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Someday I'll do something useful with this. Until then guess I shall use it as a collection of upcoming games I'm highly anticipating because why the heck not. Better then nothing.

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Hmmm well could do another time jump since it has been awhile. Though to what I don't know at the moment.
Pokes once more. Ah I hope this isn't dead.
Apologies for the delay, some work related stuff came up and been overall extremely busy.
Squall & Trygve

Geological Research Department - Dr. Paeris Daelen Office

When Dr. Paeris Dalen finally appeared and gave a brief overview of what their first assignment would be for, Squall was quite excited to hear about it. While the surrounding locales had been a nice scenery change from the Old World, after awhile it was a bit repetitious. Being able to see what waited beyond what previously the Commission had explored was just what Squall had desired to see. Fight new wyvern species, see new lands. Definitely a worthy venture for his curiosity.
One hunter seem to bombard the good doctor with questions. Filo as he had called himself, seem to go over most of the basic questions for whatever the overall commitment to the whole assignment. Important factors to consider since no doubt they would be away from Astrea for some time.
Zaina 'Zee' Allaires

Eukary Campus - Winter Festival
Interaction:@Crystal Amalgam Zelda, the worthy opponent

Zaina was still basking in her latest victory before a voice rose from the crowd of onlookers to answer her previous challenge. Zaina looked over to see a rather similar size bearded vulture who was enthusiastic and making their way to her. Zaina smiled a toothy grin, a cackle escaping from her mouth involuntarily from her excitement from a worthy opponent. The bear had been tough but still Zaina was certain of her strategy against him while this new opponent seemed more evenly matched to her own strength making her jittery in anticipation for such a feat of friendly competition with them. A final challenge to end it all that would make it all the more memorable, win or lose.

"Ah finally a worthy opponent, this battle shall be grand!" She exclaimed returning to the table, getting her arm in position while waiting for her opponent's talons to grab her paw. While waiting to start Zaina idly started to chat the rather eye catching bird.

"Never seen you around. New here?" She asked though soon someone off to the side acting as referee shouted go and the battle begun, with neither side seemingly moving, Zaina continuing to chat ",I'm certain I would remember if I had seen you around. Few avians around that match my size, outside of condors."
Shall hopefully have a post up tomorrow.
Zaina 'Zee' Allaires

Eukary Campus - Winter Festival

After having left Corrie near the various booths of the science section of the fair, Zaina returned to the various sports and physical activity booths, finding one that was having some form of arm wrestling contest that Zaina immediately entered easily working her way through a bunch of other competitors. Either through her physical prowess,causing a few to flop out of their chairs as their hand slammed into the table, or by intimidation causing forfeits of her opponent. She had drew somewhat a crowd while doing this from curious on watchers, to various defeated opponents waiting to see who came out on top. Her current opponent was a rather large grizzly bear, an opponent that was starting to actually make Zaina work for her win as they both seemed in a stalemate while neither budged.

Their hands swayed in one direction and the other as each tested their might against the other, seeing how would falter first. Both focused on concentration. What were a few seconds felt like minutes as they remained in their stalemate with no winner in sight. Zaina while having a bit of a challenge with her opponent was waiting to see him crack, and soon had her show as the bear gave a slight growl and huff, the littlest of hints of his strength weakened. This was her moment and she took it.

With a roar she pushed, a crazed glint in her eye as she smirked with all her teeth showing as she used all her strength to push back against her opponents arm. The bear faltered not expecting the sudden attack as he struggled to keep his hand from hitting the table, barely above it while trying to push back against Zaina's strength, both growling. Once more at a stalemate though the bear was only prolonging the inevitable. This was a war he could not win now as Zaina kept the pressure. He fought back valiantly but eventually it was to much as his hand hit the table with an audible thud, lightly panting with a slight groan of disappointment while Zaina threw her hands into the air and madly cackled with triumph.

"So who's next to try and dethrone the Matriach?"
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