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There is no real ending. It is just the place where you stop the story.
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If you fall down seven times, stand up eight... It's not a matter of life or death, it's about what breaks first: your will, or the barriers in your way.


Someday I'll put something here..... Just not today.

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Tholo Whitlock

The Black Market - Decrepit Building
Interaction: @GreysonEA

Tholo gave an a growl of annoyance at the voice signalling that he had a guest in the hellish freak-show of a room. While most of the regular civilians of the Black Market seemed to of forgotten about 'Gevaudan' some of the older gangs along with a sprinkler of newer players in the underbelly of the city occasionally were a bother. Mostly was a simple deal, he didn't fuck with them and they didn't fuck with him. None of his errands running for the police had ever involved the big players and he intended to keep it that way. He had gotten out and he didn't want back in. Unfortunately that didn't stop them from at least pestering him when they caught on to his presence, much to his frustration as many young bloods appeared to enjoy poking his buttons.

"What do you want cub, no cowering mice to chase," Tholo shot back as he made his way through the room, following a specific stench as well as drag marks of stagnant blood ",Or a free meal. I know you enjoy trash, so plenty of that currently here. All rotting and ripe for your enjoyment. I've got no time playing babysitter and don't have a ball of yarn for you so maybe one of these guys' heads will do."

The trail went further into the building, a sickening feeling entered the old wolf's stomach. This was far more then simple turf wars, someone sick in the head was responsible for this. More horrors were within, some missing limbs, fur pelts hanging on the wall above mangle remains. The trail went further and further until ending in a room with only one body, the only body that seemed untouched minus the fact it was pinned to the wall, hanging from it. On the wall, written in blood was a simple question:

"Well fuck."
Zaina 'Zee' Allaires

Eukary Campus - Winter Festival
Interaction: @Zanavy

Zaina followed the owl, giving the zonkey one last glare and toothy smile before following after. They appeared to be absorbed in a bit of their own conversation at first, talking about error or trusting rigged carnival games before speaking to her. Zaina looked down while they walked, slightly slouching as to make it easier on the owl so she didn't have to crane her neck as much.

"I dislike people being bullies. Could of thrown a punch but I'm all ready in a little hot water for defending someone else, so had to think on my feet. Perhaps it would be superior world if things could be simply resolved with a matter of words but to me a little dull. Don't let that literal ass ruin the festival. Just avoid the games, even if its a school, still trying to scam all out of cash. Sure can learn how to outsmart but not really worth the effort and time. You've got spunk for trying I'll give you that. Just need to know when to pick the battles."

While definitely most of the parting words went over the Zaina's head along with the girl's name being quite a mouth full, she just gave a light laugh and smirking grin sticking her arm out to shake Corrie's extended wing.

"Zaina. Just avoid getting into more trouble, can't threaten to eat everyone, my appetite only goes so far even for a gal like me," Zaina joked giving a shake ",Thanks for the bit of excitement and letting me put someone deserving in their place."
Bleh after a bit of writers block and a hectic week, soon I shall have free time. Free time to work on a post hopefully. So either late evening tonight or some time tomorrow. Depends on how tired I am tonight.
@Norschtalen Interesting having the references to Frontier. Was contemplating having my character make references about the accel-axe from Explore.
@Light Close, probably could of explained the spike thing more but it is actually Morudomunto, an elder dragon from Monster Hunter Explore. I say close guess because supposedly its design was inspired by earlier concept art of Nergigante, though I've never been able to verify that. Shame that Monster Hunter Explore was ended last year. Theme is really good too.

There did a little backstory. If anyone guesses the elder dragon referenced in the backstory they get free internet cookie.
Have another Tholo post up hopefully tomorrow.
Was going to wait a little bit for others to post but can do another Tholo post.
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