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Current Hey guys, don't catch the flu. It sucks! - PSA from your friendly neighborhood Targaryen
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Our father's were evil men, all of us. They left the world worse than they found it. We're not going to do that, we're going to leave the world better than we found it - Daenerys Targaryen
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Time and space - time to be alone, space to move about - these may well become the great scarcities of tomorrow. - Edwin Way Teale
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Ever make a mistake so bad, that it hurts every time you just think of it? Ever wish you could go back in time and fix everything so you didn't hurt the one who matters most? Yeah, me too.
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Hail Hydra!


Do not go gentle into that good night
By: Dylan Thomas

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

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The settlement was surprisingly friendly, given the temperament of the few wastelanders Typhon had encountered beforehand. The one that had problems with his skin, in particular, seemed rather nice, as he had taken her in. Well, he seemed like he would have, but then he had to run off to deal with some kind of incursion. The man's skin was something the computer in her head, and the brain working together could not process. The man's skin seemed to literally be rotting off his body, yet somehow he seemed to be functioning fine without any sort of intense pain. It was truly an odd conundrum that made her desire to offer him some sort of skin lotion. If she had any. He certainly looked like he needed it, and he seemed polite enough that some return kindness was appropriate. Yet, as she could hear the gunshots in the distance that had been going on for literal days at this point, she wondered if the kind man was actually going to be coming back or if he had perished in the town. That would be inconvenient. Others seemed to expire so quickly and easily.

Lost in her thoughts as she leaned against the car in the garage, the girl was suddenly roused by the sound of a door opening nearby, and several footsteps entering. Looking up from her position on the floor next to the car, she spotted a group of six approaching her. Two females and four males, wearing various states of leather clothing with scrap metal for armor. Their features and piercings varied from person to person as the first woman pointed her out with a jeer, and pointed her gun at the young girl. "Oi, boys. Check out the fun-size over here. Boss could have some real fun with her. Jay! Hit 'er." The woman declared, as a rather burly dark-skinned man came forwards towards the young girl sitting there. "Unidentified Contacts." The girl muttered, earning a jeer about being broken already from the raider. Immediately, he swung his bat towards the girl's head, aiming to knock her out with a single hit. However, the man yelped out as the bat hit something solid and all momentum stopped. "Updated. Hostile contacts. Initiating defense." She said firmly, as the man's eyes went wide at the girl's metal hand. Then seconds later was slamming into the wall nearest them, with a loud crunch of bone. Moments after, the group in the building staggered back as another limb raised up behind the young girl, three mandibles spreading apart on the thing over her shoulder, and flames licking at the center of that hungry maw.

The door to the garage exploded open as bodies clambered over each other to escape the building. The majority of the group seemed to make it out, as they turned and had their weapons already up and firing a cacophony of bullets towards the open door. Yet this hail of bullets was soon interrupted as the raiders scattered. With a terrifying roar, a sound that was made of a mixture of pained screech and the roar of flames as a burning raider slammed down among where they were formerly gathered. From the open doorway, emerged the very figure they had been planning to kidnap moments before. "Five. She muttered with an emotionless tone. One of the surviving raiders took a quick shot at the girl, attempting to stop her where she stood. The shot impacted with a sick thwack, instantly followed by a loud metallic pang as if he had shot metal, the force of the impact caused the girls head to turn away, though she somehow seemed to catch herself as she slowly turned back towards the group, beneath the bloodied, ruptured skin around her temple and near her left eye, light reflected off a shiny metal. Just the corner of a glowing orange light, likely what was beneath her eye giving it that odd orange glow, could be seen as she faced the group of raiders. The group collectively took a step back and nearly stumbled over each other in fear of that thing which could so easily shrug off bullet impacts to her head. Any hint of the bloodlust and the eagerness to fight of those raiders was broken under that cold gaze. The group stood frozen, like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle. The fear ripping through their veins from the inhuman beast before them seeming to hold of their usually warped minds. This standoff could’ve gone on eternally, if the girl hadn’t suddenly raised her right arm, and the glint of the barrel in the forearm betrayed its purpose mere moments before firing. The raiders were ripped violently from their stupor as the one who had shot the girl shook violently from side to side from the rapid impacts of the ten millimeter bullets that spat from the girl’s arm. "Four.”

"R-Run!” The female from before shouted, turning and leading her gang on a path away from the monster they had unknowingly unleashed upon themselves. Not a soul dared to attempt to grab their former comrade, now bleeding on pavement, as their primal need to survive drove them tearing through the settlement like radstags fleeing an incoming deathclaw. Even as the distance between them increased, the raiders could still hear the cold, emotionless voice of the girl they attacked. "Do not flee, this will only draw out your expiration.” She said, before taking off at a dead sprint after the group of four. As the group split off their own ways through the settlement, it became clear to Typhon that she would not catch all four if she ran through the streets. Instead aiming herself directly at one of the metal buildings that she suspected passed for housing in this town. Just as she was slamming into the wall, the girl’s vision became overlayed with a projected path to allow her easy traversal of the environment to cut her prey off. With a small hop beforehand, Typhon slammed her metallic feet into the ground and pushed off once more into a powerful leap. Propelling herself high enough that her hands were easily able to grab the edge of the building and catapult herself onto the roof in one fluid motion. Then tearing off in the direction where she could hear the nearest of her prey’s panicked cry, Typhon sprinted along the rooftops at speeds a human could not, easily able to leap the gaps between buildings with a minimal effort. As she surged closer, the girl was able to pick up the man’s panicked breathing easier and easier. As well as his muttered words that he had surely lost her, one which he was quickly reminded was not the case.

Launching herself off a rooftop, the man saw her shadow overtake him on the ground, turning to see her descending on him with just enough time to let out a panicked scream. The scream was quickly cut off as the sounds of a sickening crunch floated on the air, followed by a single gunshot. "Three.” A mere moment later, one would see the girl take off down an alley between rows of buildings, as she spotted one of the two woman go ripping by the end of the alleyway. As she neared the end, Typhon did not slow a single bit, instead she leaped at the wall to her right and immediately jumped back off the metal to change her direction around the corner. Landing in a roll, the girl came to her feet with a terrifying grace as she started closing the distance between herself and the raider ahead. As the raider turned to try to fire at the girl, she instead was met with a piercing pain through her back as her legs suddenly seemed to just… stop. Toppling head over heels into the pavement, it only then occurred to the raider that she had been shot. Before she could even shout something in defiance, the monster was upon her, and another gunshot echoed through the air as the raider was silenced. "Two.” She said, wheeling around to find her next target. Just behind her, she saw the woman who had seemed in charged earlier staring at the scene with a look of abject horror. Flanked by the remaining man as they seemed to notice they were now the center of her attention. The two immediately tore off in a dead sprint, making their way towards the spot where the defenders of this town seemed to be coordinating from, in a last ditch gambit to survive.

The two would draw closer to their target, with their pursuer hot on their tracks. Cutting around a few extra corners, and even staggering her back with a rouge shot from their guns, the two raiders hoped they created enough distance to survive. The two arrived where the Marshalls were coordinating their attacks, the woman immediately throwing down her gun as her compatriot held his but made no threatening gesture. "Tell that thing to stand down! We surrender!” The woman shouted out, tears in her eyes as she was practically begging for mercy. Yet the gaze of those who had noticed her was not on her, but of the mechanical beast that was leaping between the walls of the alleyway to accelerate faster than she could run, bearing down on the two raiders. Too late, did the woman realize why they weren’t responding, as she felt something grab her arm while she tried to turn to run from the thing coming after her. There was no time wasted as the mandibles of the tail grabbing her arm closed tighter, then the limb whipped her violently to the side. Slamming into the metal of the building she was thrown at, another crunch could be heard as she crumpled to the ground and the metal was indented from the impact. The monster then closed on her target, laying there and whimpering on the ground, and raised her arm to finish the job. "On-“ She said, being cut off by a warcry from behind as the remaining raider, having produced a sledgehammer from his back sheath, came in to protect the woman with a large overhead strike.

The warcry then turned high-pitched and pained as the tail turned suddenly to face him, and began belching flames directly at the attacker. Even as the gun in her arm fired, killing the one on the ground. Turning away from the two freshly made corpses, the tail’s flames fell away into nothingness as her arms lowered and the girl became more relaxed in stance. Looking at the marshals, she then turned her attention towards the man with odd skin at the gate, talking to another. The one she recognized who had told her to stay in the garage. Approaching him, she spoke in that same emotionless and nearly mechanical tone. "Hostile infiltrators eliminated. Awaiting next order.” She said, looking up towards Sam and ignoring anything other might’ve said in those moments.


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United States, Earth
Jan 1st, 2020 - United States of America

The refrigerator door made a slight thud as it closed with a bit of force, accompanied closely by the sound of somebody humming along happily to herself as she made her way away from the appliance. Of course, said sound was caused by a rather happy young woman by the name of Kara Davis, as she made her way towards her living room for the small container of cookie dough ice cream clutched in her hands. Plopping down on her couch, the woman turned on the news as he took a large scoop out of the container and popped it in her mouth. The girl watched quietly as the news covered the very incident that she had taken part in earlier that day. Curious about how the media was taking her actions, though she supposed it didn't particularly matter how they felt given that she didn't really have any intention of stopping. After all, things had been going rather badly over the recent months as far as crime and the whole situation with metahumans like herself. The world needed a hero right now, and that is what Sol would be to them.

Of course, the news she was watched covered other various events beyond her own. With a worried look, Sol witnessed the events unfolding in Kansas City. Only a mere hour ago, the scene had been rather busy. A protest against the media's treatment of metahumans had occupied the park outside of the city's capitol building, the girl hadn't even known there were that many metahumans or people who supported them living in the area. Thankfully, at least in Kara's mind, the tensions in Kansas City have seemed to avoid bubbling over as the protest seemed to be going on rather peacefully. The girl could most certainly understand why the people were angry however, with the sentiment towards metahumans being rather negative on average. Certainly, since the last few months had been filled with stories regarding the rumors of metahumans being real, and often times painting them as criminals. With elements such as that strange blur and the criminal group associated it acting out though, she couldn't exactly make strong arguments against alot of the sentiment.

Flipping away from the protest, the channel went about displaying other headline stories that occurred during the day. A story involving some shootout at a compound somewhere relatively nearby quickly played across the screen. Though almost as quick as it came on, that story was pushed off the air as if trying to be covered up. Instead, the pink-haired girl watched another event of heroics happening on this day. Except for this time, it wasn't the incident she had been involved with. She watched with a mild interest for a few moments until the camera got a good view at the man performing the heroics. Instantly, Kara's eyes shot open wide as she stared at the man on screen. "WHAT THE FUCK!?" The girl suddenly yelled out at the very recognizable figure on the screen. Then in a blur of motion, the girl was suddenly gone from the house, with her costume on, and tearing high into the sky to see if her enhanced senses couldn't find the boy she had seen on screen. She had some... questions for him.

Meanwhile, across town in a run-down motorcycle bar, two men stood about three feet away from each other. Both fit the part of your standard 'thug', wearing sleeveless leather jackets, with tattoos running all over their arms and built beyond belief. The kind of men that if you saw on the street you might clutch your belongings a bit tighter and cross the street to get away from. The two were locked hard in conversation, seeming a bit animated about something or another. Though eventually, the one closer to the door of the building seemed to calm himself down and become visibly less animated. "That damned broad wearing the costume ruined the job earlier, and one of your boys is likely going to talk. The fuck ya gon' do about the heat we are about to have on us?" He hissed at the other man, who seemed to be subservient to him. The other tried to come up with excuses while the one who had just spoken glared down at him. For but a moment, things seemed like they might be calm, but then the one who had spoken previously suddenly moved forwards and swung a fist towards the other. Moments before the fist would hit, a sort of shockwave in the dust floating through the air could be seen traveling from the fist. The moment it hit the one would have been punched, it was as if he were hit by a truck directly on the side of his head where the punch would've landed.

The scene was one that would be rather messy as one could come to expect from such an impact. Turning towards the exit, the living man turned over his shoulder and shouted at the empty. "Clean this shit up! Ringo, that number that called with an offer last night. Send it to my cell, we might need to make a new friend to recover from this damned mess." He growled, as a scrawny man appeared from behind the bar and nodded eagerly. Then he moved to comply with his boss' orders as the man left the bar, heading out to try to clean up the mess created by that damned hero girl.

Talik “The Fox of Ryloth” Gida, The Rebel

Interacting with: Toryn Dral

The Liberator - Mandalore Docking Ring
Year Four, After Re-Synchronization

As a figure finally started to emerge from the ship, Talik did her best effort to calm down the twitching of the lekku that would betray that she was rather happy to see the Mandalorian. Though it was quickly obvious to anybody watching, that she had failed at the task of keeping said lekku from betraying her. As if the limb had a mind of its own... which technically wasn't all that incorrect. Still, she at least managed to keep the sour expression on her features as Toryn stepped out and addressed her, stopping where he was finally as tall as she due to the elevated ramp. "Yes, you did. Not very nice to keep a woman waiting, you know." The twi'lek teased the man before stepping forward to close the distance between them. In a mere moment, Toryn would find himself wrapped in her embrace, as she hugged her friend a bit tightly. Though she wasn't certain how much of the tight embrace Toryn would even feel through his beskar.

She held the embrace for a long few moments as her chin rested briefly on his shoulder pad, whispering at a volume that would only just barely be picked up by Toryn's audio input so he could hear inside the helmet. "Vor entye, ibic tid'ica yir at ni." She whispered, before finally releasing the man from the hug as she took a step back. While the girl would've much liked to indulge in the embrace a bit longer, she didn't want her friend to find it awkward. Along with the fact that there was already enough rumors that the twi'lek was aware of floating around the Liberator regarding her relationship with Toryn. Grunts liked to gossip, and she knew she didn't help matters with how eager she was to be around him. Though she limited herself at just that, Toryn was nothing more to her than a good friend. No matter how much her heart said otherwise.

"I believe I promised you food, so come on. Lets go get something to eat. I'm rallying the troops in about an hour anyway." She said with a rather friendly and pleasant smile towards Toryn. Reaching out with a gauntleted hand, she didn't exactly give him much a chance to respond as she grabbed his own and pulled to start them on the trek before letting go. "The Mandalor will be providing our ride to the station, Toryn. So if you want we can keep the dog on hand here and I could have my tech's refuel and restock you as a repayment for coming along." The twi'lek said as they started making their way towards the hangar. She had never really been one to be great at small talk, but the way her mind focused directly in on the mission at hand was still rather unusual. A habit she typically only took up around Toryn when she was particularly worried about the mission at hand, which somewhat would make a bit of sense given the stakes of what they were going to do.

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