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Since Wraith has allowed secondary characters, I think it's time to give Enarr a run for his money.

Location and Time: New York City; Behind Greene's Groceries - 2:08 PM
Issue #1: We Don't Sell That Here

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The sun was high in the sky, casting a warm glow over the city. Just around the corner I could hear the constant flow of traffic and pedestrians, cars honking and people talking. Leaning against the wall right next to the back door, I took a drag from my cigarette, inhaling then slowly exhaling a cloud of smoke. This was my single fifteen minute break in a ten hour shift and, as usual, I spent it smoking and taking in the ambience of the city.

It wasn't even a minute later when the back door opened, my younger coworker Mason leaning out and looking at me with worried eyes. "Um, Mr. Forte? Can you come back inside real quick? There's a customer asking for a manager."

I sighed, snuffing out the cigarette on the wall and flicking it into a nearby trash can. "Alright. Let's go see what the problem is."

The two of us went back inside, heading up to the front counter. There was Karen behind the counter, staring doe-eyed at the customer in front of her who was demanding to see a manager. Karen looked over to me, her fearful expression shifting into one of relief. I stepped in between the counter and the customer, looking to meet the customer's eyes. "Who are you?" the customer asked, crossing her arms.

"I'm the manager. What seems to be the problem here?"

"I do all my shopping here and now you're out of the one thing I need!"

I've never seen this woman before in my past five years of working here. "What are you looking for, ma'am?"


"We don't sell diapers here, ma'am."

"You're kidding! I buy them here all the time!"

I shake my head. "I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but we don't sell them here. Never have. There's a Walgreens two blocks away, you should be able to get some there."

She narrows here eyes at me and scoffs. "Fine. I'll take my business there then." With that she struts out the door, the tension in the air following after her. Crisis averted, for now.

"Thank you, Mr. Forte," Karen says. "Sorry we interrupted your break."

"It's fine. Just try to be more assertive next time. Tell them 'we don't sell that here'."

"I tried, but... She was so demanding."

I chuckle at that. "Yeah, they usually are." I cast a glance at my watch. 2:14. "Well, break time's over. Time to get back to work." I give a nod to Mason and Karen and head to the back office. Taking a seat, I sigh, then get to work on putting my inventory count into the system. With Mr. Greene retiring last year, most of the work fell on me, meaning I was the one doing inventory and ordering us more goods.

The rest of the day passed by uneventfully. After putting in my counts and making an order I moved onto helping Mason stock the store. It was 8PM now, closing time, and we were finishing up a pallet of soda. "Any plans for tonight, Mason?" I asked, placing two twelve packs of Coca-Cola on the shelf.

"Nothing much, probably just gonna chill out on the couch with my girlfriend, maybe watch a movie or something. What about you, Mr. Forte?" He loads up another two twelve packs.

"Take Chip out for a walk, like I usually do. Then call it a night."

"Heh, you and that dog. You make it sound like he's all you need."

"Because he is. I love that dog."

"Do you even have anybody in your life, Mr. Forte?" Mason pauses, as if realizing how rude that sounds. "Sorry, I don't mean it like... I'm just, y'know-"

"You're fine, kid." Two more twelve packs on the shelf. "No, I don't. But I've gotten used to it."

"You ever had anybody in your life?"

"I had a family, once. Car accident took that away."

"Shit... I'm sorry."

"... It was a long time ago now."

The two of us don't talk much after that. Just an awkward silence hanging over us for a couple of minutes as we finish up the soda. Thankfully, it's over quickly. The silence remains as we clock out and head out the door. I lock it, speaking to Mason as I do: "You enjoy your night, Mason."

"You too, Mr. Forte. See you tomorrow," he says, before getting into his car and driving away. My apartment is only a few blocks away, so I begin the trek home.

Haven't talked about my family in a while. Mr. Greene had heard the same car accident story from me, one night after we closed and he invited me over for some drinks. I hadn't told that to anybody except Mr. Greene, fearing that someone might put the pieces together. I was still a wanted man for all that I had done, still had to hide even if it was in plain sight. If someone were to recognize me...

"Stop! Please, stop!"

"We'll stop once we get what we want out of you, girlie! Trav! Hold her down..."

Voices from the alleyway. Nothing good. I pressed myself up against a wall at the mouth of the alleyway, peeking around the corner. Forty feet away, two big bastards looming over a girl. Not a woman, a girl, couldn't be more than sixteen. One of them grabbed her and forced her to the ground, sitting on top of the girl as she screamed. "Shut your fuckin' mouth or I'll cut off your pretty little tongue!" he yelled, waving his switchblade in the air.

I was already walking down the alley before I could even think of stopping myself. The one still standing was staring at the girl on the ground and licking his lips, too caught up in his twisted thoughts to even notice me. I grabbed him by the shoulder and rammed a fist into his jaw, sending him to the floor.

The one on top of the girl whipped his head around to look at me. "What the fu-" A knee straight into his teeth, sending him off the girl and into the wall. He pulled himself up and began to swing his knife around wildly. It was easy enough to duck out of the way and grab his wrist with one hand, using the other to ram straight into his elbow and break the arm. Now it was his turn to scream.

I pulled the knife out of his now limp grip. Every part of me was begging me to stick the blade in his throat, hear the scream of agony turn into a gurgle as blood oozed out of his mouth. I resisted, as much as it hurt. Instead I stuck it in his shoulder and rammed my fist into his face once, twice, three times, until he slumped against the wall and slid down it slowly, collapsing into a heap on the ground.

The other guy was only just now getting onto his feet. "Who the fuck do you think you are, old man!?" I was already moving on him when he whipped a pistol out of his inner coat pocket. The barrel was leveled against my head for just a second before I swatted his arm away. The gun went off as it flew out of his hand, sliding across the ground before finding a new home under a dumpster. I threw a fist into his gut, then another to his face followed by a knee to his groin. I ducked down and tackled him to the floor, unleashing a barrage of punches to his face. By the time I was done he was choking on his own teeth.

The girl had already taken off at this point. Good instincts on her. I stood up, looking at my cut and bloodied knuckles. Six years ago this would've gone down as an arrest, a couple months after that it would've been a double homicide. Now? Now I just wanted to get home. The problem was solved and I don't think these two will be in any shape to hurt anyone else for a while.

I left the alley behind and made my way back home.

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With 24hrs on the clock, The Eternals are now accepted.

But what about me Mr. Wraith? Can you find it in your heart to accept Detective Chimp now that 24 hours have passed?
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Ouch. Are you writing on Google Docs or just in the reply box on the Guild?

I keep a PM with myself on the Guild for all my CSes and posts and whatnot. Went to reply to it, internet went out, bye bye all my work.
Just lost the entirety of my first post to an internet outage.

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*Keep clicking hider tags*

"I know there's a Detective Chimp app somewhere in here, goddamn it!"

Keep looking, you'll find it.
I'll probably regret this later.

A small picture of a famous rapper hailing from New York City was pressed up against a bulletin board by a red thumb tack. A red string attached to the thumb tack linked the picture to a newspaper clipping about an increase in drug usage among teens, which was in turn linked to a picture of a New York City drug kingpin, which was in turn linked to a newspaper clipping about increased gang activity in the NYC metropolitan area, and so on and so forth.

"Wait... No, that's not it."

The Question pulled the rapper's picture off the board. Even though the rapper's music was laden with drug references, that still wasn't concrete proof that he was involved in this drug ring the Question had been investigating. A finger tapped against his masked chin as he considered whether to abandon this lead or not. His racing thoughts were enough to distract him from the hazy mist slowly seeping into his room from the vents.

Then, the intercom came on.

"This is Red Tornado speaking. I strongly suspect that our base of operations has been struck by some type of airborne poison. However there is a small chance the instance of gaseous fumes is coincidental, so I do not feel confident declaring it for certain. Regardless, please attempt to find a safe place to avoid further contact with potential toxins."

"Hrm? ... Hmm." The Question noticed the mist enveloping his room. He almost panicked before remembering the filter built into his mask. Even still, he knew that it wouldn't be able to fight off the mist's effects for long.

Breaking into a sprint, the faceless vigilante left his room, holding a sleeve up to his mouth to hopefully help against the gas. He continued his sprint towards the monitor room, but it was a struggle to make his way through the halls with the thick clouds of gas. His breathing grew increasingly labored, and he came to a stop as his chest was racked with coughs. Footsteps were approaching from up ahead.

Suddenly, he felt small. Through the mist, a tall man in priest's attire approached him. The sight of the man brought the Question back to his childhood in the orphanage and the encounter he had with this man so long ago.


"Are you ready for some real fun, Victor?"
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