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One more semi-evolved ape on this pilot-less organic spaceship.

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Okay, done. Let me know if it needs any work.

This style of RP is a bit outside of my norm, but if you're willing to put up with my fumbling, I'll take a shot at it.
Gerad: He takes the hits so you don't have to :p

As they rallied on the knocked out tank and made ready for the next wave, Gerad joined Sven in trying to bring the machine back on line. Though the tank’s design made it impossible for him to enter it while in full armour, it was equipped with several external maintenance hatches for rapid in field servicing. Prying one open, Gerad tapped into the tank’s systems and immediately was able to answer a question that’d bugged him since it’d shown up. Why hadn’t the crew just slagged them with its main gun?

His best guess was that the tank had had its computers totally wiped when it was surplussed, including the controlling software for the plasma cannon; these guys seemed to have used a copy of a much lighter plasma cannon’s control software as a work around, but his guess was that it simply crashed when trying to deal with this much higher output. Deleting that patch of files, Gerad loaded a copy of his PRP’s OS, and made a few rapid adjustments; it was crude, it was sloppy and it’s probably wasn’t going to work all that great, but it was better than before.

The system came back online just moments before the second wave moved on them. From his position beside her, he watched Ducaelia launch a cyber warfare attack that made him think about his own armour’s security; but that was another thing for later. As the APCs went haywire, he still maintained his link to the tank, and took remote control of the turret. Status boards showed damage to its horizontal traverse, so trying to hit any of the, potential, moving targets was pretty much out of the question while the hull was stationary, but he could swing it about and aim it at the breach they had come through. As soon as the system showed a ready shot, he fired, sending a massive bolt of plasma through the breach where it exploded in a brilliant flash; best case, he hit something important, worst case, the third wave would be a bit more hesitant about coming through.

”Oi Sven!” He called across the company comm channel as he disconnected. ”Big burn’a up top works, those ‘s a bit sluggy side to. Reload ain’t shiny eithe’ but ‘ll get ther’ in a tik.” Bring his personal weapons and defences online, he moved to join the battle. ”Oh, an’ if th’ ‘puter say somethin’ ‘bout a ‘Cascade Failure’, leg it sharpish like.”

Ducaelia has the APCs all scattered and in disarray, so he turned his attention to the supporting infantry. With barrier up and shields on, he advanced towards them, turning his VLA in the trucks. While they were armoured, it was armour that was meant to stop light infantry grade slug throwers, not a vehicle grade laser weapon. The first two blew up spectacularly as his targeted their fuel storage, a third one simply vanished with everyone on board when a PRP round struck it in the side; all that in the first few moments.

The infantry, shaken by Durcaelia’s antics, didn’t even pay him any mind until he opened fire, but it was a rather futile gesture. Saving his dwindling PRP shots for any more heavy armored vehicles or soldiers, he simply bunkered down in the open and made himself a rather lethal little pillbox. Small arms fire poured into him, sparking of the shield, or on occasion, rattling off of the armour itself. None of the troops seemed to have anti-armour weapons, why would they, they controlled all the serious firepower on the planet…right? Safe in his walking tank, Gerad took his time picking off the enemy. ”Ain’t ‘and shoot’n this easy since trainin’!”

Menddir sat back, observing the others; too soon to make any real judgments, he was however a bit disappointed that he seemed to be the only actual warrior. ”Find the red Dwarf, find out what happened, try not to die…sounds simple enough.” He said finally in a low and gravelly voice. ”That said, I’ve not heard anything ‘bout pay. Yes we Clansmen ‘ve got a reputation for being hardy…but a man’s gotta eat and you Southerners bleed a man to his last copper with your prices.” As he spoke he was smiling slightly, but his words still carried the slight bite.
@ShiningSector The way it's going right now is fine, but maybe a short bit of down time before going after the next Horseman? Give the PCs a chance to repair and re-equip, and the rebels to get more intel on the other 3 (because realistically, if 1 goes down, the others are going to change what they're doing, re-enforce positions etc)

Honestly I'm fine with how things are going, just an idea I thought I'd throw out there.

While Ducaelia tried her claws at 'interrogation', Gerad made a mental note to speak to Silas about his concerns once they go off of this rock. Skag it, wish I knew more 'bout how th'm clanks worked...

While the other were busy with the questioning Gerad poked about, though the first order was pulling the HF blade from where it was still stuck in his Barrier. With a bit of a tug it came free, and he gave it a once over. Poorly sized for his main hands, it was none the less a decent little cutter, worth tinkering with back on the ship. Lifting a sheath from one of the dead, he attached to a foreleg to keep it out of the way before continuing with his investigation of their attackers gear; whomever was responsible for the equipment list knew what they were doing, as it was all top flight gear.

While the repair nanites did as much as they could, he released a different kind onto one of the less mangled casualties. Known as 'Dupers', their role was to infiltrate tech and map targeted tech as fast as possible, for those time where collecting samples just wasn't practical. Gerad was most interested in the cammo cloaks used as they seemed to be fairly effective, but he really didn't have space to bring one with him.

In the background, he heard the man break, and Cyne announed that he was into the system. "Back t' work I guess..."
"Wowche' boss!" 'Overwatch' was all well and good...assuming there was any high ground he could get his stumpy hide up onto; but since the building's designers hadn't made any such considerations, all he could do was wedge himself in a likely corner.

As the APCs came into view, he couldn't help but smile a bit. Like the tank it had a shield, but unlike the tank, there was only one emitter meaning an older and less effective design. When the order was given, Gerad opened fire first with his VLA at full power, sweeping it across all three machines. The shields did their best to refract and dissipate the laser, but in doing so they burn a lot of energy and suffered a significant drop in effectiveness, which of course Gerad was counting on. On the heels of his VLA came the PRP, heavy bolts of plasma slammed into the first APC, slagging the front end and forcing it to halt; a testament to its builders though, the crew inside survived, though they had to abandon it as the blast also disabled its weapons.

The second wasn't so lucky, as Gerad adjusted his shot and actually hit under the vehicle, causing the blast to be forced upwards and into the belly. The APC simply blew up, shrapnel shredding the dismounts using it as cover, debris scattering over a wide area.

The third one slammed to a halt as the driver probably panicked, but all that did was make the shot easier. The third one blew as spectacularly as the second, though the 'soldiers' scattered from it much faster. With it neutralized, Gerad put a fourth PRP shot into the first APC, just to be sure.
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