of the rookies in the back video tape it."

"Har har old man," Zaina huffed flipping him off, Tholo simply shook his head while continuing to work. Zaina entered behind the bar, finding an old coffee machine that had all ready been brewed and quickly made herself a cup of the wonderful elixir. One thing she could at least give the old wolf credit for, he did make good coffee.

"Off to hell I go," she muttered while carrying her drink of coffee giving the old wolf a final wave. Tholo gave a grunt in response wiping down the counter as she exiting the front door to walk her way to the nearest subway to then reach the Eukary University.

Cool. Hmm well then I might up her age slightly, keep her in college but thoughts have kind of changed slightly when she was given her ultimatum.
If still accepting I have a rough and tumble hyena gal I'll give a go.

Shame this seems to of died, was working on a collab with Asesina.

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Thane hardly had a chance to respond that he had been tricked before finding his head dunked underwater. He mentally cursed himself for being hoodwinked so easily. He was under for only a few seconds but that was enough time for Olivia to escape from any form of retaliation that Thane could of had. He resurfaced, briefly coughing up water from his surprised head dunking, giving Olivia a brief glare before having a laugh.

"All right short-stuff, I might of deserved that so fine we're even for now," he replied shaking his head and leaning it side to side to get the water out of his ears ",Also don't give me that look. You might look like an angel but after that, definitely a demon hidden behind that look. Here I thought you were the kind one of the pack."
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