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Current Hey guys, don't catch the flu. It sucks! - PSA from your friendly neighborhood Targaryen
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Our father's were evil men, all of us. They left the world worse than they found it. We're not going to do that, we're going to leave the world better than we found it - Daenerys Targaryen
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Time and space - time to be alone, space to move about - these may well become the great scarcities of tomorrow. - Edwin Way Teale
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Ever make a mistake so bad, that it hurts every time you just think of it? Ever wish you could go back in time and fix everything so you didn't hurt the one who matters most? Yeah, me too.
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Hail Hydra!


Do not go gentle into that good night
By: Dylan Thomas

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

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Vasani’Brinme, The Popstar

Interacting with: N/A

Unknown - CIS Space
Unknown Time

A low drumming through her skull was the first thing that the young togruta noticed as she swam through the murky waters of regaining consciousness. At first, senses came trickling back to her piece by piece as her mind tried to shake off the clutches of unconsciousness that had gripped it mere moments before. Yet this was only a bliss as the dam holding back the wave of sensations came crashing down and her eyes shot wide open with a strangled scream of pain leaving her throat. The togruta’s eyes shot wide as both memory and new sensation surged through her mind at the same time. Her body feeling as if there were fire surging through her veins, searing every nerve that it came across while her muscles fired rapidly and out of control, yet only served to cut her wrists against the metal holding her down. The spasms growing more painful as her vision swam from the brutal feeling tearing through her. She didn’t even have the breath to scream out in pain anymore, as the shocks racing through her body stole those precious breaths from her, despite her desperate attempts to cry out for help. Which her frantic mind had attempted to reason would help her, yet a rational one would already know such actions were hopeless in her current situation.

Then just as suddenly as the pain had roused her, it suddenly cut out. Of course, the young togruta’s body still twitched occasionally and sent the rough spasm as the remnants still coursed through her. The girl’s breathing was ragged, heavy, and her eyes contained a wild and scared look as tears fell freely down her face. The girl taking a few long moments to catch her breath as her vision finally returned, and a scream stifled itself in her throat as her eyes went wide once more at the behemoth before her. The droid frame of the being before her was rather imposing, the dark cloak hanging off his shoulders and white metal of the body making the creature before her rather unmistakable. Coupled with that the yellow, slitted eyes and the intimidating stature, it was unmistakable to the popstar who was standing over her. Vasani’s instincts told her to flee, struggling against the restraints that held her to the rack which had been so recently causing her so much pain. Though her rational mind told the girl that she could not flee from the monster before her, that primal part of her mind screamed at her to run. Tears fell freely down her face as she panicked, already knowing what would come next as it had come so many times before in the recent days. The girl having gone from the refined persona she usually put off to that of a simple scared girl, something that made quite a bit of sense given her current situation.

Then the creature leaned in and let out a sinister, menacing chuckle. ”Goodmorning, Shiri The voice said, emphasis on Vasani’s stage name in a clearly mocking tone. ”You must realize by now that there is no escape from here, girl.” The voice said as it turned towards the young togruta. Leaning in even as she tried to press away from the monster before her. Those terrible yellow eyes taking a moment to study her, as if trying to figure out whether or not she was broken yet. ”That is why you WILL tell me what I desire, little togruta.” He growled as the togruta made a small sound of panic, before seeming to try to force on a brave face despite her voice cracking. ”I won’t tell you anything, Grevious!” She tried to declare defiantly as she was interrupted a wave of laughter from the general as he leaned back and moved towards the panel on the wall of the cell, a hand hovering just over it as he could see the togruta begin to panic. ”Your words mean nothing when you quiver like a whelp, girl. Worry not, girl, when you tell me how you contacted your precious sister, she will soon be joining you in this cell.” The general said before getting cut off by the young togruta. ”You can’t do this! When she hears she’ll come kick your meta-” She tried to yell back before yelling out in pain as the general placed his hand to the panel. ”Alas, girl, I CAN do this.” He said in a small pause of the process before pressing his hand to the panel. Then he turned to leave as the girl whimpered at the sound of the device charging, and the door to her cell slamming shut just as her screams once again tore through the halls.

Talik “The Fox of Ryloth” Gida, The Rebel

Interacting with: N/A

The Liberator - Mandalore Hyperlane
Year Four, After Re-Synchronization

”Can’t this damn tub go any faster?” The twi’lek demanding of the men sitting at the control consoles around her, as she watched out the front viewscreen. The anticipation and edge in her tone rather obvious to even the casual observer. From her right side and just behind her, came a male voice with a heavy coruscanti accent. ”We’re in hyperspace, we cannot move any faster than we are going.” The voice said, as the older man stepped up and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. ”We will get there in time, lass. He added, before moving on to check on how the ship was running. Which, admittedly, was not the best shape it could be in. The occasional sparking from the consoles, and the alarms constantly blaring across the screens doing much to display the poor state that the massive ship was currently in. That is, if one didn’t cast their looks out the viewscreen and she the sparks and obvious battle scars all across the outer arms of the Lucrehulk that the girl used as a mobile base. The remnants of the previous conflict the ship was fleeing from, one which they had barely survived in the first place. ”We better make it, Admiral Kilian, I can’t lose Vasani to that monster.” The girl said in a voice heavy with concern, turning away from the admiral just as one of the crew made a sudden announcement. ”We are approaching Mandalore, and damage to the ship is rather immense. Brace yourselves, this won’t be a smooth deceleration!” He called out as the bridge crew and those around the Lucrehulk who heard the announcement over the comms all braced themselves.

Moments later, the orbit of Mandalore had a new and rather strange sight to behold. As the damaged Lucrehulk, a ship usually associated with the CIS, suddenly appeared in orbit. Although it seemed to be a bit of a rough stop as it started to spin and came to an abrupt stop. Moments later, a single mandalorian escort ship dropped behind the damaged ship as it started to right itself and began moving towards the massive orbital ring. Yet even as the ship started to move closer, one of the massive thrusters on the rear seemed to spark and send out a sputter of flames before falling dark as it failed. Immediately, the ship slowed as it no longer had the capability of producing thrust needed to move, eventually coming to a stop. Two small tugs left the station and came to latch onto the ship and start to guide it into the designated position. Meanwhile, just before the ship itself docked, an even odder sight came as a Republic Era LAAT left the Lucrehulk’s hangar and started burning its way down towards the planet itself. The speed of the gunship betrayed a need to reach the surface rather quickly for whoever happened to be onboard of the lone gunship.

Onboard said gunship, stood about five figures. One in a suit of jet black Beskar’gam, two wearing simple battle armor that had clearly seen better days, and two magna-droids standing on either side of the mandalorian girl. The gunship itself groaned and creaked as it dove sharply towards the surface of the planet, moving about as rapidly as the thing could handle at the behest of girl in the black armor. Soon enough, however, it flared up and slowed its descent as the gunship made its way towards the tower’s hangars. Soon enough making its way in and setting down with a small thud, and the side door sliding quickly open. Turning towards the two soldiers on either side, the Mandalorian spoke up. ”Once the ship is getting refueled and front end matters are done, take the next few hours to go get a drink. Just keep comms open for when we need to leave.” Came the feminine voice as she stepped off the gunship and spun on the two magna-droids who had started to follow her. ”IG, Pally, stay with the ship. I doubt they will appreciate two magna-droids walking around, even if you two are with me.” The girl said firmly, despite the immediate protests of both droids. Though they eventually stood down and moved to guard the ship. The two grumbling about it being unfair as they watched the girl make her way through the hangar.

It was a bit of a walk to make it to the turbolift that would take her up to hopefully meet with the Mandalore. Reaching up and taking off her helmet as she waited for the lift to make it to the top, the girl shook her head slightly to let the two red lekku out and to hang free. She let out a long sigh as she took a breath to calm herself before reaching her stop. Afterall, it wouldn’t really do much by way of getting the support she needed if she was overly emotional when trying to get help breaking Vasani out of that prison. As the repulsor lift stopped, Talik stepped out and took a long look around the room, before being led towards an office near the Mandalor’s office, where a woman sat behind a desk. Who, despite sitting behind a desk, still very much looked like she could throw people out the window to the side of her office. ”Thank you for seeing me, I won’t waste any time. I need the Republic of Mandalore’s help. Vasani, ner vod (my sister), has been kidnapped and my forces were not enough to break her out of that hell. Hear me out, please, ni liser va sarna kaysh (I can’t lose her).” The girl spoke in a voice quite unlike her usual. Instead of the confidence and bravado she usually carried herself with, the girl’s voice betrayed emotion. Betrayed the fear and worry she felt deep inside herself for the safety of her twin.

Talik Gida | Korriban | Temple Interior

Talik listened quietly to the Overseer's little speech about what the assignment would be for the initiates who would be tested on that... fine day. Carefully she still eyed the younger ones who would be tested. Not a word was spoken, yet the critical gaze with which she looked over the initiates should've spoken enough. She simply held herself in a quiet, and ominous presence as she truly wondered if any of the group would not be walking out the other side that day. Frankly, she hoped as much. Some of their comrades dying would cement the reality of the world and serve to make these initiates stronger. Those bonds of friendship they might otherwise develop before truly experiencing such loss would only serve to make the entire group weaker. Then would get them killed on the field, and afford those damned jedi even a hint of an advantage. Something which Talik wasn't really a fan of allowing since a threat to the empire also meant a threat to her own personal gains. With a small sigh, she looked up just as the speech was finished and they were told to head inside the temple. With a simple nod of acknowledgment, the girl turned and started walking towards the structure.

Once inside, the girl quietly hummed to herself as she made her way through the passages. Positioning herself in a central location in the tombs, Talik moved herself to stand in a more concealed area of the room she was in. A place where all the initiates would have to pass through in order to carry on towards the finish. From her position, up off the floor between two statues, where the shadows would conceal her rather nicely, she would be able to watch their progress. Not to mention, it was only a short jump down to intervene with the students once she decided. Afterall, all entrances and exits to the room were clearly in her view.

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The Galactic Vices Casino & Resort

Throughout the grandiose halls of the casino, a loud klaxxon could be heard ringing for just barely a moment. A signal meant to gather the attendants of the casino's attention for an announcement. What immediately followed was a booming voice in huttese, from Krembal announcing that the auction would be starting soon. Immediately after, the pleasant voice of one of his many twi'lek slaves translated the words into basic for those who did not speak huttese. Immediately after the announcement, the entire atmosphere changed as the music suddenly stopped booming and the lighting changed to draw a focus on the stand which held all the goods being auctioned off. Meanwhile, a large amount of the patrons gambling on the floor stood up almost as one and began to make their way over towards the seating for the auction. A small buzz drumming up from the conversation as many made idle talk to amuse themselves until things truly got moving.

Meanwhile, the guards from around the casino all quietly moved to positions where they could easily see the goings on of the auction, and step in if it was needed from them. The focus clearly being on that which was going down before the hutt as opposed to the gambling. After all, most of the patrons on this day were here for the rather expensive goods. Many would go to any lengths to leave with the goods they had come with the hopes of obtaining. There would be no such chaos or violence within the casino of the great Krembal the Hutt, and as such the guards seemed to be in force and on edge as the auction was reaching the point of beginning in earnest. The protocol droid which would be officiating the bidding had made its way to the central podium set up in front of the goods being auctioned. From here it would control the bidding and the flow of the auction, while the goods would be shown off by a helper who was currently on their way to the stand. Along with all these changes about how the guards and casino looked, there was also a healthy amount of tension in the air as prospective bidders all eyed each other with suspicious glares. Wary of their neighbor who might try to steal their precious loot.

However, all was not moving along as smoothly as one might've hoped for if they were running such a high stakes event as Krembal. In the guts of the casino, where employees went to load or unload goods, a group of figures who did not seem to fit the typical employees gathered. They did not do much beyond making their way through the halls with a definitive purpose. But still, there was an air of hostility about these shadowy figures. Ones who wore armor completely over their bodies to conceal their true identities. While the patrons of the casino upfront prepared for the auction, this group prepared for something else entirely in the guts of the building.


The girl had been in the middle of one of her various dance routines, as patrons in the immediate area stared at the twi'lek dancing for some very obvious reasons. Their lecherous looks only earning them disdainful, and rather abrasive, thoughts from the twi'lek. Though she betrayed no such emotions on her features for fear of what her owners might do if she acted out of line. Then, the girl was interrupted by her platform suddenly starting to move backwards across the casino. The klaxxon sounding not long after the movement began, as she knew that the time for the auction had come. Her thoughts turned even darker as she knew that it meant selling off the one person she truly cared about in this damned hellhole that had become her home. The girl's gaze drifted slowly over the crowd of patrons who were waiting for the auction to start as her platform passed overhead.

As the platform stopped at the edge of the stand which held the items being auctioned, she obediently stepped off of the platform after the barriers dropped and onto the stand. Which then began to hum itself as new barriers came up around the items and herself. Keeping the prized slave from trying to escape, as well as the more... daring patrons from attempting to steal the items. The girl made her way over towards the cage holding the blue twi'lek slave on the platform, sauntering slightly with her walk to keep the gaze of some of the patrons on herself. This way she was keeping them interested in the goods Krembal had to offer, as was her job that day. Though as she passed by the cage, the girl's lips moved quickly. Those paying close enough attention to the lethan, and who understood Ryl, would be able to detect the hints of an apology to the girl. As the twi'lek apologized for the role she would play in selling this woman off to some unknown bidder.

Then, the auction began as the droid started introducing the first item on the docket that day. The jedi relics that the great, and powerful Krembal had managed to recover. To the twi'lek, they did not seem to carry much value. Just some weird looking pieces of tech, but it was not her place to understand what was being sold. Instead, as the protocol droid talked about the relics and hyped them up before opening the floor to take bids on the relics. Meanwhile, the red-skinned girl quickly made her way over to the relics and did her best to show them off. Ensuring to that she kept the attention of those in crowd with her actions, even as she showed off the relics. Though the looks that she received as she did her actions, and what she would have to help auction off later only served to darken the girl's mood. To make her hope that something would happen to ruin the whole auction.

Though perhaps she should be careful what she wished for...
Talik Gida | Korriban | Temple Exterior

As she made her way out of the temple, the lethan twi'lek's mind wandered to a morbid curiosity about how the students at the academy would handle the test planned for that day. If any would prove to become one of Mara's favorites, or particularly provoke her ire by making an idiot of themselves during the upcoming struggle. Certainly this would be no leisurely walk through the park for the students, she had helped ensure that much at least. As she thought on these matters, the girl did cast a slight look towards the gathered students waiting for the test, sizing some of them up to see if any showed promise just from looks.

Yet, the twi'lek was unable to gauge based off mere impressions from a look as she left the temple. The girl had been in there for a decent amount of time each day since she had been asked to help with this test by the overseers. Exploring, getting to know the temple, and... enhancing the area a bit for their trial. Work which had taken all the way until a few mere moments ago to finish off. On her way out of the temple, the girl had noticed Mara heading into the temple and made a mental note of where the woman was heading. Just in case there was another angle to this test that she hadn't been expecting nor told about.

Taking a place near the other volunteers that were waiting, the lethan gave not a hint of emotion or a greeting towards the others. Instead, her harsh amber eyes scanned over the iniates. Of course, she would not have minded introductions or the likes with her fellow volunteers. Yet now was not the time for such pleasantries, as she felt there was no need to show such a side in front of the iniates. While waiting for whatever came next, the girl gently thumbed the hilt to one of the two practice sabers she had brought with her. Thinking about where in the tomb she wanted to take up residency to prevent the students from accomplishing their goal.
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