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Current Job interview was a success! Just need to bring a photo ID in on Monday and I'll be hired.
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Sup RPG, I finally have my first job interview on Friday and I am both excited because I might land my first job and terrified because oh fuck I might land my first job.
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Can confirm, am a flakeout.
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@Altered Tundra - >Not whitelisting a site you use often so it can get ad revenue and stay up
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@KingOfTheSkies, if I was in your position I'd be the same way, but it'd be more "USELESS USELESS USELESS" and "IT WAS ME, DIO!" for me.
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I haven't even sat down to write for Question in a while and I feel like a dickhead for it. That's gonna change. Hopefully before the week is out I'll have a post up... Buuut I've said that before so take it with a grain of salt.

Level 3 - (21/30) + 2 = (23/30) - 1 from Friend Heart = (22/30)
Difficulty Level 2
Location: Charnal Lane
Word Count: 824

As soon as preparations were done, Nero goaded the ent on and drew its attention. As the ent turned to face the heroes and its hollows burrowed up from the ground, the fight was on. Gene mostly held back and dealt with the hollows, as Nero and the others attacked the ent. Ratchet threw a few proximity mines at it (and put to use one of the abilities he had gained from the fallen Zer0), Jak blasted it with his gun, and Blazermate's sentry and horde of undead began an assault as well. Overall, the fight was going well. As the shockwave came by, Gene quickly leapt high into the air, just barely clearing it... And falling onto his ass not long after, grunting in mingled pain and annoyance. He'd have to learn how to make a proper landing.

The battle continued on, with Gene's allies attacking anything that wasn't each other. Blazermate pointed out that the ent had a weak spot, right on its upper back, and the others took advantage of this revelation as soon as they could. Ratchet blasted it in the back while Donnie covered the beast in alcohol and lit it up; however, their attacks weren't enough to set the ent ablaze. It was, however, enough to make it mad. It let out a screech and thrashed its arms around wildly at whoever was near it.

As Gene put down another hollow, he noticed Nero soaring at the beast via a wire attached to one of its flailing arms. He retracted the wire just as he hit the weak spot, revved up his sword, and slammed down in a fiery spin while yelling "DOUBLE DOWN!" as a way to call out his move. It seemed that Nero's attack had worked, because now he was on the beast and pummeling its weak spot! Gene let out a cheer at the sight. Nero was killing it!

Then, it was all over in a flash. The ent released some sort of toxic gas that sent Nero flying backwards. Gene's cheers gave way to a gasp of shock. What the hell!? He didn't have time to focus on Nero though, as the ent shot more of the stuff at him and his buddies! Gene's quick reflexes saved him from the first blast with a fast sidestep, and he acted quickly enough to backflip out of the way of the other one. Covering his mouth with his hands, he sprinted through the gas as quick as possible to reach Nero. He noticed another enemy type starting to show up, as well as a fresh wave of hollows from the ground, but he couldn't let that distract him.

Donnie had thankfully reached Nero and cast a spell that seemed to help him out a bit by the time Gene arrived. He wasn't sure just why he was so dedicated to saving Nero, but then he remembered what it was that drew him to Nero in the first place. Some sort of strange bond between souls, worlds apart but with the same spirit at their core. Nero was recovering slightly from Donnie's intervention, but Gene knew there was something he could do to help.

"Uh, this might seem weird, so just bear with me." As if on instinct, he placed a hand on his heart then raised his arms to the air. A bright pink heart appeared in his hands. "Woah! Okay, here we go!" Gene passed the heart over to Nero. "Alright, stay calm, don't die. I've got an ent to beat the crap out of!" With those words, he headed straight for the ent.

Donnie had done some damage to it already thankfully. Now Gene just had to help finish the job. Placing a hand on the Deistic Brace, Gene ripped it off and felt the power of a god flow through him, as he had so many times before. Alright, he had to make this count! Approaching the ent, Gene circled around it from behind and then jumped up onto its weak point. Other people wouldn't be able to do this, but with the God Hand's added invulnerability, he'd be able to make a dent without having to worry about the toxin!

Taking in a deep breath to psych himself up, Gene grinned and then began to lay the beatdown on the ent's weak point. He hammered it with his regular combo, occasionally throwing in a kick when he felt like shaking things up. The rapid hits he had gone for with this combo helped immensely in laying down the heat quickly and efficiently. To finish off his barrage of attacks, he jumped up into a spinning barrel kick, delivering a final blow to the ent that sent him falling off of its back.

Backflipping away from the ent, Gene then focused on weeding out the Rot Warts while he still had some invincibility left. He just hoped that Nero would be alright.
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Thank you Fugitive, very cool.
I'm not gonna dampen the spirits with another post about leaving the game, so I'm just gonna say that I'm going to try and get a post up. My IRL life has been hectic as shit for the last week and I haven't had much time to just sit down and write. Hopefully, I'll have that post up soon. Not gonna set a deadline because I always miss it, though.

Level 3 - (7/30) + 1 = (8/30)
Difficulty Level 2
Location: Charnal Lane
Word Count: 171

The constant battle against the swarms of undead and one of the two large demons had an effect on Gene; that is, instead of being his usual goofy self, he fell silent as he fought relentlessly. In fact, he didn't have time to notice that the God Hand had worn off until he felt himself growing much larger. "What the-!?" He turned, only to see the strange wizard Kamek. Gene gave a goofy grin and thumbs up to Kamek, before turning back to the remaining Suffering. Jak and the others had taken out one, and the horde of undead was thinned out exponentially. It was time to end this.

Gene pulled out his Roulette Wheel and focused on the Suffering, praying for a Divine Smash. Failing that, literally anything that wasn't Grovel or La Bomba. He gave the wheel of fate a spin, and its decision was made...


Satisfied, Gene let loose a shockwave at the Suffering as it charged right for him. God could only hope this would work.

Level 3 - (4/30) + 3 = (7/30)
Difficulty Level 1


Level 3 - (20/30) + 3 = (23/30)
Location: Charnel Lane, Dead Zone
Word Count: 1,264

Donnie had opted not to use the Disc this time around, instead choosing to stay in the back of the van, where he examined the item he had obtained from the Tank. It was a bizarre little thing. At first glance, he had assumed it was some kind of cursed trinket, what with the creepy black skull in the middle and what felt like the spirit of a human being inside it.

But as he analyzed it with his enchanting equipment, he soon came to realize it was quite the opposite. It was an ingenious yet disgusting device. This little stone was once a man, and it still held that metaphysical status even in its current state, which meant it could be affected by curses. When the enchantment inside was activated, it redirected a curse onto the soul of the person inside. He shouldn't have expected much better, frankly, from the Spirit of a twisted monstrosity like the Tank.

All of his adventuring instincts told him to throw this abomination into a deep dark hole where it could never be found, or better yet, find a way to free the poor bastard inside.

But as he analyzed it further, he registered that the soul inside was no longer conscious or aware, and there was no way in hell he was going to be able to free the hapless man any time soon.

He thought back to Gene, completely unaware that he had likely been infected by whatever plague was powering those ghouls. He had known that some of them were still alive. The tongue of the zombie that had grabbed him was still warm. Possibly some kind of insanity-causing curse?

He had no idea if what Gene was infected with was biological or magical. Zombies in his world were animated by magic, but the Plague of Undeath spread like an illness.

He was no doctor, but he had to try. Better than letting Gene succumb to homicidal insanity. So, full of trepidation, he packed up his enchanting equipment, palmed the black stone, and walked back over to the seating area, sitting down next to the brawler.

“Hey Gene? I’ve got something to show you,” he said. Something in his voice probably gave away that this wasn’t the “happy” kind of showing.

Gene was a bit busy scratching his skin at the moment. It'd started getting really itchy for some strange reason. What's up with that? It was starting to really freak him out. Despite his circumstances in his own world, he was usually really healthy, so why would that change now?

Did it have anything to do with that fat zombie that barfed on him? He really should've dodged when he heard that noise. Now he was getting screwed for it. And he had just washed it off! By now the goop was in the van's plumbing. Nero was gonna kill him for that.

His thoughts were interrupted by Donnie's voice. Gene perked up, looking at Donnie curiously. "Uh, what's up?" he asked.

“First, have you been feeling okay lately?” It was patently obvious what Donnie was referring to.

Gene blinked. Jeez, it was like Donnie read his mind. "Uh... Yeah, actually. My skin's been really irritated and itchy..." He moved his hand from his unarmored forearm, revealing that his skin had become ghostly pale. "... Oh shit. It wasn't like that before."\

“Yep, you’re infected. I don’t know if this will work, but I might have a cure. I got this from the big zombie.” He shoved the black stone into Gene’s hands. “Hold this in your hand and try to concentrate on the illness going away. I know it sounds like hocus-pocus, but trust me, I figured out what this stone does.”

Taking the stone that was shoved into his hands, Gene looked it over. It looked... Pretty damn spooky. But hey, it'd cure him! So that had to mean it wasn't that bad.

"Alright, thanks Donnie." With those words, Gene took the stone in hand, closed his eyes, and attempted to focus on the illness. To help him along, he imagined himself beating the crap out of it so it'd leave him alone.

A almost draining like effect appeared all over Gene's body. After a few moments, Gene felt... A lot better! The itching was gone. Opening his eyes, Gene looked at his forearm and saw that his skin's pigment had returned to normal. However, the Purging Stone was destroyed in the process. "Wow! It's a good thing we got that thing, or I'd have been a goner. Thanks, Donnie."

“You’re welcome.”

Holy fuck that actually worked. Donnie couldn’t believe his eyes. Either these zombies really were cursed, or the weird physics of this world let it go through anyway. Either way, Gene was cured.

Suddenly, the van flipped over. Donnie’s world hadn’t developed seatbelts yet, however, so he was not secured enough to avoid tumbling all over the place. “WHAT THE FUCK?!”

And unluckily for Gene, he hadn't even been in a car until today. Just like Donnie, he went tumbling to the floor of the van. "What the hell was that?!"

Donnie peeled himself off of Gene and looked out the windows. Yep, everything had gone to the Twisting Nether. Nero was holding the van off the edge of a cliff with one arm, the zombies were glowing green, and there were two nasty demons outside. The monk acted quickly. Fiddling with the locked car door, he managed to get it open.

Donnie summoned the Disc and flew around to the van’s front, pushing against it. He was in peak physical condition, but he didn’t actually have to do much here: Nero was holding the van in place, and the Disc could move freely in the air. So he could just command the Disc to move forwards and up, digging its lip under the van and helping him push the vehicle up.

“Let me help you out!” he got out, grunting with exertion as he pushed against the van’s grille with all of his strength.

Gene, for his part, managed to get himself steady enough that he could start climbing to the door Donnie had just opened. He looked around, seeing it was just over the edge of the cliff, enough for him to jump right over to safety, which he did.

The only problem? There was now a shitload of pissed off zombies and two really pissed off demons to account for. Gene looked around, wondering what the hell to do, when he remembered the God Hand. It had recharged by now, and it could help keep the infected off of the van!

Grabbing the Deistic Brace, Gene ripped it off, and felt the power of a God flow through him. Grinning, he rushed forward, delivering a leaping kick that tore through multiple infected.

"KEEP WORKING! Gene shouted to Donnie and Nero, while he began to clear out the various zombies. He only hoped the two demons would be attracted to him, somehow. Maybe...

Right! He could try and piss them off deliberately! During a lull in the combat, Gene focused on the two demons, sticking his arm out in a thumbs down and yelling, "Bo-ring!" As if on cue, the two demons started to look a lot more pissed off than they did before.

... So much so that they started running right to him. Screw it, he was invincible! For a little while, at least. He continued to attack the infected, and the demons if they got close enough. He could only hope it was enough.
... Is it Iron Fist? I have a feeling it's Iron Fist.

Level 3 - (1/30) + 3 = (4/30)
Difficulty Level 1


Level 3 - (17/30) + 3 = (20/30)
Location: Peach's Castle Kitchen
Word Count: 1,959

(Note: This post is a flashback, and a collab between myself and @Genon)

The toad tilted his head to the side at Gene's question, indicating curiosity. "Stronger?"

Gene's face fell. Oh great, they definitely didn't have anything stronger. Still, maybe...? "Y'know, alcohol! It gets you drunk! Don't you have any?"

The toad still looked confused. "Alcohol? Drunk? I don't know what that is."

... Perfect. They definitely didn't have any alcohol. Gene reared his head back and let out a groan. "... Great. Just great. Well Donnie, guess we're not getting beers."

Donnie paused from inhaling a plate of chicken parmesan and seemed to visibly deflate. “Ugh. That’s a shame. So, you first or me?”

"Hm. I'll go first I guess... Jeez, what should I even talk about though?" Gene cupped his chin in his hand, contemplating, before snapping his fingers. "Let's start at the beginning. You wanna know how I got this," Gene clapped a hand on the God Hand, "In the first place?"

“Oh, sure,” Donnie said, his interest audibly piqued.

Gene grinned. "Well, to put it simply, I saw some thugs harassing a girl. Now, me being the stand up guy I am, I went in to save her...and got my ass kicked. Those guys were looking for this thing called the God Hand, and were cutting people's arms off to find it, so they decided to see if I had it." He paused for dramatic effect. "So, long story short, I got my arm cut off."

Donnie looked at him like he had three heads. “Wait, so the God Hand is your actual replacement arm? That thing doesn’t have any caveats, does it? In my experience, objects of that level of power tend to have a catch of some kind.”

Chuckling, Gene took a drink from his juice, then continued. "Yeah, it's my actual arm. Turned out the girl I saved was carrying it and planted it right on my stump, no clue how that works though. As for drawbacks...well, I kinda have to keep this on," he pointed towards the Deistic Brace, "or else the God Hand's powers will weaken. Y'know, let it build up before letting it burst. Other than that? Nothing of note."

“Really now?” Donnie said as he chewed on a piece of chocolate cake, “You lucked out. Anyway, what happened next?”

That question got a simultaneous sigh and chuckle from Gene. "Well, it turned out the girl, Olivia, was crazy . She said that if I didn't follow her around and do as she said, she'd cut my freaking arm off with an axe!" Gene let out a groan, taking a long, long drink. God, he wished that the Toads had alcohol. "So from that point onward, I was basically her slave. She had me hunting down whatever bad guys were in the area, and, well... Let's just say that's where most of my stories come from."

“Oh Gods, that sounds horrendous. Still though, if you want to, you mind recapping a few of those stories?” Donnie was now up to his second apple turnover.

Gene nodded. "Oh, yeah, that was the point of this whole conversation right? Well, to give the highlights reel..." Gene began to list them all off on his fingers as he went along. "I fought two gay twins in freaky outfits, a fat demon named Elvis, a giant crane, those assholes that cut my arm off, that fat demon Elvis again, a gorilla wrestler, a team of midget superheroes, a succubus named Shannon, those assholes who cut my arm off again, the other God Hand user Azel, a robot named Dr. Ion, a wannabe rockstar and his friends, fat Elvis again, a psychic midget, the midgets again, Shannon again, a samurai, an old guy who turned into a fly, some fat ninjas, a guy with an afro, then Azel again, and finally, the king of demons Angra... Phew, I fought a lot of people."

Donnie looked like he was halfway between laughing at some of the stuff Gene said and being generally impressed. He didn’t know what a “superhero” was, but he just chalked that up to universal differences. “God, some of those fights sound like they must have been epic. On my end…I guess I’ll start at the beginning as well.”

“The first thing you need to know about my world,” Donnie said, “is that it’s wracked by war. There are two huge factions called the Alliance and the Horde. The reason they’re fighting doesn’t really matter for our purposes, but for some asinine reason, it has shades of a race war. Humans tend to be on the Alliance side, and I was raised in one of the last human bastions, a coastal port kingdom called Stormwind. My dad was a maritime trader, and he took me along on merchant trips. So then a massive storm hits, destroys the ship, and I end up clinging on to a piece of driftwood. I held on for what must’ve been days, and when it was over I found myself on some kind of island. The island was actually the shell of a giant, sapient sea turtle that had people living on its back. I faint immediately, got taken in by the natives. Oh, and the natives were talking pandas that walk upright. They’re called pandaren. Seriously.”

Gene blinked once, twice. Giant sea turtles? Panda people? What kinda world did this guy come from? Still, he figured he had to say something instead of just awkwardly staring at Donnie. "... Uh... Go on."

“Yeah, I should’ve figured I’d get that reaction. Azeroth’s a pretty weird place. Anyway, I ended up training on the Wandering Isle as one of their warrior-monks. It’s how I learned all my badass fighting moves. Cut to ten years later, when an Alliance and Horde ship crash into the Wandering Isle--that’s what it’s called by the way--and I took the opportunity to head back to Stormwind after a farewell. I checked up on my family, and well…”
He grimaces. “Remember how I said that Stormwind is one of the last human bastions? Azeroth--my world--has been targeted by the Burning Legion--basically a gigantic army of demons--for ages now, and one of their schemes was to create a puppet ruler in the form of an undead necromancer called the Lich King. And one of the Lich King’s greatest weapons? The Plague of Undeath, basically a magical disease that revives anyone who gets killed by it as a mindless undead under his command.”

He looked Gene in the eye. “The Plague of Undeath was primarily meant to destabilize the human kingdom of Lordaeron, one of the greatest military superpowers and the heart of the Alliance. So it’s designed to kill humans above all other species. Even elves and orcs don’t get revived. That’s why Stormwind is one of the last human kingdoms. And apparently, the bastard had unleashed it on Stormwind while I was off training on the Wandering Isle. My family was among those dead.”

He took a swig of grape juice. “So, with nothing tying me down at this point, I became a freelance adventurer, traveling the world, killing bad guys, and getting paid. I got good. Really, really, good. I killed thousands and thousands of monsters. I’ve saved the world, more than once, but I’m pretty proud of the time I killed Kil’Jaeden the Deceiver, a Burning Legion general and right-hand man of the demonic Titan Sargeras. I fought him onboard his spaceship with a group of 24 other people. Yes, he has a spaceship, don’t ask. Took a long time. We needed a full team of magical healers, several mages and warlocks, and we needed a few paladins and protection specialists to take the brunt of his damage. With all of us working together, though, he went down eventually. A few of us needed resurrection after the fact though.”

Gene was still trying to process the giant sea turtle when Donnie continued on. His story was an epic one, far more exciting than whatever antics he had wound up in, and far more serious to boot. Gene took down a Demon King, Donnie had saved the world several times over. And considering he was told not to ask about the spaceship, the only thing that wasn't rightly explained, he instead decided to just go with simple shock and awe in his response. "... Wow. That's... About all I can say. Wow... There is one thing I'm wondering about, though." He gestured to Donnie's handblades. "How'd you get those?"

“Oh, The Fists of the Heavens? That’s a trip. When Sargeras set his sights on Azeroth again recently, the different orders founded to fight him decided they needed to get some unique magical weapons to take him down. Among those was the Order of the Broken Temple, the monk order that I’m currently the Grand Master of. I set my sights on a few artifact weapons, legendary items that could prove useful. One of those were these.” He put the Fists on the table.

“The Fists were forged by a smith named Irmaat. He was trying to create the most powerful weapon imaginable. Unfortunately, he didn’t seem to have as much common sense as he had skill in forging, because he decided to charge the handblades with power from the Elemental Plane of Air. He performed a ritual that targeted Al’Akir, the plane’s ruler and the strongest air elemental, and basically stole vast quantities of his power. Al’Akir knew what was happening though, and decided to sabotage it. He started donating even more power, filling the Fists with more magic than they could handle. Irmaat didn’t realize this, thought he had succeeded, and picked them up. The next instant, he accidentally creates a gigantic magic hurricane that levels his entire city and buries it in the desert sand, because he couldn’t control them at all. He died in the storm, of course, and they lay dormant for centuries until Al’Akir died during a recent event called the Cataclysm. I’m not going into that right now, but it caused a power struggle in the Plane, and another air elemental called Typhinus found them and used it against his enemies. He wins the war, but controlling chaotic energies for so long drove him nuts and he became a tyrannical despot.”

Donnie grinned. “So I killed him and took the handblades. Turns out that you need inner spiritual discipline to control it, and monks have that in spades. So that means that basically, only I can use them.”

He looked at the pathetically small vortexes in the center of the handblades. “Unfortunately, they’re not actually as impressive as that story makes them out to be right now. Galeem drained their power. A lot. They’re actually pretty weak right now, but I have a feeling they’ll regain their true strength eventually.” He took them off the table and sheathed them, then went back to devouring his four scoops of ice cream.

Gene eyed the handblades, almost wanting to make a grab for them to try them out. Still, he left them on the table, especially after hearing of their awesome power. How was it that Donnie didn't get killed like... Oh, wait, that was the next thing Donnie explained. Good to know.

When Donnie finished, saying that Galeem had drained their power, Gene felt a little disheartened. Who's to say that the other artifacts they may find wouldn't be drained as well? "Well, for what it's worth, they look like they'd be able to kick enough ass! ... I still wanna try them out, too." As soon as the words left his mouth though, Gene let out a yawn. "... Maybe some other time, though. I'm tired. What say we head to bed?"

“Yeah.” Donnie belched right after.. “I’m stuffed anyway.”

Level 3 - (0/30) + 1 = (1/30)
Difficulty Level 1
Location: Dead Zone (Redgraccoon City)
Word Count: 246

Gene began to roll his shoulders to relieve the tension in them, grunting slightly. Man, that bomb really hurt, but at least he didn't die or something. As he continued to stretch to get all the kinks out of his body, he let out a quick "thanks" to Blazermate. Then, Nero came up, and Gene let out a small chuckle in embarrassment, scratching the back of his head sheepishly. "Uh, sorry... I was getting so into beating the crap out of that thing I forgot all about the bomb. I'll keep on the lookout better from now on."

Then, Nero went and talked to the pretty boy band members. Gene couldn't hear what they said, but Nero and their leader shook hands, so obviously it was good. It was then that Nero called out to everyone, saying that they were moving on, and Gene quickly got into the van after him.

Once he was in the van, he quickly went to his outfit. It was still wet, which meant he couldn't wear it just yet, but he still had more changes of clothes in there. He pulled out one of his other outfits, before heading into the van's shower to change. A few moments later, he emerged, wearing something far more respectable. Folding up the other outfit and sticking it back into his normal outfit's pocket, Gene sighed, before sitting down. "I will never wear that thing again. I'm sorry you all had to see it."
Rushed post is shitty and rushed but at least I'm still in the game baybee.
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