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Current There is no such thing as overkill. There is simply 'Opening Fire' and 'Reloading'


One more semi-evolved ape on this pilot-less organic spaceship.

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Gerad listened to the comms as Cyne and Ducaliea made their way in and began to sow their brand of havoc amongst the enemies in the second line. While they did that, and the rest of them waited with the Resistance for the right time to move, he busied himself with some more repairs to the Chimera.
As the power armoured thugs moved in, he was moving out. ”KRAK ‘EM LADS!” He hollered to the nearby Resistance fighters. ”ANY ‘OW TAGS ME BUYS TH’ DRINKS!” Despite their nervousness about the on coming fight, quite a few of the fighters laughed. Saving his dwindling PRP shots for the tank, he flashed laser fire at the thugs from behind his Barrier, sweeping the beam in arcs to try and tag them. Like the last batch they’d fought, these power armoured enemies where faster on their feet that one would normally expect, and the armour was tough enough to take glancing blows from his VLA.

Before he could really start to go to work, a voice cut into the company comms just as a mass driver punched a slug straight through one of the attackers. This seemed to be the signal for the Resistance, because as soon as that happened, they poured forwards unloading on the incoming hostiles. A second suit went down under autocannon fire from the power armoured Resistance leader after an anti-armour crew had gotten a good hit in themselves. Another suit juked madly to avoid the fire from the Resistance push and brought himself right into a perfect shot for Gerad.

The target window was only moments, but that was enough; the VLA struck a flex joint in the armour’s torso, and in moments burned through causing an overload while at the same time disabling the computers. Instead of the plasma flair from the overload venting outwards, the damage made it vent into the armour. In less than two full seconds, the target was nothing more than a vaguely humanoid shaped pile of slag; this was all a moot point to the pilot however as the penetrating VLA beam had bisected his heart and killed him before the armour had even blown up.
I considered making Harper post-war born...but the thought only occurred to me just as I was about to post the CS, and was too lazy to back track.
@datadogie For my own 2 cents, I like her...and I'm mad at myself for not thinking of the magazine/wallet...

@Treue Oh should've clarified the water bottle, I meant like a Nalgene (32oz). As for the ammo, I was thinking it was sort of the last of her 'haul' from the police van. (It had a couple of MP5 SMGs, but she traded them away b/c they eat too much ammo but there was a good supply of 9mm for them so she's kept a fair amount, similar deal with the shotgun. The stuff she has loaded into it/carries on her person are 'meh' Tube reloads; the rifle rounds she found later...she tries to scavenge as much as possible to avoid spending her mil. spec. ammo). That said, I can cut back on that stuff if you want.
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@Treue Edited sheet, sorry, forgot about the one gun. The knife is simple Tube made affair, more intended as a took; if she finds she needs a melee weapon she prefers the crowbar.
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In Metro 2037 10 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
When I get a moment I'll get a sheet together. @Kylia Quilor as a self-professed gun-nerd, if you have firearms questions I can (hopefully) help if you need it.

Edit: I figured we could use some musical accompaniment

As usual, talking with Matina had a tendency to leave one feeling a bit like they’d just been accosted by a very excitable small dog. Waiting for a break in the verbal deluge, Fara merely shook her head in amusement at her co-worker. ”Don’t worry about it,” She said with a shrug as Matina admitted to not really pulling her weight. ”I may be a bit more annoyed if this was a busy shift, but…” She shrugged and made a motion towards the empty seats. ”Anyways, I took this shift partially because you don’t really have to do anything.”

Before she knew it, Matina was leaning over her shoulder and looking at her sketchbook, and she could feel her face heating up. Partially it was because apparently her hormones decided she was fourteen again and she’d just found a ‘dirty’ magazine in her brother’s stuff, and Matina was quite attractive, and partially because she was rather self-conscious of her work, especially the stuff in her personal sketchbook which she always thought was way too rough to show people. Thankful that her darker skin tone at leash somewhat hid her blushing, she managed to stammer out a thank you.

”Thank you…she’s a…yes I used myself for her. She’s my character in a video game.” Part of her almost launched full force into swamping Matina with the overly detailed backstory/canon for the ‘Raider Queen’ that she’d built in her head, but another part managed to stop that before it began…no-one else cared about that stuff. The ‘draw me’ request was generally considered the bane of existence to most, if not all artists, but Fara couldn’t help but find her bubbly co-workers amusing and a tad infectious. ”It’s fine,” She said, flipping through pages until she found a blank one. ”I can always use more stuff to use as reference material.” Adjusting her position to better see Matina, she set to work after a moment. ”I don’t have my good pencils, so it’ll be a pretty rough piece.” She added as she began to lay down lines.
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I'm with @Kylia Quilor as my mind just goes blank in RPs when left to it's own devices.
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