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One more semi-evolved ape on this pilot-less organic spaceship.

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If possible, I'd like to throw my hat into the ring for a slot.

He did not like the Spillway. Growing up, even as a Mechanic-to-be and not one of Autontire’s common folk, water was something to be used sparingly. As such he never learned to swim, and with his armour he doubted he’d even float; not that he’d even want stick a foot in the foul smelling sludge that was the Spillway, even if he could swim. Instead he sat in the common area of the vessel he found himself on, pack beside him and helm resting on a table, once more reading the words of the Prophet Haynes to help calm him.

He knew the words by heart now, his Manual once pristine when he set out, was now tattered and travel stained, the simple act of opening the book and scanning the holy words doing much to calm him. Mind settling, he thought back to what led him here; the job for him was merely a means to and end, a way for him to keep moving forward on his quest. He’d found the shelves in many Departments would gladly pay a traveler in food, drink or accommodation in exchange for assistance. He had gone so far and been given so much simply by helping fix wayward mechanical devices, or lending a strong arm to protect a small shelf from the predations of Cultists or other lower forms of life.

His mind wandered as he contemplated his life so far, when a voice brought him back to the present; a young ‘Tron girl was attempting conversation. While Silverado was certainly content to sit with his own thoughts for company, he wasn’t adverse to getting to know the others he was sharing the journey with.

”Hello, young one,” He said with an affable smile. ”I am Brother Silverado Mechanic-Roadbound from far off Autontire.”

He studied the ‘Tron openly for a few more moments. He’d encountered her people from time to time, either traders or raid parties, in other Departments, but he had never ventured into their own aisle. ”Tell me,” He said eventually. ”Have you ever heard any tales of a mighty army equipped much like I am, near your home? It would have been from many model years before your own makers births. They were a great Crusade raised to cast down the vile Smilers, but sadly they were lost to the Wal. I seek to find what happened and to bring their warranties to peace before the Big Three.”

Eliza waved a placating hand to Mike as she returned with her pipe hammer. ”Don’t worry, there’s enough stuff there for days, even if you don’t ration yourself.” Dropping to a squat over the stuff she’d brought back earlier, she began to divide the supplies equally between the packs, though as she did so she shot a quick glare at both Mike and June. ”We’re not abandoning anyone to those things, clear? Sure he’s an asshole, but we’ve all got to be better then that. The only way to make it out of this, is if we all watch each others back alright?”

Slinging a pack over he shoulders, she picked up three of the other packs and the crowbar that Carter had discarded on the floor. Heading over to the two Frenchwomen, she handed them each a pack and gave June the crowbar. ”Here, I know you’ll have to get closer if you have to use it, but it’ll hold up better then that shower rod.” She added motioning to the badly bent one she’d been using earlier, that now sat abandoned on the floor.

That done, she retrieved her hammer before heading over to Carter and handing him the third pack. Pushing it into his hands, she gave him her best ‘Don’t Fuck This Up’ glare before going and distributing the rest of the packs to everyone else. ”Alright, anyone not armed should fix that right now.” She said, looking to Cole. ”Save the 9 mm for emergencies, fuck knows if we’ll find any more ammo.”

”Mike, two questions. One, do you have any portable radios? I think we should take several if you’ve got ‘em. Two, where are the keys for the shit in the garage kept? I’d rather not have to hunt for them.”

@Kuro Fair enough. Hope things sort themselves out for you soon.
@The Bork Lazer The auto parts department, does/did it have service bays? Or was it just a parts counter?
@Kuro Any idea of a start date?
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Ok, I'm sorry to say after so much silence, I *have* lost interest and will be pulling out (if things pick up, do with my character what you will)
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